Doctor Who Cast List

Who played whom

Main Characters

The Doctor – Peter Capaldi (2013- )

Bill – Pearl Mackie (2017- )

The Doctor – Matt Smith (2010-2013)

The Doctor – David Tennant (2005-2009)

The Doctor – Christopher Eccleston (2005)

Jenna Coleman – Clara (2012-2015)

Karen Gillan – Amy Pond (2008-2012)

Rory – Arthur Darvill (2010-2012)

Billie Piper – Rose Tyler (2005-2008)

Martha Jones – Freema Agyeman (2005-2008)

Donna Noble – Catherine Tate (2006-2008)

Recurring Characters

River Song – Alex Kingston (2008-2015)

Captain Jack Harkness – John Barrowman (2005-2010)

The Master – John Simm (2007-2010)

Missy – Michelle Gomez (2014-2015)

Ood Sigma – Paul Kasey

Dalek – Nicholas Briggs

Cyberman – Ruari Mears

Dalek Operator – Barnaby Edwards

Jackie Tyler – Camille Coduri

Mickey Smith – Noel Clarke

Dalek Operator – Nicholas Pegg

Strax – Dan Starkey

Danny – Samuel Anderson

Madame Vastra – Neve McIntosh

Wilfred Mott – Bernard Cribbins

Sylvia Noble – Jacqueline King

Trinity Wells – Lachele Carl

Francine Jones – Adjoa Andoh

Dalek Operator – David Hankinson

Slitheen – Alan Ruscoe

Jenny – Catrin Stewart

Ashildr – Maisie Williams

Pete Tyler – Shaun Dingwall


Main Characters

Captain Jack Harkness – John Barrowman

Gwen Cooper – Eve Myles

Rhys Williams – Kai Owen

Ianto Jones – Gareth David-Lloyd

Owen Harper – Burn Gorman

Toshiko Sato – Naoko Mori

PC Andy Davidson – Tom Price

Weevil – Paul Kasey

Rex Matheson – Mekhi Phifer

Esther Drummond – Alexa Havins

Oswald Danes – Bill Pullman

Jilly Kitzinger – Lauren Ambrose

Mary Cooper – Sharon Morgan

Geraint Cooper – William Thomas

John Frobisher – Peter Capaldi

Past Doctors

John Hurt (2013)

Paul McGann (1996)

Sylvester McCoy (1987–89)

Colin Baker (1984–86)

Peter Davison (1982–84)

Tom Baker (1974–81)

Jon Pertwee (1970–74)

Patrick Troughton (1966–69)

William Hartnell (1963–66)

Complete List of Companions

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Doctor Who Appearances

Where to see your favorite “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” stars!

Jenna Coleman (Clara) stars in “Victoria” on PBS Sundays.

Eve Myles (Gwen) also appears. Myles also stars in “Keeping Faith” on Acorn.

John Simm (The Master) stars in the new Amazon Prime series “White Dragon.” (AKA “Strangers”) and has a new show he’s working on, “Cold Courage.”

Alex Kingston appears in a new show “A Discovery of Witches” (You watch it on AMC, Sundance Now or Amazon) as well as the Amazon original series “The Widow.”

Freema Agyeman (Martha) stars in “New Amsterdam” Tuesdays on NBC.

Karen Gillan has a bunch of movies coming out, including “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3,” probably out in 2021. She appears on “A Little Late with Lilly Singh” Wednesday, 8/5 (Re-run from 2/25/20) on NBC.

David Tennant has a new podcast! Other actors from “Doctor Who” will appear. More Info He has 3 new movies coming out and also appears in “Good Omens” on Amazon and does a voice on the animated web series “Gen: Lock.”

David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker appear Wednesday, 8/5 on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (Re-run from 6/18/20) on CBS.

Mark Gatiss appears in the HBO miniseries “Gunpowder” and also appears in “Good Omens.”

Burn Gorman (Owen) appears in “The Expanse” Season 4 on Amazon Prime and in the ITV series “Cheat.”

Noel Clarke (Mickey) has a lot of new movies coming out.

Christopher Eccleston (The Doctor, 2005) news foundhere! He stars in the drama “The A Word,” which returns for season 3 on BBC. You can also view it on Amazon and on SundanceTV.

Arthur Darvill (ex-Rory, Doctor Who) stars in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” on The CW and also stars in “Broadchurch”.

Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto, Torchwood) has a lot of new movies coming out.

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Doctor Who Spoilers

What will happen!

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, March 1, 8:00PM
“The Timeless Children” (Season 12 | Episode 10) Promo
In the season finale, the Cybermen are on the march while they hunt down the last remaining humans. And, as lies and truths are revealed, nothing will ever be the same for the Doctor.

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, February 23, 8:00PM
“Ascension of the Cybermen” (Season 12 | Episode 9) Promo
In the far future, the Doctor and her friends face a brutal battle across the farthest reaches of space to protect the last of the human race against the deadly Cybermen.

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, February 16, 8:00PM
“The Haunting of Villa Diodati” (Season 12 | Episode 8) Promo
The doctor and her gang arrive at the Villa Diodati at Lake Geneva in 1816 on the night that inspired Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. However, the villa proves to have ghostly presences all its own, and the doctor is forced into a decision of earth-shattering proportions.

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, February 9, 8:00PM
“Can You Hear Me?” (Season 12 | Episode 7) Promo
From ancient Syria to present day Sheffield, and out into the wilds of space, something is stalking the Doctor and infecting people’s nightmares.

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, February 2, 8:00PM
“Praxeus” (Season 12 | Episode 6) Promo
Team Tardis investigates the connection between a missing astronaut, birds behaving strangely in Peru, and a U.S. naval officer who washes up on a Madagascan beach.

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, January 26, 8:00PM
“Fugitive of the Judoon” Promo
Trigger-happy space police the Judoon are targeting 21st-century Gloucester, so the Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham race back to Earth in order to prevent them doing too much damage to the cathedral city. But who are the Judoon looking for and what did they do to incur their wrath? Guest starring Neil Stuke, Jo Martin and Ritu Arya.

Promo for Season 12

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, January 19, 8:00PM
“Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror” (Season 12 | Episode 4) Promo
The Doctor and her companions land in 1903, and must find out who is sabotaging Nikola Tesla’s generator plant at Niagara Falls.

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, January 13, 8:00PM
“Orphan 55” Preview
Having decided that everyone could do with a holiday, the Doctor takes Graham, Yasmin, Ryan to a luxury resort for a spot of rest and relaxation. However, they discover the place where they are having a break is hiding a number of deadly secrets. What are the ferocious monsters that are attacking Tranquillity Spa?

BBCA Doctor Who – Sunday, January 5, 8:00PM
“Spyfall, Part 2” (Season 12 | Episode 2) Promo
In another dimension, a terrifying plan to destroy humanity is about to reach fruition. The Doctor and her friends aim to defeat a deadly alliance.

DOCTOR WHO – SEASON PREMIERE: “Spyfall Part One” – Wednesday, January 1 at 8 PM ET/PT on BBC AMERICA
Intelligence agents around the world are under attack from alien forces. MI6 turns to the only people who can help: The Doctor and friends. As they travel the globe for answers, attacks come from all sides. Earth’s security rests on the team’s shoulders, but where will this planet-threatening conspiracy lead them?
Guest starring: Stephen Fry and Sir Lenny Henry
CBE Written by: Chris Chibnall
Directed by: Jamie Magnus Stone

BBCA Doctor Who – Thursday, December 26, 9:00PM
“The Macra Terror” Promo
The TARDIS arrives at a Human colony that runs along the lines of a holiday camp.

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Doctor Who Festive Special: Revolution of the Daleks

Premieres this Holiday Season

This one-off holiday season special, entitled Revolution of the Daleks, will see the return of one of the Doctor’s biggest and most feared enemies – the Daleks. Doctor Who stars Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, Tosin Cole as Ryan, Bradley Walsh as Graham and Mandip Gill as Yaz.

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