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actor Rico Torres

Interview with Rico Torres of “Ballers” on HBO and “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” on Showtime by Suzanne 8/3/20

This was a fun interview. Rico has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and we got along very well. I think he’ll have big success in the future. If he doesn’t, it sure won’t be for lack of trying.

Here is the audio version of it.

Suzanne: I’m sorry to hear that you were bullied in high school. I was bullied in elementary and junior high, so I know how you feel.

Rico: Yeah, it was junior high; it was middle school and high school. I mean, that is the toughest time for any kid. You think the world is going to end. You think it’s literally – like, yeah, it’s insane. Because now after, you know, you graduated, none of that matters. None of that matters, right? I went through this entire journey and I never, never told anybody. You know, I never told my parents; I never told my brothers. I remember coming home one day actually, I think this was like in eighth or ninth grade, my black eye, my face was just tore up. And I told my parents, you know, I ran into a door. I remember that so vividly. And I actually got beat up. And yeah, I mean, you know, my middle and high school, I was bullied, because I had asthma, because I had anorexia. And what made matters worse, was, I guess, I was born – I hate saying this, because I hate being cocky and stuff, but I’m not I’m not ugly. You know?

So, I guess a lot of girls were attracted to me, and that just made matters worse, because a lot of guys would get mad, so mad, because I had all these different things. You already know. One thing led to another, and it was just so awful. And for so many years, I fell into such a like depressive, anxious – it was for years years, and I kind of I guess I played video games to get my mind off of things. And I tell the story all the time. I remember only eating like one or two (meal tickets?) a day. And I guess I wasn’t even aware that I even had anorexia, because I was getting bullied. You know what I mean? (Unintelligible), my dad was never home, this and that, this thing will kill somebody. It’s going to make somebody commit suicide.

But it wasn’t until, you know, one day I remember, I literally just stared at myself in the mirror for like an hour. And I literally said – because after, you know, countless meetings with the doctor and I was like, “Yo, problem, man,” and I never took any of the medications, and then my mom would try to feed me more, but I said “no,” and I just simply wasn’t aware of it. When I’d stare at myself in the mirror, and I said, “Yo, problem,” that’s when everything changed. I’m like, I’ve been bullied, I keep denying the help from my parents, the doctors. That was the solution to everything, admitting to myself that I have a problem. And after that, I mean, then I reached out for help. I’m was like, “Mom, please send me anything,” whatever. And then my brother I get from the time I was working out, I’m like, “Please show me anything. I can’t I can’t keep this up.” And then one thing led to another, and then I gained confidence from working out, from eating, and the rest is history. I broke out of that. I broke out of that.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s tough. And I think boys can be bullied a lot worse than girls. I mean, girls can be bullied for sure, and girls are mean and catty and all that, but the physical stuff i think is more of a boys thing. You know, it’s much worse.

Rico: Agreed. It’s horrible.

Suzanne: Yeah, I lucked out, because I went from sort of a ghetto school in middle school, or junior high, they called it back there, to a nice – I was in a foster home, so I got into a nice foster home in a really nice area where the kids didn’t do stuff like that. So, I was lucky. I was still a total geek, and they probably talked about me behind my back, but nobody punched me or beat me up or anything, but I know how you feel, up to a certain extent, obviously. But you turned your life around. That’s good that you were able to do that. It was good that you were able to turn your life around like that.

Rico: Oh, yeah. Oh, man, to be honest with you, as we’re talking about all this, and as I, you know, sit here and think about everything that’s happened in my life, I don’t regret anything. I sit here and I’m smiling; I’m telling you I’m not even lying, because all that really shaped me to who I am today. I mean, I don’t know if you read it, but I went to school, I went to college for pre med. I was following this doctor route kind of like for years and years and years. And I crossed off all these items off the checklist, you know, like (unintelligible), medical missions trips, shadowing doctors, this and that, and I mean, next thing you know, I don’t know, like senior year of college, I just know I broke out again, just continuously breaking out of like this paradigm that we’re all raised to believe in. And because, for years, I followed that, and then I guess I got into modeling, because I’m like, I can make money off of this; everybody always told me.

I got into that, you know, and one thing led to another. A modeling agent, I guess, who was also part talent agent, got me an audition. I’m like, “What is that?” And I went to it, and I did awful. But then I guess I got a callback and I’m like, “What is that?” I’m like, I’ve got take this seriously. They gave me the numbers. They’re like, “If you get this, this is a lead role for a feature film. If you get this, you know, you get $900 a day for 15 days,” and I’m like, “That’s $15,000 in two weeks? That’s crazy.” Yeah.

So, then I actually tried really hard. I got into the room with two producers. And, I mean, long story short, I didn’t get it, but, I mean, for the Cruises (?) to literally say, “I love your style,” that’s crazy. And they kind of opened my eyes to the whole new world. And I’m like, medicine, I don’t even like it. I was going with traditional medicine, and I’m into holistics. I hate the whole traditional medicine, because the pharmaceutical industry is killing the entire world. I mean, the US, because that’s the most profitable industry in the US. So, I mean, I was just following, I don’t know, it’s crazy. I don’t know how to explain it.

Suzanne: No, it makes sense. It totally makes sense now, how you went from being wanting to be a doctor to be an actor. At first, I thought, how did that happen? But no, the way you explained it makes perfect sense. You didn’t really have your heart in the doctor thing, and then you started the modeling, and then that led to the acting, and now that makes a lot of sense.

Rico: And then the app thing led to just like, entrepreneurial ventures. And then next thing, you know, my book is being published September 1st, because I actually love writing. Who would have thought? Like if I’d never broke out of that, you know, pre med just doctor doctor doctor doctor, I’d have never found out what I actually truly like to do and what I’m actually truly talented talented in. Oh, that’s crazy.

Suzanne: Well, I didn’t know that you can write. What was the book that you wrote?

Rico: Oh yeah, it’s about “Know your norms.” So, basically, I mean, it just talks about social norms. It talks about it from from the moment you’re born, to the moment you kind of die. So, it’s like all that in between, and it starts from the very beginning. I incorporate some of my personal life experiences in there, because I believe that storytelling changes the world. So, I incorporate some of my own stories, you know, the anorexia – I was I was born into the color blue, because I’m a boy. Like, girls are born to the color pink. Girls are given toys; boys are given guns and cars. You know what I mean? Since are born, we are being tricked. And it’s that paradigm that I’m talking about. We’re being tricked into just following these rules made by society. And that’s why like 1% of the world are quote, unquote, aware of all of this and like 99% aren’t, and they simply just follow that entire, you know, playbook that’s given them for their entire life, and they don’t realize or find out about, you know, anything else in the world. So, I mean, I’m so excited about this book that I made. It truly came from the heart. I love it. I was like, this is crazy. Hopefully, it opens up so many other people’s eyes and minds like it did to me. I mean, I just try to make people aware.

Suzanne: Can we buy that on Amazon? Is it on there?

Rico: Absolutely. We publish a lot of places. Because this is my first book. I’m so publishing everywhere. Hopefully, you know, my second or third book, which I’m actually already working on my second book, hopefully, you know, when my second or third book, I actually, you know, get a literary agent and the traditional publishing and etc, etc. I’m used to the whole game. So, I was looking at it like, oh –

Suzanne: Well, it sounds it sounds really good. You know, I agree with what you’re saying, because, obviously, we all know, to a certain extent, that the whole thing about school is not just there to inform you, it’s there to mold you to be a good citizen. And your parents try to do the same thing. But one thing I’ve always thought is that people don’t plan their lives they do like you said, whatever their parents tell them, the schools tell them, and we’re all told, you must get a good job. You must go to college, you must get married, you must have kids, all that stuff, and few people question it. And then, if something terrible happens, like a divorce, they’re completely thrown, because they never considered it. And we put all this thought and money into the wedding, but nobody really talks about the marriage or whether you should have kids and all that stuff. So yeah, I totally see what you’re saying. I’ve always thought that.

Rico: And then like exactly what you’re saying, then if you go even more in depth, it’s literally just years and years and years of your life just wasted, just trying to follow your parents’ expectations or society’s expectations. And then you’re trapped, and then you become unhappy and it’s like no, do what you love, and that’s it.

Suzanne: And it causes things like anorexia, with society always telling us we have to be skinny to be beautiful.

Rico: Oh, yeah. There’s so many. Oh, and I feel so strongly about mental health, especially because of social media. I hate it. Oh, man. Oh, man, living here in LA. I’ve only lived here like, a little under two years. I’ve already been exposed to all of the type of people that are just crazy about their image. And I’m like, “What are you doing.” And then what they do when they post all this other stuff on Instagram and whatnot, they’re just, you know, the average person or the average Joe, the normal person who really doesn’t get exposed to all this you know, in LA or Hollywood, Atlanta (?) or whatnot. They see that and then they believe that to be true; they believe that that’s what you need to be successful. They believe that you need to look a certain way. And they just use square[screw?] everybodys lined up, man.

Suzanne: Right. That’s true. Yeah, my sister-in-law and her husband are from LA and they lived there a while, and it was all about you have to you have to put up – and she wasn’t even an actress for very long. But you have to put on this show for people you have to always look perfect, and you have to be seen, and I was like, “What?” I thought it was crazy. So, I know what you’re saying. And then everybody there is just pressured to do that, and, you know, it’s crazy.

Rico: Yeah, and while I’m still, you know, honestly, why I’m still here and why I’m still, you know, striving to do all these things in TV and film, and I guess, in the realm of Hollywood is because well, first of all, I needed a break. Somebody in your family has to break out. Somebody has to break out of that, you know, generational norm because, you know, you need to build that generational wealth and my entire family’s core, and core as in financially and core, you know, inside…I was going to say, it’s kind of like how Tupac’s dead – you know who Tupac is, right? Tupac Shakur. Yeah, I don’t know, I just love his message. I love everything that he’s ever – aside from that whole gang stuff, gang related stuff, I don’t approve of that. But like, I love hearing people’s misfortunes, but to have Tupac, and how he broke out of that, and how he’s so intellectual and he just wanted to inspire and spark someone’s brain to kind of do exactly, not exactly the same, but, you get what I’m saying right? I can’t explain it right.

Suzanne: Yeah. No, it’s all right; I understand. So, were you in drama at all in high school or you didn’t do anything like that?

Rico: Absolutely not. That’s why I love it, there is no there are no rules. I’m not big. I’m not an A-List or anything like that, but in under two years, I’ve already been, you know, featured in some of these big productions. I may not have had a leading role or anything like that, but I still landed something in these huge productions. And I’m still getting massive auditions, getting all this recognition and stuff. I’ve never taken an acting class in my life. So, like people go through all this schooling and stuff, and all I mean, there are no rules. You set your own rules.

Suzanne: Well, I wasn’t thinking so much training. It’s just it’s a lot of fun in high school. I did drama in high school.

Rico: Yeah, I’ve heard I’ve heard Yeah, yeah, I missed out on that. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun.

Suzanne: It is a lot of fun.

Rico: Like the improv side of stuff, yeah, I would have loved to do all that.

Suzanne: So, you’ve never done any stage plays or anything like that, just TV and movies?

Rico: Yep.

Suzanne: Oh, cool. Well, you might one day, right? You might do a play or something.

Rico: Anything is possible; I might do everything. Absolutely. I’m actually taking vocal classes. So, I’m bilingual; I’m Colombian, and I really like Latin music. So, I’m trying to get into that.

Suzanne: Cool.

Rico: Not into the industry; I hate the industry. Well, like you said, for fun.

Suzanne: For fun, yeah, right. And, you know, since you’re smart and you like to write, you might, who knows, you might write a play one day or a screenplay.

Rico: Oh, I already wrote one.

Suzanne: Oh, good. I figured, right?

Rico:  I wrote a screenplay for a trilogy. I don’t know how to get that to distribution. I don’t know how to get that to the right eyes. I don’t know anything. I’m kind of like learning as I go. But yeah, it was amazing. I would love to see that actually come to fruition. Kind of like “Rocky,” kind of like Sylvester Stallone, how he wrote “Rocky,” that’s kind of like what I’m trying to do with my screenplay.

Suzanne: Cool. So what would you say is your biggest role so far?

Rico: I would say the one from “Ballers,” but I just –

Suzanne:  Sorry, is that a tough question?

Rico: Yeah, it is, because it was such a small role. So it’s like, ah, it sucks.

Suzanne: That’s all right. That’s okay. That’s fine. That’s an honest answer.

Rico: I mean, I‘ve only been at this for a year and a half. I want a lot more than just, you know, two or three scenes.

Suzanne: Yeah, well, you just gotta give it time. You’ll you’ll get there. It’s good that you’re proud of what you’ve done so far. That’s good. I think a lot of people fail because of lack of confidence, so that’s good.

Rico: Yeah, exactly. I’m not afraid to take on you know, under five roles. I’m not even afraid to be an extra. I did that, you know, all first coming out here. I did extra, extra, extra, extra extra. A lot of people don’t care about that, but like, no, I mean, Tiffani Haddish was an extra. I mean, Sylvester Stallone was an extra. I mean, they did a lot of extra stuff.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s how they get started.

The IMDb says that you’re in a film called “LA Rush.” Do you know when when that’ll come out?

Rico: Who knows. I did that in the very beginning. It’s already been like a year and a half, two years. I don’t know why that’s still in production.

Suzanne: Well, maybe the pandemic affected it.

Rico: This Covid, man, it takes me so many of my projects that I’m hopefully going to be in.

Suzanne: Yeah, we’re all in the same boat on that, I think, especially people who have projects going in Hollywood.

Do you have anything else that you were working on before the pandemic hit, like shows or auditions or whatever?

Rico:  Oh, a bunch of them. I had like, three or four and then like a bunch of auditions and stuff, but everything is just being delayed. I mean, series, pilots, like this and that. I don’t know if they don’t even want me anymore. It’s crazy. I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I understand; I understand.

Suzanne: Ask your agent about the soap operas, because they’re all going back in production now. They’re they started before any of the other shows.

Rico: Soap Operas?

Suzanne: Yeah, daytime soaps.

Rico: My agent sucks. I don’t ever go out for anything in Spanish. I’m kidding. I’m learning; I’m going. I’ve been through, in a matter of a year and a half, I’ve been through like three managers, three agents, this and that. And it’s like, and it’s not because of me. It’s not because of me because, you know, I’m just trying to get work. I’m like, “Hey, you know, anything that you need, let me know. I’ll go on five auditions every single day. Let’s go.” You know what I mean?

Some of them don’t get back to me. And I’m like, come on. Like, really? I’m just trying to work. I’m trying to make you money.

Suzanne: Yeah. I don’t know how some people get their jobs.

Rico: So, I mean, yeah, I’m just taking it slow. You know, something will come up. I mean, with that, with commercials, with modeling, I have so many things, so many routes, so many seeds planted. It’s like, one of them’s going to blow up, you know?

Suzanne: So, what have you been working on for the past four months besides writing? Anything else? I’m sure you must.

Rico: Yeah, I love to write. I have a couple businesses. I’m developing an app, but that’s going to take some time.

I’m in the process of creating actually a men’s cosmetics line. Again, that’s going to take several months so, what else? Yeah, I’d have to look at all my stuff, but a lot of stuff. I mean, everything is especially like, pending, like how can I even talk about it.

Suzanne: What we’ve been doing just to relax or have fun?

Rico: I just work every day. No, I go to the gym every day, take my mind off of things. I meditate, you know, 30 minutes before I go to sleep and 30 minutes after I wake up, to keep my mind sane from all this stuff, especially because I came out here alone. I left everybody and everything over there in Florida. So, I’ve been at this alone, and sometimes it gets to me, and then especially when you’re single. I just feel like everybody here has the worst intentions possible, and it kind of messes with you mentally. I keep myself sane by working out, and – oOh sorry go ahead.

Suzanne: I was just going to say, you got therapy before to help you with the depression, anxiety and anorexia, did they also teach you how to eat right and all that kind of thing?

Rico: I did not follow. I’ve always had a problem of following directions in order. I don’t know why, I mean, I don’t want to some stubborn, but I just learned things on my own. I mean, asked for help, but on my own terms. I don’t know. It’s so weird. It’s so weird, do I sound bad saying all this?

Suzanne: No, no, no. You have your opinions and you have confidence. That’s good.

Rico: Yeah. So, I mean, for example, like, you know, like doctors were telling me this. I mean, it’s because I’ve been diagnosed incorrectly. And then I hear stories of other people being diagnosed incorrectly and given wrong medications, and this, this, and that, and how corrupt everything and everyone is. And it’s like, oh my God, so, I do my own research. But the doctor tells me I have this, this, and that, and then I started doing my own research. I started looking at peer reviewed articles, I start looking at studies, I [would] actually go get the exams, expensive exams, to make sure if what they’re saying is true, and more than likely, it’s not. I mean, I’ve been through – I was (unintelligible) accident, you know, in 2015, and I had to have jaw surgery. Yeah, my whole mouth split open. He was just, I mean, I don’t even know how my life today. But yeah, I actually had jaw surgery. And my surgeon, I mean, he did a great job. You know, he put it back together, but he put it back together incorrectly. What else can go wrong? Right?

I mean, I just find this out what, three, four years later, and I have not stopped looking at myself in the mirror, you know, every single day, every single morning I look at myself and I see the bottom jaw is just all crooked. And I mean, yeah, I’m a confident human being, but it’s like, I look at that every day, you know, and then I have problems with my nose, and it’s because of that. So, I mean, I have to go to a doctor, like many, many, many doctors, and try to figure out what the heck is wrong with me. You know, if it’s neurological or if there’s a nerve damage. And what about my jaw? You know, because it’s diameters off, and how do I correct that with all surgery, because surgery will just ruin you even more. Sorry, I’m ranting.

Suzanne: No, no, it’s fine.

Rico: I don’t even know what the point of me saying that was.

Suzanne: Well, you know, you made me forget now what I asked you, but that’s okay.

Do you have any advice for kids who are bullied or for kids who want to become actors?

Rico: So for the bully ones, you got to ask for help. I mean, if you’re being bullied, my advice would be to actually just sit down. I feel like people, kids, get away from your parents for a little bit, or your friends or whatever, just be alone for a little bit and actually just think about stuff, just think about what you’re doing, who you are, what’s happening around you, the bullying and all that. Because people are always with somebody, always with parents, so there’s always an opinion. There’s always a “I’m so scared to tell them I’m being bullied or whatnot.” But when you go by yourself – I’ve been by myself a lot. That’s how I’m aware of so many things. When you’re by yourself you think; you get into your thoughts a lot. The problem with that is you can’t be by yourself for too long, because that’s when you go crazy, right? That’s when somebody who’s not, you know, strong willed, strong minded, they’ll fall into a very bad, very bad state of mind. But take a week or two weeks or whatever, and actually just be by yourself. Go to the library by yourself and just think about what’s going on, and then and then admit it. You know, a lot of people don’t admit it. That’s the problem with America. You know, a lot of parents. They say to their kids, “You’re not fat; you’re big boned.” No, you’re fat. I’m sorry. I like the tough love. No, it’s true. Because that kid, their entire childhood is going to just go through their life thinking they’re just big boned. Right? And if they admit to themselves that they’re fat or overweight, that they’re obese, then you can do something about it, the first step in anything and any solution is admitting. Become aware that there’s a problem. Make or work towards finding a solution. But, yeah, to that I say, take some time to be alone, away from everybody and everything in all of society’s pressures and restrictions, and this, this, and that.

And then for the acting thing, I would never recommend a child to do this. It’s crazy. And I say that, because at least my children aren’t going to do it. I mean, at least until they’re 18, then they can do whatever they want. You know what I mean? Because, I mean, there’s a bunch of child actors that become – yeah. And the reason for that, I believe at least, is because they don’t go through, you know, a normal life. So, at like 12 or 14 or whatever, when they instantly become famous, when they instantly get access to all this money, they can get whatever they want. When they instantly get all this fame, you’re in the public eye. You can’t do anything, you know what I mean? You can’t do anything, and then like you’re out; you’re just trying to play basketball, right? And you know, you have all these pop rocks in here, whatnot. And you’re like, I can’t even have fun. So, you don’t even get the opportunity to live your life.

Suzanne: Yeah, I think it really depends on the parents they have, how normal they are, and also, the kid itself, you know, how they view what they’re doing? Yeah. Because I know some actors, they started age five, and then they go on to have a successful career, and they’re normal, but they probably had normal parents. I mean, by normal, you know, the parents supported them and let them make the decision about whether they wanted to do it and that kind of stuff. But the ones who have stage moms or whatever, it’s not so good.

Rico: Yeah, and that’s the thing though. If you’re a successful actor, celebrity, whatever, you have kids.

I mean, honestly, it all falls on the parents, because if you think we’re all right, and it’s kind of like what we were saying earlier, teach them. Teach them that a lot of the things in Hollywood are just fake. Teach them that a lot of that stuff does not matter. It’s meaningless. It’s just, a way of creating art, but then a lot of the things that follow that are just a lot of fakeness and this, this and that. And then, you know, if you teach them a certain way, and the reality, then you kind of teach them the normality and the enjoyment of life, of the little things. And teach them it’s about nature and trees and this isn’t that. I mean, I know that’s kind of like weird I even just – like, what are you talking about? But it will all make sense for the kid.

Suzanne: Yeah, they have to have a normal childhood, whether they’re acting or not.

Rico: Exactly. But, I mean, yeah, if somebody wanted to follow the acting route or whatever at whatever age, my advice is to not listen to anybody. Because I’ve only been at this a year and a half, or two years, and before my career even started – you know how I told you I was with like three managers, or three agents or whatever, how many times each and every single one of them have told me, “I’m going to end your career before it even starts. You don’t know how small the town is. You’re never going to get a job ever again.” I’m like, “Okay, wow, thanks for being so nice. I hope you have a better day.” I mean, no wonder. If you have a weak mind, you’re going to get destroyed in this industry. You’re going to get eaten alive. It’s crazy how all these people threaten you.

Suzanne: That’s sad. Well, I’m glad you were able to get past that and rise above those people.

Rico: Yeah, I’m still getting through it. There’re still millions of rejections and millions of people trying to threaten me. Whatever.

Suzanne: Yeah, no I understand. well I hope I hope that you can get into some – the I know a lot of the auditions now are through self tapes. So, hopefully you can do some of that. That would be good, instead of having to wait for the pandemic to be over.

Rico: Yeah, yep.

Suzanne: Yeah, well, I think the whole industry is waiting to see – whether they know it or not, they’re waiting to see what happens with the daytime soaps, because they’re the first ones to start back, and they’re utilizing all these different ways, between camera tricks, ways to be safe, and all those different things. So, if they can do it, then the rest of, you know, TV and movies can follow, hopefully.

Rico: Yeah. I’m so excited to get back to work. It’s so much fun creating art.

Suzanne: Well, I really appreciate you talking to me.

Rico: Oh, absolutely. I appreciate you talking to me.

Suzanne: And thanks for checking out my website. And we’re moving our site to TVMEG.COM, and we’ve already moved a lot over there. So, check it out. That’s where your interview will be.

Rico: Oh, cool, yeah, absolutely.

Suzanne: Great. Thank you.

Rico: Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Suzanne: You, too. Bye.

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actor Rico TorresYoung Hollywood’s newest Latin-American heartthrob Rico Torres, recognized for his latest roles on actor Rico TorresShowtime’s “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” and HBO’s “Ballers,” in addition to countless international fashion campaigns. From a shy teen diagnosed with anorexia to becoming a hotly-tipped face to watch in Hollywood, Rico hopes to share his remarkable story to inspire other young people to reach for their dreams.

The Columbian actor was born in Florida after his parents immigrated to America while his mother was still pregnant with him. He graduated pre-med from Columbia University, but instead of attending medical school he sacrificed and risked everything to follow his dreams and moved to Los Angeles from Tampa with only $500 in his pocket to pursue Hollywood greatness. After only a year and a half of putting in sweat and tears in L.A., Rico is available to share his remarkable story of chasing and fulfilling his American dream.

When Rico isn’t in front of the camera, he enjoys staying fit and eating healthy. However, at a young age Rico suffered from anorexia. This caused him to be severely bullied as a teenager which led to anxiety and depression. Rico’s parents also divorced while he was in high school, and he lived with his mother who was working two full-time entry jobs to make ends meet. Rico then took on the of working and taking care of his family. All his past experiences (good or bad) have caused him to have a very special outlook on life and he takes nothing for granted. Rico sees them as beautiful and inspiring moments in his life that have shaped him into who he is today.

With over 100k followers on Instagram along with soon to be announced acting projects on the horizon, we would love to arrange an interview with you and Rico to discuss his meteoric Hollywood rise, fitness & nutrition tips, and inspiring story to teens and young people everywhere.

actor Rico Torres

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actor Rico Torres

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Aidan Pierce Brennan

Interview with Aidan Pierce  Brennan of “NOS4A2” on AMC by Suzanne 7/30/20

This was a fun interview. He seems like a very nice, normal young man. He’s got an excellent start to his career.  He does an amazing job on NOS4A2. Don’t miss his episode this week, Sunday, 8/2 on AMC where he’ll play a young Charlie Manx!  Adult Charlie is played by Zachary Quinto, who’s the villain of the show. We finally see his backstory.

Here is the audio version of the interview.  The transcript below is edited quite a lot for clarity.

Aidan: Hi, how are you?

Suzanne: Okay, how are you, Aidan?

Aidan: I’m good. I’m good.

Suzanne: Good. So, before you were doing TV and movies, did you do any acting?

Aidan: As in theater?

Suzanne: Yes.

Aidan: I actually… I’ve never done theater, and I think that’s because I never.. I never really had that type of.. I think it really takes a lot of pure confidence to get up on that stage and project, and I don’t.. I don’t.. I never really.. I never really could do that, and I really I am not super theatrical. Which is not to say that it’s something I’ll never do because it’s something I’m definitely interested in, but I don’t think, I don’t think I have ever had that, the confidence to go up there and do that.

Suzanne: Oh. Well, I hope you’ll do it sometime because it sure is a lot of fun.

Aidan: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I love.. I love growing.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Aidan: I live right outside of the city. So, hopefully when social distancing ends, and, you know…

Suzanne: Right.

Aidan: …Out of quarantine, I’ll get to see some more plays ’cause I really like some of them.

Suzanne: Sure. And what did your parents think about your wanting to be an actor?

Aidan: Well, my mom, when she was growing up, I think she did some commercials. I think some modeling. And the movie that actually inspired me to start acting was “Stand By Me.” It’s one of my favorite movies, and River Phoenix’ performance in that, I think, really just… I mean, I watched that with my dad and, and my mom, my entire family… we watched it together and I was really blown away. I kept saying to the natural roots I.. his performance in that, how someone could create a character like this, and I just– I was raving about his performance. I was really impressed by how someone could do this, and I was telling them, I got to do this. I have to try to get into acting. I have to pursue this, and we went to this place and I said..

Suzanne: Oh, cool. So they’ve been pretty supportive the whole time.

Aidan: Absolutely. Oh, absolutely… especially my mom.

Suzanne: Great! What was the audition process like for “NOS4A2”?

Aidan:, I believe it was.. I feel like.. it was a while ago.. It was over a year ago. No, a little less than a year ago, I would say. So, I think it was just one audition, and it was in the city, I think. Yeah, and then I heard a few days later. They put me on hold for a minute and then a couple days later I found out that I got the role.  It was pretty exciting because the same day, the same call with my manager, he said that I also booked another role at the very same time.

Suzanne: Oh, great.

Aidan: So, that was.. that was pretty fun. And yeah [laughs].

Suzanne: And had you watched “NOS4A2” before that or.. or uh.. anything?

Aidan: No, but I’d heard of that. I’d heard about the book, and then I heard people start talking about the show a lot — recently, before my audition.

Suzanne: Cool.

Aidan: So when I.. when I saw that I was auditioning for “NOS4A2″… I’d heard.. I’d heard it before.

Suzanne: All right, and was it fun to film that?

Aidan: Definitely. Definitely. Charlie Manx is such a fun character to play, especially since I had a lot of freedom because I was supposed to be playing  this character that really wasn’t that Charlie Manx everyone knows… I mean, this character has a lot more innocence to him and a lot more.. and I guess a lot less.. uh, menacing and grim.I had a lot of freedom in the sense that like this character is nothing like Charlie Manx and filming that was a lot of fun.  The entire environment was very, much like the show, in the best way possible, but we filmed this wooded area.  It was right on the water, and it was really foggy, so it had this spooky atmosphere. And yeah, it was it was a great time filming, and I.. I really enjoyed playing this character.

Suzanne: And there are a lot of kids on that show. Did you hang out with them? Or were your scenes shot separately?

Aidan: My scenes were shot separately, unfortunately. But our family friend’s daughter is actually on that show.

Suzanne: Oh! [laughs]

Aidan: So yeah, she plays Millie.

Suzanne: Cool. Oh, Millie. Yeah. That’s a great character.

Aidan: Yeah. Yeah [laughs].

Suzanne: So, what do you find most fun about acting?

Aidan:  Trying to become a whole new character. I think that’s the part that really excites me the most. Just losing yourself in these characters, whether it’s just auditioning or… I have such a passion for  just transforming into someone who’s completely not like you at all and doing your best…that’s really exciting to me. I think it takes a lot of understanding the characters and listening. It takes a lot of basing it off of yourself and real life experiences… to me that’s really exciting.

Suzanne: Okay.  A lot of the shows you’ve been in are pretty violent. Are you allowed to watch them? [laughs]

Aidan: [laughs] For the most part, no. I mean, I watched most of them, and some with the scenes I was in..

Suzanne: Right.

Aidan: But for the most part, my parents don’t really let me watch that much violent stuff.

Suzanne: Right? It’s probably a good idea. [laughs]

Aidan: Right?

Suzanne: I mean, I can’t I can’t even watch The Punisher. I’m just like.. no. [laughs]

Aidan: Yeah.. yeah that is pretty scary. My.. my dad really loves that.

Suzanne: Oh, I’m sure. [laughs]

Aidan: And you know.. I watched a lot of the episodes, but not with all the violent stuff.

Suzanne: Right.

Aidan: My parents say, don’t watch that.

Suzanne: Yeah. I loved “Daredevil.” I grew up reading the comics…

Aidan: Right, right.

Suzanne: But it was a bit too violent for me.

Aidan: Right. [laughs]

Suzanne: But “The Punisher” is way worse. [laughs] I couldn’t watch that… So, you’ve been doing some movies, too. How have those been different from working in TV?

Aidan:  Well, I really haven’t had a bad experience on any set. I mean, I’m really enjoying myself, and.. TV, movies, anything.. But I think the main difference is the characters I play. So far, with TV shows, I’ve gotten to play characters… Charlie Manx, Ray Donovan, Frank Castle Jr…. I think the main difference is these characters because both sides were… With a TV job, I get to play darker characters that challenge me a little more. For a movie like “The Secret: Dare to Dream,”  I played someone pretty close to home… just a normal kid. That’s the main difference so far. I’ve had fun with either one of them, but I think the main difference so far is the characters that I got to play.

Suzanne: Okay. Yeah. I was looking over the things you’ve been in, and you often play the younger version of some guy.

Aidan: Yeah.. [laughs] Yeah.

Suzanne: That’s cool. You’ve been doing some things based on comic books. Do you read comic books for fun?

Aidan:  Yes,  I was raised into that because my uncle is very into Marvel Comics, and he would show me older comics, like the Incredible Hulk, or just mainly superhero comics. But yeah, that’s always been something that’s interesting to me.

Suzanne: Oh, I’m sure and…Oh, you got to work with Katie Holmes in the “The Secret: Dare to Dream.”   You know that she was in one of the Batman movies right?

Aidan: Yeah, yeah.

Suzanne: That must really cool-

Aidan: She’s Rachel. Yeah, I do.

Suzanne: That’s got.. yeah, do you think..

Aidan: That was.. that was cool.

Suzanne: Do you think that you’ll probably.. after the pandemic and everything… go to Comic-Con or something like that?

Aidan: I would love to..

Suzanne: Yeah.

Aidan: Since we were little, my brother and I, we obviously love everything about that.  We really like to see movies, and we really like comics.. We always have. And I’d like to go.. if my mom would take me.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s great. are you based in LA, or New York or..?

Aidan: I’m based a little outside of New York.

Suzanne: Okay. Well, they have the New York Comic-Con there. So that would be good. [laughs]

Aidan: Right? Yeah.

Suzanne: Cool.  If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you now?

Aidan: I’m fourteen.

Suzanne: Okay, that’s good. So you’re just starting high school?

Aidan: l’m going to start high school, hopefully. I guess in a month or so.

Suzanne: Oh great, great. Are you excited?

Aidan: Oh, yeah yeah. Excited and scared.

Suzanne: Yeah. [laughs] Oh, you’ll be fine. So for “Extra Innings,” did you have to train much for all the baseball scenes?

Aidan: I did because you know previous to that…I only really played basketball and lacrosse.  I really never got around to playing baseball very much, except for little league in kindergarten.  I didn’t really know the first thing about baseball.  But I got it together with a trainer and… and even with my director.. we’ve been training in baseball a little bit. But that was hard, too, because I had to base my playing style and baseball stance off of someone else – who’s already very good at baseball – the guy who played the older version of me in the movie.

Suzanne: Right.

Aidan: So, yeah, but that was really fun, and I’m glad I got to play baseball because I really liked it.

Suzanne: Cool. Do you think you might play baseball in school? Now that you’ve done it more?

Aidan: Maybe,but baseball season is the same time as lacrosse season. They’re both in the spring. So I don’t think I’d be able to play in school, but I still watch baseball at home, and I still play baseball with my friends every once in a while.

Suzanne: Right. Well, it’s the only sport on TV right now. So.. [laughs]

Aidan: Yeah, right.

Suzanne: Yeah. My husband’s a big huge baseball fan so.. [laughs]

Aidan: Right.

Suzanne: Now, your movie “The Secret: Dare to Dream” looks good.  What can you tell us about working on that movie?

Aidan: Iit was really one of the best experiences of my life — it was all really exciting because I’ve really never had to leave school or leave home in that extended amount of time for a role, previous to that… That was, I think, two months, or maybe a month and three weeks, in New Orleans, Louisiana. And that was beyond exciting.  Of course my mom was with me, but I had to say goodbye to my brother, my dad, my dogs. And that was a little scary, but you know, when I got there, I got to work with a lot of people I respect a lot. I just had a really great time in that set, working with my family in the movie and that was.. that was really — big time — one of the best experiences of my life.

Suzanne: Cool!  Abd New Orleans is a really cool place, too.. very different from New York.

Aidan: Yeah. Yeah, I loved it there.

Suzanne: Yeah, it’s.. its beautiful there.  So what have you been doing? What have you been up to during the past four months of staying at home?

Aidan: Well…. you know… still going on auditions, but I can’t really go to the city anymore, so all of them are self tapes from home.

Suzanne: Right.

Aidan: Still watching a lot of movies almost every day. Tryin’ to play sports, tryin’ to stay active. I’m trying to convince my parents to let me hang out with my friends a little bit more, but like I’m still practicing social distancing, so I can’t really see much of them. But yeah, I mean, I’m trying to stay busy the last couple weeks.

Suzanne: Okay, cool. Well, thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time for this call.

Aidan: It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

interview Transcribed by TranscriptionPuppy


Aidan booked his first role at the age of eight on the web series “Sitters.” From there, he’s continued to hone his craft on bigger and more ambitious projects including the award-winning film “Extra Innings” (Winner: Best Film, Manhattan Film Festival 2019), as well as a recurring role on the Marvel/Netflix series “The Punisher.” Making his network television debut on the cult-favorite ABC series “Forever,” he has been gaining momentum and acclaim ever since. Recently, Brennan was seen portraying a young Ray Donavon on Showtime’s series of the same name, and upcoming he’ll be seen starring opposite Katie Holmes, Jerry O’Connell and Josh Lucas in “The Secret” (Link to trailer:


View Sneak Peek HERE

Season two of AMC’s NOS4A2 continues on Sunday, July 12th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, with the full season set to also simulcast on BBC America. In Sunday’s all-new episode, entitled “The Lake House,” Charlie Manx is on the hunt, Vic and her family go into hiding with Maggie and Wayne suffers mysterious nightmares while Tabitha chases a lead on Bing.

In NOS4A2’s second season, Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) remains more determined than ever to destroy Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto). Charlie, having faced his own mortality, emerges desperate for revenge against Vic. This time, he sets his sights on the person who means most to Vic – her eight-year-old son Wayne. The race for Wayne’s soul sends Vic and Charlie on a high-speed collision course, forcing both to confront the mistakes of their pasts in order to secure a hold on Wayne’s future. The series’ second season stars Emmy®-nominated actor and producer Zachary Quinto and rising star Ashleigh Cummings, along with Jahkara Smith, Olafur Darri Olafsson, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Virginia Kull, Jonathan Langdon, Ashley Romans, Jason David and Mattea Conforti.

Based on Joe Hill’s best-selling novel of the same name, NOS4A2 is executive produced by showrunner Jami O’Brien (Fear the Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels) and Hill. The series is produced by AMC Studios in association with Tornante Television.

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Aidan Pierce Brennan in "NOS4A2" as Young Charlie Manx.

Interview with Chelsea Caldwell and Jake Norton

TV Interview!

Chelsea Caldwell and Jake Norton of "Happily Ever Avatar" on HBO

Interview with Chelsea Caldwell and Jake Norton of “Happily Ever Avatar” on HBOMax by Suzanne 7/14/20

I had never seen this show before, but I enjoyed watching it. I’m not a big fan of reality shows, but they do this one well. It’s HBO, so of course they do. I watched most of the episodes to prepare for this interview.  I would say that Jake and Chelsea are the most stable of the three couples and are more likely to stay together.  The guys in the first couple have way too many jealousies and hangups.  The second couple is long-distance and already having problems with it.  Jake and Chelsea live together and seem to be doing fine.

I’m also not a gamer, but I have a brother, a sister-in-law, and a brother-in-law who are all into gaming. They’re older people, but nowadays most young people do play video games of one sort or another. I was taking classes part-time until recently, and most of my fellow students were gamers.  They even have a Game and Animation Design major.  Watching these gamers on this show, I can tell you that there are many people like this who spend most of their free time gaming.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the interview. They seem like nice people.

1. So how did this show come about for you?

Jake – Chelsea actually found it and wanted to try it. And here we are now.
Chelsea – I think I had tagged us in at a Comic Con on Instagram, and I got a random message from someone with the casting call so I asked Jake if it was something we should apply for. I genuinely didn’t think we would be chosen for it.

2. Have you watched the episodes?

Jake – I have not.
Chelsea – I did, yes.

3. Do you feel like the final “cut” is accurate and they treated you fairly?

Jake – N/A
Chelsea – Yeah, I feel like it’s pretty genuine, but it was definitely weird seeing our faces on HBO Max.

4. Did you meet the other couples in the show?

Jake – We did not.
Chelsea – Nope, we know as much as you all know from watching the show.

5. Have you gotten good or bad feedback from gamers about the show?

Jake – I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback in regards to the show.
Chelsea – I haven’t had any feedback from gaming friends, just from family, and they think its cute.

6. What are your “real life” jobs?

Jake – I am your average IT guy.
Chelsea – I manage a beauty supply store.

7. Are you both still living in Kansas?

Jake – Yes we are. Just moved but still in Kansas
Chelsea – Yep! Different area from where we were at time of filming, but still Kansas.

8. How long have you been together now?

Jake – 9 years.
Chelsea – 9 years.

9. Any plans to do more TV or online streaming shows?

Jake – I actually stream on Twitch under the name Hxcsasquatch, but as far as doing another show? I don’t plan on it.
Chelsea – I wouldn’t say I have plans. Jake keeps trying to get me to stream on Twitch and has helped me get it set up to be able to, but it’s not something I’ve done yet. And as far as more TV, who knows. It’s not something that has presented itself yet, but it’s not something I would completely write off doing.

10. Jake, please tell us about your podcast.

Jake – I am part of a podcast called The Boss Battle Show with my two friends Adam and Gordy. It’s a show where we talk about video games and news related to them. Currently we are on a break as we reorganize some stuff and figure out some formatting, but we should be back to it soon enough.

11. Have you heard anything yet about a possible season 2?

Jake – I have not, no. Chelsea has shared that she may be interested in a season 2.
Chelsea – We haven’t heard anything about there being a 2nd season yet, but I’m not opposed to doing one if the opportunity arises.

12. Do you guys ever play D&D or Magic?

Jake – I play D&D, at certain points in the year, 4 times a week. I play Magic Arena a lot now. At one point I was trying to go pro in physical Magic but the cards weren’t in my favor. No pun intended.

Chelsea – D&D is not something I have gotten into like Jake has. I’m not big on the roleplaying aspect of it, to be completely honest. But we do have a campaign that we’re playing with one of my best friends in Australia that started out as a one shot for her husband’s birthday that we’ve decided to continue. And as far as Magic goes, I played a few games with Jake a while back and never really played again.

13. Chelsea, what do you miss most about California?

Chelsea – Number one would 100% be my family and friends. It’s been a few years since the move, but it’s still really hard being away from them. I also miss Disneyland, as silly as that is. I had an annual pass and went a ton. And something I didn’t think I’d miss but I actually do is the beach. I didn’t go a whole lot, but there’s been days where I wish I could go, and now that I can’t, I miss it.

14. Have you experienced Winter in Kansas yet?

Jake – Several times over.
Chelsea – Yep! I think that’s one of my favorite things living here is having the different seasons. I always get super excited when we get snow!

15. How has the virus affected your lives?

Jake – It’s been a big change. I personally had some plans this year for us. Experience new things. But the virus had other plans. For now. We stay in as much as we can.
Chelsea – It’s been a really weird time, that’s for sure. A few trips back home have had to be cancelled for now, so that’s fairly upsetting, but it is what it is. We’re just still trying to do what we can to quarantine as much as possible.

16. What do you hope that viewers take away from watching your show?

Jake – Love can be found in all kinds of places.
Chelsea – That you can start out a relationship online and have it turn out to be something amazing.


 Video Preview



Gamers-in-Love Docu-Series follows Three Couples from Virtual to IRL (In Real Life); 12 episode series produced by Stage 13, Magical Elves Shows the Love that comes from Behind the Avatar

LOS ANGELES – June 11, 2020 – Stage 13, the award-winning and EMMY© nominated original content studio, and Magical Elves, leading producer of award-winning, non-fiction content including “Nailed It!,” and “Top Chef,” have premiered their gamers-in-love docu-series “Happily Ever Avatar” on HBO Max. The 12-episode short-form series follows three young couples who find love while playing a video game and take the leap from virtual to real life.

The series was created by Stage 13 and Magical Elves to show couples going from finding their match virtually to real life. With the enormous popularity of multiplayer games, people around the world are linking online like never before. Games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Elders Scrolls are connecting people online, and some are even falling in love…behind their avatars. Follow three young couples that meet online through their avatars. From long-distance lovers meeting IRL (in real life) for the first time to happy couples who are faced with the next stage of their relationship, viewers will see how they all play the game called love. As in gaming, some move to the next level of their relationship and see if these n00bs’ (newbies) love connection can survive the virtual and real world.

Amadeus Balmaceda
Karoline Rodriguez

Nick Theurer
Tony (Anthony) Bernardo

Jake Norton
Chelsea Caldwell

Executive Producers:
Dan Cutforth
Jane Lipsitz
Casey Kriley
Allison Schermerhorn

Co-Executive Producer:
Melissa Purner

For Stage 13:
Shari Scorca, VP, Unscripted
Marcel Fuentes, Director, Unscripted
Jenny McNicholas, VP, Production

The Cast:

Amadeus Balmaceda and Karoline Rodriguez
Amadeus and Karoline met playing Elder Scrolls Online. They immediately bonded over their Latin heritage and began a virtual relationship. Amadeus considers leveling up on their relationship and traveling from Texas to Connecticut to finally meet Karoline in person. Even if making that trip confirms their feelings, the couple must face the challenge of a long-distance relationship. Will Amadeus move to Connecticut for Karoline, or will their love buckle under the many miles that separate them?

Chelsea Caldwell and Jake Norton
Jake and Chelsea met playing World of Warcraft. After an initial dislike of each other, they bonded during an all-night raid that left the two of them talking constantly. After months of constant communication, they officially became a couple…before ever meeting in person. Then after living together in California for two years, Jake’s job takes him to Kansas, and Chelsea decides to join him. Faced with adjusting in Kansas, Jake finds himself content with his virtual friends while Chelsea is homesick and wants to make friends IRL. Despite their social life, both know they want to be together forever, but is Chelsea more ready for marriage than Jake?

Nick Theurer and Tony (Anthony) Bernardo
Nick and Tony met at a League of Legends gaming tournament. For Nick, it was love at first sight. He forced their teams to play against one another and ultimately won a date with a reluctant Tony, who thought Nick was straight! Nick wants to ask Tony to move in with him, but Tony is still hesitant about trusting Nick. Will Tony’s insecurities push Nick away, or will he be able to commit and truly fall in love?

“Happily Ever Avatar” was produced by Stage 13 with Magical Elves for HBO Max.


“We wanted to show the union of gaming and love, and the notion that we live in and with technology and people find each other in different ways. One is through the world of gaming by using avatars to showcase their personality. It’s a different way of showing love,” said Shari Scorca, VP, Unscripted, Stage 13.

“When we were making ‘Happily Ever Avatar,’ you could tell this was something special,” said Casey Kriley and Jo Sharon, co-CEOs of Magical Elves. “The experiences of real-world couples who developed true relationships through the world of gaming resonated with us in a meaningful way. We are so happy we are able to showcase these unique people with diverse backgrounds and their love stories.”

“Watching a couple meet for the first time in person really cannot be topped and we see that in this series,” said Allison Schermerhorn, Executive Producer and Showrunner. “We tried to show all levels of relationships, including the relationship of an LGBTQ gamer couple. Anyone who’s met online knows there’s a big difference between talking with someone in-game, over email and text, and seeing and talking to them in person. We show what it’s like from that first meeting through being connected in real life, not just through an avatar in a game.”

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Chelsea Caldwell and Jake Norton of "Happily Ever Avatar" on HBO Max

The Bold and Beautiful Fan Club Info

Nikky's pic of Thomas, Ivy, Steffy and Eric

B&B Fan Clubs

B&B has disbanded its official fan club. “The Official The Bold and The Beautiful Fan Page” is now on  Facebook, and all the latest news can be found on Twitter. Also, at fans can find live streaming of special events and info. that will keep you informed daily of what’s going on behind the scenes, sneak peeks at things to come, locations and dates of public appearances as well as how to independently network with your favorite actors from B&B.

Fan Clubs for Courtney Hope (Sally) and Patrika Darbo (Shirley) can be found here!

This page can be found on our old site.

For an autographed headshot, you may write directly to the specific actor
c/o “The Bold and The Beautiful”
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA   90036

Andrea with Don Diamont and Heather Tom

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Lt. Bradley Baker

Lt. Bradley Baker on The Bold and the Beautiful

Lt. Baker played by Dan Martin

Lt. Bradley Baker has been seen on the show since 1997. Whenever one of the Forresters, Logans or Spencers commits a crime, or is the victim of a crime, he’s there, sniffing around. He’s always very suspicious of these crazy rich folk (and with good reason).

Not much is known about him, except that he has a fondness of hot dogs, he doesn’t smile much, and he has a son named Charlie that worked with him for awhile. When Bill was shot, he also worked with a detective named Alex Sanchez.

Baker, Steffy and Carter

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Ridge Forrester

Ridge Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge Forrester played by Thorsten Kaye (formerly Ronn Moss)

Ridge grew up in a rich family, with lots of love from his parents, who doted on him (especially his mother, Stephanie).  When played by Ronn Moss, Ridge was a very quiet but romantic guy. He was always torn between two women (one of them usually Brooke). He seemed to let his mother dictate his life. Eventually, he stood up to his mother, but it was clearly difficult for him.

Brooke is the love of Ridge’s life and always has been. He was also married to Taylor and the younger Caroline, and engaged to Katie, and the older Caroline, but Brooke is always where his heart has been. They’ve been married eight times. This last time seems to be the final marriage for both, but we’ll see.

Ridge sired twin daughters, Steffy and Phoebe, and son Thomas, with Taylor. Phoebe died in 2008 in a car accident. He and Brooke have R.J., who’s younger than the others.  Ridge, Taylor and Brooke are all grandparents now.

Ridge is a designer in his parents’ fashion firm, Forrester Creations.  Although he grew up in a rich family, he has a big, kind heart.  In 2014, Ridge (now played by Thorsten Kaye) fell out of a helicopter and almost died. He temporarily lost his memory and his design skills. Caroline helped him get these back.  His personality changed since then. He seems to get irritated more and speaks out more. He’s more ascerbic and has trouble controlling his temper. After some struggling with his new personality, he and Brooke married for “the last time.” They both seem to have grown up some and work out their problems rather than splitting up.

Ridge and his daughter Steffy are co-CEO of the family company.

In 2019, Thomas came back to town and started causing trouble for Brooke and Ridge.  Thomas became obsessed with Hope, and Brooke was an obstacle to that.  Ridge and Brooke almost divorced because he couldn’t believe that Thomas was up to no good, and Brooke wouldn’t allow Thomas in their house. They were separated.  Ridge moved back to the Forrester mansion.  Quinn’s friend, Shauna, was living in their guest house, so she and Ridge grew close. They even kissed a few times. Once Thomas’ was shown up to be the psycho that Brooke kept saying he was, then Ridge begged forgiveness and moved back home.

Unfortunately, Bill and Brooke had been making out the night before Thomas’ wedding (where he was exposed), and Shauna got a video of it. Quinn sent the video to Brooke’s digital picture frame (which was a gift from Ridge), so everyone saw it.  Ridge was heartbroken by Brooke’s betrayal, especially with Bill.  He ran off and spent a wild drunken night with Shauna. Brooke came to find him, and it looks like they may be on the road to reuniting, but it’s unclear.

Ridge and Caroline - Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and Beautiful Cast List

B&B cast at 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Character Actor
Amelia Nicola Posener*
Lt. Bradley Baker Dan Martin*
Justin Barber Aaron D. Spears*
Zoe Buckingham Kiara Barnes
Danny Keith Carlos*
Pamela Douglas Alley Mills
Emmy Sheryl Underwood*
Bridget Forrester Ashley Jones*
Douglas Forrester Henry Joseph Samiri
Eric Forrester, Sr. John McCook
Kelly Forrester Avalon and Colette Gray*
Lizzy Forrester Gianna & Isabella Garcia*
Maya Avant Forrester Karla Mosley
Ridge Forrester Thorsten Kaye
Rosie Forrester Tigerlily & Ginger Siler*
Thomas Forrester Matthew Atkinson
Quinn Fuller Rena Sofer
Florence Fulton Katrina Bowden
Shauna Fulton Denise Richards
Taylor Hayes Hunter Tylo*
Madison Lee Stephanie Wang*
Brooke Logan Katherine Kelly Lang
Donna Logan Jennifer Gareis*
Hope Logan Anikka Noelle
Jake MacLaine Todd McKee*
Sally Spectra Courtney Hope*
Beth Spencer/Phoebe Forrester Madeline Valdez*
William “Bill” Spencer, Jr. Don Diamont
Katherine Elizabeth “Katie” Logan Spencer Heather Tom
William “Liam” Spencer, III Scott Clifton
Steffy Forrester Spencer Jacqueline MacIness Wood
Will Spencer Finnegan George*
Wyatt Spencer Darin Brooks
Tiffany Maile Brady*
Carter Walton Lawrence Saint-Victor*
Charlie Webber Dick Christie*


Bold and Beautiful cast

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The Bold and the Beautiful Birthdays List

Bold and Beautiful - Eric and Brooke

      Actor & Character


  • Zane Achor (Will)
  • Anthony Addabbo (Rush)*
  • Victor Alfieri (Giovanni)
  • Landry Allbright (Bridget)
  • George Alvarez (Enrique)
  • Luigi Amodeo (Lorenzo)
  • Matthew Atkinson (Thomas)
  • Jerry Ayres (Conway)*
  • Obba Babatundé (Julius)
  • Scott Thompson Baker (Connor)
  • Judith Baldwin (Beth)
  • Kiara Barnes (Zoe)
  • Cal Bartlett (Dr. Powell)
  • Texas Battle (Marcus)
  • Brandon Beemer (Owen)
  • Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas)
  • Paulo Benedetti (Tony)
  • Matt Borlenghi (Ziggy)
  • Katrina Bowden (Flo)
  • Adain Bradley (Xander)
  • Maile Brady (Tiffany)
  • Wayne Brady (Reese)
  • John Brandon (Ben)*
  • Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren)
  • Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy)
  • Darin Brooks (Wyatt)
  • Kimberlin Brown (Sheila)
  • Peter Brown (Blake)*
  • Sarah Brown (Agnes)
  • Agnes Bruckner (Bridget)
  • Ian Buchanan (James)
  • Sarah Buxton (Morgan)
  • Jeffrey Byron (Chuck)
  • Ashley Cafagna-Tesoro (Kimberly)
  • Mick Cain (C.J.)
  • Joseph Campanella (Jonathan)*
  • Keith Carlos (Danny)
  • Connor Carmody (Eric)
  • Crystal Chappell (Danielle)
  • Dick Christie (Charlie)
  • Robert Clary (Pierre)
  • Brian Patrick Clarke (Storm)
  • Scott Clifton (Liam)
  • Andrew Collins (Jarrett)
  • Darlene Conley (Sally)*
  • Jeff Conaway (Mick)*
  • Zack Conroy (Oliver)
  • Felisha Cooper (Sasha)
  • Barbara Crampton (Maggie)
  • Pat Crowley (Natalie)
  • Patrika Darbo (Shirley)
  • Eileen Davidson (Ashley)
  • Tamara Davies (Tricia)
  • Michelle Davison (Ruthanne)*
  • William deVry (Storm)
  • Don Diamont (Bill)
  • Michael Dietz (Mark)
  • Phyllis Diller (Gladys)*
  • Colleen Dion (Felicia)
  • Patrick Dorn (Thomas)
  • Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie)
  • Courtnee Draper (Erica)
  • Patrick Duffy (Stephen)
  • Bobbie Eakes (Macy)
  • Reign Edwards (Nicole)
  • Andrea Evans (Tawny)
  • Kayla Ewell (Caitlin)
  • Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget)
  • Susan Flannery (Stephanie)
  • Pierson Fodé (Thomas)
  • Rome Flynn (Zende)
  • Michael Fox (Saul)*
  • Adrienne Frantz (Amber)
  • Jennifer Gareis (Donna)
  • Gina Gallego (Gina)
  • Brian Gaskill (Ozzy)
  • Bryan Genesse (Rocco)
  • Finnegan George (Will)
  • Robin Givens (Dr. Phillips)
  • Linsey Godfrey (Caroline)
  • Harley Graham (Aly)
  • Charles Grant (Grant)
  • Theodora Greece (Alison)
  • Adam Gregory (Thomas)
  • Dax Griffin (Shane)
  • Jacqueline Hahn (Dr. Caspary)
  • Winsor Harmon (Thorne)
  • Emily Harrison (Bridget)
  • Schae Harrison (Darla)
  • Steven Hartman (Rick)
  • Rick Hearst (Whip)
  • Tippi Hedren (Helen M.)
  • Jon Hensley (Dr. Meade)
  • Danube Hermosillo (Darlita)
  • Addison Hoover (Phoebe)
  • Alex Hoover (Steffy)
  • Courtney Hope (Sally)
  • Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne)
  • Brent Jasmer (Sly)
  • Mykel Shannon Jenkins (Charlie)
  • Joanna Johnson (Caroline/Karen)
  • Ashley Jones (Bridget)
  • Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe)
  • Leslie Kay (Felicia)
  • Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester)
  • Lauren Koslow (Margo)
  • Lorenzo Lamas (Hector)
  • Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)
  • Teri Ann Linn (Kristen)
  • Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee)
  • Mario Lopez (Christian)
  • Kyle Lowder (Rick)
  • Aaron Lustig (Tim)
  • Constantine Maroulis (Constantine)
  • Dan Martin (Lt. Baker)
  • Joseph Mascolo (Massimo)*
  • Kimberly Matula (Hope)
  • Mackenzie Mauzy (Phoebe)
  • John McCook (Eric)
  • Todd McKee (Jake)
  • Brynne & Cameryn McNabb (Phoebe)
  • Daniel McVicar (Clarke)
  • Tracey Melchior (Kristen)
  • Lilly Melgar (Claudia)
  • Alley Mills (Pam)
  • Carrie Mitchum (Donna)
  • Karla Mosley (Maya)
  • Ronn Moss (Ridge)
  • Dylan Neal (Dylan)
  • Annika Noelle (Hope)
  • Clayton Norcross (Thorne)
  • Amanda & Rachel Pace (Hope)
  • Ashlyn Pearce (Aly)
  • Zoe Pennington (Kelly)
  • Sydney Penny (Sam)
  • Robert Pine (Stephen)
  • Nicola Posener (Amelia)
  • Lindsay Price (Michael)
  • Karim Prince (Raymond)
  • Maeve Quinlan (Megan)
  • Denise Richards (Shauna)
  • Ingo Rademacher (Thorne)
  • Usher Raymond (Raymond)
  • Robin Riker (Beth)
  • Chris Robinson (Jack)
  • Jane Rogers (Julie)
  • Tristan Rogers (Hunter)
  • Antonio Sabàto, Jr. (Dante)
  • Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter)
  • Henry Joseph Samiri (Douglas)
  • Paul Satterfield (Pierce)
  • Rodney Saulsberry (Anthony)
  • Stephen Shortridge (Dave)
  • Nia Sioux (Emma)
  • Nancy Sloan (Katie)
  • Daniel E. Smith (Zende)
  • Jeremy Snider (Rick)
  • Rena Sofer (Quinn)
  • Aaron D. Spears (Justin)
  • Gabriel Sporman (Kelly)
  • Jim Storm (Bill)
  • Michael Swan (Myles)
  • Marissa Tait (Rebecca)
  • Ashley Tesoro (Kimberly)
  • Heather Tom (Katie)
  • Justin Torkildsen (Rick)
  • Jeff Trachta (Thorne)
  • Anthony Turpel (R.J.)
  • Hunter Tylo (Taylor)
  • Keaton & Kylie Tyndall (Phoebe/Steffy)
  • Sheryl Underwood (Emmy)
  • Sandra Vidal (Sofia)
  • Jack Wagner (Nick)
  • Maitland Ward (Jessica)
  • Chris Warren, Jr. (Jimmy)
  • Ethan Wayne (Storm)
  • Sean Whalen (Carl)
  • Betty White (Ann Douglas)
  • Paul Williams (Bailey)
  • Fred Willard (John)*
  • Brett & Jon Wirta (Eric)
  • Jennifer MacInnes Wood (Steffy)
  • Danny Woodburn (Ken)
  • Lesley Woods (Helen L.)*
  • Shanelle Workman/Gray (Gaby)
  • Greg Wrangler (Ron)
  • Alex Wyse (Saul)
  • Jacob Young (Rick Forrester)
  • Andres Zuno (Rafael)

Please let us know if there’s anyone that you think we should add!

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Bold and Beautiful Cast List

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The Bold & Beautiful Appearances

Where to find your favorite B&B actors!

Bold & Beautiful Cast from the past


Linsey Godfrey (ex-Caroline) stars on “Days of Our Lives” as Sarah.

Betty White (Ann) will star in a Lifetime Christmas movie this coming season (no title or date yet).

Pierson Fodé (ex-Thomas) appears in the movie “Man From Toronto” in 2021 starring Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco.

Tisha Campbell-Martin (ex-Dr. Martin) stars in “Outmatched” Sundays on FOX and has a recurring role on “Last Man Standing” Thursdays on FOX.  She also has a new series coming out, “Be Someone.” More details to come!

Katrina Bowden (Flo) stars in the movie “Definition Please” in 2020.

Crystal Chappell‘s (ex-Danielle) produces, writes, directs and stars in “Venice: The Series.” Season 6 airs now; a new episode drops Fridays at

Jim O’Heir has a recurring role on “Bless This Mess” Tuesdays  on ABC. He also appears on one episodes of the YouTube series “Liza on Demand” this year and has many movies coming out.

Denise Richards (Shauna) stars in a new series, “Paper Empire” and has a few new movies coming out.  She also still appears on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on Bravo. She appears on “The Real” Monday, 9/21.

Pierson Fodé (ex-Thomas) is in a new movie.

Jacob Young (ex-Rick) has 3 new movies coming out. He hosts “Daytime After Dark” on YouTube.

Reign Edwards  (ex-Nicole) has a recurring role on “MacGyver” Fridays on CBS.

Lindsay Price  (ex-Michael) appears in the sitcom “Splitting Up Together” on ABC.

Kim Matula  (ex-Hope) stars in the film “Fighting with my Family” in 2019.

Robin Givens (Dr. Phillips)  appears in “Riverdale” Wednesdays on The CW.

Ingo Rademacher (ex-Thorne) is back playing Jax, William deVry (ex-Storm) plays Julian Jerome, Kin Shriner  (ex-Brian) stars a Scotty, and Tristan Rogers (ex-Hunter) has a recurring role as Robert, on “General Hospital.”

Kayla Ewell (ex-Caitlin) has 2 other movies coming out.

Rome Flynn (ex-Zende) appears in the next installment of Tyler Perry’s “Madea” franchise as well as another movie.

Hallmark Channel has renewed “When Calls the Heart,” starring Jack Wagner (ex-Nick). It returns for Season 8, probably in 2021 on Hallmark. They  started filming but had to shut down because of the coronavirus.

Debbi Morgan (ex-Jennifer) appears in the drama “Power” in the recurring role of Estelle on STARZ.

Tracy Melchior (ex-Kristen) has a new movie coming out and also a recurring role in the new BET drama “Games People Play,” out later this year.

Veteran actor Dan Martin (Lt. Baker) works regularly in movies and primetime TV.

Gina Rodriguez (ex-Beverly) has many new movies coming out this year.

Michael Swan (ex-Adam) and Robin Riker (ex-Beth) appear in the series “Mood Swings” on PureFlix later this year.

Fred Willard (John) appears in re-runs of “Modern Family” on ABC.

Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley) stars in “The Young & The Restless” on CBS and has 2 movies coming out. Tracey E. Bregman (ex-Lauren) also stars in Y&R. Kelly Kruger (Eva) has a recurring role as Mac. She also has 3 movies coming out.

Mario Lopez (ex-Christian) is co-host of the syndicated TV show Extra and does the voice of Cruz in “Elena of Avalor” on Disney Network. He will make a splash in the new HGTV series Supersize My Pool. He stars in a new holiday movie “Feliz Navi-dad” on Lifetime and appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Tuesday, 7/21 (Re-run from 1/6/20).

Lauren Koslow (ex-Margo) plays Kate on Days of Our Lives.

Kate Orsini (ex-Dr. March) has two movies coming out and stars in the series “Marisa Romanov” on Amazon Prime this Fall.

Linda Gray (ex-Priscilla) stars in the new upcoming movie “Prescience.”

Wayne Brady (ex-Reese) hosts “Let’s Make a Deal” daily in syndication and is working on a new movie “WRZ: White Racist Zombies.”  He appears on a re-run of “Celebrity Family Feud” Sunday, 8/30 on ABC.

Usher Raymond (ex-Raymond) is a successful musician and tours often. He appears on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” Tuesday, 9/22.

Mace Coronel (ex-RJ) stars in the YouTube series “Zoe Valentine.”

Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne) appears in the upcoming film, “Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets.” Still no release date.

Heather Tom (Katie) has 2 new movies coming out this year.

Michael Lowry (ex-Dr. Hillman) has 2 movies coming out.

Patrika Darbo (ex-Shirley) stars in “Ladies of the Lake: Return to Avalon” on Amazon Prime.

Courtney Hope (Sally) has 2 movies coming out soon.

Carrie Genzel  stars in “Ivy & Mistletoe” next Christmas. She runs the motivational web site

A Martinez (ex-Ramon) stars in “Christmas on the Range” in December, 2019 (probably on Hallmark). He has two other movies coming out as well.

Finnegan George  (Will) appears in the first episode of Marvel’s “New Warriors” TV series. No word yet on where/when it will air.

Adrienne Frantz (ex-Amber) has 3 movies coming out.

Constantine Maroulis stars in the new series “Psychosis,” which is still waiting for more funding on Indiegogo. He has 4 other movies as well.

Sheryl Underwood (Emmy) appears daily on “The Talk” on CBS.

Harley Graham (ex-Ali) appears in a few new TV series.

Jim O’Heir (ex-Matt) has a lot of new films coming out.

Morgan Fairchild  (ex-Dorothy) has some movies coming out and has done a pilot for an interesting-sounding LGBTQ soap called “Mélange” which features many soap stars. It has not yet been picked up. Stay tuned!

Scott Turner Schofield (ex-Nick) wrote and stars in the film “Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps.” He appears on “Tamron Hall” Monday, 6/29.

Shari Headley (ex-Heather) appears in the new YouTube series “On Becoming a God in Central Florida,” premiering in 2019.

Antonio Sabato Jr. has a few movies coming out.

Landry Allbright (ex-Bridget) has 2 movies coming out.

Lesley-Anne Down (ex-Jackie) has 2 movies coming out.

Pierson Fodé (Thomas) stars in Fritz Mitchell’s sports film “It’s Time” as NCAA football player Brad Gaines and his friendship with Roy Lee “Chucky” Mullins. No word yet on the release date.  He also appears in a new TV movie and in this Facebook series “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.”

Matt Borlenghi (ex-Ziggy) finished a film and is working on a TV movie.

Lorenzo Lamas (ex-Hector) has a few movies coming out this year.

Texas Battle (ex-Marcus) has a few new movies coming out.

Joe Lando (ex-Craig) has a film and a TV movie out this year.

Chris McKenna  (ex-Dr. Hayden) has a new movie out in 2019, “Dragged into Sunlight.”

Ashlyn Pearce  (ex-Ali) has a few movies coming out.

Tracy Melchior (ex-Kristen) has a new movie coming out, “Bad Impulse.”

Ashley Jones (Bridget) has 2 new movies coming out.

Dorothy Lyman (ex-Bonnie) has two movies coming out.

Mykel Shannon Jenkins (ex-Det. Charlie Baker) appears in the web soap “The Rich and the Ruthless” on UMC and has quite a few films coming out.

Matt Borlenghi (ex-Ziggy, B&B) has a bunch of new films coming out.

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) has 2 new films coming out this year.

Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon) has 3 new movies coming out.

Alley Mills (Pam) has a new film coming out, “The Fiddling Horse.”

Daniel McVicar (ex-Clarke) has a new movie, “Creators: The Past.”

Dylan Neal (ex-Dylan) has 3 new movies coming out.

Ian Buchanan (ex-James) has a few new movies coming out.

Ashley Tesoro  (ex-Kimberly) and husband, Anthony, have created a Christian lifestyle and ministry web series, “Life is for Living TV” formatted for the Internet and for people to view the clips on their phone or computer to be inspired and learn about the Bible. Check it out at or through YouTube.

Ashleigh Brewer (ex-Ivy) has a new movie coming out “On the Edge of Night.”

Obba Babatundé (Julius) has 4 movies coming out. He also appears in “Little Fires Everywhere” on Hulu in 2020 and frequently appears on “S.W.A.T.” Wednesdays on CBS.

Felisha Cooper  (ex-Sasha) has 2 films out this year.

Texas Battle (ex-Marcus) has 3 movies coming out.

Adam Gregory (ex-Thomas) appears in a new movie, “One of the Good ones.”

Maeve Quinlan (ex-Maeve) has a few movies coming out this year.

Many soap actors star in the digital series “The Bay“. More casting news, updates, and previous episodes can be found at

You can see Annika Noelle (Hope) and Lesli Kay (ex-Felicia) on “Venice: The Series,” which ran from 2009-2017. Watch many episodes for free on YouTube.

Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy) appears in a new movie, “The Bellmen,” out in 2019.  You can see her and other soap stars in the web series “Tainted Dreams.” Watch Here!

The legendary Paul Williams (ex-Bailey) still acts and writes songs, even though he turns 80 next year. More Info

Jeff Trachta (ex-Thorne) mostly does live singing and impersonations on stage.

Zack Conroy (ex-Oliver) is now an investment banker.

Sarah Buxton (ex-Morgan) designs and sells active swimear at


Karla Mosley (Maya) performs with other soap stars in a play Thursday, 7/16 online. More Info

Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge) tours around; you can see the dates for his concerts at his site


See many events with Will deVry (ex-Storm).

Visit all our other TV appearances pages!

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