Interview with Karen Barroeta, Mark Tacher, Isabella Castillo and Alejandro Nones

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Karen Barroeta, Mark Tacher, Isabella Castillo and Alejandro Nones from Telemundo's "Malverde: El Santo Patrón"

Interview with Executive Producer Karen Barroeta and actors Mark Tacher, Isabella Castillo and Alejandro Nones from “Malverde: El Santo Patrón” on Telemundo by Suzanne 9/13/21

I’m not a native Spanish speaker, so I don’t usually watch Telemundo. However, I did watch an episode or two of this series before our recent TCA panel with the actors. It was quite entertaining. The show is set in the old west and reminds me of the Western shows I grew up watching, such as Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Virginian and many more.  There are a lot of characters in the show that you meet at once, though, so I had a little trouble sometimes telling them apart. It got a bit easier as time went on.    The series has subtitles, so it’s easy to watch and get caught up in the story. It’s a timeless story of good versus evil. In fact, the main character is a bit like a sexy Robin Hood, but with some mystical powers.  You should really check it out September 28 on Telemundo.

The panel included the executive producer and 3 of the actors. Unfortunately, the main star, Pedro Fernández, was not there, but the three that were there were very entertaining. The cast is from all different parts of Latin America.  On the panel, Tacher is from Mexico; Castillo is from Cuba; and Nones is from Venezuela.

Curious, I asked EP Karen Barroeta if there are many western series on Telemundo. Her reply surprised me: “Actually, this is the first period piece we’ve produced, and we really worked on it for the past six years and thought that it could be something that audiences could be really interested in. So, it was a big challenge for us, but we are happy with the results. Hopefully, audiences will believe so as well.” I agree with her…I think audiences will enjoy it as I did.

She was also asked to compare the real-life tales of Malverde to their show. They did a lot of research into the folklore and then fleshed out the details in the story with fictional elements. They based their show on “what he meant for people and how he lost his parents and how he became a legend. He was part of the Yoreme. His family came from the Native — those Indians in Mexico, and so he learned how to create medicine to help people. So not only he was a Robin Hood, but he also had the ability to cure, and that’s how his name came about. So, we did take a lot from what it was recorded in history, but we did give it a bit of fiction in terms of the people that were around him and how he fought for justice.”  Besides Malverde and the main characters created for the show, there are historical figures as well, such as president Porfirio Díaz and the revolutionary fighter Pancho Villa. “So, we brought a lot of reality in terms of the historical personas and characters that were real at that time, and so we incorporated it because we know that Malverde was fighting for justice. He was trying to help his people. And, so, I think it’s somehow very tied to how he was in reality. But, in TV, we like to make magic, and we brought some additional resources, elements, and characters, to make it more entertaining.”

She was also asked about what elements about Malverde’s character that they chose to put in (or not) , and she responded that they created the love story (between him and Carolina as well as him and Isabel) to make it more appealing to audiences. She seemed to feel bad that we were only asking her questions, so she suggested that the actors help answer this question. Tacher added that their story is not just a dry account of Malverde but a real story about how he lived and loved, which is what the audiences should like. Castillo chimed in to add that they really don’t know many details about Malverde, so they have to fill that in. And her character, La China Navajas, is based on many different women who fought for revolution in Mexico. She points out that they don’t really know if Malverde existed and whether he had these mystical powers that were attributed to him.

Someone else asked if Malverde was as well known as Emiliano Zapata. Karen said that it’s hard to compare the two because they’re very different Zapata was a revolutionary war hero and Malverde was a mythical figure – a saint. People have altars in Mexico, and his figure is frequently on their altars. Some have tattoos of him. He’s a saint in their culture.  Actor Nones added his own take on it: “Zapata is someone kids studied in school, and Malverde is somebody that people from the north in Culiacán and Sinaloa grow with this in the streets. And people talk, and people follow him as a saint with a lot of devotion.”

some of the cast from "Malverde: El Santo Patrón" on Telemundo

Karen told us that it took six years to bring this project to the screen. They first did a lot of research and then put together a demo reel, which they showed to focus groups. They received a good reaction from them. “We saw how our audience here in the United States, an Hispanic audience, was so excited about knowing more, and so we just started the development process three years ago. And the pandemic started just when we were getting ready to start building the back lot that we built in Cumbres del Ajusco in Mexico. And, so, production all in all between the preproduction and the production – I can say was probably a year and a half. So, it’s been a project that took some time.”

Castillo confided that, since she grew up in Cuba, she’d never heard of Malverde until she traveled to Mexico. She discovered that many thought of him as the patron saint of Narcos, but he had nothing to do with them or the drug trafficking. He was a much more positive figure.

Nones had heard a lot about him during his travels and work in Mexico. Six years ago, he was in Culiacán and learned a lot about him at the chapel that bears his name from the son of the person who created the chapel.

Tacher, who, as I mentioned above, is Mexican, related that they don’t learn about pre-revolutionary characters like Malverde in Mexican schools. He heard about him later from people in Culiacán, Sinaloa, where he’s known as the patron saint of the needy. He let us know that Telemundo’s research into the saint was not easy because he’s most popular in certain areas of Mexico.

One of the other members of the press said that he’s also a teacher, so he had been concerned about whether Malverde would be a hero and a positive message. Karen told him, “This is a story of an amazing man who suffered being a young kid by having his father killed by the aristocrats, and he was raised by these Indians who taught him a lot about, like I said before, how to cure people. And he grew up seeing the difference between the aristocrats and the people that didn’t — that they would just fight to have food and education for their kids. So, he fought for justice. He aligned with the revolution to make sure he could bring some equality to those in need. And he was never, like, siding with criminals or with the real bandits. Yes, he did take maybe from the aristocrat’s gold mines, and he would give to the poor. But we are telling the story of a hero, of a legend, and that will show all positive traits. So, I’m not sure if we are necessarily saying it the way you commented it, but we are definitely bringing out this beautiful human being who fought for justice. And the way we position it is he would never want to shoot a gun to kill someone but just to defend himself. He would always say, ‘Never shoot to kill. Never do it.'”

The actors agreed with her that his story is a positive one. Tacher told us that there was virtually no drug trafficking in the world back at that time (the late 1800’s). Of course, that’s because most drugs were legal until the early part of the 20th century. Heroin, opium and pot were legal in Mexico until the 20’s and in the US until the 30’s.

Tacher was next asked why people seem to love stories of lawbreakers like Malverde. He replied thoughtfully: “I think we are always fascinated by those kinds of guys because they are always in the line of what is good or bad in the social medium — in a social medium, you know. So, it’s very difficult not to fall in love with these kinds of characters that help but also that dare to break a little bit — not to break but to bend the system a little bit. And they are always searching for new ways to bring joy to people even though they become a concern to other people. So that’s why I think we are always in love with these kinds of characters because they are almost always on the brink of success and failure.”

The actors were then asked what they had learned from doing their research for the show. Castillo really hadn’t known much about the Mexican Revolution, so she loved learning about it.   Nones had previously done a play about the period, so he was already familiar with it. Tacher enjoyed “living” in the era where they had no electricity and shooting in a simple town where there were no cell phone signals. Then they did the scenes in the series where they brought electricity and light to the town. He said, Iit was amazing. It was like bringing Mexico to a new era. And I lived that way because I just thought to myself, ‘What would I do if I lived in that age without any kind of light?’ Yeah, you will survive, but that had to be hard.”

Castillo elaborated on what he said, explaining that the studio built this small town in the woods where there was nothing but a lot of cactus. She also mentioned that her character has a “controversial” storyline that is even difficult in today’s world (she never explained what she meant, but my guess is that her character is a lesbian). She went on, “we still have to fight for equality and for justice still in 2021, you know. So, when you go back to the good old days, it’s, like, oh, my god, since back in the day, people have been fighting for something that we are still fighting for today, you know. So, for us, it was, like, a joy. It was a pleasure to be part of this project and to participate in all of these historical events that still are taking place nowadays.”

There was a lot of joking around between the actors as they were asked to talk about their characters. That was very funny.

Nones plays Nazario Aguilar, the right hand to Malverde, who has an illness that makes it difficult if he gets injured. Aguilar risks his life for Malverde and because it’s the right thing to do. He loved being in the period piece with all of the details that make it seem authentic to the time.

Castillo loves her character and talked about how strong her character is. “She doesn’t change who she is for anyone, and she has actually taught me many things. She came to Malverde’s life when she was an orphan. Pretty much they killed her whole entire family.” She finds a family with Malverde and Aguilar. Castillo loves the other actors, the action and  “choosing characters that break the stereotypes,” such as this woman  who had to survive alongside men. She continued, “What I love about my character is that she’s the only girl in a band of only men, and she manages to survive back in the day, 1910, which it was difficult to be a girl surrounded by men because you would have to make them respect you, you know. And she gained the respect from men, and that’s something that’s really, really valuable, especially back in the day.”

The female soldiers are called “Soldaderas” and Tacher pointed out that there’s an old Mexican song called “La Adelita” about the women soldiers of the revolution. His character is Vicente del Rio, who is ” an American-born, greedy entrepreneur that moves to the north region of Mexico because he knows of its riches, but sooner than later, he didn’t know that he would fall in love with our beautiful protagonist, Isabel.” There is a lot of conflict between del Rio and Malverde (in part because Malverde and Isabel had a past relationship).  Castillo then teased Tacher about del Rio’s mustache, and they joked around because he didn’t like wearing the mustache at all.


poster for "Malverde: El Santo Patrón" on Telemundo

Set in 1910 and inspired by real events, ‘Malverde: El Santo Patrón’ tells the story of Jesús Juárez “Malverde,” one of the biggest and most controversial Mexican characters of the last 150 years, an outlaw who ultimately became a legendary figure, a religious icon, and protector of the innocent, poor and dispossessed. The high-octane production shows the life of Malverde, from his turbulent childhood as an orphan in Sinaloa, Mexico, through his young adulthood during the Mexican Revolution, when he encountered war and danger as well as romance. Rising to heights of unexpected power, he became a Robin Hood-type figure admired by women from all social classes but tormented by unresolved feelings for his childhood girlfriend, Isabel. With the federal authorities increasingly concerned with Malverde’s steadily growing power in the early years of the Revolution, it will take more than love or God to safeguard the hero known as “El Santo Patrón” from those out to destroy him.

Karen Barroeta

Karen Barroeta is a television industry executive with more than 20 years of experience in broadcast, pay TV & content distribution. Throughout her career, Karen has been responsible for leading efforts in Programming, Creative, Marketing, PR and Ad Sales for international and Hispanic-language markets and has cultivated a strong expertise in media management and strategic thinking. Karen is a forward-thinking, results-driven executive who has excelled at leading teams improving the quality of the creative output, enhancing productivity as well as improving operational and communication workflows while building internal partnerships.

Recently, Karen has been appointed Executive Vice President of Production and Development at Telemundo Global Studios. In this new role, Barroeta is responsible for leading the development strategy of the Studios, along with the management and execution of long-form scripted productions across all platforms. She will also oversee the alternative content team and identify projects for pilots, behind-the-scenes productions and digital capsules.

In addition, Karen works closely with Marcos Santana, President of Telemundo Global Studios, to jointly manage and execute long-form scripted productions across all platforms.

Previously, Karen successfully held the Senior Vice President role of Marketing and Creative for Telemundo Network and Universo including Entertainment, News & Sports. In this role, Barroeta was part of the network’s core content team leading the strategic development and execution of all brand and consumer-marketing initiatives across the company’s platforms, including oversight of the media planning and experiential practices. She also collaborated with Telemundo Station Group and NBCUniversal distribution and affiliate teams while leading the Shared Services & scheduling strategies

Karen holds an MBA from the University of Miami, a Master of Arts in Television Production & Digital Media from Emerson College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Florida Atlantic University.

Mark Tacher

Mark Tacher is a Mexican actor born in Mexico City. He has a degree in acting from CEFAT (Tv Azteca Actoral Training Center). In addition, he studies music, guitar, singing and DJ at the G Martell academy in Mexico. He perfected his vocal technique with maestro Óscar Sámano (MET from NY and student of Pavarotti) in Mexico. Years later he studied Actoral Perfection Techniques, The truth without effort in Venezuela.

His artistic career debuted in 1996 as a host on the Tv Azteca program “Nintendomanía” and which lasted until 1998 when he began his role as an actor.

“Perla”, “Trestimes Sofía” and “Háblame de amor” were his first acting projects. In 2000 he had his first leading role in “Tío Alberto” and 2002 “Get on my motorcycle.” In 2003 he participated in “Mirada de mujer, el returno” being his last novel on Tv Azteca.

He recently participated in the Queen of the South 2 giving life to Alejandro Alcalá and Operación Pacífico from the hand of Telemundo, the latter being one of the protagonists giving life to Colonel Gabriel Pedraza.

Isabella Castillo

Isabella Castillo was born on December 23, 1994 in Havana, Cuba. She was born in a musical family, her mother Delia Diaz de Villegas was a known singer in the island. Her father, Jose Castillo is a drummer and her sister Giselle Castillo graduated from the university in Music Education. In 1997 she migrated to Belize City and months later she moved to Miami, Florida (USA). At the age of 5 years, she decided she wanted to sing in one of her mother’s show, she blew them away with her powerful voice and small age. She took voice, dance and acting lessons. In 2007 she went to Madrid, Spain for a casting for the musical Ana Frank – Un Canto a la Vida. She got the part of Anne Frank and moved with her parents to Spain. She received the award Premio Gran Via for Best Revelation in a Musical. When the musical ended she came back to the United States and was casted to play the part of Andrea Giron in El Fantasma de Elena with Telemundo. After the end of this soap opera she was casted for Grachi and became the main character in the TV series Grachi for Nickelodeon. She won the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards Mexico 2011 for Best Female Artist in a TV series. Right now she finished filming Grachi second season and is traveling through out Latin America with Grachi the Musical.

Alejandro Nones

Alejandro Nones (born December 9, 1982) is a Venezuelan actor and model. He began his acting career in Mexico, on film Así del precipicio, and later was hired by Televisa to act in the telenovela Lola, érase una vez. He is an actor and producer, known for Who Killed Sara? (2021), Cuna de Lobos (2019) and Amar a muerte (2018).

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Mark Tacher, Isabella Castillo and Alejandro Nones from "Malverde: El Santo Patrón" on Telemundo

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Claire Coffee (ex-Nadine) has 2 movies coming out.

James C. Burns  (ex-Vaughn) has a lot of movies coming out.

Demi Moore  (ex-Jackie) stars in a new movie, “Please Baby Please.”

Cassandra James (Terry) stars in the movie “A Christmas Sunset” on Amazon Prime.

Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix) appears in the indie movie “Love Accidentally.” More Info

Adrian Alvarado (ex-Det. Cruz Rodriguez) has a few movies coming out and guest-stars often on primetime shows.

Crystal Carson (ex-Julie) appears in the independent movie “#MyCorona.”

Joe Flanigan (ex-Neil) has a few movies coming out. See below for his MANY personal appearances!

Jeffrey Vincent Parise (ex-Carlos) has a few new movies coming out.

James Franco (ex-Franco) completed the movie “The Long Home,” but there is not yet a release date. He has been making headlines because of some sexual misconduct allegations and lawsuits that his lawyers have been settling (although he’s denied any misconduct), so that may be affecting his career.

Sam Behrens (ex-Jake) is working on two new films.

Dee Wallace (ex-Pat) has 5 movies coming out.

Annie Ilonzeh (ex-Maya) has 4 movies coming out and appears in the new podcast “The Lower Bottoms” July 20. More Info


Annie Wersching (ex-Amelia) stars as the Borg Queen in “Star Trek: Picard” Season 2 in 2022 on Paramount+. More

Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily) has a new movie coming out, “Cleveland” and the new scifi series, “Y: The Last Man” on FX on HULU, which premieres 9/13/21. She appears Wednesday, October 13 on “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo.

Jacob Young  (ex-Lucky) has some new movies coming out and is joining the 11th and final season of “The Walking Dead” on AMC, which premieres August 13 on the streaming service AMC+ and August 22 on AMC. You can hear him on his regular podcast Real Conversations with Jacob Young. He appears in “My Daughter’s Double Life” Friday, October 1, 8:00PM on the Lifetime Movie Network.

Shari Belafonte (ex-Janice) appears in “Morning Show” on Apple TV+.

Anthony Montgomery  (André) stars in “The Family Business” on BET.

Donna Mills (ex-Madeline) appears in the TV series “Mood Swings” on PureFlix. No word yet on whether there will be a season 3.

Stephen A. Smith (Brick) appears regularly on ESPN on “ESPN First Take” and “Stephen A’s World. He appears on “Tamron Hall” Tuesday, October 26.

Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) does one of the voices in the HULU series “Madagascar: A Little Wild.”

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) has several movies coming out and appears in 2 new series “Failure to Parent” and “Business to Pleasure.”

Mark Hamill (ex-Kent) does voices in 2 animated series, “Invincible” on Amazon Prime and “Masters of the Universe: Revelation,” which premieres on Netflix July 23. He also has 2 other films in the works.

Pej Vahdat (ex-Dr.  Litz/Kia) appears in the new TV series “The Old Man” on FX on HULU later this year.

Lindsey Morgan (ex-Kristina) stars in “Walker” on the CW and appears at the Critics Choice Super Awards tonight, Sunday 1/10 on The CW Network.

Erik Valdez  (ex-Trey) appears in “Superman and Lois” Tuesdays on The CW.

Dominic Rains (ex-Leo) appears in “Chicago Med” Wednesdays on NBC.

Sydney Mikayla (Trina) does voices in “Craig of the Creek” on Cartoon Network and “The Barbarian and the Troll” on Nickelodeon.

Robert Palmer Watkins (ex-Dillon) appears in the AMC series “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” and has a few new films coming out.

Kelly Sullivan (ex-Connie) has 2 new movies coming out and appears on “Never Have I Ever” July 15 on Netflix.

Gildart Jackson  (ex-Simon) has a  few movies coming out. He also has a recurring role on “The Bold Type” on Freeform and does a voice in “Castlevania” on Netflix as well the voice of Alfred on the video game  “Gotham Knights.”

Nazanin Boniadi (ex-Leyla) will be in the new Amazon Prime “Lord of the Rings” series. More Info She also appears in the new movie “People of the Book.”

Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco) stars in “When Calls the Heart” on the Hallmark Channel. He stars in the movie “Sealed With a Kiss: Wedding March 6”  Saturday, August 14, 8:00 on Hallmark.

Gwendoline Yeo (ex-Dr. Kelly Lee) does voices on the animated Malaysian series “Monkie Kid” and in the series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” on Disney+.

Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego) starred in “Good Girls” this year on NBC. He sometimes does voices on “Family Guy” on FOX as well.

Jaime Ray Newman (ex-Kristina) stars in the new HULU series “Dopesick” and in the HBO series “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”  She also  stars in the movie, “MK Ultra.”

Jason David (Aiden) also appears in the HBO series “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”

Minae Noji (ex-Kelly) does voices for the animated French show “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir,” which can be seen on the Disney Channel.

Maree Cheatham (ex-Charlene) appears in “The Haves and The Have Nots” on OWN.

Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) stars in a CBC drama series Wednesdays “Diggstown.” and appears in the new movie “Kicking Blood.”

Nathan Parsons (ex-Ethan) stars in “Roswell, New Mexico” Tuesdays on The CW.

Richard Gant (ex-Dr. Ford) has a recurring role on “The Neighborhood” Mondays on CBS. He also has a new movie coming out, “The Appeal.”

Vernee Watson (Stella) appears in the series “Bob ♥ Abishola” Mondays on CBS.

Tequan Richmond (ex-T.J.) stars in the BET series “Boomerang” and in the movie “Blood on Her Badge” on TVOne.

John Stamos (ex-Blackie) appears in the podcast “Wondery’s Snatching Sinatra.” He stars in “Big Shot” on Disney+ and appears Monday, 10/4 on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

Chrissie Fit (ex-Mercedes) stars in the new Comedy Central series “Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens” and in the Hulu series “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” She also appears in the movie “Women Is Losers.”

Penny Johnson Jerald (ex-Debbie) appears in “The Orville” on HULU.

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) does voices in the animated series “Amphibia” on Disney and “Blaze and the Monster Machines” on Nickelodeon.

Hudson West (Jake) appears in a new anthology series, “Like It Was Yesterday.”

Billy Miller (Drew) stars in the new series “Truth Be Told” on the AppleTV+ network. It returns for season 2 August 20, 2021.

Alyshia Ochse (ex-Cassandra) appears in the movie, “My True Fairytale” and in a new series, “UDrive Me.”

Molly Burnett  (ex-Maxie) appears in a new TV series, “Blackout.”

Dahlia Salem  (ex-Claire) dubbs the English for a character in the Netflix series “The Naked Director.”  No word yet on season 3.

Corbin Bernsen (ex-John) has a recurring role on “The Resident” Mondays on FOX and has a bunch of new movies coming out, including “Psych 3: This Is Gus” on Peacock, reprising his role as Henry Spencer from the “Psych” series. He and Janine Turner (ex-Laura) star in “Taking The Reins” Saturday, September 25, 8:00PM on Hallmark Movie Channel.

Wendy Braun (ex-Iris) appears in the series “Atypical” on Netflix.

Marisa Ramirez (ex-Gia) is a series regular on CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” which airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.

Johnny Wactor (Brando) is working on a new series, “Barbee Rehab” and has a few movies coming out as well.

Greg Cipes (ex-J.T.) does voices in many animated shows and has a few movies coming out.

Darby Stanchfield (ex-Amelia) stars in the Netflix series “Locke & Key,” and in the movie “Mosquito.” She appears Monday, October 25 on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”.

Jessica Tuck (Cassandra) stars in “For All Mankind” on AppleTV+ and in the Amazon series “Upload.”

Khary Payton (ex-Terrell) stars in “The Walking Dead” on AMC  and does voices on many different animated series.

Debbi Morgan (ex-Ellen) stars in “BET Her Presents: The Waiting Room” October 9; in the BET+ TV series “Bigger”; and on the FOX series “Our Kind of People” starting Sept. 1.

Wes Ramsey (Peter) has been working on this series, “Sidetracked,” which may or may not get picked up.

Hannah Nordberg (ex-Josslyn) does the voice of Gracy on the Disney series “Fancy Nancy.”

Matt Cohen (ex-Griffin) has joined ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT as a full-time correspondent and co-anchor of ET’s weekend show.

Shaun Cassidy (ex-Dusty) is a writer and consulting producer in the NBC hit show “New Amsterdam.”

Drew Garrett (ex-Michael) is working on a new series, “Daddy Issues.”

Kimberly McCullough (Robin) mostly directs now, including the new TV series “High School Musical: The Musical – The Series” on Disney+.

Stephen Kay  (ex-Reginald) is a director of TV series and movies, including the upcoming “Origin” movie and the series “Yellowstone” on Paramount+.


Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky) plays Eric, Mary Beth Evans (ex-Katherine) plays Kayla, Stephen Nichols  (ex-Stefan) plays Steve, Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) plays Jake, Thaao Penghlis (ex-Victor) plays Andre/Tony occasionally, Matthew Ashford (ex-Tom) plays Jack, Tamara Braun (ex-Carly) plays Ava, and Wally Kurth (Ned) also plays Justin on “Days of Our Lives.”

Richard Burgi (ex-Paul) plays Ashland, Michelle Stafford (ex-Nina) plays Phyllis, Jason Thompson  (ex-Patrick) plays Billy, Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Margaux) plays Chloe, and Brytni Sarpy (ex-Valerie) plays Elena on “The Young and The Restless” weekdays on CBS. Brytni also appears in “The Haves and The Have Nots” on OWN.

Rena Sofer (ex-Lois) plays Quinn, Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon) plays Liam and Ted King (ex-Lorenzo/Luis) plays Jack on “Bold & The Beautiful” weekdays on CBS.  Ashley Jones  (ex-Parker) appears occasionally as Bridget.

Hillary B. Smith (ex-Nora), Wes Ramsey (Peter), Robert Newman (ex-Prescott), Elizabeth Keifer  (ex-Camellia), Lesli Kay (ex-Lois) and other soap stars appears in “Venice: The Series“. It will return for season 7.

Digital series “The Bay” has moved to Amazon Prime. More casting news, updates, and previous episodes can be found at Many soap stars appear in the series.


Actors’ Personal & Live Appearances




Ricky Martin (ex-Miguel) tours regularly. Find his concert dates here. He appears with Enrique Iglesias on “The Today Show” Monday, September 27 on NBC to talk about their joint tour.

Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) tours with his band as well as acts in movies and TV. Find his appearances on his site.

Rick Springfield (ex-Noah/Eli) tours regularly. Find his concert info at hist site.


Chad Duell (Michael) and Josh Swickard (Chase) appear at an event Saturday, October 16 at Rockwells in Pelham, NY. For pricing and more info, go here.

Chad Duell (Michael) and Josh Swickard (Chase) appear at an event Sunday, October 17 at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club, Point Pleasant, NJ. For pricing and more info, go here.

Brad Maule (ex-Tony) appears at The Twisted Fork in Texarkana, TX October 19 5:00-10:00pm for the Runnin’ WJ Ranch’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser. Tickets are $50 per person and includes dinner and two beverages. The evening will consist of entertainment, a silent auction and the Express Clydesdales. Call 903-838-3323 for tickets or information.

Joe Flanigan (ex-Neil) appears at Fed-Con October 22-24 in Bonn, Germany. More Info


Marcus Coloma (Nikolas), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), Kathleen Gati (Liesl), John J. York (Mac), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) and Cynthia Watros (Nina) appear at a Fantasy Event Saturday, November 6 at the Hilton Fort Worth, 815 Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102. For pricing and more info, go here.

Joe Flanigan (ex-Neil) appears at Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 30  November 6-7, 2021. More Info

Marcus Coloma (Nikolas), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), Kathleen Gati (Liesl), John J. York (Mac), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) and Cynthia Watros (Nina) appear at a Fantasy Event Sunday, November 7 at the Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel Tempe, 1600 South 52nd Street, Tempe, AZ 85281. For pricing and more info, go here.

Joe Flanigan (ex-Neil) appears at Wales Comic-Con November 20-21, 2021. More Info

Maura West (Ava), Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) Tristan Rogers (Robert), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), Eden McCoy (Josslyn), Réal Andrews (Taggert) and Nicholas Chavez (Spencer) appear at a Fantasy Event Saturday, November 20 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Boston Andover, 123 Old River Road, Andover, MA 01810. For pricing and more info, go here.

Maura West (Ava), Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) Tristan Rogers (Robert), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), Eden McCoy (Josslyn), Réal Andrews (Taggert), Nicholas Chavez (Spencer) appear at a Fantasy Event Sunday, November 21 at the Melville Marriott Long Island, 1350 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747. For pricing and more info, go here.


Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) and other actors from “Days of Our Lives” appear at the Winter Wonderland Event Saturday December 4th and Sunday, December 5 at Shepard’s Beach Resort, 619 South Gulfview Boulevard, Clearwater, FL. More Info here.

Check out our other Daytime appearances pages for AMC TV, AMC Live, ATWT, AW, B&B, Days, Days Live, GL, Loving/The City, OLTL, Passions, PC, SuBe, & Y&R.

Appearances from IMDB, SOD, various web pages, and e-mails.

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Robert, Anna and Sean on GH

Grey’s Anatomy Cast Birthdays

Remember your favorite stars’ birthdays!

Grey's Anatomy

Steven W. Bailey July 1
Jessica Capshaw August 9
Justin Chambers July 11
Eric Dane November 9
Patrick Dempsey January 3
Katherine Heigl November 24
T.R. Knight March 26
Chyler Leigh April 10
Kevin McKidd August 9
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Arpil 22
Sandra Oh July 20
James Pickens Jr. October 26
Ellen Pompeo November 10
Sara Ramirez August 31
Mark Saul June 20
Brooke Smith May 22
Kate Walsh October 13
Isaiah Washington August 3
Chandra Wilson August 27

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Appearances

Where you can see your favorite actors!

Here is where we’ll put any upcoming appearances we hear about the Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice actors on talk shows, live appearances, other shows, movies, etc.

Sylvia Kwan (Mabel) stars  in “List of a Lifetime” Sunday 10/10, also on Lifetime. Read Our Interview With Her  and some of the rest of the cast!

Ellen Pompeo appears Thursday, 10/7 on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

Chandra Wilson appears Wednesday, Sept. 29 on “Good Morning America” on ABC and on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” the same day.

Abigail Spencer (ex-Megan) stars in an upcoming movie, “One Heart.” She has a recurring role on “Rebel” Thursdays on ABC.

Katherine Heigl stars in a new series “Firefly Lane” on Netflix and in the new miniseries “Woodhull.”

Mitch Pileggi (Larry) appears in the new CW series “Walker” Thursdays.

Isaiah Washington (Preston) appears in P-Valley on Starz.

Mitch Pileggi (Jennings) appears in “Walker” on The CW.

Taye Diggs stars in the new series “All American” Wednesdays on The CW and has many new movies coming out this year. He appears on “The Today Show” Monday, October 25 on NBC.

Sandra Oh (ex-Cristina) stars in “Killing Eve” on BBC America and has a new movie coming out and stars in “The Chair” on Netflix.

James Pickens Jr. has a recurring role on the new “Roseanne” revival on ABC (now called “The Connors”). He also has a new series in production called “Kick.”

Patrick Dempsey stars in a new series “Devils” on The CW.

Cress Williams (ex-Tucker) stars in “Black Lightning” Tuesdays on The CW. Although the show is finished, his character will probably appear in upcoming episodes of other CW superhero series.

Jason George stars in “Station 19” on ABC.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off “Station 19” airs Thursdays after “Grey’s” on ABC, and they have many cross-overs from the “Grey’s” actors.

Chyler Leigh (ex-Lexie) stars in “Supergirl” Mondays on The CW.

T.R. Knight (ex-George) appears in “The Comey Rule” on Showtime and in “The Flight Attendant” on HBO Max.

Martin Henderson (Nathan) has 3 new movies coming out.

Tessa Ferrer (ex-Leah) has a lot of new films coming out in the next two years.

Grant Show (ex-Archer) stars in the CW show “Dynasty” on Wednesdays.

Leven Rambin (ex-Sloane) appears in the new WGN series “Gone.” More Info We don’t know if or when the series is returning because of changes in the network. It hasn’t yet been official canceled, though. She has 2 new movies coming out.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars in “The Walking Dead” Sundays on AMC and in many movies.

Jesse Williams and many other celebrities star in this campaign ad.

Stephen Amell (ex-Scott) stars in the new wrestling drama “Heel” on Starz.

Eric Dane appears in “Euphoria” on HBO and has movies coming out.

Kate Walsh (ex-Addison) stars in “Emily in Paris” on Netflix and also has a recurring role in “The Umbrella Academy” this season on Netflix.

Hector Elizondo (ex-Carlos) has some new movies coming out.

Audra McDonald (ex-Naomi) stars in “The Good Fight” on CBS All Access.

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Leverage Cast List

Leverage Actors – Who plays whom?

"Leverage: Redemption" cast

Sophie Devereaux – Gina Bellman
Alec Hardison – Aldis Hodge
Eliot Spencer – Christian Kane
Parker – Beth Riesgraf
Breanna Casey – Aleyse Shannon
Harry Wilson – Noah Wyle

Older or recurring characters:

Nathan Ford – Timothy Hutton
Jim Sterling – Mark Sheppard
Tara Cole – Jeri Ryan
FBI Agent McSweeten – Gerald Downey
Bligh – Lucy Taylor
Detective Captain Bonanno – Robert Blanche
The Italian – Elisabetta Canalis
Jack Latimer – Leon Rippy
Maggie Collins – Kari Matchett
Zachary – Matt Barnett
Colin Mason – Wil Wheaton
Taggert – Rick Overton

Eliot, Parker and Hardison

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Leverage Appearances

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Leverage: Redemption cast

Aldis Hodge  (Alec) stars in “City on a Hill” Sundays on Showtime and has many new movies coming out, including playing Hawkman in the DC Comics movie “Black Adam,” in 2022. He can be see in the ABC special “A Night in the Academy Museum” Tuesday, 10/12.

Christian Kane (Eliot) has 3 new movies coming out soon. You can see his musical events here.

Noah Wyle (Harry) is working on a movie, “A Dolphin In Our Lake.”

Aleyse Shannon (Brianna) has a new movie coming out, “Beauty.”

Jeri Ryan (Tara) appears in  “Picard” on Paramount+.

Richard Kind (ex-Brad) does voices in “American Dad” on TBS, appears in “THe Goldbergs” Wednesdays on ABC, and in “Everything’s Going to Be Okay” on HULU. He has several movies coming out. 

Kari Matchett (Maggie) guest-stars on “Supergirl” Tuesday, 9/7 on The CW.

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Parker and Eliot

Interview with Lauren Lee Smith, Marc Blucas, Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy

TV Interview!

Lauren Lee Smith, Marc Blucas, Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy in "Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story" on Lifetime

Interview with Lauren Lee Smith, Marc Blucas, Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy in “Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story” on Lifetime by Suzanne 5/19/21

I’ll admit I did gush a little talking to these fine actors. I’m familiar with them all from their previous TV roles. I literally grew up watching Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy in the 70’s, and I saw Marc Blucas and Lauren Lee Smith in their great scifi/fantasy roles later on. It was hard not to tell them how much I enjoyed their work. They were very kind and even made some fun jokes during the interview. This was a press call that was part of a series of calls we did all on that same day for Lifetime movies this summer.


Moderator: Hi all, our next panel is Doomsday Mom, The Lori Vallow Story.  I’d like to introduce our cast Lauren Lee Smith, Marc Blucas, Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy.

Hi everyone. Question is for Lauren, how familiar were you with the Lori Vallow case before taking on this role? And what was the most surprising thing you learned about the case that you wanted to make sure it was portrayed on screen and the same to you, Marc?

Lauren Lee Smith: Wow, no, I actually wasn’t. It was at a time where I think we were all in full blown, lockdown covid craziness and I was up here in Toronto with my young daughter just trying to sort of keep sane and there was no TV around. So I had no idea about this story. It first was brought to my attention through our director, actually Bradley Walsh. He had reached out to me a couple of weeks before shooting and we were just sort of catching up and he was asking me like what I would like to do next and then I was like yeah I’m really looking for something you know to sort of sink my teeth into and challenge me in a new, exciting way. And yeah, it’s sort of it all, one thing led to another and and then yeah, I found out that that I would be coming to do this with him. And I think what surprised me the most was, you know, just the initial sort of the initial reaction of finding out the story in general and finding out exactly who this this woman is and what had happened. I think the initial shock.

Moderator: How about you Marc?

Marc Blucas: You know, for me you know I had known about it and it’s I guess in the in a very peripheral kind of way and it had been a year since everything had happened. So you know, the first thing I did as we probably all do, is you get on the Internet. Boom, you type these two in and the first thing that came up was the mug shot and to me two things came to my right mind right away when I saw them that really attracted me to the project and taking on the role of Chad which was when I saw that I saw two people, and this is going to sound very shallow at first, but you kind of look at Lori on the surface and in a very just first glance way, it’s like, oh, there’s a you know,very attractive, you know woman there and then you see Chad and I was like, oh, maybe not so much, and I was like oh what was the initial draw? And the other thing I thought about that about that mug shot was that in his face I saw remorse an in hers I didn’t and from what I had recalled the story and what I just started the research of it, It was kind of like it really felt like and again we have a lot here, we don’t have all the answers to just yet, but that Chad really started going, taking Lori down a very committed path and at some point in their journey, it’s almost like she leapfrog him in in the in the power dynamics or in the commitment of their beliefs. And I just thought that was a fascinating study, not only is as an actor, but as a singular character, but seeing how we could make that relationship evolve because what the public know, we already know that the public knows so much. So what Lauren and I and Bradley had all talked about is like, what we don’t know is what happened behind closed doors between these two people and exploring that to see this journey and how they get to make these decisions that they made, I thought, was an interesting study.

Moderator: Thanks so much. Our next question is from Jamie.

Jamie Ruby (SciFi Vision): Sorry, forgot to unmute there for a second. Thanks for talking to us guys. So obviously these characters are based on real life people but what I want to know is what part of yourselves did you bring into the roles?

Lauren Lee Smith: Well. That’s a tough one, but.

Marc Blucas: Well, I’m a passionate person. That there.

Doomsday Mom poster

Jamie Ruby (SciFi Vision): You know, maybe there’s a better way to say it, how did you connect to them as people? Maybe that was a better way to phrase it.

Marc Blucas: Uh, I again, I, it was kind of said in jest, but you know…look, I mean at the end of the day, these are not great people and it’s our jobs as actors to kind of find how we can like them ourselves and portray something that’s three dimensional and real. And at the end of the day, I just said it in a way, it’s just like hey look I’m a very committed and passionate person and I’m about different things that I think that Chad was committed and passionate about and what he tried to do or what he tried to bring people together as a leader, I guess in this.  But there’s no, you can’t question the fact that they had a conviction of what they believed, and I may not be in the same category in what they believed, but having that kind of conviction I could relate to and start there from.

Lauren Lee Smith: Yeah, exactly like that’s really sort of all you can do. You know with these characters is find exactly that and then you know just trying to come and find the little moments you can of sort of humanity, you know, I’m a mother, so trying to sort of find those moments where you know you could see her love for JJ and for Tylee and sort of really infused that as much as possible. But yeah, other than that it was that wasn’t the easiest part of this job.

Jamie Ruby (SciFi Vision): Patrick, Linda anything to add?

Patrick Duffy: Well, we have the easier track of these characters. We had to be the sort of calming, and rational side of looking at all of these horrific things that were happening. So, you know, we were grandparents in and of itself and as a grandparent myself I know what that feels like and I could then was able to completely support what Linda was doing as really the fire brand of the two characters that we played. She was the relentless one that was in pursuit of justice in an ongoing situation, which is even more difficult in making this film. And I credit everybody from Karen and Ann and the actors Marc and Lauren and Bradley and everybody with being able to thread that fine line of fiction that we are doing based on a real story but keep these, especially those two characters, you know keeping them in a humanity arena so that it does not become,

I mean it in this way, it does not become cartoonish, in its evilness that it that everybody has to recognize a bit of humanity that contains that devilish nature and we are in control of it most of the time. And that, to me, is the interesting part about the script, and let the two lead actors were you know, really tasked with doing which is amazing and plus the fact we never except for

one little Christmas dinner scene, we never shared the camera with either of those two characters, so we had our own little movie going that you guys didn’t even know about.

Marc Blucas: That’s why you said yes to the job we know.

Lauren Lee Smith: We get it.

Linda Purl: I think the you know as Lauren said and Mark two that we’re all parents, and so it ignites certainly the Mama bear in me and I mean it. It’s actually unimaginable. Thank God, you know, the horror that this that this tale unfolds. But I think that that you know unbelievable journey of not knowing where your loved ones are, was interesting to visit.

Moderator: Thanks Jamie. Jay, You’re up next.

Jay Bobbin (Gracenote): Hello everyone, thank you for doing this. Actually my question is for Patrick and Linda is nice to see you together, since we know you’re together and I hope that doesn’t sound too and ingracious. But were the two of you cast a package deal in this? Or was one of you cast 1st and super suggested the other person?

Patrick Duffy: Well, we were driving to Colorado from California when the phone rang and we almost made a U turn but we said no we gotta, we gotta get back to change our underwear and then go back to work so. But I actually I think you know, in deference, I think Linda’s name might have been mentioned first in terms of this when I look at the chronology and the phone messages, and then you know the conversations that all of your people have when you’re doing these things, so you know, I think the sequence was Linda and Patrick, not Patrick and Linda.

Linda Purl: I think it was Patrick and Linda.

Patrick Duffy: But it doesn’t matter. It was our first chance to work together. Yeah, you know, first chance to actually play a husband and wife, which was even more, and the other thing that Linda keeps saying, and so I’m stealing all of her good lines, that it’s the first time as actors we’ve ever walked to the set holding hands with the person you’re with.

Linda Purl: It felt weird but yeah, I guess it’s OK. At the end of a scene, I guess, Patrick patted me on the bottom and said nice job honey and I thought, well, that’s the first time that’s ever happened. It was fun.

Patrick Duffy: It was wonderful and yeah, and it was a great thing for us because you never know.

Linda Purl: It could have been a disaster.

Patrick Duffy: We could have completely polar opposite ways.

Linda Purl: That’s how you’re gonna do the scene?

Patrick Duffy: Yeah, well, I usually have a drink before every scene.

Marc Blucas: It was at least reassuring. I was so glad to see you were still together. Are they flying together? Or independently?

Linda Purl: Quarantine was the challenge. It was like are we gonna make it through 14 days of quarantine? But we did. Yeah it was fun.

Jay Bobbin (Gracenote): Thank you both.

Moderator: Thank you so much. Suzanne. You’re up next.

Suzanne Lanoue (TVMeg): Hi, thanks for the call, I’m so familiar with all your guys’ work. I grew up in the 70s, and so I love Patrick and Linda from so many different things, especially Dallas, of course. One of my favorite shows growing up… and Marc from Buffy and other projects, and Lauren from Mutant X and so many great things. So I’m just honored to talk to you all.. but I was wondering, Linda and Patrick, if you could give us any background as to what you think your characters were like before the movie started, and then how they progressed. Some of us haven’t actually seen the movie because it wasn’t on the screener site, so…

Linda Purl: We don’t know that much really. I mean just what’s available on the on the Internet and what the script gave us, but they seem to be very hardworking, family-oriented people, smart successful in their careers and then suddenly this. You know, they were a very closely knit family would say, right?

Patrick Duffy: And if you’re if you’re asking the question personally, what happens to us after doing something like this? Although we weren’t in the depths that Lauren and Marc were, but you, you are affected by it, especially when you have children. And now that I have four grandchildren, and, it is inconceivable first of all, to right minded people that these things actually occur and you enter going into this reading the script, I’m doing it but in the in the heat of the scenes of which we were together as a couple. It builds and your fascination and repulsion build at the same time as to what these human beings have to go through and what they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. And you get just a smattering of it by having occupied their space for a moment, and you look at your children differently because you know what the potential is and it does affect you, and it affected me, not deeply in the sense that I’m tormented by it, but I am aware of it in different depth now of what the potential is in the human being. And it’s frightening and encouraging in terms of who you look at as your characters in this film.

Suzanne Lanoue (TVMeg): And Linda, did you have anything to add to that?

Linda Purl: oh thank you, well

Patrick Duffy: I don’t see how she could.

Linda Purl: I thought it was brilliant. It was really. I was in the Grand Canyon with my son, who was then about 8 years old and I lost him for the ten longest minutes of my life, and it’s an out of body electric shock experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. So I was able to, you know, sort of conjure that up when we’re looking for justice when we’re looking for the grandkids, or were when we know my brother’s been killed. And so, but I think you know, as Patrick says, you just drop to your knees grateful that your family is safe and it tends to highlight that gratitude in our lives when you walk down, even for a few minutes, the road of these people who have lost so much. I have no idea how you recover from that.

Suzanne Lanoue (TVMeg): And Lauren, what do you think? How do you think the character or the real person however you like to interpret it, how she went from two loving parents to becoming this person who ends up killing her own children?

Lauren Lee Smith: Yeah, I mean, that’s definitely something that I had to sort of. I think play around with in my own sort of interpretation of this character, even though you know it’s she’s very much alive and we, you know, know certain facts about her. I think for me, just on a personal level, to sort of dig into this, this character and sort of not justified, but give you know some sort of back story and create this sort of you know back story in my own head for her so you know it’s very strange. I don’t know, I don’t I don’t. It’s unimaginable to me how someone can go from, you know, having this sort of being brought up in this loving family, which is is what we’ve been, you know told to believe to you, know becoming this person who would do these absolutely heinous things. So yeah, I guess the only way that that I was able to sort of come to terms with it is to sort of yeah to really come up with my own back story that perhaps you know her, her past and her childhood and her personal life and whatever is maybe not exactly what we evolved, you know, read or seen or believed up until this point that there perhaps is some major trauma or some major incidents or some whatever it could possibly be to bring her to the point that she you know is at and was at in her life. I answered it, took it upon myself to do that.

Marc Blucas: You’re being very sweet for not throwing me under the bus.  Suzanne, the reality is, is that when we both got there, we were freaking out and I had called Lauren immediately and I said, alright, ’cause that’s the big question, right, how did they go from everyday people that we assume, think and decide and have a moral compass in a certain direction, suddenly getting to the point where they’re going to kill their kids and then walk around in Hawaii and think that, like as if nothing has happened, and we literally sat there and got Karen and Bradley on the phone after we made our, you know,4 gigabyte list of questions that we had. This is real, and how do we tackle this because this is it and it goes back to what I had said before,a little bit about that kind of like commitment and passion for something that you suddenly get so, the blinders get on so much that everything all the collateral damage that happens you, end up not seeing. And so, it was almost, I give Lauren a lot of credit because it was it was kind of a two part process of creating Chad for me. Like I we really kind of had to approach these characters together in a sense as one because, I was in the process of gaining weight, so I kept saying can we meet back at the croissant place? We kind of kept going to anywhere I could eat massive amounts of food to keep gaining weight for the role and trying to tackle and make sense of that question and going through beat by beat of saying OK, here’s the arc of this, when does this moment happen? Where they decide to go beyond the point of no return, almost.

Suzanne Lanoue (TVMeg): Alright, thank you guys, great answers.

Moderator: Thank you so much. We have time for one more an if there was anyone who had a question and wants it answered, feel free to email us and we’re happy to get answers for you. So Rick, you will be our last question.

Rick Bentley (Tribune): Thank you. Hey Patrick and Linda, you play characters that are one generation of removed from the central story here. I’m just wondering when you go into those characters when you start thinking about them, did you think of them as people who should have felt guilty should have felt some responsibility, should have would have been in complete denial, I mean, how do you know where you start from on a point with parents of people who are parents of people who are involved with something like this?

Linda Purl: Well, I don’t think denial, although maybe we missed that, maybe we should have. No, I think that you know their merit in this in this story is that they. Is that they fearlessly sort of faced this possibility and became the champions for truth and protection. And I think that’s sort of a cautionary tale maybe to take away from the film, in that in these kinds of situations don’t fail to act. These people did not fail to act and all their actions and seeking of truth and pushing the police and the detectives it was. Too late, but in another instance it might not have been, and so you know in these kinds of horrid situations any one of us you know, God forbid we’re in it, but you, have to, you have to be vigilant and you have to be forceful.

Patrick Duffy: Yeah, I think there is an element of self-reflection when this happens.  Maybe not regret or denial, but you know, as a parent, now my children are in their 40s but, you know when there would be rough patches in their upbringing where they might do things outside of the box that I thought was appropriate behavior, here is an element in me that says should I have foreseen this? Should I have forestalled this? Was there something I should have or could have or might have said that just would have deflected it enough? So for my character in this, although Linda’s character was much more doggedly active, my character was written as somewhat more passive and quiet, and I think part of that was that self-reflection of he was the, you know, quote, unquote, chauvinistically sounding, but the bread earner, the man of the family. And yet all of this happened, how could that happen on his watch had to be part of his processing, so that was the only thing that I could say where I might have felt a bit responsible as a character for the outcome, not that I thought I the character did anything wrong, but what could he have done, I think was the divergent point for me of accepting responsibility partially for what happened.

Linda Purl: And that’s probably human nature too. In any disaster, there’s that lovely phrase, magical thinking, and that we all know what on earth, no matter how irrational, what could I have done? How could I have changed things? How could I have missed the signs? I mean, I think we all go through these kinds of thoughts.



Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 9
(L to R): Lauren Lee Smith, Marc Blucas, Linda Purl, Patrick Duffy
Doomsday Mom is based on the true story of Lori Vallow (Lauren Lee Smith), who gained national attention when her children, JJ and Tylee, were reported missing from their Idaho home in the Fall of 2019. As investigators learned of Lori and her husband Chad Daybell’s (Marc Blucas) involvement in a doomsday-prepper group, a trail of mystery was revealed spanning five states and numerous questionable deaths, before the bodies of JJ and Tylee were found in the backyard of Chad’s home in June 2020. Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy also star.

Doomsday Mom is produced by Lighthouse Pictures for Lifetime, with Sony Pictures Television distributing. Karen Glass and Tom Mazza of Everywhere Studios and Judith Verno of Peace Out Productions serve as executive producers. Stephen Tolkin wrote the script and Bradley Walsh directs.

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy in "Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story" on Lifetime

The Flash Cast Birthdays

When is your favorite “Flash” star’s birthday?

The Flash

Robbie Amell April 21, 1988
Violett Beane May 18, 1996
Tobin Bell August 7, 1942
Clancy Brown January 5, 1959
Tom Cavanagh October 26, 1963
Kayla Compton February 3, 1990
Rick Cosnett April 6, 1983
Natalie Dreyfuss February 25, 1987
Kim Engelbrecht June 20, 1980
Tom Felton September 22, 1987
Victor Garber March 16, 1949
Nicholas Gonzalez January 3, 1976
Grant Gustin January 14, 1990
Michelle Harrison March 24, 1975
Roger Howarth September 13, 1968
Malese Jow February 18, 1991
Jessica Parker Kennedy October 3, 1984
Matt Letscher June 26, 1970
Peyton List August 8, 1986
Keiynan Lonsdale December 19, 1991
Jesse L. Martin January 18, 1969
Brandon McKnight September 22, 1990
Andy Mientus November 10, 1986
Wentworth Miller June 2, 1972
Danielle Nicolet November 24, 1973
Danielle Panabaker September 19, 1987
Victoria Park April 14, 1988
Candice Patton June 24, 1988
Amanda Pays June 6, 1959
Dominic Purcell February 17, 1970
Sendhil Ramamurthy May 17, 1974
Ciara Renée October 19, 1990
Patrick Sabongui January 9, 1975
Neil Sandilands May 1, 1975
Katee Sackhoff April 8, 1980
Hartley Sawyer January 25, 1985
Teddy Sears April 6, 1977
John Wesley Shipp January 22, 1955
Andre Tricoteux ?
Carlos Valdes April 20, 1989
Shantel VanSanten July 25, 1985
Logan Williams April 9, 2003
Vanessa Williams May 12 1963
Lucas Wolf September 6, 1994

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The Flash Appearances

Where to see your favorite “The Flash” stars, past and present!

The Flash

(Barry/The Flash) is filming a new movie, “Rescued by Ruby.”

Tom Cavanagh (Harry)Tom Cavanagh appears Thursday, September 9 on “The Talk” on CBS.

Jesse L. Martin (Joe) has 3 movies coming out, including “Sexual Healing,” where he stars as Marvin Gaye.

Ruby Rose (Kate) has a few movies coming out and appears Monday, 7/26 (Re-run From 4/14/21) on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Brandon McKnight (Chester) is working on the film “A Hundred Lies.”

John Wesley Shipp (Henry) guest-stars on the 9th episode of this season’s “Stargirl” on The CW 10/5 and is working on a new movie, “Climbing Life.” He appears at the London film and Comic Con, November 19-21, 2021 in Olympia London, London, UK.

Stephanie Izsak (Daisy) has 6 movies in the works.

Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally) stars in “Eden” on Stan, a new Australian streaming channel.

Franz Drameh (Firestorm) appears in a new TV series “The Edge of Sleep” and has a new movie in the works, “Twist.”

Teddy Sears (Hunter/Zoom) appears in the new NBC series “Ordinary Joe.”

Tom Felton (Julian) has 4 new films in the works.

Nicholas Gonzalez (Dante) stars in the new NBC series “La Brea.” More Info

Keith David (Solovar) has many movies coming out and does voices in two animated series, “Final Space” on Adult Swim and “Amphibia” on the Disney Channel.

Isabella Hofmann (Clarissa) has 4 movies coming out this year.

Tobin Bell (Savitar) has many films coming out and appears in the horror podcast “The Gloom.”

Clancy Brown (General Eiling) voices Mr. Krabs in “SpongeBob Squarepants” and in the upcoming spinoff series “The Patrick Star Show.” He also appears in the movie “Last Looks” and in the new “Dexter” TV series in July.

Richard Brooks (Warden Wolfe) stars in the web soap “The Rich and the Ruthless” on Bet+, and appears in “Good Trouble” on Freeform, and in the upcoming NBC series “Echo.”

Jessica Camacho (Gypsy) stars in the CBS TV movie “A Christmas Proposal” later this year.

Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) had a recurring role this year on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” We don’t know if he’ll be back next year or not.

Dominic Purcell (Heatwave) stars in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” Sundays on The CW. He has two movies coming out this year as well.

Caity Lotz (Sara) stars in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” Sundays on The CW.

Brandon Routh (Ray/Atom) has a recurring role on “The Rookie” on ABC.

Paul Blackthorne (Quentin) has 2 films coming out.

Melise Jow (Linda) does the voice of Kate in the animated series “Invincible” on Amazon Prime.

Victor Garber (Martin) stars in the Canadian series “Family Law” on Global.

Robbie Amell (Ronnie) stars in “Upload” on Amazon Prime and has 3 movies coming out.

Stephen Amell (Oliver) stars in the series “Heels,” which will premiere on August 15, 2021 on Starz. Both Amell brothers are working on the sequel to their film, “Code 8.”

Rick Cosnett (Eddie) stars in a Spanish film, “Tu me manques.”

David Ramsey (John) guest-stars on “Supergirl” later this year.

Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) has a new movie coming out, “We Need to Talk.”

Melissa Benoist (Kara) stars in “Supergirl” on The CW and appears Tuesday, 10/5 on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

Katie Cassidy (Laurel) has 2 new movies in the works.

Vanessa Williams (Francine) has a lot of movies coming out and stars in the TV series “The L Word: Generation Q” on Showtime. She has a recurring role on “9-1-1” Mondays on FOX.

Roger Howarth (Mason) plays Austin on “General Hospital” weekdays on ABC.

Britne Oldford (Shawna/Peek-a-Boo) stars in the movie “Free Guy,” out August 18.

Patrick Sabongui (Captain Singh) appears in the movie “This Game’s Called Murder.”

Shantel VanSanten (Patty) stars in “For All Mankind” on AppleTV+ and in the movie “American Murderer.”

Michelle Harrison (Nora) has two movies in the works.

Andre Tricoteux (Savitar) appears in “Snowpiercer” on TNT.

David Sobolov (Grodd) plays Drax in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies.

Anne Dudek (Tracy) stars in the movie “Reminisce.”

Chris Klein (Orlin) has a new movie in the works, “Intensive Care.”

Kim Engelbrecht (The Mechanic) appears in the CW series “Bulletproof” and in a new South African series “Reyka.”

Tony Todd (Zoom) has over a dozen movies in the works, including comic book movie “Hellblazer” and the new version of “Candy Man” (He starred in the original in 1992).

Neil Sandilands (Clifford/The Thinker) appears in “Sweet Tooth” on Netflix as the villaneous General Abbot and has 2 movies coming out.

Efrat Dor (Eva/Mirror Master) stars in “Mayans MC” on FX.

Sendhil Ramamurthy (Ramsey) does voices in “Cleopatra in Space” on Peacock.

Katee Sackhoff (Amunet) stars in “Another Life” on Netflix. It returns in the fall. She’s also working on a new film, “The Last Transport.”

Sarah Carter (Grace/Cicada) has 3 movies coming out.

LaMonica Garrett (The Monitor) stars in “Delilah” on OWN and will appear in the series “The Terminal List” on Amazon Prime.

Liam McIntyre  (Mark Mardon) does voices on “Family Guy” Sundays on FOX and will do the voice of Aquaman in the new DC animated movie “Justice Society: World War II.”

Ciara Renée (Kendra) has 4 movies coming out.

Susan Walters (Carla) appears in the Freeform series “Good Trouble.”

Ennis Esmer  (Psych) appears in a new Canadian TV series, “Children Ruin Everything.”

Mark Hamill (James Jesse/Trickster) does voices in 2 animated series, “Invincible” on Amazon Prime and “Masters of the Universe: Revelation,” which premieres on Netflix July 23. He also has 2 other films in the works.

Chris Wood (Mon-El) and Tony Todd also star in the animated series “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” which begins on Netflix July 23, 2021.

Sugar Lyn Beard  (Becky) does a voice on the Syfy TV series “The Pole” and has 2 movies in the works.

Paul McGillion (Earl Cox) appears in “Firefly Lane” on Netflix and in a new movie “Day to Night.”

Peyton List (Lisa) is filming a new movie, “Spinning Gold.”

Chad Rook (Clyde Mardon) has 5 new movies in the works, plus one miniseries and the TV series “Joe Pickett” on Spectrum.

John Barrowman (Cutter) has a recurring role on “Doctor Who” as Captain Jack Harkness.

Grey Damon (Mirror Master) appears in “Station 19” Thursdays on ABC.

BD Wong (Godspeed)  appears in “Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens” on HULU and in the HBOMax animated series “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai” as well as two new movies.

Danny Trejo (Breacher) has many movies coming out in the new few years, and he does voices on some animated series. He appears on “GMA3: What You Need to Know” Friday, July 9 on ABC to talk about his autobiography, “Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood.”

Kyle Secor (Thomas) appears in “9-1-1: Lonestar” on FOX.

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Doctor Who Appearances

Where to see your favorite “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” stars!

Alex Kingston (River) stars in the UK show “A Discovery of Witches,” also on AMC and BBC America. She and John Barrowman appear at Fedcon October 22-24 in Bonn, Germany. More Info She is working on a new film, “James and Lucia.”

Jenna Coleman (Clara) stars in “The Serpent” and the new “Sandman” on Netflix.

Call the Midwife and Doctor Who stars lead cast for Steven Moffat’s The Devil’s Hour 6/22/21

Peter Capaldi is one of the stars of “The Suicide Squad,” which comes out August 6.

Matt Smith has a lot of new movies coming out and stars in the “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of the Dragon.”

Richard E. Grant (Dr. Simeon/The Great Intelligence) appears in “Loki” on Disney+.

Billie Piper (ex-Rose) co-created and stars in “I Hate Suzy” Thursdays on HBO Max. She appears Friday, 10/8 (Re-run from 8/31/21) on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on CBS.

Sheridan Smith, who’s played many roles on the show, has a few new movies and shows coming out.

Eve Myles (Gwen) also appears. Myles also stars in “Keeping Faith” on Acorn.

John Simm (The Master) stars in the hit UK series “Grace.”

Alex Kingston appears in a new show “A Discovery of Witches” (You watch it on AMC, Sundance Now or Amazon) as well as the Amazon original series “The Widow.”

Freema Agyeman (Martha) stars in “New Amsterdam” Tuesdays on NBC.

Karen Gillan has a bunch of movies coming out, including “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3,” and “Thor: Love and Thunder.” She appears on “GMA3: What You Need to Know” Thursday, July 15 to discuss her new Netflix movie, “Gunpowder Milkshake.”

David Tennant has a new podcast! Other actors from “Doctor Who” will appear. More Info He stars in the new British miniseries “Around the World in 80 Days” and the UK series “Inside Man.” He also appears on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on CBS Thursday, 7/29 (Re-run From 3/22/21).

Mark Gatiss has 2 new movies coming out, including “Mission Impossible 7.”

Bill Pullman (Oswald, Torchwood) stars in “The Sinner” on USA Network and appears Thursday, Oct. 21 on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Burn Gorman (Owen) has 2 new movies coming out.

Noel Clarke (Mickey) has a lot of new movies coming out and stars in the new UK series “Viewpoint.”

Christopher Eccleston (The Doctor, 2005) news found here! He stars in a new UK miniseries “Close to Me” More Info and also appears at Megacon, August 12-15 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Arthur Darvill (ex-Rory, Doctor Who) has a new movie coming out.

Bradley Walsh  (ex-Graham) stars in the new UK series “The Larkins,” which begins in November. He appears in the movie “An Autumn Romance” Saturday, October 23, 8:00PM on GAC Family and also directs.

Tosin Cole (ex-Ryan) has news movies coming out and stars in the new Peter Moffat series “61st Street” on AMC.

Catherine Tate (ex-Donna) does a voice in “DuckTales” on DisneyHD and appears in the UK children’s series “The Brilliant World of Tom Gates.”

Michelle Gomez (Missy) appears in the series “Flight Attendant” on HBOMax, plays Madame Rouge in “Doom Patrol” (also on HBOMax) and does a voice in “The Loud House Movie.”

Pearl Mackie  (ex-Bill) stars in the new UK series “The Long Call” and the film “The Deal.”

Adjoa Andoh (ex-Francine) stars in “Bridgerton” as Lady Danbury on Netflix.

Maisie Williams  (Ashildr) appears in the film “Pistol.”

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Cast Birthdays

Celebrate your favorite actors’ birthdays!

Caroline Aaron 8/7
Jason Alexander 9/23
Lisa Arch 11/23
Shelley Berman 2/3
Mayim Bialik 12/12
Mel Brooks 6/28
Jane Carr 8/13
Tia Carrere 1/2
Ted Danson 12/29
Larry David 7/2
Paul Dooley 2/22
Bob Einstein 11/20
Ellia English 3/26
Susie Essman 5/31
Vivica A. Fox 7/30
Jack Gallagher ?
Jeff Garlin 6/5
Saverio Guerra 8/25
Cheryl Hines 9/21
Ashly Holloway 9/30
Cady Huffman 2/2
Carla Jeffery 7/10
Patrick Kerr 1/23
Richard Kind 11/22
Mina Kolb 6/7
Richard Lewis 6/29
Julia Louis-Dreyfus 1/13
Paul Mazursky 4/25
Suzy Nakamura 12/2
Nick Nervies 1/24
Louis Nye 10/9
Rosie O’Donnell 3/21
Kaitlin Olson 8/18
Julie Payne 9/11
Mekhi Phifer 12/29
Michael Richards 7/24
Ann Ryerson 8/15
David Schwimmer 11/2
Jerry Seinfeld 4/29
J.B. Smoove 12/16
Antoinette Spolar ?
Jim Staahl ?
Don Stark 7/5
Mary Steenburgen 2/8
Ben Stiller 11/30
Wanda Sykes 3/7
Christine Taylor 7/30
Vince Vaughn 3/28
Michael York 3/27

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Larry David Birthday Meme

Curb Your Enthusiasm Appearances

Where to find your favorite “Curb” actors!

Susie Essman (Susie) occasionally does voices on “American Dad” on TBS. She appears Friday, 10/22 on “The View” on ABC and  on  the Audible podcast “Like Mother“.

Lin-Manuel Miranda stars in the movie version of “Hamilton,” which he created. It can be seen on the Disney+ streaming channel. He does several voices on “Ducktales” on the Disney Channel and will star in the movie version of his musical “In the Heights.” He appears Monday, September 6 (Re-run from 6/8/21) on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on NBC.

Larry David sometimes appears on “Saturday Night Live” Saturdays on NBC as Bernie Sanders.  He appears Thursday, Oct. 21 (Re-run from 10/12/21) on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

Cheryl Hines (Cheryl) stars in the next Bad Moms movie, “Bad Moms’ Moms.” She’s a judge on “I Can See Your Voice” Wednesdays on FOX and appears Monday, October 11 on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Richard Kind (Cousin Andy) appears in many TV shows and movies… busy guy! He also does voices on “American Dad” on TBS and has a recurring role on “The Goldbergs” Wednesdays on ABC appears on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on NBC Friday, May 14 (Re-run from 5/3/21).

Jeff Garlin (Jeff) stars in “The Goldbergs” on ABC Tuesdays. He appears on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” Sunday, October 10 on ABC.

Ted Danson (Ted) stars in “Mr. Mayor” Thursdays on NBC, and appears Thursday, 9/9 on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Mary Steenburgen does the voice of Crystalynn on “Bless the Harts” on FOX Sundays; she’s also seen in “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” on NBC, and she has a few movies coming out.

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen star in the new movie “Best Summer Ever” found On Demand.

Wanda Sykes (Wanda)  has a recurring role on “black-ish” Wednesdays on ABC. She has several movies coming out, as well as the new Netflix series “The Upshaws.” She does voices in many animated series. You can see her standup tour dates on her website. She is one of the stars in ONE Campaign’s Pandemica and appears Friday, 9/3 (Re-run from 5/19/21) on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Ellia English (Auntie Rae) has several movies coming out.

Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry) created and stars in the hit web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jason Alexander (Jason) has a bunch of new movies coming out.

Vivica A. Fox (ex-Loretta) stars in the syndicated show Face the Truth and has many movies coming out.  She appears Friday, 10/1 (Re-run from 2/10/21) on “The Wendy Williams Show”.

J.B. Smoove does one of the voices in the new animated “Harley Quinn” series on DC Universe. He appears Thursday, 10/14 on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a few movies coming out.

Mary Steenburgen is one of the stars of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” on NBC. It will return mid-season.

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The Bold and Beautiful Fan Club Info

Nikky's pic of Thomas, Ivy, Steffy and Eric

B&B Fan Clubs

B&B has disbanded its official fan club. “The Official The Bold and The Beautiful Fan Page” is now on  Facebook, and all the latest news can be found on Twitter. Also, at fans can find live streaming of special events and info. that will keep you informed daily of what’s going on behind the scenes, sneak peeks at things to come, locations and dates of public appearances as well as how to independently network with your favorite actors from B&B.

Fan Clubs for Courtney Hope (Sally) and Patrika Darbo (Shirley) can be found here!

This page can be found on our old site.

For an autographed headshot, you may write directly to the specific actor
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Arrow Cast Birthdays

Find out when your favorite Arrow stars celebrate their birth!

Kirk Acevedo November 27, 1971
Keri Adams December 18, 1970
Cynthia Addai-Robinson January 12, 1985
Kevin Alejandro April 7, 1976
Jimmy Akingbola April 8, 1978
Tom Amandes March 9, 1959
Stephen Amell May 8, 1981
Audrey Marie Anderson March 7, 1975
John Barrowman March 11 1967
Manu Bennett October 10, 1969
Paul Blackthorne March 5, 1969
Dylan Bruce April 21, 1980
Eugene Byrd August 28, 1975
Katie Cassidy November 25, 1986
Roger R. Cross October 19, 1969
Joe Dinicol December 22, 1983
Colin Donnell October 9, 1982
Mike Dopud June 10, 1968
Michael Emerson September 7, 1954
Eliza Faria March 24, 2004
Rila Fukushima January 16, 1989
Kathleen Gati August 13, 1957
Summer Glau July 24, 1981
Rick Gonzalez June 30, 1979
Juliana Harkavy January 1, 1985
Colton Haynes July 13, 1988
Willa Holland June 18, 1991
Adrian Holmes March 31, 1974
Kelly Hu February 13, 1968
Annie Ilonzeh August 23, 1983
Celina Jade June 10, 1985
Echo Kellum August 29, 1982
Alex Kingston March 11, 1963
Katrina Law September 30, 1985
Caity Lotz December 30, 1986
Byron Mann August 13, 1967
Neal McDonough February 13, 1966
Madison McLaughlin November 5, 1995
Jack Moore April 2, 2003
Matt Nable March 8, 1972
Dylan Neal October 8, 1969
David Nykl February 7, 1967
Carly Pope August 28, 1980
David Ramsey December 31, 1973
Emily Bett Rickards July 24, 1991
Tyler Ritter January 31, 1985
Charlotte Ross January 21, 1968
Elysia Rotaru November 9, 1984
Brandon Routh October 9, 1979
Colin Salmon December 6, 1962
Josh Segarra June 3, 1986
Jamey Sheridan July 12, 1951
Venus Terzo October 17, 1967
Susanna Thompson January 27, 1958
Parker Young August 16, 1988
Karl Yune April 16, 1975

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Arrow Appearances

Where to find your favorite “Arrow” actors!

Alex Kingston (Dinah) stars in the UK show “A Discovery of Witches,” also on AMC and BBC America. She appears at Fedcon October 22-24. More Info She is working on a new film, “James and Lucia.” She sometimes appears on “Doctor Who” as well.

Dylan Bruce (Adam Donner) guest-stars on a re-run of “Magnum P.I.” Friday, June 11 on CBS.

Ruby Rose (Kate) has a few movies coming out and appears Monday, 7/26 (Re-run From 4/14/21) on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Josh Segarra (Adrian/Promethus) has a recurring role on “FBI” Tuesdays on CBS and on “The Moodys” Thursdays on FOX.

Stephen Amell (Oliver) stars in a new TV series “Heels” on Starz (probably in 2021).

Roger Cross (Lucas) stars in “Coroner” on The CW and on CBC in Canada. He guest-stars Friday, February 19 on “MacGyver” on CBS.

Matt Ryan (Constantine) has joined the cast of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” on The CW.

Paul Blackthorne  (ex-Quentin) has 2 movies coming out and will appear in the new scifi TV series “Home Invasion.”

Neal McDonough (Damien) has a recurring role on “The 100” this season on The CW. He appears in the new Netflix series “What If…?” in 2021 and has many movies coming out.

Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) has 2 new movies coming out.

Katie Cassidy (Laurel) has 2 movies coming out this year and does a voice in a video game.

Willa Holland (Thea/Speedy) does a voice in the video game “Kingdom Hearts III.”

Colton Haynes (ex-Roy) has 2 new movies coming out.

John Barrowman stars in a web comic book series called “Acursion.”  He also does the voice of Merlyn in the video game “Lego DC Super-Villains” and a voice in the animated film, “Fireman Sam: Set for Action!

Audrey Marie Anderson (Lyla) sometimes appears on “The Flash” on The CW.

Echo Kellum (Curtis) plays the animated Mr. Terrific in “Freedom Fighters: The Ray” on The CW Seed.

Brandon Routh (ex-Ray) and Caity Lotz (ex-Sarah) star in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” on The CW. =

Elysia Rotaru (ex-Taiaina) has a bunch of new movies coming out.

David Nykl  (Anatoly) has a few new movies coming out this year.

Colin Donnell (ex-Tommy) stars in “Chicago Med” on NBC.  He also stars in a movie “To Catch a Spy” Sunday, June 20, 8:00PM on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Celina Jade  (ex-Shado) has 4 new movies coming out this year.

Dylan Neal (ex-Anthony Ivo) has 3 new movies coming out.

Celina Jade (ex-Shado) has 3 new movies coming out.

Colin Salmon (ex-Walter) has 4 new movies coming out.

Jimmy Akingbola  (ex-Baron Reiter) has two movies coming out and appears in the UK series “In the Long Run.”

Karl Yune (ex-Maseo) stars in the animated series “Fraxtur.”

Katrina Law  (ex-Nyssa) has a recurring role on “NCIS” Tuesdays on CBS. She  appears on “The Talk” Monday, September 20 on CBS.

Adrian Holmes (ex-Frank) has 2 movies coming out this year.

Kirk Acevedo  (ex-Ricardo) has a new film coming out.

Roger Cross  (ex-Hilton) has a lot of new movies coming out.

Byron Mann  (Yao Fei) appears in “Little Fires Everywhere” on HULU and has a new movie coming o ut.

Joe Dinicol (ex-Rory) has some new movies coming out.

Kelly Hu (China White) has 6 movies coming out, including “List of a Lifetime” October 9 on Lifetime.

Parker Young (ex-Alex) appears in the BET series “Twenties.”

Michael Rowe  (ex-Deadshot) appears in the web series “Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe.”

Annie Ilonzeh (ex-Joanna) appears on “Chicago Fire” on NBC.

Eugene Byrd  (ex-Andy) has some new movies coming out and does the voice in a video game.

Bex Taylor-Klaus  (ex-Sin) does a voice in “Voltron” on Netflix and a few movies coming out.

Michael Emerson (ex-Caydem) stars in “EVIL” on CBS.

Jamey Sheridan (ex-Robert) has a new movie coming out.

Kathleen Gati  (Raisa) has a few movies coming out and still occasionally appears on “General Hospital” on ABC.

Mike Dopud (ex-VIktor) stars in “Power” on Starz and has a few movies coming out.

Dolph Lundgren  (ex-Kovar) has a lot of new movies coming out.

Jeffrey C. Robinson (ex-Deathstroke) is the flight/stunt co-ordinator for “Legends of Tomorrow” on The CW.

Melissa Benoist (Kara) stars in “Supergirl” on The CW and appears Tuesday, 10/5 on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

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