Leverage Cast List

Leverage Actors – Who plays whom?

"Leverage: Redemption" cast

Sophie Devereaux – Gina Bellman
Alec Hardison – Aldis Hodge
Eliot Spencer – Christian Kane
Parker – Beth Riesgraf
Breanna Casey – Aleyse Shannon
Harry Wilson – Noah Wyle

Older or recurring characters:

Nathan Ford – Timothy Hutton
Jim Sterling – Mark Sheppard
Tara Cole – Jeri Ryan
FBI Agent McSweeten – Gerald Downey
Bligh – Lucy Taylor
Detective Captain Bonanno – Robert Blanche
The Italian – Elisabetta Canalis
Jack Latimer – Leon Rippy
Maggie Collins – Kari Matchett
Zachary – Matt Barnett
Colin Mason – Wil Wheaton
Taggert – Rick Overton

Eliot, Parker and Hardison

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Interview with Wrenn Schmidt & Krys Marshall

TV Interview!

Wrenn Schmidt & Krys Marshall of "For All Mankind" on Apple+

Interview with Wrenn Schmidt & Krys Marshall of “For All Mankind” on Apple+ by Suzanne 3/3/21

It was nice to chat with 4 of the actresses from the show. There are two here and then two others in a separate interview. They only gave me about 10 minutes, but it was fun. It’s a huge cast in this good scifi show. They were very gracious.

Suzanne: I wanted to ask if you could tell us what’s new for both of your characters this season? Whatever you’re allowed to say?

Wrenn: Well, Margo is the boss. In season one, Margo made a prediction that she would be running NASA in ten years, and the only thing she got wrong was the timeline. She got there sooner than ten years. So, that’s something that’s new. Margo, because of that, she’s got a massive office. So, instead of being stuck in a closet, where she’s got like – I mean, it almost looks like just all camping gear and engineered fixes, you know, she’s got a closet full of clothes and little hiding places for books that she reads when everyone else has left and a massive desk. She’s been been around for a while. So, that’s all different, and now, Margot has people come to her for things instead of her needing to go to them. So, yeah, it’s a very different world from season one.

Suzanne: Krys?

Krys: For Danielle, I think, at the end of season one, we see that she’s really dedicated herself to her work. She’s made this enormous sacrifice to protect Gordo (Michael Dorman) and his reputation. We also see that her marriage to Clayton (Edwin Hodge) is really hanging on by a thread, because he’s in such disarray after returning home from Vietnam. So, we kind of leave Danielle in peril; we don’t know where we’ll find her.

At the top of season two, we see what the end result is of what happens when you just give and give and give of yourself, and eventually you have nothing left to give. Emotionally, she’s in a pretty kind of low place. I think she’s pretty exhausted. We see that Clayton is no longer with us, and so having had all these losses has created a revival in Danielle. She realizes, you know, “I want to go back to Jamestown. I want to not just be an astronaut in name only, but I want to suit up. I want to put my helmet on. I want to see the sunrise over the Earth’s crest, and I want to get back at it again.” So, we start to see the little inklings of a renewed and reborn Danielle.

Suzanne: So, I noticed something. I interviewed Jodi (Balfour) and Sonya (Walger) a little while earlier. Did they try to make a concerted effort to make all of you look a little plain?  Because you’re all much prettier in real life than on the show.

Krys: That’s very sweet. Suzanne, thank you.

Suzanne: It’s true, though.

Wrenn: I think, though, what’s interesting about that observation, is that it takes all of us, I think, one to two hours to get ready to bring us in that direction…

Krys: To look that plain.

Wrenn: …And like one two hours to look like this…It goes both directions.

Krys: Well, I was just gonna say too that, you know, Wrenn mentioned this in an earlier conversation, but especially with Margo and Danielle, these are people who are putting their intellect and that foot first. So, often, and as an actor, you’re judged on the way that you look and the appearance that you present, whereas these women are scientists and engineers. So, I love that, yes, Dani is a bit plain and Margo is a bit plain, but that’s because it’s not a fashion show. These women are looking to be taken seriously, and, ultimately, women are judged by the way that they look even in a bureaucratic environment. If Dani were to show up to the office, and – because we thought about that, like, this is 1983, and I came here with ideas of Whitney Houston, “I Want to Dance with Somebody” hair. I was like, “Let’s do it,” and they’re like, “Hold on, hold on, hold on. This is a woman who has an incredible acumen for science and technology. Let’s just take it a beat and also remind ourselves that this is in Houston. This is not in New York City or in Paris or some enormous fashion capital.” So, our costume designer, Jill Ohanneson, used the Sears Roebuck catalog as the baseline for Dani’s looks, because that’s where Dani can afford to shop, and she wants to look nice. She wants to look presentable. So, yeah, thank you for saying we look nice.

Suzanne: There are some interviews and videos where it seems like they just wear sweat pants and [unintelligible], males, especially.

What was the most fun thing – this is for either or both of you – that you’ve done on the show?

Wrenn: It’s too hard to choose. That’s like a nightmare of a question, because there are so many things…

Suzanne: Sorry.

Wrenn: …No, no, I mean, I’m just gonna start like reeling off things, and Krys, I’m going to leave it to you to stop me and be like, “Cut. Scene.”

I really loved working with Colm Feore in the first season. The whole relationship between Margo and von Braun was so much fun. I mean, it’s a true gift. When you pick up a script – like that was in our sixth episode that season, where it was almost like filming a play in some ways, which is when Margot goes to von Braun’s house.

I also really, really loved trying to figure out how to fake play the piano. So, it was really rewarding after spending so much time doing that to actually do it, and to have Sonya, who I just met, be like, “You’re pretending?” and me just being like, “Oh my God, [it’s] working.”

I also really loved filming scenes with Sonya as well; she was just incredible, especially [in] that one little scene between Molly and Margo, when they’re doing the training stuff.

Then, I just really love working with our writers and our whole crew. I mean, that’s something that’s a big bummer about COVID. It’s not just that we as a cast have to keep our distance, it’s that the crew, we’re actually all separated into different pods. I’m so used to like, jabbering with the crew on the side. I’m so used to being like, “Hey, how are you?” and to just feel like, it’s like, “Hey…” That’s a little sad.

Then, as far as Season Two goes, I just I love getting to play with who Margo is when she’s not at work being watched by other people. I just find that to be the most fun, fascinating, like creative ocean to dive into. Yeah, I maybe get a little carried away with that, but it’s so much fun. I’m gonna cut myself [off].

Krys: Yeah, I mean, all of it is really fun. I will say, learning The Bob Newhart Show by heart was really fun. Michael and Joel [Kinnaman] – I mean, I kind of feel like I should have shot those scenes wearing an astronaut diaper, because I laughed so hard that I had a little bit of pee in my pants. I mean, they’re just so much fun to be around. So, Meera Menon, our director for the “Hi, Bob” episode, really just let us open it up, let us play, let us improvise, let us just have fun together. So, I think what translates on screen is a connection with Gordo, Dani and Ed, and in real life, there was just a true connection between myself, Joel, and Michael, and just being able to horse around. There are so many aspects of this job that I love, but I think getting to reunite with those guys, is always really, really delicious fun stuff to do.

Suzanne: When they do the scenes that are on the moon, and like at the beginning of the second season, they’re bouncing around trying to get back when they have the solar flares, how is that done? Is that done completely CGI? How do they do that?

Krys: Suzanne! I can’t tell you how the magic is made. Are you kidding me? Come on.

Suzanne: A little bit, a little bit.

Krys: …So, here’s the rub about wearing the spacesuit. The spacesuit is about 65 pounds with the helmet and the boots and the full – it’s extraordinarily heavy. The joy of it is that if you were in space, you’d be weightless. So, it’d be [nice] for you, but we’re not; we’re here on Earth. It’s about half my body weight, so it’s it’s pretty taxing. So, some of the work is done on wires. Some of the work is actually just us moving in kind of an undulating way that’s slowed down a little bit to make it seem like we’re moving [in] space. But yeah, the suits are incredibly hot to wear, so they have to constantly lift the visor to blot you, because you’re just pouring sweat as you play those bits. But yeah, our visual effects team is incredible at making – Like there’s a bit in the “Hi, Bob” episode where I drop the ant farm. I mean, that’s all on liars, and it looks like it’s just me dropping an ant farm, and in actuality, I’m hitched to wires as I slowly slow speed fall over to grab this falling ant farm. So, all movie magic.

Suzanne: I can see why you wouldn’t count this. The parts of the spacesuit as being the most fun though.

Krys: No. Fun to watch but not fun to wear.

Interview Transcribed by Jamie of http://www.scifivision.com


“For All Mankind” explores what would have happened if the global space race had

never ended. The series presents an aspirational world where NASA astronauts, engineers and their families find themselves in the center of extraordinary events seen through the prism of an alternate history timeline — a world in which the USSR beats the US to the moon.

Season two of the space drama picks up a decade later in 1983. It’s the height of the Cold War and tensions between the United States and the USSR are at their peak. Ronald Reagan is President and the greater ambitions of science and space exploration are at threat of being squandered as the US and Soviets go head to head to control sites rich in resources on the moon. The Department of Defense has moved into Mission Control, and the militarization of NASA becomes central to several characters’ stories: some fight it, some use it as an opportunity to advance their own interests, and some find themselves at the height of a conflict that may lead to nuclear war. New stars set to join Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Shantel VanSanten, Wrenn Schmidt, Jodi Balfour, Krys Marshall and Sonya Walger in the second season include Cynthy Wu, Coral Peña and Casey W. Johnson.

“For All Mankind” is created by Golden Globe-nominee and Emmy Award-winner Ronald D. Moore, and Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominees Ben Nedivi & Matt Wolpert. Moore, Nedivi and Wolpert executive produce alongside Golden Globe Award nominee Maril Davis of Tall Ship Productions and Nichole Beattie, David Weddle and Bradley Thompson. “For All Mankind” is produced by Sony Pictures Television.

The ten episode second season will debut globally on Friday, February 19, 2021, followed by one new episode weekly, every Friday, exclusively on Apple TV+.

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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For All Mankind poster

The Bold and Beautiful Fan Club Info

Nikky's pic of Thomas, Ivy, Steffy and Eric

B&B Fan Clubs

B&B has disbanded its official fan club. “The Official The Bold and The Beautiful Fan Page” is now on  Facebook, and all the latest news can be found on Twitter. Also, at www.boldandbeautiful.com fans can find live streaming of special events and info. that will keep you informed daily of what’s going on behind the scenes, sneak peeks at things to come, locations and dates of public appearances as well as how to independently network with your favorite actors from B&B.

Fan Clubs for Courtney Hope (Sally) and Patrika Darbo (Shirley) can be found here!

This page can be found on our old site.

For an autographed headshot, you may write directly to the specific actor
c/o “The Bold and The Beautiful”
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA   90036

Andrea with Don Diamont and Heather Tom

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Maya Avant

Maya Avant Forrester of The Bold and the Beautiful

Maya Avant Forrester played by Karla Mosley

Maya was first seen in 2013 as a homeless Skid Row mother who had to give up her baby when she went to prison (for a crime she didn’t commit).  Later, she was released and tried to find her baby, but it had died in a car accident with its adopted family.  Maya was an aspiring actress/singer. She met Rick, and they fell in love. She was hired to model at Forrester Creations. She and Rick had many ups and downs over the years as he was with Caroline, and she with Carter, when they weren’t with each other.

In 2015, Rick proposed, and Maya confessed that she was transgender. After some more misunderstandings, they got married. This story was groundbreaking for the soaps. Forrester also had a transgender fashion show, with Maya as the lead model.  Maya’s sister, Nicole, as well as her parents, moved there. She and her father eventually reconciled (he had trouble with her not being a man).  They learned that Nicole’s friend, Sasha, was really their half-sister. Nicole agreed to carry a baby for Rick and Maya, so they had little Lizzy to raise.

Maya started out as a schemer and a bit of a social climber, but she did truly love Rick. Once she and Rick were married and had a child, Maya became more of a saint. She and Rick were given little to do. They divorced off-screen while the characters were in Paris. Maya returned to Forrester without Rick.  Maya’s cousin Xander from London arrived and was working at Forrester as an intern and model.  He was fired and left town after it was revealed that he knew that Hope’s baby Beth was alive but didn’t say anything. He broke up with his girlfriend, Zoe, and left town.  Maya really hasn’t been seen on screen for a long while.

Vivenne, Julian, Maya, Xander, Zoe, Hope and Liam

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Amelia

Amelia (Nicola Posener) from Bold and the Beautiful

Amelia played by Nicola Posener

Amelia is the nanny for babies Kelly and Phoebe. She works for Steffy. She first started working for Steffy and her husband, Liam, when they had Kelly. Liam and Steffy divorced, and then Steffy adopted Phoebe (not knowing that Phoebe is really Hope’s daughter, Beth). When Steffy saw that Hope was getting too attached to Phoebe, she took the opportunity to go to Paris for some Forrester business, and an extended stay. Amelia is there with her.

When Thomas worked to break up Hope and Liam, he used Amelia to help him with that. Amelia sent Thomas a video of the babies, so he could use to make Hope feel guilty. Amelia told Liam how much Steffy and the babies miss him.

So far, not much else is known about Amelia.

Amelia with Steffy and Hope on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Alison Montgomery

Alison (played by Princess Theodora) of Bold and the Beautiful

Alison Montgomery played by Theodora Greece

Alison is a recurring, minor (but memorable) character.  She is Bill’s administrative assistant/receptionist as well as confidante.  She often serves as his conscience. Justin is now primarily Bill’s conscience or confidante instead. Alison is referred to but rarely seen. She has done some of Bill’s dirty work in the past. For instance, she helped him keep Hope and Liam apart, and helped him blackmail Maya to dump Rick. She helped him when he and Katie broke up. She assisted him (unsuccessfully) with keeping Ridge from breaking up his wedding to Brooke.  Alison frequently talks truth to Bill when he needs it.  He respects her opinion. She shared a passionate kiss with Deacon because she confessed to liking bad boys.

Not much else is known about Alison. The character was last seen in 2016, but we hope she’ll be back.  The actress (who’s a royal princess) was engaged in 2018.

Bill, Ridge and Alison of Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Brooke Logan Forrester

Brooke played by Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke Logan played by Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke has a degree in chemistry, yet she was working for her mother’s catering company when she met Ridge, the love of her life, in 1987. They both fell in love, but Ridge was engaged to Caroline Spencer. Ridge’s mother, Stephanie, didn’t approve of Brooke, so she did everything she could, for years, to keep them apart or break them up.  Brooke also did some scheming of her own to win and keep Ridge.  Later, Stephanie admitted that she recognized Brooke as a younger version of herself.

Brooke fights hard for the man she loves, but she has fallen in love with many others as well, including Eric, Ridge’s father (with whom she had two children), and his brother Thorne, as well as Nick and Bill.  She’s very loyal to her family (two sisters and one brother) and helped raise her younger sisters. She’s also very devoted to her two daughters and her son, but she has, in the past, slept with her daughters’ boyfriends/husbands, which caused some problems.

Brooke seems to have grown up quite a bit since her younger years. She mostly concentrates on her children and husband, and working at Forrester Creations.  She and Taylor have feuded for many years, but Taylor seems more interested in carrying on the feud than does Brooke.  They have a lot in common. Not only did they both love Ridge for many years and have children with him, they both interfere in their own children’s lives (just as Stephanie did) and are fiercely protective of them.  Taylor seems a little more unhinged than Brooke, though.

Just like anyone else, Brooke can be jealous, or self-righteous, or nosy; but generally, she’s a good person with a big heart.

Brooke loves having family around her all of the time, so many of her children and their spouses either live in her house, or in the guest house.  None of the Logan sisters can cook, but they love the holidays and always gather with the Forresters to celebrate.

Brooke and Ridge had a terrible time in 2019 and 2020. They separated and almost divorced. Thomas worked hard to break them up, so that he could have Hope. Quinn and Shauna also had a hand in their marriage breaking up.  Ridge has been involved with Shauna, and Brooke was briefly involved with Bill.

Bold and Beautiful Ridge, Brooke and Carter at the wedding

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The Bold and Beautiful Cast List

B&B cast at 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Character Actor
Amelia Nicola Posener*
Lt. Bradley Baker Dan Martin*
Justin Barber Aaron D. Spears*
Zoe Buckingham Kiara Barnes
Danny Keith Carlos*
Pamela Douglas Alley Mills
Emmy Sheryl Underwood*
Bridget Forrester Ashley Jones*
Douglas Forrester Henry Joseph Samiri
Eric Forrester, Sr. John McCook
Kelly Forrester Avalon and Colette Gray*
Lizzy Forrester Gianna & Isabella Garcia*
Maya Avant Forrester Karla Mosley
Ridge Forrester Thorsten Kaye
Rosie Forrester Tigerlily & Ginger Siler*
Thomas Forrester Matthew Atkinson
Quinn Fuller Rena Sofer
Florence Fulton Katrina Bowden
Shauna Fulton Denise Richards
Taylor Hayes Hunter Tylo*
Madison Lee Stephanie Wang*
Brooke Logan Katherine Kelly Lang
Donna Logan Jennifer Gareis*
Hope Logan Anikka Noelle
Jake MacLaine Todd McKee*
Sally Spectra Courtney Hope*
Beth Spencer/Phoebe Forrester Madeline Valdez*
William “Bill” Spencer, Jr. Don Diamont
Katherine Elizabeth “Katie” Logan Spencer Heather Tom
William “Liam” Spencer, III Scott Clifton
Steffy Forrester Spencer Jacqueline MacIness Wood
Will Spencer Finnegan George*
Wyatt Spencer Darin Brooks
Tiffany Maile Brady*
Carter Walton Lawrence Saint-Victor*
Charlie Webber Dick Christie*


Bold and Beautiful cast

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The Bold and the Beautiful Birthdays List

Bold and Beautiful - Eric and Brooke

      Actor & Character


  • Zane Achor (Will)
  • Anthony Addabbo (Rush)*
  • Victor Alfieri (Giovanni)
  • Landry Allbright (Bridget)
  • George Alvarez (Enrique)
  • Luigi Amodeo (Lorenzo)
  • Matthew Atkinson (Thomas)
  • Jerry Ayres (Conway)*
  • Obba Babatundé (Julius)
  • Scott Thompson Baker (Connor)
  • Judith Baldwin (Beth)
  • Kiara Barnes (Zoe)
  • Cal Bartlett (Dr. Powell)
  • Texas Battle (Marcus)
  • Brandon Beemer (Owen)
  • Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas)
  • Paulo Benedetti (Tony)
  • Matt Borlenghi (Ziggy)
  • Katrina Bowden (Flo)
  • Adain Bradley (Xander)
  • Maile Brady (Tiffany)
  • Wayne Brady (Reese)
  • John Brandon (Ben)*
  • Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren)
  • Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy)
  • Darin Brooks (Wyatt)
  • Kimberlin Brown (Sheila)
  • Peter Brown (Blake)*
  • Sarah Brown (Agnes)
  • Agnes Bruckner (Bridget)
  • Ian Buchanan (James)
  • Sarah Buxton (Morgan)
  • Jeffrey Byron (Chuck)
  • Ashley Cafagna-Tesoro (Kimberly)
  • Mick Cain (C.J.)
  • Joseph Campanella (Jonathan)*
  • Keith Carlos (Danny)
  • Connor Carmody (Eric)
  • Crystal Chappell (Danielle)
  • Dick Christie (Charlie)
  • Robert Clary (Pierre)
  • Brian Patrick Clarke (Storm)
  • Scott Clifton (Liam)
  • Andrew Collins (Jarrett)
  • Darlene Conley (Sally)*
  • Jeff Conaway (Mick)*
  • Zack Conroy (Oliver)
  • Felisha Cooper (Sasha)
  • Barbara Crampton (Maggie)
  • Pat Crowley (Natalie)
  • Patrika Darbo (Shirley)
  • Eileen Davidson (Ashley)
  • Tamara Davies (Tricia)
  • Michelle Davison (Ruthanne)*
  • William deVry (Storm)
  • Don Diamont (Bill)
  • Michael Dietz (Mark)
  • Phyllis Diller (Gladys)*
  • Colleen Dion (Felicia)
  • Patrick Dorn (Thomas)
  • Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie)
  • Courtnee Draper (Erica)
  • Patrick Duffy (Stephen)
  • Bobbie Eakes (Macy)
  • Reign Edwards (Nicole)
  • Andrea Evans (Tawny)
  • Kayla Ewell (Caitlin)
  • Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget)
  • Susan Flannery (Stephanie)
  • Pierson Fodé (Thomas)
  • Rome Flynn (Zende)
  • Michael Fox (Saul)*
  • Adrienne Frantz (Amber)
  • Jennifer Gareis (Donna)
  • Gina Gallego (Gina)
  • Brian Gaskill (Ozzy)
  • Bryan Genesse (Rocco)
  • Finnegan George (Will)
  • Robin Givens (Dr. Phillips)
  • Linsey Godfrey (Caroline)
  • Harley Graham (Aly)
  • Charles Grant (Grant)
  • Theodora Greece (Alison)
  • Adam Gregory (Thomas)
  • Dax Griffin (Shane)
  • Jacqueline Hahn (Dr. Caspary)
  • Winsor Harmon (Thorne)
  • Emily Harrison (Bridget)
  • Schae Harrison (Darla)
  • Steven Hartman (Rick)
  • Rick Hearst (Whip)
  • Tippi Hedren (Helen M.)
  • Jon Hensley (Dr. Meade)
  • Danube Hermosillo (Darlita)
  • Addison Hoover (Phoebe)
  • Alex Hoover (Steffy)
  • Courtney Hope (Sally)
  • Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne)
  • Brent Jasmer (Sly)
  • Mykel Shannon Jenkins (Charlie)
  • Joanna Johnson (Caroline/Karen)
  • Ashley Jones (Bridget)
  • Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe)
  • Leslie Kay (Felicia)
  • Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester)
  • Lauren Koslow (Margo)
  • Lorenzo Lamas (Hector)
  • Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)
  • Teri Ann Linn (Kristen)
  • Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee)
  • Mario Lopez (Christian)
  • Kyle Lowder (Rick)
  • Aaron Lustig (Tim)
  • Constantine Maroulis (Constantine)
  • Dan Martin (Lt. Baker)
  • Joseph Mascolo (Massimo)*
  • Kimberly Matula (Hope)
  • Mackenzie Mauzy (Phoebe)
  • John McCook (Eric)
  • Todd McKee (Jake)
  • Brynne & Cameryn McNabb (Phoebe)
  • Daniel McVicar (Clarke)
  • Tracey Melchior (Kristen)
  • Lilly Melgar (Claudia)
  • Alley Mills (Pam)
  • Carrie Mitchum (Donna)
  • Karla Mosley (Maya)
  • Ronn Moss (Ridge)
  • Dylan Neal (Dylan)
  • Annika Noelle (Hope)
  • Clayton Norcross (Thorne)
  • Amanda & Rachel Pace (Hope)
  • Ashlyn Pearce (Aly)
  • Zoe Pennington (Kelly)
  • Sydney Penny (Sam)
  • Robert Pine (Stephen)
  • Nicola Posener (Amelia)
  • Lindsay Price (Michael)
  • Karim Prince (Raymond)
  • Maeve Quinlan (Megan)
  • Denise Richards (Shauna)
  • Ingo Rademacher (Thorne)
  • Usher Raymond (Raymond)
  • Robin Riker (Beth)
  • Chris Robinson (Jack)
  • Jane Rogers (Julie)
  • Tristan Rogers (Hunter)
  • Antonio Sabàto, Jr. (Dante)
  • Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter)
  • Henry Joseph Samiri (Douglas)
  • Paul Satterfield (Pierce)
  • Rodney Saulsberry (Anthony)
  • Stephen Shortridge (Dave)
  • Nia Sioux (Emma)
  • Nancy Sloan (Katie)
  • Daniel E. Smith (Zende)
  • Jeremy Snider (Rick)
  • Rena Sofer (Quinn)
  • Aaron D. Spears (Justin)
  • Gabriel Sporman (Kelly)
  • Jim Storm (Bill)
  • Michael Swan (Myles)
  • Marissa Tait (Rebecca)
  • Ashley Tesoro (Kimberly)
  • Heather Tom (Katie)
  • Justin Torkildsen (Rick)
  • Jeff Trachta (Thorne)
  • Anthony Turpel (R.J.)
  • Hunter Tylo (Taylor)
  • Keaton & Kylie Tyndall (Phoebe/Steffy)
  • Sheryl Underwood (Emmy)
  • Sandra Vidal (Sofia)
  • Jack Wagner (Nick)
  • Maitland Ward (Jessica)
  • Chris Warren, Jr. (Jimmy)
  • Ethan Wayne (Storm)
  • Sean Whalen (Carl)
  • Betty White (Ann Douglas)
  • Paul Williams (Bailey)
  • Fred Willard (John)*
  • Brett & Jon Wirta (Eric)
  • Jennifer MacInnes Wood (Steffy)
  • Danny Woodburn (Ken)
  • Lesley Woods (Helen L.)*
  • Shanelle Workman/Gray (Gaby)
  • Greg Wrangler (Ron)
  • Alex Wyse (Saul)
  • Jacob Young (Rick Forrester)
  • Andres Zuno (Rafael)

Please let us know if there’s anyone that you think we should add!

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Bold and Beautiful Cast List

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The Bold & Beautiful Appearances

Where to find your favorite B&B actors!

Bold & Beautiful Cast from the past


Aaron D. Spears (Justin) appears in the new movie, “White People Money.” He has a few others coming out as well.

Danny Woodburn (ex-Ken) guest-stars on “The Neighborhood” Monday, October 4 on CBS.

Henry Samiri (Douglas) guest-stars on “American Horror Story” Wednesday, 9/29 on FX.

Betty White (Ann) will star in a Lifetime Christmas movie in 2021 (no title or date yet).

Tanner Novlan (Finn) plays Greg in “Roswell, New Mexico.”  His wife, Kayla Ewell (ex-Caitlin) plays Nora.

Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) has a recurring role on “Everyone Is Doing Great” on HULU.

Pierson Fodé (ex-Thomas) appears in the movie “Man From Toronto” in 2021 starring Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco.

Kiara Barnes (Zoe) will star in the new “Fantasy Island” remake on FOX this summer.

Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley) has a new project.

Tisha Campbell-Martin (ex-Dr. Martin) has a new series coming out, “Be Someone” and appears Sunday, August 15 on “Celebrity Family Feud” on ABC.

Katrina Bowden (Flo) has some upcoming movies this year.

Crystal Chappell‘s (ex-Danielle) produces, writes, directs and stars in “Venice: The Series.” Season 6 airs now; a new episode drops Fridays at venicetheseries.com. She and Hillary B. Smith (ex-Stacy) have a show called The It Girls on the Stoop! Help fund Season 3 Part 2 

Jim O’Heir has a recurring role on “Bless This Mess” Tuesdays  on ABC. He also appears on one episodes of the YouTube series “Liza on Demand” this year and has many movies coming out. He guest-stars on a re-run of “United States of Al” Monday, July 19 on CBS.

Denise Richards (Shauna) stars in a new series, “Paper Empire” and has a few new movies coming out.  She also still appears on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on Bravo and stars in “Killer Cheer Mom” Saturday, August 28, 8:00PM on Lifetime.

Pierson Fodé (ex-Thomas) is in a new movie.

Jacob Young (ex-Rick) has 4 new movies coming out and is joining the 11th and final season of “The Walking Dead” on AMC, which premieres August 22. He hosts “Daytime After Dark” on YouTube. He appears in “My Daughter’s Double Life” Friday, October 1, 8:00PM on the Lifetime Movie Network.

Reign Edwards  (ex-Nicole) stars in “The Wilds” on Amazon.

Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon), Patrika Darbo (ex-Shirley), Tristan Rogers (Hunter), Sarah Brown (ex-Agnes/Sandy), Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge), Scott Turner Schofield (ex-Nick), Justin Torkildsen (ex-Rick) and Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne) star in the show “Studio City” on Amazon Prime. Kanan also wrote the series.

Kim Matula  (ex-Hope) appears in the new HBO Max series “Sex with College Girls” later this summer and in the new “Leverage” sequel series “Leverage: Redemption” starting July on IMDB TV. More

Robin Givens (Dr. Phillips)  appears in “Riverdale” Wednesdays on The CW.

Ingo Rademacher (ex-Thorne) is back playing Jax, William deVry (ex-Storm) plays Julian Jerome, Kin Shriner  (ex-Brian) stars a Scotty, and Tristan Rogers (ex-Hunter) has a recurring role as Robert, on “General Hospital.”

Kayla Ewell (ex-Caitlin) has 2 other movies coming out.

Rome Flynn (ex-Zende) appears in the next installment of Tyler Perry’s “Madea” franchise as well as another movie.

Hallmark Channel has renewed “When Calls the Heart,” starring Jack Wagner (ex-Nick), which airs on Sundays.

Debbi Morgan (ex-Jennifer) appears in the drama “Power” in the recurring role of Estelle on STARZ.

Tracy Melchior (ex-Kristen) has a new movie coming out and also a recurring role in the new BET drama “Games People Play,” out later this year.

Veteran actor Dan Martin (Lt. Baker) works regularly in movies and primetime TV.

Gina Rodriguez (ex-Beverly) has many new movies coming out this year.

Michael Swan (ex-Adam) and Robin Riker (ex-Beth) appear in the series “Mood Swings” on PureFlix later this year.

Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley) stars in “The Young & The Restless” on CBS and has 2 movies coming out. Tracey E. Bregman (ex-Lauren) also stars in Y&R. Kelly Kruger (Eva) has a recurring role as Mac. She also has 3 movies coming out.

Mario López (ex-Christian) is co-host of the syndicated TV show Extra and does the voice of Cruz in “Elena of Avalor” on Disney Network. He will make a splash in the new HGTV series Supersize My Pool. He stars in the “Saved by the Bell” reunion TV series on PeacockTV (for free). He is guest host on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday, 10/14 and Friday, 10/15.

Lauren Koslow (ex-Margo) plays Kate on Days of Our Lives.

Kate Orsini (ex-Dr. March) has two movies coming out and stars in the series “Marisa Romanov” on Amazon Prime this Fall.

Linda Gray (ex-Priscilla) stars in the new upcoming movie “Prescience.”

Wayne Brady (ex-Reese) hosts “Let’s Make a Deal” daily in syndication and is working on a new movie “WRZ: White Racist Zombies.”  He hosts the new FOX game show “Game of Talents” Wednesdays. He appears Thursday, Oct. 7 on “GMA3: What You Need to Know” on ABC.

Usher Raymond (ex-Raymond) is a successful musician and tours often. He hosts the “iHeartRadio Music Awards” Thursday, May 27 on FOX.

Mace Coronel (ex-RJ) stars in the YouTube series “Zoe Valentine.”

Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne) appears in the upcoming film, “Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets.” Still no release date. She guest-stars on a re-run of “The Conners” Tuesday, June 8 on ABC.

Heather Tom (Katie) has 2 new movies coming out this year.

Michael Lowry (ex-Dr. Hillman) has 2 movies coming out.

Patrika Darbo (ex-Shirley) stars in “Ladies of the Lake: Return to Avalon” on Amazon Prime.

Courtney Hope (Sally) has 2 movies coming out soon.

Carrie Genzel  stars in “Ivy & Mistletoe” next Christmas. She runs the motivational web site

A Martinez (ex-Ramon) stars in “Christmas on the Range” in December, 2019 (probably on Hallmark). He has two other movies coming out as well.

Finnegan George  (Will) appears in the first episode of Marvel’s “New Warriors” TV series. No word yet on where/when it will air.

Adrienne Frantz (ex-Amber) has 3 movies coming out.

Constantine Maroulis stars in the new series “Psychosis,” which is still waiting for more funding on Indiegogo. He has 4 other movies as well.

Sheryl Underwood (Emmy) appears daily on “The Talk” on CBS.

Harley Graham (ex-Ali) appears in a few new TV series.

Jim O’Heir (ex-Matt) has a lot of new films coming out.

Morgan Fairchild  (ex-Dorothy) has some movies coming out and has done a pilot for an interesting-sounding LGBTQ soap called “Mélange” which features many soap stars. It has not yet been picked up. Stay tuned! She does a guest-voice on a re-run of “The Simpsons” Sunday, Aug. 1 on FOX.

Scott Turner Schofield (ex-Nick) wrote and stars in the film “Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps.” He appears on “Tamron Hall” Monday, 6/29.

Shari Headley (ex-Heather) appears in the new YouTube series “On Becoming a God in Central Florida,” premiering in 2019.

Antonio Sabato Jr. has a few movies coming out.

Landry Allbright (ex-Bridget) has 2 movies coming out.

Lesley-Anne Down (ex-Jackie) has 2 movies coming out.

Pierson Fodé (Thomas) stars in Fritz Mitchell’s sports film “It’s Time” as NCAA football player Brad Gaines and his friendship with Roy Lee “Chucky” Mullins. No word yet on the release date.  He also appears in a new TV movie and in this Facebook series “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.”

Matt Borlenghi (ex-Ziggy) finished a film and is working on a TV movie.

Lorenzo Lamas (ex-Hector) has a few movies coming out this year.

Texas Battle (ex-Marcus) has a few new movies coming out.

Joe Lando (ex-Craig) has a film and a TV movie out this year.

Chris McKenna  (ex-Dr. Hayden) has a new movie out in 2019, “Dragged into Sunlight.”

Ashlyn Pearce  (ex-Ali) has a few movies coming out.

Tracy Melchior (ex-Kristen) has a new movie coming out, “Bad Impulse.”

Ashley Jones (Bridget) stars in “Saving My Daughter” Saturday, April 17, 8:00PM on Lifetime Movie Network.

Dorothy Lyman (ex-Bonnie) has two movies coming out.

Mykel Shannon Jenkins (ex-Det. Charlie Baker) appears in the web soap “The Rich and the Ruthless” on UMC and has quite a few films coming out.

Matt Borlenghi (ex-Ziggy, B&B) has a bunch of new films coming out.

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) has 2 new films coming out this year.

Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon) has 3 new movies coming out.

Alley Mills (Pam) has a new film coming out, “The Fiddling Horse.”

Daniel McVicar (ex-Clarke) has a new movie, “Creators: The Past.”

Dylan Neal (ex-Dylan) has 3 new movies coming out.

Ian Buchanan (ex-James) has a few new movies coming out.

Ashley Tesoro  (ex-Kimberly) and husband, Anthony, have created a Christian lifestyle and ministry web series, “Life is for Living TV” formatted for the Internet and for people to view the clips on their phone or computer to be inspired and learn about the Bible. Check it out at www.lifeisforliving.tv or through YouTube.

Ashleigh Brewer (ex-Ivy) has a new movie coming out “On the Edge of Night.”

Obba Babatundé (Julius) has 4 movies coming out. He also appears in “Little Fires Everywhere” on Hulu in 2020 and frequently appears on “S.W.A.T.” Wednesdays on CBS.

Felisha Cooper  (ex-Sasha) has 2 films out this year.

Texas Battle (ex-Marcus) has 3 movies coming out.

Adam Gregory (ex-Thomas) appears in a new movie, “One of the Good ones.”

Maeve Quinlan (ex-Maeve) has a few movies coming out this year.

Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy), Hillary B. Smith (ex-Stacey) and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on  YouTube.

Many soap actors star in the digital series “The Bay“. More casting news, updates, and previous episodes can be found at www.thebaytheseries.com.

You can see Annika Noelle (Hope) and Lesli Kay (ex-Felicia) on “Venice: The Series,” which ran from 2009-2017. Watch many episodes for free on YouTube.

Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy) appears in a new movie, “The Bellmen,” out in 2019.  You can see her and other soap stars in the web series “Tainted Dreams.” Watch Here!

The legendary Paul Williams (ex-Bailey) still acts and writes songs, even though he turns 80 next year. More Info

Jeff Trachta (ex-Thorne) mostly does live singing and impersonations on stage.

Zack Conroy (ex-Oliver) is now an investment banker.

Sarah Buxton (ex-Morgan) designs and sells active swimear at tutublue.com


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