Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Adam feels like Victor is punishing him because he wants to sell Newman Media to Victoria.

Billy advises Victoria to not buy Newman Media because She will always owe something to her father. Victoria isn’t happy that Adam must remain CEO of Newman Media or, he, won’t sell her the company.

Adam confides in Sally and tells her that Victor may sell Newman Media to Victoria and he makes her promise not to tell Chelsea and Chloe.

Abby and Chance let Devon take Dominic for an overnight visit although Abby still has doubts about whether she and Chance made the right decision.

Mariah and Tessa start to plan their wedding they consider having a wedding in June.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday January 26, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena apologized to Paulina for ruining her wedding. Paulina said it was her own fault that it happened. She said the devil did her wrong, but she was the reason why she lost Abe. Chanel ran into Abe. She apologized to him for ruining the wedding. A man name T.R. went to see Johnny. He wanted to make sure Johnny kept his word. He said he wanted to know about what was going on with the Marlena Evans’ Story. T.R. told Johnny that he wanted his movie. Johnny said he promised his grandmother he wouldn’t tell the story. Marlena asked Paulina if she thought she and Abe would get back together. Paulina said she opened up to her before and now she was single. Marlena apologized for betraying her confidence. Paulina said it wasn’t her. She said she knew Abe still loved her. She said he would never trust her again. Abe told Chanel what happened with him and Paulina wasn’t her fault. He said Paulina should have told him a long time ago. Chanel said it was her truth to tell. She said she saw how happy they were then and unhappy now. She thought the bad karma came back around and bit her. She said her husband dumped her out of the blue.

Nancy apologized to Craig for doubting him. He told her she didn’t have to apologize. She said she should have trusted him. She said she should have trusted them. He told her there was no reason for her to feel insecure. He said she was a wonderful person with a kind heart and a wicked sense of humor. He said that was one of the reasons why he loved her. She said she loved hearing that, but there was a part of her that still needed to know that he was attracted to her. He said that was his part. He said he loved her and was truly sorry. She said she was happy they could talk openly about it. She said she felt guilty. He told her not to feel guilty. When she walked out of the room, he looked nervous. Chanel told Abe that her relationship with Johnny wasn’t a fling. She said he humiliated her as if everything they felt was a lie. Abe said he couldn’t imagine how that felt. She said it was bad. She said that was why her mother thought they should take Johnny’s money. He asked if she wanted that. Marlena asked Paulina if she thought Abe would want to make amends. Marlena said she knew how happy she made Abe. Paulina asked if he told her that. Marlena said she hasn’t spoken to Abe after what happened. She said that was why she didn’t go to Johnny and Chanel’s party. Paulina said she knew she heard about the party. Marlena said she didn’t. Paulina said Johnny broke her daughter’s heart. T.R. was upset that Johnny didn’t want to write the movie. Johnny said his grandmother ended up possessed. T.R. said that was a good thing. He said they could have done sequels. Johnny said he had ideas. T.R. said it took more than ideas. Johnny picked up a weapon. T.R. said it was going to take a lot to make it in Hollywood. Abe comforted Chanel. He said he was glad that she had a friend to help her. He said he and Lani were closer. He said he hoped they would be closer too. Chanel said she wanted that too. Marlena told Paulina he didn’t understand why Johnny hurt Chanel. She said Johnny said he loved Chanel and wanted to be with her. Paulina said she was going to make Johnny pay for what he did to her daughter. T.R. asked if Johnny was willing to work to get what he wanted or was he going to rely on his father’s money. Johnny said he was right. He wanted to know what to tell his grandmother. T.R. said he would be the bad guy if it made him feel better.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday January 25, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ned wanted Xander to give him money for Sarah’s flight information. Xander said that he found her. He said the deal was off. Ned said he bought an expensive watch. He couldn’t return it because he loved it. Xander said that we lose things we love. Chad called Abby to find out where she was. Belle arrived at the DiMera mansion to get some things for EJ. Chad refused to do anything to help EJ after he forced himself on Abby. Belle didn’t think EJ would do that. Later on, Chad went to see Xander to look for Abby. He told Chad that Abby was working on a theory about Sarah. She said that she didn’t think she was the real Sarah. Xander thought the mask thing sounded crazy. He really thought that when Chad told him that Abby saw Gwen and Sarah at the same time. Abby was in for a shock when she took off the mask and saw Ava underneath it. Abby wanted to know why she was dressed up as Sarah. Ava said she was just having fun. Abby didn’t buy it and got her phone out to call Rafe. Ava hit her in the head with a rock. Gwen wanted to know what they were going to do now. Ava wanted to kill Abby. Gwen refused to kill her.

Ned walked by Ava and Gwen and offered to take Abby away if they paid the right price. Shawn brought EJ to the station to meet with Belle. Trask was happy to finally get a DiMera in jail. Shawn took EJ to the interrogation room when Belle showed up. Trask made fun of Belle for making the mistake of putting EJ on the stand. Shawn joined them. Shawn and Belle banded together to stand up to Trask. Later, Shawn debated with Trask about Rafe being a dirty cop. Shawn defended Rafe to Trask. She said crime went up since Rafe was in charge. She thought he made a lot of the arrests to take the heat off of him. Shawn told her that Rafe is a good cop. Trask wanted Shawn to look through Rafe’s files to look for a pattern. She wanted him to investigate the arrest Rafe made that night. Belle talked to EJ about what he did to Abby. He said he never left the courtroom. He told her that he was signing the papers giving his shares to Johnny. He told her that she could ask Johnny if she didn’t believe him. EJ insisted that Chad was setting him up. Belle thought it was crazy, but EJ said he didn’t touch Abby. Shawn went to Rafe’s place while he was with Nicole. He interrupted their time together. He told Rafe that his latest arrest proved that he planted evidence in the case. Shawn put the cuffs on Rafe.

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Days Update Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Rafe tells Nicole that the more he thinks about Ava not telling him where she was, it makes sense, so maybe nothing came up and she hoped on walking in and seeing this, as Rafe then grabs Nicole and kisses her.

Xander walks through the town square when the pilot Ned Grainger approaches and asks how his meeting went. Ned guesses it did not go well by the looks of it. Xander asks if he wanted something. Ned responds that he obviously wants his money.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad calls Abigail to ask what’s going on and where she is. The doorbell rings and Belle arrives, saying she’s sorry to show up unannounced but she thought she’d get EJ some of his things. Belle asks Chad to get them for her but Chad says he’s not doing anything to help EJ after what he did to his wife. Belle asks what EJ did to Abigail.

Abigail successfully unmasks “Sarah” and says she knew it but is shocked to find out that it was Ava under the mask and asks what the hell.

Chad informs Belle that EJ forced himself on his wife. Belle asks if he’s sure. Chad says he saw it with his own eyes. Belle asks where this happened. Chad explains that it was at the courthouse during the recess after his coughing fit. Chad reminds Belle that he ran in to her in the hallway and they were about to go inside but he remembered that he forgot his phone in the witness room, so he went back to get it which is when he found EJ forcing himself on his wife. Belle asks what EJ said when he walked in. Chad responds that after Abigail slapped him, he asked what the hell he was doing and EJ wasn’t the least bit apologetic and just sat there, staring at him smugly. Belle can’t believe EJ would do something so disgusting. Chad says he was going to kill him but Abigail asked him not to. Belle argues that it doesn’t make sense since Chad was about to get back on the stand and he made it clear that they would be pleased with his testimony. Belle questions why EJ would sabotage himself like that. Chad declares that EJ is an arrogant bastard, who thinks he can do whatever he wants and an entitled pig that thinks he can help himself to whatever he wants. Chad adds that EJ told Abigail he was going to take her on the conference table. Belle understands now why Chad was so mad when he came back from the recess. Chad states that EJ will spend the next decade in prison so maybe he’ll learn to keep his hands to himself. Belle is sorry for what Abigail had to go through and says there’s no excuse for EJ’s behavior. Belle points out that EJ is still her client, so if Chad can point her to the bathroom, she will grab his stuff and go.

Shawn brings EJ in to the police station where they come across Melinda, who remarks that EJ is looking a bit defeated. Shawn says they’d love to stay and chat but EJ has somewhere he needs to be. Melinda comments that the only place EJ should be is downstairs awaiting sentencing. Shawn reveals that EJ is meeting with his lawyer. Melinda hopes they are not discussing an appeal. EJ says that’s between he and his attorney. Melinda says it’s his money but warns that it’s a waste of time. EJ says they will see. Melinda complains that all the DiMeras are so damn arrogant and for years she’s tried to take them down but they always seemed to slither out of trouble. Melinda declares that at last, all her hard work has paid off and she gets the pleasure of sending one of them to prison.

Ned reminds Xander that he left their meeting with Abigail to go get money to pay him. Xander says he has a lot on his mind. Ned questions what he’s trying to pull since he and Abigail were very anxious to get information out of him and told him to sit tight and he would get his cash but now it’s like he forgot the whole thing. Xander clarifies that he didn’t forget and went to ask Sarah’s mom for the money. Ned questions if she gave it to him. Xander reveals he didn’t get a chance to ask. Ned reminds him that he isn’t telling him squat unless he gets paid. Xander then informs Ned that he doesn’t need him to because he already found Sarah himself.

Abigail questions Ava being the one wearing the Sarah mask. Abigail knew it wasn’t Sarah but she thought it was Kristen or Gwen and never would’ve guessed it was Ava. Abigail says it doesn’t make sense and questions if she even knows who Sarah is. Abigail asks what reason Ava has to impersonate Sarah and why she’s doing this.

Xander tells Ned that Sarah was at her mother’s house when he arrived, so he doesn’t need Ned to tell him where she is. Ned argues that they had a deal. Xander tells him the deal is off. Ned complains that he was counting on that money as he just bought a watch for a small fortune. Xander tells him to take it back but Ned says he can’t because he loves it. Xander responds that unfortunately, sometimes no matter how much you love something, you still end up losing it. Ned then walks away.

Belle goes to the police station. Melinda mentions hearing that she had a meeting with his client. She informs Belle that Shawn already had EJ brought to the interrogation room. Melinda repeats that this is a waste of time because EJ was found guilty and with all the damning testimony against him, she can’t see any other conclusion. Belle says to let her worry about that. Melinda guesses that Belle must be kicking herself for letting EJ take the stand like he did because any first year law student knows a defense attorney never lets their client testify unless absolutely necessary. Melinda adds that she was thrilled when she opened that door for her. Melinda admits she was shocked that Belle would make a rookie mistake like that and says she must be mortified. Shawn interrupts. Belle calls Melinda insecure and nervous about her meeting with EJ. Melinda argues that she has nothing to be insecure or nervous about because she won. Melinda accuses Belle of having Shawn fight her battles for her. Shawn says he just wanted to give Belle a little break and kisses her as they then walk away.

Rafe and Nicole continue kissing until Nicole says they have to stop. Rafe apologizes and says he shouldn’t have done that. Nicole says it’s okay because obviously she wanted to kiss him too, but they can’t because he’s with Ava. Rafe agrees and apologizes again. Rafe doesn’t know what he was thinking and guesses he just let his frustration get the best of him because he doesn’t know if Ava is playing him. Rafe admits that Ava has been acting weird the last few weeks but maybe he’s just paranoid because he feels guilty about them having sex behind Ava’s back. Rafe still doesn’t understand how Ava would know about that. Nicole points out that she might not. Rafe questions what the end game of pushing them to spend time together is. Rafe wonders if Ava is just playing nice while being on a revenge rampage, starting with cutting the head off of Duke and then setting him up to look like a dirty cop. Rafe notes that Nicole also said Ava was acting weird in her office. Nicole suggests she could be being paranoid too. Rafe asks what about tonight since Ava insisted they all have dinner and she’s not even here. Nicole says something must have come up. Rafe asks if it did or if Ava’s just leaving them alone in hopes of catching them doing something. Nicole tells Rafe that Ava is her friend, so she would like to give her the benefit of the doubt that if she knew what happened between them, she would be direct. Nicole admits she doesn’t know. They agree on not waiting for the other shoe to drop and let the chips fall where they may. Rafe doesn’t like being tested or playing games. Nicole says maybe that’s not what is happening as Ava could be completely innocent…

Abigail questions why Ava is running around town in a Sarah Horton mask, impersonating her cousin. Ava calls it a prank and claims she was just having a little harmless fun. Abigail asks if she’s joking as she calls it bizarre, twisted, and evil. Ava jokes that not everyone has lives as exciting as Abigail’s so every once in awhile, they have to spice things up. Abigail doesn’t believe that and asks what explanation she will have for Rafe. Abigail threatens to call Rafe. Ava tells her that she doesn’t have to do that. Abigail thinks she does and questions if she’s just supposed to let her walk away as Gwen suddenly hits Abigail in the back of the head with a rock, knocking her out.

At the police station, Melinda tells Shawn that she needs to talk to him about Rafe because he’s under investigation for planting evidence in several cases. Shawn argues that it’s obvious they are lying so the whole thing is a joke. Melinda doesn’t think so and warns that internal affairs take police corruption very seriously. Shawn argues that she can’t believe Rafe is corrupt. Melinda says her opinion is irrelevant as she has no choice but to investigate. Shawn assures that Rafe’s record is spotless and questions why he would suddenly become a dirty cop. Melinda guesses it’s pressure because the police department has become a laughing stock under Rafe’s leadership. Shawn says they had a few speed bumps but that’s it. Melinda talks about reading every day that crime is up because Salem PD won’t do anything to put the bad guys away. Melinda thinks Rafe needed to turn the heat down by any means necessary. Shawn insists that there is no way Rafe would manufacture convictions because he’s a good cop and a good man.

Rafe tells Nicole that she’s right that Ava might be innocent in all of this and might not be setting him up to look like a crooked cop, but he’s come to realize it doesn’t matter. Rafe says whether Ava is innocent or not, it doesn’t change the way he feels about Nicole. Rafe tells Nicole that he can’t get her out of his head or his heart. Rafe thinks he needs to end things with Ava. Nicole asks if he’s sure that’s something he really wants to do. Rafe confirms that it is and says whether Ava’s innocent or not doesn’t really matter as it’s not working, so they can’t go on like this. Nicole doesn’t think this is the best time for a big decision like this and suggests he wait until things settle down and his investigation is over. Rafe states that either Ava knows what’s going on and is trying to punish them or she has no idea and she’s coming from a totally genuine place, but either way he can’t be with her because it’s not fair to keep the woman he’s with in the dark about the woman he wants to be with.

Xander goes home to his room at the Salem Inn and looks for Gwen but she’s not there. Chad then shows up at his door looking for Abigail but Xander tells him that she’s not there. Xander asks what’s going on. Chad informs him that Abigail ran out of the house looking for Sarah. Xander reveals to Chad that he found her at the Kiriakis Mansion where “Sarah” had gone to see Maggie and made it clear that she’s done with him for good. Chad can’t say that he blames her. Xander tells Chad that Abigail was investigating Sarah’s disappearance for the Spectator and he was assisting, but now that she’s been found, his partnership with Abigail is over. Chad confirms that Abigail told him all of that, but he thought she might have come here to see Gwen which Xander questions. Chad informs Xander that Abigail didn’t think she had the whole story yet as she’s convinced that the woman Xander found with Maggie is not the real Sarah.

Ava questions how Gwen knew. Gwen explains that she heard Abigail attacking her over the phone and figured she might need backup. Ava thanks her and notes that her timing was perfect. Ava informs Gwen that Abigail ripped the mask right off her face. Gwen thought they threw off the Sarah scent for good and asks what happened. Ava explains that Abigail said something kept bothering her and she knew it wasn’t really Sarah. Gwen worries that now Abigail will never stop looking for Sarah and asks what they do. Ava declares they must put Abigail down.

Rafe tells Nicole that breaking up with Ava is the right thing to do for all three of them. Nicole worries that Ava will be devastated. Rafe hates the idea of causing Ava pain and says that’s why he has stayed with her for so long, but he needs to be honest with her and himself. Rafe tells Nicole that he wants to be with her. Nicole asks if he’s sure that’s how he really feels. Rafe confirms that it is and asks if that’s not what Nicole wants.

Melinda tells Shawn that she has no interest in his personal feelings about Rafe. Shawn argues that Rafe has the respect of every officer in the department. Melinda argues that being respected doesn’t exclude him from a crime. Melinda brings up Ciara being married to a serial killer. Shawn asks if they are done because he has work to get done. Melinda tells Shawn that they are only interested in the facts so she wants him to go through every recent arrest that Rafe has signed off on because she wants details. Melinda orders Shawn to review every report and talk to people that Rafe has arrested to see if he can uncover a pattern. Melinda adds that he has no choice unless he wants her to think he’s covering for Rafe. Melinda gives him a folder to start with and notes that the top one is still in lockup, so she suggests Shawn go have a chat with him to see what he can find out.

EJ sits in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table, as Belle arrives. EJ asks Belle about her appeal and what her plan is to prevent him from spending the next decade behind bars. Belle says before they get to that, they need to talk about something because she just talked to Chad, who told her what he did to Abigail.

Xander questions Abigail thinking that someone was in a Sarah mask. Chad explains that at first Abigail thought it was Kristen, but it wasn’t, so Abigail thought it was Gwen. Xander asks why. Chad asks who has a motive to pose as Sarah. Chad points out that Xander is in a relationship with Gwen and asks what happens to that relationship if he finds out what really happened to Sarah. Chad notes that then “Sarah” shows up and tells him that she wants nothing to do with him, effectively ending his search for her. Xander questions Abigail thinking that “Sarah” was actually Gwen.

Gwen tells Ava that she can’t be serious about putting Abigail down. Ava argues that it would solve their problems. Gwen worries that it would create loads more for her. Gwen notes that she’s already been suspected of two murders in less than a year so she’s not going to add another one to the list. Gwen adds that Abigail is her half sister too. Gwen hates that Abigail is trying to get payback and break up her and Xander but she doesn’t want her dead. Ava says that they have to think of something because she was about to call the cops. Gwen suggests blaming Abigail’s delusions. Ava says Rafe won’t believe that. Ava talks about all her plans in motion against Rafe and says she’s seeing them through because Rafe needs to pay for cheating on her with that slut, Nicole. Gwen asks what Ava suggests they do then. Ava says they could leave her here and hope that she doesn’t remember anything when she wakes up since Gwen hit her pretty hard. Gwen reminds Ava that Abigail already saw her in the Sarah mask. Ava decides that they can figure out a plan later but right now, they need to get Abigail out of here. Gwen questions how exactly they are supposed to do that. Ned Grainger then appears and greets them.

Nicole tells Rafe that she’s just barely divorced which Rafe says he understands. Rafe says they can take this as slowly as she wants. Rafe brings up Nicole wanting to get the conference table out of the office because it was a reminder of something she wanted to forget. Nicole clarifies that she was trying to forget that they betrayed Ava, not what happened between them, because that was pretty unforgettable. Rafe states that they aren’t together, not because they don’t want to be, but because he’s with someone else that they both care about. Rafe reiterates that he wants to end his relationship with Ava. Nicole urges him to really think about this. Rafe says he has been for months and now he finally wants to do something about it. Rafe asks if Nicole is tired of holding back and if it would be great to finally be out there with how they really feel and stop hiding. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Rafe answers to see Shawn.

EJ questions Belle telling him that Chad said he kissed Abigail. EJ calls that insane. Belle explains that Chad said he saw it with his own eyes at the courthouse after his coughing fit in the witness room and said that he saw EJ forcing himself on his wife. EJ calls it impossible. Belle says something happened during the recess that made Chad furious with EJ. EJ says it certainly wasn’t that he hit on Abigail. Belle questions the 180 then and why Chad would suddenly decide not to give testimony that would help them after he just implied that he would. EJ suggests maybe Chad was never intending to help them and could’ve been toying with them the whole time. Belle says that’s not Chad. EJ insists that he never left the courtroom. Belle asks if he’s sure about that. EJ says absolutely. EJ brings up being with Johnny during that recess, signing the agreement that Belle advised him against. Belle recalls Johnny asking for privacy so she was out in the corridor. EJ points out that she didn’t see him leave. Belle argues that there are other exits. EJ insists that the only time he left his seat was when she called him to the stand and if she doesn’t believe him, she can ask Johnny.

Xander questions Abigail thinking that Gwen was in the Sarah mask. Chad says that was until Gwen showed up. Xander then asks why Chad didn’t say that in the first place and exclaims that obviously means Gwen wasn’t impersonating Sarah. Chad apologizes and says he doesn’t know what the hell is going on either and he’s just trying to find his wife. Chad notes that she didn’t answer her phone, so he thought maybe she came here to follow up on something. Xander ask if Abigail knows Gwen wasn’t impersonating Sarah, then why would she come here to follow up. Chad repeats that Abigail is not convinced it was Sarah. Xander argues that she had just seen the proof in front of her eyes. Chad talks about Abigail having a reporter’s instinct and it’s telling her that someone is running around Salem in a mask. Xander asks if they’re sure it’s not just the voices in her head. Chad warns him to watch it. Xander feels the mystery is solved so Abigail needs to let it go. Chad says he told her to and they were at home having a relaxing night and he went to check on dinner, but when he came back, she was gone and Johnny said she flew out of the house, so he assumed she came here. Xander tells him that she didn’t. Chad says to let him know if he sees her which Xander agrees to as Chad then exits the room.

Ned calls this serendipity as he overheard their dilemma about trying to get rid of this woman and here he is, about to fly his jet out. Gwen questions him being willing to take Abigail with him. Ned says sure, for a price.

Belle asks why Chad is so sure he saw EJ kissing Abigail, if EJ swears he never left the courtroom. EJ thinks it’s obvious that Chad is lying because he’s out to get him. Belle reminds EJ that Chad was ready to exonerate him and asks why Chad would say EJ made a pass at his wife if he didn’t. EJ thinks Chad is being eaten alive by guilt over sending him away for something he didn’t do since Chad knows full well that he wasn’t behind Sami’s kidnapping. EJ declares that Chad is conspiring with Lucas to frame him, but if that ever got out then Chad would be fired from DiMera, publicly disgraced, and end up going to prison himself. Belle admits that’s possible. EJ guesses that reality set in during the recess, so Chad decided to make sure the truth would never come to light by giving a false testimony that would guarantee he goes to prison. EJ adds that the only way Chad could live with it is to convince himself that he deserves it. Belle questions making up a story that he came onto his wife. EJ argues that Chad has been so paranoid for so long about his brothers lusting after Abigail that he may have found a reason to see things that aren’t there. Belle questions EJ saying Chad is delusional. EJ says that Chad found a way to cope with his betrayal and probably isn’t even conscious that he did it. EJ notes that Chad found something believable because he did take that role in Johnny’s movie that involved sex scenes with Abigail, so it’s not a stretch that he would make a play for her, but he didn’t. EJ adds that if Chad believed he did, then he can tell himself that he’s a good guy for doing the right thing. Belle seriously doubts that Chad is trying to alleviate his guilt, but questions why Abigail would go along with it and let Chad tell everyone that EJ was forcing himself on her if it wasn’t true. EJ says that Chad is her husband, so she’s going to support him no matter what. Belle knows EJ is upset, but calls what he’s saying insane. EJ calls it the only plausible explanation because he swears to God that he never laid a finger on Abigail.

Ava asks how much Ned wants to fly Abigail out. Ned says he can’t offer a discount because he knows that’s Abigail and her well-connected family is going to want to know what happened to her, so this is a premium job. Ned says he can’t just dump Abigail in a field the next state over because her family will trace it back to him. Ned declares that to make Abigail really disappear will take some effort, so it’s going to cost them. Ned gives them ten minutes and asks if they want him to fly their problem away.

Shawn tells Rafe that he’s sorry to interrupt their evening. Nicole tells him not to worry about it as Rafe invites Shawn in. Shawn explains that Melinda asked him to look in to all of Rafe’s recent arrests. Rafe guesses Melinda wants to go over some cases and see if he planted evidence. Nicole calls it ridiculous, insisting that Rafe didn’t do anything wrong and he’s obviously being setup. Shawn assumes they have discussed this. Nicole confirms that and calls the investigation outrageous. Shawn agrees. Rafe tells Nicole that it’s okay as he understands Melinda wants someone to go over the cases, so he’s glad it’s Shawn. Rafe says he’s ready to prove his innocence. Shawn reveals he spoke to a guy who was arrested last night. Rafe assures it was totally clean, but Shawn informs him that he’s claiming the evidence was planted to make him look guilty. Rafe argues that it’s a lie and all part of the frame up. Shawn informs Rafe that he’s sorry, but Melinda sent him here to place him under arrest.

Melinda enters the interrogation room and asks EJ where Belle is. EJ responds that his meeting is over, so he’s waiting for someone to escort him back to holding. Melinda tells him not to look so glum, because he’s about to get some company…

Rafe questions Shawn being here to arrest him. Nicole argues that he can’t do this. Shawn insists that he does not want to, but he doesn’t have a choice. Shawn pulls out his handcuffs as Ava comes home, apologizing for being late and says she brought desserts. Ava then asks what’s going on. Shawn reads Rafe his rights as he arrests him.

Gwen returns home to Xander in their room at the Salem Inn. Xander says he was wondering where she went. Gwen claims she just went out window shopping and asks what Xander has been up to. Xander informs her that Chad was just there, telling him a crazy story about a mask. Xander admits he had a hard time believing it. Gwen asks him to tell her all about it.

Chad goes home to the DiMera Mansion and calls Abigail, leaving a message asking where she is as he’s getting worried. Chad hangs up as the doorbell rings and Belle arrives. Belle tells Chad that she’s sorry to bother him again, but she just saw EJ and he adamantly denied making any kind of pass at Abigail. Chad says he doesn’t have time for this right now because he can’t find Abigail.

Ned stuffs Abigail in a bag and remarks that he’s so glad Gwen and Ava coughed up the cash, because this is a lot of work, as he then begins dragging her away.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Michael and Amanda team up to try and persuade Phyllis not to stay in town and turn down Summer’s job offer and move to Italy.

Victor tells Victoria he will consider selling Newman Media to her if she makes him a good offer.

Michael finally meets Ashland and begins his fact-finding mission for Victor.

Adam wonders why Victor didn’t tell him he was hiring Michael but he is even more worried when Victor tells him he is considering an offer from Victoria to buy Newman Media.

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Days Update Monday, January 24, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny approaches Gabi at the Bistro and says he wanted to see her again. Gabi asks how he knew she was there. Johnny responds that when he wants something, he always finds a way to get it.

Allie goes to see Chanel and says they need to talk. Chanel is glad she’s here because she has something to tell her and it’s kind of a big deal. Allie notes that she looks upset and asks what’s going on. Chanel then reveals that Paulina saw them together in bed.

Paulina sits in her hospital room to get checked out as she thinks back to seeing Chanel and Allie kissing in bed. Paulina tells herself to stay out of it as it’s none of her damn business and doesn’t concern her at all. Tripp then walks in and jokes about her talking to herself.

Rafe is at home, finishing a phone call with Melinda, saying he wants an investigation to prove he’s been set up so they will find he has nothing to feel guilty about. Nicole then arrives at Rafe’s house.

“Sarah” and Abigail fight in the town square as Abigail says it’s all over as she has figured her out. Gwen then appears in the town square and questions what Abigail is doing. Abigail is shocked to see Gwen, who questions why Abigail is assaulting that woman.

Gabi complains about Johnny referring to her as a “something” that he wants. Johnny calls her a drop dead gorgeous woman and says he does whatever he can to continue the conversation. Johnny tells Gabi that he just loves talking to her and since Allie interrupted them, he decided to follow her here. Gabi guesses that she’s flattered which Johnny is very happy to hear. Johnny suggests they go somewhere more private.

Allie tries to come up with an explanation for them being in bed together but Chanel clarifies that Paulina saw them making love in bed. Allie says she doesn’t feel so good as Chanel explains that they didn’t see Paulina. Allie wants to talk to her but Chanel says that Paulina went to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. Allie worries that Paulina could run in to Tripp.

Tripp apologizes to Paulina for the wait. Paulina says she didn’t think she was going to see him. Tripp asks about her ankle. Paulina tells him not so fast, so Tripp asks if there’s a problem. Paulina responds that there is as she wants another doctor.

Abigail is confused between “Sarah” and Gwen. Gwen remarks that she’s used to Abigail attacking her, but not a total stranger. “Sarah” tells Gwen that Abigail thought she was here. Gwen argues that they don’t look anything alike and then pretends to recognize her as Sarah from photographs. Gwen introduces herself as “Sarah” acknowledges her as Xander’s new girlfriend. “Sarah” tells her that she only came back to Salem to show everyone that she’s fine and that she assured Xander it’s over between them, so she’s welcome to him and she just wants the past to stay in the past. Gwen thanks her. “Sarah” remarks that Maggie and Xander knew who she was, so now she hopes Abigail knows that it’s really her and she’s not wearing a mask.

Rafe tells Nicole about how Melinda is not backing down. Nicole says she’s so sorry. Nicole brought a bottle of wine. Nicole can’t stop thinking about what Rafe said earlier and asks if he really thinks that Ava is the one who set him up. Rafe informs Nicole that Ava’s not home. Nicole questions Ava showing up at her office to demand she come over for dinner and then she’s not here. Nicole asks if Ava is playing games with them and where she is. Rafe says the fun part is he has no idea…

“Sarah” questions Abigail thinking she’s Gwen wearing a mask when Gwen is standing right there. Abigail gives up on her belief and apologizes. Abigail explains that Kristen tried to do the same thing to Kate. Gwen questions what Kristen has to do with this and asks if Abigail has lost her mind. “Sarah” suggests they all calm down but she has to go and she doesn’t want to leave with bad feelings between them. Abigail apologizes and agrees to let her go. “Sarah” advises her to get some help as she then walks away. Gwen asks if Abigail is satisfied. Abigail guesses she has to be as she then walks away. “Sarah” then returns and tells Gwen that was close. Gwen is thankful she pulled that out of her hat, revealing that Ava was now under the Sarah mask.

Allie worries about Paulina seeing Tripp but Chanel assures that she won’t say anything to anyone. Allie complains that it would kill Tripp if he found out. Chanel is glad that Allie figured that out. Allie talks about seeing Tripp earlier and he was worried about her. Allie laments that he’s such a good guy and she doesn’t deserve him. Chanel says that’s not true. Allie declares that she couldn’t hurt him, so Tripp can’t find out, because what happened between her and Chanel is never ever going to happen again.

Tripp questions why Paulina would want another doctor. Paulina says it’s nothing personal but Tripp feels it kind of is and asks if she had a problem with his treatment before. Paulina says he did a great job so Tripp asks why she would want to see someone else. Paulina decides she doesn’t and tells him to just go ahead and treat her while she will keep her big mouth shut.

Gabi doesn’t see why they can’t continue their conversation here. Johnny claims it’s kind of loud in here and he doesn’t want to miss a word. Johnny then admits he just wanted to be alone with her. Gabi feels that sounds provocative. Johnny brings up his block of DiMera shares that could be really useful to her. Gabi questions him wanting to be alone with her to talk business. Johnny doesn’t want to take the chance of someone else interrupting them like Allie did. Jake then arrives and asks if he means someone like him.

Abigail goes home to the DiMera Mansion, where Chad is pouring a drink. Chad comments that she’s better late than never and offers her a drink but she says she’s fine. Chad notes that she doesn’t sound fine. Abigail tells him that something happened. Chad asks if she’s alright. Abigail says she’s fine but something is really off. Abigail talks about being proven wrong and that Gwen was there and it wasn’t Kristen because she called her. Chad questions Kristen calling her and then her seeing Gwen. Chad thinks he’s missing something here. Abigail doesn’t even know what happened but says she found Sarah which Chad says is fantastic. Abigail explains that Sarah actually came to town on her own to tell Maggie not to worry about her. Chad thinks that’s great for Maggie. Abigail remains unsure because she talked to “Sarah” and she’s not really sure it’s her.

Gwen goes back to her hotel room with Ava, who removes her Sarah mask. Gwen asks how Abigail got the idea that it was her under the mask. Ava explains that she first thought she was Kristen because of her kidnapping Kate and breaking up with Jake, but then decided it was Gwen doing the same thing to Xander. Gwen notes that she got pretty close to the truth. Gwen asks how Abigail went from thinking it was Kristen to thinking it was her. Ava reveals that Kristen called in the middle of her tirade so it was clear that “Sarah” wasn’t Kristen. Ava says she tried to make Abigail believe she was being ridiculous but she concluded that Gwen was the one with the motive. Gwen thanks God that they switched places after she was “Sarah” with Xander, otherwise this could’ve been an absolute disaster.

Tripp tells Paulina that the swelling on her ankle has gone down but she can still ice it if it bothers her. Tripp adds that she won’t need the cane anymore which Paulina is thrilled about. Paulina jokes that they can at least make it from the living room to the kitchen which Chanel will be happy about. Tripp asks how Chanel is doing. Paulina says she was devastated at first with Johnny dumping her, but she’s doing a lot better thanks to Allie…

Chanel agrees with Allie that what happened between them will never happen again as she was just in really bad shape and Allie comforted her like a really good friend. Chanel feels bad that she made things weird for her and Tripp. Allie tells her it’s fine and not to worry about it. Chanel asks Allie why she came by in the first place. Allie informs her that she tried to talk to Johnny but it didn’t go so great. Chanel asks what he said. Allie says it’s not really what he said. Allie doesn’t know if she should tell her but Chanel says now she has to. Allie then reveals that she went to the DiMera Mansion, she walked in on Johnny kissing another woman.

Johnny tells Jake that he and Gabi were just discussing a potential alliance as he still thinks they could be quite useful to each other. Jake asks if he came up with any other ideas. Johnny says one or two but they got interrupted, so he came here to pick up where they left off at the mansion. Jake asks what exactly they were talking about at the mansion. Johnny and Gabi think back to Johnny kissing her. Jake asks if they are going to tell him. Johnny says sure but Gabi says to let her.

Tripp is glad that Allie was able to help Chanel. Paulina talks about how wonderful Allie was and claims that Allie got Chanel home and in bed, then left right away. Paulina goes on about how Allie is such a good friend and Chanel needs a good friend. Tripp notes that she seems a little nervous and he thinks he knows why.

Chanel complains that Johnny didn’t waste any time and asks who he was kissing. Allie says it doesn’t matter but Chanel insists, so Allie reveals it was Gabi Hernandez who lives with his uncle Jake. Chanel questions Johnny making moves on his uncle’s girlfriend. Allie knows it’s gross. Allie swears it’s like Johnny has hit some new personal low. Chanel remarks that her mother was right as always that Johnny was a jerk, who never loved her and lied to her. Allie calls Johnny bad news. Chanel asks why it hurts so much as Allie hugs her.

Gabi tells Jake that she and Johnny didn’t get to talk much because his sister interrupted them. Johnny explains that Allie is mad at him for divorcing her best friend. Jake jokes that Johnny gave it his best for a week or two. Gabi suggests Jake get them some drinks and then they can tell Johnny all of their ideas on how they can all work together, so Jake heads to the bar. Johnny points out that Gabi didn’t tell Jake that he kissed her so he guesses she wants to keep that their little secret and that she wouldn’t mind if it happened again.

Chad questions Abigail first thinking “Sarah” was Kristen and then Gwen. Abigail informs him that was until Kristen called her and then Gwen walked out of the Salem Inn. Chad guesses that means it was actually Sarah. Abigail knows it seems that way but she can’t stop thinking about how Kristen abducted Kate, wore a Kate mask and broke up with Jake which all feels similar to what’s happening with Sarah and Xander. Abigail calls it awkward and she just felt like she was in a bad play.

Ava knows she got upset when Gwen asked her to take over and put on the mask again, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They flash back to Gwen telling Ava that she couldn’t do it anymore after how bad she felt for fooling Maggie and Xander so Ava agreed to put the mask on. Gwen tells Ava that she knows how much she owes her. Ava tells Gwen that she needs to get going because Sarah needs to get to the airstrip. Gwen asks Ava to do it but Ava says she has to say no this time because she’s having dinner with Rafe and Nicole. Gwen questions Ava having dinner with them when she hates them. Ava points out that they know that, but Rafe and Nicole don’t yet.

Nicole complains about Ava insisting that she come to dinner and then she’s not there. Rafe encourages her to sit down and have some wine. Nicole points out that Rafe came to her, saying that he thought Ava was setting him up with the planted evidence and that he thought Ava cut Duke’s head off. Nicole adds that Ava came to her office twice to set up this dinner and now she’s not here. Rafe feels bad for getting her all worked up. Nicole says she already felt a little weird about Ava’s friendliness and how it seemed forced. Nicole adds that now that she thinks about it, it’s not just forced but calculated. Nicole wants Rafe to tell her that she’s overreacting and being paranoid but Rafe admits he doesn’t know if she is.

Gabi tells Johnny that she didn’t tell Jake that he kissed her because she didn’t want Jake to beat the crap out of him. Johnny advises her to rethink her relationship with Jake because that kind of behavior doesn’t indicate mutual trust. Gabi mocks him giving her relationship tips and asks how Chanel is these days. Jake returns with drinks and says for them to finally get down to business.

Chad asks if Abigail thinks she just wants this to be true. Abigail wants the person she talked with to actually be Sarah so that Sarah would be safe and making her own decisions. Abigail asks Chad what if it was Kate if she never got away from Kristen and how that would play out. Abigail says they would get periodic text messages saying not to worry and then her phone losses connection and they never hear from her ever again like what happened with Sarah and Maggie. Chad sees the parallels. Abigail worries that Sarah is still in trouble and this is all a big charade to get them to stop looking for her. Chad points out that Kristen is not here so it’s not her. Abigail adds that it wasn’t Gwen either. Abigail points out that she barely got off the phone with Kristen and then Gwen came out of the Salem Inn so it all felt staged. Abigail wonders if it was a fake call but says her head hurts trying to figure it out. Abigail is really scared for Sarah and says the person she talked to was on her way to the airstrip, so tonight is her last night to get to the bottom of this.

Gwen questions Ava hating Rafe and Nicole so much that she’s throwing them a dinner party. Ava explains that she can’t let them know she’s onto them yet. Gwen suggests calling and telling them that she’s running late because she can’t take the chance of anyone seeing her as “Sarah” because she won’t be able to pull it off, while Ava is so good at this. Gwen promises that she won’t ask her for anything ever again.

Nicole feels like she’s in Fatal Attraction. Rafe is sorry and suggests maybe they are just being paranoid. Rafe then gets a call from Ava. Rafe answers and asks if she’s alright. Ava says something has come up and tells them to go ahead and eat. Rafe says they will wait but Ava says she doesn’t know how long she’s going to be. Rafe asks what’s going on and if something is wrong but Ava hangs up. Nicole asks if Ava said where she was or when she’s coming back but Rafe says no. Nicole wonders if Ava left them here alone on purpose.

Chad acknowledges the weird parallels but points out that Maggie and Xander both talked to “Sarah” and didn’t express any doubts about her. Chad encourages Abigail to just relax. Chad says he’s going to read the kids a book and then they can have dinner. Chad says when he gets back, he’ll do everything in his power to take her mind off of Sarah.

Tripp tells Paulina that he knows there was a point in time that Allie and Chanel were a little more than friends because Allie doesn’t keep secrets from him, so he knows that they kissed a couple times in the past but that is over and Allie loves him. Tripp reiterates that Allie and Chanel are just really good friends. Paulina claims she’s so happy for him and gives back her cane as she exits the room.

Allie apologizes to Chanel for blurting that out but she thought she should know. Chanel is glad that she told her because she needed to know so it’s not her fault. Allie asks Chanel not to cry since Johnny is not worth it. Chanel says she didn’t listen when she’s been saying that from the start. Allie didn’t want to be right but says the brother that she grew up with is gone. Allie asks Chanel if she wants to talk about it. Chanel says not right now. Allie tells her to call if she needs anything as she then exits.

Jake tells Johnny if they pool their shares, they can work on getting a heavy hitter on the DiMera Board like Victor Kiriakis. Johnny calls Victor the competition. Jake says if they get Victor thinking they are interested in an alliance then bring him on board to sic him on Chad and EJ, then when they get rid of them, they get rid of Victor. Johnny likes the way he thinks but he’s not sure that’s the move. Jake thinks it could pay off big time while Johnny worries it could blow up in their faces. Johnny says he needs time to think about this. Johnny remarks that something, or someone, will really have to persuade him in to thinking this is a good idea as he then exits the Bistro. Jake then asks Gabi what she’s not telling him.

Rafe questions Nicole thinking that Ava planned this. Nicole suggests maybe she’s testing them or maybe she’s putting her money where her mouth is since she says she trusts them and this proves it. Rafe says maybe she’s playing a sick game so maybe nothing came up and she hoped on walking in and seeing this, as Rafe then grabs Nicole and kisses her.

Ava as “Sarah” heads to the airstrip and calls Gwen to let her know that she just got there and made sure a couple people saw her on the way and she’ll make sure the security camera has a good shot, then she will get out of range, take off the mask, and get home. Gwen says she can’t thank her enough. Ava reminds her that she owes her as they hang up. Abigail then appears and goes to tackle “Sarah”.

Gabi tells Jake about Johnny kissing her. Jake gets pissed and calls Johnny a snake. Gabi tells him to relax since she slapped Johnny across the face. Jake points out that it doesn’t seem to have put him off much. Gabi explains that she didn’t want it to as the more she pushes him away and put him down, he tells himself that she’s protesting too much so his inflated ego is in her hands. Jake doesn’t like it but Gabi says he’ll love it when he puts Victor on the board, which she knows he will. Jake is creeped out by Johnny. Gabi says now that Johnny is gone, she can just concentrate on Jake as they kiss.

Allie goes to the hospital to bring Tripp chowder from the Pub and a slice of Chanel’s pecan pie so he didn’t have to eat hospital food. Allie says she missed him as they hug.

Paulina goes home to Chanel and announces she no longer has her cane. Chanel says that’s really great but Paulina notices she’s upset and asks what’s wrong. Chanel says she’s been thinking about what Paulina said and she was right about Johnny. Chanel asks why Johnny should be living the high life while she has to wake up at the crack of dawn to make a living. Chanel decides that she is going after a divorce settlement and take Johnny for everything he’s worth. Paulina calls it always good to have goals in life.

Devil Johnny sits at home at the DiMera Mansion, remarking that Gabi thinks she’s so smart but she has no idea who she’s actually up against. Chad walks in and questions what he’s doing there. Johnny asks if he’s not thrilled to see him. Chad says that Abigail was just there and asks where she is. Johnny responds that Abigail was just leaving as he got there and that she drove off like a bat out of Hell…

Abigail successfully unmasks “Sarah” and says she knew it but is shocked to find out that it was Ava under the mask.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, January 25 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria and Ashland were in her office talking about how well Newman/Locke was doing with her at the helm. She was excited about what was yet to come, and she said she might outdo herself in the coming months. Adam showed up and confronted Victoria about the lawsuit against Newman Media. She was suing for the use of the Newman name. Adam pointed out that he and Victor were Newmans. Victoria thought they should let their lawyers handle this, but Adam wanted to hear the absurd explanation for this lawsuit. She said the media division at Newman Enterprises existed long before Adam even knew he was a Newman. Now that she bought ChancComm back, she wanted to name it Newman Media, and it didn’t make sense for there to be two Newman Medias. She told him he could use the opportunity to rebrand his company to something like Victor and Son. Adam wanted to talk to Victoria alone, so Ashland left to get her some lunch.

Adam thought the lawsuit was a ridiculous ploy, but Victoria denied it. She wanted all her divisions to have the same name. He suggested she call her division Newman Communications, and she shot it down. She didn’t want people to mix up their companies, one being the gold standard, and the other being his. He said Victor named her CEO ages ago, and suddenly it wasn’t enough validation. He thought she was trying to damage his earned success. She took issue with him saying it was earned. She wasn’t sure how successful he’d be if Daddy didn’t give him a company to run. He said she was jealous and she wanted to be number 1 in their father’s eyes. He said the lawsuit wouldn’t sit well with Victor, and she said that was between her and Victor. She dismissed Adam, then she answered a phone call. He left.

Michael went to Victor to say he’d officially let everyone know he was resigning, so he was available to act as Victor’s counsel, though he reiterated he wouldn’t always be available. within reason. Victor accepted that Michael wouldn’t be on call 24/7. Victor announced that Newman/Locke filed a lawsuit against Newman Media. Michael was surprised Victor was so calm. Victor was impressed by Victoria’s moxie. Victor said Victoria wanted the company and approached him about buying it, but he turned her down. Michael was sure Adam was glad. Victor said he’d decided to keep Adam out of the loop about this. Michael said the lawsuit had no merit. Victor was sure Victoria realized that. He wondered if this was part of Victoria’s strategy, or if it was retaliation. Michael said he’d do some digging, but Victor thought he had a better plan.

At Society, Ashland made a call to set up a meeting with colleagues from NY. He said Victoria would be too busy to attend, but he had her full support. Michael introduced himself to Ashland. They recognized each other from the news.

Michael told Ashland that he was going to work for Victor. Michael thought the lawsuit from Ashland and Victoria was a bold move. He said Newman Media didn’t think the case had legs. Ashland thought Michael lived up to his reputation. Michael didn’t think Ashland had been around long enough to know that. Ashland knew about Michael’s incredible tale of incarceration and redemption. Ashland knew that, even after Michael got on the righteous path, he’d hit some low points and faced some serious allegations and criminal charges. Chuckling, Michael said those were dropped. He was flattered Ashland did his homework. Ashland always looked into the prominent legal figures in the cities where he lived and worked. Michael had done his reading too, and he’d been fascinated about that ChancComm article on Ashland, until Billy recanted it. Michael said that they’d both lived colorful lives. Ashland agreed that they had things in common – they both liked to push boundaries, dabble in the gray, and they lived for a good fight.

Adam joined Ashland and Michael and asked what they were discussing. Michael said he was telling Ashland that he was going to be working for Victor. Adam looked startled, and Michael was surprised Adam didn’t know. Adam pretended he did know; he just didn’t realize Michael was coming aboard so soon. Adam assumed that Ashland and Michael must be discussing the Newman/Locke attack on Newman Media. Ashland said it wasn’t an attack. He stuck by the story Victoria gave Adam earlier. Ashland said Michael hadn’t gone up against the likes of him and Victoria. Ashland left. Michael acknowledged Ashland had some bravado, but that didn’t win cases. He told Adam not to worry about this lawsuit, and he left.

Victor went to Victoria’s office, and she kissed him hello. He’d told her secretary to hold her calls because they had something important to discuss. He asked if the lawsuit was about leverage or if it was serious – if it was serious, he wanted her to know who she was dealing with. “I’m Victor Newman. I created that name. I built my empire under my name. It will always stay under my name,” he stated. She understood that, and that was her point – Newman Media belonged under the Newman empire that he built. She said they could avoid the lawsuit if he sold to her. He realized the lawsuit was about leverage. She said he wouldn’t lose anything if he sold to her, in fact, he’d benefit from the further expansion of Newman Enterprises, since he was the chairman of the board and the major stock holder. It was good for the company, she said, which was good for him. “If I were to consider your offer, where would that leave Adam?,” Victor asked.

Victor understood Victoria’s desire to consolidate Newman Media and ChancComm, but he asked if Adam would be running the newly expanded company. He said Adam had to be part of the package deal. Victoria wasn’t thrilled by the idea of keeping Adam on, but she’d be open to discussing the possibility, if Victor was serious. However, if Victor was serious, Victoria didn’t understand why they were having this discussion without Adam. Victoria wasn’t sure Adam would even want to run the company, since she and Adam didn’t trust each other. She said Adam gave her an earful about the lawsuit earlier, and she thought he’d resent working under her. She asked if it’d be a deal breaker if Adam refused to come on board.

Victor said they didn’t’ have a deal yet, so there could be no deal-breaker. He agreed that Adam would balk at working under Victoria. Victoria asked how to solve the problem, and Victor said there wasn’t one. Victor thought Adam needed a dose of humility right now. Victoria was pleased Victor was thinking of selling to her, but the other day he’d turned her down. She asked what changed his mind. He didn’t give her a straight answer. He told her to come up with a figure that would be pleasing to him, and he left.

Ashland went back to Victoria’s office and told her about his discussion with Michael. Victoria wondered how Michael and Victor came to work together again. She said maybe Victor reached out to Michael because he wanted to reinforce his legal team. Ashland asked if Victor was bolstering his legal team to battle Ashland and Victoria. “Maybe,” Victoria replied. Ashland wanted to probe deeper with Michael, but he couldn’t, because Adam joined them. Victoria thought it was interesting that Adam didn’t throw the fact that Michael was working with Victor in her face. Ashland suggested Adam didn’t know, and Victoria bet that was it. She said Victor had been keeping things from Adam these days. Victoria said that Victor never told Adam that Victoria made a pitch to buy Newman Media.

Victoria said Victor did a complete about-face and now he was open to selling Newman Media. Ashland didn’t think Victor changed his mind because of the lawsuit. Victoria didn’t either. She was sure her father was up to something.

Adam went to the main house and asked why Victor didn’t tell him that he hired Michael. Adam asked if there was something going on that he needed to know about. Victor said Victoria came to him the other day and said she wanted to buy Newman Media. Adam assumed Victor turned Victoria down and that was the reason for this ridiculous lawsuit. He said Victoria would regret overplaying her hand. Adam just wished Victor confided in him earlier, so he would’ve understood the dynamics. Victor revealed that he was seriously entertaining Victoria’s offer, and Adam was stunned.

Amanda was at The Grand Phoenix with Phyllis. Amanda had a new client who’d hired her to set up a trust for her grandchildren. Phyllis asked if the client was loaded. Amanda couldn’t violate attorney/client privilege, but a dozen clienets like her, and the law firm would be on solid footing. Phyllis said she was trying to decide whether to leave Genoa City for good. Summer offered Phyllis a job at Marchetti, and she was thinking of taking it. She was at loose ends and it made her want to create chaos. She thought the universe was giving her an opportunity to do something else. Amanda was stunned Phyllis was thinking of uprooting her entire life. Amanda thought that if Phyllis left, she’d miss people who cared about her. Phyllis said everyone could visit. Phyllis said it was a kickass job with her kickass daughter. Amanda wanted Phyllis to stay. Phyllis tearfully said Amanda was lovely, but she, Michael and Lauren were her only friends. Amanda brought up Jack and Nick. Phyllis said those were her ex husbands, not friends – Nick made it clear he didn’t want to be a pal, and Jack wasn’t talking to her. Amanda thought Phyllis was dealing with being shut out by making a big leap. Phyllis wanted to be close to Summer. Amanda understood that, especially now that she was getting close to her own mom. Amanda asked if Phyllis really wanted a job in a country where she didn’t know the language, or if this was about Jack.

Phyllis said it wasn’t about Jack. Amanda was skeptical. Phyllis said this decision was about her – she’d always been a striver, and everything in Genoa City was boring. She’d let Crystal run the hotel, or sell it – both of Nick’s sisters once wanted it, so it’d go fast. Amanda thought it’d kill Phyllis to give the hotel away after everything she did to hold onto it. Amanda wanted Phyllis to admit Jack played a role in this. Phyllis didn’t understand why he was freezing her out. She said he was really thoughtful and funny, and she missed him. Phyllis wanted an exciting life, and living in Milan would be exciting. Amanda asked what Phyllis would be doing. Phyllis didn’t know all the details, but the job at Marchetti was in marketing. She said she’d be working alongside her daughter. Amanda didn’t approve of Phyllis making huge life changes until she talked to someone who knew her better than Amanda. Amanda texted someone. Phyllis hoped it wasn’t Jack. Amanda said she didn’t text Jack.

While they waited for Amanda’s backup, Amanda and Phyllis debated whether or not Phyllis should go. Michael showed up. Phyllis groaned about Amanda bringing him into this. Amanda said Phyllis called Michael her most trusted friend. Amanda revealed that Phyllis was thinking of leaving town for good. “The hell you will. If I’ve gotta stick around so do you,” Michael said. Phyllis brought Michael up to speed. Michael was adamant that Phyllis should turn down Summer’s generous and insane offer. He said Phyllis loved Genoa City, and she was happy here. She clarified that she wasn’t that happy. He said Genoa City made her who she was. He recalled that she came here a desperate needy woman obsessed with Danny Romalotti. Amanda gave Phyllis a questioning look. Michael continued on, saying that Phyllis grew after a whole bunch of mistakes, some felonies and many more misdemeanors. Amanda’s expression grew more stunned, and she looked at Phyllis. Phyllis mouthed “no” at Amanda and shook her head, as if what Michael was saying wasn’t true. Michael said Phyllis became a force to be reckoned with, and she became someone who’d do anything for the people she loved. He said she stood up for what she believed in, even though everyone else in town thought she was nuts. He was insulted for himself and on Lauren’s behalf that Phyllis was considering bailing. She said not to take it personally – she still loved him and Lauren.

Michael thought that if Phyllis worked for Summer and was looming over her every moment, it’d destroy their relationship. Phyllis protested that her daughter was the one who offered her the job. “That doesn’t make it right!,” Michael barked. He needed to know she came to her senses. Phyllis didn’t know if she should feel touched Michael wanted her to stay or upset he was being so loud in her place of business. He said Amanda called him there because she cared about Phyllis. Phyllis said her life had become about her exes and this hotel, and she didn’t like it. He told her to make changes while staying in Genoa City. She said he reminded her of the person she used to be. He asked what aspects of old-school Phyllis they were referring to. “Not that part,” she assured him, while Amanda looked on, quizzically. Phyllis would only say to Amanda that she’d learned a lot of lessons. Phyllis asked if they could support her potential move. Amanda supported an exploratory trip of reasonable length. Michael supported a trip to Milan, if only to remind Phyllis and Summer that when they were in close proximity, they frequently annoyed each other. Amanda asked if Phyllis was going to Milan while Jack was there or if she’d wait until his business trip was finished. Phyllis didn’t know when she’d go, but she said Jack didn’t factor into it.

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Y&R Update Monday, January 24 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Sharon and Rey chatted at Crimson Lights. Mariah had texted Sharon some wedding venue ideas – a recording studio, a tattoo parlor and the old GC Buzz studio. Mariah’s ideas made Sharon chuckle, but since this was Mariah, Sharon wasn’t sure the suggestions weren’t serious. Sharon hoped Mariah and Tessa didn’t take this decision lightly or make it quickly, because Sharon wanted the couple to have the wedding of their dreams. Sensing Sharon was dreaming of a traditional wedding, Rey warned that Mariah and Tessa might choose an unconventional ceremony, but he was sure it’d be amazing.

Rey said Sharon’s kids were flourishing, but she admitted she was concerned for Noah. Sharon was worried it might be a bit painful for Noah to see Tessa so happy with his sister. Rey thought that Noah seemed okay with Mariah and Tessa. Sharon said attraction wasn’t always logical, and you couldn’t turn the feelings off and on like a switch. Rey thought Noah was handling this better than Sharon was giving him credit for. Sharon said that Nick saw it too, and they had a pretty good read on Noah. “I’m just a trained detective not [Noah’s] parents so I can’t read all the signs,” Rey replied. Sharon said that wasn’t what she meant. She said he was an amazing stepdad, and her kids adored him. She’d never insinuate that he lacked insight into her kids. He wasn’t fishing for compliments. He acknowledged that she and Nick had a unique insight into the kids that surpassed his. He though that made sense since he didn’t meet the kids until they were older. She said he might get the opportunity when Mariah and Tessa adopted. He said she didn’t look like a grandma. She was just thrilled at the prospect of a new baby in the family. She said grandmas came in all shapes and sizes, and he told her she was a hot grandma. She said he’d be a hot grandpa too.

Sally went to Adam’s office after she got back from her business trip. She said that her trip to NY was super productive. She tried ribbing him about not joining her on the trip to NY. She said he had to go next time, but there would be no romantic stuff. He wouldn’t join in on her banter. He said he had a lot going on. She invited him to get breakfast and talk, and at first he declined, but then he changed his mind and accepted.

At Society, Chloe wondered why Chelsea called this meeting at a restaurant instead of at their office. Chelsea wanted to avoid the tension with Adam and Sally at the office. Now that Adam made it clear there was no chance for them, Chelsea had decided Newman Fashion needed to relocate to a new building, outside Newman Media. Chloe was shocked, and Chelsea admitted she probably should’ve consulted with Chloe first. Chelsea couldn’t be around Adam anymore. Chloe understood – she didn’t wan to run into Adam either. Chelsea thought they could really focus on work if they moved. Chloe started to get excited about being in a loft or warehouse space, in an artistic district instead of the offices. Adam hadn’t said yes, but Chelsea made an appointment with a broker to look at spaces, so she could show them to him.

Adam and Sally arrived at Society. Sally animatedly shared her experiences in NY with Chloe and Sally. She’d had a private tour of the Dior show and did some interviews, waving the Newman Fashion flag. Chelsea snidely called Sally a cheerleader. Sally was eager to detail her experiences once they got back to the office. Chelsea informed Sally that Newman Fashions was relocating, and she and Chloe were going to look for spaces. Sally asked why no one told her. Chloe said it was because Sally was out of town. “Because we make the decisions. You work for us,” Chelsea tersely replied. Sally asked if Adam approved this. “Well Adam’s standing right next to you. Why don’t you ask him?,” Chelsea replied. Adam said nothing had been decided. Sally announced her intention to tag along on the location search, since they were all a team, she added a pointed comment about Chelsea calling her a cheerleader. Adam broke up the conversation by suggesting he and Sally go get a table. Chelsea griped that Sally wasn’t even hiding her intention of what Sally was doing, and Adam seemed to find it appealing. Chelsea didn’t recognize him anymore.

Adam thought about breakfast. Sally grumbled about the plan to switch offices without even telling her. She felt that Chelsea had been dismissive. Adam said nobody made a decision yet – he was the decision maker. Sally said that Chelsea and Chloe made it sound like a done deal. Adam said there was no sense getting worked up over something that might not happen. Sally was angry about the way Chelsea treated her. Adam thought that Sally was partially to blame by the way she came in bragging about her private tour of the Dior show. He said she knew how Chelsea was going to react, and he told her not to antagonize Chelsea. Sally said it was her job to be excited about fashion, and if Chelsea couldn’t handle it, she needed a new job. Adam wanted to talk about actual work instead of office politics. Sally decided to tell Adam about an interview she had with a hot new designer.

Chloe said Sally was too busy annoying everyone in Manhattan to hear about Adam telling Chelsea they had no future. Chloe thought Sally was reading into Sally’s behavior. Chloe assumed Sally was just excited about her trip, so she went to report to the big boss. Chelsea thought that was a problem, because Sally was supposed to report to them, then they’d go to Adam – it was the chain of command. Chelsea felt that Sally was flaunting her connection with Adam. “[Sally’s] a hypocrite who lied when she said she was gonna keep things professional,” Chelsea asserted. Chloe said Chelsea sounded like she hadn’t gotten over Adam. Chloe loved Chelsea, but she was done managing Chelsea’s moods, and she wanted to move on. Chloe said they needed more autonomy from Newman Media. She wanted to hire more staff. Sally heard peals of laughter from Adam and Sally’s table, and she seethed.

Sally was sharing stories about NY when she noticed Adam wasn’t listening. She urged him to open up. He asked if she could listen as a friend and not as an employee, and she said yes. He told her that his father was planning to take a more active role at Newman Media. He’d lost credibility with his father. He said Victor thought he put the company at risk by falling for Billy’s idiotic plan. Sally pointed out that Adam didn’t fall for it. Adam said this is what Victor did – just when you thought you’d earned his trust, he liked to throw you off balance. Chelsea and Chloe left. Adam said he always seemed to fail in Victor’s eyes. He admitted he hadn’t always been a model son, but ever since they began working at Newman Media, he’d made an effort to get back into Victor’s good graces, and it seemed like things were going well until now. Adam felt demoralized, and Sally was sorry. Adam didn’t even know where this issue was coming from – it was like the the thing about him falling for Billy’s plan was an excuse. Adam said Victor was always three moves ahead, but this time Adam didn’t know who Victor’s opponent was.

Adam realized he probably shouldn’t have confided that to an employee. Sally was glad he’d told her. Adam suggested that Sally’s division might be affected, though he wasn’t sure if it would be. He told her to forget what he’d just told her. She told him not to back-peddle, because that was cowardly. “You said it. Own it,” she said, and he said okay, he owned it. He wanted to know she’d keep what he said to herself. She said she was on his side, and she was there if he needed to talk. She knew what it was like to have to prove yourself – she’d done it in L.A. and she thought she’d have to do it here with Chloe and Chelsea. Adam suggested it was just part of working in a successful company. Sally thought she had a good thing going when it was just with Chloe, but now she realized it was too good to last. Sally asked if it was Adam or Chelsea’s idea to relocate Newman Fashion. He said that Chelsea came up with that idea after he told her there was no future for the two of them. He was sure Chelsea didn’t want the day to day run ins with him. Sally thought Chelsea saw it as a bonus that Sally wouldn’t be able to pop in and chat with Adam. She didn’t think the move was fair, because she wanted the day to day run ins with him. “For professional reasons,” she added. She said it was ironic because she put Newman Fashion on the map, and now she had no decision making power, and Chelsea was constantly putting her down. Adma didn’t want to have this discussion again – he said right now Chloe and Chelsea were the superiors. He was sure Sally would have her own line again one day. She asked if he’d invest in that, but he thought they should focus on the business they had instead of launching new ones.

Chloe and Chelsea were at Crimson Lights, on the patio, discussing the move, when Sharon overheard. Sharon knew Chelsea was selling the penthouse, and she asked if Chelsea was putting more distance between herself and Adam at work too. Chelsea said it was a business decision, not a personal one. Chelsea abruptly excused herself, claiming she needed sugar for her drink, then she went inside and said hi to Rey. He invited her to join him. She thanked him again for Connor’s Christmas gift. He was sure she missed Connor. She was just glad Connor spent time at her place. He heard she was selling the penthouse. She said she was going to be getting away from the memories, and he said that was for the best. Chloe and Sharon came inside, and Chelsea told Chloe that they had to get to the office. Chelsea made some pointed comments to Rey about how nice it was to have someone ask how she was without having an ulterior motive. She said it was rare. He didn’t think it should be rare.

Sharon and Rey were alone after the others left. He got a call and said he had to go. She asked how his talk with Chelsea went. He said it Chelsea had a positive attitude about starting over, and it must be tough living with all the reminders of what went wrong. Sharon was sure there was a reminder around every corner. Rey said he, Sharon and Adam were living breathing reminders of what went wrong last year. Sharon said that Chelsea was putting some distance between herself and Adam – she was selling the penthouse, and she might move to a different work space. Rey thought those were good ideas. Sharon said that Rey had a good rapport with Chelsea. He said he asked about Connor, because most parents loved talking about their kids.

Chelsea and Chloe went to Adam at his office to say they found the perfect space. He said this wasn’t the time to incur more costs. He didn’t want an expensive new lease. Chloe said the site was offering a deal. Chelsea said the money they saved on overhead could go toward a new staff. Adam had to look at the numbers, but he said it was hard to argue with their logic. He asked if this was really what Chelsea wanted, and she said it was best for the business. He said maybe Chelsea was right, and it’d be best if they weren’t crossing paths all day long. Chelsea looked stung, and she excused herself and left. In the hallway, Sally walked up and asked how the search for a new space was going. Chelsea said Chloe would fill Sally in, and she started to leave. Sally asked what she had to do to be treated with respect. Chelsea wasn’t sure she’d ever cut Sally a break. Sally knew this was personal and not about her talents or abilities. Sally said there was nothing going on between her and Adam. “Save it. I know this game you’re playing. I wrote the rule book on it. You may pretend you’re not after him yet you monopolize his time and I think you and I both know why. Stop playing me for a fool,” Chelsea stormed off.

Chloe walked out, and Sally said Chelsea just went off on her again for no reason, and it was starting to grate on her nerves. Chloe said she wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take, and something had to give.

Chelsea went back to Crimson Lights. Chloe tracked her down. Chloe had tried to be accommodating, but Chelsea was making it really tough. Chloe took this job with Adam, her mortal enemy, partially because of Chelsea. Chloe built a viable business for Chelsea to come back to, she sent Sally to NY to help Chelsea, and she was moving the business across town for her. Chloe snapped that she was giving and giving to appease Chelsea, and Chelsea wasn’t giving anything back. Chloe said they needed Sally, and Chelsea didn’t seem to care. Chloe was finished trying to help Chelsea. She said it was Chelsea’s turn to figure this out.

Back at Newman Media, Sally vented to Adam that Chelsea bit her head off. Adam didn’t want to hear it. He had enough of this at the restaurant. That was why he signed off on the plan to move offices. She conceded that it wasn’t fair to put him in the middle, but she had to look out for herself, and she wouldn’t be treated like that. She felt like Chelsea was trying to squeeze her out, and now that Victor was going to be more involved, she wasn’t sure what the future held for Newman Fashion. She didn’t think Victor respected the division, so she was in trouble. He asked what she wanted from him. She said he knew Chelsea better than anyone, so she wanted some pointers. He told her to figure it out with Chelsea. He appreciated Sally’s ability to land on her feet, but if she went to war with Chelsea, he didn’t like Sally’s chances. She thought he was underestimating her.

At the Chancellor house, Abby was glum, and Chance asked if he could get her some breakfast. She didn’t answer, and he asked if she was okay. Abby knew she and Chance were doing the right thing, but it didn’t make it any easier. Louise took Dominic to his music class. Chance couldn’t believe they existed for kids that age. Abby thought about going with them or keeping him home, since she wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, but she decided it’d be best for him to stick to his routine. She hoped Devon did the same. Chance wanted Abby to tell him why she was so upset. She couldn’t help thinking that Dominic might think they didn’t love him enough to fight for him. Chance was sure that wouldn’t happen – he said there was nothing to fight, there was just a bond to honor and respect. Abby wasn’t sure that was true. Chance pointed out that Abby loved both Brad and Victor. He was sure that Dominic would love both him and Devon, and he said they’d love him too. Abby kept wondering if there was another solution that felt right. Chance said this was right, and Dominic would know love from all three of his parents, and his extended family, which was 85% of Genoa City. He was sure Dominic would grow up feeling like the luckiest kid in the world, and since Abby was his mom, he was.

Abby showed Chance a video of Dom at music class that the nanny took. She got upset, and he asked if she wished she went to the class. She said no. She was worried she’d struggle with handing her son off to Devon. Chance said Dom would still live with them the majority of the time. She was worried that the days and nights without Dom would break her. He said that wasn’t going to happen. He reminded her that she was tough enough to defy everyone, including the government and track him down. She said that was different because she’d been fighting for someone she loved. Now she was going to have to walk away from someone she loved, even if it was just one day a week. She didn’t think she was strong enough. Chance was sorry Abby was hurting. She said she was the one who should feel guilty. She knew this was the best thing for him, Dominic and Devon; it was just difficult. He asked if they should call Christine and say they changed their mind. She said they couldn’t go back on their word – this hurt, and it was horrible, but it was the right thing to do. She hugged him.

At his place, Devon was happy about getting shared custody of his little boy. She looked uncertain, and he wondered if she thought something was going to go wrong. She said it was her job to be prepared for any contingency. He trusted Abby, Chance and Christine. She did too, but she noted that the paperwork still hadn’t been filed. Until it was, nothing was set in stone. As an attorney, she couldn’t relax until she could dot her is and cross her ts. She said she’d do anything she could to make this happen for him. He was happy to have her by his side. When he imagined his future with Dominic, he saw her with him. She couldn’t wait. They kissed.

Amanda had to go meet with a potential client who wanted to set up a trust for her grandchildren. Devon thought about doing that for Dominic. Amanda said they did want to get ahead of themselves. Amanda got a text from Christine saying that they’d approved the amendments to the custody agreement.

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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 24 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Sharon and Rey looked forward to being grandparents to Mariah and Tessa’s future child. Tensions flared when Sally and Adam went to breakfast at Society and ran into Chelsea and Chloe. Chloe supported Chelsea’s plan to move Newman Fashion to its own location, but Sally didn’t like the idea. Adam told Sally she was partially to blame for the discord with Chelsea. Adam confided to Sally that Victor was going to be taking a more active role at the company, because he’d lost some faith in Adam. Sharon asked Chelsea if she was leaving the Newman Media office to distance herself from Adam. Chelsea ended the conversation by walking away and going to talk with Rey. Sharon noticed that Rey and Chelsea had a good rapport. Chelsea and Chloe found a new office space, and they told Adam. Chelsea got hurt when Adam said it might be best for them not to cross paths all day long. Chelsea lashed out at Sally. Chloe got fed up and told Chelsea that she was through trying to accommodate Chelsea and that it was time for Chelsea to figure out how to make things work with Sally. Sally tried to vent to Adam about Chelsea, but he didn’t want to be part of it. She asked for tips on handling Chelsea, and he said he thought she’d lose if she went to war with Chelsea. Sally thought Adam was underestimating her. Abby worried what Dominic would think of them giving partial custody to Devon. Chance was sure Dominic would love both of his fathers, just as Abby had loved Brad and Victor. Abby knew it would be hard for her to let Dominic go on visits with Devon, but she felt it was the right thing to do. Devon was happy about getting shared custody, and he said that he saw Amanda in his future with Dominic. She couldn’t wait to be part of it. Christine let Amanda know that the amendment to the custody agreement had been approved.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, January 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Noah is a little sad when Mariah and Tessa tell him they are engaged and Sharon worries that Noah is once again heartbroken because he has fallen back in love with Tessa.

Michael officially accepts Victor’s job offer and is excited to get to work finding out all about Ashland in order to protect Vuctor’s legacy.

Abby and Chance tell Devon that they will change their original agreement to give him weekly visitation with Dominic. Devon asks for Dominic’s last name to be Dominic Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor and Abby and Chance agree to add the last name Winters to Dominc’s other last names.

Victoria decides to sue Newman Media because they are using the Newman name when hopes that the lawsuit will distract Adam so much he won’t notice her takeover of the company.

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Days Short Recap Monday January 24, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby tried to take the mask off of Gwen. “Gwen” showed up and asked Abby what she was doing. Abby was shocked that Gwen was behind her. “Gwen” told Abby that she was used to her attacking her, but a stranger. She realized the person wasn’t a stranger. “Sarah” said she came back to town so she could let her family know she was okay. “Sarah” told “Gwen” that she could have Xander because she was through with him. Nicole went to Rafe’s house. Nicole asked Rafe if he thought Ava set him up. “Sarah” asked Abby if she still thought she was Gwen. Abby said she didn’t. When Abby left, Gwen told Ava that she was glad she pulled it off. Chanel told Allie that her mother saw them together the night they slept together. Allie was horrified that Paulina knows about them. Allie was afraid Paulina was going o ell people. Johnny told Gabi that he wanted to be alone with her. He said he had stock in DiMera which he knew she was interested in. Abby went home and told Chad that she found Sarah. She said she didn’t think it was Sarah. Ava and Gwen talked about Ava wearing the Gwen mask. Allie told Chanel that she talked to Johnny. Allie said she walked in on Johnny kissing another woman. Jake showed up while Gabi and Johnny were talking. Johnny said they were talking about joining together.

Chanel said Johnny didn’t waste any time. Allie said he didn’t. Chanel wanted to know who it was. Allie said it was Gabi. Chanel said he was making out with his uncle’s girlfriend. Allie told her to let him go because he was bad news. Chanel said it hurt. When Jake walked away to get drinks, Johnny told Gabi that he wanted her to kiss him again. Abby told Chad that it felt like Sarah was wearing a mask. Ava told Gwen that her wearing the mask turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Gwen told Ava that she owed her. Ava said she did. Ava said she had to leave. She said Sarah had to go to the airport. Gwen asked her to do it. Ava said she couldn’t because she had plans with Rafe and Nicole. Gwen said she thought she hated them. Ava said she did. Nicole was upset that Ava wasn’t at the dinner. She reminded him that he thought Ava was the one who set him up. He said he did. She thought Ava wanting to work on their relationship was true. Gabi told Johnny that she didn’t tell Jake he kissed her because he would beat the crap out of him. Johnny said that didn’t prove trust. Jake came back and wanted to get back to business. Chad asked Abby if she wanted it to be true. Abby said she wanted Sarah to be safe and making her own decision. She asked if it was Kate who was in the same situation as Sarah. She thought Sarah was still in danger. Gwen asked Ava why she was having dinner with Rafe and Nicole if she hated them. Ava said she couldn’t let on that she knew about them. Gwen told Ava that she was good at it. She said she couldn’t pull it off. Chad asked Abby if Maggie and Xander thought the same thing. He said Xander has been working with her and thought Sarah was herself.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Short Recap Friday January 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby confronted Sarah about not being who she said she was. She thought she was really Kristen. She denied it and tried to walk away, but Abby stopped her. She told her that Kristen kidnapped Sarah. “Sarah” mocked her while Kristen called her. Abby wanted to know who it was. Kristen said it was really her. She told her that she didn’t have anything to do with Philip’s disappearance. She said she was innocent and she wanted her to print that. She hung up the phone. “Sarah” tried to leave again, but Abby wouldn’t let her go. She said a voice on the phone wasn’t going to be enough to convince her that she wasn’t Kristen. She refused to admit anything. Abby thought back to a previous conversation and realized who she was. Abby realized Gwen was wearing the mask. She tried to walk away, but Abby wanted to take off her mask. Kayla was looking through the Reverend Mother’s desk when Kristen walked in with a gun. She started mocking Kayla so she didn’t want to hear what Kristen had to say. Kristen told her that Steve was dead. Kayla didn’t believe it was true. She thought Kristen was trying to throw her off balance. Kristen danced around it until Kayla believed her. She told Kristen that she killed Steve.

Gabi talked to Johnny about a partnership when he grabbed her and kissed her. She pushed him away and slapped him. Johnny seemed to like the idea that she drew blood. He said that he was reading the signals he was getting from her. She said that he ruined his marriage but she was in a committed relationship with Jake. He rolled his eyes and insulted him. He told her that she could have some fun on the side. She admitted that she was attracted to him, but she’s with Johnny. She said she wasn’t interested in an open relationship. He kissed her again just as Allie walked in the room. Gabi asked Allie not to say anything to Jake. She said she was at the bottom of her list of worries. Gabi walked out of the room. Allie yelled at Johnny for kissing Gabi. He thought she was jealous because he was flirting with Gabi. He said that Chanel loved her and not him. He teased her about them being together. He implied that they slept together. She was about to cry and told him that she hated him. She told him that she was done with him. She told him to be a good DiMera and realize that he lost his twin sister. He didn’t care that he lost her. Paulina talked to Chanel about taking Johnny to the cleaners. She said she was talking to attorneys about her situation. Chanel didn’t want to go after his money because she was a strong independent woman like her. Paulina still thought she deserved to get something after what he did to her. They talked about Allie. Paulina admitted that she saw Chanel with Allie. She tried to deny it, but she admitted they were together. She said she wasn’t ashamed that it happened. Paulina was fine with it, but she reminded her that she slept with her husband’s sister. She said that she slept with twins and that it was a sticky situation. She advised her to think about how she felt about both of them. Chanel admitted that she was attracted to Allie, but she was in love with Johnny.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, January 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander saw “Sarah” and hugged her. He was so glad she was okay. She told him to get off of her. She told him that she didn’t want anything to do with him. Xander asked Maggie for a minute alone with “Sarah.” Maggie took Xander into the hall. Gwen was afraid she wouldn’t be able to pull off being Sarah. Xander and Maggie came back and “Sarah” told them she was leaving in the morning. Maggie ended up crying. Maggie wanted her to call regularly. She hugged her. Maggie left the room so Xander wondered why “Sarah” didn’t sound like herself. He told her about her behavior with him, Rex and Maggie. She blamed him for the baby switch. She told him that she couldn’t forgive him for that. She wanted to check out of her room at the Salem Inn. He couldn’t believe what she was willing to do to her mother. He told her to do better. She told him to be with Gwen. He wanted to know how she knew about Gwen. He wanted to know how she knew about that. She said Maggie told her about it. She asked if it was true that he loved her? He told her that he didn’t think he could fall in love again, but he did. She told him to be with Gwen and leave her alone. She stormed out of the room. Abby saw Kate looking down. Abby asked her what happened and she told her that she saw Jake and Gabi. Abby said it ended well because she was with Roman. She said Jake was fired from DiMera. Kate wondered why she was there. She said she was covering a story about Sarah. She said she worked with Xander to find her. Abby told her about what happened.  Kate remembered when Kristen pretended to be her and shoved her in a suitcase to ship her out of town. That sparked an idea inside of Abby.

Maggie joined Kate and Abby at their table. She told them that Xander was with Sarah. Maggie was emotional as she talked about “Sarah’s” odd behavior. She said she wasn’t herself. Maggie left the table. Kate left the table to get a drink. Abby remembered what Kate said about Kristen’s mask and Sarah acting different. Abby reacted and walked out of the room. Xander looked at a picture of Sarah. He remembered proposing to her. Maggie returned and noticed Xander looked confused. He thought there would be more to the story. Abby found “Sarah” and told her that she wasn’t her cousin. Trask entered Sami’s deposition into evidence and was ready to rest her case. Belle wanted the case dismissed for lack of evidence. EJ was ready to testify. Belle didn’t think it was a good idea, but she called him to the stand. He said he didn’t do anything to keep Sami from her kids. Trask reminded him that he did it before. EJ said he chloroformed Sami after she shot him in his head. He said she left him to die. He wanted to protect his children. Trask questioned him about using chloroform on Sami when he wanted to get stem cells from her unborn baby. EJ pleaded the fifth. EJ felt defeated and left the stand. The judge was ready to hear closing arguments. Chad saw Johnny in the living room. They argued about EJ. Johnny goaded him about EJ and Abby having an affair before. He said EJ lied about Chad framing him for Sami’s kidnapping. Chad looked guilty as he said he had to rethink his relationship with his father. He thought he should be working with Chad. Chad didn’t trust him and didn’t want to get burned again. Johnny promised to prove himself to him. Belle told EJ that she did her best in her closing arguments. Chad showed up just as the judge was about to render a verdict. The judge found EJ guilty. He was immediately remanded to holding and would be transferred to Statesville.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Update Friday, January 21, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

“Sarah” walks through the town square with her bags packed. Abigail stops her and says they need to talk. “Sarah” says she’s sorry but she’s going to miss her flight if she doesn’t leave now. Abigail asks her to answer one question as she then asks if she’s not really Sarah. “Sarah” acts confused as Abigail then accuses her of being Kristen DiMera.

Kristen remains in the hotel room in Italy. Steve’s phone rings with a call from Kayla. Kristen ignores it and remarks that Steve can’t come to the phone right now.

Kayla leaves a message for Steve to meet her in the Mother Superior’s office because she thinks if they are going to find anything on Kristen, it’s going to take two of them.

Chloe is at Basic Black, calling her dad and leaving another message questioning why he hasn’t called her back. Chloe says her mom is there and she’s a wreck as she’s convinced he’s having an affair. Chloe says they need to fix this and tells him to call her back. As Chloe hangs up, her father Craig then arrives and asks why call when he can show up in person as they embrace.

Gabi tells Johnny that she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about their conversation about having interests in common, so she wanted to talk to him about what their partnership might look like. Johnny responds that he’s been giving that a lot of thought and says he was thinking it might look something like this, as Johnny then grabs Gabi and kisses her. Gabi pushes Johnny off and slaps him.

Chanel goes home and asks Paulina how her ankle is. Paulina says nevermind that, they need to talk about the other night.

Johnny comments on Gabi’s slap making him bleed. Gabi asks if this is some kind of an act. Johnny claims he was reading her signals loud and clear. Gabi reminds him that she’s in a loving relationship with his uncle Jake. Johnny jokes that the family doesn’t think about him. Johnny asks what the big deal is since he used to have a wife but things change. Johnny pours himself a drink which Gabi questions. Gabi says he may have sabotaged his marriage but she’s in a loving relationship with Jake. Johnny remarks that it doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun on the side.

Craig tells Chloe that he got her message and took the first flight out. Chloe says she misses him and they have to set mom straight. Craig asks if she’s driving her crazy. Chloe talks about how Nancy thinks Craig has some woman on the side and she’s trying to tell her she’s being ridiculous but she won’t listen. Craig thanks her for her concern and is sorry that she dragged her into this. Chloe says it’s not his fault as she knows he’d never cheat on her. Craig talks about how Nancy gets when she gets these things in her head. Nancy then appears and questions that being what he wants Chloe to believe.

“Sarah” questions Abigail thinking that she’s Kristen and says she doesn’t have time for this. Abigail says it all makes sense that Kristen kidnapped Sarah, put her in a suitcase, then put on her Sarah mask to make all of Salem believe she left on her own free will. “Sarah” calls her delusional. Abigail talks about Kristen doing the same thing to Kate. Abigail gets a call from an unknown caller and tells “Sarah” not to move as she answers the call which turns out to be from Kristen DiMera, shocking Abigail.

Brady enters the Kiriakis Mansion where he finds Xander drinking in the living room. Brady says he’s here to pick Maggie up for an AA meeting. Xander says she’s upstairs so he figured she wouldn’t mind if he helped himself to some of Victor’s scotch. Brady hopes someone is giving him a ride home. Xander says he’ll take a taxi. Xander stops Brady to ask how he drowns his sorrows since he doesn’t drink. Brady responds that he just allows himself to experience his sorrows now and he talks to people he trusts about them then vows to make better choices to avoid more sorrow until eventually things get better. Xander says he’s just not as patient so for him, eventually isn’t soon enough. Brady says he’s going to find Maggie. Xander mentions that he admires Maggie for not drowning her sorrows either and facing them head on with courage. Brady stops and asks Xander what is wrong. Xander tells him to just treat him like he normally does and ignore him. Brady questions what he’s talking about. Xander brings up Sarah and says that he thought she was the love of his life, but she dumped him again.

Abigail asks Kristen who is really on the phone. Kristen assures that it’s her and tells her that she has a story for her. Abigail tells her to go on and asks what kind of scoop they are talking about. Kristen informs Abigail that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Philip and she would never frame Brady. Kristen declares that she’s an innocent woman and then hangs up. “Sarah” says she could hear that was Kristen and jokes that she needs to brush up on her reporter skills. “Sarah” says she has a plane to catch but Abigail stops her and says she’s not done with her yet.

Chanel tells Paulina how scared she was for her when she heard the chandelier almost fell on top of her and she could’ve died. Paulina points out that she didn’t and just turned her ankle while Lani took real good care of her. Paulina says it’s Chanel that she’s been worried about since she hasn’t talked to her since the reception. Chanel complains about Johnny making a fool of her in front of both of their families. Paulina declares that they will make him pay and says to just leave everything to her. Paulina reveals that she’s talking to one of the top divorce lawyers in the country because they are taking Johnny to the cleaners.

Johnny tells Gabi that he won’t tell if she won’t. Johnny calls Gabi a hot, beautiful, and smart woman. Johnny asks if she’s really ready to limit her sex life to Jake DiMera for the rest of her life. Gabi admits she never said she wasn’t attracted to him, but assures that her and Jake are committed to each other. Johnny brings up an open relationship. Gabi says that Jake is very traditional so that’s not for them. Johnny then grabs Gabi and kisses her again as Allie walks in and questions them. Gabi tries to explain as Johnny claims they were discussing DiMera marketing reports. Allie tells Gabi that it must’ve been hard to talk with Johnny’s tongue down her throat. Allie questions Johnny caring about the company. Johnny reveals that EJ signed his shares over to him which surprises Allie. Allie thought Johnny bragged about never turning corporate. Johnny claims he realized it was time to take his rightful place at DiMera. Allie asks if Gabi came to offer congratulations. Gabi decides to head out. Johnny tells her that they will continue this conversation some other time. Gabi asks Allie not to tell Jake what she saw. Allie assures that they are not on her list of priorities as Gabi then exits. Johnny asks what her problem is. Allie responds that he’s even more of a disgusting jerk than she thought.

Chanel doesn’t want Paulina to go after Johnny’s money. Paulina questions why not. Chanel says she’s a strong independent woman like her. Chanel tells her to forget about Johnny and his twisted family’s fortune. Paulina agrees for now. Chanel remarks that she should’ve listened to Allie when she tried to warn her about her brother then she wouldn’t be in this mess now. Paulina comments that she’s glad they are friends as she saw the way Allie ran after her when she left the reception. Chanel calls her the best. Paulina guesses that Allie made her feel better. Chanel confirms that she wouldn’t have been able to get through that night without her. Paulina responds that she already knew that. Paulina then reveals to Chanel that she saw her and Allie in bed.

Craig asks Nancy what he has to say to convince her that there is no other woman. Nancy asks him to tell her that he’s not having an affair and mean it, but guesses that he can’t. Chloe complains about the dysfunction. Craig can’t believe Nancy brought Chloe in to this. Nancy argues that Chloe has every right to know that her father is a lying, cheating womanizer. Craig declares that’s it and he gives up.

“Sarah” asks how she can be Kristen when Abigail just hung up with her. Abigail argues that it was a phone call, not a video chat. Abigail is sure Kristen could get a voice double like she did the mask. Abigail asks who else would have motive to come to town dressed as Sarah just to break up with Xander all over again.

Kayla tries to pick the lock to Mother Superior’s drawer and wonders why she would have to lock it. Kristen then walks in and tells Kayla that her search is over as she pulls a gun on her. Kristen mocks her and Steve. Kayla tells her to save it and admits she was helping Steve look for her because she wouldn’t let him come alone. Kayla mentions that Steve thought she would be here because it’s what she did before. Kristen states that Steve won’t be able to bring her in this time and remarks that curiosity killed the patch.

Xander complains to Brady about “Sarah” calling him a creep and making it very clear to him again that she’s absolutely done with him and wants nothing to do with him. Brady admits that sounds pretty brutal. Xander guesses he had it coming since he’s a terrible person, so he thinks maybe Sarah finally realized that. Brady knows how much Xander loved Sarah and how devoted Sarah was to him. Brady adds that Maggie would go on about it and was really rooting for them. Xander guesses they both think he got what he deserves. Brady reveals that in this case he doesn’t, because he thinks his feelings for Sarah were genuine. Xander complains about her jumping in to bed with Rex on his wedding day and then dumping Rex shortly after. Brady says he knows better than anyone what it’s like to have a relationship just blow up in spectacular fashion. Xander guesses he means his relationship with Kristen. Brady confirms he now has Steve trying to hunt her down.

Chanel tells Paulina that she was so messed up after what Johnny did that she didn’t want to be alone so Allie hung out with her until she fell asleep. Paulina reminds Chanel that she always told her to tell the truth. Chanel claims she is just telling the truth and that all they did was cuddle. Paulina stops her and reveals that she really saw them together.

Allie complains about Johnny dumping Chanel and now trying to come on to Gabi. Allie asks what Will would think about him trying to hook up with Arianna’s mom. Johnny doesn’t know why Will would care since he obviously wasn’t that in to her. Johnny says Allie on the other hand, but she tells him to shut his mouth. Johnny jokingly asks if she’s jealous. Allie questions Johnny drinking in the middle of the day. Johnny calls her a joke, while Allie calls him a jackass. Johnny acknowledges that he always will be to her and asks if she gets tired of judging everyone she meets. Allie thanks God that Chanel is through with him. Johnny says she warned her that he would hurt her and she was right, so that should make her day. Allie argues that she hoped for Chanel’s sake, that he would be different this time. Allie always knew he was a player but she realizes now that he’s also a soulless creep.

“Sarah” tells Abigail again that she came back because Xander was making Maggie worried about her. Abigail questions how she found out when no one could reach Sarah. “Sarah” claims she has her ways and says there’s no big story here. “Sarah” asks what she has to do to convince her. Abigail thinks back to arguing with Gwen about trying to find Sarah. Abigail then realizes she’s not Kristen and asks Gwen how she got her hands on the mask. “Sarah” guesses she won’t let this insanity go. Abigail says she can deny it all she wants but she’s onto her now. “Sarah” declares that she’s done with this. Abigail threatens to make a scene if she pushes past her and asks if she wants to risk that. Abigail asks who told her to stop looking for Sarah as it wasn’t Maggie or Xander, it was Gwen. Abigail says she ignored her and kept looking while now she’s on to her. Abigail declares that Gwen is so desperate to keep Xander that she will do anything.

Nancy complains about Craig covering up an affair. Nancy thanks him for turning a good marriage into a cliché. Craig tells Chloe that this is what he has to deal with. Chloe tells Nancy that she believes her father and she knows him better than anyone. Craig assures that Chloe knows he’s telling the truth. Craig tells Nancy how much she means to him and that there’s no other woman in the world for him as he hugs her.

Chanel tells Paulina that it just happened and she’s not ashamed. Paulina doesn’t want her to be ashamed. Paulina talks about Chanel going to bed with a brother and sister who are twins, so that’s a dicey situation. Chanel argues that Paulina messed around with Abe after she knew that he had been with Tamara. Paulina tells her not to get in to that business and argues that there were 30 years between her relationship with Abe and Tamara’s, while Chanel hopped in bed with Allie on the night her husband ended her marriage. Paulina asks how long this has been going on. Chanel insists that it hasn’t been since Allie is in love with Tripp. Paulina says they both know that is not the case. Paulina says Chanel and Allie had a strong connection way before she ever saw Johnny. Chanel insists that it never went beyond a couple of kisses. Paulina says that’s until it did. Paulina knows she believes it wasn’t planned, but suggests she take a step back, search her heart, and come to terms with how she feels about Johnny and Allie. Paulina tells her not to let the situation get completely out of hand.

Allie asks Johnny if he knows how much he hurt Chanel when she really loved him and thought he was the one. Johnny laughs at that and calls it ridiculous. Johnny remarks that they both know who has the key to Chanel’s heart and it ain’t him. Johnny mocks Allie’s life and says she enjoys being with Tripp because he’s safe. Johnny argues that him marrying Chanel didn’t stop her from lusting after her. Allie calls Johnny a pig. Johnny calls Allie a hypocrite and says he saw how she flew out of there to console Chanel. Johnny bets that Allie consoled her right out of her clothes and in to bed.

“Sarah” mocks Abigail’s journalism. Abigail tells her to insult her all she wants and says she’s still going to prove it’s Gwen under the Sarah mask. Gwen thinks back to Ava showing up at her door in the Sarah mask. “Sarah” tells Abigail that she’s done with this and tries to leave but Abigail grabs her and says she wants to take an up close look at that mask.

Chanel tells Paulina that she loves Allie as a friend and admits she is physically attracted to her, but cries that she was really in love with Johnny and she thought he loved her too. Paulina is sorry that Johnny treated her the way he did. Chanel doesn’t know that Johnny and talks about how her Johnny showed her around Rome. Chanel doesn’t understand what happened. Paulina encourages that she will get through this. Chanel wishes she had her faith. Paulina says she has enough for the both of them and hugs her as she cries. Paulina hates to leave her like this but says she has to go for a follow up appointment at the hospital. Chanel tells her to make sure her ankle is healing right, even if her broken heart never does.

Allie tells Johnny that she actually hates him. Allie clarifies she hates the things he does but mostly feels sorry for him and calls him just as delusional as most of the twisted members of EJ’s side of the family. Allie tells Johnny that she’s in love with Tripp while Chanel is her best friend. Allie thought she could come talk to the Johnny that she loved when they were kids and ask why he did what he did to Chanel. Allie says she was dumb enough to think that she could talk sense in to him and get him to go apologize to Chanel. Johnny declares that he will never apologize for what he is as that’s not the DiMera way. Allie tells him to be a good DiMera and make EJ and Stefano proud. Allie declares that he used to have a twin sister, but he does not anymore. Allie states that she has one brother and that’s Will. Allie tells Johnny that he’s on his own as she then storms out of the mansion. The Devil takes over Johnny and remarks that she doesn’t know the half of it.

Xander questions Brady hiring Steve to track down Kristen. Brady wants to bring her to justice. Xander hopes that he finds her. Xander brings up his own miserable headaches thanks to Kristen. Xander admits he suspected Kristen may have had a hand in Sarah’s disappearance. Brady understands why he would think that. Xander hoped she had been involved since it would be better for his ego, but it turns out Sarah left him on her own free will. Brady asks if Sarah is just leaving again. Xander confirms that she’s determined to get far away from Salem and him and there’s nothing he or anybody can do to stop her…

Kayla argues that Steve isn’t dead and that Kristen is just trying to throw her off. Kristen tells her that she’s been one step ahead of them this entire time and reveals that she was watching when they first arrived. Kristen then informs Kayla that while she was in this office, she was in her hotel room, taking care of Steve. Kayla asks what that means. Kristen remarks that she did what had to be done and reveals that she ignored her phone call an hour ago. Kayla is shocked and asks if Kristen killed Steve.

Allie goes to see Chanel and says they need to talk.

Gabi sits at the Bistro, leaving a message for Jake that she needs to talk about her meeting with Johnny as he’s apparently more of an operator than she thought. Johnny then appears behind her and asks if his ears should be burning.

Craig invites Nancy and Chloe out for dinner to celebrate. Chloe suggests the Bistro. Nancy wants to go back to her hotel to freshen up first so Craig says they will meet her there in an hour. Nancy tells him that she’s so happy as he kisses her. Nancy then exits. Chloe tells Craig that she knew he wouldn’t cheat on her but she had to hear it from him as they hug.

Kayla confronts Kristen for killing Steve and grabs her. They struggle over Kristen’s gun until the gun goes off.

“Sarah” and Abigail fight in the town square as Abigail says it’s all over as she has figured her out. “Gwen” then appears in the town square and questions what Abigail is doing, leaving Abigail confused in between “Sarah” and “Gwen”.

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Days Update Thursday, January 20, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Xander enters the Kiriakis Mansion and is shocked to see “Sarah” with Maggie. Xander can’t believe she is there and says thank God she’s alright as he grabs her and hugs her while Maggie smiles.

Abigail remains at the Brady Pub as Kate walks in. Abigail greets her and senses something is wrong, so she asks if she got bad news about Philip. Kate says there’s nothing on that front. Kate asks Abigail if she’s ever gone about her business and suddenly found herself face to face with two of the people you despise the most in the world. Abigail says it hasn’t happened in awhile and asks if she knows these people. Kate confirms they definitely damaged her life so Abigail correctly guesses she means Jake and Gabi.

Gabi and Jake walk through the town square as Jake thanks Gabi for saving his life by pulling him out of the way or else Kate would have walked right through him. Gabi brings up Jake dumping Kate and tells him to watch out because she might still have the hots for him. Jake then brings up Johnny having the hots for Gabi.

Devil Johnny sits at the chess table in the DiMera Mansion. The Devil remarks that EJ had to be sacrificed for the greater evil.

EJ’s trial continues in the court room. Judge Barnes asks Melinda if Jason Smith was her last witness. EJ complains that his testimony should be stricken from the record. The judge warns EJ about having another outburst. Melinda presents the judge with a sworn deposition from Sami. He notes that it’s unfortunate that Sami didn’t testify in person. Belle argues that means she had no chance to cross examine. Melinda explains that Sami didn’t feel safe enough to be present with her kidnapper. Melinda declares that the prosecution rests.

Abigail knows how much Jake and Gabi hurt Kate, but says it all worked out for the best since Kate is with Roman now. Kate admits that she is happy. Abigail says that all is well that ends well. Kate remarks that Hortons always say that. Kate adds that she obviously doesn’t forgive betrayal as easily as Abigail does. Abigail points out that Kate got even by voting with EJ and Chad to fire Jake from DiMera. Kate asks what Abigail is doing here anyways and not covering EJ’s trial. Abigail informs her that she’s actually working on another story about her cousin, Sarah. Kate asks what’s up with Sarah and why she acted like she was with Rex this whole time. Abigail says that’s what she is trying to find out as she promised Maggie since she’s really worried after not knowing where her daughter was for the past year. Abigail adds that Xander is really upset too so they are working together. Kate calls that quite an odd couple. Abigail says they have one very important thing in common in that they both care about Sarah and are very determined to find out where she has been.

“Sarah” pushes Xander off of her and calls him a creep. Maggie argues that Xander has been as worried about her as she was. “Sarah” says that Xander can see that she’s fine so he can go back where he came from. Xander refuses to budge until they talk. “Sarah” says this is why she didn’t want anyone to know where she was so Xander couldn’t come drag her back to his cave. Maggie knows she changed her mind about marrying Xander but also that she was very in love with him at one time and he was terribly distraught when she left, so the least she can do is give him ten minutes of her time. “Sarah” agrees to ten minutes. Xander asks Maggie if they can have that ten minutes alone. Maggie suggests they talk about this in the hall and takes Xander out of the room. Gwen tells herself to keep it together as she fooled Maggie, so she can fool Xander too.

Chad enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink as he greets Johnny and asks what he’s up to. Johnny says he was just playing chess against himself and asks if he knows what happened to Stefano’s chess set. Chad responds that he replaced it with one that Abigail bought and says it’s great. Johnny questions Chad not thinking that’s disrespectful. Chad calls it a game. Johnny argues that it’s part of who Stefano was. Chad talks about not finding out that Stefano was his father until he was in college, so he didn’t grow up hearing about the whole legacy thing like he did. Johnny asks if that’s why Chad had no problem selling EJ down the river in court.

Judge Barnes asks if the defense is prepared to present it’s case. Belle complains that they were not offered the opportunity to cross-examine Sami while her deposition offered no direct evidence between EJ and the kidnapping. The judge agrees to take that under advisement. Belle thanks him and contends that the prosecution failed to make a case against EJ, so she requests the case be dismissed for lack of evidence. Belle confirms she’s not calling any witnesses but EJ stands up and declares that he will be testifying. Belle says she needs a moment with her client so the judge tells her to make it brief. Belle turns to EJ and asks if he’s out of his mind. EJ argues that Jason Smith said under oath that he was taking orders from him and then Chad’s testimony needs to be reviewed. EJ says that if he can’t sway the judge, then he’s going to find him guilty. Belle warns EJ that if he testifies, Melinda will cross-examine him and she will bring up every terrible thing he has ever done. EJ insists that he needs to testify on his own behalf. Belle advises him not to do that. Melinda asks if they can get on with this. Judge Barnes asks if they’ve reached a decision. Belle responds that they have and calls EJ to the stand.

Chad tells Johnny that EJ swore to him that he was innocent and he believed him but then he found out that every word out of EJ’s mouth is a damn lie because he forced himself on his wife in the witness room at the courthouse which he walked in on. Johnny thinks back to that moment and suggests maybe it wasn’t what it seemed and the feeling was mutual. Chad says there’s no chance as Abigail was sick to her stomach. Johnny brings up Abigail and EJ’s previous affair. Chad assures that he hasn’t forgotten about that but yesterday was all EJ and it made him realize that EJ has been playing him on every level since he got back.

Jake can’t believe Johnny hit on Gabi. Gabi says guys hit on her all the time. Jake complains that Johnny did it right in front of him. Gabi wants to figure out how to use it to their advantage since Johnny has EJ’s shares and is a heavy hitter now. Jake agrees that it gives them leverage to get Victor on the DiMera board. Gabi says they will cruise their way to a double takeover where Jake runs DiMera and she’ll run Titan. Jake says she makes it sound easy. Gabi points out that Maggie is behind them which Jake is still surprised by. Gabi explains that Maggie wants Victor to slow down, so she won’t stand in the way of a good idea.

Maggie and Xander return to the living room. Maggie decides to let Xander and “Sarah” speak privately. She questions leaving her alone with him. Maggie says she has to speak with Henderson about getting her room ready but “Sarah” says she’s not staying as she got a room at the Salem Inn and then has a flight later today. Maggie points out that she just got here. “Sarah” responds that her patients need her. Maggie questions where she’s working and living. “Sarah” doesn’t want to say in front of Xander and says she came back so Maggie wouldn’t worry and now she doesn’t have to. Maggie starts to cry as she realizes this is goodbye. Maggie orders “Sarah” to call her regularly from now on a she hugs her. Maggie then exits the room. Xander questions “Sarah” not spending one more day with Maggie when she misses her so much. “Sarah” remarks that Xander is only thinking of himself. Xander says that’s not true. “Sarah” tells him to just say what he came to say. Xander brings up when Sarah left him that day and says she sounded like a woman he didn’t even know and she still does. Xander questions why that is.

Jake asks Gabi how she thinks they are going to get Johnny on their side. Gabi says she’ll flirt with him and make him think she has the hots for him too. Jake says no way but Gabi insists that she’ll have him wrapped around her finger before he knows it and then she will be calling the shots. Jake questions if Gabi is saying that she’s going to sleep with Johnny to get his vote.

Chad tells Johnny that he’s telling him the truth about EJ. Johnny knows it isn’t the first time EJ crossed a line he shouldn’t have crossed. Chad adds that Abigail had to push him off of her. Johnny apologizes for saying that about Chad and Abigail as he knows they love each other very much and he shouldn’t have implied that Abigail was fine with what EJ was doing. Chad says it’s fine as long as he doesn’t still think that. Johnny says EJ had him thinking he was the real victim here. Johnny adds that EJ told him that Lucas kidnapped Sami and Chad was framing him for it. Johnny guesses EJ wasn’t just lying to Chad, but to him too.

Belle asks EJ if he had Sami kidnapped. EJ says he did not. Belle reminds him that he’s under oath which EJ says he is aware of. Belle asks EJ to tell the court about the day Sami went missing. EJ recalls confronting Sami with evidence that she had been cheating on him and she denied it at first but then she admitted it. EJ admits he was angry and couldn’t see past her betrayal, but she’s the mother of his children, so no matter what she did to him, he never would’ve made her his prisoner or separated her from her children. Belle decides there are no further questions. Judge Barnes then calls upon Melinda. Melinda brings up EJ swearing that he would never chloroform his wife or separate her from her children. Melinda asks if it slipped his mind that he’s already done both of those things.

“Sarah” tells Xander that she’s the same person she always was but Xander says something is off. Xander brings up kissing her goodnight on the day before their wedding and she told him how much she loved him, but by the morning, she was with Rex. “Sarah” claims that she came to her senses and Rex happened to be there. Xander brings up how she told everyone that she was running off with Rex, but she didn’t, and she turned on him too. “Sarah” says she realized she’s in no shape to be with any man, so she told Rex that she needed time to figure herself out on her own. Xander argues that she lied to Maggie too. “Sarah” says she wanted to be alone and was afraid that Maggie would tell Xander where she was since she was trying to avoid this. Xander questions her hating her now. “Sarah” brings up how Xander switched her and Kristen’s babies. Xander says it took time, but she got past that. “Sarah” claims she only said she did and wanted it to be true, but no mother can ever get over something like that. She asks why he can’t get that through his head.

Abigail tells Kate about Ned flying Sarah out of town on a DiMera jet but he won’t tell them more unless they pay him off. Kate questions how someone like Sarah could commandeer a DiMera plane. Abigail explains that Ned was freelancing and had access to an old DiMera jet. Abigail mentions that Xander did suspect that Kristen had something to do with Sarah disappearing but he dismissed it. Kate questions why he would do that when it’s exactly what Kristen did to her. Abigail says that Xander mentioned that recently and talks about how Kristen pretended to be Susan to trick Kate in to leaving town. Kate explains how Vivian ordered Kristen to break up her and Jake, so she pretended to be Susan, but she found out and then Kristen knocked her out and stuck her in the tunnels. Kate adds that Kristen put on her Kate mask to break up with Jake. Kate calls Jake an idiot for falling for that when they were perfectly happy and going on vacation. Kate says that Kristen stuffed her in a giant suitcase to ship her out of town. Abigail recalls Ned mentioning “Sarah” having a large suitcase as well. Abigail questions how Kate managed to escape. Maggie then enters the Pub and greets them. Abigail asks where Xander is and if she brought the money. Maggie questions what money. Abigail explains that they found the pilot who flew Sarah out of town but he won’t talk unless they pay him off, so Xander was going to see if Maggie would put up the cash. Maggie reveals that Xander never got around to that because he’s now with “Sarah” at the moment.

“Sarah” complains about what Xander and Victor did to her and Kristen. Xander brings up Kristen being the one who told him about Sarah and Rex. Xander asks if Kristen got to her and talked her in to walking out on him. “Sarah” calls that her decision and says now that she answered his questions, she has to go check out at the Salem Inn. Xander questions how long she’s going to disappear for this time. “Sarah” calls it none of his business. Xander points out that she didn’t even say goodbye to Maggie and asks if she doesn’t care that she’s breaking her heart. “Sarah” claims that she came back to put Maggie’s mind at ease. Xander brings up “Sarah’s” half sister dying last year and how Maggie had to go through that without her. “Sarah” says she will do better with keeping in touch and tells Xander to quit obsessing over her and move on with his life. “Sarah” tells him to go be with Gwen. Xander then questions how she knew that he’s with Gwen.

Johnny tells Chad that it seems pretty clear that he needs to rethink his relationship with EJ. Johnny brings up EJ giving him control of his shares in the company. Johnny admits the original plan was to combine their shares to stop Chad from derailing EJ’s agenda. Chad asks if he’s still thinking about that. Johnny responds that maybe he lined up with the wrong guy and maybe he should be working with Chad.

Melinda brings up EJ chloroforming Sami so he could leave the country with his children. EJ explains that he believed his children were in danger and calls it a tense situation as Sami shot him in the head and left him to die. Melinda asks if they’ve always had such a violent relationship. Melinda asks EJ again if he chloroformed his wife. EJ says he was trying to protect his children and calls it an act of love, not revenge. Melinda argues that EJ turned to chloroform before and asks him to tell the court about the first time he chloroformed his wife and kidnapped her.

Gabi tells Jake to stop acting like a jealous idiot and assures that she’s not going to sleep with Johnny. Jake asks what she’s going to do then. Gabi says she will lead him on like she did with Stefan to get control of the company. Jake points out that she ended up in bed and in love with Stefan. Gabi insists that she’s with Jake now, the love of her life, not some kid in Johnny. Gabi decides she’s going to the DiMera Mansion to feel Johnny out. Jake feels anxious but Gabi assures that she’s got this.

Johnny tells Chad that if EJ goes to prison, it will be a disaster for DiMera. Chad bets that Gabi and Jake will try to make a power play. Johnny says that’s why they should start working together and asks what Chad says. Chad is all for alliances but he doesn’t want to get burned again. Johnny questions Chad not trusting him. Chad says trust has to be earned and he barely knows him. Chad remarks that the closest Johnny has come to running DiMera is sitting on his dad’s lap. Johnny assures that he’s going to prove himself. Chad says he better as he finishes his drink and exits. The Devil remarks that he can’t blame Chad for being cautious since he was just about to make a deal with the Devil.

EJ says he has no idea what Melinda is talking about. Melinda talks about EJ chloroforming a pregnant Sami and brought her to a warehouse where his brother Andre was waiting to extract stem cells from his unborn child. Melinda questions that slipping his memory. EJ invokes his rights under the fifth amendment which Melinda calls his first smart move and says there are no further questions. Belle decides to redirect. Belle says no matter what may or may not have happened in the past, they are talking about August 11. Belle asks if EJ ordered Sami be kidnapped on that date. Melinda argues that the question was already asked and answered. Belle says no further questions, so the judge allows EJ to step down. Belle tells EJ that she tried to tell him and declares that the defense rests. Judge Barnes announces they will move on to closing arguments.

Abigail can’t believe after all this time that Sarah would just show up out of the blue. Maggie can’t believe it either. Abigail asks if she’s okay. Maggie says she seems a bit distant but otherwise fine. Kate remarks that she’s glad breaking Rex’s heart isn’t weighing too heavily on her. Abigail asks if Sarah said anything about where she has been all this time. Maggie says she won’t tell her and she couldn’t press the issue because Xander showed up and wanted to talk to her alone. Abigail suggests she can get answers when she goes back, but Maggie is not sure she will still be there since “Sarah” told her that she is taking a flight out tonight and didn’t say where she was going. Maggie repeats that she’s very distant. Abigail finds it really odd. Maggie agrees but says she was just so relieved to see Sarah in the flesh, so she could stop worrying that anything awful had happened, but her visit did not put her completely at ease. Maggie states that “Sarah” just isn’t herself.

Xander argues that Sarah doesn’t know Gwen, so he questions how she could know she’s with him. “Sarah” claims that Maggie told her right before he came in and that they are very happy together and in love. “Sarah” asks Xander if that’s not true or if he’s not in love with Gwen. Xander responds that after what Sarah did to him, he didn’t think he could ever love anyone again and he didn’t want to, but then Gwen came along. Xander confirms that he loves her. “Sarah” tells him to go be with Gwen then and leave her the hell alone as she walks out of the mansion, leaving Xander disappointed. Xander looks sadly at a framed photo of Sarah on the mantle and flashes back to when he and Sarah got engaged.

Kate tells Abigail that the mystery is solved as nothing disastrous happened to Sarah other than seemingly turning in to a bitch. Kate offers Abigail a drink. Abigail agrees to a glass of wine so Kate goes to the bar. Abigail thinks back to Kate telling her about Kristen putting on a Kate mask to break up with Jake. Abigail then recalls Xander telling her about Kristen having all these masks to make her look like whoever she wants to be. Abigail thinks back to Maggie saying she saw Sarah in the flesh but that she wasn’t herself. Abigail then comes to a realization and rushes out of the Pub as Kate calls out to her, asking where she’s going.

Gabi goes to the DiMera Mansion and enters the living room, asking if anyone is home. Johnny comes in and calls this a surprise, noting that she looks beautiful. Johnny mentions that he just got done practicing fencing. Gabi notes that he’s sweating when it’s cold outside. Johnny calls it hot as Hell for him as he removes his shirt and asks Gabi what brings her by. Gabi says she thought he’d never ask.

Melinda tells EJ that his fate is in the judge’s hands now. Melinda thanks him for making her job so easy. EJ tells her to go to Hell. Melinda then exits the court room. EJ tells Belle that it was a disaster. Belle blames EJ and calls him an arrogant jerk. EJ thought if he was a surprise witness, Melinda wouldn’t have time to dig up dirt on him. Belle reminds EJ that Melinda has been after him for years. EJ says she’s made her point. EJ asks what his chances are. Belle says she tried to do as much damage control as she could. EJ thanks her for trying as he’s aware that he behaved idiotically and made her job more difficult. Belle says he still has one thing going for him as there really is no direct evidence of his guilt. EJ says there can’t be since he’s innocent. Melinda returns and announces they are about to find out if that’s true since the judge is going to rule from the bench. Belle didn’t expect the decision for weeks but Melinda reveals he’s apparently already reached a verdict. EJ asks Belle what she thinks this means. Belle informs him that a fast verdict usually favors the defendant. Chad walks in so EJ questions what the hell he’s doing here. Chad says he heard there was a verdict, so he decided he wanted to witness EJ’s downfall in person. EJ has no idea why Chad changed his testimony. Chad says he knows what he did but EJ assures he has no idea. Judge Barnes returns and announces he’s ready to deliver his verdict. He says he’s sure they are all surprised at how quickly he came to this decision, but after reviewing the testimony, it was clear. Judge Barnes announces he finds EJ guilty as charged. Belle requests that EJ get to remain in his home until sentencing. Melinda objects, arguing that EJ is a huge flight risk. Judge Barnes agrees and orders EJ to immediately report to a holding cell where he will await transfer to prison.

Gabi tells Johnny that she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about their conversation about having interests in common, so she wanted to talk to him about what their partnership might look like. Johnny responds that he’s been giving that a lot of thought and says he was thinking it might look something like this, as Johnny then grabs Gabi and kisses her.

Maggie returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Xander how it went with “Sarah”. Xander says she made it quite clear that she still hates him. Maggie asks if he at least understands what caused her change of heart. Xander says no and that she said the same thing she said a year ago. Xander doesn’t understand it as he was so sure that there was more to the story.

“Sarah” walks through the town square with her bags packed. Abigail stops her and says they need to talk. “Sarah” says she’s sorry but she’s going to miss her flight if she doesn’t leave now. Abigail asks her to answer one question as she then asks if she’s not really Sarah.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, January 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Noah admits to Nick that he has feelings for Tessa but he will never act on those feelings because he knows Mariah and Tessa are happy together.

Tessa surprises Mariah with a marriage proposal which Mariah happily accepts.

Chance finally tells Abby that he has been having a hard time dealing with the trauma of losing his team members during his last mission. Chance tells Abby about his nightmares and they both agree he needs professional help to deal with his trauma.

Abby is worried that if they give Devon weekly visits with Dominic. Chance asks Abby to give Devon weekly visits because if they go to court they will lose because he can’t lie under oath about his emotional state. Abby calls Devon and asks him to come over and talk to her and Chance again.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Lily has a successful first day as CEO of Chancellor Industries and she and Billy are excited to begin this new chapter in their careers.

Chelsea tells Adam that in order for her to keep working for the fashion platform of Newman Media the fashion platform must have a separate office space so she won’t have to see him every day.

Chance asks to meet with Devon alone to see if they could work out a compromise so they won’t have to go to court. Abby also arrives at Devon’s place to talk to him and is surprised to find Chance there. Devon asks Chance if he feels he can take care of Dominic and give him all the emotional support and stability he needs right now given all the trauma he went through during his last mission. Chance tells Devon that he doesn’t feel he can take care of Dominic right now an answer that comes as a shock to Abby.

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Days Update Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole decides to try getting rid of the conference table but she can’t move it. Rafe then appears and asks if she needs a hand as he questions what she is doing.

Kayla looks through Mother Superior’s desk to try and find a list of names staying there. Mother Superior then returns to the room and questions what she is doing.

Steve goes back to his hotel and calls Brady to inform him that Kayla is on the inside and he will keep him posted. Kristen then arrives and tells Steve that Kayla will be just fine. Kristen then pulls a gun on Steve and declares it’s time for his last rites. Kristen asks if he’s having deja vu. Kristen brings up Steve catching her off guard at Marlena’s months ago, so now she’s returning the favor.

Abigail tells Ned Granger that they have a few questions about a flight he took last March. Abigail shows him Sarah’s photo and asks if he remembers flying her out of Salem. Ned calls her a pretty girl and not a face you’d ever forget.

Gwen calls Ava and leaves a message, asking where she is because she needs her help since Abigail is not going to rest until she finds Sarah. Gwen worries that it’s only a matter of time before she loses Xander. Gwen tells Ava to call her back as there’s a knock at the door. Gwen then answers the door and is shocked to see Sarah.

Steve tells Kristen that it’s been awhile and asks how she’s been. Kristen warns him not to irritate her more than he already has. Kristen says instead of worrying about Kayla’s safety, he should really be more careful himself. Kristen remarks that Xander really wasted his money. Steve questions what Xander has to do with this. Kristen believes Xander hired him to find her but all anyone’s going to find is a dead, one-eyed priest. Steve clarifies that Xander did not hire him so it’s all one big misunderstanding.

Xander asks if Ned remembers Sarah but he says no. Abigail explains that this flight was last spring right before Ned abruptly quit his lucrative job at DiMera without even bothering to pick up his last check. Ned questions how she knew that. Xander notes that Abigail does seem to know a lot of information about this guy. Abigail responds that she is an investigative reporter and her husband happens to be the CEO of DiMera, so she’s just scratching the surface and hasn’t begun to dig deep but she can find out everything there is to know about this flight including who financed it and who profited. Xander calls that very impressive. Xander asks Ned again about Sarah. Ned asks for a beer so Xander calls to the waitress. Abigail asks Ned again if he recognizes Sarah. Ned admits that she does look a little familiar.

Gwen doesn’t understand how Sarah is there. She says she called the front desk and asked for Xander’s room number, then brings up Kristen stashing her on a desert island. “Sarah” then removes her mask, revealing that it was just Ava wearing a Sarah mask like Kristen had.

Mother Superior tells Kayla that if she was looking for something, all she had to do was ask. Kayla says she didn’t want to bother her and claims she was looking for a bible because she misplaced hers. Mother Superior points out that her bible is right in front of her. Kayla then slips up and mentions her husband which Mother Superior questions.

Kristen tells Steve not to lie to her. Steve assures that he’s not working for Xander, though he did try to hire him but not to find her, to find Sarah Horton. Steve says that’s unless that him finding Sarah would lead to Kristen.

Nicole tells Rafe that she’s trying to get the conference table out of here but she doesn’t think anyone can. Nicole explains that it reminds her of something she doesn’t want to remember which shouldn’t have happened. Rafe says he gets it. Nicole asks what Rafe is doing here.

Gwen questions what in the hell Ava is doing. Ava laughs and admits it was pretty mean but she couldn’t resist. Ava jokes about Gwen’s reaction and explains that it’s a Sarah mask that Kristen sent to her this morning. Gwen asks why she would do that. Ava tells her that Steve is looking for her, so she wanted to know if Ava sent him after her. Gwen still doesn’t understand why Kristen would send her that mask. Ava explains that she assured Kristen that she had nothing to do with Steve and that they don’t want her to be found. Ava adds that she admitted that Xander had gone to Steve and that she mentioned Gwen was freaking out about Sarah. Ava reveals that since they helped Kristen break out of jail, she decided to help them out. Gwen notes that Kristen doesn’t want Sarah found either. Ava tells Gwen that she thinks the Sarah mask is the answer to her prayers.

Xander asks Ned about recognizing Sarah and if she’s the person that he flew out of town on the DiMera jet. Ned supposes it’s possible. Abigail says no one has heard from her in a year, so she demands more information. Xander adds that Sarah is in big trouble so they have to help her. Xander asks if Ned flew Sarah or not. Ned then admits that he did.

Rafe tells Nicole that he doesn’t mean to bother her, but something has come up at work. Nicole questions him wanting to talk to her about police business and suggests he should be talking to another cop. Rafe explains that it actually involves her which she questions. Rafe informs her that the other day, Melinda came to him with two different files with the exact same complaint that he planted evidence to make an arrest so he thinks there’s more than a good chance that someone put them up to it. Nicole tells Rafe that she would never do that to him. Rafe clarifies that he never said it was her. Nicole questions it having to do with her then. Rafe then reveals that he thinks it was Ava because of them.

Gwen calls the Sarah mask a bit creepy and asks how it’s supposed to be the answer to her prayers. Ava informs her that Kristen put a note with the mask with some pretty intense threats about what would happen to them if she was found but says that’s just Kristen being Kristen. Ava adds that Kristen sent the mask so Gwen could get Xander to stop looking for Sarah. Ava instructs Gwen to put the mask on and become Sarah to tell Xander that she wants nothing to do with him and that he needs to stop looking for her, then problem solved and Xander will never want to see Sarah again.

Abigail questions Ned about Sarah hiring him to fly her on a DiMera Jet. Ned confirms that she approached him at the hangar about a freelance gig and said she needed someone to fly her out of Salem. Ned says he agreed to do it for the right price and she definitely had the money. Ned mentions the size of the suitcase she had. Xander cuts him off and asks where he took her. Ned responds that he can’t tell him that because it’s part of the deal. Ned says he didn’t have to tell that he flew her in the first place, but he did because they said she might be in danger. Xander complains that if he doesn’t tell them where she is, they can’t help her. Ned says he’s sorry that he can’t be more forthcoming. Ned then tells them to cough up some cash if they want to know where he took Sarah.

Kristen argues that if Steve was looking for Sarah, there’s no way it would lead him to her. Steve remarks that all roads lead to Rome and in the past, a lot of disappearances have led to Kristen. Kristen tells him to use his head as Sarah went through Hell and still gave her baby back to her so they are almost like sisters. Kristen asks why she would want Sarah to disappear. Steve says God only knows why she does anything. Kristen reminds him that she has a gun. Steve says they have cleared up that he’s not working for Xander and he’s not looking for her, so he asks her to put the gun down. Kristen still wants answers as to why Steve is here if he’s not working for Xander. Kristen thinks Steve came to flush her out of the convent, which she calls her spiritual home. Steve brings up Kristen facing prison time. Kristen again reminds him of her gun. Kristen questions who paid him to come after her. Steve then reveals it was Brady. Kristen questions why in the name of God he would do that. Steve explains that Brady wants to know if she’s the one who framed him for Philip’s disappearance.

Mother Superior reminds Kayla that nuns can’t have husbands. Kayla tries to cover and claims she is a bride of Christ so Jesus is her husband. Mother Superior tells her to take the bible but questions how she is going to read it since she couldn’t see it right in front of her. Kayla claims that she doesn’t need to read it, but just finds comfort in it’s physical presence. Mother Superior guesses that she must have the important passages memorized and then asks Kayla to recite one for her. Kayla says she’d be happy to but she’s not sure she has them verbatim and she doesn’t want to improvise the word of God. Mother Superior says it’s all in translation and tells Kayla to give it her best shot. She then suggests a specific bible verse for Kayla to recite.

Kristen questions Steve telling her that someone made it look like Brady killed Philip. Kristen questions why she would do something like that to Brady when he’s Rachel’s father. Steve brings up Brady choosing Chloe over her and says her plans tend to be serpentine. Kristen says they are always in her best interest while there’s no way she would ever send Brady to prison for murder when she loves him. Steve asks if she doesn’t want to get back at Brady and Chloe. Kristen admits it bothered her that Chloe once again had her talons in Brady and she wouldn’t have thought twice about framing Chloe, but he doesn’t know her at all if he thinks she would ever send Brady to prison. Kristen assures that she did not kill Philip. Steve says alright then no harm, no foul and he will report back to Brady that this was a dead end and they are even. Steve apologizes for the misunderstanding but Kristen says it’s a little late for that.

Nicole thinks Rafe is being a little paranoid in thinking that Ava is setting him up when they both know how much she loves him. Rafe brings up how it turned out when Ava loved Steve too. Nicole asks if there’s something he’s not telling her. Rafe says he just has a weird feeling that something is off. Nicole thinks framing him would be more than just off. Rafe talks about Ava having the underworld connections to make it happen. Rafe adds that he had the same feeling when he thought Ava decapitated Duke. Nicole argues that makes no sense but Rafe says that’s unless she knows what they did on the conference table.

Ava asks if Gwen is just going to stare at the Sarah mask. Gwen is stunned by the likeness. Ava agrees that it’s impressive and brings up the idea that a mask could be made of anyone of their faces. Ava wishes she could get a Nicole mask to tell Rafe to go to Hell. Gwen questions what she is supposed to do with the Sarah mask. Ava tells her to wear it. Gwen asks if she’s just supposed to breathe normally. Ava assures there was no issues at all. Ava asks if Gwen wants Xander to leave her for Sarah. Ava tells her not to worry about it if she doesn’t think she can pull it off. Gwen says she’s just lacking confidence and asks if Ava really thinks she can fool Xander. Ava says there’s only one way to find out and instructs Gwen to put the mask on as she questions what she is waiting for.

Xander instructs Abigail to pay Ned since she has money and he doesn’t. Abigail responds that she can’t since she’s a journalist for the Spectator so it’s unethical to pay a source for information. Xander tells her not to run the story then. Xander questions if she cares more about selling papers or finding her cousin.

Steve tells Kristen that it’s not too late and he can just tell Brady that she had nothing to do with this. Kristen reminds him that she’s still a wanted woman who broke out of prison. Kristen asks if Steve is just going to go back to Salem, knowing her location, and calls him dumber than she thought.

Kayla successfully recites the passage of Deuteronomy, which impresses Mother Superior. She says that she just came back for her rosary and remembers to lock her drawer this time.

Nicole questions Rafe thinking that Ava knows they slept together. Rafe says it crossed his mind. Nicole argues that if Ava found out, she would’ve been in his face as she doesn’t sit on her feelings. Rafe agrees and says that she was completely shocked and behind him about the case against him. Rafe asks Nicole if Ava has been acting strange and brings up how Ava keeps telling him to invite Nicole over for dinner. Rafe asks if Ava has done anything weird or out of the ordinary. Nicole says no but then says now that he mentions it…

Gwen puts on the Sarah mask. Ava fixes it for her so that Gwen also sounds exactly like Sarah. Ava says that Xander will be completely taken in. Gwen remains unsure. Ava points out that she fooled her. Gwen points out that she doesn’t know Sarah while Xander knows everything about her. Ava remarks that Rex did too and Kristen fooled them both. Gwen argues that Kristen knows Sarah while she’s flying blind and doesn’t think she can fool anyone. Ava suggests she take a test run.

Abigail argues that this is not about selling papers as she can’t give a source money either way. Xander asks if she’s going to let their only lead slip through their fingers. Abigail is unsure how reliable this lead is and repeats that it’s not about ethics. Abigail worries that it could totally compromise the Spectator when her parents left her in charge of the paper, so she doesn’t want to run it in to the ground after only a few weeks. Xander notes that he doesn’t have the money but insists that he will get it. Xander instructs Abigail to keep Ned there as he exits the Pub.

Gwen as “Sarah” goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and shocks Maggie. Maggie hugs her and says she can’t believe it’s her.

Steve tells Kristen that if she thinks he’ll tell everyone where she is, she can just move on and find a convent in Mongolia or somewhere. Steve argues that she can hide out anywhere and swears that he won’t follow her. Steve mentions having zip ties in the drawer and opens it up but Kristen reveals that she had already stolen his gun from that drawer. Kristen remarks that he’s very predictable for a private investigator. Kristen declares that it’s time for her easy fix as she holds both guns on Steve.

Rafe asks Nicole if Ava said something to her. Nicole says it’s just like he was saying as she just got this weird feeling the other day in the town square as she saw Rafe and Ava hugging. Rafe notes that he didn’t see her. Nicole thinks Ava saw her and smiled at her but it wasn’t a friendly smile, but more like she was in on a secret. Nicole admits she felt very unsettled afterwards. Ava then arrives, asking if Nicole is busy and then sees Rafe and says what a surprise. Rafe responds that he was just talking about her. Ava says this is great as now she doesn’t have to track him down too.

Maggie tells “Sarah” what a relief it is to see her. “Sarah” apologizes for worrying her. Maggie questions the radio silence as they thought she was with Rex and then he showed up and said she hadn’t left town with him. Maggie says she’s been calling ever since for weeks and now her phone is disconnected. “Sarah” claims that she can explain, so Maggie says she’s listening.

Rafe asks Ava what she means by tracking them down. Ava responds that what she has to say concerns the three of them and complains that Rafe and Nicole aren’t answering their phones or returning calls, so she has to track them down to talk to them face to face. Ava adds that she was just there to invite Nicole over for dinner and she knew she’d have to tie her down to get her to agree. Ava knows Nicole is so busy and says she gets that from Rafe all the time too. Ava declares no more arguments, the three of them are having dinner together at Rafe’s house tonight. Nicole tries to speak but Ava says she’s not listening to any more excuses from either of them. Ava tells them to make it happen or they will incur the wrath of Ava Vitali. Ava argues that they have been moping around like two sad sacks, so it’s time they have some fun.

Mother Superior hands Kayla her bible and says she will see her at dinner, where she can lead the evening prayers. After Mother Superior exits, Kayla shuts the door and pulls out her phone to text Steve that she just had a close call and that she’s still looking for Kristen. Kayla gets a text back from Steve, saying all is good on his end.

Kristen has Steve’s phone and is wearing his eye patch as she texts Kayla. Kristen then looks down at Steve unconscious on the floor while the two guns lay nearby.

Abigail tells Ned that he could make this a lot easier if he just told them where he took Sarah. Ned says that would be easier for her. Ned decides he’ll be back in an hour as he’s going to stretch his legs and jokes about all the money he’s going to earn as he exits the Pub.

“Sarah” tells Maggie that she’s sorry for not being completely honest with her and that she would’ve told her everything if it wasn’t for Xander which Maggie questions. “Sarah” says Xander didn’t give her a choice and wouldn’t believe her breaking off the engagement. Maggie complains that she called off the wedding at the last possible moment. “Sarah” says she wanted Xander out of her life and had to make sure he wouldn’t try to follow her. Maggie questions why she was that desperate to get away from Xander. “Sarah” doesn’t want to get into it right now but says if she never sees Xander again, it would be too soon. Xander then enters the room and is shocked to see “Sarah”.

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Days Update Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gwen and Xander lay in bed after having sex. Xander asks if now she’s finally convinced that he’s over Sarah and totally committed to her. Gwen responds that she might need more convincing. Xander says he’ll do whatever it takes but suggests they shower first. Gwen tells him to go start it so he heads to the bathroom. While Xander turns the shower on, Gwen falls asleep. Gwen has a nightmare about Sarah Horton showing up at her and Xander’s hotel room.

Brady has a nightmare about Kristen showing up at his door.

Kayla dreams of her and Steve kissing in the convent, dressed as nun and priest.

Nicole has a dream about having sex with Rafe on the Basic Black conference table again.

Ava has a nightmare about a life-sized version of Duke the teddy bear confronting her and threatening to kill her with scissors like she did to him.

Kayla wakes up from her nap and calls out to Steve, who assures he’s right there and asks about her nap. Kayla responds that she just had an intense dream.

Nicole wakes up from her dream on the couch at home.

Ava wakes from her nightmare in a panic, only to see Rafe standing in the doorway. Rafe asks if she’s okay.

Brady wakes up from his nightmare in a panic just as Kristen was going to stab him with a knife.

Gwen wakes up from her nightmare about Sarah reuniting with Xander and she’s in a panic. Xander comes out from the shower and asks her what’s wrong. Xander asks what in the world is going on as Gwen tells him that she had another nasty nightmare. Xander points out that she called out his name. Gwen says that’s because he’s the only person in the world who knows how to make her feel better. Gwen calls him her hero. Xander says it must have been a really scary dream. Gwen confirms that it was. Xander can’t imagine what would scare her and asks what the dream was about. Gwen claims not to remember the details and doesn’t feel like revisiting it. Xander asks what he can do to help make the dream go away. Gwen suggests he make love to her so they kiss until there’s a knock at the door. Gwen tells Xander not to answer it because they have everything they need. Xander doesn’t think they will go away. Gwen decides she will answer it then. Gwen gets up to answer the door as she did in her nightmare, but is surprised to see Abigail.

Nicole goes to work at Basic Black. Brady arrives behind her and calls out to her three times until she turns around. Nicole guesses she didn’t hear him. Brady asks if she was focused on the marketing reports. Nicole admits she was thinking about something else. Brady guesses it was important but Nicole says not really and that it doesn’t matter. Brady notes she seems flushed and asks if she was thinking about the time that she and Rafe had sex on the conference table.

Ava tells Rafe that she’s sorry as she just had a bad dream. Rafe notes that it must have been a rough one and says she was growling like a lion when he came in and now she’s still clutching a nail file. Ava mentions not hearing him leave this morning. Rafe says she was sound asleep so he decided to go to the bakery and bring her a coffee. Ava asks why he was up so early this morning. Rafe says he couldn’t sleep. Ava jokingly asks if he had a guilty conscience, then asks what he could possibly have to feel guilty about.

Kayla asks Steve if there’s anything to report about Kristen. Steve informs her that Mother Superior called and it turns out there is room for her at the convent. Steve suggests she get dressed in her nun’s habit. Kayla hesitates with that, so Steve asks if something is wrong. Kayla says she just needs a minute.

Kristen goes to see Mother Superior, who informs her that they have decided to take in “Sister Mary Elizabeth”. Kristen acts thrilled about that and calls it blessed news. Mother Superior asks Kristen to help her prepare for her arrival which Kristen claims would be her pleasure.

Nicole claims not to know what Brady is talking about. Brady says he’s not being judgmental and is just asking as a friend. Nicole remarks that it seems her other friend has loose lips. Brady tells her not to be mad at Chloe as she didn’t mean to let it slip out. Nicole complains that she swore her to secrecy. Brady says he pryed it out of her and apologizes. Nicole says it’s fine as it’s really Marlena’s fault anyways from when the Devil was in her, since she brought Deimos back from the dead to terrorize her. Brady says that’s not where he thought the story was going. Nicole asks if he thinks she’s crazy. Brady says no and that after Marlena was possessed by the Devil twice, there’s pretty much nothing he won’t believe. Brady is sure that she must have been terrified. Nicole thought she was losing her mind, so she called Rafe and he came over to make her feel safe. Brady understands that Rafe comforted her. Nicole says it started out that way, but the next thing she knew, they were on the conference table and tearing off each others’ clothes and he knows the rest.

Rafe informs Ava that she’s not the only one who has accused him of having something weighing on his conscience since Melinda and internal affairs have launched an investigation in to his policing practicies. Ava calls that crazy and asks what they could possibly suspect him of. Rafe reveals that one perp has accused him of planting evidence. Ava says they are obviously lying. Rafe says of course, but there’s a second accusation claiming that he framed him. Ava asks why this would all be coming up now at the same time and if he thinks it’s a coincidence. Rafe calls that unlikely so either these guys got together to make him look like a bad cop or someone put them up to it. Ava wonders who would hate him so much to go through all the trouble to ruin his life.

Gwen asks Abigail what she wants. Abigail says it’s nice to see her too. Gwen asks her again so Abigail says she’s there to speak with Xander. Gwen tells her that Xander is busy so she can come back tomorrow. Xander asks Abigail if she found something. Abigail confirms that she did and declares that she has tracked down their missing person. Gwen questions if she found Sarah. Abigail comes in and says not yet, but she did find Ned Granger, the pilot who flew a private jet the day that Sarah disappeared. Gwen tells Xander that Sarah didn’t disappear, she left, so she sees no crime. Abigail says they will see what Ned says as she is meeting him at the Pub in 30 minutes so she can show him Sarah’s picture. Gwen thinks it’s a waste of time but Xander decides he’s going with her. Xander declares that he wants to speak to the pilot himself to make sure that he’s telling the truth. Xander goes to get dressed. Gwen accuses Abigail of really enjoying this as she knows exactly what she’s doing. Gwen thinks Abigail wants Xander to find Sarah so that he will leave her.

Rafe tells Ava that he has some ideas about who might be setting him up. Ava questions if he thinks she did this to him. Rafe asks why she would say that. Ava brings up how he accused her of mutilating the teddy bear. Rafe apologizes for that and says he believes she didn’t do that. Ava doesn’t know why she would have any reason to be upset with him or Nicole when they are the ones she trusts most in the world…

Nicole tells Brady that Rafe and Ava are together and she accepts that, so what happened with her and Rafe was a one time thing. Brady tells her that she doesn’t have to explain it to him. Nicole just wants him to understand that she never meant for it to happen and it won’t ever happen again as they agreed to keep their distance. Brady asks if that’s what she wants or if she wants to be with Rafe. Nicole says no and then yes but admits she doesn’t know. Nicole feels like she’s going crazy. Brady apologizes as he can see she’s struggling with this. Nicole asks what is wrong with her as she can’t stop thinking about it. Nicole tells him that she had a dream this morning about Rafe. Brady understands that it’s hard to let go sometimes. Brady then reveals that this morning, he had a dream about Kristen.

Kayla gets dressed in her nun’s habit and tells herself no more impure thoughts as she has a job to do. Steve comes out of the bathroom with his priest collar on, startling Kayla. Steve apologizes and asks if she’s okay. Kayla claims she’s fine. Steve asks if she’s having doubts about doing this. Kayla says she’s not. Steve then reveals that he is, because Kristen may be hiding in the convent but some habits are hard to break. Steve worries that Kristen could still be dangerous. Steve tells Kayla that this is what he does as he’s trained for this kind of thing while she is not. Steve doesn’t doubt her bravery or her talents as he knows what she’s capable of, but he also knows what Kristen is capable of. Kayla reminds him that she locked horns with the Devil himself. Kayla says after being that close to evil, she’s not afraid of anybody on the planet, even Kristen DiMera. Steve decides if they are going to do this, she has to promise to look for evidence that Kristen is there but she won’t look for her. Kayla asks what if she runs across Kristen. Steve orders her not to approach or confront her and get out of there as fast as she can, preferably without Kristen seeing her. Kayla gives him her word.

Kristen tells Mother Superior that everything is prepared for the arrival of their guest. Kristen promises to move mountains to accomodate their new sister. After Mother Superior leaves the room, Kristen opens her bible, revealing that she has a gun hidden inside.

Ava can’t imagine how upsetting this must be for Rafe since his reputation is at stake. Rafe assures that he will clear his name. Ava tells him that no matter what happens, she will always believe in him. Rafe thanks her. Ava points out that he believed in her, when everyone else questioned her character and saw her as a criminal. Ava says that Rafe moved her in to his house and made her feel loved. Ava adds that nothing is more important to her than loyalty. Rafe feels the same as they kiss onto the bed.

Nicole questions Brady having a dream about Kristen. Brady assures that it was not a sex dream and calls it a nightmare. Nicole calls Kristen a nightmare in real life. Brady responds that she’s always been his nightmare. Nicole questions if Brady is thinking about her again after everything she has done. Brady points out that Kristen is Rachel’s mother so he’s always going to love her, but assures that he’s never going back to her as those days are over. Brady believes Kristen had him framed for Philip’s murder so that’s a dealbreaker. Brady adds that he has Steve looking for Kristen in hopes that they can get the truth about what happened to Philip. Nicole wishes Kristen would be gone forever but she would like to see her brought to justice for what she’s done to everyone in town. Nicole asks if Steve has had any luck tracking her down. Brady informs her that Steve is in Italy with a lead but so far, he has not found Kristen.

Kayla and Steve go to thank Mother Superior to thank her for letting Kayla as “Sister Mary Elizabeth” stay at the convent.

Abigail tells Gwen to take it easy as her helping Xander find Sarah has nothing to do with her. Gwen doesn’t believe her. Abigail tells her to believe what she wants as she’s doing it for Maggie, who asked her to help. Abigail believes there is a story here. Gwen mocks her journalistic integrity and calls it a conspiracy theory. Gwen asks if Abigail thinks Sarah was just taken from Salem. Abigail asks what if she was. Gwen insists that she wasn’t as Sarah walked out on Rex and Xander while now Xander has moved on, but Abigail is dragging him back in and getting him all worked up. Abigail is sorry if it’s upsetting for her but it happens that the circumstances of Sarah’s disappearance have left people with a lot of questions. Abigail says if Gwen is so sure that Sarah left on her own, then it shouldn’t matter if she finds her. Abigail asks if Gwen has a reason to doubt that. Gwen assures that Xander loves her and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop that. Abigail says she has no interest in changing that. Gwen tells her to be honest. Gwen doesn’t believe Abigail is over her sleeping with Chad. Abigail says her and Chad are fine. Gwen says they are not and argues that Abigail never really accepted her apology and now just wants to get back at her. Abigail calls her paranoid. Gwen remarks that unlike Abigail, she wasn’t handed everything in life and had to work for everything she had. Abigail assures her that no one is trying to take anything from her. Abigail says they are just trying to find Sarah. Gwen thinks if Sarah wanted to be found, she would’ve just turned up by now. Abigail notes that’s assuming she’s able to. Gwen says now she sounds paranoid. Gwen asks why she can’t let Sarah be and let her have a tiny bit of happiness for the first time in her life. Xander comes back from the bathroom and asks if everything is okay. Gwen claims they are and tells Xander that after he’s done, they can continue what they started before being rudely interrupted by her sister. Xander agrees and kisses her. Gwen tells Abigail it was nice to see her. Abigail and Xander then exit.

Mother Superior tells Steve that it’s time for him to leave since “Sister Mary Elizabeth” will be staying at the convent. Steve thanks her for all of her help. Kayla promises to be safe. Mother Superior then walks Steve out.

Brady tells Nicole that he’s accepted that he’s going to keep having nightmares about Kristen until Steve finds her. Nicole hopes he finds Philip too. Brady doesn’t see Nicole not having dreams about Rafe anytime soon. Nicole says she’s having trouble falling asleep anyways so there’s no escaping. Brady advises her to come to terms with how she’s feeling about Rafe. Nicole brings up that she tried to move on with EJ but acknowledges that was a big mistake that she won’t make again. Brady asks if she’s sure she can’t just be with Rafe. Nicole says she cares about Rafe and Ava, so she’s not going to come between what they have and she’ll just have to find a way to get him out of her head.

Rafe gets dressed after having sex with Ava and jokes that she’s making it really hard to have to go to work. Rafe mentions a package came for her and it’s on the kitchen table. Ava kisses Rafe more and jokes that she doesn’t want him to go but Rafe says he really has to. Ava says she understands. Ava adds that she knows Rafe will find out who is trying to hurt him because the truth always has a way of coming out. Rafe agrees as he exits the room.

After Brady leaves, Nicole tries to go back to work but thinks about having sex with Rafe again. Nicole decides to try getting rid of the conference table but she can’t move it. Rafe then appears and asks if she needs a hand.

Kayla looks through Mother Superior’s desk to try and find a list of names staying there. Mother Superior then returns to the room.

Steve goes back to his hotel and calls Brady to inform him that Kayla is on the inside and he will keep him posted. Kristen then arrives and tells Steve that Kayla will be just fine. Kristen then pulls a gun on Steve and declares it’s time for his last rites.

Abigail and Xander sit together at the Brady Pub. Abigail asks if he’s sorry he couldn’t hire Steve to find Sarah. Xander admits Steve was his first choice, but so far he’s very impressed with Abigail and jokes that it hasn’t cost him anything. Ned Granger then arrives and meets them. Ned asks what this is all about. Abigail says they have a few questions about a flight he took last March. Abigail shows him Sarah’s photo and asks if he remembers flying her out of Salem.

Gwen calls Ava and leaves a message, asking where she is because she needs her help since Abigail is not going to rest until she finds Sarah. Gwen worries that it’s only a matter of time before she loses Xander. Gwen tells Ava to call her back as there’s a knock at the door. Gwen then answers the door to see Sarah.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Noah accepts Nick’s job offer to work with him at New Hope which makes Sharon happy because he will stay in town longer but Sharon worries that Noah has feelings for Tessa.

Ashland and Nikki disagree about a new hire but Victoria is able to reach a compromise and offers Ashland a friend as a consultant.

Chance admits to Abby that he loves Dominic but he still doesn’t feel a strong connection to Dominic. Chance thinks that they should give Devon shared custody of Dominic. Mariah asks Devon to try and reach a compromise with Chance and Abby because if he takes Chance and Abby to court a lot of people will be hurt.

Summer calls Phyllis to offer her a job at Marquetti.

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Days Update Monday, January 17, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Chloe’s mom Nancy enters the Brady Pub, surprising Chloe, and questions why Chloe hasn’t been returning her calls when she needed to talk to her. Chloe apologizes and says she didn’t feel like talking about Philip because there’s no news and it just upsets her.  Nancy reveals that this is not about Philip but about her father, as she thinks he’s having an affair. Chloe doesn’t understand as her mom repeats that Chloe’s father is cheating on her with another woman.

Lucas and Kate go to the court. Lucas worries about sounding rehearsed. Kate reminds him that he’s not on trial here. Lucas remarks that he might be by the end of the day if he knew Chad was changing his story. Lucas asks if Kate tried to talk Chad out of it. Kate tells him not to put this on her as he could’ve thought twice before kidnapping Sami. Lucas tells her not to judge him as he has enough problems. Kate assures that she made Chad swear that he wouldn’t implicate Lucas in the frame up. Melinda then walks over and questions hearing someone say frame up.

Abigail questions what the hell “EJ” is talking about. He says he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the moment he came back to Salem. Abigail tells him that’s insane and to get away from her. He knows she’s married to his brother and he’s tried hard to push his feelings aside but it’s impossible. Abigail asks if this is a sick joke since he has a wife that he’s obsessed with and was with Nicole. He claims he’s been using them to get Abigail out of his head but it didn’t work. Abigail tells him to go get help. He claims he’s desperate to get close to her which is why he wanted to do Johnny’s movie. He says he’s longed to ravage her and now they are alone, so there’s no time like the present. Devil EJ then approaches Abigail.

In the courtroom, EJ asks Belle what exactly Chad said to her when she ran in to him. Belle says it was just that they would be pleased with the outcome of his testimony. EJ points out that Chad is the lead witness against him and if he gets acquitted, Chad has to relinquish sole control of the company. Belle says both those things are true. EJ questions Belle thinking Chad is on his side when he used up trumped up evidence to get him ousted from DiMera. Belle suggests Chad realizes he took things too far since he’s still his brother. Belle states that despite all the bad blood, she thinks Chad will come through for him today…

The Devil as “EJ” grabs Abigail and kisses her right as Chad walks in to the room and sees them. Chad questions what the hell he’s doing as Abigail pushes “EJ” off of her, slaps him, and calls him a filthy pig. Chad grabs “EJ” as he laughs.

Kate questions Melinda having a warrant to eavesdrop on their conversation. Melinda says they were talking freely in the hallway about a frame up. Kate says they were discussing EJ insisting that he was framed. Kate calls it baseless and the act of a desperate man. Melinda agrees and hopes that Lucas will help put EJ away for a very long time. Lucas confirms that’s the plan. Melinda wishes Sami was with him to testify as it would be more convincing than her deposition. Lucas remarks that they can’t blame her for not wanting to be in the same room as her kidnapper.

EJ appreciates Belle’s optimism but questions if Chad would really tell the truth on the witness stand when he could go to jail if he admits to framing him. Belle points out that Chad was about to drop a big bombshell before his coughing fit. Belle says she’s known Chad a long time and thinks he’s a fundamentally good guy. EJ asks if she’s implying that he’s not. Belle says that if EJ is innocent and Chad knows it, she thinks he’d have a really hard time lying on the stand.

Abigail holds Chad back as Chad questions what “EJ” thinks he’s doing by kissing his wife against her will. “EJ” asks who said it was against her will. Abigail calls it an attack. Chad says if “EJ” wants to come against him, he can leave Abigail out of it. “EJ” says not everything is about Chad as he could be going away for a lot of years and he didn’t want to do that without feeling Abigail’s lips against his one last time. Abigail tells Chad that he’s not worth it. “EJ” says he’ll see them in court and thanks Abigail for the kiss, saying he’ll always treasure the memory. Devil EJ then exits the room as Abigail holds Chad back. The Devil transforms back in to Johnny as he appears in the hallway where Lucas, Kate, and Melinda are talking. The Devil says to himself that he just got Chad back on board and now he’ll be dying to send EJ to jail for a very long time.

Chloe’s mom sits with Chloe and Brady at the Pub. Brady asks why she thinks Craig is having an affair. She responds that he’s been staying late at the hospital for months. Chloe argues that he’s been doing that for as long as she can remember. Nancy says not three times a week and talks about how she worried he was bored with her. Nancy then reveals that when Craig returned from a medical conference in Dallas, she found condoms in his briefcase. Chloe asks if she confronted him about it. She confirms that she did and he was so angry about her snooping, but he claimed they were giving away condoms at the safe sex seminar. Brady supposes that is possible. Nancy says she just doesn’t know. Nancy asks if Chloe has noticed her father behaving differently lately or if he’s said anything to her. Chloe says she hasn’t really talked to him in a few weeks. Nancy says that’s not right, especially with all she’s going through with Philip. Chloe asks if she’s talked to Joy about this. Nancy says no and she doesn’t want her to know as grad school is hard enough while Parker is in boarding school so he has no idea. Chloe says she won’t say anything to them but she finds this hard to believe since her parents have always had the best marriage she’s ever seen. Nancy says she used to think so, but now she doesn’t know. Brady asks if she has any other reason to suspect him. Nancy admits she logged on to his credit card account to look for suspicious purchases and found $500 restaurant bills. Chloe asks where he is now. She informs her that he’s in Dallas at another conference. Nancy laments that she should’ve confronted him again before he got on the plane and then decides she’s going to go do it now. Chloe questions her flying to Texas. Nancy declares she has to know the truth. Nancy cries that she will let them know how it goes. Brady stops her and says he thinks she’d be making a big mistake.

Melinda tells Lucas that the judge should be calling them back in any minute, so once she’s done with Chad, he will be her next witness. Melinda asks if he’s ready. Lucas says he is but Melinda worries that he seems nervous. Melinda asks if she can count on him to stay cool up there. Lucas insists he’ll be fine which Kate backs up as Melinda then heads back in to the courtroom. Lucas tells Kate that he saw the way she looked at him and assures he would never hurt Sami. Johnny comes over and asks if they are talking about his mother. Kate questions where he came from. Johnny responds that he may have been there all along. Johnny remarks that he hopes Lucas is taking good care of Sami. Kate says in her experience, Sami doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. Johnny talks about Sami being kidnapped and finding out it was someone she loved. Johnny adds that EJ says he’s innocent and he believes him. Johnny remarks that he’s relieved to know Sami is safe and that she has Lucas looking out for her as he then heads in to the courtroom.

In the town square, Gabi and Jake talk about EJ signing over his shares to Johnny. Gabi points out that Johnny had never been interested in DiMera. Jake brings up Johnny’s film not getting made, so he has to have a plan B. Gabi acknowledges that Johnny is EJ’s son. Gabi says it doesn’t make sense for EJ to just give up. Jake suggests EJ may figure he’s going away for sure. Gabi talks about how EJ could try to control Johnny from behind bars and continue pulling the strings. Jake informs Gabi that according to the legal department, this whole thing was Johnny’s idea.

Johnny enters the courtroom and greets EJ. EJ says he was wondering where he went to. Johnny claims he suddenly got thirsty and wanted to take care of it before the trial resumed.

Chad asks Abigail if she’s okay. Abigail says she’s fine, just rattled. Abigail doesn’t get why EJ would come onto her out of the blue since he’s been obsessed with Sami. Abigail points out that EJ’s future is in Chad’s hands and questions why he would attack her when Chad is getting ready to take the stand. Chad says he doesn’t know or care as long as he’s gone. Chad declares that prison is too good for that son of a bitch.

Brady tells Nancy that before she goes off and does something she might regret, he wants to share something that happened between he and Chloe recently. Brady explains to Nancy that before Philip disappeared, he was convinced that Chloe was cheating on him. Brady talks about how Philip wouldn’t believe they weren’t having an affair and then followed them on a business trip and burst in to their motel room but it was completely innocent. Chloe talks about Philip not believing her and his jealousy getting so out of hand that she had to take a step back from him. Nancy questions if she’s saying he’s being irrationally jealous. Brady suggests she be absolutely certain because things aren’t always what they appear.

Gabi tells Jake that Johnny is probably doing it to help EJ out, so he’ll vote whatever way EJ tells him. Jake says maybe, but last time they held a vote at DiMera, Johnny was too young to vote and now he’s old enough. Jake calls that pretty heavy. Gabi asks if he thinks Johnny is trying to make a play of his own. Jake points out that Johnny’s shares combined with EJ’s shares is a powerful voting block that could do a lot of damage. Gabi worries that it could also stop their plan in it’s tracks. Jake says if Johnny is really EJ’s mini-me then he’s all ambition which means he could be corruptible and an excellent ally for their cause.

Judge Barnes resumes the trial. An angry Chad returns to the courtroom with Abigail. Chad glares at EJ. EJ asks Belle what that’s about. Belle tells him to tell her. The judge asks Chad if he feels better which he confirms. He reminds Chad that he’s under oath and tells him to try not to choke this time. Chad then returns to the stand. Judge Barnes brings up that Chad was sharing details of how EJ’s financial transactions came to light. Chad now says that a few days before the kidnapping, a transaction was made from a private DiMera account that only three executives have access too which are himself, Kate, and EJ. Chad declares there is no doubt in his mind that EJ is guilty as sin, so he suggests locking him up and throwing away the key. Belle stands up and starts to bring up what Chad had just said to her, but Melinda interrupts to question Belle having an outside conversation with her witness, so Belle sits down. Judge Barnes allows Chad to step down and calls for another recess before the next witness is called. Johnny confronts Chad and says he probably just sent his dad to prison for a decade and questions how he can call himself a DiMera as he calls him a traitor. Chad tells Johnny to ask EJ after what he did to his wife. EJ questions what the hell he’s talking about.

Chloe assures her mom that her dad loves her and they have a great connection. Chloe thinks Brady is right that it would be a mistake to go confront him if she’s not even sure there’s a problem. Nancy gets what she’s saying and apologizes as she knows she’s just being protective of her father. Nancy says she shouldn’t have gotten her involved in this. Chloe understands she needed someone to talk to. Nancy thanks her but insists that she shouldn’t have dumped this on her with everything she has going on with Philip. Chloe assures that she’s fine. Nancy tells her that no matter what, she’s still there for her, and obviously Brady is too. Brady questions why she said it like she was accusing them of something. Nancy claims she wasn’t. Chloe tells her to just say it. Nancy brings up that they both said they told Philip that nothing was going on between them, but she can’t help wondering if it’s just a matter of time before they get together again.

Chad yells at EJ not to play innocent and says he knows what he did. EJ asks what this is about. Chad tells Abigail they are going. Chad tells EJ that they’ll see him in ten years or never. Chad then storms out with Abigail. EJ questions what the hell that was. Johnny guesses Chad just wanted EJ out of the way like he always has. EJ feels that Chad acted like he did something awful to him or Abigail recently. Johnny argues that Chad has always painted EJ as the villain so he could play the good guy. Johnny says it’s a good thing EJ signed his shares over to him, so he can protect the company. Johnny adds that he should get the documents to the DiMera lawyers to finalize the power of attorney transfer. EJ and Belle question Johnny leaving and what the hurry is. Johnny claims the sooner they make it official, the less damage Chad can do since this hearing just proved they can’t trust him. Johnny then exits. Belle tells EJ that she’s so sorry for getting his hopes up about Chad’s testimony as she doesn’t understand what happened since she really thought Chad was going to exonerate him. Lucas remarks to Kate that so much for Chad clearing EJ’s name. Kate states that Chad obviously changed his mind but wonders why. Lucas says he won’t complain about it, but now that it’s over, Kate can go which she questions. Lucas says Melinda is calling him to the stand next, so he doesn’t want Kate staring at him while he’s testifying. Kate guesses he doesn’t want her watching as he lies up there. Kate says that’s fine as she mostly came to support Chad anyway. Kate tells Lucas that she loves him no matter how much he messes up. Kate wishes Lucas luck and tells him not to leave town without telling her first. Kate then exits as Judge Barnes resumes the hearing. Melinda calls Lucas to the stand. Johnny listens from outside the door as Lucas swears in to tell the truth.

Chloe and Brady assure Nancy that there is nothing going on between them and they are just good friends. Chloe adds that they are co-workers so they spend a lot of time together. Nancy asks if they are not living together then. Chloe confirms that and asks why she would ask that. Nancy explains that if she leaves her father, she’s going to need a place to stay, so she asks if she can crash at Chloe’s place. Chloe says they will take this one step at a time.

Melinda shows Lucas a photo of Jason Smith, who Lucas confirms as the man holding Sami captive when he found her. Melinda brings up Jason Smith receiving payments from DiMera Enterprises as Chad’s testimony stated. Melinda finishes while Belle approaches Lucas. Belle asks Lucas if Jason Smith ever told him that he was hired by EJ to kidnap Sami. Lucas admits he didn’t. Belle argues that he has no direct knowledge that EJ had anything to do with the kidnapping then. Belle doesn’t know what Lucas is doing here but since he is here, she asks how they know he didn’t kidnap Sami.

Chad and Abigail go home to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail can’t believe how dumb “EJ” was to make that pass at her when Chad was about to let him off the hook. Chad points out that EJ didn’t know that. Abigail notes that he hinted it to Belle, so she questions why EJ would antagonize him right before taking the stand. Chad asks who knows why EJ does anything. Chad jokes that she’s the hottest woman on the planet so he couldn’t help himself as he kisses her. Abigail asks Chad what exactly he was originally planning to say today. Chad asks what difference it makes. Abigail knows he didn’t want her to know in advance, but she wants to know now. Abigail asks Chad if EJ’s innocent. Chad responds that EJ is anything but innocent.

Jake suggests Gabi could help Johnny see the benefit of joining their team as a chance to get out from his father’s shadow with real power. Jake says they’ll be running DiMera in no time and if they get Johnny on their side, they will be unstoppable. Gabi decides they just have to figure out a way to get Johnny to see things their way. Johnny then approaches their table and remarks that it sounds like someone is taking his name in vain.

Nancy asks if she’s just supposed to sit at home and pretend everything is okay instead of flying to Dallas to confront Craig. Chloe says of course not but suggests they order something to eat and come up with a plan. Nancy argues that it’s not Chloe’s responsibility. Chloe says she loves them so she’ll do whatever it takes to help this work out. Nancy hugs her and thanks her. Nancy asks Chloe to get her a drink which she agrees to do. Nancy heads to the bathroom while Brady asks if Chloe is okay. Chloe doesn’t know and guesses she’s a little thrown. Chloe says her parents are known for bickering but she always felt they were truly in love. Brady compares them to John and Marlena. Chloe guesses every marriage has bumps in the road. Brady hopes that’s all this is. Chloe declares there’s only one way to find out.

Johnny accuses Jake and Gabi of talking about him behind his back and says they should at least be properly introduced. Gabi says she knows him very well. Johnny points out that Jake doesn’t. Johnny brings up being a man of wealth and taste as he introduces himself to Jake as his nephew. Johnny can’t believe they haven’t met before now. Jake says he wasn’t really running with the DiMera inner circle. Johnny remarks that he hasn’t seen Gabi since he was running around with an eye patch in Rafe’s police vest. Gabi says now he’s all grown up. Johnny remarks that she’s done some growing up herself. Johnny asks what they were talking about. Jake argues that he’s not the only Johnny in town but Johnny argues that he’s the only one that matters to him. Johnny guesses that Mr. Shin told him that EJ was giving him power of attorney to vote his shares which Jake admits. Johnny is not sure how that concerns Jake since he’s no longer an employee at DiMera. Gabi explains that Jake still holds shares of DiMera stock. Jake adds that Gabi still holds Stefan’s shares which means they still have a voice in the company. They think their interests with Johnny’s could align.

Chad tells Abigail that EJ is lucky that he didn’t tell the judge what he did to her today because he would’ve got charged with sexual assault and with his history, it would’ve added years to his sentence. Abigail can’t stop hearing EJ say how he wanted to take her on the conference table and says it didn’t even sound like him. Chad can’t believe he said that. Abigail says it was all so out of the blue. Chad wants EJ locked up for a very long time. Abigail assures they will after his testimony. Chad hopes neither of them have to deal with EJ ever again. Abigail decides to go check on the kids upstairs and then take a shower. Chad says he’ll join her as they kiss. Abigail then heads upstairs as the doorbell rings. Chad answers the door to see Kate. Chad asks if the trial is over. Kate says no but Lucas wanted her to leave before he testified because she makes him nervous since she knows what he did to Sami. Chad asks what she’s doing here. Kate wanted to know what happened to Chad on the stand as she thought he was going to ride to EJ’s rescue. Chad responds that was before he walked in on him with his tongue down Abigail’s throat.

Lucas tells Belle that he had nothing to do with Sami’s kidnapping and remarks that she sounds as desperate as EJ, grasping at straws and blaming everyone. Belle says she’s only asking him. Lucas calls it ridiculous and says that EJ is jealous because he and Sami ended up together. Belle asks Lucas if he has an alibi for the time of Sami’s kidnapping. Melinda objects and accuses Belle of fishing but Judge Barnes allows it. Lucas states that when Sami was kidnapped, he was with his brother Philip, who is unfortunately missing and presumed dead right now. Belle points out that he can’t prove where he was then. Lucas says he’s sorry that his alibi might be dead. Belle calls it pretty convenient. Lucas asks if he’s the one on trial now. Lucas reminds Belle that Jason Smith named EJ as the kidnapper with a paper trail to back it up. EJ stands and screams that Lucas obviously helped Chad plant it and that he should be on trial because he kidnapped Sami. EJ then screams at Lucas that he will kill him which pleases Lucas and Melinda.

Brady asks Chloe if she’s going to Dallas to confront her dad. Chloe hopes it doesn’t come to that. Chloe calls her dad but it goes to voicemail. She leaves a message for him to call her back as soon as he can.

Judge Barnes calls for order in his court room and says he’s going to pretend he didn’t just hear EJ make a death threat or else he’ll hold him in contempt. The judge allows Lucas to step down and calls a recess. He orders EJ to get a good night sleep and come prepared to sit quietly tomorrow. EJ tells Melinda that he’s lying. Melinda says it’s not appropriate to talk to her unless he’s ready to take a plea deal. EJ argues that Lucas should be charged with perjury. Lucas calls him desperate and guilty, adding that he’ll tell Sami how far he’s fallen. Melinda tells EJ to enjoy his freedom while he still can as she exits the room. EJ tells Belle that he can’t get away with this. EJ warns Belle that Sami is going to be with the man who kidnapped her. EJ argues that if Chad planted the evidence, he obviously got it from the real kidnapper and asks who else it could’ve been. Belle says they need to focus on beating these charges so they will just have to hope it’s enough. Belle wants to know why Chad changed his mind up there as she really thinks he was going to exonerate him which means something happened in between to make him furious with EJ. EJ argues that he didn’t even see him.

Kate questions Chad why the hell EJ would do something like that to Abigail since it’s totally stupid, pointless, and disgusting. Chad states that EJ has always been his own worst enemy. Kate argues that EJ’s not a fool, so he had to know how Chad was going to react and it’s almost like he wanted him to send him to prison.

Johnny thinks Jake and Gabi’s proposal has potential and admits he’s very interested. Johnny tells Gabi to text him and they’ll set up a time for him to hear their offer. Jake suggests talking now but Johnny says he has things to do. Johnny tells Gabi that it was great seeing her as he walks away. Jake asks Gabi if Johnny was hitting on her. Gabi acknowledges that he definitely was but says maybe they can use that to their advantage.

Devil Johnny walks past the Brady Pub and remarks to himself that he always thought Gabi was hot, so soon she will be his. He declares that doing the Devil’s work has so many fringe benefits.

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Y&R Update Monday, January 17 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Adam left his office after he remembered Victor announcing his intention to take a more active role at Newman Media. He went to Crimson Lights and saw Ashland and Victoria. Adam said congratulations about ChancComm, but he added that it wasn’t over until it was over. Victoria said things were over, as far as ChancComm was concerned. Adam asked what else was in the works. Adam heard Victoria put a stop to Billy’s pitiful plot to trick Newman Media into libeling him. Adam wanted to know how Victoria found out what Billy was up to – did Billy try to bring her in on it? Victoria said that Billy’s plot was so transparent, she saw right through it. She added that a child could’ve seen through it, and she was surprised Adam didn’t. He reminded her that he told her at the ranch, over the holidays, that he didn’t see any news in Billy’s downward spiral. He had no intention of writing a story on Billy. “If you were on to [Billy] why didn’t you mention it to me and Dad then? Could’ve warned us. I mean, assuming we all are on Team Newman,” Adam stated. Victoria asked if there was any other team.

Adam wanted to know what Victoria knew about Billy’s plot and when she knew it. Victoria said she didn’t have time for Adam’s game. She thought the point was that she stopped Billy in his tracks, because she was a great defender of all things Newman, at least in business. Adam couldn’t help but wonder if there were two opposing Team Newmans; Newman/Locke and Newman Media. Victoria scoffed at Adam comparing the powerhouse, Newman/Locke to the fledgling startup, Newman Media. She said it was just a little something Ashland decided to sell off. Adam noted that he and Victor won Newman Media over Victoria and Billy. Since Victoria was saying she was responsible for protecting Newman Media, Adam couldn’t help but wonder if Victoria had a plan for the company. Victoria asked why she’d tell Adam. She said that if she had something going on, she’d discuss it with her father. “And certainly [Victor] would share that news with you, wouldn’t he?,” Victoria asked. Adam surmised that Victoria did have a plan and that her first order of attack was to turn father against son. Adam asked if Ashland was advising Victoria in this maneuver. Ashland noted that Adam was assuming there was a maneuver. Ashland added that Victoria made her own decisions. Ashland admired Victoria’s instincts, and he said she’d never allow her husband to call the shots.

Adam said he’d never underestimate his brilliant sister. He told Victoria that her attempt to turn Victor against him backfired. “Let’s just say for arguments sake that that was my plan. What makes you so sure that it’s backfired?,” she asked. He said he and Victor bond deepened after Victoria’s feeble attempt to drive a wedge. He knew she was up to something. He asked if ChancComm wasn’t enough of a win – was she so insecure she couldn’t handle little competition? She didn’t see Newman Media as competition. Adam thought, after the wedding, he and Victoria had reached neutral ground, and he thought he had Ashland’s loyalty after the thing with Gaines. Adam asked where Ashland’s reputation would be if not for Adam and Victor’s help with Gaines. Ashland said he would’ve handled it himself. Victoria pointed out that they thanked Adam for that. Victoria was amused that Adam didn’t trust her. She said she’d always be his older and wiser sister, and she’d show respect to him by never giving him a bogus win. She said that Victor might not always have his pack. Adam countered that Victor might not always have Victoria or Ashland’s back. Adam left.

Ashland asked what Victoria thought Adam’s parting shot meant. She thought Adam was trying to knock them off their guard. She said it was a sloppy move, either driven by panic or overconfidence, which wasn’t the mark of someone who’d come out on top. Ashland admired Victoria’s confidence, but he said she knew how ruthless Victor could be. Victoria didn’t think there was an issue. She noted that Victor went far to protect Ashland, and Victor had genuinely congratulated her for acquiring ChancComm. Victoria thought Victor genuinely admired her business instincts. She was disappointed he didn’t agree to sell her Newman Media, but she thought that was too easy – she aid her father enjoyed the game as much as the win. Victoria didn’t believe Adam’s claim that his bond with Victor was stronger than ever. She was sure she planted doubt in Victor’s head about Adam. Ashland loved watching Victoria calculate all the angles, but watching her go head to head with Adam while staying a step ahead of Victor was a first for her. It made him sure that, together, they could accomplish everything they put their minds to.

Billy came home early, and Lily was eager to know how things went with Jill. Billy told his “Tiger Lily” to slow down. He promised he’d answer all her questions, but first, he wanted to kiss her. They did. Later, they cuddled on the couch under a blanket. She said this was exactly what she needed to relieve the tension of starting a new job. She had questions, and he limited her to three, because this was the last day before she started her new job, and he didn’t to spend it on work. She wanted to know he was and how it went with Jill. He said it went well, and the biggest takeaway was that Jill really liked Lily. Lily wanted to know if Billy’s mom accepted his apology and if she supported Billy becoming COO. He said he apologized to her and confessed about his ill-fated plan for Victor and Adam. He made it clear that his change of heart came from Lily’s guidance, and Jill was grateful for that. Lily appreciated the credit, but she thought Billy was underselling the strength it took for him to turn the other cheek with the Newmans. Jill had hugged Billy and called him an idiot, so that meant she accepted his apology. Lily asked if Billy would be coming to Chancellor as COO. He said yes, he’d be COO, with Jill’s blessing.

Not that Billy cared, but he wanted to know if anything happened on the Newman front while he was gone. Lily knew Billy actually did care, and she said she understood that he couldn’t just quit cold turkey. She showed him the text Adam sent her that said “Best of luck with Chancellor.” Billy interpreted as a threat, and Lily agreed, which is why she’d gone to confront Adam. She said she could tell something riled Adam up. She thought it was clear something Billy said to Adam cut to the bone. It was music to Billy’s ears that he could still wound Adam, metaphorically speaking, of course. He thought they should keep an eye on Adam though, because wounded animals usually retaliated. Lily thought it was good that Billy stopped the feud. Billy didn’t think Adam was capable of turning the other cheek. Lily said she let Adam know his attempts to destroy Billy’s reputation failed miserably. She also let Adam and Ashland know Billy would be her COO.

Lily worked with the communications department to prepare a press release about Billy joining the company. Lily was excited about her new job, and Billy thought it was cute. She said she was more excited to have him by her side. A week ago, she didn’t think this was going to happen. She was proud he gave up the plan to vindicate himself. She said no more talk about Victoria, Adam or the past. They toasted with champagne to her success with him by her side, then they kissed.

I thought you were my friend. And now you’re taking us to court to spend more time with [Chance’s and my] son?” Abby said to Devon. She didn’t understand how he could do something so hurtful after all they’d been through. Devon wasn’t trying to be hurtful. He was doing this because of what they’d been through. He noted that Chance was struggling. Chance didn’t think it was necessary to go to this extreme. Devon didn’t think arranged visits were extreme, but Abby was against that. He felt that they left him no choice but to pursue legal action for shared custody.

Abby asked Chance and Amanda to step out, so she could speak with Devon one on one. Chance didn’t think that was a good idea – feelings were raw, and he didn’t think things should escalate. Amanda agreed with Chance. Abby said that she was concerned about Amanda’s presence, since she was Devon’s lawyer. Abby said she’d either call Christine, or she’d speak with Devon alone. Abby wasn’t going to negotiate, she just needed to speak with her friend. Devon was okay with that. He never wanted to involve lawyers, and he was hoping they could work something out. Amanda and Chance went to the foyer. Chance asked if he could talk to Amanda privately, as Devon’s partner, not as his lawyer. She agreed.

Chance and Amanda went to Crimson Lights. Chance admitted that he understood where Devon was coming from more than Abby did. Chance could see how much Devon loved Dominic, and it was also undeniable that Chance was playing catch up as a father. He couldn’t help but wonder if that was what Devon was reacting to. He didn’t think it was about spending time with Dominic, because Devon had never been denied that. Chance thought that Devon was doing this because of Chance. Chance reiterated that he was speaking with Amanda as Devon’s partner, not lawyer. Chance revealed that he’d confided in Devon about some demons he was battling. Chance regretted opening up to Devon, because it was hurting Abby and jeopardizing the agreement. Chance intended to heal, and he felt like he was doing better now. He also intended to do whatever he needed to do to be the best father to Dominic. Chance thought Devon should be involved – the more people to love Dominic the better. Amanda agreed. She said she didn’t have any devoted parents, so it moved her to see all these people doting on Dom. She hoped they didn’t have to get a judge involved. Chance agreed. Amanda said that Devon wasn’t asking for full custody, he just wanted to be legally recognized and to be able to take care of Dominic in his home at pre-arranged times. She didn’t think that was outrageous, especially given how essential he’d be in Dom’s life.

Back at the house, Abby recalled Devon saying that pursuing shared custody was a bad idea. She asked what changed his mind. He said the last time they spoke, she was very upset, and he realized it wasn’t the time to push the issue. However, he’d never changed his mind about wanting to spend more time with Dominic. Abby couldn’t believe Devon was doing this. She asked if she ever denied him the opportunity to spend time with Dominic. Devon said Abby denied him scheduled visits, so he could feel like more than a visitor in Dom’s life. Abby felt like there had to be more to it. She asked if this was about her parenting. He reiterated that it wasn’t about that. She asked if this was about the trip to Spain. She only did that to find her son’s father, but it was clear to her that it tainted Devon’s opinion of her parenting. Devon denied this. He thought Abby was a great mom. Abby yelled that she kept thinking about this over and over and over, and it all came back to that trip. Devon said it wasn’t about the trip, though he did concede that when she left Dominic with him, it strengthened his bond with the baby. This was about him wanting to have a bigger role in Dominic’s life and his concern about her husband. She snapped that they had an agreement – he was to be the donor. Abby tearfully said that Devon had been by her side and he’d been her best friend, he’d held her hand when she thought Chance was dead. She felt like he was turning on them. He said he was still her best friend, and he loved her and Chance. He just wanted to make sure he would always be able to support Dominic. “And by you refusing to even consider changing our agreement…” Devon started. Abby interjected that Devon was blaming her and saying she was pushing him to do this. She said she asked him to be Dominic’s godfather, and now he wanted to change the agreement. “You don’t think Chance and I are capable of being good parents to Dominic,” Abby accused. “I don’t think that about you. I think that about your husband,” Devon admitted. He was concerned about Chance’s psychological state and how that might affect Dominic.

Abby understood Devon was concerned about Chance’s emotional state. She was concerned too. That’s why she was fighting so hard for her family. She was appalled Devon didn’t think Chance was responsible enough to care for Dominic. “This isn’t what I think, Abby. This is what he told me,” Devon said. Devon repeated what Chance said about struggling with being home and the pressure of being a parent. Devon said Dominic needed a father figure in his life right now who could put Dominic first. “You see yourself as Dominic’s father?,” Abby asked. Devon said Chance was the father too. Devon said he could fill the role now, while Chance took the time to get his mind right. Abby felt vindicated because she knew this was about more than shared custody, and now she had proof. She didn’t even know how to process the fact that Devon saw himself as Dominic’s father. Devon was hurt that Abby didn’t see him as Dominic’s father figure. “You don’t see me as a type of father figure for Dominic? I’m the one you left him with when you went to Spain. You didn’t pick anybody in your family. You chose me. So what’s changed for you?,” Devon asked.

Abby trusted Devon with Dominic as a godfather and honorary uncle, the roles they’d discussed. “Dominic has a father and his name is Chance,” she firmly stated. Devon said he wasn’t a threat to that, and he was trying to do what was best for Dominic. Abby said what was best for Dominic was to be a family with her and Chance, and Devon was tearing at that foundation. He said he wasn’t trying to do that. She acknowledged Chance’s trauma, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be a good father and husband while he worked on his recovery. She said taking Dominic out of the equation, even if it was part time, was more than an obstacle, not less. She said she finally had her family back, and they’d lost so much time. Devon insisted that he wasn’t trying to take Dominic away. She noted that he was worried about Chance’s emotional state, and she said that suing for shared custody would only make the situation worse. Devon didn’t think it was Dominic’s job to heal Chance. Abby accused Devon of twisting her words. Devon didn’t want to argue, but he didn’t know what else to say. He was hoping they wouldn’t have to go to court, but it didn’t seem like that was gong to happen. He couldn’t back down because he felt like he was doing what was best for Dominic. You’re doing what’s best for you, and now I’m brokenhearted,” Abby said.

Chance and Amanda returned. Devon apologized and said he was going to go. He thanked Abby for listening, then he and Amanda left. Chance asked what Devon said that made Abby so upset. Abby said that Devon wouldn’t listen and that they needed to call Christine. Abby wanted to fight with everything they had. She was sure Devon didn’t have a legal leg to stand on. Chance said he wanted to talk about this first.

Devon and Amanda went home and talked. She wanted to make sure he was okay with moving forward legally, because it’d cause more friction. He didn’t understand why Abby saw him as a rival. Amanda said she didn’t get that feeling from Chance – she said he was focused on healing and being the best father he could be. Amanda understood where Devon was coming from, but she empathized with Abby and Chance. She said that a judge would be focused on the best interest of the child, so Devon would have to put Chance on trial. Devon didn’t want things to get ugly, but Amanda said he would have to be prepared for that. Devon hated that it came to this, but he couldn’t back down.

Michael dropped in at Victor’s to ask about the job offer Victor had made. Michael was leaving the DA’s office, mostly to spend more time with his family, but he was intrigued by the prospect of doing private work with Victor, as long as it wasn’t too overwhelming. Victor said there were plans in the works regarding Newman/Locke, Newman Media and ChancComm, and there would most likely be some reshuffling with who was in control. Victor said that Victoria was doing a wonderful job, but he’d noticed some signs of immaturity in Adam. Victor said he trusted Adam, and Adam had done a good job running the company and a great job transitioning Cyaxares to Newman Media. Victor was also happy with the fashion division. Victor wanted to take a more active role, and he was thinking about solidifying the various factions calling themselves Newman. Michael didn’t want to be caught in the middle of a Newman war. The whole point of resigning from the D.A.’s office was to have less stress, not more. Victor understood, and he didn’t intend to blow things up. He wanted to protect his legacy, and who better to help him through the legal difficulties than Michael. Victor said Ashland was the wildcard. He knew Ashland and Victoria loved each other, but Victor didn’t trust him.

Michael thought Victor admired Ashland and welcomed him into the family with open arms. Victor said Ashland and Victoria loved each other, and he wanted his daughter to be happy. Victor had learned some unsavory things about Ashland, not that it usually bothered him, because he had a rather checkered past too. Victor talked about how much Newman Enterprises meant to him – he built it from the ground up and poured his heart and soul into it. It was a legacy for his family, and now it was called Newman/Locke. That didn’t sit well with Victor. “I’ve never trusted an outsider running my damn company. Ever,” Victor said.

Michael asked why Victor was on alert about Ashland. Victor said it wasn’t quite time to sound the alarm, but he wondered what would happen if Ashland’s health improved. He knew Ashland allowed the merger because he was at death’s door, but if he miraculously recovered, he might regret what he did. Victor wanted a bright legal mind by his side to think all this through. Michael thought it sounded like an extremely challenging game of chess, which was exactly the kind of legal strategy he loved, as long as it didn’t keep him occupied 24/7. Victor promised that wouldn’t be a problem. Victor wanted Michael by his side to fight a volatile legal battle, because things were about to become very interesting. They toasted.

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Y&R Update Friday, January 21 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Amanda arrived at the Chancellor house and met with Abby, Chance and Christine. Abby said they were ready to accept Devon’s conditions. When he first brought up the idea of formal visitation, she felt terrified. She admitted they had more healing to do. Chance clarified that he had more healing to do than he first let on. Abby didn’t want anyone to get in the way of that or tear the family apart with a court battle. Devon never wanted it to get to that point. Abby said Chance helped her see this was what was best for Dominic and that she had nothing to be afraid of. Devon was thankful, and he promised that this didn’t change the dynamic, which had always been about the three of them giving Dominic the best upbringing. Devon loved Abby and Chance like family, and he would never take anything from them. Abby didn’t see that before, but she did now. Chance appreciated what a strong and steady presence Devon had been for Dom from the day he offered to be the donor. Abby said this wasn’t about her and Chance backing down from a fight – this was what Devon and Dom deserved. Amanda said everyone was coming from a place of mutual respect and working together for Dominic’s benefit. Devon had a request. He appreciated how much thought Abby put into Dominic’s name, and how it reflected everyone who was part of him. In that same spirit, Devon wanted Dominic to have Neil’s last name. He said Neil was Abby’s godfather, and he’d taught Devon what being a father was about. Devon wanted Dominic to be known as Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor. Abby looked at Chance, who thought it sounded perfect.

Abby asked what the next steps were, and Dominic got fussy, so Abby went to get him. Christine said they’d have a proposal for Devon to look at soon. Devon said he’d prepare his house for Dom’s first overnight visit. Abby returned with the baby and said he should be part of this since it was about him. She handed Dom to Devon. Devon told Dom that they’d be spending more time together and that his Grandpa Neil was looking down on him smiling. Devon put the baby in the bassinet. Devon thanked Chance and Abby, and Chance thanked Devon. Amanda had some stipulations that she was going to send to Christine. Abby said Devon was a great friend and wonderful parent, and she was sorry she lost sight of that. They hugged. Devon and Amanda left. Chance thanked Christine for her support and guidance. Abby told Christine she was happy with things, but once they were alone, Chance got the feeling that he may have pushed Abby to do something she didn’t want to do.

Chance said all this was happening because of what was going on with him. He didn’t want this to put a wall between them. Abby assured him it wouldn’t. She was glad he opened up. She loved him more now than ever. He was grateful she saw where he was coming from and that she’d accepted Devon taking on the role. He knew that this wasn’t how she envisioned their family and that she was coming to terms with this. He said he’d stand by her, like she stood by him, and this decision didn’t change the fact that they were a family. Abby said this had been difficult, but she did sincerely think this was what was best for Dominic. This was still fresh and challenging for Abby, but she promised to do what it took to embrace the new normal and help Chance find his emotional footing, so they could be the family they were meant to be.

Devon and Amanda went home, and he was relieved. He’d been so sure his friendship with Abby was over and that they’d have to go to court. “My son’s gonna be living here. I know it’s only one day out of the week but I’m gonna be able to know him as a real parent. And he’s gonna carry my dad’s name,” he marveled. Amanda was happy to see Devon like this. She planned to file the paperwork ASAP. He wondered if she said that because she was worried Abby and Chance would change their mind. She said to relax. She didn’t think anything would go wrong, she was just being a cautious lawyer. He couldn’t wait to bring his son home. He picked up a picture of himself with Neil. Devon said Dom would have Neil’s name so he could carry on Neil’s legacy.

At Newman/Locke, Ashland tried to talk to Victoria about ChancComm, but she was lost in thought. She said that Adam was right about their father being unpredictable at times. She thought that it was a good reminder that you couldn’t let your guard down with Victor for one second. Ashland said he took nothing for granted with Victor, or anyone else. He stated that Victoria was the only one he trusted completely. He hoped she felt the same about him. He wondered if she wasn’t ready to trust him. She said she always would, until he gave her a reason not to. He knew some would say he already had. She understood why he hid some painful parts of his past. She knew he held back because he worried she wouldn’t understand, but she said his past didn’t define him. She thought that they had reason to hope they’d have more time together, to build a life together and make each other deliriously happy. Ashland remembered that when he and Victoria went to her parents to tell them how well the treatments were working, Victor said that when Ashland beat the cancer, he’d want to jump back into the business fray. Victoria said she and Ashland would be a force to be reckoned with if they ran the company together. Ashland would understand if Victoria was concerned about what Victor might be planning, despite how cordial he’d seemed at the moment. Victoria said she showed her hand about Newman Media, too. She still wanted to take over the company more than anything, though.

Victoria thought they needed a new strategy for getting Newman Media. She said trying to drive a wedge between Victor and Adam wouldn’t work, for all the reasons Adam already threw in her face – Victor was way too unpredictable. Ashland thought that the opening gambit was good, because it did put Adam on the defensive. Victoria asserted that the key was to make Victor believe this was his idea. Ashland said that they’d go back to the original idea to make Adam fail. Victoria announced that step one would be to sue for the name Newman Media. Now that they’d acquired ChancComm, which was originally Newman Enterprises, they’d say there was no Newman entity that shouldn’t be under the Newman/Locke umbrella. Ashland said Victor and Adam would say the lawsuit was unsupportable. Victoria didn’t care, because the suit would cause Adam and Victor so many headaches and tie up all their lawyers, and hopefully distract Adam while Newman/Locke hit them with step 2.

Michael was at Crimson Lights on the patio. He flashed back to talking to Victor about a possible job. Lauren arrived to ask how the meeting with Victor went. Michael said Victor made a compelling offer. Michael had made it clear to Victor that he wouldn’t be at his beck and call 24/7. Lauren chuckled because she thought Victor would want to monopolize Michael’s time. Michael was sure that Victor understood that Michael wasn’t interested in any job that consumed his life. Lauren helped Michael make a decision by making a pro/con list. Michael was going to ensure that Lauren was his priority. He said if he didn’t work, he’d be insufferable, as Gloria and Kevin pointed out. Lauren thought Victor thrived on chaos. Michael conceded that Victor said things were about to get interesting. Michael said he’d be doing exciting work, which was a plus. He thought it’d lead to some fun pillow talk too. She hadn’t seen him this excited about work in a long time. He added that the pay would be excellent, but she asked what he’d have to do for the money.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that he informed Adam that he was taking a more active role at Newman Media. She assumed it was because Adam nearly got fooled by Billy. Victor thought it showed a serious lack of judgment on Adam’s part. He wouldn’t even get into Adam’s decision to involve that Spectra woman. Nikki thought it was great that Victor would be more of a presence, and she was sure he was eager to get back in the game. She doubted Adam would be pleased. The company was currently fine, but Victor wanted to make sure it wasn’t damaged. Nikki said Adam would have to accept it, or not. Nick and Noah arrived.

Noah revealed that he accepted a full time position at New Hope. He hoped Victor wouldn’t be mad he wasn’t going to be working at Newman Media. Victor was supportive of Noah working with his father. Nikki asked about Noah’s art. Noah felt dissatisfied with art when he left London because it had become so commercialized, and he’d felt bound by elitists’ idea of art. He lost his spark until he came back and started working on Tessa’s album cover. He was going to get back to his art, but first he needed a reset, and he thought being part of what his father created was a first step in the right direction. Now that Noah learned about New Hope, he admired Nick even more, because Nick gave back to the community every day. Noah asked what could be better than working with his father. “Not a thing,” Victor said.

Nikki and Victor were alone again. Nikki understood why Noah left his seemingly vibrant career in London now. She admired Noah’s courage, and she said that this was the happiest she’d seen him since he got home. Victor reiterated that he was happy Noah was working with his father. Nikki thought about how Newman Media started because Adam seemed to be taking his life in a new direction. She was surprised by Adam, in a good way, and she said he might surprise Victor too. Victor promised Newman Media wouldn’t take away from his time with Nikki. She knew family was the most important thing to him – being a good husband and father. Michael arrived and hugged Nikki, who excused herself.

Michael and Victor came to terms on the job offer. Michael said he had to resign as DA, but Victor saw no reason Michael couldn’t begin to work for him unofficially. Victor knew that Michael would take the offer and that he wouldn’t be happy being a retiree on a porch watching the sunset. Michael made it clear he wanted to have time with his wife.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa told Sharon they were engaged, and she was elated for them. Sharon didn’t want them to take this the wrong way, but she hoped they weren’t only doing this because they thought it’d help their adoption chances. Mariah and Tessa were adamant that they weren’t doing it for that reason. Mariah said she and Tessa wanted this so much, and it was the perfect next step for them. Sharon said Faith would be in heaven. Tessa and Mariah hugged. Mariah called Faith at school and brought her up to speed. Faith was excited and eager for details. Mariah asked Faith to help her plan an epic wedding, then she passed the phone to Tessa. Faith was thinking a spring wedding would be nice. Nick and Noah walked in and overheard the news. Nick gave his best wishes, and Noah was speechless. Mariah said she was in total shock during the proposal, kind of like how Noah looked right now. Mariah and Tessa shared details from the proposal. Noah said something quick and polite about the news. Tessa said she’d cherish everything Mariah said forever. Nick and Sharon noticed the look on Noah’s face.

Noah went to get everyone coffee, and Sharon walked off too. Nick said seeing Mariah about to start this big adventure made him think about… Mariah knew he was thinking about Cassie. Nick was proud of Mariah, and they hugged. Tessa went to Noah to offer to help. He said he was happy for her. She wanted him to be happy too. He said he was. He told her about his new job and said he’d have time for his art. Sharon went back to Nick, who was by himself. “Oh no, looks like Noah’s fallen in love with Tessa again,” she said. Nick thought that might be a little extreme, but he did say that some of Noah’s old feelings for Tessa had been stirred up. Sharon felt bad – Noah left town because of Tessa, then he got his heart broken in London, and now it seemed like it might be happening again. Nick said Noah was resilient. Noah left. Nick thought the new job would be great for Noah.

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Y&R Update Thursday, January 20 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Elena and Amanda ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Elena was on her way to the clinic. Elena asked how working with Imani was. Amanda said it was never a dull moment. Imani had a lot of political contacts from working with the family, and according to Amanda, she wasn’t shy about reaching out. Elena joked that this was a shock because Imani was always so timid. Amanda admitted Imani gave her an earful about the last encounter with Elena and Nate. Elena said that Imani was the only one who didn’t seem to be happy Elena and Nate were living together. Amanda asked how Nate was. Elena said that Nate was wonderful, but they were concerned about Devon and the lawsuit.

Elena felt for Devon. She said it must break his heart that Abby was acting like he turned on her. Amanda said Devon worried that Abby would never trust him the way she did before all this. Elena understood why Abby was acting so emotionally, because nothing turned out like she planned. First Abby found out she couldn’t carry a child, then she found out Chance couldn’t father a child, then her surrogate was kidnapped, and she was mistakenly told her husband was dead. Amanda said that Abby wasn’t losing a child – the biological father just wanted weekly visits. Elena said the fear of losing a child was primal; she saw it all the time with families who had sick babies. They were terrified they’d lose their child, and they started acting out. Elena just hoped Dominic came out of this knowing how loved he was. Amanda said everyone wanted a happy ending, but now it was complicated from every angle.

Mariah ran into Noah on the patio at Crimson Lights. She was pleased when she found out he accepted Nick’s job offer. She saw it as a sign that Noah was committed to staying in Genoa City. He said it was a commitment to seeing how things went. Noah asked if things were okay with Mariah and Tessa; he’d noticed Mariah was stressed last night. Mariah said things were the best they’d ever been with Tessa. She had some friends going through something, and she could see both of their sides. She just had to hope everything worked out. Nick arrived, and he was excited about teaming up with Noah at New Hope.

Noah had been doing research into a movement that turned empty lots into green spaces for the residents. Nick said he’d put Noah in touch with some people who could get him a grant application for that. Tessa came up and pulled Mariah away, saying she needed her help with a meeting with a PR person. Nick started talking to Noah, who wasn’t listening because he was focused on Tessa’s departure.

Chance you don’t mean that. You can be a good father to Dominic. You already are,” Abby said. They were still at Devon’s penthouse. Devon thanked Chance for his honesty. Devon knew it wasn’t easy to say. He thought they could come up with a solution that would work for everyone. Abby ordered Devon to stop putting undue pressure on Chance, but Chance said he came here on his own. Abby felt that Chance’s decision to reach out was understandable, but a mistake. She said they needed to talk in private. She told Devon they’d talk to him after they met Christine. Devon said he was Abby’s friend and he’d never intentionally hurt her. Abby was skeptical and called this a betrayal. Devon knew Abby was trying to protect her family, but he was doing the same thing. He said he wouldn’t be putting them through this if he didn’t care so much about her, Dominic and Chance. Abby and Chance left. Nate went to Devon’s because they had plans to go for a run, but Devon wasn’t up to it anymore. Devon brought Nate up to speed. Chance had admitted he didn’t feel like he was in the right headspace to give Dominic the love and support he needed right now. Devon said Abby saw him as the bad guy. Nate knew that Devon just wanted to protect his relationship with his biological son. Devon said he couldn’t get that through to Abby. He thought it was clear they were in for a legal battle.

Nate thought it sounded like Abby and Chance were in shock. He advised Devon ease up and let them adjust to the idea of sharing custody. Devon said they weren’t even open to the idea of arranged visits. He didn’t want to give Abby and Chance time to come up with a counter argument. He didn’t know if Christine would advise them to cut off contact between him and Dom. Nate asked if Devon thought Abby and Chance would do that. Devon didn’t know what they’d do, now that lawyers were involved. For Dominic’s sake, he didn’t want to take that chance. Nate said lawyers didn’t care about collateral damage or Devon’s relationship with Abby and Chance. Devon couldn’t worry about that right now because his son needed him. He needed this resolved ASAP. Nate insisted that the run would be good for Devon, so Devon groaned and went upstairs to get ready.

Devon and Nate went to get coffee before their run, and they talked with Noah and Nick at Crimson Lights. Noah saw something about a training program for restaurant employees in the New Hope files. Devon said it was something he and Abby had been working on before Lola left for Miami. Devon said Abby was in and out of the restaurant now, but he still liked the concept. Nick beamed about working with his son. Devon knew the feeling because he’d loved working with his dad at Hamilton-Winters. He said the father/son bond was really special.

Nick and Noah were alone on the patio again, and Noah wasn’t listening to Nick. Nick commented on his son’s distraction. He didn’t want to pry, but he couldn’t help but notice Noah seemed deflated when Tessa left. Noah claimed he didn’t know what Nick was talking about. Nick promised this wasn’t going to be a lecture or interrogation. Nick acknowledged that Noah and Tessa had a history. Nick knew what it was like when old feelings resurfaced. Noah maintained that Nick misread things. Noah said he’d never do that to his sister’s girlfriend. Nick wasn’t accusing Noah of anything, but actions were easier to control than feelings. Nick said Noah and Tessa had something good once; Tessa was talented and beautiful, and she’d been working with Noah lately. It was natural if some old feelings got rekindled. “You don’t think Mariah noticed do you?,” Noah asked. Noah promised he wasn’t going to make an ass of himself. He supported Mariah and Tessa. Nick said that if Noah revisited an old relationship, there was no guarantee it wouldn’t end the same way it did the first time. Noah wondered if it felt safe revisiting his old feelings for Tessa because she was completely unavailable right now. He said he’d focus on his work, family and try to have some fun. Nick said he could help with all three.

Mariah and Tessa went to Society, which was otherwise empty. There were candles, flowers and silver and gold balloons all over, and Mariah wondered if they’d stumbled into a private party. Tessa admitted she lied about the meeting so she could get Mariah here. Mariah thought this was beautiful, and Tessa was beautiful, and she didn’t know what she did to deserve this. Mariah asked if they were celebrating something. “Hopefully,” Tessa said, as she got down on one knee. Mariah’s jaw dropped, and she asked if she was dreaming. Tessa said they deserved every moment of happiness because they never gave up on themselves or their dreams. Tessa said when they started, they were this fragile little thing, but they made the choice to trust it, to forgive each other and help each other heal, and they only grew stronger, more powerful and beautiful. Tessa couldn’t imagine her heart being any fuller than it was now, but when they had a family, it would only expand. Mariah asked if Tessa was only doing this because they planned to adopt. Tessa couldn’t remember a moment when she didn’t want this. She was only doing it now because she was ready, and she hoped Mariah was too. Tessa opened a ring box. She knew in her soul that she and Mariah were meant to live this life together, and that was why she was proposing. “Marry me, Mariah?” Tessa asked.

Tessa told Mariah that this was the part where she said yes. “I can’t,” Mariah said, and Tessa looked panicked. Mariah had something to tell Tessa first. Mariah asked Tessa to stand up with her, and Tessa got off her knee. Mariah said they lifted each other up, especially this summer. Tessa said she was shook to her core when Mariah went missing. Mariah said when she came back, she was unsure, then too sure, but all the while, Tessa was patient and loving and reassuring. Mariah said Tessa brought her back to life, and Mariah knew it wasn’t easy. Mariah thanked God Tessa was so brave. Mariah was grateful and thankful and she wouldn’t change a minute of all the things that happened in their lives because it brought them to this moment. She wanted to share this love with their kids. She said yes to a lifetime with Tessa. Tessa put the ring on Mariah’s finger, and they hugged and kissed.

At their place, Abby wanted Chance to explain himself. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to Devon’s? I understand that you have a lot of conflicting emotions but you should talk to me about that or go see a counselor. You don’t go talk to the man who is suing us for custody of our son!,” Abby yelled. Chance said that if they didn’t figure this out, a judge would. Abby said Devon was going to use what Chance said as a weapon against them in court. Chance didn’t agree. Abby said Devon was twisting Chance’s trauma into a failure, which it wasn’t. Chance knew Abby would do anything for their family. She said she wouldn’t let anyone splinter them. She was going to check on Dom and Louise, and she asked if he’d be there when she got back. He said of course.

Abby returned. She sent Louise on a walk with the baby, because she didn’t want the nanny overhearing the talk with Christine. Abby was concerned that Amanda might subpoena Louise in court. Since Louise had also worked for Devon when he had Dominic, Abby didn’t want her to end up in the middle. Chance hoped it wouldn’t get that far. Abby wanted Devon to realize what he was doing was wrong. Chance thought Devon meant well. Abby believed Devon was rationalizing to get what he wanted. She said she and Chance were Dominic’s parents, and they were doing a good job, even if Chance was going through a rough time. She noted that everyone had rough patches. Chance was adamant that he didn’t have what it took to give Dom what he needed. Abby thought Devon was playing on Chance’s insecurities. She was sure Chance would bond with Dom the way Devon had. He loved her, but he said it wasn’t going to be that easy. He said he was having a hard time, and it was his fault, not hers. He admitted he hadn’t been very honest with her about it.

Chance had been having nightmares. Abby knew because she heard him screaming. She hadn’t pried because she assumed he’d share when he was ready. He said they started as normal dreams, then suddenly he’d be in Spain watching his team die. He had flashbacks even when he was awake. Certain sounds and smells could take him back, and it didn’t matter what he was doing or where he was. He’d tried to get rid of the flashbacks, but he couldn’t. Abby was sorry. She thought that sounded exhausting, and it was probably why he felt too tired to care for their baby. He said he’d been trying so hard to be a good dad and a man she could depend on, but he wasn’t the guy he was when he left here a year ago. He felt like he was letting her down. She said he could never do that. She promised they’d find him some help, and in the meantime, she thought he needed rest. He agreed that sleep would be a good start. Christine arrived, so they put the talk on hold.

Christine was sorry they were at odds with Devon. Abby thought the judge would make Devon abide by the document. Christine said that wasn’t necessarily true. Gestational surrogacy law was in its infancy, and there wasn’t much legislation in place in Wisconsin to regulate the process. The judge would act in the best interest of the child, and there was a chance Devon could win. According to Christine, it worked in their favor that they were a married couple providing a stable home. They could argue that giving Devon shared custody would confuse Dominic. Abby brought up the contract Devon signed. Christine said it wasn’t enforceable, but it did show that Devon initially had no desire to have a role in the baby’s life other than as a family friend. Abby said that she’d always planned to be honest with Dominic about the fact that Devon was his biological father. Chance asked what if Devon brought up the fact that very little of the process went the way they’d expected. Christine said Devon could make the argument that, because Abby left the baby with him while she went to Spain, she encouraged him to take on a paternal role, and it’d be in the baby’s best interest to continue that. Christine said if the other side played hardball, they’d assert that Chance was suffering from emotional trauma, and he was incapable of being a father, while the biological father was ready and eager to assume the role. Abby said that wasn’t fair. Christine knew, but they had to prepare. Christine asked Chance if he was ready to testify under oath that those accusations were unfounded. Chance didn’t respond. Abby announced that Chance would testify to that. She said that if Devon were the friend he claimed to be, he’d support them, he wouldn’t take them to court and stress them out. Chance clarified that he wasn’t going to lie to Abby, or himself, and he definitely wasn’t going to lie under oath. “Devon is absolutely right,” Chance admitted.

Christine left. Chance apologized to Abby, but she told him not to. He felt he was barely holding it together. His body was here, but his mind was in Spain. He kept asking himself why he survived and if he could’ve saved everyone. He couldn’t lie in court. She didn’t want him to. She wanted him to be better. He said she went to Devon when she was overwhelmed. She said that was temporary, but this would be giving Devon permanent legal rights to her son with Chance. She was sure his stress would go away. She was sorry she put pressure on him. She said she’d take on all the childcare while he recovered. “We don’t need to turn to Devon!,” she insisted. He didn’t understand why she was fighting this. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with Devon wanting a permanent role in Dominic’s life. “That’s what any good father would do,” he said. “Dominic has a good father. It’s you!,” she yelled. “Stop saying that!,” he yelled back. He was adamant that he was no good to anyone right now. He said his wounds healed, but he was broken inside. There was a black hole ripping away at his energy, and he had nothing left to give to Dominic. Abby implored Chance to let her help him. He said that it’d help him to know Dominic was in good hands and that he wasn’t being deprived of a father’s love. “Abby I need this just as much as Devon and Dominic,” Chance stated.

Abby was sorry. She had no idea how much pain Chance was in. She wished she could make it go away. He promised to keep fighting and figure it out. He said he had to let go of his guilt. She said no one should make him feel guilty. He saw no point in turning this into a battle and cutting off one of her friends. He said the judge would do what was best for the baby, and they both knew what that meant. He knew she was scared. She felt like every minute that Dominic wasn’t with them was time that they could be bonding. If they gave into Devon now, what would stop him from asking for more later. Chance thought they should trust Devon, because he meant well, and he was an excellent dad. “Dominic will always be our son. Don’t get me wrong. Devon doesn’t want to change that, either. He just wants to add a little love,” Chance said. Abby wasn’t sold. Chance said a lot of kids didn’t have parents, and Dominic would have three loving people. He knew he’d asked a lot of her, and he here he was again. “It was supposed to be you and me and our baby makes three,” she said. He knew, but he told her to think about what they stood to lose if they went to court. He said to think of what they could gain if they allowed the man who helped bring their boy into the world to spend time with him every week. She felt like Devon was trying to take their son. He told her that this would just be welcoming Devon into the family while giving Chance some space to heal.

Devon and Nate went back to the penthouse. Devon was tired out, and Nate said he’d helped Devon get his mind off things. Abby called and asked Devon to meet with her and Chance.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, January 19 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Devon sat on his couch looking troubled. He flashed back to helping deliver Dominic. Then he remembered having to help Chance with Dominic because Chance couldn’t get him to stop crying. Devon also flashed back to Chance saying he wasn’t sure he could live up to the commitments he’d made to Abby and Dominic. After the memories ended, Devon looked at a picture of himself with Neil. He wished he could get Neil’s guidance now. Devon had tears in his eyes. He wished he could hear Neil say that he understood what Devon was doing, even though it wouldn’t be easy. Devon was just trying to do what was right for his son.

Abby and Chance were home. She just didn’t understand; Deon was ready to take legal action to get shared custody of Dominic, and Chance didn’t want to fight. Abby said Devon had Chance questioning his ability to be a father, which was wrong, and frankly disgusting. Abby said Devon wanted Chance to bounce back, but it took time to heal from trauma and learn to parent. Chance noted that Devon’s point was that Dominic didn’t have time. Abby said their son was thriving, and it’d take time for them to get established as a family. She felt like that was unraveling. Chance thought their best bet was to compromise, because he didn’t think Devon would back down, and this could get really ugly. “Fine. Then let it get ugly because I’m not gonna agree to something that could profoundly disrupt our son’s life,” she said. She pointed out that they drew up documents and had an agreement, and now Devon wanted to change it. It broke her heart, but she was going to fight for her son. She needed to know Chance was with her and by her side. He promised he always was, and they hugged.

Abby needed air. Chance was sorry he upset her. She wasn’t angry at him; she was mad at Devon insinuating that she and Chance were failing their son. Chance said that didn’t reflect on Abby at all – Devon had a problem with Chance. Abby thought it was clear that Amanda was willing to do whatever it took to get Devon everything he wanted, including using everything Chance said as a weapon. Chance said he never should’ve opened up to Devon. Abby didn’t think Chance should be blaming himself. She loved Chance for not wanting things to turn adversarial, but she said Devon went too far.

Lily and Billy went to Crimson Lights and he told Sharon that it was Lily’s first day as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Lily added that it was Billy’s first day as COO. Sharon thought it was clear that the couple made a great team. He was looking forward to a great future and putting everything that happened at ChancComm behind them. Adam arrived, and Lily was ready to leave, but Billy didn’t think rushing away from Adam sent a good message. Billy approached Adam and thanked him for the text he sent Lily congratulating her on her new job at Chancellor Industries. Adam heard more congratulations were in order, now that Billy was named COO. Billy noted that he didn’t get a text. Billy said he was so surprised about Adam’s text to Lily. Sharon interrupted and asked if she could get Adam anything. Adam wanted to pay for the leaders of Chancellor Industries’ orders. Billy wanted to make sure any lingering animosity that the Newmans might have would be aimed at him and that Adam and Victor would let Lily thrive without interference. Adam said absolutely. Billy was glad to hear that. Sharon served everyone, and Lily thanked Adam for the coffee. Billy and Lily left.

Sharon told Adam she hoped at least some of that little performance was sincere. Adam knew Sharon wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but as with anything involving him and Billy, it was complicated. He did genuinely wish Lily the best. Sharon thought that was nice, and she was glad. Sharon was going to go back to the counter. Adam shifted gears and said Connor had been texting Faith whenever he wanted to spend time at the stables or go riding. Adam hoped that Connor wasn’t imposing on Faith. Sharon said of course not. Adam said living at the tack house had its drawbacks, but he was grateful to have extended family around for his son. Sharon smiled because she could see how important Connor was to Adam. He said Connor and Newman Media were his focus. Sharon was glad Adam and Victor were able to build something. No matter what happened to the company, she hoped he and Victor could maintain this level of trust. He agreed. She hoped he could let go of this thing with Billy, because it’d improve their lives. He admitted it would make his life a lot simpler. She urged him to walk away and use the battle as a gauge to see how far he’d come instead of using it as an excuse to behave badly. He asked if she was going to give Billy the same advice, and she said she was. Sharon thought Billy and Adam were more alike than they wanted to admit. Adam said Sharon wasn’t the first to say that. Being compared to Billy made Adam want to go all in on changing his ways. Sharon thought Adam and Billy had both come a long way, and it was inspiring to her. Adam said he only inspired people to do terrible things. Sharon saw Abby come in, and she excused herself to check on her. Adam said hi to Abby, then he went back to the office. Sharon asked if Abby wanted to talk. Abby didn’t want to get into it. Sharon said she’d get Abby some food, then.

Sharon heard from Rey that Chance was taking an indefinite leave of absence. Abby said that Chance wanted to spend more time with Dominic. Abby confided that she felt like she had to protect her family, and she felt like holding everything together was her primary job. Sharon surmised that Abby felt this way because Chance was still struggling, and she had to take care of him too. Abby was adamant that her husband was fine – he loved their son and he’d do anything for their family. She didn’t know why people kept treating him like he was going to fall apart. Sharon said okay. She only asked because she knew how difficult it could be to get over a traumatic experience. Abby said it hadn’t been easy, but Chance was handling it. Sharon knew it wasn’t easy for Abby either. Abby said her husband was home and safe, so she couldn’t complain. Sharon said Abby could and should, because acknowledging her feelings would only help her family. Abby appreciated the advice, but she didn’t need a therapist. Sharon said she’d back off, but it took a village, so she advised Abby to find someone trusted to reach out to. Sharon thought Abby should open up her world, and Dominic’s. “Chance and I need to be enough. We are Dominic’s parents,” Abby insisted. “If we can’t do this,” Abby started. Sharon said Abby and Chance could do it, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t reach out to everyone who loved their son. Abby abruptly got up and said thanks and left.

Billy showed Lily into her new office, which happened to be the same office she had when she was running ChancComm. Billy noted that it was a little different now, because, thanks to a deal between Jill and Nick, Lily now had the entire building, not just one floor. Lily was glad to be back here, because it was nice to have something that was the same. Lily found flowers and scotch on her desk – a gift to her and Billy from Jill. The letter said that she believed in Billy and Lily and knew they’d accomplish great things. Lily said it was weird coming back to an old office to start a new job. He said that this was walls and furniture, and she was the CEO of Chancellor Industries, and she’d do amazing things no matter where she was. Devon came by with a gift for Lily. He wished her luck and welcomed her to the CEO club.

Lily noted that Billy was COO, so Devon congratulated him too. Billy said it was Lily’s show, and he was there to help her fulfill her vision. Billy said he’d go back to his office and get to work, and he called Lily boss. He left. Lily told Devon not to say anything. He didn’t think he should be blamed for having reservations about Billy, after everything that happened at ChancComm. Lily asked her brother to keep it to himself, so he dropped the subject. She asked what was going on with him and the baby. He’d officially started the legal process for getting shared custody of Dominic. Abby didn’t react well at all, and Devon wasn’t sure how Chance felt about it. Devon said Chance had been through so much overseas and he was keeping it all inside, which was one of the reasons Devon felt he was doing the right thing for Dominic. He said it’d be up to a judge to make the decision. Chance texted Devon asking to talk in private.

Billy and Lily talked after Devon left. She was going to be meeting with her employees soon. He said she was glowing, and he loved it. He thought the best thing to come out of the ChancComm debacle was Jill’s brilliant idea to put Lily in charge at Chancellor. Lily thought it was also a good litmus test of the love strength and loyalty of their relationship. She thanked him for joining her on this adventure. He said today was about her, but she said it was about them both. Later, Lily finished her introductory meeting, and Billy thought it went amazingly well. They kissed.

Chance met Devon at the penthouse. “If I didn’t make it back or I was in a better headspace right now, would you still be making all these legal demands?,” Chance asked. Devon didn’t think they should be dealing in hypotheticals, but Chance wanted an answer before they got the lawyers involved. He asked how they could handle this without it turning into a war. Devon didn’t want a war either. Chance didn’t like what this was doing to Abby, who hadn’t had a moment’s peace since Devon brought this up. Devon was sorry to hear that. It wasn’t his intention. He said Abby felt like him spending more time with Dominic would confuse and upset him. He wanted to know how Chance felt. Chance loved Abby and Dominic and he wanted what was best for everyone. Devon wanted that too. He didn’t understand why Chance and Abby felt so threatened by his request. He thought it was reasonable, given the circumstances. Devon respected Chance for his service to the country, but he asked if Chance could really say that he was in a solid place and ready to give Dominic everything he needed without being affected by the trauma he’d gone through. Abby showed up, and she was surprised to see Chance. Chance said he had to do what was best for Dominic. Abby felt like they were trying to hash things out away from the overprotective mom. Devon said that wasn’t what was happening. Abby said if something needed to be discussed, it needed to be between her and Chance. Chance just wanted to talk to Devon, father to father. He said Devon asked him a question that deserved an answer. Devon repeated his question. Chance’s answer was that he wasn’t sure he could provide that. And Abby was stunned.

Chloe and Chelsea met at Society, and Chloe reported that Sally’s NY business trip was going well. Chelsea was sullen, and Chloe knew it was about Adam. Chloe grumbled because Chelsea hadn’t heeded her advice to avoid Adam. Exasperated, Chelsea said she knew how Chloe felt about Adam, since she harped about it every chance she got. Chloe said she’d do and had already done anything for Chelsea. Now Chloe wanted Chelsea to do this one simple thing for her. Chelsea admitted Chloe was right about everything. “I was holding out hope that Adam and I could find our way back to each other for a reason. . .And no matter what, something in the past has always brought us back together so why should this time be any different?,” Chelsea said. “I thought it was our destiny. And even though Adam made it clear I shouldn’t think that way, I still felt like he was connected to me too, and he felt that but he was fighting it because responsible for driving me to do all the terrible things I did,” Chelsea said. Chloe noted that Adam was responsible, then she apologized and asked what happened last night. Chelsea said she and Adam went to get drinks, and she’d thought it was a good sign, but then Adam bluntly and coldly told her that there was no future for them. Adam also said they couldn’t work together professionally if she couldn’t let go of the past. Chelsea said when she was battling Sharon for first place in Adam’s heart or when he was prioritizing his feud with Victor and Billy over his relationship with Chelsea, she still felt like they had an unbreakable bond. Now she knew she was wrong – Adam made it clear it was broken for good.

Chloe said she and Chelsea were each other’s ride or die, and Chloe wanted Chelsea to be happy. “And free of Adam,” Chelsea added. Chloe wanted Chelsea to be free of the rose-colored version of her past where Adam was a misunderstood loner with a heart of gold. Chloe wanted Chelsea to stop making excuses for Adam’s dangerous behavior and blaming everything on his childhood or his father. Chloe said that at some point, you had to make the choice to break free, like Chelsea did when she left her grifter life behind and focused on building a better life for her son. Chelsea said Adam did the same thing. Chloe thought Adam just wanted people to believe that was what he was doing. Chloe told Adam that in order for the company to be successful, they couldn’t be distracted by personal baggage or vendettas, but Adam was going to be Adam. Chelsea asked if Chloe was telling her to give up and leave the company. Chloe didn’t want that at all. She thought they needed to focus on work, expand it to include Chelsea’s incredible designs and making Newman Fashion an entity that could survive on its own if Adam screwed everything up. Chloe’s heart was broken for Chelsea, but this wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning. Chloe said Chelsea had their power back, and now they were in control of their own destiny.

Chelsea went to Adam’s office. She said he’d made it clear last night that there was no chance in hell that they’d ever be together. He said those weren’t his words. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. She said that was a crock. She thought he was being cruel to be kind to make sure she got the message. She said they knew each other pretty well, and that was a blessing a curse. He thought they’d said all that needed to be said about this. She still thought they could have a future, but she wasn’t going to humiliate herself by trying to convince him of that. She wanted to discuss moving forward professionally. Given their discussion last night, she wanted to make sure he wasn’t having second thoughts about letting her run Newman Fashion with Chloe. He hadn’t changed his mind about his decision. He said that discussion was about their personal lives. He hoped she knew he wanted her to continue working with Chloe. He thought her second act would be phenomenal and that she was an incredible talent. He’d be honored to help her achieve the success she deserved. She was glad because she was really excited about the plans for the platform. She said that in order to achieve her goals, she needed total freedom without drama. She thought that it would be best for Newman Fashion to relocate to a new workspace so that she didn’t keep running into him.

Adam thought that was a little extreme. He felt that they could handle this like adults. She thought it was a reasonable request. She left.

Elena and Nate went to Society after buying some lamps to replace the purple ones she hated. He was glad she was happy, because he wanted her to love everything about her new home. She said she already did – living with him changed her life for the better. He heard Jill found a new buyer for ChancComm. Elena was concerned that the new owner wouldn’t want to continue with AskMDNow or retain her as the face of the brand. Nate said it was Newman/Locke. He joked that he could pull some best man strings to make sure Elena kept her job. In seriousness, Nate said that Ashland had been a big supporter of the hospital, so he surely believed in AskMDNow. Elena wasn’t that confident. Nate asked Elena if she was sure she didn’t want the site to fold.

Elena asked why she’d want AskMDNow to fold. Nate said she was working at the hospital, volunteering at the clinic and squeezing him in too. Sometimes she felt over-committed, but she thought he knew how that felt. She loved all her work, and the time she spent with him was her favorite part of the day. He said ChancComm had been on hiatus, and he asked if she was ready to give up that free time. She’d enjoyed the extra hours free, but she was committed to AskMDNow. She assured him that she wasn’t going to start neglecting him. He said he’d have to pamper her now.

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