GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Liesl meets Cody and advises Britt to date him and have some fun. Britt and Liesl are stunned when Cody meets Scott and punches him in the face.

Nicolas persuades Ava not to divorce him so he can help her with the Esme situation.

Sam tells Dante that she isn’t ready to move in with him yet.

Mia the executive coach helping Drew gets hired by Carly to help advise her on her future plans.

Sonny, and Nina decide to have a relationship and face whatever comes with it together.

Victor tells Valentin that he is going to leave Charlotte in boarding school indefinitely because he hasn’t been following orders. Anna decides to investigate Valentin and find out what secrets he is hiding from her. Drew decides not to be a nice guy in business anymore. Drew sees Valentin, and tells him they need to
have a talk.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Sally tells Chloe that Newman Media should do a story on Ashland’s death and keep it on file, so Newman Media will be the first to post a story when the truth comes out about Ashland’s death. Sally tells Chloe that the story would tell the Newmans side of the story.

Victoria tells Nikki what Victor did to protect her and Nick, and Victor later confirms what Victoria told her. Victor denies that he had his security team move the body and stage the car crash, but Chance doesn’t believe him. Chance tells Victor that he will find the truth.

Jack asks Adam to work with him at Jabot and help him steer the ship so he can watch Harrison grow up. Adam, appreciates the job offer and tells Jack that he will think about it.

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Days Short Recap Monday, August 8, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady noticed that Belle was working too hard. She said that DiMera Enterprises was a mess since Jake was murdered. He wondered if she was working like that because of the baby drama. She admitted it was hard to watch him give up the baby. She could tell Shawn was heartbroken. Brady wanted to know if they were getting back together. She didn’t answer him. She picked up her things and left. Li noticed that Gabi was pacing. She told him that she was concerned about Ava living in the DiMera mansion. She was afraid that she would turn on her. Li believed that Ava wouldn’t be dumb enough to blow the plan. He advised her to have Ava spy on EJ for her. He wanted her to go to bed with him. Ava arrived at the mansion. EJ let her know that he needed her to vote Gabi out of the company at the next meeting. She appreciated him giving her a place to stay, but she couldn’t promise that she would do that vote. She said Jake was on Gabi’s side and she wanted to honor his wishes. She told him that Gabi offered her a job. He understood, but he wanted her to think about it. EJ took her to Abby’s old room. She wasn’t thrilled about staying in there. He said that another beautiful woman wouldn’t be killed in there. He walked out of the room. Gabi called Ava. She warned Ava that she would expose her fake marriage if she stabbed her in the back. Ava asked her about the job. Gabi couldn’t promise her a seat on the board, but she would ask Li about it. They argued for a bit before they hung up.

EJ met with Belle at the mansion. She told him that she couldn’t find a record of Jake’s will. Ava walked in the room and wondered what happens to Jake’s shares. Belle said the spouse gets everything so she handed her a document transferring his stock to her. Ava signed it and Belle gave her the stock certificates. Kristen went to Rolf’s lab and noticed that Jake’s body was gone. Rolf told her that he performed the surgery on him and put him in the morgue. He told her that Stefan was recuperating. Rolf said that Jake’s heart was in Stefan. He said they wouldn’t know how successful the surgery was until he woke up. She wanted him to wake him up. He didn’t want to risk any complications. Kristen wasn’t sure if she should trust him. Rolf said he was doing it in Stefano’s name. He assured her that he would wake her up in an hour. She told him that she had to take care of something.

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Days Short Recap Friday, August 5, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor talked to Alex about wanting Sonny’s job. Victor said he knew Alex was the one who took the company from Sonny. He knew it wasn’t Gabi. Alex said he did it to help out Sonny. He said he knew Sonny was going to be taken by the proposal. He said he bought the company to flip it back to Titan at the terms Sonny should have been offered in the beginning. Victor agreed not to say anything because no one would trust him if he knew. Alex said he would be his fixer. He said he would work under Sonny and report back to him. He said it was the arrangement he wanted in the first place. Lucas went to see Allie. She wanted to know what he was doing there. He said he was out on bail because the police didn’t have enough evidence against him to hold him for Abby’s murder. Allie wanted to know about kidnapping her mother. She wanted him to leave, but Chanel convinced her to talk to him. He said he wasn’t there to ask Allie to forgive him. He said he was there to tell her he didn’t kill Abby. Allie said she believed him, but she would never forgive him for kidnapping her mother. She said her eyes were open to who he really was. He wanted to know how he could make it up to her. She said she wanted him to show her that it was possible he could change. Johnny met with Paulina to discuss a plan for him to get Chanel back. Paulina said Chanel picked Allie. He wanted to find a way to get Chanel back. Paulina agreed to do it, but she didn’t want to hurt Allie. Chanel showed up and yelled at them for what they were planning to do.

Paulina went after Chanel. Chanel told her she couldn’t believe Paulina was plotting behind her back. Paulina said she was worried that Chanel didn’t make the right decision. Chanel was upset that it was about her picking a girl. Paulina said it wasn’t because of that. Chanel thought she wanted her to be in a traditional relationship. Paulina denied it at first, but admitted to it. Chanel said she could have all the things Paulina wanted her to have with Allie. Chanel said she didn’t want to lose her. Paulina said she wouldn’t lose her. Paulina went back to Johnny and told him Chanel was happy with Allie. Xander and Sarah went to Gwen’s motel room and searched her room. He found the mask in her suitcase. They heard keys and hid. Gwen came in and picked up the mask. She said she had to get rid of it. She left to get rid of it. Xander and Sarah came out of hiding. When Gwen went to the alley, she said the mask had to disappear since Sarah had an alibi. She threw the mask in the dumpster and left.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, August 4, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad was drunk at the Brady Pub. Sarah tried to call him, but he refused to answer the phone. He wanted another drink. Eric told him that he was cutting him off. Chad refused to leave until he got the drink he wanted. Sarah left a message for Chad when Sonny walked in the room. She told him that she remembered that she didn’t kill Abby. He was happy for her and was sure that Rex would testify for her. He thought she could put the situation behind her. She didn’t think the police would believe her. Sonny got a call from Eric about Chad. Xander arrived at the police to tell Rafe and Jada about Rex being Sarah’s alibi. He demanded they cross Sarah’s name off the suspect list. Jada couldn’t do that and told him about the evidence they have so far. Xander refused to accept that so Rafe agreed to talk to Rex. Jada warned him that Sarah wasn’t off the hook. Xander thought they were idiots and walked out. Rex didn’t approve of Jada telling so much about the case.

Sonny arrived at the pub to get Chad. He watched Chad crawl over the bar to get a drink. Sonny tried to stop him so Chad tried to punch him. He missed and fell to the floor. Sonny dragged him to the Kiriakis mansion. Chad wanted to get a drink. Sonny told him that Sarah had an alibi for Abby’s death. Chad started laughing. He thought it was strange that Clyde and Sarah had alibis. He wondered if Abby killed herself. He said it didn’t matter if the police found the killer because it wouldn’t bring Abby back to him. He told Sonny that he drank because the yelled at Thomas for wanting his mother. He didn’t want to be around his kids because he didn’t want to cause them any more pain. He said he was supposed to make things better for the kids. Chad felt like he was causing his kids more pain. Xander went back to his room and saw Sarah. He told her about what happened at the station. They talked about Lucas seeing her at the mansion. Xander reminded her that she couldn’t be in two places at once. She said she was before. They thought she could have killed Abby wearing a mask of her face. Xander couldn’t believe he was about to marry someone like her. He wanted to prove their suspicion. He wanted to search her room.

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Days Update Monday, August 8, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Shawn goes to the police station and meets Jada. Shawn welcomes her to the police department. Jada mentions knowing they were short staffed since Eli and Lani left. Jada asks what Shawn is doing here since she thought he had a couple more weeks of paternity leave with the baby at home. Shawn reveals that it turned out the baby wasn’t his.

Belle works on her computer at John and Marlena’s. Brady brings her a cup of coffee and comments on her not moving from that spot since she’s been up and asks if she’s almost finished with what she’s working on. Belle says not really as ever since Jake died, DiMera Enterprises is in complete turmoil…

Li Shin wakes up in bed as Gabi is pacing in the room. Li questions what’s on her mind. Gabi says it’s Ava. Li acknowledges that Ava dropped quite a bombshell last night by moving in to the DiMera Mansion. Gabi doesn’t like it one bit.

EJ sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and tells the portrait of Stefano that this is hardly the first time they’ve had to pick up the pieces after one of his children married an unsuitable partner. EJ complains that Stefan’s marriage to Gabi set them up with problems for years while Jake’s union with Ava could prove even worse. EJ assures that he will make this work to their advantage. EJ declares that Stefano can count on him to keep the family and company together. EJ wonders what’s keeping Ava and hopes she hasn’t decided not to move in. The doorbell then rings, so EJ decides it’s showtime.

Kristen joins Dr. Rolf in his lab. Kristen questions where Jake’s body went and if he performed the procedure. Dr. Rolf confirms that he removed Jake’s heart and transplanted it in to Stefan’s body. Kristen then asks if something went wrong.

EJ brings Ava in to the living room. EJ says she should’ve called to tell him that she was ready so he could have sent someone for her things. Ava responds that she likes to travel light. Ava comments on things looking different since the last time she lived here as John’s guest. EJ trusts her experience this time will be better. EJ states that Ava is his brother’s widow which makes her family and means she’s entitled to the full DiMera experience. EJ tells her that while she stays here, her wish is Harold’s command as her comfort is his top priority. Ava thinks he’s laying it on thick as they both know why he invited her to live here. Ava remarks that he’s keeping her close and keeping Jake’s shares closer until he gets rid of her so that he can take them over for himself.

Li questions Gabi not trusting Ava. Gabi talks about being afraid that Ava would poison her while she lived with Rafe. Li acknowledges that Ava has a colorful past. Gabi calls Ava a straight up killer and a mob boss. Li brings up that Ava has claimed to have reformed. Gabi worries that Ava is probably thinking of the best way to stab her in the back. Li questions why she would do that when Gabi holds all the cards and could reveal the truth that Ava didn’t marry Jake. Gabi wonders if Ava is smart and stable enough to realize that. Li assures that Ava is ambitious and remarks that Gabi knows the power that comes with being a DiMera widow.

Kristen questions if Dr. Rolf is telling her that both her brothers are dead now. He tells her to relax and assures he has everything under control. She questions what that means. Dr. Rolf responds that he returned Jake’s body to the morgue and no one will ever know his heart is missing while his remains will be in the DiMera Crypt. Kristen asks about Stefan so Dr. Rolf pulls back the curtain, revealing Stefan in his hospital bed and declares that Jake’s heart now beats in Stefan’s chest.

Brady asks Belle if all her working isn’t just to get her mind off the whole scenario with Jan’s baby. Belle questions Brady knowing about that. Brady confirms that Marlena told him the baby isn’t Shawn’s and asks what this means in regards to Belle and Shawn. Belle responds that Shawn came to her yesterday, helping she could stop Evan from taking the baby but he had a court order and paternity tests. Brady asks if Shawn just had to hand the baby over to that lunatic. Belle confirms that she was there and it was just as awful as he would imagine since Shawn had no warning or time to prepare. Brady knows that Shawn was really starting to bond with that baby. Belle states that Evan is now on his way to New Zealand with the baby and Shawn may never see him again, so she could see that Shawn’s heart was broken.

Shawn informs Jada that the baby’s father just showed up, took the baby, and left. Jada asks if Shawn needs more time off. Shawn assures that staying busy is the best thing for him. Jada relates to that. Shawn asks how her first week has been. Jada says they threw her in to the deep end as she came across an armed robbery the other day and had to discharge her weapon and the perp didn’t survive. Shawn apologizes as he didn’t know. Jada says she had no choice. Shawn knows taking a life is never easy even if it’s justified. Shawn asks if Jada doesn’t need a few days off. Jada assures that she will deal with what happened and keep moving forward. Rafe steps in and adds that Jada didn’t tell Shawn that she’s a hero for what she did that day because she saved Ava’s life.

EJ claims to Ava that his only goal is to protect his family and Gabi is a threat which is why he needs Ava to vote Gabi out at the next shareholders meeting. Ava appreciates him letting her stay here but she can’t promise him her vote. EJ questions why not. Ava says she knows that Jake was on Gabi’s side and she wants to honor his wishes. EJ argues that Jake had a complicated relationship wtih Gabi at best, so she doesn’t owe her. Ava then reveals that Gabi also offered her a job at DiMera. EJ calls that clever of her and notes that he would offer her the same thing if he became CEO. EJ tells Ava to think about it and promises not to rush her. EJ offers to show Ava to her room.

Gabi tells Li that her gut tells her that Ava moving in to the DiMera Mansion is not good news for her. Li asks if she thinks they are going to form some sort of partnership against her. Gabi argues that EJ doesn’t do anything that doesn’t further his own cause. Li suggests using the situation to her advantage by using her leverage over Ava to make her keep an eye on EJ for her. Gabi questions trusting Ava to tell her the truth. Li asks what choice she has since if Ava crosses her, Gabi will blow the truth about her and Jake’s fake marriage. Gabi agrees that nothing earns loyalty like a little blackmail. Li believes Ava will do ask she is asked. Gabi hopes he’s right. Li then asks if Gabi will do as she is asked when he asks her to come back to bed with him as they start kissing.

Rafe has no doubt that if Jada hadn’t fired her gun when she did, Ava Vitali would be dead right now. Shawn credits Jada’s quick thinking. Jada says she was just doing her training. Rafe assures that he saw her in action and they are lucky to have her on the force. Shawn is excited to work with her. Jada thanks him and mentions hearing a lot of good things about him too. Rafe calls Shawn one of the best detectives they have. Rafe tells Shawn that he’s glad he’s back because they could use the man power on the force right now. Shawn notes the heavy case load. Rafe suggests Jada and Shawn could work together and asks what they think about being partners.

Belle tells Brady that she was with Shawn after Evan took the baby and she didn’t know what to say as she could see he was hurting, but this baby is the reason their marriage fell apart. Brady points out that Jan was the reason. Belle says it’s not that she doesn’t feel for what he’s going through .Brady asks if there’s a chance they will get back together since there’s no baby in the way now. Belle decides she should get back to DiMera. Brady accuses her of avoiding. Belle then leaves as Chloe arrives. Chloe comments on her being in a hurry. Brady jokes that Belle got tired of answering his questions about her and Shawn. Chloe asks if she’s okay. Brady assures that she will be. Brady guesses Chloe is here because she’s wondering why he’s not at work. Brady insists that he won’t leave her alone at the office with Kristen, so if she’s ready to go, he’s ready. Chloe then reveals that she’s already been to the office and there was no sign of Kristen.

Dr. Rolf repeats to Kristen that he performed the transfer so Stefan’s heart is beating and he’s breathing on his own. Kristen asks if the surgery was a success then. Dr. Rolf says yes, but…

Li and Gabi lay in bed after having sex. Gabi comments on being more relaxed thanks to him. Li asks if this means she’s feeling better about the situation at DiMera. Gabi decides she has nothing to worry about since she’s the one holding the cards. Li declares that as long as Ava is in her control, there’s no way that EJ can ever bring her down. Gabi likes the way he thinks. Li responds that he likes the way she does everything. Li kisses her and decides to go take a shower.

EJ shows Ava to her bedroom but Ava identifies it as the room that Abigail was murdered in, which EJ confirms. Ava questions him wanting to sleep in the bed where Abigail was murdered. EJ comments that she doesn’t strike him as the superstitious type. Ava argues that it’s not superstition, it’s just grim. EJ calls it one of the loveliest rooms in the house. Ava asks what Chad would think. EJ tells her that Chad doesn’t live here anymore and the staff will help make it her own. EJ jokingly asks what are the odds that a second beautiful woman would be killed in here. EJ says if it’s important for her to feel safe, that should make her feel better. EJ then exits the room. EJ heads downstairs where he finds Belle waiting in the living room.

Shawn questions Rafe wanting he and Jada to be partners. Jada points out that they just met five minutes ago. Rafe notes how well they are already getting along. Rafe comments that Shawn has been a lone wolf for quite awhile now and he thinks Jada would benefit heavily from somebody who knows the town so well. Rafe asks what they say. Shawn and Jada agree that it sounds good. Rafe then pronounces them partners, so they shake hands.

Chloe tells Brady that she finds it weird that Kristen made this dramatic declaration about how they answer to her now and she’s going to make her life hell, but ever since then, there’s been nothing. Chloe asks if Brady has heard from her. Brady says he hasn’t heard a word. Chloe adds that Kristen made it a point that sticking it to her and worming her way back in to Brady’s life was the only reason she came back. Chloe questions why she would suddenly step away. Brady suggests maybe something more important came up…

Kristen questions why Dr. Rolf is being so cryptic about the surgery and asks if there’s a problem. Dr. Rolf responds that Stefan’s heart is functioning but they don’t know how complete his recovery will be until he wakes up. Kristen asks if he will wake up. Dr. Rolf hopes that will be the case and soon he’ll be the Stefan she remembers. Kristen then orders Dr. Rolf to wake Stefan up now.

Brady tells Chloe that maybe Kristen is just caught back up in the DiMera family drama since her brother just died. Chloe points out that Kristen barely knew Jake. Brady says every time a DiMera dies, there’s a mad scramble for the influence and stock that was left behind. They wonder if Kristen is trying to take back power at DiMera. Brady says even though Kristen wasn’t close with Jake, he bets she has strong feelings about him being shot in cold blood. Chloe feels Kristen would be too wrapped up in her own obsessions to care about her dead brother.

Kristen asks Dr. Rolf what he’s waiting for and orders him to wake Stefan up. Dr. Rolf argues that they can’t rush this and he needs to give him more time before bringing him back to consciousness. Kristen argues that he’s been resting for years. Dr. Rolf says there are a number of unknowns as there’s possible brain damage and they don’t know how easily Stefan’s body will accept the new organ. Kristen points out that Dr. Rolf was awfully confident before the procedure. Dr. Rolf says they just need to let the heart get settled in it’s new home. Dr. Rolf argues that 48 hours ago, she didn’t even know Stefan was alive so he’s on top of the situation and it doesn’t help to have her pressuring him. Dr. Rolf asks if she doesn’t have other things to do, reminding her that she’s in charge of Basic Black and she’s trying to get Chloe out of Brady’s life. Kristen questions him suddenly being interested in her love life. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s interested in doing what’s best for the DiMera legacy. Dr. Rolf tells Kristen to focus on what she can control and let him do his job. Kristen complains that her brother is hanging in the balance, so she needs to know if she can trust him.

Ava gets a call from Gabi, who asks how her new home is. Ava informs her that EJ put her in Abigail and Chad’s room. Gabi suggests that if she doesn’t like living there, she should just move out and get a room at the Salem Inn. Ava says she’s trying to put down roots here and this is Jake’s family home, so it is hers now too. Gabi reminds Ava that Jake was not her husband and that’s not her family. Ava asks if this is where Gabi starts turning the screws again. Gabi argues that Ava is already on her side, no matter how much EJ tries to win her over with the family nonsense. Ava comments that Gabi sounds paranoid. Gabi warns Ava that if she stabs her in the back, she will tell EJ that her marriage to Jake is a fraud. Ava says she knows, so Gabi says they understand each other. Ava asks about the job that she promised her and the seat on the board. Gabi informs her that Li won’t agree to a seat on the board, so Ava says she’ll just take the job. Gabi agrees to talk to him. Ava warns that she better. Gabi wants to make sure that she finds the best position for her to succeed. Ava repeats that she better as she hangs up.

Rafe tells Shawn and Jada that he’ll let them get better acquainted. Rafe adds that there a lot of cases to solve but right now, Abigail DiMera’s murder is their top priority. Shawn assures that they are on it as Rafe exits. Shawn asks Jada what brought her to Salem. Jada explains that her father lived here and told her good and bad things but overall he said it was a good community. Shawn is surprised to learn that Marcus Hunter was her dad. Shawn talks about how Marcus was friends with his dad and he used to hang out with Marcus and Steve when he was a kid. Shawn calls him a good man and says he’s sorry he died. Shawn thinks he has pictures of them all fishing and says he will show them to her at some point. Jada suggests they get back to work. Shawn asks her to catch him up on where they stand on the Abigail DiMera case. When Shawn picks up the case file, Jada notices his wedding ring and questions him being married, noting that when he talked about the child that wasn’t his, he didn’t mention his wife. Shawn calls it complicated.

Belle tells EJ that she pulled together all the paper work that he requested as quickly as she could. EJ stops her and says before they talk business, he’s been thinking about her a lot since she decided to end things. EJ wonders how she is. Belle says she’s fine and just working a lot. EJ asks about her and Shawn. Belle says in a crazy turn of events, she just learned that Jan’s baby was never Shawn’s which surprises EJ. Belle adds that Jan was just trying to trap Shawn as usual. EJ questions Shawn, a detective, falling for a scam like that but he knows it must have been hard for Shawn to hear the truth which Belle confirms. EJ asks if this revelation removed the stumbling blocks between them and if they are getting back together. Belle admits she doesn’t know. Belle then says she’d just like to get back to business. EJ asks if she’s determined whether or not Jake had a will. Belle says she looked everywhere and couldn’t find one. Ava walks in and remarks that he must be so disappointed.

Chloe complains that she hates waiting for the other shoe to drop with Kristen. Brady tells her not to give her another thought and pretend she doesn’t exist then. Chloe mocks that being easy. Brady offers to help her and jokes that there will be a penalty every time she says Kristen. Chloe feels it will be impossible to go an entire day without mentioning Kristen. Brady kisses her and says that’s her penalty that will happen every time she says Kristen. Brady and Chloe then continue kissing. Chloe stops to ask if anyone else is home. Brady says no and suggests they take this to his room and take the rest of the day off.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that her father trusted him with his life, so she can do the same. Kristen argues that she doesn’t know with him and asks what if this is a new experiment and he’s using both her brothers as guinea pigs. Dr. Rolf admits his research has given him purpose since losing Stefano but declares that the most important task of his life is to carry out the visions of the man he devoted his life to serving. Kristen questions him doing this in Stefano’s name. Dr. Rolf insists that Stefano would’ve wanted him to save his son and namesake, so that’s what he intends to do. Kristen declares that no one will know that Stefan is alive until the time is right. Dr. Rolf tells her that Stefan will be woken up in a couple hours. Kristen tells him to let her know if anything changes and she’ll be back. He questions where she is going. Kristen responds that she has something she has to take care of as she then exits.

Rafe shows up at Gabi’s room at the Salem Inn and says he was in the neighborhood so he thought he’d deliver her mail. Gabi invites him in and notes that it’s a lot of mail. Rafe points out that’s because she hasn’t been home in weeks since she’s been shacking up with this Shin dude since Arianna went back to camp. Li then comes out of the bathroom and says he wouldn’t call it shacking up. Gabi introduces Li to Rafe. They say it’s nice to meet each other. Li wishes he could spend a little more time getting to know Gabi’s brother but he was on his way out. Rafe suggests they set something up soon as he and his wife would love to have him over for dinner. Li says it was great to finally meet him. Li kisses Gabi and then exits. Rafe asks how Gabi is doing. Gabi says she’s good. Gabi admits she loved Jake so it’s very sad that he died but they obviously moved on. Rafe mentions hearing that Jake married Ava which surprised him. Gabi claims it surprised her too.

EJ tells Ava that he’s not disappointed that Jake didn’t have a will and that he just consulted with Belle to make sure Jake’s final wishes were carried out. Ava asks what happens to Jake’s shares if there’s no will or obvious heir. Belle confirms everything goes to the spouse which EJ points out is Ava. Ava is sure that’s what Jake would’ve wanted. Belle is glad she ran in to Ava and hands her a document that formalizes the transfer of Jake’s stock to Ava, his widow. Ava then signs the document. Belle notes that she signed it as Ava DiMera and questions her changing her name. Ava responds that she wanted to take her husband’s name to honor his memory which EJ rolls his eyes at. Ava asks if there’s anything else. Belle hands her the stock certificates and advises putting them somewhere safe. Belle adds that she’s sorry for her loss. EJ thanks Belle for stopping by and tells her to take care as Belle then exits the mansion. EJ offers to put Ava’s certificates in the safe for her. Ava says she appreciates that but decides to hold onto them as she then heads upstairs, frustrating EJ.

Jada promises Shawn that she won’t pry anymore and says she shouldn’t have been asking questions about his personal life. Shawn says they are partners so they will be learning a lot about each other. Belle then arrives and greets Shawn, asking if she’s interrupting. Shawn says no and introduces Belle to his new partner, Jada.

Chloe tells Brady that she would love to just say screw work but they do have important business to take care of today. They kiss and agree to go back to work. They go to leave right as Kristen arrives at the door.

EJ opens a bottle of champagne as Ava returns to the living room. EJ pours her a glass so she asks what they are celebrating. EJ says he just wanted to say welcome to her new home and he hopes she’ll be very happy here. Ava responds that she’s sure she will be.

Rafe comments on Gabi moving on and questions what the story is with her and Li, asking if it’s serious. Gabi responds that she likes him and the feeling is definitely mutual. Rafe says it’s good that he makes her happy. Gabi says they have no expectations and are just seeing where it goes. Rafe points out that she’s basically living with him. Gabi wouldn’t go that far and says they are just spending time together. Rafe asks if Gabi loves him. Gabi questions if this is a police interrogation. Rafe argues that her big brother is allowed to ask questions. Gabi admits they haven’t said I love you yet. Rafe asks if she does love him. Gabi responds that she likes him, but the last time she was in love, it didn’t end well so she’s not sure that’s something she is looking for. Rafe understands she’s afraid of getting hurt again. Gabi says it’s not about getting hurt but that Stefan was the great love of her life, so she doesn’t think anybody could take his place.

Dr. Rolf looks over Stefan and hears the door, so he calls out that he told Kristen he has everything under control. Rolf is then shocked when it’s Li Shin entering his lab, who declares that he’s not Kristen.

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Y&R Update August 8, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Chance went to Victoria’s office and asked why she looked so upset. She pretended a deal fell through, and she tried to leave, but he said that he needed to talk to her about Ashland’s death. Exasperated, Nick asked how many times they had to go over this. Chance said as many times as it took to find out what really happened. Chance said something with Ashland’s death didn’t sit right with him, and he thought Victoria and Nick agreed with him. He said Victoria and Nick were convinced Ashland was in no shape to leave the house. Victoria noted that they’d already been through this before. She felt that they had to conclude Ashland left the house, unless Chance had other evidence. He said two witnesses saw a car consistent with Ashland’s rental car at a gas station near Victoria’s property. Victoria didn’t see why it was important that they found out where Ashland parked his car that night. Chance had just come from Victoria’s place, where he walked the distance between her back door and the gas station. It was a half a mile, through the woods. Chance thought it would’ve been tough for Ashland to traverse that path on a windy night while weak with head trauma. Victoria said she was sure Ashland was full of adrenaline that night, like she and Nick were. Chance said he’d feel so much better if he could prove Ashland walked to the gas station.

Nick asked what Chance would need to satisfy him. Chance said physical evidence would be nice. He revealed that the gas station security footage was blank at the times Ashland would’ve been there. Nick said that wasn’t evidence of anything. Chance stated that they checked some other cameras in the vicinity and they found one that showed Ashland’s car heading toward the accident site. The footage was grainy, but it appeared that there could’ve been more than one person in the car. They found indications of more than one person standing in the spot where Ashland parked at the gas station – more than one set of footprints and a cigarette butt. Victoria said that another customer could’ve done that. Nick asked what Chance didn’t believe about their account.

Chance said he was on Nick and Victoria’s side. He knew that they weren’t trying to cover up killing Ashland, because Victoria called Chance that night, and Nick turned in the ring. The mystery of how the ring got on the floor was gnawing at Chance, and he knew that Victoria and Nick didn’t have firsthand knowledge of the answer, because they weren’t in the room when it got on the floor. Victoria sensed that Chance was saying Ashland died at her house and someone moved the body. She asked who would do that and why. “Your father. To protect you both,” Chance said.

Nick said that was one hell of a supposition, and Chance countered that everyone knew what Victor was capable of and how protective he was of his family, and he was willing to act illegal when he deemed it necessary. Nick thought that if Chance had questions for Victor, he should be interrogating their Victor. Chance planned to do so, but he wanted to give Nick and Victoria an opportunity to come clean. He said if they were aware of anything covert Victor set in motion the should say something now, because they’d be accessories after the fact. Victoria said Chance had no proof to make these accusations against their father. Chance was extremely sorry for what Ashland put Victoria through. Chance didn’t know everything Ashland did, though he’d like to, but he knew Ashland was evil. Victoria said Ashland was gone, and she was grateful, and his death weighed on her and Nick. Chance said he was giving Victoria and Nick the opportunity to tell him if there was anything else he needed to know. “I told you everything that I knew that night,” Nick said. “Interesting turn of phrase,” Chance sighed, then he left.

Nick griped about Victor putting him and Victoria in this position. Irritated, Victoria said Victor would’ve taken the secret to his grave if Nick didn’t force his hand. Victoria said Nick just had to confront Victor, and now Nick didn’t even have plausible deniability, and neither did Victoria, because he told her what happened. Nick thought Victoria would want the truth. “I hate what Dad did, not that he told me,” Nick said. Victoria was upset about both things. Nick said, as usual, Victor’s obsessive need to control everything came back to bite him. Victoria didn’t think Nick was being fair to their dad. He said he was worried about their dad because Chance wasn’t going to let this go. Victoria didn’t think Chance would go after the family, since he was married into it. Nick said Chance put honor and duty above everything else, and when Victor moved Ashland’s body, he broke the law, putting himself, Nick and Victoria at risk.

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki talked about how adorable Johnny and Katie were. The kids were off horseback riding. Nikki had noticed they were a bit subdued, and she said no matter what the adults thought of Ashland, he was the kids’ stepfather. Nikki thought Victor seemed triumphant every time Ashland was brought up, like he seemed to be taking credit for his demise. Victor said he had nothing to do with Ashland’s demise – it was Ashland’s own fault. Victor was glad Ashland was gone, though. Nikki said Newman was stronger than ever, thanks to the merger with Ashland’s company. Victor said Ashland tried to take everything from him. Victor felt Ashland was where he belonged – in the morgue, waiting for a pauper’s burial.

Nikki was relieved they didn’t have to deal with Ashland anymore, but she wasn’t ready to dance on his grave. She said there was a time they welcomed him into the family and trusted him with Victoria’s future, and he was deceiving them the entire time. Victor said he knew the moment he met Ashland that they’d be involved in a high stakes chess game. He said the family took Ashland down together. He added that the family was almost united. Nikki knew Victor was talking about Adam. She said there was no family unity if Adam was included. Victor knew, but it broke his heart to think of giving up on Adam. Nikki thought that, for Victor’s sanity, he had to put this dream behind him. Victor thought they should leave the topic of Adam for another day, and Nikki agreed.

Ranch staff let Victor know that Chance was on the premises. Victor gave them permission to let him come up to the main house. He told Nikki what was going on. She seemed unimpressed by how thorough Chance was being. Victor said it was routine and nothing to worry about. Nikki had an appointment to get to. Victor said that this would all end soon, and she’d celebrate then. After Nikki left, Chance entered and accepted Victor’s invitation to sit at the chessboard with him. Chance was certain Victor knew more about the night Ashland died than he was admitting.

At the park, Jack cheered when Harrison scored a goal at soccer. Traci came up, and Jack said he was thinking of coaching Harrison’s team. Traci asked Jack about him spending more time with his grandson than at work. He asked if she was accusing him of neglecting the family business. She wasn’t – she just wondered how this was going to work. He said his executive team knew they could reach him anytime. He acknowledged he’d made Harrison a priority. Harrison scored another goal, and Traci cheered. She said it was too bad Diane had to work and couldn’t be here to watch him play. She thought Diane had been good with Harrison. Jack wondered what Traci was alluding to.

Traci just thought Diane was a good grandmother. She suggested there was a reason that Jack read more into her comment. Jack was happy Diane had connected with Harrison, because it was good for him, and she’d been a source of support for Kyle too. Traci asked if Jack thought Diane changed. He wasn’t sure. He said Diane was reasonable, calm and levelheaded, but she still had the spark in her. He said some people couldn’t change, and that made the people who could all the more impressive.

Kyle and Summer were at Society. They talked about Harrison losing Ashland. Kyle was glad that Jack and Diane were there for Harrison. Summer said it was a relief to know Harrison was being well taken care of when she and Kyle couldn’t be there. Summer broached the possibility of hiring Phyllis at Marchetti. He asked if she seriously thought wise for their mothers to work together. Summer suggested that working together would force their moms to be on their best behavior. She said Phyllis really regretted turning down the marketing position Summer offered her. Kyle asked why Phyllis suddenly wanted the job when she didn’t before. Summer said this job was in Genoa City, and the last one was in Milan. He brought up the hotel. She repeated what Phyllis said about the hotel running itself and about someone making an offer to buy it.

Summer said her mom was a talented business with exquisite taste. Kyle hadn’t thought about it from that angle – he guessed Phyllis was qualified. Summer said hiring Phyllis wasn’t an act of charity – she’d work her tail off and she’d bring an enormous amount to the table. Summer conceded that this could be the worst idea in the world, though. Kyle said it could be one of the best. He said Phyllis could be an asset, and she had talent, but they had to keep her from becoming a liability. He wanted Phyllis to work side by side with the two of them to make sure she didn’t have an agenda to cause trouble with Diane. Summer didn’t want to offer Phyllis a job under false pretenses. Kyle said they’d tell Phyllis up front that they didn’t trust her when it came to Diane. He said Phyllis would have to agree to stay away from Diane unless they needed to collaborate on a project. Summer suggested that Kyle give Diane the exact same message, so she knew she’d be fired if she tried to bait Phyllis or make her look bad. She said their mothers would know that they’d both received identical warnings. Kyle told Summer it was a deal.

Diane went to The Grand Phoenix to use the gym. She and Phyllis needled each other. Diane mentioned spending time with Harrison, and Phyllis alluded to Diane abandoning Kyle. Diane boasted that she was working at an invigorating job, with her son, and her life was better than she ever imagined. Diane got a text from Kyle wanting to meet. She mentioned it to Phyllis, saying that it was probably about Marchetti or Harrison. She added that Phyllis was here, alone, watching the world go by. Phyllis said she felt like there was a spectacular change on the horizon in her life. Summer texted her asking to meet, and Phyllis shared this with Diane.

After Diane left, Summer arrived at the hotel and asked Phyllis to oversee the launch of Marchetti Home, their new home décor and furnishings line. Phyllis was ecstatic, and they hugged. Phyllis said she oversaw every aspect of décor in this hotel, and that was one of the reasons it was so successful. Summer said there was one rule – Phyllis had to play nice with Diane. Summer said that this role was important so there would definitely be overlap with the publicity team. Phyllis crowed that Diane would be fielding offers from her. Summer said she and Kyle didn’t want Diane and Phyllis to do this sort of constant competitive infighting and general bitchiness. Phyllis promised there wouldn’t be any bitchiness. Summer said her first instinct was not to hire Phyllis, because it could create a volatile situation. Phyllis said she was just joking, she promised not to provoke Diane, and she offered to even sign a contract saying so. Summer said she and Kyle were going to be keeping an eye on their mothers. She admitted she and Kyle didn’t trust that Phyllis was capable of not stirring the pot.

Phyllis commented on the lack of confidence in her. Summer said she and Kyle were confident Phyllis could succeed in the job. She added that Kyle was giving his mother this same warning. Phyllis claimed Summer’s worries were unfounded. Summer didn’t agree. She noted that Phyllis had let Diane’s return ruin her relationship with Jack. Phyllis wanted to put the past behind her and focus on this new chapter in her life. Summer really looked forward to it as long as Phyllis was on the level. Phyllis was sorry about the jokes she made earlier. She promised she wouldn’t let Summer down and said she had Summer’s back. Phyllis accepted the offer, and Summer was delighted. They hugged, and Phyllis looked troubled.

Diane met Kyle at Society. She choked on her drink when he told her about Phyllis’s new job. Recovering, she said that was really nice, because she saw Phyllis today, and she’d seemed very lonely. Kyle knew Diane couldn’t care less about Phyllis’s well being. He wanted her to be open and honest with him about how she felt about this. She was alarmed when he said she and Phyllis would have to work together sometimes. Diane thought Phyllis was doing this to try and sabotage her.

Kyle said Diane and Phyllis were a match and gasoline, but just like it was important to him to work with Diane, it was important to Summer to work with her mother. Diane asked if Phyllis would have the power to fire her. She was relieved when he said Phyllis would be in a different division. He said Diane and Phyllis would have to interact sometimes though. Phyllis was getting this same warning from Summer, so that meant Diane and Phyllis would start out on equal footing. Kyle said if Diane couldn’t be civil, there would be consequences. Diane thought it was suspect that Phyllis suddenly wanted to work at Marchetti. She said Phyllis had a cushy job at the hotel, and she’d turned down Summer’s previous offer to work at Marchetti. Kyle pointed out that the previous job was located in Milan. He added that Phyllis was thinking of selling the hotel.

Diane was really worked up. She hoped Kyle could at least see that Phyllis was being the aggressor. She said Phyllis wouldn’t give up the business she owned and take a job where she had to answer to her daughter and son in law unless she had ulterior motives. “Even if that is true, and I’m not saying it is, she can only mess things up for you if you let her,” he said. “Oh, so if she attacks me, do I at least have the permission to defend myself?,” Diane huffed.

The short answer is no, Mother,” Kyle said. He told her no fighting, no instigating and no escalation if provoked. He said he and Summer wouldn’t stand for any trouble. Diane wondered if this was a test to see how she handled herself under the worst possible conditions. She asked what would happen if she failed. He told the panicked Diane to take a breath, and he gave her a pep talk. He believed she could do this. He said he let her into her life, hired her and told Harrison she was his grandmother, and he didn’t see a way to make it more clear that he had a confidence in her. He said if she could peacefully coexist with Phyllis, it would prove she changed and that she was healthier and stronger than she used to be.

Nikki met Phyllis at The Grand Phoenix to ask about the plan to take down Diane. She was glad to hear Phyllis got the job at Marchetti. Nikki wanted to call Ashley with the news, but Phyllis stopped her and told her about Summer’s ultimatum. Nikki asked if Phyllis was having second thoughts about their plan. Diane was 100% committed to burying Diane. She said she didn’t just get a job, but a high level job. She’d be heading the home fashion division. Nikki was impressed. Phyllis said she’d be calling the shots in an executive suite while Diane was toiling in her junior publicist position. Phyllis planned to milk that. Nikki didn’t think it was necessary for Phyllis to milk it. She said just the thought of this would be enough to send Diane into orbit, and she’d self destruct even if Phyllis didn’t lift a finger. Phyllis planned to lift ten fingers, clandestinely, of course. “We’re gonna get this bitch out of town,” Phyllis said.

Summer and Kyle met at Society again and talked about how their mothers took the news. Kyle said Diane was a lot more upset than he thought she’d be. He said it didn’t help hearing Phyllis would be joining the company at a higher level and that Diane thought Phyllis would use her position to help get Diane fired. Kyle thought his mom was past all this petty completion, but the news seemed to trigger something in her. Summer wondered if this was a big mistake. Kyle suggested that this would help their mothers get past their feud. She loved his optimism. She said he saw the best in people, and his outlook had rubbed off on her. She hoped that would happen to their mothers too. They kissed.

Jack saw Diane at Crimson Lights and knew something was wrong. She brought him up to speed, and she said there was no doubt this was part of a calculated plot against her by Phyllis. “Possibly. So what? Do the work. Steer clear of her,” he said. She wished Kyle could see this for what it was – a well timed conspiracy to destroy everything that I have worked so hard to rebuild. Jack knew that look on Diane – she was feeling cornered and was thinking of a preemptive strike. She said if she did, she’d lose her job. He said she’d also lose the good will she’d built with Kyle and the rest of the Abbotts. He told her not to give in to her insecurities, because it would only hurt her. She promised not to let that happen.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 8, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Chance told Victoria and Nick that he thought Ashland died at Victoria’s house and Victor covered it up. Nick and Victoria kept Victor’s secret. Nick worried about Victor and was angry that he took the law into his own hands. Victoria was angry Nick forced Victor to tell him the truth and that he then told her, making them accessories after the fact. Nikki noticed Victor seemed triumphant every time Ashland was brought up, like he took credit for Ashland’s demise. Victor was glad the family banned together to take Ashland down, but he wished Adam was part of the united family. Chance came to ask Victor about Ashland’s death. Jack talked to Traci about Diane. He wasn’t sure Diane changed, but he found it impressive that some people could change, since a lot of people couldn’t. Summer talked Kyle into hiring Phyllis as the head of the home fashion division at Marchetti. Kyle and Summer both warned their mothers that they were not to feud or scheme at work, or they’d be fired. Diane told Kyle that Phyllis took the job as part of a plot to sabotage her. Kyle told Diane he believed in her. Diane vented to Jack about Phyllis’s job, and he told her not to give in to her insecurities. Phyllis told Nikki that the plan to sabotage Diane was still on, despite Summer’s warning.

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Days Update Friday, August 5, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie goes to Alex’s room to invite him to come eat dinner, but finds him in bed with a woman.

Johnny stands in the town square, staring at Sweet Bits Bakery. Paulina approaches him and informs him that she’s sorry, but Chanel is gone for the day and she’s taken her sweet bits with her.

Allie puts her son Henry to sleep and then joins Chanel on the couch with wine. Allie informs her that they can now be together, uninterrupted, until morning. Allie and Chanel then kiss.

Xander and Sarah go to Gwen’s hotel room. They plan out what to do as Xander then picks the lock and they break in to Gwen’s room. They begin searching the room. Sarah doesn’t think Gwen would hide it somewhere obvious but Xander finds the mask in her bag. Sarah declares that they’ve got her, but then they hear keys at the door as Gwen has come home. Sarah and Xander hide as Gwen enters. Gwen goes to her bag, pulls out the mask, and declares that she has to get rid of it. Gwen then takes the mask and exits. Xander and Sarah come out from hiding in the bathroom. Sarah notes that was close and is thankful she’s not onto them. Xander responds that they are on to her.

Gwen goes to the docks towards a dumpster. Gwen states that now that Sarah has an alibi, the mask has to disappear so no one finds out what she did.

Allie and Chanel continue kissing. Allie asks if this is really happening that Chanel picked her. Chanel assures that she did and that they are in this together as Allie picked her too. Allie agrees and calls it great, but she can’t help thinking about Johnny as she feels so bad since he thought he was the one. Chanel admits that the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him, but someone was going to get hurt. They think back to Chanel making her decision. Chanel gets that Johnny is her brother and it’s sweet that she cares about him. Chanel asks if they are really going to let that ruin their night. Allie promises nothing will ruin their night. Allie and Chanel start kissing until they are interrupted by Lucas showing up at the door.

Johnny sits with Paulina and says he just can’t believe that Chanel chose Allie. Paulina gives him a drink and suggests it might help. Johnny complains that he wants a do over or another shot as this can’t be how it ends. Paulina knows it hurts but it wasn’t in the cards. Johnny asks if he’s just supposed to give up. Johnny reminds Paulina that she told him herself that she wanted him to end up with Chanel and asks if she meant that. Paulina assures that she meant it and the only issues she had with him were when the Devil was making his choices for him. Paulina sincerely believes Johnny could make Chanel very happy. Johnny suggests they do something about it then. Johnny says they both want him with Chanel so he wants to figure out a way to make that happen.

Maggie apologizes to Alex for barging in on him like that as he just got back to town so she didn’t realize he had time to make friends. Alex says he’s a people person but gets the girl’s name wrong as she introduces herself as Lisa. Lisa mentions having an art class to go teach. She gives Alex her number and exits. Maggie comments that she was very nice and outgoing but questions the low standards since Alex called her the wrong name but she still wants to see him again. Alex remarks that he’s just good at what he does. Maggie decides to leave and let Alex finish getting dressed.

Allie questions what Lucas is doing there as she thought he’d be in jail. Lucas responds that they didn’t have enough evidence to hold him in connection to Abigail’s murder, so he’s out on bail. Allie asks what about kidnapping Sami and if that’s not a serious enough crime. Chanel encourages Allie to let Lucas in but Allie argues that it’s their night. Lucas apologizes to Chanel. Chanel tells Allie that she will go back to the Bakery. Allie reminds her that she closed it. Chanel says she will open it back up so Allie can talk to Lucas and make herself better. Chanel suggests Allie not take the fact that she has a dad for granted. Chanel adds that they might not work it all out tonight but she has to start somewhere. Allie says not tonight when it’s their night. Chanel assures they will have a million more and kisses her goodbye as she then exits. Lucas tells Allie that it’s her call as he will go if she wants him to.

Paulina tells Johnny that Allie is with Chanel now and it’s done. Johnny argues that it’s not set in stone and Chanel just needs to see that she made the wrong decision which is where Paulina comes in. Paulina asks what she’s supposed to do about it. Johnny says Paulina has influence over Chanel. Paulina says not when Chanel sets her mind to something and if she tried to change her mind about Allie, she would lose whatever influence she does have over her. Johnny knows she can’t just go tell Chanel that she made the wrong decision which is why they need a plan, for Chanel’s sake. Paulina doesn’t like the word plan as it sounds underhanded and manipulative. Johnny says it’s not about the route but the destination and asks Paulina to help him get there. Johnny asks her to let him make Chanel truly happy.

Maggie goes to the living room and tells Victor that Alex having a woman over is no big deal while Victor complains that he snuck a woman in to his room and had his way with her with no decency. Maggie finds it hilarious when Victor attempts moral outrage. Alex walks in and remarks that not everyone is as accepting as Maggie is, joking that she accepts Victor. Maggie decides to go check with Cook about dinner. Victor comments that Alex reminds him of Justin at his age which is not a compliment. Victor orders Alex to sit down and questions what the hell he’s doing with his life.

Sarah tells Xander that even though Gwen didn’t see them, she did take off with the mask which is the only proof that she was the one that Lucas saw at the DiMera Mansion on the night of Abigail’s murder. Xander decides they have to make sure that Gwen doesn’t have the chance to get rid of the mask, so they rush out of the room together.

Gwen tosses the Sarah mask into the dumpster and walks away.

Gwen returns to her hotel room and questions why she didn’t just do that at night. Leo then shows up at her door with a bag of food.

Xander and Sarah trace Gwen’s steps to the dumpster. Xander complains of the dumpster’s smell. Sarah guesses someone put another load on top and declares that they are going to have to get in there and dig it out which Xander questions. Xander suggests getting a pole or some gas masks. Sarah then jumps in to the dumpster and begins searching for the mask.

Paulina tells Johnny that they can’t hurt Allie and it’s against her better judgment. Johnny says he doesn’t want to hurt Allie either but Paulina says that seems inevitable. Johnny says maybe in the short term, but really they are just freeing her up to meet the true love of her life like he knows Chanel is for him. Chanel appears in the town square and sees Johnny and Paulina sitting together. Johnny tells Paulina that they need to figure out a way to get Chanel away from Allie that’s permanent. Chanel then walks the other way around. Paulina agrees with Johnny and says she can’t take another “which twin” monologue. Johnny suggests setting up a misunderstanding so that Chanel feels betrayed and there’s nothing Allie can say or do to make it better. Paulina feels that seems complicated and suggests not doing anything at all. Chanel then approaches them and questions what they were talking about. Paulina says she was just giving Johnny a shoulder to cry on which Chanel mocks. Paulina calls heartbreak tough. Chanel says especially when you’re trying to inflict it on someone else, like Allie. Paulina tries to say that Chanel misheard but Chanel recites what Johnny’s plan was about setting something up so that she feels betrayed and Allie can’t make it better. Chanel says she half expects something like that from Johnny but argues that Paulina is supposed to have her back instead of plotting against her. Chanel declares that she hates both of them and storms off while Paulina calls after her. Paulina worries about what she has done.

Lucas tells Allie that ever since the night of the wedding, things have been complicated. Lucas doesn’t understand what he did and can’t begin to think of what it’s been like for Allie. Allie calls it a pattern for Lucas to think about her after he’s already done what he knows is wrong, but afterwards, he always feels so sorry. Lucas states that he is sorry but he’s not here to ask for her forgiveness, he’s here to tell her something that he thinks might help her. Allie asks if he didn’t kidnap her mother. Lucas admits he did that but Marlena hypnotized him and he started to remember a lot of things, so he did not kill Abigail and is not a murderer. Lucas confirms that he went to the DiMera Mansion to confront Abigail as he wanted to beg her not to tell Sami that he was the one who kidnapped her, but he never saw Abigail that night. Allie asks about the cut on his hand. Lucas explains that he did it to himself as he went to make himself another drink but sliced his hand, cutting a lemon. Allie questions Lucas not just drinking out of the bottle like every other drunk in the world. Lucas argues that he didn’t understand what he was doing, but he saw Sarah running down the steps and leaving while the police think she may have had the murder weapon. Lucas knows it doesn’t make sense, but the point is that he didn’t kill Abigail. Lucas asks her to tell him that she believes that.

Xander wants Sarah to get out of the dumpster before she gets sick. Sarah argues that someone had to take charge as the mask won’t find itself. Xander feels there has to be a better way. Xander tells her not to make him come in there after her. Sarah concludes that the mask is not in the dumpster and questions where the hell it is.

Gwen asks Leo to go as she’s not in the mood for her company. Leo argues that he’s not company, he’s family. Leo wants Gwen to fill him in on the news about Sarah, guessing the noose is tightening around her neck as they speak. Leo asks Gwen what’s wrong. Gwen says nothing but Leo calls her a liar and tells her to fill him in over their food. Leo then reaches in to the bottom of his bag of food and pulls out the Sarah mask, revealing it’s back. Gwen questions what he’s going to do with that. Leo jokes that he’s going to marry Xander and enjoy the night with him. Leo mentions finding it in the dumpster. Gwen jokes about Leo dumpster diving. Leo tells Gwen to drop the act, revealing he saw her in the alley, panicked. Gwen claims she wasn’t panicked. Leo tells her to save it and questions Gwen having the mask forever and suddenly throwing it away. Leo brings up the last time they were together and how Xander was so down about what was going to happen to Sarah, yet somehow Sarah is still free. Leo mentions something about an alibi and questions just who Lucas saw that night rushing down the stairs as he holds the mask.

Xander tells Sarah that the mask must still be in the dumpster so maybe she missed it. Xander decides if he wants something done right, he must do it himself, so he reluctantly jumps in to the dumpster as Sarah laughs.

Victor tells Alex that Sonny told him that Alex would like to work with him at Titan. Alex says it came up because working with his brothers Vic and Joe wasn’t everything he hoped it would be. Victor asks if that’s because they actually expected him to work. Victor questions what Alex sees himself doing at Titan. Alex asks if Sonny should be in on this conversation. Victor points out that then Sonny would know what they were talking about. Victor questions if Alex wants Sonny to know why he’s really here. Alex says he should’ve known he couldn’t put anything past him.

Lucas asks Allie to just say something. Allie thinks she always knew that he couldn’t kill someone. Lucas thanks her. Allie adds that she doesn’t believe Sarah could either. Lucas admits he doesn’t either. Allie tells Lucas that she doesn’t believe he killed Abigail, but she will never forget or forgive that he kidnapped her mom and now he’s in court trying to get out of it like a coward which she thinks is pathetic.

Paulina catches up to Chanel outside the Brady Pub and asks her to let her explain. Chanel says it’s crystal clear that Paulina doesn’t want her to be with Allie. Chanel declares that she made her choice and she wants to see what she and Allie can be together. Chanel thought Paulina would be happy for her but instead, she’s plotting with Johnny behind her back. Paulina tries to deny it but Chanel says she heard her. Paulina says she was just worried that she hadn’t made the right choice. Chanel takes that to mean she picked the girl, when the right choice to Paulina was the boy and that is what this is really about.

Alex guesses it did cross his mind that working for Sonny would be less taxing than working for Vic and Joe. Victor argues that something a lot more devious than that crossed his mind. Alex argues that Victor can’t possibly think he’s after Sonny’s job since he knows Victor wants him there. Victor states that he put Sonny there and it was the right decision at the time, but as it turns out, he’s had too much of his mother in him. Alex argues that Adrienne was a mother to him too. Victor remarks that Adrienne had no killer instinct and neither does Sonny. Alex guesses Victor is upset about the acquisition of a small company in London that slipped through Sonny’s fingers. Alex mentions Sonny assumed Gabi took it out from under him. Victor comments that Gabi denied it and Sonny believed her. Alex says Gabi is apparently a scheming liar. Victor asks if he would’ve believed her. Alex says it’s hard to say, so Victor guesses he’s trying to protect Sonny. Alex responds that he is his brother. Victor suggests maybe Alex is trying to protect himself which he questions. Victor reveals that he did a little digging and found out that it wasn’t Gabi who scooped up the company, it was Alex.

Lucas tells Allie that he doesn’t want to throw Kate under the bus but it was her idea that he plead not guilty. Allie mentions that Kate told her the same. Lucas says Allie knows then that his plea was based around what happened to Abigail since his memory lapse made it really easy for the police to assume he killed her, so if he plead guilty to kidnapping Sami then they would think he killed Abigail to keep her quiet. Allie responds that she gets it. Allie talks about going to their wedding, thinking it was going to be one of the greatest days ever with her parents getting back together like a dream come true. Lucas knows he turned it in to a real nightmare. Allie declares that on that day, her eyes were really opened as to who he really is.

Paulina complains that Chanel doesn’t understand and explains that she thinks Chanel is better off with Johnny because he’s never hurt her like Allie has when she was all over the place with her feelings and with Tripp. Chanel argues that Allie wasn’t ready to face how she felt but now she has. Paulina points out that Allie also has a lot of baggage with her son. Chanel argues that Henry isn’t baggage and that this is about her making a choice that she’s not comfortable with. Chanel says Paulina wants her in a nice, traditional relationship. Paulina tells her that she’s wrong and insists that she’s open minded. Paulina says they have it hard enough in this country with their skin color so her choice will only make it harder for her. Chanel responds that it’s just one excuse after another while Paulina would never run away from her choice that she felt deep in her heat and she would hate it if she did. Chanel asks Paulina to just tell her the truth.

Xander gets out of the dumpster and says he can’t believe this but he’s not giving up. Xander argues that they know Gwen was at the mansion on the night of the murder. Sarah points out that they have no proof. Xander guesses they have to go to the cops and tell them what they know. Sarah responds that the one problem is Gwen.

Gwen tells Leo that this is ridiculous. Leo says he knows her too well and he saw the panic in her eyes when he pulled the mask out of the bag, so they both know this is about more than just the mask. Gwen pulls out a bottle of vodka. Leo brings up Gwen’s motive and her missing hours in prison as disappearing gives opportunity and the Sarah mask is means. Leo warns her about the case against her. Leo says that he is her friend and asks her to tell him what happened that night.

Victor tells Alex that he was right that he can’t put anything past him. Alex calls it a lesson learned and admits he knew Sonny was out to buy the company, so he formed an LLC and bought the company out for a lesser price than what Sonny was going to pay. Victor questions Alex then moving here and guesses he is after Sonny’s job. Alex swears that he was trying to help Sonny out because he realized Sonny was about to be taken and saved him from falling into a trap. Alex assures that he has no interest in the company as his plan was to flip it back to Titan at Sonny’s original terms that he should’ve been able to get from the beginning and he was only trying to help. Victor remarks that it sounds like he thought of everything.

Paulina admits that she wanted Chanel with a boy and she was being selfish. Paulina says she told herself that she was thinking of Chanel but she was trying to make Chanel fulfill her own dream with a wedding and lots of babies which she calls too much to give up. Chanel assures that she wants all those things too but Paulina is holding onto old ideas since she can have all those things with Allie. Chanel wants Paulina in her corner but she needs her to help her, not fight her. Chanel says right now, Allie is with her dad and may be on the verge of losing him. Chanel declares that she doesn’t want to lose her mother. Paulina promises that she won’t and hugs her.

Allie guesses it’s inevitable as every kid has the day where they don’t see their parent the same anymore and see that he’s human and makes mistakes. Allie argues that Lucas set himself up to be the hero of Sami’s life when he was the one who made her suffer. Allie doesn’t understand it or him and it breaks her heart. Lucas asks how to make it up to her. Allie says that’s not how it works as it’s not up to her. Allie tells him that he has to show her that it’s possible for things to be different.

Lucas doesn’t see a problem with telling the cops it was possible that Gwen was at the DiMera Mansion that night, disguised as Sarah. Sarah argues that they would have motive but no mask means no means and Gwen being locked up in prison means no opportunity. Sarah adds that it would just let Gwen know that they are onto her while right now, she thinks that the mask is gone for good so they have to keep it that way to nail her.

Leo questions Gwen about what happened that night. Gwen claims there’s nothing to say or tell. Leo says he’ll just take the mask back to where he found it then and pretend he never saw it. Gwen takes the mask from him and says she would prefer if he just let her handle it on her own. Leo then exits the room. Gwen finishes her drink while looking at the mask.

Xander and Sarah go home and shower after their dumpster experience. Xander says he’s never felt like he needed one more and apologizes for making Sarah jump in the dumpster first. Sarah says he more than made up for it in the shower as they kiss. They decide that tomorrow they go to prison to get proof that Gwen got out on the night that Abigail was murdered. Xander encourages that they are going to get Sarah out of this together and Gwen will never see them coming.

Alex tells Victor that he does not want Sonny to know about this. Victor says to imagine if he told him what Alex is really doing here. Alex says to imagine what it would do to Sonny. Victor brings up what it would do to Alex and warns that no one in the family would ever trust him again. Alex asks what Victor is going to do. Victor says he will do nothing and maintain the status quo. Victor decides that Alex will work under Sonny but report to him. Alex realizes he has no choice. Victor adds that this little arrangement could be what Alex wanted from the very beginning.

Paulina returns to the town square where Johnny asks if she was able to talk Chanel down and argues that they can still salvage this. Johnny says Chanel hearing them doesn’t mean it can’t still work. Paulina declares that it’s not going to work because they’re not going to do it. Paulina states that she said she wanted Chanel to be happy and that means being with Allie.

Chanel returns to Allie’s and asks how it went with Lucas. Allie says they talked and she told him that he would have to show her that things would be different, so he made a decision…

Lucas walks past the Brady Pub and calls his lawyer, saying they need to have a meeting about his defense because he wants to change his plea in the kidnapping case back to guilty.

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Y&R Update Friday, August 5, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Billy went to Victoria’s office. He cut his business trip short after he heard about Ashland, because he wanted to be there for the kids. Victoria asked if Lily was okay with that. He said Lily was a mom, so she understood kids came first. He asked how Victoria was, and she told him about a work project. He thought she was burying herself in her job to ignore the pain. She claimed she was fine. He asked what happened. Victoria told Billy how Ashland grabbed her after she refused to rekindle their romance. She said she found something to defend herself. Billy called Victoria tough, but she said she wasn’t – she’d been scared. She said Nick showed up, and while she left the room to get her phone, he and Ashland got into it. Victoria said Ashland attacked Nick, who punched him. She said Ashland fell and hit his head and died, or so they thought. She told him all about calling Chance and Ashland disappearing from the house and being found in the ravine.

Victoria said she didn’t even have time to process Ashland’s death before she had to go get the kids. Billy had gotten a dangerous vibe from Ashland, and that was why he didn’t want to go to LA. She said he was right to worry. He told her how he ran into Nick and gave him a head’s up about Ashland. He said Nick had a very uncharacteristic Victor-like response. Nick had Billy that this was none of his business and that Billy didn’t need to be Victoria’s protector anymore. Billy told Nick that he’d have to protect his sister. Victoria was near tears, because she said Nick came over right after that, and possibly saved her life, because of Billy.

Billy guessed it was kismet that he ran into Nick before he left for LA. Billy asked about how the kids were handling things. As well as could be expected. He said he’d come by tonight to be with them. Victoria appreciated that. She said being out of town with the kids helped, because it gave her some time and distance. Billy guessed it was poetic justice that Ashland died in a car crash, the same way the Ashland identity was born. Billy was glad Ashland wasn’t on earth anymore. Victoria said you weren’t supposed to speak ill of the dead. Billy made an exception because he knew what Victoria went through because of Ashland. He was in awe of her fortitude, stubbornness and grace. She said she told him to go to LA and not to worry about her, but he didn’t listen. He said there was nothing that could stop him from looking out for her. She hugged him.

Nick went to Crimson Lights, and he looked upset. He was the only customer, and he asked Sharon to lock the door so they could talk. She closed up shop and sat with him. “I killed Ashland Locke,” he said. He told her how Victor’s team put Ashland in his car and staged the crash. Sharon said she was so sorry. Due to the fact that there were no eyewitnesses to Ashland’s death, and the Newmans were known to hate Ashland, Victor had been concerned about how the investigation would play out, so he decided to cover things up to protect Nick and Victoria. Sharon said Victor loved his kids and thought he was helping. Nick didn’t regret protecting his sister, but he never intended to kill Ashland. Nick felt that he was now complicit in Victor’s crime of covering things up, and he wasn’t happy about it. Nick felt terrible when he realized he’d made Sharon complicit by confiding in her. She assured him she could take care of herself. She was glad she came to him. He promised he’d never let her get in trouble over this and said he wouldn’t ever tell anyone he talked to her about it. She wanted to focus on him, and she asked what he was going to do.

Nick didn’t want to report this to the police, because that would be hard on Victoria, but he also didn’t like Victor taking things into his own hands. Sharon said Victor always had to try and control things, and he didn’t consider how it would affect Nick. Nick lamented causing a man’s death. Sharon said it was an accident and that Ashland was the one who put himself on this collision course. She stated that he showed up at his ex-wife’s house uninvited, hellbent on revenge. Sharon was glad Nick was there, and she thought he should be grateful to whatever higher power put him there when Victoria needed him. She dind’t want him to ever doubt that he did the right thing. She was glad he and Victoria were okay. He said he got lucky. She said he acted in self defense, and what Victor did afterward didn’t change that. He hoped Chance felt the same way, because he clearly suspected there was a lot more to the story.

Nick had been open and honest with Chance, because he didn’t think there was anything to hide. It was obvious to Nick that Chance wasn’t satisfied with her answers. Sharon said that Chance informally questioned her about what Nick told her. Nick said Chance wasn’t going to let this go, and that put Victor in a very difficult position. Sharon said that was on Victor, and she added that Nick didn’t hide anything from the police. “Until now,” Nick said.

Nick went to work and talked with Victoria and Billy. She said she told Billy everything. Nick said he went to Victoria’s house because of his conversation with Billy. Billy was glad Nick showed up when he did. He wished he could give Nick a reward. Nick was sorry if it seemed like he was blowing Billy off that night. Nick told Victoria they had a work issue to discuss. Billy thanked Nick and said he was glad Victoria was okay. He left. The siblings hugged, and he asked about his niece and nephew. They were good, and she and the kids were staying at the ranch.

Nick let Victoria know the truth about Ashland’s death and Victor’s cover up. Victoria thought maybe Victor did the right thing. He was shocked she felt that way. She said Victor had no idea what happened, and he could’ve thought she killed Ashland. She said their dad was trying to protect htem. Nick said Victor could’ve talked to them instead of going behind their backs. Victoria said Victor did what he needed to do to end the chaos Ashland caused in their lives for the last year and a half. Nick said there were a million ways this could go wrong and now their father had put them in a position where they were forced to lie to the cops. Victoria realized Nick was right – they were complicit in a cover up. She wanted to go talk to Victor. When she opened the door, Chance was there. She asked how long he’d been standing there, and he said he just arrived. He asked why she looked so upset.

Nate went to Lily’s office looking for Billy. He wasn’t there, but Devon was. Nate had hoped to get some pointers from Billy about how to be a COO, unless Devon had a problem with that. Devon didn’t have a problem with it. Devon said Nate was probably one of the smartest people he knew, and he could handle this job. Nate was sorry he double booked the artist. He said he should’ve cleared things with Devon. Devon said this error wasn’t going to happen again. Nate said this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t tried to do Devon a favor and lighten his load. Devon was sure this job was an adjustment, since Nate was probably used to people reporting to him at the hospital. Nate said it had been awhile since he had to get approval for everything he thought was necessary. From here on out, he was focused on being the best number 2 he could be. Devon appreciated it. Sometimes he worried that he’d thrown too much at Nate too soon. Nate was sure he could handle it. Amanda came in crying and said her mom was in a coma.

Amanda said Imani took the red-eye back to the facility Naya was in. Imani felt responsible, and Amanda was blaming herself for leaving too. Devon and Nate were supportive. Nate assured Amanda that it was not her fault. Amanda worried she’d never talk to her mother again. Nate explained that there were plenty of patients in similar situations who regained consciousness. Devon asked how he and Nate could best help Amanda. She didn’t know. She said she and Imani couldn’t both leave work. Devon said they could.

Amanda still wasn’t comfortable just leaving work. Nate said they could delegate to the staff, and if they needed Amanda, she could handle it remotely. She didn’t want to leave them in the lurch. Devon said he and Nate could handle things. He told her Naya needed her. Nate said research showed comatose patients could hear everything going on around them. Amanda asked Nate what to do for her mom. He said to talk to Naya and make a playlist for her to listen to. She started crying because she didn’t know Naya’s favorite songs, and she possibly never would. She realized Imani would know. Devon took Amanda’s hand and told her to hold her mom’s hand. She just wanted to get to Naya as soon as possible. He let her use his jet. They hugged.

When Elena came by the office, Nate was there by himself. She wanted to know how things were going with breaking her Newman Media contract. He shared the news about Naya. He said he tried to give Amanda some hope, but he and Elena both knew this was a bad sign. He said Devon gave Amanda and Imani an indefinite leave of absence. Selfishly, Nate would miss having the ladies around. He said Amanda was an excellent lawyer, and Imani had been an ally who understood what he was going through with Devon. Elena took that to mean that Imani was fueling the tension between Nate and Devon.

Nate knew Imani wasn’t Elena’s favorite person, but it was ridiculous to blame her for his issues with Devon. Elena wasn’t solely blaming Imani, but she didn’t think it was helping the situation if Imani was in Nate’s ear telling him he was right and Devon was wrong. Nate told Elena that it seemed like she didn’t care about Imani’s situation. She said of course she cared, and she was heartbroken for the sisters’ situation. He said that they should be helping Amanda and Imani through this – nothing else.

Devon and Amanda were at Crimson Lights. She said she didn’t know what was harder – having a parent or growing up without one. Devon experienced both, and he thought it was always better to know where you came from. Amanda had kept telling herself she and Naya just had to get through the rough spot before they got to the good stuff, like family dinners etc. She sobbed that it was like something was always taking Naya from her. Devon comforted Amanda and offered to go to Virginia with her. She composed herself. She said she’d be okay – she had her sister now, and they’d support each other through this. He told her to call if she changed her mind, and he’d drop everything to be there with her. She thanked him, and he said that wasn’t necessary. She wasn’t sure when she’d be back. He told her to focus on her mom and take all the time she needed, and he’d be here waiting. She said she’d be missing him, and they kissed.

Abby and Chance had breakfast at Society, but he was distracted by the case. She thought Ashland’s car accident seemed opened and shut. Chance said he just had to cover all the bases and talk to Victoria. Abby didn’t understand why Chance had to question Victoria now, unless he thought there was more to the story. He claimed the case was routine, but she didn’t buy it because he’d been so preoccupied about it. Kevin ran up with news, but Chance signaled him not to say anything. Abby asked if this was about the accident that killed Ashland. Chance promised to tell Abby everything after the investigation ended. He and Kevin left.

Chelsea went to Society and chatted with Abby. They talked about their sons, and Chelsea mentioned she’d made some bold changes, and she felt like her life was finally back on track. Billy showed up and asked why Chance was investigating Ashland’s death. He didn’t see what there was to investigate – a dangerous person lost control of his car. She said Chance didn’t share details of his investigations with her. He said Chance was a man of integrity. Abby went to place Chelsea’s order. Chelsea had some ideas for the podcast. Abby returned and heard about Chelsea’s new job. Chelsea said this new gig with Billy came at the right time.

Kevin and Chance went to the park to chat. Kevin scanned the security footage for the gas station where someone had seen Locke’s rental car. The section of video that should’ve shown Ashland’s arrival and departure were blank. The gas station manager said that happened to the security footage sometimes, so Kevin didn’t know if there was a glitch or if someone tampered with the video.

Kevin had pulled up street surveillance cameras, and he found footage that looked like there may have been more than one person in Ashland’s vehicle that night, but the video was too grainy to see who it was. There was also evidence that there was more than one person in the spot where the car was allegedly parked – there were sets of footprints and a recently smoked cigarette butt. Chance remembered one of Victor’s guys was smoking during the police interview. Chance said it was suspicious, but not proof. He assumed Ashland parked his car at the gas station and walked to Victoria’s. Maybe, if Ashland went to the house with malicious intent, he disabled the videos so there wouldn’t be evidence he went to the house. Kevin thought that was unlikely, and Chance agreed. The autopsy said Ashland died of a head injury, like the one you’d get hitting your head on a fireplace. Kevin noted that Ashland could’ve also hit his head in the car accident. Chance skeptically questioned if Ashland could’ve gotten back up after that head injury walked through the expanse of heavily wooded property and to his car.

Kevin thought Ashland had to have walked to his car, since he ended up in it. Chance’s expression signaled he was considering an alternative. Kevin said it wouldn’t make sense for Victoria and Nick to call the police, then move the body. Chance suggested they called him, then they got scared that this wouldn’t look like self defense. He said if Ashland did walk out, how did the ring fall out of his pocket? Kevin played Devil’s advocate and said Ashland may have fallen on the way out the door, due to his head injury, and the ring could’ve slipped from his pocket. Kevin said Nick came to Chance right after he found the ring, and that didn’t sound like someone who was trying to cover things up.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 5, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Lucy tells Maxie that in order to save Deception they have to get a new Face of Deception. Maxie doesn’t like the idea so she tells Lucy that she has to tell Sasha the news. Sasha tells Gladys that it felt good to finally stand up for herself an she would do it again.

Martin tells Brandon that the only way to keep Sasha out of jail is for him to become her conservator and he can make sure she gets the help she needs to get well.

Britt accepts another date with Cody after he gives her the invitation he made for her.

Spinelli can’t hide the truth from Britt anymore and tells her she can’t go on another date with Cody.

Dante tells Chase that chances are slim he will get his job back on the force. Linc tells Chase he has a promotional package ready for him and he has booked him at the Savoy and a famous club in New York. Brook Lynn tells Chase not to listen to Linc because they can write songs together and he can sing and record the songs. He can make more money. Dante wants Brook Lynn to tell him what he and Chase are doing because he knows they are trying to con Linc. Linc also tells Chase he knows Brook Lynn and he knows what she is trying to do.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, August 5, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda’s mom Naya slips into a coma and Amanda heads to Virginia to be with her.

Nate and Devon make peace and Nate tells Devon he wants to get advice from Billy on how to be a good COO.

Billy comes home early from his business trip and Victoria tells him what she knows about how Ashland died.

Nick talks to Sharon and tells her Victor admitted Ashland died after he punched him and he hit his head on the fireplace.

Kevin tells Chance that some of the security camera footage from the gas station close to Victoria’s house has been erased and Kevin also helps Chance go over the information they have right now to try and figure out what happened. Nick tells Victoria what Victor did and she thinks their father did the right thing.

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Days Update Thursday, August 4, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe joins Paulina in the town square. Paulina orders him a martini. Abe jokingly asks if she’s trying to get him drunk. Paulina says that’s exactly what she is trying to do.

Chad sits at the bar of the Brady Pub, drinking. His phone rings with a call from Sarah but he ignores it and continues drinking. Chad calls for another drink. Eric comes out and comments that Chad has had enough.

Sarah is at the Kiriakis Mansion, leaving a voicemail for Chad to call her back as it’s important. Sarah hangs up as Sonny walks in and calls it a surprise to see her. Sarah says she just came to tell Maggie some good news. Sonny comments that it’s been awhile since he heard any good news, so he asks what it is. Sarah informs him that there’s been a break in the case.

Rafe and Jada work at the police station. Rafe gives Nicole’s statement to Jada, noting he got it from her at home this morning. Jada asks how Nicole is doing. Rafe says she’s doing better with the pain but she hates the crutches. Jada talks about going over Abigail’s file one last time and says she thinks they are pretty close to closing the case. Xander storms in and says like hell they are. Rafe warns Xander to take it easy. Xander orders Rafe to get Jada to stop harassing Sarah. Jada complains that she’s just doing her job. Xander declares that Sarah is innocent and they can prove it.

Jack is at home, finishing a work call. Jack declares that he is not leaving Salem until he finds out who killed his daughter. Jack then answers the door to see Gwen. Gwen imagines he’s not too surprised to see her. Jack confirms that he heard about her pardon. Gwen apologizes for showing up unannounced. Jack says it’s alright as Jennifer, Julie, and Doug took the kids out for pizza. Gwen brings up how she used to do that but Jack cuts her off and asks why she is here. Gwen says there is something she wants him to know.

Sarah tells Sonny about how Rex can vouch for where she was at the time of the murder. Sonny calls that great and mentions Maggie being really worried about her. Sonny adds that he never thought she did it, no matter what kind of drugs Gwen pumped in to her because it’s not in her nature to hurt anyone, especially not Abigail. Sarah thanks him and admits there were times that she couldn’t remember what happened that night so she kept thinking what if the drugs made her. Sonny encourages that she doesn’t have to think about that anymore because Rex will testify and she can put this whole thing behind her. Sarah doesn’t know since the police don’t have to believe Rex.

Jada and Rafe question Xander saying he can prove Sarah’s innocence. Xander states that Sarah couldn’t have killed Abigail and repeats his wish for Jada to back off before she is charged with harassment. Jada argues that questioning a suspect is not harassment. Xander argues that Sarah isn’t a suspect and if she was doing her job, she would’ve found out that Sarah has an alibi. Jada asks how if Sarah doesn’t remember where she was that night. Xander reveals that Marlena hypnotized Sarah and she remembered being with Rex, who can and will confirm it. Xander offers Jada a pen and tells her to cross Sarah off the list of suspects. Jada responds that she can’t do that, so Xander questions why the hell not.

Eric decides Chad is done drinking as he’s had enough. Chad responds that he’s going to have quite a few more because Eric is not the boss of him. Eric argues that he’s legally bound to refuse service to anyone who is clearly over their limit. Chad asks if he’s having a good time. Eric says he knows Chad is not. Chad remarks that priests think they are God on earth. Eric thinks Chad is just hurting. Chad rambles about his wife being stabbed to death by her hopped up cousin. Eric decides that he’s calling him a cab but Chad orders Eric to get him his drink and declares that he’s not leaving until he gets it.

Xander repeats that Sarah is not a suspect anymore because she has an alibi. Jada mocks the idea of Sarah’s colleague hypnotizing her and her memory suddenly coming back and it’s only confirmed by her ex husband. Rafe tells Jada to dial it down. Jada complains about Xander accusing her of harassing Sarah. Xander points out that she blew up her wedding. Jada questions Xander ordering her to stop the investigation because of some out of the blue alibi. Jada reminds Xander that Lucas swears he saw Sarah at the scene of the crime on the night of the crime. Xander calls Lucas a drunk and a liar, only pointing his finger at Sarah to save his own skin. Jada points out that Lucas was also hypnotized by Marlena and he remembers being at the mansion that night where he saw Sarah walking down the stairs. Xander argues that Lucas was faking it and just pretending to be hypnotized. Jada questions if that means he fooled Marlena and if it’s possible that Marlena was also fooled by Sarah. Xander says maybe but Sarah has an alibi as Rex Brady was in his room with Sarah on the night of the murder. Jada questions Rex visiting his ex-wife in a hotel room alone. Xander admits that Rex never really got over her which makes Jada believe that Rex is just covering for her murder charge. Xander insists that Rex wouldn’t lie about this and that Rafe knows he wouldn’t. Jada admits this is a troublesome case and says she’s dealt with he said she sad but this is her first she remembers, he remembers. Xander argues that this isn’t funny. Rafe tells Xander that they will follow up on what he said and they will talk to Rex. Jada warns that Sarah is not yet off the hook. Xander calls them both idiots and walks out of the station. Rafe remarks that Jada just told Xander everything she knows about the case and suggests she might want to work on that. Jada apologizes as Rafe walks away.

Sonny tells Sarah that he will walk her out, but he gets a call from Eric, so Sarah exits while Sonny answers. Eric tells Sonny that he’s sorry to bother him, but he didn’t know who else to call as it’s about Chad. Eric informs Sonny that Chad has been drinking all afternoon at the Pub and he refuses to served him another drink, but now he won’t leave. Eric notes that he has an appointment to get to. Sonny says he’ll be right there. Eric thanks him and hangs up.

Abe tells Paulina that she doesn’t have to get him lubricated to succumb to her charms. Paulina agrees but notes that he can be downright stubborn when it comes to his career. Paulina encourages him to reach for the stars for the people of the state. Paulina brings up how many state governors went on to be President and says they need an honest man like Abe after Governor Mitchell pardoned those killers and proved himself unfit for office. Abe questions why she wanted him to grovel for his endorsement then. Paulina complains about him opposing the job. Abe spots Nicole coming by on crutches, so he calls her over. Paulina says she knows what Abe is doing but it won’t stop her. Abe invites Nicole to join them so she sits at their table. Paulina remarks that now Nicole can help her talk some sense in to him. Paulina tells Nicole to tell Abe that he should be governor. Abe suggests checking on how Nicole is doing first and asks about her ankle and how she felt after being held at gunpoint. Paulina agrees and tells Nicole to feel free to open up. Paulina relates to being robbed at gunpoint last year. Abe reminds her that they are talking about Nicole. Abe thanks God that Eric came along when he did because it sounds like he saved Nicole’s life. Nicole agrees since she thought the guy was going to shoot her but somehow, Eric talked him down. Paulina calls that so romantic and asks when Nicole and Eric are getting back together.

Eric goes to the police station. Jada thanks him for coming in and says it shouldn’t take long as she just has to ask him a few questions about the other day. Eric says it’s no problem and asks how she’s doing since he last saw her at the hospital. Jada says she’s better and thanks him for asking. Eric says everybody would understand if she wasn’t better. Jada acknowledges that it was a clean shoot but she still killed a man with a soul and that stays with you. Jada is sure Eric has dealt with a lot of people with guilt and difficult emotions as a priest, so she feels like he would understand. Eric says he does and that he’s here if she ever needs to talk. Jada thanks him and goes to get the file. Jada ends up spilling her water and then tells Eric that she’s not in a good mood. Eric mentions seeing Xander leaving on his way in and asks if he had anything to do with her mood. Jada complains about Xander leading to her getting in trouble with Rafe and calls Xander a total jerk. Jada then asks if Xander is Eric’s friend. Eric assures that he’s definitely not. Jada notes that seems kind of out of character for Eric, so she asks what Xander did. Eric reveals that for starters, Xander slept with his wife which shocks Jada.

Xander returns to his room at the Salem Inn, complaining to Sarah that Jada has her mind all made up and no facts can change it. Sarah guesses it didn’t go well which Xander says would be an understatement. Sarah suggests calling the lawyer. Xander says he thought he could handle it. Xander informs Sarah that when he told Rafe that Rex could confirm her alibi, Jada was all over the fact that Rex is Sarah’s ex husband and she took that to mean he might lie for her. Sarah says that’s not good though not as bad as Lucas’s testimony. Xander calls Lucas a lying drunk. Sarah doesn’t think you can lie under hypnosis and she knows she was in this room when Lucas says he saw her at the DiMera Mansion. Xander argues that she couldn’t be in two places at once. Sarah then reminds Xander that she was.

Gwen tells Jack that she didn’t want to just show up since Jennifer is going through enough. Jack questions what she wanted to tell him. Gwen informs him that the pardon was not her idea and that it was Kristen who intervened to get her out. Gwen says she won’t pretend that she’s not happy about it but she didn’t scheme to get it and was absolutely prepared to serve her sentence. Jack states that she didn’t have a choice. Gwen understands she deserved it and that she needs to pay for what she has done. Jack appreciates her saying that and admits he didn’t know what to think when he heard she was pardoned. Jack says he now understands that Gwen truly wants to atone for what she did to Sarah and Abigail.

Chad remains drunk at the bar and calling for Eric. Chad says he’ll get the drink himself and tries to climb over the bar but Sonny arrives and stops him. Sonny says Eric was right that Chad needs a ride home. Chad says he just needs another drink. Sonny stops him and says no one is going to serve him. Chad decides he’ll just find another bar. Sonny tells him that it’s time to call it a day. Chad tells Sonny to move out of his way but he refuses. Chad then takes a swing at Sonny but he ducks and Chad falls to the floor.

Gwen looks at a photo of Abigail and Chad on the mantle while Rafe arrives at the house and informs Jack that he came to update him on Abigail’s case. Rafe sees Gwen and mentions hearing that she was pardoned so he guesses congratulations are in order. Jack clarifies that it was Kristen’s doing, not Gwen’s. Jack asks what Rafe learned about Abigail’s case. Rafe reveals that it turns out that Sarah may in fact have an alibi for the time of the murder as she remembers being with Rex Brady at the Salem Inn and Rex is willing to confirm it. Jack is relieved for Maggie’s sake. Gwen asks about Lucas saying he saw Sarah at the DiMera Mansion on the night that Abigail was murdered. Rafe says that’s still a question mark and Sarah won’t be completely cleared until they speak to Rex, but once they confirm with Rex then they will have to look at Lucas’s statement a lot harder. Rafe remarks that Sarah couldn’t be in two places at the same time…

Sarah reminds Xander of Kristen wearing the Sarah mask to make it seem like she was somewhere that she wasn’t. Sarah points out that Kristen loaned that mask to Gwen, so for all she knows, she still has it. Xander calls Gwen a bitch. Sarah adds that they’ve seen the lengths Gwen will go to in order to get rid of her and she’s the only person she knows that hated Abigail. Xander and Sarah realize that Gwen was wearing the Sarah mask that night and killed two birds with one stone.

Jada questions Eric about Xander sleeping with his wife. Eric clarifies that she is now his ex-wife which Jada acknowledges as Nicole, Rafe’s wife. Jada asks Eric if they got divorced because of Xander sleeping with her. Eric calls it a catalyst but admits he wasn’t much of a husband since he was out of the country most of the time and focused on his work, so he really wasn’t paying attention to his marriage or Nicole.

Paulina tells Nicole that Eric saved her life like a romance novel. Paulina says she could sense the chemistry between them at her and Abe’s wedding and that if Chanel didn’t catch the bouquet, she was sure Nicole and Eric would’ve been married next. Nicole clarifies that she was as Abe informs Paulina that Nicole is married to Rafe, which surprises her. Paulina comments that Nicole should’ve talked to her first.

Jada asks Eric if he and Nicole are still on good terms. Eric confirms they are and he only wishes her the best. Jada points out that it’s more than that since he risked his life for her. Eric says when he saw the guy holding the gun on her, he knew that he could pull the trigger at any moment. Jada guesses that Eric realized he’s still in love with Nicole. Eric tells Jada that what he realized in that moment is that he wouldn’t want to live on this earth without Nicole in it. Jada responds that thanks to his quick thinking, he doesn’t have to. Eric thinks he’s actually the reason why it happened since he should’ve called the cops when he saw the guy stealing out of the tip jar at the Brady Pub. Jada thinks he’s being hard on himself. Eric argues that if he had done something, Nicole wouldn’t have had a gun pointed at her and if he hadn’t let the guy get away, Jake wouldn’t be dead. Jada encourages that he can’t think like that. Eric admits it’s all he’s been thinking about. Jada knows all about going over things in your head but insists that the only one responsible for what that man did is that man, not her, Nicole, or Eric. Jada tells him not to blame himself for what happened. Eric thanks her as Jada reminds him to get his statement.

Paulina questions Nicole was hanging out at their wedding on her wedding day. Nicole calls it a spur of the moment decision. Paulina congratulates her. Paulina then gets a phone call from the exploratory committee as she had them set up some focus groups to see how people respond to Abe. Paulina steps away to answer the call. Abe jokes that they were hoping their marriage would bring Paulina out of her shell. Nicole acknowledges that Paulina isn’t the only one who thinks that way about her and Eric since even Rafe thinks something is going on which Abe questions. Nicole explains that after Eric scared off the gunman, he was trying to talk her down and then Rafe showed up, misread things, and freaked out on Eric. Nicole adds that once Rafe realized what was happening, he felt bad but says he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Abe asks if she’s sure.

Jack tells Rafe that if Rex was with Sarah that night then Lucas saying he saw Sarah at the DiMera Mansion that night doesn’t make any sense. Jack adds that Lucas was drinking so maybe he doesn’t know what he saw. Rafe calls that a distinct possibility. Gwen thinks back to pulling the Sarah mask from her bag. Gwen then says it’s good to know that Sarah probably didn’t have anything to do with Abigail’s murder, remarking that she would hate to have to live with the responsibility for her sister’s death.

Sonny brings Chad to the Kiriakis Mansion. Chad goes straight to the liquor in the living room. Sonny tells Chad not to do it. Chad jokes that he now has his own designated driver. Sonny asks Chad what happened today that set him off like this. Chad tries to laugh it off while Sonny tries to get him to focus and asks if this is about Sarah. Chad calls Sarah crazy and says he wouldn’t answer the call from the person who killed his wife. Sonny informs Chad that Sarah was calling to say she’s innocent as she has an alibi since she was with Rex at the time of the murder. Chad laughs at that and questions Clyde didn’t do it and then Lucas didn’t do it and now Sarah didn’t do it. Chad asks if that means Abigail stabbed herself to death. Sonny knows how hard it must be to not know who did this horrible thing. Chad declares that it doesn’t even matter because even if they find out who did it, it’s not going to bring her back as nothing will. Chad informs Sonny that the reason he went out drinking today is because Thomas didn’t want to go to the aquarium, he wanted Abigail, and Chad snapped at him because he wanted his mother. Chad says he doesn’t even want to be around his own kids because he doesn’t want to worry about causing them more pain. Sonny encourages that Thomas knows he didn’t mean to hurt him. Chad argues that he’s supposed to suck it up and make his kids feel better but he’s just causing them more pain. Sonny hugs Chad as he breaks down crying.

Jada has Eric sign his statement. Eric asks if she needs anything else. Jada notes that everything he said matches up with what Nicole said too. Eric asks if Jada found a place to stay yet or if she looked at the rooms above the Pub. Jada says she hasn’t had time but she better make time because she’s bleeding money at the Salem Inn. Eric decides that tomorrow, he will show her the rooms above the Pub. Jada offers to take him out to lunch afterwards. Eric tells her that she doesn’t have to do that but Jada clarifies that she’s asking him on a date.

Abe apologizes to Nicole for saying anything. Nicole says it’s fine and thinks people are just picking up on the fact that she will always care about Eric, but she is so happy with Rafe. Paulina returns and announces the focus groups numbers are through the roof, so they love Abe’s chances. Nicole congratulates Abe and thanks Paulina for the drink. Paulina invites her to join them for dinner but Nicole says she’s on her way to the police station. Abe offers to drive her but Nicole doesn’t want to keep him from his dinner and says with any luck, maybe she can convince Rafe to take her out on a romantic dinner of their own.

Xander goes over to Sarah that Gwen put on the mask, murdered Abigail, and then on her way out of the house, she happened to run in to Lucas. Sarah thinks if she didn’t happen to run in to Lucas, she would’ve happened to run in to somebody else because she didn’t want to just get away with it, she wanted to pin it on her. Xander feels there’s a lot of pre-meditation in that. Xander can’t believe he was about to marry someone so sick. Sarah says the hard part will be getting somebody to believe them since Gwen was in prison. Xander argues that he knows flea markets with better security than Statesville. Xander insists that they will get the police to believe them by showing them evidence and proving that Gwen has the mask. Sarah asks how to do that. Xander says by searching her room since she texted him where she is staying and wanted him to know that she’s there for him since it looked like Sarah was the killer. Xander thinks Gwen will regret sharing that bit of information. Xander and Sarah then exit together.

Chad thanks Sonny for being such a good friend to him. Sonny calls him a good friend too and a good dad. Sonny assures that he’ll always be there for him. Sonny says he’ll get Chad upstairs to sleep it off.

Jack hopes Rafe is able to clear Sarah for Maggie’s sake as he remarks that it must be hell to wonder if your daughter is capable of doing something like that…

Paulina apologizes to Abe if she put her foot in it earlier, but insists that Nicole and Eric’s chemistry was clear at their wedding. Abe jokes about her thinking about Nicole and Eric instead of him. Paulina assures she was focused on him but asks how could you not notice the sparks flying off Nicole and Eric. Paulina declares that Nicole might have ran off and married Rafe, but she has no doubt that Nicole still has feelings for Eric.

Jada apologizes to Eric for assuming he’s single. Eric assures that he’s not seeing anyone. Jada asks if he’s not interested then. Eric says he never said that and he would love to go to lunch. Jada says it’s a date then right as Nicole arrives at the station.

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Y&R Update Thursday, August 4, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At her office, Sally asked if Nick was really going to let her make a decision about whether to cover this story, or if he was sending her a message to look the other way. He assured her the decision was hers, but he wanted a head’s up so he and Victoria could be prepared. As far as Sally knew, no other news outlet knew Ashland showed up at Victoria’s house and had a confrontation with her and Nick. Sally wanted to inform the public, but she thought it might be a little premature.

It was important to Sally that what Newman Media put out to the public was rock-solid, and she didn’t have the whole story yet, so she wasn’t going to include anything about Ashland’s whereabouts before the crash in the article the company ran. But once she had the relevant details, she was going to do what she had to. Nick thought that was smart, and he really appreciated the way Sally was handling this, and he wouldn’t forget it.

Nikki found Victor in Victoria’s office staring up at he portrait. “I’m worried about her too,” she said. Victor wasn’t sorry that bastard was dead, but he was concerned about Victoria’s reaction to it. Nikki just talked to Victoria – she’d told Johnny and Katie about Ashland, and it went as well as could be expected. Nikki said Nick was upset and confused too, and he didn’t know what to make of Ashland’s death. Victor was sure Nick would be okay. After Nikki left, Nick went to Newman Enterprises and spoke to Victor, who relayed what Nikki had said about Victoria. Victor said Nikki was going to make the official statement about Ashland, on behalf of the company. Victor asked if Sally and Newman Media were on the same page. Nick brought Victor up to speed. Victor said Sally might not be the liability he’d thought she’d be.

Victor said that now that Sally wasn’t involved with Adam, she’d become a team player to keep her job. Nick wasn’t going to speculate on that, but he said there was more to Sally as an executive and a person than Victor thought. Nick shifted gears and said he couldn’t shake the feeling that he didn’t know what took place last night, when Ashland died, but he got the sense that Victor did know. Victor maintained that Nick had nothing to do with Ashland’s death. Nick countered that Ashland didn’t have a pulse, and even if it had been too weak to find, how did he have the strength to leave the house? Victor didn’t know, but he said Ashland had a history of surviving calamitous situations. Nick said there was no trail of blood, and the ring was left on the floor. There were too many things about last night that didn’t make sense to Nick. Victor said Nick always had a deep sense of morality, but there was nothing to worry about.

Nick said Victor couldn’t preach that they were a family unit then also freeze him out. Nick was finished with Victor’s games. Victor said he wasn’t playing a game – he was trying to help Nick. Nick yelled at Victor to stop trying to control reality. Victor asked Nick what the hell was wrong with him. Victor said the facts were that Ashland was dead, and Victoria was safe at home with her children, and Nick was alive and well and should be home with his son. Nick was sure Victor was hiding something, and he didn’t know how he was supposed to trust Victor. Victor came clean. Ashland died at Victoria’s house, and Victor’s security team took care of things.

Nick sank into a chair and asked for all the details. Victor said after Nick and Victoria left, his team went in and found Ashland dead on the floor. They removed the body, put him in his car and staged the accident at the ravine. Victor was adamant that Nick didn’t do anything wrong and that he’d saved Victoria’s life. Victor said it was an accident and Nick didn’t mean to kill him. Victor yelled that no one cared that Ashland was dead – he was a fraud who did so much damage to the family. He was adamant that the police weren’t going to find anything, and they were going to move on. He told Nick to forget this ever happened and to remember that Victor did this to protect Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Chance asked Sharon how she was handling all the news about Ashland’s car accident. She found it upsetting, not that she was fond of Ashland. It brought up memories of Rey’s death for her and how Ashland wasn’t able to save him, but somehow managed to save himself and Victoria. She spoke to Nick about it, and he’d been a great comfort, thought he was still trying to wrap his head around the whole situation. Chance assumed Nick told Sharon the whole story. Sharon only said that Nick told her Ashland was dead. She added that she wanted to be a support to Nick, the way he’d been for her after Rey’s death. Chance was curious about Sharon thinking Nick needed support. Covering, Sharon said all the Newmans needed support, then she made a hasty retreat to the back room, claiming that she’d left something in the oven.

Kevin was leaving Society when Adam approached and asked what the rush was – did he have some hacking to do? Kevin said he worked for the GCPD, so Adam would have to go elsewhere if he was looking for someone to blackmail into being his minion. Kevin stated that he had a great job, great relationship and great family, while Adam was striking out on all three fronts. Adam didn’t think gloating was a good look. Kevin accused Adam of putting him through hell, and Adam was unapologetic because Kevin was no innocent. Kevin said he did his best to change, while Adam was wallowing in his bad habits. Adam asked what Kevin knew about it. Kevin heard things from Chloe, the love of his life, and she’d shared some things Sally said about him. Adam asked what. Kevin said he had to go because Ashland died. Adam said it sounded like an open and shut case, yet Kevin was working on it after-hours, so what was really going on? Kevin said that Ashland’s case had drawn a lot of interest because he was a public figure, and there was pressure from up top to thoroughly investigate his death. Adam was skeptical. Kevin said that, as someone who’d been arrested so many times, Adam should understand how this worked.

After Kevin left, Sally showed up. Adam hoped Sally didn’t hunt him down. She said she came to get takeout. She didn’t want things to be weird every time they crossed paths. He said he didn’t either, but it was up to her. She said she realized he was right – they were better off apart. She said she couldn’t keep fighting for a relationship neither of them wanted. He was relieved. She revealed that she kept the job, because no man was worth giving up the opportunity of a lifetime for – not even him.

Adam told Sally that she made the right call keeping the job. She said she had a little help coming to her final decision. He guessed she got it from Chloe. Sally said Chloe spoke her mind, but Nick also made a strong argument for her to stay, and she was glad he did, because she could see they were going to have a strong work dynamic. He asked what brought her to that conclusion. She said she and Nick just had a meeting on how they were going to cover Ashland’s death. She knew it was complicated for Adam’s family, but she had a pretty good grip on how she was going to handle things.

Adam felt that the whole battle with Locke should’ve ended when he accepted his payout and agreed to annul his marriage to Victoria. Sally remembered how optimistic Adam was about his plan to pay Ashland off. He said unfortunately, Victoria wouldn’t settle for anything other than Ashland’s complete destruction. Sally thought it was hypocritical of Adam to criticize someone else for wanting revenge. Adam commented that, now that he and Sally were through, she was telling him what she really thought of him. She said she always did, but now she wasn’t taking pains to phrase it in a way that wouldn’t hurt his feelings, since he certainly didn’t spare hers. She knew he contemplated partnering with Ashland before he died. He said that was when he thought Ashland was going after Newman. He wanted no parts of it when he found out Victoria was Ashland’s target. Sally remarked that Adam still had a few boundaries. Adam was creeped out by his last encounter with Ashland, and he’d warned Victor and Victoria about him. He said he had a bad feeling things were about to spiral, and he didn’t want to see anyone get hurt. He never imagined Ashland would meet his end in a simple car crash. Sally said Adam didn’t know the half of it. She wouldn’t say more, and he tried to get details out of her. She said she wasn’t feeling magnanimous after he called her pathetic and broke her heart. He started to say something, but she wasn’t interested. She said whatever reason he had to want to end things, he hurt her in order to get it, and they had to live with the consequences of that. Her loyalty had to be to Newman Media, she said, and she left.

Kevin went to Crimson Lights to talk to Chance. He said that they got a tip that a car matching the description of Ashland’s was seen at a gas station on a road that ran behind Victoria’s property. Chance said they’d have to get security footage from the gas station and the surrounding area to find out how Ashland got from Victoria’s house to the ravine.

Jack saw Ashley leaving the house and asked if she was going out. She asked if he was checking up on her like he did when they were teens. He felt that they’d grown out of that now that they were old enough to be grandparents. He was reading the lab report she’d asked him to look over. She said they could discuss it when she got home. Diane showed up, and Ashley said maybe she should stay and keep tabs on Jack. She opened the door and demanded to know what Diane was doing here. Diane brought something for Harrison. Jack mentioned that Ashley was just leaving. Ashley pointedly said she’d be back really soon. She left. Diane had brought some age-appropriate books on loss and grief for Harrison to read, with Kyle and Summer’s approval.

Diane knew that Jack was thinking what Phyllis had voiced today – that she could swoop in to help Harrison through his grief, but it wouldn’t make up for the pain she caused Kyle when he was young. She said she left Jack to guide Kyle through the most devastating experience of his life. She could imagine he didn’t feel she’d earned the right to be there for their grandson. Jack admitted that was how he would’ve reacted a few weeks ago, but when he heard about the books she got, his first reaction was to wonder why he didn’t think of that. Diane felt like this was a big step forward for them. Jack didn’t question Diane’s feelings for Harrison or how quickly she connected to him, because the same thing happened to Jack. Jack said the family needed to be there for Harrison right now. Diane was touched to be considered family again. She tearfully promised she’d never let Harrison down, the way she did Kyle. She vowed to always be there for her grandson and her son.

Diane felt guilty being happy about the progress she made when it had been such a sad day for so many others. Jack thought that the only person who’d grieve for Ashland was Harrison. Diane thought that to leave behind so little love was a terrible way to end a life. Jack asked if Diane was thinking about the legacy she left behind. She couldn’t help compare the situation to her own, but it was the past, and unlike Ashland, she’d been given a second chance. She didn’t take it for granted. She hoped he believed that.

Jack was impressed and touched with the amount of thought Diane put into choosing these books, and he thought that they would help Harrison. Jack was thankful, and he knew Summer and Kyle would be too. Diane thanked Jack for the way he shut Phyllis down at the park. He said there was no need to get into that. Diane said there was no reason to be uncomfortable. She wasn’t going to condemn Phyllis for what she said. She was used to Phyllis’s dynamic with her, and she admitted she probably deserved it sometimes. She appreciated the way he handled it. He said he was mostly looking out for Harrison. She knew, but if there was a tiny part of him that was looking out for her, she was grateful. She said it had been a long time since they were on the same side – it had been a long time since anyone was on her side. She left.

Phyllis and Nikki met at The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis gave Nikki points for being dedicated enough to come in light of Ashland’s death. Nikki said none of them were shedding tears over him. Phyllis said some people were better off dead, like Diane. Ashley showed up and agreed that they were all happy when they thought Diane was dead. Ashley was late because Diane had come to the house. Ashley complained that Diane was using Ashland and Harrison’s situation to insinuate herself into their lives. Ashley apologized to Nikki because she didn’t mean to minimize what happened to Harrison and how this was affecting the Newmans. Nikki wasn’t offended. They all vented about Diane, then Nikki and Phyllis revealed that they had a plan.

Ashley thought the three of them were supposed to be a team. Nikki said that Ashley couldn’t make the last meeting, and two out of the three of them agreed on this path. Ashley said they were a democracy. Phyllis said if it was a monarchy, they’d all want to be queen. They shared their plan to create a situation where it looked like Diane was sabotaging Marchetti for her own gain. Phyllis said she’d be the inside person at Marchetti to set Diane up. Ashley thought that was a horrible idea. She wouldn’t allow Marchetti to be jeopardized, especially when it was under the Jabot umbrella.

Nikki said they’d harm Diane, not Ashley’s family company, or Summer or Kyle. Ashley brought up the time Gloria tainted the Jabot face cream, and while she claimed she meant no harm, it was a huge blow to the company. “Please tell me you’re not comparing us to Gloria,” Nikki replied. Phyllis said it wasn’t like they were going to poison the resort-wear. Phyllis said their plan would be nuanced. Ashley thought people would be suspicious when Phyllis wanted to work at Marchetti. Phyllis already ran it by Summer. Summer had accused her of having ulterior motives when it came to Diane, but Phyllis handled it. Ashley wasn’t sold.

Now that tensions were high, Phyllis told Ashley she needed to work on her discretion, because Summer almost saw Ashley’s text about taking down Diane. Ashley thought Phyllis should work on where she put her phone. Ashley said they couldn’t afford for Phyllis to fail. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to fail and no one was going to get hurt except Diane. Phyllis likened Diane to a ticking time bomb. Phyllis was just going to slightly pull out the pin. “Ka-boom,” Nikki said, and they all toasted.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, August 4, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

The sleazy reporter asks Sasha if she was on drugs when she ran Harmony over with her car and if she started taking drugs after Liam died. Sasha loses it and starts hitting the reporter’s car with a pole. The police are called and Sasha is arrested because the reporter presses charges against Sasha. The reporter also gives Dante footage from his dash cam. Sasha has to spend the night in jail and Brando worries she won’t make it because she is not well mentally.

Sonny sends Dax to talk to the jury foreman in Tina’s trial to make sure Trina is found not guilty.. Josslyn walks by at the end of the conversation and the jury Forman leaves because he can’t be seen with anyone from the trial. Dax tells Sonny what happened and, after he leaves the man Sonny had watching, Dax confirms his story.

Portia doesn’t allow TJ to risk his career by taking the bartender out of his medically induced coma. Portia decides to take the bartender out of his medically induced coma herself and Curtis insists on helping her do it.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 4, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Jack is touched when Diane brings over some story books to help Harrison grieve Ashland. Diane thanks Jack for defending her when she and Phyllis argued in the park.

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis meet about Diane and Phyllis and Nikki tells Ashley about their plan to get Diane to leave town. Ashley worries that the plan will hurt Jabot. Phyllis assures Ashley the plan will not fail and Jabot’s reputation will not be damaged.

Adam suspects there is something more to Ashland’s death after he talks to Kevin and Sally. Sally almost tells Adam what Nick told her about Ashland’s death but decides not to tell Adam anything. Nick forces Victor to admit that Ashland died after he hit his head on the fireplace and his men came in and put Ashland’s body in his car and staged an accident. Victor tells Nick not to feel guilty for protecting his sister from Ashland. Victor tells Nick to move on with his life and forget about Ashland.

Kevin tells Chance that there was a car parked at a gas station close to Victoria’s house and Chance decides to get a warrant to get access to the security camera footage.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle went to see Shawn. He told her Evan was Shawn Christian’s father. He wanted her to fight this so Evan couldn’t take the baby. She said she knew how much he loved the baby, but he didn’t have a legal claim to him. She said there was nothing she could do about it. Evan told Orpheus that he was Shawn Christian’s father. He said he was going to go to New Zealand to be with Zoe and David. He said he wasn’t going to fight his sister for custody of David, but he wanted to be with him. He wanted his kids to get to know each other. He said he got a job on a houseboat. He said he wasn’t in a rush. He asked Orpheus to come with him. Orpheus said he had unfinished business there. Evan left to get his son. Evan said he had a court order to get his son. He told him he was taking him to New Zealand. Belle asked Evan to give Shawn some time. Evan wanted his son right away. Shawn said goodbye to the baby and gave him to Evan. When Evan left, Belle tried to comfort her, but he brushed her off and said that was what she wanted all along. He apologized to her and talked about Jan. Evan went to the docks to sail off with Evan. Jan showed up. She said after she fell in the water, she pulled herself to shore and was hiding in the yacht. She asked him to hold the baby. He gave her the baby. She kicked him in the water. She told the baby they were going on a trip.

Gabi told her assistant to hurry up and file Jake and Ava’s marriage certificate. Li showed up. Gabi tried to cover up what she said. He said she was trying to make Jake and Ava’s marriage seem real. Gabi tried to deny it. He said he figured it out. He thought she was the mastermind. She said it was her idea. She told him what she did. He was impressed that she pulled it off. He wanted to know why she didn’t tell him. She said didn’t want to put him in a terrible position. Rolf showed Kristen that Stefan was in the lab. He told her that no one thought Stefan could be revived after he was shot, but there he realized nothing was impossible. He said he modified the serum, but it didn’t work until Gabi gave Stefan’s heart to Julie. He said he resurrected everything else, but Stefan was heartless. Kristen was relieved that Lani didn’t kill anyone. Kristen asked how Rolf kept Stefan alive while he was in prison. He said as long as the power didn’t go out, the machines didn’t need supervision. He said all they needed was a heart donor. He said Jake dying was the best possible scenario. She was impressed that he was able to revive Stefan. Rolf said they wouldn’t know unless they tried.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander was looking for Sarah, but Gwen showed up at the Inn. She was willing to provide an alibi for Sarah. He knew she didn’t want to help her. He told her that Lucas remembered seeing Sarah running down the stairs. He said that he couldn’t find anyone who could prove he’s lying. He asked her if she was happy. Gwen tried to touch him, but he flinched. He didn’t want her to touch him. He told her that he had Sarah to comfort him. She apologized and said that Sarah could plead temporary insanity. She told him that Bayview was better than prison. He wanted her to get out. He said that Sarah wouldn’t go anywhere if he could help it. He wanted to know how she got out of prison. She said that Kristen helped her get a pardon. Marlena put Sarah under hypnosis and she tried to piece together what happened when Abby was murdered. She remembered seeing Gwen at the prison. She said that she went back to Xander’s room, but he was in New York for his interview. She took a sleeping pill and went to sleep. She said that she had woke up from a bad dream. She said she went to see Abby. Marlena remembered Lucas mentioning her seeing Abby. Rex showed up at Marlena’s office while Sarah was there. He wanted to make sure she was okay after what Kristen did to her. He said he wanted to believe Kristen’s lies about her. He hoped there was a chance they could get back together. She had a memory of apologizing to him and telling him that she and Xander were in love. She slipped and he caught her. He put her back in the bed.

Marlena finished hypnotizing Sarah. She called Rex to confirm Sarah’s memory of him. He confirmed her memory. He said he waited until she fell asleep before he left. He said he stayed until after 10 O’clock. Sarah thanked him and she hung up. Marlena told her that she had an alibi for Abby’s murder. Kristen went to Rolf’s lab and pulled the curtain. Jake was hooked up to tubes. She said they had big plans for him. Kristen didn’t really know Jake, but he was her father’s son so he meant something to her. Rolf injected something in Jake’s IV. He noticed he didn’t respond to it. He thought Jake was left for dead for too long. Gabi went to see Ava to make sure that she could her claim to the estate from EJ before he realized he’s being scammed. Ava couldn’t believe how insensitive Gabi was being. Gabi produced a marriage license. Gabi needed her to sign it and leave the rest to her. Ava threw it back at her. Ava reminded her that she had money and she didn’t. She wanted to get more money than she was promised. Gabi agreed to help her out.

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Days Short Recap Monday, August 1, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen was upset when she saw an article online about Jake’s death. Leo reminded her that Jake cheated on her with Gabi. Gwen still remembered the good times she had with Jake. Leo suggested that she focus on getting Sarah away from Xander. Gwen thought she might have a chance since Sarah was considered a person of interest in Abby’s murder. Chad went to see Sarah at the Salem Inn. He asked if she was there the night Abby was killed. Sarah said she would tell him if she could, but she didn’t know. She told him about her hallucinations. He said Abby experienced the same thing. He asked if it was possible she had a hallucination the night Abby died. Sarah said she did. He asked if it was possible she thought Abby was Kristen and stabbed her to death. She said she didn’t remember being at the house, but she couldn’t rule it out. He said she usually remembered her hallucinations. She said her dosage was off and her brain was hazy. He thanked her for her honesty. He left. She said she needed to find out if she killed Abby. Leo and Gwen got into an argument over whether or not she killed Abby. Chad showed up while they were arguing. He wasn’t surprised to see them together. She said she knew Chad hated her, but she was sorry about Abby. Chad didn’t care. She said she would help with the kids. He said she would be the last person he would call. He told her to stay away from his kids. He walked away.

Chad went to the Horton House and saw Thomas. Thomas was upset with him for not being around. Thomas said he wanted to go home. He said he wanted his mother back. Chad said she was gone and there was nothing they could do about it. Chad apologized to him. Thomas ran away from him. Xander went to the interrogation room. He threatened Lucas if he didn’t tell the police He made up his memory of Sarah. Lucas said he only told the police what he remembered through hypnosis. Xander said the therapy was garbage. Lucas said Marlena was highly respected. He said he knew he saw Sarah there. He said he couldn’t prove it, but the police found the knife he used to cut lemons and it only had his blood on it. He said the knife that was used to kill Abby was a steak knife. Xander said that didn’t prove his innocence or Sarah’s guilt. Lucas said it proved that his story was starting to make sense. Xander left the police station and ran into Gwen and Leo. She told Xander not to give up on Sarah. Gwen said she thought Lucas was the killer. Xander said it looked like Lucas was innocent. Xander said the police were looking for a steak knife. Leo thought about the knife he used while he was in the tunnels. Steve told John that they had to deal with Orpheus before he hurt someone they loved. Steve said they had to get rid of the threat. John said it sounded as if he was talking about killing him. Steve said it sounded like that for a reason. John said they should find evidence that would put him away forever. Steve said something bad will happen if they didn’t take the shot. Orpheus was in Marlena’s office. He wanted her to listen to him. She agreed to do it. He told her that Evan was unstable. He asked her to be his psychiatrist. She didn’t want to. He said she worked with Ben and Jan. He reminded her that she was an important mother figure to Evan as a kid. She said he was holding her hostage. He said they formed a bond. She said Evan needed help, but it wouldn’t be with her. She said he was trying to play mind games. Sarah showed up and recognized Orpheus. She said he was the reason why her child was dead. She called him a monster. He asked her why she would say that considering what was being said about her. He said he hoped she found a way to live with herself. When he left, Sarah asked if Marlena could help her find out if she killed Abby.

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Days Update Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Shawn puts baby Shawn down for a nap as Belle comes over. He thanks her for coming as she notes he sounded upset in his message. Shawn informs Belle that Evan got the court order for the paternity test, so they did it this morning and Evan was telling the truth that Shawn Christian is his son. Belle asks if he’s sure. Shawn confirms that he had Kayla oversee the test herself and run it three times. Belle tells him that she’s so sorry. Shawn declares that Evan will now be taking the baby away.

Evan and Orpheus sit together at the Bistro as Evan tells him that the results of the paternity test came out exactly as he said they would. Orpheus congratulates him and assures he will get him all set up with a crib, stroller, and anything else he needs. Evan responds that he actually doesn’t need any of that. Evan than reveals that he asked Orpheus to meet, so he could say goodbye.

Gabi is at the DiMera office, on the phone with her assistant, arguing about Jake and Ava’s marriage license not being filed yet. Gabi warns that if EJ finds out Jake and Ava were never married, they will both be out of a job.

EJ tells Ava that he’s calling her bluff and he’s getting City Hall on the line right now. Ava questions why if he just checked with them and they told him that her paperwork hadn’t been filed yet. Ava argues that it makes sense because things take forever over there while she and Jake just got married yesterday at the courthouse. EJ decides that he will speak directly to the county clerk then, who will be able to track down the paper work if it exists. EJ then makes the call about tracking down the marriage license as Ava turns away, looking worried.

Kristen tells Dr. Rolf not to play with her and asks what he’s talking about since he just said he couldn’t bring Jake back. Dr. Rolf says that’s correct as Jake’s life has been tragically cut short so he won’t be rising from the ashes. Dr. Rolf then pulls back another curtain and reveals that Jake’s twin brother Stefan is a totally different story, shocking Kristen.

Gabi continue complaining on the phone about how long it takes to a file a piece of paper. Gabi hangs up as Li Shin walks in and asks what she was talking to her assistant about. Gabi claims it was just a little problem with a contract being signed. Li informs her that he signed that contract last week and questions why Gabi is lying.

Ava tells EJ that he’s wasting his time. EJ argues that her time is running out and now is her chance to admit what she has done. EJ warns that if Ava confesses, he’ll be less inclined to include the authorities. Ava complains that her husband’s body isn’t even cold yet and EJ is calling her a liar and making threats. EJ argues that Ava used Jake’s death to her advantage. Ava says that’s what EJ is doing, trying to get his hands on Jake’s shares so that he can take over as CEO. EJ argues that he’s not taking over, he’s taking back what belongs to him. EJ declares that the company is called DiMera Enterprises and he’s a DiMera, so he will reclaim what is rightfully his.

Kristen can’t believe it’s really Stefan. Dr. Rolf explains that when Stefan was shot, Gabi begged him to revive him but he concluded there was nothing that could be done as Stefan had lost the spark of life. Dr. Rolf says it seemed too late but nothing is impossible.

Belle doesn’t understand how Evan got a court order so fast. Shawn thinks whoever strong armed the Governor in to pardoning him made it happen. Belle says she has every intention of trying to fight this. Shawn reveals that’s why he called her, to fight this, because he can’t let Evan take his son.

Orpheus questions Evan saying goodbye. Evan says he can’t stay in Salem since everyone thinks he’s a psycho, so he needs to start fresh as far away as possible. Evan announces he’s going to New Zealand to be with his sister Zoey and his son David which Orpheus questions. Evan explains that he spoke to Zoey about it and said he won’t fight her on having full custody of David, but he wants to get to know him, he wants his kids to know each other, and he wants to be there for them. Orpheus questions how he’s going to get to New Zealand when he’s broke. Evan informs him that he got hired on a house boat in Chicago so he’ll earn some cash and go the rest of the way when he’s ready, but he’s in no rush as he just wants to spend some time alone with his son without being hunted down by Shawn or Jan Spears. Orpheus remarks that Jan is dead. Evan says you never know with her. Orpheus complains that he finally gets out of prison and his whole family is going to be on the other side of the world. Evan tells him that he’s welcome to join them. Orpheus says maybe someday, but he still has unfinished business in Salem.

Gabi tries to tell Li that she’s not lying and says she’s just been off her game. Li brings up Ava coincidentally marrying Jake on the day he died and suddenly having a claim to his DiMera shares which certainly benefits Gabi because EJ is trying to consolidate enough power to oust her as CEO. Li states that if EJ got his hands on Jake’s shares, he’d be sitting in her chair in no time. Gabi says that won’t happen. Li says that’s if she keeps Jake’s widow on her side since she’s now a beneficiary of those shares. Li assumes that’s why Gabi left him a message, asking if he would approve of a position for Ava with a six figure salary and a seat on the board. Li questions what Ava’s qualifications are again. Gabi asks if he wants EJ running the company. Li admits he doesn’t, so Gabi says it’s in both of their interests to keep Ava happy. Li asks her again about the paper work she was telling her assistant that she wanted done. Li asks if it had something to do with making Jake and Ava’s sudden marriage seem real.

Ava complains that EJ’s brother just died and all he can think about is the company. EJ is then shocked by what he is told on the phone and hangs up. Ava guesses they found the marriage certificate and tells EJ to take his accusations and get the hell out.

Evan questions what kind of unfinished business Orpheus is talking about. Orpheus calls it nothing he needs to worry about but as soon as it’s done, he’ll be visiting Evan and little Shawn Christian. Evan responds that he’s changing the baby’s name. Evan thought he would keep Christian since that is his real name, but he wants him to be his own person, separate from him and his mistakes. Orpheus asks what to call his grandson then. Evan calls him “Maddox Friers” using his last name. Evan then gets a text from his lawyer and tells Orpheus that he’s going to claim his son.

Shawn tells Belle that this whole thing is shady as hell, so they have to fight as clearly there was something fishy about the court order. Shawn suggests trying to prove it was illegally obtained. Belle says even if they could, the paternity test results would be the same. Shawn knows he’s not the biological father, but he’s been there since the day the baby was born and he loves him. Shawn questions how he’s supposed to just hand him over to Evan, who killed his other son’s mother and was planning to kill Ciara and held Claire hostage at gunpoint. Shawn questions why a judge would give a baby to some psychopath. Belle responds that unfortunately, he’s been given a full pardon which means his criminal record has been wiped clean. Shawn argues that they know he’s dangerous and is clearly an unfit parent. Belle says there’s nothing she can point to in court to prove that and he has the test results. Belle knows how much Shawn loves the baby but the bottom line is, he doesn’t have a legal claim to him. Shawn complains that the baby deserves so much better. Belle says he was so lucky to have Shawn and she wishes she could help Shawn hang onto him, but there is nothing she can do. Shawn knows it was a lot to ask. Belle says it’s not as she understands he just wants what is best for the baby’s future. Shawn asks if he’s just supposed to give up now. The doorbell rings so Belle goes to answer the door. The baby wakes up crying so Shawn looks over him and says he will always love him. Belle returns with Evan, who announces he’s here for his son, Maddox.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that Stefano would’ve wanted him to do everything possible to save his son Stefan, so he did everything possible with a serum that he hoped would be powerful enough to work on Stefan but unfortunately by the time he was ready, Gabi had already donated Stefan’s heart to Julie which made things more difficult. Dr. Rolf reveals that he was able to resurrect the rest of Stefan, but he is heartless.

Gabi claims to Li that it would be news to her if Ava faked her wedding to Jake. Li goes over how Jake was mortally wounded right in front of Ava and she almost died too, so he questions Ava still having the presence of mind to hatch a plan to grab Jake’s shares. Gabi argues that Ava is as cold blooded as they come since she tried to frame Rafe as a dirty cop. Li points out that Ava would need an accomplice to pull this off. Gabi questions if Li is implying that she helped her. Li brings up that Gabi was at the hospital last night when she called to tell him about Jake’s death and the alleged marriage. Gabi says she went to pay her respects. Li asks if Ava asked Gabi to help her make it look like they got married. Gabi argues that she and Ava hate each other, so she questions why he would think she would help her. Li points out that’s not an answer and asks if Ava roped her in to some crazy scheme to fake a wedding so that she could help herself to Jake’s shares. Gabi responds that it wasn’t crazy as she then reveals it was all her own idea.

EJ apologizes to Ava, acknowledging that it was insensitive of him to accuse her while she’s mourning of using Jake’s death to line her own pockets instead of offering his condolences and welcome her to the family. EJ says he’s sorry and welcomes her to the family. Ava thanks him. EJ states that Stefano would be terribly disappointed in him because he taught him a lot better than this. EJ adds that family and respect were everything to Stefano. Ava responds that her father was the same way. EJ calls being the child of a powerful man, complicated. EJ tells Ava to just ask if there’s anything he could do. Ava asks EJ to speed up the transfer of those shares in to her name so she could pay the rent this month. EJ responds that he has a better idea as there is plenty of room at his house. EJ then invites Ava to move in with him at the DiMera Mansion.

Li questions the fake marriage being all Gabi’s idea and asks how she came up with it. Gabi explains that Kate came to give her a heads up that she and Chad were just handing over their shares to EJ and then Rafe called her to inform her about Jake’s death. Gabi says they were both sad and in shock. Li acknowledges that he was very fond of Jake. Gabi says she realized that she couldn’t sit around crying because EJ sure wasn’t and he was coming after Jake’s shares and her job. Li questions how she got from there to a phony wedding. Gabi says that she went to the hospital after that where Ava told her that Jake was killed by a thug who was trying to steal her engagement ring and that’s when the lightbulb went off that if Jake had a widow, she would be his next of kin and inherit his shares instead of EJ. Gabi declares that if she and Ava work together, Ava will be set for life and she’ll still be running the company so they both win. Li reminds her that she said she and Ava despise each other, so he questions what makes her think she can trust Ava. Gabi admits she can’t trust her, but assures that she won’t double cross her. Li realizes that’s because Gabi knows the marriage is a sham, so if she exposes her, Ava will be left with nothing. Gabi confirms that and declares that Ava needs her as much as she needs Ava.

Ava questions EJ wanting her to move in to the DiMera Mansion. EJ points out that it’s the family home and she is now family as his sister-in-law. EJ remarks that Stefano would be appalled to see any DiMera living above a garage. Ava tells him not to knock it until he tries it. Ava is unsure and says it feels wrong since EJ never wanted Jake under his roof. EJ regrets that he and his brother weren’t on better terms before he died. EJ adds that he’d appreciate the opportunity to make amends by treating Ava the way Jake deserved to be treated. EJ then asks Ava if she would like to move in.

Kristen questions Dr. Rolf saying that Stefan has been alive without a heart for four years. Kristen can’t believe this as this means that Lani didn’t kill Stefan after all and she will be so relieved to hear that. Kristen asks Dr. Rolf what happened next. He explains how he got Stefan’s blood pumping through artificial means and began to search for a new heart for him but his plans were interrupted when he was sent to prison. Kristen says that begs the question of how Dr. Rolf kept Stefan alive while he was gone.

Evan tells Shawn that he couldn’t expect him to keep calling his son Shawn. Shawn says that’s his name. Evan argues that it’s Shawn’s name and he’s nothing to the baby, so they will be going now. Belle wants a court order that gives him permission to take custody, so Evan shows it. Shawn questions who Orpheus paid off to make this happen. Evan warns him to back off. Shawn argues that Evan should be in a cage. Evan says not according to the Governor. Evan tells Shawn to step aside. Shawn calls this nuts as he hasn’t even had time to get his things together. Evan says they don’t need much as they will be on a boat, traveling light which Shawn questions. Evan announces that he and Maddox are leaving and starting over in New Zealand with his sister and Maddox’s brother as he wants him to grow up around family. Evan orders Shawn to stop stalling and hand him over. Belle asks Evan to have a heart and give Shawn a few minutes with the baby but Evan refuses. Shawn then picks up the baby and tells him that he’s so sorry about this and he will think about him every day. Evan orders Shawn to say goodbye. Shawn says goodbye to the baby and then hands him over to Evan. Evan then exits with the baby as Shawn holds back tears.

Li congratulates Gabi and says her move was well played. Li just doesn’t understand why she kept him in the dark. Gabi points out that he’s on the DiMera board so if she told him about her fraud, she’d be putting him in a terrible position like he’s in now. Li responds that he likes all the positions that she puts him in. Gabi asks if he approves of her teaming up with Ava Vitali. Li declares that he approves of her doing whatever keeps DiMera at number one. Li says she has his backing as CEO because she’s capable of making moves like this and he just needs to know that she’s making them. Li tells Gabi to trust him next time which she promises to do.

Ava tells EJ that she’s been through a lot the last couple of days and she doesn’t think she can handle any more big changes. EJ says part of the reason they have extra room is that Chad moved out because being surrounded by memories of Abigail was too much for him. EJ suggests that a change of scenery would benefit Ava as well. Ava responds that she doesn’t want to forget Jake. EJ argues that moving wouldn’t be about that, but about helping her heal and that is very difficult to do on your own. Ava can’t believe Jake is actually gone and says none of it feels real. EJ knows it’s going to take time, but promises that it will get better.

Kristen asks Dr. Rolf about patients like this needing round the clock care. Kristen says she knows Dr. Rolf is good but not good enough to be in prison and looking after Stefan for four years. Dr. Rolf says that’s what all the machines are for as they tended to Stefan’s every need as long as the power doesn’t go out then they require no supervision. Kristen admits it’s impressive and asks what the next step is. Dr. Rolf states that they need to acquire a donor heart. Kristen asks if it’s going to be difficult to find a match. Dr. Rolf says they only require the same blood type and there’s always the risk of rejection unless the donor and recipient happened to be identical twins. Dr. Rolf exclaims that Jake dying is the best possible scenario, not that anyone wished for his untimely demise. Kristen asks if Dr. Rolf can take Jake’s heart and put it in to Stefan to bring him back to life as if nothing ever happened. Dr. Rolf says they won’t know for certain until it’s done but he will give it his best shot.

Belle tells Shawn that she wishes she could’ve done something to stop this but Shawn snipes back that she doesn’t because this is what she wanted all along.

Evan brings his son Maddox to the docks and says it’s going to be perfect with just them, but he’s surprised by Jan Spears, who declares that she will make it three.

Gabi tells Li that she’s sorry for not being upfront with him and thanks him for being so understanding. Li says they are still getting to know each other as romantic partners, but in business he knows exactly who she is. Li calls her an intelligent, dynamic, and ambitious woman, who goes after what she wants even if that means lying, scheming, and making a few enemies along the way. Li tells Gabi that he embraces all of her as they kiss. Gabi presses a secret button in her desk to shut the door as they kiss onto the desk.

Ava wipes her tears and jokes about not being tough. EJ understands she had a terrible loss and is grieving. EJ thinks it’s wise for her to get out of the apartment. Ava then agrees and accepts EJ’s invitation to move in to the DiMera Mansion, but she needs to pack up her things. EJ says to let them know when she’s ready. Ava comments on EJ not having a reputation of a nice guy but calls it very generous of him and thanks him. EJ hugs Ava and calls it the least he could do.

Shawn asks if Belle is happy now the baby is gone and never coming back. Belle says she’s devastated for him and the baby as this is not at all what she wanted. Shawn apologizes for snapping at her. Belle gets that he’s angry. Shawn says he’s angry at Evan, Jan, and the world but mostly Jan for making him believe he was the father. Shawn argues that Jan thought it was bringing them closer together, but it got her dead in the water.

Jan tells Evan that she’s too mean to die and she survived through sheer will as she wasn’t going to let Belle win, so after she pushed her into the water, she kept telling herself to hang on and pull herself to shore safely which is exactly what she did. Evan brings up the coast guard dragging the river and the search coming up empty. Jan reveals that she was stowed away in a yacht and she’s been hiding out there for the past couple weeks, working on her plan to see her son. Jan says she just happened to look out the window when they walked by. Jan calls it fate. Evan argues that Jan lied to him and kept his son from him. Jan calls it nothing personal and says she missed her baby so much. Jan asks to hold him, but Evan says no chance. Jan says it’s just for a moment. The baby starts crying so Jan says that he needs her. Jan then realizes she is leaking and takes the baby from Evan. Jan calls the baby Shawn Christian, so Evan clarifies that his name is Maddox which she questions. Evan says that Jan held the baby so now she can give him back. Jan refuses and instead kicks Evan in to the river.

Belle reminds Shawn that they don’t know that Jan is dead. Shawn points out that her body was never found and it’s been weeks with no trace of her. Belle says they’ve learned the hard way not to underestimate Jan’s ability to resurface. Shawn says it doesn’t change the fact that Evan is leaving Salem right now with the son that he thought was his.

Jan talks to her baby about using what she learned in her self defense classes in prison as one kick led to unconsciousness. Jan knows the baby wants Shawn back in the picture but says for now it has to be just them, so they are going on a trip. Jan declares that Salem has not seen the last of Team Spears.

Gabi and Li fix their clothes after having sex and asks what’s next on his schedule. Li mentions having to run to a meeting but says he looks forward to repeating this later as they kiss. Li then exits the office. Gabi then gets a call from Ava, who informs her that EJ was just there and almost busted her. Ava questions what took her so long to file that marriage certificate. Gabi assures that it got done and tells her not to worry about it. Ava says she’s just glad that EJ is gone. Gabi asks if EJ left satisfied that Ava and Jake were married. Ava says so much so, that he invited her to move in to the DiMera Mansion considering she’s family now. Gabi asks what he said when she turned him down, but Ava reveals that she didn’t.

EJ returns home to the DiMera Mansion and sits at the chess table. EJ looks up at the portrait of Stefano and says he asked Ava to move in. EJ trusts that Stefano approves since he’s following Stefano’s sage advice of keep your family close and the pretenders closer…

Kristen asks Dr. Rolf if he really thinks this is going to work. Dr. Rolf says he’s cautiously optimistic. Dr. Rolf exclaims that with Jake’s heart beating in his twin’s chest, Stefan O. DiMera will rise again.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Society, Amanda and Devon waited for Nate. Devon wasn’t sure Nate would come, since he’d been pretty annoyed with Devon. Amanda thought they needed to take Nate at his word when he said he wanted to work this out. She felt they should have this meeting out of the office, because the guys would be less likely to get heated in public. Just then, Nate came in yelling at someone on the phone and refusing to give a comment. The call ended and Nate apologized to Devon and Amanda. The reporters had been hounding Nate, Ashland’s best man, to comment on his death. It wasn’t public knowledge that Nate and Ashland fell out, and Nate was glad, because he didn’t want everyone to know that Ashland played him for a fool and made him an unwitting accomplice. He guessed it was good he left medicine, since no one would ever trust him to make a diagnosis again. Devon said Nate wasn’t Ashland’s doctor. Nate thought the whole situation with Ashland made his judgment look bad. He was afraid it’d reflect poorly on Chancellor Winters if it ever got out. Amanda said The Grinning Soul already exposed Ashland’s cancer lie, and since it was a Chancellor Winters podcast, they’d never mention Nate’s name. She thought that right now, all anyone cared about was how Ashland died. Devon knew Ashland’s death must come as a shock, and he offered to let Nate take some personal time. Nate didn’t need it. He was sorry Harrison lost his father, and as a physician, he valued all human life, but he didn’t mourn Ashland. Nate just wanted to get past the disagreement with Devon.

It seemed that Lily and Billy were crushing it in LA. Amanda said that when you were brashly overconfident, like Billy, you could get into every room and meet with big companies. Devon and Nate were happy about how things were going. Amanda was glad Devon and Nate were on the same page. She asked if Nate had a chance to talk to Newman Legal about Elena’s contract. Nate said when he talked to Imani earlier, she said she forwarded the files to Amanda. Amanda didn’t realize Nate was in touch with Imani about this.

Amanda had assumed Nate was going to reach out to Newman Media, not her sister. She said she could call her sister herself. Nate explained that he and Imani were already in touch about Naya’s rehab, and then they discussed Elena’s contract. Devon said the rehab facility was nice. Amanda thanked Nate for recommending it, and she said she’d look at the documents Imani sent her. Devon shifted gears and asked what the PR team was doing about the double booking issue. Nate said they were taking care of it. Devon stated that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss exactly how the problem was being fixed and what Nate was going to do to make sure it never happened again.

Nate bristled at being micromanaged. Devon didn’t think asking a question was micromanaging. Amanda decided to leave them to hash out their issue. Devon asked if Nate had a problem. Nate said he was just trying to do the job Devon hired him to do. Devon asked why he couldn’t ask questions about the job he hired Nate to do. Nate said Devon delegated the authority to handle this double booking to him. Devon asked if Nate never asked another doctor about their patients. Nate said he did so all the time, but he didn’t pester them or jump into the middle of their surgery. Devon said this was the first time he asked Nate about this. Devon said that if there was a problem, he could help Nate fix it. Nate was offended Devon said he needed help, and maybe even a mentor. Devon noted that he didn’t bring up the mentor. He didn’t understand why Nate was taking this so personally.

Devon suggested that Nate was overreacting because he was second guessing his career change. Nate said he wasn’t insecure about his decision to switch careers – he was a surgeon who couldn’t perform surgery anymore, and he needed a change. Devon thought Nate was being sensitive. Nate said he knew what it meant when people said he needed a watchdog to look over his shoulder. Devon didn’t think Nate needed a watchdog, but this was a crucial time, and they needed to be sharp. Nate knew. Devon had a lot invested in the company. Nate stated that he had a lot invested too. Devon said it was different for him. Nate knew Devon had a lot of money in this. Nate was trying to add value to the company. Devon said Nate was new to the business world, and he was out of his element, and it took time and learning. Devon knew the feeling of making a sharp turn in a career – he did the same thing with music, but he found his path, and he was trying to do the same thing for Nate. Nate felt stifled. He said Devon was used to calling the shots, and it seemed like he wanted it to stay that way. Devon was sorry Nate felt that way. Devon also didn’t think it would be a bad thing for Nate to have a mentor, or at least get some media training. Nate scoffed and said he was going to go home and spend time with Elena.

Devon went back to work and told Amanda that Nate was being too sensitive to talk to. She wondered if the dynamic between them would ever be fixed. He said it was a good question, and he didn’t know. He thought maybe he pulled Nate into the business world too fast for his own good. Maybe it was a mistake to give Nate such a high level position. Amanda said that Nate was chief of surgery, so Devon had to offer him a senior position to make it worth his while. Devon said this was such a big career change, and he should’ve known there would be issues in the beginning. Amanda suggested Nate needed a little guidance. Devon said Nate didn’t think he needed it, and Devon didn’t have time to guide Nate. Devon had been lucky enough to have Neil, but Nate didn’t have anyone like that. Amanda thought this was just a learning curve, and despite what Nate said, she thought Ashland’s death rattled him. Devon said things weren’t exactly smooth before Ashland died. Devon wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t know if Chancellor Winters would ever turn into the cohesive family working environment it was meant to be.

Summer and Phyllis went to Dive Bar. Phyllis forgot how great this place looked in the daytime. Summer told Phyllis not to get ideas about a rooftop pool for her hotel, because she couldn’t afford it. Phyllis said she had other plans for the Grand Phoenix. She changed the subject to Harrison and said Summer had to protect him from the bad press about Ashland. Phyllis was sure the media would say things about Ashland dying in shame and faking cancer, and they’d want quotes from Harrison’s parents. She said all hell would break loose.

According to Summer, the press had already been a nightmare. She hoped they’d soon stop talking about Ashland’s heir apparent, but in the meantime, the family had done a good job shielding Harrison from the press. Summer said no one was stepping forward to claim Ashland’s body, which meant she and Kyle might have to do so, for Harrison’s sake. Phyllis didn’t think Ashland deserved the respect of a proper burial. Summer agreed, but she thought it would mean a lot to Harrison when he got older. Phyllis said it would be like Diane’s funeral – not a tear was shed, and it turned out they didn’t need a funeral, because she wasn’t dead. Summer noted that Phyllis just turned this conversation to Diane. Phyllis was proud of the way Summer stepped up and became a good mom. Summer said it wasn’t easy, but she was trying her best. Harrison kept asking questions about Ashland. She and Kyle were trying to reassure Harrison, but she could tell he was really affected. Summer said they all had to be there for Harrison, including Phyllis. Phyllis didn’t think Diane should be there.

Summer brought up Phyllis seeing Jack and Diane in the park. Phyllis abruptly decided to go get a refill, and Summer called her out on trying to avoid the discussion. Summer rehashed things – Phyllis told her Jack admitted he was still in love with her, then he walked up on Phyllis yelling at Diane in the park. Phyllis said Jack acted exactly how she’d think he’d act. Summer thought that was bad timing for Phyllis. Phyllis said it was great timing for Diane. Summer didn’t think Diane set Phyllis up, since Diane had no way of knowing Phyllis would be at the park. “Maybe Diane didn’t set the trap, this time but she took advantage of the situation, knowing that Jack was there in the park,” Phyllis contended.

Summer asked what happened with Jack at the park. Phyllis didn’t want to burden Summer with her problems. She shifted gears and said she wanted to work at Marchetti. Summer said there was a traumatic situation, and she didn’t think this was the right time to broach the subject to Kyle. Phyllis understood. She noted that she was currently wearing Marchetti. She said to tell Kyle she had a tremendous work ethic. She added that Lily offered to buy The Grand Phoenix, and she was thinking of selling. Summer was surprised because she knew how much the hotel meant to Phyllis. Phyllis said Summer meant more to her.

Summer loved the idea of working with Phyllis, but she thought Kyle would object because of Diane. Phyllis said she wouldn’t let Diane jeopardize her relationship with Summer. Summer said Kyle might not see it that way, and he might even think Phyllis wanted to come work at Marchetti because of Diane. Phyllis said that was ridiculous – she didn’t even like Diane. Summer knew, but she said Kyle might be suspicious of the sudden career change. Phyllis said she’d had a lot of jobs. She added that Kyle got to work with both his parents, and the Newmans worked together, and so did the Winters. Phyllis wanted to work with her family too – she needed it. Summer noticed that Phyllis got a text. Phyllis saw it was from Ashley, wanting to meet tonight to talk about taking down Diane.

Phyllis lied to Summer and said the texts were about repairing an elevator. She wouldn’t miss those problems. Summer said they had elevators at Jabot too. Phyllis said she wouldn’t have to deal with fixing them. Summer said she’d talk to Kyle about Phyllis when the time was right. Phyllis said no hard feelings if she couldn’t work there, but it would be amazing if she could. Summer knew Phyllis would do an awesome job. Phyllis said it’d be life-changing.

Chloe walked into Sally’s office and ranted about the people. Sally hoped Chloe didn’t mean the Newmans, who signed their checks. Chloe found the Newmans annoying, but she was talking about the parasites from the press who just wanted the scoop on Ashland’s death. Sally pointed out that Newman Media was part of the press. She said the other platforms weren’t evil, they were just trying to find an angle. Chloe doubted the rest of the media would find out that Nick punched Ashland the night he died. Sally was intrigued. Chloe wasn’t privy to all the details, but she knew there was a heated situation at Victoria’s house and Nick had to step in. Chloe had gotten this from Kevin. She decided to disclose this to Sally because they worked at Newman, and there could be some blow back. Chloe told Sally that this stayed between them. Sally said Nick told her about arguing with Ashland, but he didn’t mention the fight. Chloe said if half the stories they heard about Ashland were true, it sounded like he deserved a sock in the jaw.

Sally was interested in breaking the story on Ashland’s death. She wondered why none of the news outlets were discussing the fact that Ashland was at Victoria’s house that night. Chloe suggested that whatever went on between Ashland and the Newmans had nothing to do with the car accident. Sally thought it spoke to Locke’s state of mind – maybe he was so distracted he ended up in the ravine. Chloe said it could’ve been the windstorm, but Sally thought if that were the case, there would’ve been a lot of serious accidents last night.

Sally thought everything they knew pointed to the fact that this was more than an ordinary accident. She wondered if the Newmans convinced the police to keep quiet. Chloe said that wasn’t Chance’s style. Sally said he was married to Abby Newman, but Chloe said Chance was kind of a boy scout, and he couldn’t be pressured. Sally thought that the public had a right to know about the events leading up to the accident. Sally told Nick she’d only publish the facts, but now that they had this information, they were compelled to put it out there. Chloe said they had to be careful. Sally claimed she was always careful, and Chloe scoffed, so Sally said she was learning to be careful. After issuing her warning, Chloe left.

Sharon met Nick at the park. He told her that the office was crazy with the press hanging around outside. Sharon noticed that the press didn’t know about the confrontation at Victoria’s house before the accident. Nick felt responsible for Ashland’s car accident. She asked if he’d talked to Victor. He hadn’t, but it was driving him crazy wondering if his father was lying to his face. She wished she could tell him not to worry, but she knew it was possible that Victor was pulling strings and hiding things. She said he had been known to go to extremes for his children. Nick said there was a precedent for this situation. Sharon knew he meant when Adam killed that man as a young boy, and Victor covered it up. Adam still bore the psychological scars. Nick said he was no scared little boy and he wasn’t going to let history repeat itself.

Sharon thought Nick needed closure. Nick knew Victor well enough to know there was more going on. Sharon said Victor might mean well, but it wasn’t helpful to make Nick question his reality. Sharon suggested that Ashland really did get up, get in his car and crash into the ravine. Nick wished that were the case, but Chance was questioning the story too. Sharon theorized that this was a similar situation to Rey’s, where it took awhile to discover he’d died of a heart attack. She noted that Ashland had heart issues. Nick thought Rey’s case was unusual, and he highly doubted something like that happened again. He got a text from Sally saying she needed to talk about him punching Ashland the night he died. Nick told Sharon someone else was digging. She wanted to know more, but he didn’t want to drag her into it. She assured him she was there when he was ready to talk. He thanked her for always being there for him, and he left.

Nick went to see Sally, and she thought the fact that he immediately showed up meant there was something to this rumor. He asked where she got her information, and she kept it vague. He said he told her about his confrontation with Ashland. Sally said it was clear that there was more to it – why was Ashland at Victoria’s house, and how did Nick fit into it? Nick asked Sally to slow down. She asked if he’d rather talk to a reporter, and he said no. She wondered if he regretted convincing her to keep working there. He was starting to. He needed her to stop making assumptions. Nick said the source was right – he punched Ashland. He did it because Ashland got violent with Victoria. Sally understood that. She fantasized about having a brother to defend her. Sally asked what happened next – did Ashland leave to avoid getting into a bigger fight? Nick said not exactly. He didn’t know how the crash happened. All he knew was later that night, Ashland was found in a ravine. Sally said that Newman Media could beat everyone to the punch revealing this. Nick didn’t think that was a good idea. Sally said that ChancComm racked up huge numbers covering Ashland, and Chancellor Winters was going to do the same. She thought Newman Media could out scoop everyone and publish the real story about the final moments of Ashland’s life.

Nick understood the value of beating the competition, but he was still reeling from this. He said Ashland got violent with his sister. Sally was sorry. He said it was way harder on Victoria, and if the story followed her, the torture continued. Sally didn’t want to start her leadership this way – covering a big story on the Newmans, but if they didn’t do it, someone else would. She said it would look like Newman Media didn’t know what they were doing, or like they were covering something up, and she didn’t want to start her tenure this way either. He understood. He said the story was in her hands, and he asked what she was going to do with it.

Nate went to Crimson Lights and ordered a couple of coffees for himself and Elena. Sharon hoped Elena would stop in sometime, because it’d be nice to see her. Nate mentioned that he made the mistake of cutting his evening with Elena short to go back to work. Nate went to the condiment bar and began to fix up his and Elena’s drinks. He texted Elena that he was leaving work so he could see her. She sent back a heart. Imani called. He thanked her for sending the files to Amanda, but he said she shouldn’t be working while her mom needed her. Naya was asleep, and Imani wanted company. Nate sat down and prepared to chat, taking one coffee cup with him and leaving the other at the bar.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Cameron tells Jocelyn he helped Spencer with his plan to get Esme to confess and free Trina. Josslyn is upset that Cameron kept this a secret from her but once she hears the whole story she decides they need to work together to bring down Esme.

Trina talks to Rory because she is worried she will go to prison. Rory encourages Trina to think positively that she will be found innocent. Ava asks Sonny to make sure Trina will be found innocent and Sonny promises to take care of it.

Spencer has to spend the night in jail while he waits for his hearing and Nikolas tells Spencer Esme left town. Ava gets a room at the Metro Court to get away from Nikolas.

The sleazy reporter asks Sasha makeup artist to record Sasha saying she was on drugs when she ran Harmony over with her car. The makeup artist is too eager and Sasha leaves their meeting. Sasha later sees the makeup artist talking to the sleazy reporter and figures out that she was set up by the sleazy reporter.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nick tells Sharon he thinks Victor is covering something up about Ashland’s death.

Chloe tells Sally that Kevin told her Nick punched Ashland at Victoria’s house. Sally sends a text to Nick asking him to come by her office to talk. Nick tells Sally he punched Ashland to defend Victoria and then later they found out Ashland died in a one car accident. Nick doesn’t want Sally to cover the story, but he lets Sally decide what to do about the story.

Phyllis wonders if Summer talked to Kyle about her working at Marchetti. Summer tells Phyllis she will talk to Kyle soon about the job.

Devon and Nate continue to argue because Nate feels Devon isn’t allowing him to do his job. Nate leaves his job to go spend time with Elena but he gets sidetracked by a call from Imani.

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Days Update Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Xander returns to his room at the Salem Inn to find Sarah is gone. Xander sees her note that she had to go out and will be back soon. Xander wonders where she went.

Marlena begins to hypnotize Sarah to the night that Abigail died.

Kristen enters Dr. Rolf’s lab and comments on him being ready when she needs him. Dr. Rolf mentions Stefano saying it’s always good to be back and to be ready. Kristen wonders if Jake will share in that sentiment.

Ava has a dream about Jake coming back to life to her.

Xander worries that Sarah shouldn’t be out alone as she could have another episode. Xander goes to leave right as Gwen arrives. Gwen asks if he was on his way out. Xander responds that what he does is none of her business and asks what she wants. Gwen notes that Xander seemed upset that Lucas had been cleared and asks if that’s because he’s scared that Sarah might be charged with Abigail’s murder.

Marlena hypnotizes Sarah back to when she saw her at the hospital that day. Sarah remembers thinking the antidote wasn’t working anymore and telling Marlena about her hallucinations. Sarah recalls Marlena advising her to go talk to Abigail because she had been through all of this. Marlena then asks if Sarah took the advice and went to see Abigail. Sarah remembers going to see Gwen in prison to confront her about everything. Marlena asks if Sarah went to the DiMera Mansion to find Abigail after leaving the prison.

Ava wakes up and realizes that seeing Jake was just a dream.

Kristen and Dr. Rolf talk about it being good that they got to the hospital in time. Rolf mentions that if they didn’t, they would’ve taken Jake’s remains and incinerated them to dust. Kristen says they couldn’t have that. Dr. Rolf unveils Jake in a hospital bed, hooked up to tubes as Kristen declares that they have big plans for Jake. Dr. Rolf comments on how quickly Kristen got Jake out with his latest Lazarus project. Kristen acknowledges that she barely knew Jake but he’s still her father’s son and that means a lot to her. Dr. Rolf assures Stefano would be very proud to hear her say that. Kristen asks what they are waiting for and tells him to give Jake a new lease on life. Dr. Rolf then injects a syringe in to Jake’s tubes.

Gabi shows up at Ava’s door and says they need to talk. Gabi reminds Ava of EJ’s face when she showed her wedding ring, so he bought it. Gabi says EJ hates it, so he’ll do anything he can to freeze her out, so they have to lock down her claim on Jake’s estate before EJ and Tony figure out the whole thing is a scam.

Tony and EJ talk at home about Ava claiming to have married Jake right before he was killed. EJ explains to Tony how the police are calling it a robbery homicide. Tony asks about the gunman but EJ informs him that he was shot and killed by a police woman. Tony realizes EJ’s only concern is Ava’s possible claim on Jake’s shares. EJ asks what else he’d be concerned about and says Tony should be too, complaining that it’s bad enough that Stefano’s company is being run in to the ground by a former waitress. EJ adds that Gabi is also Li Shin’s mistress, so if Gabi and Ava form some kind of an alliance then Shin could back them while he and Tony could end up out in the cold.

Xander remarks that Gwen used to be better at playing the game. Xander argues that Gwen loves the thought of Sarah going to prison for Abigail’s murder. Gwen claims that’s the last thing she wants because she feels terrible for what happened to her since she’s partly to blame. Xander says if Gwen feels bad, it’s only because her plan didn’t work out the way she wanted it to. Gwen says she’s here to help him but Xander doesn’t believe her. Gwen offers to come up with an alibi for Sarah and suggests saying she was with him. Xander argues that he wasn’t and the cops know it. Xander states that he was in New York while Sarah doesn’t remember that night and Lucas swears he saw Sarah running down the stairs and he doesn’t know anyone that can prove Lucas is lying. Xander asks if she’s happy now.

Marlena asks if Sarah knows where she went next after leaving the prison. Sarah complains that Gwen didn’t care what she did to her and she was so angry. Marlena wants to know what she did next. Sarah recalls returning to Xander’s room at the Salem Inn while he was in New York for a job interview. Marlena asks what she did. Sarah says she just wanted to sleep and forget the whole day, so she took a sleeping pill and got in bed. Marlena asks if she was able to sleep. Sarah says she was for awhile but a bad dream woke her up, so she decided she had to see Abigail right then and there, so she grabbed her raincoat. Marlena notes that Lucas mentioned a raincoat. Sarah says she was about to leave when somebody knocked at the door. Marlena says this is very important and asks who was at the door.

Ava complains that Jake just died yesterday and she could’ve died too, yet Gabi is here again scheming to get her hands on Jake’s DiMera stock. Gabi thought Ava was on board with their plan and asks what happened. Gabi asks if she’s having second thoughts. Ava reminds Gabi that she was involved with Jake for a very long time and said she loved him. Ava questions why she’s behaving like it doesn’t matter that he’s dead. Gabi reminds Ava that without her claim on Jake’s estate, she has nothing. Ava argues that they lied to EJ about her and Jake being married, so EJ is probably out now hiring a private investigator. Gabi argues that EJ won’t find anything suspicious. Gabi then presents Ava with her marriage license.

Tony agrees with EJ that Ava is a threat that must be dealt with, but asks how they do it. EJ says when he learned about Jake’s death, he went directly to the hospital. EJ adds that Gabi was already there and knew all about the marriage. Tony suggests maybe she was visiting Ava. EJ says he checked and they barely spoke until Jake’s untimely death, so Gabi followed the ambulance to the hospital to propose this plan to Ava and then saw to it that Ava was listed as Jake’s next of kin. Tony brings up Vivian being Jake’s mom. EJ questions dragging her in to this. Tony feels Vivian is in this whether they like it or not as she’s going to find out that she lost another son and will be upset about it. EJ admits he hadn’t thought about it. Tony thinks they should go visit Vivian as soon as possible.

Kristen questions Jake not opening his eyes. Dr. Rolf says he’s not sure what to expect as he’s usually able to administer the drug closer to the time of death. Kristen questions if he’s saying this might not work. Dr. Rolf responds that for the serum to be effective, the individual must have a spark of life to work on while Jake’s body was left alone for hours after he was shot. Kristen asks if there’s no hope. Dr. Rolf is afraid that may be the case and that he was too late to help him which upsets Kristen.

Marlena asks Sarah if something is keeping her from telling her who was at the door. Sarah says she just can’t remember. Marlena encourages that she’s doing fine. Sarah tries again to remember and reveals it was her ex, Rex Brady, at the door and Sarah had questioned what he was doing there. Marlena encourages her to try to remember what Rex was doing there. Sarah remembers Rex saying he had to see her and couldn’t get her out of his mind after hearing about what Kristen did to her. Rex talked about wanting to believe Sarah wanted to get back together when it was Kristen tricking him. Rex admitted that he still loved Sarah and never stopped hoping there was a chance for them but Sarah told him that she and Xander were back together and had never been more in love. Rex mentioned that she was obviously going somewhere when he arrived, so he won’t keep her any longer. Sarah remembers almost passing out. Marlena guesses it was the sleep meds and other drugs in her system. Rex told Sarah that she was going to bed.

Gwen tries to comfort Xander but he tells her not to do that as he doesn’t want comfort from her since he has Sarah for that. Gwen encourages that Sarah could get off if she wasn’t in her right mind and could claim temporary insanity. Xander tells Gwen to leave. Gwen says that Bayview is better than prison. Xander argues that Sarah isn’t going anywhere if it’s up to him. Gwen mentions that even if Sarah goes to prison, the Governor is pretty good about giving pardons anyway. Xander questions how Gwen pulled that off. Gwen reveals that Kristen vouched for her. Xander remarks that he should’ve known they would get along since they are both out of their minds. Xander remembers that Kristen gave Gwen the Sarah mask to fool everyone including him. Xander says he’s scared having them both back on the street and wonders what Kristen is up to now.

Kristen argues that there has to be something Dr. Rolf can do. Dr. Rolf feels Jake is too far gone. Kristen complains that he got her hopes up and orders him to keep working on Jake until brings him back. Kristen declares that she’s not leaving the lab until she can take her brother with her..

Gabi tells Ava that she would love for Jake to walk in but that’s unfortunately not going to happen, but if she signs the marriage license, it will stop EJ from grabbing Jake’s stock and telling her to get lost. Ava asks what happens next if she does sign it. Gabi tells her to just trust her. Ava warns that was the wrong thing to say.

EJ questions Tony thinking Vivian is the answer to the problem. Tony asks if he has a better idea. EJ gets interrupted by a text message and says it seems that their fretting over Ava might be much ado about nothing.

Marlena brings Sarah out of the hypnosis. Sarah remembers Rex being there that night and that he helped put her to bed because he said she was too out of it to go anywhere. Sarah asks what if she never left the Salem Inn to go to the DiMera Mansion and was nowhere near Abigail when she was killed. Marlena says that would be a great relief but they can’t get ahead of themselves. Sarah agrees that she can’t trust her mind and maybe Rex was just a hallucination. Marlena decides to find out by calling Rex.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that there is one more thing he can try but it’s very risky. Kristen argues that Jake has nothing to lose. Rolf says he has the prototype for a much stronger serum but it’s not tested. Kristen orders him to use it on Jake so Dr. Rolf then makes the injection.

Ava tells Gabi that she keeps saying that they both have a lot riding on getting Jake’s stock, but she’s the one taking all the risk. Gabi argues that she’s helping her defraud the DiMeras and Vivian. Ava brings up that if this blows up in their faces, Gabi would lose her position as CEO but she’d still have Stefan’s shares in DiMera along with Gabi Chic plus money in the bank. Ava says she gave up her family money for her son and won’t have a dime to her name and would probably end up in jail, so she’s going to need more than a promise from her of some dividend checks. Gabi asks what more Ava wants. Ava declares that she wants an executive position at DiMera Enterprises that comes with a nice six figure salary and a seat on the board. Gabi mocks the idea of the DiMeras letting her on the board. Ava argues that she used to run her own company and knows how to prove herself. Gabi calls her a mafia princess. Ava warns that if Gabi wants to keep her CEO position then she better find a way to get the necessary players involved.

Marlena calls Rex and puts him on speaker phone. Marlena notes that she’s with Sarah, who tells Rex that she really needs his help. Sarah asks Rex if he came and saw her at the Salem Inn on June 10th. Rex admits that he kind of hoped she forgot about that as he was embarrassed but he confirms that he was really there. Marlena asks Rex for his version of what happened. Rex says he decided on a whim to see Sarah to tell her that he still loved her, hoping there was still a chance for them but she turned him down flat. Rex recalls Sarah falling asleep and once he made sure she was okay, he left. Marlena asks how long he was there. Rex guesses it was a couple hours but knows he did not leave until after 10. Sarah thanks Rex, telling him how much he just helped her. Rex would like to know what’s going on. Sarah says she’ll call him later and explain everything but thanks him as they hang up. Marlena then confirms to Sarah that this means she has an alibi for when Abigail was killed.

Gabi accuses Ava of blackmailing her. Ava explains that she is negotiating since EJ thinks she is married to Jake, so she holds all the cards. Gabi agrees to talk to Shin about getting what she wants and tells Ava to sign the marriage license so she can go get it filed. Ava jokes that all she had to do was ask nicely. Ava then signs the marriage license and gives it back to Gabi. Gabi goes to leave but stops to ask Ava if she really loved Jake. Ava confirms that she really did and thinks he was pretty much what she was searching for all of her life. Gabi tells Ava that she feels sorry for her. Gabi says she cared about Jake a lot but admits she was really only with him because he reminded her so much of his brother Stefan, who was the love of her life and a love like that only happens once. Gabi then exits.

Dr. Rolf checks on Jake and tells Kristen that he’s sorry but the new serum was no more successful than the other. Kristen argues that his heart is beating again. Dr. Rolf points out that there is no brain activity, so Jake is dead. Kristen complains that she really thought she was going to bring her brother back today. Dr. Rolf then responds that she might still get her wish.

Sarah returns home to Xander’s room. Xander asks where she’s been as he’s been so worried. Sarah informs him that she has the best news as she explains that she went to see Marlena to hypnotize her and then she remembered that Rex was there when Xander went to New York, but she forgot about it. Xander questions Rex being there when he wasn’t and her not telling him. Sarah points out that she didn’t remember it. Xander asks what made him show up. Sarah admits that Rex wanted to give them another try. Xander asks who he thinks he is but Sarah assures that she told Rex that she loved Xander. Sarah adds that when he started leaving, she started feeling like she was going to faint so he helped her to the bed and stayed for two hours. Xander starts to get upset but Sarah tells him to stop with the jealousy and listen to her. Sarah announces that this was on the night of the murder. Xander points out that she didn’t mention that and asks what that means. Sarah confirms that she couldn’t have killed Abigail and Rex is going to tell the police that he was with her when she died. Xander realizes she has an alibi then. Sarah repeats that she didn’t kill Abigail. Xander excitedly calls this the most wonderful news and says God bless Rex Brady as Xander and Sarah kiss. Xander hugs Sarah but then questions Lucas swearing he saw Sarah on the night of the murder and says he knew Lucas was lying.

Gwen goes to a motel room with her travel bag. Gwen then opens the bag and pulls out her Sarah mask..

EJ shows up at Ava’s door and advises her to give up the scheme as he knows she was never married to Jake. Ava tells him that when Jake died, they were husband and wife, adding that EJ has a lot of nerve talking to her like this now. EJ reveals that he checked with city hall and there is no record of any marriage between Jake DiMera and Ava Vitali. Ava says Jake’s death certificate probably isn’t there yet either but that doesn’t mean he’s not dead. EJ accuses her of making this up to get a hold of Jake’s estate. Ava tells EJ to call the city clerks office again when he gets home as she’s sure the marriage license will be there. EJ asks how she can be so sure. Ava tries to shut the door on him but EJ suggests he call the city clerk right now.

Kristen tells Dr. Rolf not to play with her and asks what he’s talking about since he just said he couldn’t bring Jake back. Dr. Rolf says that’s correct as Jake’s life has been tragically cut short so he won’t be rising from the ashes. Dr. Rolf then pulls back another curtain and reveals that Jake’s twin brother Stefan is a totally different story, shocking Kristen.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Kevin figured that whatever Chance wanted to talk about must be top-secret since they were meeting at Crimson Lights instead of the station. Chance asked what Kevin knew about Locke’s death. Kevin heard Ashland lost control of the car and drove into a ravine, news that wasn’t met with an outpouring of grief. Chance realized Kevin didn’t read the police report. Kevin had been busy with IT stuff. Chance said that Locke’s death might be more complicated than originally thought. Kevin asked if there were signs of foul play. Chance said that there was nothing he could point to just yet. Chance laid out the facts of the case – Ashland showing up at Victoria’s, the confrontation with Nick that got physical, Ashland seemingly not having a pulse, but then leaving the house while Nick and Victoria were outside waiting for Chance.

Kevin suggested that Ashland’s death was hitting Chance harder because he’d recently lost his partner, Rey. Chance said it was a reminder that not everything was the way it initially seemed. When Chance found out Rey had a heart attack, it he understood why Rey didn’t make an attempt to avoid the collision. Chance wanted to know exactly what Ashland did every minute leading up to his death, and he wanted Kevin to help. Kevin didn’t think he could help, since he wasn’t a cop or a mechanic. Chance told Kevin to go see the medical examiner. Chance had learned that she and Kevin both liked some fantasy game, and he thought they could bond over it. Chance said Kevin should invite the doctor to join his group of players. Kevin knew Chance meant a guild. Chance said once the medical examiner was buttered up, Kevin should let her know that this autopsy was a top priority. Kevin guessed that was simple enough. Chance needed Kevin to learn the police report inside out. Kevin was excited, because he figured he and Chance were a team. He bounded out of the coffeehouse.

Victor was at Society on the phone with someone. He learned that everyone on the security team who’d been watching Victoria’s house on the night Ashland died had been interviewed by the police and that all the interviews went smoothly. He wanted to be informed if anything changed. Adam walked in and watched Victor from afar. Victor was pleased by something the caller said. He ended the call just as Noah arrived for their meeting. Noah asked if Victor had looked at his proposal to turn Top of the Tower into a nightclub. Victor had, and he thought it was a hell of a concept. He could tell Noah put a lot of work into it.

Noah thought that during the day, the club could showcase cutting edge art from around the world. He said the space could be a gallery, an event venue and a nightclub. He said they could utilize augmented reality to change the space and give people an immersive experience. He said he’d handle curating everything himself. Victor said Noah was a Newman, and he was very bright. However, Newman Tower was a business, and they needed Top of the Tower. Victor said that Noah’s idea was impressive and it was a recipe for success. Victor said that when you were young, sometimes it was important to spread your wings, like Nick did, and now he was coming back to Newman, and he was going to apply all he learned to the company Victor built. Victor knew that Noah would do the same thing one day. They shook hands, and Noah started out. Noah acknowledged Adam as he left.

Adam wondered why Victor wasn’t drinking tequila to celebrate Ashland’s demise. Victor invited Adam to sit, and he did. Victor didn’t grieve Ashland, but he didn’t think Adam should be so glib about his death. Adam understood that Victor didn’t want to seem too happy about it in public, given that Chance was implying there were a lot of questions surrounding Ashland’s death. Victor sat up straighter. “Oh, now I have your attention,” Adam said.

Victor didn’t realize Chance and Adam buried the hatchet. Adam said he wouldn’t go that far. He explained that he’d been about to leave town. He didn’t have a job or prospects, so he thought he was due a vacation. Victor asked where Adam was going to go. Adam was gong to go to Vegas for R&R and maybe a few poker games. He ran into Chance, who told him about Ashland. Adam wasn’t surprised no one in his family told him the news. Victor said they were preoccupied. Adam was sure Victor would’ve contacted him if he needed anything underhanded or shady done. Victor asked what Chance said. Adam explained that Chance told him to stay in town because the family might need him. Adam didn’t tell Chance he was a Newman in name only. Victor said that was Adam’s choice. Adam complained that Victor left him no other choice. Adam asked if he was supposed to keep letting Victor use him and just play the dutiful son, trying to earn his respect? Adam didn’t think they needed to rehash this again. Victor wanted to know what Chance said. Adam said that Chance told him the official version was that Locke got into a car crash. It was interesting to Adam that Chance added that qualifier, like he might think there was a different end to Locke’s story.

Adam wondered why the police were looking into what appeared to be a simple car crash. He asked what Victor thought. Victor thought Adam was wasting time asking questions about the dead. He asked if Adam wasn’t concerned about his sister and her children. “I guess you’re only interested in twisting the knife,” Victor said. Adam pointed out that yesterday, he’d come to Victor and Victoria and warned them that they’d pushed Locke too far. He said Victor had Ashland arrested just for seeing his son. Ashland knew it was Victor, and Adam couldn’t deny it. Adam thought the arrest was completely unnecessary. Adam knew Locke was out of control and planning to use Victoria to get revenge. “He wanted to hurt you [and Victoria], and he was gonna use your precious daughter to make his point,” Adam said. Adam didn’t know what Ashland’s plan was, but it didn’t matter now. “You got your happy ending. You wanted Locke gone, he’s gone. But that was just a crazy coincidence wasn’t it,” Adam said, with a knowing look. “You’re beginning to piss me off, and that’s never a good idea” Victor stated.

Victor was adamant that Ashland died in a car accident. Adam thought it was funny how things worked out for everyone, except Locke. Victor said Adam didn’t even like Locke. Adam found the situation very intriguing. Victor acknowledged that Adam walked away from the family, but he said that when a Newman was in trouble, they all forgot about their differences and pulled together. Adam said Ashland was dead, and the threat was gone. “I don’t give a damn whether that son of a bitch is gone. Do you honestly think that when one threat disappears others aren’t lurking?,” Victor asked. Victor told Adam that he was a Newman, and he should remember that. Victor walked out, and Adam got up and went to the window to watch him leave.

Noah went to Dive Bar and met with Allie. He said Victor turned him down, but getting to see Allie was helping cheer him up. She said they should work on plan B – the location his sister suggested. It was in the Grand Phoenix, and Noah wasn’t enthused about working with Phyllis. Allie understood how Noah felt about Phyllis on a personal level, but this was business, and she thought Phyllis must be good at running a business. Noah said there was always some drama swirling around Phyllis in her professional life too. Allie said Noah didn’t have to be Phyllis’s best friend to lease a space from her. He thought Allie was almost mercenary in how she was looking at this. She said she was practical. He liked that. She toasted to all the no’s that brought him here and the one that would lead him to a yes. He stared into her eyes, but then he got a text, and she told him he should probably take it. The text was letting him know Ashland died.

Allie only knew the news alert was about Ashland, and she asked what the jerk had done now. She felt bad after she found out he died, but Noah didn’t think she should. He said Ashland did some abysmal things to innocent people. He thought she should feel bad for his victims, not Ashland. Allie knew Ashland hurt a lot of people Noah loved. Noah was sure Victor already knew Ashland was dead, and he found it odd that Victor failed to mention this gigantic event that affected the family and the business.

Allie suggested that Victor didn’t mention Ashland’s death out of respect for Noah and his pitch. Noah said that would be sweet and considerate, which were two things Victor wasn’t. Allie said Victor might want Nick to tell Noah. Noah said that Victor liked to handle things himself. Noah said Nick loved Victor and would do anything for him, but he left Newman Enterprises so many years ago because he couldn’t stand to be around the plotting and scheming anymore. “He can’t be that bad. Can he?,” Allie asked.

Noah apologized for making things sound so ominous, but then he decided that Allie should know what his family was all about, so she knew what she was getting into. Allie grinned and said from the day she and Noah met, he peddled this whole story about the twisted dark Newmans and their arch-rivals, the Abbotts. She was making light of the whole thing. He said he wasn’t making it up. She knew there was a history, because Jack and Ashley mentioned it many times, but no one ever told her the exact issue. She said she met Victor and found him pleasant. Noah said that was because Allie hadn’t given him a reason to put her on his enemy list.

Allie wanted to know one specific thing Victor did. Noah said that once Victor organized a hostile takeover of Jabot and stole her family’s company. Allie said Victor didn’t own it now. Noah said it took years for Jack to get Jabot back, but if he hadn’t, there was a good chance Allie wouldn’t be interning there now. Allie wasn’t fazed about something that happened so long ago. Noah said that it was just a matter of time before Victor got upset with the Abbotts again, and there was a good chance Allie would get caught in the crossfire, so he’d understand if she wanted to run in the other direction. Allie wasn’t going to run from Noah. She didn’t scare easily, and she knew he wasn’t the manipulative guy he’d described his grandfather as being. Noah clarified that Victor was also a generous loving man who’d do anything for his family. Allie thought it sounded like Victor was human, and therefore he had a contradictory nature. She said her father hid her family history from her. She still struggled with it, but she loved him nonetheless. He suggested again that she might want to get out while she still could. She asked how she could think about leaving just when things were getting good between them. He kissed her.

Nick was working at a little table in Victoria’s office. He flashed back to everything that happened the night that Ashland died. Sally showed up and told Nick she was staying at Newman Media. He noted that she’d sounded sure about quitting. She said she’d let her personal life cloud her judgment and she wasn’t thinking about what was right for her. She’d just been reacting. He said that could get you in trouble. She said she’d been reacting to things Adam was saying and doing, and that was a huge mistake. She knew she’d been given a unique opportunity. She’d been underestimated her whole life, and now that someone was taking a chance on her, she thought she owed it to them to show them that they were right to do so. She also wanted to prove it to herself. He was happy for her. She thanked him for the epiphany. He was sorry he’d been so blunt with her that night. He used to think Adam had stopped trying to sabotage his happiness, but now he felt that Adam must need chaos in his life. Sally got a news alert about Ashland’s death, and she was shocked.

Nick said he already knew Ashland was dead. Sally asked if he had any details about what caused the car accident. She wondered if Ashland had been drunk or if someone in another car had run him off the road. She asked how Victoria was doing. Nick said Victoria was on a trip with the kids. He added that Victoria planned the trip weeks ago. Sally clarified that she wasn’t insinuating anything. “You were with your eyes,” Nick countered. Sally guessed it was a good thing Victoria was out of town and out of the spotlight. Nick didn’t think Newman Media should dig too far into the story, out of respect for the family’s privacy. Sally thought that Newman Media could tell this story like no one else – the death of Victoria’s ex, the disgraced former co-CEO of their parent company. Nick said there was a lot more to it than that. Sally thought Nick should tell her with he knew before she jumped to the wrong conclusion. Nick said what he was about to tell Sally was off the record and not to be shared with anyone else. He told her he already spoke with the cops. He thought that this story might eventually come out, so he wanted her to hear this from him.

Nick said he had a confrontation with Ashland before he spoke to Sally at Crimson Lights. Sally said it was obvious something had been weighing on Nick last night, and the last thing he wanted to deal with was her personal drama. He said that was the last thing he wanted to deal with any night. She understood now why he was harsh when she told him she was leaving Newman Media. She said talking with him really helped, and she’d like to return the favor. She was sure this was a lot for him to deal with. Chance texted Nick wanting to meet. Sally asked if that text was about Ashland. Nick said he just had a lot of work to do, now that Victoria was gone. He needed Sally to leave the office, but he made it clear that he was glad she was staying at the company. He brought up the story on Ashland, and she said that Newman Media would stick to the facts. He said it was nice to know he could count on her. Sally left.

Nick and Chance met at Crimson Lights on the patio. Chance didn’t want to make a difficult situation any harder on Nick. Chance said Nick could tell Victoria everything they discussed today. Chance talked to the security team who watched Victoria’s house, and all the stories lined up with what Victor said, like they were reading from the same script. Nick asked if Chance would prefer the stories not to line up. Chance had been doing this for long enough to look for red flags. Nick said the people Victor employed were smart enough to know what they were doing, and they were just trying to give Chance the information he needed. Nick said he’d been nothing but open and honest with Chance, and he had nothing to hide. He asked what Chance wanted from him.

Chance just wanted to give Nick an update and he didn’t mean to upset him. Nick didn’t believe that. Nick said Chance was family, but he didn’t have to deal with Ashland’s scams and lying and worrying every day what he was going to do to Victoria. Nick said Ashland was gone now, but the chaos remained. Chance was trying to cut through the chaos and figure out what happened, especially from the moment the security team called Victor. Nick thought it sounded like Chance should be talking to Victor then. He walked off.

Kevin returned to Crimson Lights. He’d charmed the medial examiner into giving him the autopsy report. It said Ashland hit his head on the windshield and died instantly. Chance asked if she said definitively that the head injury was caused by the crash. According to Kevin, she wouldn’t say that was definitely what happened. Kevin asked if Chance was thinking about the fight Nick and Locke had and trying to connect the dots. Chance said he didn’t have an agenda – he was just trying to evaluate the evidence and reach the correct conclusion. Chance said Nick was in good shape, and he threw a punch, and Ashland fell. Kevin realized Chance’s theory was that Nick threw the punch killed Locke. “And if he did, then how the hell did that guy wind up dead in a ravine?,” Chance asked.
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