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Recap written by Christine

Michael tracked Victor down at Society. victor hadn’t been answering his phone, so Michael had to look all over for him. Michael said he found Ashland and Victoria in a hotel in NY. Ashland had been spotted meeting with a high end real estate broker. Victor surmised that the couple was looking for office space to start a new company.

Sally walked into Adam’s office, and he admired her new look, which he called understated, yet powerful. She said that was what she was going for. There was going to be a press conference headlined by Victor, announcing Sally as CEO of Newman Media and Adam as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Sally was nervous, so Adam gave her some tips. She said that being the man of the hour was familiar territory for him. He said this time was different and better than his previous stint running Newman. She said he had her now, and he replied that she made a huge difference. She predicted that today would be a turning point for them both. They kissed. Sally gave Adam advice on the statement he’d written, and he said she was right. Victor came in, and Adam asked for a moment with his dad, so Sally left. Adam reiterated his intention to use his time at the helm, however long that was, to show Victor what he was capable of. He promised to impress Victor. Victor said they both wanted Adam to excel. Adam felt his whole life had lead him to this moment, and he planned to make the most of it. Victor shook Adam’s hand.

Ashland woke up and came into the living room and saw Victoria enjoying a leisurely morning on the couch. He asked if she wanted to go to brunch. She assumed he didn’t hear the news that there was going to be a press conference announcing her successor. He’d heard, but he wasn’t sure she wanted to watch it. She said she didn’t want to miss one minute of this presser. He was surprised because he thought she would be irritated by it. She assumed he’d expected that because of the rumor that Adam would be named CEO. She was sure her father was naming Adam CEO in an attempt to get her mad enough to run back to Genoa City to defend her turf, not because he thought Adam would do a better job running Newman than she did. She said that Victor always played his kids above each other, and she was tired of it. He was impressed she was so nonchalant. She said she and Ashland left so she could break free.

Victoria said that her and her father’s patterns had become so entrenched that she knew what he was going to do before he did it. Ashland thought there was a certain satisfaction in knowing your rival’s every move. Victoria said no one had ever gotten her the way Ashland did – it was like they were kindred spirits. He just wished he’d recognized that from the beginning, like she did. She laughed and said he was a slow learner, but he was worth it. They were going to be meeting investors today, to seek funding for their new venture. He said he’d go change for the meeting, then they could watch the press conference together, in case it was tougher on her than she thought. She called him thoughtful and smiled. He left the room. She looked back to make sure he was gone, then she called Nick.

Victoria told Nick that everything was going exactly as she hoped. He asked if she’d tell them where she was. She was surprised Victor hadn’t sussed it out yet. She said they were in NY. She sent her congratulations to Adam. Nick asked Victoria to at least call Nikki. She said she would when the time was right. He asked if she was going to watch the press conference, and she said she didn’t think she’d have time because she and Ashland were meeting with some investors to try and get their next venture bankrolled. He asked if they were Ashland’s connections, and she said they were mostly hers. He asked if she was planning to start a company to compete with Newman. She said she didn’t call him to talk business. She had to get ready for the meeting, and she promised they’d talk again soon. The call ended.

Back in Genoa City, the press conference started. Victor said Newman Media expanded enormously in the past year – they merged with Locke Communications Group and they acquired Chancellor Communications and Newman Media. He said all this was done under the very capable leadership of his daughter, Victoria. He said Victoria stepped down for personal reasons, so he was appointing his son, Adam. Victor said Adam was intimately acquainted with this company and only someone who’d gathered the knowledge he did from Wall Street and someone who graduated from Harvard Business School was able to step in and steer this enormous ship. He said Adam was bold, innovative and right for the job.

In NY, Ashland told Victoria that he thought Victor’s last comment was aimed at her. She was sure of it. She noticed that Victor didn’t mention Ashland’s name once.

The press conference continued. Adam gave credit to his sister for pulling together the resources so Newman would thrive during these challenging times. He said he was going to integrate the assets so maximize profit and potential while at the same time keeping the values and philosophy of the founder – Victor Newman, who was at the heart of the company’s success. “My sister went on a shopping spree, but I’m the only one who knows what to do with all the stuff,” Ashland said, mocking Adam. Ashland said Adam was still sucking up to Victor even after he’d gotten the job. He asked if Victoria hadn’t had enough of watching this. She wasn’t ready to stop just yet.

Adam said he was leaving Newman Media in the hands of Sally Spectra. Victoria said she’d seen enough. She felt her father deserved everything that Sally and Adam were going to put him through. She was ready to get to their meeting.

When Ashland and Victoria got back from their meeting, they were in a good mood because it went well. Ashland loved the way he and Victoria had played off each other’s ideas. He couldn’t wait to run a company together again. He felt like that was what they were born to do, and he was sure her investor friends saw it. She said that it didn’t matter if the investors didn’t come through, since she and Ashland had enough money to fund the venture themselves. She wondered if that was what they should do, because it would give them total control. He said that meant they’d be taking all the risk. She knew, but the idea of the two of them going it alone and taking on the world together appealed to her. They smiled at each other.

Adam talked up Sally’s business skills to the press. Nick came in and whispered in Victor’s ear that he heard from Victoria. Victor left in the middle of the press conference to talk to Nick in the hallway. Adam took it in stride and took the reporter’s next question.

Victor asked if Victoria was upset about Adam’s promotion. Nick said Victoria said she and Ashland were fine, and in NY. Nick suspected Victor already knew Victoria was in NY. Victor wanted to hear what else Victoria said. Nick said Victoria and Ashland were looking for capital for a new business venture. Victor thought it was interesting that Nick was sharing this, since Nick and Victoria always kept each other’s secrets. Nick said he was doing the best he could in a difficult situation. He wanted Victoria to feel like she could tell him things without him using it against her. He’d been accused of that before, and it created a rift in their relationship. However, he also didn’t want Victoria getting more enmeshed with that creep. Victor didn’t want that either.

Later, Victor relayed the information he’d learned to Michael. Victor told Michael to discreetly approach the investors that Victoria and Ashland met with and convince them not to invest in Ashland’s new venture.

Summer went to the hotel to get Phyllis. Phyllis was supposed to be meeting Diane today to extend an olive branch. Phyllis was hesitant to go. Summer said she’d already arranged things with Diane. She hoped Phyllis wasn’t backing out at the last minute. “You’ve got to know how important this is to me. To my whole family,” Summer said. Phyllis said she was ready to go, but she stayed in her seat until Summer gently pulled her up by the arm.

At the park, Diane greeted Phyllis and Summer warmly. She asked about the purpose of the meeting. Summer said Phyllis had a chance to do some thinking while she was on vacation. Phyllis said she centered herself and gained perspective. Diane said the same process took her years. Phyllis called herself a fast learner and she said Diane had a lot to work through. Diane said Phyllis seemed like the type of person who had a lot of issues. Phyllis said she didn’t. Phyllis stated that she realized she didn’t want anger or resentment to rot her from the inside, the way it did to Diane. Phyllis said that she wanted to put the past behind them, starting today. Diane asked if Phyllis was saying this was a fresh start. Phyllis said she’d never forget what Diane did to her. Summer encouraged Phyllis to say she’d forgive. Diane noted that so many people had forgiven Phyllis over the years. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to dwell on the things Diane did to her. Phyllis suggested they consider this a truce. Diane said thanks and that Phyllis made her day.

Diane knew that couldn’t have been easy for Phyllis. Summer stated that when Diane showed up with no warning, it brought up a lot of painful memories for everyone. Diane knew, because everywhere she turned, people reminded her of the damage she’d done. Diane didn’t complain because she knew she deserved the rage. Phyllis agreed that Diane had it coming. Diane said that was why she was so impressed Phyllis found a way to let it go – that must be freeing. Phyllis said it must be freeing to get to cross someone off the long list of people who didn’t want her in town. Diane said it was meaningful to her, since they were part of the same extended family, and it was best if they got along. Phyllis said no one had a reason to give Diane a second chance, but Phyllis was going to do it. Phyllis thought it was unfortunate for Diane that she would face a lot of hostility from people in Genoa City. Phyllis said she wouldn’t be part of that though, because she wouldn’t make her daughter uncomfortable or make her choose sides. Diane knew Phyllis wasn’t doing this for her, but she appreciated the effort. Diane said she was pleasantly surprised Phyllis reached this level of serenity and maturity. She hoped Phyllis didn’t take that the wrong way. Phyllis said she didn’t, and she told Summer that they should go.

Phyllis was on edge in the hotel lounge. Summer invited Phyllis to lunch with her and Kyle. Phyllis said she had a lot of work to do. Summer was proud of Phyllis for calling a truce. Summer thought it would be good for Phyllis too, because it was unhealthy to center your life around hating someone. Phyllis agreed that she’d wasted a lot of her energy on this. Phyllis knew the negativity wasn’t good for Summer either. Phyllis said things were going well for Summer – she was married to Kyle, and she had this sweet little boy in her life, and she and Kyle were going to revitalize Marchetti. Phyllis said there was nothing she wouldn’t do for Summer, including making nice with that heifer. Phyllis corrected herself and called Diane Summer’s mother in law. Summer said she loved Phyllis, and they hugged

Jack and Kyle were at home discussing business. Jack was going to take over almost all of the CEO duties for Jabot immediately, because he knew Kyle and Summer would have their hands full wrapping up the acquisition, moving the company to the US etc. Jack got an alert for the Newman press conference which would officially announce Adam was the CEO. Talk shifted back to Kyle’s new role. Jack said he couldn’t be more proud. Kyle looked forward to the challenge and working with Summer again. He felt like everything was coming together. Jack asked if Diane was included in that.

Kyle said he and his mom were cool. She had been working to prove herself, and she hadn’t done anything wrong, as far as he knew. Kyle gave Diane the benefit of the doubt, but that didn’t mean he was ready to wipe the slate clean. Jack said good. He assured Kyle that there was no deadline. Kyle said he and Diane were taking things slow. Jack thought that was a good idea because deciding how much of a role Diane would have in his life was a big decision with lifelong implications. Part of Kyle wanted to wanted to let Diane all the way in and cling to her until the wounds healed, but then he thought back to when she was murdered. He used to scream into his pillow at night, because he felt he had to be brave for everyone. He said that kind of grief was exhausting at that age and the most traumatic thing he’d ever been through, then he found out it was a lie orchestrated by his own mother. Kyle thought Diane was saying all the right things, and she was good with Harrison.

Kyle badly wanted to trust Diane, but he was wary because things happened and he wondered if they were warning signs, for example, whatever happened with Jack and Phyllis. Kyle didn’t need details, but he said that Jack had admitted that whatever happened tied back to Diane. Jack promised he’d let Kyle know if Diane was up to her old tricks. Jack told Kyle not to let the thing with Jack and Phyllis affect his evaluation of his mother. Jack and Kyle watched the press conference, and they were mind-blown that Sally was heading up an entire division. Jack thought it was more mind-blowing that Victor allowed it. Jack wanted the best for Sally, and he was glad that keeping her in line was Adam’s job, not the Abbott’s.

Diane showed up to thank Kyle and Jack for the role she assumed they played in facilitating her meeting with Phyllis. Jack had no idea what Diane was talking about. Kyle said he knew it was happening, but he couldn’t take credit because that was all Summer and Phyllis’s work. Diane told Jack about the truce. She said if Summer was responsible, she owed her daughter in law a big thank you. Kyle said his wife was special. Summer texted Kyle and asked to meet at the hotel, so he left.

Jack congratulated Diane. He said the tiny little club of people she’d won over had a new member. She knew better than to think she’d won over Phyllis. Diane said not actively at war wasn’t the same thing as acceptance. She didn’t want to say this in front of Kyle, but Phyllis was so unpredictable that there was no telling how long this truce would hold. Jack asked if Diane didn’t think Phyllis was sincere. Diane thought that all depended on how you defined sincerity. Diane did think Phyllis made a sincere effort to rein in her hostility around Summer. Diane didn’t care what Phyllis’s motive was as long as she followed through. He asked if Phyllis explained why she had a change of heart. Diane said Phyllis said she did it for the kids’ sake, and Diane was sure there was some truth to that. Diane thought Phyllis also did it to impress Jack. She said Phyllis didn’t mention him by name, of course, because she wouldn’t want her daughter to find out how she used Jack to get back at Diane. Diane knew Jack didn’t want to talk about that, so she said she wouldn’t say more about it. She just wanted to suggest that Phyllis was doing the opposite – using Diane to try and make amends with Jack.

Jack had no idea what Phyllis was thinking when it came to Diane. He thought that Phyllis would have a better chance at keeping her word if Diane didn’t provoke her. Jack said Diane seemed to relish antagonizing Phyllis. Diane said she had no plans to kick the hornet’s nest. She was just glad Phyllis volunteered to back off, which reduced the number of people who were out for her blood. Phyllis texted Jack asking to talk. .

Kyle met Summer at the hotel bar. They were going to celebrate the truce. She crowed about pulling this off after he told her to stay out of their parents’ business. He said she made one hell of a diplomat. He shifted gears and revealed that he was thinking about hiring Diane at Marchetti. He asked how Summer felt about it. She was worried. She asked if he was sure he was ready for Diane to build a permanent life this close to him. He said he couldn’t erase what Diane put him through, and he wans’t sure the scars would ever fade, but he couldn’t send her away without trying, because if he did, he’d second guess his choice for the rest of his life. Summer said they’d do their best and see what happened.

Back at Newman, Sally read Adam some of the comments on social media about the press conference. It was very positive, for the most part. He gave her a gift, and she had one for him too. She got him his favorite scotch. It was her favorite now too. She brought up the day he introduced her to it. She said who would’ve guessed they’d end up on top of the world. Things started heating up, so they closed the office door.

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Days Update Friday, June 24, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Maggie enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and comments on Victor being depressed. Victor tells her not to even try to cheer him up. Maggie responds that she won’t even try when he’s in this kind of mood. Maggie encourages that there’s nothing he can do about it but it’s not the end of the world. Maggie acknowledges that the situation is complicated and upsetting but they are talking about a baby, a new life. Victor complains about Jan trying to electrocute him in his own bathtub and now his grandson is going to have her hanging around his neck for the rest of his life. Victor then asks for another drink.

Shawn runs in to Belle at the hospital. Belle asks if he was leaving. Shawn says not now that she’s here. Shawn is glad she came and asks if they can go get coffee or something. Belle clarifies that she didn’t come to see him.

Clyde walks through the park with the bag of stolen jewelry. EJ approaches and says it looks like he’s been caught red-handed as he asks what Clyde is up to. Clyde thinks back to making his deal with Leo. Clyde then tells EJ that he’s just hanging out. EJ asks him what’s in the bag. Clyde says it’s nothing he needs to worry about. EJ says he shouldn’t mind if he takes a look then.

Chloe questions what kind of savage would brutally murder the mother of two young children. Brady says it would be someone who has no earth, the scum of the earth, and the lowest of the low. Leo then walks up. Leo questions who he’s calling the lowest of the low. Chloe says they weren’t talking about him. Brady says that’s unless he was the SOB who killed Abigail.

Sami arrives at Lucas’s hotel room on crutches, surprising Lucas, who says he wasn’t expecting her. Sami says she can tell and questions what the hell happened to his room.

Maggie tells Victor that he has every right to be upset but not to feel sorry for himself as that’s not who he is. Victor hates that there’s nothing he can do about it. Maggie encourages that he can stand by Shawn and let him know that he’s by his side when he’s trying to put his life back together. Maggie points out that Jan will be going back to prison again and then maybe Shawn and Belle can work it out. Victor says no. Maggie argues that Belle and Shawn at least still have a chance as they still have their lives ahead of them. Victor apologizes and acknowledges how much she loved Abigail. Maggie starts to cry and declares that whoever did that to Abigail has to pay.

Leo mentions that he heard about Abigail and asks what happened. Brady informs him that she was stabbed. Leo thinks back to taking the knife from his breakfast and putting it in his bag. Leo questions why anyone would want to hurt Abigail. Brady responds that the police think it might have been a robbery. Leo thinks back to stealing the jewelry from Abigail’s box. Leo calls it a tragedy and says he can’t imagine how hard this has been on her family. Brady tells Leo to cut the crap since he went to a lot of trouble to inflict pain upon Chad and Abigail, so maybe he felt that they didn’t pay enough. Leo asks what the hell he’s accusing him of.

Lucas sits Sami down on the bed and thought her flight was delayed. Lucas wanted to pick her up from the airport. Sami understands he has a lot going on and he’s still grieving Abigail. Sami asks how Jennifer is doing. Lucas responds that she’s barely hanging on, like they all are. Sami says that’s why she took a cab and left her luggage downstairs. Lucas wants to go get it for her but Sami says he’s not going anywhere until she answers her question about what went on in the room as it looks like a tornado went through.

Belle informs Shawn that she’s at the hospital to see Marlena as Chad is at the house, telling the kids about Abigail now. Belle thought Marlena could recommend a children’s counselor if Chad though they needed one. Belle starts to go but Shawn asks her to wait.

Maggie tells Victor that she knows to be there for Chad, Jack, and Jennifer to listen and talk about Abigail when they are ready, but it won’t be for a while. Maggie relates that Victor can be there the same way for Shawn and Belle when they are ready, but not now. Victor feels worthless. Maggie says they can try to treasure the time they have together. Bonnie and Nancy then arrive, upsetting Victor. Bonnie brings Nancy in to look at Maggie’s figurines on the mantle. Bonnie says they were just going to play some cards, so she came to get the deck and says they can play in the conservatory. Bonnie says they will leave them to it, unless they want to play. Victor says they are good but Maggie decides she would love to, surprising Victor.

Clyde questions why EJ would care what’s in his bag when it’s none of his business. EJ thinks Clyde might have an illegal weapon in there. Clyde reminds him that would violate his parole. EJ mocks Clyde behind rehabilitated and argues that he just reacted now like a lowlife scum with something to hide. EJ asks if Clyde’s lunch is in the bag or maybe he’s knitting. Clyde reminds him that it’s none of his business. EJ feels it’s very much his business. EJ thinks Clyde acquired a weapon to finish him off. Clyde argues that it’s not always about him. EJ points out that Clyde did try and have him killed once before. Clyde tells him to let things go. EJ recommends Clyde drop the act since before he got out of prison, he threatened to hurt his family and his family was hurt. EJ says he’s not part of the legal system, so if he thinks Clyde stabbed his sister in law. EJ warns that his last name is DiMera and they are an eye for an eye kind of family.

Brady tells Leo that he’s accusing him of being a cold, heartless, cowardly creep that has zero compassion for anyone but himself. Brady argues that Leo hated Chad and Abigail so he tells him not to pretend that he’s grieving. Leo complains about getting blamed again for things that aren’t his fault. Chloe asks what he’s talking about. Leo responds that he doesn’t want to speak ill of the dead, but says Chad and Abigail started it because when they destroyed what he had with Craig, they made an enemy for life.

Sami asks Lucas if he was robbed. Lucas says it wasn’t anything like that. Sami wants to know what it was then. Lucas informs her that he did this because he was looking for something. Sami asks what he was looking for. Lucas thinks back to Brady telling him that the cops think Abigail’s murder could have been a robbery gone wrong. Lucas admits to Sami that he was looking for some jewelry which Sami questions.

Shawn tells Belle that he wants to thank her for being there when Jan was in labor. Belle says she knew the baby might not make it and she knew how hard that would’ve been on Shawn because she knows better than anyone what being a father means to him. Shawn points out that she waited with him and he knows how hard that was for her, so he thanks her. Belle says there’s no need to thank her. Shawn says when he thought the baby wasn’t going to make it, Belle was there and held him so he thought there was hope for the two of them. Shawn hopes that Belle felt the same way.

Maggie and Victor play cards with Bonnie and Nancy. Bonnie asks if they are sure they are up for this with a lot of their minds. Maggie admits they might have too much. Nancy says she was sorry to hear about Abigail. Maggie calls Abigail a wonderful woman, who helped her bring Sarah back. Maggie feels for Jack and Jennifer as she knows how hard it is to lose a child. Nancy adds to Victor that she was so sorry to hear about Philip. Victor quickly responds that he’s not dead. Bonnie questions if they’ve heard from him. Maggie clarifies that they just haven’t given up hope. Nancy says that’s good as she knows Chloe still misses Philip terribly. Victor remarks that Chloe can grieve in Brady’s bed.

Brady questions Leo saying Chad and Abigail started it and asks if this is third grade. Leo argues that he found the love of his life but Chad and Abigail set out to destroy his one chance at happiness. Chloe blames Leo for destroying it by trying to con her father in to marrying him when he already had a husband. Leo argues that getting married was Craig’s idea, so it would’ve crushed him if he turned him down. Brady mocks that everything is everyone else’s fault and Leo is never to blame. Chloe brings up Leo drugging Sonny and then publishing pictures of them in bed. Leo claims it was consensual and that Sonny was lying. Brady doesn’t get why Leo spent all this time and energy in to getting back at Chad and Abigail and Sonny and Will, but not him when he’s the one who blew up his sham of a wedding and was very proud to do it.

Belle admits to Shawn that she did feel it too, but then the baby was born and he went straight to Jan. Shawn claims that’s because he knew EJ was there to hold Belle’s hand. Belle tells him not to make this about EJ. Shawn argues that he went to Jan because she just gave birth and was scared, so he couldn’t leave her there wondering if the baby was alive or dead, but then he came back and Belle was gone, so he assumed she left with EJ and went back to his place. Belle thinks back to kissing EJ at the DiMera Mansion. Belle confirms that they did go back to his place and then they heard Chad screaming and saw Abigail lying there. Shawn says he’s sorry as he knows what she’s been through. Belle responds that it’s nothing compared to what Chad is going through. Belle questions who would do something like that. Shawn swears they are going to find out as he asked Rafe to put him on the case so they can find out what happened that night.

Clyde tells EJ that he doesn’t know what the hell he thinks he’s talking about and tells him not to try to pin Abigail’s murder on him. EJ questions taking Clyde’s word and says only a low life scum would stab a defenseless woman and he fits the bill. EJ warns that whoever did it is not going to get away with it.

Lucas doesn’t want to tell Sami what kind of jewelry he was looking for. Sami questions what’s going on. Lucas says nothing but Sami says there obviously is something since he’s a wreck and she knows it’s not just because of Abigail. Lucas says he can’t say which Sami questions. Sami argues that she’s told him about her disaster of a marriage to EJ which helped her move on with her life. Sami tells Lucas that she loves him no matter what, so she asks him to just tell her. Lucas then sits down and informs Sami that he has something to confess.

Belle questions Shawn going to work. Shawn says of course he is. Belle argues that with Jan going back to prison, so even with help, Shawn’s going to have his hands full with the baby. Shawn reveals that Jan is not going back to prison right now which shocks Belle. Belle argues that Jan already played her high risk pregnancy get out of jail free card and she’s not pregnant anymore while still a dangerous, violent psychopath. Shawn explains that the warden extended Jan’s release so she could be with the baby a little bit longer because he’s premature and needs Jan’s breast milk. Belle questions how the warden knew that. Shawn informs her that Kayla spoke to him and explained the situation. Belle decides that she and Kayla will have to have a chat but Shawn reveals that she did it because he asked her to. Belle says she shouldn’t be surprised since Jan always has an angle to work and always knows how to get Shawn to work it for her. Shawn insists that it’s for the baby and only temporary until the baby gets a little more weight. Belle complains that it will always continue. Shawn says they are talking about his son. Belle argues that Jan will use his son for the rest of his life. Shawn insists that he’s just trying to do what is best for him. Belle says she tries to not let her feelings about Jan spill over onto his son. Shawn knows it’s not easy. Belle asks if they decided on a name yet. Shawn informs her that they named the baby Shawn.

Nancy argues that Chloe being with Brady now doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care for Philip. Maggie says that Victor is just doing his best to make everyone uncomfortable. Victor remarks that Chloe always eventually drives men to drugs, distractions, or out the door. Bonnie tells Nancy to just ignore him because he’s trying to bait her. Nancy complains that Victor is insulting her daughter. Nancy declares that Brady and Philip haven’t lived a blameless life. Maggie warns Victor that he’s going to be sleeping in the guest room. Victor mocks this being Bonnie’s pleasant idea to spend an afternoon.

Clyde assures EJ that he did not kill Abigail and if he wanted to send him a message, he would’ve gotten it and known it was from him.

Sami tells Lucas to just tell her. Lucas then claims that he was looking for a ring and he didn’t want to tell her like this after everything that’s happened, but he was going to ask her to marry him.

Clyde questions why EJ is so paranoid and asks why he’d want to hurt anyone in his family when EJ gave him his word that he’d keep his mouth shut about their arrangement and as far as he knows, he has, unless he has told someone. EJ thinks back to telling Belle about it. EJ claims to Clyde that he hasn’t told anyone. Clyde responds that he has absolutely nothing to worry about then. Clyde says he has a date and walks off.

Victor jokes that they are having so much fun as Nancy remarks that she’s had more fun doing laundry. Nancy apologizes to Bonnie and Maggie for leaving them alone with Victor, but says she has a date. Bonnie tells Nancy to say hi to Clyde for her. Victor questions if she’s talking about Clyde Weston. Victor remarks that he knows she’s desperate, but that’s the bottom of the barrel. Maggie tells Victor that’s enough. Victor argues that Clyde had Sonny stabbed in the back and even Nancy deserves better than that. Nancy doesn’t think Victor has the right to pass judgment on anyone with his history. Victor claims he was trying to help her out as he’s worried about her and understands it’s very difficult to start a relationship with a sociopathic criminal. Nancy asks how Maggie puts up with that as Maggie walks Nancy to the door. Victor jokes that he always thought Craig was the bottom of the barrel and Nancy sure can pick them. Bonnie remarks that not everyone can be as lucky as Maggie which Victor agrees with.

Shawn explains to Belle that the baby’s name was Jan’s idea. Belle says of course he went along with it and says she has to go talk to Marlena. Belle hopes Shawn, Jan, and little Shawn are very happy as she walks away.

Brady reminds Leo that he’s the one who recruited Will and Sonny, brought them to town, and had them tell Craig about Leo’s past. Brady says Craig would’ve never known about Leo’s other husband if not for him. Brady suggests Leo leave everyone else alone and focus on him. Chloe agrees and suggests Leo think of something new this time because the scandalous photoshopped sex selfies are getting old. Brady suggests doing it the old fashioned way in a bare knuckle fistfight. Leo argues that it wouldn’t be fair since Brady is bigger and stronger than him. Leo claims that he’s no longer interested in revenge and has given it up because it weighs on him that the photos of Chad in drag and the memoir he wrote upset Abigail and now she’s gone, so he can’t tell her that he’s sorry. Leo declares that he can’t change the past, so all he can do is look forward. Leo claims that he’s trying to move on with his life, so he’d appreciate it if they let him as he then walks away. Brady tells Chloe that he didn’t believe one word of that.

Lucas tells Sami that before she came back, he asked Roman for his blessing and he got a ring to give to her to surprise her, but he doesn’t know what he did with it and thinks he lost it. Sami questions him tearing the room apart. Lucas says he panicked. Sami tells him that he shouldn’t be doing this right now while he’s still dealing with everything that happened with Abigail and she can see he hasn’t been sleeping. Lucas says he just feels bad about everything that’s happened and he made a mess of everything. Sami says a ring doesn’t matter as she knows what’s in his heart. Lucas wants her to be his wife. Sami infoms him that she knows he doesn’t want to hear this, but right now her answer is no, she can’t marry him. Lucas questions why not when she just said she loves him and she knows how much he loves her. Sami reminds him that she’s still married to EJ because he tore up the divorce papers. Lucas calls him a bastard. Sami says she sent them and resent them but he never signed them and she doesn’t know why. Sami remarks that EJ has to know that she’d never stay married to a man who lied about kidnapping her. Sami tells Lucas to keep looking for the ring while she goes to talk to EJ in person. Sami thinks she’ll be able to confront EJ face to face without him able to weasel out of it. Lucas is not crazy about Sami being alone with EJ so he suggests letting the lawyers handle it. Sami says she tried that and it didn’t work, so she has to go with the direct approach. Sami tells Lucas not to worry about her as she kisses him and exits the room.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ finishes a call with Chad, telling him that he loves him and the kids and to call if there’s anything he can do. EJ hangs up and tells Belle that Chad sounded awful. Belle says that Marlena canceled all her appointments, so she’s going home to spend time with Chad and the kids. EJ asks Belle what she’s not telling him and guesses it’s about Shawn. Belle confirms that she ran in to Shawn at the hospital and found out that Jan is not going back to prison. Belle knew Jan would find a way to keep her hooks in to Shawn and says that’s where they’re going to stay for the rest of his life.

Bonnie and Victor continue playing cards. Victor comments on Maggie not talking to him. Victor tells Bonnie that he’s sorry if he offended her friend. Bonnie says Nancy is friend and she doesn’t think one can date Clyde Weston and not expect a little blow back. Victor admits he’s in a bad mood. Bonnie asks who can blame him since he has a new baby in the family and everybody should be over the moon, but instead it’s that his grandson will have to deal with Jan Spears for the rest of his life. Bonnie complains that Jan Spears has had way too many sequels and compares it to Alien. Bonnie says she’s just running her mouth but Victor agrees with her and states that Bonnie has unexpected depth.

Outside the Pub, Nancy complains to Brady and Chloe about Leo. Nancy brings up that Leo told her to tell them that they are on his list. Brady questions what list. Nancy explains that he wasn’t specific but it sounded like an enemies list. Brady says he’s sure as hell on that.

Leo sits in the park with his enemies list which has check marks next to Chad, Abigail, and Sonny with Brady and Chloe the two names left. Leo then crosses out Abigail’s name.

Clyde joins Nancy outside the Pub and says she looks beautiful as always and asks if she’s ready. Nancy confirms she is. Clyde tells Brady and Chloe that it’s nice to see them again as he and Nancy head in to the Pub. Chloe complains about having to be civil to Clyde when he creeps her out and Belle told her to keep Nancy away from him because he’s definitely bad news..

Clyde hides his bag of stolen jewelry behind the bar in the Pub. Clyde then goes to his table with Nancy and presents her with a silver bracelet from the bag. Nancy calls it lovely.

Shawn runs in to Brady and Chloe outside the Pub. Chloe tells Shawn that she’s sorry to hear he and Belle are legally separated now. Shawn says it wasn’t his idea and he hoped they would be able to work things out when the baby was born. Brady notes that it doesn’t seem like he thinks that anymore. Shawn is afraid the whole situation is just pushing them further apart.

Belle explains to EJ that Shawn arranged for the warden to let Jan stay in the hospital with the baby, Shawn Brady Jr. EJ is surprised that they named the baby Shawn. Belle says it was bad enough that her worst enemy has her husband’s only son, but now the baby is his namesake. EJ tells her that he’s so sorry and asks what he can do. Belle suggests they can finish what they started the other night and go upstaris right now.

Lucas looks at his ring while thinking back to Sami saying there’s no way she’d stay married to a man who lied about kidnapping her.

EJ asks Belle if she’s sure this is what she wants. Belle and EJ then start kissing.

Sami arrives outside the DiMera Mansion and prepares to ring the doorbell.


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Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 24, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Victor has a big press conference to announce Adam as the new CEO of Newman Enterprises and Sally as the CEO of Newman Media.

Victoria calls Nick to tell him she is in New York to meet with some investors about a new venture. Nick runs to tell Victor the news confirming for him what Michael had already told him. Victor asks Michael to find out who the possible investors in Victoria’s new company are and persuade them not to invest in the company.
Victoria tells Ashland she thinks that they should use their own money to fund their new company.

Phyllis tells Diane she has decided to call a truce with her for Summer’s sake.

Phyllis sends Jack a text message telling him she is back in town and wants to talk to him.

Kyle tells Summer that he doesn’t trust Diane yet but he wants her to stay in Genoa City so he can slowly get to know her again and see if she can be trusted.

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Days Update Thursday, June 23, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ben and Clyde look over baby Bo as he sleeps at home. Clyde wishes he could stick around but he has to get to work. Ben acknowledges that Clyde is really good with Bo. Clyde calls it pretty surprising and says he just learns from the best in Ben and Ciara. Clyde adds that being around baby Bo so much and seeing how much he needs both his parents makes him think of Abigail DiMera’s children losing their mom. Clyde calls it a tragedy for the whole family and then says he has to go as he exits.

Lucas sits alone in the town square and thinks back to waking up from drinking and wondering what the hell he did the night before. Brady approaches and asks if Lucas has a minute to talk about falling off the wagon. Lucas asks what the hell he’s talking about since he was in a meeting this morning and is 100% sober. Brady asks why he looks so guilty then.

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and finds Chad laying on the couch, unable to sleep. EJ checks on him and offers to help him upstairs but Chad says he tried but couldn’t bring himself to enter his bedroom as he just remembered finding Abigail slipping away from him.

Belle is with Thomas and Charlotte at John and Marlena’s house. There’s a knock on the door which makes Charlotte hope it’s her mom. Belle answers the door to see Chloe and invites her in. Thomas complains that they thought it was going to be their mom.

Shawn sits with Jan in her hospital room. Jan cries about her baby being the smallest one and how he was crying while she couldn’t comfort him. Shawn encourages her. Shawn then gets a text from the warden, asking when he is going to bring Jan back to prison.

Belle sends Thomas and Charlotte to the kitchen to get cookies from John. Chloe realizes they still don’t know about Abigail.

Ciara comes home to Ben and baby Bo. Ciara asks Ben what’s wrong. Ben responds that he was just thinking about Abigail and how sad it is that she’s really gone, especially for her kids. Ciara calls it really heartbreaking to think about Thomas and Charlotte having to grow up without a mother. Ben recalls that he tried to do that when he tried to take Abigail away from her family. Ciara assures that was a long time ago and Ben was a different person then but he’s better now. Ben says not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about all the people he hurt. Ciara encourages that he’s with her now and their son, so everything is going to be okay. Ben says not for Chad as his whole world just fell apart.

EJ mentions that Harold told him that Chad sent the staff away which he confirms. EJ doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Chad to be all alone in the house. Chad responds that he is alone. EJ says that’s not true. Chad argues that Abigail is gone and not coming back because some evil son of a bitch decided to take her away from him.

Leo sits in the Brady Pub as he comes across a headline in The Intruder that states a police source says “Stolen Jewels may lead us to Abigail DiMera’s Killer”. Leo thinks back to stealing the jewels from Abigail’s box and begins to panic as he declares that he can’t get caught holding that jewelry so he has to find someone to take it off his hands.

Lucas tells Brady that he has nothing to feel guilty about. Brady brings up Lucas walking out of the meeting this morning. Lucas didn’t know Brady was there. Brady says that Lucas looked right at him. Lucas says it didn’t register. Brady argues that Lucas saw he was there and left. Lucas claims he didn’t see him and that he had somewhere else more important to be. Lucas says that he had to go pick Sami up at the airport as she got in from Italy this morning but her flight was cancelled so he came back. Lucas asks if he has any more questions. Brady asks what he’s not telling him.

Clyde approaches Leo and comments on his solid platinum gold money clip. Leo complains about the price of the chowder. Clyde remarks that it looks like he can afford it. Leo tells Clyde to make him an offer for the money clip but Clyde declines. Leo then informs him that he has some other items for sale. Clyde asks if he’s a salesman. Leo claims that an old aunt of his passed away and he’s the executor of her estate. Clyde says he’s sorry for his loss. Leo thanks him and claims they were very close. Clyde asks if he’s liquidating her assets. Leo says specifically some jewelry and asks if he’s interested. Clyde says he’d have to see it first. Leo tells Clyde to meet him in the park in ten minutes as he then quickly exits.

Lucas tells Brady that he’s just trying to enjoy his coffee and some peace. Brady apologizes as he’s not trying to pry in his personal business and he was genuinely worried when he walked out of the meeting. Brady remarks that Lucas doesn’t look too good, so he’d hate to think he skipped out on a meeting that he may have needed because of him. Lucas then admits to Brady that he went on a bender but it was one night and that’s it. Brady asks if it had anything to do with Abigail.

Chloe tells Belle that she came assuming that Brady was here and apologizes for not calling first. They sit together and talk about Thomas and Charlotte. Chloe mentions hearing that Jan had Shawn’s baby and says she’s so sorry for not being there to support Belle. Belle responds that it’s okay as she actually had a big broad shoulder to cry on in EJ. Belle informs Chloe that she stayed at the DiMera Mansion and it was very comforting. Chloe questions if Belle and EJ slept together. Belle assures that they didn’t, but admits they came close.

EJ tells Chad that he stayed at John and Marlena’s last night where Belle was. Chad asks about the kids. EJ says they are fine as they kept them occupied. EJ brings up the kids being away from home for two nights already. Chad argues that he knows. EJ says they are fine but they are asking for their father. Chad argues that he can’t see them like this, so he asks EJ to tell the kids that he’s sick or slammed at work. EJ agrees to do so but notes that they are asking for their mother too.

Ben tells Ciara that he came close to being where Chad is now and wishes he could tell him how sorry he is. Ciara asks what Ben is doing this afternoon. Ben says not much. Ciara says she is going to the hospital to meet their new nephew and invites Ben to come with her. Ben says he would love that.

Jan argues that Shawn can’t let them do this as she hasn’t even held their son. Shawn doesn’t think the warden will see that as reason for her not to go back to prison. Jan argues that their baby is premature and he needs her breast milk. Shawn tells her they will figure it out. Jan asks if he expects her to pump in the dirty prison and that he’ll bring the bottles back and forth every day. Jan argues that she needs to be here because their son needs her and she needs Shawn to make that happen right now.

Lucas asks Brady why his drinking would have anything to do with Abigail. Brady says that Lucas’s niece, whom he loved very dearly, was brutally murdered so he wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to numb the pain a bit of that. Brady adds that he’s worried about Jennifer having a slip up after losing her child so violently and horrifically. Lucas then admits that this is about Abigail.

Chad apologizes to EJ for lashing out and says he knows he has to do this, but he has no idea how he’s going to. Chad questions how to tell his children that they’re never going to see their mother again. Chad talks about how Abigail was reading The Hobbit to Thomas at bedtime and how Charlotte climbed the tree outside until Abigail climbed up to get her, even though she was terrified of heights. EJ encourages Chad that he’s not alone as he has his family. Chad responds that he can’t do this without her. EJ knows it seems impossible right now but insists that he will find the strength to go on and everyone who loves him will help and support him. EJ declares that Chad is their father and they need him now more than ever. EJ hugs Chad as he breaks down crying.

Belle tells Chloe that EJ has been really supportive through the whole nightmare with Jan and he came to the hospital to check on her, so after the baby was born, she asked EJ to get her out of there. Belle says they went to dinner, had a couple of bottle of wines, and ended up back at the mansion. Belle adds that she and EJ were almost at the point of no return when they heard Chad screaming for help. Chloe asks what if that hadn’t happened. Belle confirms that she and EJ would’ve ended up in bed together without question. Chloe asks if that means Belle and Shawn are over.

Shawn informs Jan that he just spoke with Kayla and she agrees that Jan should stay at the hospital with the baby for a little while longer, so she’s going to call the warden now. Jan excitedly hugs Shawn to thank him right as Ciara walks in with Ben and baby Bo. Ciara questions what’s going on here. Jan says she just got the best news that she doesn’t have to go back to prison right away. Shawn explains that the doctors feel that it would be best for the baby if she stays for awhile longer. Jan talks about how much a child needs it’s mother and says she hasn’t even gotten to hold their baby yet. Ciara says that must be really hard. Jan calls it torture and asks if she can hold Ciara and Ben’s baby.

Belle explains to Chloe that Jan is living in her house and just turned her office into a nursery while Marlena has just signed on to be Jan’s therapist. Chloe can’t believe it. Belle says Marlena is even making house calls because of Jan’s ankle monitor. Belle says she couldn’t take it anymore and had to create some distance. Chloe says she’s sorry and asks if she sees where this is going at all. Belle admits she doesn’t know since so much happened so fast and she just feels really torn. Belle says she obviously still loves Shawn but she hates that he’s let Jan just take over. Chloe questions how Shawn can’t see how wrong and hurtful this is since Jan has been trying to come between them for years. Belle declares that it looks like she finally succeeded. Chloe asks if that means Belle is moving on with EJ DiMera. EJ then walks in with Chad.

Lucas tells Brady that what happened to Abigail was horrible and ever since he found out yesterday, he can’t stop thinking about the terrifying possibility but then switches and says it’s that he can’t help Jennifer. Lucas says he saw Jennifer yesterday but he doesn’t know if she will ever recover from this. Brady encourages that Jennifer will be fine as she is strong and has people around her to support her. Lucas relates to being in the same hell with Will but he came back to them. Lucas complains that Abigail is not coming back after what this monster did to her. Brady notes that the cops think it could’ve been a robbery gone wrong which surprises Lucas. Brady explains that it was in the paper this morning that they found some jewelry and cash missing from the house, so they think if they can find the jewelry then they will find the person who killed Abigail.

Clyde meets Leo in the park. Clyde takes Leo’s bag and looks at the jewelry inside. Clyde guesses the jewelry is hot.

Ciara questions Jan wanting to hold her son. Jan points out that the whole supervised babysitting idea never happened so she thought it would be good practice for holding her own son. Jan asks what they think. Ben says it’s up to Ciara. Shawn agrees. Ciara then agrees to allow Jan to hold baby Bo. Jan holds baby Bo and calls herself his Aunt Jan. Jan talks about how Bo will grow up with his cousin, her baby Shawn. Ciara then questions them naming the baby Shawn.

Chloe tells Chad that she’s so sorry about Abigail and calls her a really wonderful woman. Belle says that Chloe stopped by to see Brady so they were just chatting while the kids are in the kitchen with John. Chloe decides to get going and sends her love to Jack and Jennifer. Belle decides to walk Chloe out. Chloe tells Belle that it’s quite some chemistry between her and EJ. Belle notes that they didn’t even say anything to each other. Chloe says she could still feel the heat between them and advises her to be careful not to get burned. Belle then brings up how her and EJ ran in to Chloe’s mom, Nancy, on a date with Clyde Weston and asks if she knew they were dating. Chloe admits she’s not happy about it. Belle thinks back to EJ sharing the secret with her that Clyde had him shot. Belle tells Chloe that she was at the prison a lot while EJ was there and she can tell her that Clyde is exactly who he has always been. Belle thinks it was a huge mistake to let him out on parole. Chloe points out that there’s nothing they can do about that. Belle feels they must do whatever it takes to convince Nancy to break up with him as she insists that Clyde is just as dangerous as he’s always been.

Leo claims not to know what Clyde means. Clyde tells him to cut the crap and accuses him of stealing the jewelry. Leo acts offended so Clyde goes to leave but Leo stops him and admits that the stuff is hot and he’s looking to unload it as quick as possible. Clyde responds that he just might be able to help him with that.

Lucas questions Brady saying it might have been a robbery and it’s possible that Abigail didn’t know the person and it wasn’t personal at all. Brady states that it’s possible but also possible that the things that were stolen are completely unrelated. Brady adds that Rafe will be working around the clock to figure out who did this. Brady knows Lucas wants to be strong for Jennifer but he’s obviously hurting as well. Lucas assures that he won’t pick up the bottle again. Brady tells him that he’s here for him if he wants to get anything off his chest, adding that whatever he says will stay between them. Lucas thanks him but says there is nothing more to tell and that he just drank one time, but he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.

Belle heads back inside and tells Chad that she’s so sorry as they all loved Abigail so much. Chad thanks her for taking such good care of his kids. Belle says they are here for anything he needs and asks if there’s anything they can do now. Chad asks her to go get his children for him as it’s time for him to tell them.

Lucas goes to his room at the Salem Inn and thinks back to Brady telling him about the cops looking for the stolen jewelry. Lucas states that he doesn’t remember anything about that night and wonders if it’s possible that he stole Abigail’s jewelry. Lucas says that if he did, maybe he stashed it in the room, so he starts looking through his drawers.

Leo questions Clyde being able to help him with the jewelry. Clyde explains that he’s on parole so he needs to keep his nose clean, but he does have friends who deal in this kind of thing all the time. Leo adds that he also has to keep his nose clean. Clyde points out that he doesn’t work for free. Leo agrees to give him a cut. Clyde declares that he gets a third of Leo’s cut and that’s not negotiable. Clyde says if Leo doesn’t like that, he can try to low ball somebody else so Leo agrees to his terms. Clyde says he needs to hold on to the jewelry to have his friend appraise it, but he feels Leo would rather him have it anyway. Leo supposes that would be best if he can trust him to hold up his end of the deal and not disappear without a trace. Leo adds that since Clyde is on parole, so if he did disappear, he’d have to tell the police his version of what happened and that could get messy. Clyde asks if he’s threatening him. Leo says no and just wants to know when he’s getting his money. Clyde tells him to check back in a couple of days and that he knows where to find him as he walks away.

Brady joins Chloe outside the Pub and they kiss as Brady welcomes her back. Chloe thanks him and says she missed him. Brady asks if she came from John and Marlena’s. Chloe confirms that she did as she thought he would be there, but when she walked in, she saw Belle playing with Charlotte and Thomas. Chloe mentions that the kids don’t know about their mom yet. Chloe adds that as she was leaving, Chad showed up. Chloe prays that Chad finds the strength to be able to tell his kids.

Belle brings Thomas and Charlotte in to see Chad. Chad hugs them and says he missed them so much. Chad suggests they spend some time together now. EJ and Belle then exit the house. Thomas asks if Chad and Abigail are still taking them to Boston. Chad promises to take them at some point, but right now they need to stay in Salem.

EJ asks Belle if she wants to get some air. EJ says he’d like to stay close in case Chad needs him, but they could take a walk in the park. Belle says she’d love to but thinks she’s going to go see Marlena at the hospital to see if she can refer a counselor for the kids. EJ calls that very thoughtful of her. Belle says they are in this together. EJ agrees as Belle then walks away.

Shawn says this is the first he’s hearing of a name for the baby. Jan thinks it suits their son perfectly. Jan suggests the name Shawn Christian Brady and asks if that’s okay. Shawn says that’s fine.

Ben and Ciara return home with baby Bo. Ciara apologizes to Ben as that visit was supposed to lift his spirits but that was just weird. Ben agrees but says at least they know their nephew is doing well. Ciara still can’t believe Jan Spears is a mother. Ciara mentions that her mother has been asking for an update. Ciara then gets a call from Hope and answers the call, saying she was just about to call her to tell her about her new grandson, Shawn Christian Brady.

Jan asks Shawn to show her the photos he took of their baby Shawn earlier, so he does. Jan expresses being grateful to Shawn for making it possible that she can stay here with their baby. Jan adds that she’d be even more grateful if he got her a chili cheese dog with fries instead of hospital lunch. Shawn agrees to get it and exits. Shawn then runs in to Belle at the hospital.

Chad sits with Thomas and Charlotte and tells them how much he loves them. Chad informs them that there’s something he has to tell them about their mom.

Chloe tells Brady that she can’t stop thinking about the kids. Brady talks about having conversations with Rachel about her mom but not this. Chloe questions what kind of savage would brutally murder the mother of two young children. Brady says it would be someone who has no earth, the scum of the earth, and the lowest of the low. Leo then walks up.

Clyde walks through the park with the bag of stolen jewelry. EJ then appears and says it looks like someone left him holding the bag.

Lucas finishes searching his room and concludes the jewelry is not there but worries that he still could have stashed it somewhere else and he could still be the one who killed Abigail. Sami then arrives, entering the room on crutches and surprising Lucas.


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Y&R Update Thursday, June 23, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Kyle and Summer waited for Jack to come home. Kyle hoped Jack would understand his decision. When Jack arrived, Kyle announced that he’d be leaving his job as co-CEO of Jabot and becoming the CEO of Marchetti. Jack understood that this plan made a lot of sense, but he’d enjoyed working with Kyle, and he’d miss it. Kyle felt the same way. He assured Jack that they’d still spend a lot of time together. Jack knew this was the beginning of a thrilling new chapter for Kyle and Summer. He couldn’t wait to watch Kyle spread his wings and soar.

Jack was curious when Phyllis would get back from Savannah and what she thought of the Marchetti news. Summer was waiting to tell her mom in person, and Phyllis was supposed to be back soon. Phyllis claimed she was willing to let go of her past hatred of Diane. Summer wasn’t sure she believed it. Jack hoped it was true, but he had his doubts. Summer wished Jack trusted her to tell her what happened between him and her mom. He said that it wasn’t about trust. He felt that Summer knew all she needed to know, and he didn’t think she should be worried about this. He stated that he, Phyllis and Diane all wanted Summer and Kyle to be happy. Jack had somewhere to be, so he left. Summer told Kyle that she thought Jack was being evasive. Kyle said that their parents weren’t obligated to share all the details of their lives. He wanted Summer to focus on the good things in her and Kyle’s life instead of tying herself up over this. Summer didn’t believe Phyllis had let go of her anger. She was worried that Phyllis was laying low and that she was going to come back with a plan of attack.

Diane met Michael for a stroll in the park, which he’d arranged. She brought him lemonade, because she was delighted that someone besides her son wanted to spend time with her. She was glad they were friends again. He agreed, which was why he felt he should warn her that Nikki asked him to dig up any dirt from Diane’s time in LA. Michael said he told Nikki he’d do a deep dive, only to prove there was nothing incriminating. He said he was rooting for Diane. He asked if she broke any laws while she was out west, supposedly rehabilitating herself. Diane said she walked a straight line in LA. Michael wanted to know if Diane was saying she’d lived a life comparable to regular people, or if she’d just been better than she used to be. Diane commented that Michael had a checkered past too. Michael said that was why he knew how easy it was to cross the line and justify your actions later.

Diane said Michael knew from personal experience that people could change, since he went from lawyer, to prisoner then back again. Michael revealed that he spent a few weeks wrongfully imprisoned in Peru because he upset the wrong people while working on a case for Victor. She wanted to hear all about it, but he said they’d need stronger drinks for that. He brought this up because he wanted her to know that when he investigated someone, he was extremely thorough. Diane was aware, and she said he could dig around her personal, professional and financial history as Taylor Jensen, because she had nothing to hide. She said it was the quietest time of her life because she was on the run and couldn’t risk negative attention, plus her soul couldn’t bear more bad behavior. She’d had to turn herself around and prove she was worthy of being in Kyle’s life. At some point, Phyllis, in her floppy hat and shades, came up and listened in.

Michael said that Diane should be patient. He told her that she coudln’t convince everyone to come around, but if she continued to be the best version of herself, people would have to admit she changed, even if they didn’t say it to her face. She asked how long it took him to convince everyone he wronged. He said that was beside the point. He said he re-invented himself, and it was a long and hard journey, but it was worth it and he had the life of his dreams. He loved Lauren more today than he did the day they married. Diane said that was disturbingly sweet and aspirational. She said she might not give up on the happily-ever-after thing. He asked if there were relationships in LA. She said she’d been working on herself, and she didn’t have time or energy for romance. Phyllis overheard Michael encourage Diane to put herself on the dating market. Jack walked up and noted that Michael and Diane’s friendship had picked up where it left off. Mcihael said he enjoyed Diane’s friendship more than ever, and he thought that if people really listened to Diane, they’d feel the same way.

Jack mentioned that Diane might want to visit the house because Kyle and Summer had exciting news. She appreciated him sharing that with her. He was sure Kyle was going to tell her eventually anyway. She left. Michael enjoyed seeing Jack be so polite to Diane and not shutting her out of Kyle’s life. Jack wasn’t planning to interfere in Kyle and Diane’s relationship. Michael asked if there was a chance Jack would come around to the idea that Diane had changed. Jack admitted it could be possible, and he hoped Diane had changed, for Kyle’s sake. Jack left. Michael told Phyllis she could come out of hiding, and she looked shocked he knew she was there.

Phyllis slipped out of the shadows. Michael asked if Phyllis was really spying on Diane. Phyllis was annoyed that some of her close person friends had forgiven Diane. Michael told Phyllis to stop lurking around in the shrubbery and acting like a crazed stalker from I Love Lucy and face the fact that Diane had changed. He pointed out that Phyllis claimed she’d changed more than once. Phyllis was adamant that Diane hadn’t changed. She said she’d never forgive Diane. Michael wondered if Phyllis had looked in the mirror sometime. Phyllis said she didn’t fake her death and come back to life in a manipulative way like Diane did. Phyllis thought it was right to be skeptical. Michael had no problem with Phyllis being skeptical. He said Jack was skeptical, but he wasn’t letting himself be consumed with anger. Michael asked if Phyllis had really thought about what was at risk, in this cyclone of fury she was in the eye of. She was near tears, and she said she knew exactly what she stood to lose because of Diane. Michael said Phyllis’s daughter was married to Diane’s son, so Summer and Diane would be in constant contact. He asked if she wanted to put her daughter in the horrible position of having to choose between her husband and Phyllis.

Back at the Abbott house, Kyle hoped Summer was wrong about her mother plotting against his. She did too. Diane showed up and explained what Jack said. Kyle told her about his new job. Diane was happy. Phyllis texted Summer and summoned her to the hotel, and she asked Summer not to mention she’d returned. Summer lied and told Kyle and Diane that she had a work matter to deal with. She left.

Diane was sure Kyle would be sensational at this job. It meant so much to her to share this time with him. She didn’t want to ever miss another meaningful moment in Kyle’s life.

Summer met Phyllis in the suite and asked when she got home. Phyllis claimed she arrived right before she sent Summer the text. Summer asked why Phyllis didn’t want anyone to know she was in town. Phyllis said she just wanted alone time with Summer. Summer announced that the Marchetti deal went through so they’d be coming home for good. Summer said Kyle would be running Marchetti, so they’d be working together again. Phyllis asked what Jack said. Summer said he was generous and gracious. Phyllis how Harrison, Jack and Diane were. Summer said everyone was great and the Abbott family was in harmony. Phyllis said she wanted nothing more than that. Summer said she was afraid Phyllis was going to try and wreck that peace. Summer warned Phyllis not to do that.

Phyllis claimed she meant everything she said on the phone – there was nothing she wanted more than to put the hostility with Diane behind her. She knew it would be hard, but she was willing to do it because she realized the anger wasn’t healthy for her. Phyllis asked if Jack was putting his anger behind him. Summer said it was a struggle for Jack, but he was doing this for Kyle. Summer asked what happened between Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis said Summer was digging where there was nothing to be found. Phyllis said they were all going to hit the reset button. Summer asked Phyllis to go with her so Phyllis could tell Diane that she wanted to move forward.

Devon ran into Elena in the hallway outside their homes. He suddenly stepped back into his place and invited her in. He’d realized he didn’t have his tablet. She helped him look, and he asked how thing were going at the hospital. She said it was hectic, but she loved her job and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. She found his tablet, then she took a phone call that put her in a good mood. Later, she thanked Devon for something and said she was sure Nate would be happy too.

When Elena got home, Nate was there hoping to surprise her with a lunch date. Elena had news. She’d been invited to speak at a medical convention in Hawaii, and she asked him to come with her. She said they could work during the day, and the nights would be theirs. He was tempted, but the timing was rough, due to the launch. She said she talked to Devon, and he didn’t have a problem with it. Nate tensed about Elena already running this by Devon. She didn’t plan it that way, but she got the call while she was with Devon’s, so she didn’t think it would be a problem to ask him about it.

Nate thought Elena should’ve talked to him first. He said he was in a new role, in a new company and in a new field trying to prove himself. He felt a lot of people were watching to see if he was up to the task. She asked if he really thought working remotely for a few days would make him look bad. He said yes – he was trying to be as professional as possible, and even though he and Elena were close to his cousin, it wasn’t exactly cool for Nate to have his girlfriend ask the CEO if he could go on a trip. Elena was sorry. Nate softened and apologized too. He said he didn’t feel comfortable leaving the company right now but that didn’t mean he wasn’t proud of her for the opportunity. She hated that their jobs were keeping them from being there for each others’ big events – she missed the launch, and he was going to miss this trip. He looked forward to them getting away for a vacation, with no work and all indulgence when the time was right. They hugged and kissed.

Imani met Amanda at Crimson Lights with bad news. Her father had informed her that their mother had a stroke. Naya was in the hospital and she was in stable condition. Amanda was ready to go to the hospital, but Imani said that Naya wasn’t allowed to have visitors besides her husband right now, but he was keeping Imani posted. Imani said her father assured her that Naya was in excellent hands. Amanda was grateful for that, but she was feeling shocked. Imani was shaken up too. She remembered that she couldn’t stop worrying after her mother’s last health incident. Amanda remembered that she’d told Imani to stop jumping to the worst possible conclusion. Amanda said her default was to keep pushing forward and focus on the positive. She was sorry if she dismissed Imani’s feelings. Imani didn’t blame Amanda. Imani thought that Amanda’s positive attitude was a good way to handle bad news.

Imani said that her dad was going to put them on speaker so they could talk to their mom once she was feeling up to it. A tearful Amanda asked about Naya’s medical care. Imani said that Naya had to spend a few days on the hospital, then she’d be able to come home. Imani said they were lucky to be able to afford in home care. Imani said they’d visit when they could because Naya would need all the love and support she could get. Amanda continued to weep, and Imani comforted her. Amanda said she waited so long to find her mom, and now that she had, her medical condition kept getting worse. Imani suggested Amanda could go spend some quality time with Naya.

Imani said their mom needed them both, but if someone needed stay longer, it should be Amanda. Amanda was caught off guard because Naya had been part of Imani’s entire life. Imani said that was her point – she’d had all these years with Naya, but Amanda was trying to make up for lost time. Amanda wanted to go and stay as long as she could, but she was worried about leaving town right after the merger. She said she’d do day visits. Imani said that wouldn’t be the same as staying and spending quality time with Naya. Imani was sure she could cover the workload while Amanda was gone.

Later, Amanda was home crying on Devon’s shoulder. He offered to be there no matter what she needed. She said she wanted to visit her mom for a short time now and have a longer visit later. He asked why she wanted to wait until later. She explained about the work issues, and he reminded her that they had a whole legal team to handle things. He was sure she’d be available if they really needed her. He told her family came first.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Imani persuades Amanda to go see Naya who has had a stroke. Imani thinks that this will give Amanda a chance to spend quality time with their mother as, she recovers from her stroke. Imani overhears a phone call Elena is having with the person who is going to cover for her at the hospital and she tells the person that Nate won’t be able to go with her to hear her speak at the medical convention in Hawaii because he has to work.

Jack is sad that he isn’t going to work with Kyle anymore at Jabot but looks forward to watching what he can do as CEO at Marchetti.

Michael tells Diane Nikki asked him to investigate her time in Los Angeles when she lived there using the name Taylor Jenson. Diane tells Michael he won’t find any dirt on her because she lived a quiet life in Los Angeles. Michael sees Phyllis hiding in the bushes at the park. After Jack and Diane leave the park, Michael tells Phyllis to come out of the bushes so they can talk. Michael advises Phyllis to let go of her hatred toward Diane so that Summer won’t be forced to choose between her and Kyle.

Phyllis tells Summer she has let go of her hatred for Diane. Summer asks her to prove it by going with her to talk to Diane right now.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Enterprises, Adam was making the CEO’s office his own. Gone was Victoria’s portrait, and pictures of Adam with Victor and with Connor were on display. Victor walked in and noted that Adam had already added his own touches to the office. Adam saw no reason to waste time. He had a lot ot prove since his days might be numbered. Victor asked why Adam would think so, and Adam said they both knew why Victor appointed him CEO. “This has little to do with my abilities and it has everything to do with Victoria,” Adam said. Adam knew there was no way Victor would just let Victoria leave the family. He was aware that Victor gave him this job to send a message to Victoria. Adam said he was the last one Victoria would want to run the company, because she knew he’d have no problem dismantling her signature accomplishments if it didn’t align with his vision for the company. “I always knew you were a very smart boy,” Victor said. Adam didn’t care why he was hired as CEO. He said he’d play the part better than Victor imagined.

Adam thought it was a smart move using the black sheep as bait to bring Victoria home. He said most people in his shoes would be insulted, but he wasn’t, because this gave him a chance to prove he should be in charge of the company. He said the company would run more smoothly than it did with Victoria and the three ring circus constantly surrounding her. Victor suggested it was unfair to judge someone going through a rough patch. “She has no problem doing it to me,” Adam said. Adam knew that Victor thought of things from every angle, so he’d considered the possibility that this move wouldn’t work. Victor confirmed that he had. Adam planned to dazzle Victor so much that he’d keep him in this position even if Victoria returned. Victor said Adam was CEO before, and he didn’t do a good job.

Adam acknowledged that he was CEO, back when they thought Victor was dead. Adam had felt a huge responsibility to preserve Victor’s legacy. Adam had been determined to do it his way, and he was proud even if he didn’t want to admit it. Victor said Adam had been arrogant. Adam agreed. He confessed that he alienated people who tried to help him. Victor had been appalled by Adam’s methods. Adam was disgusted too, in retrospect, but he said got results. He said that wasn’t his time back then, but he and Victor were different now. Adam was sure he was the one to lead this company into the next decade. He was speaking about how ready and willing he was when Michael walked in. Adam grumbled about Michael not knocking. Adam wanted to know what this was all about, but Victor said it wasn’t Adam’s concern. Victor and Michael left.

Sally took the reins at Newman Media. She settled into the CEO’s seat and smiled. Adam arrived and said she looked at home here in this office. He liked her outfit. She’d taken inspiration from female CEOs to see how they used their wardrobe to convey power. She showed him her desk plate and thanked him for the gift. He said he delegated the task to someone else, which was something she’d have to do more of in her new role as CEO. She loved hearing him call her that. He said she’d risen from lowly assistant at Fenmore’s to top dog at Newman Media. He asked what she was going to do to make people take notice. She said content was still king, but they were going to focus on connectivity. She wanted to be the ones people turned to when they wanted news or a different perspective. She said she needed to find a good person to be COO. She asked if he knew anyone. He praised the work she did as COO. He hoped she’d be as fortunate to find as good of a second in command as he did. She asked how his first day on the job was going.

Adam said he’d been unable to stop himself from saying he knew Victor only hired him to force Victoria to come back and reclaim her throne. Adam said Victor wouldn’t confirm or deny it, but it was obvious. Sally thought Adam needed to make a splash to prove beyond a doubt that he deserved to be there. Adam said he’d told Victor that too. Adam said he was going to miss Sally’s mind. Nikki was his COO, and he was sure she wouldn’t support him. Sally promised she’d always support him. As she loosened his tie and they kissed, she promised they’d always be a team. He said they’d always play to win. She said they’d be busy in their new positions. She helped him out of his shirt. He said they’d better not waste their time together.

At Society, Victor told Michael to find Victoria and Ashland and figure out what they were up to. Michael said he wasn’t being paid to skulk around in the shadows – he was Victor’s legal counsel. Michael had some counseling to give. Michael hated Ashland almost as much as Victor, and he was shocked Victoria went with him. Victor said the heart was uncontrollable and unpredictable. Michael recalled Victor saying he thought this was more about Victoria wanting to cut ties and less about Ashland. As a father, Michael knew how hard it was to let go, but maybe it was time.

Victor said Victoria was an extremely capable businesswoman, but she kept gravitating toward extremely flawed men. He didn’t understand it. Michael thought it was easy to explain. “Look at her father. She adores you. You are a powerful deeply flawed man who has proven himself capable of changing,” Michael said. Victor was offended. “How can you conflate me with those two bastards who’ve caused [Victoria] nothing but pain?,” he asked. Victor said enough armchair psychology. He shifted the topic back to Victoria and Ashland. Michael asked why Victor didn’t put his PI team on this. Victor said that this could require the finesse only Michael had. Victor said Michael had a personal stake in this because he wanted to get even with Ashland as much as Victor did.

Victor wanted this done before Victoria was hurt again. Michael said it was Victoria’s choice. Victor thought it was obvious that Victoria was incapable of making up her mind and incapable of leaving Ashland. “I know that Victoria wants to be here. She made a mistake and she knows it. I’m certain she does. But she wants to be back here with her family. Back running the company,” Victor stated. Michael said Victoria would return in her own time. “I don’t give a damn about ‘her own time.’ I want it to happen now before [Ashland] does more damage,” Victor declared.

Nick and Nikki met at Crimson Lights. She was upset Victoria wasn’t returning her calls. Nick hadn’t heard from Victoria either, but last time they talked, she was determined to make the move without interference. Nikki lamented that Victoria had turned her back on them. She was sure Ashland loved it. Nick said Victoria couldn’t cut them out completely because, while the kids were away at boarding school right now, Genoa City would always be their home. Sounding hopeful, Nikki said that Victoria must have told Billy where she was going. Nick doubted Billy would be okay with this arrangement.

Nikki said Victoria was one of the smartest people she knew, but Nikki didn’t recognize her anymore. Nick didn’t think Victoria’s choice was going to work out. Nikki said Victor was counting on Ashland doing something to break Victoria’s heart again. Nick worried that Victoria would be so ashamed by her choice that she wouldn’t turn to people who loved her the most. Nick said Victor replacing Victoria with Adam might be more than Victoria could handle. Nikki knew, but she went along with it because she was desperate to snap Victoria out of the daze. She even decided to step down as co-CEO to give Adam full control. Nick was willing to do whatever it took too. Unlike Victor, Nikki wasn’t confident about Victoria’s response. She was afraid this move would drive Victoria away for good.

Nick said he cleared the air with Victoria before she left and told her he still had her back no matter what. He wanted her to know she had someone in her corner in case things didn’t work out like she wanted. He said Victoria was sure she and Ashland would have an amazing life away from her family, and the Newmans would have to let it play out. Nikki wasn’t ready for that just yet.

Billy was at the park. He called Victoria, who didn’t answer. He left a message saying that, the last time they spoke, she told him she was leaving town. Lily came up and overheard Billy on the call. He didn’t want to add to the difficulty of her move, and he didn’t want to stop her from living her life on her terms. He said he wasn’t going to fight her on the custody arrangement. He suggested they get together and come up with a plan to talk to the kids. He said he wanted her to be happy. He hung up. Lily revealed herself. She apologized for not letting him know she was listening in. He knew she wanted to hear what he was going to say. She admitted that was true. She was glad he’d reined in his urge to protect Victoria. He assured Lily he was committed to her. They hugged, and she thanked him for listening to him and for doing the right thing for them, his kids and Victoria. He thought he should thank her for getting the message through his thick skull. She was riding on a high from the launch last night.

Billy wanted to tell Lily about his conversation with Jill. He promised there was nothing to worry about. Jill was on board with Lily and Billy’s business plans, and she was a fan of his podcast – at least the one in his voice. Lily wasn’t surprised Jill liked the podcast, since Billy was being honest and brave, and people responded to that. Jill had warned Billy that he might be self sabotaging again, though. That made Lily concerned because Jill knew Billy better than anyone. Billy said it wasn’t self sabotage. He wasn’t able to explain just what was going on yet, but the podcast was deeply personal for him, especially The Grinning Soul because it was anonymous. This was something that felt very exciting for him and also very fragile, like he needed to protect it. He asked if that made sense. It didn’t to her, but she thought what mattered was that it made sense to him. He said this journey he was on was invigorating, and he was excited to see where it took him. She was glad about that, but she thought it sounded like he was on a separate path than the one they were planning together. She asked if he was pulling away from her or from Chancellor Winters.

Billy assured Lily that neither was the case. He was excited for her, and he was also excited for his journey. It wasn’t separate from her, it was just his. She was happy he found something he was passionate about. He said he was passionate about her. He thought this was a chance for them to discover new things about themselves and each other. Chelsea walked up and called Billy and Lily the town’s hottest power couple. She congratulated them on the merger and asked Billy how Katie and Johnny were. He said they were good. Lily had to go back to work. Billy followed her and gave her some extra reassurance. She said she loved him and she wanted this for him. They kissed and she left. He returned to Chelsea.

Chelsea was happy Billy and Lily were so in love. She thought they made a beautiful couple. He asked how she was. She said life was good, but he told her that she could be honest with him, since they’d known each other a long time. She asked if he’d ever become friends with the least likely person in the world – someone who had every right to despise you, but instead saw the good in you. That happened to her and Rey. Billy was surprised since Chelsea poisoned Rey. Chelsea said Rey listened to her when she had no one else to turn to, and Connor adored him. She had so much to be thankful for – Connor made her smile every day, and she and Chloe were working on a new line. Chelsea adored Chloe, but lately Chloe had been acting more like a babysitter than a collaborator. Chelsea knew Chloe had the best of intentions, but she wished Chloe wouldn’t worry about her so much. Billy got a text, and he had to go. Chelsea suggested that they could get Johnny and Connor together. Billy was noncommittal. He left.

Nick was walking in the park when he came upon Chelsea, who invited him to join her. He did, and he asked how Sharon was. He said she was doing better than expected. Chelsea assumed something must be happening with his kids then. She said he had this look on his face like there were 20 seconds left in a game and things could go either way. Nick said it was Victoria. Chelsea wasn’t up to date on the Newman gossip, since she and Adam only talked about Connor. She knew Ashland was sick. Nick said Ashland was sick alright, but he faked his cancer. He told her the whole story about Ashland and Victoria. Nick wanted to put Ashland’s head through a wall, but that wouldn’t bring his sister back. Chelsea said that after what Ashland had done to Victoria and Nick’s family, he had every right to want Ashland destroyed.

The text Billy got was from Nikki. He met her at Crimson Lights. Nikki assumed Billy knew where Victoria was, and she wanted him to tell her. Billy said he didn’t know where Victoria was going. Nikki asked how Billy felt about this. He said he hated it, and he was worried about Victoria, the children and anyone who cared about her, including Victor. Billy said he didn’t handle himself very well when Victoria told him she was leaving town. He threatened not to allow the kids to visit Victoria out of state, to protect them. “Oh Billy,” Nikki sighed. Billy realized he was wrong. He said that they both knew Victoria would never endanger the kids. Nikki agreed. Billy said he told Victoria she was an adult capable of living the life she wanted to lead, so he was going to let it go.

Lily was at work with her PR manager, Lori. Lori said there were requests for interviews and speaking engagements with Billy. Lily assumed they wanted to hear from him because he didn’t speak at the launch, but Lori said it because of his podcast. Lori was a big fan. She asked how PR should respond. Lily said it would be fine for Billy to do the interview. When Lori left, Lily looked troubled.

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Days Update Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eli tells Lani that she doesn’t have to do this but Lani declares that she cannot lie anymore as she still imagines TR. Chanel tells Johnny to put his camera down. Paulina argues that Lani is just trying to take the burden off of her but she did what she did. Lani tells her that she doesn’t have to cover for her anymore. Lani tells Abe that she’s telling the truth that she is the one who pulled the trigger, so she’s the one who should suffer the consequences. Julie argues that it doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger since TR got what he deserved. Olivia agrees. Lani knows how much TR hurt Paulina, but his actions should’ve been decided by a court of law and not her. Abe says if she was shooting him in self defense or to defend her mother, it’s a justifiable shooting. Lani says that’s not how it went down. Paulina pleads with her to stop but Lani explains how she walked in to the apartment and saw TR about to hit Paulina, then she saw Abe lying on the floor. Lani adds that she had just found out that TR shot Eli, so all those things came together at once and the next thing she knew. Eli stops her and says she doesn’t have to say any more, but Lani says she does. Lani continues that Paulina went to check on Abe, while she went to help TR but it was too late as he was gone. Lani states that she realized she killed her father. Lani cries that ever since that moment, TR has been haunting her every day and night because she’s been carrying this secret and she didn’t want Paulina to take the fall. Abe asks how this happened. Lani explains that it was the same night that Ciara’s baby was kidnapped so dispatch took forever to respond because half the force was on Smith Island. Julie recalls being so concerned that she sent Steve over to check. Lani says that when Steve walked in, Paulina just blurted out that she shot TR. Paulina asks Lani not to say anymore. Lani says she tried to come clean but she was in such a daze and she was worried about Abe while Paulina told her to keep her mouth shut and just go to the hospital with Abe. Abe questions Paulina taking the heat for Lani. Lani says she did it out love and now she’s telling the truth out of love for her. Lani declares that the truth is, she shot her father and she is guilty as she breaks down crying while Lani’s vision of TR finally disappears.

Lani tells Eli that she’s sorry as she knows he wanted her to keep the secret. Eli says they will figure it out. Lani tells Abe and Paulina that she didn’t mean to do this in the middle of their wedding, but she couldn’t keep it inside any longer. Johnny asks Chanel if she’s okay. Allie says of course she’s not. Chanel then encourages Lani that they love her and they have her back. Kate suggests to Roman that maybe they shouldn’t be here but Roman declares they are all in this together now. Lani argues that this is supposed to be a celebration for Abe and Paulina’s marriage, so she asks them to stay for them. Paulina asks what Lani is going to do. Lani responds that she’s going to the police station to turn herself in. Eli agrees to take her to the station himself. Julie argues against Lani doing that. Julie knows Lani is doing it because she loves her mother, but urges her to think of Eli and their children. Julie asks if Lani wants her kids to be raised without their mother. Lani says she doesn’t. Julie says the most important thing a mother does is protect her children. Paulina asks Lani to let her do this for her. Lani points out that she already confessed. Julie argues that it was only in front of her family and there was no outsiders. Julie says they all love them so much. Julie states that Abe and Paulina just took a sacred vow. Julie proposes they all take another vow to take this secret to their graves. Julie asks for a show of hands of who is with her. Paulina, Abe, Olivia, and Theo all raise their hands. Kate comments on honest Abe going along with it but is then surprised when Roman raises his hand as well, so Kate reluctantly does also. Chanel raises her hand, followed by Johnny and Allie. Nicole raises her hand and then Eric slowly does the same. They all look to El, who is the last person to raise his hand. Eli then hugs Lani as she cries.

Lani declares that she is deciding for herself as whatever TR did or didn’t do, she is an officer of the law who shot an unarmed man and she has to answer for that. Julie cries that she doesn’t. Lani says she loves them all. Lani hugs Julie, Olivia, Theo, Abe, Paulina, and Chanel. Lani thanks them for their offer but says coming clean today and speaking the truth is the first time she’s felt right since the night of the shooting. Lani repeats that she loves them and then asks Eli to drive her to the police station, which he agrees to do. Eli and Lani then walk out of the park together. Paulina wants to go with them but Abe tells her that there’s nothing any of them can do. Allie points out to Chanel that nobody else touched the cake, so she asks if they should box it up to take it home. Johnny comes over and offers to help with whatever they need. Eric asks if Nicole is okay. Nicole says she was just thinking about Lani as she grew up watching her father abuse her mother almost every day and that’s when Abe came in to her life. Nicole says Lani didn’t grow up watching that, but in the end they both made the same decision. Eric points out that Nicole didn’t kill her father. Nicole feels she willed him to die, so the only difference is that she has no regrets. Eric understands that what happened here brought up those emotions for her. Paulina talks about having to watch Lani grow up from a distance, unable to be there for her as a mother and now Lani will have to do the same thing if her babies are forced to grow up without her. Julie notes that the babysitter is expecting Eli and Lani to be back by now. Theo decides he will go relieve her and watch the kids for as long as they need. Julie decides to go with Theo. Abe thanks them as they leave the park. Paulina asks how Olivia is doing. Olivia says she still has something to say about what Paulina did.

In the interrogation room, Lani writes her statement and asks Eli to have it typed up for her and then she will sign it. Lani questions Eli not saying anything. Eli holds back tears as he declares he doesn’t know how to live without her. Lani asks him not to make it harder than it already is. Eli argues that once she signs that statement, there is no going back. Eli adds that maybe he doesn’t have the right to ask her, but he asks if she won’t do it for Paulina, will she do it for him and their kids? Eli says he can rip up her statement right now and pretend none of this ever happened.

Roman, Kate, Eric, and Nicole bring the food containers back to the Brady Pub. Roman instructs Eric and Nicole where to put them so they can pick them up later. Eric thanks Nicole for helping take the food to the shelters so it wouldn’t go to waste. Nicole recalls when she was the secretary at St. Luke’s. Eric talks about having to move on from being a priest again and telling himself it was God’s will. Kate comments to Roman that Abe and Paulina had another wedding debacle. Roman says at least they got to make it official this time before Lani’s confession. Kate feels for Lani, calling it an impossible situation. Kate asks Roman what he thinks will happen to Lani. Roman doesn’t know but at the very least, it will be hard for her to keep her badge since she shot an unarmed man and lied about it. Kate points out that he was an abuser and criminal. Roman feels that should mitigate the charge, but it all depends on whether Melinda Trask wants to make an example of Lani since nobody wants to look soft on police units. Kate understands it wasn’t technically self-defense but she didn’t seem aware of what she was doing when she pulled the trigger. Kate asks if that would be considered exculpatory if someone wasn’t in the right state of mind or under the influence, meaning they didn’t have intent. Roman asks if she’s secretly been studying law books. Nicole tells Eric that she should get going, but Eric invites her to stay for lunch if she doesn’t already have plans. Eric hears her stomach rumble and encourages her to stay and eat. Nicole then agrees to stay.

Johnny and Allie help Chanel bring the wedding cake home. Johnny says he’s sorry since he’s the whole reason that TR came to town. Chanel says he had no idea who he was, so nobody blames him. Allie adds that nobody blames Lani either and that’s why they were all willing to keep the secret. Chanel talks about being so upset when she thought her mom would go to prison and now she doesn’t feel any better that it could be her sister going to prison.

Theo and Julie get the twins to sleep at Eli and Lani’s. Theo worries about how Eli will manage on his own if Lani goes to prison. Julie says they will all have to pray that Lani will be exonerated, but if not, there are enough hands and hearts in their family to get the job done until Lani comes back to them.

Paulina knows Olivia has something to say about all this but she can’t hear it right now. Olivia tells her she will hear it. Olivia declares that she has never been prouder of her which surprises Paulina. Olivia states that Paulina made the biggest sacrifice a mother could make when Lani was born, by giving her up to protect her. Abe points out that now Paulina has done it all over again. Olivia is sure that Lani is proud to have Paulina as a mother. Paulina says that’s kind of them to say but feels it didn’t turn out to be the right thing. Paulina adds that she lied to the police and to their family. Paulina brings up promising Abe that she would never lie to him again and says she left him completely in the dark. Abe responds that he wasn’t exactly in the dark, surprising Paulina.

Lani tells Eli that if he tears up her statement, he would be tampering with evidence. Eli is not worried about that right now. Lani cries that if she keeps going on with the lie, everyone at the wedding will have to lie for her. Eli reminds her that they all agreed to do so. Lani asks if he really thinks there is any way in hell that the lie could stay a secret with all those people knowing. Lani adds that Johnny was recording it. Lani cries that there is no turning back, so she has to face the truth and deal with the consequences.

Paulina questions what Abe means by saying he wasn’t in the dark. Olivia decides to give them some alone time and walks away. Abe explains that when he woke up in the hospital, he knew he remembered hearing Paulina say “what have you done”. Paulina thought he was out. Abe says he didn’t understand but the more he thought about it, the more he thought that Lani was the one who really shot TR. Paulina questions Abe knowing all this time. Abe clarifies that he talked to Eli about his suspicions and Eli spoke to Lani, then came back and assured him he was wrong and that Lani was innocent. Abe believes Eli knew and that Lani told him the truth. Abe understands that Eli lied to him to protect his wife. Abe says he believed Eli because he didn’t want to imagine the outcome that Lani is facing now.

Eli asks Lani if she has any idea how long she could be locked up and how hard it could be inside for her as a cop. Lani says of course she does. Eli adds that by the time she gets out, their children could be teenagers. Lani cries that part of the reason she’s doing this is for their kids, so she can be an example they can be proud of. Eli argues that she already is and she doesn’t have to go to prison for that. Lani argues that ever since she pulled that trigger, she’s been living in her own prison and seeing TR every where she looked while hating herself. Eli argues that she told the truth to everyone that matters, her friends and family. Lani asks about her responsibility to the badge. Eli states that they are cops, but they are human beings first and sometimes their choices are to put the people they love above the law. Lani guesses he’s talking about when she helped Kristen. Eli confirms that and asks what is the difference now. Lani acknowledges that it was wrong for her to do it then and it is wrong for her to do it now. Lani says she should’ve told the truth from the beginning and then she wouldn’t have ruined another wedding or let another lie fester between Abe and Paulina. Lani hopes they can forgive her.

Allie brings up the tradition to freeze a piece of the wedding cake so the bride and groom can eat it on their first anniversary. Johnny never heard of that and wonders if they have this tradition in Italy since it would’ve been nice to relive he and Chanel’s wedding day one year later. Johnny reminds Chanel of their wedding day while Allie rolls her eyes.

Roman and Kate have lunch with Eric and Nicole. Roman talks about no matter how many weddings take place in Salem, hope springs eternal and they never give up on love. Kate brings up another Salem wedding coming up and asks Nicole when the big day is. Nicole responds that she and Rafe were planning to get married this week but they postponed it because Rafe is leading the investigation in to Abigail’s murder. Kate calls that so tragic and asks if there are any suspects. Nicole doesn’t know as Rafe hasn’t said anything to her. Eric says it doesn’t seem real. Roman wishes it wasn’t. Kate calls it another reminder that life is short, so they should get their happiness when it’s right in front of you. Nicole assures that she and Rafe plan on rescheduling their wedding soon. Kate says that wasn’t what she was getting at, so Roman questions what she was getting at. Kate remarks that she’s sure Eric believes in signs. Kate brings up that Eric came back to Salem, was forced out of the priesthood, and then Nicole postponed her wedding. Roman questions what Kate is doing. Kate responds that she’s asking questions. Roman feels she’s stirring the pot and says it’s none of their business. Kate notes that when Nicole accepted Rafe’s proposal, she didn’t have all the facts like the fact that Eric is now back on the market. Nicole insists that she is in love with Rafe and they are very happy. Nicole can’t believe Kate is bringing this up and presuming that Eric wants to be with her, which he does not. Kate asks how she knows that and if she asked him. Nicole says of course she hasn’t, so Kate asks Eric if he would like to get back together with Nicole. Roman tells Kate to stop. Kate points out that Eric didn’t answer. Eric responds that Nicole is capable of making her own decisions and he’s sure she would appreciate if Kate just dropped this. Kate remarks on Eric still not answering the question.

Paulina offers to take Olivia back to her apartment but Olivia says she doesn’t want to go, reminding her that it’s her wedding night. Abe points out that it’s still daytime. Olivia adds that there is some place else that they are needed right now.

Johnny questions Allie giving him her death glare. Allie complains that Johnny is being annoying and insensitive by reminding her that they were married. Chanel interrupts and says she’s starving with a giant cake just sitting there. Allie asks if she wants cake. Chanel doesn’t think Paulina and Abe would mind. Chanel goes to get plates but gets a text and tells them that they can stay as long as they want, but she has to go. Chanel then hurries out of the apartment.

Theo tells Julie that he’s so sorry about Abigail. Theo adds that if Julie wants to go be with her family, he’ll be fine as the kids are asleep. Julie says she would prefer to stay here and be useful to take her mind off things. Theo then gets a text and asks if she’d mind if he steps out for awhile because there is somewhere he needs to be.

Lani tells Eli that she should’ve arrested TR but instead she went for her gun and shot to kill, which not only makes her a murderer but a hypocrite. Lani talks about how many times she condemned trigger-happy cops for making them all look bad. Eli argues that this is different since TR hurt her family and was about to do it again. Lani says if she’s serious about holding cops to a higher standard and making them accountable, then she needs to do the same for herself. Eli calls her a great cop and an even better mother, wife, and daughter. Eli tells Lani that they love her and they need her. Lani cries that she doesn’t want to be separated from him or the kids, but she wants Jules and Carver to be able to say their mother did the right thing. Eli questions if she’s sure this is the right thing. Lani says that doesn’t mean she’s not terrified at the thought of being away from him. Lani tells Eli that she loves him so much and he hugs her as she cries. Eli tells Lani that he loves her and will be by her side the whole time, so they will get through it together.

Nicole says thanks for lunch but she has to go pick up Holly, so Eric walks her out of the Pub. Roman questions Kate what the hell that was all about. Kate says everything is so doom and gloom these days so she decided to try to play matchmaker. Roman questions why she was pushing his son to be with a woman that Kate doesn’t even like. Kate responds that it’s obvious that Eric is still in love with Nicole. Roman asks how it’s obvious. Kate says it’s obvious to them and Nicole too.

Eric promises Nicole that he did not put Kate up to whatever she was doing. Nicole knows him well enough that he would never stoop to that. Eric says he never would’ve asked her to stay if he did. Nicole is glad he did because the chowder was amazing. Eric thanks her for helping them. Nicole says anytime and she’ll talk to him soon. Eric mentions that he’ll look out for his wedding invite as Nicole then walks away.

Allie and Johnny eat wedding cake. Allie comments that he might be losing his touch. Johnny claims he was just helping her with the cake. Allie complains that he had to insert his romantic memories of his beautiful Italian fairy tale wedding. Johnny asks if he’s not allowed to talk about their past. Allie asks what if she constantly brought up her past with Chanel, who she has known a lot longer. Johnny asks if she thinks Chanel can’t see through Allie and how she looked at her after she caught the bouquet. Johnny is surprised Allie didn’t knock somebody over to catch it herself. Allie responds that Chanel was motivated enough for the both of them. Allie says Chanel talks about keeping her distance and taking it slow but she did not hesitate to line up to catch the bouquet. Johnny argues that if Chanel wants to marry anybody, it’s him again. Allie says she will not turn this in to some juvenile competition, so whatever happens, happens. Johnny agrees and says may the best twin win.

Julie looks at Eli and Lani’s wedding photo.

Lani signs her official statement and hands it back to Eli. Eli informs her that Rafe gave him the OK to escort her to the booking himself. Lani thanks him. Eli asks if she’s ready to do this. Lani says she’s as ready as she’ll ever be. Eli and Lani then exit the interrogation room to find Abe, Paulina, Olivia, Chanel, and Theo at the police station. Lani questions what they are all doing here, reminding Abe and Paulina that it’s their wedding day. Paulina assures that they are all where they want to be as Olivia reminded her of what family does when the going gets tough. Abe assures Lani that they all love her. Lani apologizes as this was supposed to be a day about celebration, Juneteenth, and their wedding. Lani knows how much Paulina was willing to sacrifice for her. Lani hopes she doesn’t think she’s throwing that all away. Paulina and Olivia assure that they understand. Abe adds that they are very proud of her. Lani thanks them and says she loves them all so much as she hugs them all. Eli then escorts Lani away.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Adam tells Victor that he knows that the reason he appointed him CEO was to make Victoria so angry she would return home to take back her position as CEO. Adam tells Victor that he intends to do such a good job that if Victoria returns he won’t give her back her job.

Billy tells Lily he is enjoying doing both his podcasts and he is excited about his new journey. Billy tells Lily not to worry because he is still going to be her COO and support her with what she is doing at Chancellor Winters.

Billy calls Victoria and leaves a message telling her that he isn’t going to interfere in her life because he wants her to be happy. Victor tells Michael to find Ashland and Victoria and find out their plans.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani confessed to killing Ray. Eli and Paulina tried to stop her from confessing. Lani told everyone that Ray needed to be stopped, but not by her. Abe thought she did it in self-defense. Lani said it didn’t happen that way. She explained what happened when she shot Ray. Lani apologized to Eli for confessing. Julie tried to talk Lani out of confessing to what she did. She wanted everyone to keep quiet about what she did to protect her children. Everyone at the wedding agreed to keep what she did quiet. Lani was grateful to everyone for wanting to keep quiet, but she wanted to confess to what she did. She asked Eli to drive her to the station. Paulina wanted to go with them. Abe told her there was nothing she could do.

Olivia told Paulina that she was proud of her for what she did for Lani. Paulina was surprised by that. She talked to Olivia and Abe that she promised not to lie. She felt bad for leaving him in the dark. He said he wasn’t exactly in the dark. Eli wanted to tear up Lani’s confession. She didn’t want him to tear it up. She didn’t think her lie could stay hidden for long. She said there was no turning back. She wanted to face the truth and suffer the consequences. Abe explained how he knew that Lani possibly killed Ray. Eli told Lani how long she could be locked up. Lani realized she should have arrested Ray. She shouldn’t have shot to kill. Eli tried to make her feel better about what she did, but she didn’t hear him. Eli assured her that he would be by her side the entire time. He told her they would get through it together.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Olivia went to see Julie and Eli. Olivia offered her condolences over Abby. Julie brought up TR and called him a monster. Eli tried to change the conversation, but Olivia said she didn’t do anything about Paulina and TR’s relationship before it ended in murder. Eli changed the subject and brought up Juneteenth. Olivia explained it to Julie. Lani was struggling to keep it together when TR knocked on the door. She closed the door in his face. She told herself that he wasn’t real. She panicked when she heard another knock on the door. It was Theo. He wondered what was wrong. She said she thought he was her neighbor. TR said Theo didn’t believe her when he asked her about Paulina’s murder charges. She ran off. Eli showed up. Theo wondered what was going on with Lani. Eli said it was the weight of the world. Chanel and Lani helped Paulina get ready for the wedding. Paulina was happy to have both daughters help her get ready. Paulina said she needed a matron and maid of honor. Paulina sent Chanel out of the room. Paulina asked Lani how she was doing. Lani said she felt terrible letting her take the heat for her crime. Paulina said it was her wedding day and she wanted her daughter to be happy.

The ceremony got started. Lani looked at a bloody TR standing behind Abe. Abe and Paulina said their vows to each other. Abe said their love would never end. He said he wanted to spend their lives together. Paulina wasn’t sure how she could top his speech. Paulina said her vows. She said he was someone she didn’t see coming. She said she hadn’t planned on revealing her secret about Lani. She said she fell in love with Abe and all her secrets came out. Eric concluded the wedding. Abe and Paulina jumped the broom. TR continued to taunt Lani. She ignored him. She made a toast to Abe and Paulina. She said she couldn’t let Paulina protect her anymore. She said her parents deserved a life together. Eli and Paulina tried to stop her. She said she was the one who shot TR. Everyone at the wedding was shocked.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, June 21 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Kyle brought Summer iced tea. He’d missed iced tea in Milan, but now that he was in the US, he missed the street food in Italy. He joked that they should go back, but she didn’t think it was funny. She brought up their mothers again and her desire to keep the peace between them. Kyle didn’t think it was Summer’s job to keep the peace between two grown women. Summer said that Diane and Phyllis would kill each other if given the chance – that was how the Abbott pool house burned down. Kyle liked to think their moms were past that – his mom was anyway. Summer had a theory that Diane had something to do with the end of Jack and Phyllis’s romance. Kyle thought he and Summer should just stay out of it. Summer said she did what she could by getting Daniel to invite Phyllis out of town.

Kyle suggested that Phyllis would have cooled off at Daniel’s. Summer quipped that no one cooled of in Georgia in June. According to Summer, Daniel said that Phyllis had been moody and stewing over what happened between her and Jack. Summer wondered if they could get Diane out of town for awhile. Kyle didn’t think Diane would go for that – she wanted to put roots down and she even asked him to find her a job in PR. Kyle didn’t make any promises to Diane, but he said he thought Diane was ready to settle down. He joked that Phyllis could hire Diane, then he noted that Summer wasn’t amused by any of his jokes today.

Kyle shifted gears and said they had to find a new CEO for Marchetti, since the sale was almost finalized. Summer thought Kyle should do it. He was still considering it, but he wasn’t sure he was the right person for the job. She wrapped her arms around his waist and asked how she could convince him. Kyle said if he stepped down as co-CEO, he’d be giving up more than power or status – he enjoyed working with his dad. She said that taking over at Marchetti wasn’t a step down, and there was room for growth. He considered that running Marchetti could be a way to show Jack what he was capable of. Summer said Kyle had to do what was right for him. Kyle thought about it and decided to take the job. They kissed.

Phyllis came into the Grand Phoenix in a huge floppy hat that drooped down to her chin. She ducked around corners to make sure no one saw her, and once the coast was clear, she got in the elevator. When she got to her suite, she called Summer. Phyllis lead Summer to believe she was still in Savannah, Georgia. Phyllis asked if Summer convinced Kyle to send Diane packing. Summer said she wasn’t going to do that – Kyle wanted to give Diane a chance. Phyllis didn’t think it would go well, but she said some people had to learn lessons on their own. Summer asked if that meant Phyllis would let everyone else make their own decisions about Diane. Phyllis said she wouldn’t get worked up about Diane anymore, because anger was poison. Summer said she’d love to believe that. Summer told Phyllis about the Marchetti deal. Phyllis suggested they discuss it when she got home, which would be very soon.

Lauren went to the Abbott house to talk with Summer and Kyle. Summer revealed they wanted Fenmore’s to be the exclusive carrier for Marchetti in the US. Lauren said that would be great for both companies, but she heard Angelina wanted to retire. She asked if they had a new designer lined up. Summer asked what Lauren thought of offering Chelsea the job.

Kyle and Summer knew Chelsea had a deal with Lauren already. Summer said if Chelsea came to work for them, the deal with Lauren would stay in place – the only thing that would change was the branding. Lauren noted that the branding would be Chelsea Lawson for Marchetti. Lauren had seen the sketches Chelsea was working on, and they were very modern and American. Summer said they’d tweak the designs as necessary, to fit Marchetti’s audience. Lauren said she liked the designs as they were, and she didn’t want to lose them. Kyle suggested that Chelsea could pull double duty, assuming she could handle the workload. Summer didn’t think that would be a problem, since Chelsea was a force. Lauren said Chelsea would have Chloe to work with logistics, so things would be okay as long as Chelsea didn’t get burned out. Lauren asked what about the new CEO. Kyle said whoever came on board would be excited about this new partnership. Lauren agreed to this as long as Chelsea was on board. Kyle went to get Harrison, who was playing with Christian.

Lauren asked if Summer heard from Phyllis. Summer repeated what Phyllis said. Summer didn’t believe Phyllis was ready to let go of her anger toward Diane. Summer wasn’t sure what to do. She couldn’t keep her mom out of town forever, and she didn’t want to. Lauren suggested that Summer enlist Diane’s help. Lauren didn’t trust Diane, but it seemed that she came back to town to make peace with her enemies even if it was just for Kyle’s benefit. Lauren suggested that Phyllis would calm down if Diane apologized to her. Summer thought Lauren could be on to something.

Allie told Jack that Ashley arranged for her to tour the lab a second time. Allie had read up on Ashley’s accomplishments in business, and she was really impressed. Jack praised his sister and suggested that she might be able to get Allie a summer internship. Allie wasn’t sure. Jack understood, and he was sorry for putting her on the spot. She didn’t want him apologizing for offering her a great opportunity. She just didn’t think it was fair for her to jump in line ahead of all the applicants there must be for that internship. He grinned and said she was sweet, but she wouldn’t be taking anyone’s job. He said they’d set up an internship especially for her with the lead researcher. She loved the idea, but she needed a little time to think about it. He thought it would be in Jabot’s best interest to work with bright young chemists. He also understood if she wasn’t emotionally interested in following in her father’s footsteps.

Allie had been thinking about how Keemo would feel about her getting to know his father’s family. Jack liked to think Keemo wouldn’t mind. That was what Allie was thinking too. Allie said Noah thought that Keemo would be happy Allie was around family. Jack thought Noah sounded like a good friend. Allie agreed. She was so nervous when she showed up in Genoa City, but everyone had been so gracious. Jack said Allie charmed everyone she met. He said Ashley had been skeptical of Allie’s motives, and now she adored Allie. Allie thought all the Abbotts were amazing. She liked Noah, Mariah and Tessa, and even Diane had been kind of sweet. Allie knew Diane did terrible things to the Abbotts and Newmans. Jack said he wouldn’t dictate how Allie felt about anyone, but he warned her not to get too close to Diane. He wasn’t sure what Diane’s motives were, but he’d always be grateful she brought his son into the world and brought his granddaughter into his life.

Allie appreciated Jack’s generosity. When her dad died she felt very alone and that feeling disappeared more every day. Jack said she didn’t have to thank him – family was there for each other. When they first met, he could see she was hurting and that she needed to feel loved and a sense of belonging. He didn’t want to push her like he did with her dad. Allie told Jack that he got the balance right with her. Diane walked in on the warm moment between Jack and Allie. Allie had a meeting with Noah, and she left.

Diane and Jack noted that Noah and Allie seemed to be hitting it off. Jack knew Diane was dying to take credit for the good things happening to Allie. Diane felt that she should be free to do so, since there weren’t a lot of positive things she could take credit for. She asked to sit with him, and he let her. She got to see Harrison today, and he was getting so big. Jack said he didn’t notice as much now that he saw Harrison every day. Diane asked if Jack purchased Marchetti to keep Kyle and his family in town. He said there were lot of good business reasons for buying the company, but this was a fringe benefit. She enjoyed living in Milan, and she would’ve gone back if Kyle wanted her to, but she was glad it didn’t come to that. Jack thought Diane would’ve been happy to get away from all the resentment she was dealing with here. She was hoping that over time, people would be willing to see that she’d changed. She asked if it was too soon to put him in that category. He said he was trying to forget the past and believe in the future, for her and Kyle. She thanked him. She said he’d joined a tiny club of people she’d somewhat won over, and she was going to try and keep adding new members. She knew she’d never be able to win Phyllis over. He suggested she stay away from Phyllis altogether. Phyllis, and her massive hat, walked in and she hurried out to the patio when she saw Jack and Diane.

Diane said she’d love to stay away from Phyllis, but their kids were married, so their paths would cross. Phyllis was eavesdropping from the patio. Jack said that Diane didn’t have to seek Phyllis out or provoke her. Diane hoped Jack didn’t blame her for what happened between him and Phyllis. He was exasperated that they kept getting on this subject after he’d told her he didn’t want to talk to her about Phyllis. Diane promised to drop the subject forever, but she had one question – was he hoping to work things out with Phyllis? He said no – that ship had sailed. Diane never intended to cause problems between Jack and Phyllis. However, Diane was relieved Jack wasn’t going to get back together with Phyllis. “Quite simply, you deserve better than Phyllis,” Diane said. Phyllis heard every word.

At Society, Chelsea’s humming bothered Chloe. Chelsea apologized. Chelsea said Connor asked if there was soccer in heaven. She knew he was thinking about Rey. Her son had been so distant lately. She thought he felt like mentioning Rey would upset her. Chloe was optimistic it’d all work out. She shifted gears and asked what Chelsea was working on. Chelsea handed over a sketch, and it was for a winter outfit, but they needed something for summer. Chloe scolded Chelsea for wasting time when they were up against a deadline.

Chelsea felt like, after all this time, Chloe didn’t understand how the creative mind worked. Chloe recognized Chelsea’s point, but as the person responsible for the logistics, she needed Chelsea to work faster. Chloe said they already missed a couple deadlines, so they couldn’t get that custom print Chelsea wanted. Chelsea didn’t want to compromise on that. They debated about the logistics of production vs. artistic inspiration. Chloe said that if they kept missing deadlines, Lauren would get fed up and kick them to the curb.

Chelsea knew the way she worked wasn’t the most efficient, but the stuff she was coming up with was so brilliant that Lauren wouldn’t care about a missed deadline here or there. Chloe said they couldn’t sell sketches – they needed to make the clothes. Chelsea said everything would work out. “Where have I heard that before?,” Chloe grumbled under her breath. Chloe conceded that it was her job to sweat the details of mass production, not Chelsea’s. Chelsea said she’d never let Chloe or Lauren down, but she didn’t need a rigid schedule. Chloe said it was her job to make sure nothing impeded Chelsea’s creative genius. “So you need to babysit me?,” Chelsea testily asked. Chloe said yes. Chloe was just joking. Chloe said she was here to protect Chelsea, even if that meant being a pain in the butt. “Do you think I would completely implode [without you?],?” Chelsea asked. Chloe said of course not. Chloe asked if Chelsea was saying she didn’t need Chloe’s help. Gloria walked in, putting an end to the argument.

Chloe and Chelsea pretended they weren’t fighting, even though Gloria had heard them. Chloe shifted gears and asked how fashion week in London was. It went well, and Gloria got a lot of compliments about how she was representing JCV, which thrilled Lauren. Gloria said she chatted up the new line while she was in London. Chloe said she didn’t ask Gloria to do that. Gloria said family helped each other. Chloe thought that usually, she and Kevin got Gloria out jams, and Gloria rarely said thanks. Gloria was happy she had the chance to do Chloe a favor. She’d told everyone that the new line was brilliant. Chloe supposed that was vague enough to avoid any inaccuracies. Gloria said so many people in London were excited Chelsea was back in the world of fashion. Gloria said Chelsea and Chloe were lucky to be working with their best friend.

Chloe admitted there had been some friction between her and Chelsea. Chelsea said it was just the pressure getting to them. Chloe said they’d gotten through worse. Gloria said she’d run so many different businesses, some successful, some ruined b her partner’s lack of vision. She thought that to be successful you hire the person best for the job and then get out of their way. Chelsea agreed and pointedly said it all came down to trust. Gloria said it was like an orchestra – everyone brought their own talents to the table and then they made beautiful music together. Chloe said that would work as long as everyone paid attention to the conductor.

Chloe and Chelsea bickered because Chloe saw herself as the conductor in this partnership. Chelsea scoffed at the idea that she couldn’t make beautiful music without Chloe. Gloria had a special place in her heart for Chloe and Chelsea, so she wanted them to listen to her. Gloria knew they thought of her as a daffy gadfly who pestered everyone she met. They denied it. Gloria said she was a survivor who’d been doing this a long time, and people always underestimated her but she was till here because she knew what worked and she knew what had value. She thought Chloe and Chelsea had value as a team. She urged them to harness the negativity and turn it into positive energy that would send them rocketing to new heights. What she said resonated with the pair. Gloria left.

Chloe got a response from the guy at the factory, who said he thought they could get an extension on the deadline. Chelsea felt that meant she was right all along when she said there was nothing to worry about. Chloe said they couldn’t let the deadline slip too far, because they didn’t want Lauren to get mad. Chelsea showed Chloe a summer sketch, and Chloe was happy with it. Chelsea and Chloe agreed that Gloria gave good advice, but they vowed not to get put in the position where they’d need to be counseled by Gloria again.

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Days Update Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Brady Pub, Roman packs up bags of food to send to the Hortons. Kate joins him and talks about feeling so bad for Chad and the kids as there’s been too much suffering this year. Roman agrees and says they could use some happy news. Paulina then walks in and announces it’s Juneteenth and her and Abe are getting married today. Paulina adds that they want Roman and Kate both to be there.

Abe walks through the town square, going through his to do list for the wedding day. Allie approaches and delivers his Juneteenth wedding cake from the bakery. Abe hugs her and thanks her for doing that on such short notice. Allie jokes about being up until 4 AM finishing it. Abe hopes Chanel helped. Allie says no because Chanel was so busy helping Paulina with last minute wedding prep. Allie says it was her pleasure and talks about researching Juneteenth traditions. Abe invites Allie to the wedding. Allie thought it was family only but Abe says she is family and he knows Chanel would love to have her there. Allie then accepts the invitation as they hug.

Johnny is at the DiMera Mansion, on the phone with EJ. Johnny says he’s glad he and Belle are keeping the kids busy and asks how Chad is holding up. Johnny says to let him know if there is anything he can do to help. Johnny adds that he hasn’t heard from Chanel. Chanel then enters the room, so Johnny tells EJ that he will call him back as something just came up.

Paulina’s mother Olivia is at the Horton House with Julie and Eli. Julie mentions hearing so much about her. Olivia notes that they are family. Julie comments on that family expanding today with the long awaiting wedding of Paulina and Abe. Eli can’t believe it’s finally happening. Olivia thanks God that it is. Julie says they all need something hopeful.

Lani spills her coffee at home and tries to tell herself to get it together. Lani then imagines TR showing up at her door, saying she can’t get rid of him that easy. Lani locks the door and tells herself it’s not real and no one is at the door. There’s another knock at the door so Lani yells to go away but it’s Theo, who asks if she’s okay and what’s going on. Lani answers the door and hugs him, thanking God in relief.

Olivia tells Julie that she’s sorry for their family’s loss. Julie calls Abigail a wonderful woman who was taken far too soon. Olivia mentions praying for all of them. Julie says one thing Abigail’s death has taught her is that no future is guaranteed, you just have to reach out and grab all the happiness that comes your way in the present.

Paulina tells Roman and Kate that they don’t need anything fancy. Roman assures they can handle the catering. Kate questions her just wanting hot dogs at her wedding. Paulina says normally not but most of Salem will be cooking out already for the town’s first annual Juneteenth extravaganza. Roman says they would cater the food and that he and Kate would also love to attend. Roman tells Paulina that they deserve a celebration. Paulina mentions still not finding someone to perform the ceremony. Roman brings up Marlena. Paulina says she thought about that but doesn’t want to take any chances after what happened last time. Kate asks who they will get at such late notice then. Eric then comes downstairs so they all look to him.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s so sorry about Abigail and can’t imagine what his family is going through. Johnny admits it’s been tough as Abigail was a great person. Johnny mentions hearing Paulina made bail which is excellent news. Chanel then informs Johnny that Paulina is marrying Abe today. Johnny calls that amazing and sends his congratulations. Chanel mentions still having tons to do to pull this off. Johnny asks what’s on her list. Chanel notes that she needs to find a videographer to record the wedding so Johnny asks what about him. Johnny jokes that Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story might not be making it to streaming but he could shoot a wedding, if Chanel is okay with him being there.

Nicole joins Abe in the town square and hugs him, saying she’s so happy for them. Abe asks what about Nicole as he heard she and Rafe had postponed their wedding which she confirms. Abe asks why. Nicole explains that Rafe is swamped with the investigation in to Abigail’s murder. Abe understands and says he did speak to Jack and Jennifer, because they were wondering if this was a good time for the wedding. Abe confirms they gave their blessing and thought it would be a tribute to Abigail’s memory. Nicole agrees and calls it a lovely way to celebrate. Abe hopes Nicole will join them in celebration. Nicole confirms she wouldn’t miss it as they hug.

Paulina asks who Eric is. Roman introduces Eric to Paulina. Paulina recognizes him as Father Eric Brady and exclaims that this is perfect and a sign from the lord. Paulina tells Eric that she needs him to marry her and Abe.

Julie tells Olivia that Paulina has been an inspiration to her, going through with the wedding after everything she was put through with TR. Eli suggests not talking about TR today since today is a good day. Julie agrees and hopes Paulina doesn’t lose a second of sleep over that monster. Olivia wishes she did something sooner or that Paulina would have let the police handle Ray, so she wouldn’t be facing charges for murder.

Theo informs Lani that Gabi sent the DiMera Jet to South Africa for he and JJ. Theo asks if they are going to talk about what just happened as she seemed really freaked out when she answered the door. Theo asks who she thought it was. Lani imagines TR telling her to tell him.

Eli asks Olivia about how her family used to celebrate Juneteenth in Texas. Julie would like to know more as well. Julie asks why it’s called Juneteenth. Olivia explains that in 1865, a union general gave the order to free the slaves in Texas. Eli notes that was almost two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Olivia adds that for them, June 19 is as important as the 4th of July. Olivia says her mom carried on the tradition when they left Texas for Miami. Julie asks what are some of the traditions. Olivia says there are rodeos, cookouts, and church services. Julie jokes that she’s been missing out. Olivia says they never forget what their ancestors endured and how much more they had to overcome.

Eric reveals to Paulina that he’s no longer a priest. Paulina comments that no good deed goes unpunished and guesses she will have to find someone else. Kate remembers that Eric performed the ceremony for Rex and Sarah and he wasn’t a priest then which Eric confirms. Paulina says that’s good enough for her and asks if Eric can marry her and Abe today. Eric then agrees and says he would be honored to. Paulina hugs him and calls him a life saver. Kate reminds Paulina that she has a wedding to get ready for. Paulina says she’ll see them later at the park and exits the Pub.

Lani claims to Theo that she thought he was her downstairs neighbor who is always complaining about the toilets making too much noise. Lani continues to imagine TR, saying he doesn’t think Theo believes her. Theo asks how Paulina is holding up. Lani says she’s getting married today. Theo brings up that she’s still facing murder charges. Lani tells him that Paulina is confident that Justin is going to get her off. Lani’s vision of TR argues that she’s not confident because she knows the truth. Lani asks Theo to watch the kids until the babysitter comes as she needs to go help Paulina get ready. Theo agrees and says he’ll see her at the party. Lani thanks him and exits.

Lani and Chanel go to Paulina’s to help her get ready for the wedding. Paulina talks about how much it means to her to have them both here. Chanel knows she gave her a lot of grief last time about Lani being her matron of honor, but this time she is totally cool with it. Paulina is glad to hear that but she’s decided that she needs a matron and a maid of honor, so she wants both of them to stand up for her and Abe. Chanel loves the idea and Lani says it sounds great as they all hug.

Eli comes home and greets Theo. Theo mentions the babysitter just got there and is giving the kids a bath. Theo adds that Lani went to go help Paulina get ready. Theo asks Eli if Lani is okay since she was acting really weird. Eli asks how. Theo says she seemed scared and blamed the neighbors but says it felt bigger than that. Eli comments that he’s sure Lani will be back to her self soon. Eli says he’s going to say goodbye to the kids and then they will be off to get Abe married.

Chanel helps Paulina finish her makeup and goes to get Paulina a sparkling water. Paulina then asks Lani how she’s feeling. Lani admits she’s having a really hard time being cheery when she knows Paulina is taking the heat for her crime. Lani argues that Paulina and Abe should be planning their future together. Paulina declares that this is her wedding day and the only thing she wants is for Lani to keep her mouth shut.

Eric joins Abe in the park for the wedding. Abe thanks him for doing this. Kate mentions going to check on Roman’s grilling. Johnny arrives and greets Eric. Eric informs him that he’s officiating the wedding while Johnny mentions that he’s also here to do a job. Nicole and Allie then arrive together and upon seeing Eric and Johnny, they ask each other what they are doing here. Johnny explains to Allie that he offered his services as videographer. Allie mocks that being convenient. Johnny says he’s just trying to be nice and asks if Chanel invited Allie. Chanel says she baked the wedding cake and then Abe invited her as a guest. Johnny calls that convenient. Allie argues that Abe is like family to her. Johnny asks if Allie is going to be sitting by Chanel. Allie tells him to get a lot of close ups. Nicole tells Eric that she didn’t expect to see him here. Eric clarifies that he was a last minute addition since Paulina wasn’t too keen on Marlena performing the ceremony. Eric asks Nicole if it’s going to be too hard since she and Rafe cancelled their wedding. Nicole clarifies that they didn’t cancel, they just postponed. Abe informs them that they will be starting the ceremony soon. Eric tells Nicole he will see her after the ceremony and steps away. Chanel arrives and greets Allie. They tell each other they look amazing. Chanel asks if Allie came to drop off the cake. Allie informs her that Abe invited her as a guest and asks if that’s a problem. Chanel says of course not as she knows how close they are. Chanel thanks Allie for baking the cake as it means a lot to her family. Allie says it’s her pleasure and puts her hand on Chanel’s shoulder as Johnny watches on. Lani arrives and greets Theo and Eli. Eli asks how she’s doing. Lani claims she’s fine and asks why. Eli says that Theo mentioned Lani seemed jumpy. Lani tells Eli not to worry about that right now. Eli says he is worried since he knows how guilty she’s been feeling. Lani assures that Paulina made it very clear that she wants her to keep things secret. Lani turns and imagines TR standing behind Abe, saying that he just loves a good wedding. Lani then goes and stands with Chanel. Eli walks Paulina down the aisle. Paulina tells Olivia that she’s so glad she is there. Olivia tells her to go get married as Paulina joins Abe, who says she takes his breath away. Lani continues to imagine TR.

Eric begins the ceremony of Paulina and Abe. Eric acknowledges that today is Juneteenth and goes over the history of the day. Eric notes that Paulina and Abe wanted to share a message of faith, freedom, and finding love. Eric understands they wrote their own vows and asks Abe to start. Abe talks about knowing nothing would be the same again when Paulina entered his life. Abe acknowledges that their road wasn’t an easy one but there was always love that could not be denied. Abe credits Julie for giving him a kick in the behind when he almost let it slip away. Abe thought he had experienced the last great love of his life, but every day, she has proven that love is not in his past, it’s in his present and most importantly, his future. Abe hopes to share that love with their children and grandchildren as long as God blesses him to be by her side. Eric then turns it over to Paulina, who jokes that she can’t top that so she won’t try. Paulina says she will just speak from her heart. Paulina says that Abe was a problem and complication for her that she did not see coming as she just came to Salem to spend time with Lani and says she would’ve kept her secret if she didn’t fall in love with Abe. Paulina declares she wants them to be honest and in love for all the Days of their Lives. Eric asks if anyone has any objections. Lani imagines TR raising his hand. Olivia tells Eric to hurry up before the Devil decides to return which Eric agrees with and continues the vows. Abe and Paulina say “I do”. Theo hands over the rings which Abe and Paulina then place on each others’ fingers. Eric then pronounces Abe and Paulina man and wife, so they kiss as everyone applauds. Olivia raises a broom that she says has been in their family line since the 1800s and she hopes it brings Abe and Paulina as much wedding bliss as it has all of them.

Paulina calls for all the single ladies to line up for her to throw the bouquet. Olivia jokes that they all better watch out as she has sharp elbows and she just might be looking for a sexy senior in Salem. Paulina jokes that’s where she gets it from. Paulina turns and tosses the bouquet, which is caught by Chanel. Johnny approaches and remarks that it looks like Chanel is the next one to get married, so all she needs is a groom. Allie comes over and says “or a bride”.

Abe and Paulina enjoy their wedding cake while Lani imagines TR remarking to her that they are enjoying cake now but it won’t be long before Paulina is having stale bread in prison. Lani argues that she’s not going to prison but imagines TR saying they don’t have a future. Lani then proposes a toast to Abe and Paulina. Lani talks about Abe being the best person she’s ever known and says she loves him. Lani tells Paulina that she made so many sacrifices just to protect her and she loves her. Lani then declares that she can’t let Paulina protect her anymore. Paulina starts shaking her head as Eli tries to interrupt but Lani says she can’t go on like this. Lani argues that Paulina and Abe deserve to have a life together. Paulina tries to say everything will be fine but Lani says it will not, unless she does something. Eli tells Lani not to do this. Abe questions what is going on. Eli tries to say Lani is just feeling emotional. Lani asks him to just let her do this. Eli argues that they need to talk but Olivia tells him to let Lani speak. Lani tells her that she’s so sorry. Lani then cries that Paulina did not shoot TR and that she did, surprising everyone in attendance.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Chelsea and Chloe argue because Chloe doesn’t think Chelsea isn’t focused on her designs and they have missed a few manufacturing deadlines. Chelsea tells Chloe she can’t rush her creativity because it is a process. Gloria advised the ladies not to let negative energy split up their wonderful team.

Summer persuades Kyle to accept the CEO job at Marchetti. Kyle and Summer persuade Lauren to allow Chelsea to be the designer for Marchetti, as well as, design a more modern fashion line for Fenmore’s.

Jack offers Allie an internship at the Jabot lab. Allie asks Jack for some time to think about the offer.

Phyllis returns to Genoa City but calls Summer and tells her she is still in Savannah because she doesn’t want anyone to know she is in town. Lauren advises Summer to talk to Diane and ask her to apologize to Phyllis. Jack asks Diane not to deliberately provoke Phillis. Diane wonders if Jack intends to get back together with Phyllis and he responds that ship has sailed. Diane tells Jack that he and Phyllis were never right for each other. Jack and Diane are unaware that Phyllis is hiding and listening to their conversation.

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Days Update Monday, June 20, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole is in the town square on the phone with Rafe. Nicole says she understands this is how it has to be and given the circumstances, it’s best to call off the wedding. Eric walks by and overhears her.

Lani is at the police station, on the phone with Julie. Lani tells Julie to give Jack and Jennifer her love and to tell them how terribly sorry she and Eli are. Lani declares that whoever took Abigail’s life, they will bring them to justice. Lani hangs up and imagines TR, appearing in front of her, asking what about justice for the person who murdered her father.

Chanel is at home on the phone, complaining about Paulina being locked up for weeks now. Chanel argues against what Paulina did and threatens to find her a better lawyer. Chanel then hangs up as Paulina returns home. Chanel asks if she’s dreaming. Paulina announces that she’s home as they embrace.

Xander returns to Sarah in his room at the Salem Inn and brings her prescription to her. Xander wishes she told him that she was still having hallucinations. Sarah didn’t know if that’s what they were at first. Sarah guesses Kristen is still in her subconscious and she didn’t want to worry him. Xander says he gets more worried when he doesn’t know what’s going on. Sarah promises not to keep it from him as they kiss. Sarah then tells Xander that she went to see Gwen in prison.

Ava goes to see Gwen at prison and says she just heard about Abigail. Gwen questions Ava coming all this way to give her condolences. Ava clarifies that she came to ask Gwen if she killed her sister.

Chanel asks Paulina if they dropped the charges. Paulina says not yet, but she finally made bail thanks to Justin getting through to the judge. Chanel wonders if she should call Justin and apologize for the nasty voicemail she just left. Paulina tells her that she doesn’t owe Justin anything. Chanel points out that he got her out of jail. Paulina says she can save the apology until she’s permanently free. Chanel asks if she thinks they could send her back. Paulina doesn’t know but declares that TR was an evil man so she’s not sorry that they will never see him again…

Lani tries to get her vision of TR out of her head. He taunts her about what she did to him while Lani tells herself that he is not real. Lani screams that TR tried to kill Eli, so she had to try to stop him from hurting anyone else. Her vision of TR screams that she shot him in cold blood, so she’s the one who needs to pay. Lani yells at him to go away and not come back. Eli rushes up and asks Lani what’s going on and what’s wrong.

Xander questions why Sarah would put herself going to prison. Sarah says she wanted to see Gwen face to face since she’s the reason for her side effects. Xander asks what the point of her visit was. Sarah says after everything Gwen put her through, it was very satisfying to see her behind bars where she can never hurt anyone again…

Gwen questions Ava coming to accuse her of murder. Ava calls it not that far fetched since the resentment of her sister has been a driving force for most of her adult life. Gwen admits she had motive but not means and opportunity. Ava is not sure about the means but says she certainly had opportunity. Gwen says she was locked up here when the murder happened but Ava reveals that they both know that’s not true.

Eli asks Lani what’s wrong as she is shaking. Lani tells him about seeing TR. Lani asks Eli how she’s supposed to live with herself and what Abe is going to think when he finds out what she did and that Paulina is going to prison for her. Eli hugs Lani as she cries.

Abe visits Julie at her home and says it’s a terrible tragedy what happened to Abigail. Julie talks about it not seeming real and her heart breaks for the children and Chad. Abe asks if Jack and Jennifer are around. Julie says they are resting, but before they went upstairs, she heard Jack saying he was going to see Gwen in prison. Abe acknowledges that Gwen is Jack’s daughter and he’s sure she’s upset about Abigail. Julie reminds Abe what Gwen did to Abigail and Sarah. Julie calls Gwen a despicable person. Julie wishes that Gwen would disappear out of their lives forever.

Sarah admits to Xander that she really enjoyed telling Gwen that they were back together. Xander thanks God that they are back together and kisses her. Xander reminds her that they have a lot of lost time to catch up on. Sarah points out that she was the one stranded on the island with Kristen DiMera, while Xander had a fiancée and a lovely young wife.

Chanel tells Paulina that it made her sick to think about her being in jail. Paulina says she told her that everything would be fine. Chanel worries about Paulina still having to go to trial. Paulina encourages her to have faith. Chanel asks if Justin is confident that he will convince the jury she’s innocent. Paulina says she’s confident enough for the both of them but right now she’s just happy to be home with her daughter as she hugs Chanel.

Nicole tells Rafe that they have a lot to work out and they will. Nicole knows he has a lot on his plate so she will let him go and talk later. Nicole hangs up and then turns around to see Eric. Eric says he didn’t want to bother her and didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but he heard what she said to Rafe. Eric asks if Nicole is calling off their wedding. Nicole confirms that. Eric then asks what that means and if she and Rafe split up.

Julie tells Abe that whoever killed Abigail deserves to be locked up for the rest of their lives, unlike Paulina. Julie calls Paulina’s situation completely different and asks if he has any idea how she’s doing. Abe announces the great news that Paulina made bail and he was in court with her this morning. Julie says that’s wonderful and asks if that means what she hopes it means. Abe confirms he took her advice and told Paulina that he still loves her. Julie is glad that he took her advice. Abe jokes that he did because Julie is always right. Abe admits that it didn’t go exactly as he planned but there’s no bad time to tell the person you love, how you feel which Julie agrees with.

Paulina says enough crying about her and asks what the latest is with Chanel, now that the Devil is gone from Salem. Paulina asks where her head is at in regards to her love triangle with Allie and Johnny. Chanel tells her that they are both still in love with her. Paulina asks what she decided. Chanel responds that she hasn’t because she doesn’t want to hurt either one of them, but it’s not fair to leave them hanging either. Paulina encourages that they will wait because they know what she’s worth. Paulina then suggests maybe Chanel should just move on altogether and try to find someone who doesn’t have a history of devil possession. Chanel decides she doesn’t want to talk about herself now. Chanel tells Paulina that she missed her and she’s so happy that she’s home as they hug. Chanel wishes she told her so she could have planned a big homecoming celebration but Paulina assures that this is plenty as she’s been dreaming of being in her own bathtub, her own bed, and at her own dinner table. Chanel tells her to go rest while she plans her a homecoming celebration dinner. Chanel promises her the best welcome home ever.

Xander argues that Sarah can’t be jealous of Chanel. Sarah says she was just remarking that Xander was quite busy while she was away. Xander assures that he and Chanel’s marriage was never real and he was drunk, so there was nothing romantic. Xander jokes that Chanel was after his non-existent money while he was after her mom’s money. Sarah asks if he slept with her. Xander assures not even on their wedding night. Sarah jokes that it’s hard to imagine him passing up sex. Xander says he never would with Sarah as they kiss. Sarah decides she wants to take her medicine to prevent any hallucinations but she doesn’t want to take it on an empty stomach and says they better hurry, so Xander rushes her out to go get something to eat.

Ava tells Gwen that she was surprised to get her call yesterday as she flashes back to Gwen calling her yesterday and telling her that she needed her help, revealing that Gwen asked Ava to break her out of prison. Ava then questions Gwen asking her to break her out on the same day that her sister ended up dead.

Nicole tells Eric that she and Rafe are not splitting up, they are just postponing the wedding and not getting married this week. Eric guesses he misunderstood. Nicole explains that Rafe is leading the investigation into Abigail’s death so they didn’t feel like it was right. Eric agrees that it’s hard to imagine anyone celebrating right now and it’s hard to imagine Abigail is gone. Nicole calls Abigail such a good person and says it breaks her heart to know Charlotte and Thomas will grow up without their mother. Eric hugs Nicole until Sarah suddenly runs up and grabs Nicole, yelling at her to get off of him and calling her a conniving bitch. Xander runs up to pull to Sarah off while Sarah screams about not letting her ruin Eric’s life again. Eric and Nicole are confused, questioning what she’s talking about and what is happening. Sarah tells Xander to get out of his way. Xander stops Sarah and assures her that it’s Nicole, not Kristen. Sarah then realizes her mistake. Eric and Nicole question what is going on here. Sarah apologizes to Nicole and says she didn’t know what she was doing. Xander explains that Sarah has been having residual hallucinations since the second dose of the drug Kristen gave her. Xander encourages Sarah that it’s not her fault. Sarah responds that he’s right, it’s Gwen’s.

Gwen questions why Ava is being so hostile as she thought they were friends. Ava responds that friends are honest with each other. Gwen says she simply asked Ava for a favor and she obliged. Ava points out that Gwen never told her why she wanted out as Gwen said she just wanted to be out for a few hours. Ava says she was a fool to agree without asking questions and figured Gwen might have just wanted a few hours out in the real world and didn’t really think about it. Ava says it’s now pretty obvious that Gwen was planning to commit murder.

Abe gets a call from Chanel, who informs him that Paulina is home. Abe says he knows and that’s wonderful. Abe asks how she’s doing. Chanel says Paulina is great, but she’d be even better if Abe came over. Abe asks if she’s sure Paulina doesn’t want to rest. Chanel asks when Paulina has ever rested. Chanel informs him that she’s planning an excellent dinner and tells Abe that he doesn’t have a choice but to come. Abe agrees and asks if she’s talked to Lani and Eli. Chanel says they are next on her list and that Lani will be so excited to see their mom.

Eli brings Lani in to the interrogation room. Lani complains that she can’t let Paulina suffer for something that she did. Eli argues that she’s doing the right thing for them and their family and once she makes peace with that, TR will stop haunting her. Lani argues that she could never make peace with that when she’s letting her own mother rot in a jail cell for something she did. Eli then reveals that Paulina is not in jail anymore as she made bail, so she’s free. Lani questions for how long since Paulina confessed. Eli feels a judge granting her bail is a good sign and once Justin tells the jury how much TR abused and traumatized her, they will see it wasn’t premeditated murder. Lani argues that it was still murder. Eli believes Paulina might not have to do any jail time at all. Lani says he can’t guarantee that and the only one that can is her, if she confesses. Eli tells her that they have been through this before and she cannot confess to shooting TR. Lani declares that she cannot let Paulina go to prison for her. Eli argues that even if Paulina confessed, she would still be in trouble for false confession and then Lani could lose her job, freedom, and their kids which Paulina doesn’t want. Eli then gets a call from Chanel, who asks what he, Lani, and the kids are doing tonight. Eli asks why she’s asking. Chanel informs him that she’s planning a very special dinner for Paulina and hoped they could come over to celebrate Paulina making bail as she knows she would love to see them. Eli isn’t sure that dinner tonight is a good idea. Chanel questions if something is wrong. Eli says no and claims Lani isn’t feeling well. Lani takes offense and tells Eli to stop. Eli tells Chanel that Lani is fine and just needs a quiet night at home with the kids. Eli sends their love and says they will see Paulina soon as they hang up. Lani questions why Eli did that. Lani demands Eli call Chanel back and tell her that they are going.

Xander tells Sarah that he’s not defending Gwen, but it wasn’t all her fault. Sarah asks whose fault it is then. Xander remarks that Abigail was stupid enough to leave the drug lying around. Nicole tells him not to talk about Abigail like that and asks what his problem is. Xander mocks saying something negative about Saint Abigail. Eric tells him to try being a decent human being. Xander argues that he’s just trying to be honest. Xander remarks that Sarah’s condition is due in no small part to Abigail’s carelessness so he just hopes she’s more careful next time. Nicole and Eric then realize that Xander hasn’t heard the news. Sarah asks what news. Eric then reveals to Xander and Sarah that Abigail was murdered.

Gwen asks what Ava thinks she knows. Ava says that Gwen obviously left prison, went to the DiMera Mansion, snuck up to Abigail’s bedroom without being seen and stabbed her to death, then slipped back in to prison as if she never left. Ava worries that now she’s suddenly an accessory to murder. Gwen says if Ava’s theory is correct then she would be an accessory to murder, if she busted her out of prison and if she went to Abigail’s and stabbed her to death. Ava asks if this is a confession. Gwen says no as she said if she did it. Ava asks if she’s denying it then. Gwen responds that Ava is getting worked up over nothing. Ava states that Gwen’s sister was killed and everyone knows that she ruined Gwen’s life. Gwen asks if she looks worried to her. Ava admits Gwen looks rather calm. Gwen assures that she’s not worried, so Ava shouldn’t be.

Sarah can’t believe Abigail is dead. Eric is sorry she had to find out this way. Sarah asks what happened. Nicole reveals that she was stabbed in her bedroom. Sarah asks who would do something like that. Nicole says as far as they know, the police don’t have any suspects. Xander tells them not to look at him. Nicole comments that Xander sounded awfully angry just now about Abigail leaving the syringe lying around. Xander argues that he had no idea that she just lost her life. Xander points out that Abigail was the person who brought Sarah back to him, so he’ll forever be grateful for that. Sarah agrees that if not for Abigail, she might not have made it home since she’s the only person that didn’t give up looking for her. Sarah cries that she didn’t get the chance to thank her properly or say goodbye. Xander calls it a tragedy and brings up her kids. Eric says it’s been hard for everyone. Xander reminds Sarah that they were going to get food to take her meds. Nicole asks if the meds will prevent the hallucinations. Sarah hopes so and apologizes to Nicole again. Sarah adds that her heart goes out to Chad and the kids as she and Xander walk away together.

Eli tells Lani that they cannot go to that dinner tonight. Lani asks if this is how it’s going to be in their family from now on with lies and more lies. Eli argues that telling Chanel that Lani isn’t feeling well is not a lie as she’s in no shape to be there tonight. Lani asks if that’s it or if Eli’s afraid that she’ll have a breakdown and tell everybody the truth.

Abe goes to see Paulina and hugs her, telling her how happy he is to see her. Paulina calls him a sight for sore eyes. Chanel claims she’s out of butter as a reason to leave the room so they can be alone. Abe repeats to Paulina that he’s so happy to see her here. Paulina says it’s great to be home and even better in his arms again. Abe pulls out the ring and says he’s been waiting to put it back on her finger. Paulina asks even if with her out on bail and him being the mayor. Abe declares that he really doesn’t give a damn what other people think. Paulina feels the same if he thinks now is the time. Abe then proposes to Paulina. Paulina says hell yes so Abe puts the ring on her finger and they kiss. Chanel comes back in and asks if she missed anything. Paulina shows her the ring and Chanel is thrilled that they are engaged again. Abe declares that it is going to stick this time. Chanel asks when the big day is. Paulina says they haven’t discussed it but she doesn’t want to wait too long as she wants to be married before her trial starts. Chanel reminds Paulina that she said she has faith she will be free. Paulina says she does and brings up Juneteenth being tomorrow. Abe calls that a perfect day for a family celebration or a wedding. Chanel asks if he’s saying he wants to get married tomorrow. Abe asks Paulina what she thinks. Paulina calls it a fabulous idea and agrees on tomorrow as they all hug.

Eli admits he’s worried that Lani is going to tell Abe and Chanel the truth. Lani argues that Eli doesn’t understand the guilt. Eli insists that they have to find a way to deal with it for Paulina, for him, and mostly for the kids. Lani gives in and asks him to give her a moment before they have to go home. Eli goes to get the car and exits the room. Lani then exits the room but again envisions TR, saying he’s not letting this go and that the truth needs to come out but the only question is when.

Eric tells Nicole that he was just going to check on Jack and Jennifer. Nicole sends her love and says she’s happy to help with the kids anytime. Eric stops and assumes he wasn’t on the guest list for her and Rafe’s wedding. Nicole says they didn’t get that far yet. Eric says he hopes to be invited when they do decide on a date. Nicole agrees but Eric feels she seems conflicted about that. Eric asks if they are still friends. Nicole says of course they are. Eric says there is nothing more that he wants than to see her happy as he then walks away.

Xander and Sarah sit together in the Brady Pub. Xander still can’t believe someone would murder Abigail and questions who would do that since everyone in this town loves her. Sarah points out not everyone. Xander acknowledges Gwen. Sarah talks about Gwen being obsessively jealous of Abigail and did all kinds of horrible things to ruin her life. Sarah adds that Gwen was also responsible for Laura’s death. Xander calls that an accident and says he’s not defending Gwen but she’s locked up in prison, so she couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Abigail’s death. Sarah guesses he’s right.

Ava states that she’s usually pretty good at reading people but she can’t decide if Gwen is telling the truth or not. Gwen asks why she would lie. Ava says she doesn’t want this on her conscience. Gwen brings up that Ava once told her that guilt is a waste of time. Ava says maybe it’s not her conscience but Rafe is looking for any excuse to lock her up and she’s sure as hell not going to give him one. Ava warns Gwen not to think about calling her for another favor. Ava then exits the prison.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine


Billy brought Jill up to speed on Victoria’s move. Jill told Billy it wasn’t his place to interfere, and she told him not to screw things up with Lily. Billy was committed to Chancellor Winters, but he felt restless, like something else was waiting for him in life. Devon and Nate had their first day at the Chancellor Winters office. Nate tried to make sure things were okay between him, Lily and Devon after he went off script at the party. Lily thought it was fine, but Devon seemed more annoyed. Imani chimed in to praise Nate for following his gut instead of playing it safe. Imani told Nate that she thought Amanda was holding her back, and she thought Devon might be doing the same thing to Nate. Billy needed to talk to Lily about his conversation with Jill, but she got called away before they could speak. Amanda and Summer discussed the fact that Phyllis was being evasive when they asked how long she’d be out of town. Summer asked Amanda to join a team devoted toward keeping the peace between Phyllis and Diane.

Diane asked Kyle to help her find a job in public relations. Kyle promised to try. Lauren and Michael had a short date. Nikki interrupted to ask Michael to find dirt on Diane from her time in LA. Michael agreed to look into it, but he thought that Diane had been punished enough. Summer asked Lauren to join the team to keep the peace between Phyllis and Diane. Lauren said she and Nikki also wanted Diane to leave town. Kyle was dismayed when Summer told him about all the people who wanted his mom out of town. He wished everyone would back off.

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Y&R Update Monday, June 20, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

When Billy met Jill at Society, he was in a bad mood, and she wanted to know why he was so disgruntled the morning after the successful launch party. He said he got some disturbing news from Victoria. He promised Lily he wouldn’t let it affect the big night, and he didn’t, but he was having a hard time letting it go. He said Victoria was starting over with Ashland and leaving her old life behind. Jill wasn’t up to date on the details, so Billy told her that Ashland faked cancer to deceive Victoria into marrying him so he could steal Newman Locke. Jill was shocked and disgusted. He said that Victoria expected him to let her take the kids to live with her and Ashland to wherever they were going. Victoria wasn’t telling him, so that Victor couldn’t interfere. Jill said this was Victoria’s life. “This is no longer your battle to fight,” Jill contended, and Billy groaned that she sounded like Lily. He said this would directly affect his kids. Jill recalled Billy using that same excuse when he got involved with Jesse Gaines. Jill said there was no way Victoria would endanger her kids. Jill told her son that she’d never forgive him if he messed things up with Lily.

Billy had expected Jill to be more supportive, since she was his mom. She said she wasn’t going to mindlessly support him. She asked how he felt about the changes at the company. He asked how she was feeling about the end of the era, given that she ran Chancellor by herself for a long time. Jill said that Lily was doing a fantastic job. Billy said he couldn’t be more proud of Lily. Jill said Lily was expanding Katherine and Neil’s visions. Billy reiterated that he was proud of Lily’s merger. He thought it was more impressive than what Victoria did with Newman Locke, and Lily didn’t need to con anyone to get it done. Jill didn’t want to discuss that again. Billy said he wouldn’t screw things up with Lily, and he was 100% on board with Chancellor Winters and he was focused on being the best COO he could be. Jill believed Billy meant that, but she could tell he was unhappy, and she wanted to know why. He swore her to secrecy.

Billy thought watching Lily work with her family was beautiful, but there was a disconnect for him, like something was missing. He wasn’t sure why. He felt restless, like there was something big out there for him, but he didn’t know what it was or where it would come from. He was trying hard not to let it get to him. Jill didn’t want Billy to get mad, but she wondered if he was self sabotaging again. Jill was relieved when Billy assured her he wasn’t self sabotaging. He said he was trying to find his place in the world and it was exciting. Jill understood that. She’d binged his podcast, and she was so proud of Billy digging deep and then sharing things with the world. She was scared though because he was ripping off old wounds and that could be dangerous for someone like him. He knew that she meant a recovering addict like him. He promised the podcasts were cathartic and helpful.

Devon and Nate visited Lily in her office. Chancellor Winters’ first business day was now underway. Lily was excited to be working down the hall from Nate and Devon. She oversaw the design of their offices, and she hoped they liked the design. Devon joked with Lily that he didn’t like the office, and she was alarmed until he admitted he was teasing her. Nate loved the sweeping views of the city from his office. Lily told Nate that the press loved him. Imani walked in and agreed, saying everyone was talking about the sexy sophisticated addition to the executive suite. Lily didn’t see anyone calling Nate sexy. Imani said Lily must be focusing on the stuffy press that PR sent over. The gossip sites were definitely using the s word for Nate. Nate looked flustered.

Nate hoped Devon and Lily weren’t upset he revealed more about their plans than they wanted him to. Devon said what mattered is that it all worked out. Lily said Nate followed his gut. Imani had found, personally and professionally, that sometimes following instinct was better than playing it safe. Nate just hoped he didn’t step on any toes. Devon said Nate did step on toes, but it was a bump in the road, and hopefully that wouldn’t be an ongoing thing. Nate appreciated Devon being gracious. Lily started a work meeting. She thought that they could raise the advertising rates, based on their pre-subscription numbers. Devon guessed they could thank Nate for that, since he detailed the roll out. Lily thought Devon’s team did a great job with the promos and developing the podcast. She thought that they could all take credit for the success.

Imani found Nate at Crimson Lights. He said if he didn’t know any better, he’d think she followed him. She admitted she did. She wanted to make sure that she didn’t get him in trouble by pushing him to be himself at the launch. He said he acted on his own, and he didn’t regret it. She said she’d take credit for his success, since the speech raised his visibility. He didn’t see that as a plus, because he didn’t want to overshadow Lily and Devon. He also didn’t like the comment Imani made about playing it safe vs. going with your gut, because he thought it seemed like a veiled dig at Devon. Imani said she wasn’t going to stifle her opinions. Nate was pretty sure Devon wasn’t happy with what he did. Imani hoped Nate didn’t let Devon discourage him.

Nate said Devon was his cousin – they had a long history, and sometimes they were rivals and sometimes they were best friends. He told Imani not to worry about him having a little competition. Imani said she wasn’t worried, she was just observing the dynamic. She was impressed by his business instinct and she’d hate to see his spirit squashed. He appreciated her support. She thought they should look out for each other. She said they were both new in this arena. She was concerned she was getting held back by being under her sister’s watchful eye, and she thought the same thing might be happening with Devon and Nate. Nate didn’t think so. She wasn’t saying Devon was consciously doing this. She had to go, but she told him to think about what she said.

Billy met Lily at work. She hoped Jill was excited about everything. Billy said Jill was very excited, and she made it clear that he’d better not screw things up with the star CEO. Lily asked why Jill would say that. At first, Billy said it was just a joke, but then he told Lily that he didn’t want to keep secrets from her. She asked if she should be worried, but before they could talk, she got called away to do an interview and photo shoot. Before she left, he assured her that things were fine.

Amanda ran into Summer at The Grand Phoenix and asked if she was okay. Summer griped about getting evasive text messages from her mom. Amanda knew the feeling – Phyllis wasn’t giving her a straight answer about how long she’d be out of town either. Summer said Phyllis was pulling the same stuff with Daniel. Summer said Phyllis had been moody with Daniel, and it had gotten to the point where he and his daughter, Lucy were walking on eggshells around Phyllis. That was odd because Phyllis loved Lucy.

Summer thought something happened between Phyllis and Jack. She asked if Amanda knew anything. Amanda just knew Phyllis and Jack had a disagreement. Summer asked if it involved Diane. She said Phyllis asked her to tell Kyle to reject Diane. Summer didn’t do that because Kyle’s relationship with Diane was his own decision. Amanda wondered if this had something to do with Phyllis’s sudden trip out of town. Summer said she reached out to Daniel and persuaded him to invite Phyllis for a visit. Summer had been afraid Diane and Phyllis were headed for a major showdown.

Amanda thought that Summer’s idea to cool things down between Diane and Phyllis was a good idea. Summer was sure she was just postponing the inevitable. Amanda promised to corner Phyllis when she got back and try to get her to open up. Summer wanted to put together a team to save Phyllis from herself and keep things between Phyllis and Diane from escalating into a war. Amanda agreed to join forces.

Kyle and Diane hung out at the park and watched Harrison feed the birds. Diane was appreciative that Kyle invited her. She said she tossed and turned last night after a bad dream. He was interested in hearing about the dream. She said she dreamed that the deal to purchase Marchetti fell through, and Kyle, Summer and Harrison moved. He assured her that the deal was on track. Diane asked Kyle to help her find a job in Genoa City. He said he didn’t have many connections in the real estate biz. Diane said she wasn’t trying to take advantage – it was the opposite – if he kept wanting her to stay, he couldn’t keep supporting her. He said it wasn’t a problem. She said she needed to pay her own way, and she needed a career. He asked how long it would take her to get her real estate license. She said real estate wasn’t a passion, like architecture. He thought she should pursue that again, but she didn’t think she would be able to get back into the game after being out of the field for so long.

Kyle guessed it must be hard giving up on a dream you once had. Diane said life went on. Diane said seeing Kyle and Summer working together and being at the launch party for Chancellor Winters and being around people so motivated made her realize it was time to embrace life in Genoa City. Back in LA, she took classes on communication, working toward a certificate in PR, and she loved it. She always admired the way publicists handled difficult situations and personalities, such as herself. He said like back in her modeling days. Laughing, she admitted she was a terror back then. He guessed this was the part where he was supposed to try and agree while keeping a straight face. They laughed.

Diane realized that PR was all about reinvention, and she knew she would excel at that. Kyle said there were obvious issues with getting Diane a job at Jabot. Diane understood. She said that she wasn’t expecting to be handed a job. She was sure she’d be an asset to any firm that hired her, and it didn’t have to be Jabot. She said he knew so many people in town, and she thought he might hear about a position that would fit for her. He said he’d give it some thought. Diane intended to earn the respect of as many people as she could, if only to make Kyle and Harrison proud. Kyle thought it was impressive that Diane wanted to pursue a career, and he said he’d keep his ear to the ground.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Michael marveled to Lauren that they were in the same room together. He said it was such a rare occurrence because she had such a busy career, while he was working normal hours for Victor. She countered that he knew where she was, and she wasn’t locked up in Peru. Nikki showed up. Lauren heard about Victoria and Ashland leaving. She thought Nikki and Victor must be devastated. Nikki admitted it had been very difficult. Nikki was glad she ran into Michael, because she intended to direct all her anger and rage at Diane, and he was just the person to help her.

Nikki wanted Michael to look into Diane’s activities in LA. Nikki was sure there must be something that would show Diane returned with evil intentions. Lauren said Michael was probably the worst person for this job, since he was one of the few people in town who wasn’t horrified Diane was back in town. According to Lauren, Michael called her when he saw Diane for the first time, and now they were palling around together. Nikki looked appalled. Lauren got a text from Summer about work, so she got up to leave. Michael pointed out that Lauren was cutting their date short for work.

Now that Nikki and Michael were alone, she expressed her displeasure about him being friends with Diane. She told him to do something about Diane, and quickly. He didn’t know what he could do to help. She suggested investigating to figure out how Diane was able to live under an alias all these years, whether she paid taxes, did she use a fake social security number? Michael said Nikki should look into getting her own PI license. Nikki said Michael was on a handsome retainer for the Newmans. Michael said even if he found something, he had no standing to bring charges against Diane for something that happened in California – he wasn’t in law enforcement there or in Genoa City, plus tax fraud was a federal crime. Nikki was angry. She said he was willing to risk his life to bring Ashland down, so why the hell was he protecting Diane?

Nikki asked Michael whose side he was on. Michael said he was neutral, but Nikki snapped that he was trying to protect Diane. He said years ago, everyone in this town wanted Diane to get the hell out of town, and they got their wish and no one was wrongfully convicted for her death. He said Diane lived alone, missing her son. Michael thought Diane paid for her crimes. Nikki didn’t agree. She didn’t think relocating to sunny LA was a proper punishment. She said even Jack had softened his stance, and it boggled the mind. Nikki refused to let Diane wreak havoc. Michael wondered if Nikki would be okay with Diane if she’d succeeded at getting rid of Ashland. Nikki said one had nothing to do with the other – Diane’s crimes were worthy of their own vitriol. Michael grudgingly agreed to do a deep dive into Diane’s time away if only to prove Diane had changed. Nikki asked what if Michael uncovered something – would he hide it or would he let Diane get what she deserved?

Lauren was surprised to meet with both Summer and Amanda. She’d assumed this was about work. Summer explained that it was about Phyllis. Summer and Amanda brought Lauren up to speed. As someone who had been there for the original battles between Diane and Phyllis, Lauren couldn’t imagine Phyllis would ever cool down where Diane was concerned. Summer explained that she wanted to get people to team up and keep the peace. Lauren had been keeping tabs on Diane since she returned, and Diane had been igniting fires everywhere, including with Nikki.

Amanda suggested that things might get too hot in Genoa City for Diane, and she’d leave before Phyllis got home. Summer wanted to create peace for everyone, not drive Diane away from Kyle, unless it became absolutely necessary. Lauren thought it was noble of Summer to consider Kyle’s feelings. Summer said she loved Kyle. Lauren said Michael had an inexplicable soft spot for Diane. Lauren thought the town would be better without Diane in it. She also thought that Summer might have to create some distance between Kyle and his mom.

Summer went home to Kyle and told him that Nikki was also trying to push Diane out of town. Kyle didn’t want Summer to get in the middle of this, and he didn’t want to deal with it either. He said his mom was doing her best to turn things around. He wished everyone would back off and give Diane breathing room. Summer said it was easier said than done, since it seemed like everyone they knew had history with Diane and strong opinions to match.

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Days Short Recap Monday, June 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani talked to Julie about bringing Abby’s killer to justice. Ray appeared to her and wondered when he would get justice for what she did to him. She yelled for him to leave her alone. Eli went to her and she explained to him what happened. She was worried about Abe finding out that Paulina covered for her. Abe went to the Horton house to offer his condolences to the family. He told Julie that Paulina made bail. She thought it was a sign that they would get back together. Eli reassured Lani that she did the right thing. He didn’t think Paulina  would do any jail time. She thought she should confess in order to guarantee that she wouldn’t go to jail.

Xander got Sarah’s prescription and told her that he didn’t want her to keep things from him. She promised him that she would tell him. She told him that she went to see Gwen at the prison. She was glad to see her there because she couldn’t hurt anyone else. She said she enjoyed telling her they were back together. He was happy about that. He wanted to make up for lost time. She told him about being married and having a fiancée. Ava went to see Gwen. She asked her if she killed Abby. Gwen reminded her that she was locked when it happened. Ava remembered that Gwen asked her to break her out of prison. She couldn’t believe she agreed to do it. She thought Gwen wanted a break. She realized she wanted to commit murder. She was upset that she was an accessory to her crime. She didn’t want Gwen to call her for any more favors. She walked out of the room.

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Y&R Update Friday, June 17, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Ashley and Traci met at Society. they were going to have a girls day with their grandniece. They hoped Allie would move to Genoa City for good. They talked about Allie’s circumstances – her father was dead, and she was estranged from her mother. Traci and Ashley both knew what it was like to be estranged from your mom at an early age. Ashley thought it was tragic that Keemo didn’t reconcile with Jack before he died. Traci said the situation wasn’t the same, but it made her remember what it was like when she was in boarding school after Dina abandoned them. Traci had been nervous but glad she had her dad’s support. There was a flashback to young Traci and John. She said she wasn’t the perfect little girl for the president of Jabot Cosmetics to want to show off. John was emphatic that Traci was special and lovely, and he’d be proud to show her off to anyone. She said she was proud to be his daughter, and they hugged. Ashley shared her own memory too. Ashley was graduating with honors, but she didn’t tell her father about her accomplishment. She said she wanted him to come to her graduation for her, not for her grades. John was very proud. He said she could do anything, and she didn’t have to prove a thing to him. On the contrary, she felt that she had a lot to prove.

Ashley had gotten past her concerns about Allie. She thought it was important that they honor Jack and John by making Allie feel like she’d been part of the family from the beginning. Abby walked up and said she had the chef make a special menu for today. Allie arrived and hugged Abby. Abby said to let her know if they needed anything. She departed. Allie talked to her aunts, who explained that they thought she might want to ask them some questions about their lives. As they chatted, Allie noticed that the sisters finished each other’s sentences, and she thought that was nice. She said it was obvious they were close. Traci and Ashley agreed that they’d had their moments, but they’d always be sisters and friends. Ashley assured Allie that she couldn’t overstep when it came to family, so she could ask anything.

Traci and Ashley shared that Traci wrote a book on the Abbotts. Traci was going to get Allie a copy, but she thought it best for Allie to hear some of the stories in person first because some of them were a lot to take in. allie wasn’t sure where to start. Ashley suggested they start with Jabot, since Allie enjoyed the lab. Allie marveled about being connected to Jabot, which she called a behemoth. She was fascinated by the lab. Traci said Ashley was always happy in the lab. Ashley said she’d known what she wanted to do since she was a little girl, and fortunately, her father supported her. Allie said her dad was like that too. Keemo always cheered Allie on, but he’d been especially excited when she decided to follow in his footsteps and go into chemical engineering.

Allie thought it was amazing that Traci ventured out beyond the family business. Allie asked if Traci always knew she wanted to be a writer. Traci said she had no idea what she wanted to do when she was young. Ashley said that was because Traci was born with so many gifts. Traci was modest, but Ashley said Traci could’ve been a successful singer. They began to tell Allie about Danny Romalotti, the famous singer who used to live in Genoa City. Traci said that Danny saved her in many ways. At first she was his fan club president, then he asked her to sign with him. There was a flashback to Traci and Danny. He felt lucky to meet her. In the present, Traci said she discovered her real passion was for writing. Traci flashed back to getting a copy of her first book from Tim.

Allie commented on how accomplished and confident her aunts were. She wondered if they were this confident at her age, and they both laughed and said no. traci said your young adult years were exhilarating, but they could also be the most challenging time of your life. Traci said she’d struggled with her weight and insecurities, and a diet pill addiction almost cost her her life. Traci said she had to learn to love herself. Ashley talked about how difficult it was to watch Traci suffer through that. The family all loved Traci so much that they couldn’t believe she didn’t love herself. Allie was sure Traci must have had a lot of support, since everyone who met her seemed to love her.

Traci said Lauren Fenmore didn’t like her. Allie had heard of the Fenmore’s department stores. Traci said that sometimes she found ways to fight back. There was a flashback to Lauren ordering Traci a banana split as a way to needle her over her weight struggles. Traci poured the ice cream over Lauren’s head. Traci told Allie that Lauren was a torn in her side for years, and decades later, they became friends. There was a flashback to older Lauren and Traci. Lauren had deeply apologized for bullying Traci, and they hugged.

Allie asked if Ashley had a nemesis. Ashley said she and Nikki were romantic rivals. Traci told Allie that Nikki was Noah’s grandmother. There was a flashback to Nikki saying she wouldn’t let Ashley take her husband. Ashley told Allie she didn’t set out to make an enemy of Nikki, but it was just that Ashley and Victor had a very strong connection from the moment they met. Ashley said her early relationship with Victor came at a painful cost. There was a flashback to Ashley and Victor having an argument in the rain over Ashley having an abortion. She accused him of living in a fantasy world where the two of them and their baby could’ve lived a perfect life, but she knew it wouldn’t work out. He yelled that he thought they loved each other. She said she loved him desperately, but things changed. Victor told Ashley that he would’ve helped her with their child. She said that would’ve required him to betray his commitment to Nikki. She’d agonized for days to find an alternative that would work for everyone, but there wasn’t one. She felt that her family and her career was all she had left now.

Ashley said she and Victor made it through the dark days and they got married. Laughing, Traci said they got married more than once. There was a flashback to Victor giving Ashley an elegant watch. She felt that it was too much, since he’d just given her a gorgeous diamond pendant. He said he wanted to give her so much more. He wanted to make her life a fantasy. She said he already had, and they kissed. Ashley told Allie that she and Victor still had a bond, albeit a very different one. Abby walked up and she was part of that bond – an Abbott, Newman and a Carlton, in her heart. Abby joined the table. Traci said Brad Carlton was a successful executive at Newman and Jabot, but he came from modest roots. He was originally hired as the Abbott groundskeeper and pool man, but Traci couldn’t keep her eyes off him, and he knew it. There was a flashback to an early Traci and Brad scene. He insisted on taking her to the movies, because she was miserable, and he thought she needed to get out of the house and stop brooding.

Traci fell for Brad hard. In a flashback, he carried her over the threshold as newlyweds. Traci said that as much as she and Brad loved each other, they weren’t able to keep it together, but one beautiful thing came out of their love – their daughter, Colleen. Traci flashed to her and Brad with their newborn. Allie said she didn’t know Traci had a daughter. Traci explained that Colleen died when she was about Allie’s age. Allie was sorry. Traci reminisced about her smart, spirited artistic and determined daughter. Allie was curious how Traci got through it. Traci said for awhile she wasn’t sure she would, but her amazing family helped her got back on her feet.

Traci was sure Allie wondered how Ashley and Abby factored into Brad’s story. She said both Abbott sisters had a soft spot for him. Ashley clarified that Brad and Traci were over long before he started something with Ashley. Traci had no resentment for that anymore. Ashley said she’d been married several times – more than you could count on one hand, and there wasn’t enough time to talk about all her exes, so they’d just talk about Brad. Ashley wanted a child, and she was going to raise it on her own, but Brad had different ideas, and he courted her. Ashley gave birth to Abby on her wedding day to Brad. Things didn’t go as planned.

There was a flashback. Ashley was in a hospital bed. Victor was at the foot of the bed holding the newborn Abby, and Ashley became increasingly agitated when Victor wouldn’t give her the baby. Brad walked in. Ashley told Allie that Brad adopted Abby, and they had a sweet and wonderful family for awhile. Abby said no one knew Victor was her father for years. The way she saw it, she had two incredible dads growing up. Abby said Traci and Ashley were amazing role models. Traci and Ashley clasped hands.

Traci, Allie and Ashley went to the Abbott house, and Billy and Jack were there. Allie loved hearing about Ashley and Traci. Billy said his sisters were very different women, but they had things in common – bright minds, big hearts and phenomenal resilience. He said his sisters always wanted what was best for him, and they wanted the best for Allie too. Billy offered to give Allie another version of the Abbott story sometime. She was interested, so they agreed to meet up at some point. Ashley was concerned about what Billy was going to say. Billy gave a preview. He said everyone in the room had been through hell and back, but they’d always had each others’ backs, and he wasn’t sure where he’d be without his brother and sisters. Traci said she’d already told Allie about her darkest hours, and how grateful she was to have had her family to help her find her way.

Ashley said the most frightening time she’d experienced was when she was fighting for her life. She began to cry about the time she had breast cancer. There was a flashback to her talking to Jack about her stress. She said Brad was doing a great job taking care of her. Jack wanted Ashley to lean on her family. She thought he was saying to lean on them instead of Victor. He clarified that he never said that. He wanted her to be easy on herself. He was sure she’d get through this. Allie said these stories touched her heart. She felt that her family was special. Jack was glad Allie was talking about herself as one of them, because she was. He said the family’s strength started at the top, with her great grandfather, John Abbott. Jack said John could still be felt at the breakfast table. There was a flashback to Jack at the head of the table toasting to John and expressing thanks that his sisters were back in town and at the table with him again.

Traci said the family breakfasts were the most important tradition they had, and they were happy to have a seat at the table for Allie. Allie was enjoying herself, but Noah texted asking to hang out. She didn’t want to be rude and just leave, but her family encouraged her to go. Billy walked Allie out, since he was leaving too. Jack was grateful Ashley and Traci included Allie today. He thought she could benefit from having them in her life, especially since her mother cut ties. Ashley said they knew how that felt. Jack asked if Dina came up today. Traci said they didn’t go down that path because they didn’t want Allie to feel like they were pressuring her to talk about her own mother. Jack thought that was the right call. Allie’s last encounter with her mother was especially painful, and he wasn’t sure when they would see each other again.

Traci flashed back to the first time she saw Dina again, after Dina abandoned them. Traci said that when she was growing up, even before Dina left, she always felt like Dina didn’t want her around. Traci asked if Dina ever really wanted her. Dina admitted that she didn’t plan the pregnancy, but she was very happy to have another little girl. Traci asked why Dina never showed her that. Dina said she thought Traci was very beautiful.

Ashley remembered that when Dina came back, she revealed that Brent Davis was Ashley’s biological father. It shocked and hurt Ashley so badly that she developed amnesia. She thought it was so difficult for her to accept that she wasn’t John’s daughter. There was a flashback to John and Ashley. Sobbing, he told her that she brought him more joy than any father could ever ask. He implored her to remember him. She cried that she didn’t remember. He tried to touch her, but she pulled back.

Traci was relieved Ashley found her way back. Ashley was relieved John never learned the truth. Traci said the truth was that Ashley was John’s daughter and she always would be. Ashley never thought she’d be able to forgive Dina, but in last few months of Dina’s life, Ashley saw that Dina tried so hard to make up for those transgressions. There was a flashback to Ashley learning that Dina convinced John to put the patents for the cosmetics Ashley created into her name. Ashley cried happy tears because she finally knew Dina loved her. Ashley told Jack and Traci that she was grateful they were able to reconcile with Dina before her death. Traci was glad she found the things Dina wrote about her family before she was too far into her illness.

Jack said he was proud to call Traci and Ashley his sisters and to be part of the family. Traci marveled at how quickly time passed. It seemed like just yesterday that they were kids, and now there were children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews coming to them for advice. Ashley hoped the new generation would learn from the mistakes of the past, and Traci said they’d understand how lucky they were to be an Abbott. There were a variety of flashbacks focused on Ashley and Traci that were shown to conclude the commemoration of Beth Maitland (Traci) and Eileen Davidson’s (Ashley) 40 year anniversary on Young and the Restless.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 17, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Young and the Restless aired a special standalone episode celebrating the 40th anniversary of Eileen Davidson playing the role of Ashley Abbott; and Beth Maitland playing the role of Traci Abbott.

Ashley and Traci have lunch with Allie and tell her stories about their lives.

Ashley and Traci tell Allie about Brad and Colleen, as well as the story of how Abby was born.

Ashley tells Allie about her love story with Victor.

The stories are accompanied by flashbacks highlighting the best, and most memorable moments of the show.

Jack and Billy join in on the stories toward the end of the episode and the family tells Allie about the importance of the Abbott family breakfasts.

The family also tells Allie about her great Grandfather John Abbott and the legacy he left them.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 16, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Ashland and Victoria decide they want to start a Media company focused on bringing art into the digital age.

Jill gets Diane to admit she has a romantic interest in Jack and wouldn’t say no if he wants to get back together with

Angelina Marchetti to wants to retire after she sells her company to Jabot so Summer thinks Kyle should be
the new CEO of Marchetti.

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Y&R Update Thursday, June 16, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Jack and Diane got coffee at Crimson Lights after dinner at Society. Jill ran into them. Diane noted that Jill didn’t look like she’d seen a ghost. Jill said Billy told her about Diane’s return, plus she saw Diane at the Chancellor-Winters event. Diane thought Jill was going to rail at her. Jill didn’t want to rake Diane over the coals. She was actually impressed Diane managed to convincingly fake her death, then return and face the wrath of the people who hated her. Jill said it took more guts than actually dying.

Diane said people in this town could be brutal. Jill thought Diane deserved it. Diane felt deep remorse and took no pride in deceiving so many people, especially her son. Jill knew what it was like to have a lot of dirt hurled at you, and it was hard to get past that. Jill wanted to know how close Jack was to Diane. Diane said he barely tolerated her – they were just meeting to discuss their son. Jill thought anyone would be surprised to see Jack and Diane having coffee. Jack said it was a process – Diane wanted to connect with Kyle, and Jack wasn’t getting in her way. Diane said she appreciated it. Jill burst out laughing because she knew their three younger selves wouldn’t have been so mature. There would’ve been drinks hurled and accusations thrown. Jill said Jack and Diane had been fire and ice in the past, but now they were turning the page. At this stage of Jill’s life, she thought it was so foolish to hold grudges. She said they couldn’t change the past, so they might as well try to change themselves.

It was late, so Jack had to get home. Diane was going to leave too, but Jill asked her to stay and talk. Jill was fascinated by back from the dead stories. Diane said she wasn’t a vampire or zombie – she didn’t actually die, so there wasn’t anything to talk about. Jill understood Diane’s trepidation, but she noted that she was not a suspect in Diane’s murder. Jack left, and Diane decided to stay. Jill said there weren’t very many people in town who’d be seen in public with Diane, besides her. Diane wanted to know what this meeting was really about. Jill said she didn’t get to Genoa City often, but she was fiercely protective of her family and friends. Diane said she wasn’t a threat. Jill wanted to know what Diane was after.

Diane was only after a close relationship with her son. Jill thought Diane always had an angle. Diane said that was the old her. The new her would do anything to make up for the lost time with her son. Diane heard that Jill had lost years with her son when Billy was growing up. Jill said it was different because her son didn’t grow up thinking she was dead. Jill knew Diane loved her son, but it seemed like there was something else Diane wanted going forward. Jill thought she saw a twinkle in Diane’s eye every time she looked at Jack.
Diane asked why she would want to complicate things by dredging up romantic history with Jack. Jill saw how Diane had been hanging on Jack’s every word. Diane said she and Jack had a connection – they went way back and they shared a son. Diane said Jack was treading very carefully around her. Jill said they were talking about Diane’s inclinations, not Jack’s. Jill said Jack was the most eligible bachelor in the northern hemisphere – debonair, charming, handsome, suave, rich. Diane suggested that Jill was the one with her eye on Jack.

Diane noted that Jill had her own romantic history with Jack. Jill said that was a brilliant deflective technique, but she and Diane both knew that Jill wasn’t after Jack. Jill said that if Diane got Jack back, that would go a long way toward convincing the people in this town that she was worthy of forgiveness. Jill said it would be a masterful move, and Diane was the master of those. Diane said she didn’t play those games anymore. Jill asked what Diane would say if Jack asked her to give it another try. Diane said if that happened someday, she’d be a fool to turn Jack down.

At the Abbott house, Kyle received the latest numbers for Marchetti and told Summer they were worse than expected. He was confident they could turn things around if they could get Angelina to replace her COO, who’d been behind a lot of the poor decisions made at the company. Summer revealed that Angelina wanted to retire. She said she trusted Summer not to tarnish the Marchetti brand. Summer intended to make sure the line continued to reflect Angelina’s sensibilities. Kyle suggested Summer run Marchetti, but she said she had no interest in the business side of the company. She wanted to remain creative director. Summer said they needed a leader who had an excellent background in business and could manage a large team. She thought he should do it.

Kyle was startled Summer wanted him to step down as co-CEO. She said that he’d be in charge of Marchetti, and he wouldn’t be co-running it. He said he couldn’t abandon his job. She pointed out that they’d all still be working for the same company. She said they’d be working together again, like they did at JCV, and they were a great team. He agreed that they’d been magical. He was flattered she thought of him for this. He had to think about it and talk with Jack. He loved the idea of working with her though.

When Jack came home, Kyle ran the idea by him. Kyle said it would give him a chance to make his mark solely on his own. He hoped Jack didn’t take it the wrong way. Jack was supportive of this and proud of Kyle, but on a selfish level, he didn’t want to lose his son at Jabot. Summer said that Kyle would just be running a different division under the Jabot umbrella, so Jack wouldn’t be losing him. Kyle hadn’t made up his mind yet. Kyle asked about the launch. Jack said that Chancellor Winters would be a force to be reckoned with. He mentioned he had a pleasant dinner with Diane. Kyle was just glad his parents could spend time with each other without fighting. Summer bet Jack wished he could’ve gone out with her mom instead. Jack said Phyllis was a great dinner companion, but she was out of town. Summer asked what Jack wasn’t telling her. She asked what happened between him and Phyllis and between Phyllis and Diane.

Jack knew Summer meant well, but he told her that if she had questions, she should ask her mother. He went to bed. Summer asked what the heck was going on with their parents. Kyle thought it was pretty obvious something happened between them and it had to do with his mom, but Jack and Phyllis didn’t have to share it with them. Summer knew that, but there was a dark cloud of tension affecting the whole family. He asked her not to blow this out of proportion. She said they couldn’t ignore their mothers’ dangerous histories – they were capable of broken bones, blackmail, burning down pool houses. He liked to think their moms were past that kind of behavior. She said they’d mellowed for now, but she was still worried because anything was possible when Diane and Phyllis got riled up.

Kyle didn’t think there was anything they could do but stay vigilant. He thought they should relax while their moms were in different states. Summer said her mom would be back and she wouldn’t be happy if she found Jack taking Diane to late night dinners. Kyle asked what Summer wanted him to do – discourage his dad from being nice to his mom? She didn’t want him to do that. He knew this wasn’t ideal that their moms hated each other, but they couldn’t control their parents. He suggested they focus on their future right now. They kissed.

At Society, Nikki called Victoria, who didn’t answer. Nikki was upset that Victoria actually left, and on such a bad note. Victor said Adam thought it was a sign of weakness that Victoria so easily succumbed to Ashland again. Nikki thought that they pushed Victoria too much. Victor felt that they did what they thought was best. Nikki said that was the problem – Victoria was an adult. She asked how long they really expected Victoria to let them treat her like a child. Victor felt that Victoria should expect them to treat her like a child forever, because she was their daughter, and she always would be. He disagreed that they’d pushed Victoria into anything. He said that Victoria didn’t want to accept that Ashland was a monster.

Victor said Victoria wouldn’t stay under Ashland’s spell for long. Nikki countered that they thought Victoria would be finished with Ashland after she found out he faked his illness, but that didn’t happen. Nikki was afraid Victoria would never leave Ashland. Victor was sure Ashland would do something monstrous and Victoria would come back. Nikki wasn’t confident. He asked why she didn’t trust in their plan. He said when Victoria realized he appointed Adam CEO, it would light a fire under her, and she’d come back. Nikki had approved of the plan at first, but now she was afraid Victoria would see it as manipulation. Victor still thought it would work. Nikki said Ashland was a big part of Victoria’s heart and that wouldn’t go away overnight, and he would be able to strengthen their bond.

Victor said they had a willful daughter, and they both knew where she got that trait from. It made him afraid Victoria would have to crash and burn before she came to her senses. Nikki asked what if Victoria didn’t crash and burn. Victor was sure Ashland would screw up sooner or later – a leopard didn’t change his spots. Nikki said that Victoria could succeed without Ashland – with her talent and drive she could do anything. Nikki stated that if Ashland screwed up, Victoria could kick him to the curb and still find great success and happiness without Ashland and without the Newman family. Victor took Nikki’s hand and asked if she really thought he’d allow their daughter to slip away. She realized he had another plan – something besides making Adam CEO. He said he was waiting for Ashland and Victoria to make their next move. When that happened, Victor would have more cards to play against Ashland. Cards that would destroy that son of a bitch once and for all. They toasted.

Ashland and Victoria entered a suite in NY. He welcomed her to her new home, for the time being. He’d sold his penthouse, and real estate in Manhattan was a battleground, so they were here temporarily. He was so happy to be in this city with the woman he loved. He saw that she was scared, and he said it was rare to see her like that. Ashland followed Victoria to the balcony. He understood how scary this was for her. He said she took a life-changing step away from her family, whom she’d been close to for her entire life. Victoria said this wasn’t the first time she left her family – she once moved to Italy for a whole year and didn’t speak to any of them. He said this was different because she also walked away from the top job at one of the biggest conglomerates on the planet. He thought it was courageous and it had to be scary. He remembered when he left his family – he’d been desperate to get away from his father, but it wasn’t easy. She went back inside and admitted it was unsettling. He said it would take her time to adjust, but they were going to take this city by storm. He made her smile when he talked about the amazing life they were going to have in NY. He said their home would have bedrooms for the kids, and maybe even Harrison would be able to visit some day. She knew the kids would love Central Park. He said they were going to build an innovative business that would rival Newman Enterprises.

Victoria and Ashland got takeout from his favorite hole in the wall place. It reminded her of their first trip to NY. He didn’t like wasting time, and he knew she didn’t either, so he had some ideas for their new venture. She said she had some strong opinions too. Firstly, she didn’t want the name Newman anywhere near their new company. She wanted to slap down Adam and Newman Media, so she wanted a media division. Ashland said they might be able to poach some of their former colleagues at Newman Locke and that would be an excellent way to stick it to Adam and Victor. She said she wanted to find a way to use her art background and bring fine arts into the digital age. He thought that sounded innovative. She said her father would probably hate that idea, but it was a relief to say she didn’t give a damn what he thought. Ashland loved hearing that. Victoria said she was finally out from under her father’s shadow and she could leave an indelible mark on the world.

Ashland wanted to toast. He said they survived and they were making moves to take the world by storm. He said without her family and his past weighing them down, they were finally free. She laughed with him, but when he was focused on pouring the wine, her smile faded and she just stared at him. He filled their glasses and they clinked cups and smiled.

Adam walked into his new office at Newman Enterprises. The CEO’s office. Sally wasn’t far behind. She wrapped her arms around him and remarked that this was his now. Sally said this was her first tine in the inner sanctum. She thought they’d have to redecorate though, she said, while looking at the portrait of Victoria. She asked if they should have his painting commissioned. He said that wasn’t his style. He’d rather look at a painting of Sally all day. She thought that might confuse visitors. He suggested some modern abstract art. She didn’t care if he hung up Dogs Playing Poker; anything but his gloating sister. He didn’t want the poker picture because that would just remind him of Billy. He enjoyed telling Billy about his promotion and rendering him speechless for once. Sally asked Adam about his first move. He took down Victoria’s portrait, and Sally said well done.

Sally asked Adam how it felt to be back where he belonged. It felt good. He thanked her for coming with him at this late hour. She understood why he wanted to come. She thought he deserved time to soak it all in before he took over the reins tomorrow morning. He loved how well she could read him. He wanted to celebrate, and she’d already planned for that with champagne. He noted that he brought her champagne to celebrate her promotion. She felt you could never have too much of a good thing.

Adam was sitting at his desk, and Sally was sitting on top of it. She thought it was time the christen this office like they christened the Newman Media office. He used the button on the desk to close the door, and they kissed. Later, she was wearing his shirt and sitting on his lap. He toasted to Newman Enterprises. She toasted to them and their new future.
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Days Update Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Li Shin finishes a work call about sending out a press release in his room while Gabi wakes up in the bed. Li apologizes for waking her after she worked late. Gabi says it was worth it to finish the releases and asks if that’s what his phone call was about. Li says no and informs her that there is something she should know. Gabi then gets a message on her phone, announcing the death of Abigail DiMera.

Jack visits Gwen in prison and tells her that he has bad news about Abigail. Gwen reveals someone already told her and asks if it’s true that her sister was murdered. Jack responds that he’s sorry as he meant to tell her himself but he guesses the news is getting out. Gwen says she didn’t get all the details and asks if they know who is responsible.

Chad asks Kate how much she told Lucas and if she told him that Abigail knew he was Sami’s kidnapper. Chad screams at Kate to answer him. Kate tells Chad to try to calm down. Chad complains about Kate wanting him to calm down after his wife was stabbed to death in their bedroom. Chad declares that if Kate told Lucas that Abigail knew his secret, he could be the one.

Jennifer sits with Lucas at the Pub and talks about Abigail. Jennifer tearfully asks who would want to hurt her and why. Lucas responds that he just doesn’t know. Jennifer asks what kind of monster would attack Abigail so brutally in her own home. Lucas cries that he’s so sorry as it’s all his fault. Jennifer questions what he means and how it could be his fault. Lucas responds that he should have protected her and kept a closer eye on her while Jennifer was in Boston. Jennifer says he couldn’t possibly have known that some maniac was going to break in to her house. Jennifer tells Lucas not to do this to himself. Lucas cries that he should be comforting her, not the other way around. Jennifer assures that Abigail knew Lucas loved her and that he is not to blame for any of this.

Chad argues that if Lucas thought Abigail was going to expose his secret then he might have wanted to kill her to shut her up, so he would have had motive. Kate claims that she didn’t tell Lucas so he didn’t know that Abigail knew. Kate says even if he did know, he would never ever hurt Abigail. Chad cries asking who would’ve done something so horrible to his wife.

Steve walks outside the Pub, on the phone with Rafe, telling him to let him know if there’s anything he can do to help with the investigation as they need to find whoever did this to Abigail and bring them to justice, whatever it takes. Steve thanks Rafe and hangs up. Jake then approaches and says he didn’t mean to eavesdrop but asks if something happened to Abigail.

Gabi questions if this is some kind of sick joke. Li says he’s afraid not. Gabi argues that they have it wrong and he needs to retract the statement. Li says that EJ gave him the information himself. Gabi insists it must be wrong but Li reveals he checked with the police and confirmed Abigail is dead. Gabi asks if they are sure and says it could be a trick. Li assures it’s not and that he’s sorry to say this but Abigail was murdered, leaving Gabi in shock.

Jake is shocked to learn from Steve that Abigail has been murdered. Steve notes that Chad found her and assumes that someone in his famliy will fill him in on the details but Jake says it’s not likely as Abigail was really the only DiMera he got along with. Jake asks if the police has any leads. Steve says not yet. Steve adds that he needs to get inside because Jennifer is waiting for him. Jake sends his condolences as Steve then enters the Pub.

Kate wishes she could give Chad the answers he needs but she can’t. Kate has no idea why anyone would do this to Abigail, but she knows her heart is broken for him and his children. Chad admits he’s grasping at straws. Chad cries that he’s so sorry as he hugs Kate. Kate is sorry that she can’t be more of a comfort to him. Chad says that no one can be. Kate suggests he get some rest but Chad says he can’t rest as he just sees Abigail laying there covered in blood every time he closes his eyes. Chad remembers the last thing Abigail said to him. Kate asks if she gave him any clue as to what happened. Chad says that she just said they had a knife and he keeps racking his brain, trying to think of who would do this to his wife. Chad declares that the only person he can think of is Gwen, but she’s in prison so she couldn’t have done it.

Jack mentions the police not having any leads. Gwen asks if he came here to ask if she did it. Jack says of course not and questions why she would even think that. Gwen says it just crossed her mind is all because of everything that happened between her and Abigail in the past. Gwen wishes the last time she saw her hadn’t ended the way that it did. Jack asks when the last time she saw her was. Gwen responds that it was yesterday as she came to visit her. Jack asks why. Gwen guesses their last encounter sealed both of their fates forever.

Tripp goes to see Ava and informs her that he’s going to spend the summer with Joey and Stephanie since it will be awhile before he can get back to work while his ankle heals, so he figured he might as well enjoy a change of scenery until then. Ava asks if he’s coming back. Tripp confirms that he at least thinks so. Tripp says he has to clear his head and process everything that’s happened with Allie among other things like almost dying and being possessed by The Devil. Ava understands why he might need to be away. Ava asks what she’s going to do without him as she hugs him.

Jack doesn’t understand how Abigail’s visit sealed their fates. Gwen says she just meant because of how things ended so badly between them and now that she’s gone, she won’t ever have a chance to reconcile with her even if that may never have happened anyway. Jack thinks they would have eventually both gotten past the anger and resentment. Gwen guesses now they will never know.

Gabi tearfully informs Li that she and Abigail used to be best friends. Gabi says even after everything blew up, they had a connection. Li calls it a shame that they had a falling out. Gabi agrees as they spent a lot of time battling each other and tearing each other down. Gabi says every once in awhile they would find some common ground like they did with Gwen. Gabi tells Li about how they teamed up to bring Gwen down and it didn’t go as planned, but it felt nice to be on the same side again. Gabi cries that it was one of the few times where she had to stop Abigail from making things worse since it was usually the other way around. Li comments that it sounds like she was the yin to her yang as they were complete opposites who balanced each other out. Li declares that the shadow cannot exist without the light. Gabi cries that now that light is gone and asks what they are going to do without her as Li hugs her.

Kate knows Chad wants justice for Abigail but says he has to let the police find out who did it and focus on himself and his children now. Chad mentions that he hasn’t told the kids yet and cries that he doesn’t know how he’s going to. Kate encourages that Charlotte and Thomas are strong and asks where they are now. Chad informs her that EJ and Belle took them to Marlena’s last night. Kate says it’s good that they have so many people who love them and will be there for them. Kate asks if there’s anything she can do right now for Chad or the kids. Chad says not at the moment. Kate tells him to let her know. Chad agrees to and thanks her. Kate tells Chad that she loves him. Chad says he loves her too. Kate opens the door to leave right as Jake arrives. Kate tells Jake that it’s not a good time. Jake responds that he heard and that’s why he’s here. Jake tells Chad that he came to offer his condolences. Kate then exits. Chad admits he wasn’t expecting to see Jake here.

Gabi tells Li that she’s done so many awful things to Abigail so she doesn’t have the right to cry over her like this. Li understands that she may have been her enemy, but also her friend. Li doubts Abigail would begrudge her for her tears. Gabi thanks her and feels this is more than he bargained for by hooking up with her. Li assures her that he is all in through the good and the bad. Li calls Gabi the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on as they then kiss.

Jack asks Gwen why Abigail did come to visit her. Gwen explains that she asked her to because she made Jack a gift and wanted Abigail to deliver it to him since Abigail was planning to fly to Boston to surprise Jack for his birthday. Jack admits he didn’t know that and says he can’t ask Jennifer to go through Abigail’s things right now, so he’ll have to look himself for her gift. Gwen tells him not to bother as he won’t find it. Jack asks why not. Gwen thinks back to Abigail smashing her mug, but then claims to Jack that she dropped it and it shattered to pieces. Jack calls that too bad and asks if she couldn’t fix it. Gwen responds that much like her relationship with her sister, it was broken beyond repair.

Jake recalls to Chad how when he first found out he was a DiMera, Abigail had just gotten back from Florida and he fixed her car. Jake talks about how Abigail had a book in the backseat, “Never Let Me Go” by Ishiguro, and asked if he wanted to borrow it. Jake said he wasn’t much of a reader but Abigail insisted and he ended up liking it. Jake states that Abigail barely knew him when she insisted he borrow the book, but he always saw that as her reaching out to him and sharing a part of herself which meant a lot. Jake acknowledges that Abigail made a real effort to welcome him in to this family. Chad guesses he means unlike him. Chad hates that he made assumptions about Jake’s friendship with Abigail and he was an idiot to fall for Gwen’s lies and to betray Abigail in the worst way possible. Chad states that he hurt her badly and thought he had lost her for good, but they worked things out and they were happy. Chad cries that they were planning to have another baby. Jake gets up and comforts Chad as he breaks down crying.

Tripp tells Ava that he should get going since Steve is taking him to a farewell lunch before he goes to the airport. Ava tells them to have a good time. Tripp does feel guilty leaving since the timing isn’t ideal. Ava asks why that is. Tripp guesses she hasn’t heard and informs Ava that Abigail died last night. Ava asks what happened. Tripp reveals that someone broke in to her house and stabbed her then Chad brought her to the hospital but it was too late. Tripp calls it a terrible tragedy as she has two little kids and was such a wonderful person. Tripp says he still can’t believe it. Ava calls it horrible for her family. Ava asks if they have any suspects. Tripp says not yet.

Gwen asks Jack about he and Jennifer having to go view Abigail’s body, feeling that’s cruel to have them do that. Jack explains that nobody made them do it, they wanted to do it. Jack wanted to see Abigail and tell her so many things that he wanted to say before. Jack says it’s nothing compared to what’s happening for Thomas and Charlotte as they are going to grow up without their mother. Jack breaks down crying as Gwen encourages that Abigail knew how much he loved her and how lucky she was to have a father as wonderful and caring as him. Jack thanks her for saying that. Gwen tells Jack that she’s so sorry he’s going through this.

Steve sits with Jennifer and Lucas at the Pub. Steve offers to take Jennifer home which she accepts. Lucas and Jennifer hug and say goodbye. Lucas promises to check on her later. Kate enters the Pub and greets Jennifer, saying she’s so sorry about Abigail as she was a beautiful person and she respected her strength and love of family which she got from her. Jennifer thanks Kate and then exits with Steve. Kate sits with Lucas, who says that he hates to see Jennifer going through all of this. Kate mentions just leaving Chad. Lucas asks how he’s doing. Kate says it was so difficult as Chad is in so much pain. Kate adds that out of grief, Chad accused her of killing Abigail to keep her quiet because she knew about Lucas kidnapping Sami. Lucas calls that ridiculous since she would never hurt Abigail. Kate responds that of course she wouldn’t, but she can’t help thinking, would Lucas?

Jack tells Gwen that he has to get back to Jennifer as she doesn’t know where he is since he didn’t tell her he was coming to see Gwen. Gwen sends her condolences. Jack tells Gwen to take care of herself. Gwen wishes Jack a happy birthday as he then exits.

Jake exits the DiMera Mansion and runs in to Gabi as she is arriving. Gabi questions what Jake is doing there. Jake responds that he came to see Chad. Gabi asks how he is. Jake asks how she thinks as he just lost the love of his life. Gabi remarks that she knows what that’s like but says she’s talking about Stefan of course. Jake remarks that Gabi has bounced back right in to Li Shin’s bed. Jake asks if they are a thing now. Gabi asks why he cares since she hears he and Ava are no longer just roommates. Jake says it looks like they’ve both moved on so they have nothing else to talk about. Jake says he’ll see Gabi at the office and walks off.

Lucas questions Kate thinking he killed Abigail. Kate admits it crossed his mind and reveals it crossed Chad’s mind too. Lucas says she can’t be serious. Kate clarifies that she covered by telling Chad that Lucas didn’t know that Abigail knew his secret, so that he wouldn’t have a motive. Kate adds that they both know that he could, because he was very upset when she told him about Abigail and then he didn’t show up for dinner. Kate then notices Lucas’s bandaged hand and asks what he did. Lucas responds that he doesn’t know. Kate questions what that means. Lucas reveals that after they talked last night, he fell off the wagon and blacked out so he has no memory of what he did last night.

Tripp meets Steve in the town square for his farewell lunch. Tripp asks Steve if he’s sure he shouldn’t stick around given the circumstances of everyone being shocked about Abigail and says he could put off leaving. Steve tells him they will be alright, but he’s sorry he couldn’t give him a better sendoff. Tripp calls this perfect and reminds him of when they first started to get to know each other. Steve toasts to the best son a man could ever ask for and says he’ll miss him. Tripp promises to come back soon.

Jack sits with Jennifer at home and apologizes for not telling her that he was going to see Gwen as he didn’t know how she would take it. Jennifer says it’s fine and she’s glad he did since Gwen is his daughter and Abigail’s sister, so she deserved to hear the news from him. Jack reveals Gwen had already heard by the time he got there. Jennifer asks how she took it. Jack says obviously there was no love lost between her and Abigail, but he could tell that Abigail’s death shook her more than she was letting on.

Ava goes to see Gwen at prison and says she’s glad she caught her as she just heard about Abigail. Gwen questions Ava coming all this way to give her condolences. Ava clarifies that she came to ask Gwen if she did it.

Chad stares at a photo of Abigail as Gabi enters the DiMera Mansion and tells him that she’s so sorry, calling it such a terrible tragedy. Gabi says her heart goes out to him and his children. Chad thanks her. Gabi knows he’s skeptical about her feelings for Abigail. Gabi admits they had a lot of problems but she loved her very much and it’s complicated. Chad says that’s one word for it. Gabi likes to think they had gotten to an okay place over the past year and she hopes Abigail thought so too. Gabi declares that whoever did this made a huge mistake because nobody but her gets to mess with Abigail Deveraux-DiMera, so they are going to find the son of a bitch who did this and make them pay.

Kate questions how Lucas could do something so stupid after working so hard to get sober. Lucas suggests the pressure of keeping his secret finally got to him. Kate questions if he started drinking when she left the Pub. Lucas admits that he stole a bottle from behind the bar, got totally wasted, and woke up with a massive hangover and he has no memory of what he did after leaving the Pub. Kate asks if he even knows what he did. Lucas says he has no idea and just woke up with this cut on his hand which could’ve been from a knife. Kate asks if Lucas thinks he could’ve killed Abigail. Lucas wishes he could say of course not, but tearfully admits he’s not sure.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Devon and Lily were in the ballroom preparing for their speeches. They were happy about how well the party went and excited for the rest of the night.

Out in the lounge, Jack and Jill talked about Chancellor Winters. She spoke approvingly of the merger and told him to imagine if all business deals were done this way – with respect, equality and admiration. He grinned and said it sounded boring. They reminisced about the way they did business in the old days, knocking their foes down and having fun doing it. Jill said Devon and Lily were much nicer people than she and Jack were. She shifted gears and said she heard Diane rose from the grave. He guessed one of his siblings told Jill. Jill said you couldn’t keep something like that secret – besides, she saw Diane here tonight, and she noticed that Nikki was horrified. Jill didn’t understand why Jack had been so civil with Diane tonight. He said this wasn’t the time or the place. She’d heard the craziness with Diane brought him to the granddaughter he never knew he had. Her heart was with Jack over the loss of his son, but what a gift the granddaughter must be. Jack beamed and said getting to know Allie had been a godsend. Amanda came up to talk to Jack, so Jill drifted off.

Jack congratulated Amanda on tonight. He was sure that it was nice to work with Devon. She said it made the right difference having the right person in your corner. She brought up Phyllis. Amanda wasn’t taking sides, and she hoped Jack was okay, but it sounded like Phyllis made a mistake, and she was very sorry about it. Jack was sorry too.

Abby asked everyone to join her in the ballroom. Imani wished Nate luck, adding that he didn’t need it. As Nikki and Victor exited the lounge, he wondered where Adam was. She was sure he’d be there, since he must be curious about what Victor had to say to him.

Adam fixed his tie, at his office, while Sally was on the phone trying to fix a server issue. He offered to stay and help, but she figured he shouldn’t keep his dad waiting. He didn’t see why it was so important for him to go to this party. Victor’s text had been so vague. He supposed it would be a good idea to find out what Lily and Devon were planning. She kissed him goodbye, and he said he’d be back later with a full report.

Chance called Abby to tell her he was finished with the case. It went really well, and he was going to meet her at the hotel for the rest of the party. After the call ended, Abby spotted Diane and yelled at her for crashing the event. Jack overheard. Diane asked if Phyllis hired Abby as a personal bouncer. Abby said she was running a party that Diane wasn’t welcome at. Diane said she wasn’t here for the party, but she’d be staying in town for a while, so Abby had better get used to it. Diane said that dealing with hateful people like Abby made her stronger. “We’ll see,” Abby said. She walked off. Jack approached and told Diane things wouldn’t get easier any time soon. She said she could take it because she only cared about Kyle. Diane asked if Jack thought Kyle would eventually turn his back on her the way she did to him. She worried that the haters were going to get to Kyle. Jack didn’t want to discuss this now. He said he was missing the presentation. She apologized. He told her he’d meet her for dinner later tonight.

Chance was startled to see Diane leaving the hotel as he entered. He asked Abby about it. Abby didn’t know why Diane came, but she was gone now. Abby didn’t want to jinx it, but this could be the first event at The Grand Phoenix where nothing went wrong. He said it was because Abby was running things.

In her speech, Lily promised that tonight was the beginning of exciting things to come that would change the business landscape forever. Lily said tonight was a personal dream because she was getting to carry on the legacies of Katherine and her father, Neil. She acknowledged the owner and former CEO of Chancellor, Jill Abbott. Everyone clapped. Lily said Jill was an amazing businesswoman who understood her vision and got behind it. Lily introduced her fellow CEO, and brother, Devon. She felt lucky and grateful to have a brother who was such a creative executive and one of the sharpest business minds she knew. She introduced their COOs, Billy and Nate. She said this merger was more than a business venture – it was a family. They were a team and they were united in their vision.

Devon gave his speech. He thanked Lily for convincing him to do this merger. He said she realized immediately what he now saw – that this company was going to achieve great things. He likened this event to the christening of a ship – the team knew where they were going, but they weren’t ready to hand over the map just yet. Nate looked disappointed. The reporters asked for some specifics, but Devon would only give vague assurances that they had exciting things in store. A reporter asked Devon why he dropped his name and his mother’s from the company. Devon said that they were rebranding LP as Hamilton Streaming, so the name wasn’t dropped.

Devon handed the floor to Nate. Imani was in the crowd watching expectantly. She smiled in approval when Nate said he was going to go off script and answer the reporter’s questions about some of their future plans. Nate revealed that Chancellor Winters would be launching fifty new podcasts, each one with a unique take on a specific topic. Lily, Devon and Billy all looked tense as Nate did his own thing.

After the event, Nikki and Victor told Lily and Devon that they were impressive tonight. Nikki recalled that, awhile ago, Lily had asked her for insight on how Katherine would handle things in Lily’s shoes. Nikki thought that Lily really embraced the way Katherine lived her life with this merger – blazing a bold new trail. Devon appreciated the sentiments, especially because Newman Enterprises would be one of their biggest competitors.

Abby was glad the party went well. Chance was sorry – his mind was still on the arrest. Abby asked him to tell her about it. He said it went down in classic style – blood was pumping and danger was in the air. She didn’t like the sound of danger, but he said it was all fine. He wished he could tell Rey about it. He felt like he was getting his groove back. He felt like he was meant to do this, tonight, and he hadn’t felt like that in a long time. She asked again about the danger in the air. He reiterated that there was nothing to worry about.

Nate was surrounded by a gaggle of reporters hoping for more details, but he said he wasn’t going to spill everything tonight. Imani was with her date, Giancarlo, but she was looking at Nate. Nate cut things short and approached Devon. Nate defended his speech. He went with his gut, and he thought it paid off. People were more curious before the speech, and now they were even more interested after getting a taste of what was to come. He apologized for going off script, but he was convinced it was the right move. Nate said he’d only shared a quarter of what he’d wanted to say. Lily and Billy came up. Lily hated to admit it, but she thought Nate was right. She and Billy had heard from some other people who reacted positively to Nate’s decision to share some specifics. Billy said that executive, Gwen, that Devon and Nate met with a few days ago, was now 100% on board.

Lily, Billy and Nate seemed pleased, but Devon was more subdued. Everyone toasted to Nate, with Devon grudgingly stating that he guessed it all worked out for the best, this time. Imani found Nate alone later, and told him he did the right thing taking her advice. He admitted he was nervous, which he always was when giving speeches. She said that it didn’t show. She thought he was being too humble, and she didn’t understand it because she thought he was an engaging speaker who made a few women swoon with his speech. Amanda came up and saw Nate and Imani.

Adam showed up at the hotel and met with Nikki and Victor. Victor hoped Adam put out whatever fire at Newman Media that kept him from coming earlier. Adam said that Sally was finishing up the last of it. He stated that she’d really stepped up. Victor said that tomorrow, he’d make an announcement that Adam was the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam beamed. He said he was a little caught off guard, but he had a lot of ideas. He looked forward to being co-CEO with Nikki. Nikki said she and Victoria were a team, and she couldn’t imagine having the same working relationship with Adam, so she’d be stepping back to her COO position. Adam accepted that. Victor said it was a good thing, because this way the CEO title would be entirely Adam’s. Adam smiled and said he appreciated the vote of confidence.

Adam asked if this meant Sally would be running Newman Media, and Victor said yes. Nikki and Victor left. Billy walked up to Adam and said he was surprised to see him there. Adam noted that he’d been invited. Billy said he and Lily thought it fair to invite Adam, since he invited them to Newman Media’s launch. Adam thought the launch parties had a similar vibe – same venue and a lot of the same people. Billy said that they were going to skip the ice bucket shenanigans. Billy bragged about Chancellor Winters posing a challenge for Newman Media. Adam said that Newman Media would no longer be a stifled division under Victoria’s thumb – it would have the power of Newman Enterprises behind it. He said that tomorrow, he’d become CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam said while Chancellor Winters would be busy selling off divisions, he might be buying them to become bigger, better and stronger.

Imani introduced herself to Jill and sang Nate’s praises. Jill said she knew Nate – he operated on her grandson years ago. Imani said Nat excelled at everything he tried. Amanda strolled over with Chance. She said she needed to borrow her sister, but she brought Jill company. Amanda and Imani left. Jill asked Chance if Nate lived with Elena. Chance said yes. “Elena better watch out for that one,” Jill said of Imani.

Imani wanted to know why Amanda stopped her from networking with Jill. Amanda said that she noticed Giancarlo was alone. Amanda also felt that Nate didn’t need Imani praising him to Jill. She suspected that if Imani had known Nate would be here alone, she would’ve turned Giancarlo down. Amanda ordered Imani to keep her distance from Nate for the rest of the night. Imani loved Amanda, but she was tired of the orders. She told Amanda to back off.

Imani apologized to Giancarlo for not spending a lot of time with him tonight. She said she’d tried to work the room a bit. He understood, since this was a business function. She said she saw him networking too, but she thought he spent a fair bit of time with Claire from accounting for her liking. He asekd if she was jealous, and she said she didn’t get jealous. He inited her to get a nightcap, but she said she was tired, so she was going to bed. He asked if she’d be thinking of him. “If you’re lucky,” she said. He smiled and left.

When Nate got home, Elena was sleeping on the couch. She woke up and asked about the party. He said it surpassed his wildest expectations. He said he went a little rogue with his speech, and it paid off, and even Lily had to admit he was right. Elena asked how Devon was. Nate thought his couin seemed good with things. Nate felt like he was in the exact right place at the exact right time. Things would’ve been perfect if Elena had been there.

Devon and Amanda went home. He was happy about their evening, except he thought Nate was potentially proving to be a handful. Amanda was sure that this was just Nate finding his footing in the business world. Devon hoped that was all it was. Amanda told him to stop looking for trouble. She was sure everything would be fine. She told him the night wasn’t over yet, and they kissed.

Lily and Billy were still at the hotel. He told her to hell with Adam, and the company he snagged by default. She said she hadn’t given Adam a second thought. He thought she did good tonight. He was going to show her how he felt about an hour from now. She said she couldn’t have done this without him. He told her that this success was all hers. They hugged, and he looked troubled.

At Society, Diane fixed her hair when she saw Jack heading inside. Jack assured Diane that Kyle indicated that he was warming to her and wanted her in his life. Diane wept tears of joy. She said that made dealing with the rest of the town more manageable. She suggested that eventually, Jack would find a way to tolerate her too. He told her again that he was staying neutral, but he said if this was a facade, she’d regret it. She wasn’t sure what to do to get him to believe her. She was exhausted trying to hold her head up high while the townspeople were lobbing grenades at her. He didn’t feel sorry for her. She wasn’t asking for pity. She said she’d get through this, especially after he confirmed that there was still hope. Diane was sorry because it seemed that her presence in this town caused Phyllis to leave at a time when she and Jack were getting closer. Jack refused to discuss Phyllis with Diane.

Diane told Jack that tonight wasn’t so bad – a meal and a non-combative conversation. He thought her definition of non-combative might be skewed. She laughed. Diane was annoyed when she saw Nikki and Victor walk in. Nikki was also dismayed. Diane and Jack were done, so they left. Nikki didn’t understand why Jack was spending time with Diane or why people like Diane and Ashland were so easily forgiven.

Sally was delighted when Adam returned with champagne. She thought he stole it from the party for her. He said he bought it for a special occasion and he wanted something better than the cheap stuff Devon and Lily sprung for. He told her she was looking at the CEO of Newman Enterprises, and he was looking at the beautiful CEO of Newman Media. She was thrilled. He said this didn’t go exactly as expected, but they pulled it off. She suggested they commemorate this moment, and they shared a kiss.

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