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Update written by Joseph

Roman checks on Kate in bed. She complains that she’s wide awake and thought coming here instead of the hospital would help. Roman says he has something that might help as he then brings in her son Rex, who greets her with a hug.

Stephanie goes to the hospital as Steve is finishing a call. Stephanie confronts Steve over not updating her on Kayla. Stephanie questions not hearing from him that Kayla got so sick that she was in the hospital. Steve says he didn’t want to worry her. Stephanie argues that she’s not a child and complains that she had to hear it from Eric, who thought she already knew that not only is Kayla sick but so are Marlena and Kate. Stephanie asks if they are going to make it. Steve responds that right now, they just don’t know.

John prays in the chapel and talks about whipping the Devil again, but now they are up against another force of darkness in Orpheus. John prays for God to give Kayla, Kate, and Marlena the strength to fight this. Brady enters and tells him that Eric and Belle are in with Marlena now as she sleeps. John mentions sitting up with her all night. John says he wants to help the woman he loves from suffering but there’s not a damn thing he can do except pray as Brady hugs him.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room with flowers and gift bags. Chloe questions what he’s doing here and reminds him that she’s with Brady now so he stopped by for no reason. Stefan responds that he came to wish her a happy birthday.

Dr. Rolf works in his lab until Kristen comes in and startles him. Dr. Rolf tells her that he’s working on perhaps his most important project ever. Kristen says she has a new project for him, so he’s going to have put that one on hold. Dr. Rolf questions what it is. Kristen doesn’t know the technical term but tells Dr. Rolf that she needs him to fry Chloe’s brain.

Steve apologizes to Stephanie for not telling her but he wanted to wait until they had a better idea as to what they are dealing with. Steve mentions waiting on more test results. Stephanie argues that it’s just like when Marlena and Kayla were kidnapped and asks what his excuse is this time. Stephanie points out that he clearly still doesn’t have the information. Steve informs her that what they do now is that Orpheus is behind this too.

John tells Brady that he just talked to Roman, who said Kate and Kayla are failing just like Marlena and their fevers are getting worse. John adds that the medication isn’t doing anything and they can’t find a cure unless they find out exactly what Orpheus did to them. John mentions that even the ISA are totally stumped. John complains about having to just sit here and wait.

Rex tells Kate that he came as soon as he heard. Rex feels Kate should be in the hospital. Kate asks what the point is since there is nothing they can do for her, so she wishes Rex hadn’t come. Rex says it’s too bad because he’s here to watch her get better. Rex encourages that they will figure out what’s making her sick and find a cure and he will be by her side until they do.

Stefan praises Chloe and gives her flowers for her birthday. Stefan asks if she has any special plans or if anyone is throwing her a party. Chloe says no. Stefan questions if no one else remembered her birthday. Chloe admits that no one did. Stefan points out that only he did.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that he does not fry brains. Kristen complains that Chloe’s is so small that it won’t be too challenging. Dr. Rolf asks Kristen to go because he’s busy. Kristen argues that she can’t let Chloe get away with what happened. Dr. Rolf responds that she doesn’t need him, she needs a lawyer. Kristen tells him about how she represented herself and she was so close to victory, but then suddenly the judge ruled against her. Kristen blames Chloe since she saw Chloe skulking around the court house right before the decision. Kristen doesn’t know what Chloe did but says she definitely pulled something and now she’s lost her daughter. Dr. Rolf wishes he could help her. Kristen tells him that he is going to help her and together, they are going to stop that homewrecking whore once and for all.

Stefan questions all of the people that Chloe loves forgetting her birthday. Chloe wants to drop the subject and says it’s totally understandable that it was forgotten. Stefan calls her awfully forgiving. Chloe feels there’s nothing to forgive since her father just went through a horrible divorce and breakup while her mother almost married a murderer, so she’s obviously a mess. Stefan says he’s sorry about that. Chloe is glad Nancy found out about Clyde before their wedding, but she can’t believe what he did to Abigail and Sonny and that he tried to kill Chad too. Stefan is glad EJ shot him and saved Chad’s life. Chloe mentions that Clyde survived. Chloe says the point is that her parents have so much going on that they probably don’t know what day it is. Chloe jokes that her little sister has never remembered her birthday so that’s no surprise. Stefan says all of that makes sense and is understandable, but questions what Brady’s excuse is.

John tells Brady that he’s been so wrapped up with Marlena that he didn’t even ask him about the custody hearing or apologize for losing it on the stand. Brady tells him not to worry about it as the case is closed and he won, so he still has custody of Rachel. John calls that great news and says he’s so glad it went his way. Brady notes that he has Chloe to thank since she went to bat for him with the judge and it made all the difference. John tells him that he and Marlena are so happy that Brady and Chloe are back together again.

Roman assures that they are going to find a cure and he knows Kate believed that when she checked herself out of the hospital. Kate wishes she still felt that way, but it’s hard to be optimistic when she keeps feeling worse. Kate doesn’t see how they can find a cure when they don’t know what’s wrong. Rex encourages that they will and they are on it. Rex says Roman gave him all the information so he’s gone over all of it. Rex adds that he will confer with other doctors but he’s pretty sure it’s not a natural pathogen. Roman asks if he’s saying this could be man made by Orpheus. Rex says he could be proven wrong, but right now he thinks Orpheus created this in a lab.

Kristen tells Dr. Rolf that all he has to do is kidnap Chloe, bring her here, and then zap her love for Brady out of her brain and strengthen her love and feelings for Stefan. Dr. Rolf says it’s out of the question. Kristen argues that he did it with Stefan and that she’s simply asking him to make he and Chloe’s feelings reciprocal. Kristen yells at him to get on it and get started now. Dr. Rolf repeats that it’s out of the question.

Steve and Stephanie go to Kayla’s hospital room. Stephanie hugs Kayla and apologizes for not being there sooner. Kayla says it’s okay as she didn’t want Steve to worry her. Kayla says she wants to go check on Marlena but they tell her that she has to take care of herself too. Steve assures her that Marlena is getting top notch care. Steve decides he will go check with Marlena to make Kayla feel better while Stephanie stays with Kayla.

Chloe tells Stefan that Brady forgot her birthday because he has so much going on right now too as he’s at the hospital with John because Marlena is very sick. Stefan apologizes as he didn’t know. Chloe adds that Brady also just went through a brutal custody battle with Stefan’s sister that was very stressful for him. Stefan asks if Kristen won. Chloe says she didn’t but the whole fight took a toll on Brady and now Marlena has a horrible disease. Stefan says he will definitely pray for Marlena as she was always kind to him even though he was not kind to her. Stefan admits he regrets locking Marlena up in the DiMera tunnels secret room. Stefan decides that Chloe has made it abundantly clear that she is in love with Brady, so he’s not going to push it and won’t pop in anymore. Stefan apologizes if he made her feel uncomfortable. Chloe is sure it’s not easy coming back after four years. Stefan assures he will get over it eventually. Stefan hopes they can still be friends.

Dr. Rolf asks Kristen if she forgot they were recently pardoned. Kristen argues that she is the one who got him the pardon. Dr. Rolf says he’s grateful but he does not want to return to prison and he already put his freedom at risk by conditioning Stefan. Kristen argues that no one knows about that and they only know he kept Stefan alive for four years and brought him back with a new heart so he’s in the DiMeras good graces. Dr. Rolf wants to stay that way and play by the rules, so he strongly advises she do the same. Kristen questions sitting back and letting Chloe steal her life. Dr. Rolf worries that if Kristen kidnaps Chloe, they will send her back to prison. Kristen argues that the cops in town are too stupid to catch her. Dr. Rolf points out that she would end up on the run again and would never see Rachel again. Kristen complains that Brady won’t let her see Rachel now and blames Chloe for convincing him to cut her out of the picture. Kristen declares that she won’t stand for that and she will have her family back. Dr. Rolf knows how determined she is but he is equally determined to hold on to his freedom. Dr. Rolf declares that if Kristen wants to kidnap and brainwash Chloe, she’ll have to do it without him.

Rex asks if Kate thinks Orpheus has access to a lab. Kate doesn’t know why not since he has resources all over the world. Rex feels this would have to be local. Roman points out that Orpheus and Dr. Rolf were pardoned on the same day. Rex questions if he thinks that crazy bastard is involved in this. Roman points out that they teamed up before. Rex says Dr. Rolf is known to engineer things. Rex recalls when Roman was sick in South America. Roman notes that was 25 years ago. Rex says it would be a bizarre coincidence but he wonders if Kate, Marlena, and Kayla could have the exact same illness.

Kristen pleads with Dr. Rolf to be reasonable. Dr. Rolf feels he’s done enough for her already and begs her to leave him to his work. Kristen comments on everything he does being expensive. Kristen offers an infusion of cash to fuel his grand ambitions. Kristen says if Dr. Rolf helps her with Chloe, she’ll make it worth his while. Dr. Rolf says she’s wasting their time. Kristen tells him to think about what he can do with all that money. Dr. Rolf refuses to make Chloe a subject. Kristen then argues that he’s dishonoring Stefano’s memory by refusing to help her. Dr. Rolf thinks Stefano would respect that he has far more important things to deal with than her love life. Kristen asks like what. Dr. Rolf then informs her that Orpheus broke in and stole a deadly toxin. Kristen argues that Orpheus is back behind bars so it’s not like he can do anything with it. Dr. Rolf responds that she’s wrong because he already has.

Stephanie can’t believe Orpheus did this to Kayla. Stephanie brings up Steve warning her that he was a serious threat and she just thought he was being overprotective. Kayla starts coughing so Stephanie asks if she should get a nurse. Kayla says a nurse can’t help her but having her there is lifting her spirits, so she is all she needs. Stephanie thinks they need to call Joey and Tripp to let them know what’s going on. Kayla doesn’t want them jumping on a plane. Stephanie says they will as soon as they find out she’s in the hospital and she can’t stop them. Kayla asks Stephanie to put a positive PR spin on this.

Brady and John come out from the chapel and run in to Steve at the hospital. Steve says he just talked with Dr. Patel, who said there has been no change and all they can do now is treat the symptoms. Steve says they just have to hope the ISA will come through with answers. John wants to go confront Orpheus at the police station but Steve reveals he tried that yesterday and almost killed him. Brady questions what happened. Steve says Orpheus pushed his buttons until he lost it, so if John goes now, the same thing will happen and it won’t help. John complains that they need something to go on. Steve feels someone is going to crack this open soon.

Roman questions Rex thinking that Kate, Kayla, and Marlena could have the same illness that he had 25 years ago. Rex calls it a hunch but thinks it’s worth looking in to. Roman points out that the circumstances couldn’t be more different since he was undercover with the ISA on another continent. Rex points out that he was exposed to a deadly toxin and he thinks it could be the same. Kate agrees that it makes a strange sort of sense since Orpheus’ vendetta begins with Roman as he targets him for his wife’s death. Roman admits that Orpheus did seem to single him out in the Pub. Rex says this would be poetic justice for Orpheus. Rex wants to compare Roman’s medical records from back then to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena’s. Roman gives Rex his permission. Rex tells Kate that they will figure this out and she will be cured of whatever this is. Rex says goodbye to them and exits for the hospital.

Stephanie calls Joey and tells him about Kayla. Stephanie assures that if she thought he needed to come, she would have booked his ticket already. Stephanie tells Kayla that Joey wants to talk to her but Kayla says no. Stephanie then claims that one of Kayla’s doctors just walked in and promises to call Joey back, then hangs up. Stephanie tells Kayla that she can’t put them off forever. Kayla knows she hates lying to them. Stephanie questions why Kayla didn’t want to talk to Joey. Kayla says she doesn’t feel well and he would hear it in her voice while she feels she needs to be strong. Stephanie hugs her as they cry.

Rex goes to the hospital and greets John and Steve. Rex informs them that he has a hunch about what’s going on with Kate, Kayla, and Marlena but he needs to get on a computer to look up old records. Steve is sure Kayla wouldn’t mind him using her office. Rex says he won’t be long because he knows what he’s looking for. John asks if there is anything they can do. Rex tells them to stick around because if he’s correct, he might need their help.

Dr. Rolf informs Kristen that Orpheus stole this toxin and then used it to make Marlena, Kate, and Kayla very sick. Kristen realizes that’s what John meant when he said Marlena could be dying. Kristen asks if it’s really that bad. Dr. Rolf responds that she should not be surprised since she’s seen this illness before when it almost killed Roman. Kristen questions him saying that the women have the same illness that Roman had 25 years ago. Dr. Rolf confirms that and if anything happens to them, he could be blamed since Orpheus stole the toxin from him. Dr. Rolf declares that now she can understand why he doesn’t have time for her ridiculous obsession with Chloe.

Stefan asks Chloe if he can still give her his birthday gifts as a friend. Stefan gives her a bottle of champagne and suggests they have a toast. Chloe thinks it’s a little early, so Stefan offers her a mimosa which Chloe admits does sound good. Stefan pours their glasses and toasts to the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met. Brady then walks in to see them having drinks together. Brady questions what the hell is going on here. Stefan says he’d expect Brady to comment on it being amazing that he’s alive. Brady says he’s glad to see that but he’s not glad to see him with his girl having drinks. Chloe clarifies that it’s okay as Stefan knows she and Brady are in a relationship and that they were just establishing that they are just friends. Stefan adds that he just came by to wish his friend a happy birthday. Brady realizes he forgot her birthday. Chloe tells him it’s okay as she doesn’t like making it a big deal. Brady apologizes and promises they will do something fun tonight. Stefan comments that he’d ask Brady to join them in a toast but he’s still not drinking. Brady wants some alone time with his girl so Stefan agrees to get out of his hair. Stefan tells Chloe happy birthday and that he’ll see her sometime soon. Stefan finishes his drink and then exits the room.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that so far, no one knows he was in possession of that toxin, but if it were ever traced back to him then he’d be in a world of trouble. Kristen questions what the hell he was doing with it anyways. Dr. Rolf says he was preserving it for research purposes and never meant to hurt anyone. Kristen points out that he did and if anything happens to Marlena, Rachel would be devastated. Kristen adds that Dr. Rolf saved Roman once when Stefano instructed him to come up with a cure. Dr. Rolf recalls Stefano offering to trade the cure from his freedom from prison. Kristen remembers them bringing John and Hope to his lab. Dr. Rolf says only Stefano’s brilliant mind could conceive the projects he had him working on. Kristen reminds him of how he perfected the cure for Roman and says he cured this disease once before, so she asks if he can do it again.

Rex shows John and Steve the lab results of Roman’s from 25 years ago which are very similar to Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Rex admits the symptoms are slightly different but Orpheus infected them with a very serious toxin so he thinks the best way to treat this illness is the same way they treated Roman’s and to pray that it cures them.

Stefan returns to the DiMera Mansion and tells the portrait of Stefano that he’s making progress and taking it one step at a time. Stefan declares that he will win because whenever he wants something, he goes after it with a vengeance and he wants Chloe Lane, so he will not stop until she’s his.

Brady questions Stefan just showing up and not even calling. Chloe confirms that he did. Brady is sure Stefan was happy that he wasn’t there and that he forgot her birthday. Chloe assures it’s okay as he has so much going on. Chloe asks how Marlena is doing. Brady says it’s not good as her symptoms are getting worse just like Kate and Kayla. Brady worries about if they don’t find a cure as Chloe hugs him.

Stephanie talks to Kayla about how she used to take care of her when she was sick, so now she wants to take care of her. Stephanie calls it a rare opportunity to take care of her and says she loves her so much.

Roman tells Kate that he just got a text from Rex and he’s in to the hospital system. Roman encourages Kate that he has total confidence that Rex can help her. Kate hopes so as she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. Roman tells her not to give up as she has to hang on for him and her kids. Roman says he loves her way too much to let her give up.

Kristen comments on Dr. Rolf looking exhausted. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s been working around the clock. Kristen asks him to tell her what he’s been working on. Dr. Rolf decides that he will instead show her.

John tells Rex that curing Roman was a bit more complicated than just getting a prescription because he and Hope had to go through the jungle to find the rare orchid that Dr. Rolf used for the serum. Steve declares that they need to get their hands on one of those orchids then.

Dr. Rolf presents the orchid to Kristen as the key to bringing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla from the brink of death. Dr. Rolf declares that this can save their lives.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, September 22, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva</p

Diane: I am warning you, Phyllis. Back off.

Phyllis: You’re warning me? Really? Diane, this is one of those teachable moments. Really, it’s teachable. I mean, “back off.” It doesn’t really have a lot of heat. “Back off or…” is really a threat. So you want to try it again?

Diane: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Back off!

Jack: Diane. I can hear you all the way down the hall. What is going on here?

Phyllis: Diane seems to be reconnecting with her authentic self.

Diane: No, I’m sorry, jack. I just — things got a little heated, and —

Jack: Well, try to cool things down would you? Kyle and summer just laid down the law. They made very clear boundaries about this kind of thing. If they’d walked in on this instead of me, you two would be out of a job right now.


Traci: [Gasps] Oh. Oh. [Chuckling] Allie. Oh, my god. What are you doing here?

[Both chuckle]

Allie: Terrifying you, apparently.

Traci: No, no, no, no. I’m fine. I mean, my tablet is still dry, and my tea is still wet, so I’m good, but what about you?

Allie: I’m doing okay. Why do you ask?

Traci: Well because I’m used to having this couple of hours to myself in here. You know, I can spread out and I can work and I can procrastinate to my heart’s content because all of you are at jabot.

Allie: Working on anything interesting?

Traci: Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. It is about this brilliant scientist who loves being in the laboratory until one afternoon she’s home instead of at work.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Ava decides to stay with Nina instead of going home with Nikolas, but she is thrilled to finally be getting out of the hospital.

Chase gets ready to sing at the Savoy, but he is unaware that Selena Wu plans to use his performance as a cover for one of her poker games.

Valentin considers asking Nina to help him get access to Charlotte at the boarding school where Victor is holding her hostage.

Elizabeth asks Gregory how well he knew Film’s wife Reiko.

Victor visits Spencer and finds him with a bruised face. Spencer explains to his uncle that the Bentonville prisoners are beating him up because they know that his rich relatives are paying guards to protect him. Spencer tells his uncle not to protect him, that he will just keep his head down and stay out of the way. Spencer gets punched by a prisoner in the prison library because he refused to pick up a book the man dropped on the floor.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Devon tells Lily that he is worried about Nate and Elena’s relationship because when he spoke to Elena earlier he found out she was staying at a hotel. Devon explains to Lily that Elena was Nate’s voice of reason and without her he might be inclined to more risky behavior when it comes to Chancellor Winters. Lily doesn’t think Nate and Elena’s relationship is any of their business.

Nikki tells Victor that Deacon saw Diane being chauffeured around in a Bentley sometimes with a man in the car. Nikki shows Victor a picture Deacon gave her with a partial license plate of the Bentley and she says she found out the car is owned by an and entertainment company.

The mystery man in Diane’s hotel room reminds her they had an agreement and she hasn’t kept her part of their deal. The man wants to go to Kyle and Summer’s vow renewal because he thinks it would be the perfect time to reveal his identity to the Abbott family. Diane persuades him that now isn’t the right time to do that and later the man looks at pictures of the Abbotts on his phone.

The vow renewal begins with Summer wearing a beautiful dress and Harrison walking her down the aisle. Noah, Mariah, and Tessa officiate the ceremony together and they welcome the guests to the ceremony.

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Days Update Thursday, September 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefan asks EJ about it taking all night to determine he was justified in shooting Clyde. EJ is glad Stefan shares their family loyalty. Stefan acknowledges that he and Chad are not on the best of terms right now, but he’s still a DiMera. Stefan declares that EJ saved Chad’s life and brought Abigail’s killer to justice, so he’s forever grateful for that. EJ knows Abigail was very dear to him. Stefan admits he thought he loved her once, but it turned out just to be obsession. Stefan adds that he didn’t know what love was until he met Chloe Lane.

Ava goes to the DiMera Office and tells Gabi that she just heard the news. Ava asks Gabi if it’s true that Stefan DiMera is really alive.

Chanel comes out of the bedroom at Allie’s apartment and finds Johnny sleeping shirtless on the couch. Johnny then wakes up and asks what Chanel is looking at. Chanel comments that he lost his blanket and picks it up for him. Chanel asks if he slept okay. Johnny jokes about them not having the air conditioning on. Allie then comes out from the bedroom and tells Johnny hello and goodbye.

Gabi confirms to Ava that Stefan is alive. Ava calls it amazing and asks if Gabi is so happy. Ava realizes that when she thought she was hallucinating her dead husband, she was actually seeing Gabi’s dead husband who is actually alive which means she’s not crazy. Gabi responds that she’s not so sure about that.

Chad returns to Abigail’s grave with flowers. Chad says there is so much he wants to say to Abigail but he doesn’t know where to start. Chad then imagines Abigail appearing before him which makes him cry.

Gabi tells Ava that first she saw “Jake” at the DiMera Mansion and she passed out but Li said he didn’t see anything unusual. Ava questions Gabi trying to say that she first hallucinated Jake and then saw Stefan, asking what the odds are of that. Gabi decides that whatever happened, it’s best for both of them if she’s not crazy. Ava agrees. Gabi says she needs Li’s father to restore Ava’s shares and complains that Stefan is trying to take her shares away from her. Ava questions why he would do that when he’s her husband and she is the love of his life. Gabi says not anymore and reveals that Stefan claims he never loved her and doesn’t love her now.

Stefan tells EJ that he and Chloe never got the chance to see what would happen between them because Gabi arrived. EJ calls Gabi a duplicitious lowlife and he’s glad that Stefan agrees that Gabi needs to be ousted from DiMera. Stefan points out that EJ did mention his shares might not be enough. EJ confirms there’s still a chance that Li could restore Ava’s voting rights, so to be certain, they may need someone to switch sides. EJ thinks Johnny could be persuadable. Stefan questions EJ’s own son voting against him. EJ blames Ava and complains that his threats have only driven Johnny further in to Ava’s arms. Stefan advises EJ to think strategically. EJ says that he is. EJ decides he’s going to see Johnny and Ava with the plan to lie good enough that he can convince them both to switch sides.

Johnny questions Allie saying goodbye. Allie reminds him that she said he could stay for a night and it’s now been two. Johnny complains that he hasn’t found a new place yet. Allie blames for that while Johnny brings up the cost of rent. Allie suggests he go spend a night at the Salem Inn. Johnny questions how she’s treating him. Allie argues that she can’t do any more as he makes more of a mess than her son Henry and leaves dirty dishes and sweat stains on the couch. Allie adds that he could also stop being provocative towards Chanel. Johnny complains about it being hot. Chanel adds in that she’s not provoked. Allie questions if she’s taking his side. Chanel says she’s not but asks what’s wrong with a few more days of Johnny staying on the couch until he finds a place to stay. Johnny says that’s unless Allie is worried that Chanel will succumb to the powerful sexual chemistry they have always had.

Chad questions why Abigail is appearing before him. Abigail says that after all these months of trying to find her killer, he finally has, so she wants to know how he feels. Chad admits he thought he would feel relieved as he was so determined to get justice and that was all he cared about, but now that he has and they know who took her from them, he just feels empty inside. Chad doesn’t know what he’s living for.

Stefan tells EJ that it’s dizzy keeping track of everybody’s revolving relationships but he’ll get the hang of it eventually. EJ asks if he has any idea why Dr. Rolf kept him on ice for so long. Stefan says he has no clue other than the heart transplant. EJ asks if anyone else was involved as he gathers Kristen played some sort of role.

Li goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn. Chloe assumes he’s here about Basic Black but Li says he just decided to stop in and see how she and her family are doing. Chloe calls that kind of him. Li calls it a horrible ordeal with Clyde Weston last night, especially for Nancy and says it’s a dreadful thing to happen on her wedding day. Li jokes that he breaks in to a cold sweat whenever he hears about wedding nightmares since he and Gabi are engaged, especially now that Gabi’s dead husband Stefan is alive.

Gabi tells Ava that EJ and Stefan are petitioning to have her shares returned to Stefan. Ava points out that Gabi did only have them because she was Stefan’s widow and now it turns out, she’s not. Gabi questions whose side she is on. Ava says she is on Gabi’s side for the time being because they share common interests. Gabi notes that if Mr. Shin can restore Ava’s voting shares then EJ and Stefan can’t vote her out. Ava hopes not because she doesn’t want her first day on the job to be her last. Gabi says she’ll still have six votes with Ava and now having Johnny on their side. Ava responds that she’s not so sure they can count on Johnny’s vote anymore.

Allie assures Johnny that she’s not worried about losing Chanel to him. Johnny says she could’ve fooled him. Chanel points out that she can speak for herself. Allie says she’s just responding to Johnny’s accusation of jealousy when the real reason she wants him gone is because she’s tired of his smelly, naked body taking up her apartment. Allie tells Johnny to go shower and get out. Johnny says fine and tells her to relax as he then goes to shower. Allie complains that Johnny is so infuriating. Chanel tells her that he’s just pressing her buttons. Chanel asks if Allie really thinks she has any reason to be jealous of her and Johnny. Allie asks if she wasn’t listening when she just said she wasn’t jealous. Allie then admits that she’s been a little bit thrown off, but it took Chanel weeks to decide which one of them she wanted to be with and now she seems totally fine with Johnny staying here indefinitely in his tiny underwear so she doesn’t know. Allie asks Chanel if she has a reason to be jealous.

Nancy enters Clyde’s hospital room where a cop tells her that Clyde isn’t allowed visitors. Nancy informs him that Rafe said it would be alright and she won’t stay long. Nancy tells Clyde that she just wants to know if anything between them was ever real and if he ever really loved her. Clyde responds that he told her he did time and again. Nancy doesn’t know why she even cares now except she thought it might help her better understand why she got involved with him in the first place. Clyde tells her to do whatever helps her. Nancy admits she was really messed up after losing Craig and she just needed somebody to make her feel desirable. Nancy adds that even after Clyde was arrested for possessing Abigail’s jewelry, she still believed his lies because that’s how much she needed him. Nancy states that Clyde killed Abigail and tried to kill Sonny, so she asks him if she would’ve been next.

Chad asks his vision of Abigail what he needs to do. She tells him to let go of his anger and guilt because there’s only one person responsible for what happened to her and that’s Clyde Weston. Chad brings up Clyde being on parole and says he should’ve been more careful and protected her. Abigail says she always lived in terror after what Ben did to her and that’s no way to live. Abigail points out that Chad almost died last night and asks if that’s what he wants. Chad says he could be with her. Abigail says that’s not his choice to make but Chad doesn’t think he can go on. Abigail tells him that he has to.

Chloe tells Li that it was quite a shock to learn that Stefan was still alive. Li asks her about Stefan claiming to still have feelings for her. Chloe confirms he said that and that seeing him was surreal. Chloe adds that there’s also no hope for them. Li asks if she’s certain since Stefan is a fascinating, charismatic man from a prominent family. Chloe points out that she already has one who she loves with all her heart and even if she wasn’t with Brady, she’d have a hard time going back to Stefan after he cheated on her with Gabi. Chloe is pretty sure that isn’t what Li wanted to hear, but tells him that if he wanted her to keep Stefan away from Gabi, that’s not going to happen. Li thanks Chloe and decides he’s taken up enough of her time. Li sends his best wishes as he then exits.

Stefan tells EJ that it’s all so hazy so he can’t remember anyone working with Dr. Rolf. EJ gets a text and informs Stefan that his shares are officially his for the taking, so he suggests they go retrieve them from Gabi.

Gabi wishes she could have seen EJ’s face when he thought Ava and Johnny slept together. Ava says it was a sight to behold but then EJ kicked her out and Johnny decided to go with her to the Salem Inn and slept on the floor. Ava notes that she and Johnny are still on good terms but admits that when she kicked him out, she felt bad and misses him. Gabi encourages Ava to go find Johnny, wrap her arms around him and tell him that she changed his mind and actually does want to sleep with him.

Chanel asks Allie if they are seriously doing this again. Allie says she sometimes has her doubts. Allie complains that Chanel admitted to still having feelings for Johnny. Chanel assures her feelings for Allie are deeper but it’s difficult for her when it seems like she doesn’t trust her. Johnny then comes out from the shower in just a towel. Allie asks if he ever wears clothes. Chanel tells Johnny to stop torturing his sister. Johnny says he will obey Allie’s orders and get the hell out. Chanel asks where he will go. Johnny doesn’t know and says he will figure it out and exits.

Johnny walks through the town square with his bag packed and runs in to Ava. Ava questions him still not finding a place to stay. Johnny says he stayed at his sister’s for a couple days but thinks he overstayed his welcome. Ava feels that’s not very sisterly of her. Johnny calls his family complicated. Ava asks where he will go now. Johnny guesses he should find an apartment, a job, and a life. Ava suggests he just come back to the Salem Inn with her.

Li goes to the DiMera Office and tells Gabi that he missed her last night. Gabi tells him that she stayed at Rafe’s and thanks him for giving her some time. Li knows it’s a lot for her to process to get engaged and then finding out that day that her husband is back from the dead. Gabi knows it can’t be easy for Li either. Li says he can be patient as she’s worth it. Li assures that he still loves her and wants to marry her, so he’s hoping she feels the same way. Stefan then arrives. Gabi guesses he’s there to take back his stock shares which Li questions. Gabi informs Li that Stefan and EJ are teaming up to oust her as CEO which Li had no idea about. Gabi asks where EJ is, figuring he wouldn’t want to miss this. Stefan says he’s filling out paper work while there is something he wanted to say to Gabi. Stefan states that he’s had some time to think since their last meeting and things are a little more clear in his mind, so there’s something he needs to say to Gabi.

Clyde tells Nancy that he never claimed to be one of the good guys but he swears that he wanted to be a better man for Nancy. Clyde calls her a special person and says while being in the hospital, he’s thought of her the most and how he hurt her. Clyde wonders if there’s any way she could forgive him.

Chad’s vision of Abigail tells him that he has to go on living, asking what would happen to their kids if they lost both parents. She knows Chad is suffering but pleads with him to remember all he has to be grateful for and to live for, especially their kids. Abigail states that every second she spent loving him is more precious than if she lived 100 years without him. She says the greatest gift he could give to her is to live his life and find joy and love again. Chad insists that there will never be anyone else. She encourages that he won’t feel that way forever and asks him to move on for her.

Johnny questions Ava wanting him to come back to the Salem Inn to stay with her since she was pretty definite about him leaving. Ava admits she may have been hasty and says it feels like fate that she ran in to him. Ava asks if he wants to come up and put his bag down upstairs.

Gabi asks what Stefan remembers. Stefan says it’s his feelings for Chloe. Gabi reminds him that Chloe doesn’t want him. Stefan argues that she will once he reminds her what they meant to each other. Gabi points out that Chloe is in a serious relationship with Brady now. Stefan says he’s aware but he’s not giving up on her. Stefan advises Gabi to move on with her life like he intends to do with his. Stefan then announces that he will be filing divorce proceedings as soon as possible. EJ walks in and declares that Stefan’s shares have officially been transferred back to him. Li complains that he should’ve been informed of this. EJ calls this his official notice. Stefan demands his shares while Li argues that they can’t do this. Gabi hands over her shares and complains that EJ is enjoying every moment of this. EJ responds that he enjoys things being restored to their proper place. Gabi argues that she’s still CEO. EJ says not for long. Li wants to throw them out but says it’s Gabi’s call because she’s in charge. Gabi has no idea what happened to Stefan, but tells him and EJ to get the hell out. Stefan says goodbye and walks out with EJ.

Chanel tells Allie that they’ve been going to bed mad the past two nights ever since their stupid fight about Johnny. Allie complains that it always comes back to him. Chanel knows she made things hard when she was choosing between them but says they have to get past that. Chanel says either Allie trusts her or she doesn’t. Allie says it’s Johnny that she doesn’t trust. Chanel argues that Johnny is over her and moved on to Ava. Chanel assures that she doesn’t want Johnny, she wants Allie as she then kisses her.

Johnny asks if Ava is sure. Ava says she is so they start to walk off together but EJ arrives. Johnny tells EJ that if he’s here to order him home, the answer is still no. EJ asks what if he asked them both to come back.

Nancy tells Clyde that what he did to her pales in comparison to him killing an innocent young woman, not to mention what he did to Sonny. Nancy says Clyde needs to ask forgiveness from Abigail and Sonny’s families, but agrees to pray for him because everyone deserves at least that. Clyde says he appreciates that. Nancy says goodbye to Clyde and then exits.

Johnny asks EJ what the catch is. EJ says no catch. EJ doesn’t know if Johnny heard what happened with Clyde last night. Johnny confirms he did. EJ guesses everyone has heard by now. EJ says it made him realize how important family is to him. EJ understands he’s hurt Johnny deeply and he needs to make amends as he’s pushed far too many people away and that stops now. EJ states that he and Chad have reconciled and he’s had a chance to get to know Stefan, so now he’s determined not to let any more time pass being estranged from his son. EJ asks Johnny to come back to the house where he belongs. Johnny asks what about Ava. EJ says she’s invited as well. Ava and Johnny question his sudden change of heart. EJ calls it a mea culpa for his unfair conclusions about Ava’s mental health. Ava mocks that as a gracious apology. EJ acknowledges that Ava wasn’t hallucinating seeing Jake and was seeing Stefan so she was not to blame for any confusion. EJ declares that the DiMeras owe Ava on a number of grounds, so he wants to start making it up to her. EJ asks Ava to come back to the house and insists his doors are open to the both of them. Johnny agrees to consider it but says he won’t speak for both of them. Ava decides they will talk about it as she and Johnny then head to the Salem Inn.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room with flowers and gift bags.

Chad asks how he could ever think of loving someone else when Abigail still has his heart. She knows he will never stop loving her, just like she will never stop loving him or their children. Chad admits it helps that she lives on in their kids. She wants to know how specifically. Chad talks about Abigail living on in Charlotte’s kindness and sense of humor and in Thomas’s endless curiosity. She asks Chad to kiss her goodbye which he does. They say I love you and then Chad’s vision of Abigail disappears. Chad holds back tears as he kneels back at Abigail’s grave.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, September 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Spinelli explains to Sam that the algorithm he developed for Society Setups can discover everyone’s passwords and hack into computers to find out everyone’s likes and dislikes and that is why he could be in big trouble. Spinelli also tells Sam Cody found out this information and forced him to match him with Britt and he doesn’t think his intentions were honorable. Spinelli tells Sam because he thinks Cody is hiding something, but he doesn’t know what it could be.

Maxie and Felicia help Cody and Mac have a talk and try to persuade them both to have a DNA test.

Curtis helps Trina get an internship at the Port Charles Museum and Trina is upset because he didn’t ask her if she wanted to have the internship although she understands he wanted to protect her.

Portia refuses to take Jordan’s advice and tell Curtis that he is Tina’s biological father.

Mason tells Austin he can’t get out of the family business and he needs to do something for the family. Austin tells Mason that once he does this he is out of the family business. Austin gives a patient an injection and tells him he won’t feel a thing.

Dante tells Jordan that he doesn’t think Dex is the hook attacker because when he helped Josslyn save Ava he was wearing a clean white t- shirt and he didn’t have enough time to change his clothes. Josslyn arrives at Sonny’s place and tells Sonny about Dex’s white t-shirt and unwittingly saves Dex’s life for the moment because Sonny wants to check some facts before he has Dex killed. Josslyn also saves Michael because if Michael and Sonny would have kept talking Sonny would have found out Michael hired Dex to bring down his business.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Elena tells Nate she doesn’t know if she can live with this new version of him so she thinks they need to take a break from their relationship.

Phyllis tells Diane that she is putting an end to their feud so they can both do their jobs but she is only doing this because Nikki sent her a text message telling her to keep Diane off guard until she returns from her trip to Los Angeles. Diane is having lunch with Jack when she gets a text message from someone that says “I need to meet with you ASAP.”

Chelsea brings a baby blanket to Billy’s office and asks him to give it to Johnny and tell him she bought the blanket for him when she was pregnant with him. Billy tells Chelsea that she is overstepping because they all agreed that they would let Johnny decide what kind of relationship he wants to have with her and Connor. Chelsea goes to Victoria’s office later and asks her to help nudge Johnny into having a relationship with her. Victoria is angry that Chelsea is trying to insinuate herself into Johnny’s life. Victoria tells Chelsea that she and Billy will always do what is best for Johnny, so they are going to let him decide if he wants to have a relationship with her.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Kyle tells Summer about the honeymoon they are going to take to Costa Rica after their vow renewal ceremony tomorrow.

Elena thinks Nate is putting greed and power ahead of his family so she gets a room at the Grand Phoenix. Nate talks to Victoria about his problem with Elena and she tells him not to justify his decisions to anyone and be true to his convictions.

Adam asks Nick if he is sleeping with Sally and Nick neither confirms nor denies Adam’s suspicions, so Adam later asks Sally to tell him the truth. Sally tells Adam that something happened between her and Nick, and her personal life is none of his business.

Victoria warns Nick that Adam could lash out against the family and the company if he finds out there is something going on between him and Sally. Victoria thinks Nick is playing with fire and he should be careful, this sends Nick straight to Sally’s hotel room and they have sex again.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jack goes home looking for Jennifer but just finds the empty pill bottle on the living room floor. Julie comes in, saying she heard Jack come racing in and asks what’s wrong. Jack asks her if Doug is still taking painkillers for his shoulder. Julie confirms he hasn’t since last year. Jack shows Julie the pill bottle that he found on the floor. Julie doesn’t understand because they never refilled the prescription. Jack reveals that he thinks Jennifer did. Jack informs Julie that Gwen told him that Jennifer is taking painkillers again and he didn’t want to believe her, but he thinks she’s right.

Jennifer goes driving while crying. Jennifer imagines Abigail in the seat next to her and declares she’s going to make Clyde pay. Jennifer swears that anyone who ever hurt Abigail will pay as she promises her justice.

Gwen exits the police station and sees an oncoming car coming towards her.

In the cemetery, Clyde then grabs Chad and they fight, losing the gun in the process. Clyde ends up pinning Chad down on the ground, saying he’ll be with Abigail now soon. Clyde chokes Chad until EJ arrives and shoots Clyde in the back. EJ asks if Chad is alright. Chad says he’s fine and asks if Clyde is dead. EJ stands over Clyde and says the roles are reversed now. EJ asks Clyde how it feels to be the one bleeding in the grass now and calls it poetic justice. Clyde tells him to go to Hell. Chad asks Clyde how it feels knowing he’s only moments away from damnation and there’s nothing he can do about it. Chad declares that he’s going to relish every single second of it. EJ says they both are. Chad recalls finding Abigail still clinging to life alone in the bedroom and now tonight, Clyde is going to pay back every single painful second. Chad adds that in Abigail’s final moments, she was with someone that loved her while Clyde will not be so lucky.

Belle tries calling EJ but it goes to voicemail. Shawn then gets a message that there’s reports of gunshots in the cemetery. Belle points out that’s where Abigail is buried. Shawn tells Belle to stay there but Belle tells him that she’s coming with him and not to argue, so they exit together.

Rafe goes to the police station finishing a call with Jada as he finds Gwen unconscious on the ground. Rafe checks on her and asks if she can hear him.

Clyde asks Chad to call for help and not to let him die. Chad and EJ mock him as if they didn’t hear anything. Clyde says “damn you both” as he then passes out.

Jack and Julie search the house but can’t find Jennifer. Jack tries calling Jennifer but she doesn’t answer. Jack asks if Julie’s noticed any change in Jennifer’s behavior recently. Julie understands Jennifer is grieving deeply over the loss of her daughter. Jack decides he needs to go find Jennifer and tells Julie to stay home with Doug in case Jennifer comes home. Jack thanks her and goes to leave, but then Jennifer comes home. Jack tells her that they were so worried about her and that she wasn’t answering her phone. Jennifer responds that she doesn’t know where her phone is and says she needs to sit down. Jack asks if she’s alright, what happened, and where she has been.

Rafe encourages Gwen to stay with him as he calls for an ambulance right away.

Shawn and Belle rush up to find EJ and Chad standing over Clyde. Shawn checks on Clyde and confirms he’s still alive. Shawn then calls in for medical assistance. Shawn asks what the hell happened here. Belle advises EJ as his lawyer to not say a word. EJ agrees and suggests Belle will also be representing Chad but Chad says he doesn’t need a lawyer as he has nothing to hide.

Jack reminds Jennifer that she was supposed to stay home as she said she wasn’t feeling well. Jennifer says she wasn’t but then she spoke to Abigail. Jack tells her that’s not possible. Jennifer admits she meant that she imagined speaking to Abigail. Jennifer cries that she’s just so upset that they haven’t found her killer, so she decided to see what was happening with Clyde. Julie questions what she’s talking about. Jack informs her that the police have finally decided that Clyde may have killed Abigail. Jennifer complains that she couldn’t just sit there and wait, so she decided to drive to the police station to see what’s going on. Jack questions her driving in this condition. Jennifer claims she’s fine but she started feeling dizzy so she turned around and came back. Jennifer asks Jack if they’ve caught Clyde for murdering their daughter because he has to answer for that. Jack assures that the police are handling that but there’s something they need to handle right now. Jennifer questions what it is. Jack then presents the pill bottle to her.

Xander and Sarah are at the hospital together when Sarah gets a message that two ambulances just pulled in downstairs. Xander says he’ll see her back home and then turns around as Rafe arrives with Gwen being stretchered in.

Chad sits with Shawn at the police station and gives his statement about how once he talked to Nancy about the vanilla aftershave, he realized it wasn’t Craig, but Clyde, who stabbed Sonny. Chad adds that he was even more convinced after Rafe told him that Clyde’s alibi fell apart. Shawn questions Chad taking matters in to his own hands. Chad confirms that he took the gun from the family safe, intercepted Clyde at the City Hall and took him to Abigail’s grave to make him confess his crimes. Chad reveals that Clyde admitted to it. Shawn questions why and if it was to send a message to EJ. Chad says sort of but Abigail was not his original target and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, so when Clyde broke in, he didn’t intend to kill his wife, as he was after Shawn’s. Belle and EJ then join them at the station right then. Shawn questions why Clyde would want to kill Belle. Chad explains that Clyde had planted a bug at the DiMera Mansion several weeks before. EJ guesses it was the night Clyde came over and claimed he wanted to go in to business with him. Chad says from that moment on, Clyde was keeping tabs on EJ. EJ knows Clyde wanted leverage. Chad adds that Clyde’s worst fear was confirmed when he heard EJ confiding in Belle. Shawn complains that he can’t believe how reckless EJ was for putting his wife in danger. Belle tells Shawn that they didn’t know Clyde was listening and she wanted to help. Chad continues that Clyde wanted to show how easy he could get to EJ and send a message but when he got there, Belle wasn’t home and no one was except Abigail. Chad talks about Abigail started questioning Clyde in the hall but she knew too much. Belle tells Chad that she’s so sorry. Shawn asks Chad what happened after he got Clyde to confess. Chad says he was upset and then Clyde caught him off guard and got the gun away. Chad says Clyde started strangling him and he just kept thinking about what happened to Abigail. EJ declares that he then picked up the gun and ended it. Belle states that EJ had no choice because Clyde was going to kill Chad. Chad agrees that if EJ hadn’t of shown up, he would be with Abigail right now. Shawn decides he’s heard enough for now and he needs to get to the hospital to see if he can get answers out of Clyde, assuming he’s still alive. EJ asks if they may leave but Shawn says no as he needs them to stay since he’ll have more questions for them. Belle tells Shawn to let her know what he finds out. Shawn hugs her and says he loves her. Shawn kisses her and says he’ll be back as he then exits the station.

Jennifer pretends not to know what the bottle of painkillers is and points out that the label says they are Doug’s. Julie says Doug stopped using them a year ago and never refilled the prescription but about a month ago, someone did. Jennifer questions what Julie is accusing her of. Jack brings up that Jennifer had an addiction to painkillers. Jennifer complains that was years ago. Jack says he’s not judging her and just needs her to talk to him. Jack asks her to tell him the truth as he questions if she’s been abusing pills again. Jennifer responds that she’s going to be sick and rushes out of the room.

Xander asks Rafe what happened to Gwen. Rafe responds that he’s not sure as he found her outside the police station, on the ground and not responsive. Rafe notes that there were tire tracks nearby so it looks like a hit and run. Xander questions who would do something like that. Rafe says they will find them but as of now, they have no witnesses so they don’t know much. Xander asks if Jack knows. Rafe responds that he’s just about to call him. Xander worries that he doesn’t know what Jack would do if he lost another daughter.

Julie asks if she should go check on Jennifer. Jack suggests giving her a minute. Julie asks what he thinks. Jack then gets a call from Rafe. Jack asks if he arrested Clyde. Rafe says no but Shawn has a lead and they are waiting for an update. Jack thanks Rafe for keeping him in the loop and says he’s in the middle of something. Rafe clarifies that wasn’t why he was calling as he has some bad news about Gwen. Jack rushes out and then Jennifer returns to the living room where Julie checks on her. Jennifer asks where Jack went. Julie informs her that Rafe called from the hospital as Gwen was brought in to the emergency room. Jennifer questions what happened. Julie says she doesn’t know as Jack rushed out after the call. Jennifer remarks that she hopes Gwen is alright.

Sarah comes out from the ER so Xander asks how Gwen is. Sarah informs him that she is stable but has some broken bones and a possible concussion but no internal bleeding or damage to major organs so she doesn’t need surgery for now. Rafe asks if she’s regained consciousness. Sarah says no as they have her sedated. Xander points out that Jack isn’t there yet so he asks if it would be alright if he sat with her. Sarah agrees and takes Xander to Gwen’s hospital room.

Belle tells EJ that she will see if she can find Melinda Trask to make sure his story is the first one she hears. EJ asks if she thinks he and Chad will be charged with anything. Belle says not if she can help it. EJ apologizes to Belle and says Shawn was right that he put her in danger and never should’ve told her about Clyde. Belle insists that he had no way of knowing that Clyde was listening and she practically forced it out of him. Belle states that EJ has no reason to apologize and she just wishes they could’ve stopped Clyde before he killed Abigail.

Shawn goes to the hospital and informs Rafe that EJ shot Clyde and says it was to save Chad’s life. Rafe asks where Clyde is now. Shawn responds that he’s in a hospital room where they extracted the bullet and he’s now recovering. Jack arrives, asking them where Gwen is and if she’s okay. Rafe informs him that she’s stable, sedated, and pretty banged up but it looks like she’s going to be okay. Jack is relieved and asks where she is. Rafe says Sarah and Xander are in with her now and that Sarah can give him the full rundown of her injuries and condition. Jack thanks him. Rafe stops him and says there’s one more thing, revealing that Shawn found Clyde. Shawn reveals to Jack that Clyde tried to kill Chad, so EJ shot him. Jack asks if the bastard is dead. Shawn says no as the doctors just finished patching him up. Jack questions what room Clyde is in. Rafe doesn’t think he should do that right now. Jack asks again. Shawn tells Jack to just go be with Gwen right now. Jack says they said Gwen is stable with Sarah and Xander, so he asks again what room Clyde is in. Shawn agrees to take Jack to Clyde’s hospital room. Clyde lays in the hospital bed, handcuffed to the bed. Jack confronts Clyde and questions why he killed his daughter.

EJ brings Chad a cup of coffee. Chad thanks him. EJ tells Chad that it was his fault. Chad says he doesn’t have to but EJ says he knew Clyde was a threat to the family and kept it to himself. EJ admits that he should’ve put a stop to Clyde sooner and immediately. EJ declares that he failed Chad, Abigail, their kids, and the family. EJ states that he can never forgive himself for that and tells Chad that he’s very sorry. Chad responds that they both made mistakes and did things they regret, so there’s no point in keeping score now. EJ calls that very generous of him. Chad thanks EJ for coming to his rescue tonight and saving his life. They acknowledge each other as brother and shake hands. EJ guesses now he can tell him that tonight, he didn’t do it for Chad and jokes that he just wanted to shoot Clyde which Chad laughs at.

Clyde claims he doesn’t know what Jack has been told but that he never harmed a single hair on his daughter’s head. Jack says he should’ve known that Clyde wouldn’t be man enough to admit what he did. Clyde says he won’t say another word without an attorney. Jack says that’s fine and tells Clyde that what he did was unspeakably evil. Jack talks about Abigail being a mother, wife, and daughter but Clyde stole it all away and that will haunt him and his family for the rest of their lives. Jack wants Clyde to be haunted too by what he did. Jack hopes it kills him slowly and then he will begin to understand a fraction of the pain he caused them. Clyde mocks him performing and remarks that he’s better off without Abigail. Clyde then tells Jack that Abigail was no angel and calls her a slut that cheated on his son. Jack calls him a son of a bitch as Shawn takes Jack out of the room.

Xander sits with Gwen and says he doesn’t know if she can hear him but her father is on his way and until then, he will keep her company. Xander tells Gwen that she will be alright and that Sarah says she’s very lucky. Xander encourages Gwen as being one of the toughest women he ever met, so he knows she’ll be up in no time. Gwen then wakes up and questions what’s going on and what he’s doing here. Xander jokes that she was in a scuffle but fought valiantly and took down several men. Sarah then informs Gwen that she’s in the hospital as a victim of a possible hit and run which she questions. Rafe then enters the room and says he’s sorry to interrupt. Sarah tells him that Gwen just regained consciousness which Rafe says is great. Rafe greets Gwen and asks if she’s up to answering a few questions. Gwen says sure. Rafe assures her that he’s going to do everything in his power to find the person who did this to her.

Jennifer tells Julie that she should go because Jack needs her but Julie insists that Jack needs her to take care of herself. Jennifer says she’s fine but Julie says she isn’t. Julie brings up that Jack wasn’t around the last time that Jennifer started using painkillers, but she was, and that’s the reason she and Doug moved back in to the house to take care of her. Jennifer remembers and says she’s grateful but that’s not what is happening here. Julie tells Jennifer that she’s not fooling anyone. Julie knows Jennifer has been struggling and asks how long it has been. Jennifer then admits it’s been a few weeks. Julie questions why she didn’t talk to her. Jennifer cries that she was ashamed. Julie says they don’t judge her and want to help her. Jennifer admits that Maggie tried to help as she knew about the pills after finding them in her purse by accident. Jennifer says that Maggie watched her throw the pills out and took her to a meeting, but then she came back and got them out of the trash and took them all until the bottle was empty. Julie tells Jennifer that they all love her very much and she can’t presume the pain she has been going through, but she knows there is nothing more tragic than a parent losing a child. Julie knows Jennifer has been struggling to get through the day, but reminds her that her life is important too. Julie adds that with Abigail gone, Jennifer is the most important woman in her grandchildren’s lives so they are going to need her for a long time. Julie then hugs Jennifer as she cries.

Rafe asks Gwen if she’s sure she is ready. Gwen says her head is finally starting to clear. Jack enters the room, relieved to see that Gwen is alright. Gwen thanks him for coming. Jack asks her what happened. Rafe says they were just getting to that and asks if Gwen remembers anything about tonight. Gwen recalls walking to the car park at the police station when a car came speeding towards her. Gwen says it didn’t swerve and happened so fast. Jack asks if she thinks it was deliberate. Gwen supposes it was possible. Rafe asks if she saw the driver.

Julie suggests Jennifer get some sleep. Jennifer apologizes for worrying her and Jack as she can’t believe she went driving in that condition which isn’t her. Jennifer calls it all such a blur. Julie is glad she’s back home, safe and sound. Julie remarks that Jennifer is very lucky that she didn’t hurt herself or anyone else. Julie then takes Jennifer upstairs.

Gwen says she didn’t see the driver as the headlights blinded her. Gwen questions who would do something like this and then just drive off, right outside of a police station. Jack flashes back to Jennifer saying she drove to the police station.

Shawn sits with Clyde and informs him that Chad told him that Abigail wasn’t Clyde’s intended victim and that he intended to kill his wife. Clyde responds that he has the right to remain silent. Shawn warns Clyde that he will never rest until Clyde is back in prison and this time, he’s never getting out.

Belle informs EJ and Chad that Melinda is gone for the day, but she will speak to her on their behalf tomorrow morning. Chad asks if she spoke to Shawn. Belle confirms that she has and that Clyde is going to live. EJ points out that Clyde will be shipped off to prison for the rest of his life. Belle hopes knowing the truth can give Chad some peace of mind. Chad responds that Abigail finally gets some justice which she would want, especially for her kids and all of them. EJ hugs Chad as he cries.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Curtis asks Ava to fire Trina from her job at the art gallery because he is afraid that the hook attacker may go to the gallery to try and finish the job and attack Trina. Ava doesn’t want to fire Trina but agrees with Curtis that it will keep Trina safe.

Jordan asks Portia if Curtis is Tina’s father and Portia refuses to answer the question because it is none of Jordan’s business. Jordan tells Portia she can’t marry Curtis with this hanging over her head. Portia wonders if Jordan plans to tell Curtis her suspicions about Tina’s paternity.

Spinelli admits to Sam that he has feelings for Maxie, but he doesn’t intend to tell her about his feelings because she is happy with Austin. Spinelli also tells Sam he is the owner of Society Setups and he could go to jail for it.

Josslyn tells Dante she remembers hearing a jingling noise when she was leaving the alley at Charlie’s pub before Brando was attacked adding more credibility to Dante’s theory that Dex is the hook attacker.

Sam tells Michael that Dex was questioned by the police and later taken home by Sonny. Michael heads over to talk to Sonny and asks him if he is trying to get a confession out of Dex. Michael isn’t aware that Sonny has Dex with someone who is a specialist in getting confessions out of people.

Maxie tells Cody he should talk to Mac if he thinks Mac is his father.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Sally and Nick have a dinner where they promise to only talk about business and they are a little distracted because they see Chelsea and Adam who are also having dinner. Adam later goes to Victoria’s office and asks him if he is sleeping with Sally.

Victoria and Billy are very upset that Johnny has locked himself in his room and doesn’t want to talk to them. Billy and Victoria also agree that Chelsea is pushing too hard to be a part of Johnny’s life, and they need to give Johnny some space and let him decide if he wants to have a relationship with Chelsea. Billy goes to tell Chelsea he and Victoria have decided to give Johnny some space for now.

Diane goes to Jack’s house to ask him if he believes she has changed and if he can forgive what she did in the past. Jack tells Diane he can’t forget what she did in the past, but he can give her a clean slate. Diane kisses Jack and he puts her in the friend zone and she apologizes to him for misreading his kindness.

Diane arrives at her hotel room and finds a man who tells her that he is very disappointed in her because he thought he could trust her.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer looked at Abby’s picture and took a pill. She hid the bottle before Jack could see it. He told her that he saw Leo. He didn’t think Leo did it. She thought it was too much. Shawn called Jack and told him that Clyde killed Abby. He was for sure this time. Jack told her that they should go to the police station. She was overwhelmed and decided not to go. Jennifer started to cry and suddenly saw Abby appear. Jennifer reached out to her, but Abby backed away. She told her that she was taking pills again because she didn’t know how to go on without her. She wanted to know why Abby was there. Jennifer wanted to learn the truth badly. She looked at Abby’s dress and saw the blood on it. She reached out to her, but Abby disappeared. Jennifer wanted Abby to come back to her. Gwen went to see Leo at the station. She told him that Clyde set him up. He wanted to know why she showed up to tell him. She wanted to tell him since she was the reason why he was back in jail. She told him they were even. She told him about what’s going on with Jennifer. She thought Jack should know the truth. She didn’t want to make things worse with Jennifer. Later, Gwen ran into Jack at the station. He told her that Jennifer was at home alone. She thought he should have been concerned. Gwen told him about Jennifer taking pills. He didn’t want to believe it, but she said he should be worried about Jennifer.

Chad demanded that Clyde tell him what happened with Abby. He was going to give him seconds to live. Clyde told him what happened when he ran into Abby. He went to the DiMera mansion to strangle Belle so EJ could find her. He said he ran into Abby. They were talking and she noticed he was wearing black gloves. She knew he was lying about why he was there. He stopped her from getting away from him and he noticed the knife. Chad started to cry so Clyde wanted to stop talking. Chad wanted to hear more about what happened. He continued to tell Chad about the struggle he had with Abby until he stabbed her. Chad wanted to know if he enjoyed what he did to her. He told Chad that he saw Leo’s list of enemies and wanted to frame someone else for what he did. He followed Leo to Sonny’s office. Chad threatened him again. Clyde noticed that he didn’t pull the trigger. Jack went home and saw the empty pill bottle. Jennifer drove with Abby in the passenger seat. Jennifer threatened to go after everyone who tried to make Abby pay. Gwen was outside the station and panicked when she saw flashing headlights. Clyde fought Chad over the gun. They struggled and Clyde pinned Chad to the ground. He choked Chad and told him that he would be with Abby soon. EJ arrived in time and shot Clyde.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron apologizes to Trina for not telling her about Spencer’s plan to clear her name but he was caught between two people that he loves very much. Trina tells Cameron that she doesn’t intend to hold a grudge it will just take her some time to get over it.

Jordan asks Rory to guard Diane’s room once she returns from surgery.

Drew arrives in Jacksonville and when Carly tells him she is trying to save the cemetery where her adoptive mother Virginia is buried, he decides to stay to help her save the cemetery.

Gladys and Sasha look at pictures of Brando and Sasha’s wedding and share memories of him. Sasha feels like she doesn’t have any family now that Brando is dead. Gladys, Nina, and Sonny all tell her that she is part of their family.

Dante questions Dex about the attacks because he was close by during all of the attacks. Dex tells Dante he is innocent and points out that he helped save Ava and Diane. Dante asks Sonny how well he knows Dex and Sonny begins to wonder about Dex himself. Sonny offers to drive Dex home but tells him they need to make a stop before he drives him home.

Portia wonders, why Jordan made Curtis think that she is keeping secrets from him. Portia goes to have a talk with Jordan about what she told Curtis.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Jennifer stands at home, looking at a photo of Abigail, as she takes more painkillers. Jack comes home, so she hides the pills in her pocket. Jennifer greets Jack and says she didn’t expect him back so soon. Jack informs her that he decided to go to the police station instead of the Spectator office because he had to see Leo Stark to hear his denial in person. Jack knows how much they wanted it to be Leo, so this nightmare would be over, but he thinks Gwen is right as he doesn’t think Leo did it.

Leo remains in his holding cell until Gwen comes to visit. Leo complains that she said she was going to help him. Gwen informs Leo that he was wrong about Craig setting him up as she reveals it was Clyde Weston.

Nancy returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and sits with Bonnie. Bonnie apologizes as she knows what Justin said upset her. Nancy responds that it’s ok because Justin was right as Clyde never showed up for the wedding, but the police did with a warrant for his arrest. Nancy cries that Clyde stabbed Sonny, and even worse, they said he killed Abigail. Bonnie tells her she’s so sorry. Nancy doesn’t want to believe it and kept arguing that the Clyde she knows would never do such horrible things but she couldn’t change their minds. Nancy breaks down crying as Bonnie hugs her.

Chad screams at Clyde to tell him what he did to Abigail or else he has two seconds to live. Clyde continues that he went there looking for Belle to send a message to EJ and admits he was going to fix it where EJ would find Belle strangled to death, but he couldn’t find her anywhere and it seemed like he broke in for nothing, but then he ran in to Abigail, who questioned what the hell he was doing there.

Leo questions Clyde being the one who framed him. Gwen confirms that’s what the cops are saying. Leo says it makes sense since he did get Leo in trouble for sticking him with the jewelry that he stole from Abigail’s room. Leo brings up Clyde having an alibi and wonders if he’s doing this for Nancy. Leo explains that he stole Nancy’s husband, so Clyde framed him for stabbing Sonny when it’s because of him that Nancy was back on the market. Gwen then reveals that Clyde didn’t just stab Sonny but he also killed Abigail. Leo realizes Clyde is a monster and questions it being Clyde from the beginning. Gwen tells him that the police finally found the right man.

Jennifer complains about how many times they’ve been told that the police have someone only for it to turn out to be the wrong person. Jack says he just had a gut feeling about Leo and explains that Leo told him things that he didn’t tell the police like how he used a steak knife to open Abigail’s jewelry box and then left it behind which is where the killer must have found it. Jennifer questions why Leo would hold that back from the police. Jack says it would’ve put Leo in Abigail’s bedroom with the knife. Jennifer calls it too much. Jack then gets a call from Shawn at the police station. Jack says he just came from seeing Leo Stark and he doesn’t it’s him. Shawn reveals that they are way ahead of him and just put an APB out on Clyde Weston. Jack questions it not being Craig Wesley. Shawn informs Jack that Clyde’s alibi fell apart as the footage was faked. Shawn just wanted Jack and Jennifer to be the first to know that it’s Clyde, so now they just have to find him.

Chad questions what Clyde did after running in to Abigail. Clyde admits that he lied and claimed that he was there to discuss a business proposal with Chad after EJ turned him down but Abigail pointed out Clyde wearing gloves in the middle of June. Clyde complains that if only Abigail hadn’t started asking questions.

Jack informs Jennifer that Shawn said they are completely certain that it’s Clyde Weston. Jennifer argues that Clyde was cleared months ago. Jennifer cries that nobody is safe as long as Abigail’s killer is out there. Jack suggests they go to the police station together to make them tell them everything they can instead of waiting for the phone ring. Jennifer decides it’s okay and tells Jack to go ahead, claiming she’s not feeling well. Jack decides he’s not going anywhere then. Jennifer urges him to go ahead and do what he thinks is right. Jack refuses to go anywhere if she’s not feeling well. Jennifer points out that she won’t be alone since Doug and Julie are upstairs. Jennifer says she doesn’t exactly feel sick but this is just a lot to take in and she thinks it would make things worse to sit around the police station.

Leo goes over how Clyde must have showed up after he took the jewelry and then took off. Leo questions why and what Clyde had against Abigail anyway. Gwen asks why he cares when he’s going to be let out in a few hours. Leo questions why Gwen made a special trip to tell him all this information when he wouldn’t be in here if it wasn’t for her. Gwen responds that they are now even because not too long ago, she was behind the bars because he couldn’t shut his mouth. Leo questions if she’s still playing him and why he’s still in the cell if they are so sure it’s Clyde. Leo then imagines Clyde being on the run with Nancy.

Nancy tells Bonnie that Clyde didn’t even show up at City Hall. Bonnie guesses he knew the cops were after him. Nancy gets a call from Chloe but says she can’t answer right now so Bonnie answers. Bonnie assures Chloe that Nancy is with her and she will stay with her awhile, then Nancy will call when she’s feeling better. Chloe thanks her as Bonnie assures that Nancy is her friend and hangs up. Bonnie tells Nancy that Chloe is worried about her. Nancy complains that she’s a combination of desperate and stupid when all she wanted was someone to love her while all Clyde wanted was a warm bed and someone to vouch for him after being in prison.

Chad questions Clyde not wanting to be questioned after breaking in to a woman’s house. Chad complains that Clyde just didn’t like that Abigail was on to him. Clyde asks if he’s sure he wants to hear this. Chad asks if he wants to keep living and demands that he talk. Clyde continues his story and notes that Abigail went to call the police when he saw the knife on the table. Clyde says they could just stop here since the rest will be hard on Chad. Chad screams at him not to move and repeats that he wants to hear it all, so he screams for Clyde to talk.

EJ, Belle, and Shawn go to City Hall but find it empty. EJ wonders if the wedding was called off or even there. Belle sees the flowers and says Nancy was. Shawn states that Clyde was a no show. EJ guesses he must have figured the police were after him. Shawn suggests he could’ve dumped Nancy at the altar. Belle recalls Clyde being all dressed up like nothing was wrong. EJ asks if he’s been in touch with Ben. Shawn says he couldn’t reach him. Shawn says there’s no way Clyde could have seen this coming and it doesn’t make any sense. Belle tells EJ that they have to tell Shawn everything, the whole story. EJ claims not to know what she means but Shawn questions what whole story.

Leo tells Gwen that even if Clyde is on the run, the police should have caught him by now. Gwen points out that even Leo was able to evade the police until now. Gwen says she just came to tell him what she knows and now she’ll go worry about other things. Leo stops her and says he does believe her. Leo apologizes for telling the police that she did it. Gwen apologizes for telling them where to find him. Leo admits that he deserved it and asks if there’s anything he can do to make it up to her. Gwen suggest Leo can help her figure out what to do about her pill popping stepmother.

Jennifer talks to her picture of Abigail and cries about not having anyone to talk to now about how much she misses her. Jennifer then imagines Abigail appearing before her.

Clyde feels he’s just adding to Chad’s problems but says he’s the boss, so he continues telling his story. Clyde recalls seeing the knife on the table as a way out of the mess he was in. Clyde threatened Abigail that he wouldn’t let her ruin his life and argued with her about her past relationship with Ben. Clyde complained about EJ telling Belle that he had him shot, so he came to shut her up for good. Clyde brought up that he warned EJ that if he talked, he would come after his family.

Shawn questions Belle and EJ not telling him on the phone that Chad has a gun and went after Clyde. EJ argues that they don’t know for sure but Belle says that’s not what he said before. EJ claims he was mistaken. Shawn complains that he’s wasting his time. Belle knows EJ thinks he’s protecting Chad. Shawn decides he’s going to make a call and put an APB out on Chad. Shawn orders Belle to keep EJ there and out of his way as he exits the room. Belle apologizes to EJ but says Shawn needed to know.

Chad tells Clyde to tell him what he did to Abigail and after that, he’s done with him.

Jennifer asks if her vision of Abigail is an angel from Heaven or a ghost. Jennifer calls her the answer to her prayers as she will listen and understand the Hell she’s been living in since losing her.

Gwen tells Leo about how Jennifer threatened to unleash on her if she told Jack about her painkillers and that she’d ruin what’s left of her relationship with Jack. Gwen feels she’s really progressed in her relationship with Jack, so she doesn’t want to ruin that but feels he deserves to know what Jennifer is doing to herself. Leo argues that Gwen has lost her edge and reminds her to always look out for herself. Leo says Gwen telling Jack won’t do anything for her. Leo adds that Jennifer’s problem might work out for her since Chad would need someone to lean on. Leo tells Gwen that Jennifer’s pill problem is not her problem and they can drink to that.

Bonnie advises Nancy not to blame herself for being conned by an expert, pointing out that he fooled the cops too. Bonnie talks about spending her life not thinking she deserved what she has now. Bonnie assures Nancy that it does get better. Bonnie acknowledges learning a hard lesson and encourages Nancy to now believe in herself and not let Clyde or Craig take that away from her when they’ve already taken so much. Bonnie hugs Nancy as she cries.

Jack goes to the police station and finds Gwen. Jack says he came for an update but everyone is out on the search. Gwen confirms that she already knows about Clyde and she came to tell Leo. Jack guesses it’s just a waiting game now. Jack decides he should get back to Jennifer. Gwen questions him leaving her home alone. Jack points out that Doug and Julie are there and asks why. Gwen claims she’s just a bit jumpy with Clyde on the loose. Jack says he’s gotten to know when she’s not telling him the whole truth. Gwen admits that she’s not and there’s something he needs to know about Jennifer.

Jennifer tells her vision of Abigail how much she misses her every day and questions how to find closure. Jennifer talks about how she started taking painkillers again just to get through the day even though she doesn’t want to and promised that she would never touch them again, but she doesn’t know how else to go on living without Abigail. Jennifer cries that she just needs to understand why and asks if that’s why Abigail is here. It looks like the Abigail vision is about to talk but then she sees the bloody wound on her stomach.

Clyde asks if Chad can’t guess what happened next and if he really wants him to spell it out for him. Chad responds that he wants Clyde to spend the last few minutes of his rotten life, telling him what he did to his wife. Clyde tells Chad that he asked for it. Clyde then continues his story of how he fought with Abigail and stabbed her.

Shawn returns to EJ and Belle with the security camera footage from the City Hall. Shawn finds the footage of Chad grabbing Clyde outside and taking off with him. Belle tries to ask EJ if he has any idea where Chad would have taken Clyde, but EJ had already taken off. Shawn tells Belle to stay there as he goes after EJ.

Clyde finishes telling Chad about stabbing Abigail. Chad cries that he took their kids to a movie while Clyde was doing that to Abigail. Chad screams at Clyde, asking if he enjoyed it.

Jack questions how Gwen knows that Jennifer is taking prescription drugs. Gwen explains that she went back to the house because she forgot her purse and Jennifer had the bottle. Gwen says when she saw the first three letters of the generic label, she knew instantly what they were. Jack questions if she’s sure of what she saw. Gwen reminds Jack that she was blackmailed in to delivering the same things last summer so she’s sure. Jack argues that Gwen can’t be right. Jack acknowledges that Jennifer had a problem before but she’s stronger now. Gwen asks if she’s strong enough to deal with the brutal murder of her own daughter. Jack repeats that Gwen can’t be right. Gwen reveals that she told Jennifer that she knew and then she threatened to turn Jack against her if she said anything. Gwen tells Jack that he has to help Jennifer. Jack then rushes out of the police station.

Jennifer tries to hug her vision of Abigail but she disappears. Jennifer cries for Abigail to come back.

Chad goes over that Clyde stabbed his wife, left her for dead, and sent a message to EJ. Chad then questions what Sonny ever did to him and why Clyde went after his best friend too. Clyde explains that it had nothing to do with Chad and he wasn’t planning on it, but he read in the paper that Leo said Gwen killed Abigail but he knew that wouldn’t hold up and somebody had to pay for the crime, so he figured who better than Leo. Clyde adds that Nancy told him about Leo’s hit list so he knew he just had to get a hold of that list. Clyde reveals he took it right out of Leo’s bag when he wasn’t looking and Abigail was on it, so he knew he just had to take out someone else on the list and it would look like Leo was taking them out one by one. Clyde points out that it couldn’t have been Chloe or Brady because of Nancy which left Chad and Sonny, so he guesses Chad lucked out. Clyde explains that he started to trail Leo, who led him right to Sonny’s office. Clyde says he used the same knife he used on Abigail and then all he had to do was set the scene. Clyde asks if that’s enough detail for Chad. Chad declares that he’ll be satisfied when Clyde is dead. Clyde notes that Chad keeps saying that, but he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet.

Nancy thanks Bonnie for trying to make her feel better, but she doesn’t know how she will ever come back from this 1-2 punch as she won’t be able to walk in a room without people pointing or whispering about her. Bonnie jokes that if she lived like that, she’d have to live where no one knows her name. Bonnie adds that she gets judged in this house but not by Justin which makes it all worth it. Bonnie encourages that Nancy will have that too. Bonnie asks Nancy to promise not to stop trying to be happy and believing in love.

Jack goes home looking for Jennifer but just finds the empty pill bottle on the living room floor.

Jennifer goes driving while crying. Jennifer imagines Abigail in the seat next to her and declares she’s going to make Clyde pay. Jennifer swears that anyone who ever hurt Abigail will pay as she promises her justice.

Gwen exits the police station and sees an oncoming car coming towards her.

Shawn returns to Belle and complains that there’s no sign of EJ as if he disappeared. Belle guesses EJ thinks he knows where Chad is. Shawn remarks that he’s got a murderer on the loose and two DiMera brothers with revenge on their brains.

Clyde laughs that Chad doesn’t have the guts. Chad yells at him to shut up. Clyde dares him to shoot an unarmed man in cold blood. Clyde then grabs Chad and they fight, losing the gun in the process. Clyde ends up pinning Chad down on the ground, saying he’ll be with Abigail now soon. Clyde chokes Chad until EJ arrives and shoots Clyde in the back.

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Days Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada went to Basic Black because it was Eric’s first day. She told Nicole that she accidentally grabbed him phone. Nicole asked if she did that while they were in bed. Jada told her about being upset about their relationship. Nicole said she wasn’t upset. Jada thought Nicole wanted their relationship to fail. Jada wondered why Nicole suddenly had to offer Eric the job, She told Nicole it felt like she was in a competition with her for Eric’s heart. Nicole said she was protective of him. Jada thought she was trying to say she wasn’t good for him. She asked if Nicole knew how that made her feel? Eric showed up while they were arguing. He wanted to know what was going on between them. Jada told him about the phone issue. They exchanged phones. Jada kissed him and left. He asked Nicole about the tension between her and Jada. Nicole admitted that she lied to Rafe about offering him a job as a way to explain why she was in Eric’s room, She said she offered him the job to cover up. He ended up quitting. She asked him not to quit. She said the circumstances of the offer weren’t ideal, they needed a photographer. He said he would stay if she was honest with Rafe about why she lied. She admitted to him that the dream she had about him was a sex dream. He told her he had a sex dream about her. Nancy told Chad that Clyde wore vanilla cologne. Chad asked if he knew where Clyde was. She said he was at the hospital. Chad left. Rafe asked Craig about where he was the night Sonny was stabbed. Craig said he couldn’t believe he was being accused of stabbing Sonny as well as killing Abby. Craig said he wasn’t in town. He said it was an insult that Rafe was listening to Leo. Rafe wanted to know if he had an alibi for both attacks.

Nancy went to see Chloe and Brady. Nancy told them she and Clyde were getting married. Chloe wanted to know why they were rushing to get married. Nancy asked her why should she wait. Nancy said she wanted them to be witnesses. Craig showed up and told her he might not be able to be at her wedding because he was accused of murder. Nancy said she knew he would be able to give an alibi. She wanted the day to be about her. When Nancy left to get dressed, Chloe asked Craig to help her stop the wedding. Clyde had a flashback of stabbing Sonny. Will showed up and wondered why Clyde was at the hospital. Clyde said he was there for a drug test. They talked about their time in prison. Clyde said he was glad they caught the guy who attacked Sonny. Clyde left to go to his wedding. Chad showed up at the hospital. Chad asked if he saw Clyde. Will said he was just there. Chad said he thought Clyde was the killer. They went to Sonny’s room. Chad asked Sonny to remember if he saw Clyde when he was attacked. Sonny closed his eyes and remembered seeing Clyde. Sonny wondered why Clyde would do that to him. Chad said the knife Clyde used was the same knife that killed Abby. He said Clyde’s alibi checked out. Sonny said he knew he saw Clyde’s reflection. Chad wondered where Clyde was. Will said he was going to city hall to get married. Chad said he would tell the police and left. Sonny told Will that he was afraid that Clyde would come back to finish the job. Will said he was safe as long as Leo was locked up. Sonny said he knew it wasn’t Leo. Jada went to the police station. She asked if there was any news on the case. He said Leo might be innocent. Rafe asked her to look over the evidence for anything they might have missed. She looked at the surveillance and told him there was a problem with Clyde’s alibi. Rafe said Clyde didn’t have an alibi for Abby’s murder. Chad went to the DiMera mansion and took a gun out of the safe.


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Days Short Recap Monday, September 26, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex told Justin about Sonny’s theory about his stabbing. Justin left the room to confirm what Sonny said. Nancy arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to see Bonnie. Bonnie helped Nancy get ready for the wedding. Justin walked in the room with a somber look on his face. Justin told them that Clyde was the one who stabbed Sonny and killed Abby. Nancy didn’t want to believe it. Justin wanted her to rethink the wedding. Nancy started crying and said that Clyde loves her. She insisted that he was innocent. She said she was getting married and there was nothing Justin could do to stop her. She thanked Bonnie for her help, but she uninvited her to the wedding. Bonnie reminded Justin that she was a bad person once, but she changed. She thought Clyde might have changed too, Justin loved her forgiving her, but he didn’t think Clyde changed. Justin was willing to talk to Sonny again. Craig told Chloe that he couldn’t stop Nancy from getting married. Chloe begged him to do it. Brady wanted them to take a minute. Chloe said they had to stop it now. She reminded him that if they didn’t stop him, he would have married a con artist. Craig told her that Nancy made her choice and Clyde paid his debt to society. He thought he stayed on the right side of the law. She told him that Clyde abused his kids, but Craig didn’t want to hear about it. Chloe wanted him to back her up, but he thought they should stay out of it.

Jada wanted a warrant for Clyde’s arrest. Rafe left a message for Chad about what happened. They rushed to find Clyde. Chad found a gun in the safe and was about to leave when EJ spotted him. He wanted to know what Chad was doing. He said he had to pick up something. EJ asked him about Abby’s murder case. Chad let him know that Leo was innocent. He said Clyde killed her. He said he was going to make Clyde pay. EJ felt guilty because he should have told him that Clyde threatened his family. EJ wanted to help Chad, but he told him to go to Hell. Clyde was ready to go into City Hall when Chad stopped him with his gun. Belle went to the DiMera mansion to tell him about her encounter with Clyde. He told her that Clyde killed Abby. He said he was worried about Chad. He realized that Chad planned to kill Clyde. Belle wanted to call the police, but EJ didn’t want her to do it at first. He ended up agreeing to let her call Shawn. Craig, Chloe and Brady were at City Hall and wondered what happened to Nancy and Clyde. Chloe wanted to leave, but Craig didn’t want to do that to Nancy. Rafe and Jada showed up to arrest Clyde for Abby’s murder. Nancy arrived after they told them about Clyde. Nancy realized they were there because of Sonny’s accusations. Chloe told her about the altered footage of Clyde’s alibi. Nancy stormed out of the room. Chad took Clyde to Abby’s headstone. He forced him to get on the ground. He wanted to know why he killed her. Clyde said he didn’t do it because he had an alibi. Chad told him that his alibi wasn’t legit. He wanted to know why he killed Abby. Clyde told him that he thought she was Belle. Clyde explained everything that happened leading up to the murder.


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Days Update Monday, September 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Justin joins Bonnie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, where Bonnie informs him that she has the most wonderful news. Bonnie announces that Nancy and Clyde are getting married today. Bonnie adds that it’s all because of her, revealing to Justin that when Nancy’s marriage crashed and burned, she set her up on a dating app which is where she met Clyde. Bonnie says she’s so thrilled for Nancy since she was so crushed by Craig cheating on her with a man while now she has found someone to make her happy for the rest of her life.

Chloe begs Craig to talk Nancy out of this wedding. Craig argues that she won’t listen to him after he broke her heart. Chloe asks what he thinks is going to happen when Nancy becomes Mrs. Clyde Weston and calls it the biggest mistake of her life. Craig understands her concerns but says she can’t put him in the middle because it’s not his place to tell Nancy who she should or shouldn’t marry. Craig declares that he’s sorry but he just won’t do it.

Nancy and Clyde talk in the town square. Nancy informs him that Brady, Chloe, and Craig are going to meet them at City Hall. Clyde decides they are all set then. Nancy thought her life was over until Clyde came along and gave her hope. Nancy tells Clyde that she loves him and can’t wait to be his wife as they kiss.

Rafe can’t believe Clyde’s alibi was bogus. Jada confirms there’s no doubt that he doctored the footage. Rafe credits Jada as they would’ve never known without her. Jada thanks him but points out that Rafe is the one who told her to go over everything again. Rafe declares that it looks like Chad was right about Leo being framed for Abigail’s murder, he was just wrong about who was doing it. Rafe decides they need to issue an arrest warrant for Clyde fast but by the book. Rafe wants to assure Chad that his wife’s killer is not going to slip through their hands again. Rafe then makes a call.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion and removes a gun from the safe. Chad loads the gun and puts it in his pocket but EJ arrives and asks what he’s doing there.

Chloe pleads with Craig to go talk to Nancy and tell her she can’t go through with this wedding. Brady suggests Chloe take a minute but Chloe points out that they don’t have a minute as they are due at City Hal. Craig argues that Chloe isn’t hearing him while Chloe complains that Craig wasn’t hearing them when they warned him about Leo. Chloe asks what if they stopped trying and then Craig would be broke and married to Leo. Craig is grateful for them caring enough to tell him the truth even though he didn’t want to listen. Chloe says they did it because they love him and she knows he loves Nancy, so he needs to go talk sense in to her. Craig declares that Nancy has made her choice, adding that Clyde has paid his debt to society and is staying on that side of the law.

Justin tells Bonnie that this marriage is a bit sudden. Bonnie asks why wait when you find the one. Bonnie questions if he doesn’t agree. Justin responds that in this case, he definitely does not agree. Justin questions how Bonnie could be excited about Nancy marrying a criminal like Clyde Weston. Justin adds that he believes Clyde had Sonny stabbed several years ago as a way to send Victor a message during a business deal, but no one could ever prove Clyde was involved. Justin says he’s sorry to rain on Bonnie’s parade but declares that this wedding is nothing to celebrate.

Clyde tells Nancy that he can’t wait to be her husband. Clyde says he’s one lucky man to have her in his life and calls her his miracle. Clyde talks about not thinking he had a chance of meeting anyone on the dating app, but she took a chance on him and he’s forever grateful. Nancy is so glad she did because every day keeps getting better. Clyde calls this the best one yet. Nancy says she has to go make herself beautiful and she will see him soon. Nancy walks away. Clyde then turns around to see Belle in the town square.

Chad tells EJ that he just came to pick something up and now he has it, so he’s going. EJ stops him and asks if he’s alright. Chad tells EJ to get out of his way. EJ asks if there’s any news on Leo. Chad responds that Leo is innocent. EJ questions what he means. Chad then reveals that Leo wasn’t the one who killed his wife, it was Clyde Weston, and now he’s going to make damn sure he pays.

Clyde greets Belle and asks where she’s off to in such a hurry. Belle says it’s none of his business. Clyde asks her how EJ is doing. Belle responds that as far as she knows, he’s fine. Clyde sends his best and says he’s in a hurry himself as he’s going to the City Hall to get married. Clyde informs Belle that he and Nancy are getting married. Belle is surprised and questions it happening now. Clyde declares that his second chance comes tonight.

Chloe argues that Clyde is a career criminal and questions if he didn’t just get out of prison and pick up where he left off. Craig points out that Clyde is making an honest living at the Brady Pub. Chloe argues that he’s probably dealing drugs out of the Pub. Craig laughs that off, reminding her that Roman runs the place. Chloe questions why Craig is being so easy on Clyde. Chloe complains that Clyde is a psycho, who abused his own children and their mother. Chloe asks what if he does the same thing to Nancy. Chloe talks about Clyde beating Ben so badly that it turned him into a serial killer. Craig says that was a long time ago. Craig admits that he doesn’t think Clyde is good for Nancy, but Nancy has made her choice and Clyde has shown no sign of going back to the other side so they can’t judge and have to be fair. Chloe argues that Nancy barely knows Clyde and thinks it’s too soon for her to be marrying anyone. Craig points out that Nancy is very happy right now so he doesn’t want to deprive her by being negative. Craig declares that all they have to do is be positive and show her their support.

Justin calls Alex and promises to talk to Sonny and try to smooth things over. Bonnie asks what that was about. Justin informs her that Alex and Sonny got in a big fight over Titan, so now he has to go call Sonny. After Justin exits, Nancy rushes in to ask Bonnie for help getting ready for her wedding. Bonnie agrees to work her magic and transform her to the most beautiful bride.

Rafe calls Chad and leaves a message, giving him a heads up that Clyde Weston’s alibi for Abigail’s murder fell apart so they just got the arrest warrant and are going to pick him up. Rafe says he’ll be in touch and hangs up. Rafe tells Jada that now all they have to do is find Clyde as they hurry out of the station.

Chad reminds EJ that he should’ve told him that Clyde threatened their family. EJ responds that he’ll never stop being sorry for that. EJ asks about Clyde’s alibi. Chad says he doesn’t have time to answer his questions. EJ stops him and says he wants to help but Chad tells him to go to Hell and storms out.

Craig tells Chloe that if Nancy’s marriage falls apart, he will be there for her, but right now they owe her all the support and have to be positive. Chloe complains that she can’t do that while Nancy is marrying a thug. Chloe asks Brady to help her convince Craig that they have to get Nancy to reconsider. Brady apologizes but thinks Craig is right. Brady hears what Chloe is saying and wishes Nancy wasn’t marrying Clyde but it is her decision. Brady tells Chloe that unless she plans on no showing, they should get ready for a wedding.

Bonnie gets Nancy dressed and tells her that she’s never seen her look more beautiful. Bonnie gives Nancy a bouquet of flowers wrapped in blue while her outfit is new and borrowed from her while the jewelry is old, so she has all the bridal bases covered. Nancy thanks Bonnie and says their wedding is going to be very small with just family, but she would love it if Bonnie and Justin would come. Justin comes back in to the room with a serious look. Bonnie asks about the call with Sonny and if things between he and Alex are that bad. Justin responds that he doesn’t know how to say this, but Clyde was the one who stabbed Sonny. Bonnie questions why he would lay that old news on Nancy on her wedding day when that happened so long ago. Bonnie starts explaining but Justin cuts her off and reveals he’s talking about the stabbing that just happened that landed Sonny in the hospital. Nancy tries to argue it was Leo but Justin reveals that Sonny just told him that it was Clyde who attacked him.

EJ calls Chad, asking him to call him back because he really does want to help. Belle arrives and informs EJ that she just had a run in with Clyde and he asked about EJ in a way that was very unsettling. Belle adds that Clyde is marrying Nancy tonight. Belle calls that horrifying and says they can’t let Nancy marry a guy who put a hit on EJ and left him to die. EJ says that’s not all Clyde did and reveals that according to Chad, Clyde is also the one who murdered Abigail.

Clyde goes to City Hall and prepares to head inside when Chad grabs him from behind with his gun to his back.

Nancy questions what Justin is talking about, arguing that Clyde did not stab anyone. Bonnie points out that Sonny was stabbed behind and didn’t see who did it. Justin reveals that Sonny only identified the smell of vanilla. Nancy argues that doesn’t prove anything. Justin then adds that Sonny almost remembered seeing Clyde’s reflection in a picture frame. Nancy complains that Sonny is in the hospital being pumped full of drugs so they can’t trust anything he says and asks why Clyde would go after Sonny. Justin explains that Sonny is convinced that Clyde was trying to frame Leo. Nancy calls that even more ridiculous since Leo is out for revenge and has his hit list. Justin brings up Leo being cleared after Abigail’s murder, so Clyde had to find a way to implicate him again. Justin declares that Clyde did not just stab Sonny, he also murdered Abigail.

Belle thought Clyde had an alibi. EJ says he did too and asked Chad what had changed, but he just stormed off. EJ worries about Chad being in a bad way. Belle suggests they should call the police but EJ decides he’s going to handle Clyde himself.

Rafe and Jada search the Brady Pub but find out that Clyde is not there and that he’s getting married at City Hall, so they rush back out.

Clyde questions what Chad is doing. Chad warns him not to make a scene, pretend everything is normal, and come with him or he will kill him right here, right now.

Nancy insists to Justin that Clyde is innocent and has an alibi for the night that Abigail was killed as there is video of him fishing. Justin suggests Nancy speak to Sonny. Nancy argues that Sonny must be confused and she’s sorry for what he’s been through, but she has to get to her wedding. Nancy thanks Bonnie for everything. Justin advises Nancy to rethink her wedding but she refuses. Nancy yells at Justin to stop trying to ruin this for her. Nancy cries that Clyde is innocent and he loves her, so she is getting married today. Justin warns that this is a big step and asks her to talk to Sonny before she takes it. Nancy refuses to listen to anything else and declares that she’s getting married today, so nothing can stop her. Nancy thanks Bonnie again but decides it’s not a good idea for them to come to her wedding after all because of how Justin is acting. Nancy then exits the mansion. Bonnie says that Nancy must be right that Clyde wouldn’t stab anyone. Justin questions her believing that. Bonnie talks about believing in innocent until proven guilty while Justin sticks by what Sonny said. Bonnie believes Sonny could be mistaken. Justin doesn’t think so. Bonnie suggests Sonny could be thinking about his past stabbing. Justin talks about Clyde doing terrible things. Bonnie relates to being unfairly judged by your past, noting that she was a rotten person but she changed, so maybe Clyde has too. Justin hopes that she’s right for Nancy’s sake.

Brady, Chloe, and Craig arrive at City Hall and wonder where everyone is. Brady jokes that he thought they were running late. Chloe hopes it’s a good sign that maybe Nancy changed her mind and cancelled the wedding. Craig suggests she’s probably just taking extra time getting ready. Craig reminds Chloe to be supportive. Brady points out that Clyde isn’t even there, so he wonders what’s keeping him. Chloe feels it’s the perfect excuse to leave since they came but the bride and groom weren’t there. Craig says they can’t do that. Chloe points out that no one is there. Craig assures they are on their way. Chloe wants to wait two more minutes. Craig insists that they are not bailing on Nancy on her big day when she asked them to come. Craig tells her to think of how hurt Nancy would be. Rafe and Jada arrive. Craig gets upset, thinking that they tracked him there and repeats that he had nothing to do with Abigail or Sonny. Rafe responds that they know he didn’t stab anyone. Brady asks if they know who did. Rafe reveals they have reason to believe it was Clyde Weston. Chloe thought he had an alibi. Rafe and Jada explain that it fell apart as the footage was doctored. Chloe complains that she knew Clyde was a bad guy but questions if he’s that bad that he stabbed Sonny and killed Abigail. Rafe confirms it looks that way. Chloe worries about Nancy marrying him. Rafe says that’s why they are here, to get to Clyde before he walks down the aisle.

Chad brings Clyde to Abigail’s grave and orders him to look at her headstone. Chad wants to know why Clyde put her in the ground. Clyde claims he has the wrong guy and that he had nothing to do with it as he has an alibi. Chad screams that is the wrong answer as Rafe told him that the footage was tampered with. Chad warns that everyone knows he’s trying to cover his tracks and asks why he would do that if he wasn’t guilty. Chad wants to know why he slaughtered his wife. Chad screams at Clyde to start talking. Chad asks if Clyde did it to send a message to EJ. Clyde says it wasn’t like that at all. Chad asks for the truth. Clyde responds that Abigail wasn’t the one he meant to kill. Chad asks who was then and demands he start talking. Clyde then reveals that Belle was the one he was after.

Belle questions what EJ plans to do by handling Clyde. EJ says he should’ve put Clyde down the minute he remembered that Clyde had him shot. EJ complains that he lost everything because of him. EJ declares that this ends now. EJ goes to the safe. Belle worries that if EJ kills Clyde, he’ll lose everything again and will be behind bars for the rest of his life. EJ blames himself for Abigail’s death and says now he intends to make things right. EJ then opens the safe, only to find the gun is gone.

Justin loves that Bonnie has such a forgiving heart but not everyone is able to turn their life around like she did. Bonnie says she was able to because she had the love of a good man and now Clyde has the love of a good woman. Bonnie asks Justin to try to give Clyde the benefit of the doubt. Justin notes that Sonny was pretty sure about what happened but agrees to talk to him again. Bonnie worries about Nancy and asks how she can handle getting her heart broken all over again. Justin says she’ll just have to lean on her friends like her. Justin kisses Bonnie and then exits.

Chloe argues that they were supposed to be here by now and worries that Clyde found out the cops were after him and kidnapped Nancy. Nancy then arrives. Chloe asks if she’s okay. Nancy says she’s fine and asks what’s going on and where Clyde is. Rafe says they are actually trying to find him and questions if Nancy doesn’t know where he is. Nancy responds that she doesn’t, but she knows why they are hunting him down because of what Sonny said. Nancy says that Justin told her all about it. Rafe says they just need to find him. Nancy mocks this being about vanilla cologne and Clyde’s reflection. Nancy insists that Clyde didn’t stab Sonny. Rafe and Jada question what Sonny said. Nancy explains that Sonny said he saw Clyde’s reflection in a picture frame in his office but argues that he must have been hallucinating from the drugs they are giving him in the hospital. Craig tries to calm her down but Nancy shouts that she is getting married. Chloe brings up Abigail’s murder as well. Nancy brings up Clyde’s alibi but Chloe informs her that it’s fake and was altered. Nancy starts to cry. Jada confirms they have a warrant out for Clyde’s arrest.

Chad questions why Clyde would go after Belle. Clyde states that EJ blabbed to her after he told him to keep his mouth shut about their history. Chad questions what that has to do with Abigail. Clyde explains that he went to the DiMera Mansion one night with the excuse that he was there to talk business with EJ, but he didn’t trust him, so he planted a bug in the house to keep tabs on him. Clyde reveals that’s how he found out that EJ betrayed him and heard him talking to Belle. Clyde complains that EJ lied after assuring him that what happened in the park would be their secret. Clyde recalls hearing EJ talking about his plan to make sure Clyde would never be able to hurt anyone again but Belle talked him out of it. Clyde knew Belle still had every intention of making him pay, so he knew they were coming after him one way or another, so he decided to send EJ a message since he knew Belle was living at the mansion and wanted to teach her a lesson…

EJ remembers Chad saying he came to pick something up and realizes it was the gun. EJ tells Belle that Chad just found out who really murdered his wife and is going to handle Clyde himself, by killing him.

Rafe calls to put an APB out on Clyde Weston, wanted for murder and attempted murder so he’s considered extremely dangerous. Nancy cries that this can’t be true. Craig tries to comfort her but Nancy tells him not to touch her. Nancy runs out of the room, so Chloe and Craig go after her. Rafe decides they need to find Clyde and exits with Jada.

Belle says she’s really calling the police now as they have to do something. EJ feels they need to find Chad themselves before it’s too late.

Chad still wants to know how Clyde went from taking Belle out to murdering his wife. Clyde explains that when he got to the mansion that night, there was no sign of Belle or EJ. Chad asks if he just decided to kill his wife then. Clyde says that’s not how it went down. Chad screams at him to tell him what happened because he wants to know everything about how his wife died.

EJ tells Belle that Clyde’s been living with Nancy so maybe he’s there. Belle reminds him that they are getting married today at City Hall. Belle decides she’s going with EJ despite EJ saying no. Belle adds that first she’s going to call Shawn to let him know that they think Clyde is at City Hall. EJ still doesn’t want to involve police. Belle worries that Chad isn’t experienced with guns while Clyde is and asks if he’s prepared to deal with what happens if Clyde gets the gun away from Chad. EJ then agrees to let Belle call the police, but tells her to do it from the car as they rush out of the mansion.

Nancy returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and sits with Bonnie. Bonnie apologizes as she knows what Justin said upset her. Nancy responds that it’s ok because Justin was right as Clyde never showed up for the wedding, but the police did with a warrant for his arrest. Nancy cries that Clyde stabbed Sonny, and even worse, they said he killed Abigail. Bonnie tells her she’s so sorry. Nancy doesn’t want to believe it and kept arguing that the Clyde she knows would never do such horrible things but she couldn’t change their minds. Nancy breaks down crying as Bonnie hugs her.

Chad screams at Clyde to start talking. Clyde says he doesn’t want to do this. Clyde doesn’t think it will do him any good to hear about it. Chad accuses him of stalling as he holds the gun on him. Chad points out a freshly dug grave and threatens to put Clyde in it.

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Days Update Friday, September 23, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Nicole works at the Basic Black office as Jada arrives and says she knows it’s Eric’s first day but they must have mixed up each others’ phones as she has his. Nicole then asks if they woke up in bed together this morning.

Brady joins Chloe in her hotel room at the Salem Inn and happily announces that he has full custody of Rachel. Chloe tells him that she’s so happy for him as they hug. Brady admits he’s surprised that the judge ruled in his favor after everything Kristen dredged up. Chloe then reveals that knows how it happened.

Rafe brings Craig to the interrogation room and asks when he got back in town. Craig says it was just last night. Rafe then asks when he last saw Leo. Craig says other than just now, it probably would’ve been the morning after their aborted wedding. Rafe questions if Craig left town right after that. Craig confirms he went right back to New York and wanted to cut ties. Rafe then asks where Craig was on September 1 as that was the night that Sonny Kiriakis was stabbed.

Nancy tells Chad that it’s odd because Craig never wore aftershave or cologne during their marriage. Chad suggests he started wearing it after they split up. Nancy says that would be a coincidence because vanilla is what Clyde wears. Nancy says at first she thought it was feminine, but now she kind of likes it. Chad then thinks back to Craig hugging him and remembers that Clyde was standing nearby. Chad comes to a realization, so Nancy asks what’s wrong.

Clyde fills out his drug test paperwork at the hospital. Clyde then gets up and looks in the window of Sonny’s hospital room. Clyde then flashes back to being the one who stabbed Sonny! Will then approaches Clyde.

Chloe informs Brady that she happened to run in to the judge outside in the hallway and told her that she knew they couldn’t use Kristen’s previous crimes against her but that she had evidence of Kristen attacking her with the letter opener as she had the surveillance video from their office, so she assumes the judge watched it. Brady questions why she didn’t tell him earlier. Chloe worried that if Kristen found out she was the reason that she lost the case, she would use it against her and Brady with Rachel. Brady questions the judge being okay with this. Chloe admits she was weary but she sensed she was frustrated with the whole situation. Chloe adds that because of Kristen’s pardon, she couldn’t consider all the facts so she felt this untied the judge’s hands to make the ruling she wanted to make. Chloe knew it was risky but says she couldn’t stand by and watch Brady lose custody of Rachel to Kristen, so she’s not sorry for what she did. Brady tells her that she doesn’t have to be sorry for anything and declares that because of her, he will never lose his little girl. Brady tells Chloe how much he adores her as they kiss.

Jada remarks on Nicole not being very transparent. Nicole questions if she offended her. Jada questions Nicole asking if their phone mix up happened while they were in bed together. Nicole feels it’s a reasonable assumption. Jada says they don’t keep their phones in the bed. Nicole says she just pictured them waking up together. Jada feels Nicole is bothered by the fact that she is seeing her ex-husband. Jada brings up that Nicole is a newlywed and married to a great guy. Nicole claims she’s not bothered but just protective and she hopes they are right for each other. Jada mocks the idea of that making Nicole happy. Jada tells Nicole to be honest that she’s not rooting for them to be happy and that she’s hoping they fall apart. Nicole calls that not true but admits she overstepped by commenting on them waking up in bed together as whatever they do behind closed doors is none of her business. Nicole repeats that she already knew they were sleeping together. Jada brings up that Rafe mentioned Nicole came by to offer Eric a job. Nicole thought they would have more interesting things to talk about at the police station. Jada says this is interesting since the day after Nicole’s visit, Eric was just talking about looking for a photography job and how scarce the jobs are. Nicole says Eric was perfect for this job and they happened to have an opening. Jada questions why Eric didn’t mention this job since that’s what she told Rafe. Nicole questions if Jada is calling her a liar.

Craig asks Rafe if he’s asking him if he stabbed Sonny Kiriakis. Rafe responds that he’s just gathering information. Craig mentions just visiting Leo and he was going on and on about how he must have wanted payback for him breaking his heart and kept saying this accusation over and over. Rafe admits he’s aware of the accusation. Craig calls it the raving of a desperate man. Craig says Leo is accusing him of stabbing Sonny and murdering Abigail. Craig argues that Rafe can’t actually believe that he would be so blinded by hatred for Leo that he would take an innocent woman’s life and forget his oath to do no harm. Craig questions if Rafe actually believes Leo.

Will asks what Clyde is doing at the hospital. Clyde responds that he just got called in for a random drug test as part of his parole, joking that Will should know about that since he’s an ex-con. Clyde knows Will got his conviction overturned but he did serve time. Will remembers Clyde trying to shiv him in prison but then Ben tried to stop him and got the shiv instead. Clyde talks about Ben turning in to a stand up guy and now he’s trying to turn his life around as well. Clyde says he’s a changed guy. Clyde mentions that he and Nancy are about to get married, so Will congratulates him. Clyde tells Will to take care of Sonny and remarks that he’s really glad to hear they caught the guy that attacked him as it must be a real relief knowing that scum like that is off the street now. Clyde then exits the hospital.

Nancy asks Chad what it is. Chad remembers Clyde standing there when he saw Craig, so it must have been his cologne he was smelling. Chad asks where Clyde is now. Nancy informs him that Clyde is at the hospital taking his drug test and encourages Chad to get some of that cologne. Nancy asks Chad if he’s sure he’s alright since he’s as pale as a ghost. Chad claims he’s fine and says he just has to be somewhere, so he rushes off.

Jada tells Nicole that she never accused her of lying. Nicole feels she’s certainly insinuating it. Jada decides to just leave Eric’s phone and go but Nicole says not until she lets her explain. Nicole questions why she would lie to her husband about offering Eric a job if she hadn’t. Jada suggests maybe Nicole came to see Eric for another reason, but says she didn’t come to argue with her. Jada feels they are in a competition for Eric’s love and affection, even though Nicole is divorced and married to another man. Nicole argues that she’s not competing with her and repeats that she and Eric have a long history as friends. Jada understands that she’s protective of Eric, but she doesn’t get her being so protective of their relationship as if she’s not good for him or like he needs protection from her. Eric then arrives and asks what’s going on.

Craig tells Rafe that he did not stab Sonny or murder Abigail and he’s not a homicidal maniac. Craig adds that he wasn’t even in town when the attacks occurred. Craig says the fact that Rafe is listening to Leo is an insult and an outrage. Rafe asks if Craig would be able to provide an alibi. Craig confirms he would. Rafe says he’ll need one for September 1 and June 10 as well. Craig argues that he doesn’t know what he was doing three months ago. Craig says he’s often on call but doesn’t know where he is day to day. Rafe notes that could be a problem for him. Craig decides he will have his secretary check his schedule and get back to him. Rafe says the sooner, the better as Craig then exits the room.

Brady tells Chloe that he doesn’t have to pick Rachel up for about an hour and suggests they make their celebration official. They continue kissing until Nancy knocks on the door and interrupts. Chloe answers the door, so Nancy comes in and announces that she and Clyde are getting married today.

Chad goes to the hospital and asks Will how Sonny is. Will says he’s sleeping after having Alex visit earlier. Chad asks if he’s seen Clyde around anywhere. Will confirms that he just saw him here actually. Chad questions if he went in to Sonny’s room. Will says not that he saw but he was standing at the window and that he was here for a drug test. Will asks why and what’s going on. Chad reveals that he doesn’t think Leo hurt anyone and that it’s been Clyde this whole time. Will questions where this is coming from. Chad reminds Will of how they tried to help Sonny remember what happened and he said he smelled vanilla. Chad talks about smelling vanilla and at first, he thought it was Craig but then Nancy said that Clyde wears a vanilla cologne. Chad declares that it is Clyde.

Chloe is shocked that Nancy is marrying Clyde today and asks when this happened. Nancy responds that it was Clyde’s idea so they are going to get married at City Hall in an hour. Chloe questions why she is rushing in to this and argues there’s no reason to get married today. Nancy argues there’s no reason not to. Nancy declares that Clyde is the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with, so she asks why not make it official as soon as possible. Nancy reveals that she’s here because she’d like for them to be their witnesses. Chloe asks if they can talk about it for a minute. Nancy says no because Craig will be there any minute which Chloe questions. Nancy explains that she asked Craig to come because she wants both of them to be a part of her wedding. Craig then arrives. Nancy hopes Craig is free to come to the wedding. Craig responds that he’s not sure. Chloe argues that even Craig thinks she’s rushing in to this. Craig clarifies that it’s not that but he’s not in a celebratory mood because he just got accused of murder.

Will and Chad go to Sonny’s hospital room and wake him up. Sonny asks what’s going on. Will informs him that Chad believes something that might prove who his attacker was. Sonny asks if it wasn’t Leo. Chad confirms he doesn’t think so. Will knows Sonny’s memory is hazy but they want to try to jog his memory again. Chad asks if Sonny remembers seeing Clyde Weston when he was attacked.

Eric calls it a surprise to see Jada. Jada explains that she thinks he has her phone. Eric checks and confirms that he does, noting that he didn’t even notice. Jada guesses it must be a slow crime day or else he would have gotten a barrage of text messages. Jada says she better get back to the office and tells Eric that she’ll see him at home. Jada kisses Eric and exits. Nicole asks Eric if he’s all set for the photo shoot downstairs. Eric questions if it’s just him or if things were very tense between Nicole and Jada. Eric asks if there’s something going on between them. Nicole admits there was some tension between them, so Eric asks why. Nicole admits that it’s because she lied to her husband and Jada called her out on it. Eric questions why she lied to Rafe. Nicole explains that she hadn’t told Rafe that she came to see Eric, so when he asked her why she did, she didn’t want to tell her current husband that she was dreaming about her ex-husband, so she told him that she offered him a job. Nicole adds that she felt bad about lying to Rafe, so she raced over to Eric’s place to offer him a job for real. Eric questions Nicole offering him a job to make her lie the truth which she admits to. Eric then declares that he quits.

Jada goes to the police station and apologizes to Rafe for being late as she had to run over to Basic Black to see Eric since they accidentally switched phones. Rafe asks how Eric’s first day there is going. Jada says so far, so good. Rafe is glad things are working out for him. Jada says she didn’t stay too long as she wanted to get to work and asks if there’s any update on the case. Rafe says there might be and brings up Jada having run ins with Melinda Trask. Jada notes that Melinda seems like a very tenacious prosecutor. Rafe worries that she’s too tenacious, especially if the suspect is innocent. Jada questions who they think is innocent. Rafe reveals it’s Leo Stark which shocks Jada.

Chloe questions Craig about Leo accusing him of framing him and calls that absurd. Nancy agrees that it’s totally ridiculous since Craig is an upstanding citizen and a doctor, so he wouldn’t hurt anyone much less kill anyone. Craig comments on Rafe buying in to Leo’s story. Brady argues that Rafe must know better than to believe anything Leo says. Craig says that Rafe questioned the hell out of him. Nancy repeats that it’s ridiculous, remarking that Craig is no more guilty than Clyde is since he was accused of killing Abigail too but he had an alibi, so he was innocent. Nancy declares that Craig and Clyde have both been unfairly accused.

Chad tells Sonny that Clyde wears a cologne that smells like vanilla, so he asks Sonny again if he remembers seeing Clyde that night. Sonny says he’s trying but there’s nothing. Sonny wishes he could see anyone but there’s nothing happening. Will continues to encourage him to take his time and try again. Sonny recalls being at the filing cabinet and hearing someone coming. Sonny says he started to turn. Will and Chad ask if he remembers something.

Nicole questions why Eric is quitting when he just started. Eric responds that Nicole just admitted that the job offer wasn’t legitimate and he’s not going to take the job just to ease her guilt because she chose to lie to her husband. Eric says he’s going to pack his things but Nicole stops him and asks him to listen. Nicole admits that initially she may have offered him the job to ease her guilt but they do really need him because there has been a lot of staff turnover thanks to Kristen. Nicole insists that they do need a photographer who she can trust and he’s definitely qualified. Nicole says as strange as her offer may have been, she still wants him here if he wants to work here. Eric admits that he does want to work here on the condition that she will be upfront with Rafe about them working together from now on, because the last thing he wants is to cause any trouble between her and her husband.

Jada questions Rafe thinking Leo Stark is innocent. Rafe clarifies that he said he might be, but as time goes on, the more he thinks so. Jada brings up all the evidence. Rafe says it’s hardly an ironclad case and there’s a possibility that Leo is being framed, but when Melinda settles on a suspect, she will try and push the whole case through without looking back. Jada asks what Rafe has in mind. Rafe wants Jada to look at all the evidence they have since she’s a fresh pair of eyes and might see something that he missed. Jada asks if he thinks there’s anything to Leo’s accusation of Craig Wesley and if Rafe is leaning in that direction. Rafe admits he’s not sure but he’s hesitant to lean in any direction without giving it a lot more thought. Rafe says he is going to check on Craig’s alibi while he wants Jada to go through all of the evidence to see if there’s any evidence that someone other than Leo committed these crimes.

Chad urges Sonny to remember if he saw anything. Sonny remembers seeing the reflection in the glass painting when he started to turn and confirms it was definitely Clyde Weston. Sonny questions why Clyde would do this to him. Chad declares that it’s not just Sonny since the knife he stabbed him with was the same knife used on Abigail which means Clyde murdered his wife.

Clyde gets dressed for his wedding and walks through the town square. While sticking the rose to his suit jacket, Clyde accidentally cuts his finger.

Nancy argues that it seems like the Salem police have accused everyone except the guilty party. Nancy is sure this will all go away as soon as Craig provides Rafe with his alibis. Craig hopes she’s right. Nancy assures that she is and then all of this will be over, but today is about her so she asks if they can just celebrate. Craig insists that he wants her to be happy. Nancy thanks him and says she really wants him there because they are still family. Nancy asks if there’s any way Craig can put aside all his worries to celebrate today with her. Craig agrees to come and be there for her. Nancy thanks him and decides she has to go get dressed so she’s not late for her own wedding. Nancy then exits the room.

Chad complains that they had Clyde in custody but they let him go. Will and Sonny bring up Clyde having an alibi that he was fishing on the docks and there was surveillance footage to prove that. Sonny is certain that he saw Clyde’s reflection, so he questions how that could be.

Rafe checks back with Jada at the station. Jada informs him that she might have something as she went back over Clyde’s statement about Leo selling him Abigail’s jewelry and it mentions his alibi. Jada says since she wasn’t there at the time, she decided to watch the footage herself of Clyde fishing on the docks at the time of Abigail’s murder. Jada reveals that there is a problem with it.

Chad asks Will if Clyde said where he was going after his drug test. Will confirms that Clyde said he was going to City Hall to marry Nancy today. Sonny questions what Chad is going to do. Chad responds that he’s going to the police to tell them what they learned and where they can find Clyde. Chad then exits the room.

Nicole tells Eric that she will be honest with Rafe in the future and admits she never should’ve lied to him in the first place. Eric questions why she did then and why she would lie about something as silly as having a dream about him cooking sloppy Joe’s. Nicole then admits that she lied to Eric too as she didn’t dream about that. Nicole reveals the dream she had about them was a sex dream which Eric questions. Nicole insists it didn’t mean anything and was just a dream. Eric then admits he lied too about the dream he told her that he had about her and that it was a sex dream about her too. Eric repeats that it was just a dream which Nicole agrees with. Eric decides he will see her downstairs and exits the office.

Craig tells Brady and Chloe that he is going to get ready for the wedding and will see them downstairs. Chloe stops Craig and argues that he can’t honestly think this wedding is a good idea. Craig responds that he just wants Nancy to be happy. Brady feels that’s a longshot with Clyde Weston while Chloe worries that it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Chloe asks Craig to help her stop this wedding.

Nancy comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Clyde. Nancy worries that they aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding. Clyde reminds her that she had already seen him today so they can throw that tradition out the window. Clyde declares they are not going to have any bad luck. Clyde informs her that he passed his drug test and nothing is going to stop them from being husband and wife and sharing a wonderful life together.

Jada and Rafe go over the footage of Clyde fishing on the docks. Jada reveals that she went frame by frame and that the timestamp was off, which means Clyde did not have an alibi for the time of the murder.

Will asks Sonny what’s wrong. Sonny responds that Clyde Weston is still out there and worries about him coming back to finish him off. Will says if Clyde was trying to frame Leo, it wouldn’t make sense for him to go after him while Leo is still locked up. Will assures that Sonny is safe here and he won’t let anything happen to him. Sonny points out that it’s not just about him and it could mean that Clyde really killed Abigail. Will bets Chad is doing his best to convince the cops of that now.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion and removes a gun from the safe.

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GH Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Lucy tells Anna and Valentin that she doesn’t want to be rescued because she is very close to Victor telling her his big plan.

Elizabeth tells Finn that she saw the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs, but she doesn’t know the identity of the woman. Elizabeth sees the picture of the woman on Finn’s phone and he tells her that is his deceased wife Rieko so Elizabeth pretends to have a headache and tells Finn she is going home. Elizabeth looks through old photos and finds a picture of her and her sister Sarah and on the back of the picture it says it was taken in the Mariana islands in Guam in 1997,*that is the same place Finn and his wife worked for Doctors without Borders early in their marriage.

Diane arrives at Brando’s garage to talk to Sasha and tells her Martin asked her to file a continuance in her case since he is still out of town. Sonny is still upset with Diane for grilling him on the stand during Michael and Willow’s trial when Nina was trying to get visitation rights with Wiley. Sonny thanks Diane for helping Sasha with her case. Sonny takes Sasha home but tells Dex to wait until Diane finishes looking for the guardianship papers Brando signed and then lock up the garage. Diane is in Brando’s office looking for the papers when the audience sees someone with a hook behind her.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nick calms Phyllis down after she gets upset because she thinks she was the last person invited to Kyle and Summer’s party. Phyllis manages to control her anger and starts the toasts to the happy couple.

Noah and Mariah also make heartfelt toasts to Summer and Kyle and later Summer and Kyle give Diane and Phyllis back their jobs. Kyle and Summer make it clear that this is their absolute last chance and they will not tolerate any more conflict between them at work. Diane and Phyllis promise that they won’t cause Kyle and Summer any more problems at work. Diane gets another text message and sneaks out of the party but Phyllis sees Diane leave and decides to follow her and see where she is going because she thinks Diane is hiding a, secret.

Lily persuades Devon to take the company public, but he tells her he is afraid they will lose control of the family company. Nate tries to persuade Elena that once Devon and Lily get past their anger with him for working with Victoria to take over the company, they, will come together to help him run Chancellor Winters. Victoria tells Victor about Nate’s plan. Victor thinks that the plan is risky but he goes along with it. Elena thinks the plan is the wrong thing to do and Nate is upset because he thinks Elena isn’t being supportive of him. Nate goes out for fresh air and meets Audra Charles the woman Jill brought in to take the company public and he offers to answer any of her questions.

Billy and Chelsea persuade Victoria to tell Johnny that she is his biological mother. Victoria asks Chelsea not to tell Connor until she and Billy tell Johnny the news. Victoria also tells Chelsea that she must accept the decision that Johnny makes about what type of relationship he wants to have with her and Connor.

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Y&R cast animation


Days Short Recaps Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Stefan they could do great things together. EJ said they could destroy Gabi. When Stefan didn’t rush to do it, EJ wondered why Stefan was hesitating. Stefan said he wanted to hear the whole plan. EJ said Stefan should take back his shares now that he’s alive. He said that would give them the shares they needed to oust her. He said Stefan would have to be willing to take her down. He asked Stefan if he was willing to take her down. Chad came in and was shocked to see Stefan. Stefan said he wanted to start over with Chad. Chad refused to do it after what he did to Abby. He told Stefan that Abby was dead. Stefan was shocked to hear that. Chad said Leo was the main suspect. He said the only thing Sonny remembered was the suspect was wearing vanilla. He went upstairs. EJ asked Stefan if he was still willing to go after Gabi. Leo told Gwen why Chad was the killer and was setting him up. She didn’t think Craig was that cold-blooded. Leo said Craig used to be shady. He told her how Craig could have set him up. She asked how Craig could have gotten his hit list. Leo didn’t know how he could have gotten the list. He said no one else had reason to hate him the way Craig did.

Gwen wanted to call the police, but Leo stopped her. He asked if she was going to turn him in. She said she forgave him for turning on her. She said she wanted to prove his innocence. He said he wanted to get back at Craig. She texted Rafe and told him to investigate Craig. Craig ran into Nancy and Clyde at the Pub. Craig said he was back because of Leo’s crimes. He said it was his fault for dumping Leo at the altar. Nancy introduced Clyde as her fiance. Craig told them that Chloe told him about Leo’s hit list. He said he knew Brady and Chloe were on Leo’s list Nancy said Leo hasn’t indicated that he was after Brady and Chloe, She wondered why Leo would spare Brady and Chloe. Craig thought it was because Leo still loved him. Craig wanted to celebrate their engagement. While they were in the Square, she left them alone. Craig and Clyde argued over Clyde not being good enough for Nancy. Clyde reminded him about what he did to her. Chad showed up while they were talking. Clyde wanted an apology form Chad for accusing him of murder. Chad didn’t want to get into it now. While he was standing next to Craig, he noticed the smell of vanilla. Stefan went to Gabi’s office. She noticed that he was wearing his ring. She asked if that meant that he still loved her. Leo was glad Gwen was going to help him. Rafe showed up to arrest him. She said she told Rafe that Leo was in her room.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, September 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer looked at a picture of Abby and took a couple of pills. Jack walked in the room so she hid the bottle. She got emotional over Abby. Jack hugged her when the bell rang. Jennifer wanted Jack to answer the door. Jennifer hid the bottle behind Abby’s picture. Jack came back in the room with Gwen. Jennifer thanked her for turning Leo in to the police. Gwen admitted that she mostly did it out of spite. She was thankful her daughter’s killer was in custody. Gwen wasn’t sure that was true. Jack had doubts about that too. Jennifer wanted to know who the killer was if it wasn’t Leo. Gwen told them about Leo’s theory about Craig. Jennifer knew Craig wasn’t an angel, but she didn’t think he was a murderer. She wanted to know why he would kill Abby. Gwen said she was collateral damage in Craig’s revenge plot. Gwen apologized for not being able to make amends for what she did to Abby. She hoped her killer paid for what he did. Jack thanked her and offered to walk her out. When they left Jennifer grabbed the pill bottle. Gwen ended up seeing the bottle. Jennifer told her they were for a sinus infection. Gwen knew what the pills were. She said her mother used to hide pills behind pictures too. She didn’t want to judge her.. She wanted to help her. She wanted to get Jack, but Jennifer didn’t want her to do it. She warned Gwen that she only has a relationship with Jack because she allowed it. She told Gwen that she would make sure Jack never talked to her again if she told him what she saw. She told Gwen to get out of her house.

Chad told Rafe about Sonny smelling vanilla before he was stabbed. He told him that he smelled vanilla when he saw Craig. Rafe wanted to know what motive Craig had to do it. He wondered if he was getting revenge on Leo. Chad didn’t think it was so crazy. He wanted the right person to be locked up so Rafe agreed to look into it. Leo thought about Gwen turning him in to the police. Craig showed up and knew about what happened to Leo. Leo accused him of setting him up for Abby’s murder and Sonny’s attack. Craig scoffed, but Leo knew it was true. He planned to prove it. Craig grabbed Leo through the bars. He didn’t think anyone would miss Leo. He said he didn’t stab anyone. He said he wasn’t the one framing him. Leo said he was crazy and sadistic. Leo planned to prove that Craig was guilty. He said Craig would be sorry he ever met him. Craig said he was already sorry he met him. Rafe saw Craig and wanted to talk to him in the interrogation room. Chad ran into Nancy at the pub. He told her that he ran into Craig the day before. He asked her about him wearing vanilla. Nancy said he never wore cologne. She said Clyde wore that scent. Chad remembered seeing Chad with Clyde. Clyde was outside of Sonny’s room. He thought about Clyde walking towards Sonny while gripping a knife.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve went to the interrogation room to see Orpheus. He knew one of them would come by to see him. Steve was willing to give him one chance to tell him what he did to Kayla, Kate and Marlena. He clicked a pen in Orpheus’ face. Orpheus made fun of him for choosing that as a weapon. Steve knew if he hit a major artery, he would instantly die. He said he would die if he didn’t tell him what he did to the women. Chloe arrived at the station to ask Shawn to testify that Brady didn’t kill Philip. Shawn said he couldn’t do that. She was upset because Kristen was going to win again. Kayla was in Marlena’s room and assured Stephanie that she would be okay. She started coughing, but told her there was nothing to worry about. Marlena told her that she and John decided not to tell their children what happened too. Marlena started coughing while she was talking to a patient on the phone. Kayla told her that she shouldn’t be working. Marlena wanted to keep herself distracted from the custody hearing. Kayla didn’t understand how any judge could give Kristen custody of a child. Kayla was worried about Steve’s visit with Orpheus. Steve kept trying to get Orpheus to talk to him, but Shawn came in the room. He stopped Steve from going after Orpheus. Steve walked out of the room.

Belle questioned John about the type of father Brady is. John ended up thinking about what Orpheus did to Marlena, Kayla and Kate. He became emotional and realized someone asked him about the type of father Brady was. He talked about Kristen’s crimes, but the judge stopped him. John let the judge know that he mentioned Kristen’s crimes to show that Brady puts Rachel first. John got upset when he mentioned Kristen stabbing Victor, but he controlled himself. Kristen began her turn and questioned John’s competency since Marlena went on a crime spree for months. She brought up how Marlena was possessed. She wanted to know where Marlena was. She wondered what would be more important than supporting her stepson. John blurted out that she could be dying. The judge called a recess. He told Brady and Belle what was going on with Marlena. Belle rushed to see Marlena with John. Kristen asked Brady to stay behind. She expressed her sympathy towards Marlena, but he went off on her. They threaten each other about how far they would go to protect Rachel. Brady stormed off to join John and Belle. They expressed how much they loved Marlena until the judge called Belle. Belle and Brady had to leave. Chloe saw Kate at the pub and asked her to testify for Brady. She wanted her to tell the judge that Brady didn’t kill Philip. Kate said she would think about it. Chloe walked away from her. Roman told Kate he would go to the judge himself if she would talk to her. Kate begged him not to do that. She thought it could ruin the progress Philip made. Roman didn’t think Brady should lose Rachel to Kristen. He wanted her to think about talking to the judge. The hearing resumed and Kristen continued to accuse Brady of killing Philip. Roman walked in and said he had something to say. The judge told him that he was too late because she made her decision. Steve found Kayla coughing at the hospital. She wanted to know what he did to Orpheus. He downplayed what happened. She got a call from the ISA. They went to see John and Marlena. She told them the ISA was having trouble figuring out what was wrong with them. Kayla passed out.

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Days Short Recap Monday, September 19, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nancy heard Clyde talking on the phone. She heard him say he was keeping something from her. When he got off the phone, he told her he was talking to Ben. While they were talking, she told him she knew he was lying to her. She told him she didn’t want to be a part of his illegal dealings. She told him they were done. He said he didn’t do anything wrong. She asked him if he was cheating on her with a woman or a man. He said he wasn’t cheating on her. She wanted to know what his big secret was. He showed her a ring box. He proposed to her. She said it wasn’t that long ago when she felt rejected because of Craig. She said she felt loved and hopeful. He said he wanted her to feel those things. She accepted his proposal. Leo showed up in Gwen’s room. He wanted her to hide him from the police. She said she should turn him in to the police the same way he did to her. He said he was being framed. He said she was the only one he could turn to for help. He said she had no idea what it felt like to be alone. She said she did know what it felt like. She asked him who he thought was the killer. He said he narrowed it down to someone who hated him. He said he thought it was Nancy. Gwen said Nancy wouldn’t kill anyone. She thought it might have been Darius. Leo thought it could have been him, but he was deported back to Canada. Leo thought about who could be setting him up. He said he knew who it was. He said it was Craig.

Sonny told Will and Chad about Leo coming to see him. Sonny said he was starting to think that Leo was innocent. He said if Leo wanted to kill him, he would have done it by now. Will and Chad thought Leo could be guilty. Sonny said he had a strong feeling about it. Chad said Marlena could hypnotize Sonny. Will said Marlena wasn’t feeling well. Chad suggested that he and Will help Sonny remember. Will didn’t want Sonny to go through that again. Will wanted Sonny to relax so he could remember what happened. Sonny said he smelled vanilla. He said whoever came in his office smelled like vanilla. He said that was all he remembered. Xander went to see Jack so he could help him get Sarah back. Jack said he didn’t know how he could help him. He said he understood why Sarah was upset. Xander appreciated Jack’s help. Xander realized he shouldn’t be relying on other people to help him. Jack said he was proud of his growth. Xander asked about Abby’s case. Jack said Leo was still on the loose. Xander said he wanted Jack to get justice, but he didn’t think Leo was guilty. Jack said he thought it was Leo. Xander said he hoped Leo got caught. Jack told him Sarah would get over it because she loved him. When Xander left, Chad showed up. He told Jack that Sonny didn’t think Leo was the killer. Jack said Xander thought the same thing. Sarah went to see Maggie. Maggie was surprised to see her. She thought Sarah would be on her honeymoon. Sarah said her marriage was over. Sarah said she was upset that Xander tried to break up Nicole and Eric’s marriage. Maggie didn’t understand why she was upset since Xander went through a lot. Sarah was furious. Maggie warned her that Gwen would go after Xander if she broke up with him. Sarah didn’t think he would go back to Gwen. Maggie said Gwen was manipulative and would do whatever she could to take advantage of the situation. Sarah said she knew about his relationship with Gwen before they got married. Maggie told her not to blame him for his past the way she doesn’t blame Victor for his. Sarah couldn’t believe she was telling her to forgive Xander. Maggie said Xander spent a lot of time thinking she didn’t love him and didn’t want anything to do with him. Maggie said Xander never stopped loving her.


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Days Update Thursday, September 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Clyde and Nancy sit together at the Brady Pub and talk about being crazy about one another. They kiss until Clyde gets a text and complains about them being interrupted. Clyde informs Nancy that it’s his probation officer as he has to take random drug tests as a condition of his parole. Nancy hopes nothing is wrong. Clyde admits back in the day, he did some dealing but right now, her love is the only drug he needs.

Jennifer is at home and takes more painkillers until Jack walks in.

Leo sits in a jail cell, complaining that he trusted Gwen and thought she was his friend. Leo can’t believe Gwen ratted him out to the cops and argues that she was the one who helped him figure out who was setting him up. Craig then appears outside the cell and remarks that they say talking to yourself is the first sign of losing one’s mind. Craig asks if Leo is laying the groundwork for an insanity defense. Leo says he didn’t know Craig was back in town. Craig responds that he got back last night and that it looks like Gwen turned him in, but it looks like he sold her out first. Leo questions what he’s talking about. Craig says he’s been following the case and knows Leo steered the cops right to Gwen. Leo claims he had no doubt she would get out of it. Leo remarks that maybe he earned a little payback himself but warns Craig that he is going to burn in Hell for what he did.

Jack questions what Jennifer is doing. Jennifer claims she was just straightening Abigail’s picture on the mantle. Jennifer starts to cry and hugs Jack in order to hide the bottle of pills behind him. The doorbell rings so Jennifer tells Jack to get it. Jack says they’ll go away and that she’s more important. Jennifer says she’s just having a moment and encourages him to go see who it is. Jack then goes to answer the door while Jennifer hides her bottle of pills behind Abigail’s photo.

Alex visits Sonny in the hospital, bringing him balloons, candy, and a stuffed pony as he says he cleared out the gift shop for him. Sonny questions what Alex is doing here. Alex says he’s trying to make him feel better. Sonny responds that they both know that’s not what he really wants. Alex questions what he’s talking about. Sonny then accuses Alex of trying to steal his job and take over Titan. Alex responds that he doesn’t want his job and isn’t trying to take his job. Sonny questions if he was forced to step in as interim CEO then. Alex tells him that Victor practically begged him to do it. Sonny questions it being Victor’s idea for Alex to take over the company. Alex clarifies that it’s only until Sonny is back on his feet. Sonny says he’s reading that Alex is making big moves and acquiring other companies. Alex explains that he’s trying to do what is best for the company. Sonny calls him unbelievable. Sonny yells at him that he’s mad at him for taking over the company. Alex argues that Sonny should be thanking him because he’s busting his ass trying to keep the stock price up so he has a company to run when he gets out. Alex repeats that he doesn’t want Sonny’s spot in the company. Alex starts to storm out but Sonny stops him and apologizes. Sonny admits he’s just frustrated that he’s stuck here and he overreacted. Alex sits down and tells him that he only wants what’s best for him. Alex recalls how hard Sonny took it when Leo took him out the last time and now Leo took him out again, so he wants to help him make good on his second chance.

Craig claims not to know what Leo is talking about and says he did nothing to him. Craig adds that Leo is the one who tricked him in to believing that he loved him and then humiliated him on their wedding day. Leo says his words are dripping with scorn. Craig admits he was hurt, humiliated, and mortified. Leo says all of that turned him bitter and filled him with anger and resentment, so he dedicated his life to making him suffer. Craig questions if he’s somehow blaming him for his predicament. Leo shouts that Craig’s the reason he’s in here. Leo declares that he knows the truth and figured out that Craig is framing him for the attempted murder of Sonny and the murder of Abigail.

Jack returns to the living room with Gwen. Gwen greets Jennifer and apologizes for dropping by unannounced as she’s sure she’s the last person she’d want to see. Jennifer responds that she’s actually grateful that she came because it gives her a chance to thank her for turning Leo in to the police. Jack says they know that couldn’t have been easy for Gwen. Gwen says she’d like to say she turned in Leo for Abigail’s sake but she did have her own selfish motives since Leo falsely accused her of killing her sister and she was not about to let him get away with that, so she called the police mostly out of spite. Jennifer doesn’t care why she did it as all that matters now is that Abigail’s killer is in custody. Gwen responds that she wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Nancy shows Clyde the article about Leo’s arrest. Clyde says it looks like Leo got sold out by his best friend. Nancy is glad that Abigail and Sonny are finally getting the justice they deserve and that Leo is getting what he deserves. Clyde adds that Nancy and Chloe are safe. Nancy tells Clyde how much he means to her. Clyde says the same and comments that the ring looks really good on her finger. Clyde tells Nancy that he wants to marry her and he’s tired of waiting. Clyde proclaims that he’d like to get married today. Clyde jokes that he’s not sure he’s ever seen her at a loss for words. Nancy questions him wanting to get married today. Clyde says having dinner with Craig last night got him thinking and says Craig turned a deep shade of green when he saw that ring. Nancy admits he did look a little jealous. Clyde suggests doubling down and giving him a wedding to really be jealous about. Nancy questions wanting to get married today just to stick it to Craig. Clyde assures that he wants to because he loves her and wants to spend his life making her happy. Clyde thinks sticking it to the guy who caused her so much pain would just sweeten the deal. Nancy acknowledges that Craig would not be happy. Clyde jokingly asks if she’s afraid of Craig and questions what she thinks the big bad doctor is going to do.

Chad meets with Rafe in the interrogation room and informs him of his theory that Craig could be the murderer. Rafe questions what makes him think that. Chad explains that he and Will were with Sonny to try and help him remember what happened when he was attacked. Rafe mentions questioning Sonny himself and he didn’t see anyone. Chad clarifies that Sonny didn’t see anyone but he remembers smelling vanilla when he was attacked and then after that on his way home, he ran in to Craig, who offered condolences about Abigail. Chad states that Craig gave him a hug and then he got a strong whiff of vanilla.

Leo accuses Craig of killing Abigail and then followed him to the Titan office where he laid in wait to plunge the knife in Sonny’s back. Craig questions Leo actually thinking that he stabbed two people for him. Leo tells Craig that it’s just them here and asks Craig to talk to him. Leo encourages Craig to admit what he did.

Sonny gives Alex some of the jelly beans he brought him and calls it a performance bonus for the great job he’s doing while he’s stuck in the hospital. Sonny admits Alex is making some smart moves and he’s glad that Victor put him in charge. Sonny adds that he’s proud of him and apologizes for doubting him. Alex accepts his apology and hugs him. Stephanie then enters the room and asks if she’s interrupting a power lunch. Alex says they are just splitting some beans. Stephanie mentions just getting a call from a reporter asking for a comment about a new business deal. Sonny asks what about it. Alex suggests letting him handle this while Sonny rests but Sonny insists and asks what it is. Stephanie then reveals that they want to know why an LLC owned by Alex bought the company and then immediately turned around and sold it to Titan, which shocks Sonny. Stephanie asks if she said something wrong. Sonny recalls working on that deal for months and then losing it at the last minute to an unknown competitor and now he finds out it was Alex. Alex tries to explain that it’s not what he thinks. Sonny can’t believe he fell for this and accuses Alex of plotting against him ever since he got to Salem.

Jack questions Gwen thinking Leo is innocent. Gwen admits that Leo is anything but innocent but she doesn’t think he’s the one who killed Abigail. Jennifer asks why she says that. Gwen says she’s known Leo a long time and he’s been vocal about denying this from the start. Jack points out that it wouldn’t be the first time Leo has lied. Gwen agrees but she doesn’t think Leo has the stomach to stab someone. Jennifer questions basing this on Leo’s word. Gwen explains that when she and Leo were together before she turned him in, he swore that he was being framed and was awfully persuasive. Jack admits that he’s had his doubts as well as something about this never added up. Jennifer argues that there’s so much evidence against him and questions if Leo didn’t kill Abigail, then who did? Gwen reveals that Leo is convinced that it’s Craig Wesley.

Leo says a part of Craig must be dying to admit what he did, rub it in his face, and prove how smart he is. Leo asks if Craig wants him to beg for forgiveness. Craig tells Leo that he reeks of desperation and asks if he really expects anyone to believe his crazy theory. Leo responds that he does because they both know it’s true and he’s going to prove it which Craig laughs at.

Nancy tells Clyde that Craig does have a temper but she’s not worried about him getting mad. Clyde asks what the problem is then. Nancy explains that when they get married, she wants it to be the perfect time for them, not to get back at her ex. Clyde suggests they still get married today and just not tell anybody so it’s only because he can’t wait to make her his wife and will have nothing to do with Craig or anyone else. Clyde says it’s just him wanting to spend his life with her and calls her the best person he knows. Nancy then agrees and calls Clyde the best thing ever as they kiss. Nancy then adds that she does really want to have Chloe there and she’s going to want to have Brady there. Nancy then says she’s sorry but Craig should really be there too since Craig wanted her at his wedding to Leo. Nancy states that she and Craig share two beautiful daughters and a lot of wonderful memories so they will always be family. Clyde brings up all the pain he caused her and lies he told her. Nancy acknowledges that Craig has made mistakes, but deep down he is a good man.

Leo talks about Craig leaving Nancy and giving up his whole life to be with him, then on the day of their wedding, he found out he was lying. Leo mentions that Craig said he was hurt, humiliated, and mortified. Leo adds that Craig had given himself to him and then something inside him broke, he snapped, and that’s why he killed Abigail. Craig then grabs Leo through the cell bars.

Alex tells Sonny that he was not plotting against him. Sonny questions why he bought that company then. Alex responds that he bought it because Sonny almost blew it. Alex says that Victor said Sonny is not a killer and he’s not, but that’s okay because he’s here and saw an opportunity. Sonny argues that Alex just wanted to make himself look good at his expense. Alex questions if he seriously thinks that’s what he thinks this is about. Sonny remarks that Leo Stark is not the only person who stabbed him in the back. Alex warns that he’s crossing a line. Leo screams at Alex to take his gifts and get out of his room. Stephanie asks if they can talk about this but Alex walks out.

Clyde tells Nancy that he can’t wait to make her his bride, but admits he wishes that Ben, Ciara, and their baby were here with them. Nancy says they’ll celebrate with them another time but today is just for them. Clyde tells her how happy that makes him and says all they have to do is go to city hall and make it official. Nancy suggests Brady could be Clyde’s best man and Chloe could be her maid of honor. Clyde points out that Craig could be the witness and could even walk her down the aisle. Nancy wonders if he’d do it because she kind of likes the symbolism. Nancy decides to give Craig a call while Clyde says he’ll go take his drug test now so nothing spoils their day.

Chad suggests to Rafe that the vanilla could have been Craig’s cologne or aftershave. Rafe questions Chad wanting him to lock up someone else based on hunches and smells. Chad argues that he just wants the right person behind bars for murdering his wife. Chad would love to accept that it was Leo so he could start to get a little closure. Rafe wants that for him too. Chad brings up Leo having tons of enemies and ruining Craig’s life in a very public manner. Rafe questions the motive being vengeance and killing Abigail so that Leo would be locked up for a murder. Chad feels it’s not that crazy of a theory. Rafe agrees to look in to it. Chad thanks him and then exits.

Craig doubts anyone on earth would miss Leo if he dies in his cell. Craig shouts that he did not stab anyone and if someone is framing Leo, it’s not him. Leo calls him a scary, sadistic maniac. Leo says the look in Craig’s eyes is the look of a stone cold killer. Craig says if someone asked him a few months ago, if he thought Leo could kill or stab anyone, he would think they were crazy but he didn’t know him. Craig declares that he doesn’t know Leo and thanks God that Leo is out of his life forever. Leo calls him an excellent liar, even better than him. Leo states that Craig lied to his wife and to himself for his whole life, but he’s on to him. Leo questions Craig thinking he can frame him for murder and get away with it. Leo warns that he’s going to prove he is innocent and that Craig is guilty and when he’s done, Craig will be sorry he ever laid eyes on him. Craig responds that he already is sorry.

Jennifer argues that she’s known Craig for a long time and he’s hardly an angel, but questions him being a murderer and why he would kill Abigail. Gwen explains that Leo’s theory is that Craig was furious and humiliated from being duped by Leo so he went off the rails and was willing to kill for revenge. Gwen says if that’s the case, Abigail was just collateral damage. Gwen looks at Abigail’s photo on the mantle and says she knows how much she hurt her and she’s very sorry that she was unable to make amends for what she did to her. Gwen hopes that whoever killed Abigail pays for it dearly and she means that from the bottom of her heart. Jack thanks Gwen for coming and says he’ll walk her out. Jack tells Jennifer that he is going to the paper to check on the Orpheus story and then he’ll be back as soon as he can. Gwen tells Jennifer to take care as she exits with Jack. Jennifer then retrieves her bottle of painkillers from behind Abigail’s photo as Gwen comes back in, having forgot her purse, and sees her. Jennifer claims that she is taking antibiotics for a sinus infection but Gwen informs her that she knows what those are. Gwen talks about her mom hiding those bottles behind picture frames when she was growing up. Gwen says she sees in Jennifer’s eyes that it’s more than grief. Jennifer argues that Gwen has no idea what she’s going through. Gwen says she’s not judging her and she knows Jennifer is wanting to stop her pain. Gwen brings up Jennifer being an addict and being in recovery for awhile. Jennifer says that’s none of her business. Gwen reminds Jennifer that she did research her family before coming to Salem, but now she wants to help her. Gwen wants to go catch Jack but Jennifer warns her not to even think about it.

Stephanie apologizes to Sonny as she didn’t mean to cause trouble between him and Alex. Sonny says it’s okay as she didn’t know. Stephanie thought he knew about the deal Alex made. Sonny says he didn’t but he does now and he knows that he can not trust his brother and he never will again.

Alex goes to leave the hospital and runs in to Clyde getting off the elevator. Clyde says “watch where you’re going, son” while Alex responds that he’s not his son as Clyde walks off.

Nancy leaves the Pub and calls Craig, leaving a message that it would mean the world to her for him to be at her wedding. Nancy then hangs up and runs in to Chad, noting that she hasn’t seen him and she’s so sorry about Abigail. Chad thanks her and mentions running in to Craig yesterday. Nancy says he’s in town because of Leo. Nancy asks what Craig said to him. Chad says he just had some kind words about Abigail but he couldn’t help but notice Craig’s cologne or aftershave. Chad asks if Craig has always worn something that smells like vanilla.

Craig comes up to the police station from Leo’s holding cell where Rafe greets him and asks if he has a few minutes to talk. Craig asks what about. Rafe brings up that Craig was engaged to Leo, so he figures he knows him better than most people. Craig can’t imagine what that would tell him but says he’s happy to. Rafe then takes Craig to the interrogation room.

Alex goes to the Titan office where Stephanie is working. Stephanie informs him that Sonny is trying to get discharged to get his job back. Alex asks if he can tell her his side of the story. Stephanie asks if his side also includes him screwing over his brother. Alex guesses she’s on team Sonny. Stephanie argues that she’s team Titan and it’s her job to squash this mess before it becomes a story. Alex wants to help and invites her to lunch so they can figure it out but Stephanie turns him down. Alex reminds her that she bought him a drink the other day. Stephanie calls that a mistake and suggests they stick to business. Alex says this is business but Stephanie says she will handle it herself and exits.

Jennifer accuses Gwen of trying to rat her out to Jack after everything she’s done to her family. Gwen argues that Jennifer needs help. Jennifer yells at her to mind her own business. Gwen points out that Abigail wouldn’t want this for her. Jennifer tells her to never compare herself to Abigail and says Gwen has been nothing but a virus in this family. Gwen says that’s why she’s trying to make things better and she owes it to Jack to tell him. Jennifer argues that Gwen owes her and says Gwen only has a relationship with Jack because she allows it. Jennifer warns that if Gwen thinks about going to Jack with what she saw, she will make sure she never sees her father again. Jennifer then screams at Gwen to get the hell out of her house, so Gwen exits.

Nancy tells Chad that it’s odd because Craig never wore aftershave or cologne during their marriage. Chad suggests he started wearing it after they split up. Nancy says that would be a coincidence because vanilla is what Clyde wears. Nancy says at first she thought it was feminine, but now she kind of likes it. Chad then thinks back to Craig hugging him and remembers that Clyde was standing nearby.

Clyde fills out his drug test paperwork at the hospital. Clyde then gets up and looks in the window of Sonny’s hospital room. Clyde then flashes back to being the one who stabbed Sonny!

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