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Update written by Joseph

Gwen goes to Xander’s motel room where Xander immediately grabs her and kisses her. Xander brings her inside, then stops and tells her to take her top off because he needs to be sure she’s not wearing a wire.

Alex walks through the town square with flowers and runs in to Allie. Allie asks if he’s going to see Stephanie and if they are back on track. Alex says they aren’t, but he hopes so by the end of the night.

Chad shows up at Stephanie’s door and asks if it’s a bad time. Stephanie says that her dad just left, so his timing is fine. Chad hopes she still thinks that after he tells her why he came. Stephanie notes that he sounds serious. Chad informs her that he and Jack just had a long talk and he had some advice about them.

Anna is at the DiMera Mansion, writing a eulogy for Marlena’s funeral. Chloe walks in and greets her. Chloe says she’s here to see Stefan and asks if she’s seen him around. Anna says she hasn’t, but she’s sure he must be there somewhere.

Gabi frantically checks on Stefan and makes sure that he’s still alive, asking if he can hear her. Stefan regains consciousness and says Gabi’s name. Gabi asks if he’s alright. Stefan questions where the hell they are and why he’s tied up. Gabi questions him not remembering why he’s there. Gabi asks what Dr. Rolf has done as he was supposed to bring his memories back, not take them away.

Anna asks Chloe about her and Stefan as she heard they had gotten involved. Chloe confirms they definitely were. Anna is happy for them and asks if it’s serious, then apologizes for prying. Chloe informs her that they were serious, but circumstances have changed, so she’s actually hear to tell Stefan that she doesn’t think they should see each other anymore.

Stefan asks what his memories have to do with this. Gabi questions what Dr. Rolf did. Dr. Rolf responds that he did what was asked of him and it’s not his fault that he didn’t have access to better equipment. Stefan still doesn’t get it. Gabi tells Stefan to see what she means to him and that’s why he’s in his basement, to undo what Dr. Rolf did to him and that there’s no side effects. Gabi tells Stefan that she loves him so much and asks if he understands.

Allie questions Alex planning on just going to Stephanie’s without a text or call. Alex says there’s no point since she’s been ignoring him. Allie questions what makes him think that Stephanie will agree to actually seeing him. Alex informs her that he just spoke to Paulina and told her everything. Allie bets Paulina had a lot to say about that which Alex confirms. Alex adds that Paulina also shared about mistakes she had made and how Lani forgave her for giving her up. Alex says it gave him hope that maybe he could be forgiven for the awful things he has done. Alex adds that Paulina told him that he needed to apologize to Stephanie the right way in person, so he has flowers and an apology letter. Allie guesses he thought of everything. Alex hopes it’s not too late to make this happen.

Stephanie asks Chad about Jack giving him advice about them as she’s not sure she understands. Chad apologizes for blurting it out that way and admits he’s a little nervous. Chad decides he won’t say what he rehearsed and will just shoot from the hip and say what he’s thinking off the top of his head. Chad knows he told Stephanie that he didn’t know if or when he would be ready to move on from Abigail and that it would probably be never, but he’s hoping now that they can have a future anyway.

Gwen questions what Xander is talking about. Xander informs her that Leo was there to give him a heads up that he’s going to cut a deal to testify to the grand jury that he kidnapped Susan and Bonnie, so he warned him that if he did, it would be his last act on earth. Gwen asks what that has to do with her. Xander questions it being a coincidence that she shows up after Leo and asks if she’s here to finish what he started by getting Melinda what she needs to send him down the river. Xander says he can picture Gwen, Leo, and Melinda setting him up to take the fall because he’s a loser. Gwen then slaps Xander.

Sarah enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and finds Bonnie, who is trying to write her speech for Kayla’s funeral but she can’t seem to find the right words. Sarah encourages her and calls it a tragedy she still can’t believe that Kayla is gone. Bonnie asks if Sarah will speak at the funeral too but Sarah reveals that the papers she’s holding are divorce papers as she and Xander are done.

Xander can’t believe Gwen just slapped him while Gwen can’t believe he accused her of wearing a wire. Gwen argues that just a couple weeks ago, he told her to save herself and testify against him. Xander argues that he was drunk then while Gwen points out that he’s drunk now. Xander feels she can’t blame him for being suspicious as he’s always having to look over his shoulder. Gwen argues that he should know by now that she is the last person he needs to worry about. Gwen says she came to reassure him that he doesn’t need to worry about her cooperating with the police and if he doesn’t believe her, he can ask Jack. Xander questions what Jack has to do with this. Gwen then reveals that Jack gave her an ultimatum of going to Rafe and cooperating with Melinda or risk Jack cutting her out of his life for good, so she was forced to choose one. Gwen informs Xander that she chose him.

Alex tells Allie that he knows flowers and an apology letter won’t turn everything around but it’s a start. Alex asks if she thinks he has a chance or if he’s just deluding himself. Allie says if she were Stephanie, she would definitely consider forgiving him. Allie thinks Stephanie knows deep down that Alex is too good to give up. Alex thanks her and says he’s sure Chanel knows the same about her. Allie appreciates Alex always being in their corner, but she doesn’t think Chanel knows that about her. Alex asks what she’s talking about and what happened. Allie explains that they tried to talk but it didn’t go well, so they are on a break and Chanel moved out. Alex can’t believe it and urges Allie to call Chanel and get her over now. Alex decides he will be their couples therapist so he might be able to help. Allie loves him for wanting to help but says this is between her and Chanel. Alex understands and just hates to see her going through this as they seemed so good together. Allie says they were for awhile and then urges Alex to go see Stephanie with the flowers and his letter. Alex thanks her and walks away.

Stephanie brings up that Chad just recently told her that he couldn’t even think of getting involved with somebody until he worked through his grief. Chad says that was before his talk with Jack. Chad mentions telling her that he felt it would be unfair to get involved with her because of his feelings for Abigail and his inability to move on. Chad acknowledges that he will never get over Abigail as she will always be in his heart and he will always see her in their kids. Chad adds that Jack said something that was very simple and insightful; that he can’t let that hold him back because it will never be the right time as he will never stop missing Abigail. Chad repeats that he will never get over Abigail, so he has to learn to live with those feelings as he goes forward. Chad realizes he doesn’t want to wait because he knows he might miss out on something really great.

Anna asks Chloe if something happened between her and Stefan. Chloe says that Stefan wants to give them a chance at being together, but she just doesn’t know if he truly knows what he wants. A phone rings which they acknowledge is neither of their phone. Anna finds that it’s the landline and answers the call which is from Statesville Prison. Anna accepts the call and it’s from Vivian Alamain. Anna questions why she is calling.

Stefan asks Gabi about bringing him here to have Dr. Rolf work on him. Gabi asks what Stefan feels right now. Stefan responds that he feels like he loves Gabi with all his heart.

Xander questions Gwen choosing to protect him over her relationship with her father and asks if she’s crazy since Jack means the world to her. Gwen cries that Xander does too as she loves him. Gwen brings up all she has done for Xander with no hope of it ever amounting to anything because he’s in love with Sarah and she knows that Sarah will eventually forgive him, and they will pick up where they left off while she will be left with heartbreak for her troubles but says that’s fine as she’s still happy that she did it and would do it again because that’s how much she cares about him. Xander questions her thinking that he and Sarah will patch things up. Gwen says if history is any indication but Xander reveals that they just signed the divorce papers.

Bonnie tells Sarah that she’s not buying that she and Xander are done as she expects Xander to be thanking her for convincing Sarah to give him another chance. Sarah tells her that will never happen because she went to see Xander and walked in on her and Gwen, both soaking wet and she was wearing his shirt. Sarah says that Xander swore nothing would ever happen between them but that’s not even the reason they can’t be together. Sarah declares that they are just too incompatible. Sarah admits that Xander’s bad boy image was part of what attracted her to him, but that was because it was fun and exciting while now it’s scary and unsettling and she can’t handle it anymore. Sarah states that Justin drew up the divorce papers and got Xander to sign them, so once she signs them, it will be over for good. Bonnie says when Hell freezes over and grabs the papers away from Sarah.

Stephanie questions Chad thinking they could have something great. Chad guesses this was a mistake. Stephanie reminds him that he recently told her that he wasn’t ready and it was too soon which is why she gave in to Alex, who was relentless about them getting together, but now he’s telling her that she didn’t have to. Stephanie declares that it could’ve been her and Chad all this time, if only he had known but he didn’t and all of this just suddenly hit him tonight. Stephanie then tells Chad thank God that he didn’t wait another minute. Stephanie suddenly kisses Chad. Alex then arrives and opens the door to see them kissing.

Vivian tries to explain things to Anna, who is confused. Anna then tells Chloe that Vivian wants to speak with her and hands her the phone. Chloe is shocked to learn that Gabi has Stefan captive downstairs in the secret room.

Gabi questions if Stefan just said he loves her. Stefan confirms that he loves her and wants her. Stefan says the feelings are rushing through his body and he can’t imagine feeling any other way. Gabi can’t believe it really worked. Dr. Rolf points out that they don’t know it worked as it’s possible that Stefan could be faking it. Stefan tells Gabi that he could never hate her and repeats that he loves her with all his heart. Gabi wants to believe him but asks how she knows he’s not lying. Stefan tells her to kiss him and find out, so she does.

Sarah tells Bonnie to give her back her divorce papers, so that she can finalize her divorce but Bonnie refuses, feeling that Sarah is rushing things and that she needs to think about this. Sarah chases Bonnie for the papers but Bonnie warns her to back off or she will rip the papers to shreds.

Xander tells Gwen about how he pulled out all the stops for Sarah and tried to make her reconsider but apparently he’s exceeded her limits, so she’s done and doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. Xander declares that he and Sarah are over for good this time. Gwen holds his hand and says she’s really sorry, but Xander says she’s not.

Alex sees Stephanie and Chad kissing, so he quietly pulls the door back and places his flowers and letter outside the door as he then walks away. Stephanie stops and tells Chad that she thought she heard something but guesses it was probably nothing as they continue kissing.

Gabi tells Stefan that it felt real and great. Stefan apologizes for treating her so terribly but says that wasn’t the real him. Stefan calls her his precious and beautiful wife. Stefan repeats that he loves her so much. Gabi says she believes him and they kiss until Anna and Chloe come in to interrupt. Anna asks what the hell while Chloe reveals she just spoke to Vivian, who told her that Gabi had taken Stefan prisoner. Gabi tells Chloe that she’s too late as Stefan loves her now. Stefan responds that Gabi is right that he loves her, but he loves Chloe too.

Alex sadly walks back through the town square where Allie excitedly asks him how it went. Alex tells her that she can guess how it went since he’s back here alone, which is more than he can say for Stephanie.

Stephanie and Chad kiss onto the couch until Stephanie notices the door is cracked open. Chad gets up and quickly shuts it. Stephanie asks if he’s okay. Chad jokes that he needs to get back in shape since his heart is beating so hard. Chad is just really relieved that Stephanie is so accepting of everything since he did a complete 180 about everything after his talk with Jack. Stephanie is glad that he had that talk with Jack. Chad brings up everything Stephanie is going through with losing Kayla and decides that he should go. Chad says he’ll give her some space and then in a week or two when things settle down a bit, maybe they can pick up where they left off. Stephanie reminds Chad of his talk with Jack and asks if part of what he said didn’t get through to him. Chad asks what she means. Stephanie reminds him that there’s never going to be a right time, so they continue kissing. Stephanie then takes Chad to her bedroom.

Gabi argues that Stefan doesn’t know what he’s saying, as he loves her not Chloe. Stefan repeats that he does love Gabi, but he does love Chloe too. Gabi realizes that Dr. Rolf restored Stefan’s feelings for her, but did not erase his feelings for Chloe, so she orders Dr. Rolf to finish what he started. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s sorry but there’s nothing he can do, leaving Gabi in disbelief.

Gwen admits to Xander that she’s not sorry that Sarah moved on from him. Xander says she claimed to care about him while Sarah thinks he’s the scum of the earth. Gwen assures that she does care about him and doesn’t want him to get hurt. Gwen points out that the divorce papers might never be filed or be ripped up or thrown in a fire. Gwen says it could be a bump in the road and then they make up or Sarah will have regrets and she will be left out in the cold. Xander tells Gwen that he and Sarah are totally over and he’s not just talking about her feelings, but his. Xander asks why he would want to be with someone who is always just moving the goalposts. Xander says all he wanted was to give Sarah the life he thought she deserved and she hurls insults at him and files for divorce, meanwhile there’s Gwen, who instead of throwing him under the bus like he deserves, she threw away a chance at a relationship with her dad. Xander adds that she had no guarantee it would get her anywhere with him but she did it because she cares, has faith in him, and doesn’t judge him. Xander wants to show her how that makes him feel as he then kisses her.

Sarah knows Bonnie thinks she’s being a good friend and that this is helpful, but says it’s anything but. Sarah adds that it’s making her very upset. Bonnie feels Sarah will be even more upset if she files the divorce papers and then wakes up regretting it. Sarah responds that she only regrets getting involved with Xander in the first place. Sarah warns that if Bonnie rips up the divorce papers, she’ll just have Justin draw up another set and have Xander sign them again. Sarah declares that Bonnie can delay the process but not stop it, so she asks her to just do the respectful and dignified thing by handing her back the papers.

Alex informs Allie that he saw Chad and Stephanie kissing. Allie says she’s so sorry. Alex says he is too and he feels like the biggest idiot who ever lived. Alex calls turning off Stephanie’s phone the most stupid and selfish thing he’s ever done. Alex admits it was wrong and he did it for the wrong reasons, so he’s going to end up regretting it for the rest of his life. Alex declares that he just pushed the woman of his dreams into the arms of another man.

Stephanie brings Chad to the bedroom and tells him no more doubts or hesitation as they kiss and begin to undress each other as they then kiss onto the bed.

Allie encourages Alex that maybe Stephanie and Chad were kissing goodbye. Alex assures it wasn’t and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Allie hates to see him hurting. Alex thanks her but says he will survive. Alex asks about Allie since she’s in the town square so late. Allie says she just had to come back as she left something at the Bakery. Alex guesses that means she hasn’t heard from or seen Chanel. Allie confirms that she has no idea where they stand, but she feels like if she went to see Chanel, she would’ve witnessed something similar to what Alex did. Allie remarks that Chanel is very friendly and likes to flirt a lot. Alex invites Allie out for a drink which she accepts and they walk off together.

Chad and Stephanie lay in bed together after having sex. Chad jokes that he forgot to bring her flowers. Stephanie says she doesn’t need flowers but when he showed up at her door, she knew what she did need. They kiss. Stephanie acknowledges that Chad’s feelings must be all over the place right now which he admits. Chad promises that he’s exactly where he wants to be as they continue kissing.

Bonnie gives in and hands Sarah back the divorce papers. Bonnie argues that she was standing up for true love. Sarah gets it but says it turns out, true love wasn’t what Xander felt for her or else he wouldn’t have behaved so despicably. Sarah declares that she is now going to end it, so Bonnie leaves the room. Sarah then signs the divorce papers.

Xander and Gwen continue kissing. Xander asks if she still doubts him. Gwen responds that it’s not him that she doubts, but she finds it so hard to believe that something she wants so badly is actually within reach. Xander assures that he’s here. Gwen calls it hard to believe because she’s not used to things working out for her. Xander relates to that and says maybe that’s why they are supposed to be together. Xander suggests they see if they can finally make something work out for themselves as they kiss on the bed.

Gabi argues with Dr. Rolf and says he better do something about this. Dr. Rolf repeats that he can’t without new equipment. Anna unties Stefan and says they need to figure this out, but Stefan declares that there’s nothing to figure out as he’s in love with the two most beautiful women in the world, so how lucky is he.

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Days Update Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Stephanie is at home, listening again to Alex’s last voicemail where he asked her to give her a chance to make things up to her. Stephanie declares that there is nothing left to say and deletes the voicemail.

Alex is working out at the Kiriakis Mansion when Paulina walks in and greets him. Alex asks if there’s something he could do for her. Paulina responds that she was looking for Justin since her defense team could use another lawyer and she knows he’s one of the best. Alex tells her that he’s not home. Paulina then says that as long as she’s here, she’s going to give Alex a piece of her mind.

Chad goes home to the Horton house and is surprised to see Jack is home. Chad hugs him and says they’ve missed him and the kids are going to be so happy to see him. Chad asks Jack if everything is okay. Jack responds that he just cut Gwen out of his life for good.

In the town square, Leo questions Gwen choosing Xander over her job, her home, and her relationship with her father which she confirms. Leo asks if Xander is really worth sacrificing everything else that matters to her, especially when he’s still very much in love with Sarah.

Xander refuses to sign the divorce papers and tells Sarah that he loves her with all his heart. Sarah tells him not to fight her on this and to do the right thing for once by letting her go.

Dr. Rolf arrives in the DiMera Tunnels secret room where Gabi tells Stefan that she told him that she would find Dr. Rolf and now he can put Stefan back to the way he was before, when she was the only woman he loved.

Chad asks Jack about Gwen refusing to do the right thing. Jack explains that he told Gwen that he would fire her, kick her out of the house, and disown her as his daughter but she still chose to defend Xander. Jack admits that he never thought Gwen would defy him like that, but she did and walked out the door. Jack declares that now he has lost both his daughters.

Leo tells Gwen that she and Jack had gotten so close. Gwen brings up how she wanted to destroy Jack’s family when she first came to Salem because she was so angry, thinking he had thrown her away and she did terrible things to Jennifer and Abigail. Gwen talks about how Jack felt so guilty when he learned that Laura sent her mother away without telling him that she existed, so he still tried to have a relationship with her. Leo asks if it was all out of guilt then. Gwen says that’s how Jack was able to be so kind and forgiving, but she rewarded him by giving him trouble at every turn. Leo feels she’s been hard on herself. Gwen says now she can’t seem to break the pattern of hurting and disappointing Jack. Gwen adds that this time, he was so upset with her that she just accepted the fact that he would probably be better without her in his life because she loves him so much, so she decided to do the unselfish thing and let him go which is what she ultimately had to do with Xander.

Xander asks Sarah to let him explain what she thinks she walked in on the other night. Sarah argues that she knows what she saw. Sarah says he and Gwen were both half naked. Xander explains that he was drowning his sorrows until Gwen shoved him in to the shower to try to sober him up and they both got a little wet, so they had to change clothes. Xander insists there was nothing romantic going on and begs Sarah to believe him.

Stefan doesn’t understand as he thought Dr. Rolf was missing. Gabi says it turns out Li knew where he was and had been bankrolling him the entire time. Gabi adds that she figured she would find something incriminating in Li’s room and she found his burner phone. Gabi notes that Dr. Rolf was actually already on his way back to Salem, so it seems like fate wants them to be together.

Sarah tells Xander that it doesn’t matter if she believes him or not. Xander says it matters to him. Xander then realizes Sarah never said why she came over that night and asks if it wasn’t to bring him divorce papers. Sarah confirms it wasn’t and that Justin and Bonnie convinced her to give him another chance, but then she changed her mind because she saw him with Gwen. Xander calls it a huge misunderstanding so there’s no reason not to give him another chance.

Leo argues that Gwen didn’t walk away from Jack out of love and concern for him, but because she can’t quit Xander. Gwen knows Leo wants her to testify against Xander and cut a deal. Gwen admits she was tempted by Jack. Leo encourages her but Gwen worries that Xander could go to prison for the rest of his life and the thought of that was too painful to her, so she couldn’t do it. Gwen says she tried to tell herself to let him go and that they are just friends. Gwen then admits that she just can’t give up on Xander and that’s because she’s still in love with him, even if he doesn’t love her back.

Jack tells Chad that he gave Gwen so many chances like his family did to him, but Abigail went through hell because of her and he blames himself for that. Chad notes that he blames himself too because he believed Gwen’s lies and doubted Abigail’s commitment to their marriage and betrayed her. Jack encourages that Chad and Abigail worked through all that. Jack assures that Chad made Abigail so happy. Chad wishes he could keep making her happy since she made him happier than he could’ve ever dreamed. Chad thinks he’s persuaded himself that Abigail would want him to live his life without her and not wallow. Chad states that for the kids, he has to be strong. Jack encourages that he has been strong and he’s helped keep Abigail’s memory alive. Jack mentions how Charlotte was so excited talking about going skating with Chad and Stephanie. Chad calls that a good day. Jack encourages that he deserves more good days. Jack tells Chad that he has a lot more to give and calls him a good man. Jack hopes that Chad finds love again and he thinks Abigail would feel the same way.

Stephanie works on typing a speech for Kayla’s funeral. Steve comes home. Stephanie didn’t expect him back so soon. Steve mentions that Joey and Tripp are still at the hospital, talking about donating Kayla’s body to science. Steve states that Kayla always wanted to be an organ donor, but now thanks to Kristen, they can’t even grant her last wish. Stephanie talks about working on Kayla’s eulogy. Steve encourages that the right words will come to her at the right time. Stephanie keeps thinking about what she would’ve said if she would’ve gotten to the hospital in time. Steve urges her to let go of that snice Kayla knew how much she loved her. Stephanie wanted to say goodbye and says she should’ve been there. Steve tells her to stop blaming herself since it was not her fault. Stephanie responds that it was someone else’s.

Alex questions Paulina wanting to give her a piece of her mind. Paulina says it’s about Stephanie. Alex says he should’ve known. Paulina goes over Stephanie telling her that she lost her chance to say goodbye to Kayla since Alex turned her phone off. Alex says there’s nothing she could say to him that Stephanie hasn’t already. Paulina is glad that Stephanie kicked him to the curb. Alex assures that he is beating himself up over it.

Stefan recalls at Dr. Rolf’s lab, there was a ton of equipment when he programmed him while there is nothing down here. Dr. Rolf reveals that he stashed some equipment in the tunnels so it won’t be a problem and he’ll make it work. Stefan questions why he’s going along with this. Gabi informs him that it’s what his father Stefano would have wanted, as he wouldn’t want his son walking around brainwashed. Gabi then sends Dr. Rolf to get what he needs. Stefan tells Gabi that he hates her. Gabi says he won’t for long and promises that when his real feelings come back, he will thank her. Stefan promises that he won’t.

Chad tells Jack that he can’t think of finding love again when Abigail still has his heart and always will. Chad mentions going to her grave on Christmas Eve and thinking she appeared to him to tell him to move on with his life. Jack thinks that means Chad has been thinking about the idea. Jack believes that was Chad’s subconscious giving him permission to move on because that’s what Abigail would want. Jack brings up Chad and Stephanie growing closer. Chad tells him there’s nothing going on between them. Chad then admits there might have been, but he put a stop to it because he realized he wasn’t ready and didn’t know if he ever would be. Chad says Stephanie understood because she loved Abigail too. Jack asks if Stephanie is willing to wait until he’s ready. Chad says no because he felt it would be unfair to hold her back, so she moved on with Alex Kiriakis. Jack finds that funny as Alex doesn’t seem like her type. Chad admits he might not be after all since they broke up. Jack encourages that maybe it’s the time for Chad to make his move.

Stephanie tells Steve that she can’t believe she ever thought she loved Alex as she’s never met someone so self-consumed. Stephanie cries that she’s so angry at him and at herself for ever trusting him. Steve is sorry that happened to her but repeats that Kayla knew how much she loved her. Steve adds that at the end, Kayla was at peace, so she would want her to be at peace too.

Alex tells Paulina that if he had any idea why Chad was trying to reach Stephanie, he would have never turned her phone off and he just thought Chad was looking for another reason to interrupt them. Alex acknowledges that’s no excuse and that what he did was wrong, but he can’t take it back now. Alex doesn’t think there is a way he can fix this or that Stephanie would let him. Alex doesn’t expect Paulina to understand what it’s like to make a mistake this terrible, that causes so much hurt. Paulina then responds that she knows exactly what it’s like.

Leo admits he wishes that Gwen would turn on Xander but he gets that she still loves him, which makes it impossible for her to ruin his life. Gwen repeats that she can’t, even if she knows it won’t work out for them. Leo asks why not since he knows Xander still loves her too. Gwen argues that Xander just loves Sarah more. Leo points out that Sarah wants nothing to do with him, so he thinks Xander might be giving up on Sarah.

Sarah tells Xander that every time she gives him another chance, he makes her regret it. Xander promises he won’t next time. Sarah tells him that she is done. Sarah acknowledges that maybe nothing happened between he and Gwen, but they have a connection that she and Xander don’t. Xander argues that Sarah is the one he loves. Sarah points out that he loved Gwen too, even after she helped have her kidnapped and fried her brain, he still went out and did capers with her. Sarah remarks that she shouldn’t be surprised that he would turn to Gwen for help kidnapping someone, but then he lied. Xander tells her that he’s so sorry. Sarah responds that sorry won’t cut it this time. Sarah knows he didn’t mean to hurt people, but he kidnapped people and Susan is dead while Bonnie is traumatized for life. Sarah repeats that Xander is not the man she fell in love with and she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore.

Stefan tells Gabi that he remembers their life together and it wasn’t all flowers and hearts. Gabi argues that it was at the end, just before she lost him and that’s what makes this so devastating. Gabi insists those feelings are coming back to Stefan because they can’t stay buried forever. Stefan asks why not just let the feelings resurface on their own instead of making him a guniea pig in another one of Dr. Rolf’s stupid experiments. Dr. Rolf returns with his equipment. Stefan worries whether he even knows what he’s doing. Dr. Rolf admits there will be some improvisation and could be some risks, including amnesia or death which they question. Dr. Rolf senses doubt and asks if Gabi still wants him to go through with the procedure.

Gwen asks Leo what exactly Xander said about Sarah. Leo explains that he was a drunken mess so he probably won’t remember, but he said he pretty much lost Sarah. Gwen feels that doesn’t mean he’s ready to give up on her. Leo points out that Xander was sitting in his room, drunk, alone, and half naked. Leo suggests Gwen go over there and remind him of how she saved him.

Xander tells Sarah that he will have a lawyer look over the divorce papers. Sarah points out that there’s no assets to divide and asks him to stop stalling and sign the papers. Xander talks about trying so hard not to let her down. Sarah tells him not to try to put this on her. Sarah argues that this didn’t have to happen. Sarah brings up that she’s a doctor and Maggie offered them money but Xander couldn’t accept it because of his ego. Sarah says she never asked Xander to support her as all she wanted to do is be with the man she loved, the man she thought he was. Xander argues that Sarah knew exactly who he was when she married him and that she was drawn to him being a bad boy. Xander states that is the man she fell in love with which Sarah reluctantly admits.

Paulina tells Alex about giving up her daughter, Lani, to protect her as she thought it was the only choice she had at the time, but she realized she changed the lives of everyone she loved and she couldn’t undo it. Alex says he’s sorry. Paulina talks about how Lani being a grown woman by the time the truth it came out and it was ugly and traumatic, but in the end, Lani was able to forgive her. Alex calls that really good to hear and says it makes him happy. Alex adds that it gives him a little bit of hope that maybe one day Stephanie will amaze him too.

Stephanie encourages Steve to take care of himself. Stephanie talks about wanting to be just like Kayla. Stephanie wants to help people and lift peoples’ spirits like Kayla did. Steve assures that she does and that he’s so proud of her as he hugs her.

Chad tells Jack that he can’t make a move right now as that wouldn’t be fair to Stephanie or anyone else. Chad feels he can’t get involved in a relationship. Jack understands that Chad will always miss Abigail and there’s never going to be a right time. Jack encourages Chad that he has to take that next step but it doesn’t mean the memories of Abigail will be any less important. Jack says it just means that Chad will find room in his heart to live the full life that he deserves, which Abigail would want him to have. Chad hugs Jack.

Gabi questions Dr. Rolf not telling her that deprogramming Stefan could kill him. Dr. Rolf argues that she didn’t ask but points out that it’s a .01 percent chance. Stefan doesn’t want to take that risk of Dr. Rolf poking around in his brain and argues that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. Stefan doesn’t want to let Dr. Rolf lay a finger on him, but Gabi likes the odds and tells Dr. Rolf to proceed. Stefan calls her a selfish, psychotic bitch and tries screaming for help but Gabi puts tape back over his mouth. Dr. Rolf declares that they are ready to begin then.

Paulina sees that Alex is suffering and she knows what that feels like, but she doesn’t know if Stephanie will ever forgive him. Alex says he can’t even get her to talk to him as he’s called and left messages but she doesn’t respond. Paulina thinks the younger generation needs to stop hiding behind a screen to get through to someone, but to actually be with them in person if they have something important to say, especially an apology. Paulina tells Alex to have Justin give her a call. Alex thanks her as Paulina exits the mansion.

Steve is unable to eat. Stephanie encourages him to try his appetite later and suggests he try some of the pie. Stephanie recalls her and Kayla eating pie for dinner when they were in med school. Steve notes that Kayla didn’t talk to him much about that time, but he’s sure they got along just fine without him. Stephanie says it wasn’t fine but they managed because they had each other. Stephanie cries that now without her, she just doesn’t know as Steve hugs her and assures it will be okay.

Gwen mocks Leo’s idea of just showing up at Xander’s door. Leo suggests he get them a room at the Salem Inn while she goes to Xander’s to claim her prize. Leo encourages that Gwen is going to win.

Sarah admits there’s an element of danger in being with Xander that part of her liked with reservations. Sarah thought she could soften his rough edges, but instead, the other way around happened. Xander feels they changed each other and that’s how love is supposed to work. Sarah says not when one person keeps lying to the other, commits crimes, and betrays trust. Sarah says that is now how love works. Xander complains about her lecturing him that he’s not good enough for her and then she leaves. Sarah insists that she’s not coming back this time, so he might as well sign the divorce papers. Xander then reluctantly signs the papers and hands them back to her, asking if she’s satisfied. Sarah says she is and then walks out of the room. Xander sits down on the bed in frustration.

Alex begins writing a letter to Stephanie to ask for her forgiveness.

Stephanie encourages Steve that they are going to get through this. Stephanie adds that she’s sorry she’s been so wrapped up in her personal problems that she hasn’t appreciated how lucky she’s been in having Kayla for as long as she did. Stephanie says finding Kayla’s note with the pie was like Kayla got to say goodbye to her, even if she didn’t get to say it to her. Stephanie declares that they will be okay because they have each other.

Jack suggests Chad at least go and talk to Stephanie. Chad points out that she just lost her mother, so he can’t just show up at her door and bare his soul. Jack disagrees, thinking now is the exact time that she needs to hear from people who care about her. Chad jokes that he sounds like a shrink. Jack says years of therapy will do that. Jack points out that they’ve had so much loss lately with Abigail, Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Jack thinks they’ve forgotten that they have to live as well as grieve. Jack says if there’s a connection between Chad and Stephanie, maybe he should explore it. Jack knows Abigail loved Stephanie and thinks she would be alright if they got close. Jack declares that whatever Chad decides, he will support his choice.

Dr. Rolf begins the process of deprogramming Stefan to remind him of his love for Gabi. Stefan begins having flashbacks to when he and Gabi fell in love. Gabi cries that it’s working but then the equpiment starts shooting sparks out and Stefan begins shaking in the chair. Gabi questions what’s going on. Dr. Rolf admits the equipment is older than is ideal as he tries to fix it.

Leo walks through the town square and bumps in to Sarah, telling her to watch where she’s going. Leo picks up the divorce papers she dropped and remarks that he sees Xander finally signed them. Sarah tells him it’s none of his damn business and storms off.

Gwen goes to Xander’s motel room where Xander immediately grabs her and kisses her.

Jack runs in to Steve at the Brady Pub. Jack hugs him and says he’s so sorry about Kayla.

Chad shows up at Stephanie’s door.

Alex gets flowers in the town square with the letter he wrote Stephanie and declares that whether Stephanie’s ready or not, here he comes.

Gabi frantically checks on Stefan and makes sure that he’s still alive, asking if he can hear her. Stefan regains consciousness and says Gabi’s name.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina went to see Justin at the Kriakis mansion. She saw Alex and ripped into him for what he did to Stephanie. He said he understood what she was saying. He told her she didn’t know what it was like to make a mistake that caused pain. She told him how she gave up on Lani. She said Lani forgave her. He said it made him feel hopeful that Stephanie might forgive him. He told her that Stephanie hasn’t returned his messages. She told him to stop hiding behind a screen. She said he should make the apology in person. When Paulina left, he wrote a letter to Stephanie. Jack told Chad that he cut Gwen out of his life for good. Chad brought up how he cheated on Abby with Gwen. Jack said he made Abby happy when they got back together. Chad said he wished he could keep doing that, but he knew she wouldn’t want him to keep wallowing. He said she would want him to be strong for the kids. Jack said he has done that. He said Chad deserved to have good days. He told Chad that he hoped he found love again. He said he thought Abby would want the same thing. Chad said he couldn’t think about finding love again when Abby was still in his heart. He said she would always be in his heart. He told Jack that he saw Abby at the cemetery. Jack said that was his subconscious giving him permission to move on. He told Jack that he has been getting close to Stephanie. Jack said Chad’s love for Abby wouldn’t lessen because of it. He said Chad would find room in his heart to live the life he deserved. He said Chad would live the life Abby wanted. Jack told him to explore his feelings for Stephanie.

Steve told Stephanie that thanks to Kristen, Kayla couldn’t be an organ donor which she wanted. He said Joey and Tripp were talking to the hospital about donating Kayla’s body to science. Stephanie told him about the eulogy she wrote for Kayla. He said the right words would come in time. She said she kept thinking about what she would have said to her mother if she got there on time. He told her to let that go. He said Kayla knew she loved her. He said it wasn’t her fault. She talked to him about Alex. He said Kayla was at peace and would want her to be at peace too. She said she wanted to be like her mother. She wanted to help people. He said she does that and was proud of her. She brought up what happened when he first came home years ago. He said he knew they were fine without him. She said they had each other. When Steve left, Chad showed up. At the town Square, Leo couldn’t believe Gwen would choose Xander over her father and everything else in her life. She said she disappointed Jack ever since she has come into his life. She said she loved Jack, but she decided to do the unselfish thing and let him go. Leo said she walked away from Jack because she couldn’t quit Xander. Gwen said she was still in love with Xander even if he didn’t love her back. Leo said Xander loved her too. He said Xander might be giving up on Sarah. He told her to go to Xander and tell him of the sacrifices she has made for him. Xander told Sarah that he loved her. She told him to sign the divorce papers and let her go. He tried to tell her what she saw when Gwen was in his room. He asked her why she came over. She said Bonnie convinced her to give him another chance. She said she couldn’t give him any more chances to hurt her. She said he wasn’t the man she fell in love with. She said she didn’t want to be married to him anymore. When Sarah left, Gwen showed up. He kissed her. Stefan told Gabi he didn’t want to be deprogrammed. Gabi said it would have been what Stefano wanted. She told Rolf to get the equipment he had stashed in the tunnels. Stefan said he hated her. She said he would thank her. Rolf came back with the equipment. He said there would be some risk involved including death. When Rolf said there was a little chance of Stefan dying, Gabi told him to do it. Stefan told him he didn’t want it. She taped his mouth shut. Rolf told Stefan to remember falling in love with Gabi. Stefan remembered falling in love with Gabi. While Stefan was remembering, the machine malfunctioned. Stefan started to convulse. Gabi took the tape off his mouth. He said her name.

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Days Short Recap Monday, January 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack was hoping to talk some sense into Gwen about turning on Xander. She defends Xander to him and she knew she disappointed him. He told her that he was disgusted now, but she could change that by doing the right thing. She couldn’t do that to Xander. She was afraid she would lose him. Jack wondered if she would rather lose him than Xander. He said that Abby’s death changed everything for him. He couldn’t deal with the drama her actions brings. He told her that she would lose him, her job and her living arrangements if she didn’t tell Rafe what he wanted to know about Xander. Leo went to see Xander. He let him know that he was going to testify against him. Leo told him that he nothing else to lose by testifying against him. Xander was willing to do whatever it took so he would keep his mouth shut. Xander started to seduce him and Leo wanted him to take him. He walked Leo to the bed and he fell on it. Xander grabbed his throat. He choked him for a while until he let him go. Xander warned him that he would die if he testified against him. Leo understood his threat and got out of Xander’s room. Stefan was tied to a chair in the wine cellar. He tried to get out of the restraints. He tried to reach for his phone, but it fell to the floor. He took his foot out of his shoe and used it to answer a call from Statesville. The call was from Vivian. He begged his mother to send him help. She called him out for not visiting her since he was reincarnated. He groveled and she agreed to consider helping him. Li came out of the shower and noticed that Gabi was trying to leave his room. She told him that she changed her mind about sleeping with him. He realized she never had any intention of getting back together with him. He wanted to know why she was really there. He grabbed her arm and threw her on the bed. He showed her the burner phone and wanted to know if that’s why she was there. She lied and said she never saw it before. He saw a call that was made while he was in the shower.

Gabi admitted that she called Rolf. She told him that he was going to deprogram Stefan. Li reminded her that Stefan didn’t want to go through that. She said she wasn’t giving Stefan a choice. She refused to give up on Stefan. She walked out of the room. Li called someone and told the person to make sure Rolf stayed away from Salem permanently. Sarah told Justin and Maggie that she wasn’t giving Xander another chance because she found him with Gwen. Maggie tried to defend Xander, but it didn’t work. Sarah said she wouldn’t be able to trust him again. Justin said she made Xander a better man the same way Maggie makes Victor a better man. She felt like Victor wouldn’t do the types of things that Xander does. Justin said that Xander isn’t a bad person. She wanted him to draw up the paperwork for the divorce. Maggie started crying. Justin agreed to do the paperwork. Xander was drinking when Sarah arrived at the door. She walked in the room and let him know that their marriage was done. Leo ran into Gwen. He told her that he decided not to turn on Xander. She let him know that she chose Xander over her father. She told him that Jack kicked her out, fired her and she didn’t have a father anymore. Jack threw Gwen’s picture into the garbage. Gabi went to the wine cellar and heard Stefan begging Vivian for help. Gabi took the phone and told Vivian that he had no time to visit her, but he had time to take Chloe to Miami. She assured her that she will have him visit her once as week as soon as he’s deprogrammed. She told him that Vivian wanted them to get back together. Rolf knocked on the door. Gabi was happy when she realized that Rolf was there for the deprogramming.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Sally tells Nick that her doctor called to tell her the baby is fine but the doctor is concerned because her blood pressure is a little high and the doctor wants her to make an appointment so they can see if they need to give her medicine to fix the problem.

Tucker lets it slip to Daniel that Phyllis went to Portugal to talk to Heather and Lucy, and Daniel calls Phyllis to tell her not talk to Heather and Lucy.

Abby persuades Devon to talk to Lily again but Devon and Lily’s talk doesn’t go well because Devon thinks Lily is putting Jill’s agenda ahead of her family.

Diane has a talk with Kyle and assures him that if her relationship with Jack doesn’t work out she won’t abandon him again like she did when she faked her death.

Adam tells Jack that Nick told him Victor is trying to sabotage his job at Jabot so that he will go back to Newman Enterprises and the family. Adam also tells Jack he thinks Kyle is working with Victor to sabotage him.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Drew tells Curtis that Nina is Willow’s mother and that Carly kept it a secret from Nina. Curtis thinks that Drew is a better man then he is because he could never forgive someone who kept something so important from him. Curtis also thinks that it is good that Drew and Carly are just friends and don’t have a romantic relationship.

Stella talks to Jordan and wonders why she was so concerned about the close relative she found months ago when she did a search one of those websites that helps your family. Jordan and Stella talk for a long time and Stella figures out that Jordan suspects Curtis is Trina’s father. Jordan tells Stella not to tell Curtis anything because they don’t have any proof. Stella tells Jordan that she won’t officiate Chris’s wedding without him knowing he might be Trina’s father.

Nikolas (now played by Adam Huss) and Carolyn go to Spring Ridge to see Esme and Carolyn thinks that Esme has disassociate amnesia brought on by trauma. Esme agrees to hypnosis to get back her memory. Carolyn feels conflicted because she doesn’t want to suppress the memory of a pregnant woman, so she decides to go talk to Elizabeth.

Ava gives Spencer the link to the video that has Nikolas fake confession saying that he is responsible for Esme’s disappearance so Spencer can get custody of Esme’s baby. Spencer tells Trina about the video and they watch it together to decide if they should use it against Nikolas.

Michael and Willow’s baby girl is born by c-section and is healthy. The baby is taken to the nursery and Willow asks Michael to go with their daughter, so she won’t be alone. Once Michael is gone, Willow’s blood pressure drops because she is hemorrhaging, so the doctors use the paddles to try to revive her. Willow sees a light and she sees Harmony telling her she isn’t alone.

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Days Update Monday, January 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gwen works at home while on a call until Jack returns home. Gwen is surprised and hugs him, saying she’s glad to see him but Jack responds that he’s not sure she will feel that way when she finds out why he’s there. Jack informs Gwen that he spoke to Rafe and he knows what she did.

Xander lays in bed drinking while watching TV until Leo shows up at his door.

Li comes out of the shower as Gabi was trying to leave the room and questions where she’s going. Gabi says she can explain. Li tells her to go ahead since she sent him off to shower so they could consummate their marriage, only to find her sneaking out like a cat burglar. Li asks Gabi what is going on here.

Stefan struggles with being tied up and having tape over his mouth in the secret room in the DiMera Tunnels.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie tells Justin that Bonnie is a very understanding person. Sarah then walks in. Maggie informs her that Justin was just telling her about how Bonnie convinced Sarah to give Xander another chance. Sarah responds that she did, but it didn’t stick. Sarah says she’s sorry to get her hopes up, but saving her marriage to Xander is not in the cards. Maggie is shocked as Justin asks what changed Sarah’s mind. Sarah then reveals that she found Xander half naked with Gwen.

Gwen can’t believe Rafe called Jack to disparage her. Jack asks if it’s true that Gwen helped Xander cover up a kidnapping spree. Gwen complains about Rafe just trying to cover the police department. Jack explains that Rafe thought he could talk some sense into her if that’s still possible. Gwen questions what Rafe told him. Jack says enough to let him know that Gwen could be in serious trouble if she does not cooperate with the police. Jack questions what Gwen is thinking when Xander kidnapped two women and one ended up dead. Jack asks why she is trying to help Xander.

Leo reminds Xander that he saved him by putting on the clown suit while Xander tells him to keep his voice down and brings him inside. Xander questions what he wants. Leo wants Xander to acknowledge what he did for him. Xander guesses he did owe him one and offers him a drink. Xander questions what Leo is doing here. Leo wanted to give him a heads up that he’s going to be testifying against him to a grand jury.

Gabi tells Li that she’s obviously leaving because she changed her mind which Li questions. Li doesn’t believe she wanted to get back together or make love to him, so he questions why she really came. Gabi responds that she doesn’t have to explain anything to him after everything he did to her and Stefan. Li asks again why she is here. Gabi declares that she will never be able to get past what he did to the only man she ever loved. Gabi says goodbye to Li but Li grabs her and says she’s not walking out of here until she tells him what she’s doing here. Li then lets her go and grabs the burner phone from his drawer, asking if that’s why she came to his room.

Stefan struggles to try to reach his phone which rings with a call from Statesville Prison. Stefan manages to answer the phone with his foot and tries to say he accepts the charges but has tape over his mouth.

Jack asks Gwen to help him understand why she would cover for Xander’s crimes. Gwen explains that Xander was in terrible debt and didn’t have enough money for a place to stay so he took a job with Ava Vitali that was meant to be a simple transaction and he never meant for Susan to get hurt. Jack argues that it doesn’t matter to EJ or Johnny. Gwen points out that Xander did let Susan go. Jack asks what about Bonnie, who is in his family. Gwen argues that Bonnie’s not some saint, reminding him of what she did to Adrienne. Jack questions if that makes what Xander did okay. Gwen says she didn’t say that. Jack asks what she is saying then. Jack questions why Gwen is still defending Xander after everything he’s done.

Xander asks Leo if this is a joke. Leo explains that his lawyer thinks testifying is the only way to keep himself out of prison. Leo says he didn’t want to testify and hoped he could do it anonymously. Xander asks if this is because he was worried about Sonny would react if he found out. Leo says that Sonny believed he changed. Xander asks why Leo decided to rat him out. Leo responds that Will Horton overheard him talking to his lawyer and told Sonny everything, so now it’s every man for himself.

Li asks Gabi if she was after his burner phone. Gabi claims to have no idea what he’s talking about and that she’s never seen the phone. Gabi remarks that he probably uses it for shady deals. Li then admits to her that he used it only to communicate with Dr. Rolf. Li suspects she already knew that and then sees that a call was made to Rolf while he was in the shower. Li asks if Gabi still wants to pretend she’s never seen the phone.

Stefan manages to get the tape off of his mouth so that he can answer the call from prison which turns out to be from his mother, Vivian Alamain! Stefan tells her how happy he is to hear her voice. Vivian questions that. Stefan tells her that Gabi totally snapped and locked him up in the DiMera tunnels secret room, so she has to send help. Vivian questions why she should lift a finger to help such an ungrateful son.

Li tells Gabi to admit that she sent him to the shower so that she could snoop around and then call Dr. Rolf. Gabi asks so what if she did. Li admits he almost believed her but he should’ve known that she will never give up her obsession with Stefan. Gabi confirms that she won’t give up until she undoes everything that Li did to him. Gabi then reveals that Dr. Rolf agreed to help and he’s on his way to Salem.

Maggie can’t believe that Xander would take up with Gwen again. Justin brings up that Gwen put her through. Sarah says she should’ve seen it coming but just didn’t think it would be this soon. Maggie asks if she’s sure she didn’t misunderstand the situation. Sarah notes that Xander did insist that he could explain why they were in a state of undress, but she questions if it even matters when it’s just going to be more excuses. Maggie points out that Xander could be telling the truth. Sarah remarks that maybe he is, this time, but seeing him like that with Gwen just proved to her that she’ll never be able to trust him again. Maggie thinks she’s being a little rash. Sarah argues that she’s given Xander so many chances, so she knows what she’s doing. Maggie points out that if even Bonnie was willing to give Xander another chance, surely Sarah can too.

Gwen tells Jack that Xander was about to lose everything; his relationship with Justin, his freedom, and his marriage to Sarah. Jack brings up Gwen creating a fake company for Xander to pretend to work at. Gwen argues that Xander just wanted to prove to his family that he wasn’t a screw up. Jack remarks that he certainly failed at that. Gwen knows he’s disappointed in her. Jack shouts that he’s graduated from disappointed to disgusted. Gwen argues that this is different because she had nothing to do with the kidnappings. Jack calls her an accessory after the fact while Gwen insists that she was just helping a friend. Jack complains that she was helping him cover up multiple felonies. Gwen admits it wasn’t the best judgment. Jack adds that it’s happened over and over again but she has a chance to salvage it and make it right for him and all the people she’s hurt by telling the police everything she knows. Gwen responds that she can’t do that to Xander because turning him in would mean losing him. Jack then asks if she’d rather lose him.

Xander questions what Leo was thinking. Leo asks how he was supposed to know Will was eavesdropping. Xander worries that Will could write an expose about him or turn his tragic downfall into his next flick for Peacock. Leo tells Xander that he doesn’t have to worry about Will because he wasn’t snooping for a story, but to get him out of Sonny’s life and it worked as now Sonny wants nothing to do with him. Xander questions Leo selling him out because his love triangle blew up in his face. Leo says it’s nothing personal and he just has to look out for his own interests. Xander asks what if he offered him another incentive which Leo questions. Xander puts his arm around him and says he’s open to negotiation. Leo asks what he’s proposing. Xander then puts Leo’s hand on his body and asks what he thinks.

Li tells Gabi that she’s making a mistake. Gabi says her only mistake was trusting him and says she’s out of here. Gabi tells Li that he can’t keep her here against her will and warns that Rafe is itching for a reason to lock him up. Li responds that he would never do that and says he doesn’t think she wants to leave. Gabi assures that she does. Li feels part of her must know she’s wasting her time with Stefan DiMera and how much better it is to be with a man who actually wants her and understands what they can be together. Gabi questions thinking it’s a waste of time to want her husband back. Li calls it a waste because Stefan doesn’t want to love her and keeps telling her that she makes him sick. Li says Stefan has no interest in being deprogrammed. Gabi then asks who says she’s giving him a choice.

Stefan tells Vivian that this is not the time for her sense of humor and repeats that he’s been abducted by a crazy person. Vivian questions where his concern was when he rose from the dead months ago and never came to visit her. Stefan apologizes and says he’s been busy. Vivian points out that he wasn’t too busy to have his attorneys sent to her to have her sign over Jake’s voting proxy for DiMera Enterprises.

Gwen asks if Jack is saying he can’t forgive her for helping Xander. Jack responds that he’s lost track of all the things he’s forgiven her for; almost destroying his marriage to Jennifer, tormenting Abigail, and the whole Sarah debacle. Gwen tells him that she’s truly sorry for all that she’s done. Jack states that she says that over and over again. Jack says he accepted that because he wanted to believe in her. Jack adds that he’s risked his relationship with his entire family because of her. Jack declares that if Gwen was truly grateful for his love and support, she would stop doing the things she does. Jack asks if she understands the position she has put him in by helping Xander. Gwen questions how he is involved. Jack shouts that she is living in his wife’s family home and working at his newspaper. Jack accuses her of using the paper to launch an attack on the police department. Gwen says she never meant for any of that to blow back on him. Jack then questions how Gwen can go to such lengths for a man who is in love with another woman. Gwen responds that Xander is still her friend and asks if Jack forgot that he was his friend too. Jack acknowledges that Xander is his friend but he will not throw his life away for him. Jack declares that Gwen has given him no choice. Jack then orders Gwen to go to the police department now to swear out a statement against Xander, or else…

Sarah knows Maggie means well but her mind is made up that it’s over between her and Xander. Sarah states that once the trust is gone, there’s nothing left. Maggie is very sorry to hear that. Sarah knows Maggie was rooting for them but says they were never going to make it work as they are too incompatible. Justin notes that Sarah made Xander want to be a better man like Maggie does for Victor. Sarah remarks that even Victor has lines he won’t cross while she can’t say the same for Xander.

Leo questions what is happening. Xander tells him that he knows he wants it and remembers when getting him in bed was on the top of Leo’s agenda. Xander asks if he doesn’t find him attractive anymore. Leo admits that he does. Xander points out that Leo said he had nothing to lose by testifying against him, so he wants to show him what he has to gain by keeping his mouth shut.

Stefan admits that he has failed Vivian miserably as a son but he’s been so distracted by everything and he didn’t take the time to think about her. Stefan promises that if she gets him out, he will do everything in his power to get her out of prison and back home with him where she belongs. Vivian responds that she’s just thinking about how he’d say anything to get her help. Stefan admits that he’s desperate but insists that he’s telling the truth and asks her to get him out of here. Vivian declares that she will take it under consideration.

Li questions what Gabi means by not giving Stefan a choice about the deprogramming. Gabi claims it was just a figure of speech and that she just meant she’s never going to give up on him. Li argues that’s not what it sounded like. Gabi says unlike Li, EJ, and Kristen, she would never take away Stefan’s freedom. Li says Stefan has told her over and over that he’s not interested. Gabi says she’ll never stop fighting for the life they had together and Dr. Rolf is going to help her accomplish that. Gabi then storms out. Li says not to be so sure about that as he pulls out his phone and makes a call.

Gwen questions Jack ordering her to go to the police and asks if he’s going to send her to her room if she doesn’t comply. Gwen argues that Jack can’t force her to do anything. Jack admits that he can’t. Jack says sometimes he wonders if he could’ve been a father to her when she was little, if he could’ve taught her the difference between right and wrong because it’s obvious that she doesn’t know the difference. Jack acknowledges that Gwen is a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions, so the choice is her. Jack then orders Gwen to either go to the police and tell them everything she knows to help them in Xander’s prosecution or she is out of his life for good.

Leo asks if Xander would really have sex with him just to stop him from testifying against him. Xander points out that they almost did it before. Leo complains that was when Xander tricked him and hooked up with Sarah instead. Xander points out that Sarah is gone now, so it’s just them. Leo asks if this is real. Xander assures this time he doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve. Xander asks Leo if they have a deal. Leo says they definitely do and tells Xander to take him now. Xander then takes Leo to the bed and begins choking him. Xander lets him go and calls him a nasty little bottom feeder. Xander asks what made Leo think he could just walk in and threaten him with no reprecussions. Leo argues that he wasn’t threatening. Xander asks if he’s forgotten who he is and what’s to stop him from snapping his neck. Leo says maybe he doesn’t want to add murder charges to his list of offenses. Xander doesn’t care since he’s already lost Sarah and she was his conscience. Xander says there’s nothing to stop him from turning in to the worst version of himself as he has nothing to lose. Leo tells Xander to stay away. Xander warns that if he tells the cops that he helped him, he will make sure he joins Susan Banks in the afterlife. Leo says he understands and runs out of the room.

Maggie points out that Justin said that Sarah makes Xander a better man. Sarah remarks that not good enough to stop him from kidnapping Justin’s wife. Justin states that he went along with Bonnie’s decision to give Xander a second chance, but he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to overlook what Xander did to Bonnie and Susan. Maggie points out that Xander is not a bad person while Justin states that he does bad things and at a certain point, you just have to accept that’s who he is. Sarah is glad to hear him say that and asks Justin to draw up the divorce papers. Maggie questions doing that so soon but Sarah assures that she’s ready to move on from this marriage. Justin agrees to get the paperwork started right away as it should be pretty straightforward. Justin asks how soon she wants them. Sarah says as soon as possible.

Gwen questions if Jack really means that he would cut her out of his life if she doesn’t flip on Xander. Jack understands why she’s skeptical after all the times that he’s threatened to disown her, only to bring her back in to his life and his heart but he has to be dead serious this time. Gwen argues that they can fix this and asks how it’s different than any other time. Jack responds that losing Abigail has changed everything for him. Jack wants to spend the time he has left, making Jennifer as happy as he can, honoring the legacy of Abigail, and spending time with JJ and his grandkids. Jack doesn’t want to lose Gwen but he can’t keep dealing with the negativity and drama that she brings. Jack tells Gwen to do the right thing and go to Rafe to tell him everything she knows about Xander, or else she will lose the roof over her head, her job at the Spectator, and him as a father. Jack declares that the choice is hers and asks what it’s going to be.

Stefan tells Vivian that there’s no time for her to think it over as she has to get him out of here before Gabi comes back. Stefan continues pleading with Vivian until Gabi comes back. Gabi takes Stefan’s phone and tells Vivian that Stefan was just being dramatic. Gabi remarks that she knows Vivian is upset that Stefan hasn’t visited her, but he had plenty of time to take Chloe to New York and Miami over Christmas and New Year’s. Stefan tries shouting to get through to Vivian. Gabi tells Vivian that the Stefan they know and love would never treat her this way. Stefan argues that Gabi never liked Vivian. Gabi suggests that Dr. Rolf’s brainwashing affected his feelings towards Vivian as well. Stefan calls that a lie. Gabi puts tape back over Stefan’s mouth and then tells Vivian that they are on the same page in wanting Stefan to be in his right mind and no longer under DiMera mind control. Gabi states that once Stefan is deprogrammed, she’ll see to it that he visits her once a week. Gabi then hangs up and tells Stefan nice try.

Li calls someone and says he has an assignment for them to keep Dr. Rolf out of Salem, permanently.

Justin hopes Maggie’s not upset with him for agreeing to represent Sarah in her divorce. Maggie understands it’s what Sarah wants. Justin knows it’s not what Maggie wants. Maggie says she learned long ago that you can give advice and be there for your children, but in the end you have to support their decisions. Justin guesses Sarah is at the motel as they speak, breaking the news to Xander. Maggie cries that Xander loves her so much, so he’s not going to take this well.

Xander lays in bed and continues drinking until Sarah shows up at the door. Xander says he wasn’t expecting her. Sarah comes in and says she won’t be long. Sarah then serves Xander with their divorce papers and declares their marriage is over.

Leo finds Gwen sitting alone in the town square. Leo informs Gwen that he has decided not to testify against Xander because telling the truth might be hazardous to his health. Gwen responds that it makes two of them who have decided not to turn on Xander today. Leo thought Gwen already made her decision to not cooperate with the police. Gwen explains that she did until Jack showed up and gave her an ultimatum which Leo questions. Gwen reveals she either testifies against Xander or Jack will disown her. Leo questions her choosing Xander. Gwen looks to her packed bag and declares that she’s on her own again as Jack made good on his threat and kicked her out of the house, fired her from the Spectator, and said she no longer has a father.

Jack picks up a framed photo of he and Gwen from the mantle and then drops it in to the trash can.

Gabi removes the tape from Stefan’s mouth. Stefan calls her insane. Gabi says she’s determined and there’s a difference. Stefan argues that no matter what she does, he will not fall in love with her again. Gabi says they’ll see about that as Dr. Rolf then shows up at the door. Gabi asks who is down for a little deprogramming.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Lily once again tells Daniel to give her a week and she will figure out a way to get Omega Sphere off the ground.

Kyle tells Jack that he is worried that if his relationship with him doesn’t work out she will leave and hurt him. Jack assures Kyle that he and Diane are more mature now and if he and Diane don’t work out they will both be fine. Summer warns Diane that if she hurts Kyle and Harrison she will go mama bear on her and protect them.

Nick talks to Victor who admits he talked to Jill about Sally. Nick tells Victor that if he continues to interfere with Sally’s job opportunities he will leave Newman. Victoria asks Victor not to drive Nick away from the company. Nick tells Sally that he is sure her luck will change soon, and she will get some good news.

Phyllis tells Summer she is going to Portugal to talk to Heather and Lucy. Phyllis tells Summer not to tell Daniel, and to not let Daniel partner with Tucker on his gaming platform.

Victoria tells Victor that she spoke to Tucker’s banker and he owes a lot of money and he has missed some of his loan payments. Victoria wants to buy Tucker’s debt so they can force Tucker to sell McCall Unlimited to them. Victor thinks that is a wonderful idea, and exactly what he was going to do.

Tucker asks Daniel if they can talk about bringing his gaming platform to McCall Unlimited.

Nick tells Adam that Victor is trying to sabotage his job at Jabot so he will return to Newman Enterprises. Nick also tells Adam he thinks he is better off with Jack as a mentor than Victor.

Sally gets a call from her doctor about the baby.

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GH Update Monday, January 30, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Angela

Marshall questions if it is safe for Trina to attend Britt’s memorial. Stella rings the doorbell. Portia and Terry talk about the wedding plans. Jordan shows up at the hospital. Anna, Felicia, and Valentine at the safe house and Anna is on guard. Felicia assures them they will nail Victor. Michael and Willow discuss the baby being born. Michael gets a text and Willow talks to the baby after he leaves, telling her that she is her first priority. Sonny comes in. Carly tells Drew that she thinks Willow will be ok and they hug. Drew says they probably shouldn’t have done that and Carly says she doesn’t think they were seen. Nina sees them and spies on them talking.

Stella says she is back for the wedding and talks about her trip. She offers Trina condolences for her loss of Rory. They also discuss Esme. Stella says she has a surprise for Portia. Jordan is at the hospital to support TJ at Britt’s memorial. Portia gets a message about her dress. Sasha and Maxie talk about grief and sadness at the nail salon. Anna, Valentine and Felicia talk about the plan. Michael comes in and asks Sonny what he is doing there. Willow and Michael tell him about the c-section and stem cell procedure. Sonny says he can’t wait to see his granddaughter and that Nina will be overwhelmed. He asks if they are allowed to see her. Drew and Carly talk about having to practice restraint and Nina confronts them over being cozy.

Nina calls Drew out for forgiving Carly no matter how much damaged she caused. Carly asks if she really wants to compare damage and the people that forgive you no matter what. Anna comforts Valentine about his fears of Charlotte thinking he is dead. Felicia says she has an errand to run for her allergies. Valentine and Anna don’t believe her story. They kiss. Maxie and Sasha talk about Nathan, Brando and Liam. Maxie says she is keeping hope alive for Lucy to be ok and they have to remain positive. Sasha agrees. Curtis asks Stella what she is up to. Stella wants to take Portia and Trina to lunch but Trina says she has to go to Britt’s memorial to be there for a friend who needs her. Stella offers to take her to General Hospital for the memorial. Stella says she is prepared to officiate the wedding and asks about the plans for the music. Jordan asks Portia how Trina is. Portia says she is fine and excuses herself. Jordan stops her and says she had a conversation with Taggert, and they have something sensitive to talk about involving Portia, Curtis and Trina.

Nina attacks Carly about daring to judge her and Carly tries to walk away. Nina says she is not going anywhere, and Sonny comes up to them, asking if there is a problem. Drew says there is no problem, and they leave. Nina tells Sonny she hates his ex and he tells her there is good news, that there may be a way to save Willow. Drew asks Carly if she thinks Nina caught on to them, Maxie and Sasha talk about Deception stock doing better and Sasha says Gladys gets some credit. Maxie asks if the guardianship is weird. Sasha tells her about the disagreement they have about selling Brando’s garage. Portia asks why Taggert is talking to her about Trina and Jordan says he is worried about the security for Trina at the wedding. Portia says her and Curtis have it handled and tells Jordan to stay out of her business Jordan tells her she seems stressed and should unburden herself. Portia asks if she wants that so she can have Curtis to herself. Trina and Stella talk about how important family is. Trina tells her about finding a family match on the genealogy website but tells her she chickened out on finding them. Stella is curious about Trina’s use of the website. Nina is happy there is hope to save Willow. Sonny says Willow is putting on a brave face for Michael. Nina thinks there is something she can do for her.

Valentine and Anna are making out. There is a knock at the door. Felicia has brought Charlotte to see Valentine. Drew is worried Nina saw them or heard them. Carly says if Nina knew anything she would have said something. Drew asks if Sonny would say anything. Carly says he wouldn’t since he knows the stakes. Carly said they are fine as long as they don’t go public. Nina goes into Willow’s room and asks to talk to Willow alone. Nina tells Willow she is there for her and Willow tells her she has plenty of support. Nina tells her that she doesn’t have to keep up a brave face for her like she does with Michael. Sonny approaches Michael and says he wants to be there for him. Marshall and Curtis talk about Stella and Marshall’s issues. Marshall says he got the tests done. Portia accuses Jordan of using Trina to drive a wedge between her and Curtis and throws her arresting Trina in her face. Portia flashes back to different conversations she has had with Curtis and she tells Portia she has no idea the things Jordan has done to protect them. She says if she wanted Curtis, she would have told him the secret months ago. Stella comes up and asks what she would tell Curtis.

Marshall tells Curtis he hasn’t gotten the test results back and they discuss why he didn’t want to get the tests done. Marshall says he wants Curtis involved. Portia and Jordan are surprised to see Stella. Stella pushes them for an answer to her question and Jordan lies and tells her that it was about the divorce papers. Charlotte and Valentine catch up and Anna thanks Felicia for bringing her. They talk about their daughters and the toll their jobs took on them growing up. Maxie and Sasha talk about selling Brando’s garage. Sasha asks Maxie how she kept going after all her loss. Nina tells Willow she can tell her anything she wants and Willow says she can’t and has to have her boundaries. Terry comes in and tells Willow it is time to prep her for her c-section. Sonny asks Michael how he is doing, and Michael tells Sonny not worry about him. Nina interrupts to tell Michael Dr. Randolph just went into Willows room and he leaves. Sonny asks Nina how it went and she tells him Willow doesn’t want anything to do with her. They hug. He reminds her about Britt’s memorial, but she says she wants to stay until Willow is taken into surgery. Nina complains to Sonny about Drew forgiving Carly. Sonny tells her to let it go and focus on Willow. Nina blames Carly for her bad relationship with Willow and Sonny tells her they are in the situation because of revenge and fighting helps no one. Nina tells him that sometimes wars are unavoidable.

Sonny asks Nina what she is planning, and she says nothing. She says she agrees they need to focus on helping Michael and Willow. Carly and Drew rush over to see Willow as she is being wheeled towards surgery. They wish her well. Nina watches on jealously. Valentine thanks Felicia as Anna talks to Charlotte. Charlotte thanks her for bringing Valentine home and they hug. Maxie tells Sasha it gets better in time and the material things their loved ones owned matter less as time goes on. Curtis tells Marshall they will handle the test results together. Curtis tells him it is ok if he can’t perform at the wedding as long as he is there. Stella quizzes Jordan about the genealogy test Trina took in high school.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Nikki warns Victor that his plans for Adam may lead to disaster, but he thinks he knows better. Victor guesses that Jack and Diane broke into their place in Chicago to set up Stark. Nikki thinks there’s no point in telling the police the truth now, and they both agree that Stark belongs in jail. She blames Phyllis for bringing him to town. Victor is angry at Jack, but Nikki is still blaming Diane for everything.

Kyle looks over Adam’s projects. Summer returns from lunch and wonders what he’s been looking at. Daniel drops by to ask for Summer’s help with something. Daniel and Summer take a walk. He vents about Phyllis. She feels that Kyle is hiding something from her. She fills him in on everything that’s going on with Kyle and Victor, and he tells her what’s been going on with him and Phyllis. They’re worried about how Phyllis has been acting because of her obsession with Diane.

Kyle visits Victor to tell him that he found something that he can use to oust Adam from Jabot. Company reports show that Adam’s work has been mediocre. Victor thanks him and plots how to take Adam down with the info.

Victoria wants to know the secret that Nick is keeping that’s bothering him, but he won’t tell her the truth. He claims that he just doesn’t like the way Victor is trying to interfere with his relationship with Sally. Victoria thinks that Nick is too good for Sally. He lets her know that it’s his choice, so she agrees. Nick takes a phone call from Sally about her presentation with Jill. Nick is annoyed to hear that Jill canceled on Chloe and Sally. He is suspicious that something else influenced Jill.

Nick goes to Victor and yells at him for interfering in Sally’s potential business deal with Jill.

Lauren tells Michael how excited she still is about getting the award, and about Fen flying in for it. They both love Fen’s boyfriend, Trey. Phyllis comes over to say hi, so they invite her to join them. Phyllis tells them that Daniel is angry with her and fills them in on what happened. They can see right away that she overstepped. They think that her hostility toward Diane might be the problem and try to make her see that. Phyllis confides tearfully that Daniel hasn’t been doing too well with his business or family, so this is why the game is so important to them both. Phyllis realizes that she can solve Daniel’s problems by convincing Heather to get back with him, but Lauren and Michael think it’s a bad idea and will upset Daniel more. Lauren advises Phyllis that if she phones Heather, to only try once. However, Phyllis intends to travel to Portugal to chat with Heather.

Nate wants to know how Audra learned that Tucker is after Daniel’s gaming platform. She confides that she visited Tucker. He wonders whose side she’s on, so she assures him that she’s on his side. She fills him in on what Tucker’s plans were for Jabot and Chancellor-Winters, and how he’s interested in Daniel’s game. Nate likes the idea of Audra spying on Tucker for the company. Nate is enjoying playing the corporate games, now that he’s in power. Later, he tells Victoria about his plans for Daniel’s game, the history with Chancellor-Winters and his meeting with Phyllis. Victoria thinks it’s a great idea to get the game if Daniel’s deal with Chancellor-Winters falls through, but he informs her that Tucker is also after the game. He’s got a strategy for him, but Victoria has her own plan for Tucker.

Mariah and Tess show Elena the latest ultrasound from the baby they’re adopting. Elena informs them that she doesn’t trust Audra. Mariah tells her that Audra didn’t treat Noah very well, either. Elena worries that Audra is playing on Nate’s ambition. Mariah advises her to sit down and talk to Nate about her concerns, but Elena is afraid to do that.

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B&B Short Recap Monday, January 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Sheila listens in sadly while Bill asks Katie if she’ll get their family back together again if he turns Sheila in to the police. Katie agrees that they should put their son’s welfare first, but she won’t discuss getting back together. Sheila comes out, greets Katie warmly and kisses Bill. Katie insults Sheila, saying that she’s brainwashed Bill and lists her crimes. They argue. Katie doesn’t know how Bill can risk his own life with Sheila, since she shot her own child. Sheila sticks up for Bill, saying Katie doesn’t understand him. Bill stays quiet as he has been, lately. Katie keeps trying to reason with Bill, saying she won’t give up on him and will keep fighting for him. After Katie leaves, Sheila worries that Bill will fall for Katie again, so he knows that she overheard them. He swears that he just got caught up in the memories they had. He swears that what he had with Katie is nothing compared to what he has with Sheila and that he’s committed to her. They kiss. Sheila brings up Taylor’s shooting Bill, saying that it’s a shame Katie doesn’t know what Taylor did, so then she’d know that they’re not the only ones that have done something wrong.

Steffy and Hope discuss how crazy it is that Bill is with Sheila (and blackmailed Steffy to get her out of prison). Taylor drops by to visit and meets new executive Charlotte, who can’t believe that Sheila is out of jail. Taylor still wants to turn herself in to the police. Steffy and Hope don’t think it’s a good idea and might not even guarantee that Sheila will get locked up. Later, Katie visits Steffy to demand how Bill was able to blackmail her and Finn. Steffy won’t tell her. Katie is scared for Bill as well as for the rest of them. Taylor comes out and tells Katie that she’s the one who shot Bill.

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GH Short Recap Monday, January 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Angela

Marshall is concerned for Trina’s safety. Stella arrives. Portia and Terry talk about the wedding plans. Jordan shows up. Anna, Valentine and Felicia at the safe house. Felicia assures them they will nail Victor. Michael and Willow discuss the baby being born. Sonny comes in after Michael steps out. Carly and Drew hug and talk about having to be careful. Nina spies on them.

Stella says she is back for the wedding and talks about her trip. Stella says she has a surprise for Portia. Jordan is at the hospital for TJ. Sasha and Maxie talk about grief at the nail salon. Anna, Valentine and Felicia talk about the plan. Willow and Michael tell Sonny about the c-section and stem cell procedure. Sonny asks if he and Nina are allowed to see the baby. Drew and Carly talk about having to practice restraint and Nina confronts them over being cozy.

Nina calls Drew out for forgiving Carly. Carly asks her if she wants to compare. Anna comforts Valentine over his fears for Charlotte thinking he is dead. Felicia leaves on an errand. Maxie and Sasha talk about the people they have lost and keeping hope alive for Lucy. Stella says she is prepared to officiate the wedding and asks about the music. Jordan and Portia discuss Taggert, Trina and Curtis.

Nina lashes out and Carly walks away. Sonny asks if there is a problem. Drew and Carly leave. Nina tells Sonny she hates Carly, and he tells her the news about Willow. Drew asks Carly if she thinks Nina caught on to them, Maxie and Sasha talk about Deception stock doing better and the guardianship. Portia accuses Jordan of wanting Curtis back. Trina and Stella talk family and the genealogy website they both used. Nina thinks there is something she can do for Willow.

Felicia comes back with Charlotte. Carly assuages Drews concerns about Nina and Sonny. Nina asks to speak to Willow alone. Sonny approaches Michael. Marshall tells Curtis he got the tests done. Portia accuses Jordan of trying to come between her and Curtis. Stella questions what they are talking about.

Marshall says he wants Curtis fully involved in his life. Stella pushes Portia and Jordan. Jordan covers with a lie. Charlotte and Valentine catch up as Felicia and Anna talk about their daughters. Maxie councils Sasha about Brando’s garage. Nina reaches out to Willow, but Willow rejects her overtures. Terry says it is time for Willow’s c-section. Michael rejects Sonny’s offer of support and Nina tells Michael they are prepping Willow for surgery. She tells Sonny Willow rejected her. She lashes out about Carly and Sonny tries to talk her down to no avail.

Sonny questions Nina and she deflects, pretending to agree with him. Nina watches as Carly and Drew wish Willow the best. Valentine thanks Felicia as Anna talks to Charlotte. Maxie tells Sasha it gets better in time. Curtis tells Marshall he just wants his father to be there with him. Stella quizzes Jordan about the genealogy test Trina took in high school.

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Days Short Recap Friday, January 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie walked in and saw Johnny and Chanel hugging. Allie yelled at them for cheating on her. They told her they were wishing each other well in their relationships. Allie didn’t believe them. He said she sounded like their jealous mother. She said he was acting like his self-absorbed father. They argued over whose father is worse. Chanel stopped them from arguing. She told him to leave. Allie said she would let Wendy know he stopped by and hooked up with her girlfriend. Wendy showed up. He tried to talk to Wendy, but she left. He yelled at Allie before he left. Chanel told Allie that nothing was going on between them. Allie said that was what Alex said. Chanel said she was a hypocrite for going to Alex. She wondered why Allie couldn’t trust her when she wasn’t the one who cheated before. Allie said she cheated on Tripp with her. They apologized to each other. Chanel wanted to stop arguing before they said something they didn’t like. Allie thought they should take a break. Chanel packed and said she would stay with her mother. Johnny found Wendy at the park. He told her nothing was going on with Chanel. He told her that he almost kissed her. Wendy asked if he still had feelings for Chanel. He said he would always care for her. He said Chanel was committed to Allie. He said he liked her. He asked if he could take her out on a date. She said she would like to, but things were complicated right now. She wanted to know if they were in it for the right reasons. He said they could go out when things settled down. She said she would like that.

Eric tried to calm Sloan down after her argument with Paulina and Nicole. Sloan said she hoped Nicole realized that he moved on. She said it was time for Nicole to move on. She said her food was cold, so he got her some chowder. She didn’t like the chowder. He said he hoped his father never heard that. Roman walked in and heard her talking about it. She hoped he wouldn’t hold it against her. He said he wouldn’t, but he would hold the fact that she was going after Abe and Paulina. He said they were like family. He said nothing was more important than family. Sloan said that was why she was going after Paulina and Chanel. They talked about why she wanted to sue them. Sloan left to take a call. Roman asked Eric about Sloan. Eric defended her. Roman asked him about Nicole. Eric said it was over between them. Nicole tried to talk EJ into having sex with her. He said she wasn’t in the right mind to make decisions like that. She told him she was fine, before she threw up. When she was finished throwing up, she told him she couldn’t believe she threw herself at him. He said it was hard to turn her down. He said she was too drunk to know what she was doing. She didn’t think it made sense when she didn’t drink that much. She wondered if something was wrong with the champagne. He said he had some and he was fine. He brought her some tea and toast. She thanked him for being a gentleman. She said everything she did wasn’t because of the alcohol. She said she was ready to move on from Eric. She asked if he was willing to move on with her. He wanted to know if they were going to have a relationship or sex. She asked if they could figure it out as they go. He was willing to do it. He said he was willing to have either one. He said they should go out on a date and see where it would lead them. Gabi called Li and told him she and Stefan had a fight. She wanted to know if they could talk. He said he would be waiting for her. She went to his room and told him she was right about her wasting her time with Stefan. She said she wanted to be with him. He was shocked about her changing her mind. She said she wanted to give their marriage a second chance. He put the ring on her finger. He asked what they were going to do now. She said they never consummated their marriage. He was willing to do that. She told him to take a shower first. While he was in the shower, she searched his room. She found his burner phone and called a repeated number. Rolf answered the phone. She told him she needed his help, and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She said he would be back in the DiMera good graces if he does what she says. She said he would also stay out of prison. She told him to come back to Salem as soon as possible. Before she could leave, Li came out of the bathroom.

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GH Short Recap Friday, January 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Ava is there to support Nina who is devastated that Willow doesn’t want anything to do with her. Ava makes Nina promise not to give up on Willow.

Martin gets taken to a safe house and has a romantic reunion with Lucy. Laura and Alexis are brought in on the plan thought up by Anna, Felicia, Robert, and Valentin to make Victor think Valentin is dead hoping that Victor will be so grief stricken he will confess to his crimes. Victor refuses to believe that Valentin died because the catacombs were flooded in Paris when the pipe burst and flooded the catacombs.

Willow decides to give birth early so that Terri can use the stem cells from the baby’s umbilical cord and placenta to cure her leukemia.

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GH cast animated GIF

Y&R Short Recap Friday, January 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Chelsea tells Billy her doctor told her it was too soon for her to do a podcast about her depression and suicide attempt because it may trigger those bad thoughts, again.

Daniel considers taking his gaming platform to Small Unlimited if his deal with Lily doesn’t work out. Victoria calls a meeting with Nick, Nikki, and Victor because she wants to acquire Small Unlimited. Victor loves the idea because he knows Tucker’s company is in financial trouble. Victor also wants Adam to run the company if they acquire it. Victoria and Nick talk to Tucker about his company being in financial trouble but Tucker tells them that is a rumor.

Daniel listens to a pitch by Nate and Audra about why he should bring his gaming platform to Newman Media.

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Y&R cast animation

Days Update Friday, January 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Tripp and Wendy play a video game together. They joke about Tripp’s victory after. Tripp thanks Wendy for keeping him company all day. Wendy says she’s happy to be there. Tripp asks if she’s sure because he noticed her checking her phone every few minutes. Wendy admits that maybe she thought she would hear from Johnny, but she’s sure he must be busy with family stuff.

Allie comes home to see Chanel and Johnny hugging. Allie asks if they are kidding and says she’s sorry to interrupt their special moment. Johnny tells her it’s not what she thinks. Allie questions if they weren’t about to cheat on her. Johnny says no but Allie argues that this is the second time she has caught them getting cozy together so obviously something is going on and she would like to know what it is.

Sloan and Eric continue their breakfast at the Pub. Sloan questions letting Paulina get to her. Eric tries to encourage her but Sloan complains that Paulina ruined her life and now her pancakes are ice cold. Eric offers to warm them up for her but she says it’s okay as she’s not even hungry anymore. Sloan asks how she can eat after having to deal with Nicole and Paulina in the same day. Eric says he’s sorry things got out of hand between her and Nicole. Sloan declares that at least now, Nicole knows Eric has moved on and hopefully she realizes that it’s time for her to do the same.

Nicole starts kissing EJ until he stops and questions what she’s doing. Nicole tells EJ to make love to her right now and starts kissing him again.

Gabi leaves the secret room in the tunnels where she has Stefan tied up and calls Li, asking if he’s home because she hoped to stop by. Li brings up that she said she couldn’t stand being in the same room as him. Gabi says she just had a run in with Stefan that got ugly. Li asks if he hurt her. Gabi says it was nothing like that and claims she just wants to talk if that’s alright. Li says he’ll be waiting and they hang up. Gabi declares that she’s going to get Stefan deprogrammed whether he likes it or not.

Roman brings Tripp some chowder from the Brady Pub for him and his family. Roman asks if Steve is around. Tripp informs him that Steve and Stephanie just went to St. Luke’s to make arrangements for Kayla, but they should be home soon. Tripp introduces Roman to Wendy. Wendy tells Roman that she’s so sorry to hear about his wife and sister. Wendy mentions meeting Kayla in Hong Kong and says she was a total badass. Roman asks Tripp about his black eye. Tripp claims it was just a weird thing at the park but it’s all good now.

Johnny tells Allie that there’s nothing going on between he and Chanel. Allie asks why Johnny is even here. Johnny explains that he came to see Wendy. Allie questions if he decided to throw himself at Chanel since Wendy wasn’t there. Chanel argues that they were just talking. Allie points out that they were hugging too. Chanel insists that she wouldn’t cheat on her. Allie questions that since she admitted last night that they almost kissed, so she asks how far they would’ve gone today. Allie remarks that if she hadn’t walked in and stopped them, they might be having sex on the couch right now.

Eric offers to get Sloan something else to eat, insisting on some chowder to warm her soul and says it’s on the house so she can’t say no. Sloan responds that she can never say no to him.

Nicole and EJ continue kissing until EJ pulls away and says he doesn’t think this is a good idea. Nicole asks why the hell not. EJ points out that she’s still upset about Eric. Nicole argues that she doesn’t care about Eric and he obviously doesn’t care about her as he’s probably off doing it with Sloan. Nicole wants to rub this in Sloan’s face. EJ doesn’t think Sloan would care if they slept together. Nicole says she’ll rub it in Eric’s face then. Nicole says they should just do this an continues kissing EJ. Nicole then pushes EJ onto the bed and climbs on top of him.

Wendy asks Tripp if he’s sure he doesn’t want her to stick around until his family comes home. Tripp assures that he’ll be fine and jokes that she’s relieved of her babysitting duties. Wendy responds that she actually likes hanging out with him and they joke about their video game playing. Wendy calls Tripp a good guy, pointing out that he didn’t rat out Johnny when Roman asked about his eye. Tripp says the family is going through enough and adds that Johnny apologized, so they’re cool. Wendy says he probably saved Johnny a lecture from Roman and he didn’t have to. Wendy then asks if Tripp will be sticking around Salem for now. Tripp says he’s not sure but he will be at least through Kayla’s funeral. Wendy tells him to feel free to hit her up if he ever needs to talk. Tripp thanks her and says he appreciates it as they hug.

Johnny asks Allie to stop overreacting and says he was just telling Chanel that he’s happy they are together. Chanel adds that she was telling him that she’s happy he found Wendy. Johnny tells Allie that what she saw was just them wishing each other well. Johnny tells Allie to just chill. Allie responds that maybe she would if they hadn’t almost kissed last night. Chanel calls that a dumb, impulsive moment that will never happen again. Allie questions why she would believe that. Johnny calls it the truth and complains that Allie is getting worked up over nothing. Johnny remarks that Allie is starting to sound like Sami with all this jealousy. Allie demands he take that back. Johnny argues that Allie is jumping to conclusions, throwing tantrums, and making it all about her. Allie then accuses Johnny of acting like EJ since EJ makes moves on women who are already taken like Belle or when Sami was with Rafe. Johnny argues that he’s not making moves. Allie says that just like EJ, Johnny doesn’t care about the relationships he ruins as long as he gets what he wants.

Nicole and EJ kiss in bed until EJ stops her. Nicole asks what the problem is since he was all about them getting together on New Year’s. EJ reminds her that she put the brakes on because she wanted to stop making impulsive decisions. Nicole argues that it’s been almost a month so there’s nothing impulsive about it. EJ notes that she made it very clear that she wasn’t ready. Nicole says now she is ready and questions why EJ is doing this. Nicole asks if EJ wants her. EJ says of course he does. Nicole asks why he keeps pulling away then. EJ responds that he doesn’t think she’s in the right mind to make an informed decision, pointing out that she’s drunk as a skunk.

Gabi goes to Li’s room at the Salem Inn. Li informs her that EJ fired him. Gabi guesses that’s not surprising but she’s sorry. Li thanks her and asks what happened with Stefan. Gabi says she was trying to convince him again to get deprogrammed. Li notes that she does not give up. Gabi says she tried to remind Stefan of their love but he doubled down, calling her vicious names and saying she’s a terrible person. Li hates that Stefan is doing that to her. Gabi thanks him. Li asks why she’s telling him all of this and asks if she’s going to yell at him again for brainwashing Stefan. Gabi says that’s not it, so Li asks why she’s here. Gabi claims she came to say he’s right that when it comes to Stefan, she’s wasting her time and the person she should be with is Li.

Johnny tells Allie that she doesn’t get to criticize his dad when her dad is in prison for kidnapping their mom. Allie asks if he really thinks her dad has committed more crimes than his. Johnny tells Chanel that if Allie starts to feel too insecure, she might have her kidnapped. Chanel tells them to stop. Allie asks if she heard what he just said. Chanel says it’s time for Johnny to go which he says is fine with him. Johnny asks Chanel to tell Wendy that he stopped by which she agrees to do as she opens the door. Allie then shouts that she’ll be sure to tell Wendy that when she wasn’t there, he hooked up with her girlfriend instead, right as Wendy then arrives and questions what she just heard.

Eric questions Sloan never having clam chowder before and asks if she doesn’t like it. Sloan admits it’s not really her thing. Eric jokes that they can’t be friends after this. Sloan says she’s more of a chicken noodle traditionalist which Eric jokes is blasphemy. Eric talks about how Roman would react. Sloan says she’s glad that he’s going to keep it between them then because she wouldn’t want Roman to hear that she actually hates the chowder. Roman then appears at their table and remarks that she certainly wouldn’t want him to hear that.

Nicole jokes with EJ about being drunk and then argues that she can’t be drunk after just one mimosa and champagne. EJ points out that it’s hit her pretty hard. Nicole claims she’s perfectly fine as she gets up and spins around. Nicole then feels sick and rushes to the bathroom.

Li tells Gabi that this is very surprising since last time he saw her, she dumped a bucket of ice on his head. Gabi says she was just upset after everything he did. Li argues that doesn’t explain her sudden 180. Gabi claims that she knows the passion between them. Li asks if she admits it then. Gabi admits she feels very strong emotions around him and he was right about a lot of things. Li asks like what. Gabi responds that they are the same in that they both go to drastic measures for what they want and that Stefan would never love her like he does. Li points out that she didn’t want to hear it before. Gabi says she can’t deny it now. Li asks what she is saying. Gabi tells him that she needs to give up on Stefan and really give their marriage a try. Gabi then kisses Li.

EJ asks Nicole if she’s okay as she comes back from the bathroom. Nicole feels embarrassed since she jumped him, he turned her down, and then she puked. EJ says he’s flattered that she wanted to be with him. EJ assures that it was hard to turn her down. Nicole asks why he did then. EJ responds that she was too drunk to know what she was doing. Nicole argues that it doesn’t make sense since she only had a drink and a half and everyone knows she can hold her liquor. EJ reminds her that she didn’t have breakfast and suggests it was an off day. Nicole then suggests something was wrong with the champagne. EJ points out that he had some and he’s fine. Nicole wonders what happened to her then.

Eric introduces Sloan to Roman. Sloan tells him that it’s a pleasure to meet him and she’s very sorry to hear about what happened to his wife. Roman thanks her even if she hates his chowder. Sloan clarifies that she hates all clam chowder. Sloan says she’s grateful for the hospitality and hopes he doesn’t hold that against her. Roman says he doesn’t but he does hold against her the way she’s gone after Paulina. Roman goes over how Abe is his best friend and Paulina being married to him makes her family. Roman declares that nothing is more important to him than family. Sloan responds that she feels the same way which is why she won’t stop until Paulina and Chanel both pay for their crimes. Sloan declares that they took her parents from her, so she won’t stop until they have both been brought to justice.

Johnny tells Wendy that he was not hooking up with Chanel and that Allie just completely misread the situation. Wendy cuts him off and says it’s fine. Wendy tells him to do whatever he wants and storms off. Johnny then tells Allie that she’s nothing like their mom and rushes out. Allie tells Chanel that she’s going to the office to work but Chanel stops her and says they are going to talk this out. Allie says she’s not in the mood. Chanel thought she came home to work things out. Allie says she did but then she saw him in her brother’s arms. Chanel repeats that it was totally innocent. Allie argues that she knew she was really upset about them almost kissing so she questions why Chanel thought it would be okay to have him over and give him a hug. Chanel repeats that she and Johnny are just friends and she has nothing to worry about. Allie mentions that’s what Alex said. Chanel then questions Allie going to see Alex.

Li tells Gabi that he missed her so much and asks if she’s serious about giving their marriage a try. Gabi wants to show him how serious she is and brings up their wedding vows. Li asks if she’s giving up on Stefan. Gabi says he gave up on her a long time ago and she just couldn’t see it. Li questions if he’s just the consolation prize. Gabi assures that she loved him before Stefan came back and she just had a hard time accepting that the Stefan she used to love is gone for good. Gabi claims that she believes she and Li can get back where they used to be. Li can’t believe it and asks what their first step is. Gabi points out that they never did consummate their marriage. Li questions if she wants to do that now. Gabi says she wants to feel close to him again and every time they made love, they had a deep connection. Gabi says doing that again could get closer to building back their relationship. Li calls this incredible. Gabi questions him hesitating. Li just wants to make sure this is what she really wants. Gabi says she wants to make this a real marriage and she wants to commit. Li states that he’s ready to commit. Gabi then asks him to take a shower first since he was at the gym. Gabi says she will get undressed in the meantime. Li tells her that she has no idea how happy she made him as he kisses her. After Li goes to shower, Gabi begins searching the room and says there has to be something in there that will get her to Dr. Rolf.

Eric knows Roman is loyal to Abe and his family but calls this a complicated situation. Eric points out that Sloan lost her mother because Chanel pushed her off a building. Roman says he understands that was self defense but Sloan insists that Chanel and Paulina are lying about that. Roman points out that the London authorities not thinking so. Sloan mentions suing in civil court and expecting to be vindicated. Eric feels Sloan has every right to pursue this while Roman argues that all she is doing is causing more pain when they’ve all had enough of that. Sloan doesn’t want to get between them and cause more tension, so she thinks she better just go. Eric reminds Sloan that they are in the middle of a lunch date. Sloan gets a call from a client. Sloan tells Eric that it shouldn’t take long but maybe it will give he and Roman time to sort though things. Sloan then exits the Pub to answer her call. Eric asks Roman to just give Sloan a chance. Roman asks if they are getting serious. Eric says no, but he likes her. Roman asks about Nicole. Eric says they are over and have moved on. Roman notes that he’s heard that before and asks if he’s sure this time.

EJ brings Nicole tea and toast in bed, hoping that it makes her feel better. Nicole thanks EJ for being a gentleman earlier as she can’t believe she made such a fool of herself. Nicole wants EJ to know that not everything she said and did was because of the alcohol. Nicole tells EJ that she’s sick of pining over Eric as he’s not the same person she used to know, so she’s ready to move on and if EJ is willing, she’d like to move on with him.

Johnny catches up to Wendy in the park. Wendy tells him that he doesn’t need to explain anything as they weren’t even a couple. Wendy adds that they only kissed on New Year’s Eve and hadn’t even gone on a date, so he can hook up with Chanel. Johnny insists that he’s not hooking up with Chanel and that Allie only said that because she’s in a fight with Chanel. Johnny explains that Allie wanted to mess things up with her to hurt him. Wendy asks if there’s nothing going on with him and Chanel then. Johnny says he wants to be honest with her and admits that last night at the hospital, he almost kissed Chanel.

Chanel questions Allie being upset with her for hanging out with Johnny, while at the same time, she was being consoled by Alex. Allie argues that Chanel and Johnny were married. Chanel argues that Allie had sex with Alex. Allie points out that they both did. Chanel suggests maybe Allie decided she wanted to turn their threesome in to a twosome. Allie reminds her that she had Henry with her and they were just talking. Chanel says her and Johnny were just talking as well. Chanel remarks that Allie sounds like a hypocrite. Allie argues that she never had feelings for Alex. Chanel says her point is that she trusts Allie, so she questions why Allie can’t trust her. Chanel then points out that she’s not the one who has cheated before. Allie calls that really unfair, noting that she cheated on Tripp with her because they are meant to be together. Chanel apologizes and admits that she shouldn’t have said that. Allie acknowledges that she shouldn’t have accused her of cheating with Johnny. Chanel says emotions are clearly running high so they should stop before saying something they regret. Chanel suggests they take a little time apart. Allie agrees that they could both use some space. Allie offers to go to her Grandpa’s but Chanel says her family is dealing with a lot right now, so she will go pack a bag and stay at Paulina’s.

Wendy questions Johnny almost kissing his sister’s girlfriend and asks what that means. Johnny responds that it means that they probably would have kissed if Allie didn’t walk in. Wendy realizes that’s why Allie is mad at him. Johnny says it wasn’t like that as he was just upset about Marlena and Chanel was comforting him. Wendy questions her doing that with her lips but Johnny admits that he was the one who instigated it. Johnny reminds Wendy that Chanel used to be his wife and in that moment, he just needed to feel close to someone. Wendy asks if he still has feelings for Chanel. Johnny says no. Johnny adds that he’ll always care about her and there’s probably something unresolved between them but that doesn’t matter because Chanel is committed to Allie and he really likes Wendy. Johnny says if it’s alright with her, he’d really like to take her on that date.

EJ asks Nicole what exactly moving on with him entails. Nicole asks if she really has to explain it to him. EJ asks if they are talking about a relationship or just a roll in the hay. Nicole admits she doesn’t know and suggests they just figure it out as they go along. EJ tells her that he’s game for either one. Nicole feels they’ve been down this road many times, so making a full on commitment would be premature. EJ suggests that when she’s feeling better, they can go out to dinner on a proper date and see how things go from there. Nicole responds that she would love that and agrees to the date.

Eric asks Roman to just trust him that the ship has sailed for he and Nicole, so it’s over. Roman says he’s really sorry to hear that. Eric insists that it’s time for both of them to move on. Roman questions doing that with Sloan when she’s in the middle of a heated legal battle with Paulina. Eric doesn’t want to talk about his love life and asks how Roman is doing. Roman says he’s hanging in. Eric asks where he’s at with funeral arrangements. Roman reminds him that Kate didn’t want any fuss. Eric asks what about Kayla and Marlena. Roman says he can talk to John and Steve but he understands there’s nothing more to do at the moment. Sloan returns and says she hopes she gave them enough time. Roman says definitely and that he will bring her something less authentic than the chowder to try. Sloan jokes to Eric about her making fabulous first impressions.

Gabi continues searching Li’s room and then checks his phone. Gabi says he must have a burner phone around somewhere which she then finds in his drawer. Gabi calls the number on it and tells Dr. Rolf not to hang up on her because she needs his help and she’s not taking no for an answer.

Wendy tells Johnny that she’d really like to go out with him, but his life seems really complicated right now. Johnny insists that he’s not interested in Chanel but Wendy says it’s more than that. Wendy brings up that he just lost both of his grandmothers and has all this drama going on with his sister, so he should really be with his family right now. Johnny says maybe she’s right that it’s not the ideal time to start a relationship but asks is it ever. Wendy just wants to be sure they are both in it for the right reasons. Johnny suggests they both take some time, he’ll be with his family and let Allie and Chanel cool off. Johnny says then when things are more settled down, he wants to take her on that date. Wendy says she can live with that and that they’re good as Johnny hugs her.

Chanel packs her bag and tells Allie that maybe she should take the next few days off from work since she’s dealing with a lot and her family needs her. Allie says okay if she’s sure they have enough coverage and thanks her. Chanel tells Allie to text her if she needs anything. Allie says she will. Chanel then leaves the apartment while Allie holds back tears.

Sloan eats a salad and says this is more like it. Eric is glad she’s finally satisfied. Sloan says she wouldn’t say satisfied and invites Eric back to her place tonight if he wants to satisfy her. Sloan adds that’s if he’s up to the challenge which Eric says he always is as they then kiss.

Nicole falls asleep so EJ puts a blanket over her.

Gabi tells Dr. Rolf that if he does what she asks, he’ll be back in the good graces of the DiMeras and he’ll be out of prison. Gabi asks if they have a deal and then tells Dr. Rolf to get to Salem ASAP. Gabi then hangs up and puts the phone back. Gabi goes to leave the room but Li comes out of the shower and questions where she is going.

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Days Update Thursday, January 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Chanel repeats to Johnny that it’s not a good time so Johnny says he understands and will go try to track down Wendy on his own. Johnny turns to leave but stops and says he can see Chanel is upset about something and they are good friends. Johnny offers to talk about whatever is bothering her. Johnny asks if it has anything to do with Allie. Chanel admits it might so Johnny guesses they didn’t patch things up. Chanel informs him that when she got home, Allie was home with Alex and wanted to have another threesome.

Alex works out at the Kiriakis Mansion without a shirt on as Allie walks in and watches with a smile.

Sloan asks if she was interrupting something between Eric and Nicole. Sloan then says she just thought Eric would want his phone back and talks about how they made such a mess that he left it in her bed. Sloan tells Eric that she’ll see him around, but Nicole calls her pathetic.

Stefan opens the vial from his pocket and slips it into the drink he’s making EJ. Gabi sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion behind him. Stefan remarks that he hopes EJ enjoys his drink because after this, his judgment will become so impaired that the DiMera Board will have no choice but to remove him and he cannot wait. Gabi then grabs a nearby statue and uses it to hit Stefan in the back of the head, knocking him out. Gabi quickly shuts the door and tells Stefan that she’s sorry that she had to do that, but some day soon he will thank her. Gabi then begins dragging Stefan’s body away.

Sloan questions Nicole calling her pathetic. Nicole argues that instead of giving Eric his phone back discreetly, she let everyone know that she’s a pathetic slut. Sloan asks if she’s pathetic for enjoying instead of feeling ashamed about her sex life, while Nicole is throwing around slurs against women. Nicole doesn’t care who Sloan sleeps with and tells her to have some class and keep it to herself. Sloan argues that Nicole cares very much since she is sleeping with Nicole’s very handsome ex-husband. Sloan tells Nicole that she should be asking herself why she cares. Sloan asks if it’s because Nicole still has the hots for Eric while she’s drooling and panting over EJ DiMera.

Gabi continues dragging Stefan’s body as she hears EJ coming back to the room. Gabi gets Stefan’s body outside as EJ then enters and questions what the hell is going on here and why she is in the house. EJ tells Gabi to save her lies and guarantees that Stefan will never submit to deprogramming. EJ adds that Gabi desperately sneaking in to his home will only lead to her being charged with breaking and entering. Gabi says that is exactly why she’s there and asks what EJ knows about love. EJ assures he knows more than her and he’s also well versed in loathing which is all Stefan feels towards her now. Gabi says she’s very aware of what Stefan thinks he feels towards her but she knows deep down in his heart, beneath Dr. Rolf’s mind control manipulations, Stefan still loves her and they are going to be together again. Gabi declares that Stefan will be hers forever. EJ applauds her performance. Gabi says she will see herself out but EJ stops her and says he won’t have her wandering around the grounds, so he will personally see her out the front door himself. EJ then escorts Gabi out, while Stefan’s body lies outside the side door.

Belle walks through the town square while on the phone with John. Belle breaks down crying that she can’t believe they are planning Marlena’s funeral. Belle finishes the call and comes across Paulina, who tells her that she’s so sorry about Marlena. Paulina adds that Tammy is devastated as well and sends her love to their family.

Alex finishes his workout and puts a shirt on as he asks Allie what brought her by. Allie explains that she was dropping Henry off with Will, but she’s glad she ran in to Alex because she wanted to apologize for what happened last night at her place.

Johnny questions Chanel about Allie wanting another threesome. Chanel explains that Allie only said it to get back at her because they almost kissed. Chanel says Allie was so upset and she tried to talk to her about it, but they got in to a huge fight.

Nicole tells Sloan that she doesn’t know anything about her or about her and EJ. Sloan agrees but remarks that she does happen to know Eric intimately and he doesn’t want her. Sloan then suggests Nicole stop being so desperate and throwing herself at him. Nicole slaps Sloan and Sloan slaps her back. Eric gets in between them and says that’s enough. Nicole tells Eric that she knows he’s grieving and maybe that’s affecting his judgment, but there’s no excuse for the horrible human he’s become. Nicole remarks that if he ever breaks out of this spell, she has no doubt that he’ll regret ever laying eyes or any other body part on Sloan. Nicole calls Sloan a loathsome, awful bitch. Nicole tells Eric that she’s really sorry about his mother and then storms off.

EJ sends Gabi out the front door as she shouts that she’ll be back. EJ shuts the door and says he finally has peace and quiet. EJ calls out to Stefan, wondering where he disappeared to. EJ remarks that he doesn’t blame him for disappearing when Gabi is stalking him. EJ heads upstairs looking for Stefan while Gabi sneaks around and back in to the living room. Gabi says it’s the things we do for love as she opens the entrance to the underground tunnels and begins dragging Stefan’s body back inside.

Alex tells Allie that she will never have to apologize with him for offering a threesome. Allie says that’s very funny but it was unfair to drag him in to a fight between her and Chanel. Alex jokes that she can keep him in mind for future invitations. Alex asks if they made up after he left. Allie tells him that they slept in separate rooms and when they did talk, it just led to another fight. Alex says that sucks and he’s sorry to hear that. Allie adds that she did get Chanel to admit that she and Johnny were about to kiss at the hospital.

Johnny argues that he and Chanel both know that what happened at the hospital meant nothing and that she was just comforting him as he was upset about Marlena. Johnny insists that she should just let him talk to Allie but Chanel assures that he’s the last person that Allie wants to see right now other than maybe herself. Johnny says he’s sorry. Chanel says she couldn’t deny it anymore and Allie cornered her and forced her to admit that what she thought almost happened did almost happen.

Paulina tells Belle that her family is there for her if there’s anything they can do. Belle thanks her and says it means a lot. Paulina says she doesn’t want to keep her and she has to call her attorney. Belle asks who is suing her. Paulina informs Belle that Sloan has slapped her with a civil suit.

Eric asks Sloan if she’s sure she’s okay. Sloan assures that she gave as good as she got. Eric asks if this was totally necessary. Sloan reminds him that she was bringing him his phone which Eric says he appreciates. Eric offers to buy her breakfast. Sloan says he doesn’t have to but Eric says there’s no strings and they are at the Pub. Eric says he owes her for all the beer, takeout, and visits to her place. Sloan then accepts his offer and decides she could use a mimosa or four after today, so they head in to the Pub.

EJ returns to the living room and finds Nicole. EJ assumed she went to the office and asks if she’s okay. Nicole responds that she’s a fool because she went to see Eric to give her condolences and tell him how sorry she was about his mother, but then Sloan flew in on her broom, bragging that she slept with Eric. EJ grabs the drinks that Stefan poured and gives one to Nicole. EJ says that Stefan seems to have disappeared, so now he and Nicole will toast to Sloan moving in on Eric, and to Nicole moving on from that hypocrite. EJ declares that Sloan deserves Eric while Nicole deserves better. EJ and Nicole then drink the drinks that Stefan poured, with Nicole having the one that Stefan had drugged.

Allie complains to Alex that Chanel and Johnny are sticking to the same lame story that Chanel was just consoling Johnny. Allie argues that she’s upset about Marlena too but she’s not making out with the person standing in front of her or going after Johnny’s girlfriend. Allie acknowledges that she can’t cut her brother out of her life forever, but she doesn’t want to worry about him going after her girlfriend or about Chanel betraying her.

Johnny wants to go find Allie but Chanel doesn’t want him to. Johnny insists that their almost kiss meant nothing and whatever it was, was all him. Johnny says that Allie needs to know that and insists that he can get her past this. Chanel stops him and says she can’t let him take all the blame. Chanel acknowledges that Johnny did lean in to kiss her, but she didn’t stop it. Chanel then admits that in that moment, she didn’t want to stop it.

Paulina tells Belle that after everything she did, Sloan has filed a civil suit for wrongful death. Belle questions why she didn’t come to her right away. Paulina points out everything she’s been going through. Belle says that work gets her mind off things so she asks to help Paulina and Chanel which will help herself too. Paulina says she’d be happy to add her to the team if she’s sure. Belle assures that she’s positive and declares that she likes Paulina almost as much as she hates Sloan. Paulina says the feeling is mutual and offers Belle breakfast while they talk strategy on how to take Sloan down.

Eric and Sloan eat breakfast together at the Brady Pub. Sloan tells Eric that he was right that provoking Nicole was a mistake. Sloan knows she shouldn’t be looking for trouble, but says Nicole makes it easy to get under her skin. Sloan then admits that maybe she was a little jealous because it’s very clear that Nicole still has feelings for Eric. Sloan then asks if Eric still has feelings for Nicole.

EJ asks if Nicole is feeling better. She says she is feeling much better. EJ asks what happened between her and Sloan. Nicole complains that Sloan is beyond smug. Nicole says that Sloan saw her hugging Eric and she really was just consoling him. EJ jokes about Sloan harassing her for hugging her boyfriend. Nicole tells EJ about how Sloan used returning Eric’s phone as an opportunity to gloat about how he’s another notch in her bedpost. Nicole argues that Sloan made an uncomfortable situation even worse by making lewd assumptions about them. Nicole then gets up to pour another drink. EJ warns her about overdoing it but Nicole insists that she can hold her liquor. Nicole then drops her glass, smashing it on the floor.

Stefan wakes up in the tunnels and is tied up in a chair. Stefan screams out asking who did this. Gabi then appears and admits it was her.

Alex tells Allie that he’s the last person to give relationship advice since he ruined his last relationship, but he’s seen Allie and Chanel together and how much Chanel loves her which is why she chose to be with her over Johnny. Allie argues that Chanel and Johnny were married. Alex points out that they are not anymore. Alex encourages that Allie is beautiful, smart, funny, and way hotter than her brother. Alex calls Allie probably the hottest girl he’s ever been with which she says makes her feel a lot better. Alex encourages her to go home and make up with her girlfriend.

Johnny questions Chanel wanting to kiss him. Chanel says maybe she shouldn’t have said that, but it was in that moment. Chanel insists that she loves Allie and is totally committed to her, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still feel something for Johnny. Chanel acknowledges that she loved Johnny once too. Johnny asks what they are going to do about this lingering attraction.

Eric tells Sloan that there will always be a connection with Nicole but they’ve had more than enough chances to make it right and never did. Sloan instructs Eric to answer the question of whether he still has feelings for Nicole. Paulina interrupts and says she doesn’t see how anyone can have an appetite with Sloan here. Sloan tells her to get used to her presence since they are going to be stuck in a courtroom together very soon. Sloan adds that she can’t wait to see what joker Paulina hired to represent her and Chanel. Belle then arrives and reveals that she is Paulina’s lawyer. Belle remarks that she’s already beaten Sloan once and she can do it again with her hands tied behind her back.

Nicole tells EJ that she just got a bit woozy but she’s fine now. Nicole says she just hates that she let Sloan get her so upset. EJ tells her not to give Sloan that power over her as she knows how to illicit an emotional response from her and throw her off balance. Nicole doesn’t want to give Sloan the satisfaction of getting her upset and getting to her. Nicole then asks why she should deny herself the satisfaction of going and ripping every hair out of Sloan’s head. EJ says he wouldn’t tell someone to deny their darker impulses. Nicole leans in to kiss EJ but EJ decides to help get her upstairs.

Stefan struggles with being tied up and says his head is killing him as he calls Gabi a psycho. Gabi says she’s sorry as she didn’t want to hit him that hard but there will be no permanent damage and they know he has a thick skull. Gabi remarks that she’s not the one with mental problems and since Stefan no longer wanted to undo the mental problems, she felt desperate action was required because she’s not giving up on them. Stefan suggests they can open up discussions again about it. Gabi tells him that he’s not getting out of it this time and whether he likes it or not, they’re going to fix that thick skull of his and then they will see where his heart lies.

EJ helps Nicole to her bed and tells her to get some rest. EJ offers to stay with her if she’d like. Nicole thanks him and says she will just lie down for a minute. Nicole says she usually can hold her liquor so she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. EJ tells her there is nothing wrong with her. EJ calls her a smart, dynamic and very beautiful woman. EJ calls Eric a fool, who never should’ve let her go.

Belle questions what Eric’s problem is, arguing that their mother just died and he’s hanging out with Sloan. Eric accuses her of being an ambulance chaser. Belle argues that this is an attack on innocent people and a lawsuit with no merit. Eric tells her to stop grandstanding and to save it for the courtroom. Eric says he’s seen enough to know that she’s on the wrong side of this. Eric argues that Sloan is the injured party here and he can relate to having lost a mother too soon. Eric says it’s done irreparable harm to Sloan that Chanel took her mother from her and Paulina covered it up, end of story.

Gabi offers Stefan some aspirin. Stefan asks if she’s out of her mind and declares that he will never ingest anything from her ever. Stefan screams at her to untie him and let him go. Gabi says it’s just aspirin. Stefan calls her unbelievable and says this is why he abandoned any possibility of ever getting back with her. Stefan complains about her psychotic drive and obsessive need to get her way. Gabi argues that these are reasons he couldn’t live without her before. Stefan questions being forced to be someone he’s not against his will and being brainwashed again. Gabi insists that it’s for the love that she knows is in there and that was taken against his will. Stefan tells her that he doesn’t want to be with her and he never will. Gabi knows he believes that and it hurts her to hear him say it, but she knows it’s the brainwashing talking. Gabi says she had no other option and they will get through this together. Gabi promises that when it’s done, he will see it was all worth it. Stefan questions how this is going to work since Marlena is dead and Dr. Rolf has disappeared. Gabi tells him that they don’t know where Dr. Rolf is, but they do know somebody who does. Gabi then calls Li and says she really needs to see him.

Chanel tells Johnny that normally, she would just ghost him but since she’s in love with his twin sister, she doesn’t really see that happening. Johnny jokes that he’d prefer not to be ghosted regardless. Johnny guesses they’ll just have to be more careful around each other from now on and he promises not to lean in anymore. Chanel promises the same. They shake hands on that. Johnny tells Chanel that he really cares about her and Allie. Johnny says they were able to overcome this triangle before and he doesn’t want to come between them again. Johnny adds that he thinks this thing with Wendy could be really good. Chanel says she’s happy for him. Johnny says he’s happy for her and Allie and he knows they are going to figure this out. Johnny and Chanel hug right as Allie comes home and sees them.

Paulina tells Eric that normally she would defend her daughter to the death but out of respect for his mom, she’s not going to do that. Paulina decides she and Belle will go to Julie’s Place instead and they leave. Sloan tells Eric that maybe she should get going too, pointing out that first there was Nicole and now this. Sloan says she doesn’t want to be the person that comes between Eric and his sister, Belle. Eric assures it’s nothing he can’t handle and he likes having Sloan around.

Nicole thanks EJ for what he said and says it’s always nice to hear, especially these days. Nicole tells EJ that he’s right about Sloan and she doesn’t need to go engage with her because that’s exactly what she wants. Nicole declares to Hell with Eric, Sloan can have him as she doesn’t need him anymore. Nicole tells EJ that she wants to have him and they start kissing.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, January 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chanel talked to Johnny about her fight with Allie. He said he wanted to find Allie so he could to her what happened was his fault. Chanel said she couldn’t let him take the blame for what happened. She said she didn’t want to stop him when he tried to kiss her. She said at the time she didn’t want to. She said she was in love with Allie. They said they would be careful around each other. He said he cared about her and his sister. He said he didn’t want to come between them again. She said his thing with Wendy could be good. She said she was happy for him. He said he was happy for her and Allie. They hugged each other. Allie walked in the room. Belle and Paulina ran into each other in the Square. They talked about Marlena. Paulina mentioned she had to get in touch with her lawyer about Sloan’s lawsuit. Belle asked if she could join her legal team. She said working would help her. She said she liked Paulina just as much as she hated Sloan. Paulina wanted to strategize. Sloan let Nicole know she and Eric slept together. Nicole called her a sl*t. Sloan said Nicole still had feelings for Eric while lusting after EJ. Sloan called her desperate. Nicole slapped her. Sloan slapped her back. Eric showed up and stopped them from fighting. Nicole told him she knew he was grieving, but there was no excuse for him to be the terrible person he was becoming. She said if he ever broke the spell he was under, he would regret looking at Sloan. Nicole said she was sorry about his mother before she walked away.

Eric asked Sloan if she provoked Nicole. Sloan said she did. She said it was a mistake to provoke Nicole. Sloan said it was too easy to get under Nicole’s skin. She said she thought Nicole was jealous. She asked if he still had feelings for Nicole. He said there would always be a connection between them. He said they never made it work and they never would. She asked him if he had feelings for Nicole again since he didn’t answer her question. Paulina showed up and argued with Sloan. Sloan said she couldn’t wait to see who she got as a lawyer. Belle showed up and said she was Paulina’s lawyer. She reminded Sloan that she beat her before and would do it again. She asked Eric about being with Sloan after their mother died. He called Belle an ambulance chaser. He said she was on the wrong side of the case because Sloan was the victim. He said he could relate to Sloan since they just lost their mother. He said she should be able to relate too. Paulina and Belle left. When Stefan was pouring liquid in EJ’s drink, Gabi hit him in the head with a statue. She dragged him to the door. EJ called out to Stefan. He walked in and saw Gabi. He yelled at her for sneaking in the mansion. He told her to give up trying to convince Stefan to get deprogrammed. She said Stefan still loved her. She said he would be hers again. When she was about to leave, he grabbed her so he could throw her out himself. He went upstairs to look for Stefan. Gabi snuck back in the mansion. She grabbed Stefan so she could take him in the tunnel. Nicole went to the DiMera mansion. She told EJ what happened with Sloan. He wanted to toast Sloan for being with Eric and for Nicole for moving on from him. Nicole started to feel weird. She kept drinking until she dropped the glass. She almost kissed him. He took her upstairs. She wondered what was wrong with her. She said she could usually hold her liquor. He complimented her. He said Eric was a fool. She looked at him and realized she didn’t need Eric when she had him. They kissed each other. Stefan woke up tied in the wine cellar. He called Gabi a crazy b*tch. She said she was desperate. She said they were going to fix his skull whether he liked it or not. She said they would see where his heart lied. He yelled at her. She said her urge to fight for what she wanted was what he loved about her. He said he didn’t want to be with her. She said she knew it was the brainwashing talking. She said they would get through this together. She said when it was over, he would see that it was worth it. He asked how it was going to work when Rolf was missing, and Marlena was dead. She taped his mouth and called Li.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie and Chanel had a fight about Johnny. Chanel admitted that she was about to kiss Johnny at the hospital. She explained that Johnny was a wreck and their emotions were running high. She assured Allie that it didn’t mean anything because she loved her. She wanted her to forget about it. Allie wanted to know if she was attracted to her brother. Chanel wanted to know if she was attracted to Alex. They ended up arguing again. Wendy went to see Gabi. She brought flowers to her. She explained that Li begged her not to say anything to her about the brainwashing. She wanted her brother to be happy. She knew it wasn’t an excuse to do what she did. She was sorry for everything. Gabi accepted her apology. Wendy wondered if Stefan could be deprogrammed. Gabi told her how she tried to get Marlena to do it. She said that Stefan was disgusted that she would do that while Marlena was on her deathbed. He didn’t want to see her again. Wendy suggested that she get a court order to have Stefan deprogrammed or have an intervention for him. Gabi informed her that she would need Stefan’s consent for the court order. She said that if she did get it there would be no one to perform the deprogramming. Gabi was out of ideas. Wendy didn’t think Gabi would give up. She left the house. Gabi thought about what Wendy said. She decided not to give up after all.

Stefan planned to make EJ pay for what he did. He promised Stefano’s portrait that he would make him pay. Nicole overheard him talking about making someone pay. She wondered who he was talking about and he told her that he was talking about Kristen. She told him that Kristen was arrested and would pay for killing Kate and Kayla. Stefan told her about Marlena. She was shocked to find out that Marlena passed away. He showed her Marlena’s obituary. He wondered if she was thinking about Eric. She admitted that she was. She was worried about all of Marlena’s kids. Stefan talked to her about EJ’s involvement in his brainwashing. She acted like she didn’t know about it. He didn’t believe her. She walked out to go to work. Nicole walked out and ran into Eric. She offered her condolences to him. They hugged when Sloan showed up. She told him that he left his phone in her bed. Li talked to Rolf on the phone. Rolf told him that he will need for his lab. Li agreed to help him as long as he kept quiet about the brainwashing. EJ showed up to fire Li. Li threatened to expose him for knowing about the brainwashing. EJ told him that Stefan already knew about it. He told him that Stefan knows so he was fired. Li let him know that Wei wouldn’t be happy with his termination. EJ said that he couldn’t do anything about it since Li was involved with Stefan’s brainwashing and tried to kill him. Li warned him that Wei would try to get him to stay since there wasn’t any proof that he did anything. EJ wasn’t worried about it and wished him luck. Later, EJ let Stefan know that he fired LI. EJ left to start the paperwork. Stefan prepared drinks for them. He put something in one of the drinks. He knew EJ’s mind would be clouded after a few sips of the drink. He knew the board wouldn’t have a choice, but to remove EJ from his position. Gabi snuck in the mansion. She snuck up behind Stefan. She grabbed a statue and hit Stefan in the head. Stefan fell to the floor.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, January 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Cody overheard a conversation between Selina Wu and Gladys where she tells Mrs. Wu that she will give her Brando’s garage to help pay the $ 175,000 she owes her. Cody suspects Gladys is Sasha ‘s mother-in-law but he gets confirmation when he asks Mrs. Wu Gladys’ last name.

Trina tells Spencer that she doesn’t think he is emotionally ready to raise a child, but she will support his decision because they are friends.

Nikolas tells Ava he loves her and someday when she finds out how much he has sacrificed for their love they will get remarried and be happy. Ava tells Nicolas that she almost fell for his lies but that will never happen again. Ava gives Nikolas back the wedding ring he gave her.

Drew and Carly talk and he tells her he forgives her but they must be honest with each other from now on if they want their relationship to last. Drew and Carly go back to her house and have sex. Nina and Willow are devastated because Nina isn’t a bone marrow match but Michael assures Willow that they will find a match for her.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, January 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Jack and Diane tell Kyle and Summer that they are now a couple and Kyle later tells Summer that he is worried Jack will get hurt if his relationship with Diane doesn’t work out.

Summer and Kyle argue about him helping Victor push Adam out of Jabot. Summer doesn’t think it is a good idea for Kyle to work with Victor because if Jack finds out he will be upset with him. Kyle gets a message from Victor asking to meet him to discuss next steps in the plan.

Phyllis meets with Newman Media to discuss Daniel’s gaming platform and Daniel is very upset that she met with Newman Media without his knowledge. Lily overhears Daniel talking to Tucker about his gaming platform and promises him she will make his gaming platform happen in a week or she will let him out of his contract.

Jill cancels her meeting with Sally and thanks to a pep talk from Nick she decides to do everything she can do to make her interior decorating business a reality.

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Days Update Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Allie and Chanel have an awkward morning of not speaking to each other. Chanel has enough and tells Allie that they need to talk about this. Allie tells Chanel to just admit that while her grandmother was dying, she was busy macking on her brother.

Tripp is on the phone, being told by the doctor at Bayview that he can’t come visit Ava. Tripp tells him to call him if anything changes. Tripp then hangs up and answers the door to see Johnny.

Gabi finishes a call with Will at home, saying she’s so sorry about Marlena and Kate too. Gabi says to let her know if she needs to pick up Arianna and hangs up. Wendy then shows up at the door with flowers, but Gabi answers the door and asks what the hell she wants.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefan talks with the portrait of Stefano in the living room. Stefan knows Stefano doesn’t approve of him going after EJ, but argues that EJ struck first by not saying a word about what Li did to him. Stefan declares that Stefano wouldn’t approve of DiMera vs. DiMera, but that this DiMera deserves to pay. Nicole then opens the doors to the living room.

Li gets dressed in his hotel room when his phone rings. Li answers the call from Dr. Rolf and questions why the hell he’s calling him. Li says he’ll get him whatever he wants as long as he remembers their deal that if anyone asks, he had nothing to do with Stefan’s brainwashing. Li hangs up as EJ shows up at his door. Li says he was just on his way to the office. EJ responds that he’s saved him a trip then. Li doesn’t understand, so EJ informs him that he’s fired.

Johnny apologizes to Tripp for just dropping in and hopes he didn’t interrupt breakfast. Tripp says that Steve just went out with Stephanie and Joey to talk to the priest about Kayla’s funeral service. Tripp invites Johnny in. Johnny knows he has a lot going on and says he’ll make it quick. Johnny acknowledges that he said some unkind things last night about his mother which was unfair and uncalled for. Johnny says he knows whatever Ava did was not Tripp’s fault. Johnny admits he was just upset about Marlena and took it out on him. Johnny acknowledges that he was way out of line, so he just wanted to come say he’s sorry.

Stefan greets Nicole and offers her coffee which she accepts. Nicole then informs Stefan that she couldn’t help but notice he was talking to Stefano’s portrait about making a DiMera pay. Nicole questions which DiMera he was referring to. Stefan claims it was Kristen since she conspired with Li to have him brainwashed. Nicole points out that Kristen is already facing severe punishment as it’s almost certain she will be charged with the murders of Kate and Kayla. Stefan adds that next she will be charged with the murder of Marlena Evans, which shocks Nicole as she did not know. Stefan tells her it’s all over the news. Nicole mentions that she turned her alerts off and asks if he’s saying Marlena died. Stefan shows her the article on his tablet and confirms that she died last night.

Eric wakes up in bed with Sloan. Eric comments that she let him sleep in. Sloan figured he could use some rest after last night. Sloan talks about reading Marlena’s obituary. Sloan says it’s wild and says something about Marlena being a serial killer which she questions. Eric tells her that it’s all alright and kisses her.

Gabi questions why Wendy is here. Wendy knows she’s upset with her and has every right to be, but she just wanted to come by and apologize again for what Li did to Stefan. Wendy adds that she didn’t agree with it and was horrified by it. Gabi remarks that she must not have been too upset since she didn’t bother to tell her. Wendy swears that she wanted to and came close many times as keeping that secret was agonizing. Gabi responds that what’s agonizing is finding out the man she married is a criminal and the woman she asked to stand up for her is a liar. Wendy argues that Li begged her to keep quiet because he was so afraid of losing her. Wendy is glad it all came out and calls it a huge relief. Gabi asks what if it didn’t come out and she didn’t remember. Gabi questions if Wendy would’ve kept her in the dark forever. Wendy admits she doesn’t know. Wendy says she just wanted Li to be happy and Gabi made him happier than anyone ever has, so she couldn’t take that away from him. Wendy declares that Li is her big brother and she loves him but she knows that’s no excuse. Wendy states that she just came by to tell Gabi that she knows what she did was wrong.

Li tells EJ that they both know he can’t fire him. EJ asks why not since he is the CEO. Li reminds him that he was the one who got him the votes he needed to boot Gabi out and take back control of the company. EJ says on behalf of the entire DiMera family, he expresses his gratitude for Li’s years of service but he’s no longer needed. Li tells EJ that he’s going to remain in his position as his #2 unless he wants Stefan to find out about EJ’s role in his brainwashing. EJ then reveals that Stefan already knows as he told him everything and now Li no longer has anything to hold over him, so he’s out.

Allie accuses Chanel of kissing Johnny and tells her to just admit what she did so they can move on but Chanel denies it. Allie argues that when she got off the elevator, Chanel and Johnny sprung apart like they had been caught because they had. Chanel argues that she was comforting Johnny. Allie compares it to when she and Chanel had sex behind Tripp’s back. Chanel complains that it’s only what Allie thinks she saw. Allie tells her to stop trying to make her seem paranoid. Allie tells Chanel to admit what is obviously going on and tell her the truth that she and Johnny were about to kiss. Chanel then admits that they were. Allie states that Chanel finally admits that she did want to kiss Johnny. Chanel says she’s sorry but Allie tells her not to be because now she knows how she really feels. Chanel argues that it wasn’t like that and she was really comforting him. Chanel asks Allie to let her tell her what really happened. Chanel explains that she went to the hospital, looking for her and she ran in to Johnny so they started talking and then she got Allie’s text that she had left. Chanel says she was going to leave but John came to ask them to set up the rooftop. Allie says she already knows all of this. Chanel tells Allie about how the whole time they were on the roof, Johnny was trying to stay positive and then they saw Marlena and she could see how sad and scared Johnny was. Chanel adds that once they got downstairs, Johnny lost it so she hugged him and they talked about Marlena and John. Chanel claims after that, she doesn’t really remember what happened but Johnny leaned forward to kiss her. Allie questions if she’s blaming it on him now. Chanel says she’s not blaming anyone and is just telling her what happened. Chanel says that Johnny was a wreck, emotions were running high, and it just happened in the heat of the moment. Allie questions what that even means. Chanel says it means nothing and reminds Allie that she’s in love with her, she chose her, and only went to the hospital in the first place to be there for her. Chanel knows Allie is in pain and she needs support right now which she wants to give her. Chanel asks Allie if they can just forget about this. Allie says that depends since Chanel says she’s the one she wants to be with, that she chose her, and that what happened with Johnny was meaningless. Allie argues that almost kissing somebody means there’s attraction there. Allie then asks Chanel if she’s still attracted to her brother.

Tripp appreciates Johnny’s apology and says it means a lot. Tripp adds that he doesn’t blame him for being angry at Ava. Tripp says he loves Ava but is also very aware that she’s done truly terrible things. Tripp states that Ava is sick and he kicks himself every day for not being there and knowing how bad it was to get her the help she needed sooner. Johnny asks if Ava is in Bayview now. Tripp confirms that she’s not getting out anytime soon. Johnny says he’s sorry and acknowledges that Tripp is having a rough time between Ava and losing Kayla. Johnny admits that hitting him was not cool. Tripp tells him not to worry about it, pointing out that he took a swing at him first. Johnny decides he should get going and tells Tripp to give his family his condolences. Tripp says the same and agrees they are good as they shake hands as Johnny then exits.

Li says Stefan must be furious with EJ if he told him the truth. EJ responds that Stefan was actually very understanding which Li questions. EJ says that Stefan sees the bigger picture that he saved the company and preserved their legacy for generations to come. Li questions EJ saying that Stefan approved his betrayal. EJ says that he respected it and forgave him, so from now on they will be running the company as co-CEOs and it will be all in the family, as it should be. Li says it’s funny he should mention family. Li reminds EJ that his father is chairman of the board and he won’t like that he’s being dismissed, so he’ll never stand for it. EJ is not sure what he can do since Li tried to murder Stefan and then had him brainwashed by a mad scientist. Li argues there’s no evidence of that. EJ says not yet. EJ warns that Kristen could flip on Li to save her own ass. Li argues that they all have nothing on him, so his father will make the very strong case that unless he’s proven guilty of a crime, he deserves to remain right where he is. EJ points out that Wei Shin is not a DiMera, so his opinion will never carry the same weight as theirs. EJ declares that as CEO, he has every right in making this decision and he can always call on his voting block if he has to. EJ says Li going to prison may be an open question but whether he has a job is not. EJ wishes Li luck in his future endeavors. EJ warns Li to let this be a lesson that you don’t cross a DiMera and get away with it. EJ then exits the room.

Gabi tells Wendy that she accepts her apology which surprises her. Wendy thanks her and gives her flowers as a peace offering. Wendy comes in and asks what happens now with Stefan. Wendy asks if he’s going to be deprogrammed. Gabi says they could do that but Stefan is no longer interested. Wendy questions what happened. Gabi explains that after getting over the initial hurdle of this nightmare and Stefan believing he was brainwashed, he said he understood how horrible everything had been and apologized for hurting her. Gabi then adds that Stefan also told her his feelings for Chloe are real, so she told him that they should find Dr. Rolf to undo what he did, so he could decide if he still loves her. Gabi says that Stefan agreed until they found out that Dr. Rolf has disappeared, so her only option left was Marlena. Gabi says she went to see Marlena yesterday and she knows she was dying, but she had no other choice. Wendy asks what she said but Gabi reveals that Brady wouldn’t let her in. Gabi calls that a huge mistake since if anyone believes in the power of love, it’s Marlena. Gabi says if Marlena could have helped, she would have, but now it’s too late. Gabi explains that she thought it was what she and Stefan both wanted so they could be together, but when he found out that she tried to see Marlena, he was repulsed and said he never wants to see her face again.

Nicole can’t believe Marlena is gone. Stefan states that it did happen stunningly fast and comments on the impact of her loss. Stefan says every paper across the globe has picked up her obituary and her impact reached beyond her patients to her colleagues and friends. Nicole brings up Marlena’s children as well, so Stefan asks if she’s thinking about Eric. Nicole assures that she is thinking about of Marlena’s children including Eric, Sami, Belle, and Brady. Stefan wonders what’s keeping EJ. Nicole asks if he’s not at the office. Stefan says he asked EJ to take care of something for him first. Nicole worries that can’t be good, but Stefan says it’s a very good thing because he asked EJ to fire Li Shin. Nicole questions that being on his order. Stefan argues that it’s the least EJ could do considering he knew that Li brainwashed him and didn’t say a word for months. Nicole questions EJ knowing about that. Stefan informs her that EJ came clean last night. Nicole claims she had no idea but Stefan says nice try. Stefan tells her that he’s heard she’s a gifted liar but her acting could use work. Stefan declares that Nicole was clearly faking surprise about EJ, just like she was pretending not to care exclusively about Eric. Nicole responds that she has to go to work and exits the mansion.

Eric puts his clothes back on. Sloan questions not having a round two. Eric says he’d love to but he can’t since his family needs to arrange Marlena’s services, so he has to go home and help. Sloan reminds Eric that if he needs to work through anything, she’s there for him. Eric says he’ll remember that and kisses her. Sloan tells him not to be a stranger as Eric then exits the apartment.

Gabi tells Wendy that it’s like Stefan doesn’t know her at all, like she’s a cruel and selfish person. Wendy encourages that Stefan didn’t mean what he said. Gabi blames the brainwashing and says if he would just get deprogrammed, he would still love her but he hates her so he’s never going to get deprogrammed, so she’s stuck. Wendy remarks that it’s too bad she can’t make him do it. Gabi asks how she would force him. Wendy points out that she said Stefan isn’t in his right mind, so if she could have a mentally ill person committed, there must be a way to convince Stefan to have the brainwashing reversed. Gabi asks if she means get a court order. Wendy says maybe the best strategy would be a full court press and get everyone who knows and loves Stefan to convince him that he has to do this, like an intervention. Wendy encourages making it all about how it would give him back control of his feelings and life. Wendy says after that, he would choose to be with Gabi. Gabi feels even if Stefan gave his consent, she’d still be stuck because Marlena is gone and Dr. Rolf is missing so they have nobody to fix the damage. Gabi declares that she’s completely out of moves. Wendy decides she’s imposed on her long enough and gathers her things. Gabi asks if there’s anything else. Wendy guesses she’s just a little surprised because she’s seen how hard Gabi fights for what she wants, so she never expected Gabi Hernandez to give up. Wendy then exits the house. Gabi remarks that she doesn’t have a choice.

Wendy goes to see Tripp and says she just came by to see how he’s doing after last night. Wendy notes his black eye. Tripp says it looks worse than it is. Wendy still can’t believe Johnny hit him. Tripp informs him that Johnny actually just came by to apologize. Wendy says that’s good because he can’t just go around punching people. Tripp points out that he took a swing first. Wendy understands that was because Johnny said horrible things about his mother. Tripp notes that Johnny apologized for that as well, saying he was upset about Marlena and lashed out at him. Tripp admits he didn’t like it, but he gets that Johnny just lost somebody that he really loved.

Chanel questions Allie asking if she’s still attracted to Johnny. Allie says it sounds like there’s still chemistry there. Chanel questions Allie and Alex looking pretty cozy together when she came home and asks if she’s not attracted to him. Allie responds that they were talking. Chanel remarks that she’s thinking Allie wanted to do more than that, considering she asked for another threesome.

Gabi sits alone, thinking back to what Wendy said to her. Gabi declares that Wendy is right that she can’t just sit back and accept this, so she has to do something and she will.

EJ comes home to the DiMera Mansion and informs Stefan that it’s done. Stefan asks how Li took it. EJ says Li made a lot of noise about how there’s no proof and his dad is chairman of the board. EJ assures that Stefan doesn’t have to worry about Li anymore and as soon as the paperwork is finished, they will be co-CEOs like it should’ve been all along. EJ declares that with the DiMera Brothers back in charge, the sky’s the limit. Stefan suggests getting champagne to celebrate. EJ says he just has to e-mail the paperwork to the lawyers and he’ll be right back. EJ heads upstairs while Stefan pulls a vial out of his pocket and looks back at the portrait of Stefano.

Allie questions Chanel throwing the threesome comment back in her face when she knows she didn’t mean that. Chanel says she sounded pretty serious to her. Allie argues that she was making a point while Chanel complains that she was airing their private business in front of Alex and making him uncomfortable. Chanel calls it mean that Allie made it sound like she’s unfulfilled in their relationship. Allie says Chanel is not going to turn this around on her when she’s the one who almost kissed Johnny. Chanel tries to argue that Allie brought Alex home while Allie clarifies that Alex took her home after seeing how upset she was about Marlena and not wanting her to be alone. Chanel asks why Allie can’t understand what happened to her. Allie argues that Johnny is her ex-husband. Chanel insists on the ex part while Allie complains about Chanel comforting him. Chanel asks if Allie ever thought that maybe she needs some comforting too since she was recently arrested for murder. Allie points out that the charges were dropped. Chanel informs her that it’s not over since Sloan is suing her and Paulina in civil court and has made it clear she’s not going to stop until she ruins their lives, so she’s kind of having a hard time right now. Allie asks if she’s not when she lost both her grandmothers right before walking in on her twin brother about to shove his tongue down her girlfriend’s throat. Allie declares that she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Chanel asks if she’s just going to walk away. Allie tells her that she has to go work on Marlena’s arrangements, so she’s going to get Henry and then they are out.

Wendy asks Tripp if there’s any news on his mom. Tripp informs her that he just spoke to her doctors and they asked him to stay away because they think seeing him might trigger Ava. Tripp says he feels so helpless since he can’t go see his mom and he could’ve gone with his siblings and Steve to talk to the priest about Kayla’s service but that didn’t feel right. Wendy asks about him being close to Kayla. Tripp says she was like a second mom to him over the last few years, but at a time like this, he felt it was inappropriate to group himself in with Stephanie and Joey. Wendy is sure they wouldn’t mind. Tripp says he just doesn’t want to intrude. Tripp admits he doesn’t know what to do with himself and he’s lost. Wendy tells him that’s okay because there is no road map with grief and illness. Tripp asks how to find the way out of it. Wendy is not sure you ever do completely, but she thinks in time it gets better. Tripp asks what he should do for now. Wendy instructs him to stay calm, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually, he will end up exactly where he belongs.

Nicole runs in to Eric outside the Brady Pub. Nicole tells him that she just heard about his mother and she’s so sorry. Eric thanks her. Nicole calls it such a terrible loss that is senseless and shocking. Nicole says she can’t imagine what he’s feeling. Eric responds that right now, he feels numb. Nicole says that makes sense. Eric says he has to get inside. Nicole starts to say something but says never mind. Eric tells her to just say it. Nicole then asks if it would be okay if she gave him a hug. Eric says of course. Nicole asks if he’s sure. Eric says yes, so Nicole hugs him. Sloan then approaches and says she didn’t mean to interrupt. Eric asks her if everything is okay. Sloan says everything is fine and reveals that Eric just left his phone in her bed, which annoys Nicole.

Johnny goes to Allie and Chanel’s apartment. Chanel answers the door and tells him that now is not a good time. Chanel adds that until everything settles down, they should probably stay away from each other. Johnny clarifies that he came to see Wendy. Chanel tells him that she’s sorry but Wendy isn’t there. Johnny asks where she is. Chanel says Wendy left pretty early, but she’s not sure where she went.

Wendy offers to get Tripp ice for his eye and says she’s just glad that Johnny apologized, noting that she’s also on a bit of an apology tour with Gabi. Tripp asks how that went. Wendy says she first thought Gabi was going to shut the door in her face, but then she heard her out and forgave her. Wendy wishes she could help Gabi with Stefan but he refuses to undo the brainwashing. Tripp asks why. Wendy says it’s a long story but even if Gabi could convince Stefan to do it, there’s no one that can undo it, so she’s stuck with him hating her. Tripp says that sucks. Wendy feels bad that there’s nothing Gabi can do…

Stefan opens the vial from his pocket and slips it into the drink he’s making EJ. Gabi sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion behind him. Stefan remarks that he hopes EJ enjoys his drink because after this, his judgment will become so impaired that the DiMera Board will have no choice but to remove him and he cannot wait. Gabi then grabs a nearby statue and uses it to hit Stefan in the back of the head, knocking him out.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Cameron tells Trina that Josslyn broke up with him, but he doesn’t tell her the reason for the break up. Trina tells Spencer she will go with him to Britt’s memorial service. Spencer tells Trina that he intends to fight Nikolas for custody of his baby brother or sister.

Drew talks to Olivia and tells her that Carly lied to him and didn’t tell him Nina was Willow’s mother. Olivia persuades Drew to talk to Carly and see if they can save their relationship. Josslyn has a long talk with Carly and tells her the details about her argument with Cameron and she also tells her that even though she hurt Cameron she can’t turn off her feelings for Dex. Carly tells Jocelyn that being with Dex is a risk and Josslyn tells her Dex is worth the risk even though she doesn’t like the fact that he works for Sonny.

Anna and Valentin find Lucy inside the catacombs and once they try to get her out of the water Renee turns her over to Victor’s men. Victor’s men put a bomb with a timer in the water to kill Anna while they take Lucy and Valentin out of the water. Lucy, and Valentin punch Victor’s men knocking them into the water. Anna punches Renee who is in the water with her and Valentin gets Anna out of the water just before the bomb goes off killing the men and Renee. Lucy wants to call Martin to let him know she is okay, but Anna tells her she can’t do that because the world has to think they are dead.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

In this special standalone episode the show celebrates the fortieth anniversary of Tracey Bergman playing the role of Lauren Vendors Baldwin. Lauren’s family and Phyllis gather at the Grand Phoenix to celebrate Lauren getting an award, honoring her contributions to the fashion industry. Lauren remembers the good parts of her life, as well as, the sad parts of her life. There are flashbacks shown to the audience from the first time Lauren arrived on the show as she remembers the important moments of her life in Genoa City

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe went up to the hospital rooftop with John. John said he knows Marlena is up there looking down on him wanting him to get past this. He said he would never get past it. He asked how Abe was able to sleep in the empty bed without Lexie. Abe told him his children and grandchildren needed him. He said that would help John go on. He invited John to stay with him and Paulina. John said he needed to feel Marlena’s presence at home. Allie and Alex were at her apartment. She told how she saw Chanel and Johnny almost kiss. Alex said it was more innocent than she thought. He told her to trust them. He said he was talking from experience. Paulina went to see Stephanie. She brought food for Stephanie and Steve. Paulina said she needed her help. She told Stephanie about Sloan suing her. She asked if Alex could get information on Sloan. Stephanie said she would love to help, but she and Alex broke up. Stephanie told her what happened. Paulina said she agreed with her. Paulina said she could use Chad to help with the situation with Sloan. She said Alex might think Stephanie was doing it to get back at him. Stephanie said she didn’t care what he thought. Paulina told her not to dwell on not telling her mother goodbye. She said Stephanie would never heal. She said Stephanie should think about the happy times with Kayla.

Eric went to see Sloan. She was glad he didn’t bring Rachel. He told her Marlena was dead. Sloan asked why he wasn’t with his family or with someone he loves. He said he didn’t want a shoulder to cry on. She asked what he wanted. He kissed her. They had sex with each other. When she was finished, she asked if it helped. She said she wasn’t trying to push him away. She said it brought up memories of her mother. He apologized if he made her feel as if he was using her. She said he needed her. She said she wasn’t used to someone needing her. They talked about her lawsuit. He said her need for revenge was an obsession. Johnny asked Chanel what happened with her an Allie. She told him what happened. He said it was his fault. She said they both did it. He apologized for coming on to her. He said he would never do it again. They hugged each other. He stopped hugging her in case Allie saw them. Alex told Allie why Stephanie broke up with him. Allie said he made a stupid mistake, but he should be forgiven. He was glad that she had his back. Chanel walked in on them. Allie told her Alex offered a shoulder to cry on the same way Johnny did for her. Allie suggested that they have another threesome since Chanel was bored with her. Chanel said that wasn’t true. Allie said she wasn’t in the room. Marlena walked through white doors and didn’t know where she was. She called out to John. She heard Susan. She was glad to see Susan alive and well. Susan said she was well but not alive. Marlena wondered if she was dead too. Susan said she was. Marlena asked where Kate and Kayla were. Susan thought it was funny that Kate would be there. Susan told Marlena she was there to make sure she transitioned to the other side. After Marlena walked through the door, Susan’s eyes glowed yellow.

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