Y&R Short Recap Friday, October 15, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Jesse Gaines tells Nick how Ashland got his fortune and Nick goes outside to talk to Adam who persuades Nick not to ruin Victoria’s happiness. Nick goes back to his room to guard Jesse Gaines while Adam calls security.

The wedding guests are all moved by Ashland and Victoria’s wedding vows to each other and after Ashland and Victoria exchange rings they are pronounced husband and wife. Victoria later thanks Sally for the stunning wedding dress although she doesn’t approve of the way she switched the wedding dresses.

Adam tells Nick he didn’t call security instead he called Victor to handle Jesse Gaines. Victor isn’t happy man because Jesse doesn’t listen to warnings. Billy gets a video from Jesse reading the letter Camila Rhodes wrote explaining why she didn’t leave Ashland any money. Jesse also explains how Ashland forged the codicil in Camila’s will to get all her money. Jesse tells Billy that if he doesn’t run the story he will distribute the story globally.

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Days Update Thursday, October 14, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Philip goes to see Chloe at the Kiriakis Mansion and brings her flowers as he apologizes for their misunderstanding about her and Brady hugging. Chloe says he was a complete ass. Philip repeats that he’s sorry and gives her the flowers, hoping for a fresh start so they can water their tree together. Chloe instead takes his flowers and dumps them in the trash can.

Brady and Nicole go to work at Basic Black where they find a big arrangement of roses. Brady guesses it’s Philip’s latest grand gesture to Chloe but Nicole finds that they are actually for her from EJ.

Johnny enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where EJ greets him. EJ remarks that no investment is more important than his. Johnny questions EJ going from laughing at his idea of making a movie to not only investing but insisting on playing John Black. EJ claims he’s just been bitten by the acting bug but Johnny guesses that EJ wants to stick it to Chad.

Chad and Abigail wake up in bed together and kiss.

Abigail and Rafe get up to find Gabi has made breakfast. Gabi gives Ava her coffee the way she likes it. Rafe jokingly questions who she is and what she has done with his sister.

Chad knows that just because they spent the night together, it doesn’t mean everything is resolved but he hopes she feels as good as he does about it. Abigail talks about them reading the script really getting to her. Abigail states that Chad being in her bed and in her life is exactly where she wants him to be as they continue kissing. They say I love you to each other. Abigail brings up Chad making a great John Black and asks again if he meant it when he said he was interested in the role. Chad confirms that he did. Abigail reminds him that EJ threatened to make trouble for him at DiMera if he took on this project. Chad says to let him try because he’s not afraid of EJ.

EJ asks Johnny what Chad has to do with him playing John Black. Johnny says it would get under Chad’s skin to have love scenes with Abigail as Marlena. EJ calls it motivation while Johnny tells him to be honest that the only reason he’s even interested in the project is because there’s something in it for him in messing with Chad. EJ remarks that he could take his money and walk if his intentions aren’t pure enough for him. Johnny argues that Abigail and Chad would freak out and says if they both walk out, he’ll lose his leading lady and an investor. EJ says they won’t let them quit then. Johnny questions what the alternative is. EJ opens his briefcase and presents Johnny with contracts, noting that once Chad and Abigail sign and are locked in, then he can deliver the bad news.

Brady remarks that EJ must be overcompensating and asks what the card says. Nicole reads that EJ thanks her for a lovely evening and hopes they can do it again soon. Brady asks if she’s falling for the act, reminding her that he treated her like garbage when they were married. Nicole calls that a long time ago. Brady says that’s irrelevant and insists that EJ is trying to suck her back in to a bad situation, so he can’t believe she’s going to fall for it. Nicole tells Brady to shut up.

Philip asks Chloe to hear him out. Chloe asks how many times she’s supposed to accept the same apology from him. Chloe reminds him that their tree was a symbol of him fixing his behavior and she started to believe they could have a real chance together but it could never work out like this. Philip admits he was a jealous idiot. Chloe says that doesn’t change anything and remarks that if the tree means that much to him, he can go water it herself. Chloe then storms out of the room. Jake walks in and remarks that it looks like Chloe is pretty angry with Philip, which makes two of them.

Rafe questions this being real. Gabi talks about Ava wanting to make peace. Rafe asks what’s going on. Gabi claims that she just realized they were right about living together in peace. Rafe agrees and hopes it’s the start of a better relationship between Gabi and Ava because that would make life a lot easier for them. Rafe mentions promising the guys in the squad room that he would bring them Sweet Bits so he has to go, but says they will celebrate this truce tonight with Jake. Gabi says she can’t wait as Rafe then exits. Gabi then calls Ava a lying hag and accuses her of giving Philip the dirt on Jake. Ava claims not to know what she’s talking about. Gabi brings up the file on Jake’s past in the mob and asks if she thought she wouldn’t figure it out. Ava claims it wasn’t her. Gabi says trying to blackmail her in to signing over Gabi Chic has her stink all over it. Ava then asks what she’s going to do about it.

Jake questions Philip using his past to blackmail Gabi to sign her company over to him and says it won’t work since he didn’t kill Jed Zanetti, Carmine did. Philip responds that it would be Jake’s word against Carmine’s so he can go get ready for court. Philip says it doesn’t change the fact that Jake is nothing but a thug. Jake calls him a spoiled rich kid who is so desperate to feel powerful that he’ll fire Gabi from her own company. Jake says if he wants to fire someone, fire him. Philip agrees and fires Jake.

Johnny questions EJ wanting him to lock Chad in as an investor before announcing that EJ is playing Abigail’s romantic lead. EJ calls it good business while Johnny calls it underhanded. EJ says if he doesn’t like his deal, he can find another investor. Johnny argues that EJ knows there’s no one else and he’s not going to make the movie unless Lucas, Chad, and EJ invest. EJ asks if they have a deal then. Chad and Abigail walk in. EJ says they were just discussing the movie so they are right on time as he took the time to draw up contracts on Johnny’s behalf. Chad questions EJ helping Johnny after all the crap he gave him about his movie. EJ explains that Roman had a change of heart and pulled out. EJ claims that after witnessing his son’s immense dedication to the project, he felt compelled to help him out, so he’s now a full investor along with Lucas and Chad and couldn’t be more excited. Chad asks if this is true. Johnny acknowledges needing all the help he can get. Johnny gives Abigail the contract to look over. Abigail mentions not doing it for the money as he’s family and there’s nothing she and Chad want more than to help make his project a reality.

Nicole appreciates Brady’s concern but questions him giving relationship advice after he messed up his chances with Chloe. Brady argues that he didn’t mess up his chances with Chloe, he just waited too long to express how he felt about her and Philip beat him to the punch. Nicole points out that would not have happened if he listened to her, so she’s not inclined to take his advice. Brady tells her to do whatever she wants with EJ and promises not to say another word about it. Brady points out that he hasn’t said anything about Chloe and Philip and he gives his blessing to them. Chloe walks in and remarks that she doesn’t need his blessing.

Jake tells Philip that he doesn’t give a damn if he fires him. Philip remarks that it doesn’t look good on Titan to have a murderous thug employed. Jake brings up Philip laundering money for Ava and now judging him. Jake adds that he got himself out of the mob while Philip needed his dad’s help. Philip reminds Jake that only one of them is facing serious jail time, but there’s a very simple solution. Jake tells him to go to Hell. Philip argues that if Gabi signs over Gabi Chic then Jake stays a free man.

Gabi tells Ava that she will never surrender Gabi Chic to Philip, especially when Jake is innocent. Ava questions Jake telling her that. Gabi says she believes him. Ava asks if it really matters since Jake had no problem helping dispose of Jed Zanetti’s body, so killer or not, he’s going to do some prison time for that. Gabi doesn’t get it since this is between her and Philip and asks what is in it for Ava. Ava explains that for months, Gabi has done nothing but try to break up her and Rafe, so when Philip needed a hand, she decided to show Gabi what it feels like when someone tries to take away something you love. Gabi responds that she’ll never take Jake away from her. Ava says she’s talking about what Gabi really loves, her company that she grew. Ava tells her to imagine Gabi Chic rising from the ashes as Ava Chic.

Abigail looks over her contract and says everything looks to be in order. Johnny asks if they shall make it official. Abigail can’t wait to get started. EJ shows Chad that he also drew up contracts for them and Lucas as producers. EJ explains that they all invest the same amount of money and will share the profits if the movie makes money. Chad looks over the contract and agrees to sign it. EJ signs the contract as well. Chad then suggests Johnny have EJ draw up another contract because he wants to play John Black. Abigail acknowledges that Chad was helping her run lines and was pretty wonderful. Johnny questions Chad wanting to play John and says he had no idea. Chad informs him that he told EJ, so he questions EJ not mentioning it. EJ claims he didn’t think it was his news to deliver. Johnny says he’s sure Chad would be great but EJ mentions that he already has a contract for the role of John Black. Chad asks to sign it but EJ reveals that he already signed it, so he will be playing John Black opposite Abigail. Chad questions what EJ is trying to pull. EJ thought he’d be pleased that he’s finally giving his son the support. Chad complains that EJ is doing this to screw with him. EJ argues that it’s always about him. Abigail says this is so wrong and he knows it. EJ is sorry that she doesn’t like it but there’s nothing they can do. Chad tells Johnny that EJ isn’t doing this to support what’s best for him and suggests he rip up EJ’s contract to solve the problem.

Nicole runs in to Rafe outside the Brady Pub. Rafe mentions bringing donuts to the police station. Nicole says she’s on her way to the bakery too but Rafe says he cleaned them out. Rafe offers to spare a donut for a friend and suggests they sit together. Nicole reminds him of their agreement. Rafe says they don’t have to make it a whole thing. Nicole jokes about never turning down a donut and admits she’s in no rush to get back to the office.

Chloe tells Brady about Philip seeing them together at the river, hugging in front of their tree, so he went ballistic. Brady talks about how they were there with his daughter and they were only there to water their tree. Chloe tells him that she explained how Brady finally accepted she and Philip were a couple and he was going to respect that, but Philip didn’t believe it was innocent and then Maggie came in so she left. Chloe declares that she and Philip are now barely speaking.

Jake tells Philip that he’s not going to prison and Gabi’s not signing her company over. Philip guesses he hasn’t been paying attention. Philip explains that he knows they’ve been scheming for weeks to get him fired from Titan so they could take over. Philip says they key logger move wasn’t too bright. Jake argues that he has no proof. Philip says that he does have proof that Jake was involved in a murder in Philly. Jake questions him going low enough to use it. Philip responds that Gabi started this, so he’s just fighting back.

Gabi argues that there is no chance in Hell that she’d give her company to Philip so that Ava can run it. Ava asks if she’d rather send Jake to prison for 20 years. Gabi argues that he’s not going to prison. Ava tells her that she can’t have it both ways, it’s either her business or her man. Gabi remarks that the only person who should be worried about losing their man is Ava, as she questions what she thinks Rafe is going to do when he finds out she’s trying to steal her company.

Chloe understands that seeing her in Brady’s arms could upset Philip, but she doesn’t understand why he wanted to play a stupid game by asking her to go water their tree together, knowing that she just did. Chloe admits she should’ve just told Philip the truth but she’s so tired of his jealousy and being afraid of setting him off. Brady assures that none of this is her fault. Chloe calls it her mistake to not listen to Brady about Philip in the first place, so he can go ahead and say “I told you so”.

Jake questions Philip turning to Ava for help as fighting back. Philip points out that Jake has a partner in crime, so he asks why he shouldn’t too. Jake argues that he and Gabi are a team while Ava is a viper who isn’t helping him out of the goodness of her heart but because she hates Gabi. Philip says it happens to serve his purpose. Jake questions Philip thinking he’s in control when Ava would feed him to the wolves to save herself and he won’t even see it coming.

Ava tells Gabi that Rafe would be furious if he found out that she helped Philip steal Gabi’s company, but he isn’t going to find out, because if she goes running to Rafe then she’ll have to tell him that Jake was involved in a murder that he helped over up. Ava asks what the police commissioner will say about that. Gabi asks if she thinks Rafe won’t be suspicious of Ava suddenly running her company. Ava says not if Gabi tells him that running the company no longer sparked joy. Gabi says Rafe will never believe that. Ava tells her to make him believe it by telling him that she wants to focus on her life with Jake. Ava suggests Gabi jump on a plane and move in with her daughter. Gabi warns her to shut up about her daughter. Ava tells Gabi that the reason doesn’t matter as long as she signs Gabi Chic over to Philip and then he will need someone to run it and hire her. Ava thinks Rafe will be relieved knowing that someone close to the family is running Gabi Chic. Gabi remarks that she doesn’t know Rafe as well as she thinks then.

Rafe and Ava have donuts together. Nicole is still shocked that Julie turned over the recipe to Sweet Bits. Rafe mentions preferring the atmosphere at Sweet Bits lately. Nicole acknowledges the other night at Julie’s Place being awkward. Rafe hopes she and EJ didn’t leave early because of he and Ava. Nicole admits it was because of him as she’s trying to stick to their agreement to keep their distance. Nicole jokes that he got to enjoy a fabulous bottle of wine that EJ ordered. Rafe points out that Ava enjoyed it but he had beer. Rafe questions accepting anything from EJ and still doesn’t understand why she was with EJ but stops and says it’s none of his business and that Nicole already knows how he feels. Rafe questions why Nicole would do anything with EJ after the way he has treated her.

EJ argues that Johnny wouldn’t have hired him unless he thought he would make an excellent John Black. Chad accuses EJ of strong arming him in to this and tells Johnny to do the right thing. Johnny says he’s sorry but the decision has already been made. Abigail argues that Johnny has creative control so he can un make the decision. Johnny points out that he’d lose all the money he needs to make the movie. Chad offers to give him the money but EJ points out that the contracts have been signed so he suggests they all focus on working together to make the best film possible. Abigail calls that impossible. EJ says the show must go on. Johnny tells Abigail that he’s sorry but promises it will be a professional set with no egos. Johnny repeats to Chad that he’s sorry but it was the only way he could get the movie made, so it’s not personal, just business.

Gabi argues that Rafe knows better than anybody how much Gabi Chic means to her, so if she signs it over to Philip, he will know that she has been blackmailed. Gabi calls the idea of Ava running her company ridiculous since she has zero experience. Ava points out that she hired Jake and his resume is not that much different, though he is turning out to be quite the liability. Ava guesses that Gabi just figured out that it’s over, and she’s won.

Philip tells Jake that he’s not naïve about Ava. Jake points out that Philip was under Ava before and came back for more, so he sure is stupid. Philip gets that Ava is dangerous but calls this different. Jake argues that this is the mob and brings up that Jed Zanetti crossed the wrong person so Carmine didn’t hesitate to take him out. Jake warns that if he plays, there’s a price. Philip asks if that’s a threat. Jake tells him to take it however he wants, but reminds him that last time he got mixed up with the mob, Brady took a bullet that had Philip’s name on it but he might not be so lucky next time. Jake then walks out of the room.

Brady tells Chloe that he would never said I told you so and he’s genuinely sorry for what she’s going through. Chloe thanks him for not rubbing it in but guesses he was right all along that Philip is the same jealous jerk he was in high school and no matter what she tells him, he can never get over the fact that she and Brady were once in love. Brady admits that what they had was intense, wonderful, and passionate. Brady says they weren’t just in love, they couldn’t get enough of one another. Brady states that if he was Philip, he might be having a hard time with it all as well.

EJ tells Chad that if he’s still determined to be in the film, perhaps he could play Roman. Abigail holds Chad back from going after him and says that’s exactly what EJ wants. EJ thanks her for maintaining the peace and says he’s very much looking forward to working with her. Abigail wishes she could say the same but says she will do her best to give a good performance but it just got a lot more difficult. EJ brings up that they’ve had their own special chemistry which they will no doubt channel in to winning performances as Salem’s star-crossed lovers.

Nicole tells Rafe that EJ is her boss, so she can’t just say no to his invitation. Rafe argues that it wasn’t a business dinner. Nicole then admits it was a date and maybe she had suppressed memories of how EJ treated her in the past, but their marriages imploded and they are both alone so maybe this was her way of getting past the misery to feel attractive and alive again. Rafe argues that Nicole can do so much better than EJ. Nicole agrees and remarks that if she had it her way, she would’ve gone to dinner with Rafe instead.

EJ says he better get to learning his lines as he wouldn’t want to let down his leading lady, especially for the conference room scene. EJ suggests method acting and laughs as he then exits the room. Chad questions Johnny knowing what EJ was up to and letting them sign the contracts. Johnny argues that he didn’t know Chad wanted to play John. Chad shouts that this is not what it’s about as Johnny scammed them in to signing the contracts, so he could get what he wanted, integrity be damned. Chad remarks that EJ would be proud. Johnny says he has to finish casting the rest of his movie and walks out. Chad calls it unbelievable. Abigail suggests not being so hard on Johnny. Chad says he’ll try to remember that when EJ is taking her on the conference table. Abigail says maybe it won’t get that far. Abigail brings up that EJ threatened to tell Mr. Shin that Chad was too distracted by side projects to get him ousted, so he can flip it on him and convince Mr. Shin that EJ is incapable of properly running DiMera because he has a side gig of his own, so maybe it will scare him out of doing the movie. Chad doubts that EJ will quit when he wants something and he wants to come between them. Abigail says that EJ will be disappointed then because Chad is the man that she loves and not EJ or anybody can come between them. Abigail kisses Chad and they hug.

Chloe is sorry to lay all of this on Brady yet again. Brady says no apology is necessary and he admits he’s egged Philip on more than once. Brady offers to try talking to him again to make him understand that nothing is going on between them but Chloe worries that would just make things worse. Brady wants her to tell him if there’s anything he can do as he doesn’t like seeing her unhappy because it makes him unhappy. Chloe holds back tears and says she’ll be okay when she calms down which Brady has helped her do so much already. Brady assures that he’s always here for her. Chloe says that means so much to her as Brady hugs her. Philip then walks in to the office and sees them hugging again.

Jake walks outside with a paper bag and then pulls a gun from the bag.

Gabi warns Ava not to take a victory lap just yet because she’s not giving up on her company or Jake. Ava acknowledges her fighting spirit. Gabi assures that she’s going to win and when Rafe finds out what Ava tried to pull, she will have chased him straight in to Nicole’s arms.

Rafe questions Nicole saying she’d rather have dinner with him. Nicole admits she misses their friendship but they have an agreement to keep their distance because he’s with Ava, so she’s going to honor that agreement. Rafe states that he shouldn’t have said anything about EJ. Rafe admits that every time he sees Nicole and EJ together, he gets so damn jealous. Nicole tells him not to say that because he’s with Ava. Rafe says he knows but.. Nicole asks but what?

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 14, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Nate is worried when Ashland tells him that he isn’t feeling well but Ashland assures Nate he will be fine once he sees Victoria walk down the aisle toward him.

Billy is worried because Jesse Gaines is still missing and Jesse is determined to get revenge on Ashland.

Nick decides not to go to the wedding so he won’t ruin Victoria’s big day.

Phyllis goes to the wedding alone and sits with Kyle, Summer, and Noah.

Victoria opens the garment bag and notices her dress is different than the one Lauren’s designer made for her. Sally arrives and makes her pitch for Victoria to wear the dress she designed for her. Victoria tries on both dresses and then she wears the dress Sally designed for her.

Nick catches Jesse in Nick’s bedroom.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, October 14, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi confronted Ava about giving Philip the information about Jake. Ava didn’t deny giving the information to him. Philip and Jake went back and forth about him giving the information about him to Ava. He told Philip to fire him and not Gabi if he had a problem with his past. Philip fired him. Johnny didn’t understand why EJ wanted to play John in his movie. He thought EJ was trying to stick it to Chad. EJ told him that he had to let him play the part if he wanted him to finance the movie. Philip told Jake if Gabi surrendered her company, he would stay a free man. Gabi refused to give up her company. Ava said reminded her that Jake was involved in a murder so he would do jail time. Gabi said she would never take Jake away from her. Ava told her that she was going to take over her company. Abby singed the contracts. EJ had his own papers drawn up for the movie. Chad and EJ signed the contract. Chad told Johnny that EJ had to sign another contract because he wanted to play John. EJ said he had contracts for the role of John. He said he signed it because he was going to be playing John.

Chad wanted to know what EJ was trying to pull. EJ said he wanted to help Johnny with his movie. Abby thought EJ was wrong. Chad wanted Johnny to revoke his contract. Philip knew that Jake and Gabi were working together to set him up. He said Gabi started it and he was fighting back. Gabi refused to give up her company than let Ava run it. Ava asked her if she wanted to let her boyfriend go to prison. Gabi threatened to go to Rafe and tell him that she was trying to steal her company. Jake warned Philip that Ava would feed him to the wolves to save her own hide. Ava told Gabi that Rafe wasn’t going to find out what she did because she was going to tell him about Jake. She said that he would investigate it. Gabi told her that Rafe would be suspicious if she’s suddenly running her company. Ava wanted her to make him believe why she was running it. Chad and Abby tried to convince Johnny to get rid of EJ as John. Johnny couldn’t do that because he would lose the funding he needed for the movie. Chad offered to pay the money, but EJ said the contract was already signed. Johnny promised them that it would be professional. Ava told Gabi that it was over for her. Philip said he wasn’t naïve when it concerned Ava. Jake told him that he would pay a price getting mixed up with the mob. He said the last time he did it Brady was shot. He said he might not be so lucky next time.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eli and Lani join Abe and Paulina at Paulina’s apartment. Abe proposes another toast. Eli jokes that he’s on a roll. Lani still can’t believe they are getting married. Abe toasts to love while Paulina toasts to marriage.

Abigail asks Chad if he wants to play John in the movie just so she doesn’t have a sex scene with another man even though she’s acting. Chad says he was kidding while Abigail reminds Chad that his jealousy is what got them in to trouble in the first place. Chad admits he was wrong about her and Jake and regrets ever going there. Abigail wonders if it’s happening again and questions if Chad wants the part in the movie because he doesn’t trust her with EJ. Chad assures it has nothing to do with EJ and he wants to spend as much time with her as he can, so he thinks doing the movie would be good for them. Chad feels that this could bring them closer.

While John is making Marlena’s tea, Roman shows up at the door and informs him that he told Johnny that he will not help fund his family. John thanks Roman and knows it wasn’t easy. Roman agrees that the last thing they want is for Marlena to have to relive that time. John invites Roman in and asks how Johnny took the news. Roman says he just explained that he was agreeing to invest in a movie on Sami and now it’s all about this devil business, so he thinks telling that story is not a good idea. John is sure Johnny was disappointed. Roman confirms that he was but they will get past it and the important thing is to do everything they can to protect Marlena.

The Devil urges Marlena to let go and give in to him. Marlena then begins levitating above her bed. The Devil tells her to let go as she’s almost there and they are going to achieve so much together. He adds that if she lets him in, there is no limit to what they can accomplish. He declares that their time is now so he needs her to be his tonight.

Ben and Ciara lay in bed together after having sex. Ciara felt like it felt extra special which Ben agrees with. Ciara wonders if they just made a baby. Their window then suddenly blows open and all of their things start to blow across their room, leaving them confused. Ben gets up and shuts the window. Ciara wonders if a storm is coming. Ben responds that everything looks clear. Ciara questions what made the window fly open then. Ben has no idea. Ciara finds it pretty weird that a gust of wind just appeared and disappeared. Ben hopes it wasn’t a bad omen.

Marlena remains levitating above her bed. The Devil tells her to be proud of what they have accomplished like attacking Julie and convincing everyone it was Doug, to commit him to Bayview so that they were not exposed, and best of all she convinced Ben to father a child with Ciara and let go of all his fears about the future. The Devil declares that now Marlena must let go of her fears.

Abigail questions Chad thinking that them acting together would bring them closer together. Abigail jokes that she could turn out to be a big diva on set. Chad says he wouldn’t care as they joke together. Chad thinks them playing John and Marlena would be really cool. Chad talks about all that John and Marlena have overcome, the times they’ve been separated and got back together, stronger. Chad calls it a really beautiful story. Abigail agrees that they are a real super couple. Chad says it gives him hope that they can come back together. Chad jokes that maybe by the time the film is done, they’ll be able to sleep in the same room.

John tells Roman that he almost blew a gasket when he saw Johnny’s revised script. Roman asks if he told Marlena what’s going on. John says he was going to, but when he got to the hospital, she was so upset after a really heavy therapy session with Ben Weston and she wanted to talk to him more but she was so drained, so he brought her home and she went right to bed. Roman questions Marlena not knowing the new direction of Johnny’s movie. John admits he may be being overprotective by not telling her but she’s been having such a rough time lately, so he didn’t want to pile on. Roman asks if she’s upset about something other than Ben. John reminds him about Doug. Roman feels Marlena did what she had to do to protect Doug and everyone else. John says he said the same thing but Marlena still feels to blame and guesses that’s why she is so driven to help Ben now.

Ciara questions what Ben means by worrying about a bad omen and asks what happened since he was so optimistic earlier after seeing Marlena. Ben assures that he still is but thinks it’s kind of strange that Ciara threw away her birth control pills, they make love, and she wonders if they made a baby then all of a sudden, the window blasts open and all the candles blow out. Ciara asks what he thinks that means and questions if someone is trying to warn them not to get pregnant.

The Devil tells Marlena that Ben and Ciara’s child is so important for the future as he needs the baby for himself.

Ciara asks Ben if he thinks some unknown force is trying to warn them not to get pregnant. Ben says of course not and that it was just the wind. Ciara reminds him that he promised to be honest from now on and asks him what’s going on. Ben guesses he’s just a little nervous about having a baby.

John tells Roman that Marlena has been beating herself up lately. Roman calls her the best doctor. John notes that she still feels that she failed Doug and that has shaken her confidence. Roman hopes some rest will help. John mentions making her tea since she was too wired to sleep. Roman tells him to just say the word if they need anything. John thanks Roman again for backing out of Johnny’s film since they don”t need that bit of history repeating itself…

The Devil feels Marlena fighting and not being ready to fully commit. He argues that she’s always done everything for everyone else and nothing for herself, except when she lets him in and feels his power through her veins. The Devil urges Marlena to let herself go completely and feel that way again. He says perhaps she would feel different if she knows his plans which could only happen with her help. The Devil warns that you can never go back on bringing a child in to the world, so their future is in Marlena’s hands. He decides it’s time to share with Marlena exactly what he has in mind for the child.

Chad tells Abigail that he’s not trying to pressure her at all, he just misses sharing a room and a bed with her. Chad knows she’s not ready for that and he respects that, so he’d never try to skip past all he has to do in order to make things right between them. Chad says he’s just expressing hope for the future. Abigail tells him that there’s nothing she wants more than to be able to trust in their marriage and love again. Chad understands she’s not there yet and agrees to wait as long as it takes. Chad tells Abigail that he loves her, always has, and always will. Chad says he will let her go to bed but Abigail stops him and invites him to stay in her room tonight. Chad questions if she’s sure. Abigail acknowledges that she’s kept him at arms length ever since coming home but he’s been very patient, understanding, and devoted. Abigail admits that Chad has done everything she has asked and more, so she thinks it’s time that she let him back in. Chad then kisses Abigail.

Ciara tells Ben that she didn’t expect one session with Marlena to magically erase all of his reservations since having a baby is still a huge step that is life changing, so it makes sense for them both to be nervous. Ciara admits that she is nervous too. Ben says they will stay on it and hope he doesn’t pass on the mental illness to their child, but if he does they will find treatment right away. Ben apologizes for freaking out, but notes that Ciara could be pregnant right now. Ciara says the odds are slim for the first try which means they will have to try again and again. Ben says he’s down for that as they kiss. Ciara talks about how she will be the one to gain weight and get morning sickness. Ben tells her that he will get her everything she wants and asks what she is craving. Ciara says just him as they continue kissing.

The Devil tells Marlena that his plan for Ben and Ciara’s baby is so magnificent. They are interrupted by John knocking at the door, asking if Marlena is still awake. The Devil complains that John is always trying to come between them as Marlena remains levitating above her bed. John tries to enter but is confused to find the door locked. The Devil urges Marlena to ignore John and he’ll go away. John wonders what is going on as he realizes the door is stuck. John calls out to Marlena and tells her to hang on as he’s coming. John then breaks the door open. John checks on Marlena laying in bed and asks if she’s okay. John says he didn’t mean to wake her up but he got worried when he couldn’t open the door and he swears he could hear voices in here…

Paulina gives Eli and Lani the key lime pie that she did not want. Eli congratulates them again as he and Lani hug Paulina and Abe. Eli and Lani then exit. Abe tells Paulina that it was a lovely evening and asks her if everything is okay. Paulina can’t believe she asked Lani to call her “mama” and asks what she was thinking. Abe understands that she got carried away as he knows how she feels. Abe remarks that being Lani’s dad means everything to him. Paulina decides to get ready for bed. Abe stops her to ask when she wants to get married as he wants to set a date. Paulina says that depends on if he wants a big wedding or small since big takes a lot of planning. Abe says if it were up to him, they’d do it tomorrow, so Paulina guesses they will have a small one. Paulina assures they are on the same page in wanting their wedding to be an intimate affair. Paulina jokes that their first big challenge will be finding a date that they are both free to get married.

Ciara and Ben agree they are both kind of tired but Ciara doesn’t think she can go to sleep just yet and suggests finding something on TV. Ciara then turns on the TV and sees that the movie Rosemary’s Baby is on.

John questions if Marlena was on her phone. Marlena claims that she was asleep. John guesses maybe the voices came from the noise machine switching over to radio or something. John checks the machine but says it looks fine to him. Marlena tells him that she didn’t hear anything and suggests she was talking in her sleep. Marlena asks what John heard her say. John says he’s not sure since he was out in the hall. Marlena brings up being worried about Ben so she wants to go check on him but John encourages her to rest and that she can talk to Ben tomorrow. Marlena tries to argue but John insists that Ben is fine and he’s more worried about her right now.

Chad and Abigail kiss as they enter her bedroom and begin to undress. Chad carries Abigail as they kiss onto the bed. Chad lights candles and they continue kissing in bed.

Roman heads to the Brady Pub and runs in to Eli and Lani outside. Eli and Lani inform him that Abe and Paulina got engaged last night. Roman says he’s happy for them, but didn’t think Abe would propose this soon. Roman admits they seem like a great match.

Paulina asks Abe if he’s thinking a Saturday night or a Sunday morning wedding. Abe says he has no preference. Abe says he’d like to have a nice wedding but it’s the marriage that’s important. Paulina agrees and suggests December. Abe worries that’s too close to the holidays, so he asks how she feels about early January. Paulina says that’s no good as she’s breaking ground on a project then. Abe asks about the third week of November. Paulina decides that could work. Abe says that’s more than a month’s notice so his sons Theo and Brandon could arrange to be there too. Paulina asks if he thinks they could pull it all together by then. Abe feels anything they put their minds to will work. Paulina declares that it’s all settled then and in a little over a month, they will be husband and wife as they kiss.

Ciara shuts off the TV which Ben questions. Ciara tells him a horror movie is not what she wants in her head right before going to sleep. Ben says that a movie about a woman giving birth to the Devil’s baby seems pretty dumb. Ciara insists it wasn’t a bad omen and that the movie coming on was totally random. Ciara argues that no one is trying to tell him that he’s evil and she’s Rosemary. Ciara can tell Ben is freaked out that she landed on that movie. Ciara insists that she’s not some submissive pixie and he’s not evil. Ciara calls him a loving, caring, wonderful man who will make the most amazing father. Ciara says that Ben has come way too far and worked too hard to let fear ruin that, so they will forget about all the nonsense and focus on what’s really real which is their love for each other.

John gives Marlena her tea and hopes it will make her feel better. Marlena questions the tea not being hot. John explains that he was bringing it to her when Roman stopped by. Marlena asks why he came. John says they will talk about it later and offers to go heat up her tea but Marlena wants to talk about it now. John brings up knowing she was upset about Ben. John then reveals to Marlena that Johnny decided to rename his movie from The Sami Brady Story to the Marlena Evans Story. Marlena questions why he would do that. John explains that Johnny is fascinated by her past, specifically when she was possessed by the Devil. John says he was upset enough that it would be a part of the movie, but now the whole damn movie is about it. John adds that Roman came by to tell him that he changed his mind about investing and Johnny is having a hard time coming up with the cash since everyone has said no. Marlena asks if he won’t be able to make the movie then. John responds that he won’t let him. Marlena points out that it was Johnny’s dream. John argues that Johnny’s dream is to make a film and he can still do that, just not this one, because the last thing Marlena needs is to have to relive that part of her life.

Chad and Abigail lay in bed after having sex. Chad can’t believe this is real as he’s wanted this and her for so long. Chad says he has to ask her something, but doesn’t know if he should. Abigail says he can ask her anything. Chad asks if this means they are back together. Abigail wants to be close to him and doesn’t want to shut him out. Chad says he wants that too more than anything. Abigail adds that they have to be realistic about where they are as their problems don’t just disappear because they made love and they still have a lot to work on. Abigail brings up her guilt over what happened with Gwen’s baby, but she doesn’t want to work on them alone. Abigail declares that she’d like to work on everything together moving forward. Chad promises that they will as he hugs her.

Abe tells Paulina to look at how far they’ve come and says it’s all because of her keeping her promise not to hide things anymore, no more secrets or lies. Abe says ever since, things have been wonderful. Abe adds that Paulina made peace with her daughter, his daughter, and with him. Abe declares that he’s never been happier and hope she feels the same way. Paulina assures that she does as they hug.

Lani tells Eli that the babies are asleep thanks to their nanny and thanks Eli for cleaning up. Eli says now he’s in the mood for her as they kiss and then they head to the bedroom.

Ciara asks if Ben is sure he’s okay. Ben says that he is. Ciara asks if he has no more worries about random gusts of wind or horror movies with devil babies. Ben states that Marlena made him see that there’s no reason they shouldn’t have a child and if any issues come up, they will handle it together like they handle everything. Ben declares they will make the most beautiful family together. Ciara says she loves him so much. Ben says the same as Ciara admits she’s tired now. Ciara asks Ben to hold her so she can fall asleep in his arms.

John hopes he didn’t upset Marlena by bringing up the movie. Marlena says of course not. John explains that he supported Johnny but he needs to understand that this project is never going to happen. Marlena assumes that he talked to him. John confirms that he did and so did Allie, but he thinks Johnny needs to hear it from Marlena. John thought Marlena could talk him out of it but now thinks maybe she won’t have to have that conversation, so everything in the past can stay in the past where it belongs. John declares it will be smooth sailing for them from now on as he holds her.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Mariah finds a listening ear in Kevin who understands why she is so attached to Dominic although he isn’t her biological child. Tessa calls Mariah from Italy to tell her all about the Parasites and singing while Leslie Brooks accompanied her on the piano. Mariah cuts off the call from Tessa telling her she is busy catching up on her work.
Tessa catches up with Noah who tells her that the art world is cut-throat and he isn’t sure he enjoys it any more. Kevin offers to talk with Mariah anytime she needs someone to listen to her.

Sally manages to sneak into Victoria’s room when Victoria isn’t there and switch wedding dresses. Now, all that is left is to wait and see how Victoria reacts to the dress Sally designed for her. Victoria tells Billy she knows all about Ashland’s past and she is still going to marry him tomorrow. Lily helps Billy see that he found out the truth before the wedding and Victoria made her decision. Billy considers leaving but he decides it’s important that the kids see that their parents support each other. Billy assures Lily that he isn’t in love with Victoria, he only wanted to find out the truth. Ashland assures Victoria that the security team will find Jesse Gaines and make sure he doesn’t ruin the wedding.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

The devil had Marlena levitating. He recapped everything that she did for him. He wanted her to give in to him Roman told John that he backed out of Johnny’s movie. John was happy that he backed out. John told him about the way Marlena has been acting. He said she was acting a little strange after her session with Ben. He said he didn’t tell her about Johnny’s movie. He said he wanted to protect her. Roman asked if she was worried about something else. John said she was worried about Doug and how he had to be committed. The devil told Marlena that Ben and Ciara’s child was important for the future. He said he needed the baby for himself. John continued to thank Roman for backing out of the movie. The devil continued to tell Marlena how much he needed the baby. He wanted to tell her what he had in store for the baby. Ben was concerned when the windows opened up when Ciara said they might have made a baby. She tried to convince him that nothing would happen. He wasn’t so sure about that.

Ciara told Ben that having a baby is life changing. She admitted that she was nervous too. Ben hoped he didn’t pass down his problems. He wanted to get treatment for the baby as soon as they see signs. John went to check on Marlena, but the door was locked. He was determined to get inside of the room. John got in the room and saw Marlena sleeping. She woke up when he touched her. He thought he heard voices in the room. John wanted to know if Marlena was on the phone. Marlena wanted to talk to Ben, but John didn’t want her to talk to him yet. Ciara didn’t think it was omen that they saw Rosemary’s Baby. Ben thought the movie might have been a bad sign for them. John told Marlena how Johnny planned on making his movie about her. She wanted to know why he wanted to make it about her. He explained why and that Roman backed out of the movie. He told her that he wasn’t making the movie. He didn’t want her to relive that part of her life. John said that everything from the past would stay in the past.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Roman were upset that Johnny’s movie was about Marlena’s possession. John said he wouldn’t let Johnny make the movie. Allie said she didn’t think he could stop him. John said Will never got the rights to Marlena’s story when he wrote the script. John said he would talk to Marlena and she would stop Johnny from doing the movie. Marlena wanted to know what the devil wanted with Ben’s baby. The devil said the baby would inherit the genes of a serial killer. The devil thought it could turn into the perfect instrument of evil. She said Ben wasn’t evil. The devil said he had evil inside of him. He said it was a perfect blend of genes. It would have Ben’s potential for evil while being innocent with Ciara’s soul. The devil said the soul could be corrupted. He said it was what he wanted. Marlena wanted to know what he meant. The devil told her not to worry. She said she wouldn’t let him use Ben. She picked up the phone to warn Ben. John showed up to Marlena’s office. She got off the phone. He asked her about her session with Ben. She said she thought she led Ben down the wrong path. She wanted to talk to Ben. John stopped her. He took her home. John got Marlena in the bed. She said she was worried, but didn’t know why. He told her to take care of herself. He turned on a white noise machine before he left. The devil spoke to Marlena through the white noise machine. He told her to give in to him. She ended up levitating.

Ben told Ciara that he was ready to have a baby. He told her Marlena gave good advice. He said she was different today. He said it felt as if she had personal stake in them having a baby. Ciara said she only wanted him to do it if he wanted to. He said he couldn’t wait to have a baby with her. Roman ran into Johnny. Roman told him he was pulling his money out of the movie. Roman said he didn’t think Johnny understood why the movie was a bad idea. When Roman walked away, Johnny said that was going to ruin his movie. He said there was no on else to ask for money. Chad and Abby talked about the kiss in the movie. She reminded him that they were supposed to take things slowly. He said he wouldn’t rush her into anything. When they were about to kiss, EJ walked in. Chad and Abby told him they were rehearsing their lines for Johnny’s movie. Chad told EJ he was thinking about playing John in the movie. EJ wanted to know how he would handle working and being in a movie. They ended up arguing. EJ threatened to tell Mr. Shin about the movie. EJ said he shouldn’t have undermined with Johnny. Chad told Abby he wasn’t worried about Mr. Shin. Chad wanted to get back to the script. She wanted to check on the kids. He wanted to go with her so he could protect her from creatures with British accents. Johnny told EJ that his project was over before it got started. Johnny told him Roman pulled out of the movie. EJ offered to pay the money he needed. Johnny wanted to know what the catch was. Johnny said he knew there was one. EJ said there was one. He said he wanted to play John.

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Days Short Recap Monday October 11, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Roman to talk him out of financing Johnny’s movie. Roman said he knew John was afraid it would open up old wounds. Roman said he was over John and Marlena’s affair. John thought about his affair with Marlena. John couldn’t imagine their moment being recreated for a movie. John told Roman that he wasn’t worried about their affair being exposed. He was concerned about Marlena’s possession getting out. Roman said he would talk to Johnny about not putting Marlena’s possession in the script. Julie and Ciara talked about Ben’s reservations over being a father. Ciara said she would be okay with Ben’s decision. She said she wouldn’t push Ben to do something he didn’t want to do. Ciara comforted Julie when she brought up Doug. Ciara ended up leaving. Kayla went to see Julie. Kayla told her there was no change in Doug. Kayla wanted her to wait 24 hours before she could see him. Julie said she felt helpless. Kayla told her told pray. Julie said she would pray for Doug until she died.

The devil told Marlena not to let Ben leave her office. She asked Ben if he heard the devil’s voice. The devil said he had a direct line to her head and soul. Ben said he didn’t hear anything. The devil told Marlena to tell Ben to have a baby or he would go see Doug. Marlena told Ben that not having a baby would be a bad idea. Ben didn’t understand why she wanted him to pass on his genes. She said his child would grow up in a loving home unlike what he had. She said Ciara might resent him if he denied her a chance at having a child. Marlena told Ben to go home and make love to his wife and make a baby.  He noticed that she wasn’t acting like herself. He said she doesn’t tell him what to do. She said she didn’t want going down the wrong path. She said he worked hard to be with Ciara. He said she was right. He thanked her and everything. When Ben went home, he told Ciara if she wanted a baby, he was game. The devil told Marlena that she did a good. Marlena was confused. She asked what it had to do with Ben. The devil said he had plans for Ben’s baby.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny and Chanel kiss in the town square. Johnny thanks her again for convincing Allie to be in his movie. Chanel responds that Allie is her best friend so she usually takes her advice. Johnny asks her for one more favor as he has a lot more parts to cast, so he wants to know how Chanel would feel about playing one of the parts.

At the Brady Pub, John and Roman are shocked when Allie informs them that Johnny changed his movie to “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story”. Roman argues that he told Johnny that he would invest because he said he wanted to make a movie about Sami, but now it’s all about Marlena’s possession. Allie assumes Johnny told them as he thought this movie would be a bigger movie maker. Allie admits that it’s pretty exciting because it’s not every day that somebody gets possessed by the Devil.

Marlena questions the Devil as to what kind of plans he has for Ben’s baby. The Devil responds that he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise but warns that it’s imperative that Ben and Ciara conceive a child. Marlena argues that Ben doesn’t agree and she’s not sure she convinced him to change his mind. The Devil argues that Ben always listens to Marlena, so soon he will have what he’s been wanting for so long.

Ciara asks Ben how it went with Marlena and if he talked to her about them starting a family. Ben confirms that he did. Ciara asks if it made him feel any better. Ben responds that it did. Ciara asks what that means. Ben tells her that if she wants to have a baby, they will have a baby. Ciara asks if he’s serious. Ben knows how important this is to her, which makes it important to him, so he agrees to make a baby. Ciara excitedly kisses him.

Chanel asks if Johnny really wants her to be in his movie. Johnny feels the camera would love her. Chanel admits she always thought acting sounded fun when she was a kid. Chanel asks what role she would play if she agrees to be in it. Johnny thinks he has the perfect role for her.

John declares that Johnny is not going to make this movie. John reminds Allie that he asked her to talk to Johnny and begged her to convince him to stay away from this part of Marlena’s life. Allie swears that she did but he’s stubborn and says this is the movie he has to make, so she doesn’t think anything will stop him. John responds that he just thought of one thing that can.

Marlena doesn’t understand what makes Ben and Ciara’s child so special to the Devil. The Devil brings up the child inheriting the genetics of a serial killer, who murdered three women. He says that Ben was right to be worried about passing on his dark, twisted legacy to his child and that’s where he needs Marlena. Marlena argues there is no such thing as a serial killer gene. The Devil points out that certain genes in the right environment could result in psychopathic behavior, like Ben and Clyde. Marlena argues that Ben and Ciara are not those parents. The Devil tells her to leave it to him as the child will be the perfect instrument of evil. Marlena remarks that he doesn’t know Ben like she does and that Ben despises what he has done and he’s not inherently evil. The Devil insists that the capacity for evil still exists in him like it would in his child.

Ciara can’t believe it and asks if Ben really wants to have the baby now. Ben confirms that he does. Ciara exclaims that he’s made her so happy as she keeps kissing him. Ciara asks what Marlena said to change his mind. Ben mentions that she said half of their baby’s gene pool would be from Ciara’s side, so he can’t be afraid of his side or let that stop them from having a baby. Ben adds that it’s also important to him for them to be parents so he wants to have a baby with her. Ciara tells him that she loves him so much as they kiss.

Chad and Abigail continue reading the script and reach the point where it calls for them to kiss. Abigail says that love making has never been an issue for them but they still have a lot to work out, so she doesn’t want to cloud the issue by being intimate too soon. Chad tells her that it’s acting so it doesn’t have to mean a thing and he won’t turn it in to something that it’s not. Chad says they can kiss but still go upstairs and continue sleeping in separate bedrooms. They joke with each other and then decide to continue reading the script. Chad and Abigail almost kiss, but EJ walks in and questions what’s going on.

Johnny suggests that Chanel play Celeste, who was Stefano’s henchwoman and lover. Chanel questions how she fits in to the story. Johnny explains that Celeste is also a psychic so she was the first person to sense the Devil was in Salem. Chanel asks if she’s the hero of the movie then. Johnny says she should be, but when she tried to warn everybody, no one believed her. Chanel asks what makes him think that she would be the perfect Celeste and guesses that she is black, which Johnny admits but insists that’s not why he thought of her. Johnny adds that Chanel also has a connection to Celeste, since she is Theo’s grandmother. Chanel then questions Johnny wanting her to play her ex-boyfriend’s big mama.

Allie asks how John can stop Johnny. John explains that Johnny never got the rights to Marlena’s story. Allie notes that he said Marlena encouraged him to make the movie. Roman is sure that Marlena didn’t know the movie was about her, like them. John is sure Marlena will stop Johnny from doing this. Roman believes the law will be on Marlena’s side. John decides he’ll go to her office now since she had an appointment with Ben, but he’s sure she’s now alone.

Ciara asks Ben about the dream he told Marlena about. Ben explains that while in New Orleans, he dreamed that they had a son, who killed his babysitter with a necktie. Ciara questions him not telling her about this. Ben says they were on their honeymoon and he didn’t want to burden her. Ben adds that Marlena reassured him today that she’s not even sure his illness is hereditary, but if there is then there is treatment. Ben says they can look for signs and he’s still not 100% but he knows he can live with his fears if it means they start a family together. Ciara comments that it sounds like Marlena gave him some really good advice. Ben confirms that she did but notes that she was a little different though. Ben explains that usually Marlena doesn’t tell him what to do and lets him make his own decisions, but today she made it seem like he would be making a huge mistake if he decided to never have kids, like she really wanted him to listen to her. Ben adds that it was almost like Marlena had a personal stake in them having a baby…

Marlena tells the Devil that even if Ben and Ciara’s child was predisposed to evil behavior, it doesn’t mean that would ever surface because they would raise their child in a kind and loving environment. The Devil argues that Ben was conditioned by Clyde to become the Necktie Killer, so Ben couldn’t escape the evil that Clyde put inside him. The Devil says he chose Ben very carefully. Marlena argues that Ciara would be the mother and comes from the Bradys and Hortons. The Devil says there will be a struggle but that’s what makes this all so perfect.

EJ says he just came down for a night cap and tells Chad and Abigail to feel free to continue with their reconciliation, as he pours a drink. Abigail explains that they were just reading a scene from Johnny’s movie, so they were pretending to be John and Marlena. EJ asks if it’s not enough to fund Johnny’s project. Chad says he was helping his wife with her lines like a supportive husband. Abigail points out that the role of John hasn’t been cast yet. Chad jokes that maybe he should audition since it’d be a real kick to act with his wife in his nephew’s movie.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s heard enough if he wants her to play Theo’s granny. Johnny explains that she’d be playing her as a young woman, not a granny. Johnny adds that she could always play her daughter, Lexie instead, but it’s a smaller role. Chanel questions her only options being Theo’s mother or grandmother. Johnny argues that Allie is playing their mother so it’s not that strange. Chanel feels Theo would think it’s strange. Johnny asks if she’s turning him down then. Chanel responds that she’s going to have to think about it.

Ciara knows it wasn’t easy for Ben to change his mind and that he did it mostly for her, so she has to ask if he’s sure this is what he really wants. Ciara says as much as she wants to have a baby with him, she doesn’t want him to think he has to because he owes her or something. Ben tells her how much he loves her and if he wasn’t scared of what his genes might do to their baby, then he would’ve been on board from the start. Ben assures he’s not doing it just because she wants it and that Marlena made him feel a lot better about the whole idea so he can’t wait to make a baby with her. Ciara says she can’t wait either. Ciara asks if they should take the first step by getting rid of her birth control pills. Ben tells her to go for it so she dumps them in the trash.

The Devil tells Marlena that Ben and Ciara’s bloodlines are the perfect combination for having enormous potential for evil but also a pure and innocent soul that can be easily corrupted. He says it’s what he’s been wanting for so long. Marlena asks what that means. Marlena complains that he forced her to persuade Ben to have this child and now he’s saying he had plans for the baby all along. The Devil says that Ben becoming Marlena’s patient was like the stars aligning. Marlena refuses to let him use Ben. Marlena grabs her phone, saying she’s going to warn Ben. The Devil tells her not to so Marlena tells him to try to stop her, but John knocks on the door and interrupts her. John comes in and notes that Marlena is alone but he could swear he heard another voice…

EJ accuses Chad of trying to get under his skin, while Chad says EJ thinks everything is about him. Chad thinks he and Abigail playing a married couple who have problems could be good for them. Abigail admits she never thought of it that way. EJ asks when Chad will do his job at DiMera. Chad insists he can do both. EJ argues that they are supposed to be sharing the position of CEO but he’s the only one putting in long hours. Chad remarks that he can’t help if he’s better at time management. EJ thinks Chad is not pulling his weight and if he expresses that concern to Mr. Shin, he thinks he will agree.

Johnny pleads with Chanel to play Celeste. Chanel suggests he stop playing director and woo her more then. Johnny mentions leaving his guitar at home but suggests they go back to his room. Chanel gives him a hard time but says she wouldn’t be opposed to him taking her to dinner. Johnny brings up that EJ has cut him off financially but they could go to the Brady Pub where he could talk Roman in to a free meal. Chanel asks if he thinks he can just charm his way through the world. Johnny remarks that he usually can. Chanel and Johnny then walk off together.

John thought Marlena might still be in her session with Ben and asks if she was on the phone with him. Marlena claims she was just listening to the recording of their session. John asks how it went. Marlena says for some reason, she thinks she might have led him down the wrong path so she thinks she needs to talk to him. John questions doing that now. Marlena thinks it shouldn’t wait but John doesn’t think it’s a good idea since she’s more pale now than when she left the house. John asks what is going on that has her upset. Marlena claims it was a very emotional session and she thinks Ben still needs her. John knows how dedicated she is to her patients but right now, he tells her to shut it down so he can take her home and she can talk to Ben tomorrow. Marlena tries to argue but John says he’s not taking no for an answer, so Marlena exits her office with John.

Ben asks Ciara how soon after she stops taking the pill will she get pregnant. Ciara decides to look it up on her computer and finds out that she can get pregnant immediately or it could take up to a year, so that doesn’t narrow it down. Ciara adds that it also says it’s rare but it does happen right away. Ben suggests now is a good time as they start kissing.

Chad tells EJ that he wants to work harder but that EJ has been inching him out of the process since the moment they took over the job. EJ claims he entered their agreement in good faith and wanted it to work out. Chad disagrees and argues that EJ has been planning this all along. Chad says he’s funding Johnny’s movie, so EJ is making his move. EJ remarks that he has a hard time trusting people who betray him. Chad says he believes in Johnny and is supporting him, so this is EJ’s way of paying him back. EJ mocks that he’s not serious about running DiMera if he’s acting in a stupid movie and he doesn’t have time for side jobs. Abigail points out that EJ just worked a side job as Xander’s attorney. EJ responds that what he does is none of her business. Abigail argues that EJ knows Chad has all the time to be in Johnny’s movie and still put in a full day at DiMera. EJ doesn’t think Mr. Shin will agree and says he’ll call him now. Chad points out that he doesn’t even have the part in the movie yet and EJ is just drooling at the chance to dump him. EJ warns that he never should’ve undermined him with his son as he then exits the room.

Johnny and Chanel go to the Brady Pub where they find Allie. Johnny questions her closing the bakery and coming here instead of going home to learn her lines. Allie explains that she called Nicole and she said Henry was already asleep so she came to see Roman and get some dinner. Johnny asks if Roman is still there. Allie tells him that he’s in the back. Johnny mentions needing to talk to him. Allie advises him that John was there earlier and saw her script so he knows the movie is about Marlena now and he’s flipping out. Allie adds that John is going to tell Marlena not to give him the rights. Johnny insists that he will convince her. Roman comes over and says that won’t make much difference as he saw John’s reaction to the script, so he can’t in good conscience invest in his movie anymore.

John puts Marlena in bed, encouraging that she will feel a lot better in the morning. Marlena says she’s still just so worried about Ben. John asks if she’s figured out why yet. Marlena calls it a gut feeling. John thinks he might know what’s going on here. Marlena wishes she did. John thinks she’s just obsessed with Ben because she tried so hard to help Doug and she couldn’t. Marlena talks about just wanting to get through to Doug and then she feels awful about trying to convince Julie to let her commit him to Bayview. John says she didn’t have a choice. John knows Marlena always wants to try to help everybody and says she’s done a really good job with Ben, but she doesn’t need to talk to him tonight as tonight she just needs to take care of herself. Marlena agrees that it will be fine and can wait until tomorrow.

Ben lights candles around the bed as Ciara changes in to her night gown. Ben looks at her and says they should’ve been making babies a long time ago as they kiss onto the bed.

Chad asks Abigail if they should try the scene again. Abigail asks if he’s not worried about EJ getting to Mr. Shin. Chad doesn’t care what EJ says since he’s been killing it at the office, so he doesn’t see Mr. Shin making changes with the way profits are. Chad then asks if they should resume but Abigail says she’s tired and thinks she’s rehearsed enough for the day. Chad feels they were just getting to the good part. Abigail decides to head upstairs, check on the kids, and then take a long hot bath. Chad offers to check on the kids together and then walk her to her room. Abigail admits that sounds nice so they exit together.

Johnny argues that Roman can’t do this to him when he’s counting on him. Roman admits he feels bad about breaking his word but argues that Johnny pulled a bait and switch on him which is not fair or right. Roman doesn’t think Johnny gets what a really bad idea this story is. Roman complains that it can’t just be about what he wants since this movie could mess people’s lives up. Johnny thanks him for trying to help him. Roman says he has to run and then exits. Chanel tells Johnny that she’s so sorry. Johnny questions what the hell he’s supposed to do now that he’s tapped every investor he could think of. Allie suggests crowd sourcing but Johnny worries that would take forever. Chanel suggests they order food and brainstorm over dinner but Johnny is no longer hungry and says he just needs to think this through on his own. Johnny tells Chanel that he’s really sorry. She says she understands and assures they will figure this out. Johnny then exits the Pub. Chanel comments on never seeing Johnny like that. Allie recalls when they were kids.

Marlena admits to John that she does feel kind of worn out and wants to turn off the thoughts going through her head about her patients. John offers to turn on a white sound machine that Abe recommended. Marlena agrees to try it. John offers her a cup of hot tea and kisses her. John turns on the machine and tells her to just close her eyes while he goes to get her tea. As Marlena lays down, the Devil’s voice comes through the machine, urging Marlena to listen to John and forget all about Ben.

Ben and Ciara continue kissing and have sex in bed.

Johnny goes home to the DiMera Mansion, looking upset. He finds Abigail’s copy of the script on the couch and tosses it across the room as EJ walks in and asks if something is wrong. Johnny complains that EJ will love it but Roman doesn’t want to fund his movie anymore, so his dream project is over before it ever even got started. EJ tells him that he won’t gloat. EJ then asks what if he offered to cover Roman’s investment. Johnny asks what the catch is because he knows there is one. EJ tells him that he’s right.

Chad walks Abigail to her room and suggests they check on the kids together every night which Abigail says she would love. Abigail asks if Chad was really serious about playing John in the movie or if he was just trying to get in EJ’s face. Chad admits it may have been a little bit of both, but when he started talking about them doing it together, he started really liking the idea because it seems like it would be a fun adventure for them to go through together and he wouldn’t have to worry about her doing sex scenes with some random guy.

Johnny yells at EJ that he’s not going to work at DiMera Enterprises as he would rather wait tables at the Brady Pub. EJ says that’s not his condition as he made himself clear. Johnny tells him to stop playing games and asks what he wants. EJ then reveals that he wants to play John in the movie.

While John is making Marlena’s tea, Roman shows up at the door and informs him that he told Johnny that he will not help fund his family. John thanks Roman and knows it wasn’t easy. Roman agrees that the last thing they want is for Marlena to have to relive that time.

Marlena lays in bed and whispers to herself that she needs to warn Ben. The Devil’s voice comes through the white noise machine, telling Marlena to let it go, leave Ben to him, and stop fighting.

Ben and Ciara lay in bed together after having sex. Ciara felt like it felt extra special which Ben agrees with. Ciara wonders if they just made a baby. Their window then suddenly blows open and all of their things start to blow across their room, leaving them confused.

The Devil urges Marlena to let go and give in to him. Marlena then begins levitating above her bed.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

The cocktail party before Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. Kyle, Summer, and Harrison arrive for the wedding. Noah also arrives to watch his Aunt Victoria get married and he persuades Nick to stay for the wedding. Noah tells Summer he has been considering a change of scenery and he also feels ready to find someone to marry.

Lily arrives and Billy tells Lily that he found Jesse Gaines and brought him to Tuscany to talk to Victoria. Billy tells Lily that Jesse Gaines is missing and since Jesse wants revenge against Ashland. Billy worries Jesse has his own agenda. Jesse finds Ashland that he may interrupt the wedding and tell everyone the truth about him. Jesse wonders if he should interrupt the cocktail party. Victoria arrives and sees Jesse. Ashland wants to call security, but Victoria goes to Billy’s room to talk to him.

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Y&R Update Friday, October 15

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

The wedding was underway, and Victoria walked out wearing the dress Sally designed. Summer thought the dress was stunning, and even Phyllis grudgingly admitted she’d never seen Victoria look more beautiful. Adam asked Sally how she convinced Victoria to wear the dress. Sally said that she just told the truth, and it worked. Sally took Adam’s hand and squeezed it. Tessa sang softly while Leslie played as Victor escorted Victoria down the aisle. Victor kissed Victoria and wished her all the happiness in the world. Billy looked somber as he watched the wedding unfold.

The priest said marriage was a union between two hearts and two souls, and he gave advice on making a marriage stand the test of time. Ashland said Victoria changed him. He’d had some unexpected and difficult obstacles in the past year, and she helped him put them in perspective. She helped him cope and strive to be a better person. “You have seen me at my best and my utter worst,” he said. Adam stole a glance at Sally. Ashland continued that Victoria stood by him and accepted him for who he was. He wasn’t sure he could repay that gift, but he’d try with everything he had. He promised to give her more than he’d ever given anyone, and he vowed to be absolutely honest going forward. Lily looked at Billy.

Ashland said Victoria showed him the power of true forgiveness. Phyllis whispered to Jack that Victoria forgave this guy, but she wouldn’t forgive Nick. Ashland promised Victoria all the joy they could have in the time they had left. Victoria told the crowd that Ashland was a tough act to follow. The camera focused on Billy when Victoria said she saw herself as stronger because of Ashland. Victoria said Ashland helped her to grow as a person and to come into her own in so many ways and on so many levels. They merged their companies and now they were merging their lives and families. She’d never felt more complete. She’d made mistakes, but she felt that they all brought her to him. Victoria said no one was perfect, but that didn’t mean they were incapable of change or unworthy. She believed love transcended all.

Victoria acknowledged that “in sickness and in health” had a deeper meaning to them, but she was honored and grateful to stand by Ashland’s side fighting his illness along side him. She wished she could promise him forever, but she could promise that they’d spend every precious second they had together.

In the palazzo, Nick confronted Gaines – who was he and what was he doing in Nick’s room? Gaines said he was a friend of Ashland’s, and he tried to leave, but Nick stood in his path, because he wanted to know why Gaines was in his room. Nick advanced on Gaines and ordered him to start talking before this got ugly. Gaines put his hands up to show he meant no harm, but Nick still wanted answers. Gaines refused to tell Nick anything, so Nick gave him a little shove and closed the door. Gaines realized who Nick was, and everything he’d read told him that Nick was a righteous kind of guy. Gaines surmised that, since Nick wasn’t downstairs, he didn’t approve of the wedding. He asked what Nick actually knew about the man his sister was going to marry. Nick wanted answers from Gaines. Gaines introduced himself and admitted he wasn’t a friend of Ashland’s – quite the opposite, because he knew Ashland’s deepest darkest secret.

Nick stated that he knew all Ashland’s secrets, but Gaines was sure he didn’t know this one. He revealed that Ashland was involved in forging Camilla Rhodes’ will. That piqued Nick’s interest. Gaines told Nick the whole story about the forged will, Victor finding out and pressuring Gaines to keep silent and Billy flying Gaines here to expose Ashland. Nick asked if Gaines confronted Ashland or Victoria. Gaines said not yet because he didn’t trust Billy. He’d been hiding out at the palazzo waiting for the most opportune moment to make his move. Gaines said that Nick interrupted him before he could stop the wedding, and now it would go forward unless Nick cooperated with him and acted fast to stop Victoria from marrying that ruthless and dangerous man.

Gaines looked out the window at the ceremony and told Nick that time was running out. Nick went to the drawer and got out a key, then he told Gaines to stay put. Nick left and locked the door from the outside. “Don’t lock me in here! Take me with you!,” Gaines bellowed as he ran over and tried to get out of the room. It was no use, so he went back to the window.

Nick went to the patio door and heard Ashland say “I do.” Adam saw his brother watching the ceremony from the living room and went inside to see what was going on. Nick asked if Adam knew Jesse Gaines. Adam said they’d been looking everywhere for him. Back outside, Harrison gave his father the rings. Kyle and Summer looked at each other then smiled at Harrison.

Adam asked if Gaines was going to sabotage the wedding. “Well it sounds like he has good reason to, and if what he says is true then I want to help him,” Nick snapped. Billy saw Adam and Nick inside and told Lily that this wasn’t good. Meanwhile, Ashland put the ring on Victoria’s finger. Back inside, Adam urged Nick to think this through. Nick said that if Gaines was truthful, Victoria was about to marry a lying thief.

Billy’s phone vibrated, but Lily told him not to answer it. Back inside, Nick started to the door, but Adam wouldn’t let him go. He pointed out how happy Victoria looked and he said that she’d never forgive Nick for torpedoing her wedding. Victoria put the ring on Ashland’s finger and the priest pronounced them husband and wife. They kissed and everyone outside applauded. Nick looked upset.

Adam told Nick that he did the right thing. Nick wasn’t sure, but it was strange getting advice from Adam. It was strange for Adam to give moral guidance too. Nick asked what he should do now. He said it wasn’t like he could just join the party, because he had Gaines was locked away, and he was a powder keg. Adam said he’d alert security while Nick checked Gaines.

Victoria was glad the wedding went smoothly. Ashland thanked Victor for his support. Victor said he’d do anything for his daughter’s happiness. As Victor walked away, he passed Billy and told him to behave himself. Billy congratulated Victoria and Ashland and told her that all he’d ever wanted was for her to be happy. “Well, I guess you got your wish because I am. I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” she replied. Billy went to get a drink.

Nicely done, Mr. Reverend…Sir,” Sally said to the priest. He said Pastor was fine. She asked, of all the couples he’d married, how many he thought stayed together. He stammered, and she realized it was awkward, so she made a quick exit. She ended up near Elena and Lily, who were raving about Victoria’s dress. Lily wanted to know the designer, which made Elena ask if she needed a wedding dress soon. Lily said no, and she asked if Elena did. Elena didn’t either. Lily still wanted a dress as gorgeous as Victoria’s, and she said she’d pay the designer any amount of money to get one. Sally soaked up all the praise, but she didn’t take credit.

Phyllis was clearly annoyed when she went to Victoria and passed along Nick’s best wishes. She said that Nick didn’t feel welcome at the wedding. “And yet you still felt welcome to show up and offer your opinion,” Victoria replied, then she walked away.

Victoria and Ashland were with Nikki and Nate. The couple thanked Nikki and Nate for being their wedding attendants. Victoria said she couldn’t have picked a better matron of honor. Ashland said Nate did a stellar job.

Tessa and Noah were together. He told her that her voice was stronger and more beautiful than ever. He was glad his family had her perform. Noah sensed that Tessa was distracted. She said she was fine. Noah urged Tessa to open up to him. She replied that she missed her girlfriend.

Jack approached Phyllis and said he overheard what she said to Victoria. Phyllis had felt compelled to say something. She knew it was going to be a long bumpy road for reconciliation between Victoria and Nick. Phyllis said Nick was hurt, and she didn’t understand why he didn’t want her to help. Jack suggested that Phyllis was blowing things out of proportion. He pointed out that Nick had just been through back to back destination family weddings.

Lily and Billy talked. She could see that the wedding wasn’t easy for him. She recalled him saying that he wanted to go to the wedding to prove he was over Victoria. Lily was 100% confident in her relationship with Billy, but she was also confident that if she wasn’t here, he would’ve read the text from Gaines. He said he hadn’t looked at it, and she asked if he wanted to. He did want to know where Gaines was and what he wanted. Nothing about this trip went the way Billy expected or wanted, but maybe it went the way it was meant to. He wondered if the universe was trying to tell him something. She suggested the cosmic lesson was not to give a shady guy a duffel bag of money. He’d been thinking about why he was so determined to make sure Victoria knew about Ashland’s past. Of course he wanted to protect her, but he guessed part of him wanted to prove Ashland wasn’t a better man than he was. Billy was so upset that Victoria knew the truth and was still marrying Ashland because he wanted Victoria to judge Ashland as harshly as Billy had felt judged at times. He knew that was silly because Victoria forgave him for many things and she held him accountable, as she should. Lily thought that was insightful and she thanked him for sharing it. The most important thing he felt the whole time was how much he’d moved on. He loved Lily and they loved what they had. He admitted self-awareness wasn’t cheap. There was a lot of money in that duffel bag. She said he’d spent that much gambling without learning anything.

Adam called security, then he and Nick went to the room. Gaines was relaxing on the bed.

Phyllis texted Nick to ask if he was going to the reception.

Summer and Kyle talked about their wedding, which they said was low key, but just as special as this one. He thought the palazzo was fantastic, and he suggested they should renew their vows here. She liked the idea, but wasn’t it a little soon. He said that with a wife like her, he could marry her any day. Summer saw Sally sitting alone and said she almost felt sorry for her.

Nikki talked to Victoria about the audacity of Sally to steal Victoria’s wedding dress and substitute her own. Victoria said she was wearing Sally’s dress because she preferred it to the other one. Nikki thought Victoria made the right choice, because she looked stunning. Summer walked over and asked which one of Lauren’s designers made the dress. Victoria said Sally designed it, and Summer was shocked. Victor came to talk to Victoria, so Nikki took Summer off to tell her about the dress situation. Victor took Victoria’s hands and told her he was so proud of her and he loved her so much. He was so happy for her. She loved him too.

Jack knew he and Ashland had their rough patches, in business and personally, but he wished Ashland a long and happy marriage. Kyle came up, and Ashland thanked him for taking such good care of Harrison. Ashland intended to get stronger, and he hoped Kyle kept the parental channels open. Kyle promised he would. Ashland excused himself to talk to Victor.

Ashland thanked Victor for making sure the wedding went off without a hitch. He’d thought Gaines might show up and disrupt things, but apparently he had other ideas. “I take care of things,” Victor replied.

Victoria approached Sally and said she was glad she wore Sally’s dress. However, she didn’t agree with Sally’s methods. Sally knew she crossed the line, but she believed she created the perfect dress for Victoria. Victoria thanked Sally and hugged her.

Billy checked the text. Gaines had sent him a video. Back inside, Nick wondered where security was, and Adam wondered why Gaines looked so pleased with himself when his plans had been ruined. Adam admitted he never called security, because he wanted to keep this situation quiet and controlled. Victor entered and he had a grave expression. Nick said he should’ve known Victor was pulling the strings. Gaines chimed in, and Adam told him to be quiet. Victor said Gaines was a threat Victoria and her company, and Victor wouldn’t allow that.

Lily found Billy and asked what Gaines said. Billy stated that Gaines gave them the scoop of the year. He recorded himself detailing Ashland’s crimes, including the evidence. Lily watched it and said it was huge. Gaines was giving ChancComm an hour to post it, then he was going to send it out globally. Lily asked what they should do. Billy looked across the area at Victoria and Ashland, who looked very happy.

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Y&R Update Thursday, October 14 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

When Victoria woke up, Ashland was already dressed, but he’d gotten back in bed and was looking at her with love. They were pleased that their wedding day was finally here. He told her that he could never dreamed he could love anyone as much as he loved her. She loved him too, and she’d never been more certain of anything in her life. They agreed that what they had was special and unique and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought or did. They kissed. Later, she was out of bed and enjoying a fancy breakfast. She mentioned that she woke up last night, and he wasn’t in bed. He said he was restless, so he went for a walk. He thought the grounds were almost as beautiful as her. She said it was theirs now, and with some careful planning, they could run Newman/Locke from the palazzo, when the kids were on break. Right now, all he wanted to think about was marrying her. They kissed until Nikki knocked on the door. She was there to help Victoria get ready.

Ashland got ready to leave because he wanted to preserve the tradition of not seeing Victoria in her dress. She called him a romantic. He promised everything would be okay today, and he tried to kiss her, but she wouldn’t let him because she wanted their next kiss to be as husband and wife. He left the room. Nikki asked how Victoria slept. She barely slept, and she mentioned that Ashland left in the middle of the night and took a walk. Victoria felt great now though, and she couldn’t be more excited. She was sure today would be the most incredible day of her life.

Nikki forgot to get something old, new borrowed and blue. Victoria said that Victor’s spectacular wedding gift covered all of that, plus her relationship with Ashland was unconventional. Victoria said she’d experienced that tradition enough times. Nikki said they both had, but you still went into marriages with hopes and dreams, no matter what happened before. Nikki said Ashland was complicated, and Nikki knew about loving a complicated man. Victoria was clear about what she was going through. She’d never felt a connection like this before – she never felt so loved and appreciated and seen. It was a little shocking to find out about his past, the way she did and she knew a lot of people were invested in seeing her relationship fail, but she was pushing that aside and thinking about what she wanted and how she felt. She said he was still the man she fell in love with, and she knew he loved her too. That was all Nikki wanted for Victoria. She’d always be protective of Victoria, but she just wanted Victoria to be sure. Victoria was. Nikki hoped Victoria and Ashland would be able to enjoy that happiness for a long time. Victoria went to the closet and unzipped the garment bag. “What the…? This isn’t my dress,” she exclaimed.

Victoria said that she spoke with Lauren about making a few alterations, but this was a completely different dress. Nikki suggested Ashland got it, but Victoria was sure he wouldn’t take a chance like that. She wondered if it was a gift from Summer, then she said no, Summer would’ve told her about it. Nikki suggested Fenmore’s sent the wrong dress. Victoria looked the dress over. She thought it was breathtaking, but it wasn’t hers. Nikki suggested that Victoria try it on.

Billy walked into the palazzo living room. Victor was there, and he said he’d thought Lily had the sense to convince Billy to leave. Billy assumed Victor knew all about Gaines and Ashland’s secret. He said Gaines had mysteriously disappeared, and he asked if Victor had anything to do with that. Billy said that if Victor didn’t have anything to do with that, there was a problem because Gaines was a wildcard who’d been waiting a long time to cause damage. Victor blamed Billy for Gaines being here, and he vowed that Billy would pay one day. Victor told Billy to get lost. Billy sensed that Victor didn’t know where Gaines was, and he thought Victor was worried about what Gaines would do.

Billy returned to his room and told Lily that Johnny, Katie and Harrison were having a great time with the nanny the Newmans hired, but the bad news was there was no sign of Gaines. She suggested Gaines left, but he said guys like Gaines didn’t just leave. He thought Gaines was hiding and biding his time, or something happened to him.

In their bedroom, Nick told Phyllis that he was determined to get Victoria’s trust back, no matter how long it took. He apologized that things were a little tense between him and Phyllis last night. She clarified that she wasn’t tense, he was. She said that she just didn’t like the way his sister was treating him. “Well, I apologize, so…” he replied and he started toward the door. She didn’t think that was actually an apology. He kept walking and left. He returned later, after she was dressed. She spun around to show off her dress and cape. He loved it, but he’d decided not to go to the wedding. She groaned that he had to go. When he was on his walk, he’d weighed his options and decided not to go. He wanted Victoria to be happy and stress-free. Phyllis contended that Victoria had never been stress-free in her life, and she was marrying a guy who took on another guy’s identity. She didn’t understand why he suddenly wasn’t going, but she said it was his family, so he should do what he wanted. She wondered whether or not she should go. He thought she should. She noted that she’d be going to his family event alone. She asked if he’d go to the reception, and he said he’d think about it.

Nick and Billy ran into each other in the hallway. Nick stated that Billy’s plan to get Victoria to call off the wedding failed. He asked if Billy was planning any last minute fireworks. Billy wasn’t going to intervene. He thought the wedding was a mistake, though and he believed Nick agreed, since he wasn’t dressed for the event. Billy knew Nick cared about Victoria, and Billy did too.

Sally was alone on the patio when Adam came up and asked if she slept well. She hadn’t. She was so nervous because today could make or break her career. It all depended on Victoria’s reaction to the dress. He assured her that the dress was beautiful, and she asked if he really thought so. He said even if he didn’t, the plan was already in motion. He suggested she get some breakfast, but she was too wound up. He pointed out a path and told her she could go for a run and get a great view of the countryside. He’d go with her, but he just got back, and he’d hate to embarrass her by leaving her in the dust. “You had to go there, just when I was starting to think that you were actually a good influence on me,” she joked. He said he’d been called a lot of things in his life but never a good influence.

Later, Adam was alone when Victor joined him. Victor thought Adam promised to make this a perfect day for his sister. Confused, Adam said he did. “Then son, why the hell did you bring that woman as your date?,” Victor asked. Adam said Sally promised not to do anything to sabotage the wedding. He said that if he and Victor were judged on their past actions, they wouldn’t be here. He respected Sally for trying to make amends, and he thought she deserved a second chance. Victor sarcastically said it warmed the cockles of his heart. Adam changed the subject to Gaines and said he heard Victor and Ashland talking last night. Victor said Billy brought Gaines thinking it’d cause Victoria to call off the wedding, but now he knew that Victoria was aware of Ashland’s history. Victor was sure that Gaines was planning to cause trouble. Adam was willing to help in any way he could. Victor said to just make sure this was a wonderful day for Victoria.

After Adam left, Ashland joined Victor and asked if there was any sign of Gaines. There hadn’t been, and Victor thought Gaines may have taken the money Victor gave him and gotten out of Dodge. Ashland hoped so, but he worried Gaines was still around here somewhere, and even if Gaines left the palazzo, he was still a threat. Victor told Ashland to relax, and they’d deal with that when the time came. Victor said Ashland was marrying one of the most powerful beautiful women in the world. Ashland asked why Victor said “one of.” “Have you seen her mother?,” Victor replied. Victor left, and Ashland thought he was alone, so he let his frailty show. He gripped the back of a chair for balance. Nate walked out, and Ashland pretended he was stretching, not using a chair to hold himself upright. Nate wanted to know the truth. Ashland said he was just stressed about the wedding. He was sure Billy hoped he’d collapse and be unable to get married, but he said nothing would stop him from marrying the woman of his dreams, not a jealous ex, people trying to exploit his past, or this dreadful disease. Nate advised that Ashland conserve his energy. Ashland said that once he saw the woman who loved and accepted him for who he was, everything else would fall away. He’d never thought he’d have unconditional love. Nate noticed that when Ashland talked about Victoria, his breathing became stronger and more steady. Ashland said Victoria was good for him.

Noah, Summer, Kyle and Tessa chatted in the living room. Kyle had heard about Noah’s latest exhibition from Summer. Noah told a story about how a mishap with the exhibition was avoided, and it lead to a lot of good press for him. Summer said Noah was the darling of the art world now. Noah thought she was overstating it, but she said she wanted to brag about her older brother. She said he created an amazing life in London, and his career was skyrocketing, so she didn’t understand why yesterday, he said he was looking for a change. He felt like there was something more for him out there. Tessa asked where he’d go. He said as great as it was to live abroad, there was no place like home. Kyle was caught off guard, Summer was sure that Noah was joking. He said they loved life in Milan now, but they might decide to come back to Genoa City too one day. Sally walked in and the conversation dried up. Sally commented that this was awkward. Sally understood she wasn’t Summer’s favorite person, since she was slightly responsible for Summer’s move to Milan. Summer said Sally was rewriting history since Sally and Tara were involved from the beginning, and the job at Marchetti was Sally’s idea. Sally congratulated Summer on the job and the wedding. Kyle asked why Sally was even here. Sally said she was Adam’s date. “So much for his claims about wanting to make things right with the Newmans,” Kyle replied. Sally said she and Adam wanted Victoria to have a perfect day. Sally introduced herself to Noah. He shook her hand and mentioned that he was Summer’s brother. Sally guessed he’d heard of her, and she said some of it was true, and some of it wasn’t. Summer didn’t want to discuss this anymore since today was about Victoria. Sally agreed, and she suggested that they pretend it was water under the bridge and be civil.

Jack ran into Adam. Jack thought Adam had evolved, but here he was, using his sister’s wedding to get under people’s skin. Adam wasn’t aware that he was doing that. Jack said Adam brought Sally to the wedding knowing what she did to Summer. Sally walked up and overheard Adam say Jack should ask himself why he really objected to Sally being his date. Sally joined the men, and Jack excused himself. Sally wished she thought this trip through. She was so concerned about getting her dress to Victoria that she forgot she was the last person any of these people wanted to see. Adam knew from experience that you got used to it. He told her she should go get changed so she could make the pitch when the time was right. She was still in her running gear, and she rushed off.

Sally returned in a dress that wowed Adam. She said she hoped he meant his compliment in a strictly professional sense. Nikki found Victor, who was talking to Summer and Kyle. She pulled him away and whispered that they delivered the wrong dress. He didn’t see why that was a big deal. She hissed that he bride had the wrong dress. He still seemed mystified about why this was an issue. He asked if Victoria was refusing to wear it. Sally overheard all this and rushed off. Summer and Kyle made a comment to Adam about Sally’s abrupt departure. Adam replied that Sally wanted the wedding to go well. Kyle asked why Sally would be invested in Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. Summer sensed Adam and Sally were up to something.

Sally went upstairs and knocked on Victoria’s door. Victoria saw Sally and was about to close the door, until Sally blurted out that she was behind the wedding dress switch. Victoria insisted that Sally come inside and explain herself. Sally explained that she designed this dress specifically for Victoria. Victoria realized Sally hoped she’d see the dress and either not notice or fall in love with it anyway. Victoria said Sally had badly miscalculated, and she’d clearly learned nothing from all the other stunts she’d pulled. Sally knew it was a risky move, but she was sure she was right. She asked if Victoria fell in love with the dress Lauren’s designer made. Did it spark joy? Sally said it didn’t, and it couldn’t because that designer didn’t consider the woman it was made for. Sally designed this dress after studying every detail of who Victoria was – her style, body type, the way she moved, her strength and elegance. Sally designed a dress that captured Victoria’s essence. Victoria asked where the first dress was and she asked if Sally destroyed it. Sally sighed that Victoria really thought the worst of her. Sally had the dress in her room, and she’d give it back after Victoria tried on the new one. Sally knew Victoria would fall in love with the new dress. Nikki walked in and demanded to know what Sally was doing here. Victoria ordered Sally to go get her dress and hang it on the door. Sally left.

Phyllis went out to the patio in her dress, which she told everyone was a Marchetti. Summer asked where her dad was, and Phyllis said he was being fashionably late, as usual. Summer said that actually wasn’t like him. Noah figured Nick was skipping the wedding. Noah said he’d go straighten this out, but Phyllis said they had to respect Nick’s choice. Jack waved at Phyllis, and she went over to him.

Billy was on the patio when Lily called and said she was having a hair emergency. He overheard Victor tell Ashland about the dress situation. Billy assured Lily that she had some company since Victoria was having issues getting ready too.

Sally came back outside just as Nikki directed the guests to take their seats. Ashland brought Harrison out, then he and Nikki exchanged smiles. Leslie began to play the piano. Victoria walked out, and Sally’s mouth fell open. Victoria was in the dress Sally designed. Summer whispered to Kyle that the dress was stunning. She wondered who designed it. Adam told Sally she did well. Phyllis grudgingly told Jack that she’d never seen Victoria look more beautiful. Victor joined Victoria and told her she looked stunning. She thanked him for everything, and he kissed her on the cheek.

Gaines went to Nick and Phyllis’ empty bedroom and looked out the window. Nick returned and asked who Gaines was and what he was doing here.

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Y&R Update Wednesday October 13 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

How dare you bring that horrible man here.” At the palazzo, Victoria confronted Billy while Lily and Ashland watched. Billy tried to explain, but Victoria didn’t want to hear it because there was nothing he could say to justify trying to hurt her this way. Billy assumed that Gaines said something to upset Victoria. He swore that this wasn’t the way he wanted her to find out about Ashland’s past. Victoria clarified that she didn’t talk to Gaines, and she didn’t need to because she knew the whole story. Billy doubted that. Ashland said he told Victoria all about the real Ashland’s death and the inheritance fraud. Victoria accused Billy of hoping to find some deep dark secret that would blow up her entire relationship. Lily thought Billy just wanted Victoria to know what she was getting into. Scoffing, Victoria said if that were true, Billy would be relieved that Ashland confided in her instead of being a shattered mess because he wasn’t the one who got to drop the bomb. Billy denied being a shattered mess. Victoria said Billy knew how important this wedding was to her. She stated that Ashland was in chemo, and he was fighting so hard to make this a beautiful ceremony that they could cherish the rest of their lives. She said Billy was trying to take that from them. She ordered him to stop harassing them and let her go. Victoria and Ashland left.

Lily stared out the window. Billy hoped she didn’t let what Victoria said get to her. “There’s nothing wrong with us trying to uncover the truth,” he said. “You – not ‘us,’” Lily replied. She felt that he went too far bringing Gaines to what Victoria wanted to be a joyous and stress-free event. Billy said Ashland kind of attacked Billy’s credibility, so he brought Gaines because he didn’t think Victoria would take his word for it without proof. Lily said that was because Billy incorrectly thought Ashland would lie. She told him to admit it. He conceded that he didn’t expect Ashland to come clean about all the crimes he committed. Lily reminded Billy that when they fell in love, he told her about all the things he did that he was ashamed of. She said maybe not everything Ashland did was cold and calculated – maybe he actually loved Victoria and they had something real. Lily didn’t think Billy liked hearing her say that.

Billy said he didn’t have a hidden agenda. He asserted that Victoria was pushing that angle because she was in denial about how serious Ashland’s crimes were. Lily said that might be because Victoria didn’t think something that happened 40 years ago was relevant to who Ashland was today. Billy suggested that Victoria was trying to protect Ashland because of the merger. He wouldn’t be surprised if her father pushed her into it. Lily didn’t think Victoria’s motives mattered – all that was important was that she was standing by Ashland, and Billy’s plan backfired. Billy thought that Victoria had been so defensive earlier because Ashland’s crimes bothered her, which they should, because the guy was a liar and a criminal. “Billy, I need you to listen to me okay? The wedding is happening tomorrow whether you like it or not,” Lily firmly said. Billy asked if Lily wanted him to just drop it and let Victoria make a mistake. Lily said all the guests were doing their best to celebrate Ashland and Victoria, and if she and Billy couldn’t do that, they didn’t belong here. She told him the kids could fly home on Victor’s jet. He didn’t think that was necessary. He didn’t apologize or trying to uncover the truth, and he didn’t think Ashland deserved credit for confessing due to the pressure of the investigation. Lily noted that Victoria was still marrying Ashland. Billy said he’d pay Gaines some more money to convince him to abandon the plan to get revenge, then he’d buy him a first class plane ticket. He thought he and Lily should be at the wedding so that his kids saw that their parents supported each other. He knew Victoria would need support when Ashland started to deteriorate, and he wanted her to know she could count on him. Lily was impressed by Billy’s shift in attitude. He said this whole time he’d been trying to do the right thing – Victoria had been hurt a lot, mostly by him. Lily knew Billy was just trying to make amends in his own antagonistic way. He also wanted Lily to know that he loved and was committed to her her, and he thought they should go to the wedding so she could see that he wasn’t hung up on his ex. She knew he was passionate and that he’d go to extremes for the people he loved, which was exhausting, but endearing. They kissed.

Out on the patio, Phyllis wondered where Jack went, and Kyle said he was off playing with Harrison. Summer said Harrison was so sweet that all her fears about being a stepmom had melted away. She couldn’t imagine their lives without him. Kyle praised how Summer was with Harrison. Noah teased Summer about her huge clothing collection, and she teased him back by saying she wore outfits once then gave them away. When he believed her, she laughed at him for being gullible. Kyle, Summer, Phyllis and Noah were all chatting and having a great time, but Nick was just silently taking it all in. Kyle, Summer and Noah went to refill their wine glasses, and Phyllis commented that Nick was so quiet. He said it was all good.

Adam and Sally got to the palazzo, and her confidence faltered. He asked what her next move was. She said she guessed she’d just corner Victoria and convince her to try on the dress. Adam said that if Victoria saw Sally first, she’d never get a chance to unzip the garment bag. He had another idea.

Jack joined everyone out on the patio and told Kyle and Summer that Harrison wanted a bedtime story. The newlyweds left. Noah asked Nick if there was any progress with Victoria. Nick said he was giving her space, like she asked. Phyllis thought that whatever was going on with Victoria had very little to do with Nick. Nick wanted them to be on their best behavior. Phyllis sensed that what he was really saying was that he wanted her to be on her best behavior, and she asked why she wouldn’t be. Noah changed the subject and said he wondered where Ashland and Victoria were.

Up in their bedroom, Victoria paced around ranting. She said she was so supportive when Billy moved in with Lily – she even bought them a plant. Ashland thought Billy was in love with Victoria. Victoria wasn’t sure that was true. She thought it was more about Billy’s enormous ego, but even if he were in love with her, she wondered what Billy hoped to accomplish. Victoria said she’d never trust Billy again. Ashland said Billy wasn’t their problem – Gaines was. He thought Gaines wanted to publicly humiliate him. She said they should have security throw him out. Ashland went to handle it.

Tessa arrived in Tuscany and talked with Nate and Elena in the palazzo living room. They asked where Mariah was. Tessa said Mariah decided not to come. Later, after Elena and Nate were gone, Nikki and Victor came in and introduced Leslie and Tessa. Tessa and Leslie had video chatted earlier about the song they were going to perform at the ceremony, and they were both excited about working together. Leslie, Tessa and Nikki went off to chat. Adam came downstairs and greeted Victor, just as Noah and Nick came in from outside. Victor was delighted to have three generations together. Adam and Noah were civil, but it was awkward. Adam complimented the job Noah did on the Newman Media branding package. Victor appreciated that they all came and that they were trying to get along. Across the room, Tessa sang while Leslie was at the piano. Noah looked moved as he stared at Tessa and listened to the love song.

Adam headed out to the patio and chatted with Nate and Elena. Elena asked if Adam caught up with Billy after they missed each other at Society. he said he did, but it didn’t go well, so he’d steer clear of Billy in Tuscany. On the other side of the patio, Phyllis griped about Adam having the audacity to show up. Jack was sure Victor was glad he did. “Does it bother you at all what he’s done to his family?,” she asked. She said that this family drove her crazy. Jack told Phyllis to let it go because this would be over soon.

Victoria did her makeup and damned Billy. She said she wasn’t going to let him ruin this night for her. She left the bedroom, and Sally sneaked in with the dress. Sally was going to put her dress in the closet and take the wedding dress that Victoria already had. Victoria suddenly returned, so Sally hid. Victoria got her shoulder wrap. She noticed that her closet door was open, and she found it odd, but she just closed it and left. Victoria went downstairs and listened to the music, then she joined Victor, who was now alone on the couch. He asked if she was okay, and she said yes. Nick and Noah returned and Victoria turned away from her brother.

Nick went back outside and talked with Phyllis. She told him Victoria would come around and Victoria would owe him a big apology. Nick knew Phyllis didn’t like his sister, but he said exploiting this wasn’t helping. She said she wasn’t exploiting it, she was sympathizing with him. He didn’t see it that way, and he walked off. Jack joined Phyllis and told her Nick was upset, so she shouldn’t take it personally. Phyllis said that didn’t make it any better, and she walked away.

Noah approached Tessa and told her didn’t realize until now how much he missed her. The exes found a private place to chat, and she asked how London was. It was going well, he had three commissions. She marveled that he was doing photography for a living, she was singing, and they were both living the dream. He thought she was smarter than him when choosing a dream to pursue. He loved art, but it was different than the music world. He said that when people paid to hear her sing, it was because they loved her voice, but sometimes people bought his art as an investment and intended to flip it like a condo. It could be a little discouraging. Once, a client offered to pay him to make less art, that way the value of the pieces he already owned would go up. She said if it made him feel better, music was commercial too. They bantered with each other, and he gazed at her.

Sally found Adam and said mission accomplished, now they just had to see how the bride reacted. The dress was designed specifically to Victoria’s taste and figure, so she had to believe that Victoria would love it. Kyle and Summer came outside laughing about something cute Harrison did. Adam congratulated them on the wedding. Summer saw Sally and asked what she was doing here. Adam said Sally was his date.

Later, Adam and Sally were off somewhere else, and Jack and Phyllis were with Summer and Kyle. They were talking about Adam saying Sally was his date. Summer thought it was tacky. Summer doubted Victor knew Adam was bringing Sally, because there was no way Victor would want Sally here after the way she treated Summer. Kyle said that if it bothered Summer that much, she could tell Victor, who’d surely have Sally thrown out. Phyllis loved that idea, but Summer didn’t want Sally to get the satisfaction of knowing she got under their skin. Jack told Phyllis that Summer had the right idea, and he said she should stay away from Sally and any ice buckets. Phyllis said Sally should stay away from her.

Elsewhere on the patio, Adam noted that Sally liked riling people up. She said everyone needed a hobby. She figured she should probably go to bed, since his family would probably be less likely to wake her up to throw her out. He said his dad and sister had more important things to worry about than ousting Sally. She went inside.

Adam went inside too and saw Ashland whisper something to Victor. Victoria also saw them speaking. Victor and Ashland stepped outside. Victor was glad when Ashland told him that Victoria put Billy in his place. Now they had to be concerned with Gaines. Ashland knew it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of Gaines – it wasn’t the money, he had a score to settle. Ashland said even if they could keep Gaines from the wedding, he could still damage Newman/Locke. Victor said that wouldn’t happen. They walked away, and Adam stepped out from around the corner, where he’d been eavesdropping.

Victoria got ready for bed. Ashland came in and said he and Victor briefed the security team on the situation. He promised Gaines would be found and removed. Victoria hoped everything would go smoothly at the wedding. He assured her it would and that this time tomorrow, they’d be married. They kissed.

Elena and Nate found a private spot to talk and enjoy the night air. They heard Leslie playing, and they danced.

Phyllis found Nick sitting alone and she joined him. He apologized for snapping at her earlier. She said it was hard for her to hang out with his family, because they didn’t like or trust her, and the feeling was mutual. But she was doing this for him. He said he was out of line, and it wouldn’t happen again. She teased that she didn’t fully forgive him, and he’d have to work for it. Jack strolled to the patio doorway and his mouth fell open when he saw Phyllis and Nick talking. Nikki joined Jack and asked if he’d seen Victor.

Lily and Billy were in bed, basking in the afterglow and listening to the music outside their room. She was glad they didn’t leave. She admired his ability to course-correct. He asked if there was anything else she admired. She whispered something in his ear, and they kissed.

Mariah invited Kevin for coffee at Crimson Lights, and he came. She recently went back to work, and everyone had been amazing. He thought it was too bad that she couldn’t take more time off and go to Italy with Tessa. Mariah said that she was going to go, but the baby got sick. Kevin was concerned, and Mariah said it was just a cold. Kevin asked why Mariah couldn’t go with Tessa then. Mariah explained that Abby was talking about weaning Dominic while she was gone, and Mariah thought that was too soon. Especially when the baby was sick, and breast milk was good for the immune system. Kevin understood Mariah’s protectiveness, since he had a baby too. She pointed out that Dominic wasn’t her baby. He said she and Dominic went through a lot together. Kevin could relate to Mariah’s ordeal, due to his childhood. Mariah had heard the stories. He said he knew what it was like to be locked in a small space for a very long period of time. Mariah said she was doing okay with that aspect of it. She got a little jumpy if she heard footsteps behind her, and she didn’t like it being too quiet or being alone for too long, but she could function. She asked how his kids were doing.

Kevin pulled out his phone to show off photos of Miles and Bella. Miles was walking. Mariah realized she missed his birthday. Kevin knew Mariah was otherwise occupied, and birthday parties for babies were pointless because babies didn’t care. He joked that if Mariah and Tessa had kids, they shouldn’t even invite the baby to the party. Tessa called, and Kevin stepped away from the table. Mariah asked how Tessa was and if she was jet lagged. Tessa slept on the plane. She whispered that this place was over the top in the best way, and everyone was asking about Mariah. Tessa was excited about getting to meet Leslie Brooks. Mariah said she didn’t get much sleep last night, and she was buried in work, so she couldn’t talk now. The call ended. Kevin wondered about Mariah blowing off her girlfriend. Mariah didn’t want to talk about it now. Right now she just wanted to hear about the kids. He told her about Bella’s dance recital. She was dressed as a mouse, but another little girl was dressed as a giant sugar cube. Kevin could barely contain his laughter as he explained that the sugar cube child fell and wasn’t able to get back up because of her costume. Mariah didn’t get into the story and laugh with Kevin.

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Y&R Update Tuesday October 12 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At the palazzo, Victoria walked in on Victor and Ashland in a tense discussion, and she asked what was wrong. Ashland declared that he was through hiding things from Victoria. He was about to tell her everything, but Victor interjected that he and Ashland were having a the kind of discussion that a man had with his future son in law. Ashland went with the story and said he and Victor were going to make sure this wedding went off without a hitch. Victoria thought that meant something that needed to be dealt with. Victor told Victoria that all she needed to know was that any potential threat was under control. He left. Victoria asked Ashland what was really going on. Ashland said he’d had some trouble breathing, but he was fine now and Billy came to his rescue. She mentioned that Billy had been calling her non-stop, and he seemed eager to confront her with some news. Ashland told Victoria that there was nothing Billy knew that she didn’t already know. She said her mom told Billy not to come, but she was glad he did because she couldn’t wait to see how crushed he’d be when he found out he flew all this way for nothing. She wondered where Billy was now. Ashland told Victoria not to worry about it.

In their room at the palazzo, Phyllis had just learned that Nick was thinking of leaving. At first, she though about her dress going to waste, but then she said that she was willing to follow his lead on whether to stay or go. She promised to keep the disparaging remarks about Victoria to herself. He didn’t think he could sway Victoria. Victoria had said he could stay, but he didn’t want to be a dark cloud over the wedding. Just as Nick said he wanted to leave, Noah (now played by Rory Gibson) walked in. He could tell something was wrong with his father, and he’d noticed it at Kyle and Summer’s wedding too. Phyllis left so they could talk in private. Nick told Noah about the clash with Victoria. Nick was leaving because he didn’t want to stay where he wasn’t wanted. That sounded like an excuse to Noah. He thought that Nick should stay and fight for Victoria’s forgiveness if it was really that important to him. Nick said he wouldn’t have looked into Ashland’s past if he didn’t care about Victoria. Noah stated that Nick always taught him not to run from a challenge. Noah said he’d be disappointed if Nick didn’t follow through on his own advice.

Billy ended up on the patio in his search for Gaines. Jack and Nikki started to chat with him. Nikki asked where Lily and the kids were. He said they should be here any second, then he excused himself. Nikki didn’t know what Billy was doing, but she was wary. Victor walked out, and Nikki took him aside and warned him about Billy. He assured her that he had it under control. Across the area, Jack observed Nikki and Victor’s quiet talk, and he told Elena and Nate that there seemed to be some intrigue. He hoped it had nothing to do with his brother. Nate wondered if he should check on Ashland. Leslie Brooks arrived and caught up with her old friends, Victor, Nikki and Jack. Jack introduced her to Elena and Nate. Nikki was thrilled Leslie could play for Victoria and Ashland’s ceremony.

Jack saw his brother walking around looking everywhere and went over to see what he was up to. Billy claimed he was looking for Lily, and Jack didn’t believe him. He thought Billy was up to something regarding the wedding. Billy looked at his phone and lied and said he just got a text from Lily saying she was lost on the estate. Billy rushed off. Phyllis joined Jack

Victoria and Ashland came downstairs, and she wondered if they’d planned too many events – there was the cocktail party, the big family ceremony, and the reception. He assured her that he was more than ready. They walked out hand in hand. Everyone applauded. Leslie spoke with Ashland and Victoria, and Ashland asked if he could impose upon Leslie to play one of his favorite pieces. She was happy to do so as a gift to the happy couple. Leslie went inside and began to play as everyone listened out on the patio. Elena and Nate observed how happy Ashland and Victoria were, and it helped him find inspiration for his best man toast.

Billy burst into the bedroom saying “damn it where are you?” Lily thought he was talking to her, and she said she was right here. He said he didn’t know she was here since she didn’t text him. She explained that she’d been busy juggling the kids and luggage with minimal Italian. The Palazzo staff had promised Lily they’d alert Billy, but apparently they didn’t. She said the kids were napping, because they were cranky after the flight. She was annoyed that he seemed unhappy to see her. He gave her a quick kiss and assured her he was thrilled to see her. He asked how Mattie was. Mattie was fine, but she was so brilliant that she was struggling to find people on her wavelength. Lily wondered who he’d been expecting to find in this room since he didn’t know she’d arrived. He pretended not to know what she meant. She said he was flustered, and she asked what he’d done now. He kept covering, but she wanted to know the truth. He told her that he found evidence that Ashland committed fraud by altering Camilla Rhodes’ will. He’d paid Gaines a hefty sum for the information. She thought Victoria needed to hear this information.

Billy told Lily how he brought Gaines to Tuscany and lost him. She didn’t think he was right to bring Gaines here. He explained that he was going to introduce Gaines and Victoria, so he could tell her everything and she could make her decision, but now he was missing. Lily asked what Billy was hoping to accomplish – a newsworthy exposure of Ashland right before the wedding? He didn’t want a big showdown, and he didn’t plan to publish the information. He just wanted Victoria to know she was about to marry a liar and a fraud. He had no idea where Gaines was now. At one point he’d wondered if Victor’s security team found Gaines and threw him out. Lily didn’t think so, because if that happened, Victor would’ve tossed Billy too. Billy said Gaines despised Ashland, and he might have his own plan.

Noah greeted Victoria and met Ashland. Noah thought Ashland was lucky to have Victoria, and Ashland agreed. Noah mentioned Ashland showed excellent taste choosing Nate, who’d done a lot for the family over the years. Noah hoped to get to know Ashland better, maybe they could meet up next time Noah came home to visit. Ashland thought Noah was charming. Noah hoped Victoria didn’t mind, but he convinced his dad to stay. At that point, Nick came up and stared at Victoria from inside the patio doors.

Summer and Kyle arrived, and everyone clapped, then they went around hugging their family. Victoria wished she’d been at Summer and Kyle’s wedding. Summer understood that Victoria was busy working so she could take time off for her own wedding. Kyle said Summer had become a bit of a celebrity. People in the fashion district recognized her on the street. Nick, who’d joined the party outside, said he always knew his Supergirl would be a star. Ashland was thrilled Summer and Kyle were here and more importantly, that they were taking such good care of Harrison. He asked where his son was, and at that moment, Harrison ran out of the house and into Ashland’s arms.

Everyone chatted and mingled while Ashland held Harrison and Nick and Victoria looked at each other from across the room. Jack told Phyllis that it looked like Victoria and Nick called a truce. Phyllis thought maybe Noah talked Nick out of leaving. Jack hoped so, because he’d hate it if Phyllis had to leave already. Phyllis wasn’t sure how it’d work out, but she wanted to stay so she could spend time with her daughter. She thought Summer’s wedding was beautiful intimate affair, unlike this drama-filled event. Jack thought Phyllis liked drama. She did, but not like this. She felt like she could never say the right thing to Nick about his sister. She was an outsider in the family, and she thought the way they treated each other was horrific. Jack insisted that Phyllis wasn’t an outsider, especially to Nick. Phyllis commented on how supportive Jack was being of Nick and of her relationship with Nick. She thought he was overcompensating for what he’d said before, and she didn’t think that was necessary. Jack said he only wanted the best for Phyllis, and she replied that she found this exhausting. She wanted him to stop trying to humor her and stop being so careful, because it was annoying. She knew she could be annoying sometimes. She wanted their relationship to go back to normal, and he agreed to do that.

Nate and Elena talked with Leslie. Elena asked if it ever got old for people to ask her to play. Leslie said it came with the profession. She likened it to the way people must discuss their health issues with Elena and Nate. Leslie believed it was a duty to share your gifts, plus she enjoyed performing. Leslie assumed Nate and Ashland were old friends, since Nate was best man. She asked what he thought of Ashland. Nate clarified that they only met recently, but he was impressed with Ashland. Leslie understood Ashland and Victoria were devoted to starting fresh, and she liked the idea of not looking back. Nate agreed.

Nikki joined Nick and told him that Noah was a talented confident young man who reminded her of Nick. Nick mentioned that Noah just gave him some of his own advice. Nick brought Nikki up to speed on how he failed to patch things up with Victoria, and he was thinking of leaving. Nikki wasn’t happy to hear that. He wanted to wait and see how things played out. He’d said his piece and did his best to convince Victoria that everything he did was for her sake, but he couldn’t force her to be okay with it. Nikki asked Nick to try and be patient with his sister.

Jack told Kyle he was glad he and Summer found their way back to each other. He missed Kyle and Harrison, but he was glad of the way Kyle and Summer missed up. He was also proud of the way Kyle honored the bond between Harrison and the man who raised him. Kyle said that Harrison missed Tara and Ashland, but he was a happy child, and his happiness came first. He was glad to be able to give Harrison time with Ashland. Jack was touched that Kyle put his son’s happiness first. Kyle said he learned that from Jack, and they hugged.

Noah and Summer talked in private about their dad. She wondered why Nick was being so weird, both here and in Milan. Noah caught Summer up on the problem with Nick and Victoria. Summer was surprised Nick and Victoria were still fighting at this stage in life instead of realizing that they’d make up eventually and just doing so now. Noah wasn’t sure people grew out of sibling rivalry. Summer said she and Noah did. Noah didn’t love being away from the family, but he didn’t miss the constant drama. Summer could relate – she missed everyone from Genoa City, but it was chaos-free in Milan. Noah teased Summer about being a married old lady, and she said everyone would expect him to get married next. He didn’t think settling down would be the worst thing in the world. She was surprised because she thought he liked casually dating. He explained that after the example Nick and Sharon set, he didn’t trust relationships to last. He was sure Summer understood since Nick and Phyllis were like that too. He brought up the roller coaster she and Kyle used to be on, and he was sure that got old. She said she and Kyle were on again off again for a really long time until they realized they wanted to be together forever. Noah admired that and wanted it for himself someday. Summer invited Noah for a long visit or suggested he move there. She’d met so many amazing women she could introduce him to. He said he had been thinking about a change of scenery.

Victor got everyone’s attention and made a toast to Ashland and Victoria. Victor said Ashland was almost as ruthless as he was, but Victoria was a worthy adversary. He said that Victoria and Ashland merged their companies and created an empire that he hoped would honor the legacy of Newman and Locke. Victor saw the love between Victoria and Ashland, and it meant a lot to him. Victor said that fathers never thought anyone was good enough for their daughter, but Ashland was a good man. Victor welcomed Ashland to the family. Ashland privately thanked Victor after the speech. Victor sent Ashland to make sure Billy didn’t do anything. Ashland went looking for Billy and ran into Gaines instead. Gaines heard Victor’s speech, and he said perhaps he should go make a speech about the way Ashland built an empire on deceit and criminal behavior. He suggested that he might announce it tomorrow before the ceremony, or maybe he’d make Ashland so nervous that he’d call off the wedding. Victoria joined Ashland and asked what was going on. Gaines told the pair to enjoy their evening, and he left. Victoria guessed that was Gaines. Ashland was going to call security, but Victoria told him not to because she was going to handle it. She walked off, and he followed.

Back in their room, Lily asked what Billy thought Gaines was going to do. He didn’t know. He thought Gaines was very disappointed that Billy didn’t want to interrupt the wedding. Lily said that Billy couldn’t let Gaines wreck the ceremony. He knew because if that happened, Victoria would never forgive him. Victoria and Ashland walked in. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?,” Victoria asked.

Nate told Elena he came up with a perfect angle for his speech. He said he and Ashland were from different generations, and they didn’t know each other from the business world. Ashland was a new friend that Nate came to know under extraordinary circumstances. He talked about Ashland’s strength and fortitude under the face of adversity, who was marrying Victoria, who Nate wanted the best for. Elena loved the speech. She thought it was heartfelt and honest like the man who gave the speech. She suggested that they could focus on the romance of Italy and this amazing wedding now.

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Y&R Update Monday, October 11 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Jack and Phyllis were in a bedroom at the Palazzo. He was there to drop off a Marchetti dress Phyllis left on the plane. Phyllis said she was going to wear it to support her daughter’s flourishing career. He asked where Nick was, and she said Nick was off taking the bull by the horns. She noted that she and Nick were here against Victoria’s wishes. Jack hoped Victoria would let Nick stay at the wedding. Phyllis said that the siblings had lots of fights over the years, but this was out of control. Jack stated that Victoria was loyal to the man she loved, just like Nick had defended Phyllis to Victoria. Phyllis said that Nick saved her hotel when Victoria went after The Grand Phoenix. Jack told Phyllis that she couldn’t convince Victoria to change her mind on Nick. Phyllis knew that, but she suggested that Jack might be able to sway Victoria. He refused to get involved, because he thought the siblings should work it out on their own.

Phyllis stated that Nick was just trying to help Victoria. Jack said that at least Nick accepted that the wedding was inevitable, unlike Billy. Phyllis respected Nick for going above and beyond for the people he loved, however, she thought Nick might be handling this the wrong way by talking nicely. Jack said to relax – what was the worst that could happen? Phyllis said the security could throw them out. Phyllis and Jack’s phones chimed in tandem – texts of wedding photos from Kyle and Summer. Phyllis said Ashland and Victoria’s splashy affair didn’t hold a candle to this beautiful and intimate ceremony. Jack was sure both weddings would be beautiful.

In their bedroom in Tuscany, Victoria told Ashland that their guests had arrived or would be soon, so things were all set. He wanted to know what she felt in her heart now that things had time to sink in. He didn’t want her to go through with the wedding tomorrow if her main motivation was to save their company. Victoria said one way or another, Newman/Locke would be safe. He asked what his beautiful bride had up her sleeve – it sounded like she had a plan to save the company. All she wanted to focus on now was their love and their wedding. He kissed her forehead and said it meant to much that he was standing by him, despite everything. She kept thinking about his childhood, imagining an anxious boy running from an abusive home, leaving everything behind and losing the only friend he had in a car accident. She added that he’d felt like the woman who meant more to him than his own mother, his mentor, betrayed him on her deathbed. The story haunted Victoria, so she could see how it followed him everywhere, even after he became the formidable Ashland Locke. He marveled that she really understood. She knew he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to taint the beautiful relationship they were building. She said it had now, but she promised him that everything would be okay. She assured him that, this time tomorrow, they’d be husband and wife, and nothing was going to stop them.

Victoria was concerned when Ashland started to cough. He said he was fine. She hoped the stress of the last two days hadn’t exacerbated his condition. He promised nothing would slow him down or get in the way of reciting his vows. She asked if he knew what he was going to say. He said his were written in his heart. Hers were written on on paper, but when he asked for a preview, she said no. She was dressed, and he didn’t want to let her go. She said they’d have so many moments in the future. She told him to hurry and get dressed and meet her downstairs. He smiled, but as soon as she was out of the room, he dropped onto the chair and coughed again.

Nick was outside on the patio with his parents. He was hoping they could give him a read on Victoria before he approached her. He asked if they thought there was a chance he could repair things before Victoria said “I do.” Nikki wasn’t sure Victoria would be receptive to Nick’s surprise appearance. He said he couldn’t stay away on his sister’s wedding day. Nikki stated that Victoria was already stressed. Victor added that a lot of that stress was caused by Nick digging into Ashland’s past. Nick pointed out that he and Victor were both investigating Ashland. Victor countered that he didn’t go to New Jersey and dredge up old skeletons. Nick owned what he did. Right now he wanted to make things easier on Victoria. He said he and his sister had been in lots of fights and they always made up. Victor was adamant that he didn’t want anyone to cause problems on Victoria’s happy day. Nick bristled because he thought Victor was calling him a problem. Nikki said Victoria didn’t need Nick and Victor arguing. Nick was taken aback to learn that his parents were both supportive of Victoria marrying a man who exploited a death.

Nick didn’t know how Nikki and Victor could condone this union. He noted that it wasn’t long ago that he and Victor were both investigating Ashland, so what changed. Victor said Ashland confessed and came clean about his identity. Nick argued that Ashland only came clean because Nick confronted him with the truth. Nick added that Ashland left out the part where he left his best friend to die in a burning car. Nikki pointed out that Ashland thought his friend was already dead from the accident. Nick didn’t know how they could make excuses for Ashland. Victor liked Nick’s concern for his sister, but he wanted Nick to let this go.

Victoria walked up. Nikki said Nick came to make peace. Victor asked if that was okay with Victoria. She said it was fine – nothing Nick could say would make her more upset than she already was. Nikki and Victor left. Victoria hoped Nick wasn’t going to tell her to stop the wedding, because that wasn’t going to happen. He never intended to betray her. She snapped that he did though. He never wanted to find dirt about Ashland. He looked into Ashland’s past out of concern for Victoria. After thinking about it, he guessed he could understand why Ashland worked so hard to keep that painful memory a secret. Nick wasn’t going to try and convince Victoria to change her mind about the marriage. He respected her decision, but he didn’t like it, and he didn’t trust Ashland. Victoria said that Nick destroyed her trust in him. She didn’t see how she could ever confide in him again. He swore he’d never hurt her on purpose. She said his apology didn’t begin to make up for what he did. He asked if she couldn’t forgive him a little – it was her wedding day, and he wanted to be there. He promised not to say another word about Ashland. She appreciated his effort, but she could tell he was still holding back about her fiance, and that was the last thing she needed. She didn’t forgive him, but she said he could stay because their parents wanted him there. He said it was her wedding, and her opinion was the only one that mattered. He asked if she wanted him there or not. She said that her attention would be focused on Ashland, and she probably wouldn’t notice if Nick was in the crowd or not. He asked where things stood. She refused to discuss that. Victoria said Nick hurt her, and it wasn’t her job to absolve him. She was going to focus on Ashland and her wedding.

Nikki and Victor went inside. Victor was worried Nick wouldn’t let this go and that he’d ruin Victoria’s day. Nikki thought Nick would put Victoria’s happiness first. Nikki’s biggest concern now was that Nick didn’t know about Ashland’s latest surprise. Victor said the less people who knew the better. Nikki said this latest secret was atrocious, and if Nick found out, it’d add fuel to the fire. Victor thought the important thing was Victoria made peace with it. He vowed to make sure the other secret stayed buried.

Billy snuck Gaines into a bedroom at the palazzo. Gaines said he’d been waiting a long time for Ashland’s downfall. He was thinking they could humiliate Ashland while he was at the altar waiting for his bride. Billy said he was here to protect Victoria, and he didn’t want to cause more pain than necessary. He was going to try and get Victoria to join him in this bedroom, then Gaines could tell her the truth. He wanted to give Victoria some space and privacy. Gaines was okay with that as long as the outcome was the same – Locke getting humiliated on his wedding day. Billy told Gaines to stay in hiding while he went to get Victoria.

Elena found Nate in the Palazzo living room with his tablet, and she commented that he was holed up instead of exploring the estate. He wanted to spend time with her, but he was struggling with his best man toast. He wanted it to be smooth, warm and brilliant, something worthy of a power couple. She thought it was understandable that he’d have a hard time since he hadn’t known Ashland very long. She told him to come with her and find romantic inspiration.

Nate and Elena went back to the palazzo after visiting a winery down the road. He enjoyed it, but it didn’t help his writer’s block. They talked about Victoria and Ashland’s work bringing them together. “Working long hours togeher. Saving lives. Oh wait, that’s us,” Nate said. He and Elena weren’t sure exactly what Ashland and Victoria did in the office. Billy walked in, and Elena hoped his presence meant he’d accepted that the wedding was happening. He thought things would go how they were supposed to. He excused himself and resumed his search for Victoria.

Billy went upstairs and overheard Ashland having a coughing fit. Billy stepped into the bedroom and offered to help Ashland or get Nate. Ashland, still coughing, insisted he was fine, but he asked for water. Billy poured him a glass. Ashland was surprised Billy came after Nikki urged him not to. Billy said he wasn’t going to miss the event of the year. Ashland was telling Billy not to disrupt the wedding when Victor showed up and asked what Billy was doing here. Billy said he and Ashland were talking in private. Victor was here to talk to the man who was actually worthy of his daughter. Victor noted that it was his property, and Billy could leave or get thrown out. Billy said he and Ashland weren’t done. Ashland was in agreement with Victor.

Billy asked where to find Victoria. Victor ordered Billy to stay away from his daughter. He wouldn’t have Billy destroy Victoria’s happy moment. Billy said he wouldn’t be the one to cause the bride any distress. He left. Ashland said he was just about to tell Billy that Victoria knew all his secrets, including the one Gaines was holding over him. Victor didn’t understand why Victoria invited Billy, especially after the information Victor just received from Adam. Victor said that a man fitting Gaines’ description was on the chartered flight Billy took to Italy.

Nikki joined Victoria outside. Victoria said she wasn’t thrilled Nick was here, but she was letting him stay. Nikki thought Victoria made the right choice. Jack came up and complimented the palazzo. Victoria wished she’d been able to go to Summer and Kyle’s wedding, but she was glad they were coming to hers so she could congratulate them in person. Jack mentioned that they were bringing Harrison, and Victoria said that Ashland was excited to see his son. Victoria excused herself to check on something. Jack mentioned to Nikki that Victoria seemed tense. Nikki suggested it was a wedding thing, and she reminded Jack that she was a bundle of nerves on both their wedding days. Jack said he heard there was friction between Nick and Victoria. Nick admitted that was true. Jack thought that was natural, and he said he’d been in that situation with his sister more times than he could count. He was sure things would be fine.

Nikki said the wedding would be small, and the reception would be grand. Elena and Nate walked out. They all chatted, and Jack was surprised to hear that Nate was Ashland’s best man. He didn’t know they knew each other well. Nate said it was a new friendship, but a strong one. Jack stated that Ashland was a man of many surprises. Elena talked about the beauty of the estate, and Nikki said she and Victor had many romantic holidays here. Jack said you could almost feel the magic of Tuscany in the air.

Victoria went inside. Her son, Reed called to apologetically tell her he couldn’t make it. She understood. He asked how she was, and she said that everything was perfect.

Back upstairs, Victor told Ashland that they had to think of a way to handle this. Ashland asked how Gaines made it to Italy without Victor knowing. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on.

Billy went back to the room to get Gaines, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Nick came into his bedroom looking dejected. He said his sister wasn’t in a forgiving mood. Phyllis asked if his parents interceded with Victoria, and he said no because they were on Team-Ashland. Nick said Victoria said he could come to the wedding, but he still didn’t feel great about it because she only letting him go because she wanted to stop arguing. Phyllis thought that Nick did everything he could to fix this. She didn’t get why Victoria was acting this way, and she said maybe it was a bridezilla thing. Phyllis thought Victoria was being petty and treating Nick like dirt. Phyllis didn’t like it. Nick contended that Victoria had a right to her feelings. He didn’t want Phyllis to start trashing his sister. He said he’d deal with his own battle. She knew it was his battle, but she wanted him to know she was in the trenches with him. He felt bad. All he wanted to do was help his sister, but he hurt her. He didn’t want to cast a shadow over her wedding by staying.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, October 11, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Christine

Victoria assured Ashland that their company would be safe, and he sensed that she had something up her sleeve. Victoria understood why Ashland hid his past, and she promised that nothing would stop them from getting married. Nick went to Tuscany uninvited in hopes of reconciling with Victoria. He was shocked to find out Nikki and Victor both supported Victoria marrying Ashland. Nick’s efforts to smooth things over with Victoria didn’t work. She wouldn’t forgive him, but she said he could attend the wedding since their parents wanted him to be there. Reed let Victoria know he couldn’t make it to the wedding. Victor didn’t want Nick to find out about Ashland’s latest secret. Billy brought Gaines to the palazzo and hid him in a room. Billy shot down Gaines’ idea to reveal Ashland’s secret at the wedding in front of everyone. Billy didn’t want to do anything to hurt Victoria more than necessary. Billy looked for Victoria so he could take her to Gaines. He found Ashland having a coughing fit. Ashland refused Billy’s offer to go get Nate. Victor found Billy and Ashland together and threw Billy out of the room. Victor warned Ashland that Gaines was on the flight manifest on Billy’s chartered plane. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on. Phyllis worried about Nick’s relationship with Victoria, and Jack told her that the siblings would work it out. Nick told Phyllis that he didn’t want to cast a shadow over the wedding by staying if Victoria didn’t want him there. Nate struggled with writing a best man toast, since he hadn’t known Ashland very long. Elena helped him. When Billy went back to the room to get Gaines, he wasn’t there.


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Days Update Monday, October 11, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Allie and Chanel walk through the town square, talking about selling everything in the Bakery. Chanel asks about Allie’s date. Allie says it was fine and asks what Chanel ended up doing last night. Chanel says it was good she didn’t go with them, because she ended up involved in a surprise engagement. Allie then questions if she and Johnny got engaged.

Johnny goes in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and hands Abigail his rewrite of his movie script, focusing on Marlena being possessed by the Devil. Abigail questions him writing another script that fast. Johnny said he worked all night but it practically wrote itself. Johnny remarks that the Devil was his muse.

Roman joins Kayla at the Brady Pub and asks what’s going on. Kayla informs him that she just committed Doug to Bayview and he was extremely upset, insisting that he didn’t belong there and he just kept asking about Julie over and over.

Ciara tells Julie it seems she’s more ready for a family than Ben is. Julie asks if Ben doesn’t want children. Ciara explains that he just has his own issues to work out before he can commit. Julie understands, considering Ben and his family’s history. Ciara mentions that Ben is in a session now with Marlena, so hopefully she can help him work through his feelings because there’s no one she trusts more than Marlena. Julie adds that she’s sure Marlena will help Doug and Ben too. Julie declares that she has complete faith in Marlena and that she should too.

Marlena tells Ben that she’s sorry. Ben thanks her for taking the time to see him. Ben gets up to leave but Marlena begins hearing the Devil’s voice come through her recorder again, telling Marlena not to let Ben leave as she must convince him that he and Ciara must have this baby. The Devil warns Marlena not to let him down or there will be a steep price to pay…

Allie questions Chanel getting engaged. Chanel tells her to relax as she’s not engaged to Johnny after three dates. Chanel informs her that Abe proposed to her mom last night and she said yes. Allie says Paulina is a total catch. Chanel calls it a really romantic night all around. Allie doesn’t want any details on her and Johnny. Chanel then reveals that Johnny brought out his guitar and serenaded her. Allie calls Johnny a player. Chanel responds that if he is, so far he’s playing it exactly right.

Abigail comments on Johnny changing the name of the movie. Johnny says he had to because it’s not The Sami Brady Story anymore. Abigail feels Sami won’t be happy, but Johnny notes that she’s not returning his texts or calls, so she doesn’t get a say. Johnny says that Abigail and Chad do have a say, so he wants them both to read the script over and to let him know if they have questions as he wants them to be brutally honest. Johnny appreciates them believing in his vision. Abigail thanks him for the opportunity and admits she’s excited. Abigail can’t believe how much she’s looking forward to it after her last few crazy months. Johnny decides to leave her to it and jokes that she should read it with the lights on as he exits the room. Abigail then begins reading “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story”.

The Devil questions if Marlena is listening to him, demanding that she stop Ben from leaving now. Ben stops and asks if Marlena is alright. Marlena questions Ben not hearing that. The Devil clarifies that Ben can’t hear him as he has a direct line in to Marlena’s head and soul. Ben then asks what Marlena heard. Marlena claims it was just a sound outside and that it was nothing. Ben asks what it sounded like. The Devil warns Marlena to change Ben’s mind about having the baby or else he will have to pay a visit to Doug. Ben asks if Marlena is sure she’s alright. Marlena responds that she’s actually not feeling very well at all. Ben suggests she go home and rest. Ben hopes she feels better and goes to leave but Marlena stops him and declares that he can’t leave.

Allie asks if Chanel recorded Johnny singing to her. Chanel says she didn’t as it was a lovely private moment. Allie thinks it’s cringe and cheesy. Johnny then approaches and gives Chanel a heart shaped box of chocolates. Chanel tells Allie that he’s good while Allie rolls her eyes.

Chad enters the living room and startles Abigail, who says she was so caught up in the script. Abigail informs him that Johnny practically started over and wants them to read it to give him feedback. Chad calls it a nice diversion from his day at the office. Abigail asks if he was confronted by the Devil. Chad says not quite, but EJ is not speaking to him and will only communicate through his assistant because he’s furious about him funding a movie about Sami’s past. Abigail tells Chad that he can’t pull out now because it would break Johnny’s heart as well as her’s.

Roman tells Kayla that it breaks his heart since he knows Doug was mixing up names, but it sounds like it’s getting a lot worse. Kayla thanks him and says they know better than most about dementia. Kayla adds that Doug’s case seems to be progressing alarmingly. Roman brings up a miracle with Caroline. Kayla says it will take that and more for Doug to recover.

Julie encourages Ciara that she just got married and has her whole life so there’s no rush in having a baby. Ciara guesses not but never thought she’d have to make the decision. Julie suggests adoption but Ciara doesn’t think they are the perfect candidates, given Ben’s history. Ciara thinks Ben is also afraid of the kind of parent he will end up becoming or afraid that he’ll turn in to Clyde.

Ben asks Marlena why he can’t leave since they are finished with their session. The Devil encourages Marlena that she has to do this. Marlena tells Ben that she doesn’t want him going home to Ciara and telling her that he can’t have a child because that would be a terrible mistake..

Julie hopes all of Ciara’s hopes and dreams come true. Ciara thanks her but says she’s worried about Doug and Julie as she’s sorry for what they are going through. Julie says they’ve had a long and exciting life together, so she has no regrets. Ciara says you never really think that something like this would happen. Julie talks about preparing for illness or the day you say goodbye, but she never expected that Doug would want to hurt her or stop loving her. Ciara assures that he would never, no matter how sick he gets, as she hugs Julie.

Kayla thanks Roman for the chowder and says she’s going to check on Julie. Roman sends his love. Kayla goes to leave as John arrives. Kayla asks about Marlena. John says she’s better but not 100% and went to work as she’s putting everyone’s needs above her own. John asks Kayla to keep an eye on Marlena. Kayla agrees to do so and exits. John then goes to Roman and brings up Johnny telling him that Roman is investing in his film. John declares that he’s here to talk him out of that.

Chad comments on Abigail being excited to do the movie. Abigail feels it’s a new challenge and an opportunity to learn about Salem’s history. Abigail asks if Chad’s excited. Chad says he wouldn’t be investing in it if he didn’t believe in it. Abigail asks if he won’t let EJ change his mind. Chad assures there’s no chance. Abigail talks about how the story is insane and she hopes she can do justice to everything Marlena went through. Chad encourages that she’s succeeding in everything that she’s done, so she will be great. Abigail wants to read the words out loud. Chad suggests they read it together and he’ll be her scene partner. Chad jokes that he’s no professional but he’s game to play John Black.

Chanel tastes the chocolates that Johnny brought her and praises them. Allie points out that it’s almost dinner time. Johnny wants Allie to admit that he bought something nice for Chanel as he is a pretty good boyfriend. Allie says she’ll go if he is here to woo her more. Johnny stops Allie and says he’s here to woo her too as he hands her his new script. Johnny promises Allie won’t turn him down after she reads this draft. Allie responds that she’s sorry but she’s turning him down right now.

Ben questions Marlena telling him that it would be a mistake to not bring a baby in to the world, fully knowing it could possibly be sick like he was. Marlena encourages that he’s not ill anymore. Ben understands that it could come back and he knows his child could go through that same thing. Marlena argues that the odds are so low. Ben points out that they aren’t zero. Marlena says “God forbid” so the Devil quickly warns her not to bring God in to this. Marlena tells Ben that they all have traits they don’t want to pass onto their children as that’s part of parenting and being human. Marlena states that if his child became ill, they’d get medical attention. Ben argues that when he was ill, it didn’t just make him sick, it caused him to kill people. Marlena says they just didn’t catch it soon enough but he will be so vigilant with his own child. Ben argues that no amount of vigilance can head off evil. Ben declares that he’s sorry, but he can’t do that. The Devil warns Marlena that she has to stop him now. Marlena asks why so Ben questions what she means.

Johnny pleads with Allie to play Sami in his movie. Allie asks why when the movie is about Marlena now. Johnny argues that Sami has really pivotal scenes including the moment when she walked in on John and Marlena on top of the Titan conference table since the fallout from that affair is what pushed Sami over the edge and is why she changed Belle’s paternity test results and kidnapped her. Johnny says a lot of people say that’s what birthed the Sami Brady that they all know. Chanel asks what happened to Marlena after Sami caught her. Allie explains that Roman divorced her. Johnny adds that it left Marlena alone, vulnerable, and full of shame which is how the Devil found his way in.

Roman tells John that he won’t go back on his word to Johnny. John brings up that it will include the moment that he and Marlena cheated on Roman. Roman says he came to terms with that years ago and understands they fell in love. John flashes back to a past night with Marlena, where she told him that she was with Roman and not to touch her.

Abigail and Chad finish reading that scene and then continue reading their lines where Chad ends up reading a line that asks her what she’s running away from. Abigail decides that’s enough for one day so Chad guesses it hit a little close to home.

Julie tells Ciara to cheer her up by telling her about her honeymoon in New Orleans. Ciara talks about the food and mentions visiting Oak Alley. Julie mentions Hope and Bo’s wonderful memories from there. Ciara notes that it’s changed a lot and talks about it’s legacy. Julie says it’s important to re-examine scenes of the past. Ciara mentions it caused Ben to look back at his own sins. Julie guesses that’s why he’s having problems with having kids. Ciara declares that she will respect Ben’s decision as she won’t pressure him in to doing anything he doesn’t want to do.

Ben questions Marlena asking why he doesn’t want to bring a potential evil seed in to the world as he thinks that’s obvious. Marlena insists that it’s very unlikely. Marlena acknowledges that anything is possible but there’s a difference between healthy fear and unhealthy avoidance. Marlena thinks any child he has is going to grow up in a wonderful and loving home which Ben never had. Marlena adds that Ciara loves Ben so much and wants to have a family with him. Marlena warns that if Ben denies Ciara the chance to be a mother, she’ll accept that on the surface but there could be a level of resentment as she has seen that in her practice. Marlena adds that it really could damage a marriage. Marlena tells Ben to go home, make love to his wife, and see if they can make a baby together.

Allie tells Johnny that she’s not an actress. Johnny points out that Abigail is not either but they have the life experience to play these parts. Johnny argues that Allie knows how Sami acts and thinks so she would kill it. Chanel agrees that Allie looks like Sami. Allie argues that she doesn’t have time as she’s so busy. Johnny feels it wouldn’t take that much time since she’s not the star of the movie and they’d work around her schedule. Johnny adds that he would owe her forever. Chanel thinks that could come in handy. Johnny is sure Allie would enjoy holding that over him. Chanel asks how she could turn it down. Allie then agrees to play Sami in his movie but she hopes it doesn’t all come back to haunt them.

Roman snaps John out of his flashback and asks where he just went. John says he just kind of drifted off. John then flashes back again to his past with Marlena, talking about Buddah.

Abigail agrees with Chad that she was running away from him and her feelings, just like John said in the script, but she’s not doing that anymore. Chad understands if this is too much but Abigail decides he can keep going. Chad asks if she’s sure. Abigail tells him to go ahead so they continue reading their lines from the time that John just flashed back to with Marlena.

Julie thinks Ciara should head home to Ben. Ciara is unsure about Julie being alone but Julie encourages her to spend time with her husband as they’ve lost enough time as it is. Ciara agrees as long as she’s sure she will be okay. Ciara adds that she will be praying for Doug and asks her to let her know when she can visit him. Julie hopes everything works out for her and Ben as she wishes them luck since they deserve to be happy as they hug.

Marlena asks Ben what he’s waiting for and tells him to go on home. Ben points out that this does not sound like her since she never tells him what to do, she just asks questions but leaves him room to make his own decisions. Marlena claims that she just doesn’t want him going down the wrong road since he’s worked so hard to end up with Ciara. Marlena asks if that clarifies everything. Ben says it actually does and thanks her. Ben tells Marlena to get some rest as he then exits her office. The Devil tells Marlena that he knew she could do it.

Johnny encourages that Allie doesn’t have to commit right now, so she can go home and read the script. Johnny notes that she won’t even have any lines in her first scene as she’ll just have to look horrified when she walks in on Marlena and John having sex. Allie jokes that shouldn’t be hard. Johnny wants to see how deeply the shock and betrayal hurts since it was a moment that broke Sami and changed her forever. Johnny calls it the event that sets everything in motion since that cardinal sin invited the Devil in to Salem, so there wouldn’t be a story without it.

Abigail and Chad continue reading lines from the script of John and Marlena’s past.

John tells Roman that one fateful night changed everything for them, Sami, and Marlena, and now they are having that part of their lives recreated on the big screen. John questions Roman not being worried that it will bring it all rushing back as they don’t know what will happen if they open that door. Roman asks why he’s not okay with it. John tells him that it’s about Marlena being possessed by the Devil.

The Devil tells Marlena that using Ben’s own love for Ciara as a weapon against him did him proud. Marlena shuts off the recorder but the Devil says she can never get rid of him.

Johnny thanks Chanel for helping him convince Allie to do the movie. Chanel says he did the heavy lifting. Johnny thought she was terrified of the story. Chanel admits she’s still properly afraid of the Devil, but she sees how passionate he is about this story and that he’s not going to give up, so she wanted to move the conversation along so she could be alone with him. Johnny jokes that he can demonstrate his passion in a different way as they kiss.

Chad and Abigail continue reading lines. Chad reads John offering to stay out of Marlena’s life. Abigail then points out that the script then calls for them to kiss.

Kayla goes to see Julie and tells her that there’s been no change with Doug as he’s still very upset and confused. Julie asks if she can visit him tomorrow. Kayla thinks they should wait 24 hours to make sure the doctors think he’s not a danger to her anymore. Julie hates this and feels helpless as she’s not there to jog his memory or hold his hand. Kayla hopes she can soon. Julie asks if there’s anything she can do. Kayla believes in the power of prayer. Julie agrees to keep on praying for her husband until her last breath.

John tells Roman that he tried to convince Johnny to leave the possession part out of the script. Roman questions what he’s worried about. John asks if he really has to say it. Roman asks if he thinks they are inviting the Devil back in to their lives. John questions why take the risk. Roman agrees to talk with Johnny since Sami has had a lot of big moments so he thinks Johnny could make the movie without that. Allie arrives and greets them. Roman asks how it’s going. Allie responds that it’s not great as she can’t believe it but she just let Johnny talk her in to playing Sami in his movie. Roman questions if that means she’s the star of the Sami Brady Story. Allie explains that she’s just a supporting character now since Johnny totally rewrote the script and it’s a horror movie now, even changing the title to “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story” which shocks John.

Marlena doesn’t understand why the Devil is doing this. The Devil tells her that she has a lot of work to do. Marlena questions what any of this has to do with Ben.

Ben and Ciara go home together. Ben is glad she could be there for Julie. Ciara asks how it went with Marlena and if he talked to her about them starting a family. Ben confirms that he did. Ciara asks if it made him feel any better. Ben responds that it did. Ciara asks what that means. Ben tells her that if she wants to have a baby, they will have a baby.

The Devil asks Marlena what she thinks has to do with Ben. The Devil declares that he has big plans for Ben Weston’s baby.


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Days Update Friday, October 8, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

In the town square, Gabi asks Jake if he killed Jed Zanetti. Jake asks where this is coming from. Gabi informs him that it’s from Philip, who just fired her for spying on him, and now he’s trying to get her to give up Gabi Chic by threatening to send Jake to prison which can’t happen unless this is all true. Gabi asks Jake again if he killed Jed back in Philly. Jake says not in public and asks to talk at home. Gabi and Jake assume that Ava is behind this.

Brady tells Chloe that he values their friendship more than she knows and he would never want to jeopardize it. Brady accepts that Chloe has chosen Philip, so he hopes it works out and that they are happy together. Chloe thanks him and says it means a lot to her. Brady and Chloe hug as Philip walks by and sees them from behind the bushes then quickly walks away.

Marlena lays on the couch at home, reading an article on her tablet from the Spectator about Doug until she is startled by the voice of the Devil coming through her tablet. The Devil talks about how easy it was for them to get rid of Doug and what all they could accomplish together when she lets him in. He says that Marlena cast him out, but it’s only a matter of time before they are one again. Marlena says no. The Devil tells her to let him in as it’s so much simpler not to fight it. Marlena screams no, so John comes rushing in to question what is going on.

Brady hopes Philip appreciates how amazing Chloe is. Chloe doesn’t think that’s the problem as Philip appreciates her a little too much. Brady hopes he gets past the jealousy. Chloe thinks he finally has and he’s over it, as their new tree is a sign of their new beginning. Brady wishes her luck as she deserves the best. Brady tells Chloe that he will go get Rachel and then take her home.

Philip goes home and pours a drink. Philip thinks back to planting the new tree with Chloe and then finishes his drink.

Maggie goes to see Julie and tells her that she couldn’t believe it when she heard the news about Doug. Julie points out that Maggie had heartbreak of her own again with Summer. Maggie says at least she was there to take care of her until the end. Maggie asks Julie when the trouble with Doug started. Julie says it was a few weeks ago and it all happened so fast. Julie says Doug was himself and then one afternoon at the restaurant, he locked her in the freezer. Maggie says it had to be an accident but Julie informs her that he told Marlena it wasn’t and then he began confusing names, forgetting people, and having inappropriate behavior. Julie adds that at the hospital, he became even more confused and agitated, and that’s when they tell her that he hit her over the head with a tray. Julie mentions that she doesn’t remember it but Marlena told her it happened.

Marlena gives John her tablet, so he asks if the article on Doug is what has her so upset. Marlena claims that it is what upset her. John understands since she was there when Doug assaulted Julie and she had to make the painful judgment to commit Doug to Bayview. Marlena responds that she feels awful about all of it. John declares that unfortunately, Doug became a danger to himself and others and he would never forgive himself if he hurt Julie or anyone else. John feels Marlena did what she had to do in order to protect Doug and everyone he loves.

Gabi and Jake go home but find that Ava is not home. Jake tells Gabi that he was just talking to Ava and she was acting all sweet, talking about making peace. Gabi says that’s what she does, like acting innocent in front of Rafe. Jake says the whole time Ava was plotting with Philip to take them both down. Gabi brings up smelling Philip’s after shave. Jake points out that Ava blackmailed Philip and he almost died because of her. Gabi argues that now they have mutual enemies so Ava gave Philip the dirt on Jake. Jake asks what he said. Gabi tells him that Philip claims there is an eye witness against Jake, named Carmine, who saw Jake commit the murder. Jake confirms that he knows Carmine, so Gabi asks if it’s true.

Ciara and Ben sit together at home. Ciara tells Ben that whatever comes from his talk with Marlena, they will deal with it, but ignoring it isn’t going to help. Ben agrees that Marlena does always help so he then calls Marlena. Marlena answers and asks if everything is alright. Ben hoped to schedule an appointment to see her as he’s working his way through some feelings. Marlena suggests right now as she’s always there for him. Marlena asks him to meet her at her office. Ben thanks her and hangs up. Ben tells Ciara that she can see him right now. Ciara offers to go with him. Ben thanks her but thinks he has to figure this out on his own. Ben adds that Marlena always finds a way to help him see things more clearly. Ciara tells him to call her when he’s done. They say I love you to each other and kiss. Ben then exits. Ciara looks back at their fortune cookies. Ciara then gets a call from Shawn, who surprises her with the news about what happened to Doug.

Julie tells Maggie that she didn’t know how to deal with what was happening to Doug and then Marlena recommended that they commit him to Bayview, so she signed the papers and they took him away. Julie calls it the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life. Julie worries that Doug needs her and she’s turning him over to strangers as Maggie hugs her.

Marlena tells John that she has an appointment with Ben. John questions her doing that now. Marlena says that he needs her. Marlena adds that she couldn’t do anything for Doug, but now maybe she can help Ben. John supposes that she knows best. Marlena says she does and she won’t be long as she kisses John and then exits.

Gabi reminds Jake that she asked him the other day if he killed anybody and he didn’t give an answer. Jake informs Gabi that he did not kill Jed. Gabi starts saying she knew he was innocent and that’s what she told Philip. Jake clarifies that he’s far from innocent as it’s a lot more complicated than that. Gabi says either he killed the man or he didn’t. Jake says they shouldn’t be talking about this as it’s not good for either of them. Gabi needs to know all of what happened and exactly what they are dealing with, so they can figure out a way to fight Philip.

Philip calls Henderson and orders him to have the gardener bring him a saw. Philip thinks back to when he chopped down he and Chloe’s first tree. Philip declares that this one will be a lot easier to cut down. Chloe then walks in and notes that Philip is home from work early. Philip notes that she is too. Chloe asks where he was heading to. Philip claims he was just going to water their tree and invites her to come.

Jake tells Gabi that he never wanted to think about this again. Gabi sees how hard this is for him, but says she loves him no matter what it is. Jake tells her about how the Vitalis would make deals with local business and it was his job to apply pressure if there was any pushback. Jake says there hardly ever was, but this one time it went too far. Jake tells her that Carmine was not a witness, but they worked together. Jake brings up the local bar owner, Jed Zanetti, who was behind on his payments, so their boss wanted to scare him. Gabi asks what he did. Jake admits he roughed him up a little bit but Carmine wouldn’t stop and before he knew it, Jed was coughing up blood. Jake adds that he tried to pull Carmine off but it was too late. Jake confirms that Jed died right in front of him. Gabi tells him that Philip said that Carmine is willing to testify that Jake was the man who beat him to death. Jake assures that he didn’t do it, he was there, but he tried to stop it. Gabi tells him that she believes him and that it must have been awful. Jake calls it the worst day of his life.

Philip questions why it seems like Chloe doesn’t want to go with him to their tree and asks if there’s something he should know. Chloe says she would love to go with him as it would be nice to spend some time with him there. Philip agrees and remarks that if they don’t nurture the tree, it could wither and die. Philip adds that they could also over water a tree which could drown the roots and kill the tree. Philip asks if they need to worry about that. Philip then tells her that he’ll save her the trouble of lying as he saw her at their tree, in Brady’s arms

Brady goes home to John and Marlena’s with Rachel and has Rachel go start drawing to carve pumpkins. John remarks that he hopes she doesn’t have nightmares as there’s enough of those going on these days. Brady asks how Marlena is feeling. John says that she says she’s better and she went to work but she’s still pretty upset about Doug. Brady questions if Doug really attacked Julie. John says it looks that way, although he keeps denying it and said that Marlena assaulted Julie.

Ben goes to see Marlena at her office and thanks for seeing him on such short notice. Marlena is glad to see him and says she’s always happy to help. Ben says it means a lot to him. Marlena pulls out her recorder to record their session. Marlena thinks back to the Devil’s voice coming through the recorder so Ben asks if something is wrong.

Ciara goes to see Julie and hugs her, saying she just heard about Doug. Julie says she’s very glad to see her and that Maggie is back. Ciara hugs Maggie and welcomes her home. Ciara asks if Hope knows. Julie confirms that she spoke with her and she wanted to come rushing back, but she told her there’s no point because Doug is not allowed visitors as he’s been declared a danger to himself and others, so he’s in isolation until he’s further evaluated. Maggie encourages that will change soon. Ciara can’t believe Doug would try to hurt Julie. Julie insists that he wouldn’t and didn’t. Maggie asks what Julie is saying. Julie responds that the person that hit her with a tray is not her Doug. Ciara asks who else could’ve hit her with the tray. Maggie notes that she said the only other person in the room was Marlena. Julie says she just meant that the person who meant to hurt her could not possibly have been Doug. Julie talks about loving Doug for most of her life. Julie says she didn’t want to believe Doug had dementia but now it’s becoming clear that he’s losing touch with reality. Maggie says that may be so, but he’ll never lose her. Maggie encourages Julie to hang on to that. Maggie decides to let them talk and promises to light a candle for Doug at church. Maggie tells Julie to call her any time she needs her. Maggie hugs Julie and then exits. Julie hugs Ciara.

Marlena tells Ben that she’s fine. Ben notes that she seems distracted. Marlena claims she’s not at all and asks Ben what is on his mind. Ben tells her that he and Ciara just got back from their honeymoon and they have been talking about having a baby. Marlena calls that a big step. Ben agrees and says given all the horrible things he’s done in his past, he’s worried it might be a big mistake because he’s already responsible for enough pain.

Gabi tells Jake that he may not believe her but she understands how he feels. Jake argues that she couldn’t but Gabi reveals the exact same thing happened to her, which Jake questions. Gabi explains that a long time ago, she was married to Nick and after they split, he tried to rape her so she hit him with a rock and then Kate and Sami convinced her to cover it up and helped dump his body in the river, only he wasn’t dead. Gabi adds that he came back and wouldn’t stop trying to hurt her so she shot him and this time, he did not come back. Jake tells her that he’s sorry. Gabi remarks that when someone is that obsessed with trying to control you, they will destroy your life if you let them.

Philip asks Chloe if Brady and Chloe had sex right there at their tree after he left. Chloe asks if he hears himself and tells him that Rachel was with them. Philip says he did not see Rachel. Chloe explains that Brady asked her to join them at the pumpkin patch. Philip mocks that but Chloe continues that she is the one who asked to stop at their tree to water it and when they got there, Rachel asked about how they fell in love. Chloe says after that, Brady finally realized that she is with Philip and not interested in being with him. Chloe adds that Brady said he would back off and let them be together. Philip doesn’t believe that. Chloe insists that it’s the truth and that Brady agreed because he thought Philip got over his crazy jealousy, but she sees now that his dangerous obsession has gotten worse.

Gabi assures Jake that this is not his fault. Gabi says it will be Carmine’s word against his. Jake says it won’t be easy to convince a judge or jury. Gabi asks if he thinks they could convict him after all these years. Jake worries that the worst case scenario, he takes the fall for a murder he didn’t commit and the best case scenario is he’s guilty for being an accessory after the fact. Jake asks what Philip wants Gabi to do. Gabi responds that he wants her to choose between her company and Jake, but she’s already made her decision. Gabi declares there is no way in hell that she’s losing Jake.

Philip asks Chloe what he was supposed to do when he saw her and Brady together. Chloe argues that he could’ve asked her or give her the benefit of the doubt for once. Philip says he trusts her. Chloe complains that he doesn’t trust Brady and she thought he was fine with her and Brady being friends that work together. Philip insists that he is. Chloe questions what this was then. Philip complains that he didn’t find them at a meeting in Basic Black. Chloe accuses him of spying on her at their tree that is supposed to symbolize the hope for their future. Philip questions thinking her in Brady’s arms was just innocent. Chloe shouts that she expects him not to be a jealous ass. Maggie then walks in and questions what is going on here.

Ciara tells Julie that she knows what it’s like to look at someone you love and not know what’s going on in their brain or worry they might hurt you. Julie says her and Ben is different. Ciara knows how lucky Doug is to have Julie fighting for him. Julie says that over 50 years of marriage, the better has always outweighed the worse. Julie says she and Doug hit the lottery every day of their lives. Ciara encourages that better days are to come. Julie wants to hear about Ciara and Ben. Ciara tells her that they are finally together again and they are so happy. Julie asks what’s next after the honeymoon.

Marlena asks Ben if he wants to have children with Ciara. Ben responds that he loves her more than anything in the world and the idea of starting a family with her is everything he could possibly hope for, but he has battled his demons for his entire life. Ben brings up his father and sister both being troubled. Ben adds that Tripp also confirmed that his condition could be hereditary. Marlena asks if he’s discussed this with Ciara. Ben confirms he has and that she’s willing to deal with whatever comes of it. Ben says he was really getting there but then he had a dream that shook him. Marlena asks about the dream. Ben explains that they were in the future where they had a young son who hurt somebody with one of his neckties. Marlena understands how disturbing the dream must have been. Ben acknowledges that he’s done some evil things in his life and he has learned to accept it in order to try and get better. Ben says he tries every day to make up for what he did but he doesn’t know if he can risk bringing another soul in to this world that might be capable of doing more evil.

Brady questions Doug accusing Marlena of attacking Julie. John notes that Doug was adamant about it. Brady guesses it’s a symptom of dementia. John says maybe. Brady asks what other explanation there is. John informs him that according to Doug, Marlena tried to kill him.

Gabi tells Jake that she will tell Philip that she will take the deal. Jake stops her but Gabi says she’s choosing him. Jake brings up how they’ve joked about who would be CEO if they took over Titan. Jake praises Gabi and how she built Gabi Chic up for nothing. Gabi argues that if her company goes away, she’ll still have him. Jake appreciates her trying to protect him but he’s not going to let anybody take her company away from her. Jake declares that they will have to find another way to stop Philip.

Chloe tells Maggie that Philip is trying to destroy any relationship working out. Chloe declares that she’s done and sick of Philip’s obsession and not trusting her. Philip argues that he never said he didn’t trust her as Chloe storms out. Philip tells Maggie that Chloe is right that he was being a jerk and she doesn’t deserve that, but he’s not going to sit still while Brady steals her away from him again.

Brady questions John saying that Doug believes Marlena tried to kill him. John says it could just be that Doug is feeling guilty for attacking Julie and blaming Marlena. Brady can’t imagine how Julie is feeling.

Ciara tells Julie that they don’t have to talk about her and Ben right now, but Julie wants to as she feels it would be a distraction from all the misery and confusion. Ciara then informs Julie that she and Ben have been discussing having a baby. Julie calls that wonderful but Ciara says it seems she’s more ready for a family than Ben is. Julie asks if Ben doesn’t want children. Ciara explains that he just has his own issues to work out before he can commit. Julie understands, considering Ben and his family’s history. Ciara mentions that Ben is in a session now with Marlena, so hopefully she can help him work through his feelings because there’s no one she trusts more than Marlena…

Ben asks Marlena if he’s being too cautious or paranoid. Marlena thinks his fears are understandable as having a child is the most important decision a couple can make since it is a lifetime commitment. Marlena thinks every child has the right to be loved and wanted without reservation. Ben knows how much Ciara wants to have a baby with him, but the more they talk about this, the more convinced he is that it’s just not the right thing to do. Marlena asks if he’s sure. Ben knows how much pain he’s caused and even though he found a way to process it, the guilt and shame will never fully leave him. Ben declares that he can’t chance his child suffering that same fate or him being responsible for more suffering or death. Ben worries that he’d spend his days standing over the crib, watching and waiting for signs of something bad to happen. Ben says he can’t do that to Ciara or his child. Marlena tells him that she’s so sorry. Ben thanks her for taking the time to see him. Ben gets up to leave but Marlena begins hearing the Devil’s voice come through her recorder again, telling Marlena not to let Ben leave as she must convince him that he and Ciara must have a baby.

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Y&R Update Friday, October 8 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Adam went to Billy’s and asked for Jesse Gaines. Billy pretended he’d never heard the name. He wanted Adam to leave so he could pack for Tuscany. Adam entered uninvited and stated that Billy that was not going to Tuscany. Billy asked if

Adam was going to stop him. Adam told Billy that if he was smart, he wouldn’t make this move he’d come to regret. Adam asked Billy why he was so hell-bent on sabotaging Victoria’s happiness. Billy stated that he was trying to ensure Victoria’s happiness. He was at peace with trying to stop Victoria from marrying a deceitful, duplicitous man. Adam contended that, no matter what Ashland did, Adam, Billy and Victor had no room to throw stones.

Adam thought Billy looked petty trying to track down this guy from Ashland’s past. Billy maintained that he had no idea who Adam meant, even pretending that he thought the guy’s name was Jamie Gams. “Just come off of it,” Adam ordered. He knew Billy met with Jesse Gaines, a shady guy from Ashland’s past, whose father worked for Camilla Rhodes. Billy thought that Adam was here because Victor ordered him to come. “Your father told you to jump and you said ‘how high?’” Billy said that Adam didn’t really know any details because Victor didn’t trust him enough to tell him. Billy thought that made Adam pathetic. Adam argued that he was actually on the inside, and Billy was the one on the outside of the situation. Adam thought Billy was trying to divert attention away from the matter at hand. Adam and Victor were in agreement that Victoria had the right to have the wedding go off without a hitch. Billy contended that Adam didn’t give a damn about his sister, and she barely tolerated him. Adam didn’t pretend he and Victoria were close, but things were better than they’d ever been, and he respected her as a businesswoman. Billy said that Victor put Victoria in charge and wasn’t micromanaging her. Adam said Victor was focused on his new venture with Adam. Billy said that Adam got the consolation prize. Adam was thrilled about working with his father, and he was working to repair his relationship with his siblings. He wasn’t out to destroy anyone’s life, unlike Billy. Billy insisted that he was protecting Victoria and the kids. Adam said Victoria could take care of herself and her kids. Adam thought Billy was jealous and insecure and unable to let go. He believed it killed Billy that Victoria moved on to a man who was superior to him in every way. Adam liked Ashland, and he thought he was a good influence on Billy’s kids. “Don’t mention me. Don’t mention Victoria and don’t ever talk about my kids,” Billy ordered. Adam said to relax – this was just a talk. Billy said they both had planes to catch, and unless Adam drugged him, he couldn’t stop him from leaving. Adam said that Billy was going to fail, and he couldn’t wait to have a front row seat to his humiliation. Adam left.

Gaines came downstairs and asked if that was who he thought it was. Billy said it was Adam Newman. Gaines was concerned that Victor’s son was part of this now. Billy told Gaines they were going to the airport. Gaines never agreed to that, and he refused to go. Billy insisted and promised to make it worth Gaines’ while. As much as Gaines would love more money, there were other factors to consider. He said that if he went to Italy, he’d be delivered into the hands of the two men he betrayed. Gaines asked how to know he could trust Billy not to use him and throw him to the wolves. Billy swore he had Gaines’ back. He was sure that Ashland and Victor wouldn’t do anything in front of that many people, so all he and Gaines had to do was get in, talk to Victoria and get out. Gaines was still wary.

Billy thought that Gaines could get something sweeter than money – revenge. Billy assured Gaines that he was justified in resenting Ashland for stealing Gaines’ father from him. Billy stated that Ashland got all the praise and accolades and Gaines Jr. got shoved to the sidelines. Gaines felt like Billy really understood. Billy knew something about being the black sheep, and he said that Gaines had it worse than he did because Ashland used Gaines’ father. Billy said that Ashland still didn’t respect Gaines. Gaines was happy to help expose Ashland, and he thought it would be a magnificent moment. Billy told Gaines to imagine how satisfying it’d be to be part of taking Ashland down. “You’d be able to see the look on his face when he realizes that you were the one with the power all along,” Billy said. Gaines was sold. “When do we leave?,” he asked. Billy said he had to finish packing and make a phone call. He told Gaines to grab himself a drink and a bite to eat. Gaines said this trip would be one for the ages. Billy agreed – Gaines would get his revenge, and Billy would prevent someone he cared about from making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Billy called Lily to see how she and Mattie were. They were fine. She asked about his kids, and he said Hannah would have them packed and ready to fly to Tuscany with Lily. He said that she might not have to get on that flight though because if things went the way they thought he would, there wouldn’t be a wedding to attend.

In Tuscany, Ashland was glad to have a private moment with Victoria. He wanted to know why she was going forward with the wedding. He wanted nothing more than to be her husband, but now he wasn’t sure she should marry him. He thought, perhaps, he should call off the wedding. She asked where this was coming from. He said Nikki was worried Victoria was getting married for the wrong reasons. If that was true, that would devastate him. He wanted her to be happy and for this to be the best day of her life. She knew her mother meant well, but she was wrong. Victoria said she was doing exactly what she needed to do. Ashland asked if Victoria was marrying him to avoid questions and potential scandals and protect the company. She said that was in both their best interests. He said, a year ago, he would’ve felt that way too and focused on protecting the company at all costs. He held her hands and said her love profoundly changed him, and he knew he betrayed that love with his secrets. He could see how deeply wounded she was – earlier, when she could barely look at him, it destroyed him. He didn’t want her to go through with the marriage if her heart wasn’t in it. “You think you have me all figured out, but even when I was furious with you, I never said that my heart wasn’t in it,” Victoria replied.

Ashland was sorry he hid the truth and that his past was threatening what they built together. He asked what she thought when she looked at him. Last night, Victoria kept thinking about what he told her, and she wondered what she’d do in his position. He had no doubt she would’ve done the morally right thing in each instance because she was a good person and there was a line she’d never cross. She asked what that made him. He said he was a ruthless sometimes self-serving man who wanted to be better because of her. He wanted to live because of her, and he wanted a chance to make amends because of her. She believed him, and she wanted to give him that chance. Despite everything she loved him, and she always would. She still wanted to be his wife. They kissed.

Upstairs in their Tuscan bedroom, Nikki informed Victor that she encouraged Ashland to call off the wedding. Victor didn’t agree with this. He said they were sending mixed messages because he’d just told Victoria how happy he was that she was marrying Ashland. Nikki didn’t understand how Victor was okay with the wedding after everything they’d just learned about Ashland. It occurred to her that he’d known about Ashland’s secret prior to today and that he didn’t tell her or Victoria. He confirmed that this was true. He said he kept it quiet because he didn’t want the press or Billy finding out. She asked what exactly Billy knew. Victor had no idea, but he knew Billy continued to investigate. Nikki had a lot of thoughts about Billy and about how Victor handled this situation, but her main concern was Victoria. He felt the same way. She asked how he could believe it was a good idea for Victoria to get married simply because she thought it was good for business. “Obviously her heart is broken,” Nikki said.

Victor said that if he thought the wedding would be to Victoria’s detriment, he would’ve asked her to walk away. Nikki didn’t think Victor saw Victoria’s true feelings underneath her armor. Nikki said Victoria always wanted to look tough and in control in front of Victor. All Victor knew was that Victoria and Ashland loved each other, and he thought that was what was important. He knew Ashland desperately wanted to spend whatever time he had left with Victoria. Nikki wanted Victoria to be happy, and if the marriage made her happy, Nikki would support it.

Nate and Elena entered the Palazzo and interrupted Ashland and Victoria’s deep kiss. Elena talked about how wonderful it was to fly on a private jet. Nate thanked Ashland. Ashland felt that it was the least he could do for his best man and his lovely lady. Nate offered to help Ashland and Victoria in any way he could. Victoria appreciated that, but she only asked that they enjoy themselves. Ashland took Elena and Nate to their room. Later, Nate and Ashland were alone on the patio, and Nate noticed Ashland stumble. Ashland admitted he wasn’t feeling well, but he wasn’t letting anything in the way of the wedding. Elena returned from her walk and talked about the stunning view.

Ashland thanked Nate for the sage advice to follow his heart the other day. It seemed to him that things had worked our pretty well. Elena and Nate exchanged a look, and she encouraged him to tell Ashland. Nate revealed that he and Elena ran into Billy in Genoa City. Billy had alluded to some information he learned about Ashland, perhaps some of the stuff Ashland had been worried about when he spoke with Nate. Elena added that Billy didn’t want the wedding to happen. Ashland appreciated the warning, but he, Victoria and her parents were aware of Billy’s intentions, and there was nothing he could do to stop the wedding. Ashland urged the pair to settle in and he said he’d catch up with them later. He left. Elena was glad Ashland wasn’t worried, because it’d be a shame if Billy caused trouble in paradise. Nate was glad to see how calm Elena was. Elena felt a bit anxious because she didn’t know how they’d get a chance to see everything there was to see of Italy. He said they couldn’t, but they could come back to Italy later. She asked what his can’t miss sights were. He wanted to show her the Theater of Silence and the waterfall nearby. She said she’d love to see that with him. The thought of being here with him in such an idyllic place made her heart race. He felt it too.

Nikki and Victor were outside by another part of the Palazzo. They admired the ambiance and he said it’d help Victoria and Ashland because you couldn’t help but fall more in love here. Victor kissed Nikki on the cheek, then he got a call that he had to take, so he left. Nikki continued her walk and found Elena and Nate. They talked about the Palazzo, and Nikki mentioned that it was going to Victoria and Ashland as a wedding gift.

Adam called Victor and brought him up to speed on Billy. Adam thought Gaines and Billy were colluding, and he couldn’t dissuade Billy from going to the wedding. Victor knew Adam did what he could. Adam felt that he’d been at a slight disadvantage since Victor didn’t give him any specifics on Gaines or the threat to Victoria and Ashland. Victor said it wasn’t that he didn’t trust Adam, he just didn’t want to disseminate this information, for Victoria’s sake. He didn’t even tell Nikki. Adam wanted all the details, because he thought the more he knew, the better he’d be able to help. Victor told Adam everything. Adam said that Ashland’s secret was a lot to take in. he asked how Victoria was handling it. Victor thought Victoria’s relationship with Ashland transcended everything that happened years ago. Adam was glad. Victor thought those two belonged together. Adam said that they would be as long as Billy didn’t show up shooting his mouth off. That would be mortifying for Victoria and Ashland, and it’d damage Ashland’s legacy and Newman/Locke. Victor was unhappy because he paid Gaines a lot of money to go away, and he broke his word. Adam asked how far Victor wanted him to go to stop Billy and Gaines.

Ashland, Victoria, Nikki, Nate and Elena had drinks on the patio. Victoria said that if Elena and Nate ever wanted to get married, she and Ashland could loan them the Palazzo. Nate and Elena were caught off guard by the topic of marriage. Nate said that Victoria and Ashland made tying the knot look appealing though. Victoria said communication was key. Victor joined them, and he was pleased to see how loving Victoria and Ashland were with each other. He whispered to Victoria that everything was going well and would continue to go well.

In their suite, Tessa packed for Italy and told Mariah that she wished she was coming too. Tessa hated the idea of Mariah being here alone. Mariah accused Tessa of being scared that she’d fall apart or freak out over Dominic. Tess clarified that Mariah was putting words in her mouth. She wasn’t scared to leave Mariah alone, but she was concerned. Mariah was adamant that she was fine. She just wanted to be nearby Dominic in case he still had a cold or any other crisis came up. Tessa carefully asked what Mariah was going to do if that happened. Mariah wanted to protect him like she did before he was born. Her mind knew that wasn’t her job, but her heart hadn’t caught up. Tessa got that, and she was sorry. Mariah was doing her best to accept that her role changed, and that was why she was keeping her distance. Tessa didn’t think Mariah was really keeping her distance if she felt like she needed to stay nearby. Mariah got that this didn’t make sense to Tessa, but she needed this. Tessa knew that experience changed Mariah, and she was okay with that, because she loved every version of Mariah. She just wanted Mariah to be happy again. Mariah replied that having a baby would make her happy, but Tessa took that off the table, so now what? Tessa thought they should take their time and plan for their future as parents. Tessa said that if Mariah went to Tuscany, maybe they could spend a few extra days in Italy and go sightseeing or go see that Italian metal band they liked that won Eurovision. Then after they were relaxed and rejuvenated, they could start talking about a baby. Mariah thought this sounded like a bribe. Tessa asked if it was working.

Mariah was tempted by the offer, but she wasn’t ready to pull away from Dominic. She said moving out of the mansion was a huge step and the right one, but she had a lot of work to do before she could comfortably disconnect in a healthy way. She knew Abby would take care of Dominic, but what if Mariah was gone, and he needed breast milk? Tessa said there were other options. Mariah said Abby talked about switching to formula, but Mariah felt like she needed to be here to provide for him. Tessa felt like Mariah was making a lot of excuses.

Mariah insisted that she had legitimate reasons for staying in Genoa City. Tessa didn’t intend to sound harsh. She didn’t mean to put any pressure on Mariah or make her feel like she wasn’t with her 100%, because she was. Mariah said it didn’t always feel that way. Tessa felt that this was hard for both of them, and that her words came out wrong. She promised she was here for Mariah and she’d help in any way she could. “Then stay with me. Please don’t go to the wedding,” Mariah replied. Mariah said Victoria and Ashland already had Leslie Brooks, so they didn’t need two musicians. She suggested Tessa pretend to be sick. Tessa couldn’t do that. It would be unprofessional. Mariah told Tessa to go and have a great time. Tessa wanted to keep talking, but Mariah said they could talk when Tessa got back. Mariah went to another room.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, October 8, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah decides not to go to the wedding with Tessa because she wants to stay in town in case Dominic needs her. Tessa does her best to change Maria’s mind but, in the end, Tessa goes to Italy alone.

The rift between Mariah and Tessa grows because Mariah is sure that the only way she can let go of Dominic is to have a baby of her own.

Adam does his best to stop Billy from going to Italy but Billy pays Jesse Gaines more money to go with him to Italy.

Adam calls Victor to tell him he was unable to stop Billy from going to Italy. Victor tells Adam all about Ashland’s past and Adam asks Victor how far he wants him to go to stop Billy from going to. Italy.

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Days Update Thursday, October 7, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Xander praises Gwen for getting the judge on tape. Gwen declares that as soon as Justin plays the recording, Judge Smails will realize he’s finished. Xander hopes their plan works but he hates putting Justin this position. Gwen points out that thanks to them, Justin will have a future with Bonnie. Xander acknowledges that Justin has more morality than the rest of the family so blackmailing a judge won’t come easy for him.

Justin then plays the recording of Judge Smails and Gwen, where he promised to let Xander go if Gwen slept with him. Judge Smails questions him being with Xander’s girlfriend. Justin tells him that he won’t be sleeping with Gwen and he will be dropping the case against Xander and Bonnie. Judge Smails argues that Bonnie killed two people. Justin tells the judge to make it all go away or the recording will be given to Jack, who will share it to the world thus destroying his reputation and ending his career.

Brady tells Chloe that maybe he should have Justin talk to Victor about the idea that him stealing her from Philip is ridiculous. Chloe isn’t sure it would work. Brady believes Victor has more respect for Justin. Chloe thinks that has changed since Justin got engaged to Bonnie. Brady gets a call from John. Brady says he’s sorry to hear that and asks if Marlena will be okay.

Jake tells Ava that he doesn’t blame Gabi for being suspicious since she was laying it on thick this morning. Jake questions Ava suddenly acting all sweet. Ava claims she realized things don’t have to be that way and she could use her power to change the dynamic between her and Gabi..

Gabi questions Philip threatening to send Jake to prison for murder if she doesn’t sign over Gabi Chic to him and calls that ridiculous. Gabi declares that she will never give away her company, even if he makes up some story about her boyfriend. Gabi insists that Jake has never killed anyone. Philip asks if she’s sure about that.

Xander wishes he could see the look on the judge and EJ’s faces when he is free. Gwen adds that the million dollars would no longer be evidence so they would have to give it back to him. Xander remarks that he will enjoy spending every bit of it but Gwen reminds him that he has to give it to EJ, so he’ll hire him back at Basic Black. Xander questions why he’d want to work for him after how he treated him. Gwen then agrees that EJ doesn’t deserve to have Xander work for him. Xander says he could maybe see rewarding Justin with some cash, but he probably wouldn’t take it anyways. Gwen says Justin is loaded anyway but his reward will be getting Bonnie back. Xander admits he’s never seen the attraction there but that Justin must really love Bonnie if he’s agreed to fight this dirty.

Justin asks Judge Smails if they have a deal. He says that over the years, Justin has always impressed him with his command of the law so he’s surprised and dismayed that he of all people would blackmail him. Justin talks about how he was dismayed when the judge reinstated Xander’s case right after he was dropped as a client by EJ. Justin warns that he’s losing patience and asks if they have a deal. The judge argues that he doesn’t want to do this. Justin admits that it makes him sick because he believes in playing by the rules, but he also believes in justice and there will be no justice unless Bonnie and Xander are set free. Justin asks if he will dismiss the cases or if he will have to use the recording to have him thrown off the bench.

Brady tells John to keep him posted if there’s anything he can do as he hangs up. Brady informs Chloe that Marlena is not feeling well, so John thinks she may be overworked. Brady mentions that John and Marlena were supposed to take Rachel to the pumpkin patch today, but he can just do it himself. Chloe says she’ll love that and asks him to send some pictures. Brady then invites her to come with them.

Jake questions Ava wanting a truce with Gabi. Ava explains that Rafe doesn’t want to live in a war zone and neither does she. Ava talks about Gabi being nasty to her and she’s done nothing to deserve it. Ava adds that Gabi spends all her time fighting her instead of being happy with Jake. Jake mentions he and Rafe always being caught in the middle. Ava says they both want peace then. Jake notes that he wants to believe her but Gabi would call him a fool to trust her.

Philip asks Gabi how well she really knows Jake. Gabi says well enough to know he’s not a killer. Philip brings up his past in the mob. Philip informs Gabi that he has proof that Jake isn’t the man that she thinks he is. Philip directs Gabi to the folder that reveals that Jake was a hitman.

Xander tells Gwen that he knows exactly what they should do with at least some of the million dollars. Xander wants to take Gwen on a tropical vacation. Gwen says she’s never been anywhere warm in her life and that it sounds lovely. Gwen asks where they would go. Xander says he’s talking about somewhere exclusive, having dinner under the stars, as he wants to go somewhere far away where they can be alone and start getting to know each other properly. Gwen says she really wants that too. Gwen says they haven’t really had a chance to focus on them because they’ve been busy putting out fires. Xander declares that an island getaway is just what they need.

Philip hands Gabi the folder but Gabi says whatever is in there is all lies. Philip reveals to her that Jed Zannetti owned a bar in Philadelphia and he made a habit of stiffing the Vitali family when it came to collect, so Jake was sent in to rough him up a little and he ended up beating Jed to death and dumping his body. Gabi doesn’t believe that Jake killed anyone. Philip reveals there was an eye witness who saw it all and he’s prepared to testify in court that Jake is a killer. Gabi then angrily takes the folder.

Ava tells Jake that she’s at a loss as to how to win Gabi’s trust and asks how she gets Gabi to stop seeing her as the enemy. Jake says that’s tough as just saying Ava’s name makes smoke come out of Gabi’s ears. Jake says this reminds him of when the Vitali and Ligami families were fighting over the docks. Jake worries that they have to find a way to peacefully co-exist.

Chloe reminds Brady that she has a job to do. Brady says he’s her boss and believes in keeping his employees happy while there is nothing urgent to do at the office. Chloe would feel unprofessional. Brady questions if she doesn’t want to miss work or if she’s worried how Philip would react. Chloe questions him making this about Philip when she’s just trying to be a good employee. Chloe admits Philip has over reacted in the past but he’s over that now, knows they are friends and colleagues, and he’s fine with it. Chloe argues that he knows how hard Philip has been working to get over his past jealousy, but Brady keeps dragging them back in to it and provoking them. Chloe just wants to prove that she’s loyal to the company. Brady says he and Rachel would still love the chance to be with her today. Chloe asks why he didn’t just say that instead of making it about Philip. Brady apologizes and asks Chloe again if she would accompany he and Rachel to the pumpkin patch, adding that it would be very good for Rachel who misses her mom a lot. Brady notes that he’s been doing the best he can but Rachel could use some female energy. Brady says Marlena has been supportive but she has a lot on her plate. Brady then apologizes and says he doesn’t want to pressure Chloe or upset Philip and they will be fine. Chloe decides that she doesn’t think Philip would object to them taking Rachel to have some fun. Chloe adds that she can water her and Philip’s tree on their way back.

Gabi argues to Philip that this Carmine person is lying. Philip says he might agree if he didn’t provide specifics of how he and Jake beat up Jed until they realized he was dead and they had to get rid of the body. Gabi insists that Jake is not a killer. Philip asks if she really trusts him that much. Gabi says she does and doesn’t trust Philip because he’s desperate for leverage to steal Gabi Chic. Gabi questions where he got all this inside information on the mob anyways and then guesses it was Ava.

Ava and Jake continue talking about not wanting a battleground between the two couples. Jake brings up the two families getting together to make peace and how it didn’t start well. Jake suggests that’s what they need, an old fashioned sit down to figure out how to make peace. Ava agrees.

Gwen shows Xander an island on her phone that they could go to. Xander tells her to go ahead and book it. Justin returns to the room. Xander asks if he played the recording. Justin confirms that he did. Gwen assumes that means Xander and Bonnie are off the hook but Justin says not exactly. Xander questions what happened. Melinda Trask then walks in and announces that Justin was busted for trying to blackmail a judge. Xander questions what she’s talking about. Melinda reveals that Judge Smails was offput by Gwen’s visit and contacted her afterwards, so he was prepared with his own recording device. Melinda then plays the recording of Justin attempting to blackmail Judge Smails. Melinda declares Gwen will now be charged for soliciting. Melinda remarks that Xander will go down for drug trafficking, Justin for blackmail, and Gwen for solicitation. Melinda adds that Bonnie will be going down for murder.

Jake tells Ava that they can tell Gabi and Rafe to have a dinner and once everyone is loosened up, they put their cards on the table and Ava can show Gabi respect. Ava decides that if she can convince Gabi that she’s all about respecting her, then she won’t feel so threatened by her. Ava repeats that it’s not like she could do anything to hurt her…

Gabi complains about Ava but Philip says that Ava forced him to launder money for her so he questions why he would go to her. Gabi asks where he got it then. Philip claims Titan runs a background check on his new employees and initially, they didn’t find any major red flags but they dug deeper. Gabi calls the story ludicrous and she doesn’t believe it. Philip says it happened and now they have to decide what to do. Gabi argues that Philip fired her so she retains control of Gabi Chic. Philip warns her that if she signs her company over to him, he won’t go to the police with this but if she doesn’t, he will and Jake could go to prison for life. Gabi questions him blackmailing her. Philip declares that he’s telling her to choose between her company or her boyfriend, which one is she going to lose?

Brady and Chloe go to the park with Rachel after finishing up at the pumpkin patch. Rachel asks Chloe to help her carve her pumpkin, which she agrees to do. Brady says they can go home now but Chloe remembers to water her and Philip’s tree first.

Ava tells Jake that she likes the sitdown idea but questions how to bring Gabi to the table. Jake says to leave that to him as he will convince her that for Rafe’s sake, the fighting needs to stop because nobody wins. Ava agrees to talk to Rafe when he gets Gabi on board. Ava asks where Gabi is today. Jake mentions that she had an unexpected meeting with Philip. Ava claims she hopes everything is okay..

Gabi calls Philip scum. Philip argues that he hired her and she betrayed him. Gabi argues that she saved him by relaunching Gabi Chic at Titan. Gabi says Philip is only CEO because Victor took pity on him and Xander quit. Philip argues that he’s doing an outstanding job. Gabi says that’s because of Gabi Chic’s great business which is going to double. Gabi then smells Philip’s after shave and recognizes it as the same smell from her house, meaning Philip was there. Gabi then guesses that Philip and Ava are teaming up to take her down.

Rachel goes to get water to water Chloe and Philip’s tree. Brady questions having to do this now. Chloe points out that they are right here. Brady notes that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Chloe would rather be safe than sorry and questions why he’s annoyed by this when she told him before they left that she wanted to do it. Brady apologizes and says it’s fine. Rachel comes back with the watering pot and asks Chloe why it’s a special tree. Chloe explains that she and Philip were high school sweethearts and carved their initials in a tree nearby. Brady points out that Philip then cut the tree down like a spoiled brat. Chloe argues that Philip realized his mistake and fixed it by buying this new tree to symbolize a new beginning.

Justin asks Melinda to hear him out before arresting them. Melinda tells him how disappointed she is as she thought he was one of the good guys but clearly not anymore. Melinda says she is truly shocked that Justin would get involved with Gwen and Xander. She questions how he could let them talk him in to this horrendous scheme. Justin says it’s because he’s sure Judge Smails is in EJ’s pocket. Melinda argues that he should’ve tried to prove it through legal means then. Melinda says her office could have launched an investigation, but instead the Spectator will run a front page story on Justin’s arrest. Melinda says she’s going to see about Gwen and Xander getting booked as she walks out of the room. Xander tells Justin that he is so sorry. Xander says it’s all his fault for forcing Justin to go along with their plan. Justin clarifies that no one forced him as he knew how risky it was and that the judge would retaliate. Justin feels he was off his game and not thinking clearly as he was operating under fear that he wouldn’t be able to find a legal way to keep Bonnie from going back to prison, but the odds are stacked against her. Justin felt he had to protect her. Gwen understands he did it for love. Justin says that now he and Bonnie will be prison pen pals instead of husband and wife. Xander says they will find a way out. Justin asks how when he’s about to be charged with a felony. Melinda comes back and takes Justin, warning that she’s coming back for Xander. Xander wishes he kept Justin out of this as he feels awful. Gwen tells him not to because it was her stupid idea.

Chloe thanks Rachel for helping her water the tree. Rachel wants to go water more trees so Brady tells her to just stay close by. Chloe asks Brady if it was really necessary to tell her about Philip chopping down their original tree. Brady apologizes and admits he shouldn’t have said that. Chloe asks why he did then. Brady tells her that she knows that he’s having a hard time accepting the fact that he lost her to Philip. Chloe appreciates his honesty but asks him to try harder or their friendship is going to suffer. Brady doesn’t like to give Philip credit for anything but acknowledges that it was gracious of him to invite him to dinner and thoughtful of him to plant this tree. Brady remarks that maybe Philip has finally changed his ways and for Chloe’s sake, he hopes he has.

Philip questions Gabi being convinced that he’s working with Ava because of his after shave. Gabi wants him to admit he got the dirt on Jake from Ava. Philip argues that Jake committed a murder so it doesn’t matter how he found out. Gabi argues that if it came from Ava, she’s positive it’s fake because she hates her and wants to ruin her life. Philip knew this would be tough for her but he figured she loved Jake more than her company. Gabi questions handing over her life’s work and her daughter’s legacy just because of a folder. Philip tells Gabi to take the folder and show it to Jake and then she will have to decide what she wants to do. Philip warns that if he doesn’t hear from Gabi soon, he will take a copy of that to the police, who will charge Jake with murder.

Ava tells Jake that despite a bumpy start to the day, she’s glad she ran in to him as they had a good talk. Jake feels they can figure out a way to make peace. Ava comments that Angelo always said Jake was a smart guy, so she’s surprised he let him go. Jake says that he knew his heart wasn’t in it anymore. Ava remarks that he’s turning out to be very valuable to her. Ava tells him to let her know how things go with Gabi as she walks away.

Gwen tells Xander that she lied to Jack about being a sex worker, but now she’s being arrested for solicitation for real. Xander guesses they should’ve left well enough alone and let Jack think he was the drug dealer. Gwen feels she couldn’t let him go to prison for her crimes, so she had to do something, but it’s completely out of control now. Gwen declares that she has to find a way to explain this to Jack without him hating them both. Xander offers to tell him that she was just trying to get his charges dropped. Gwen argues that he’s facing the charges because of her as he sacrificed so much because she blamed Abigail for her miscarriage. Xander assures that he has no regrets. Gwen thought their problems would be over as they are finally on good terms with Jack and they were going to be together. Gwen cries that for the first time in her life, she was feeling positive about her future but she worries they are going to lose everything. Xander points out that they always find a way to get back up and promises this time is no different. Melinda comes back and tells Gwen that she is up, so she exits the room.

Chloe questions if Brady actually said something nice about Philip. Brady acknowledges that Philip wants to be worthy of her love and he can’t think of a stronger motivator to turn over a new leaf. Brady tells Chloe that he values their friendship more than she knows and he would never want to jeopardize it. Brady accepts that Chloe has chosen Philip, so he hopes it works out and that they are happy together. Chloe thanks him and says it means a lot to her. Brady and Chloe hug as Philip walks by and sees them from behind the bushes.

Gabi finds Jake in the town square. Jake guesses it didn’t go well with Philip. Gabi tells him to answer her question first, as she asks if he killed Jed Zanetti.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 7, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Jesse Gaines Jr. reads Billy the letter that Camila Rhodes wrote to Ashland telling him she wasn’t leaving
him any money and basically confirms to Billy everything that Ashland told Victoria. Billy plans to take Jesse with hihim to Tuscany to tell Victoria the truth but Adam arrives to stop Billy from going to the wedding.

Ashland tells Victor everything about his past and Victor is determined to keep things a secret because Victoria is happy. Victoria tells Nikki she must marry Ashland to save Newnan Locke Enterprises. Victoria tells Nikki she isn’t sure how she feels about Ashland.

Nikki pleads with Ashland to cancel the wedding and free Victoria from this burden.

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Days Short Recaps Thursday, October 7, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin went to the judge and told him about Gwen’s recording. He demanded that he let Xander and Bonnie out or he would go to Jack with the recording. Philip told Gabi about Jake’s past as a hitman. He gave her the file that Ava gave him about Jake. She didn’t want to believe it. He thought she would feel that way so he told her about the witness who saw Jake dump a body. Ava talked to Jake about Gabi. She didn’t understand why hated her so much. She thought Jake should be worried because she was focused on him and not her. They talked about what happened with the mob families. Philip continued to tell Gabi about what Jake did to the man who died. She wanted to know how he found out so much information about the mob. She realized that Ava was the one who told him about it. Justin went to see Xander. Xander wondered if he told the judge about the recording. Xander wondered if he was able to get him out of jail. Justin said it didn’t exactly happen that way. Melinda walked in the room and said Justin was busted for blackmailing a judge.

Melinda told Justin, Xander and Gwen that the judge was uncomfortable with Gwen’s offer. Melinda suggested that he have a recording device of his own. She played the recording. She told them that they were all going to be in trouble for blackmailing a judge. Gwen said that she didn’t plan on going through with sleeping with the judge. Melinda told her that she tried to do it so she would be in trouble too. She also said that Bonnie was going to prison for murder. Jake decided that there should be a sit down dinner to make peace between Ava and Gabi. Ava liked the idea, but she wondered how they were going to pull it off. He said that they needed to tell her that Rafe meant everything to both of them and he was worth getting along. Gabi was upset with Philip when he told her that she couldn’t buy out Gabi Chic from him. She reminded him how she helped his company. She noticed his aftershave and realized it was the same one that was at the house. She realized that Ava was working with him to bring her down. Justin wanted Melinda to hear him out before she arrested him. She was shocked because she thought he was one of the good guys. Xander said he is one of the good guys. Justin told her that the judge was on the take. She said he should have gone about it the legal way because she would have investigated him. She said he would be in the Spectator for his arrest and possibly losing his job. Xander apologized to Justin for him getting in trouble helping them. He said he had to protect Bonnie. Philip wanted Gabi to show the folder to Jake so he could see what Carmine is willing to say on the stand. He wanted her to decide what she was going to do. If she didn’t decide, Jake was going to be charged with murder.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jake and Gabi wake up in bed together. They kiss until Ava knocks on the door, claiming to be room service. Ava just walks in and asks if there’s a better way to start the day than with a fresh muffin.

Philip enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Chloe. Philip thought she was going to the office early but Chloe says she decided to have breakfast and enjoy her roses. They talk about their tree growing. They hug until Brady walks in and asks if anyone wants a muffin.

Justin goes to the interrogation room to see Xander. Xander reminds him about how he and Gwen wanted to get something on the judge to prove he’s corrupt. Justin reminds Xander that he did not agree to go along with it. Justin warns Xander that he’s talking about blackmail, so it could blow up in their face and he could end up in bigger trouble than he’s already in. Xander suggests it could help with Bonnie’s case. Justin tells him not to push it as he is an officer of the court and has a duty to tell judges the truth. Justin adds that he is not Xander’s attorney but advises him to not even think about going ahead with this plan because it’s not only illegal, but stupid. Xander reveals that Gwen is already on her way to see the judge.

Gwen goes to see Judge Robert Smails in his office. Gwen says she shouldn’t have barged in but there was nobody outside the door. He tells her to wait and make an appointment. Gwen says she would but she’s here on a very private matter. He questions what private matter. Gwen informs him that she’s a friend of Xander’s. He tells her to get out then as he’s not about to have a conversation with a friend of someone appearing in his court. He says if she wants to communicate with Xander, she has to go through his lawyer. Gwen clarifies that Xander is not just a friend but the best thing to ever happen to her, so if he doesn’t hear her out, Xander might go to prison for something he has not done and she can’t allow that to happen.

Chloe questions what Brady is doing here. Brady says she texted him that she was going to be late this morning, so he realized he did not have anything going on this morning. Philip questions him just showing up with muffins. Brady clarifies that he found them on the kitchen table and then declares that the reason he came is to see the most beautiful woman he knows…

At the hospital, Kayla informs Tripp that Doug is now in Bayview because Marlena determined he was a danger to himself and others. Tripp feels sorry for Julie and the entire family. Kayla hopes he will be able to go home soon. Kayla then brings up the new hospital initiative and thanks Tripp for taking the lead on that. Kayla asks if he had any luck finding a patient to volunteer to be the face of the campaign. Tripp responds that he has as Steve walks in and reveals that it’s him. Tripp says that Steve pretty much pounced on it. Steve jokes that they can’t do better than him as no one is more motivated than him to make the hospital proud because his wife is the chief of staff while his son is becoming an esteemed physician. Kayla asks Steve if he knows what he’s volunteering for and what his responsibilities will be. Steve admits he doesn’t. Kayla then gets a call and steps out to answer it. Steve then asks Tripp what exactly he will be the face of. Tripp explains that it’s flu season so they are raising awareness and they basically want him to get a flu shot. Steve responds that he’s sorry, but that’s not going to happen.

Justin mocks Xander’s plan to have Gwen sleep with Judge Smails. Justin complains about trying to get dirt on the judge and Xander sending his girlfriend to sleep with another man. Xander explains that she’s not actually going to do it, but she’s going to record him agreeing to it and use it to blackmail him with his wife.

Judge Smails tells Gwen that she has nothing to say about what happens to Xander. He tells her to leave and threatens to call security. He reaches for the phone but Gwen stops him and asks him to let her explain. Gwen tells him that Xander is being railroaded as he was never dealing drugs. Judge Smails responds that Xander’s lawyer will have the opportunity to prove that in court. Gwen goes over how Xander’s case was dismissed and then reinstated and they can’t figure out how that happened, but it seems to be that Judge Smails is the only one who could change that back.

Chloe tells Brady that this isn’t funny and questions what he’s doing. Philip asks if he’s trying to drive him crazy and offers him coffee. Brady accepts. Chloe tells him this isn’t cool. Brady asks if he was interrupting something and offers to go eat in the kitchen. Philip brings up Brady saying he was here to see the most beautiful woman in the world. Brady confirms that he is as Maggie returns and enters the room. Brady hugs her and welcomes her home while Philip and Chloe realize that Brady was talking about Maggie.

Gabi questions what Ava is doing when they aren’t even dressed. Jake adds that she came in uninvited. Ava claims she just wanted them to get the muffins while they are still warm. Gabi questions if she poisoned them. Ava says no and then exits the room while Gabi calls her a bitch. After leaving the room, Ava remarks to herself that the muffins might be Jake’s last home cooked meal. Gabi wonders if Ava put a nanny camera in their room. Jake thinks she’s being paranoid. Gabi complains about Ava walking in when they were about to make love. Jake jokes that it’s something Gabi would do. Gabi won’t let Jake eat the muffins, worrying that poison is possible. Gabi can’t believe Rafe sunk this low. Jake suggests finding another place to live but Gabi refuses to let Ava win. Jake asks if it’s really winning if they are miserable 24/7. Gabi says she won’t let Ava get away with this. Gabi insists that Ava is up to something but the question is what.

Chloe tells Maggie that everyone has missed her. Maggie says she missed them all so much and asks if Victor has been difficult. Chloe says not really. Brady jokes that Maggie’s the only one who can keep Victor in his cage. Philip gets a text from Ava that she has the information he needs and to meet her at the park. Philip says he has to run. Chloe asks if everything is okay. Philip says it’s just work. Philip hugs Maggie and says it’s good to see her. Philip tells Maggie that they will have a proper celebration when he gets home. Philip says goodbye and exits the mansion. Maggie asks if Brady and Philip are getting along. Brady claims they are but Maggie says she didn’t think so.

Judge Smails goes over how EJ was representing Xander. Gwen explains that EJ dropped Xander as a client because he couldn’t squeeze more money out of him and now Xander is in jail when he hasn’t done anything wrong. Judge Smails refuses to change his recommendation and says the court will appoint Xander an attorney. Gwen complains that EJ left Xander high and dry. Judge Smails claims there is nothing he can do. Gwen questions how he was able to dismiss the case before and then EJ got it reinstated. Gwen starts to cry and apologizes. Gwen brings up how he dismissed the case before and asks if he can’t do it again. Gwen cries that it’s so frustrating as she would do anything to help Xander and she means anything as she begins to unbutton her top.

Justin tells Xander that even if Judge Smails is corrupt, he’s not easily duped so he will be wary when Gwen suddenly offers herself to him. Justin feels he will have her arrested before she’s out of the office. Xander says that Gwen would get the tape back to him instead of presenting it herself. Justin questions what he plans to do. Xander reveals that he wants Justin to present the judge with the tape. Justin refuses to have any part in this. Xander responds that he might not have a choice because it might look like Justin has already taken part in this from the outside. Xander brings up how Justin came to the police station yesterday and talked to he and Gwen for quite awhile and now he showed up this morning at the same time Gwen went to the judge’s office. Xander says from the outside, it looks like Justin is part of this. Justin questions if he is threatening him. Xander says he wants to persuade him and adds that he could get the charges against Bonnie dropped. Justin calls Xander a true Kiriakis. Xander swears that he’s not trying to screw him over but that this could work out for the both of them. Justin argues that Xander doesn’t give a damn about him. Xander argues that Justin cares about Bonnie, who just got denied bail again. Xander brings up how Justin would have to testify to what Bonnie did to Adrienne. Xander tells Justin that his plan has a better chance of helping Bonnie than anything else.

Maggie apologizes for worrying everybody but says when Summer died as suddenly as she did, it was also a relief that she wasn’t in any more pain. Maggie talks about scattering Summer’s ashes in the ocean in LA and she knew that Summer was finally free at peace. Brady is glad she was with her in the end. Maggie is happy to be home. Brady talks about how it’s not the same without her as she has a soothing effect. Brady mentions Victor’s party to celebrate Bonnie’s arrest. Maggie guesses Justin must not have appreciated that. Maggie then says at least there was happy news as Victor told her that Brady and Chloe were back together.

Philip meets Ava in the park. Ava comments that he took his time. Ava informs him that she talked to Angelo, who gave her some very interesting and damning information. Ava declares that if Gabi cares about Jake like she says, she will fold like a house of cards, because if this gets in the wrong hands, Jake will go to prison for a very long time. Ava then hands Philip a folder.

Gabi looks through Gabi Chic sales on her phone. Jake takes a bite of Ava’s muffin which Gabi questions. Jake then pretends like he can’t breathe and calls Gabi naive. Gabi throws the muffin away as they joke with each other and then get under the covers in bed.

Kayla returns to Tripp and Steve. Tripp informs her that Steve does not want to get a flu shot which Kayla questions. Steve explains that he’s never had a flu shot and he’s healthy which Kayla calls a lame reason. Kayla can’t believe she missed Steve not getting the shot and insists it’s important. Kayla tells Steve that there’s no risk and she demands he get the shot and stop acting like he’s invincible. Steve then gives in and agrees to get the flu shot and be the face of their campaign. Steve leaves the room and gets his flu shot. Steve returns and admits he didn’t feel a thing and that he’s grateful for them encouraging him to do it, because now he feels invincible. Tripp is grateful that Steve came around because he is the perfect face for this program. Tripp adds that the target demographic is 65 and older. Kayla agrees that Steve is the perfect face for the campaign.

Philip agrees that this is damning. Ava tells him that according to Angelo, it’s true that Jake did all of this. Philip asks if Ava is sure she wants to do this since Gabi will know where it came from and she will tell Rafe. Ava argues that Gabi won’t be able to prove anything but deep inside, she will know it was her.

Gabi and Jake lay in bed together after having sex. Gabi talks about needing to find something to make sure Philip stays jealous about Brady. Jake jokes about that being her topic after sex. They get interrupted by Gabi getting a text from Philip, wanting to see her. Gabi guesses he just saw the numbers from Gabi Chic and wants to up her budget. Gabi tells Jake that despite Ava, it turned out to be a very good morning. Gabi kisses Jake and then gets out of bed.

Xander reminds Justin that he’s a Kiriakis too. Justin says he could never forget it. Xander knows he wants to be all legal and everything, but argues that the law doesn’t matter to Judge Smails or the district attorney. Xander asks if Justin really wants to risk Bonnie spending her life in prison. Xander tells him to imagine the look on Victor’s face when he tells him that Bonnie is going to go free.

Judge Smails questions what Gwen is suggesting. Gwen tells him that if Xander’s case gets dismissed again, she would be happy to show him how grateful she is. He calls her a very beautiful woman. Gwen tells him that she’s very attracted to powerful men and says she may not have EJ DiMera’s money, but she has other assets. Gwen asks if he would like to come see her sometime. Judge Smails admits that he thinks he would. Gwen says she needs to be clear because they could have a really good time together, but she’ll only sleep with him if he promises to let Xander go. He agrees to her terms so Gwen whispers that she’s really looking forward to holding up her end of the bargain.

Xander continues to encourage Justin against Judge Smails. Justin remains unsure if Gwen can pull this off. Gwen then enters the interrogation room and says Justin doesn’t have much faith. Xander asks what happened. Gwen gives Xander the recording and says it went exactly as she said, he agreed to meet her a motel and thinks maybe he’s done this before. Xander declares now they have what they need to get him, if Justin will help them.

Brady questions Victor telling Maggie that he and Chloe were back together. Brady tells her that he was premature when he wants something. Maggie points out that Victor hates Chloe, so she asks why he would want that. Chloe explains it’s to get her away from Philip. Maggie thinks that doesn’t mean he wants her with Brady. Chloe thinks Victor just wants her to disappear. Brady says that’s not going to happen but Victor thinks he hit the bottom with Kristen. Chloe guesses Victor thought she was the lesser of two evils. Maggie questions missing Victor.

Ava runs in to Jake in the town square. Ava notes Jake eating a muffin that is not hers. Jake informs her that he didn’t eat her muffins and got one from Sweet Bits Bakery. Ava questions what was wrong with her muffin. Jake tells her that Gabi doesn’t trust her.

Gabi meets Philip in the park and questions meeting here instead of the office. Philip thought it would be best to do this in private in case there is a scene. Gabi asks why there would be a scene after the numbers for Gabi Chic. Philip then reveals that he is firing her.

Gwen complains to Xander about having to touch Judge Smails. Xander hates that she had to go through with that and acknowledges that she did it for him. Gwen points out that she didn’t have to follow through. Xander talks about Justin scaring him by talking about how the plan could blow up in their faces. Gwen brings up how much Xander has done for her and says they could walk out the door together, thanks to Justin.

Justin goes to Judge Smails’ office and says he’s here about Bonnie Lockhart’s case. Judge Smails says they can talk about it later but Justin says they need to talk about it now. Justin suggests he dismiss Bonnie’s case as well as the case against Xander. Judge Smails questions why he would do that. Justin warns that if he doesn’t, he will be playing this recording. Justin then plays the recording of Judge Smails and Gwen, where he promised to let Xander go if Gwen slept with him.

Maggie jokes that she can’t turn her back on Victor for a minute. Maggie then heads upstairs to join Victor in his room. Brady doesn’t understand how Maggie puts up with Victor, but he’s glad she does. Chloe talks about Maggie and Victor loving each other. Chloe says Victor isn’t always wrong and she can’t believe he hasn’t given up on trying to push them back together. Brady assures that he will talk to Victor and make it clear that it’s not going to happen.

Ava questions Jake about Gabi not trusting her and thinking she poisoned the muffins under the same roof as the police commissioner. Ava guesses she has a suspicious mind and asks what she could possibly do to Gabi…

Gabi questions why Philip is firing her. Philip blames her for putting the keylogger on his computer. Gabi argues that it was on her computer too. Philip refuses to play these games with her again. Gabi responds that she’ll be taking Gabi Chic with her. Philip then warns her to sign Gabi Chic over to him, because if she doesn’t then he will send Jake to prison for murder.

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