Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 30, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Rey returns home with Connor and Rey tells Sharon he has forgiven Chelsea for what she did to him.  Chelsea talks to Chloe via video call and tells her she has had a lot of time to think and she is ready to let go of all her anger toward Adam.

Phyllis tells Sally she won’t rest until she can prove that she and Tara forced Summer to leave town. Phyllis goes over what she suspects about Sally and Tara with Amanda. Amanda helps Phyllis remember that Summer heard about the job at Marquettee from Sally. Summer calls Angelina Msrquettee’s PR person and asks for Angelina’s cell phone number. Phyllis calls Angelina who tells her that she is so grateful to Eric Forrester for recommending Summer for the job. Angelina tells Phyllisthat she is in LA meeting with Eric right now. Phyllis tells Angelina that she is leaving for LA today and hopes to see her there. Kyle and Jack begin to suspect that Phyllis is right and Sally and Tara forced Summer out of town.

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Y&R Update Thursday, July 29 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

While Kyle waited for Tara to come home, he and Jack speculated about the video of the argument between Tara and Sally. Kyle wondered if Tara found out Sally was responsible for Summer leaving town. Jack didn’t think that was the case. Kyle thought it’d explain why Tara was so upset in the elevator – Phyllis had blamed her for Summer leaving. Jack clarified that Phyllis’s theory was that Tara and Sally were working together. He was sure Phyllis saw that video as proof. Kyle was sure they’d get to the bottom of it when Tara got home. He figured there would be a simple explanation.

At the hotel, Phyllis accused Sally and Tara of having something to do with Summer leaving town. Sally said that Summer was having the time of her life, so if Sally did have something to do with it, which she didn’t, Phyllis should be thanking her, not sending text messages from her phone. Phyllis continued to deny having anything to do with the text message. Phyllis asked why she’d do something like that, unless she wanted the person who received the text to freak out and rush over here to confront Sally. Sally said that if that was Phyllis’s plan, it obviously didn’t work, because no one freaked out. Phyllis revealed that she knew Sally and Tara argued in the elevator. Sally realized there were security cameras in the elevator, and she accused Phyllis of spying, but Phyllis said as the proprietor, she needed to know what was going on at all times. Sally couldn’t believe Phyllis would go to those extremes, and Phyllis replied that the cameras weren’t hidden. Sally argued that Phyllis was snooping on a private conversation, but Phyllis said it was an elevator, not a confessional. Tara came downstairs, and Sally brought her up to speed on Phyllis’s scheme. Tara said she was dealing with a lot, and she didn’t need to get caught up in Sally’s drama. She left. Phyllis asked Sally how it felt to get thrown under the bus.

At the Abbott house, Kyle told Tara that he and Jack got a strange message from Phyllis. She asked if Phyllis mentioned she’d been spying on her. Jack said they deduced that on their own, and they weren’t okay with it. Kyle wondered why she went to see Sally after she said she was going to have some time alone. Tara said she didn’t want to involve Kyle. Tara said she got a troubling text that she thought was from Sally. She spun a false tale about not remembering exactly what it said, but it had said something about Phyllis being a problem. She said Sally realized Phyllis sent it from her phone, it was childish and ridiculous. Tara asked what Phyllis said. Kyle showed her the video and noted that she seemed pretty upset with Sally.

Tara was shocked Phyllis recorded them and sent it to Kyle and Jack. She asked if Phyllis was obsessed. Jack and Kyle asked Tara to explain what happened – why did she show Sally her phone. Tara said she was showing Sally the text she received, and Sally showed her that she didn’t send it. Tara said she hadn’t been sure what to believe in the elevator, and she’d flown off the handle on Sally, which she was embarrassed about. Jack said there was no need for her to feel embarrassed. She said Sally was constantly complaining about Phyllis, and in the moment, she felt like Sally was trying to enlist her in the pointless feud. Tara moaned about all the strain she’d been under lately. Jack said he and Kyle both knew how persistent Phyllis could be, particularly when she thought she was protecting her daughter. Tara said she didn’t do anything to Summer. Tara recalled previously saying she didn’t need Jack’s help with Phyllis, but she might be wrong – she’d never dealt with someone as vicious as Phyllis. Jack said he’d already spoken to Phyllis in general terms and told her to back off everyone. Kyle said he talked to Phyllis this morning and told her not to blame Tara for Summer leaving. Tara felt like Phyllis wouldn’t stop until she’d run her and Harrison out of town. Jack vowed to deal with this right now. He left.

Tara and Kyle came downstairs after visiting Harrison. Tara said their toddler seemed more mature than some of the adults they’d dealt with lately. She said at least Ashland’s illness gave him an excuse, Phyllis just seemed to like causing drama. Kyle said it was more complicated – Phyllis was protective of her daughter. Kyle had been on her list more than once. Tara understood protecting your kid – there was nothing she wouldn’t do for Harrison.

Jack confronted Phyllis. She asked what Tara had to say. He said he and Tara were weary of her constant antagonism. She said she was just gathering information, and when she was truly antagonistic, Tara would know. He asked if she really stole Sally’s phone. She thought he should be interrogating those two little scammers. He told her to back off Tara; he didn’t blame Tara for being put out by Phyllis’s attacks. She mockingly said something about poor innocent Tara. She asked why Tara ran over to the hotel and argued with Sally after she got the text. He challenged Phyllis to explain it. Phyllis thought Tara was afraid of getting caught and losing her cushy life at the Abbott mansion. He wanted hard proof of Phyllis’s claims. She said he was turning a blind eye to everything in front of him because he wanted to believe Sally and Tara. Phyllis cried that she was being scapegoated. She vowed to prove Tara and Sally ran her daughter out of town. She asked why he didn’t give her and Summer the benefit of the doubt. She asked if he’d talked to Sally. He planned to. She said to go do that and not to let Sally talk her way out of it. He resented the insinuation. She told him to resent it all he wanted. He stormed over to the elevator.

Jack went upstairs, and he told Sally he wanted the truth. Her only question was whether he heard about it from Tara or Phyllis. He said he spoke to both of them, and he wanted to hear from Sally. He plead with her to be straight with him. She contended that Phyllis wanted to turn everyone against her, including Tara, whom Sally had to work with. She didn’t want this to affect her career, and she asked if he could get Phyllis to back off. He’d already made his feelings to Phyllis clear. He asked what she and Tara discussed in the elevator. She gave him the basics about Phyllis texting Tara using Sally’s phone. She said that Tara told her she didn’t want to be part of the drama. Sally didn’t want to either, but Phyllis wasn’t giving her a choice. He asked what the text said. Sally said she never saw it, because Phyllis deleted it from her phone. Jack showed Sally the video and pointed out that Tara was clearly showing Sally the text. Sally shifted the story and said she saw it, but she didn’t read it. She asked it really mattered. He snapped that it did matter, because he couldn’t trust her to tell him the truth. She begged him not to overreact over something so small and play into Phyllis’s hand. He said she couldn’t provide him with an explanation. She maintained that she told him the truth, and she didn’t remember the exact wording of the text because it didn’t matter. She thought what should shock him was that Phyllis stole her phone and was trying to undermine her professionally and personally. Jack told Sally that her efforts to redirect his attention toward Phyllis and away from the topic at hand weren’t helping her case. It only made him more suspicious of what else she was hiding. She swore she wasn’t hiding something “Oh God, I actually believe that,” he said. “At this point I honestly think it’s instinct on your part to deflect blame. And I can understand that, but I – what I can’t do is build a relationship with someone I can’t completely trust,” he said. As he continued his speech breaking things off, she begged him to take a step back, put this aside and go to dinner like they’d planned. She was adamant that they could get past this – they were so good together. He’d thought so too, but as compatible as they were, he couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d keep ending up here, with her making excuses and him questioning his judgment. He needed a lot more than that. He left.

Jack went downstairs, and Phyllis asked how it went. He snapped that it was none of her business. “That bad, huh?” she replied. He didn’t know what was going on or who was telling the truth, but he agreed with Sally in one area – Phyllis was enjoying this. She said she wasn’t enjoying it. She knew he liked Sally, and she wished she was wrong about Sally and Tara, but she didn’t think she was. She asked if he did. All he knew was Phyllis would never change. She didn’t think that was a bad thing. He left.

Devon came home and saw Amanda lounging in the living room. She hoped he didn’t mind Moses letting her in. He’d gone to see Nate. Devon told Amanda that he would make her a key. She asked if he was sure he was ready to level up like that. He said he was just throwing around the idea. She asked about Abby and Mariah. He said he’d fill her in over dinner. He knew she was seeing Phyllis later, so they could eat early. He had to go upstairs and change, and he told her to open some wine because they were celebrating. She asked what about. He said Sutton was going to pay, and it was because of her. She appreciated his confidence in her, but it wasn’t a slam dunk. She wanted to just focus on him and her today and not the case. He was fine with that. He came downstairs in a suit, and she appreciated what she saw. She told him if he really wanted to dinner, he wouldn’t have come downstairs looking so good. She said she’d help him out of that shirt, and he realized they weren’t going to make it to dinner.

Devon was downstairs making a snack to bring Amanda in bed, but she came downstairs in the shirt he’d been wearing earlier. They had wine, and she admitted the case was still on her mind, despite his best efforts. He understood. She couldn’t stop thinking about how things would’ve been if Richard had lived. He could’ve given the twins a normal middle class upbringing, and she would’ve grown up to be a completely different person. She would’ve been driven, but not so focused on trying to prove herself. Devon said maybe if Richard survived, he could’ve convinced Naya to be involved in their daughter’s lives. Amanda doubted that, because she didn’t think Naya would ever stand up to Sutton.

Devon couldn’t imagine growing up with a manipulative father like Sutton. He thought it had clearly messed with Naya’s head, since she was willing to sacrifice herself to protect him. Amanda was going to try and get through to Naya, but she wasn’t hopeful. Devon credited Naya with coming a long way since the time she denied that Amanda was her daughter. Amanda said that when they first met, Naya looked at her the way Sutton still did – like a problem, a mistake from the past. Devon wasn’t sure about that. “I think Naya knows that there’s something wrong with Sutton, and she may have been afraid that if she brought you close the family you’d see him for who he really was and you’d expose him,” he said. Amanda said that was exactly what happened. That was Devon’s point – Naya still made the decision to bring Amanda into the family, and she put her on his legal team. Amanda asked if Devon was saying, on some level, Naya wanted the truth to come out. Devon wasn’t sure he’d go that far, but he said Naya had plenty of opportunities to cut Amanda out for good, and she knew what was at stake if she didn’t, but she didn’t go that route. She held onto her daughter. That made him think the mother daughter relationship could heal.

Devon and Amanda had cheese, wine and ice cream, and he promised he’d always distract her when she needed him to. She said she had a dysfunctional family – her grandfather the criminal, the mother who idolized him and her father and sister she’d never get a chance to meet. He told her not to forget Imani – there was potential in that relationship. She said he was always so positive and he saw the good in everyone. She said when she wanted to walk away, he was always there encouraging her. She thanked him for believing in her. He said it was very easy to do when you love someone. She was caught off guard. He reiterated that he loved her, and she said she loved him too.

Victoria and Ashland were at home, but they planned to leave for NY soon. She asked how he was feeling. He felt better because he’d made an appointment with a specialist in NY. She was so glad he was still planning to fight the illness. He’d be grateful for any extra time with her and Harrison, but he didn’t want her to get hopes up because the odds weren’t good. She stubbornly believed he’d beat them. He found her stubbornness attractive. She knew there were no guarantees, but she was ready to be there every step of the way.

Victoria spoke with her kids by phone and promised to bring them something back from NY. Afterward, she asked him if he wanted to talk to Harrison about his health before they went to NY. He didn’t want to deal with Tara; she’d been so unreasonable, and he didn’t want the aggravation. She said not to let his frustration with Tara keep him from his son. He doubted she’d let him talk to Harrison alone. Victoria asked why it was so important to Ashland to talk to Harrison alone. He said Harrison picked up on the tension between him and Tara, and he heard Harrison had nightmares after what happened in the park. Ashland wasn’t sure what Harrison would remember about him when he grew up. Maybe Harrison wouldn’t remember him at all, but if he did remember this talk, Ashland wanted it to be calm, comforting and reassuring, and he wanted it to be between the two of them. He was worried Tara would make it about her. Victoria didn’t know Tara, but as a mother, if Billy had something unsettling to tell the kids, she’d want to be there. She probably wouldn’t say much, but she’d want to show the kids her support. He decided to consider her perspective.

Ashland felt that Tara was using their son to punish him. Victoria suggested that Ashland could use his world-class negotiation skills to find a solution that was good for Harrison. He asked how she was so good at getting through to him. She said she respected him enough to tell him the unvarnished truth. He said there was far too much varnish in his marriage. He wished he’d met her years ago. She’d had the same thought, but maybe the younger versions of themselves wouldn’t hit it off. He was sure he’d always have fallen head over heels for her. He thought this was something he should’ve said a lot sooner. He admitted all he’d said about not wanting things to go too far weren’t about protecting her, it was about protecting himself. At first, he didn’t want to be reminded about what he’d miss out on, but none of that seemed to matter now. She said it meant they had to take advantage of every moment they had together.

Ashland went over to the Abbott house and let Tara know about his trip. Kyle asked if it was about the merger, and Ashland said something like that. He wanted to say goodbye to Harrison. Tara thought that would be fine as long as he didn’t mention the diagnosis. Ashland wanted to have that discussion now. Privately. Kyle told Tara to call if she needed him, then he left. Tara noticed Ashland had cooled off. After some reflection and a discussion with Victoria, he saw things from a mother’s perspective. He wanted to be the one to explain things to Harrison, but he didn’t object to her being there. He said he was going to seek treatment. The odds weren’t good, but he wasn’t willing to surrender. She was glad – that would give them some hope, and she thought it would be good for Harrison to hear about that. She went to get their son. Harrison ran to Ashland, who scooped him up. Ashland told Harrison that he’d been feeling yucky. Harrison asked if it was Ashland’s heart. Ashland assured his son that they’d fixed his heart. He said he was hoping the doctors in NY could fix this problem too. Tara added that NY had some of the best doctors in the world. Ashland hoped that after some special medicine, he’d be able to do some things with his favorite little boy. He kissed Harrison’s forehead.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle asked Victoria if she was going to NY, and she said yes. He hoped he didn’t make a mistake leaving Ashland and Tara alone. Things got volatile last time. Victoria was sure Ashland would be fine – he didn’t want to leave until things were on better terms with Tara. Kyle thought Victoria deserved some credit for Ashland’s change in attitude. She said they all wanted what was best for the boy. He said he and Tara just said the same thing. He asked how much Ashland told her about Tara. She said not much, but she knew how hurt he was when he found out Harrison wasn’t his biological son. Kyle said Tara never told him she was pregnant. Victoria commented that Tara was good at keeping secrets, then she apologized and asked if he and Tara were rekindling things. He said no, they were just living in the same house and co-parenting. She told him to be careful, then she left.

Victoria and Ashland met up at the house. She was going to help him with the bags, but he said he could get them. He let her know things went well with Harrison. He thought it was good of Kyle to give them privacy. He said Kyle usually hovered because Tara had him wrapped around her finger. Victoria wasn’t so sure about that.

Sally, who was at home, called Tara and ranted about Phyllis, calling her a bitch. Kyle was in his way into the living room when he overheard Tara say “Sally, you have got to calm down.” Tara didn’t see Kyle, and he went around the corner to eavesdrop. Sally said she was losing Jack, and Tara told her let things calm down. Sally thought it was too late for her and Jack, and given how he was acting, she thought Tara was on thin ice too. Tara felt things were actually going fine for her. She said they both gave the same explanation for the elevator conversation. She felt Sally had handled it as best she could. The call ended, and Tara left the room. Kyle looked troubled.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 29, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Devon and Amanda spend some romantic time together, they make love and talk about Amanda’s complicated family. Devon and Amanda drink wine and eat cheese and crackers as they talk. Devon and Amanda take a big step in their relationship and admit that they love each other.

Victoria persuades Ashland to let Tara be present when he tells Harrison that he is sick. The talk with Harrison goes well and Ashland feels happy and optimistic as he heads off to New York with Victoria to see a specialist about treatment options for his cancer.

Sally and Tara are questioned by Kyle and Jack about what they were discussing in the security video that Phyllis sent to Jack and Kyle. Sally and Tara both tell Kyle and Jack the same story that they are tired of Phyllis harassing them trying to prove they had something to do with Summer leaving town. Jack talks to Sally alone and she lies and says she never saw the text that Phyllis sent to Tara. Jack shows Sally the video and gives her one more chance to tell him the truth. Sally sticks to her story and Jack tells her he can’t date a woman he can’t trust.

Kyle sees Victoria at Crimson Lights and she assumes that Tara and Kyle are dating and advises Kyle to be careful around Tara. Kyle tells Victoria that he and Tara are only being co-parents to Harrison. Kyle arrives home and overhears Tara talking on the phone to Sally and telling her that everything should be okay with Kyle and Jack since they both told them the same story about Phyllis.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, July 28 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Lauren overheard Jack order a flower arrangement. He told the florist that he wanted it to be stunning – something that would match the wow factor of the woman he was buying it for. The call ended, and Lauren asked if she knew the lucky lady. She was a bit surprised when he said he and Sally were giving it another shot. He asked if she thought it was a mistake. Lauren said it wasn’t her place to decide if someone else’s relationship was a mistake, but she had no issue with him and Sally giving it another go. She was glad she gave Sally another shot at Fenmore’s. “Because without these second chances, you and I may have missed out on the phenom named Sally Spectra,” Lauren said. Sally was shining so much that Lauren was thinking of making Sally the permanent president of JCV. Lauren noticed Jack was wearing his teardrop of love cuff links, and she said maybe Dina’s stone was working its magic. He wouldn’t go that far – he and Sally were just trying to find their footing, but he said the stones seemed to be working their magic on Lauren and Michael. She said they’d never been happier. Lauren suggested that the stones brought Jack familial love – she knew how happy he was to have his grandson in his life. He spoke about the joy he got from having that boy in the house. He wished Harrison had come into their lives sooner so Dina could’ve had the chance to meet her great grandson. He thought of the necklace as signifying hope, which he had a lot of. He got to watch Harrison grow, and he got to spend time with a charming woman. He couldn’t be more grateful and happy than he was now, and he thanked Lauren for sharing the necklace with his family. Lauren and Jack wished each other joy in life.

At The Grand Phoenix, Sally complained as she examined her hotel bill and crossed off the incorrect charges. Phyllis promised that the employee at fault would get an earful from her. Sally suggested that, as the boss, the buck should stop at Phyllis. “You’re right. I am in control,” Phyllis replied. Sally went back to perusing the bill, and Phyllis deleted the text she’d sent to Tara from Sally’s phone. She then returned the phone to the table by Sally, who was none the wiser. Phyllis told Sally to put the corrected bill in the folder so that she wouldn’t be charged. Sally was adamant that she wouldn’t pay for any of these charges. “You’re right. You will only be paying for what you are responsible for. I promise you that,” Phyllis replied in a serious tone. Phyllis offered Sally a free day at the spa for her inconvenience, or maybe some training sessions with that hot trainer. Sally thought Jack might have an issue with that. Phyllis said to forget she said anything, and she repeated the offer for the spa day. Sally suggested Phyllis just owe her one and left. Phyllis’s smile faded, and she vowed to give Sally just what she was owed.

At the Abbott house, Tara was bothered by the text from “Sally” saying that Phyllis had figured out their scheme. Kyle asked about what happened with Ashland. Tara said Ashland saw her as the enemy, and he’d been impossible to reason with. She was glad Jack came home in the middle of their conversation, before things got too heated. She felt like Ashland was weaponizing telling Harrison the truth, and it was a ticking time bomb. She thought that she and Kyle should tell Harrison about Ashland’s illness. Kyle thought that Sharon had the right idea – that Tara and Ashland should be the ones to break the news to Harrison. He said this was the most important conversation they’d ever have with Harrison, and there was no reason to rush it. Tara thought Kyle could be right, and she was grateful to have him to talk to. She hoped Ashland would cool off so she could talk to him. Noticing that Tara was still anxious, Kyle asked if there was anything else bothering her.

Tara paced around and vented about her whole life being turned upside down – the affair came out, the divorce, the custody arrangement, then she found out Ashland was dying. She didn’t see true peace for her little boy in the near future. Kyle got a call that he sent to voice mail. He asked if he could do anything for her. She asked if he could watch Harrison while she went for a drive. He said no problem.

Tara arrived at the hotel with a cover story about meeting Sally for work. Tara told Sally that they should have this discussion in her suite. The ladies went to the elevator, and they weren’t aware that Phyllis was watching them on the security camera connected to her laptop. In the elevator, Tara blasted Sally for sending that text. Sally was confused. Tara refused to let Sally risk her life or her son’s. Sally said she’d only been focused on her job and Jack. Tara demanded to know what Phyllis knew that would cause Sally to send incriminating texts to Tara’s phone. Sally said she didn’t send a text, so Tara showed it to her. Sally pulled up her own phone to prove she never sent it. Sally realized Phyllis sent it. She gave Tara her key card and said to go wait in her suite while Sally handled Phyllis.

Sally went to the lobby and accused Phyllis of having no ethical boundaries. Phyllis played sweet and confused. Sally told her to save it because nice didn’t work well for Phyllis – it came across as cloying and fake. Sally said that Phyllis used that bogus bill charade to distract her so she could send that text from her phone. Phyllis pretended she didn’t know what Sally was talking about. She suggested Sally sent this text and forgot about it. She also asked what was on the text that made Sally so upset.

When Jack came home, Kyle seemed glum. Jack asked about Harrison – he was napping. Jack suggested they watch the ball game, but Kyle wasn’t in the mood. Jack asked what was going on. Kyle said Phyllis thought Tara orchestrated Summer’s exit from town. Jack had heard Phyllis’s theory. He said she had Tara in tears the other day. He didn’t know why Phyllis was compelled to stick her nose in other people’s business. It made him wonder more about her than about whether what she said was true. Kyle knew Phyllis was hurt by Summer’s sudden departure, but he thought that she seized on Tara to blame. Jack said Phyllis wouldn’t back off with Sally or Tara. Kyle revealed that Phyllis thought Tara and Sally were co-conspirators.

Jack asked if Kyle actually bought this. Kyle admitted that Phyllis briefly had him wondering if Tara was up to something. But now, he thought that was ridiculous. Jack agreed. He didn’t think Tara was capable of being that devious. Kyle wasn’t so sure about Sally, though – she did benefit from Summer leaving. Jack cut Kyle off and asked if Phyllis gave him any evidence. Kyle said Phyllis claimed she was working on finding it. Jack didn’t think Sally did anything wrong. He noted that Summer recommended Sally for the job. He knew Sally had a past, but he honestly thought she was trying to change. Kyle stated that trying wasn’t necessarily succeeding. He didn’t want to see Jack get hurt. Jack knew Kyle’s heart was in the right place, but he was going into it with his eyes open. Kyle figured that he’d said his piece, and he conceded that he didn’t have any more proof than Phyllis did about Sally being involved with Summer leaving. Phyllis sent Jack and Kyle a text of the security footage from the elevator. There was no sound in the video, so Jack and Kyle were mystified about the cause of Sally and Tara’s argument. Kyle noticed the timestamp showed that the video was recorded in the last hour. Jack commented that Sally and Tara were looking at something on the phones.

Back at the hotel, Sally told Phyllis “you think that you’re smarter and more devious than I am, but you are making a big mistake underestimating me.” Phyllis said she didn’t underestimate Sally at all. Phyllis claimed she was curious why Sally was upset. Sally asked for Phyllis’s phone to send some texts. Phyllis didn’t own up to sending the text, but she said that if she had sent it, what was in it that had Sally so scared. Sally said she wasn’t scared. She accused Phyllis of committing identity theft by impersonating her. Phyllis continued to needle Sally by asking just what was on that text. Phyllis said the way Sally was acting was next-level. Sally snarled that Phyllis knew nothing about what hit her on any level. Phyllis whispered that someone pushed Sally’s buttons. “You come clean right now. You tell me what you and Tara did to my daughter,” Phyllis said.

Tara paced around Sally’s suite. She got a text from Kyle saying they needed to talk.

Back at the Abbott house, Kyle said he hated having to question Tara like this. She was the mother of his child. Jack knew that, but that video warranted a conversation. Kyle asked what if they were jumping to conclusions. Jack hoped they were, but they needed some answers.

At Crimson Lights, Abby thanked Devon for meeting her at Society. she said he’d been his rock. He hoped that smile on her face was because Mariah had been back. She wasn’t, and Abby was just as worried as she was before, maybe more. She hoped Mariah kept her promise to come back soon. Abby was determined not to hover or nag Mariah anymore. Devon thought Abby had been concerned, not a nag. She wasn’t so sure about that. She admitted she’d considered trying to find a way to track Mariah through her phone, which would’ve been an invasion of Mariah’s privacy. She asked him to stop her if he saw her about to drive Mariah away again. He was sure things would be fine. She noted that she hadn’t asked Devon how he was feeling all that often. She asked if she’d been pressuring him. He said not at all. He was happy to be part of the journey, and he was happy to be here for her while Chance was away. She didn’t realize Chance would be away this long. She thought they’d be planning for their baby together by now. Devon assured Abby she wasn’t alone, she had him, Nina, Tessa and all the Abbotts and Newmans.

Noting that friendship went both ways, Abby asked how Devon’s life was doing. Work was good, he liked having Moses living with him, and his main source of happiness was from Amanda. He said he and Amanda were getting closer every day. Amanda was something special, and she’d stayed strong through the emotional stress her family put her through. Abby thought Amanda was brilliant, beautiful and exactly what Devon needed. Devon thought it was crazy how she came into his life – Colin tried to use her to steal his money. Abby gave more credit to fate than Colin. She said that it was then up to Amanda and Devon to get past the animosity and realize they had something special. He said it was an odd start, but he and Amanda connected. Abby asked how Abby felt about his involvement with baby Chancellor. He said she’d been supportive from the start. Abby was relieved to hear that, because some people wouldn’t act that way. Devon asked if Abby was talking about someone in particular, like an ex. Abby assumed he meant Ben, and she said he was happy for her. She said she and Ben once shared a love, but that was a long time ago, and now he was like an old friend. She was happy he was moving back to Genoa City.

Nate was on a run in the park, and he got a call with good news. Elena happened by, and he said he wanted to take her out for champagne. She noted that they weren’t date ready – he was shirtless and she was in scrubs. He said they’d go home and get ready and meet at Society. He jogged off. They arrived at the restaurant later, and he reminded her of the night he’d had good news but he wanted to wait until it was locked in. She remembered unsuccessfully trying to seduce the information out of him. She was willing to try again if she had to. He was open to that, but she jokingly threatened to kill him if he didn’t spit it out. He said he wanted to order some champagne first.

Back at Crimson Lights, Abby said Ben got a new job at the hospital, and while she might remind him of happier times, before Max’s illness, there was nothing more to it than that. Devon asked if Abby was sure, and she said a hundred percent. Ben had been a happy distraction from worrying about Mariah and the baby. Devon accepted this and said he was just being protective. Abby said she and Ben had some painful times, but that was the past. She was happy for him, and she thought this could be the start of a new chapter for him. “Besides, how could he turn down a job like chief of surgery at Memorial?,” Abby asked.

Meanwhile, at Society, Nate shared his good news with Elena. “You are now sitting across from the table from the new chief of surgery at Memorial,” Nate said.

Mariah awoke with a start in a windowless room with a single bed, dresser and desk. She held her belly and did some calming exercises to pass the serenity on to the baby. She told herself that this was all very normal and that she wasn’t agitated or claustrophobic. She went to the door, but it was still locked. She plead with her captor to let her out. “Guess we’re still prisoners,” a resigned Mariah said to the baby, when she got no response. Mariah said she’d tried everything – screaming, crying, begging and threatening, and the person keeping them in here was giving them serious silent treatment. She promised the baby that she’d get them out of there and get him back to his mom. Mariah wasn’t surprised when the dumbwaiter sent down a tray of food. It was right on schedule. She told the baby that the food wasn’t that bad. Her captor also sent her a bottle of prenatal vitamins. Mariah started to panic, and she tried to calm herself. She promised the baby that they’d get through this together. She went back to the dumbwaiter, but it was locked. She banged on it and demanded to know who this person was and what they wanted.

At the Chancellor house, Tessa quickly closed her laptop when Nina came in. With Nina’s encouragement, Tessa admitted she’d been looking up that tracking app Ben mentioned. She thought she knew enough of Mariah’s information and passwords to make it work. Tessa knew Nina and Abby were against it, but she couldn’t just do nothing, and she didn’t want Nina taking this wrong, but she wasn’t going to argue about it. Nina said Mariah and Tessa were partners, and Tessa should do what she thought was right. Tessa had sent a text asking Mariah to send a clue if something was wrong. Mariah didn’t respond, which made Tessa fear that something actually was wrong. Tessa couldn’t explain it – it was a gut feeling. Nina told Tessa to trust her instincts. Tessa tearfully said Mariah was the woman she loved, and she couldn’t stand not knowing if she was okay. Tessa knew how Abby and Nina felt, but she said that if nothing was wrong, Mariah would be furious with her, not Nina or Abby. She turned on the app to track Mariah’s phone. Tessa waited for the app to work. Nina had no problem with Tessa’s decision. She said that Mariah and Tessa had a special bond, and anyone could see how in love they were. Tessa tearfully said thanks. She said she’d do anything to hear Mariah’s voice and see her beautiful face. The app returned a message that the phone’s location was blocked.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Abby talks to Devon because she continues to be worried about Mariah. Devon distracts Abby by telling her how well his relationship with Amanda is progressing. Abby tells Devon that Stitch is staying in town because he has been offered the job of chief of surgery at Memorial Hospital.

Tessa continues to worry about Mariah and she decides to turn on an app to track her phone. The app says that the phone has been blocked. Mariah awakens in a room with no windows, and tries to stay calm while she figures out a way to escape her mysterious captor.

Nate has a night out on the town with Elena to celebrate his new job as chief of surgery at Memorial Hospital. Phyllis sends a video of Tara and Sally arguing in the elevator of the Grand Phoenix to Kyle and Jack. Kyle and Jack wonder what the argument is about since the video doesn’t have any sound. Kyle sends a text message to Tara asking her to come home because he needs to talk to her.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, July 27 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis demanded to know what Kyle was accusing her of. Kyle wanted Phyllis to stop playing mind games with Tara – pretending to be her friend when she wasn’t. He understood that she was upset Summer left, but it wasn’t fair to scapegoat Tara. He said Phyllis already laid blame on him, and the child he refused to walk away from. He noted that Phyllis even hinted that she might be interested in starting things up with Tara again, which wasn’t remotely true. “So stop taking your anger out on Tara because you don’t trust me,” he snapped. “No, it’s Tara I don’t trust,” Phyllis replied. She said that Tara was looking for another powerful and wealthy family to latch onto for her and her kid. He pointed out that he was that child’s father, and Tara had been invited to stay. Phyllis argued that Tara engineered the invitation, and she was taking advantage of Kyle’s generosity and his love for his son. She believed Tara pushed Summer out of town.

Kyle challenged Phyllis to explain how Tara ran Summer out of town. He wasn’t surprised when Phyllis admitted she didn’t have proof. She vowed to find proof and show it to him. She didn’t intend to have this conversation with him now, but he’d forced her hand, and she was okay with that, because now this information was on his radar. He asked if Summer said that Tara forced her to leave or if this was just another story Phyllis concocted. “How dare you!,” Phyllis yelled, before bursting into tears. She said she knew her daughter better than anyone, and Summer wouldn’t have done this. She said Summer didn’t even want her to uncover the truth, but she was going to do it regardless. Kyle didn’t believe Tara manipulated Summer into leaving. He asked why Summer would says she didn’t love him instead of fighting for what they had. Phyllis told Kyle to look back on all the conversations he had with Summer, when he was moving Tara and Harrison into the house, and think about what she’d said that he didn’t hear at the time. “No. No. No. I am not letting you do this,” he bellowed. He’d spent weeks going over every moment he shared with Summer trying to find a clue of something that happened or something he may have done wrong, and he’d even blamed Sally for it. Phyllis told Kyle he was right about Sally. She pointed out that Sally and Tara benefited from Summer’s exit – Sally got Summer’s job, which she’d been after since she got to town, and Tara was living in the Abbott guest room. She said Sally and Tara were in it together.

Kyle said that was enough. Tara and Sally barely knew each other. Phyllis contended that Tara and Sally were closer than Kyle thought. He knew she wished Tara had gone back to NY. Phyllis did wish that, and she asked why Tara didn’t leave. He said he didn’t want to live a thousand miles away from his son. He intended to be a solid reliable presence in Harrison’s life, especially now that Ashland was sick. He understood that was hard for Phyllis and Summer to accept. He asked her to stop taking her emotions out on Tara and spreading nonsense about her being involved with Sally. Phyllis told Kyle not to let his emotions for his son cloud his judgment to the point that he couldn’t see what Tara was doing. He refused to waste more time on this. He said the bottom line was Summer chose to leave him. He walked out.

Summer visited her grandparents at their hotel suite in Italy. They’d toured the offices at Marchetti earlier. Summer said it was first rate, from top to bottom. Leslie Brooks even popped in last week, and she was going to be wearing a Marchetti gown at the concert. Summer was sorry they didn’t get a chance to meet Angela Marchetti, but she was traveling. She sounded upbeat about her job. Victor thought this sounded wonderful, but he recalled that she had a hard time when she was offered this job, and he asked if she had second thoughts about moving away. Summer stated that she missed her family and hometown, and she missed Kyle too, but she still thought she made the right choice. She wasn’t ready to be a stepmom or deal with Kyle’s ex being a constant presence. She said she was at peace with everything. Victor bought it, and he was glad to hear that. He stepped out to take a call.

Nikki asked Summer to be completely honest – was this really the life she wanted? Summer meant everything she said – she had a great job in an amazing city, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. She and Kyle kept going back and forth, and it if was meant to be, it wouldn’t be so hard, and there would be no hesitation from either of them. Summer asked if Nikki agreed that it wouldn’t be hard if it were meant to be. Nikki tactfully said Summer was asking the wrong person. Nikki noted that Summer didn’t pursue the job – it fell into her lap. Summer said that now that she was here, the job felt right, and she had to hold onto that because being away from Kyle didn’t feel right. Summer admitted that at least ten times a day, something unbelievable happened, and her first thought was to tell Kyle, then she remembered. Nikki knew the feeling. Summer said Kyle was her best friend, they even worked in the same building. They were a team, and it felt unnatural to be so disconnected from him. Nikki said Summer and Kyle had a long history, and what they had was rare and special. She thought it was normal that Summer felt this sense of loss. Summer said she wanted to be with Kyle so long that it hurt to imagine a future without him, but she had to let go of that. She confided that she wasn’t happy yet, but she hoped she’d get there.

Sally ran into Jack at Society, and he invited her to sit. They both had a great time at dinner the other night. She said Kyle made it clear that he wasn’t happy Jack and Sally were spending time together. Jack said Kyle was protective of him, which was understandable given certain aspects of Sally’s history. He said Kyle wanted him to be happy. Sally also wanted Jack to be happy. She couldn’t help wondering where she and Jack went from here. He thought it was obvious that he definitely felt a connection with her. There was an ease when he was with her, she was easy on the eyes, intelligent, witty and a fighter, which he admired even when it was sometimes to her detriment. He was willing to give it another shot. She knew some people wouldn’t be pleased, but he said he made his own decisions. He thought she could go anywhere she wanted in life. Sally said that hadn’t always been her experience, but hearing him say it made her believe it. It was exhausting to feel like you had to fight to hold onto what you had, and she didn’t want to do that anymore. Her goal was to win his trust. He was happy to hear that, but he didn’t want her to feel like she was on trial. She suggested another date, and he said he’d make the arrangements.

At the Abbott house, Tara swore she’d never try and keep Ashland and Harrison from seeing each other, because that wouldn’t be fair to Harrison. Ashland asked if it was fair for Tara to have full custody. She didn’t want to discuss that. She wanted to come up with a plan to tell Harrison about Ashland’s illness. She wanted to relay what Sharon, the therapist had said. He was sure Tara was going to filter the information. Tara said that Sharon advised being forthright with Harrison and keep reminding him that he was loved and supported. Ashland thought all that made sense, and he said they’d talk with Harrison together after he’d talked to Harrison alone. Ashland knew the news would be devastating enough without confusing Harrison and making him think Tara and Ashland were back together. Tara didn’t think Harrison would even be thinking about that. They debated about it, and Ashland raised his voice. Tara said the therapist thought they should tell Harrison together. He argued that this was their decision and his illness. He didn’t know why she was fighting him on this. She raised her voice as well and said she was just trying to do what was best for Harrison. He thought she was only trying to do what was best for herself.

Ashland said he had to find a way to prepare that sweet boy for the day he’d no longer be in his life. He wouldn’t have to do it if Tara didn’t leak his illness to the media. He was sure it was her. She told him he was making wild accusations, and he replied that she’d hidden Harrison’s paternity for years. She said that was why she didn’t want him talking to Harrison alone – because of the awful things he’d say to Harrison about her. He asked if she really thought he’d waste the time he had left on this earth being vengeful and trying to turn Harrison against his mother. He said that, if he was lucky, he had months with that sweet boy, and she had decades. She thought he resented her for that. He called her a master at making literally everything about herself. He thought it was clear that she wasn’t thinking about what was best for Harrison, or she wouldn’t have filed for full custody. He told her not to try and use Harrison to get control of the situation. She asked how he could say that with a straight face, given that he was literally the most controlling man she’d ever known. She said Victoria might buy the kinder gentler version of him, but Tara had years of experience with the real thing. He said his illness had changed him, but she hadn’t changed a bit. He hoped that someday someone exposed her for the fraud she was.

Tara asked if he was through mudslinging so they could get back to the matter at hand. He said he had neither the desire nor the strength to continue this conversation, so they could discuss it another time. She asked why not now. He said she’d made it so adversarial. Harrison was a smart sensitive boy, and if they talked to him now, Ashland was sure he’d pick up on their animosity. Jack walked in, as Tara was complaining that Ashland was making it like she was the problem. Jack asked if things were okay. Ashland brought him up to speed. Ashland knew Jack was in the park when he didn’t handle things so well. Jack said he didn’t witness the incident, but he confirmed that he saw the video. He said it wasn’t Ashland’s finest hour. Ashland wished he could get his hands on the person who filmed the video. He said he had to explain things to Harrison in a way that wouldn’t frighten or confuse him. He wanted Jack’s help convincing Tara that he needed to have this conversation with his son alone. Ashland left.

Tara told Jack how Kyle had Sharon visit to give them advice on Harrison. Jack thought Sharon was a great resource. Tara said Ashland didn’t want to follow Sharon’s advice that they talk to Harrison together. She said Ashland went on a personal attack. She just wanted to do what was best for Harrison. Jack assured Tara that the Abbotts were there to help.

Phyllis saw Sally walk into the hotel and sit in the lounge. She proceeded to call Sally. Sally answered and pointed out that she was right across from Phyllis. Phyllis put her plan into motion. She approached Sally with an invoice and said a new employee accidentally charged some things to Sally’s room. She asked Sally to look over the charges and tell her which ones were incorrect. Sally studied the bill while griping about the bogus charges and vowing to leave a scathing review of The Grand Phoenix. While Sally was occupied, Phyllis picked up a stack of folders that were on the table between them, and she slipped Sally’s phone into the pile.

Phyllis went back to the bar. She discreetly used Sally’s phone to text Tara. “We have a problem. Phyllis has figured things out.”

Damn it,” Tara said as she received the text, and at that moment, Kyle came home and asked what was wrong. She let him think it was Ashland who had her upset. She vented about Ashland and called him self-centered. She supposed she’d be the same way in Ashland’s shoes, though. She assured him she and Ashland would work this out somehow.

Billy dropped by Victoria’s to talk with her about how the kids were handling things. She asked if something was wrong – was Johnny feeling sick again? He said Johnny was better, and he was back at day camp. She thanked him for letting the kids spend the majority of their time with him and Lily at least for now. He said he saw her and Nate talking, and he assumed it was about Ashland. She revealed that she knew he’d also gone to Nate about Ashland. He pretended not to know what she was talking about. She said he quizzed Nate about an anonymous friend with the exact same symptoms of Ashland. She wondered if he was planning another tasteless invasion of Ashland’s privacy or if he was truly that concerned about Ashland’s condition. He said he was concerned about her.

Billy said that when he asked Nate’s opinion about a sick friend, he didn’t know how close Victoria and Ashland had gotten. He said Nate saw through him and assumed it was for a story, a story ChancComm decided not to publish. He said he was genuinely happy for her. He only figured out the truth about Ashland’s prognosis when she let it slip that the kids would only be staying at Billy and Lily’s for a few months. Victoria said they didn’t know how long Ashland had. He thought it was important that she and Ashland follow through with the plan to give each other as much joy as they could. He said it kind of took his breath away when he realized she loved Ashland. She told him not to sound so surprised. He’d told Lily that he thought Victoria met the right person at the right time. He knew Victoria was being brave, but it had to be devastating for her not to have much time. He said he was talking as her ex, as the father of her children and as a friend. He promised she could tell him anything, and he wouldn’t ever share it. Her eyes filled with tears. She said he was right, it was awful, and she did love Ashland.

Victoria said Ashland was a proud man, and with good reason. He was fierce, determined and intelligent. It was hard watching him struggle with this cancer he didn’t know he had. She wondered if the merger was a mistake. So much of who Ashland was was tied up in this company, and it was like he was handing over a vital part of himself. Billy said Ashland had a lot to live for, and he could afford treatment. Victoria said there was no cure, and the side effects were brutal. He found it hard to believe she was going along with this. She said she was trying to convince Ashland to get the treatment. He was sure Ashland would want to spend as much time with Harrison and Victoria as possible. Victoria thought it was even more reprehensible that Tara was seeking full custody. She thought Tara was acting out of spite because Ashland cut her off. He asked if Ashland knew how lucky he was that he found Victoria. She hoped Billy knew that was why things were moving so quickly and why she wasn’t acting like her usual cautious self. He understood now. Sometimes it was overwhelming for her to think about Ashland dying, but she couldn’t let him know how much it hurt. Billy said that was what he’d been concerned about all along – that Victoria would get hurt. She was appalled because she thought he was saying “I told you so.”

Victoria regretted confiding in Billy. He said he must’ve misspoke, or she misunderstood. “When you are in pain, I am in pain,” he said. He was watching her open her heart to a guy in a tough place, and she’d have to watch him succumb to the disease. At first he didn’t understand why she wanted to do that, but now he understood. Victoria assumed Billy thought she should get out of this while she could. Ashland entered and went into the kitchen. He overheard Billy say “I think you’re exactly what Ashland needs right now. I think you need each other.”

Ashland walked into the living room and said that was quite the endorsement, considering the source. Billy meant every word. Ashland believed that. Billy thought it was clear Victoria and Ashland were committed to each other, and he knew that she wouldn’t listen if he tried to get her to bail either way. He thought Ashland’s condition sucked and he was sympathetic. Ashland asked if Billy would keep reports of his predicament off his media platform. He didn’t want Harrison to hear about it, and even someone that young could pick up information from the internet. Billy promised not to do any stories of any kind about this. Victoria and Ashland appreciated that. Victoria thanked Billy for being such a good listener, and he said anytime. He left.

Ashland asked what Victoria said to her ex that turned him into such a good listener. She said she told Billy that she felt a little overwhelmed from time to time, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She said she also admitted to Billy that she was in love with Ashland. Ashland’s mouth fell open. Victoria understood it was going quickly, but this wasn’t a normal situation, and she didn’t have time to waste. She needed what he brought to her life. “I love you, Ashland. And don’t tell me not to feel that way. Don’t even try,” she firmly said. “I – I guess I need to find a way to stay alive,” he said. He promised to start treatment, and he hoped he got lucky and it worked.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Jack tells Sally that he wants to give their relationship another chance and he will call her with the details of their next date.

Kyle demands that Phyllis quit playing head games with Tara and leave her alone. Phyllis tells Kyle that she thinks Tara and Sally worked together to get Summer out of town, but she doesn’t have any proof yet. Phyllis assures Kyle that when she gets the proof he will be the first person to see it. Phyllis tells Kyle that Tara is taking advantage of his love for Harrison. Kyle doesn’t believe anything Phyllis tells him because he thinks its a story she made up because she can’t handle Summer being gone. Phyllis manages to grab Sally’s phone and send a message to Tara she needs to see her right away.

Summer admits to Nikki that it is hard for her to accept that Kyle is no longer a part of her life.

Billy and Victoria have a long talk where Victoria tells Billy that it hurts to think that Ashland is dying because she is in love with him. Billy tells Ashland and Victoria he will not publish a story about his situation. Tara and Ashland argue because he wants to talk to Harrison about his illness without her because he has to make his son understand he won’t be around much longer. Victoria tells Ashland she is in love with him so he decides to get treatment for his cancer and maybe he will get lucky and the treatment will work.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday July 26 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Christine

Sharon accidentally said Adam’s name when she meant Rey. Faith noticed Sharon was rattled. Sharon rushed out of the coffeehouse, with an excuse about running errands. Moses and told Faith he was interested in looking into a career in music. Nate told Moses to give some thought to what he wanted to do and think of what he’d be giving up if he didn’t go into medicine. Faith thought Moses should do what made him happy. Phyllis and Billy discussed Sally and Tara. Phyllis was sure that Summer would come home to her family and the love of her life after Tara and Sally were exposed. Billy thought Summer might stay in Milan for her dream job. He wasn’t sure Kyle and Summer were the love of each other’s lives, but Phyllis was confident Summer would return to claim what was rightfully hers. Tara told Kyle that Phyllis didn’t like her and held her responsible for Summer leaving town. Kyle said it was no one’s fault Summer left, and he promised he’d be there to support Tara. Kyle wondered why Summer suddenly had a change in attitude and left town. Being left by Summer hurt, but he felt that she’d done what she had to do. Kyle invited Sharon over to ask how to approach Ashland’s illness with Harrison. Sharon didn’t think it was a good idea to exclude Ashland from the discussion with Harrison or to cut Ashland out of Harrison’s life. Kyle talked Tara into meeting Ashland to try and compromise. Since she wanted to meet Ashland alone, Kyle went and confronted Phyllis about what she was doing to Tara. Adam disappointed Chelsea when he told her that it was time for Connor to come home. He assured her she could spend as much time with Connor as she wanted once she returned to Genoa City. Rey would be coming home in a few days, and Adam wanted him to drive Connor home too. Chloe arrived for her first day at work at Newman Media. Since she didn’t trust Adam, things didn’t go smoothly at first, but they reached an understanding. Adam ran into Sharon. Referencing their talk the other day, she told him not to try and rope her into talking about their history, because it was in the past. She said she felt pulled toward Rey, not Adam. Adam and Sharon seemed affected by their chance encounter. Ashland told Victoria that he still thought the merger was a great idea. She tried to talk him into treatment, but she couldn’t get through to him. Tara and Ashland met, and she told him she was willing to discuss talking to Harrison about the cancer as a team. Ashland felt he and Tara stopped being a team when she went for full custody. Billy overheard Victoria asking Nate about experimental treatments for people with lung cancer.

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Y&R Update Monday, July 26 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Billy and Phyllis ran into each other in the hotel lobby. His meeting just canceled on him. She suggested he let Lily handle the meetings because no one would cancel on her. He agreed, but Lily took a last minute trip out of town to visit Mattie. He suggested he and Phyllis discuss Tara. She thought his theory that Sally and Tara were working together was correct. She was pretty sure they drove her daughter out of town. He wasn’t exactly sure Tara was capable of pulling that off. Phyllis said Tara was relying on Harrison to do that for her. She stated that Harrison was an Abbott that Jack and Kyle didn’t know about. Billy noted that this happened because Tara hid the truth. Phyllis said Jack and Kyle couldn’t see that – they only saw a child who needed their love. Phyllis said Tara was getting close to the Abbotts because she didn’t want to give up her gilded lifestyle. Billy said that made it open season on poor vulnerable Kyle. Phyllis didn’t understand why, but Summer recommended Sally for her job at JCV. That was soul crushing for Phyllis, because she knew Summer hated Sally. Billy asked if Phyllis thought Summer was forced to do it. She didn’t know; they just had to figure out what happened so Summer could come home. He asked if she was sure Summer wanted to come home.

Phyllis said Summer loved Genoa City, and she loved her family. “I inspire her,” Phyllis said. Billy noted that whatever dirty tricks Sally and Tara played, Summer did get her dream job. Phyllis said that was true, but would Summer sacrifice the love of her life? Billy was fond of Kyle and Summer, but he wasn’t sure he was the love of her life, given all the ups and downs. He said Summer left Kyle before. He thought maybe Sally and Tara just hastened the demise of the relationship. Phyllis refused to accept Billy’s pessimistic attitude. She said no wonder his meeting canceled on him, because he was a downer. She was sure her daughter would want to come back to reclaim what was rightfully hers. “She is her mother’s daughter!” She cried that Sally and Tara pushed her daughter out of town, and she could not, and would not let this stand.

At the Abbott house, Kyle suggested to Tara that they take Harrison to a pool party for kids at the Grand Phoenix. She wasn’t enthusiastic, because she said Phyllis didn’t like her. She wasn’t a fan of the way Phyllis made herself welcome at Kyle and Tara’s table yesterday. He advised taking Phyllis with a grain of salt. Tara said that she hated to say this about the woman who was nearly his mother in law, but she thought Phyllis held her responsible for Summer leaving town. “You are responsible,” Kyle replied. She looked shaken, and he said that didn’t come out right. He said Harrison was his kid, and he wouldn’t change that for anything, but it put a burden on Summer, which wasn’t anyone’s fault. Part of him wanted to believe there was more to the story, though. He noted that Summer kept saying she was fine with things, then she suddenly did a 180 and left. He said, in a way, Summer leaving him was honest. She’d broken his heart in ways he couldn’t have dreamed of, but she felt the way she did, and she did what she had to do. Tara said she was sorry, and Kyle told her it wasn’t her fault. She said it wasn’t his job to make her feel better about this. He felt that it was his job to make this okay for all of them, including Harrison. He suggested he have Sharon Rosales come by – she was a therapist who worked with kids. He knew Tara had strong feelings about keeping Ashland away from Harrison after what happened in the park, but Kyle wanted to make sure they did things the wrong way. She gushed about the way he always thought about what was right for Harrison. She said he really was the best.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon overfilled the sugar container, and it spilled on the counter. Faith and Moses walked in chatting about seasons. She liked summer, and he liked winter. Faith couldn’t believe Tigirlily was here the other day. She couldn’t wait for the concert. She asked what Sharon thought. Sharon hoped Adam would be back from Minnesota by then. Faith pointed out that Sharon meant Rey. Sharon said she was just anxious for Rey to come home, and she was frazzled because her employee was late. She abruptly put Faith in charge of the coffeehouse, stating that she had errands to run. Faith was nervous that someone would place a complicated order, but Sharon promised she wouldn’t be gone long. She left, and Faith and Moses exchanged quizzical looks. Once she was outside, Sharon exhaled.

Moses stood in front of Faith, tasting several cups of coffee, as she explained that brewing coffee was a science. Once she’d mastered the classics, she could branch out and spice things up. He asked her not to hate him, but he couldn’t drink another ounce of his experiments – the caffeine was getting to him. She asked about his future plans. He was interested in checking out a career in music. He was excited to go backstage at the New Hope concert and see how things were put together. He said medicine was great, intellectually, but music. Faith saw Nate walk in, and she quickly greeted him to stop Moses before he could say more. Nate told Moses to ask himself if he really wanted to go into medicine and consider what he’d be giving up if he didn’t. Faith thought they could all agree that Moses should do the thing that made him happy. Nate said of course.

Sharon was at the Abbott house. Kyle correctly assumed she saw the video with Ashland and Harrison at the park. He explained that he and Tara were trying to figure out what amount of time Harrison should spend with Ashland and how to tell their son about Ashland’s illness. Tara said they just wanted to protect Harrison. Sharon worried about the impulse to eliminate Ashland from the conversation about his own disease. It could send a message to Harrison that illness and death were unnatural, and he could grow up being afraid of people who had impairments. If they limited contact, Sharon thought Harrison would feel abandoned by his dad and he’d probably blame himself and wonder what he did wrong. She thought Harrison needed to know his father loved him. She thought Tara and Ashland needed to talk to Harrison together and be loving, gentle and above all, be truthful. Kyle said that made so much sense, and it was exactly what they needed, but Tara had a strained expression.

After Sharon left, Kyle asked Tara what she thought. She felt Sharon was knowledgeable and generous to come talk with them, but she said this wasn’t just about that one day in the park. She didn’t think she could reason with Ashland, who was the type of person to smash anyone who got in his way. She said he was already furious with her for filing for sole custody. Kyle thought on some level, Ashland knew he overreacted in the park, and he might even understand Tara’s reaction. He thought they might be able to make a compromise that helped Harrison. She moaned that she hated living her life under a microscope – Ashland resented her, Phyllis had crazy ideas about her ulterior motives, and she worried that Kyle and Jack would judge her too. He promised he and his dad would always be on her side. He said he’d handle Phyllis, but this stalemate with Locke had to end.

Adam and Chelsea video chatted while he was in his office. She told him that Anita was doing well, but she had a long road ahead and would need a lot of physical therapy. Connor was doing fine. It meant a lot to Chelsea that Adam let Connor come. Adam was glad to hear that, but it was time for Connor to come home. Chelsea protested that he just got here. Adam said Connor had lacrosse camp in a few days, and it wouldn’t be fair to upend his entire summer schedule. Chelsea and Connor had already made plans for outings to go on while Anita was at her appointments. Adam said they’d make up for it by giving Chelsea as much time as she wanted with Connor when she got back to Genoa City. She asked how he’d get home. As far as Adam knew, Rey was coming back in a day or two, and he could drive Connor home. Chelsea begged for a little more time. Adam was sympathetic, but he stood firm. He added that Connor went on the trip so that he could be reassured that Chelsea was healthy, and he’d seen that now. He said she and Connor could video chat, and she’d see him soon, and that what was important. “You’re right,” she sadly said. The call ended.

Chloe arrived, and Adam welcomed her to her first day at Newman Media. She wasn’t sure she was brave or crazy. Never in her wildest nightmares did she expect this to happen. He was glad she was on board. She glanced around and said she was checking for booby traps, just in case his offer wasn’t the altrustic gesture he said it was. He didn’t mind, so she looked around a bit more thoroughly. She said it was a good move for him to let Chelsea take Connor. He told her that Connor would be coming home soon. She was surprised he was pulling the plug already. He said he was trying to meet everyone’s needs, not that he owed her an explanation. He thought it best that they focus on work, and she agreed. He told her that he was giving her free reign to hire her own team. He trusted her fashion sense. She asked if he was still willing to let her hire Chelsea when the time came. He said he had no reason to go back on his word. He thought it’d be good for Chelsea. “So, you’re not setting Chelsea up the same way you did with Connor – make a promise then break it?” she asked. He said that wasn’t going to happen. She wondered if this was another one of his mind games and if this new leaf of his was just one big act. She vowed to make sure the whole world knew that his change was a hoax. He agreed and ordered her to get out. She said she wasn’t going anywhere because they had a contract. She had Michael look at it to make sure it it was legit. He told her to go and take that envelope with her. She asked what it was, a restraining order? He said it was the key to her new office. She was speechless. He knew that she’d been trying to push his buttons and get a reaction out of him. He felt that they needed to get that out of the way if they were going to work together. Now that she knew his anger was fake, she chuckled and called him a piece of work. He laughed. He knew she’d never trust him, but he accepted the challenge that she’d come around eventually. He felt that if she could one day see him in a new light, anyone could. She told him not to hold his breath, and she left.

At the park, Sharon called Rey and left a message that she just needed to hear his voice and she hoped he’d be home soon. Adam walked up and said her name, startling her. She smiled and asked if he was following her. She apologized for saying that, because she didn’t mean it. She’d just been jumpy the past few days, then he just came out of nowhere. He teased that it was a public park, in broad daylight that could be filled with crying babies or suspicious butterflies. He asked what had her spooked. She said it was their conversation the other day – he turned it around and made it about them. He thought the conversation had flowed naturally from their discussion about Billy accusing him of putting on a performance to try and get her back. She didn’t see how that lead to the topic of whether she preferred good Adam or bad Adam. She announced that she didn’t feel a pull toward either side of him. She felt pulled toward Rey, who would be coming home soon after looking out for Adam’s ex, of all people. She told him not to try and rope her into talking about their history, because it was in the past. She left.

Sharon went back to Crimson Lights, where Faith was showing her latte-foam heart to Moses. He thought it resembled a pineapple, but it was cool. Faith asked Sharon’s opinion. She barely glanced at it, but she said it was great. Faith asked if everything was okay. Sharon said she was fine, she was just thinking about Rey. Sharon went into the storage room and just stood there.

Adam went back to work and sighed. Chloe entered the office and asked him to look over some designs. He opened his laptop like he’d do it, but as soon as she left, he closed the lid and just sat there, staring off at nothing.

At their place, Ashland said he had a minor anxiety attack, and now Victoria was questioning whether the merger was a mistake. He didn’t know she was an alarmist. She said she wasn’t; she just wanted to make sure they were acting in his best interest. He said that the merger was the most exciting thing he’d done in his career. He didn’t have any regrets. She reminded him he’d just admitted he was having panic attacks because he was giving up things that were important to him. He clarified that he wasn’t talking about his business. He said everything changed – his marriage, the child he thought was his flesh and blood, the illness that would steal his life, the legacy he’d planned to create by passing his business on to his son. He told her that she was the one thing that kept his burden from being so much worse. She thought she knew a way to stop the panic attacks.

Ashland knew Victoria was going to suggest getting treatment for the cancer. He was right. She felt that if he got treatment and controlled his health, it’d help alleviate his stress. She conceded that yoga and breathing would help, but she thought that the real cause was that he was struggling because he felt he was out of control. He didn’t want to keep having this conversation. He said if she were any other person on earth, she wouldn’t dare keep revisiting this same point day after day. He said he’d told her again and again he didn’t want treatment. She replied that she couldn’t let go – this thing between them was getting deeper and deeper, and she knew it was selfish, but she wanted it to last as long as possible. He wanted that too, but he didn’t want to deal with awful side effects just so he could have an extra half hour of his life. She didn’t want that for him, but she just kept thinking about his reasoning. She said he admitted he was having terrible panic attacks that knocked him to the ground. “Do you know that’s a hell of a thing to hear from the toughest man that I’ve ever met in my life?” she asked. She told him he was a control freak in the best possible way, and he was upfront about his power position, and that was how he’d always defined himself until now. She didn’t understand why he was letting the disease define him.

Victoria gave Ashland tea, which he compared to lawn clippings, but he assumed it was good for him. She thought it’d be restorative after his episode. He appreciated it. He felt exponentially better just being around her. She gathered that he wasn’t going to change his mind. She said it was too hard for the great and powerful Ashland Locke was wrong and she was right. She knew she was a bit manipulative before, but she was running out of ways to make him see that he’d made his decision in haste. She said he was a force, and he had so much to give. She wanted to get as much as she could. She promised to personally see to it that any extra time he had was a gift. He got a call from Tara, and he apologized to Victoria, but he needed to take this.

Tara told Ashland that they had a lot to discuss. Kyle nodded in approval. Kyle told Tara that he’d open the door to Ashland then join her on the couch to show they were a united front. She noted that he’d put a lot of thought into this, and she said he was very sweet, but she should handle this on her own. She wondered what she was going to say about Harrison’s custody. She said that depended on what Ashland said when he got there. Ashland arrived and asked where Tara’s entourage of Abbotts was. She said she wanted to talk alone about explaining things to Harrison. She was willing to do it as a team. He said they were no longer a team, which she made crystal clear when she went for sole custody. She told him not to make this harder. He scoffed and asked if he should make this easy for her. She said she was making an effort. The only effort he cared about was the one she made when she tried to keep Harrison from ever seeing him again.

Kyle went to the hotel and confronted Phyllis. “Tell me what the hell you’re doing to Tara,” he demanded.

Victoria met with Nate at Society. Billy walked in and listened from a distance. Victoria said a friend had been diagnosed with small lung cell carcinoma. She knew this wasn’t his specialty, but she was hoping she could learn some things to give him a reason to consider treatment. Nate said he read the news, and he had a pretty good sense of who she was talking about. She didn’t want to use names. He told her that Billy had also come to him with hypothetical questions about a friend’s health. It was clear to Nate that Billy and Victoria were referring to the same person. She wasn’t surprised Billy asked about this, but she didn’t want to get into why he was curious. She knew about conventional treatments, and she knew this wasn’t about a cure, it was about buying time and making the most of it. Nate was glad Victoria had a clear view. With this type of cancer, they were talking small percentages with low odds of success for a small amount of time. She wanted to hear about clinical trials, promising experimental treatments on the horizon. Nothing was off the table. He noted that, as she said, oncology wasn’t his specialty, but he’d be happy to confer with colleagues. She appreciated that. She knew Nate had a lot on her plate, but she had to give her friend something. Anything. Billy left.

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GH Update Friday, July 23, 2021

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Deb

Nikolas and Spencer enter Metro Court pool area. Spencer tells Nikolas to chill out and enjoy the sun and hanging out with his son, unless that isn’t what he wants. Nikolas says he does, so Spencer tells him to get something to drink while he goes and changes into his suit. As Nikolas strolls up to the bar, Ava and Trina enter and head to the bar. Nikolas looks please to see Ava.

Shawn enters the police station and greets Jordan, telling her he brings some news. Sam is with Alexis in the interrogation room and talking how much nicer it will be for her at the new facility, being able to walk outside. Alexis walks away and Sam realizes how difficult things are for her. Sam apologizes to Alexis and Alexis tells her not to worry, that at least Sam is putting a positive spin on everything.

Lenny enters the Tan-O dining area with Phyllis’s, carrying a beer keg. “Mike” is at the bar and goes around and grabs the keg from Lenny. Phyllis is telling Lenny he needs to take it easy, as that was the instruction from the doctor. Lenny tells Phyllis that he wants things in order before he goes into the hospital. Phyllis looks frustrated and sighs. There is a knock on the outside door, and Phyllis, exasperated, says, “We don’t open for another hour.” “Mike” tells her that he’ll get the door. Phyllis and Lenny exit the dining area as “Mike” goes to answer the door. As he opens the door he says, “Sorry, we’re closed.” Nina is standing at the door, and they both smile. They say hello and they hug each other.

Anna and Valentin are in the Quartermain drawing room. He apologizes to her for not being with her last night. She tells him he needed to be with his daughter, who is an angel. Valentin says, “She doesn’t get it from me.” Anna replies, No.”  He asks her about her new theory, and she reluctantly tells him they should be looking for Peter’s enemy.

Elizabeth and Finn greet each other in the hospital hallway. They discuss how much fun it was to watch Violet at her T-ball game, to do something normal and not over think about Peter Austin. Terry walks around the corner and asks, “What’s this about Peter Austin?”

Britt is walking down the stairs in the hospital, thinking about her time with Jason in the gym boxing ring.  She shakes her head and whispers to herself to get it together. She turns as she hears Jason asking for Dr. Quartermain. She turns her head and sees Jason speaking to a nurse at the nurse’s station. The nurse says she isn’t in her office, but she can have her paged. Jason thanks her and sees Britt on the stairs. Britt continues down the stairs. Britt stops at the nurse’s station and turns toward the desk. Jason asks her if it is okay if he says hello. Britt defensively says, “It’s okay to say hello, as long as you know where we stand.” Jason replies, “As long as you know where to find me if you need me.” Britt replies, “I won’t need you.” Austin enters the nurse’s station telling Britt he understands she has to sign off on everything, and he places a folder down on the desk at the nurse’s station. Britt tells him she’s a little busy, and he says it will only take a few seconds. She tells him, “So will this,” as she looks at Jason. He lightly says okay, then turns toward Jason and says, “Hi cuz.” Jason doesn’t respond and Austin says, “Okay, not there yet. I understand.” Jason turns to leave saying he has to find Monica. Austin watches as Jason leaves and says to Britt, with a small smile on his face, “So, what’s going on with you and that guy?”

Elizabeth tells Terry that Finn was updating her on Anna’s search for Peter. Finn tells Terry that Anna hit a dead end. Terry says she’s so sorry, considering that Peter took Franco away from Elizabeth, and what he did to Finn’s brother. Terry says that if there were any real justice, someone would finish him off and be done with it. Finn looks off to the side with guilt.

Anna is saying to Valentin that they were looking for Peter’s ally, but if it was the opposite, then it all adds up. Anna reminds Valentin that David Hawkins, the helicopter pilot, said that the other man on the roof with Peter scared him off from landing. Valentin says that David was denied clearance, and Anna replies that it doesn’t seem likely that would stop him, given what Peter was paying him. Anna adds that Hopkins assumed this other man was trouble, and he wanted to avoid that. Peter didn’t call Hopkins back to say it was okay, that the man wasn’t a threat. Valentin says, “Because he was a threat.”

Nina enters the Tan-O. “Mike” asks Nina if it was hard to leave her grandson, and she replies that it was, but that this is where she belongs right now. “Mike” tells Nina that it will do Phyllis a world of good with Nina being here. Nina says she hopes so, but to be completely honest, Phyllis isn’t the only one she is there for. “Mike” and Nina look at each other.

Alexis tells Sam she is really happy that she’s being transferred, but she needs to remember that she has to serve her time, like everybody else does. Jordan and Shawn walk in, and Jordan announces that Shawn has some news to share. Shawn tells Alexis and Sam that it is official, all the paperwork is signed, and he is a free man.

At the pool, Nikolas tells Ava, as Trina looks on, that he didn’t know she would be there. Ava asks if that will be a problem, and Nikolas tells her that it won’t be. Trina says she will find her and Ava a spot and walks away. Ava explains that the gallery was slow, it was a beautiful day, and she and Trina decided to play hooky. Nikolas offers to leave it will be easier for Ava, and Ava replies, as she touches his chest with her sunglasses, “Oh Nikolas, what about us has ever been easy?” Ava walks off to join Trina and Nikolas watches her walk away. As Ava arrives at the spot Trina arranged for them, Trina says she will be right back. As Trina approaches the entry way near the pool bar, Spencer is entering. Trina tells Spencer he owes her one. He says, “Hello to you, too.” Trina tells him how it would have been so easy to let Nikolas know how Spencer had been in town for weeks before showing his face. Spencer tells her he is grateful and asks if he needs to thank her again. She says he doesn’t, especially now that she knows how he can make it up to her.

“Mike” asks Nina what she meant, and Phyllis enters and is excited to see Nina.  Phyllis tells Nina she should be with her family, and Nina tells her that she is family, too. Lenny approaches and says that Nina and he have a lot to say to each other.

Shawn lets Alexis and Sam know that the governor signed off, there is no more jail time, no parole conditions, and Judge Carson has been urged to resign or risk the consequences of a judicial review. Alexis asks about the other prisoners that Judge Carson sentenced, and Shawn tells her that the governor is reviewing all of them. Alexis asks him what is next, and he says that his focus will be on finding out who really shot Hayden.

Nikolas looks at Ava as he takes his drink to sit down near the pool. Trina grabs Spencer and tells him she has a plan, she intends to “Parent Trap” Nikolas and Ava, because they are miserable.  Trina tells Spencer that a couple on the brink of divorce who love each other, need to know they belong together. Spencer asks her, “What if they don’t?” He points out that someone hates them so much that Ava is terrified for her daughter’s safety. Trina says they shouldn’t give in, that Nikolas and Ava are stronger together. Spencer points out that the incidents have stopped since they broke up, which means this creep is willing to leave them alone now. Trina responds, “Cool, we’ll just give in to a terrorist.”  Spencer lets Trina know he was never really a fan of her boss to begin with. Trina walks off and says she will do it herself. Spencer looks frustrated.

Britt and Austin are at the nurse’s station. Britt asks for Austin’s support for the Chief of Staff position. He asks her what he gets in return. She tells him whatever he wants. He asks, “Whatever I want?” She replies, “Yes.” He tells her that okay, he is in. Britt walks away from the nurse’s station as Austin smiles.

Monica enters her office to find Jason there and they greet each other. He tells Monica that Spinelli did a deep dive on Austin, and that Austin seems to be everything he claims. Monica thanks him and Jason asks if there is anything else she needs. She tells him that he is able to read her very well, and that she would like to talk to him about his engagement.

Valentin and Anna, still in the Quartermaine drawing room, continue to discuss what Anna has begun to realize. Valentin says there were plenty of people at the hospital that day that wanted Peter brought to justice. Anna says that whoever was on that roof, Peter knew a clean getaway was impossible, there would be a witness. Valentin asks if she thinks Peter took out the other person on the roof. Anna replies that no, because nobody else was reported missing. Anna says, “The only reason that person didn’t come forward, is because they had something to do with Peter’s disappearance.” Valentin replies, “So you’re saying Peter didn’t leave the hospital because he was incapable of doing so.”

Lenny and Nina go sit at a table to talk alone at Lenny’s request. Lenny tells Nina he is so grateful for her connections that he is able to get the surgery tomorrow. Lenny tells her he still has reservations, but it is not about the cost.

Shawn says he owes it to Hayden and himself to get to the bottom of whoever shot her. Jordan tells them she and Alexis need to et going to take Alexis to her new prison. Sam hugs Alexis and Alexis tells Shawn to go live his life, and all that goes with it. Shawn tells Alexis the same.

Nikolas strolls into the pool area, and a waiter brings him a drink, saying “Compliments of the beautiful blonde on the last lounge chair.” Nikolas looks toward Ava. Spencer sits up and looks, while Trina looks on from the other end of the pool next to Ava. A waitress brings a drink to Ava, saying “Compliments of a certain gentleman.” When Ava asks which gentleman, the waitress points toward Nikolas, and Austin is standing right behind him. Ava smiles and Austin looks toward the pool.

Valentin, still in the Quartermain drawing room, asks Anna if she thinks the man on the roof with Peter that day incapacitated him, or worse. Anna replies she does. Valentin says, “And he’s been covering his tracks ever since.” Anna replies, “Yeah.”  Then Anna comments that, as Valentin said, there were any number of people at the hospital who wanted Peter dead, so it could have been anyone. Valentin replies that it could be, but that it is obvious that Anna has zeroed in on one. Valentin says it seems Anna is there because she wants him to talk her out of it, but he can’t do that. Valentin says there was one person at the hospital who had every reason to want Peter dead. Anna says, “Don’t say it.” Valentin says, “Finn.”

In the hospital corridor, Terry apologizes to Elizabeth and Finn for losing her cool about Peter. Finn tells her they appreciate it. She asks if she can still count on their support for the Chief of Staff position. Finn tells her she doesn’t even have to ask. Terry walks off and Elizabeth tells Finn she has an idea.

Elizabeth and Finn are walking outside, getting fresh air and have a private conversation. Finn says they are trapped, and Elizabeth responds that maybe not, if Terry gets the chief of staff position. Terry could make sure the cameras are turned off so they could move the body. Finn doesn’t like the idea of involving Terry. Elizabeth tells Finn that the last thing she wants is for Finn to turn himself in to protect her. Finn tells her the last thing he wants is for Peter’s body to be found with Elizabeth’s DNA on it. Finn says the best thing is if the body is never found. Elizabeth tells him there is a way, but Finn won’t like it. Elizabeth says they should get help from Jason.

Monica and Jason sit down on the sofa in Monica’s office. Monica tells Jason she isn’t trying to stop him from marrying Carly. She reminisces about AJ and how things were with Carly, and that Carly always used AJ. Monica wants Jason to know how hard it has been for her. Jason tells Monica that he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Carly.

At the pool, Ava decides to thank Austin for the drink, as she assumes he was the one who ordered it. Trina tries to stop her, to no avail. Ava approaches Austin and thanks him. Nikolas jumps up and tells Ava he appreciates the gesture of good will. Trina approaches behind Ava and Spencer approaches behind Nikolas. Ava is confused, and Nikolas thanks her for the drink. She tells him she didn’t and says that Austin bought her one. Austin says he didn’t buy anyone a drink. Spencer speaks up and says that the only one buying any drinks right now is Trina. Ava turns to look at Trina, who looks guilty.

Monica and Jason, still on Monica’s sofa, Monica is letting Jason know she doesn’t judge him. Jason expresses regrets about his behavior back then, all the lies by everyone, and that he understands how things were for AJ. He tells Monica they have all grown, and that Carly understands life better now, that she has learned to trust others. He reassures Monica that Carly and he know exactly what they are doing. He lets Monica know that he understands that this is hard for her and wants to know if she can accept it. Monica tells Jason she just wants him to be happy. She asks him if this was his choice, that Carly isn’t maneuvering him into it. Jason reassures her that it is. Monica tells him that she is happy for him. She does tell him that it will be difficult for her to be in the same room with Carly, but that she thinks it is the same for Carly. Jason lets her know he appreciates that she makes the effort form him. Monica tells Jason she loves him, and that her love for him and Michael are the two things she and Carly have in common. Jason and Monica hug. Jason leaves Monica’s office.

Lenny and Nina are still sitting at a table in the Tan-O. Lenny tells Nina that there was another reason that he was against her paying for everything, that she was offering Phyllis hope, because the growth that was found is on his pancreas. And that is often a death sentence. Nina responds by saying often isn’t always. Lenny tells Nina that he can get over someone providing the money for the medical treatment, but he can’t get over someone providing his wife hope, when there isn’t any.

In the hospital hallway outside the elevators, Britt and Terry are walking in opposite directions and greet each other cordially, “Dr. Randolph.” “Dr. Westbourne.” They each mention that they notice the other having talks with their individual supporters. Britt asks Terry what she needs to do to get Terry to drop out of the competition. Britt says that since Terry is “team Elizabeth,” maybe Britt could give Elizabeth a raise. Terry responds that that is exactly why she wants to be chief of staff, that she doesn’t double deal or get into bed with scum like Cyrus Renault. Terry says she wants what is best for the hospital. Britt says she does too. Monica walks up to ask if everything is alright. Terry says yes and Britt says, “Just peachy.” Monica replies good, because she wants to see both of them in her office. Monica walks away, and both Terry and Britt gesture for the other to go ahead, both gritting their teeth.

Still in the Quartermain drawing room, Anna tells Valentin she went to the hospital to let Finn know about their progress in the search for Peter.  Valentin, caringly, asks, “And?” Anna, shakily replies, “It was all there. In his body language, the way he spoke, an uh, it just made sense suddenly.” She continued, “The description; male, tall, light suit, dark hair to the collar, it was Finn.” Valentin looks on Anna with a pained expression.

Finn and Elizabeth continue to discuss the situation while outside. Elizabeth is telling Finn that getting Jason involved will solve all their problems. Finn expresses concern that any goodwill they may have with the cops will go right out the window if they collaborate with a hitman. Elizabeth tells Finn that Jason doesn’t get caught. As Elizabeth and Finn are having their animated discussion, Jason comes along, out of sight of Elizabeth and Finn. He moves closer to hear their discussion. Jason hears Elizabeth tell Finn that Jason has dealt with people just like Peter, and he doesn’t get caught because there isn’t any evidence. Finn tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t think they can involve anyone else, that Peter was a threat, now he isn’t. They need to deal with the situation themselves.

Nina, still sitting with Lenny, tells him she believes in hope, and she believes in him. Lenny asks Nina to promise that when it becomes clear there is no more battle to fight, she won’t let Phyllis continue to hope. Before Nina can respond, Phyllis approaches and asks if they are finished. Nina wipes away tears and Lenny tells her he is so grateful. Phyllis and Lenny go hand and hand to sit at the bar, “Mike” approaches Nina and asks her if she is okay. Nina tells “Mike” she is so sorry they are going through this and that she is happy she is there, that she is…. “Mike” says, “You’re home?” Nina smiles.

Alexis and Jordan walk into a room with tables, chairs, a counter with cups, a bulletin board, and a guard standing by a window.  Jordan explains that everything is separated by gender, except for the communal recreation area, as she gestures around the room.  Alexis comments it is similar to her freshman room. Jordan reminds her that it is still a prison. She cautions Alexis that the warden will make things difficult if it appears that it is anything other than rest and rehabilitation, and she could even end up back at Pentonville.

Shawn and Sam are talking in the police station, and Sam asks him about the voice message he left her asking if she was still doing P.I. work. Shawn says he has a job for her, and Sam says she guesses it is about finding the person who committed the crime he went to prison for.

At the pool, upon hearing that Trina had planned to “Parent Trap” Nikolas and Ava, Austin asks her if she is a twin. Spencer says that Trina is trying to convince Nikolas an Ava that they are still in love with each other. Nikolas replies that she isn’t wrong. Ava turns to Trina and asks if she has anything to say. Trina apologizes. She says she realizes it was juvenile, but that she hates what all this is doing to Ava, and that Ava is supposed to be happy. Spenser says to Nikolas and Ava that it obviously can’t be easy, and to Trina he says, “But you can not play with people’s hearts like that.” Trina looks Spenser in the eyes and says, “you mean like you are?” Nikolas looks at Spenser.

In the Quartermaine drawing room, Valentin tells Anna that it is going to be difficult for her to prove that the man she loves killed Peter. Anna replies that they don’t know that Finn killed Peter. Valentin responds that if Finn was on the roof with Peter that day, Finn would know how and if Peter left the hospital. Valentin supposes that possibly Peter extorted Finn to help him escape by giving him another antidote. Anna surmises that if that did happen, Finn would have come clean to her about it. Valentin adds that it is possible that Finn did something to Peter. Anna replies that there is only one way to find out.

Outside, Elizabeth is telling Finn that she hears him, but they are not equipped to handle it on their own, they have no plan. Finn says he’ll think of one, he just needs more time.  Finn tells her everything is going to be okay as he looks at his watch. He tells her he has to get back to the hospital. Jason is still standing out of sight and listening to their conversation.  Finn walks away. Jason steps out from behind the trees and says, “Elizabeth, we need to talk.” Elizabeth looks at Jason.

At the Tan-O, Lenny, Phyllis, Nina, and “Mike” are at the bar, smiling. Lenny passes out the beer and Phyllis asks him about drinking the night before surgery. He comments that fasting doesn’t start until nine. They all lift their bottles in a toast as “Mike” says, “To Lenny.” Lenny responds, “To hell with that, to Family, the chosen one.” As they enjoy their beers, Phyllis says it’s time to open up, and Phyllis and Lenny walk off. “Mike” asks Nina how long she is going to stay, and she tells him as long as needed. He tells her it could be a long time. She replies that it could be.

At the Port Charles police station, Sam and Shawn are still talking. Sam tells him there is no way she could say no to his request, but she will have to check with her parole officer since it could violate her probation if she were to be associated with him since she still has about three months on her probation.

At the pool, Spencer tells Trina that his father already knows all about how he tried to push him and Britt together. Trina apologizes to Ava again and goes off in tears. Ava starts to go after her, but Spencer says he will. Nikolas asks Ava where that leaves them, and she tells him right where they were, in the midst of a divorce, and for her family’s safety, six weeks can’t pass soon enough. Ava walks over to Austin and offers to buy him another drink. They walk toward the bar together.

Alexis says goodbye and thank you to Jordan as she leaves the communal recreation room at the new prison. As Alexis walks over and picks up a magazine, the wheels of a wheelchair are seen being pushed along in the room by an attendant. Alexis looks up with recognition as the wheelchair is moved to within a few feet of her. The attendant locks the chair into position as Alexis continues to stare. As the attendant walks away, we see the face of Ryan Chamberlain. Alexis slowly lowers the magazine. Ryan does not look up.

Monica is meeting with Britt and Terry in her office. She is telling them that she wants them to know that she has made her official recommendation as to who should be chief of staff. Britt and Terry look at each other.

Finn is sitting in his office, toying with a pen and staring off into space. There is a knock on his door and Anna is there. Finn says, “Hi, do you have an update on Peter’s whereabouts?” Anna replies, “I just might.” Finn nods his head.

Jason approaches Elizabeth on the walkway outside and asks her what is going on. Elizabeth replies that she is fine. He tells her that if that was true, he would be glad. He then tells her things he knows, “About a week ago she told him that Peter was something we didn’t need to worry about anymore. You were about to tell me something else when Finn walked up. Now, you and Finn are in the park in the middle of a workday talking about Peter and a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Now I understand you are trying to protect Finn. You don’t have to protect him with me. Okay? Now if you know what happened to Peter all you have to do is tell me, and I will help you.” Elizabeth looks at Jason.

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Y&R Update Friday, July 23 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Billy entered Crimson Lights, and Sharon asked what brought on his good mood. He replied that there was a laundry list of things – ChancComm was thriving, Lily was fantastic, he was spending more time with his kids, and Victor was out of town. He saw Adam on the patio and asked why Sharon let riffraff like that in here. She replied that one person’s riffraff was another’s valued customer. She poitned out that Chelsea framed Adam for poisoning Rey, so didn’t Billy question whether he’d misjudged Adam on other things? Billy contended that Adam drove Chelsea to madness, and he was surprised a mental health professional like Sharon couldn’t see that. Sharon said that maybe, because she was a trained professional, she could see things Billy couldn’t. She wasn’t in denial – she knew more than most what Adam had done, but she’d seen a legitimate change in him, not so different than the changes she’d seen in Billy. He was offended that she was putting him in the same category as Adam. She asked why his mistakes were forgivable and Adam’s weren’t. Billy argued that Adam was unrepentant. But Sharon disagreed. Sharon saw Adam show remorse in actions and words. He’d risked his freedom to save her daughter’s life not once but twice. Billy noted that Sharon saw Adam as someone who saved her daughter’s life, while he saw the person who took his daughter’s life forever. Billy took some satisfaction in seeing Adam alone. It showed that the article worked, and at least some people heeded the warning and steered clear of Adam. Billy suggested that one day, Sharon could do the same.

Billy went to the patio and observed that Adam was all alone. He heard Chelsea left town and took Connor. He said Chelsea poisoned someone and was just released from the mental facility, but he believed Connor was safer with her than he was with Adam or Victor. Adam thought Billy should be worrying about keeping ChancComm afloat instead of obsessing over his family’s location. Billy said ChancComm was in a great place, thanks to the amazing team, and due to the fact that Adam didn’t weaponize ChancComm. Billy thought that Adam was playing the good guy by backing off ChancComm, donating a kidney, sitting in Crimson Lights all alone, as a way to worm his way back into Sharon’s life and convince her that he’d changed. Billy said if Adam was really a good person, he’d realize Sharon was better off without him. “If you say so,” Adam replied. Billy said Sharon was in a good place with an adoring husband, and if Adam really cared, he was all alone. Adam suggested he could just be sitting here, having coffee, like Billy. He said Billy had to read an ulterior motive into it, because if Adam had turned over a new leaf, how would Billy continue to justify his vendetta and obsession. Billy said Adam thought he was a misunderstood innocent victim, and unfortunately that crap worked on Sharon. Billy left.

Sharon joined Adam on the patio and said she was glad he didn’t let Billy get to him. Adam could tell Billy had been itching for a fight. Sharon summarized some of what Billy said to her. Adam shared that Billy accused him of putting on an act for Sharon. Sharon wondered why people thought she was so gullible. She noted that she was the only one who knew Adam didn’t poison Rey, yet people treated her like she didn’t know what she was talking about. He told her not to take it personally. At first, he said no one trusted him, then he admitted that Nick kept an open mind, Faith had come a long way, and Victor was by his side. Sharon thought that showed how much progress Adam made. Adam said he wasn’t trying to lure Sharon back; as she’d said, she’d be able to see through that. He added that, besides, it was never his better angels that drew her to him. She asked what that meant, and he said that he always thought it was his wild side she found compelling. She didn’t know where he got that idea, after all the time she’d spent trying to help him get healthy and become the person he was meant to be. She said that was what was pulling her in. He saw her point, and he noted that she was with Rey, and he didn’t even have a dark side. He said whatever she had for bad boys in the past, she was clearly over it now. “Yeah, all I ever wanted was to be with the guy in the white hat,” she said, then she rushed away from the table and went back inside.

Ashland came downstairs, and Victoria commented that she thought he’d sleep in today. He said with his usual schedule, he would’ve already gone to the gym, had a meeting and some conference calls by now. He couldn’t maintain that schedule anymore, but he had no time to sleep the day away either. He had to go to NY and settle his affairs, gather some things from his office, and speak to a couple people. He wouldn’t go if he didn’t have to. She understood that this trip was also about visiting for the final time, to say goodbye to the life he lived in NY. She asked if he was sure he was up to the trip, and he said he was. She was proud of him for facing it head on, which she wasn’t sure she’d be able to do in his position. He thought she’d be able to handle it, since he’d never met a woman as gutsy as her. He asked her to come with him, but she suggested he might prefer having someone he’d known longer there, like an old friend. He said there was no one he’d rather have with him than her, and she said she’d love to go. Victoria had to wrap some stuff up at the office before the trip to NY. Ashland promised to take care of the travel arrangements, and his office would handle the rest. She told him to take it easy and save his strength, then she left.

Victoria went to Crimson Lights, where Adam called her the woman of the week. He hoped Nikki passed on his congratulations. Victoria said she did. Victoria congratulated Adam for getting a chance to run Newman Media as he saw fit while Victor was out of town and not looking over his shoulder. He clarified that, unlike her, he enjoyed working with their father and appreciated his expertise. Victoria was sure Victor enjoyed having someone to lap it up. Adam thought it was clear Victoria enjoyed flying solo, and that was why she chose a business partner she could get rid of in a few months. She shuddered slightly. Adam said exploiting Ashland was a bit ghoulish, but advantageous for Newman. Victoria said naturally, Adam saw it that way. He felt everyone would see it that way if he’d done what Victoria had – they’d call him monstrous and predatory. He said she was sweet Victoria, so she got to ride in and save Ashland in his last days, no matter how masterfully she manipulated her way into his company. Victoria was adamant that no one ever took advantage of Ashland. Adam said he wasn’t being critical, he was just pointing out the irony that Victoria was more like their father than she cared to admit and Adam realized. “You you have always underestimated me, and that’s foolish because I’m the one that you should fear the most,” she replied. Adam flashed back to the chess nightmare he’d had. In the dream, he’d told Victoria that he didn’t want to fight with her anymore, and she replied that it was too late, because he’d taunted her, provoked her and framed her. She said she was the one he should fear the most. Adam’s mind returned to the present, and Victoria noticed that he looked shaken. “Oh so I can get under your skin. That’s good to know,” she stated.

Victoria went home and found Ashland passed out on the floor. She got him up and wanted to take him to the hospital, but he refused to spend the time he had left getting poked and prodded. He was so sorry she found him like that. He’d had anxiety attacks in the past, and he thought that was what happened today. He admitted he was more stressed than he’d ever been, figuring out how to let go of the things that had been the focus of his entire life. He thought the recent attacks were more connected to the pressure of the situation than the actual illness. He assured her he wasn’t on his way out just yet. She knew he’d lived for his company, and she’d tried to alleviate some of the stress by taking that off his plate, but now she thought it may have had the opposite effect. She asked if he thought the merger was a mistake.

Adam went to work and called Victor, who was in his hotel in Italy. Adam said he had an interesting encounter with Victoria that gave him an idea he wanted to run across Victor.

Lily was getting ready for her meeting, and she told Johnny she’d drop him off at camp, but he told her he still had a stomach ache. She was going to call Hannah, but when he asked Lily to stay with him instead, she did. They played cards, and he asked if she knew his mom’s friend, Ashland. Billy had told him that Ashland was sick, but not like Johnny. Lily said that was true, Ashland wasn’t contagious, and no one in Johnny’s family would catch what he had. Johnny asked if Ashland would get better. Lily replied that the doctors were doing all they could, and Victoria liked him and wanted him to get better. She assured him that he could always talk to Billy, Victoria, and to her too. Johnny hoped Billy and Lily always stayed together.

Billy came home with flowers and found Lily and Johnny napping in the living room. Later, Johnny was upstairs, and Billy told Lily that the flowers were supposed to be a surprise for when she got home. He didn’t realize anyone would be at the house. She explained that Johnny still had a stomach ache, and she thought Billy’s theory might be right and he needed some extra nuturing. She did what her mom used to do when Lily was sick – crazy eights and ginger tea. He thanked her for being sweet to his boy, noting that she could’ve just called Hanna in. That was her plan, but Johnny asked her to stay, and she couldn’t say no to that adorable face. Billy said that Johnny got that from him. She was glad to have some one on one time with Johnny. She shared what he’d said about wanting them together forever and what he’d said about Ashland. Lily knew Billy and Victoria didn’t want to tell the kids too much and scare them, but Johnny was intuitive. Billy knew it wouldn’t be fun, but they’d have to figure out a way to tell Johnny.

At Society, Nate treated Elena to breakfast after her busy night at the ER. She talked about her crazy shift, and he said she should’ve called him to come in and help. She didn’t, because he’d finally gotten a day off. Imani came up and commented on getting to see that handsome face again. Imani crowed about how sweet Nate was, helping her with a dilemma, but her smile faded when Elena said Nate told her all about the potential partnership with Amanda. Elena thought it sounded like a great opportunity. Nate hoped Imani didn’t mind him telling Elena. Imani said she didn’t. Elena mentioned that she got a job offer in Baltimore, and she’d been kind of hoping Nate would ask her to stay, and he did. In a strained tone, Imani called that a sweet story, and she excused herself to place her order. Elena smirked as Imani walked away.

Devon made breakfast for Amanda at his place. Imani called and said she had the best news. She’d been up all night talking to Naya, and she’d agreed to come back to Genoa City. Devon wondered if Naya was really planning to come. Amanda had considered that, and she said she wouldn’t sleep well until the charges were dropped, but Imani was pretty sure she’d gotten through to their mother. Devon thought Naya would’ve been shocked to hear that recording. Amanda didn’t think even that would convince Naya that Sutton killed Richard. She noted that Sutton didn’t flat out confess, and Naya built her whole life around his career. Naya and Imani worked on all of Sutton’s campaigns. Devon gave Imani credit for being able to break free, and he said she wouldn’t have been able to do it without Amanda. Amanda felt responsible for her little sister and wanted to make sure she had strong footing.

Moses woke up and came downstairs, and Devon joked that his brother slept so late that breakfast was gone. Moses thanked Devon for helping him surprise Faith yesterday. Devon said he’d been telling Moses that he had the coolest big brother in the world, and he thought Moses finally realized that. After Amanda left, Moses thanked Devon again, stating that the band’s music really spoke to Faith. Devon thought that was the beautiful thing about music, it could connect people. Moses remembered Devon saying that about Neil’s music, and Moses felt closer to their dad after listening to his music. Devon said if you knew what moved someone, it was a window into their soul. Moses was sorry he hadn’t been around more often. Devon knew Moses was busy with his internships at the hospital and AskMDNow, getting a taste of what being a doctor was like. Devon noticed Moses was subdued and asked if he wasn’t interested in being a doctor anymore. Devon said these opportunities were to give Moses a chance to figure out if he’d enjoy being a doctor, and it was okay if he realized he wasn’t excited about it anymore. Moses said it wasn’t that, but it was just different than he expected. Devon asked if this was about Nate’s allergic reaction, and Moses admitted that was part of it. Part of him felt like he wasn’t cut out for being a doctor. Devon said that was fine, no one would be disappointed in Moses.

Back at Society, Imani told Nate it was always good to see him. He asked if everything was okay last night, given how quickly she left after that phone call. She explained that Naya had been the one who called. She brought him up to speed on her convincing her mom to recant her confession. He congratulated her on getting Naya to come around. He knew, as a doctor, how difficult it was to get someone to follow advice, even when it was in their best interest. Smiling, Imani said maybe when he got to know her better, he might find out she could be very persuasive when she wanted to. Amanda texted Imani to come to the courthouse. Imani said bye to Nate, but not Elena, and left. Elena smirked at Nate and raised an eyebrow. He asked what. “You mean to tell me you haven’t noticed Imani hitting on you?,” she asked. He thought that was overstating it, though he admitted Imani was a little flirtatious. Elena laughed at Nate saying “a little.” He said he was taken, so it didn’t matter. Elena turned flirtatious and said she wanted to hear more about that. When he said he had to get her home to bed, she said she wanted to go to bed, but she wasn’t tired.

Elena went down to Crimson Lights for a drink. Sharon asked if she needed two, adding that she saw Nate going upstairs with Elena earlier. Elena said he was gone, but he’d be back soon. Elena asked how Sharon and Rey were. Lola told her they had a great time in Miami. Sharon said they did. Elena asked if Rey had side effects from the poisoning. Sharon said no, he went back to work quickly, and she thought he worked too much. He’d been assigned to escort Chelsea to Minnesota to see her mom. Elena was shocked he was escorting the woman who poisoned him. Sharon said Rey didn’t hold a grudge against Chelsea. He felt sorry for her. When Sharon talked with Rey, she could tell he was impressed by the progress Chelsea had made. Sharon thought Rey liked making the point that Chelsea was getting better because she got away from Adam. She didn’t think it was fair that Rey wanted to lay the blame for what ultimately happened at Adam’s feet. Elena guessed that, as the victim, Rey got to decide who to hold responsible. Sharon said the irony was that she encouraged Adam to let Chelsea take Connor, mostly so she didn’t have to think of Chelsea anymore, and now Sharon was getting constant updates on Chelsea’s day to day progress. Elena hoped that Rey could come home to Sharon soon. Sharon couldn’t wait.

At the penthouse, Devon told Nate that Moses wanted to cut back on his volunteer work at the hospital so he could spend more time at the recording studio. Moses said it wasn’t that he didn’t want to be a doctor; he wanted to check out other options. Nate asked if this was Devon’s idea, and he said no, it was Moses’ idea. Devon had told Moses that they should get Nate’s opinion. Moses didn’t want to upset Nate. Nate wasn’t upset, but he was surprised. He said to give him some time to think about this.

Imani, Naya and Amanda went to Society, where they ran into Michael after their meeting. Imani took Naya to sit while Amanda spoke with Michael. Michael got a sense of how hard it was for Naya to admit her confession was false. When he met with her, it seemed like she felt that she let Sutton down and not the other way around. Amanda thought it was too painful for Naya to admit to herself how thoroughly Sutton betrayed his family. Michael said it’d be helpful if Naya cooperated with the newly reopened investigation into Sutton. Amanda promised to keep working on that, and Michael said he’d leave it to her for now. He left.

Naya asked Amanda if she was going to help Michael go after Sutton. Amanda intended to do what she could to get justice for her father. She owed him that, and she felt that Naya owed Richard too. Naya didn’t want anything to do with the investigation into Sutton. She was already conflicted about recanting, because that would make people think he was guilty and that she only confessed to protect him. Amanda asked why Sutton would pressure Naya to confess if he wasn’t guilty. Naya said she and Sutton both thought she might get a lighter sentence and it’d be easier for her to do time than it would be for him. Amanda pointed out how much Naya would’ve lost if she’d gone to prison. Imani thought Naya should see how wrong it was for Sutton to pressure her to confess. Naya did see it, and that’s why she told the truth, but that didn’t mean she’d ever believe her father was capable of murder or that she’d ever do anything to implicate him.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 23, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Moses finally tells Devon that he is considering some other career options besides medicine.

Lily spends some time with Johnny since he has a tummy ache and he asks her to stay home with him rather than go to work.

Sharon is rattled when Adam tells her that she was attracted to him because he was, a bad boy. Adam is rattled when Victoria tells him not to underestimate her because she is the one he should fear the most. Adam remembers that those are the words that Victoria said to him in the dream he had after the kidney transplant.

Ashland wants Victoria to go with him on a trip to New York. Victoria returns home from her errands and finds Ashland passed out on the couch. Ashland tells her its an anxiety attack…he has them when he is under a lot of pressure. Victoria wonders if the merger caused his anxiety and she thinks the merger may have been a bad idea.

Naya recants her confession of Richard’s murder but refuses to help Michael with the investigation he is opening about Sutton.

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B&B Short Recap Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

After the magazine mistakenly names Brooke as Ridge’s co-CEO, he’s worried that Steffy will be upset. Brooke wonders if perhaps she could be his co-CEO instead of Steffy. Ridge wonders what she means, so she suggests that she step in until Steffy is back full time. At Carter’s place, he and Quinn keep trying to say goodbye to each other, but they can’t. They keep having sex instead. Meanwhile, Eric wonders why Carter hasn’t come into the office again so he can get started on his divorce. He calls Carter with a video chat. Quinn jumps out of the way just in time so that Eric can’t see her, but Ridge sees that there’s a dress on the sofa behind Carter. Carter tells Eric that he’s been working out but that he’ll be in the office soon. Quinn feels bad that she’s risking Carter’s job and ruining his life, but he insists that she’s not.

Paris visits Steffy to talk about the Forrester Foundation. Things are in a bit of disarray because of the baby. Paris brought them some fish tacos, which they’re very grateful for. Paris suggests that Finn serve on the Foundation’s advisory committee (because of his history treating addiction). Steffy and Finn like the idea. When the baby cries, Paris rocks him and sings him a lullaby until he goes back to sleep. They’re impressed with everything Paris has done.

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Y&R Update Thursday, July 22, 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Amanda and Imani met Michael in the Grand Phoenix lounge. Amanda announced that they had a recording of Sutton revealing he was responsible for the murder of Richard Nealon. Michael asked if Naya made a false confession. Amanda said he could hear the words from their grandfather’s own lips. He digested the news that Amanda and Imani were sisters and that Amanda was daughter of Naya and granddaughter of Sutton. Amanda noted that Michael always wondered why she was asked to head up Sutton’s legal team and why she took on Naya’s case. She said the Ames were the family she never knew she had until recently, and now she learned that due to Sutton’s callous indifference and need for control, she and Hilary were forced to grow up without their father, Richard Nealon. “Dear God,” Michael stated. Amanda said the secrets and lies stopped now.

That was quite something,” Michael remarked after hearing the recording. Amanda was aware it wasn’t a confession, and it might not be admissible in court, but she hoped it opened up Michael’s mind to the possibility that Naya was not guilty. She said the recording made it clear that Sutton killed her father to make sure the story of his illegitimate grandchildren didn’t come to light. What Sutton said about Richard made Michael’s blood run cold. He said Amanda had his sympathy. He thought of what she and Imani had gone through with this case. Amanda said there were some positives – she met her sister and her mother, and she’d learned to lean on the people closest to her for support. She even found support in unexpected places, like Victor Newman. Michael knew that Victor knew how to push buttons, and Imani said she learned a lot from being in the room with Victor. Michael asked if Sutton really forced his daughter to take the rap. Amanda said perhaps, or maybe he convinced Naya that she’d get a lighter sentence than he would’ve received. Michael wanted to see justice done, and he asked when they could bring Naya to his office for a meeting. Amanda said it’d take some time to convince Naya to recant. Michael revealed that he was well versed in complicated family dynamics involving criminal activity. Imani asked if he studied it in school, and he said, sadly, it was personal experience. Amanda hoped he understood why they couldn’t push their mother too much, but if all went well, hopefully he could meet Naya in a day or two. He said he’d issue a warrant for Sutton’s arrest and prevent him from leaving the country, but this whole thing would work more smoothly when Naya came clean. Amanda promised to make sure that happened.

Amanda and Imani went upstairs. Neither of them had heard from Naya. Nor had Imani’s father. Amanda said they had to find her before the authorities realized she was missing and before Sutton got to her and manipulated her like he usually did. Imani knew Sutton was guilty, and she despised him, but part of her couldn’t believe how this played out. He’d convinced their mother, who was fragile, to take the fall for him. It made Imani sick. Amanda was sorry, as intense as it was for her, she couldn’t imagine what Imani was experiencing to have her family fall apart like this. Imani had an amazing childhood, but no one made her feel as special as Sutton did. He’d been her biggest cheerleader. She knew he was no saint, he expected perfection from everyone, and if you disappointed him, he could cut you down with just a look and make you feel terrible for days. Amanda received several of those looks. Imani said Sutton demanded loyalty, he was controlling, self-serving and his career always came first, but it was hard for her to believe that he was the vicious man in that recording. Hearing him say those words made it all real. She didn’t know what her next step was, but this part of her life was over. Even if Sutton found a way to save himself, she couldn’t keep working for him. She didn’t want her name associated with his ever again. Amanda said she wouldn’t rest until Sutton paid. She was sure Imani would land on her feet. “Dam right. It’s just a question of where I land,” Imani said. Amanda thought she might be able to help.

Amanda was thinking of starting her own law firm, and Sinclair and Benedict had a nice ring to it. Amanda said Imani could take the bar exam get her license and they could be partners. Imani asked if Amanda really wanted to work together. Amanda was happy she found Imani, and she couldn’t have imagined that months ago. Imani cringed every time she remembered filing that restraining order. Amanda said they’d come so far, became allies, then friends. Amanda got choked up and said Imani really felt like a sister. Imani teased Amanda for getting mushy over a job offer. Amanda thought they’d make a good team. Imani agreed, but she wanted to spend some time thinking it over. Amanda said take all the time she needed.

At the Chancellor house, Abby told Tessa about a disturbing dream she’d had about Mariah – Abby, Tessa and Nina were all on a bluff, and they could see, but not reach Mariah. Tessa thought it was understandable that Abby was having nightmares, since they were all so stressed. Abby said it was more than stress. As Nina walked in, Abby said there was something seriously wrong with this whole Mariah situation. Tessa thought they’d agreed that they could stop worrying. Abby asked if Tessa had actually stopped worrying, and Tessa admitted she hadn’t. After the dream, Abby went back and read through the recent texts from “Mariah.” In one of them she’d called the baby “Your child.” Abby and Tessa knew that wasn’t like Mariah. She always said “our child” or “our baby” because it was a group effort. Nina thought Abby was reading too much into a turn of phrase – maybe Mariah felt she needed to back off a little. Tessa said no, Abby was right. Something was strange. Abby wondered if Mariah might regret being a surrogate. Tessa said Mariah never said anything like that to her. Ben showed up, and he asked if it was a bad time. Nina thought he was here at exactly the right time. Nina said Mariah’s texts made it clear she was done with them hovering, but she was also thrilled to be carrying the baby. Nina thought they might be feeding of each other’s fear, which wasn’t the best way to go about this. Ben stated that, given what he’d heard about Mariah, the text was odd. Saying “Your child” sounded like she felt disconnected from the baby. “Yes, exactly!” Tessa replied. Abby suggested that Mariah subconsciously revealed more than she meant to.

Ben understood the concern, but he said there was probably no need to worry. Tessa hoped Mariah would reach out if she was feeling troubled. Abby said that some people didn’t know how to, and Mariah was so independent. Abby wasn’t saying something terrible had happened. She wished they could talk to Mariah and if she was struggling, she wished Tessa could go be with her. Tessa wanted that too, but Mariah wasn’t taking her calls, and the location was turned off on her phone. Tessa looked hopeful when Ben said there might be an app they could use to trace Mariah’s location through her texts. He offered to look into it, and Abby and Tessa immediately said yes, but Nina thought they should think about this. She said Mariah promised to be back before the next doctor’s appointment, which was in a week, and she’d said she didn’t want to be smothered. If Mariah needed space, she’d resent them for not giving it to her, Nina said. They all talked and decided to wait until they heard something from Mariah. Ben said that if they changed their mind, the offer still stood. Abby asked if there was a reason Ben came by. He said he was taking the job at Memorial – chief of surgery. They were happy for him. He was going to Iowa for a few days to pack his things and check on Max. Abby thought it’d be hard for him to have Max in Iowa. He said it would be, but he didn’t want to uproot his son from the facility. Iowa wasn’t too far away, so Ben could drive and visit. Abby offered to help Ben transition back to Genoa City. He said he needed a place to live, so she said she’d call her Realtor. There were a couple places he wanted to check out, and he asked if Abby would like to go with him. She didn’t respond, so Nina said Abby would go. Nina felt this was the distraction that Abby needed. Abby and Ben left.

Ben and Abby went to Chancellor Park. He’d rented a fully furnished apartment. He mentioned his plans to use the dry cleaner’s in the plaza near the hospital, and she told him that plaza had been turned into a parking garage. He was disappointed because one of his favorite restaurants was in that plaza. She suggested he could eat at Society a lot. He commented on her owning the best restaurant, and she told him she went into business just so she could eat out a lot. She was sure he remembered her bad cooking. He told her not to sell herself short, and she said she never did. He thanked her for helping him. They joked around, comparing apartment hunting to shopping, which was something she loved. She said this was the most normal she’d felt in a long time, and she was grateful. He had to get going back to Iowa, so he said he’d take her home. She wanted to stay, and she said she’d take a ride share home. He hoped she heard something a little less cryptic from Mariah. She asked him to let her know when he got back to town, he promised he would, and she left.

Back at the Chancellor house, Tessa wondered if they should’ve taken Ben up on his offer to try and find Mariah. Even if Mariah was mad, Tessa could handle that. This silence was bizarre. Nina said she was just the grandmother, and this was the woman Tessa loved, so it had to be her call. Nina said she’d be upstairs if Tessa needed her. Tessa texted Mariah. She said if something was wrong and Mariah didn’t know how to say it, she should send Tessa a clue.

Nate ran into Faith at Crimson Lights on the patio. He asked if he’d seen Elena. Faith said she was here earlier, but she had to leave. He got a text from Elena saying that she had to go to work at the last minute. Faith asked if they had a date. Nate said no, they were just hoping to spend some time together. Faith hoped to spend some time with Moses, though she quickly added that they weren’t dating. Nate doubted Moses would miss an opportunity to spend time with Faith.

Devon and Moses were at home. Devon reported that Lily gave him good advice, and things were going better with him and Faith. He wanted to do something nice for Faith to show her he liked her without pressure. Faith’s favorite band was Tigirlily. He’d seen her light up whenever their music was on. They were headlining the charity event for New Hope at the park this weekend. Devon assumed Faith was going to the concert since Nick helped organize the event. Moses was hoping Devon could make things even more special for Faith. Devon offered up two backstage passes, and Moses called him the best big brother ever.

Faith’s face lit up when Moses texted her to meet. He arrived, and she suggested they get out and catch some sun, but he asked if they could stay and eat. She glanced inside and was starstruck because Devon was with Tigirlily. Moses asked if he’d like her to see if Devon would introduce them, and Faith gave an enthusiastic yes. Faith told the band that she discovered their music at a tough time, and the lyrics spoke to her, especially “Somebody Does.” Kendra and Krista loved hearing that. They took a picture together, and Tigirlily asked if Faith would be at the concert. She said yes, her dad was Nick Newman who ran New Hope. They said Faith and Moses could listen backstage as their guests. They then sang a bit of their new song. As Devon and the band were leaving for the studio, he discreetly gave Moses a thumbs up. Faith gushed about her picture and the backstage passes. She marveled about the odds of Devon walking in with the band, then she realized Moses set the whole thing up. She asked how he knew she was such a fangirl of that band. She didn’t remember telling him. He said she didn’t have to, because he paid attention.

Devon met Amanda and Imani at Society. They told him things went well with Michael. They were hoping to hear from Naya. Imani said this wasn’t like Naya, and she’d likely reach out soon, just to say she was okay. Devon asked if they heard from Sutton. Imani assumed he was off licking his wounds somewhere, trying to figure out a way to save himself. Amanda was sure he regretted the day she showed up on Naya’s doorstep, and he blamed her for ruining his life. Devon said that Sutton ruined his own life the day he decided Richard was expendable and that his granddaughters didn’t belong in the family. Imani was sure Sutton would never see it that way. Devon was sure Sutton would fight back, and he’d probably fight dirty. Amanda said he would, and she’d be ready. Devon suggested that instead of eating at Society, they get takeout and go to his place and relax. Nate walked in as they were all getting ready to leave. Nate joked that he could clear a room. Amanda said they weren’t leaving on his account, and Nate said he’d try not to take it personally. “Please don’t” Imani said. Nate stepped away on a call, and Imani gazed at him. Imani decided she wanted to eat at Society after all. Amanda told her sister to stop flirting with Nate, because he was dating Elena. “So? What’s the harm in a little innocent flirting?,” Imani asked. She went and joined Nate at the bar.

Imani offered to buy Nate a drink. She said she wanted to get his advice on something. She told him about Amanda’s offer to be partners in a law firm. “It makes all kinds of sense for Amanda, but would it be right for me?” Imani asked. Nate was befuddled, and Imani laughed and admitted that wasn’t a fair question, since he didn’t have a crystal ball. Or did he? He joked that he left it in his other jacket. Noting that he’d known Amanda longer than she had, she asked how he thought it’d be working with her, not as an assistant like now, but as a partner. He said it’d be a dream come true, Amanda was smart, driven, ethical and she had a huge heart. Not everyone could work with a sibling, but it could be a stellar opportunity. She said he made the idea of her accepting this job and relocating her permanently sound very appealing.

Devon returned after placing the takeout order and Amanda glared over at Imani. She guessed she had to give Imani credit for her boldness. Devon said Nate was grown, and it’d taken him a long time to get to this place with Elena. He didn’t think Nate would throw that away just because someone new was smiling at him. Amanda hoped that was true, for Elena’s sake.

Naya called, and Imani asked if she was okay. Naya was fine for now, and she called because she knew Imani and Amanda would be worried. Imani put Amanda on the phone. Naya was in an undisclosed location. She explained that she panicked and ran. She didn’t want her girls to try and find her. Amanda said everything had changed, and Naya needed to come back to Genoa City now.

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Days Update Thursday, July 22, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole sits at home with the smashed photo of her and Eric while drinking a glass of wine. Philip knocks on the door. Nicole tells him it’s not a good time but Philip insists that it’s important so she answers. Nicole informs him that Eric left last night. Philip says he’s sorry to hear that. Nicole guesses he’s not surprised. Nicole talks about Eric not wanting to stick around after finding out she had sex with Xander. Nicole offers him a drink but Philip says it’s a little early for him. Nicole wonders what time it is in Africa. Philip states that he has something for her. Nicole responds that if it’s not alcohol, she doesn’t want it. Philip thinks she will once she knows what it is. Philip asks how she would like to pay Sami back in kind. Philip says what happened last night reeked of Sami. Nicole agrees and asks what he means by paying her back. Philip declares that Sami blew up Nicole’s marriage and now she can return the favor as he presents her Kristen’s letter. Nicole asks what that is. Philip calls it the detonating device to blow up Sami’s marriage.

Lucas stands in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and thinks back to retrieving Kristen’s letter from the fireplace when Sami attempted to burn it. Sami comes in and questions what the hell he’s doing here.

Ciara tells Shawn that she’s sick and tired of talking about it, as she and Theo are getting married today. Ciara complains that if Hope and Doug can’t make it then that’s just bad luck, not the universe conspiring against the wedding. Shawn tells her not to be so sure about that.

Claire asks if Ben really thinks this is a good idea. Ben says he doesn’t know but he does know that it’s his last chance because if Ciara marries Theo, then those vows will be the ones that she remembers and he will lose her forever. Claire asks if he really thinks taking her back to the cabin will get her memory back. Ben says if anything will, it’s the cabin because that’s where it all started. Ben declares that he has to do this.

Theo finishes his call and informs Lani and Abe that something came up at DiMera Enterprises and Chad had to fly out to New York so he can’t make the wedding. Theo complains that it’s a few hours before his wedding and he no longer has a best man. Abe points out that he would step in but he’s officiating the wedding. Theo asks why he feels that something is really off about this wedding.

Ben tells Claire that he shouldn’t even be talking about this with her. Claire points out that they talk about everything as they are friends. Ben explains that this is a crime, so if it comes out that he told her and she didn’t turn him in, then she could be charged. Claire assures that she’s not going to turn him in and decides she thinks Ben is right. Claire says this isn’t just about him wanting Ciara back because Ciara is about to do something that she will regret for the rest of her life without even thinking about the consequences. Claire asks what if Ciara marries Theo, then gets her memories back of how much she loved Ben. Claire declares that divorcing Theo would destroy him but asks what not divorcing him would do to her. Ben talks about how Allie was trying to tell Ciara about their wedding and their love until she told her to stop talking. Ben adds that Allie thinks Ciara is starting to remember and that it scares her. Claire responds that she loves Ciara, but she also loves Theo, so for his sake, she wants to help stop the wedding.

Shawn informs Ciara that he just got a text from Belle about a crisis at DiMera, so she can’t make it to the wedding either. Ciara calls it not the end of the world and says she didn’t even give much notice, so she can’t get upset that some people can’t make it. Shawn suggests everyone would understand if she postponed but Ciara refuses.

EJ and Belle work at the DiMera office. EJ remembers Ciara’s wedding but Belle tells him that she already told Shawn that she can’t make it. EJ is sorry as he completely forgot. Belle understands it’s a multi-million dollar time sensitive deal and she’s on retainer. Belle asks if he thinks Kate and Chad can buy them time in New York. EJ says not much and he thinks their client’s timing was calculated to see how much more they can squeeze out of them. EJ talks about how cut throat the business can be as people can look you in the eye and stab you in the back. Belle relates that to Sami, feeling that Sami stabbed Nicole in the back at the party last night. EJ says she is mistaken since Xander did the stabbing. Belle remarks that a co-conspirator is just as guilty as the killer. Belle then calls Sami the came conniving bitch she’s always been.

Sami asks Lucas again what he’s doing here. Lucas says he wants to talk to her. Sami says they don’t have anything to talk about. Lucas brings up the party last night and says according to Philip, she was amazing and triumphant as she brought Nicole to her knees. Sami remarks that it’s a position she’s familiar with. Sami claims that she didn’t do anything but make sure that Eric found his way out of a miserable marriage. Lucas declares that she put public humiliation on a whole new level. Sami doesn’t know why he’s on her about this, claiming she didn’t do anything while Xander barged in to the party and shot off his mouth. Lucas says they both know Sami and what she did. Sami acknowledges that Lucas has been part of his fair share of her schemes so she questions his moral superiority. Lucas guesses he’s just choking on the hypocrisy since Sami played God by breaking up Nicole’s marriage when she’s guilty of the same sin. Lucas asks what would happen if Sami and EJ threw a party and someone announced what happened with them. Sami reminds Lucas to stay quiet because they agreed to never talk about that again. Lucas argues that they can’t pretend it never happened. Lucas then admits that he almost told EJ everything.

Nicole reads Kristen’s letter to EJ as Philip encourages her. Nicole reads that Sami slept with another man. Philip declares that Nicole was right that Sami is not without sin, and now she has the proof. Nicole finishes the letter and states that Sami did sleep with Lucas, then Kristen found out and blackmailed them. Philip adds that Kristen assigned them the task of getting Chloe out of the picture. Nicole points out that the letter is addressed to EJ, so she asks how he got it. Philip asks if it matters and says it was intercepted. Philip thought she might want to return it to it’s rightful owner. Nicole asks what he’s getting out of this. Philip responds that it’s always a pleasure to screw up EJ’s life, but the main thing is that Lucas didn’t just sleep with Sami but fell in love with her all over again. Philip states that Lucas is his brother and he wants him to be happy. Nicole questions not giving Lucas the letter then. Philip says unlike anyone else in Salem, Lucas won’t play dirty. Nicole guesses that’s where she comes in. Philip declares that he will leave the letter with her and what she does with it is up to her. Nicole says she could refuse to stoop to Sami’s level and destroy the letter, or she could pay her back in kind.

EJ tells Belle that even if Sami had something to do with the events of last night, that doesn’t make her a conniving bitch as she was mainly trying to protect her brother. Belle argues that Sami didn’t give a second thought as to what last night would do to Eric which EJ disagrees with. Belle says when it comes to Nicole, Sami will stop at nothing. Belle brings up what Sami did at Henry’s custody hearing and how she had Jan Spears released from a mental hospital. Belle talks about how Jan’s purpose was to terrorize her and tried to kill her daughter, but to Sami that’s just collateral damage. EJ suggests they just get back to business. Belle says it will never cease to amaze her that a man like EJ still can’t see Sami for who she really is, and God help her if he ever does.

Abe asks Theo what he means by something is off. Theo brings up how last night he walked in on Ciara talking to Allie, and Ciara seemed really upset and how neither of them seemed happy about Allie being her maid of honor. Lani encourages him not to overthink it. Theo says everyone keeps trying to talk him out of it, but he thinks Ciara would fall apart if he backed out. Theo admits that Chad said the same thing that they should wait, but he doesn’t know if Ciara could handle that. Lani assures that Ciara will be fine because she has him. Lani then suggests Eli as Theo’s best man. Lani says Eli will meet them at the church so she will call and let him know. Lani then gets a call from Eli first and says he had perfect timing, but instead Eli informs Lani that one of his court cases got moved up and he has to be there to testify, so he can’t make the wedding.

Ciara tells Shawn that she’s getting tired of his running commentary. Ciara asks where Allie is. Allie then arrives and apologizes for being late as she just ran in to Chanel and found out that Paulina is backing down on tearing down the town square. Shawn calls that great news while Ciara says it’s also a great day to get married. Ciara complains that Shawn has been making rude and hurtful remarks about her wedding all day, so she would appreciate if Allie didn’t do the same. Ciara also doesn’t want to hear anything about her last wedding. Ciara tells Shawn about how Allie tried to take her down memory lane last night about her wedding to Ben. Allie apologizes and promises not to bring it up again. Allie wants to make sure Ciara’s hair is perfect. Shawn asks if he can do anything to help. Ciara tells him to just make sure that nothing else goes wrong.

Ben instructs Claire to go home and text him when Ciara is leaving, then he will zoom in on his motorcycle, throw her on the back and take off. Claire calls that a very dangerous plan. Ben points out that it’s what she just told him that Bo did. Claire says that was in the dark ages. Ben says he’ll find another form of transportation but Claire needs to text him when Ciara is leaving. Claire argues that she can’t do that because Ciara doesn’t want her there. Claire suggests maybe there is someone else which Ben agrees with. Ben brings up Allie being Ciara’s maid of honor and only doing it to look out for her because she knows this wedding is a bad idea too. Claire doesn’t think Allie would help him kidnap Ciara and worries that she could tell Ciara what he’s planning. Ben decides that’s a risk he’s willing to take.

Ciara tells Shawn that she doesn’t want Theo to worry, so she asks him to go to the church and tell Theo that she will be on her way soon. Shawn says he can just text him now but Ciara asks him to just go, because she doesn’t want him standing there watching her while miserable. Ciara then apologizes for being a total bitch. Shawn understands that she’s just getting rid of the guy giving her a hard time on her wedding day. Shawn says he’s sorry about that and he really hopes that she and Theo are real happy together, because she deserves it. Shawn tells her and Allie that he will see them at the church as he exits. Ciara says to Allie to get the show on the road.

Theo guesses he doesn’t have to have a best man. Lani offers to stand in as his best woman which Theo accepts. Abe says now that they got that settled, they should go. Theo goes to get the check. Abe admits to Lani that he’s really worried about this as Ciara sounds pretty fragile. Lani knows Theo will stand by Ciara no matter what, so their job is to stand by him. Abe agrees to keep their mouths shut.

Belle finishes up her work and tells EJ that she’s glad to help and now has a wedding to get to. EJ says he will pass it on to Chad and Kate and tells her to send his best to Ciara and Theo. EJ adds that he knows about Belle’s history with Sami and he’s sorry she feels how she does about her, but he really thinks she was just trying to protect her brother. EJ states that Sami didn’t make anything up about Nicole and all she wanted to do was make sure Eric knew the truth. Belle just wonders how Sami would feel if someone did to her what she did to Nicole. Belle then exits the office.

Sami asks Lucas what he’s talking about when he promised to keep their secret. Lucas repeats that he almost told EJ, but he couldn’t go through with it. Sami asks why he didn’t since she knows how much he hates EJ. Lucas responds that he couldn’t go through with it, because he loves her.

EJ finishes a call with Chad as Nicole then shows up at the office. EJ questions what the hell she is doing there.

Allie tells Ciara that her makeup and hair are perfect, so now they just need her dress. Ciara starts crying and says she’s just really happy. Ciara says ever since she woke up in the hospital, she has been looking back and now she finally feels like she’s looking forward. Allie asks if she’s sure. Ciara insists that today is not about Ben as marrying Theo is all she wants. Ciara asks Allie to help her zip up her dress as she goes to get dressed. Allie then gets a call from Ben. Allie tells him that she’s with Ciara getting ready for the wedding. Ben says that’s why he needs her help.

Sami asks Lucas not to do this as she is with EJ. Lucas says he didn’t tell her that he loves her again to plead his case, but because that’s the reason he didn’t tell EJ. Lucas admits that he wanted to rub it in EJ’s face but he didn’t want to do that to her. Sami argues that he just can’t be objective about EJ because he’s blinded by his hatred for him. Lucas says hate doesn’t describe it. Lucas adds that Rafe understands how he feels, because he knows what it’s like to love and cherish Sami while loathing a man who treats her like property. Sami thinks it’s time for Lucas to go. Lucas will never understand why she loves EJ so much, after he’s mistreated her all this time, but she does. Lucas promises to keep their secret because of that. Sami thanks him and says she’s really sorry for dragging him in to this. Lucas says he’s not because he loves her so much as Sami cries.

Nicole asks if EJ is surprised to see her. EJ says if she’s looking for tea and sympathy, she’s come to the wrong place. EJ suggests she think about preserving her dignity and tells her not to whine about Sami. Nicole says she never mentioned Sami. EJ adds that it would be pathetic if she tried to blame Sami for her fall from grace. EJ says that Nicole married Eric then screwed around with Xander. Nicole agrees that what she did was wrong so she deserves whatever happens to her. EJ tells her that he’s very busy so he suggests she go spill her guts to Chloe. Nicole says that since EJ did mention Sami, she has to ask his take on what she did. Nicole asks if EJ thinks it’s okay to expose other peoples’ sins like that’s not playing God with other people’s lives. EJ argues that she can’t prove Sami did anything to her and it’s not her fault that Xander likes to brag about his conquests. Nicole calls this more fun than she thought. EJ threatens to call security but Nicole then reveals that his sister wrote him a letter, which she presents to him. EJ questions where she got that. Nicole asks what difference it makes and tells him to read it and weep. EJ takes the letter from her and reads it. EJ asks if Nicole read it, which she confirms. Nicole says she’s having a lot more fun than at her anniversary party. Nicole adds that at least EJ is reading about her slut of a wife in the privacy of his own office while Eric had to hear about it at the Pub in front of his mother and his devoted twin, who they now know is no better than her.

Belle joins Shawn at the church. Shawn is surprised she made it. Belle asks if something is wrong. Shawn tells her that he walked in on Claire beating Ciara with her own wedding bouqet and it all went downhill from there. Shawn explains that Hope and Doug can’t make it. Shawn talks about being worried about Ciara. Abe and Lani then arrive with Theo. Theo asks where Ciara is. Shawn responds that she’s on her way and that Allie is taking care of everything.

Ben knows that if he gets Ciara alone for a little while, he can get her to remember. Allie tells him that she’ll do it which surprises Ben. Ben thanks her. Allie didn’t think the wedding was a good idea to begin with, but after being with Ciara, she knows it’s not. Ben thanks her again and hangs up. Ciara comes back and asks who Allie was talking to. Ben informs Claire that Allie is on board and she’s going to do it. Claire points out that when Ciara doesn’t show up at the church, no one will believe that she stood Theo up so they are going to start looking for her. Ben agrees that they have to find a way to stall them. Claire thinks she thought of something and suggests that no one will look for the bride, if the bride is standing there in front of them.

Allie claims to Ciara that she had a problem with Henry’s babysitter so she has to run home real quick, but she will be at the church so she has nothing to worry about. Ciara asks her to zip up her dress before she goes, so she does. Allie tells Ciara that she looks gorgeous and she’ll see her at the church as she hurries out. Ciara comments on living happily ever after.

Sami appreciates what Lucas is doing but she doesn’t know when EJ is going to be back and she doesn’t want them to run in to each other. Lucas says he understands and will go. Lucas tells Sami that if or when things go wrong between her and EJ, he will always be there for her. Lucas then exits the mansion as Sami holds back tears.

EJ tells Nicole that she’s done what she set out to do, so she can go now. Nicole guesses her work is done here. Nicole adds that it has to hurt knowing that it was Lucas and remarks that EJ underestimated his assets. Nicole then exits the office. EJ throws everything off his desk and screams in frustration. EJ grabs his phone and makes call, demanding a phone number for Kristen.

Allie goes to the church and tells Theo that Ciara is outside, waiting for Shawn to walk her down the aisle, so Shawn goes outside with Allie.

Ciara looks in the mirror and thinks back to Ben telling her how he saved her and never gave up on her. Ciara tells herself that Ben means absolutely nothing to her.

Ben looks at he and Ciara’s wedding photo and then leaves his place in a suit.

Lucas goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Philip, who says he was just looking for him and asks where he’s been. Lucas informs him that he was talking to Sami. Philip asks if he told her about the letter. Lucas says no as the letter is gone so he asks what’s the point. Philip then reveals he has a confession to make.

Nicole goes home and declares that Sami destroyed her marriage, so now they will see how she likes it.

EJ goes home. Sami greets him with a kiss and asks what he’s doing home so early. EJ responds that for some reason, he had an overwhelming urge to come home to his loving, faithful wife…

The wedding begins as Shawn walks down the aisle to Theo with his bride, but Theo lifts the veil to reveal Claire instead of Ciara, leaving everyone confused.

Ciara is on her way to her wedding and points out that they just missed the turn. Her driver turns out to be Ben, who says they aren’t going to the church, and wishes her a happy anniversary.


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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 22, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Moses arranges for Faith to meet her favorite band Tiger Lily who is in town to do a benefit for New Hope. Faith is thrilled to meet her favorite band and touched that Moses arranged this surprise for her.

Abby, Nina, and Tessa continue to worry about Mariah since she hasn’t called them and turned off the location feature on her phone. Stitch offers to help find Mariah if that will help the ladies feel better. Stitch tells Abby and the ladies he is the new Chief of Surgery at Memorial Hospital. Abby helps Stitch find a furnished apartment before he heads back to Iowa to pack his things and move back to Genoa City.

Amanda and Imani play the recording of Sutton’s confession and Michael says he needs Naya to recant her confession. Michael puts out a warrant to arrest Sutton. Amanda offers Imani a job at the law firm she plans to open after Imani passes the bar exam.
Imani continues to flirt with Nate despite the fact that he is with Elena.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, July 22, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben talked to Claire about how he was going to stop Ciara’s wedding. Claire didn’t want to see Theo get hurt once Ciara got her memory back. Ciara wanted to get married despite the setbacks that kept happening to the wedding. Philip told Nicole that Sami was responsible for her marriage being ruined. She knew she it was a party that she was behind. Philip gave her a chance to pay her back for what she did. Lucas was at the DiMera mansion to see Sami. He thought about how he found the letter. Sami wondered why he was there. He wanted to talk about what happened at Eric and Nicole’s anniversary party. Lucas couldn’t believe what she did to Nicole. She tried to deny it, but he knew what she did. He said he was choking on her hypocrisy because she did the same thing to EJ. He wanted to know how she would react if someone did the same thing to her. He admitted that he almost told EJ what they did. Nicole read the letter Kristen wrote. She realized that Sami did cheat on EJ. Philip told Nicole that Lucas fell in love with Sami. She wondered why Philip didn’t give the letter to Lucas. Belle insulted Sami to EJ. EJ tried to defend her, but Belle said she was still the same person. She didn’t care about destroying Eric. She told him how Sami was the one who got Jan out of the hospital to win Henry. EJ wanted to get back to business. She still couldn’t believe that EJ couldn’t see Sami for the person she was. Theo wondered what was wrong with his wedding since people kept backing out of it. He felt like Ciara would fall apart if something happened to the wedding.

Ciara told Allie that she didn’t want to hear about her last wedding. She promised not to say anything about it. Ben went over his plan to take Ciara from the wedding. Claire told him that it was a dangerous plan. He reminded her that her grandfather did the same thing. She reminded him that she wasn’t allowed at the wedding. Lucas told Sami he loved her. She told him not to do this because she was with EJ. Lucas said he loved her, which was why he didn’t tell EJ the truth. He said he didn’t understand why she loved EJ so much after the way he treated her. He said he wouldn’t tell the secret because he loved her. She thanked him for being willing to keep the secret. She said she was sorry for dragging him into this. He said he wasn’t because he loved her. Nicole went to see EJ. He didn’t want to hear what she had to say. He said he didn’t want to hear what she had to say about Sami. He said it was her own fault that she was exposed. Nicole asked him what he thought about what Sami did. She asked if he thought it was okay for Sami to play God with someone else’s life. He said it wasn’t Sami’s fault that Xander wanted to brag about his conquest. Nicole told him his sister wrote him a letter. EJ read the letter. Nicole told him that he got to read it in private. She said that Sami made sure Eric found out in a public place. Allie agreed to help Ben. Claire told Ben that people would look for Ciara if she weren’t at the church. She had an idea to have them think she was marrying Theo. Lucas told Sami he would be there for her if something went wrong with EJ. EJ was livid at the idea of Sami being with Lucas.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben had a dream about his wedding to Ciara. He looked at the wedding picture when someone was knocking on the door. He thought it was Ciara. It turned out to be Allie. She said she tried to talk Ciara out of getting married, but it didn’t work. She said she thought she might have gotten through to her about her love of Ben. He said he had to do something before it was too late.

Claire saw Ciara at her house getting ready for the wedding. Claire tried to talk Ciara out of getting married. While Claire was talking to her, Ciara slapped her. Claire hit her with a bouquet. Shawn broke up the fight. He told Claire to leave. Claire said it was her house. Ciara said it was her mother’s house. She asked where Hope was. He said Hope’s plane had mechanical problems and had to turn back around. He said Hope wanted her to go through with the ceremony. Claire said Ciara was only marrying Theo because she was afraid of remembering her love for Ben. She called her a coward. Shawn tried to convince Ciara not to marry Theo. He said it was too fast. When she got emotional, he stopped talking. He apologized to her. She said she wished Hope was there. Julie showed up and told them Doug was hurt and needed surgery. She said they were going to miss the wedding. She gave Ciara the gift before she left. Ciara thought the wedding was getting off to a great start. He wondered if this was a sign telling her not to get married. She said she didn’t believe in signs like that anymore. She said she was going to marry Theo. Claire went to see Ben. She told him about the fight she had with Ciara. She said he was better off without Ciara. He said he was never giving up on Ciara. He said he was determined to stop her from marrying Theo. He said he had a plan. He said he was going to kidnap her before she married Theo. Claire said it was just like what Bo did with Hope. Claire questioned whether it was a good idea.



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GH Update Tuesday, July 20, 2021

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Suzanne

Finn is watching Violet play T-Ball in the park. He brought her team snacks of carrots and orange slices, which disappoints her because they’re “too healthy.” Elizabeth arrives just in time to share Aiden’s cupcakes with her team instead. Finn is very grateful. He thanks her for saving from his daughter not speaking to him for a week. They wish their other problem could be solved so easily – disposing of Peter’s frozen body. Finn regrets that Elizabeth was involved, but she doesn’t. In a very cute scene, Finn reviews with Violet how to hit the ball with her bat. Finn and Elizabeth talk about how to get Peter’s body out of General Hospital without anyone seeing. At the same time, they’re watching the T-Ball game and cheering Violet on. Finn thinks it’s terrible that they’re talking about a human being this way, but Elizabeth counters that Peter deserved what he got. Meanwhile, Violet hits her ball and runs the bases. Elizabeth tells Finn that if anything happened to him (such as getting arrested), she would take care of Violet. He’s grateful to her. He worries that someone saw them, but she thinks that someone would have come forward by now. They can get on with their lives. Violet catches the ball and her team wins. She goes to celebrate with her coach and teammates. Finn just wants to give Violet a safe and stable home. Elizabeth assures Finn that they’ll deal with their big problem together.

Jordan runs into Laura at the PCPD. Laura asks how Shawn and Alexis are doing. Laura is worried about the calls that they’re making (because they might be too optimistic when they talk to their kids).
Alexis and Shawn are at the PCPD, talking to Molly and TJ on the phone. TJ and Molly are out celebrating their domestic partnership at the Metro Court. Alexia and Shawn tell them to make sure to have fun. Shawn and Alexis worry that they’ll get sent back to Pentonville. Someone leaked to the press about the investigation into Judge Carson’s sentencing bias, so they wonder if that will help their situations. Alexis admits that being in solitary was really awful. Laura and Jordan walk in. Laura tells them that the AG is going to make investigating Judge Carson her top priority. However, she cautions them that politicians can sometimes work at a very slow speed. Laura tells them that the governor will take action after the investigation. Jordan tells them that Alexis will be going to a facility right outside Port Charles called Spring Ridge, which is a nicer place (described as a spa with guards). They’re glad to hear it, but Alexis is still worried about Shawn and the other people that the Judge sentenced unfairly. Laura gets called away by the governor. Alexis texts Molly to give her the good news. Laura returns to tell them that the national press picked up the story about Judge Carson and her biased sentencing. He is commuting Shawn’s sentence – he can go free. They’re all very happy to hear it. Shawn wonders about the other people that the judge has been unfair to. Laura assures him that the governor will be speeding up the process of reviewing all the sentencing, but it’ll take some time. Alexis praises Laura’s skills. Laura relates that she just pointed out to the governor that his poll numbers might slip in the upcoming election if he didn’t correct this terrible injustice. Alexis then praises Shawn for helping her, and being a model prisoner. Shawn wants to call TJ, but instead, Jordan gets the idea that Shawn should surprise TJ in person instead.

Alexis is thrilled that Laura has brought her some coffee because the coffee in Pentonville is so bad. They talk about how Nikolas helped Alexis out when she was in prison. Laura admits that he does seem more like his old self now. Alexis is shocked when Laura mentions that Nikolas and Ava have a stalker.

Nikolas sends some Champagne over to TJ and Molly’s table. They invite him to sit down with them, so he does. They all catch up on what’s been going on with Alexis in prison. Nikolas is saddened to learn that Alexis was put into solitary. He’s shocked to hear that Shawn might be getting out of jail. In fact, he looks a little panicked. They toast Molly for helping to expose Judge Carson’s bias. Nikolas looks like he’s feeling guilty when TJ talks about his dad being denied parole and that they hoped he would be back in time for TJ to graduate from medical school. TJ is overjoyed when Shawn walks in, a free man. They hug. Nikolas congratulates him. Shawn tells them all that he plans to find out who really tried to kill Hayden. Nikolas looks very worried.

Cam is applying sunscreen to Josslyn’s back at the Metro Court pool when Spencer shows up. They’re surprised to see him after all this times. Spencer assures them that he’s back for good. Cam, Joss and Spencer catch up, with Spencer and Cam trading insults. Spencer is being very snooty (especially about Josslyn playing volleyball), so Josslyn pushes him into the pool (fully dressed). Trina comes in and wonders who they’re talking about. Josslyn introduces Trina to Spencer after he climbs out of the pool. Trina stares at him, stunned. Spencer pretends that he’s never met Trina, so she plays along. When Cam brings up her friend, “Victor,” Trina insults him, saying that Victor is a “total jerk.” Spencer invites Trina over to the bar so that he can dry off and she can tell him about Ava’s art gallery. Joss wonders if Trina is interested in Spencer. Cam and Josslyn say sweet things to each other.

Spencer apologizes to Trina for lying to her, but she yells at him for pretending to be Victor. She demands the truth. He tells her that Victor was his great uncle. He didn’t want anyone to know that he was in town. He explains about some of his past history with Ava. He whines that if his father finds out that he was here, it might undo all of the progress they’ve made. Trina knows what it’s like to be angry with your father and not speak to him. She agrees not to tell anyone Spencer’s secret as long as he’s honest with her.

Joss and Cam come over and wonder why Spencer and Trina have been having such an intense conversation. Trina lies that they’ve been talking about her job. Cam and Spencer trade insults.

At Ryan’s Bar in New York City, Anna and Valentin continue to question Hopkins, the pilot that Peter hired to pick him up from General Hospital’s roof. He tells them that he wasn’t able to land and pick Peter up but lets them know that there was a man with him. They ask for details, so he tells them that the man was tall and was wearing a blue or grey suit. He thought the man was a detective. After that, they bring in some police to arrest and book him. Valentin and Anna wonder who that man was, and whether he was a friend or foe of Peter’s.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Anna and Valentin, still interrogating Peter’s helicopter pilot in New York, learn that there was a man on the roof with Peter. They wonder who it could be and why he was there. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Finn and Elizabeth watch Violet’s T-ball game while worrying about how they’re going to get rid of Peter’s dead body. At the Metro Court pool, Spencer catches up briefly with Cam and Josslyn. Trina “meets” Spencer and is furious that he’s been telling her that he’s “Victor.” He begs her not to tell anyone that he’s been lurking around town for weeks.

At the PCPD, Alexis and Shaun phone TJ and Molly to tell them to enjoy their night out of celebrating. Thanks to Laura’s intervention with the governor, Shaun is freed and Alexis gets to go to a much nicer prison, Spring Ridge. TJ and Molly fill Nikolas in at the Metro Court about what’s been going on with Alexis. He’s not pleased to hear that Shawn might get out. Later, Shaun comes by to surprise TJ and says he’s determined to find out who really tried to kill Hayden.

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Days Update Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eli comes out of the shower at home where Lani is preparing to go meet Abe for breakfast. Lani jokes with Eli to put some clothes on as Chanel wakes up from sleeping on the couch. Chanel is wearing a sleep mask over her eyes and jokes that this time she came prepared.

Paulina goes to see Julie but Julie shuts the door in her face. Paulina remarks that she better get used to that.

Theo and Abe eat together at Julie’s Place. Theo asks if they’ve figured out a way to stop Paulina from tearing down the town square. Abe says they have another plea today but he’s not optimistic. Theo understands if Abe has to go be there but Abe says no. Theo knows how important it is. Abe states that if Theo is going to get married today then that’s where he will be. Theo asks what he means by “if”. Abe responds that he thinks he should call the wedding off.

Ben dreams of his wedding to Ciara, then wakes up and looks at their wedding photo. Ben hears a knock so he scrambles to the door in hopes that it’s Ciara, but it’s Allie, who asks if he was expecting somebody else.

Ciara is putting her makeup on at Belle and Shawn’s house. Claire walks in and questions what she’s doing here. Ciara responds that she’s getting ready for her wedding but Claire says not in this house.

Theo questions Abe thinking he should call off the wedding. Abe points out that he and Ciara have only been together for a couple of months. Theo argues that he’s known her for his whole life. Abe still thinks he should give it more time. Abe asks what if Ciara starts to remember being married to Ben and being happy. Abe doesn’t want the rug pulled out from under Theo. Theo questions if this is about he and Ciara or about Abe and Paulina.

Paulina continues knocking until Julie answers the door again. Julie tells her to go away. Paulina thinks they need to talk but Julie isn’t interested. Paulina says she didn’t come to fight but Julie says all she is going to get from her is conflict. Paulina informs her that she came to apologize.

Allie wanted to give Ben a heads up that Ciara and Theo are getting married today. Ben informs her that Claire already told him. Allie adds that Ciara asked her to be her maid of honr and she agreed. Ben questions why she is here then. Allie knows he’s hurt and admits she doesn’t think the wedding is a good idea, but she’s going to be the maid of honor because she loves Ciara and knows how hurt she would be if she refused. Allie adds that Ciara is going to marry Theo whether she’s maid of honor or not, but she doesn’t feel like she can turn her back on her. Ben tells Allie that he has no beef with her and he gets it. Allie admits she tried to get Ciara to wait but she wouldn’t listen and she has no idea why Ciara feels she has to get married on their anniversary. Ben understands that Ciara is trying to prove that she hates him.

Ciara tells Claire that she doesn’t need her permission to do anything and reveals that Shawn already told her that she can get ready here. Claire says she won’t help her. Ciara says the last thing she wants is her help. Ciara adds that Allie is her maid of honor and tells Claire to get out. Claire can’t believe Ciara is going ahead with this farce. Ciara argues that she loves Theo. Claire says not the way she loves Ben. Claire argues that Ciara will end up hurting Ben and Theo. Ciara argues that she doesn’t know anything. Claire insists that this will be a huge disaster so she’s trying to talk her out of it. Ciara complains that she’s just making her mad. Claire asks Ciara to stop and listen to the people who care about her. Ciara brings up Claire trying to set her on fire twice. Claire tells her that she can’t talk to her like that in her own house and tells her to get out. Claire tries to force Ciara out but Ciara says to get her hands off of her. Ciara then slaps Claire.

Eli tells Lani to enjoy her breakfast and that he’ll see her at the church as he goes to get dressed. Chanel then removes her sleep mask and thanks Lani for letting her stay. Lani says they couldn’t just kick her to the curb after everything with her mom. Chanel says she’s so done with her mom and mentions Paulina suggesting that she could open her bakery in Price Town. Chanel declares that if Paulina wants to make things right with them, she’s going to have to do much better than that.

Paulina comes in and compliments Julie’s home and a photo of her and Doug. Julie isn’t buying her apology and tells her to cut to the chase as she has a lot to do today. Paulina brings up their rocky start and admits she tried to take over the Christening. Julie points out how Paulina has been lying the entire time and she still hasn’t heard her apology. Paulina complains that it’s hard for her. Paulina talks about a moment when Abe started talking about Tom and Alice with such love and she knew then that they must have been really good, special people, so she thought what has she done here. Julie comments on Paulina’s wrecking ball smashing their plaque. Julie then gets a call from Doug, who has bad news.

Allie tells Ben that Ciara doesn’t hate him. Ben asks why she’s been pushing him away since the day she got here and why is she marrying another man on their anniversary. Allie can’t answer that but she believes that somewhere inside, Ciara still loves him. Ben laments that Ciara doesn’t remember that and he can’t make her despite all of his attempts since it’s just making her more angry. Allie says she tried too and the same thing happened which Ben questions. Allie informs him that last night, she told Ciara about their wedding but it didn’t seem to trigger her memory. Allie wonders if she got through to her on some level. Allie says for the briefest moment, she noticed a change in Ciara’s expression like it actually affected her.

Claire warns Ciara that she shouldn’t have done that. Ciara says she pushed her too hard. Claire grabs Ciara’s flowers and starts hitting her with them until Shawn runs in to interrupt and questions what’s going on. Claire says she’s trying to beat sense in to Ciara. Ciara calls her absolutely crazy. Claire complains that she slapped her first and questions how Shawn could let Ciara get ready here without telling her. Shawn thought it would be a good opportunity for them to work things out but tells Claire to leave. Claire argues that it’s her house while Ciara calls it her mother’s house. Ciara asks where Hope is since she thought Shawn was picking her up from the airport. Shawn informs her that he has some bad news.

Eli comes back from getting dressed so Chanel brings him pancakes for breakfast. Chanel asks when the wedding is. Eli says it’s in a couple of hours. Chanel wishes she knew Theo was engaged before she threw herself at him and kissed him the other night which Eli questions. Chanel says he was her boyfriend at one point. Eli didn’t know she was still in to him. Chanel admits she’s not but she was in a bad place and looking for comfort, because Allie rejected her.

Allie doesn’t want to get Ben’s hopes up but says it looked like Ciara had some kind of reaction. Ben asks more about it. Allie says it seemed like Ciara was remembering something and encourages that maybe being in Salem might help too. Ben agrees but worries that if Ciara marries Theo, they will go straight back to South Africa and never look back. Ben declares he has to do something. Allie asks what he can do when the wedding is in a couple of hours. Ben says that means he’s running out of time.

Ciara asks Shawn if something happened to Hope. Shawn explains that her plane had mechanical problems and had to turn back around so there’s no way she’s going to make it tonight. Claire argues that Ciara can’t get married without her mom here. Ciara says she can because all of the plans are already made. Shawn confirms that Hope told her to go ahead because she doesn’t want to ruin it. Claire argues that Ciara doesn’t even love Theo. Ciara complains about Claire running her mouth while Claire insists that this is going to end in a huge disaster. Ciara continues to complain about Claire and says she’s not going to make her doubt her love for Theo. Ciara tells Claire to go hang out with Ben. Ciara says Claire is just trying to ruin her life. Shawn tries to get through to her but Claire stops him and says if that’s what Ciara believes, she will go. Claire adds that they both know Ciara is only desperate to marry Theo today to hurt Ben because she’s afraid that she’s going to remember how much she loves him. Ciara tells her to believe what she wants because she doesn’t give a damn. Claire brings up Ben calling Ciara the bravest person he’d ever know, but right now all she sees is a coward. Claire then walks out.

Abe agrees with Theo that breaking up with Paulina makes him think about he and Ciara. Theo calls them two totally different situations as Ciara has never lied to him and doesn’t keep secrets. Abe points out that she could still hurt him. Theo says he’s not a kid anymore so he doesn’t need to protect him. Theo declares that he loves Ciara so he’s willing to take that risk. Abe calls Theo wise and stubborn like his mother and says he loves him for it. Abe agrees not to talk about putting off the wedding anymore. Lani arrives and apologizes for being late. Lani guesses that Abe tried to get Theo to postpone the wedding and Theo said no which Abe confirms. Lani is glad because after all the drama of the last few weeks, it will be good to celebrate something for a change. Lani declares that they can focus on the wedding and forget all about Paulina Price. Paulina then enters Julie’s Place and says she’s glad that Lani and Abe are both there because it will make what she has to do a lot easier.

Eli figured that Allie was the girl Chanel was crushing on and asks what happened. Chanel informs him that they had a moment on the 4th of July so she stupidly got her hopes up. Eli asks if she means that Allie returned her feelings. Chanel says yes but then the next day, she told her that she also had feelings for Tripp so that’s that. Eli is sorry to hear. Chanel doesn’t think she will be able to connect with someone like she did with Allie. Eli encourages that she will find someone who is meant for her and then it will be Allie’s loss. Chanel hugs him to thank him.

Allie tells Ben that she has to get ready for the wedding but tells him to let her know if he needs anything. Allie adds that she’s really sorry for everything he’s going through right now as she can’t imagine how bad it hurts. Ben thanks her. Allie goes to leave as Claire arrives and asks what she’s doing there. Allie says she was just making sure Ben was okay. Claire brings up just hearing that Allie is going to be Ciara’s maid of honor. Claire is surprised Allie agreed to that. Allie asks how she could say no. Allie hugs Claire and tells Ben to take care as she then exits. Claire admits it was nice of Allie to stop by. Ben agrees that Allie is a good person. Ben asks what’s going on with Claire. Claire informs him that she just got in a huge fight with Ciara since she’s getting ready for the wedding with her house. Claire explains that Ciara slapped her so she went after her with the wedding bouquet. Ben tells her that she doesn’t have to fight his battles. Claire clarifies that this was her battle because Ciara treats her like dirt too. Ben says she’s still going through with the wedding. Claire brings up Hope being unable to make it but Ciara still won’t postpone. Ben knows Ciara is making sure it’s today to stick it to him. Claire is beginning to think Ben is better off without Ciara.

Ciara complains about what Claire did to her bouquet. Shawn hates seeing them fighting. Ciara is sorry that he got caught in the middle but says Claire makes her so angry. Shawn encourages that Claire loves her and just wants to help her. Ciara knows Shawn is defending his daughter but says this is her decision to make. Ciara says at least Shawn is trying to be on her side. Shawn decides to stop trying and says as much as he wants to support her, he can’t and agrees with Claire that she needs to postpone the wedding.

Abe tells Paulina they are having a family celebration. Paulina promises it won’t take long and that it’s important. Abe gives her until the waiter comes to take their order. Paulina says the other night, he said to make it up, she would stop the demolition. Paulina announces that as of an hour ago, she called everything off so Horton Town Square is here to stay which surprises Lani and Abe.

Allie runs in to Chanel in the town square. Chanel questions her flowers and asks if she and Tripp are getting married. Allie explains that she is Ciara’s maid of honor. Allie asks where Chanel ended up staying last night. Chanel tells her that she was at Eli and Lani’s. Allie is sorry that she felt she had to go somewhere else but says it was probably for the best due to the major drama with Nicole and Eric. Allie thinks they are done. Chanel asks if she means they are divorcing which Allie confirms. Chanel says she’s sorry. Allie is glad she ran in to her as she wanted to talk to her. Allie knows Chanel said she was fine about her wanting to be with Tripp, but she could tell that she hurt her feelings. Allie apologizes and hopes they can still be friends.

Lani thought Paulina said she would waste hundreds of thousands of dollars if she didn’t move forward. Paulina confirms that she will but she’s willing to take the hit if she has chance at fixing things with them. Theo asks if this means no Price Town which Paulina confirms. Paulina says she will go back to the original plan of connecting all the buildings in an indoor marketplace and lease the spots to small business owners with diversity. Theo points out that she won’t make a lot of money that way. Paulina says it might take a year but she wants to prove to Abe and Lani that they mean more to her than money. Theo calls it a good first step. Paulina asks what Abe and Lani think. Abe is not sure what to say. Lani says Paulina decided to do the right thing but this is Theo’s wedding day, so that is what they should focus on. Paulina congratulates Theo and hopes he’ll be very happy as she then exits. Abe calls that out of the blue. Lani asks if he really believed that crap.

Ciara tells Shawn that she thought they settled this. Shawn doesn’t want to upset her but feels everything is going so fast and suggests stopping to think if she’s marrying Theo for the right reasons. Ciara talks about forgetting years of her life and being married to the Necktie Killer, while Theo was the only person who had no expectations and made her feel safe and loved, which she feels are good reasons to marry someone. Shawn asks why so fast. Ciara cries about him not wanting her to go through with it. Shawn apologizes and hugs her, saying he shouldn’t have said anything. Ciara understands he was just looking out for her. Ciara cries that she wants her mom to be there. Shawn notes that he does too and Hope feels terrible. Ciara says they can’t do anything about it so she hopes nothing else goes wrong. Julie arrives and announces that she has bad news.

Ben argues that Claire just told him last night that he couldn’t give up on Ciara. Claire acknowledges that but says Ciara is being horrible to him and he doesn’t deserve that. Ben argues that they both know it’s not the real Ciara and she’s only pushing him away because she’s afraid. Claire feels that’s no excuse. Ben talks about what Ciara forgave them for and says she never gave up on them, so they have to get her through this. Claire calls him a saint as she doesn’t think she could keep the faith like he has. Ben says he’s just stubborn that way. Claire says Ciara is too since she’s determined to marry Theo today. Ben responds that he’s just as determined to stop her.

Theo asks if Lani thinks Paulina was lying and is still going to tear down the town square. Lani says she doesn’t know for sure but she thinks it could just be another lie. Lani asks what if she’s just trying to get Abe to call off the lawyers. Abe admits he though that too, but he just talked to the lawyers and confirmed that Paulina was telling the truth as the demolition has been called off. Lani worries that it could just be another hidden agenda. Abe feels that Paulina seemed genuinely sorry. Lani questions if Abe is really thinking about forgiving her.

Allie tells Chanel that they don’t have to talk about it now but wants her to think about it. Paulina interrupts and asks for a word with Chanel. Chanel says she’s in the middle of something. Paulina thinks she will want to hear this. Allie offers to leave them alone but Paulina wants her to hear this too. Paulina declares that they will get their bakery after all because there is no Price Town and she’s going back to her original plan to keep the town square in tact, so Sweet Bits Bakery will be up and ready for business soon, which excites Chanel and Allie.

Julie reveals to Ciara and Shawn that Doug injured his rotator cuff playing racquetball and is now waiting for an x-ray, so she’s afraid they won’t be able to make the wedding. Ciara complains that first Hope and now this. Julie says that’s awful that Hope won’t be able to make it. Ciara asks if this is some kind of weird conspiracy for them to drop out of her wedding until she cancels it. Julie tells her not to be ridiculous. Julie gives Ciara her gift from Doug as he wanted to make sure she got it before the ceremony. Julie says they wish her all the luck in the world. Ciara thanks her and sends her to love to Doug as they hug. Julie tells her to take a lot of pictures and videos. Julie says she loves them as she exits. Ciara remarks on this not being off to a great start.

Claire asks Ben if he’s figured out how to stop the wedding yet. Ben says he did, but she might think it’s a little extreme.

Chanel excitedly asks what made Paulina change her mind. Paulina says she wanted to make things right, especially between them. Paulina then gets a call and says she’ll get back to them on the bakery. Paulina steps away to answer. Allie tells Chanel that she’s so happy for her. Chanel can’t believe this is happening. Allie still wants to be part of the bakery but understands if that doesn’t work for her. Allie adds that she doesn’t have to answer right now as she has to go help Ciara get ready for the wedding. Chanel stops her and says let’s do this.

Theo agrees that Paulina seemed really sorry. Abe thinks she’s ready to make amends. Lani argues that it’s too late for that, reminding Abe that she just lied to their faces over and over again and almost destroyed his reputation. Lani says she can’t expect them to just turn around and forgive her like that. Abe brings up that Theo is getting married today, so they should turn their attention towards that. Lani agrees and apologizes. Theo then gets a call and says they have to be kidding.

Claire wants to hear Ben’s plan. Ben reminds her of when Ciara was leaving for South Africa and he had a plan to kidnap her and take her to the cabin to jog her memory but he couldn’t go through with it then. Ben declares this is a now or never situation, so he’s willing to kidnap Ciara before she marries Theo.

Ciara knows she said she and Theo wanted a small wedding but this is getting ridiculous. Shawn suggests the universe is trying to tell her something. Ciara says she doesn’t believe in omens. Shawn says she used to and she believed that she and Ben had a psychic connection like Hope and Bo had. Ciara calls that a different Ciara, while this Ciara is going to marry Theo today and nothing the universe can do is going to stop it.

Ben asks Claire what she thinks of him kidnapping Ciara on her wedding day. Claire calls extreme an understatement but says it’s also kind of traditional. Claire explains to Ben that Bo once kidnapped Hope to stop her from marrying another man. Ben points out that it all worked out for them. Claire notes that Hope was ticked off at Bo for a very long time. Ben says he can deal with that more than losing her forever. Claire asks if he really thinks this is a good idea.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, July 21 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At the main house, the bags were packed for the trip to Italy, but Nikki couldn’t find Victor.

Victoria was surprised to see Victor sitting in her living room. She thought he and Nikki were supposed to be on a flight to Europe. He explained that the vacation was still happening but he’d wanted to come say hello to Victoria. He noted that he owned a plane, so he could leave whenever he wanted. Victoria was jealous they were going on the trip. Victor wished Victoria would come, but he knew she was busy with the merger. She thanked him for the flowers in congratulations, and she hoped the sentiment was sincere. He was full of admiration that she parlayed the connection with Ashland into this fantastic merger. She said he made it sound like it was purely a calculated move on her part, but that wasn’t how it happened. “Don’t you disappoint me now. You mean it was Ashland Locke’s idea?,” he asked. Victoria commented on how Victor’s congratulations transformed into disappointment. He told her there was nothing wrong with taking advantage of a situation to get what you wanted. She noted that he’d done that when Ashland had a heart attack. He didn’t want this to become an argument. He intended to come here to congratulate her. He told her not to get hurt. He said they all knew Ashland was ill, and a man in that situation looked for comfort and affection.

Victoria assumed he thought Ashland gave her the company as a ploy to get close to her and move in with her. Victor was caught off guard. “Ashland Locke moved into your house with your kids?,” he asked. She thought Nikki already told him. He said he didn’t want her to get hurt. She told him that he and Billy were on the same page – he’d given her the exact same warning. She wished people would stop saying Ashland was taking advantage of her. She asked if anyone had considered that Ashland tried to push her away and she chose to stay by his side. Victor didn’t think that was wise. Victoria said that Victor couldn’t praise her for pulling off the coup of the century on one hand, then also say she was weak and naive. She was neither, she stated, and she knew what she was getting into. Her relationship with Ashland was intense and wonderful. Victor felt it was happening rather quickly. Victoria thought he and Nikki should go enjoy their romantic vacation. She’d be fine, enjoying her merger personally and professionally. He wished her luck with everything and told her not to get hurt. He said he loved her, and she said it back, then he left.

Victor went home, and the look on his face made Nikki worry that he was going to postpone the trip. He asked why the hell she didn’t tell him that Ashland moved in with their daughter. She didn’t realize the move had already happened. She actually wasn’t sure it was going to happen at all, because she’d assumed Billy would object. Victor groused that the useless Billy couldn’t prevent the move from happening. Nikki clarified that she wasn’t hoping Billy would put a stop to it. She approved of the living arrangement. He couldn’t believe she was in favor of Ashland living with their daughter. He said what about Katie and Johnny. Nikki was concerned about them, but she was sure Billy and Victoria would work together to make sure things went smoothly. He spat that Billy boy couldn’t even take care of himself, let alone do what was best for their grandchildren. She asked if he thought they could change Victoria’s mind about a man – had that worked out over the years? Victor had no problem with Victoria having an affair with Ashland, but to move him into the home with their grandchildren? He added that Ashland was sick, and Victoria would get her heart broken. Nikki understood, but she said Victoria was doing something even bigger than her historic business deal – she was selflessly helping a man say goodbye. “Oh come on,” he scoffed. Nikki packed the tickets to the concert and Summer and Noah’s gifts. Victor was still stewing about Ashland moving in with Victoria. Nikki said they had to trust Victoria and let her live her life. She said he told Victoria how proud he was, so he needed to be proud of the strength they’d instilled in her. He said he was convinced – they’d take their trip, visit Summer and Noah and see what they’d instilled in the next generation.

Ashland showed up at the Abbott house. As soon as Kyle opened the door, Ashland walked in and started yelling Tara’s name. Kyle said Tara was dropping Harrison off at a play date. “Are you behind this? Are you trying to steal my son from me in my last days?,” Ashland demanded to know. Kyle was adamant that no one was trying to steal Harrison. Ashland thought the petition Tara filed in court said otherwise. Kyle advised discussing this with Tara. Ashland wanted answers now, and Tara wasn’t here. He said that if Kyle wanted to be Harrison’s only father figure, he should start acting like it and answer the question. Kyle explained that Tara was worried about Harrison, because he’d cried after the incident in the park, and he’d been having bad dreams ever since. Ashland didn’t realize Harrison was having bad dreams, but that hardly warranted Tara seeking full custody. Kyle said Tara just wanted to protect Harrison, which would be harder and harder to do as he watched Ashland decline. Ashland contended that it’d be even harder for Harrison if he suddenly disappeared from his life. Kyle was sure that Tara didn’t want to cut Ashland out, she just wanted more input about when and where he saw Harrison. Ashland thought that meant Tara wanted him to beg to see his son. Kyle thought that if Ashland could get past his initial anger, he’d see that Tara had a point. “My initial anger is nothing. You just wait until I get warmed up a little and really lean into it,” Ashland said. Kyle told him to be reasonable. Ashland maintained that he needed to be the one to break the news to his son and he needed to spend as much time with Harrison as he could. “So you tell me, Kyle. Who’s the one who’s being unreasonable?” Ashland left.

Later, Kyle demanded to know what Sally was doing in his house. She was looking for Jack. He said Jack wasn’t home. He also wanted her to know how much he hated the way she’d dive bombed back into his father’s life. He accused her of taking advantage of Jack’s loneliness and forgiving nature. Every chance Kyle got, he planned to remind Jack how opportunistic Sally was. She said there was nothing he could tell Jack that he didn’t already know. She suggested he was projecting his own loneliness onto Jack, since Summer left him again. He told her not to push him. He was already making inquiries about how this amazing job on another continent just landed into Summer’s lap. She asked if he didn’t have faith in Summer’s abilities. He knew Summer was hired on merit, but he noted that Sally landed Summer’s old job, which she’d coveted. He also knew that just before Summer got this job offer, Sally flew to L.A. He asked what that trip was about. She said she went to visit some old friends. He found it unlikely that she still had friends in L.A. She said she also did some networking for Fenmore’s and JCV. She told him not to blame Summer’s departure on anyone else but himself, Summer, and his connection to Tara and Harrison. She left.

Lily entered the condo and reported that she’d put Katie on the bus to camp. She asked how Johnny was. Billy said he still had an upset stomach. He hoped he didn’t keep her up all night taking care of his son. As a mom of twins, she understood. He said Johnny seemed to have given up on trying to be brave. She was sorry to leave him alone to deal with all this. He didn’t mind, he was going to give Johnny fluids and he had a book of riddles to keep him amused. He wondered if Johnny was feeling sick because of all the changes going on around him. According to Billy, Johnny was a sensitive kid who internalized upheaval. He thought Johnny was feeling sick because Ashland moved into his mom’s and because he was asked to bring more things to the condo because this would be home base for awhile. Billy thought Johnny knew there was more going on than he was being told. Lily said all they could do was make Johnny feel as comfortable as possible and make this a safe haven for the kids.

Victoria came over to check on Johnny, because she got Billy’s text. Lily left for her meeting. Billy started to explain his thoughts on Johnny’s illness, but Victoria reminded him he’d already told her his theory. He thought his theory was proving itself to be true. She agreed, to an extent, and she planned to work hard to reassure Johnny that he was loved and that these changes weren’t for the worst despite everyone acting like she was making such a terrible mistake. Billy said he saw a different side of Locke yesterday, and Billy now thought he’d been was wrong to question her decision. She appreciated that. Now she just had to try and get her dad on board. He said he was here for her if she needed extra help with the kids or anything. She admitted sometimes things were a little tougher than she let on. He asked if she see a long term future with Locke if he wasn’t dying. He wasn’t judging, he was just curious.

Victoria came downstairs and announced that Johnny ate his crackers, which was a good sign. Billy thought that it was also good for Johnny to see Victoria. He noted that visiting Johnny had given her the perfect excuse to dodge his question. She admitted she’d hoped he’d let it go. She said what she had with Ashland stared off casually, but her feelings grew, and she was just as surprised as everyone else. It was different than her other relationships. It had a lot of depth to it. She didn’t want to take away from what she’d had with Billy, though. He understood. He acknowledged he and Ashland were nothing alike. He was sad that she and Ashland wouldn’t have much time together, because he could tell she was serious about him. She admitted that her relationship with Ashland might be more serious because their time was limited – the urgency had made it pretty powerful. Billy said he was happy if Victoria was. He marveled that they were all grown up.

Lily ran into Moses at the park, and he asked his sister for advice on Faith. He said they were good friends, and he wanted to be more. He asked if that made sense, and Lily said of course – Faith was great. He liked how Faith was open about everything she’d been through. She was smart, funny, and she thought he was funny too. She really understood him. Faith wanted to go slow, and he respected that, but he didn’t want to go so slow that he got friend-zoned. Lily thought he was already handling things well – he’d made it clear he was available, and he was respecting Faith’s wishes. She told him that going slow wasn’t the worst thing. He said it wasn’t the best either. She felt it was attractive and flattering when a guy took his time and got to know a woman. She said there were things he could do to show he cared without overstepping, like little gestures or surprises. He had an idea, and she told him to keep her posted. She left, and he called Devon.

Lily went home with spicy chicken soup for Billy and plain for Johnny. He told her he and Victoria had cleared some things up in a positive way. He thought Victoria actually met her match with Ashland. It was sad they wouldn’t get a happy ending, but he knew Victoria would treasure the time they had left. Billy felt lucky to have his soulmate sitting across from him.

Phyllis face timed Summer by the Grand Phoenix bar. Summer was eager to hear how everyone was doing. Phyllis thought that meant Summer wanted to know how Kyle was. Summer wanted to know how everyone was, but if Phyllis had information about Kyle, she wanted it. Phyllis stated that Tara was still ensconced at the Abbott house with her kid, like one of those scavenger fish that attached to the side of a whale. “Guess I was right about that one,” Summer grumbled. Phyllis promised the Abbotts would see Tara’s true colors very soon. Tara walked in while looking at her phone. Phyllis greeted Tara warmly. Tara was there for coffee because she’d just dropped Harrison off nearby. Phyllis asked Tara if she’d like to say hi to Summer. Tara politely declined and went to the lounge. Summer asked why Phyllis was being so sweet to Tara. Phyllis said she was just being civil, but Summer was sure she was up to something. Summer told Phyllis to leave it alone, because what happened was meant to happen. Summer wanted Phyllis to promise to drop it. Phyllis pretended she lost the connection and couldn’t hear or see Summer anymore. Summer knew her mom was lying, but Phyllis maintained the story and ended the call.

Phyllis went to Tara and apologized for what she said yesterday. “You mean when you accused me of trying to take sole custody from a dying man?” Tara asked. That was what Phyllis meant. She said she was sorry, she was just so concerned for all involved. She sympathized with Tara trying to protect her child from the pain of a dying parent. She confessed that she only pretended to befriend Tara. Tara said she didn’t understand. Phyllis said she was protective of Jack and Kyle, and she didn’t want them to get manipulated. Tara said she wasn’t doing that, and Phyllis said she knew that now. Phyllis saw things in a new light after yesterday, when Tara said they weren’t that different. She now realized she was projecting her past history onto Tara. Phyllis said she did some things she wasn’t proud of in the past, and she used to tell herself she was protecting people, but the truth was that she was just selfish. She once thought that was what Tara was doing with Kyle and Jack, but now she saw that she was wrong. Phyllis apologized and said she’d understand if Tara never wanted to talk to her again. Tara appreciated Phyllis coming clean. As a show of gratitude, Phyllis had some advice – avoid Sally like the plague.

Tara asked what Phyllis had against Sally. Phyllis said everyone knew Sally couldn’t be trusted and that she was only about herself. Phyllis whispered that she thought Sally had something to do with Summer’s sudden departure to Italy. Phyllis said ever since Sally came to town, she was antagonistic and competitive toward Summer. Sally walked in, and Phyllis told her to do with that advice what she would. She walked away. Sally asked what that was about, and Tara said it was nothing to worry about. Sally said Kyle thought she had something to do with Summer running off to Italy. Tara pointed out that Kyle was right. Sally said she didn’t do it alone, so she told Tara to talk to her man and tell him to back off. “If one of us goes down, the other follows,” Sally warned. They didn’t notice that Phyllis was watching them from a distance.

Tara went home, and Kyle noticed she looked rattled. She said she was fine, but he didn’t look so great. He told her that Ashland stormed in, made threats and accusations and stormed back out. Kyle said that with all the media speculation, it was inevitable that their son would find out about Ashland’s illness. Tara had told the parents of Harrison’s friend not to turn on the TV. She thought they needed to tell Harrison that AShland was sick. Kyle wasn’t sure how, and Tara reminded him that they’d done research, and he’d read all those books he bought on child grief. Kyle understood Ashland’s desire to be the one to tell Harrison. Tara suggested they go to lunch and talk it over.

Victoria and Ashland met at Society. He felt like Tara was avoiding him. Victoria wasn’t surprised. He felt strongly that he had to be the one to tell Harrison about his illness, and now it seemed like he wouldn’t even be able to do that. Victoria thought what Tara was doing was disgusting. She said no judge would take a dying man’s son from him. He didn’t think it was that simple. His attorneys thought Tara’s argument that his impending demise might be too disturbing for Harrison could sway a judge. Especially given that video from the park. Victoria said that video was taken out of context. She promised to help him fight Tara. She suggested that it might help his cause if he accepted treatment. “This whole situation is becoming unbearable!,” he snapped, slamming his hand on the table. The sound made Victoria jump. They looked up just in time to see Kyle and Tara staring at them.

Victoria advised ignoring Tara and Kyle. She didn’t want Ashland to do something he’d regret. He said he wouldn’t regret this. He went over and told Tara she’d been hiding from him. She countered that she was right in front of him. He told her this was her cruelest dirtiest move yet. She stated that she was trying to protect Harrison. She said he didn’t see the terror in Harrison’s eyes after the incident at the park. She said if he didn’t realize his condition would get worse, he was in deep denial or a fool. Victoria said Ashland was nobody’s fool, and Tara wasn’t very bright if she thought she could rip the boy from his father. Kyle noted that he was the biological father. He said Tara was just trying to protect her son. “You don’t know a damn thing about what she’s doing. You don’t know. I’m his father!” Ashland yelled. He had trouble breathing, and Victoria helped him calm down. Tara said Ashland was proving her point. She asked if he wanted to scar Harrison for life as he watched him fight to breathe. He warned her that this wasn’t over, and he wouldn’t let her steal his son. Ashland and Victoria left. Tara said she was scared of what Ashland would do next. Kyle thought Ashland was just lashing out and that he’d calm down and let the courts handle it. Tara said she was scared Ashland would come after her. He said they’d battle him together. She was grateful he was in her life. He vowed to keep their son safe, which included protecting her.

Tara couldn’t believe how easily Kyle calmed her nerves. It reminded her of NY. She knew it sounded strange because they’d been sneaking around, but it was easy compared to this. He remembered being careless and shady, they weren’t thinking about other people at all, just their next stolen moment together. She agreed, but she thought it was more than that. He noted that getting caught all these years later created a huge mess. She wondered if they should’ve ran away back then, like they’d always talked about. He wondered where they’d be now if they’d gone through with it. She was sure they would’ve landed in Paris. They’d be living on Avenue Montaigne with Harrison. She’d have grown her business, and he’d manage it. Harrison would be bilingual. They smiled about Harrison speaking French. Phyllis walked in and commented on them laughing and carrying on. She told them not to let her interrupt.

Ashland and Victoria went home. He admitted he let Tara and her lawyers get under his skin. He’d been feeling a little emotional these days. She said he didn’t have to apologize. He’d dealt with stress well all his life, but dealing with this all at once was starting to get to him. She said it was okay, they all knew he wasn’t 100%. A lesser man wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed. He thanked her for always knowing what to say. He was happy they found each other and that she was by his side. She felt the same way. He kissed her forehead, then they shared a kiss.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Moses asks Lily for advice on how to show Faith he is interested in her and still respect her wishes to take things slowly. Lily advises that he give Faith surprises to show her that he is interested in her and will wait until she is ready to have a serious relationship.

Victor congratulates Victoria on the merger and she tells him that Ashland is living with her. Victor worries that Victoria will be hurt when Ashland dies but Victoria assures him she knows what she is doing and she won’t be hurt.

Kyle tells Sally he knows that she went to Los Angeles just before Summer got her job offer. Sally later tells Tara that Kyle is starting to suspect about Summer’s sudden job offer and if one of them goes down for the scheme the other will go down too. Phyllis overhears their conversation and is happy she has figured out their connection but she needs solid proof. Phyllis continues to act like she is Sally and Tara’s friend so they can trust her enough to slip up and admit what they did to Summer.

Billy and Victoria have a long talk and Billy realizes that Victoria loves Ashland and he feels badly that Victoria doesn’t have much time left with Ashland. Nikki manages to persuade Victor that Victoria knows what she is doing with Ashland and all she wants is to be happy with him for the time he has left. Ashland has another shortness of breath episode while he argues with Tara about Harrison’s custody.

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Days Update Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Claire goes to see Ben and tells him that she thinks she can convince Belle to represent him. Ben thanks her but says it’s too late.

Ciara joins Allie at Julie’s Place. Ciara can’t believe how much Henry has grown. Allie says they missed her so much. Ciara asks if she wants a drink. Allie just wants to know what’s wrong. Ciara claims that she’s just very excited about something, but first she has to ask her something and she needs her to say yes. Ciara then informs Allie that she wants her to be her maid of honor.

Lucas comes downstairs at the Brady Pub and finds Philip drinking a beer. Lucas asks what happened to the anniversary celebration. Philip responds that he doesn’t want to know. Lucas questions something going wrong in Salem. Philip tells him that the party is over.

Nicole goes home, where Eric remarks that he hoped to be gone before she got back. Nicole notices his suitcase and their smashed photo on the floor as Eric says they have nothing left to talk about. Eric informs her that he’s taking the first flight out of Salem and heading back to Africa. Nicole then accuses Eric of running away.

EJ asks Sami what Nicole meant by saying let she without sin cast the first stone. Sami claims not to know and calls it crazy, suggesting she just found religion. EJ notes that it sounded like an accusation. EJ questions Sami as to what sin she has committed now. Sami thinks back to kissing Lucas. EJ continues to wonder what Nicole meant by “without sin”. Sami claims it was just a shot in the dark and blows it off as classic Nicole when she’s backed in a corner. Sami remarks that Nicole has no one to blame but herself. EJ calls it Nicole’s worst nightmare. Sami can’t imagine why she got involved with Xander in the first place. Sami calls Xander a ticking time bomb with a flare for the dramatic. EJ relates that to Sami. Sami wants to go to sleep and finish this in the morning. EJ brings up how Nicole’s whole world was crashing around her but she singles Sami out for judgment. Sami complains about not wanting to talk about this. EJ says there are just so many questions and points out Sami seeing Nicole stumble in to the Salem Inn with Xander and keeping it to herself. Sami claims that she wanted to spare Eric. EJ says he didn’t get spared but got it right between the eyes as if it were staged. EJ adds that it was so brutal, public, and devastating that he can’t see how their marriage survives.

Eric thinks Nicole has had enough pain for one night. Nicole questions Eric deciding for both of them that she should come home to an empty apartment and taking his frustrations out on their picture. Nicole mocks Eric always thinking about others. Eric doesn’t think anything can change what happened tonight. Nicole cries that she can’t change the fact that she slept with Xander because she was lonely while Eric chose to spend their first year of marriage a thousand miles away from her. Nicole complains about the months that went by. Nicole mocks Eric running back to his world where he does good for others and no one asks a damn thing of him.

Sami agrees with EJ that she doesn’t see how Eric and Nicole’s marriage lasts. Sami admits she’s not sorry to see their marriage end because of how she feels about Nicole, but she’s sorry that Eric is in pain. EJ comments on how it had to be done. Sami hates it when EJ cross examines her. EJ thought they were just discussing the evening’s events. Sami thinks EJ is trying to blame everything on her. EJ says it’s clearly Xander’s fault but it seems out of character for Sami to see Nicole in a vulnerable position and kept it to herself. Sami argues that no one would’ve believed her without proof. EJ brings up Sami tracking down credit card receipts. Sami says that Eric is a fool when it comes to Nicole, so she was trying to protect him. EJ continues to question Sami’s plan and why Xander would suddenly decide to shame Nicole in public.

Nicole asks Eric if he was just going to leave their smashed photo for her to find and if he didn’t think that would cause her pain. Nicole suggests he wanted to hurt her but not talk to her in person. Nicole complains that Eric wasn’t there and decided to stay in Africa. Nicole says it’s all Eric talked about when they did talk while Holly’s wondering where her dad is and she’s lonely. Nicole cries that Eric asked the questions but didn’t want to hear the answers. Eric tells her that he’s so sorry but says if there’s anyone besides him who hates Xander, it’s her. Nicole doesn’t want to defend herself for what she did. Nicole asks how she can expect him to believe anything she says now. Nicole cries that she loves Eric but she doesn’t know if it matters anymore. Nicole decides she might have to accept the fact that their marriage is over, but she won’t accept him just slipping away again because he married her and made the same vows as her, so the least he could do is talk to her like she is his wife.

Theo goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Chad. Theo suggests a chess rematch. Chad still thinks Theo let him win last time. They sit down to play chess. Chad thinks Theo is here for something more though. Theo reveals to Chad that Ben and Ciara’s marriage just got annulled. Chad says that’s great and now he can get married. Theo then asks Chad to be his best man.

Ciara explains to Allie that Victor has a friend who is a judge and he got him to grant an annulment so now she’s going to marry Theo. Ciara talks about how well they get along and swears they never fight. Ciara praises Theo. Allie says she likes Theo and asks if they are getting married in Salem. Ciara confirms that they are because both of their families are here. Ciara then reveals that they are getting married tomorrow.

Claire finishes a call with Belle and informs Ben that Shawn just got a text from Ciara that she and Theo are getting married tomorrow.

Eric tells Nicole that he thought they did talk and decided together. Nicole argues that Eric asked if it was okay and made it clear that she better say yes and that’s not making a decision together. Nicole talks about deciding together for Allie and Henry to move in, then Eric just checked out. Eric thought she was okay with that. Nicole says she was but didn’t think she’d be doing it alone and that Eric would continue to extend his stay in Africa. Nicole adds that she never felt more alone in her life. Eric asks if that’s supposed to excuse her sleeping with Xander. Nicole yells that it doesn’t excuse her from sleeping with Xander and she hates what she did as it’s the worst mistake of her life, but she has to figure out some way to understand why it happened and how she can forgive herself. Nicole cries that she has to go on because she has Holly and there are people who need her. Eric argues that if things were getting that bad and she was that desperate, she should’ve told him. Nicole claims she tried which Eric disagrees with. Nicole tells Eric about how she started writing an e-mail to tell him the truth but she couldn’t send it. Nicole says she tried talking to him but then he came home and it was their anniversary. Eric gets that she’s mad because he bailed on her but he doesn’t get why Xander of all people. Nicole admits that maybe she went to bed with Xander because she thought maybe she could finally get her husband to pay attention to her.

Philip suggests Lucas get Nicole to get EJ up to speed by giving him Kristen’s letter, then EJ will kick Sami to the curb and Lucas will be there to comfort her.

Sami tells EJ that no one knows why Xander does anything. EJ brings up how Sami just stood there instead of backing up Xander’s story. EJ calls it the perfect opportunity to pile on. Sami claims she didn’t see the need since Eric finally knows the truth. EJ suggests something else is in play and wonders what Sami is not telling him. Sami then responds that she’s ready to confess. Sami then admits that she paid Xander off, to interrupt the party and tell everyone what she already knew, with a million dollars. Sami argues that it was worth every penny for Eric to know the truth about Nicole. EJ recalls Xander wanting millions to not kill her and Lucas. EJ knows Sami was willing to pay whatever it took to bring Nicole to her knees. Sami claims that she didn’t enjoy it and just did what she had to do because Eric had to know the truth. EJ mentions how Eric thought he was happy but now he’s miserable and he knows the full story, thanks to Sami.

Eric asks if Nicole wanted to hurt him that match. Nicole goes over how Eric just told her that he wasn’t coming home again so she was angry and hurt that people on another continent were more important than her. Eric says that’s not true. Nicole cries that she thinks she wanted to hurt him but she definitely wanted to hurt herself by blowing things up and self destructing. Eric asks why she didn’t just tell him when he called her. Nicole says she didn’t see sleeping with Xander coming but she didn’t want to beg her husband to want to be on the same continent as her. Eric then agrees that it’s as much his fault as it is hers.

Ben tells Claire that Ciara cannot be marrying Theo on their anniversary. Claire reminds him that Ciara doesn’t remember that and claims that this is just a coincidence. Ben informs her that he told Ciara it was their anniversary last week, so she’s doing this on purpose.

Allie asks if Ciara is purposely marrying Theo on her anniversary to Ben. Ciara claims this is not about Ben but about herself as she wants to take that date back as the day she married her best friend and not some serial killer. Ciara says she has no memory of that day. Allie says she does and thinks before all hell broke loose, it was the happiest day of Ciara’s life.

Chad admits he thinks Theo may be rushing things a bit. Theo says neither one of them want to wait. Theo then informs Chad that Ciara picked tomorrow because it was her anniversary to Ben. Theo admits he doesn’t like that Ciara is using their marriage as payback against Ben. Chad encourages that it doesn’t change the way she feels about him. Theo then wins the chess game and says he knows Chad let him win, which Chad denies.

Ben complains that Ciara is marrying Theo tomorrow to get back at him. Claire tries to suggest that Ciara is just scared of remembering what she had with him.

Allie talks about how beautiful and happy Ciara was on that day. Ciara brings up that the church was bombed because of Ben and everyone could’ve died, all because of the horrible things Ben had done. Allie argues that wasn’t the Ben she was marrying. Ciara is sick of hearing that and doesn’t think people can change that much. Allie talks about how Ben was mentally ill but was very motivated to get better and he did. Ciara says she’s heard all of this before. Allie thinks she needs to hear it again and again, because they were so in love that people were crying after their vows. Allie calls them the picture of happily ever after and says everyone thought it was forever.

Eric admits to Nicole that he was running away because he didn’t want to face his part in this. Eric acknowledges that he acted like him doing something good excused him from her and their marriage. Eric apologizes and asks what they do now.

Philip asks Lucas what he says. Lucas hates the way EJ treats Sami like she’s his property and he can’t stand it. Lucas notes that EJ is dangerous and worries about what he might do if he finds out what happened between them. Lucas supposes that Nicole might give EJ the letter. Philip thinks it’s the best shot of Lucas getting Sami. Lucas says he wants Sami but he can’t do it like this as he loves her too much and doesn’t want to hurt her. Lucas declares that he should’ve just let the letter burn as he throws it in the trash can.

Allie remembers Ben’s vows. Ciara stops him from telling her what he said. Ciara states that she doesn’t remember and doesn’t want to remember while Allie is going on about it. Allie apologizes for upsetting her. Ciara asks how she thought she would react. Allie calls it just so sad that she and Ben can’t be together. Ciara is sorry she thinks that, but to her, she can only think of how nuts she must have been to let Ben in her life. Ciara insists that Theo is her best friend, she loves him, and he makes her feel safe. Allie gets that but asks if that’s the best reason to marry someone. Ciara thought Allie would be excited to be her maid of honor but says if she doesn’t want to do it, that’s fine. Theo arrives and asks what it is. Ciara informs him that she just asked Allie to be her maid of honor.

Ben questions Claire thinking Ciara is afraid to remember what she had with him. Claire points out that if she did remember, it would change everything for her and Theo. Ben talks about Ciara being the bravest person he ever knew and that all she cared about was that she loved him.

Nicole asks how many times Eric has asked himself what do they do now. Nicole says all she knows is that no matter what she does, she will always be a sinner and he will always be a saint. Eric says he’s far from it. Nicole knows he will find a way to forgive her, but she will never forgive herself. Nicole cries that he took his priest collar off years ago but it doesn’t change that he’s a good man who loves to help other people and that’s really hard to do with a wife, who wants his whole life and heart to herself. Eric asks what she is saying. Nicole responds that they are just two different people and she thinks she’s the best version of her when she’s with him but he’s the best version of him when he’s not with her. Eric asks what they are supposed to do. Nicole cries that there’s nothing they can do. Nicole then declares that she thinks this marriage is over.

EJ tells Sami that he has one more thing to say. EJ says it must have been awful for her to see Xander and Nicole heading in to the Salem Inn. EJ adds that he may find Eric tedious but he’s a good man and husband. EJ states that after everything he did to Sami, she was faithful even when he didn’t deserve it. EJ notes that Nicole betrayed Eric in their first year of marriage so he can understand why Sami did what she did. Sami thinks back to EJ saying he would’ve lost his mind if she turned to another man as EJ hugs her.

Allie agrees to be Ciara’s maid of honor which Theo says is great and notes that Chad just agreed to be his best man. Theo asks Ciara if they are really doing this tomorrow. Ciara responds that nothing in the world will stop them as they hug.

Claire encourages Ben to be the brave one now. She knows this has been so hard on him but he can’t quit. Ben agrees and declares that he has to do whatever the hell it takes to stop Ciara from marrying Theo tomorrow.

Sami kisses EJ and suggests just forgetting about tonight as they are back together and that’s all that matters, so they can forget about everything else as they continue kissing.

Philip questions if Lucas is just giving up. Lucas thinks it’s best for now but thanks Philip for trying to help. Lucas heads back upstairs. Philip then retrieves Kristen’s letter from the trash and declares that he is not giving up.

Eric tells Nicole that he wanted to spend time with Holly as he missed her so much. Nicole cries that she missed him too, but they can still video chat and she will keep writing him letters. Eric cries that he can’t let Nicole go. Nicole tells him that he has to. Eric kisses Nicole and decides that he can leave in the morning but Nicole cries that he should go. Eric tells Nicole that he will always love her. Nicole says she will always love him as Eric then takes his suitcase and exits the apartment. Nicole then drops to the floor as she breaks down crying.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, July 20 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At the main house, Victor called Sutton, who was at Society. Victor asked if Sutton had considered his proposal. Sutton had been wondering whether or not Victor could be trusted. Victor stated that he’d give Sutton the incriminating letter from Victor, and in exchange, Sutton would owe him a favor one day. Victor ended the call. Adam entered the main house hoping to talk to Victor about business strategy, but Victor asked if they could postpone it because he had other things on his mind. He exited into another room just as Nikki walked in. Adam asked Nikki if she knew why Victor was preoccupied. She did not. She asked how Connor was. According to Adam, he was happy to spend time alone with his mother. He’d been a little curious why Rey was there so Adam told him that he’d sent along someone he trusted. Adam admitted he was glad Rey was there, since it was probably safer for everyone. Nikki agreed. He told her she didn’t have to make polite conversation every time they were together, because he knew what she thought of him. “I might surprise you,” she replied.

Nikki thought she and Adam should be honest with each other since he was going to be living on the ranch. She stated that they had a difficult history. He didn’t think they should mince words. “We haven’t liked each other very much. Actually at all,” he replied. She agreed that was accurate, but she noticed he was trying to improve. Her first instinct was to keep a close eye on him, in case it was all an act, like in the past. “But apparently, I was wrong about you,” she admitted. She knew how difficult it was to change, and she respected his effort. He was trying to be a better man, a loving father and dedicated son, but a lot of this was uncharted territory for him. Sometimes he wished he had a road map. She told him he had an entire family invested in his success, and if he got lost, there would always be someone to put him back on the right path. She was rooting for him. That meant a lot to him. She said he ever started to backslide or he put any of them in danger, he’d go right back to be enemy number one. He said he learned a long time ago never to underestimate her. “Good. Keep it that way,” she told him, and she left the room.

Later, Victor walked into the living room, and Nikki told him Adam was gone. She asked why he’d been distracted. He noted that they were going to Italy tomorrow. She couldn’t wait. He was trying to tie up loose ends before the flight. She was glad he sent the flowers to congratulate Victoria. He said Nikki reminded him that he wasn’t handling the merger the best way and that he should’ve congratulated Victoria for pulling off quite a coup. Nikki thought that Victor had been magnanimous, but she felt that he should congratulate Victoria in person before they went to Italy. He asked if she was saying what he did wasn’t good enough. She smiled and said she was keeping him honest. “No one does it better,” he replied.

Amanda was antsy because she thought she would’ve heard something by now. She paced around her suite until Devon convinced her to sit. She asked how he could be so calm, and he said it was because he knew that if Victor said he was going to do something, he did it. He advised patience. She couldn’t handle it and jumped up to pace around again. Imani showed up and announced that they had a problem – Naya was gone. She wasn’t in her hotel room, and none of the hotel employees had seen her all day. Amanda recommended they stay calm. Naya could’ve gone on a long walk, which wouldn’t be a bail violation. Devon said he’d go and let them figure this out, but he was a phone call away.

Amanda said Naya picked the worst time to disappear. She was waiting to hear back from Victor, but they wouldn’t be able to get an acquittal without a defendant. Imani asked what they should do. Amanda said the first step was getting into Naya’s room. Imani reiterated that Naya wasn’t there. That meant they couldn’t get in. Amanda said that when she realized she had to rely on herself, she learned not to let little things get in her way. The sisters left. They returned later, and Imani admitted she thought Amanda was going to handle things differently. Amanda assumed Imani thought she’d pick the lock to Naya’s room. Imani said the important thing was that Amanda convinced security to open the door. The room had been cleaned out, and Amanda didn’t understand why an innocent woman would skip bail. “It’s easier than telling her well-meaning daughters no,” Imani suggested. She thought Naya may have left because she figured out that they were going back on their promise not to implicate Sutton in her defense. However, the last time Imani talked to Naya, it didn’t seem like Naya knew anything about that. Amanda thought there could be another possibility, but she didn’t get a chance to share her thoughts because Sutton showed up.

Sutton told his granddaughters that Naya was gone. Amanda asked Sutton if he told Naya to run. Sutton asked why he’d come to them for help if he knew where Naya was. Imani asked if that’s why Sutton really came. “Not everything I do has a sinister motive. You used to know that, Imani,” Sutton replied. Amanda maintained that Sutton was usually up to something. She still thought this was all an act. He asked what he’d done to deserve this suspicion. She thought it was time they stop pretending. She wanted him to know she was going to prove he was guilty of her father’s murder. She demanded to know where her mother was. He didn’t know, and he said they had to work together to find her. She ordered him to worry about his damn self, and he asked if that was a threat. She said she’d find her mother and she’d handle things the way she always did – alone. “Now you took my sister from me. You deprived me of my father, and I will be damned if you take my mother from me to, so you better get the hell out of here,” she snarled, and he left. Amanda told Imani to listen, because they needed to focus. In the hall, Sutton texted Victor that he was on his way.

Sutton arrived at the main house and told Victor that he’d just had an angry encounter with his granddaughters. Victor knew the feeling of being at odds with your family. The situation had given Sutton clarity – he wanted the letter, and he’d give Victor the favor some day. Victor said he thought about it and decided to give the letter to Amanda instead. Sutton asked what kind of game Victor was playing, noting that Victor had said he had no allegiance to Amanda. Victor said it had nothing to do with Amanda; he just didn’t want to help Sutton. Victor said he and Sutton had played on the edges of legality, but this was different – Sutton committed a crime and betrayed his family. Victor had no tolerance for that.

Victor said Sutton was the head of his family. There was no greater responsibility. He stated that Sutton was given the gift of two beautiful twin granddaughters, and he turned his back on them to protect himself. Sutton maintained that he’d done what he had to do. Victor thought all politicians said that. “You are no better than me. I’ve heard all the stories about your awful relationships with your own children,” Sutton snapped. Victor was sure Sutton hadn’t heard all the stories, because there were a lot of them. Victor admitted that he made mistakes, but he said he never turned his back on his family and left them to their own devices. That was why he created a company with his son and why he appointed his daughter to run the company he created. “You turned your back on your family out of selfishness, now you’re paying for that,” Victor stated. Sutton said, unlike Victor, he didn’t have billions of dollars to buy his way out of his problems. Sutton believed he’d had to remain untouchable and keep his power base secure, to make sure his family came first. Victor said Richard got in the way of that. Sutton went on a tirade about Richard. He felt that Richard wasn’t like the Ames family. Richard was a nobody who was lucky to have even made it college with that background. “And my pride and joy had to go and get herself pregnant with that… Well if that meant that two accidents of birth had to be sacrificed, then, by God, so be it. It was for the greater good. I can live with what I’ve done. Richard was a nobody. He was a gnat. And he could’ve brought down everything I’d worked for. Well that was a risk I was not willing to take. Now give me the damn letter,” Sutton growled. Amanda and Imani walked in. Sutton glared at Victor, who smiled back.

Sutton tried to do damage control, but Amanda told him they’d heard the whole thing. Sutton said he’d deny it, and Amanda revealed that she recorded every word. She said this was what she needed to save her mother and prove he had her father killed. She noted that Victor knew just how to keep Sutton talking. Amanda informed Sutton that the letter never existed. At first, Sutton was adamant that the charges would never stick, then he turned desperate and begged Amanda to tell him what she wanted. “I want my father back, you son of a bitch,” she replied.

Sharon was at Crimson Lights when she got a text from Mariah. Abby and Tessa rushed in announcing that they also received texts from Mariah. At Abby’s suggestion, they compared the messages. Mariah told Abby that she felt overwhelmed by everyone’s constant concern about her health. The text to Tessa said Mariah was extending her exploratory business trip, and she needed a break. The text to Sharon stated that Mariah had to get away from getting smothered, and she was sorry for keeping everyone guessing. Mariah’s text to Abby also said she’d be back before the next doctor’s appointment and she was taking good care of herself and the baby. They all promised to make sure Mariah didn’t feel smothered when she returned.

Tessa and Abby went home. They apologized to each other and they both took the blame for the recent tension between them. Tessa was so glad that no one from her past had taken Mariah. Abby said their fears had been implausible, but they felt real. “I’m the person who knows Mariah the best. I just – I don’t know, I figured that the mood swings were a from the pregnancy, but it was a reaction to me,” Tessa said. “And me,” Abby replied. They resolved to do better. They both felt bad that they didn’t notice Mariah was having such a hard time. They agreed that they’d give her some space when she got back. Devon came over. He thought this was all good news – Mariah was taking care of herself and the baby, and there was no tension between Abby and Tessa anymore. Tessa was still bothered by the fact that Mariah wouldn’t call any of them, and she only reached out through text. Abby said maybe Mariah was worried that if she heard their voices, she’d be tempted to come back before she was ready. Tessa guessed so. Devon decided he should go check on Amanda, and Tessa hoped everything was okay with her. Abby thanked him for talking her down the other day by reminding her what Chance would say to her. Devon said she had a good guy who loved her and put her first. She felt lucky to have Devon remind her of that.

Sharon had just said goodnight to the last customer and was getting ready to close when Adam arrived asking if he was too late. She said she never turned down someone in need of a cup of coffee. She admitted it might not be her business, but she was curious how Connor and Chelsea were. He said it was definitely her business since she was the one who convinced him to let Chelsea take Connor to Minnesota, and… Sharon finished his thought by noting that Rey got recruited into going on the trip. He said it was going well, according to Chelsea and Connor. He asked if Rey agreed. Sharon had talked to Rey, but he didn’t ever say much about his work. She hoped Adam wouldn’t regret her advice to let Connor go with his mom. He said he had to work hard to sell Victor on the idea. He admitted Victor wasn’t entirely wrong about the risk. There was a chance this became a problem later – what if Chelsea wanted to move near Anita, or anywhere else. She’d push to have Connor live with her permanently. He felt strongly that Connor should live with him and that he should be the custodial parent. “Even if Chelsea does get a clean bill of health,” Sharon said. Sharon could tell Adam was holding something back, and she assured him that he could talk to her about anything.

“Chelsea faked her breakdown?,” a shocked Sharon said, as she sat at the table with Adam. “To a degree,” he replied. He stated that Chelsea wasn’t well, no one who did what she did to Rey could be. Chelsea was convinced Adam betrayed her, and her mind took her to some dark places. Sharon asked why someone with a good reputation like Dr. Hedges would get involved, and Adam said it was for the money. Sharon was surprised Adam was going along with Victor’s plan, given Chelsea’s objective was to frame him. Adam said he had no idea what his father had done, since he’d been on the run. When he came back… Sharon stated that he was in the hospital donating a kidney to Faith. When he learned the truth, he kept his mouth shut because he didn’t want Connor’s mom in prison, and he hoped being in the mental hospital would help her heal. Sharon understood why he made this decision.

Adam said he blamed himself for so much of what happened. He knew lying about her mental state was just the beginning of Chelsea’s crimes. He tried not to dwell on it since she had their son right now, but when push came to shove, Chelsea always reverted to form. Sharon pointed out that some people might say the same about Adam. He conceded her point. He’d just had a conversation with Nikki about that very thing. Sharon assumed Nikki thought the worst of him. Adam said Nikki was giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. He hoped Sharon would have as much faith that he could pull this off. “You really have to ask?,” she replied.

Adam was getting satisfaction from putting in the work to try and be a decent person instead of reveling in being bad. Every day was a new challenge, but he liked it. He thought of all the time and energy he invested in creating conflict, not to mention the weight of all the hate and anger. He wished he’d come to this realization a long time ago. Sharon said you couldn’t always force change. He thought about how sure Chelsea was that he’d steal Connor from her. She was primed to think the worst of him. He thought maybe letting Chelsea take Connor on the trip would have unexpected dividends. Sharon suggested it could be important for Chelsea to see he trusted her. He said maybe Chelsea would see him in a different light. Sharon asked when Adam started caring what other people thought. “It has always been important to me what you think of me. You know that,” he told her. She smiled. “Worry about the rest of the world, right. We’re fine,” she replied.

Sharon was walking away from the table as Adam said he missed her. She suggested he was just lonely because he and Chelsea were through and Connor was gone, but he said it was deeper than that, and it’d never change. She replied that Faith was waiting, and she had to leave. He thanked her for staying open. Her back was turned, but he lingered for a moment and stared at her before he left. As Sharon closed up, she had several flashbacks to emotionally charged and tender moments with Adam. She remembered telling him she wanted to help him out of the dark place he was in. She flashed back to thanking him for risking his freedom to rescue Faith. She’d said she’d never forget what he was willing to sacrifice for her and her daughter. She remembered him telling her that she was part of him, and she always would be. “You see me, Sharon. You see me in a way no one’s been able to. Not even Chelsea,” he’d said. He knew nothing could come of it, though. Sharon then remembered the time she told Adam that they weren’t going to get back together. She’d admitted she’d never love Rey the way she’d loved Adam, but that didn’t mean her love for Rey wasn’t strong. She said Rey gave her strength, but things were complicated with Adam. After the flashbacks, Sharon left.

Adam was alone in his darkened office with a drink in his hand. He remembered trying to convince Sharon not to let him get taken to the mental hospital. He begged her to save him, and she said she couldn’t. He flashed back to the time they went to Kansas because of AJ Montalvo. She told him to rest, and she’d promised she wouldn’t leave him. He then flashed back to telling Sharon how he felt about her. She’d insisted that he loved Chelsea, not her. Adam had maintained that he and Sharon were meant to be. He remembered pulling her into a kiss at Society.

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