B&B Best Lines, Friday, August 23, 2019

Brooke: We need to find Thomas before anything else happens.

Ridge: Well, I keep calling him. He’s not picking up.

Brooke: Maybe you should go out and look for him.

Ridge: Go out where? I don’t know where he is.

Brooke: He’s been more and more erratic, Ridge. I’m just worried about what he’s capable of.

Ridge: He knows he screwed up. He’s not gonna do anything else stupid.

Brooke: He’s been aggressive in the past.

Ridge: All right, but he’s not gonna hurt anybody. Especially not Hope.

Brooke: I know that you want to believe that, but my mind keeps flashing on what he did to Rick.

Ridge: That was years ago.

Brooke: I know it was years ago, but he nearly killed him. And now he’s a threat to my daughter.

B&B Best Lines, Thursday, August 22, 2019

Amelia: The monkeys and elephants await.

Thomas: Oh, well, you don’t have to — you don’t have to take off just yet, do you? I was — I was hoping to hang out with my own little monkey.

Amelia: Well, I did promise him.

Thomas: Well, I — I guess it’s up to you. What would you rather do? Do you want to go to the zoo and look at the animals, or do you want to hang out with your old man?

Douglas: You.

Amelia: Well, I guess we can stay for a while, if Douglas wants.

Thomas: Well, you know, I — I think I have a better idea. We need some, uh — some strictly guy time, don’t we, bud?

Amelia: Oh, um, Thomas, I’m supposed to be watching him.

Thomas: I am his — his, uh, father. I think I’m a reasonable stand-in.


Douglas: Daddy, don’t be mad.

Thomas: You don’t think I have any reason to be?

Douglas: You should come home.

Thomas: Where is that? Because I think my home should be with my wife and my son, but my wife is living with another man, and my son likes him better than me. Look, do you remember telling me how mean I am? I guess you convinced Hope, too. Do you know what an annulment is? Unh-unh. Yeah, well, it’s like a time machine. It take two married people, and it takes them back in time, like it was before they were married. It takes their love and all the promises they made to each other and just erases them. Why would you do that? I mean, I — I had a mother for you. Hope was with me. I mean — how could you, hmm? How could you just open your mouth and blab that Phoebe was Beth?

Douglas: You said I should always tells the truth.

Thomas: Yeah, well, the truth can be dangerous. The truth can hurt people. Like it did to us. And what I told you was to obey me. And did you do that, Douglas? Did you?

Douglas: I’m sorry!

Thomas: Could you be more specific? What exactly are you sorry for? Are you sorry for — for what, not listen to your father? Or for going behind my back and doing the one thing I ordered you not to? Are you sorry for what? For what, destroying our lives, destroying our future, my marriage to Hope?!

Douglas: Daddy, no!


B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ridge: Emma Barber’s death was an accident, detective.

Det. Sanchez: Well, as I explained, that’s why we’re taking another look at the case.

Ridge: Why is that, because some former employee made a baseless accusation against my son?

Det. Sanchez: It’s hardly baseless. Mr. Avant gave my office pertinent information. Now, if you have information that contradicts his story and clears Thomas then —

Ridge: He doesn’t need to be cleared! He’s not involved in this!

Det. Sanchez: Okay, I’d like to hear that from Thomas. But you said he’s not here, right?

Brooke: No. And he’s not answering his phone.

Det. Sanchez: Is that unusual? Mr. Forrester? Sir? Would you say that your son’s behavior is unusual?

B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Vinny: That message you just ignored your dad again?

Thomas: He’s nothing if not persistent.

Vinny: You know you could end it. You could call him back.

Thomas: I don’t want to talk to my dad, okay? He doesn’t give a damn about me.

Vinny: You know that’s not true, man.

Thomas: Well, if it was, then — then why would he leave us for Brooke? She — she’s the boss of him, you know that’s — that’s why I can’t trust him. I can’t trust anyone except — except Hope.

Vinny: And what am I, man? Huh?

Thomas: I’m sorry. You know what, I-I — you’re a good friend, and I appreciate you letting me crash here while I try and figure out how to reclaim my life. ‘Cause this — no, this — this is not it. Ah, just — just a married man living apart from his wife. Crashing o-on — on a buddy’s couch like, what, college roomies? I feel like an idiot!

B&B Best Lines, Monday, August 19, 2019

Hope: I’m not sure what you expect me to say.

Flo: That you can give me a second chance to start over and be the cousin that I really want to be.

Hope: And you think you deserve that after what you did?

Flo: No.

Hope: I was told my baby died.

Flo: I know.

Hope: Yes. You did. You did know. You knew Beth was alive. You knew what that man did. And still you said nothing.

Flo: If I could go back and change that, I would. But I can’t. All I can do now is try to make it right with you.

Hope: All those months I lose with my daughter, you — you think you can make that right?

Flo: No, I-I can’t. I-I know I can’t make that right. But what I do know is that I don’t want to lose you. And I care about you so much. And I will do whatever it takes to prove that to you, and to prove to you that — that you can trust me again. Please, Hope.

B&B Best Lines, Friday, August 16, 2019

Flo: Mom, this is crazy — sneaking in like this?

Shauna: You said that you wanted to face Hope.

Flo: Yeah, but not by breaking and entering!

Shauna: Oh, honey, don’t be silly. The door was unlocked, and you heard the gardener. Hope and Beth went up to the main house, so they shouldn’t be long. In the meantime, I really want you to practice what you’re gonna say to Hope on me.

Flo: I don’t know what I’m gonna say to Hope, mom. I mean, there aren’t words to convey how sorry I feel.

Shauna: You have to try! Hope is a good person, and maybe she will just —

Flo: She’s gonna what, be able to look at me and tell me not to go to hell? Really?

Shauna: Baby, Hope would never do that.

Flo: Well, she should because I’ve been in, for these last few months, anyway, my own personal hell. I wouldn’t blame Hope and her family if they just erased me from their lives forever.

B&B Best Lines, Thursday, August 16, 2019

Zoe: You came back?

Xander: Yeah. Yeah. Last night.

Zoe: So, you — you — you know what’s happened?

Xander: Maya told me.

Zoe: I’ve never been so scared, Xander. Ridge is waiting for me now.

Xander: You’re not in prison. That’s…something.

Zoe: I’ve been so lost while you’ve been gone. I-I’ve never needed you more.

Xander: Yeah. It’s — it’s sad that you didn’t think so when I was trying to prevent everything that’s happening to you now.

Xander: So, where is Thomas now, anyway?

Zoe: Nobody knows.

Xander: Yeah, ’cause from what I heard, his son tipped Liam off?

Zoe: Something like that.

Xander: So, you — you never came clean?

Zoe: Xander —

Xander: You know, do you ever ask yourself why you reserve your loyalty for your father instead of people who’ve actually stood by you? I mean, Hope, the Forresters, me, we’ve all — you know what? It doesn’t — it doesn’t matter. I’ve honestly thought of a lot of devastating things to say, but… it just doesn’t matter anymore, so…let’s go. What? You said Ridge is waiting for you, right?

B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Ridge: Yes, Buckingham. Dr. Reese Buckingham. Find him and arrest him. Yes, he’s in London. Thank you.

Zoe: Please have mercy on my father. I am begging you.

Brooke: The same way he showed mercy for my daughter and her innocent baby?

Zoe: He was desperate, okay? He had to pay those guys off, or they would have killed me!

Ridge: He kidnapped a baby, an innocent little child, and you helped him do it!

Shauna: I’m thinking we should call a lawyer.

Flo: No, mom, I’m not thinking about that right now.

Ridge: Well, you should be!

Shauna: Wait! Please. Flo has been racked with guilt, and she has wanted to tell Hope for months, but I begged her not to. I couldn’t watch her go to jail, and I still can’t. I mean, she’s my baby. If you’re gonna lock anybody up, please, please let it be me.

Brooke: Don’t worry, Shauna. You’re all gonna suffer the consequences for what you’ve done. But, right now, all I can think about is my granddaughter and the fact that she’s alive. We have to tell Hope.

B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Douglas: Is my dad here?

Ridge: Uh, no. Not right now.

Douglas: He’s angry with me.

Ridge: Well, don’t worry about that. I’m gonna talk to him, and we’ll sort everything out.

Douglas: I told a secret he said not to.

Brooke: We know.

Douglas: Are you mad at me, too?

Brooke: No. Not at all.

Douglas: I told Hope. She didn’t believe me.

Brooke: Well, she does now.

Douglas: She knows Beth is alive?

Brooke: Yes. Hope knows Beth is alive. Thanks to you.

B&B Best Lines, Monday, August 12, 2019

Liam: Hope, this is a lot to process, for you and Steffy.

Steffy: You — you can’t just apologize and take her away! I haven’t even gotten — this is all happening too fast.

Hope: Steffy, you have been a wonderful mother to Beth, and I will always be grateful to you, but it is time for her to know me.

Ridge: But maybe we should all just take a little time to see what’s best for the baby.

Brooke: Hope has lost enough time with her daughter. They shouldn’t be apart one more minute.

Hope: We won’t be.

Steffy: Hope, please… this is Beth’s home. This is the only home she’s ever known. Her sister is here, all of her things…

Hope: And we will work together to make this transition as easy as possible. But my daughter goes home with me. Tonight.