Arrow Favorite Quotes: Honor Thy Father

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102 “Honor Thy Father”

Favorite Quotes Honor Thy Father

Oliver: This guy gets more air-time than the Kardashians, right?
Thea: Five years on an island and you still know who they are.
Oliver: I’ve been catching up. It’s nice to see how much our culture has improved while I was away.

Oliver: It’s fine, Walter, I’ve been in a courtroom before.
Tommy: Four times by my estimate. You know, there was the DUI, the assault on that paparazzi douchebag, stealing that taxi, which was just awesome, by the way, and who could forget peeing on the cop?
Moira: I wish everyone would.

Laurel: What are you doing here?
Oliver: Oh, they were bringing me back from the dead. Legally speaking.

Laurel: Oliver just got back from five years on an uncharted island. Before that, he was cheating on me with my sister. He was with her when she died. And last week, he told me to stay away from him. It was really good advice. Excuse me.

Moira: I hired you to protect my son. Now, I’m not a professional bodyguard, but it seems to me that the first requirement would be managing to stay next to the man you’re hired to protect.
Diggle: With all due respect, ma’am, I never had a client who didn’t want my protection.

Oliver: Thea, do you think this is what Dad would want for you?
Thea: Dead people don’t want anything. It’s one of the benefits of being dead.

Quentin: Well, I owe you an apology, Mr. Somers. We come all the way down to your docks, and it turns out, you don’t need the police after all.
Somers: Which is exactly what I’ve been saying.
Quentin: Yeah. So I guess that 9-1-1 call that we got last night from your stevedore, saying that you were getting attacked by a guy in a green hood and a bow and arrow… I-I guess…I guess that, well… Hmm. Was that a practical joke?
Somers: These guys like to fool around.
Quentin: Yeah. [Scoffs] Well, you know, I’d be very much inclined to believe an honest, upstanding businessman like yourself, except, well, one of my men found this at your docks.
[Quentin pulls a green arrow out of an evidence bag and shows it to Somers.]
Quentin: You see, there’s this vigilante running around. He thinks he’s some kind of Robin Hood. He’s robbing the rich, he’s trying to teach them a lesson I guess. I don’t know, I don’t know. But the point is… the man’s a killer. And nothing, and no one, is going to stop me from bringing him down. But like you said…

Walter: I remember when your father used to bring you here when you were a boy. You always were so excited.
Oliver: Dad let me drink soda in the office.
Moira: Ah, so that’s why you enjoyed coming.

Moira: Sweetheart, Oliver, Walter and I have something to discuss with you. Come, please sit.
Oliver: Mom, it makes me nervous when you ask me to sit down.

Walter: Everyone here understands that this transition is really difficult for you.
Oliver: Thank you, Walter. Which part, though? Everyone fantasizing that I got my MBA while I was on the island? Or the fact that my father’s CFO now sleeps down the hall from me?
[Moira starts walking away, but turns around and looks at Oliver.]
Moira: You know, five years ago, your irresponsibility was somewhat charming. It is a lot less so now.

Oliver: Wow. This place hasn’t changed in five years. (Chuckling)
Laurel (frustrated): I haven’t really had time to redecorate.
Oliver: I’m a jerk. Before the island, I was a jerk. And now I’m just a… I’m a damaged jerk.

Oliver: I thought about many things on the island, but there was one thing that I thought about every day. I actually dreamed about it, and I promised myself that if I ever got a chance to do it again, I’d do it with you.
[Oliver holds up a tub of ice cream.]
Oliver: Eat ice cream.

Quentin: Oh, thank God. Thank God. Are you all right?
Laurel: I’m okay. Those cops that you put on me…
Quentin: [Sighs] They…
Diggle: I went outside to ask for a light, and they were both dead in the squad car.
Quentin: It’s okay. Mr. Diggle, thank you. Feel free to run as many red lights in the city as you want.

Quentin: Your job is not going after people like the Triad or Somers.
Laurel: My job is to use the law to fight for what is right. Just like you taught me.
Quentin: Well, that’s dirty: using me against me. You can’t do that.

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Arrow Favorite Quotes: Pilot

Our favorite Arrow Quotes!

101 “Pilot”

Arrow Favorite Quotes Pilot

Laurel: You and I against an army. I love those odds.

Joanna: Why do you hate me?

Oliver: Are we in trouble?

Robert: One of us is.

Tommy: What did I tell you? Yachts suck.

Walter: I didn’t realize you took Russian in college, Oliver.

Oliver: I didn’t realize you wanted to sleep with my mother, Walter.

Oliver: That’s not very scientific.

Sarah: What would you know about science, Mr. Ivy League Dropout?

Thea: Where did you get these?

Girl: Roxie’s. Thank you, Daddy’s ACL tear.

Thea: Ollie!

Oliver: No one’s called me that in a while, Speedy.

Thea: Worst nickname ever.

Oliver: I have something for you.

Thea: You did not come back from a deserted island with a souvenir.

Tommy: A rock! That is sweet. You know, I want one of those t-shirts that says, “My friend was a castaway, and all I got was this crappy shirt”.

Tommy: Have you noticed how hot your sister’s gotten? Because I have not.

Tommy: Your funeral blew.

Oliver: Did you get lucky?

Tommy: Fish in a barrell. They were so sad…

Oliver: No…

Tommy: And huggy…And I am counting on another target rich environment for your welcome home bash.

Oliver: At my what?

Tommy: You came back from the dead. This calls for a party.

Tommy: So what’d you miss most? Steaks at the Palm? Drinks at the Station? Meaningless sex?

Oliver: Laurel.

Tommy: Everyone is happy you’re alive. You want to see the one person who isn’t?

Joanna: It’s fun being your friend. I get to say “I told you so” a lot.

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Honor Thy Father

Lone Gunmen

An Innocent Man



“Muse of Fire”


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“Trust But Verify”



“The Odyssey”


“Dead to Rights”

“The Huntress



“Unfinished Business”

“Home Invasion”

“The Undertaking”

“Darkness on the Edge of Town”


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Season 7 Trailer

Monday, December 10 – Arrow: “Elseworlds, Part 2” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV) Promo
THE ELSEWORLDS CROSSOVER CONTINUES IN GOTHAM CITY WITH BATWOMAN (RUBY ROSE) – With Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Barry (guest star Grant Gustin) still stuck in the other’s bodies, the two get a lead on John Deegan (guest star Jeremy Davies) and head to Gotham City with Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist) to figure out why their reality has changed. While there, they meet the mysterious Kate Kane (guest star Ruby Rose) who provides them with information that leads the group to Arkham Asylum. James Bamford directed the episode with teleplay by Marc Guggenheim and story by Caroline Dries (#709). Original airdate 12/10/2018.

Monday December 3, 2018, 8:00pm
Arrow “Unmasked” (All New!, HD, TV-14, LV)
FELICITY MAKES CERTAIN DECISIONS FOR HER FAMILY — Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) stands by her recent decisions regarding her family. Meanwhile, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) continue to look into the Dante painting that Curtis (Echo Kellum) found. Alexandra La Roche directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama & Beth Schwartz (#708). Original airdate 12/3/2018.

Monday November 26, 2018, 8:00pm
Arrow “The Slabside Redemption” (All New!, HD, TV-14, LV)
JAMES BAMFORD DIRECTS AN EPIC EPISODE — Oliver (Stephen Amell) makes a choice that will affect his entire life, as well as the lives of everyone he cares about. James Bamford directed the episode written by Jill Blankenship & Rebecca Bellotto (#707). Original airdate 11/26/2018.

The CW Monday, November 19 – Arrow: “Due Process” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, DLV) (HDTV)
LAUREL STEPS IN TO HELP OLIVER – Slabside becomes even more dangerous after a guard is murdered and everyone is a suspect. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) enlists help from a surprising source in her pursuit of Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) flexes her muscles as the District Attorney. Kristin Windell directed the episode written by Sarah Tarkhoff & Tonya Kong (#706). Original airdate 11/19/2018. Promo

Monday November 12, 2018, 8:00pm Promo
Arrow “The Demon” (All New!, HD, TV-14, LV)
FELICTY DISCOVERS A SECRET ABOUT OLIVER; CURTIS GOES UNDERCOVER — Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) learns something new about Oliver (Stephen Amell) that shocks her. Meanwhile, Diggle (David Ramsey) asks Curtis (Echo Kellum) to go undercover for ARGUS. Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) works with an unlikely ally. Mark Bunting directed the episode written by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes (#705). Original airdate 11/12/2018.

Monday November 5, 2018, 8:00pm Promo
Arrow “Level Two” (All New!, HD, TV-14, LV)
RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN — Oliver (Stephen Amell) makes a drastic move in his quest to find Diaz (Kirk Acevedo). Like her husband, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) pulls out all the stops to get to Diaz. Meanwhile, when arsonists target Rene’s (Rick Gonzalez) community center, injuring Zoe (guest star Eliza Faria) in the process, the mysterious new Green Arrow swoops in to help save the day. Faced with pressure from the mayor to capture the vigilante, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) must decide if following the rules at all costs is the best plan to keep the city safe. Ben Bray directed the episode written by Emilio Ortega Aldrich & Tonya Kong (#704). Original airdate 11/5/2018.

Monday October 29, 2018, 8:00pm Promo
Arrow “Crossing Lines” (All New!, HD, TV-14, LV)
CURTIS GOES UNDERCOVER FOR ARGUS — Still in prison, Oliver (Stephen Amell) faces his biggest challenge yet. Meanwhile, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) gets an intriguing offer, and Diggle (David Ramsey) asks Curtis (Echo Kellum) to go undercover for ARGUS. Gordon Verheul directed the episode with teleplay by Onalee Hunter Hughes & Sarah Tarkoff and story by Elizabeth Kim (#703). Original airdate 10/29/2018.

Monday October 15, 2018 8:00pm ARROW “Inmate #4587” (Season Premiere, HD, TV-14, V)
LOCKED UP — Following Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) shocking decision to turn himself over to the FBI and reveal his identity as the Green Arrow to the public, Oliver has spent the past five months in Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Determined to keep a low profile to shorten his sentence for the sake of his family, Oliver is tested when he runs into old foes. Meanwhile, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) have taken on new jobs and left their costumes behind but not everyone is following suit. With her focus on William (guest star Jack Moore), Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) tries to start over but when someone from her past resurfaces, things become complicated. James Bamford directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz & Oscar Balderrama (#701). Original airdate 10/15/2018.

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Arrowverse crossover pic

From The CW:  We are pleased to announce the dates for The CW’s epic crossover event with The Flash (12/9), Arrow (12/10) and Supergirl (12/11) this year.  Please note for the this year’s crossover, The Flash and Supergirl will swap time periods for this one time only (as indicated here).   The crossover will also mark the first appearance of Batwoman (Ruby Rose).

Arrow premieres Monday, October 15th on The CW. The first episode picks up with Oliver in prison. The title of the second episode suggests that he will meet the Longbow Hunters villains. The trailer suggests that Oliver will have a naked fight in prison.  more Info (possible spoilers)

Arrow’s Willa Holland has wanted Thea written off since Season 4

Catch up with last season’s Arrow episodes before the premiere

It’s Time To Finish What He Started… ARROW: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON
Contains All Action-Packed Episodes from the Sixth Season,Plus a Crossover Featurette, 2017 Comic-Con Panel, and More!
The Crusade Continues On Blu-ray™ & DVD August 14, 2018
BURBANK, CA (May 16, 2018) –The CW’s longest-running DC series will be coming to a city near you on August 14, 2018 as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season on Blu-ray and DVD. Averaging 2.3 million Viewers weekly for each original episode, Arrow is the #3 series on The CW season-to-date amongst Adults 18-34, behind only The Flash and Black Lightning.* The release contains all 23 exhilarating episodes from the sixth season, plus the show’s 2017 Comic-Con Panel, the crossover featurette and much more. Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season is priced to own at $44.98 SRP for the DVD and $49.99 SRP for the Blu-ray which includes a Digital Copy. Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season is also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers.
*Source: Nielsen National TV View, 2017-18 broadcast season to date (09/18/2017 – 03/18/2018), Live + 7 Day ratings; excluding movies, sports, repeats, specials, less than 3 telecasts
Following the devastating explosion on Lian Yu, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns home to confront a challenge unlike any he’s ever faced: fatherhood. Oliver is determined to embrace this new role while continuing to serve and protect Star City as both Mayor and The Green Arrow. But enemies past and present, including Black Siren (Katie Cassidy), Vigilante (Johann Urb), Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), Cayden James (Michael Emerson) and others, threaten him on all fronts. And bonds within the ranks of Team Arrow—veteran John Diggle (David Ramsey); tech genius Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards); former police captain Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and brilliant inventor Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), plus newest team members Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) and metahuman Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy)—have become dangerously decayed. The future of Star City is at stake in all 23 of Season Six’s ferociously fast-paced, can’t-miss episodes.
“Just in time for the season seven premiere on The CW, fans can catch up on all 23 gripping episodes from the sixth season,” said Rosemary Markson, WBHE Senior Vice President, Television Marketing. “Arrow retains a solid fan base who can continue to build their collections with this latest season and enjoy the new behind-the-scenes extras included in the set.”With Blu-ray’s unsurpassed picture and sound, Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-ray release will include 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. In addition to featuring all 23 episodes of season six in high-definition as well as a digital copy of the season, the 4-disc Blu-ray will also include all four crossover episodes, a tremendous value and collectors opportunity.Arrow stars Stephen Amell (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows), David Ramsey (Dexter), Willa Holland (The O.C.), Emily Bett Rickards (Brooklyn), Echo Kellum (Sean Saves The World), Rick Gonzalez (Reaper) and Juliana Harkavy (Dolphin Tale), with Katie Cassidy (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Paul Blackthorne (The River, The Dresden Files) . Based on the characters from DC, Arrow is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Marc Guggenheim (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Wendy Mericle (Desperate Housewives) and Sarah Schechter (The Flash, Supergirl, Blindspot, Black Lightning). BLU-RAY & DVD FEATURESThe Best of DC TV’s Comic-Con Panels San Diego 2017The Split of a Man: DeathstrokeInside the Crossover: Crisis on Earth-XRevenge in Ones and Zeros: The Story of Cayden James23 ONE-HOUR EPISODES
“Fallout””Tribute””Next of Kin” “Reversal””Deathstroke Returns””Promises Kept””Thanksgiving””Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2″”Irreconcilable Differences””Divided””We Fall””All for Nothing””The Devil’s Greatest Trick””Collision Course””Doppelgänger””The Thanatos Guild””Brothers in Arms””Fundamentals””The Dragon””Shifting Allegiances” “Docket No. 11-19-41-73″”The Ties That Bind“Life Sentence
DIGITALThe sixth season of Arrow is also currently available to own on Digital. Digital allows consumers to instantly stream and download all episodes to watch anywhere and anytime on their favorite devices.  Digital is available from various retailers including Amazon Video, iTunes, PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox and others. A Digital Copy is also included with the purchase of specially marked Blu-ray discs for redemption and cloud storage. BASICSStreet Date: August 14, 2018Order Due Date: July 10, 2018BD and DVD Presented in 16×9 widescreen formatRunning Time: Feature: Approx 1,380 minEnhanced Content: Approx 116 min DVD
Price: $44.98 SRP
5 DVD-9s
Audio – English (5.1)
Subtitles – ESDH, Spanish, French
BLU-RAY Price: $49.99 SRP 4-Disc Elite BD Audio –DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 – EnglishBD Subtitles – ESDH, Spanish, French
About Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc.Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) brings together Warner Bros. Entertainment’s home video, digital distribution and interactive entertainment businesses in order to maximize current and next-generation distribution scenarios. An industry leader since its inception, WBHE oversees the global distribution of content through packaged goods (Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD) and digital media in the form of electronic sell-through and video-on-demand via cable, satellite, online and mobile channels, and is a significant developer and publisher for console and online video game titles worldwide. WBHE distributes its product through third party retail partners and licensees.About DC EntertainmentDC Entertainment, home to iconic brands DC (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, etc.), Vertigo (Sandman, Fables, etc.) and MAD, is the creative division charged with strategically integrating across Warner Bros. and Time Warner.  DC Entertainment works in concert with many key Warner Bros. divisions to unleash its stories and characters across all media, including but not limited to film, television, consumer products, home entertainment, and interactive games.  Publishing thousands of comic books, graphic novels and magazines each year, DC Entertainment is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics in the world.ARROW and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

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Arrow Episode List



1 1-01 October 10, 2012 “Pilot”
2 1-02 October 17, 2012 “Honor Thy Father”
3 1-03 October 14, 2012 “Lone Gunmen”
4 1-04 October 31, 2012  “An Innocent Man”
5 1-05 November 7, 2012  “Damaged”
6 1-06 November 14, 2012 “Legacies”
7  1-07 November 28, 2012 “Muse of Fire”
8 1-08 December 5, 2012 “Vendetta”
9 1-09 December 12, 2012  “Year’s End”
10 1-10 January 16, 2013 “Burned”
11 1-11 January 23, 2013 “Trust But Verify”
12 1-12 January 30, 2013 “Vertigo”
13 1-13 February 6, 2013 “Betrayal”
14 1-14 February 13, 2013 “The Odyssey”
15 1-15 February 20, 2013 “Dodger”
16 1-16 February 27, 2013 “Dead to Rights”
17 1-17 March 20, 2013 “The Huntress Returns”
18 1-18 March 27, 2013 “Salvation”
19 1-19 April 3, 2013 “Unfinished Business”
20 1-20 April 24, 2013 “Home Invasion”
21 1-21 May 5, 2013 “The Undertaking”
22 1-22 May 8, 2013 “Darkness on the Edge of Town”
23 1-23 May 15, 2013 “Sacrifice”


24 2-01 October 9, 2013 “City of Heroes”
25 2-02 October 16, 2013 “Identity”
26 2-03 October 23, 2013 “Broken Dolls”
27 2-04 October 30, 2013 “Crucible”
28 2-05 November 6, 2013 “League of Assassins”
29 2-06 November 13, 2013 “Keep Your Enemies Closer”
30 2-07 November 30, 2013 “State v. Queen”
31 2-08 December 4, 2013 “The Scientist”
32 2-09 December 11, 2013 “Three Ghosts”
33 2-10 January 15, 2014 “Blast Radius”
34 2-11 January 22, 2014 “Blind Spot”
35  2-12 January 29, 2014 “Tremors”
36 2-13 February 5, 2014 “Heir to the Demon”
37 2-14 February 26, 2014 “Time of Death”
38 2-15 March 5, 2014  “The Promise”
39 2-16 March 19, 2014 “Suicide Squad”
40 2-17 March 26, 2014  “Birds of Prey”
41 2-18 April 2, 2014 “Deathstroke”
42 2-19 April 16, 2014 “The Man Under the Hood”
43 2-20 April 23, 2014 “Seeing Red”
44 2-21 April 30, 2014 “City of Blood”
45 2-22 May 7, 2014 “Streets of Fire”
46 2-23 May 14, 2014 “Unthinkable”


47 3-1 October 8, 2014 “The Calm”
48 3-2 October 15, 2014 “Sara”
49 3-3 October 22, 2014 “Corto Maltese”
50 3-4 October 29, 2014 “The Magician”
51 3-5 November 5, 2014 “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”
52 3-6 November 12, 2014 “Guilty”
53 3-7 November 19, 2014 “Draw Back Your Bow”
54 3-8 December 3, 2014 “The Brave And The Bold”
55 3-9 December 10, 2014 “The Climb”
56 3-10 January 21, 2015 “Left Behind”
57 3-11 January 28, 2015 “Midnight City”
58 3-12 February 4, 2015 “Uprising”
59 3-13 February 11, 2015 “Canaries”
60 3-14 February 18, 2015 “The Return”
61 3-15 February 25, 2015 “Nanda Parbat”
62 3-16 March 18, 2015 “The Offer”
63 3-17  March 25, 2015 “Suicidal Tendencies”
64 3-18 April 1, 2015 “Public Enemy”
65 3-19 April 15, 2015 “Broken Arrow”
66 3-20 April 22, 2015 “The Fallen”
67 3-21 April 29, 2015 “Al Sah-Him”
68 3-22 May 6, 2015 “This is Your Sword”
69 3-23 May 13, 2015 “My Name Is Oliver Queen”


70 4-1 October 7, 2015 “Green Arrow”
71 4-2 October 14, 2015 “The Candidate”
72 4-3 October 21, 2015 “Restoration”
73 4-4 October 28, 2015 “Beyond Redemption”
73 4-5 November 4, 2015 “Haunted”
75 4-6 November 11, 2015 “Lost Souls”
76 4-7 November 18, 2015 “Brotherhood”
77 4-8 December 2, 2015 “Legends of Yesterday, Part 2”
78 4-9 December 9, 2015 “Dark Waters”
79 4-10 January 20, 2016 “Blood Debts”
80 4-11 January 27, 2016 “A.W.O.L.”
81 4-12 February 3, 2016 “Unchained”
82 4-13 February 10, 2016 “Sins of the Father”
83 4-14 February 17, 2016 “Code of Silence”
84 4-15 February 24, 2016 “Taken”
85 4-16 March 23, 2016 “Broken Hearts”
86 4-17 March 30, 2016 “Beacon of Hope”
87 4-18 April 6, 2016 “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”
88 4-19 April 27, 2016 “Canary Cry”
89 4-20 May 4, 2016 “Genesis”
90 4-21 May 11, 2016 “Monument Point”
91 4-22 May 18, 2016 “Lost in the Flood”
92 4-23 May 25, 2016 “Schism”


93 5-1 October 5, 2016 “Legacy”
94 5-2 October 12, 2016 “The Recruits”
95 5-3 October 19, 2016 “A Matter of Trust”
96 5-4 October 26, 2016 “Penance”
97 5-5 November 2, 2016 “Human Target”
98 5-6 November 9, 2016 “So It Begins”
99 5-7 November 16, 2016 “Vigilante”
100 5-8 November 30, 2016 “Invasion!”
101 5-9 December 7, 2016 “What We Leave Behind”
102 5-10 January 25, 2017 “Who Are You?”
103 5-11 February 1, 2017 “Second Chances”
104 5-12 February 8, 2017 “Bratva”
105 5-13 February 15, 2017 “Spectre of the Gun”
106 5-14 February 22, 2017 “The Sin-Eater”
107 5-15 March 1, 2017 “Fighting Fire with Fire”
108 5-16 March 15, 2017 “Checkmate”
109 5-17 March 22, 2017 “Kapiushon”
110 5-18 March 29, 2017 “Disbanded”
111 5-19 April 26, 2017 “Dangerous Liaisons”
112 5-20 May 3, 2017 “Underneath”
113 5-21 May 10, 2017 “Honor Thy Fathers”
114 5-22 May 17, 2017 “Missing”
115 5-23 May 24, 2017 “Lian Yu”


116 6-1 October 12, 2017 “Fallout”
117 6-2 October 19, 2017 “Tribute”
118 6-3 October 26, 2017 “Next of Kin”
119 6-4 November 2, 2017 “Reversal”
120 6-5 November 9, 2017 “Deathstroke Returns”
121 6-6 November 16, 2017 “Promises Kept”
122 6-7 November 23, 2017 “Thanksgiving”
123 6-8 November 27, 2017 “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2”
124 6-9 December 7, 2017 “Irreconcilable Differences”
125 6-10 January 18, 2018 “Divided”
126 6-11 January 25, 2018 “We Fall”
127 6-12 February 1, 2018 “All for Nothing”
128 6-13 February 8, 2018 “The Devil’s Greatest Trick”
129 6-14 March 1, 2018 “Collision Course”
130 6-15 March 8, 2018 “Doppelganger”
131 6-16 March 29, 2018 “The Thanatos Guild”
132 6-17 April 5, 2018 “Brothers in Arms”
133 6-18 April 12, 2018 “Fundamentals”
134 6-19 April 19, 2018 “The Dragon”
135 6-20 April 26, 2018 “Shifting Allegiances”
136 6-21 May 3, 2018 “Docket No. 11-19-41-73”
137 6-22 May 10, 2018 “The Ties That Bind”
138 6-23 May 17, 2018 “Life Sentence”


139 7-1 October 15, 2018 “Inmate 4587”
140 7-2 October 22, 2018 “The Longbow Hunters”
141 7-3 October 29, 2018 “Crossing Lines”
142 7-4 November 5, 2018 “Level Two”
143 7-5 November 13, 2018 “The Demon”

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