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Ashland: It looks perfect.

Victoria: It really does.

Ashland: When people walk through that door and they look at that portrait, they will see what I see — a strong, powerful beautiful woman watching over her empire. Victoria newman is the one building her legacy as the rightful leader of newman/locke.

Victoria: Thank you again for this incredible gift, for understanding what it means hanging in that place and whatd it symbolizes to me.

Ashland: I wanted to commemorate the merger of our companies and to give you a special wedding present. That portrait represents a new beginning…for both of us.

Nick: What’s up?

Billy: Thanks for coming by. I’ve wanted to talk to you ever since the family meeting with ashland.

Nick: Yeah, he definitely dropped a bomb.

Billy: Yeah. Just not sure if it was a truth bomb or not. Everything he said only made me want to dig deeper, which is what I want to talk to you about. I think we should join forces.

Nick: Not interested.

Billy: Why not?

Nick: Well, one, uh, I would like my sister to actually want to speak to me, and, two, i think ashland’s explanation for why he changed his name makes sense.

> Billy: So, it doesn’t bother you that he’s unwilling to share the entire story or that he won’t tell us what his birth name is? Come on, nick. I saw your face when he said that he was done explaining. Admit it, at least to me. You are no more satisfied than I am.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: You, um — you want me to move in with you?

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: I mean, are you sure? Even with moses still here? I don’t want to ruin any brotherly bonding.

Devon: No, no, I ran it by him already, and he is more than fine with it. And as for me, I’m very, very certain that I want to make my home your home. I want to spend every day with you. But I also don’t want to pressure you into anything, too, ’cause I know you and I know that your lawyer mind likes to analyze everything before you make decisions. So, just take all the time you need and go through your process.

Amanda: Well, my mind must be working at supersonic speed because I’ve already made my decision. I would love to live with you.

Devon: Yeah?

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: Yeah?

Amanda: Yeah.

Tessa: I’m so glad that you have ideas about how to move on and heal from having to let dominic go, but we don’t need to make any big decisions right now. We just moved out of abby’s, and you’re dealing with a lot emotionally. We don’t have to rush anything. You can take all the time you need.

Mariah: I know, but I don’t need any because the answer just appeared like a lightning bolt.

Tessa: Well, I — I don’t think that there are any easy answers to dealing with what’s happened.

Mariah: No, of course not, and I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. But it is a path forward, the right one.

Tessa: O-okay.

Mariah: I think we should have a baby of our own.


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Tessa: You want us to have a child?

Mariah: Yes. Think about how great it would be. You know, it’s not like we haven’t had that discussion before.

Tessa: Yeah, um, briefly, in the abstract. But making it a reality, I — I’m not so sure. I honestly didn’t think it would go there that soon. You haven’t really started to unpack what happened to you.

Mariah: I know, a-and I will deal with it. I-I promise. I will talk to my mom or I’ll go get some other form of therapy. But it’s because of what i experienced that I think that this is what iant and I need.

Tessa: I’m not following.

Mariah: Okay, um… sit down. Um…

[ Sighs ] Bowie — sorry — uh, dominic — he made me realize that I had all of these maternal instincts inside of me that I had no idea about. Carrying a child made me realize that I have so much more love to give than I thought. And starting a family with you — that would be the most wonderful thing in the world.

Tessa: That’s a gorgeous sentiment. And I share it, in a big-picture kind of way. But it’s only been a few days since you had abby and chance’s baby.

Mariah: Right. Right, I understand exactly why you’re worried. And my obg-yn said I shouldn’t get pregnant again for at least 12 months. So that’s why… I think you should carry the baby. I want you to experience what it’s like being pregnant, carrying a child, bringing new life into this world. It is absolutely life-changing. And you would be bringing it into our world.

Amanda: That was quite a welcome-to-the-neighborhood.

Devon: I am a welcoming committee of one, you know. The celebration doesn’t have to stop. We can, uh, have some more of the wine that I got for us and put on this very rare miles davis album that I think you’re really gonna love.

Amanda: Mmm.

Devon: You up for a slow dance with me?

Amanda: Ah, I absolutely am, but I need you to hold that thought.

Devon: Why?

Amanda: Because I have to go.

Devon: You have to go right now?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Why?

Amanda: Because I have to go and pack up all of my stuff at the hotel so that we can officially start living together as soon as possible.

Devon: Well, when you put it like that, then please get out of here.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Please.

Amanda: Mmm.

Devon: Go.

Amanda: Mmm.

Devon: Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Please.

Amanda: I’ll be back.

Devon: You better. Love you.

Amanda: Love you, too.

Victoria: All of the arrangements for the wedding seem to be falling into place, and before you know it, we’re gonna be on our way to tuscany.

Ashland: I’m counting the days.

[ Cellphone chimes ] You know, our wedding is going to be the best damn day of my life. And there is nothing that i would rather do than stay here and rub your feet and chat about it. But I’ve got to run because I’ve got a few things to take care of.

Victoria: No, that’s okay. I have an appointment. And then I have a stack of things that I need to get through when I come back to the office, so…

Ashland: I will check in with you later to see if you’re free for dinner, even if it’s just take-out on your desk.

Victoria: That sounds like a plan. Walk out with me?

[ Door opens ]

Nick: Yes, would I have liked ashland to reveal more information? Of course. But, billy, unlike you, I’m not looking to stir up trouble or find some dirt to make headlines.

Billy: Well, I understand that’s what people would think this is about, but it’s not.

Nick: I heard ashland was so annoyed with your attitude after he told us his story that he went and confronted you.

Billy: That’s one way to put it. Let’s just say he warned me to stay out of his life, which made me only more committed to the fact that he is desperately trying to hide something.

Nick: Well, there you go. The way you’re handling this, it is accomplishing something. You are frustrating my sister and pissing her off. Are you cool with that?

Billy: No, I’m not. But you got to make a choice in life sometimes, right? And I am willing to take the hit to protect my kids. You know what bothers me? He didn’t say anything to victoria until he was forced into it. And he still won’t tell us what his true birth name is or how he got so much money to start those companies at such a young age, especially when he said he came from nothing and that he left his past in the dust.

Nick: Things happen, billy, you know? And if victoria didn’t think she needed to take a closer look at ashland after he admitted that he was lying to her, what makes you think she’s gonna care about where he got his money?

Billy: Because how ashland got that much money so quickly when he was barely out of his teens speaks to his character just as much as creating a brand-new identity for himself.

Nick: Not necessarily.

Billy: Nick, I know a little something about compromised finances. It’s my gambling that got victoria kidnapped at one point. And now you got a guy that could potentially be my kids’ stepfather, and he openly admitted to erasing his entire history. He won’t tell us what his real name is or how he amassed a fortune to put him smack-dab in the business world. His entire career, he has thrived on being a larger-than-life mogul. Then he goes and sells his entire entity to a woman that he barely knows? Oh, yeah, and now they’re engaged.

Nick: Well, it’s not like it’s, you know, out of the blue. There are major extenuating circumstances.

Billy: Yeah, I understand. His illness could be altering his decisions. But then again, every event in his life is strange, isn’t it, with giant question marks hanging over them. Now, you get to make the choice to turn a blind eye, which is exactly what victoria’s doing. But I can’t, and I won’t, because the truth, whatever it is, matterS.

Is angel soft an

ideal balance of

Tessa: I hear what you’re saying. But I don’t think it’s the best time to consider having a baby. You’re still so emotionally raw after everything that’s happened with dominic.

Mariah: Yeah, that’s exactly why this is the right time to consider it. Okay, I — this is a lot. I know this is a lot, so I will just give you a minute to wrap your head around it.

[ Laughs ]

Tessa: But, hey, I — I love that you’re thinking about our future because I plan on being with you for the rest of my life. And when we’re both ready — like really, really ready — we should talk about it more. And hopefully that will be soon. But I think our top priority should be working through everything that’s happened with dominic and abby. Let me take care of you, okay? The watchwords today are “rest,” “relax,” “restore.”

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] You’re right. And those are pretty great words, so… you know what? I’m gonna take a quick nap.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: [ Exhales heavily ]

Nick: Hey, rey.

Rey: Hey, nick. What’s going on, man?

Nick: Glad I ran into you. Um…something I want to talk to you about.

Rey: Alright. Is it about sharon? Faith?

Nick: About victoria. More precisely, her fiancé.

Phyllis: Yeah. Okay. I’ll get on that. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Oh! To what do I owe this divine honor?

Victoria: I’m here for the spa, not you.

Phyllis: Well, since i hand-picked every single treatment on the list, I’m gonna take that as a compliment.

Victoria: Why am I not surprised?

Phyllis: What’s on the menu today?

Victoria: I’m getting a facial. I don’t really have time for much more.

Phyllis: Um, can I suggest the bridal package? It’s really great. And maybe you should tell nikki about it because I’m sure, as the mother of the bride, she wants to glow before the wedding. I’m going to treat myself to something in that package before we head off to summer’s wedding in milan.

Victoria: Oh, yes, that’s right. You and nicholas are heading to — to italy before ashland and I do.

Phyllis: Yeah. I’m really excited. I’m really excited for the wedding. I’m equally as excited to be spending time in the most beautiful place on the planet. And then we’ll go down to your wedding in tuscany. I’m sure it’s going to be a glorious affair. Are you excited?

Victoria: I can’t wait to marry ashland. I have never felt more positive or secure or happy in my entire life. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Phyllis: Good. Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?

Ashland: You wanted to meet. Here I am.

Gaines: Finally. You look well. I must say I’m surprised, given the reports about your condition.

Ashland: Well, you can’t believe everything you read.

Gaines: Oh. So, how are you feeling?

Ashland: What do you want, gaines?

Gaines: Alright. I guess we are, uh, dispensing with the niceties.

[ Breathes deeply ] I hate to be blunt, but i watched your livestream, and it’s pretty clear that my yearly pension is coming to an end sooner than expected, due to your condition. So we need to adjust our agreement.

Ashland: I would hardly call blackmail an agreement.

Gaines: After all these years, you’re still referring to our arrangement as blackmail? Aren’t we past all that? I thought that we had settled into a civil, even rather comfortable relationship.

Ashland: Answer the question. What exactly do you want?

Gaines: [ Sighs ] (Lucky) uh-oh the magic’s disappearing!

Nick: Rey, I got a lot of serious questions about ashland, and I feel like I need some answers before victoria marries this guy.

Rey: Alright. What, you’re worried he did something illegal?

Nick: I hope not. Now, this next part is why i need you to keep it between us. Ashland told the rest of the family that when he was younger he changed his name to escape an abusive father.

Rey: Well, I know something about problematic fathers, so i understand why someone might do that.

Nick: If it was just this one bit of information, then I’d probably be okay with it, but it’s been a series of surprising revelations that got me wondering — does my sister need to know more? Now, she’s a very smart, savvy woman. I don’t doubt for one second that ashland has real feelings for her. But the speed of the newman/locke merger and their engagement has got me concerned. And, frankly, it has caught me and the rest of the family off guard.

Rey: Yeah, I have to admit i was a bit surprised by it, as well, given what victoria has gone through personally over the last few years. I understand why you’re being protective. But I don’t think there are grounds to launch an official investigation. And, you know, I wouldn’t feel comfortable investigating off the record, if that’s what you’re asking.

Nick: No, no, it’s — I’m asking because I’m thinking about looking into this myself. And if I do it, I want it to be done very quietlY. So I’m just hoping you could maybe point me in the right direction. That’s it.

Rey: Alright. Okay. Well, let’s — let’s start at the beginning. Did he share anything about the birth name?

Nick: No, he is a closed book about that.

Rey: Okay, well, that’s not necessarily a dead end. I mean, name changes have to be filed in the courts, and they have to be published in the newspaper.

Nick: My dad and billy each have people looking into that. They’re looking at, you know, court records and old publications, and so far they haven’t come up with anything. Do you know if there are different rules if the person is a victim of abuse? Like, would the courts allow ashland to conceal his identity if it was for his own protection?

Rey: Yeah, no, back then, it’s highly unlikely. If the name change wasn’t in the public records, that means that locke didn’t go through the usual channels. He — he must have found a way to bend the rules.

Nick: I’m not sure how he would pull that off. I mean, he was young. He didn’t have any clout or money. This all happened before he became a success in business.

Rey: So, look, changing a name is only one facet of creating a new identity. To do it completely, you need a birth certificate, a new social security number. It’s not easy. And it’s even harder to believe that someone like locke, who has been under public scrutiny for as long as he has, could keep something like that hidden.

Nick: Yet he still managed somehow to do it. Which means I have more questions now than I did before.

Gaines: You see, I’ve grown accustomed to the 300 grand a year you’ve been providing me. It buys me a lifestyle I enjoy.

Ashland: I’m sure it does.

Gaines: And in return, you have received my silence. But it looks like all that’s coming to an end. Truly sorry about that.

Ashland: Right.

Gaines: You know, I would have thought a man like you would have had more time left on this earth, but fate has its own plan for the future. And so do I. I want what should have and would have been mine. But I’m not greedy. I’ll settle for 10 years of payments in one lump sum.

Ashland: $3 million?

Gaines: Good math. In cash, by the end of the day. And then I’ll be out of your life, and you can die knowing that your secret is safe.

Victoria: So, you think that I sounded over-the-top about marrying ashland? I’m sorry. I guess I let my enthusiasm get the best of me.

Phyllis: Yeah. Don’t apologize. I mean, hey, listen, I know how it feels to be happy with the person you’re with, like you finally got it right.

Victoria: Honestly, I thought you and nicholas would have imploded by now.

Phyllis: Well, you’re not the only one. That’s the general thought around town.

Victoria: Mm. So, what’s different this time? I mean, maybe you — you’ve really changed or maybe nick is just more of a saint than ever before.

Phyllis: Well, maybe it’s just a little bit of both. You know? Did you ever think you’d be with someone like ashland before this time in your life?

Victoria: No, no, I didn’T. I view the world and people and love in a very different way now.

Phyllis: Yeah. So do I. I view the world differently now, too.

[ Clears throat ] This is an adult conversation. I mean, we’ve evolved. It’s what they call growth, right?

Victoria: Yeah. Well, I hope that you’re not suggesting that we become friends.

Phyllis: Well, I don’t want to be your friend. I’m not suggesting that, you know? Maybe in like 50 years, but not now.

Victoria: Yeah, well, maybe if you keep being good to my brother, we’ll maybe make it 25.

Phyllis: Jack! Hey!

Jack: Hello, ladies. And how is the bride-to-be today?

Victoria: Very well. Thank you. However, I’m about to be late for my appointment. So, if you’ll excuse me…

Phyllis: Hey. What brings you by? You going to the spa, or do you have a business meeting?

Jack: No, actually, I came here to see you.

[ Lock whirs, disengages ]

Imani: Amanda!

Amanda: Hey.

Imani: I really need to talk to you.

Amanda: Why? What’s going on?

Imani: It’s about mom.


“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Imani: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I thought I could keep it together, but I’m a mess.

[ Breathes deeply ] The three of us were having such a great trip, and then finding out about mom’s heart condition — it was so shocking.

Amanda: I completely understand. That’s why I actually reached out to nate. He assured me that naya’s condition is treatable and he put me in contact with some specialists and they should be able to help.

Imani: Wait. You did all that already?

Amanda: I hope that’s not a problem.

Imani: No. I’m grateful and relieved. Thank you. It’s just a new and kind of strange dynamic for me. Growing up an only child, i never had anyone I could lean on like this.

Amanda: Yeah.

Imani: Other than my grandfather — well, our grandfather — and my parents.

Amanda: I know what you mean.

Imani: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so insensitive.

Amanda: No, no, you — you weren’T.

[ Chuckles ] I think that this is gonna take a little getting used to for both of us. But I want you to know that I’m really happy that I have a sister to turn to.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Me too.

Jack: I was on my way home, and I thought I’d stop by and see if maybe you and nick would like to fly to milan with me on the jabot jet. I’ll be traveling with less of a crowd than the newmans.

Phyllis: Wait a second. Are you offering an alternative to flying with victor newman?

Jack: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: Yes. Yes. I’m just gonna run it by nick, but yes.

Jack: Yeah, of course.

Phyllis: Hey, I bet you’re as excited to see kyle as I am to see summer.

Jack: It does my heart good, after everything our kids have been through, to see them get the happiness that they deserve. I look at them, I still see the children they once were, as well as the amazing adults they are now, so in love and building a life together.

Phyllis: Yeah. You want that for yourself, too, don’t you?

Jack: Kyle’s happiness is enough for me.

Phyllis: Hey! Don’t dismiss what I said.

[ Sighs ] Listen, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said the other night.

Gaines: Given what’s at stake, I think it’s a small price to pay.

Ashland: Gaines, I can’t snap my fingers and come up with that kind of cash by tonight. I’m in the middle of a massive corporate merger, so the entire locke enterprise is under a microscope. And on top of that, I’m getting married in a few weeks. So, when I return from italy, I will square all of my accounts with you.

Gaines: I’m afraid that’s not acceptable. We need to settle this before you leave the country because once you’re gone, you might be gone forever.

Ashland: I’m marrying the woman I love, not planning an escape.

Gaines: Look, I don’t want to be unreasonable. Business day’s about to come to a close. I’m willing to wait…until tomorrow.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Y-you really think that’s feasible?

Gaines: For a man like you, I do. You’ve proven time and again that when you want something, you make it happen, even the seemingly impossible.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] I’ll take care of it. And then that’s the end… of you and me. You will never contact me again. Coming back for more will the biggest mistake of your life. I’ll repeat. Never contact me again.

Get ready. It’s time for

the savings event of the year.

Imani: I have a proposition.

Amanda: Okay.

Imani: How about we have a little sister time right now? We can order room service, watch a movie. There’s this new french film i want to stream.

Amanda: Oh, I know the film you’re talking about. I heard that it is absolutely amazing.

Imani: Mm-hmm. And since we both speak the language, we can make it interesting. We can turn off the subtitles, see whose french is better.

Amanda: Oh, okay! Challenge accepted.

[ Laughs ] I, uh — I just got to make a really quick phone call first, okay?

Imani: Okay.

Devon: Hey. You on your way back?

Amanda: Um, not yet. Imani is actually here, and we were hoping that we could hang out a little longer.

Devon: Oh, yeah. No, that’s no problem. Take your time. Me and the penthouse ain’t going nowhere.

Amanda: Okay. Thank you. Um, I will see you at home later. That sounded so weird.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: [ Chuckles ] No. It sounds right.

Amanda: It did. Bye.

Devon: Bye.

Imani: Um, I wasn’t eavesdropping, but, um — okay. Yeah. I was. I couldn’t help it. Did I hear you right? Are you and devoN…

Amanda: Moving in together? Yes.

Imani: [ Laughs ] Congrats. I’m so happy for you.

Amanda: Thank you.

Imani: Wow. I don’t know if you’re sweet or crazy to be hanging out here when you can be settling in and getting cozy with him.

Amanda: Well, he knows how important you are to me. And he will be there when I walk through the door.

[ Sighing ] Oh, god, it feels so good. I mean, should I be worried to be this happy?

Imani: Hell no. You deserve it.

[ Sighs ] I admit, I am a little jealous you found someone as spectacular as devon. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

Amanda: Yeah. He is. I’m a lucky woman.

[ Soft guitar music playing ]

[ Music continues ]

Tessa: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I was playing softly.

Mariah: It’s the best sound in the world to wake up to.

Tessa: Well, you seem more at peace. Maybe some rest did you good.

Mariah: It’s more than that. Waking up knowing that we have a plan and we know what direction we’re going in, it just — it’s a huge weight off of my heart, even for a little bit. Oh. You’re not on board with having our baby, are you?

Jack: Hey, I thought we put all that to bed. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable or —

Phyllis: No, just — hey, let me finish. Just let me get this out. Um, you can’t stop me anyway. You know that. [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Go ahead.

Phyllis: I love you, too. That’s never gonna change.

Jack: Well, thank you. It’s — it’s not the same thing, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Phyllis: It is the same thing. I really love you. You’ll always be in my heart… permanently in my heart. So just keep that knowledge with you, okay?

Victoria: I’m sending you the figures now, so just give me a call back after you’ve looked at them. Thanks.

[ Phone hangs up ] Hi there.

Ashland: You look busy.

Victoria: Yes, well, I had a lovely respite at the spa, but I’m paying for it now. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to leave for dinner.

Ashland: Oh, no worries. I understand.

Victoria: What about you? Did you take care of everything you needed to?

Ashland: Uh…yeah, I did.

Victoria: Are you okay? You seem a little tense.

Ashland: That’s just the treatments mixed with all the other things I have on my mind, I guess.

Victoria: What things? I mean, if you’re talking about our company, I mean, everything’s fine on that front.

Ashland: No, no, I just want our big day in tuscany to go as smoothly as possible and be an amazing occasion for you.

Victoria: I want that, too. But you do know that the wedding is just one day. The marriage is what really matters, the time that we spend together, who we are to each other.

Ashland: Even with all that I’ve told you about my past, you still have your doubts about me. What makes new salonpas arthritis gel

Tessa: I have no problem with the idea of starting a family. Why would I? I love you. But this is all really sudden.

Mariah: But it’s not for me.

Tessa: What you went through as a surrogate would be very different than what it would be for us. And it’s too important to rush. It would be a mistake to do it for the wrong reasons.

Mariah: But I don’t know what you’re talking about. Wrong reasons? I mean, we’re two people who love each other.

Tessa: I’m just trying to think of what’s best for you.

Mariah: I understand, tessa. I do. But I really need this.

Victoria: I don’t doubt your love for me. And I really — I want to marry you as much as I did the day you proposed to me.

Ashland: But I just saw that look in your eyes. Now, please listen to me. I — [ Sighs ] I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But whoever I was, I’m still the man that fell head over heels for you.

Victoria: I know that.

Ashland: I never told anybody about my past, but I opened up about things I never talk about with you, your family, even billy, all to avoid that look I just saw in your eyes.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] It meant so much that you did that, but I’m — I’m still just trying to take it all in.

Ashland: What can I do to reassure you, angel?

Victoria: I just need to know that there aren’t gonna be any more surprises.

Ashland: I promise. You know every important thing there is to know about me.

Jack: Well, I, uh, better be going. Let me know what you and nick decide about the plane ride.

Phyllis: Okay. Hey!

Nick: What plane ride?

Jack: I thought you and phyllis might like to go to milan on the jabot jet with me.

Phyllis: Yes. And my answer was, hell yes, given the alternative is spending 10 hours sitting next to your father. But, hey, it’s your call.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Cool. I’m in.

Jack: Great. Glad to hear it. I’ll be in touch with details.

Nick: Alright.

Phyllis: So, you missed your sister earlier. She came for a spa appointment. We had a pleasant conversation.

Nick: Yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about victoria’s marriage to ashland.

Phyllis: Yeah. I know you’re bothered by what ashland revealed to the family. I mean, we haven’t had a chance to talk about it, but I know it bothers you, given how you felt before.

Nick: Well, it’s like every time I feel like I’m ready to let it go, another bombshell drops. I mean, you know, one, ashland’s dying, which is terrible. But then we find out that ashland and victoria merged their companies. And then we find out that ashland isn’t who he says he is? It’s unsettling. And I’m sure it is for victoria, too, not that she’ll ever admit it. You know, I’ve been really thinking about digging into ashland’s past. But I’m conflicted. But I want answers. But I also know that if I go down this road, there’s no going back, particularly where victoria is concerned. And if she finds out that I did that, she’s gonna be furious, and she may never talk to me again.

Phyllis: You know, earlier i said don’t meddle, don’t get in the way of true love, but… if your instinct is telling you that ashland is hiding something, I mean… you’re a protective, loving brother. That’s a beautiful thing. So, there are two ways to go about this. Either you save your sister from potential disaster… or you just be nice and polite and do nothing. I know what I would do.

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[ Down-tempo music plays ] I know you and trust you more than anyone. I can’t believe how nervous I am. Hey, there’s no rush. We have the rest of our lives.

[ Exhales deeply ] I told you this morning… …that if we got married, I was afraid that I would fall in love with you. The problem is jake’S. You know? What — what about it? I fell in love with you back then. And the other night, I realized I… I could fall in love with you all over again. But I was wrong. I was in love with you then, and I’m in love with you now. I love you, too.

[ Insects chirping ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ] I’m at the rendezvous. Where’s your op? No, I don’t have 10 minutes to wait. You said you’d get me out of here. Make it happen.

[ Gun cocks ] Anna: Scheduling problems? I wouldn’t worry. You’re not going anywhere. Put your hands where I can see them. What brings you to nixon falls? Catching a killer and bringing him to justice. Throw your phone. Lie facedown on the ground. Let’s talk first. Austin, I’m sorry, but I-I have to go. Peter’s been spotted. Your ex? Yeah. I-I need to get to the quartermaines’. Why do you have to go there? Because of the baby!

[ Exhales deeply ] Thank you for staying. Could really use your help. With what? I’ve been struggling with something, and I think you might have the answer. Got to give it to terry. Near perfect recall. Always. I was jealous of her when we were kids in school.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Weren’t you and terry heading out to some dance place? Yeah, but then I, uh, deleted some shared documents, and we had to stay late to reconstruct them, and dr. Westbourne was nice enough to help us out. Ah. Can we stop, please? We both know what tonight was really about.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] You still nervous? No. You look great in this tux. It’s all right, I guess. It’s a little formal. Carly.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Sonny. It’s me.

is she all right? She’s in shock, sonny. I-I mean, I’m in shock. How — how are you even here? It’s a long story.

[ Exhales deeply ] Carly. Wake up. Hey. Am I dreaming? No, no, no. I’m here.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Sonny? You’re real? I missed you… you’re here. …So much. You’re here. Oh, my god! Sonny! I was hoping I’d never have to lay my eyes on you ever again. But since we’re both here, why don’t we make the most of our time together, maybe clear the air once and for all? You reach for that gun in your belt, I will put a bullet in your gut. It’ll be horrifically painful, and your chance of survival is pretty slim. You’d really do it, wouldn’t you? I want to do it. You just need to give me an excuse. Suppose I let you take me into custody. What then, huh? You really want me to give my statement to the police? You want me to tell them how I fled for fear of my life from the upstanding dr. Hamilton finn, who tried to kill me?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Nurse baldwin… could I trouble you for a minute in private? Sure.

[ Indistinct conversations ] You deleted those notes on purpose. What gave you that idea? I was headed to my room at the metro court to stare at the wall and worry about my mother, and you and terry wanted me to focus on something else. It was four hours of pointless busy work, and it worked. So thank you. How did you know? Because you don’t make mistakes like that. In fact, you rarely make mistakes. It’s one of your most annoying qualities. I’m really s orry to put you on the spot… it’s not about me. …But we came in your car, and I can’t wait for a ride share. Does this have to do with the phone call that you had earlier? Yes. It was from my sister-in-law nina. You met her at kelly’S. Yeah. Nina’s been staying at this small town in pennsylvania, and they spotted peter there. They think he might be coming to port charles. What does that have to do with the quartermaines or with bailey? It has to do with bailey’s father, valentin cassadine. Um, peter and valentin have a history together, most of it bad. And since peter just lost his own daughter, it would make sense he would go after valentin’s out of spite. You really think peter would go after a baby? Yes, I do, and I think we need to warn them. Right. Let’s go. This is a real mess. Clearly. You should have come to me sooner. My first instinct is always to handle things on my own, but this is beyond me. Okay. Well, what have you tried so far? Well, I started by sorting it by color. You can see how well that turned out. Maybe sorted by shape. That’s a good call. Why didn’t you mention that you were into puzzling? It’s a recent hobby.

[ Mid-tempo music plays ] How recent? Since bailey was born. Kind of helps me focus — or it did. This one’s really stressing me out. Oh, because it’s bigger than you’re used to. By like hundreds of pieces. Oh! Look! Yes! See? You’re getting the hang of it. Hey, uh, finn. Mm. Hey. How you doing? Oh. Hey. Uh, is dr. Britt westbourne here? Yeah. She’s on this floor. I just saw her. Okay. Um, any word on her mother? Looks like we’re the last ones here. Do you think they’ll kick us out?

[ Both chuckle ] No. My mom’s a co-owner. We can stay till sunrise if you want to. Oh. That doesn’t seem fair to the staff. They can wait a little longer to take down the tables. Besides, also, maxie put so much work into the decorations. And we — we owe it to her to take full advantage. Oh. Well, if we’re doing this for maxie’s sake… besides, this is our first outing as an official couple. I want to make the most of it. Nothing to hide, no secrets to keep. Just…you and me. Together. I like the sound of that.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Oh! Oh, my — what happened? When the bridge collapsed, we searched for you. We searched for you for weeks. Sonny, I saw you fall in. I jumped in after you. We thought you drowned! I almost did. But it’s been — that was december. That was months ago! Where were you? I’m — I’m sorry. I c– I couldn’t find my way home.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Part of me wants to rearrange my schedule so I can show up at the staff meeting tomorrow.

[ Laughs ] Excuse me for a minute. Aww! Good news? Cameron just sent me some pictures of him and josslyn. Look. Oh! Jason and carly’S… wedding reception. Aww. Did everyone have fun? I don’t know.

[ Chuckles ] But look. I wonder if someone found a hair in their soup. Um, excuse me? Oh, it was something my mother said when maxie told us she was planning the wedding.

Mutter didn’t think carly and jason should have such a perfect day. She wanted maxie to build in a minor hiccup. Well, a hair in the soup kind of seems tame for obrecht. Definitely. Don’t tell anyone, but I think she’s mellowing. Or she was.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Okay, uh, finn. I-I’ll take it from here. I’m just making sure you’re fully recovered from your involuntary skydive. Oh, well, you know, I don’t remember anything. I-I certainly didn’t wake up on a beach. I woke up on the ground. Well, I wish you remembered something about what happened to my mother. So do I. And, you know, I’ve been climbing the walls. That’s why I came over here. I thought maybe we could worry together. So, what do you think? If, uh, we got married, like, you know, again, would you want it to be… your reception like this?

[ Down-tempo music plays ] I know. I know. What? It’s just a silly superstition. But I mean, come on. You did catch the bouquet. It’s a nice fantasy. You and me surrounded by flowers, wiley in a cute little suit, our family and friends wishing as well. But I am too happy with where we are right now to even think about planning a wedding. I see your point. Just barely been reunited. We should take the time to savor where we are right now before we start finding new ways to complicate things. As long as you know that you are who I want, michael… …you and me and wiley and the life we make together. I’m not worried about the future because I know you’ll be there — just like I will be there for you. That’s all I need to hear. Chase: Impressive. Don’t be so amazed. I’m trying to pay you a compliment. Yeah, because you didn’t think I’d be any good. No. I just think overall puzzling’s a little… quiet for you.

[ Scoffs ] I am a huge fan of quiet moments. I think they’re really valuable. And the fact that you don’t know that proves how little you know about me. Uh, can’t argue with you there. I’ve already proved that I can’t see what’s right in front of me. Oh, no, no, no. Don’t do that. Don’t go all negative on me. Look, you didn’t deserve what michael and willow did to you. But the good news is it’s behind you. It is done. It is — it’s over. And now you get to focus on what comes next. Whatever that is. Uncertainty about your future can be a good thing. Look at me. I never thought that I would be living in this house —

[ Chuckling ] Monica’s house — with a brand-new baby. I mean, half the time — over half the time — I don’t even know what I’m doing. Bailey doesn’t seem to mind. And why would she? I mean, you’re a really great mom. That means a lot to me coming from you. I just love this little girl so much. She’s completely changed my world.

[ Doorbell rings ] Do you want me to get that? No, no, no. That’s okay. Yuri will get it. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Motherhood. It is completely different than what I expected. It’s so much bigger and — and scarier and more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I mean, sometimes she’ll just look at me and, um, smile. Or she’ll, like, grab something with her hand and look at it like, “oh, my gosh. Look what I just picked up,” and it just takes my breath away. It’s unbelievable. Where is she?! What? Bailey’s right here. What’s going on?Oh, my god. She’s okay.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Maxie, did something happen? Peter’s back. How long do you think finn will last in prison? He’s not going to prison. Well, then, you’re either gonna have to kill me or let me go, anna, because as soon as I’m in custody, I will explain to them how finn pushed me down a flight of stairs, dumped my unconscious body into a freezer, and left me there to die. And since my story’s true, forensics will back me up. What forensics? A few drops of blood in the hospital basement that could’ve easily been placed there? No. You’ve got nothing, peter. Assuming finn doesn’t feel morally obligated to confess. He does strike me as that kind of guy. Why would he confess to something that never happened? He’s got far more important things to do with his life. Oh, I see. You’re gonna convince him to lie. So what happened to the pursuit of justice, anna devane? I lost interest in justice right around the time that you hired a psychopath to kidnap maxie. That psycho snapped, took her baby, and gave her to god knows who. Maxie’s daughter could be anywhere.

My daughter! Louise is mine, and i will find her! Where are you meeting peter august?

[ Gunshot ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Why — why do you smell like smoke? Were you in a fire? It was in — yeah. I was physically under a beam, there was a fire, and I thought I was gonna die. And that’s when it all came to me — you, the kids, my whole life. So you couldn’t remember us? I — I called myself “mike” ’cause that was on my watch. Actually, I threw away my dad’s — my dad’s watch. Sonny, you got to — you got to tell me this just in order, because last december, you and I were in secaucus, and you chased julian out on the footbridge, it collapsed. I jumped in after you guys, and, like carly said, we searched for weeks — search-and-rescue, state police — and there was no — no sign of you.

[ Exhales deeply ] All I remember, it was — I was on the… I wound up on the banks of the river. A hiker found me, took me to the clinic. People helped me out. I didn’t know who I was.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] What about you two? W-what happened while I was gone? Sonny, there’s so much… so much to explain… to figure out. But the most important thing is that you’re right… you’re right here. I can’t even believe that you’re alive, sonny. I thought I would never see you again.

okay, maxie, I’m gonna need you to take a deep breath and tell me everything that happened, step by step. Okay. Um, nina called me when I was at the wedding reception. She said peter was in nixon falls, pennsylvania, but he left, and she thinks he’s on his way to port charles, which of course he is. Did nina call the police in nixon falls? I don’t know. She didn’t say. Okay. I’m gonna make a few calls and make sure the authorities in nixon falls know to be on the lookout for peter. And did you talk to mac? Not yet. All right. I’ll call him, too. We’re gonna get the pcpd on high alert. Chase, will you do me a favor? Just let yuri know that peter’s been sighted. Chase: Yeah. I’ll fill him in. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] What are you doing? I’m just looking for any updates on nixon falls. Oh, god. What? Looks like there’s been a fire in a bar. Three people have been injured. They think it’s arson. It has to be peter. Britt, walk with me to kelly’S. Okay. I guess I could use some fresh air. Okay. Uh, you guys want doughnuts or anything from kelly’s? No. No, thanks. No, thank you, scott. Okay.

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing ] I’m worried about him. Mm. It’s not like scott to show up and start offering to buy people coffee. Mm. I mean, I know he’s a nice guy and all, but he’s generally a little more… disheveled. No. Uh, self-absorbed. I think he’s lonely. Mm. It was hard for him to lose franco. He was completely blindsided. And then he hooked up with obrecht. Not that she’s my first choice. Would she be anyone’s?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Elevator bell chimes ] Hi there. I’m looking for dr. Westbourne. Oh, she went on a coffee run, but I think she’s coming back. Or you can try kelly’S. All right. If you do see her before I do, please tell britt maxie’s trying to get her a message. Peter august is in pennsylvania.

[ Dramatic music plays ] You never learn, do you? You actually shot me! Yeah. It went clean through. I doubt you’ll need more than a few stitches. Was that intentional? Or did you shoot to kill and miss? I didn’t miss. Where’s drew cain? What? That plane crash over the gulf of aden — that was a cover for his abduction. Where did you put him? Make me an offer and… maybe I’ll decide to tell you. You’re such a son of a bitch. Is that any way to talk about your sister? Oh, alice is to blame for a lot of things, but this is all you, peter, every step of the way. Anna! Everything under control here? Hello, peter. Your guide can’t make the rendezvous. He’s handcuffed to a telephone pole, waiting for authorities to pick him up.

[ Laughs ] Look at you! Suddenly the man of law and order! I heard him making arrangements. Yeah? Call him back. Tell him we’ve got peter in custody and that he’s gonna tell us everything. Think again.

[ Dramatic music plays ] No! You said that, um, local people helped you. Who were they? Where have you been? It’s a little place in pennsylvania. I-I don’t want to get into that right now. You… um, how are the kids? They’re fine! I mean, avery and donna are asleep. They’re — they’re gonna be so excited to see you. Donna has missed you so much! Yeah. Nine months is a long time, you know, for a little kid.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] How’s michael? Dante? Josslyn? Kristina? How are they doing? They’re living their lives, you know? Josslyn’s at pcu. I-I can’t believe this! I can’t — I can’t believe that… I’m talking to you about the kids. I-I mean… we missed you so much. We grieved for you every single day. I mean, I gave up praying for this, sonny. I gave up hoping for a miracle. I… you had to. Both of you. You thought I was dead. And I’m so happy that you had each other to lean on.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] We, uh, we did more than lean on each other, sonny.

[ Sighs ] Carly and I got married.

We were in a — a hurry. We were traumatized. We just… I don’t know. We must have made a mistake. But how? Peter had to have regained consciousness in that freezer and — and opened it up and climbed out. But how? What about maxie?

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Oh. Hey — hey, austin. Listen. If it’s about the quartermaine lawsuit, let’s strategize at another time. Office hours, okay? You got it. Okay. Thank you. But I’m actually here ’cause I wanted to talk to britt. Britt, maxie’s asked that I warn you — peter august has resurfaced, and she’s fearful that he might be on his way back to port charles. Uh, well, that’s sweet of maxie to send you to warn me. But she’s the one at risk. Peter’s obsessed with her. Maxie: Thank god we did this. Thank god peter has no idea louise is here. I don’t blame you for needing to check for yourself that she’s okay. Look, I know I took a huge risk by coming here, but I told austin that I thought peter might lash out at valentin by going after his baby. So if anyone asks — I’ll tell them the same thing. Okay. Speaking of valentin, I’m sure you already gave him a call to, uh, update him on peter, but I-I should call him myself. Brook lynn, you promised me that valentin could handle peter. Valentin understands how peter thinks, okay? He is the best person to protect bailey.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Valentin lives here. That’s kind of my point. Maybe you should live here, too.

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it? It’s beautiful. Stop. I’m sorry. I-I’m sorry. I — when you’re across from me, I cannot look anywhere else. Well, then, as long as I have your undivided attention… there is something important we need to discuss.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Okay. At one point, we talked about you, me, and wiley all living together in the gatehouse. We did. But you’re still in the main house, and I was wondering if you feel like that’s a better arrangement. Absolutely not. No. I just — I-I didn’t — I didn’t want to crowd you. Crowd me? Yeah. The whole situation with chase, I know it was really tough on you, so I — it — it was tough on all of us, including chase. Yeah. Which is why I didn’t want to just move in the next day and expect you to be okay with it, you know? Like, “hey, willow, ready or not, the chase part of your life is over, and the michael one’s about to begin.” Okay. You would never do that. Yeah. Exactly. Which is — which is why I stayed in the main house.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] The thing is… I will always be sorry that chase got hurt… but I will never regret falling in love with you. No, this is not a search-and-rescue — this is a hunt for a fugitive. I want roadblocks, and I want teams both sides of the river. Yes? Keep me posted.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Anything? No. I don’t see any sign of him.

[ Sighs ] I’ll tell you what. It took guts to take a jump like that. The fall will probably kill him. Well, given he’s inherited his father’s knack for survival, I’d say you’d be a fool to assume he was dead.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] You don’t strike me as a fool. You never have. I’m not. Neither are you. Married? When? Today. Couple hours ago.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

[ Sighs ] Those are your wedding clothes? Yes. You look beautiful. Thanks. It’s been really complicated and crazy — really crazy, sonny. Just tell me. Well, as soon as you, uh, disappeared, we were getting a lot of pressure from the five families and from cyrus. Bastard. We had to, uh, secure our position, so we, uh, declared you legally dead, and then we held a funeral. Well, that makes sense. You have to let people think that the business is stable. So you’re — you’re — you’re running things? Well, I-I was until peter august framed me for franco’s murder. You mean it’s — what?! Franco’s dead? Yes. No big loss. So now you’re being blamed. Thanks to gladys. Gladys? She said she saw me ditch the murder weapon. I was remanded for trial. They were holding me at pentonville. So who’s running the business? Me.

You want me to live with the quartermaines? Absolutely! And you could bring georgie and james with you. We have so much room. We have two housekeepers, a cook, a full-time nanny, and we have yuri. This is monica’s house. Yeah! And she’s already letting valentin and charlotte stay here. I’m sure she wouldn’t have a problem with you. Yeah. Except she thinks I have an unnatural attachment to bailey and that I need therapy. Okay. That was before. The situation is radically different now, maxie. Peter is alive, he’s an active threat, and this house has fantastic security. And, like I mentioned, we have yuri. I’m sure monica would not have a problem with you moving in. Okay, but, brook lynn, I would. I can’t live in a house with my daughter and not take care of her like she’s my own. I don’t care how big this house is. Then how do we make sure that you’re protected against peter?

[ Dramatic music plays ] I appreciate you wanting to give me time, but I don’t need it. Just the opposite, okay? I can’t wait to start our life together. You sure? Look, ’cause as much as I love you, willow, you do have a little bit of a habit of doing what you think other people want. Um, hello? Person in a glass house, please don’t throw stones. Actually, you’re right. I do. I-i do do that a lot, don’t I? Okay, this time, I’m saying what I want, which is… everything we talked about. I want to wake up every morning in bed with you… and eat breakfast in the kitchen and…hang out on the couch and read stories to wiley or watch “the emperor’s new groove” for the hundred thousandth time. Oh, yeah. I love how much you laugh at that movie. I love that you laugh at it with me. I actually think we enjoy it more than wiley does. Yeah. Yeah. [ Laughs ] And…yes, I know that our life won’t always be easy and perfect. You have a stressful job and… an even more stressful family, and I’m navigating nursing school. But if we wait for the perfect time to move in together, the perfect time will never come. I completely disagree. The perfect time… is now.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Come on. Let’s get home. You were running the business? Jason couldn’t do it. He was in pentonville, and cyrus was being relentless. He was trying to have jason killed. Clearly, he failed. I mean, diane was sure that she could get me exonerated at trial, but that would have — I mean, it would have taken months, and we didn’t have that kind of time, so, you know, I escaped. With everybody depending on you, you made yourself a fugitive. That’s not something that you would do. That was me.

[ Dramatic music plays ] I forced jason to escape. Here’s the deal. Yuri and I went through the whole house. We checked all the entry points, and it’s clear. I contacted dispatch, and they have a patrol car sitting at the front gate. Mac has another patrol car sitting out in front of your apartment. He asked me to tell you that he is sending a car to take you home and he and your mom will meet you there with georgie and james. Yeah. Well, there are some advantages to having a stepdad who’s acting police commissioner. Any news from nixon falls? Yeah. The, uh — the pcpd is coordinating with the pennsylvania state police. I don’t have any specifics, but they’re searching for peter, and roadblocks are going up. Okay. Hopefully they find him before he makes it anywhere near port charles. Hopefully. You know what? This tension is not good for bailey. There’s a ton of literature about how babies can pick up on energy. Do you want me to take her up to the nursery? Are you volunteering? Yeah! Bailey and i are like old friends. Okay.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] What do you think, sweetheart?

[ Baby groans ] Aww! Do you want uncle chase to take you upstairs? Yeah? I think she does. Okay. Here you go, sweet pea. Chase: Come here, baby. Oh. Shh. Hi! Shh, shh, shh.

[ Baby crying ] All right. Oh, it’s okay. -I’ll be right back. -Okay. Look, I’m not gonna tell you not to worry, maxie. But the pcpd is on this, all right? We’re gonna do everything in our power to make sure peter doesn’t get near you. All right. Let’s go. Britt: Where’s maxie now? I dropped her at the quartermaines’. Well, why would she go there? Well, apparently peter august is obsessed with valentin, and maxie’s worried that peter might go after his daughter. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch. Not for peter. You have no idea how vindictive he can be. Let’s talk about something else for a minute. Yes. Okay. How’s violet? Violet? How’s violet doing? Yes. Violet? She’s wonderful and amazing, and she wants a do-over on the camping trip. Oh. She’s very disappointed she didn’t get to sleep in a tent. Mm. And apparently, setting one up in the living room just isn’t the same. Then let’s do it. Let’s plan another trip. Before scott’s unexpected arrival, I thought things were… going well.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Don’t you think? I had jason stabbed in pentonville. You had him stabbed? Just bad enough so hwould be transferred to general hospital, where brick could break him out. And the plan would have worked, except cyrus tried to kill britt westbourne, and jason went back in to save her, and he got shot. So basically everything went completely sideways. Well, I mean, not — not completely, because I-I did get away and britt was able to — to patch me up.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] So what turned… into you guys getting married? So, carly broke me out that night because there was a meeting with the five families. And cyrus was really pushing to take your place at the table and, uh, open up the territory for anybody who wanted to move product through the harbor. And I was — I was hurt too bad to go, so carly went. So you met with the five families. I didn’t have a choice.

I want you to concentrate the search on the first mile downstream of the overlook. And where are we with the guide?

[ Insects chirping, water flowing ] Oh. Okay. Yeah. Well, let me know. Thanks. Well?

[ Sighs ] Guide’s local. Retired military. Claims that he was contacted on the dark web, so they’re pulling a warrant to search his phone and computer, but I doubt that they’re gonna get anything useful. That would just leave peter’s phone. Yeah, but it’s locked. Yeah, and even if the techs crack it, I would imagine that his accomplice has managed to cover his tracks. Well, if the accomplice is able to evade a trace by the wsb, that’s a remarkable level of expertise.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] It’s just speculation on my part, but, um, from what I overheard, by the tone of peter’s voice, he was urgent and impatient, but he wasn’t giving orders. So you don’t think the guy was working for peter? No. Whoever peter’s ally may be, I got the sense that they, not peter, are the one with the power. I think, uh, camping was going…very well.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] I mean, the kids were having fun. But not you? I’d sit in front of a campfire with you anytime. Scott: Uh — oh. Uh, sorry. Sorry to interrupt you. You guys looked a little intense there. Well, we were just talking about camping… …as a family. I’m fine. I promise. I can come stay with you. No. That’s okay. Uh, mac and my mom already have that covered. They’re gonna meet me at my place, and we’re gonna stay there. They’re sending a car to pick me up. Okay. Well, do me a favor and text me a selfie when you get home, just to be sure. Deal. You be careful, too. You’re not peter’s favorite person. I’m not afraid of peter. It’s actually kind of a relief to know he’s out there. I don’t have to wonder anymore. I just have to be ready to defend myself. Britt, be careful, okay? You, too.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Your car is here. It’s definitely the pcpd. Chase knows them. I’m glad he checked. Yeah. Take care of her, okay? You know I will. Brook lynn…thank you. I mean that. Yeah, you can, uh, ask brando. He was there as cyrus’ bodyguard. But, you know, carly rallied the rest of the families against cyrus, shut him down. Then she had brick blow up one of his shipments. It was, uh, the right message, perfectly timed. Nice work. Thanks, but it may have worked too well. I mean, I had to reassure the families that I was in charge — me, by myself, sitting in your chair, making all the decisions. And they accepted me until jason came back.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] The five families, they don’t — they don’t believe in shared power. They expected one of you to eliminate the other. Exactly right. So we had to send a message that I was in charge and carly backed me and that she wasn’t a liability. So you got married. Great strategy.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Have much watching them so I could work the morning shift. Hopefully, the nanny will feel better tomorrow.

Paulina: Oh, I’ll take as much time as I can get with jules and carver. And, not to brag, but they clearly love their great auntie paulina.

Lani: You mean grandma paulina.

Allie: And I’m so excited for johnny too. I mean, he’s so amped about making his movie. Isn’t it cool that will wrote it and it’s about our mom?

>John: Yeah, it is.

Allie: It’s all johnny talks about. Actually, he told me something pretty crazy about grandma marlena being possessed by the devil. But there’s no way that that happened, right?

John: Well, of course not, sweetheart. Will has a very creative imagination, but nothing like that ever happened here.

Johnny: She turned into a jaguar? No wonder nobody wanted to produce will’s script. It is way too far-fetched.

[Phone rings] Mom, where have you been? Why haven’t you responded to any of my calls or texts? Never mind. I have something I need to ask you. It’s about grandma marlena.

Julie: I’m sorry I had to– doug! Doug! Oh, my god! Marlena, what happened? Marlena, for god’s sake, help him! Darling…

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Johnny: Mom? Are you there? Mom? Hello? Mom? Hello?

Chanel: Hello.

Johnny: Hello, chanel.

Chanel: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you while you were on the phone with your mommy.

Johnny: Didn’t anybody ever tell you that a guy who calls his mom can’t be all bad?

Chanel: I do think it’s kind of cute. But it didn’t sound like she was listening to you.

Johnny: Yeah, we had a bad connection. She was there, and then I got this static, and then the call dropped.

Chanel: Static? On a cellphone?

Johnny: Yeah, weird, huh?

[Phone beeps] Oh, there she is. “Sorry, we got cut off. But don’t try to call back. I’m tied up at the moment.” Okay.

Allie: So will just invented the whole demonic possession thing?

John: Well, you know your mother. She likes to get people talking. I’m sure that she and will just sat down and decided to make her life a little more interesting than it really was.

Allie: A little? She said that her mom was possessed by the devil.

John: Okay, so she embellished a lot.

Allie: That’s what I thought. I kind of love it, though, you know? The battle between good and evil. The epic love story, the bees. But thank you for telling me the truth. I know I can always come to you.

John: Of course, sweetheart.

Allie: I can’t believe I actually just asked if grandma was possessed by the devil. I’m sorry to bother you with this silliness. I’ll see you soon.

John: Allie. Hold on a second.

Kayla: How’s it going?

Tripp: Back to normal. What was going on with the power? For a few minutes there the phone system was totally dead. I’ve never seen the lights flash on and off like that before. Isn’t the generator supposed to kick on when that happens?

Kayla: I just checked with maintenance, and they said there was nothing wrong.

Tripp: So what caused it?

Kayla: They’re not really sure. They think maybe it was a power surge. Do you know where julie is? I left her here with eli a little while ago.

Julie: Marlena!

Marlena: His pulse is weak.

Julie: What happened? Is it a heart attack?

Marlena: I don’t know. It’s dr. Evans. I’ve got a code blue.

Tripp: No, I haven’t seen eli or julia. Maybe that went down the cafeteria or–

Kayla: Oh, wait. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Oh, code blue. Marlena’s office.

Marlena: Help is on the way.

Julie: Please, god. Please, I’m not ready to lose him. Please. Pool floaties are like whooping cough.

Paulina: Okay, the wonder twins are all strapped in and ready to take on the world.

Lani: You don’t think we should talk before I go?

Paulina: Isn’t that what we’re doing right now?

Lani: I mean like really talk. You made a face when I called you grandma paulina.

Paulina: Did I? Well, I guess I was surprised is all.

Lani: Ah, you didn’t think my dad would tell me. That you guys discussed getting married? Which would make you my stepmother?

Paulina: [Chuckles] Yes, but I wasn’t so sure.

Lani: I mean, but you knew what I meant. I mean, why else would you call yourself jules’ and carver’s grandmother?

Paulina: Yeah, right. Why else? So how are we feeling? About me and your dad?

Lani: How am I feeling? Well, when dad told me that you guys discussed getting married… I gave him my blessing.

Paulina: Oh, baby! I am so glad to hear that–

Lani: No, but–but we have to get a few things straight.

Paulina: About me?

Lani: Yeah, you. My dad is the most loyal and caring man that I know.

Paulina: Amen to that.

Lani: And he has done so much since he came into my life, aunt paulina. And I will do whatever I can to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt.

Paulina: You’re afraid I’m going to break his heart.

Lani: I mean, let’s be honest. We both know that you have a lot of trouble keeping your promises. And even more trouble telling the truth.

Chanel: You okay?

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, I’m good.

Chanel: Seems like you’re not happy with that text from your mom. Did you need to talk to her about something important?

Johnny: Important? No. No.

Chanel: You might wanna tell that to your face.

Johnny: No, I just–I had something I needed to ask her.

Chanel: Well, what did you need to ask her?

Johnny: Well, I needed to know if it’s true or not that my grandma marlena was possessed by the devil.

John: I’m sorry– I’m sorry, allie. Please. Allie: For what?

John: For not being honest with you just now. Please, sit down.

Allie: You mean–

John: Yes. The truth is it did happen. 25 years ago, your–your grandmother was possessed.

Allie: Wait, seriously?

John: As much as I wanna pretend that it didn’t happen, I can’t lie to you about this. Not about something so important.

Allie: I-I don’t understand.

John: I just can’t help myself but want to protect the people that I love from ever having to revisit that dark period in our lives.

Allie: I can’t– I can’t believe this.

John: Yeah, I have a hard time believing it myself. And trust me when I say, I-I don’t ever really wanna talk about this.

Allie: But you’ll tell me about what happened?

John: Only if you really want to know, sweetheart.

Allie: I do. I mean, it’s part of our family history, right?

John: Unfortunately, it is. But I’m gonna warn you upfront. This story… it’s not for the faint of heart.

[Machinery beeping]

[Gentle music]


Tripp: Julie, we’re going to need you to wait outside so kayla can help him, okay?

Julie: Is he going to be all right?

Tripp: He’s in good hands.

[Machinery beeping]

Julie: How bad is he? What is his condition?

Tripp: I promise we will do everything we can to help him. Are you going to be okay out here by yourself?

Julie: I’m fine, I’m fine. Just do something for my husband.

Tripp: Okay. Julie: Marlena.

Marlena: Julie.

Julie: What happened back there in your office?

Marlena: I don’t know what you mean.

Julie: Well, I walk in the door, and doug is on the floor, and you’re standing there frozen like–like you’d seen a ghost.

Marlena: Not a ghost.

Julie: Are you all right, marlena?

[Dramatic music rises] What can I du with less asthma?

Paulina: Lani, I know I’ve hurt you and your dad in the past, but I thought we were beyond the price town business and that we were all making a fresh start.

Lani: We are. With the condition that there will be no more lies, no more secrets, anything like that.

Paulina: Yeah, you know– you know I want that, too.

Lani: Okay. If you can promise me that our agreement also applies to your relationship with my dad, then you and me, we’re all good.

Paulina: You sure?

Lani: Aunt paulina, you know that I love you, but my whole life you’ve been a mystery. Unpredictable. Unreliable. And I can’t have that anymore. Not for me and eli or our kids. And especially not for my dad, okay? So I need you to promise me that you will never hurt him.

Paulina: And I care about abe a lot. Last night we said “I love you” to each other for the first time. I just regained his trust.

Marlena: Wouldn’t that convince you that he would understand?

Paulina: Not about this. Not about this. If abe knew, he would hate me forever.

Marlena: No, I don’t believe that’s true.

Paulina: I do, I know. Because… the truth is abe is not lani’s father. Lani, there’s something I have to tell you.

Chanel: You’re messing with me.

Johnny: I’m not.

Chanel: You don’t really believe your grandma was possessed by the devil.

Johnny: Honestly, I’m starting to wonder.

Chanel: Have you been drinking today?

Johnny: No, I’m totally sober. The script was written by my brother, will. It’s based on my mom’s life, and will claims that everything in it is true.

Chanel: And it says your grandma was possessed.

Johnny: It tells the whole story.

Chanel: So this script, it’s like a horror film?

Johnny: In parts, yeah. It tells the story of how over 25 years ago lucifer himself took over the body of dr. Marlena evans. The devil wanted to use someone pure and good as his vessel to turn salem into hell on earth.

John: Stefano dimera opened the door, and there was no closing it. Our encounter with the devil nearly killed me and your grandmother and practically destroyed this whole town. But… ultimately, it was the strength of our connection and the power of our love that drove the demon out of her and straight back to hell.

Allie: And you’re saying that all of this is true? The jaguar? The levitation?

John: I wish I could say that it wasn’T. But I couldn’t even make that kind of stuff up. And 25 years later, the details of every one of those events is still crystal clear.

Allie: I don’t understand. I mean, how have I not heard about this before?

John: [Chuckles] It’s not one of those bedtime stories we tell our children when we’re tucking them in. In fact I still have nightmares.

Allie: Nightmares? About grandma marlena being possessed by the devil? As in satan?

John: Oh, yeah.

Allie: So driving him out, was there was an exorcism or something?

John: Yeah, something like that.

Allie: Well, who performed it?

John: Strike terror, o lord, into the beast that lays waste to the vineyard. The only person who could. Me.

Marlena: I was just asking doug some questions.

Doug: I’ve been insisting to julie that I’m just fine. But down deep I can feel it. There is something with me. I say and do strange things, and I don’t know why. I just pray that you can help me.

Julie: What was wrong with him?

Marlena: Well, I don’t know. We were talking about the fact that I was there to help him, and that he was having some memory lapses, and that he had inappropriately grabbed paulina, and that he’d locked you in the freezer.

Julie: That was an accident. I should never have said to you that he did it on purpose.

Marlena: And that’s what I told him.

Julie: What did he say, marlena? Just tell me.

Marlena: Julie told me that you locked her in the freezer by accident.

Doug: That was no accident. I locked that bitch in there on purpose.

Julie: What has gotten into my doug?

[Dark music]

Paulina: We were talking about grandparents.

Lani: What about them?

Paulina: Lani, what I’ve learned is… the decisions that people make doesn’t just affect their own lives. Sometimes it affects the lives of their children, even grandchildren.

Lani: Auntie P., What is this about?

Paulina: You know I would never do anything to hurt you or your beautiful family.

Lani: You–you are making me nervous.

Paulina: Well, this is so hard–this is so hard to say.

Lani: Just say it.

Paulina: I need to say– eli’s grandfather, he groped me.

Lani: What? Doug?

Paulina: Grabbed my butt. Right in the open.

Lani: Are you sure it was intentional?

Paulina: Oh, yes! I mean, he’s no spring chicken, and apparently, he’s been having some cognitive problems recently.

Lani: Yeah, I know he’s been having some mental lapses, but I would never think that he would do that.

Paulina: Believe me, I was shocked. And julie, she was there.

Lani: He did it in front of julie?

Paulina: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Lani: What did she say?

Paulina: Well, she was shaken up for the most part, and she apologized for her husband. And she said apparently he’s not been acting like himself lately.

Lani: [Sighs] That’s awful. But, auntie, what does this have to do with you and my dad?

Paulina: Well, I’m not sure, I mean, if I should tell abe.

Lani: You think he would be jealous of doug?

Paulina: Well, no. Well, hey–but, you know, the man that I was with before chanel was born, oh, if he even caught a guy setting his eyes on my body, he raised all kinds of hell.

Lani: My dad is not like that.

Paulina: I know, I know. You just said it. He is the most loving and caring man in the world.

Lani: I think, if anything, he would just be worried that you were okay.

Paulina: And I am.

Lani: And he would be worried if doug was okay, which we all are.

Paulina: Mm-hmm, I hope he’s getting some help, too.

Lani: Eli told me that he was going to see marlena today. So if anybody can help, it’s her.

Johnny: You’ve got to read this part. This is where my grandma marlena floated off the bed like linda blair.

Chanel: Who’s linda blair?

Johnny: You know, from “the exorcist.”

Chanel: That’s a movie, right?

Johnny: Wait. You’ve never seen “the exorcist”? It’s a classic. The spider walk. The head spinning around. The pea soup vomit.

Chanel: Ew.

Johnny: I’m sorry. I’m geeking out a little bit, aren’t I?

Chanel: I’m just not into the horror thing. You know, there’s enough scary stuff happening in this world without freaking myself out on purpose.

Johnny: Yeah, but movies are how we work out our fears. It’s catharsis.

Chanel: Okay.

Johnny: The struggle between good and evil. It’s as old as the world itself. And film expresses that as well as any other medium.

Chanel: Well, I express myself through the culinary art of baking. But I do make a mean devil’s food cake donut.

Johnny: Well, you know, the other good thing about a scary movie, it’s a good excuse to get closer to the person you’re watching it with.

Chanel: I will give you that.

Johnny: Why don’t you come over to my place tonight? We’ll watch “the exorcist.” And you can bring a couple of those donuts.

Chanel: Uh-huh.

Johnny: Is that reaction because you don’t want to see the movie or ’cause you don’t want to see me?

Allie: You performed the exorcism?

John: I battled the devil for her body and her immortal soul. But ultimately, it was our love that saved her.

Allie: Just when I thought that your love story couldn’t get any more romantic.

John: Didn’t feel romantic at the time. In fact, it felt– it felt like the end of the world.

Julie: I’ve known doug for over 50 years. He’s never spoken to me or about me without showing respect.

Marlena: I don’t doubt that.

Julie: Well, did you confront him when he said that about me?

Marlena: I did. I reminded him that he had locked you in the freezer.

Julie: What did he say to that?

Marlena: I’m sorry. Did you say–

Doug: That I locked her in on purpose? You heard that, you heard right. It was the most fun I had all week.

Marlena: I’m sure you don’t mean that. I think you’re just confused.

Doug: No, marlena. You’re the one who’s confused. I’m not doug.

Julie: If he doesn’t think he is doug, who in the world does he think he is?

Tripp: Not what I was expecting from his ekg.

Kayla: This can’t be.

Tripp: That’s what I thought. Maybe the power outage affected the machines?

Kayla: No, they all run on batteries.

Tripp: He did have a cardiac event, right?

Kayla: Well, he must have. But there’s no sign of it. I mean, this is perfectly normal. Why don’t you check the leads? And I’ll check and make sure the monitor is working properly. Tripp: Yeah.

[Tense music]

People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Allie: It’s still hard for you to tell the story.

John: Well, allie, I try not to let these thoughts in most of the time. Because when I do, I find myself going right back there. I just flashback on event after event after event, and I can still feel those same emotions.

Allie: I can tell that took a lot out of you. You look tired. Maybe even a little–

John: Scared?

Allie: I didn’t want to say it.

John: No, you can say it. Because it’s true. Honey, I can’t even explain what it’s like to come face to face with pure evil. It was the most traumatic, horrible thing we had ever been through. We barely survived it. And the last thing I want is for your grandmother to ever have to relive that again.

Allie: So johnny making his movie–

John: You’re going to have to convince your brother to find another story to tell.

Johnny: Look, I don’t want to pressure you. I’m just–I’m not sure where we stand right now.

Chanel: Where we stand?

Johnny: Yeah. Things were going really great for a while, and then my sister– look, I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t have my fun back in the day. I was not exactly what someone might call a one-woman man. But allie seems to think that all I care about is getting you into bed, and that is just not true.

Chanel: Hm, well, what do you care about?

Johnny: About you. I like you, chanel. And I hope you feel the same way.

Chanel: When we first met, before I knew you were allie’s brother, when you were just “g,” I really liked you, too. And then hearing you talk about making your movie, seeing your passion, that’s something that I can totally admire.

Johnny: Yeah, because you’re making your dream come true with your bakery.

Chanel: I am.

Johnny: So?

Chanel: So… maybe we can pick up where we left off.

Paulina: You gave your father your blessing to marry me.

Lani: I did.

Paulina: But you haven’t officially given it to me yet.

Lani: And I will. I just– I have one more condition.

Paulina: What?

Lani: I am not just about to start calling you mom.

Paulina: [Chuckles] Oh, yeah. ‘Cause that–that’d be kind of weird, huh?

Lani: Yeah, it would. And I am more than happy just to have you as my aunt paulina.

Paulina: Aww. Me, too, baby. Aww. Me, too. Oh, honey, well, I just love you. I love you so much. I just want you– I want the best for you.

Lani: I love you, too, auntie P. Hey, are you okay?

Paulina: Uh… ohh. Aww.

Abe: Oh, well, can I get in on this hug with my two favorite ladies?

Paulina: Shh! Shh! You don’t want jules and carver to hear that. Here, let me help you with one of those.

Abe: Here you go.

Paulina: Oh, honey–oh, why did you get so much food?

Abe: Well, I invited john and marlena to dinner.

Paulina: What? Marlena can’t come here.

Marlena: I’m not sure what to make of doug’s condition.

Julie: Well, could it be something physical? Some physical problem that’s causing this behavior?

Marlena: Maybe. Or it could be psychological, or–

Doug: It’s been over 25 years, marlena. But did you really think I wouldn’t come back for you?

Julie: Or what, marlena?

Marlena: Sorry. I was just thinking.

Julie: Well, you still haven’t exactly explained what happened in the office. How did doug wind up on the floor?

Marlena: I’m not sure. We were talking and then he– then he just collapsed. Don’t you dare hurt him!

Demon doug: It won’t be me who hurts him. It will be you. Your selfishness. Your choice to protect yourself, doug be damned. So to speak.

Marlena: He doesn’t deserve this.

Demon doug: No, he doesn’T. It doesn’t have to happen. It’s so simple. All you have to do is invite me back into you.

[Tense music]


Tripp: Mr. Williams, you need to let go. Please.

Kayla: I got this. I got it, I got it. There we go.

Tripp: Man, he has a strong grip.

Kayla: I’ll say.

Tripp: I guess it’s a good sign he still has his strength.

Kayla: Yeah. His bp is dropping!

Tripp: Pulse, too!

Kayla: We’re losing him. To be a thriver

Abe: Well, why can’t marlena come to dinner? I thought you liked her.

Paulina: I do. Very much.

Lani: Didn’t sound like it.

Paulina: Well, I’m just– well, I just don’t feel like entertaining today. And I’m not my usual gregarious self tonight.

Abe: Oh. Well, then maybe we can ask john and marlena to come another time.

Paulina: Oh, yeah, that’d be great, that’d be great. Then–well, then maybe you and I can go out to dinner tonight. You know, just–just two of us.

Abe: Of course, yeah, yeah. You know, it might be better. I mean, john seemed as if he had something else on his mind.

Paulina: Like what?

John: All I know is that it will gut marlena if she has to be reminded of not only all of the destruction but of–of all the people that she hurt and almost killed, people that she really cared about. Abraham, we almost lost her forever.

Abe: Well, just something that happened a long time ago.

John: Let me be clear, allie. I would never want to step on johnny’s dream of being a director, but he’s really going to need to find another script to make.

Allie: Because of the bad memories that it stirs up or something else?

John: What else would it be?

Allie: Well, just– you and grandma are the toughest people I know. And it’s not like you’ve forgotten any of the horrible things that happened.

John: I think about it every day.

Allie: So it’s not just the idea of reliving bad memories that worries you.

John: No. It’s more than that. I’m worried that we could be tempting him.

Allie: Him?

John: You know, this is really nothing that you should concern yourself with, allie. Just–just–

Allie: You’re talking about the devil. About tempting him to come back.

John: “Speak of the devil, and he doth appear.”

Allie: Do you really believe that?

John: It’s been a quarter of a century. So no, I don’t believe that something like that could ever happen here in salem again. But why take chances?

Johnny: So you gonna come over tonight? “The exorcist” and chill?

Chanel: Do you mind if I keep my eyes covered the whole time?

Johnny: Don’t worry. I promise I won’t let the devil get you.

[Gentle uneasy music]


Julie: Something doesn’t feel right about any of this.

Marlena: Well, you’re upset. This has all been very sudden.

Julie: No. I mean, the whole story. Something must have happened in your office that–that you’re not telling me about, marlena. Kayla! Oh, please tell me that doug is okay. As someone who resembles someone else…

Paulina: I can’t tell you how much your blessing means to me.

Lani: I hope you and dad have a great life together. You both deserve it.

Paulina: Thank you.

Lani: And remember, you promised no more secrets. No more lies.

Paulina: I can tell you one truth. That man, I love that man over there. And I will move heaven and earth to make him happy.

Lani: That is all I can ever ask for. Come here.

Paulina: Aww.

Allie: Looks like someone kissed and made up.

Johnny: We have.

Chanel: You cool with that, horton?

Allie: You are a grown woman, dupree. You can do what you want.

Johnny: That didn’t sound like a yes.

Allie: Like you said, johnny, it’s none of my business.

Johnny: Right. So… what’d grandpa say about the script?

Allie: You really want to know?

Johnny: Yes.

Allie: He said that it’s all true.

Johnny: What?

Chanel: Wait, so you mean–

Allie: Yes, grandma marlena was possessed by the devil.

[Uneasy music]


John: Hey, sweetheart. What’s going on? Everything okay?

Marlena: It’s doug.

John: What happened?

Marlena: During a session in my office, he collapsed. He’s still unconscious.

John: What caused it? What’s wrong with him?

Tripp: Do you think doug is gonna pull through?

Kayla: Well, it was touch and go there for a while. But he’s stable. And we’ll monitor him very closely.

Tripp: So we don’t know. We don’t even know what caused it.

Kayla: You know, when someone reaches doug’s age, every moment is a blessing. He is such dear sweet man.

Tripp: Kayla.

Kayla: Well, we’re gonna do everything we can, right? But I’ll tell you one thing as a doctor you learn is that we are not god. And sometimes, the best thing we can do is just pray. Yeah.

[Machinery beeping]

Marlena: I’m–I’m–I’m sure doug is going to be just fine. Oh, doug gave us a good scare. I’m sure it’s going to turn out fine for everybody.

Julie: Doug?

Doug: He left me.

Julie: What? Who?

Doug: He left me and went into her.

[Tense music]

John: I’m here for you, doc.

Marlena: I’m here for you, too, john.

Julie: He went into her? What are you talking about, darling? What does it mean?

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Quinn: I’ve been wanting this, to be in your arms again

Carter: It’s all I’ve wanted, to hold you, touch you.

[Shauna gasps]

Shauna: It happened!

Quinn: What happened?

Shauna: Oh, come on, quinn. You’re glowing. It can only mean one thing, eric’s “problem” is no longer a problem. He’s able to– he’s not? Ah, quinn, things are still the same under the sheets?

Quinn: Yes and no.

Shauna: Okay. I’m confused. What’s going on?

Brooke: You paid eric a visit last night too?

Katie: Yeah, he said that you and ridge were there earlier.

Brooke: Yeah, so you drop by on a whim, or…?

Katie: Well, I’m his neighbor. I thought I’d touch base.

Brooke: Even though you see him every day.

Katie: At work.

Brooke: So you just thought you’d catch up with him at home.

Katie: I was probably there for the same reason you and ridge were there.

Brooke: Quinn.

Katie: Mhm, imagine my surprise to find out that his wife wasn’t at home.

Brooke: What? She still wasn’t back yet?

Katie: Yeah, I mean, it was so strange. Eric is there all by himself. While quinn is out, god knows where? I mean, after everything she has put that man through, it’s unconscionable that she wasn’t at home with her husband.

Carter: Eric.

Eric: Carter, thank you for coming.

Carter: Yeah, when the boss summons you.

Eric: I’m sure you can guess why I wanted to talk to you. I know you slept with my wife last night.

Brooke: I agree. It is unconscionable. Quinn is out there enjoying herself, while eric is roaming around that big house alone.

Katie: I just, I don’t get it. I mean, I know that eric is the kindest, most forgiving man I know. But to allow quinn back into his life after everything she’s done to him. And just she can’t even be bothered to stick around after he let her move back in. It just shows how self-centered and selfish she is.

Brooke: I know, I know, you’re preaching to the choir, I mean I’ve never liked that woman from the very beginning.

Katie: Well, neither did I. But what gets me is that he’s not blind. He can see the same things we do and yet he continues to defend her. Like saying she was out last night with his blessing.

Brooke: His blessing, you didn’t believe him, did you?

Katie: The thing is I did. Which is what concerns me even more. It’s like he trusts quinn even when she’s given him every reason not too. There’s got to be something more going on.

Brooke: What do you mean?

Katie: Eric said he hadn’t been the perfect husband, either. That he’s let quinn down. Though I can’t imagine how that could be true.

Brooke: Oh, he’s just saying that to take the heat off quinn. He knows you have issues with her too.

Katie: So, your thinking he’s pointing the finger at him to make up for her shortcomings?

Brooke: I hate seeing him tied to a woman like quinn. She just keeps on hurting him. But he tries to cover, you know, especially with ridge and me. Pretends like everything’s just fine.

Katie: But it’s not fine. That’s why when he was alluding to the fact that he wasn’t able to give quinn everything she wants or needs.

Brooke: That’s ridiculous, I mean eric is the most generous husband in the world.

Katie: Well, I’m not talking about material things. I’m talking about… intimacy.

Eric: I talked to quinn when she came home last night. I asked her point blank if she had sex with you and she confirmed. Awkward I know, but I, I told you and I assure you now, I’m okay with this. It’s not the way I would’ve wanted it, it’s not the way I wanted my life with quinn to be. But, I wanted to be, I wanted to be the man that filled her needs, but that’s just simply not possible.

Shauna: Don’t leave me hanging! Out with it!

Quinn: I don’t really want to talk about it.

Shauna: To your very best friend? How can you not tell me?

Quinn: Alright, okay, fine. I will tell you, but you have to promise me you’re not gonna tell anyone this. I mean it. Nobody can know. You were right this is about me and eric. But also, not just about me and eric.

Shauna: I’m not following.

Quinn: Okay… you know what we’ve been struggling with right? Eric’s E.D. And it doesn’t change how I feel about him. I love my husband as much as I always have. And, and eric loves me more than I ever thought possible.

Shauna: Okay, so?

Quinn: So, you’re not even gonna believe what eric wanted me to do.

Shauna: Tell me.

Quinn: Okay, just first let me just say I am never going to question my husband’s commitment to my happiness ever again.

Shauna: What are you talking about? A new home means new projects.

Brooke: Well, you must have had quite a heart to heart with eric.

Katie: I just hate seeing him so frustrated with himself. When in my opinion, he has absolutely no reason to be.

Brooke: Frustrated how?

Katie: When I see eric, I see a man who is as handsome as ever, still vital, has many wonderful years ahead of him. But for some reason he doesn’t see himself that way and it’s tied to quinn.

Brooke: Because of her affair with a younger man.

Katie: Not just any younger man, carter walton. Mr. Eight-pack. The guy is drop dead gorgeous. I mean I know that quinn and carter aren’t together anymore but if eric and quinn are having problems in the bedroom.

Brooke: We still don’t know that they are.

Katie: I’m just saying that maybe, eric’s worried that there’s some comparison going on, or that he can’t compete sexually. I– if nothing else, I think he’s just afraid of being alone at this stage in his life. He doesn’t like the prospect of growing old all by himself and he’s not himself. And I know quinn is not making this any better. I mean come on, not being at home with her husband when clearly, he’s going through something. How insensitive can you be? Unless I’m missing something. Unless we’re all missing something.

Eric: I want you to understand something carter. This is not easy for me. I’ve assured you that I’m okay with it but it’s not easy for me. Having my wife with another man. If I had entertained this thought a year ago, six months ago, I, I… I never would’ve imagined that. Let alone encouraged it. I love quinn. I know you do too. I know that you love a lot of the same things about her that I do. Her energy, her spontaneity, her humor, her sensuality, her exquisite beauty. But I want to make one thing clear. In spite of how you feel about her and everything she brings to your life, the feelings that you have for her. You must never under any condition, consider quinn yours.

Shauna: Are you going to tell me or keep talking in riddles? I can see you had sex and from the look of your face it was amazing. But this doesn’t make any sense. So, spit it out. I mean eric he isn’t able to–

Quinn: Eric still isn’t able to be my husband in that way.

Shauna: Would you just spit it out.

Quinn: You know, I wouldn’t even believe it if i wasn’t living this right now. My husband loves me so much, he doesn’t want me to give up that part of my life.

Shauna: Quinn, you can’t possibly mean that–

Quinn: Eric asked me to sleep with carter. Yeah, right. I was as shocked as you are right now when he first told me. And I also said “no way.”

Shauna: Huh. But now you’re having sex. You and carter

Quinn: Yeah. Last night. And it was incredible! I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Brooke: I don’t think we’re missing anything. I think it’s like what you said: Eric needs his wife. And quinn is just not there to notice. I mean, she’s off doing whatever it is that she does when she’s not being the mistress of the manor.

Katie: But that’s not really anything new. What’s different is for eric to encourage it, for him to condone it. He’s clearly lonely. Surely quinn realizes that.

Brooke: Oh god, no. I don’t even think she cares. I mean, it’s all about quinn. What quinn wants, what quinn needs.

Katie: And what she needed was carter.

Brooke: Really can’t believe that he got stuck in her web. And I don’t think he’s the last man that will.

Katie: You think that quinn would betray eric again?

Brooke: I don’t know. I can’t really be objective about it. We have too much history. And none of it good. But I swear if she does something to hurt eric again.

Katie: Oh, no. I feel the same way. If she ever does anything like that and I find out about it. No way. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Hopefully, eric will realize that quinn is not the woman that he needs. He deserves so much better than her.

Eric: Quinn is mrs. Eric forrester. And she will continue to be in every way. Except one. Have I made myself clear? Oh, and one other thing. Very important thing. No one is to know about this arrangement. Especially ridge.

Carter: Of course.

Shauna: Eric actually told you to be with carter?

Quinn: Yes.

Shauna: Oh my god, oh my god.

Quinn: Eric is my husband and what he was asking me to do– I’m so conflicted.

Shauna: Well of course you are, you love him. And for him to even suggest something like that.

Quinn: Eric says that he loves me so much, that he is willing to sacrifice so that I could be fulfilled as a woman. Shauna, the first, the first night he set up for me and carter, we were like, “no way.” I mean no way; we respect eric too much. And then he set up another encounter, last night. He actually sent me to carter’s loft.

Shauna: And you two actually–

Quinn: Well yes, of course we did. I mean I–I love carter. We can’t even keep our hands off each other when we don’t have permission

Shauna: I can’t– I can’t believe this; did you spend the night?

Quinn: No. No, I went home, to my husband.

Shauna: Did you see eric?

Quinn: Yeah, he was awake when I got into bed.

Shauna: Wow, wow, well that must’ve been awkward. Did you get the cold shoulder?

Quinn: No. Nope, he was happy for me.

Shauna: Wait quinn, wait a minute. You guys actually talked about what happened

Quinn: Mm-hm, it was awkward. He wanted to know. He wanted to know if carter and I had sex. He could tell by the look on my face that we had. And then he said that’s what he wanted, and we just laid there in each others’ arms.

Shauna: I… I honestly don’t know what to say. I mean I haven’t been with a man for a while. And you, you’re living a fantasy. Everyone remembers the moment they heard,

Shauna: I’m absolutely mind blown.

Quinn: Tell me about it. I can’t even concentrate. I love my husband and I don’t want to hurt him.

Shauna: And then there’s carter.

Quinn: I love carter too and when we’re together we can’t keep our hands off each other.

Shauna: Oh well, well I guess I’ll be living vicariously through you. Quinn, I know you’ve always been a bit unconventional, but this.

Quinn: I know.

Brooke: I’m just so glad that you live next door to eric, and you can keep an eye on him.

Katie: Oh, I intend to. Like I said brooke I just sense that there’s so much more going on inside of eric than what he’s saying to me or to anyone.

Carter: I didn’t realize you were in here. I can go.

Quinn: No, don’T. Lock it. Um… I can’t stop thinking about last night.

Carter: Me neither.

Quinn: I can’T… I can’t comprehend how eric wants this for me.

Carter: Yeah, I know.

Quinn: I love my husband… but, I love you too.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, September 20, 2021

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Chloe: Well, that is the sweet and wonderful thing about kids. They bring out a side of you you never knew existed.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, I always saw myself as, like, single-mindedly career-focused, with a hot love life on the side, of course. I just wonder how working parents juggle having a career and kids the way that you do.

Chloe: Yeah. Trust me. It’s, um — [ Laughs ] It’s not easy.

Sally: Yeah. Well, I always admired people who do it all, but, I mean, single parenting? Wow…like, when I realized all that Adam has to handle on his own…

Chloe: Okay, well, Connor does still have a mother — Chelsea — who’s my best friend and who is also going to be our co-worker when she decides to come home, so…

Sally: Yeah. Nope. I have heard your message loud and clear — stay away from Adam. But, you know, seeing him as a good dad made him ever hotter.

Chloe: [ Coughs ]

Sally: [ Chuckles ] I’m just kidding! I gotcha.


Adam: Look, Rey, it has been rough on Connor hearing that Chelsea and I are splitting up. I wanted Sharon to talk to
him, maybe give him some tools to help him cope. Really hope that’s not an excuse for you to get pissed off.

Rey: Not at all. As I told you before, Connor and I became good buddies on our road trip. I care about him, and I’m glad you finally decided to be honest with him. The boy deserves to know the truth. And Sharon will always help where she can.

Adam: Am I hearing this correctly? It kind of sounds like we’ve found some common ground here. Could it be that we can actually co-exist?

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Y&R Transcript Monday, September 20, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Mariah: Okay, bowie.

[ Sniffles ] I’m gonna have to say goodbye now, alright? Okay. Alright. Shh, shh.

[ Sniffles, sighs ] I’m really sorry about ending the baptism celebration like this, but…I just think it’s best for everybody if tessa and I move out.

Abby: Why don’t you just think this through? I-I can call your mom. I can have sharon come over.

Mariah: No, please, don’T.

Abby: You can talk to her.

Mariah: Don’t! Don’t! Please. You have got to stop taking care of me. You need to take care of dominic now.

Amanda: Nate. Hi.

Nate: Hey.

Amanda: Thank you so much for meeting me. Um, I know that you’re probably really busy with the new job and everything. I just really needed to talk.

Nate: Yeah. No problem. Okay, so, you said your mother is ill.

Amanda: Yes. Her doctor says that she has an atrial fibrillation. She’s been having shortness of breath, fatigue…

Nate: Uh-huh.

Amanda: …Heart palpitations.

Nate: I’m sorry to hear that. I know dealing with unexpected health issues can be quite stressful.

Amanda: Yes.

Nate: But I hope her doctors told you this is completely treatable with the right care.

Amanda: And that is what I’m worried about — the right care. So, I want to make sure that my mother gets the best treatment as soon as possible.

Nate: Yes, of course. That goes without saying.

Amanda: I’ve been alone, you know, most of my life, and I’ve gotten pretty used to that, right? And when I found out that I had a family, I found out that i also lost my twin sister and my father, but I still have my mother. And we should have many years to get to know each other.

Nate: Okay.

Amanda: So I really need those years, okay?

Nate: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Amanda: Okay.

Nate: Relax, okay? Take a deep breath.

Amanda: [ Exhales sharply ]

Nate: It’s gonna be okay.

Adam: Sharon. Um, do you have a minute?

Sharon: Um…

[ Cellphone ringing ] No, actually, I — I have to take this. Hi. Um, I’m so sorry I left so many messages. I just wanted to see how the baptism went, and I’m really sorry I had to miss it. We had a staffing issue here today, but it’s totally handled now, so I’m on my way to the reception.

Mariah: Don’t come. It’s over anyway.

Sharon: Oh. Okay. I won’T. But I’m worried about you. It must have been an emotional day.

Mariah: I’m — I’m okay.

Sharon: You don’t sound okay.

Mariah: I’m not okay, but i just need to get out of the chancellor house right now. So I need to be on my own so i can come to terms and process everything.

Sharon: Okay. I understand. Um, but I’m here for you whenever you’re ready to talk, and you can count on me. I just want to support you through this.

Adam: Everything alright?

Sharon: Well, um… it turns out my plans have changed, so I will have some time to talk.

Adam: Good, because we would like to try this again. Connor?

Connor: I’m sorry.

Adam: Go on.

Connor: About what I said the other day and for running off like that. That was wrong.

Sharon: Thank you, connor. And there’s really no need to apologize.

Adam: I want to make it very clear that sharon is not to blame for what’s happening between me and your mom. You understand that, don’t you?

Sally: So, I was out for a run when I saw this kid in the park, all alone, looking upset. And when I got closer, i recognized him from the pictures in adam’s office.

Chloe: Oh. It was connor?

Sally: Yeah. So I texted adam so that he wouldn’t worry. Of course I didn’t let on to connor that I had done that. And I just played it cool, and i asked him if I could sit on the bench with him for a while.

Chloe: What was he doing alone in the park, and how did adam let that happen?

Sally: Well, I didn’t want to pry, but from what I gathered, he ran off when adam gave him some pretty upsetting news. And if I were to bet, it was probably about his parents splitting up.

Chloe: It’s possible.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, my heart really went out to the little guy. It just triggered something in me. I…was surprised at how easily I connected with him. I… I don’t know. I…even cheered him up a little bit, actually. Who knew I had that — what do you call it — mom gene?

[ Both chuckle ] Did you know some deodorants may not last all day?

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provided by…

Nate: Listen. From what you told me, naya’s condition is treatable.

Amanda: Yeah.

Nate: And I’m going to get you the best possible options for doctors, alright? I know you’re worried, but trust me, you’re gonna have plenty of time to spend with your mother.

Amanda: Yeah. I’M… I’m sorry, nate. I — [ Chuckles ] I’ve just been trying to fight this fear in the pit of my stomach, you know? I feel like I’ve been so stressed out lately that I don’t have enough resources for the challenges that keep coming up. And then that makes me even more stressed out.

Nate: It’s a common cycle.

Amanda: And then my grandfather’s trial is coming up. I’m so worried about how that’s gonna impact naya.

Nate: Yeah, no doubt. I’m sure it will affect you and your sister, as well.

Amanda: And then there’s devon. I’m worried about him, too. He’s been having all of these conflicting emotions ever since dominic was born, and I — I feel —

Nate: Okay, amanda, you cannot take everyone’s problems onto your own shoulders. You have to off-load some of that to the people who care about you. Let’s try to solve this one thing at a time. First, let’s get naya the treatment she needs.

Amanda: Thank you, nate.

Nate: No problem. But promise me you will stop spreading yourself so thin. Take time for yourself, or you might not be able to help the people you love.

Adam: What do you say, buddy?

Sharon: I know how confusing this must all be for you. But I want you to know that i want only the best for you and both of your parents. Can you believe that?

Adam: And you remember how helpful sharon was to you in the past? You were having difficulties, and sharon knew just what to do to help. And same for your mom. Sharon helped her, too.

Sharon: And I want to continue to help you. So you can come to me whenever you need someone to talk to. Okay? Is that cool?

Connor: Cool. Thanks.

Sharon: Alright, come on. Sit down here and I’ll go get you a snack and we can chat for a while about anything you want to.

Connor: I guess that would be okay.

Adam: [ Clears throat ]

Chloe: Well, that is the sweet and wonderful thing about kids. They bring out a side of you you never knew existed.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, I always saw myself as, like, single-mindedly career-focused, with a hot love life on the side, of course. I just wonder how working parents juggle having a career and kids the way that you do.

Chloe: Yeah. Trust me. It’s, um — [ Laughs ] It’s not easy.

Sally: Yeah. Well, I always admired people who do it all, but, I mean, single parenting? Wow. Like, when I realized all that adam has to handle on his own…

Chloe: Okay, well, connor does still have a mother — chelsea — who’s my best friend and who is also going to be our co-worker when she decides to come home, so…

Sally: Yeah. Nope. I have heard your message loud and clear — stay away from adam. But, you know, seeing him as a good dad made him ever hotter.

Chloe: [ Coughs ]

Sally: [ Chuckles ] I’m just kidding! I gotcha.

Chloe: Very, very funny. I’m going to warn you again, though — don’t be fooled by the fact that he has a great kid ’cause that is all chelsea.

Sally: I don’t doubt that chelsea is a wonderful mother. But she’s away, and adam is having to do double duty. And I respect anyone raising children these days, but to do it on your own, it’s big props.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] Alright. Car is loaded and ready to go. But it’s not “goodbye.” It’s just “see you soon.”

Abby: Mariah, are you sure this is what’s best for you right now? I mean, exiling yourself from the baby?

Tessa: Okay, “exile” is a big word. We don’t live that far.

Abby: I wanted this to be a safe place for you. I hope it still can be.

Mariah: I appreciate your concern, abby. Really, I do. But like I said before, I think this is the right answer. And I’m gonna continue to pump milk, so don’t worry.

Tessa: Oh, yeah. And I will personally deliver the bottles.

Devon: Are you sure that’s not gonna be too much for you right now?

Mariah: No. I-I — I want to be able to do that for dominic. It’s — it’s just being here around him all the time that’s — that’s the hard part.

[ Sniffles ] It’s why I have to leave, even though the last thing I want to do is hurt you, abby.

Abby: I know that. Whatever you need, that’s what we’ll do.

Mariah: [ Sniffles ] Alright. Bye.

[ Sniffles ]

Devon: See you guys.

Abby: Bye.

[ Dominic crying ]

Abby: Ohh, my little love, what’s wrong?

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Abby: It’s okay. Mommy’s here. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Aww.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] Most bladder leak pads were similar.

Adam: Look, rey, it has been rough on connor hearing that chelsea and I are splitting up. I wanted sharon to talk to him, maybe give him some tools to help him cope. Really hope that’s not an excuse for you to get pissed off.

Rey: Not at all. As I told you before, connor and I became good buddies on our road trip. I care about him, and I’m glad you finally decided to be honest with him. The boy deserves to know the truth. And sharon will always help where she can.

Adam: Am I hearing this correctly? It kind of sounds like we’ve found some common ground here. Could it be that we can actually co-exist?

Sharon: How you feeling now?

Connor: Full.

Sharon: [ Laughs ] No, seriously, though.

Connor: I’m kind of sad. Lots of kids at school have parents who split up, and i always felt sorry for them. Now I’m one of those kids.

Sharon: It’s always really sad when parents separate. And I imagine it’s probably pretty scary, too, huh?

Connor: I don’t know what my life is going to be like. Who will I stay with? If I live with my mom, my dad will be sad. My mom already misses me.

Sharon: It’s not your job to take care of them. Why don’t you relax and let them take care of you?

Connor: But will they pretend not to fight when they’re around me? ‘Cause I can tell when they’re being fake, and that’s worse.

Sharon: Well, I can’t answer that, but I know when your mother comes back to town, you will spend equal time with both your mom and dad. And they are definitely not pretending that they love you because they really, really do. So, when you all spend time together as a family, that love — that’s all that matters.

Abby: I don’t know how this happened. We had agreements and plans. We covered all of our bases — or at least I thought we did.

Devon: No, we did. We — we absolutely did. We all went into this clearly, with good intentions.

Abby: I mean, we started out as this big, happy extended family living together. And now mariah can’t even stand being around me and the baby?

Devon: You got to know, abby, at the end of the day that a legal agreement is nothing but a piece of paper. It can’t predict how people are gonna feel. And mariah — she went through something that was really traumatic. We don’t know. That might have really changed things for her, being isolated like that.

Abby: Or maybe she would have felt that way even if everything had gone as planned.

Devon: Maybe. I think the best thing that we can do right now, though, is just give her time and give her the distance she needs to figure out how she fits in with dominic and all of us. At least she has tessa. I know she’ll take good care of her.

Mariah: I’m sorry. I just… I couldn’t go back to the apartment.

[ Door closes ] It doesn’t feel like home anymore.

Tessa: Hey, that’s okay. We’ve been looking for something bigger for a while. We can stay here until we find the perfect spot for us.

Mariah: A fresh start.

Tessa: Exactly. And in the meantime, we get to stay here, in this fantastic suite, with room service and a maid service. And there’s a spa downstairs. Um, do you want me to order some food?

Mariah: No, not right now. And, um… you don’t need to comfort me or treat me like I’m fragile. This separation — this is exactly what I needed, you know, so I can start to step away from the connection that I feel to dominic. I’m gonna — I’m gonna get better. I promise.

Tessa: Okay. But there’s no pressure.

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: Okay? No timeline.

Mariah: I need to prepare myself so that, moving forward, I can see the baby in the way that we all originally planned. Dominic is abby and chance’s son, and my feelings toward him — they need to be familial, not maternal.

Tessa: Familial?

Mariah: Yeah, it was the, um — it was the legal name they used in the contract.

Tessa: Oh. Well, you sound like you’re talking with your head. It’s your heart that I’m worried about.

Why hide your skin if dupixent

Amanda: Uh, thank you so much, doctor. I really appreciate you seeing my mother on such short notice. Yes. Yes, we will definitely be there. Thank you. Bye-bye. Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Amanda: I am so glad you’re home. Um, I have really good news.

Devon: What is it?

Amanda: I, um, spoke to all these doctors that nate recommended, and I think one of them will be able to help my mother.

Devon: Oh, good. I know this has to be hard for you ’cause you just found your mom and you’re finally getting to know her and then this happens.

Amanda: Yeah, I [Laughs] Kind of unloaded all of that onto nate. But he assured me that, um, my mother’s diagnosis is not life-threatening. So I just need to help her navigate this, you know, one doctor’s appointment at a time.

Devon: Well, I’m glad that you reached out to nate ’cause he’ll give you good advice.

Amanda: Yeah. I know. Um…I’m used to being on my own, you know? So asking for help — it doesn’t really come naturally to me.

Devon: I know that better than anybody, but you have to learn how to ask for support when you really need it, especially when there’s so many people in your life that are happy to help you. We just don’t know what’s going on with you unless you tell us.

Amanda: Yeah. Nate said as much. And, you know, it’s funny because I was just about to say those exact same words to you.

Chloe: [ Clears throat ]

Chelsea: Hi! I was just about to call you. You are never gonna believe what adam’s done now.

Chloe: What happened?

Chelsea: He told connor that we won’t be reuniting, and he had the conversation without me. Mm-hmm. Oh, and get this. And then he had connor talk to sharon, of all people. Sharon. Of course connor was upset. I mean, how did adam think his son was gonna react?

Chloe: Poor connor. That must have been so hard on him. But I hope you know that this is the best thing for you.

Chelsea: I’m just so angry over how adam has controlled and manipulated this entire situation. I should have been there for connor. We needed to tell him together.

Chloe: This is what adam does. This is what adam always does. So, the way I see it, the world has opened up for you. And now you can get on with your life without letting adam bring you down. And we can start kicking butt together at our fashion platform.

Chelsea: Yeah. Right. Uh, speaking of which, how are things going with that woman you brought on board at work — sally? Connor told me that she found him in the park when he ran away. He said she calmed him down. He seemed to like her.

[ Sighs ] I guess I should thank her.

Connor: That’s dad’s friend. We met in the park, and she was really nice to me.

Sally: Well, hey, you two.

Connor: Hi. Um, I don’t remember your name.

Sally: That’s okay because i remember yours, connor.

Connor: Tell sharon about getting a bucket of ice water dumped on your head.

Sally: [ Laughs ] I think most people have heard that one already.

[ Chuckles ] And for the record, my name is sally.

Chloe: I think sally’s talents lie more with design than with taking care of kids.

Chelsea: That may be, but she was good to my son at a time i couldn’t there. So I want to let her know i appreciate it.

Chloe: I’ll be sure to pass along your gratitude.

Sharon: Looks like you two have quite a rapport.

Sally: Yeah, we’re pals. Aren’t we, connor?

Connor: Yeah. You’re funny.

Sally: Well, I try.

[ Chuckles ]

Connor: Do you have any more embarrassing stories?

Sally: Dozens. You have no idea how many times I’ve made a fool of myself.

Connor: [ Laughs ]

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Adam: Sally, thanks again for spending time with connor the other day. He and I are heading back to the office shortly.

Connor: Can sally come with us? She works with you, right?

Sally: Yes, and I love my job. Actually, I was just headed back there, too.

Adam: Uh, well, let’s go then. Thank you, sharon.

Connor: Bye. Thanks.

Adam: Rey.

Rey: Mm.

Sharon: I almost hate to ask what you and adam got into out on the patio.

Rey: Surprisingly, it was quite civil. Adam seems to think we’ve reached a common ground. We’ll see if it holds. How’d it go with connor?

Sharon: Um…I think he’ll be okay.

Rey: You still seem concerned.

Sharon: Well, um, I have to wonder if sally’s enthusiasm about her job is really about the newman fashion platform or adam.

Rey: You think she’s got her sights set on him?

Sharon: Nick told me that she has a reputation for targeting wealthy men. Apparently, she did it in L.A., And she immediately made a play for jack when she got here. She’s the last kind of complication adam needs right now.

Rey: You think he’s interested?

Sharon: Well, he kind of said he’s not, but he’s lonely these days, and that makes him vulnerable.

Devon: You really want to ask what’s going on with me when you still got so much up in the air?

Amanda: Well —

Devon: Have you even thought about what you’re gonna do now that you’re not working for your family anymore?

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

Devon: Hmm?

Amanda: Hmm?

Devon: Hmm?

Amanda: I have actually thought about that a lot lately.

Devon: Oh, okay. You gonna go back to chanccomm?

Amanda: Well, if you must know, my mother and imani — we’ve been talking about it when we were away on my trip, and that’s why starting my own firm went from an idea to a decision. I’m gonna go for it.

Devon: You are?

Amanda: Yes.

Devon: Well, congratulations. That’s fantastic.

Amanda: Thank you. And I won’t be going it alone. Imani is going to take the bar finally. She’s gonna get her law license, and she’s gonna come on board as my junior partner.

Devon: Wow. Look at that. That’s like a dream come true for you to have your own family business.

Amanda: And you know what will give me even more pleasure?

Devon: Hmm?

Amanda: Sitting side by side with my new partner/sister and my very healthy mother and listening to the verdict “guilty” being read in sutton’s case.

Devon: I have no doubt that that’s going to happen.

Amanda: And there it is.

Devon: What?

Amanda: That optimism and that never-ending support that makes you so special to me.

Devon: You know you can always count on me for both of those things.

Amanda: Well, um, you’ve been asking me questions since you walked through the door, and you’ve clearly avoided mine. Now it’s your turn to give me some answers about the baptism.

Devon: Okay. With everything you have going on, the last thing you need is to listen to me vent.

Amanda: Oh, I’m sorry. You see, I thought this was a relationship, you know, where we both benefited.

Devon: Okay. It is.

[ Both laugh ] I think I just get embarrassed to talk to you about this because you warned me before that situations like this can get messy.

Amanda: And that’s why i urged you to draw up the legal agreement — so that there would be no questions, no gray area.

Devon: Oh, I do know that, but I’ve been learning that, despite all of it, a contract doesn’t really account for how people really feel, you know? And you’re more than welcome to say “I told you so.”

Tessa: Hey.

Mariah: Hey. Thank you for sticking with me on this journey. I know it hasn’t been easy.

Tessa: Mm. Don’t ever try to hide your feelings or be brave, especially around me. You can count on me to help you make this transition as smooth and as painless as possible. Actually, scratch that. I know it can’t be painless because what you’re going through is freaking gut-wrenching. But I’m here for all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly. So bring it on.

[ Both chuckle ] We’re starting over. This is the next phase of our lives, and we are gonna get through this together.

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Amanda: I will never say “I told you so.” Besides, I am talking to you now as your romantic partner, not as your lawyer. We need to be each other’s safe place, devon.

Devon: I mean, the baptism was rough. It was mostly rough ’cause of how much mariah was struggling.

Amanda: Yeah, I saw that at the reception.

Devon: Yeah, but after you left, though, she really let it pour out. She basically told abby that she doesn’t know how to not be dominic’s mother.

Amanda: [ Sighs ]

Devon: She thinks the only way to deal with it is to distance herself, so she says she’s gonna move out of the mansion. And she doesn’t know how she can comfortably fit in this arrangement as it stands.

Amanda: I mean, I’m not surprised. She’s losing someone that she loves.

Devon: I mean, she’s not — she’s not losing anybody ’cause abby’s made it very clear to mariah that she wants her in the baby’s life always.

Amanda: Nevertheless, it is a loss, devon. Mariah’s never gonna be able to love that baby the way that she wants to, the way that she loved him when she carried him and nurtured him for nine months, especially when they were trapped. She was his only protector. You know, I — I don’t even know how you cope.

Devon: Yeah, I don’t, either. And now, with mariah leaving, it’s got abby feeling guilty about loving her own child. And she’s having to deal with this still without her husband.

Amanda: You know, you are doing an awful lot of worrying about how this is affecting abby and mariah. But I want to know how this is affecting you. You told me about dominic’s birth. But how do you feel now? You know? You’re gonna get to spend time with him as his godfather.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: It’s — it’s confusing ’cause, you know, it felt good to stand up there in front of everybody and to — to commit to always being there for that little boy. It felt right. But it also felt strange.

Amanda: How so?

Devon: Because I’m — I’m his father. I’m — I’m dominic’s biological father, but I’m not his legal father.

Amanda: Well, as per the agreement, he will always know who are you. You’re his family. So dominic and you will be connected forever.

Devon: I know that. I do. But…I’m not gonna be the one that he calls “dad.” What does that say about me, that I wish that I could have that?

Amanda: It says that you care deeply about your friends and their child. And even though you know that you will never hear him call you “dad,” you also know that you gave him your whole heart. He’s so lucky to be so fiercely loved by you.

Abby: You were so good at your baptism, hmm? You must have felt so safe and loved. But why wouldn’t you? You were surrounded by all of your family, celebrating your spiritual beginning. Well, not all of your family. I miss your dad so much. But you — you haven’t even gotten to meet him. So you don’t know how to miss him. Maybe that’s a good thing. And now that I think about it, you probably really miss mariah. You two spent so much time together. And I am forever grateful to her for protecting you and bringing you into this world.

[ Exhales heavily ] Wow. The two of you were locked in that room, and you were the only person that she could talk to. That must have been so hard for mariah. We have to do something to help her through this. Oh, uh, maybe with some time, maybe she can be [Groans] A part of our lives, just like we planned. Mariah’s bracelet. She must be going crazy looking for this. I’m gonna call her.

[ Bottle thuds ]

[ Sighs ] No. She said she needed some time and space. So, if that’s what she needs, that’s what I’m gonna give her.

Mariah: You know, besides bowie, it was you that kept me sane while I was abducted. Coming home to you was the one goal that kept me from giving in to all the fear, all the loneliness that I was experiencing. I even sang some of your songs to the baby.

[ Both laugh ] Not as well as you, of course, but…it calmed me down. I think it calmed him down, too. I just hope he didn’t think i was too pitchy.

[ Both laugh ]

Tessa: I’m sure he loved it.

Mariah: I even had a dream that you came and rescued me. It was so real.

Tessa: I’m glad that I could be a source of comfort and sanity this time. Usually it’s the other way around. Maybe we’ve found the perfect balance.

Mariah: I think you’re right. I think that’s exactly what this means.

Tessa: [ Breathes deeply ]

Here’s lisa…

[ Music plays ]

Amanda: What’s all this?

Devon: This is a celebration.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] What are we celebrating exactly?

Devon: Well, to start, you are opening up a new law firm, and I think that’s pretty special.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] Yes, that is something to celebrate.

Devon: Right?

Amanda: Yes.

Devon: Thought so.

Amanda: Two?

Devon: Well, I was hoping there’d be a two…

[ Bottle thuds ] …Because I, uh — I’ve realized that you’re absolutely right. We are each other’s safe place. I’ve been really confused about my feelings lately. And you’ve just been nothing but supportive and understanding of me, completely, almost like you can really see me, like you can see my heart.

Amanda: You can see my heart, too.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I don’t know where i would have been without you during all my family drama.

Devon: Well, I know we’re both going through some uncertain times right now. But we’re also both helping each other navigate through it. And I really don’t know where I’d be without you. So, I was hoping that, since you were planning on putting some roots down here, that maybe you were tired of staying in that hotel room. And, uh — I don’t know — maybe you’d want to move in here with me.

Mariah: You, bowie, are gonna have the best baby book ever. It’s gonna be three pages at least dedicated to the time that you were kidnapped in utero.

Devon: I am in awe of you and how well you’ve taken care of yourself and this baby through this whole ordeal, mariah. Okay? You’re amazing. Okay, let’s bring this little guy into the world.

Abby: You are my best friend and my cheerleader, and you are this baby’s fierce protector.

Mariah: How does he look?

Abby: Oh, he’s perfect.

[ Chuckles ] He has the cutest little fingernails.

Mariah: You know, I was not sure that we were gonna make it out of there, and, you know what, we probably wouldn’t have if it weren’t for you. You kept me sane in there. You know that? I can’t believe how natural it feels, holding you. Do you want to know a secret? Yeah? Do you? I wish I could breastfeed you. Yeah. But I can’T. It’s in the contract I signed.

[ Sniffles ] Don’t worry, okay? ‘Cause that’s my milk. That’s my milk that you’re eating right now. It’s gonna make you strong. It’s gonna make you healthy.

Mariah: Tessa. Tessa!

Tessa: What? What’s wrong?

Mariah: Nothing. But I think I have finally figured out a way to heal and move on.

[ Sighs ]

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GH Transcript Monday, September 20, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Bomb beeping ] Okay, driver, step on it. We can’t wait to go celebrate with our family and friends.

[ Engine starts ]

[ Explosion ] Brook lynn. What are you doing here? Hey, chase. Nice to see you, too. Come on in.

[ Baby whimpers ] Shh. Figured you would have been at jason and carly’s wedding. Yeah, it’s not like I wasn’t invited, but I was closer with sonny, so, I, uh — I decided to change my mind at the last minute. Quiet night at home with your daughter doesn’t sound so bad. Yeah, you must be a detective. Bailey and I barely get any time together with all the craziness that goes on in this house, right? I get what you mean. I’ve missed bailey since I’ve moved out. I’ve missed…a lot. Maxie! This is magical! This is gorgeous. You have done an amazing job. Thank you. I have never seen the garden look more beautiful. Carly is gonna love this. Well, even jason might notice.

[ Laughter ] You might be joking, but jason was practically gregarious today. Well, gregarious for jason. Ah, I think he is genuinely happy with carly, and that is all I want for him.

[ Glass breaking ] Buscema and novak? Bomb was intended for us. Spinelli and brick had it redirected. You knew about this? I got a heads-up… from a friend. Oh, my god. Was that carly and jason? What is keeping them? Are they already in jail? What? For what? No. Mm. Although, uh, recent events may cause the groom to avail himself of your services sooner rather than later. And will this said consultation take place at the pcpd? Quite possibly. Ugh. Hi. Is everything okay? Um… um, uh… uh, there was just an ex– explosion outside of all saints. A car bomb. Was it — was it carly and jason’s car? I’m not gonna do this right now. I gotta go to my wife and kids. No, I know I-I can’t stop you, but if you leave here knowing nothing else, know that I honestly love you. Don’t — don’t say that. No, it’s true. I love you. Don’t say it! Don’T… you don’t love me. You love mike. No. Mike is gone! But you were happy in nixon falls. I’m going to my wife! Do you understand me? I’m not gonna do this right now! No, listen, the doctor said you can’t leave here. Try and stop me!

[ Whimpers ]

[ Door slams ]

Sonny? Yeah. Welcome back. Well, don’t act so happy to see me. Believe it or not, I actually am happy to see you. Yeah? Can I give you a ride home? Yeah, I’ll even take one from you. Okay, well, there’s a car waiting right outside. It can take you to the tarmac, and I’ll call my pilot and let him know you’re coming. Thanks. Okay. And, uh, for what it’s worth, um, I’m sorry for what happened to you. Well, you’re not the only one. Hey. Sonny’s on his way home. What have I done? We have to make this quick. The fire department’s on the way. And the cops, too, I’m sure. Thank you for letting us know what novak and buscema were planning. Cyrus renault was pulling the strings. They tried to rope me in, and I pretended to go along. But I want no part of renault’s machinations. Yeah, well, you supported the corinthos organization after my husband died. We appreciate your loyalty. It won’t go unrewarded. I prefer working with people who aren’t sloppy, reckless, or in prison. Congratulations on your marriage. Now go dance at your reception, celebrate the love you have for one another. Thank you. You could have told me. Yeah, well, I wanted you to enjoy the wedding. Besides, I knew brick and spinelli were handling it. What do we do now? We just go to the reception. Did I hear that right? You’re actually going to go to our wedding reception? What if the cops show up and they pull you in for questioning? Then I should be where I’m supposed to be. So it’s an alibi. No, it’s a party for friends and family to celebrate our wedding. Besides, maxie said there’d be music, and I know at least one of us like to dance. Jason and carly are fine. Okay, so whose car did blow up? Uh, possibly the limo with, uh, mr. Buscema and mr. Novak? Well, what a coincidence that they should meet their demise right after the wedding of their chief rival. How did that happen? Uh, I-it might have something to do with cyrus renault. Thank goodness your mother wasn’t in the same car as her date. Well, now that we’re safely outside the house of the lord, I can tell you what I honestly think about your nasty little insinuation about my son leo. There’s no need. You’ve already communicated your opinions perfectly. Oh, communicated. See, that’s that word that you like so much. Ned tells me that you think there’s something wrong with the way my kid communicates. There’s nothing wrong with leo. I just picked up on something when leo sought me out at the hospital. Yeah, which should never have happened in the first place. Ned, olivia, I-I feel like this is something best worked out between the two of you, so if you’ll excuse me.

[ Laughs ] Okay, enough. What’s so funny over here? Olivia hired a stripper for carly’s bachelorette party. Yeah, and it ended up being brando corbin. My mom was covering my eyes as if I’d never seen anything like that before. And where have you seen something like that before? Okay, spinelli, are you ready for your emcee role? That is, unless you want to do it.

[ Laughs ] No. Oh, you’re cute. No, I confine my public speaking these days to the courtroom. Besides, I-I know spinelli will find the right words. Just not too many words, right, spinelli? I shall endeavor for brevity worthy of the groom himself. Speaking of the groom, if he talked carly into ditching this, I will not forgive him.

[ Chuckles ] What’s so funny? Oh, I just, um… you just seem so much like your — your old self, before — before peter’s betrayal? I-I just meant, I-I — planning jason and carly’s wedding was probably a welcome distraction. Well, I enjoyed it, and I’ll enjoy it even more if they actually show up.

[ All chuckle ] Did you come by for your bailey fix? Yes, and to give monica this to, uh, thank her for her hospitality. Well, you weren’t exactly a difficult houseguest. Are you feeling any better? I’m almost 100%. But I think holding bailey would help. Here you go, cookie. Oh, there you go, sweetheart. Come here, you. Yeah.

[ Mumbles baby talk ] Hey. Hey, do you remember me, sweet girl?

[ Whimpers and cries ] Oh, you don’t? I remember you. You’re just getting so big. You know, you used to look like your mama, but you don’t really look like her anymore. Matter of fact, you don’t really look like your dad, either. Yes. How are you doing? I’m fine. How’s phyllis? She’s with the doctor, but she’ll be okay. Thank god. Anna. Valentin. We went to the tan-o to find you, but it was destroyed. One of the firefighters told me I could find you here. Are you all right? Are you hurt? I’m fine. What are you doing here? You called me. And you said I lived at the metro court when you know full well that I live at the quartermaines’. So I took it as a sign that you were trying to give me a signal. Was I right? Was the fire at the tan-o anything to do with your call? You’ve always been so smart. Peter was with me. He forced me to call you.

Peter set fire to the tan-o when I wouldn’t help him find louise. He tried to kill me and my friend phyllis. I was just telling nina that phyllis is gonna be okay. Oh, good. Good. How did he find you? Unbeknownst to us, he was keeping tabs on maxie, and she came to visit me in nixon falls on her way back from texas. Did you not try to contact the police? You knew they were looking for him, right? He had a gun. He threatened me. He was with you the entire time? No. But he warned me if I tried anything, he would kidnap james. And we both know peter. We both know he’s hateful enough to do that, so… I called my aunt liesl. And she said that she was gonna deal with peter, but then… something happened, something went wrong. Have you heard from aunt liesl? We’re not sure what’s happened, um, either. Can I ask you — d-did you have another opportunity in which you could have alerted us or the police? I was in a tight spot. He was blackmailing me. Blackmailing you with what? You know, sometimes when she smiles, I can see you. Or is it valentin? I don’t know. What do you think? I just think bailey’s her own little person. Right, cookie? She’s a one-of-a-kind, just like her mama. Yeah. So I heard you went camping. Yeah. You know, I have to say I was a little nervous to take on the big outdoors, but, uh, it was actually a lot of fun. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I’ll take your word on that, if you’re into the whole nature thing. You’re not?! I, uh, am a fan of central park, my great-grandmother’s rose garden, and anywhere with chaises, cabanas, and cocktail service. Oh, you don’t know what you’re missing. Roughing it is one of life’s great joys. I’ll take your word on that. So are you back at the pcpd yet? Soon. Once I get a few personal things in order. You’re moving forward with the divorce from willow? Actually, I’m seeking an annulment because willow and i never really had a marriage in the first place. I’m sorry, chase. Don’t be. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. You don’t have your speech memorized yet. You have been working on it for days. I know, I know. I just — I-I’m nervous. I want to make sure it’s right. Michael, you will be great. You truly are the best best man. Ma, I think vincent novak stood you up. Why? Could his business really be taking him that long? Is it me? No. Because I’m sure I wasn’t misreading the signals vincent was sending. Maybe you should just, um… …you know, uh, make up your mind that mr. Novak isn’t coming, that his business was all-consuming. Thought you could use a drink. What I could use is a bride and groom. Well, don’t look at me. I didn’t kidnap them. Do you think this is funny? Not anymore. ‘Cause it’s definitely not funny. Right. Jason is not known for his social flair. I wouldn’t put it past him to convince carly that they don’t need a wedding reception, a reception that I planned to the very last meticulous detail. Ladies and gentlemen, may I please have your attention? Please raise your glasses as I happily present carly and jason morgan!

[ Cheers and applause ]

And it’s yo-o-ou

hiding in plain sight

yes, it’s yo-o-ou

that sets my world right

and it’s you-o-ou it’s no jake’S. But it’ll do.

It’s always been you

blackmailing you with what? What has peter got on you? You know, it’s not important right now. All that matters is that peter is on the loose somewhere. Can you tell me everything you remember about the last time you were with him? He… he tied me and my friend phyllis up, and then he — he poured kerosene around the tan-O. He dropped a lit match, and then he left. Did he tell you where he was going? No, he didn’t, but I told him that you’re probably on your way. You think he’s headed out of nixon falls? I think he’s probably headed back to… …to port charles and back to maxie.

[ Gasps ] Valentin, you’ve got to stop peter. Stop him before he gets to maxie. Brook lynn: Excuse me. Did you just say that you were

glad you married willow? I was dying, brook lynn, fading fast, letting go, and then I heard her voice telling me to hang on. I heard the love in her voice. And it gave me the strength to survive. Wow. Yeah, wow. And willow loves me. Maybe not in the way that I want to be loved by her, but that commitment I heard in her voice — it was real. And that’s what brought me back, and I could never regret being with someone who brought me so much joy. You’re amazing. You are a much better person than I could ever hope to be. I don’t know about that. You remember how I was when I found out that michael and willow were sleeping together. You mean bitter and angry, almost gave austin the keys to the quartermaine kingdom? Yeah, I’m over it. Well, I’m not. Giving monica that gift — that was just an excuse to come by. The real reason I’m here is to say I’m sorry to you and — and your family.

[ Glass clinking ] Hey, uh, excuse me, everybody. If I can get your attention, I’d, uh, like to say a few words about the bride and groom. And I want to thank you all for coming and helping my mom and jason celebrate this amazing day. Well, today has been a day of firsts — the first time I’ve seen my mom this happy in a long time and the first I’ve, uh, realized that two people I’ve known and loved my entire life have fallen in love with each other. Now, jason, thank you for being my mom’s best friend and loving her the way that she deserves to be loved. And, mom, you are the most amazing mother in the entire world, and I am thankful every day that you found happiness, that after everything you’ve been through in your life, which is too numerous to list in one day, that they’ve, uh, finally been rewarded. And I’ve — I’ve never met anybody as strong as you are, as determined, or…

[Sighs] Has as much as love in their heart. Look, I’m — I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have you for a mother, and now jason is the luckiest guy in the world to have you as his wife. And we wouldn’t be here without you. We wouldn’t be here without each other, so… to family. All: To family.

Thank you. All right, so 911 got an anonymous tip about a fire across town from the tan-O. Sending firefighters on a wild goose chase, delaying their response. Exactly. So now the police are looking for peter based on nina’s accusations. Let me guess. They’re not having any luck. Well, no, but one of my wsb contacts managed to do a fast trace on peter’s 911 call and it got pinged off a tower at the intersection of highway 21 and route 7. Okay, I’ll drive. I would have gladly thrown this at your head when you found that document with those changes to my great-grandfather’s will. Why didn’t you? Well, as mad as I was for you betraying my family, there was a part of me that understood how angry and betrayed you were by michael and willow. Yeah, but the first thing you learn in school is two wrongs don’t make a right. The second that austin asked me to look for your great-grandfather’s papers, I should have shut him down. Well, I sure wish you had, because, uh, michael ended up giving the document to austin. You don’t agree with michael’s decision. Michael insists that transparency will be our friend, that the document is non-binding, that it is just a list of things that my great-grandfather was thinking about doing, and that the judge will rule in our favor, so… but you don’t buy that. And you’re not the type of person to sit back and hope for the best. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve. Meaning? Oh, don’t get your knickers in a twist, detective. Nothing you can arrest me for. Oh, maxie, thank you so much. This place is beautiful. I couldn’t ask for a better wedding reception. Oh, good. You — you like it? I mean, the flowers are okay? Jen elliott really hooked us up. And you like the cake and you love the music? It’s all perfect. It’s perfect. Thank you so much. But now I want you to go have fun. I mean, you are our guest, so go relax and enjoy yourself. Ah, looks like all of your worry, let’s just call it, was completely unfounded, ’cause everything turned out great. Cheers. Now you can rest on your laurels. Well, I’m not sure I know how to do that. Well, you did good. Yeah? I wasn’t — I wasn’t sure. Yeah, michael was incredibly nervous, but I told him he would be wonderful. Listen to willow. She knows what she’s talking about. And don’t let her go.

The love, love, love oh. Congratulations, my friend. You know, when carly first told me that the two of you were thinking about getting married, I knew right away it was going to work. You two are life partners in the very best sense of the word. And I wish you every happiness. Thank you, diane. And now I sense that you and mr. Spinelli have matters to discuss that I would much rather not hear. So I’m gonna see if cousin brando wants to dance. Uh, so no further news about the untimely demise of mr. Buscema and mr. Novak? Brick called on the way over here, and, uh, the police are on the scene. Well, I have full confidence that they will not find evidence of how the bomb was planted or who was responsible. I fear the authorities will want to question you anyway. Yeah, probably. I just hope they don’t crash the reception, as it were. I mean, frankly, it would break maxie’s heart. Oh! Oh. Oh. I have never seen a more beautiful bride. Aw. Or maid of honor. It’s great to see you so happy, mom. Oh, it’s great to be this happy. Gosh, after all these years that you and jason have known one another, and now you’re finally together. It’s ironic, isn’t it? I think it makes perfect sense. I mean, you guys have always been so close. It’s like you can read each other’s minds. You know what jason’s thinking right now? Hmm. That he’ll be glad when this is over? Yeah, you need to go rescue him, mom.

[ Laughing ] I think so. Yeah. Ah. Michael gave a nice speech. Don’t try to change the subject. You should not have been talking about my son with that quartermaine wannabe. Liv, all austin said was that he thought we should follow up with him about leo. And talk to him about a specialist. Obviously, the good doctor thinks there’s something very wrong with my son. It wouldn’t hurt to have leo checked out. Spinelli: Ladies and gentlemen, could I once again have your attention, please? Mrs. Morgan would like all the ladies to gather for the traditional throwing of the bouquet.

[ Indistinct talking and laughter ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not gonna go try and catch the bouquet, are you? Uh, last time I checked, you and I were still married. Sometimes I wonder why. You want in on this bouquet thing? No way. I’m lucky I didn’t end up married to louise’s father. Peter. Yeah. Getting married is not on my agenda. Finding my daughter and seeing peter brought to justice — those are my top priorities. Okay. Well, I support you in that. Thank you. You’re welcome. Ma, go on, try your luck at catching the bouquet. Hey, maybe the next guy you meet will be mr. Right. Wrong. I am done with men. If they’re not standing me up, they’re trying to kill me. Too bad sasha’s on bed rest. We could put her to the test and see just how serious she is about you. Think she’d try for the bouquet? Spinelli: Everyone ready? Women: Yeah! All right. One, two, three! -Oh! -Oh! Hey, hey! -Wow! -Nicely done. Perfect. Nice catch. It practically landed in my hands.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I think that means that, uh, we have my mom’s approval if we ever decide to make it official again. Hey. Nobody is looking. Now’s your chance to make your escape. Are you — are you sure? Do you love carly? Are you happy with her? Very. Okay, then that’s all that matters, ’cause that’s all I want for you is to be happy. So go. Go now and start your life. Ah! [ Chuckles ] Thank you, monica. I love you. Aw.

Just take me home go on. Get out of here.

[ Coughing ] The doctor just told me you can’t leave. They want to keep you for observation. No, I have to warn maxie about peter. Well, I already tried calling her, and she didn’t pick up. What if peter has already gotten to her? We have to warn her. May I have this dance, my beautiful and brilliant maximista? You remembered. As if I could forget you promised me a dance.

From dirt and clay

roam the dark… hey, monica, uh… ah. …Can I catch a ride home with you? You’re not going with ned? Nah. Oh, I mean, I thought you two were kinda getting along pretty well. I thought… we’d get back together? Mm, yeah. Not anymore.

Like you josslyn, may I have this dance? I thought you’d never ask.

Best of the two

so I’m gonna hold on michael.

Gonna hold on yeah? I don’t believe that catching the bouquet is symbolic of anything. Well, maybe not, but it proves my mom has really good aim.

[ Laughs ] I just want to make clear that I’m not saying this because of any silly superstition. Okay, got it. No silly superstitions. So what are you saying? First time I married you was to keep wiley away from nelle. Mm-hmm. But the next time I marry you, if we decide to get married again, it will be real, like this wedding. Okay, confession time. Do I even want to know? Oh, you do. I was actually glad when you went all in on austin when you were mad at michael and willow. Who are you and what have you done with blq? No, really. Looking to get revenge on michael and willow for sleeping together — it showed me you’re human. So you used to think of me as a zen god of tolerance and compassion?

[ Laughing ] You wish. But, um, just that you could get down in the mud as easily as the rest of us. Thanks…I think. Not that you’re any good at being a bad guy. I mean, look how quickly I caught you with that document. Whole sneaking-around business — it’s not in your dna. Well, maybe you can give me some lessons. No way. I want you to stay exactly the way you are. Hey. What did the car rental company say? Car we saw on the side of the road was hired by a peter sinclair. Sinclair. That’s interesting. He’s using his father’s pen name. Yeah, that’s kind of sloppy, though — leaving your car behind. Why is that sloppy? He knew we were trailing him. He switched to a second vehicle. Or he’s being picked up. Maybe this is a rendezvous. So he’s nearby. I’ll go that way. I’ll go that way. Listen, I know you’re armed. I know you are. Keep your phone on. Anna. I’ll be careful. You be careful, too. Don’t worry about me. But if I see him, I’m gonna shoot him on sight. Um… so, uh, what’d you think of the reception? I, uh, had fun. I could tell. Yeah. Yeah, I, uh — I really liked michael’s speech. It was nice. He went a little overboard on how amazing I am. That’s why I liked it. We did it. We’re married. How do you feel? Like this is right. Me, too.

I have only loved… hi. May I? It’s okay, spinelli. I invited austin. I should dance with him.

[ Chuckles ] Ma? Here. Have a drink. To celebrate the new you. The one who doesn’t need a man in her life to prove that she is worthy.

[ Chuckles ] You’re right. I’m better than vincent novak and all those losers out there who think they can toy with my emotions.

[ Sighs ] Well… you’ve been boring holes in my back all night. Go ahead. Keep apologizing. I know it’s not my place to tell you how to raise your son. Did you ever let that stop you? Liv, I love leo as if he were my own son. So at the risk of driving us even further apart, won’t you at least consider taking austin’s advice and having that beautiful boy that we both love checked out?

Far too many times thank you. Thank you for my dance. Thank you for inviting me. I really appreciate it. This was fun.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Yeah. Oh. Oh, you know what? Um, you should grab us some cake. It’s from eckert’S. Best bakery in port charles. Hey, you got it.

[ Ringing continues ] Hello? Nina? Oh, thank god, maxie, you picked up. What’s wrong? It’s peter. He was here in nixon falls, and I think he’s headed back to port charles.

He’s headed back to you. I’m at the rendezvous. Where’s your op? No, I don’t have 10 minutes to wait! You said you’d get me out of here. Now, make it happen. Anna: Scheduling problems?

[ Gun cocks ] I wouldn’t worry. You’re not going anywhere. I’ll make sure monica gets her gift. Thank you. And thanks for listening to me. Yeah, of course. Besides, any conversation you and I have where you don’t arrest me, I consider it a win.

[ Chuckles ] All right. Hey, I will see you around, cutie pie. You’re gonna be quite the heartbreaker someday. See you later. Chase, wait. You don’t have to go. Why don’t you stay?

[ Exhales sharply ] I know you and trust you more than anyone, and I can’t believe how nervous I am. Hey. There’s no rush. We have the rest of our lives. This morning I told you if we got married, I was afraid that I’d fall in love with you. I was wrong. I was in love with you then, and I’m in love with you now. I love you, too.

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Days Transcript Monday, September 20, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Julie: Thank you.

Kayla: Julie, I know how hard this is. I went through something very similar with my own mother. It was hard to watch her forget her loved ones.

Julie: But at least caroline had a reprieve the last years of her life. If doug has alzheimer’S… it’s just, all the days of our lives have been so wonderful. Years and years. Much more than most people ever get. I want more. I’m sorry. So selfish of me.

Kayla: No it’s not. Listen, I am not giving up hope, and you shouldn’t either.

Marlena: I’m sorry. Did you say–

Doug: That I locked her in on purpose? You heard that? You heard right. It was the most fun I had all week.

Marlena: I’m sure you don’t mean that. I think you’re just confused.

Doug: No, marlena. You are the one who’s confused.

[Laughs] I’m not doug. [Laughs]

[Disquieting music]


Johnny: What the hell? Grandma marlena was possessed by the devil?

Marlena: Of course you’re doug. You’re doug williams. I’m marlena evans.

Doug: I know exactly, exactly who you are.

[Deep voice] It’s been over 25 years, marlena. But did you really think i wouldn’t come back for you?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Johnny: Possessed by the devil? Is that even a real thing?

Allie: If you’re looking for chanel, she’s running the counter while I take my lunch break. Or in this case, pastry break.

Johnny: Yeah, whatever.

Allie: Is this how it’s going to be? You’re going to stay mad just because I told the truth about you to chanel?

Johnny: You were right. I did hurt your friend. But I’m right, too. I’m not that guy anymore. So what do you say we just move on from this?

Allie: Just like that? You’re over how ticked off you were at me?

Johnny: If you throw in a pastry, maybe.

Allie: Why are you being so nice? Oh, I know. It’s because you want me to play mom in your little movie, right?

Johnny: Actually, mom may not get star billing anymore.

Allie: What do you mean?

Johnny: You won’t believe what I just read about grandma marlena.

[Eerie music]


[Knock at door]

John: Hi.

Abe: Hey!

John: Come on in. Come on, man.

Abe: Thank you.

John: What brings you by?

Abe: Well, you know, I was in the area and I thought I would just stop by and see if you and marlena would like to join pauline and me for dinner tonight at her place.

John: What–wait a–wait a minute, I can’t keep up. You and pauline are seeing each other again?

Abe: [Laughs] Uh, yes. Well, you know, I’m happy to report that we have worked through all of our differences with the… price town debacle. And we decided to start fresh.

John: Nice. Happy for you. Oh, and listen, dinner–dinner, yeah, that–that–you know, yeah, that sounds good. Let me just–let me–let me run that by doc. I’ll get back with you, okay?

Abe: Yeah, of course. Of course. Are you okay?

John: No, I’m not. I just started remembering a very dark time in all of our lives, one that I just wish would stay buried forever.

Eli: Hey, grandma.

Kayla: Oh, eli.

Julie: Eli!

Eli: Hey. Oh, I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to check on you and doug until now.

Julie: Oh, that’s all right, darling. I-I know you have an important job and you have the precious babies and–but shouldn’t you be at work right now?

Eli: No, I got someone to cover me in the meantime. But what–what’s going on with doug?

Julie: Well, it’s hard to say at the moment.

Kayla: Well, his tests were inconclusive. So he’s in a session with marlena right now. If anybody can diagnose him, it’s her.

Marlena: You need to stop talking like this, doug. This is just your–your mind playing tricks on you. And that’s why I’m here. I’m here to help.

Doug: Then you need to stop pretending that you don’t remember me. Hurts my feelings after everything that we shared. All those nights together at your penthouse. Desecrating st. Luke’S. Remember when john caught us red-handed?

Marlena: Oh my god.

Doug as devil: Not god, marlena, but just as powerful, which you know better than anyone. What can I du with less asthma?

Roman: Okay, granted. I did try to convince you more than once this year that I could make you happy.

Kate: I know. I remember it.

Roman: And I do recall that involv– I admit that your involvement with jake– it just… I never understood it.

Kate: Okay, well you know, most people didn’t understand it, and in hindsight, I… I really don’t want to talk about jake.

Roman: All right, fine. But I will say this. You’re too damn good for that jerk. Jake and gabi deserve each other.

Kate: Oh my god. Well, we agree on that.

Roman: Yeah. And back to you and me, it’s not like I gave up. The problem is, when I made my second pitch, I didn’t realize i was talking to kristen, who was pretending to be you.

Kate: Okay. Well, then technically, I only rejected you once.

Roman: Which gives me some hope that you’ll give me another chance now.

Eli: Grandma, I-I know you were concerned when doug locked you in the freezer and confused some names, but I don’t–maybe he just had a couple of bad days. Hell, I know I’m not so sharp when the twins keep me up all night.

Kayla: This is why we ran some cognitive tests.

Julie: Which he passed.

Eli: Okay, then why are you– why are you still so worried?

Julie: He did something so unlike himself, so embarrassing to paulina.

Eli: To paulina?

Julie: Paulina didn’t tell lani? You haven’t heard about this?

Eli: No. I haven’T. What did he do?

Julie: Well, he… he grabbed–he grabbed her hot cross buns.

[Dramatic music]


Allie: Grandma marlena got possessed by the devil?

Johnny: It’s all right here in will’s script. She trashed a church, set it on fire. And that’s not all. She set the salem christmas tree on fire, and she walked butt naked into a party.

Allie: No, no way. No. Grandma’s one of the most buttoned-up dressers around.

Johnny: Yeah, normally. But she obviously wasn’t herself.

Allie: Because the devil made her do it? No, this is–this is nuts.

Johnny: Well, the nuts part is that her eyes glowed yellow. And that she levitated off her bed, apparently.

Allie: Show me where.

Abe: So johnny wants to make a movie about sami’s life.

John: Mm-hmm. From a script that will wrote.

Abe: Well, that’s very ambitious. And keeping it all in the family, you know, I-I like that. But you don’t?

John: The script would probably include marlena’s possession.

Abe: Oh. I see where you’re concerned. Now that’s a time we would all rather forget.

John: You were there right from the very beginning, abraham, when st. Luke’s was desecrated.

Abe: Yes, yes. I knew whoever would do that to a holy sanctuary would have to be evil. I… I had no idea it was the devil himself.

Doug as devil: Tell me, marlena, have you missed me as much as I’ve missed you?

Marlena: No. It can’t–it can’t be.

Doug as devil: At long last. I’ve been trying to find my way back to you for over two decades.

Marlena: This is impossible.

Doug as devil: They say patience is a virtue, but I’m not very big on virtue, as you know.

Marlena: Stop that. You don’t know what you’re saying. This is–this is dementia.

Doug as devil: Doug doesn’t have dementia, and you know it. He’s just a little shaken up by having me inside his body. Between us, I don’t know how he’s kept it all together all this time. That wife of his would try the patience of a saint. That’s why I’ve– I’ve reserved a special place for her in hell with me.


Marlena: That’s not funny, doug.

[Heavy thud]

Doug as devil: Stop calling me doug. You know who I am.

Marlena: No. No, you can’t be the–

Doug as devil: Yes, I can. And you of all people know my name. Pool floaties are like whooping cough.

Roman: You know what? You did love me enough to marry me twice. Is it so crazy to think we couldn’t make it work again?

Kate: [Sighs] The first time we got married, it wasn’t really a marriage because you ended up dead at the reception.

Roman: Yeah. Not exactly an auspicious beginning, but also not my fault. I walked into the kitchen and found myself facing the salem stalker.

Kate: It’s been so long since I even thought about those days. Do you remember–do you remember how shocked everyone was when they found out that marlena was the stalker? I mean, people just believed that she had been possessed again.

Abe: You know, I recall turning to marlena during the investigation. I wanted her to do a psychological profile of the desecrator. She was–she was very helpful. Or at least we thought so at the time.

John: I’ll never forget when I caught her at st. Luke’S. Middle of all that destruction there and the realization hit me that she was the one responsible.

[Ominous music]


Abe: She wasn’t the one responsible; you know that. It was that evil force inside her that made her do all those terrible things.

Allie: Grandma tried to kill a priest?

Johnny: Yes. His name was father francis.

Allie: No. No, there’s no way that any of this is real. Okay? Will obviously made this up so that he could make mom’s life look way more interesting and sell his script.

Johnny: Well, there’s only one way to find out.

[Pensive music]


[Computer beeping]

Will: Hey, guys.

Johnny: Hey, you got a minute?

Will: Oh, for you and my little sister? Always. Oh, congrats on the bakery, allie.

Allie: Thanks. I’ll make sure to ship you some goodies soon.

Will: I will definitely hold you to that. So what do you guys want to talk about?

Allie: The script.

Johnny: Yeah. Thank you for sending it, by the way.

Will: Oh, yeah. What do you think?

Johnny: It’s an interesting story. But we have some questions.

Allie: A lot of questions.

Will: Fire away.

Allie: That thing about grandma marlena getting possessed. You made that up, right?

Will: Actually, no. I got that story straight from mom.

Doug as devil: Go ahead. Say it. Say my name.

Marlena: Your name is doug williams.

Doug as devil: Oh, marlena, if I’m doug, how do I know about all the fun you and I had? Doug doesn’t have any knowledge of our history. He wasn’t even in salem at that time.

Marlena: Well, then you– then you read about it in the newspapers. You’re just confused.

Doug as devil: How did i forget how stubborn you are?

Marlena: This has to stop right now.

Doug as devil: Sit down…

[Echoing] Down…

[Disquieting music]

I suppose it was too much to ask to hope for a warm welcome. But if you need proof of my power, fine. Consider it done.

[Electrical zapping]

Marlena: [Gasps]

Doug as devil: Now do you believe me?

Limu emu & doug

Kate: But of course marlena wasn’t possessed. She was just brainwashed by andre dimera.

Roman: Another former lover of yours.

Kate: And husband. But let’s not mention that.

Roman: All I’m doing is I’m just hitting home the point you already made. You have chosen some very questionable men over the years.

Kate: If you bring up ted laurent, actually i am just gonna walk away.

Roman: You know what? All I’m saying is, why not give a decent good, really good, guy who genuinely cares for you another shot?

Abe: You know, the idea that marlena, one of the kindest people I know, could be possessed by the devil–it… it was impossible to believe.

John: I refused to accept even the possibility. No matter how hard kristen tried to see the truth of what was happening around us, i just couldn’t even deal with it.

Abe: Well, kristen certainly was a different person back then.

John: Yeah, back then, she was–she was a good woman. Strong faith. Doc, on the other hand– she was in such a bad place. She was so vulnerable. Our–our affair had been exposed. Her marriage to roman was destroyed. And then there–the damn stefano, he was preying on her. Her own daughter turned her back on her because samantha was so traumatized by–by the affair that her mother had with me.

Abe: Yeah. Well then, it’s not surprising that all that would end up in sami’s life story.

John: No, it’s not. It’s not. I just–I just don’t think that johnny understands the pandora’s box that he can be opening up if he goes ahead with this film.

Johnny: So mom told you that grandma was possessed?

Will: Yes. But full disclosure, mom had had a few glasses of wine by then.

Allie: But still. I mean, you don’t say something like that just because you’re tipsy.

Johnny: Did you follow up with grandma afterwards?

Will: I asked her about it a couple times, but she just laughed it off.

Allie: Okay, so maybe it’s not true, then? I mean, you know mom. She has a flexible relationship with the truth. So maybe she just made it up because she thought something crazy like that would make her life seem more exciting.

Will: It’s possible.

Johnny: If it isn’t true, I can’t really include it in my biopic.

Will: My brother, the purist.

Johnny: I just want to get it right, okay?

Will: Listen, if you really want answers, you’re gonna have to ask mom.

Kayla: Julie, wait.

Julie: That’s all I’ve been doing.

Kayla: I know how difficult this is. But it is never a good idea to interrupt a session with a psychiatrist.

Julie: But what if doug needs me?

Kayla: You know that he is in the best possible hands.

Eli: You got to be patient, grandma.

Julie: That’s not my strong suit, darling.

[Electrical zapping] Wow. What’s that?

Eli: It must be some sort of power outage.

Kayla: Well, it’s not good. I wonder what caused that.

Doug as devil: Have I finally gotten your attention? Now do you recognize me?

Marlena: Oh, my god. It’s really you.

Doug as devil: Stop invoking god. Unless you want to say his name in vain.


Marlena: This can’t be happening.

[Electrical zapping]

Doug as devil: Satisfied?

Marlena: Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to doug? He is–he is the kindest, gentlest man I’ve ever known. He is–he is an angel.

Doug as devil: We are two of a kind, aren’t we? Remember, I was an angel myself before I fell from grace.

Marlena: Why are you doing this? After all these years, why have you come back to salem? (Vo) I am living with cll

Johnny: I can’t believe will would put the thing about grandma’s possession in his script if he didn’t know it was true.

Allie: It’s not like he was a reporter then. Nothing but facts. He was just a writer trying to sell a script.

Johnny: Yeah. The other weird thing is that when he confronted grandma marlena about it, she didn’t just come out and say mom made it all up.

Allie: Doesn’t mean it’s true.

Johnny: Doesn’t mean it’s not.

Allie: Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s ask mom. Trouble is, she doesn’t seem to answer her phone anymore. I mean, at least not lately.

Johnny: Might as well try. Straight to voicemail.

Allie: As always.

Johnny: Hey, mom. It’s johnny. I’m with allie.

Allie: Tell her we miss her.

Johnny: And we’re both missing you. We just had some questions about family stuff.

Kate: You know, I did give it another shot when I found out that you weren’t dead, but then I found out that you slept with marlena on the island.

Roman: Yes, I did. And you slept with john.

Kate: We thought that you were dead. We didn’t think you were coming back.

Roman: Fair enough. You know, it always has bothered me that we never managed to make it work like–quite like john and marlena did.

Kate: Let’s just face it, roman. Not everyone gets a happy ending, right?

John: You know doc’s my life, abraham. I’m not telling you that you don’t know. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, if all this stuff is–is dredged up again, how am i supposed to protect her?

Abe: Is there any possibility that this project might not go anywhere?

John: I don’t know. I-I don’t know. All I know is that it will gut marlena if she has to be reminded of not only all the destruction, but of–of all the people that she hurt, almost killed, people that she really cared about. Abraham, we almost lost her forever.

Abe: You know, but we didn’T. Because of you. I mean, you–you saved her life by performing that exorcism.

[Disquieting music]


[Electrical zapping]

Kayla: Well, it seems to have stabilized. But who knows if it’s gonna last? I-I think I’ll go down and check and make sure the emergency generators are turned on. You’ll be okay?

Julie: Uh-huh.

Eli: Yeah, I’ll stay with her.

Kayla: Perfect. Okay, thank you. I’ll be back.

Julie: Bye, hon.

Kayla: Okay.

Julie: Well, what would make the electricity suddenly go out? There’s not even a storm.

Eli: It’s probably just a glitch in the works. But it seems to be okay now.

Julie: I hope that flickering light isn’t gonna frighten doug.

Eli: I’m sure he’ll be okay, grandma.

Julie: Darling, in his current state of mind? I want to check on him.

Eli: Well, you heard what kayla said.

Julie: Well, kayla knows a lot about a lot of things. She doesn’t know a lot about my husband.

Eli: Okay, grandma, look. Why don’t we just trust that marlena will keep doug calm and safe? And I will do the same for you. Yes?

Julie: Yes.

Eli: Okay.

Julie: Oh, honey…

Doug as devil: Why am I back? For the fun of it. We are having fun, aren’t we?

Marlena: You need to leave.

Doug as devil: Not a chance.

Marlena: Look. You can’t do this to doug. You just can’t do it. You’ve tortured me. You’ve hurt the people that i love. I will not let you do this to doug.

Doug as devil: So selfless and noble. It doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’ve been counting on you to feel exactly that way.

Marlena: Tell me what you want.

Doug as devil: Isn’t it obvious? What I want, marlena, is you.

[Eerie music]


[ “The addams family” theme playing ]

Roman: Okay, look. How about this? Instead of dredging up the past, make it about the present. Right here, right now, you are my favorite person in salem.

Kate: Because i brought you doughnuts.

Roman: Because you’re strong and smart, funny, compassionate. And a hell of a good time.

Kate: And because I still look good in a sarong?

Roman: Oh, definitely that. Yes. And I’m thinking just maybe if you admit it to yourself, the way I’m feeling isn’t entirely one way. Lucas obviously sees it. That’s why he’s encouraging us to give it another shot.

Kate: You know what you’re forgetting? That I can still be stubborn and selfish.

Roman: Not to mention you do like a good cat fight from time to time.

Kate: Mm-hmm. I do. And you still like me?

Roman: I more than like you, kate. Say the word, and I will romance the hell out of you.

Johnny: Mm, mm, mm! I wonder if mom will ever even call us back. She’s been so out of touch with everyone since she left town.

Allie: Why don’t we just ask grandma directly?

Johnny: I stopped by earlier, but she had already left for work.

Allie: Why were you there?

Johnny: I’m trying to get her and grandpa to invest in my film.

Allie: Are they going to?

Johnny: I don’t know yet. Grandpa said he had some concerns. So–

Allie: Um, yeah. Like maybe his wife levitated and burned out a church and tried to kill a priest?

Johnny: Who knows? Maybe.

Allie: So go ask him.

Johnny: Better idea: You ask him.

Allie: Me?

Johnny: Come on. He’s never been able to say no to you, and I bet if you bring him over some of those muffins he loves, you’ll crack him wide open.

Allie: This whole thing creeps me out. What if it’s real? The devil? I don’t know if I want to get involved.

Johnny: Since when have you ever been afraid of anything? Come on. Aren’t you even a little curious?

Julie: It’s just that whatever is wrong with him, I’m afraid he’ll never be the same.

Eli: I’m sure once marlena figures out her diagnosis, she’ll–she’ll find a way to pull him through this.

[Phone beeps] Excuse me. Damn. There’s a robbery a couple of blocks from here.

Julie: You have to go.

Eli: No. Grandma, I’m not leaving you here alone. I-I’ll find someone to–to cover for me.

Julie: You will do no such thing. I’m perfectly capable of being here by myself. And besides, I have this. When doug started, well, having these problems, I-I kept it with me. This way, I don’t have to go to st. Luke’s to pray, because after all, god is everywhere.

Eli: That is a good idea. You sure you’re gonna be okay?

Julie: I’m gonna be fine, darling. Now you just go.

Eli: Okay. All right. But please let me know how doug is doing.

Julie: Of course.

Eli: Hey, have faith. Okay? I love you.

[Tender music]


Julie: In the name of the father, of the son, and the holy spirit. Amen.

John: You know, even now, after all these years, it still shakes me to my core.

Abe: Yeah. You know, the important thing, marlena survived. And the devil was banished.

John: You’re right. And that’s what–that’s what you need to hold on to. Just need to remember that we were lucky. That good prevailed over evil.

Abe: No, no. It wasn’t luck. It was your faith and strength. And the faith and strength of this community.

John: I love you, man. And thanks for listening. There’s not too many people that I’m comfortable enough with to discuss this.

Abe: You know I am always there for you, buddy.

John: And I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know. Hey, about dinner, let me– let me check with doc and I’ll get right back with you, okay?

Abe: Yeah, yeah, sounds good. Sounds good.

John: Good to see you, abraham.

Abe: Yes. John… I know what marlena went through was terrifying, but it’s over. You know, if the devil– the devil had wanted her, he’s had over 25 years to get her back. And he hasn’t even tried.

Marlena: You want me?

Doug as devil: I’ve missed you, marlena. That reign of terror that we shared? That was magnificent. We brought salem to its knees. Imagine what we could do this time around.

Marlena: You used me to terrorize the people of this town, people that I love and I care about. You’ll never get inside me again.

Doug as devil: That’s disappointing to hear.

Marlena: I want you to leave. Leave doug. Get out. Get out!

Doug as devil: I’m not going anywhere. Pity that doug has to pay the price.

Marlena: Don’t you dare hurt him.

Doug as devil: It won’t be me who hurts him. It will be you, your selfishness, your choice to protect yourself, doug be damned, so to speak.

Marlena: He doesn’t deserve this.

Doug as devil: No, he doesn’T. And it doesn’t have to happen. It’s so simple. All you have to do is invite me back into you.

Marlena: I won’T.

Doug as devil: Are you sure?

Marlena: Never!

Doug as devil: [Laughs]

[Electrical zapping]

Doug: [Groaning]

Marlena: Don’t, don’t! Please. Please, please don’t hurt him. Don’t hurt him! Your mission:

Roman: Okay, so what do you think? Dinner tonight?

Kate: I am tempted. I really am. But… but now love is so risky, even when–with a great guy like you. I don’t want to risk that. So anyway, I need to get these figures to ej. Excuse me.

Roman: Okay. I have not given up on you, kate. We both know there’s something there. You just need the time to figure it out for yourself.

Julie: Hail mary, full of grace. The lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women. What is taking so long? Something’s wrong. Something’s wrong, I know it. I’m not waiting. I’m not gonna wait another minute.

Johnny: She turns into a jaguar? No wonder anybody wanted to produce will’s script. It’s way too far-fetched.

[Cell phone ringing] Mom! Finally.

[Pensive music]


John: Yeah, you’re right, abraham. It’s all in the past.

[Knocking at door] Just a second. Oh!

Allie: Special delivery, grandpa.

John: Aren’t you the sweetest? Oh, honey, come on in. Come on in.

Allie: It’s all your favorites. Well, all my favorites. So I hope you like them.

John: Well, first, I may have to hide these from grandma so I can enjoy every sweet bit of them. You know, speaking of grandma, we are so proud of you. Number one, for finding something you really love, and number two, going out there and making it happen.

Allie: It’s been really exciting.

John: Yeah.

Allie: I’m also really excited for johnny. I mean, he’s so amped about this movie he’s making. Isn’t it cool that will wrote it and it’s about our mom?

John: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Allie: Really all johnny talks about. He even said that there was some pretty crazy stuff about grandma marlena, about her being possessed by the devil. But there’s no way that that happened, right?

[Knocking at door]

Julie: Sorry. I just wanted to–doug! Oh, doug. Oh my god. Marlena, what happened?

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B&B Transcript Monday, September 20, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Soft instrumental ]

Carter: Are we sure?

Quinn: I’m not sure about any of this.

Eric: My sex life is over. Yours doesn’t have to be.

[ Knocking on door ]

Katie: Hey.

Eric: Katie. Hi. Come in.

Katie: Oh, thanks. Sorry to pop over. I know it’s late. I was just looking for ridge and brooke. She said that they were gonna stop by.

Eric: Uh, they were here. You just missed ’em.

Katie: Okay. Well um, I’ll text her. Sorry, it’s late. I don’t want to interrupt you and quinn.

Eric: No, no. My wife’s not here. Quinn’s out for the evening.

Finn: Both kids– sound asleep.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: Thank god. I don’t want to jinx us, but I think hayes might be finally sleeping through the night? Hi…

Finn: Looks that way.

Steffy: You know what that means.

Finn: Mm-hm.

Steffy: We haven’t had many opportunities but dr. Finnegan, I think it’s gonna be your lucky night.

[ Finn sighing ] Unless you’re too exhausted from saving lives and singing lullabies.

Finn: I think I can muster up some energy.

Finn: I’m liking this bedside manner. You might’ve missed your calling.

Steffy: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. There’s only room for one doctor in this house and that is you. I mean, you’re so kind and compassionate. And you’re such a patient father.

Finn: Most of the time.

Steffy: No seriously, you’re an amazing dad. You’ve taken to it beautifully.

Finn: I’m glad I’m getting high marks.

[ Steffy laughing ]

Steffy: I couldn’t ask for more from you. You do so much to help everyone. You really go out of your way. I just think it’s time that… I do something special for you.

Katie: I probably shouldn’t say this but I don’t get how you allowed quinn to come back into this house, into your life.

Eric: She’s my wife, katie.

Katie: Yeah, well–

Eric: It works for us. I have every confidence that we’re going to find wonderful ways to improve our marriage in the future.

Katie: Okay, I get it, that you and quinn are the only two people who know what goes on behind closed doors. But you’re… you’re so kind and you’re so forgiving and maybe too forgiving. And, I don’t want to see that taken advantage of. I want you to be happy.

Eric: I am.

Katie: Are you? ‘Cause here you are, you’re– you’re at home, all by yourself while quinn is out for the night. I mean, where the hell is she?

Quinn: Maybe we should stop. I still feel guilty. I– it doesn’t matter that eric sent us over here with a note of permission.

Carter: Okay. Okay, we can stop… but I don’t want to.

[ Sighing ]

Quinn: Oh god… here’s a good halloween trick.

Finn: You’re in a mood tonight.

Steffy: I can be sweet when I want to be.

Finn: Mm, well, I like your soft side. I like every side of you.

Steffy: Good. Because you’re stuck with me.

Finn: Promise?

Steffy: Yeah, I’d be a fool to let you go.

Finn: And if we can make it through these last few months relatively unscathed…

Steffy: We’re in a better place because of it. I know how devoted you are to me and our kids. You would do anything for us. I get that. You cut ties with your birth mother and I know that was really hard for you.

Finn: It was necessary. Our life is too precious to me, steffy. I’m not gonna let sheila or anyone cause problems for us.

Steffy: You’re so incredible, you really are. I couldn’t imagine doing this without you. Creating this little world.

Finn: I think we both got it pretty well.

Steffy: Mm-hm. As long as we have more nights like this…

Finn: Mm, you did promise something… extra special.

Steffy: Extra special. Buckle up. It’s just getting started.

Katie: How is quinn not home? I mean, given everything she’s done to you, I would think that she would be savoring every moment

Eric: We spend plenty of time together katie, we do.

Katie: Well, I would think that she’s on a girls’ night out but she doesn’t have any friends. I mean, she’s pretty much alienated everyone around her. You included–

Eric: Katie.

Katie: Or so I thought.

Eric: I haven’t been the perfect husband. I know that’s hard for a lot of people to understand. But it’s true. I’ve let quinn down. You and brooke think that I’m somebody that’s beyond reproach but…

Katie: You are. I mean, to us you’re about as perfect as any man could be.

Yeah, well, that’s simply not the truth. You give me way too much credit.

Katie: You and I have known each other for a long time, haven’t we? And I have never seen you like this. ]

Katie: It just worries me that she’s– she’s finally broken you down. And she makes you feel like you’re not good enough for her–

Eric: No, she is– she doesn’t make me feel that way. No.

Katie: Well, I don’t think she knows how lucky she is. I mean, she married well above herself.

Eric: Well, marriages are complicated, katie. Oh wait a minute, you know that as well as anybody.

Katie: Okay, fine. That’s true. But you’ve giving her everything she wants and needs.

Eric: No, not everything.

Katie: What are you talking about? She has everything. She has you by her side, she has a beautiful house, she has a thriving career at forrester.

Eric: Yeah, well that doesn’t mean there isn’t something missing.

Katie: Okay. I– I understand if you don’t want to talk about this, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Eric: Okay. When you say that there’s “something missing,” and you’re not giving her everything that she needs… are you– are you talking sexually?

[ Quinn moaning ]

Quinn: I can’t lie. I’ve been wanting this, to be in your arms again.

Carter: It’s all I’ve wanted. To hold you, touch you.

[ Quinn moaning ]

[ Quinn sighing ]

Quinn: This is torture.

Carter: I know.

Quinn: But I love you.

[ Quinn sighing ]


Katie: Like I said… we don’t have to get into this. I just– I just want you to know that–

Eric: That you care,

Katie: Yeah.

Eric: It’s coming from a good place.

Katie: It is. I know how amazing you are and I know I keep saying that–

Eric: No, you can– keep saying that. It’s fine. I can– I can take it.

Katie: I just kind feel like I’ve hit you with a lot of quinn negativity today.

Eric: It kind of runs in your family, doesn’t it?

Katie: Mm. Well, the admiration for you runs deep in the logan family. Between brooke and donna and me, well, we’re big fans.

Eric: I’m a big fan of the logan girls, too.

Katie: I just think it’s important for you to know how beloved you are. You are.

Katie: Quinn did this messed up thing by having an affair with carter, someone who’s younger, so it’s only natural for you to feel like–

Eric: You know what I feel like? I feel frustrated with myself, with my– with my life, where it is right now. I’m living in this house by myself!

Katie: Well, maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s it. You’re compromising because you’re afraid of being alone. And that’S…normal. We all feel like that sometimes, believe me! You are eric forrester. You don’t have to compromise. Look at everything you’ve done. You’ve created this like, huge, cultural entity: Forrester creations. You’ve raised six accomplished children. You’ve contributed so much to the world and to everyone around you. You’re a freaking legend.

[ Laughing ] Your art, talent… as a designer, as a philanthropist. Speaker of four languages. Mentor to young fashion students. You’re an icon and the best thing is that your best years are still in front of you so you don’t have to settle. Not professionally, not personally, so you don’t have to do it now and you don’t have to do it for quinn. Please eric, I– I hate seeing you like this. Please tell me what’s going on.

Eric: It’s late. Thanks for listening. You’re a good friend.

Katie: Okay. I’m right next door if you need anything.

Eric: Okay.

Finn: Wow. When you said something special, you weren’t kidding. Scoot over.

Steffy: I promised you a surprise, didn’t I?

Finn: Yes. And you did not disappoint.

Steffy: I just want to… take the time to show you how much I adore you and how sexy you are ’cause let’s be honest. I needed this as much as you do.

Finn: You look as… oh. I– I forgot how to talk.

[ Steffy laughing ]

Steffy: Good, ’cause we’re not gonna do much talking.

[ Romantic music ]

[ Dramatic music ]

Eric: How was your night?

Quinn: I didn’t know you were awake.

Eric: Did you gave him my note?

Quinn: Yes.

Eric: What happened?

Quinn: Eric, I can’T.

Eric: Did you make love?

Quinn: Yeah.

Eric: Good.

Quinn: Eric, I don’t– I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want to hurt you.

Eric: I wish it was me. I so wish it was me. I love you so much.

Quinn: I know how much you love me.

Eric: You’re my wife. I want to give you everything in this life. I want you to be completely fulfilled.

Quinn: I understand but you can never doubt how much I love you.

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Lines Of The Week September 17, 2021

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

Days of Our Lives logo

Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe (about Julie hiring Ava): Julie would be crazy not to hire you.
Ava: Given my previous occupation, my resume is a little unconventional.

Steve: How you doing man?
Justin: My fiancée is in jail for larceny and murder. Other than that, I’m doing great.

Philip (to Ava): Ava. Here to shake down Julie for some protection money?

Philip (to Ava): On think I learned from being around you. Crime doesn’t pay.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, September 17, 2021

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victor: Well, now, I guess there is no such thing as too many gifts. Such a joyous occasion.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad to hear you say that because there’s one more thing I need to do for me.

Victor: What?

Nikki: Well, I ordered these baby-themed cupcakes as a surprise for Abby. Do you think you’d be able to pick them up and then meet me at the church?

Victor: Pick up cupcakes, where? Where are they?

Nikki: At society. Their pastry chef has been sworn to secrecy.

Victor: You’re asking me, a busy business tycoon, to drive over to society to pick up cupcakes?

Nikki: Would you?

Victor: If you’re sweet with me, I will. I’ll do it for you and for Abby.

Nikki: Well, thank you. I’m always sweet. Anyway, I just thought it would be something festive to add to the day.


Ashley: And I’d better get out of here if I’m gonna get over to the chapel and check on everything before the ceremony.

Abby: Mom, I can do that.

Nina: No, there’s no messing with the plan.

Ashley: Sweetie, that’s right, I got it handled, okay? But I want you to do me two favors before I leave — take a deep breath. [Breathes deeply] And then get rid of your phone.

Abby: My security blanket? No way.

Ashley: Listen, we have all played our parts. It’s gonna go perfectly, so please focus on your beautiful son and this wonderful day.

Nina: Listen to your mother. It’s time to relax and enjoy.

Abby: Well, thank you both so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.

Nina: Well, everything would still be perfect, but you’d be a whole lot more frazzled.

Ashley: That sounds about right.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, September 16, 2021

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Lily :Well, I have a meeting in the conference room, so you can use my office — if you both can be civil.

Billy: Oh, I will if he will.

Lily: And just remember, please, at the end of the day, what really matters here is that you both care about Victoria and want what’s best for her.

Ashland: That’s a smart woman. You should listen to her. Victoria’s best interests should come first. And that’s why I told my story earlier, because I wanted to take the pressure off of Victoria, to let those that are most important and that matter most to her, let them know that there’s no reason for them to worry about my past. I told the Newmans everything there is to know. And you, as the father of her children, you were included, as a courtesy. Now, I would think you might want to reciprocate that courtesy and back off. Stop digging where you have no business digging.

Billy: I’m aware that you don’t hear this word very often — no. It’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna do that because i am certain there’s a whole hell of a lot more to learn about you.


Victor: How are you?

Nate: Always a pleasure.

Victor: Yeah. [Cellphone vibrates] You know, there ought to be a special place in hell for people who cancel appointments at the last minute. Damn it.

Nate: Oh, wow, would’ve been nice if you were informed before you came here.

Victor: Yeah. Well, it’s not a total waste of time. I ran into you, so there’s something I’d like to discuss with you. Please have a seat.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, September 17, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: What in the world?

Nikki: Well, now, I know i went a little overboard, but it’s not every day that we have a baptism in the family, so I’m allowed.

Victor: Did you buy the whole damn store or what?

Nikki: Hardly. But I just have to tell you, the first time I saw our son, I got the most incredible feeling. I looked in his face and I saw the man he’s gonna be, the man who’s gonna continue and extend that special magic of his father. I’m just so grateful that we gave each other a son. Our son, nicholas christian newman. And I just feel that we’ll always be together in him, for future generations.

Victor: Well, now, I guess there is no such thing as too many gifts. Such a joyous occasion.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad to hear you say that because there’s one more thing I need to do for me.

Victor: What?

Nikki: Well, I ordered these baby-themed cupcakes as a surprise for abby. Do you think you’d be able to pick them up and then meet me at the church?

Victor: Pick up cupcakes, where? Where are they?

Nikki: At society. Their pastry chef has been sworn to secrecy.

Victor: You’re asking me, a busy business tycoon, to drive over to society to pick up cupcakes?

Nikki: Would you?

Victor: If you’re sweet with me, I will. I’ll do it for you and for abby.

Nikki: Well, thank you. I’m always sweet. Anyway, I just thought it would be something festive to add to the day.

Victor: So nice of you to do that, okay? I just wish that my son-in-law were here.

Nikki: I know. We’re all praying for his safe return.

Victor: He wasn’t here for the birth of his boy. Now he’s not gonna be here at the baptism of his boy. I guess his son will lay eyes on his father when he is in preschool.

Nikki: Oh, now, I know you’re frustrated. So am I. But this is an important day for our family, so I’m gonna try not to get mired down in negativity.

Victor: Well, then you’re a better person than I am.

Nikki: The point is, baby dominic has devon, he has his grandfather, several uncles — he’s gonna be just fine.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Well, sweetheart, I’m concerned about abby, you know? I mean, where is chance?

Abby: Okay, I think that’s everything — music, flowers.

Ashley: And I’d better get out of here if I’m gonna get over to the chapel and check on everything before the ceremony.

Abby: Mom, I can do that.

Nina: No, there’s no messing with the plan.

Ashley: Sweetie, that’s right, I got it handled, okay? But I want you to do me two favors before I leave — take a deep breath.

[ Breathes deeply ] And then get rid of your phone.

Abby: My security blanket? No way.

Ashley: Listen, we have all played our parts. It’s gonna go perfectly, so please focus on your beautiful son and this wonderful day.

Nina: Listen to your mother. It’s time to relax and enjoy.

Abby: Well, thank you both so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.

Nina: Well, everything would still be perfect, but you’d be a whole lot more frazzled.

Ashley: That sounds about right.

Nina: I’m gonna go get ready.

Ashley: Okay, see you. And I will see you at the baptism.

Abby: Okay.

Ashley: Okay. Hi. I see you’re back.

Jack: Surprised seeing you here. Hey.

Abby: Uncle jack, hi!

Jack: I know everyone’s meeting at the church, but i wanted to come by and see how you were doing.

Abby: Uh, I am — I’m good. A tad bit overwhelmed, but good.

Jack: I’d b weren’T.

Abby: [ Gasps ] Thank you. Gosh, can you believe this? After everything we’ve been through, this is actually happening. I mean, it’s finally sinking in. I am christening my baby boy today. It’s a miracle for me on so many levels.

Jack: I am thrilled for you. And I can see already what a wonderful mother you’re going to be.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: So…how are you feeling about the christening? No judgment, just unconditional love and support.

Mariah: I am feeling much better about things.

Tessa: Yeah?

Mariah: I’m excited for the ceremony. And I am really, really happy that I am bowie’s godmother. I think I’m gonna keep calling dominic that, you know? My mom was right, I can have a nickname for him.

Tessa: Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mariah: It can be a part of our special bond. And that’s how I see being a godmother. Someone who takes special interest in the child’s wellbeing. Part of the circle of people that love him and want him to grow up happy and healthy.

Tessa: Well, that is a great way to look at it.

Mariah: You seem relieved. Were you concerned that I wasn’t gonna be able to handle today?

Devon: Moses! Got some coffee and bagels, man.

Amanda: Well, that sounds delicious.

Devon: Now, when did you get back?

Amanda: While you were at the market.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Where’s moses at?

Amanda: Well, he’s already left for school, so I don’t know if you want to come and join me in bed, welcome me home from my trip? Or maybe you’re too hungry to, uh — alright, then.

[ Both chuckle ]

Victor: Well, now, if it isn’T…

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Goodness. I didn’t expect to see you till the christening.

Ashley: I know. Well, I’m on my way to the chapel to make sure everything is set up properly.

Victor: Uh-huh. Well, I’m on a secret cupcake mission, you know, to society.

Ashley: Must be pretty amazing cupcakes.

Victor: Oh. Special occasion.

Ashley: It’s momentous, when you think of everything that had to happen to get here. I mean, the journey that our daughter’s been on.

Victor: Yeah. Certainly have thrown a lot of obstacles at her.

Ashley: Oh, she’s overcome every single one of them. You know why? She wasn’t gonna let anything stand in the way of her dream.

Victor: Because she’s a very determined young lady, and i wonder who she gets that from.

Ashley: I don’t know.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: I’m so proud of her. And chance, too, the way that he willingly accepted help from mariah and devon. He wanted to make this happen for abby.

Victor: Yeah, I give him that.

Ashley: You know, he’s the kind of a man that you dream your daughter would end up with, but I just really wish we could bring him back.

Victor: To be honest with you, I did admire that, but right now, it’s getting a little bit too much. I mean, he has other obligations and duties that take precedence. He has to raise his child. To hell with his assignment, it’s gone on too long.

Ashley: Yeah. You know what? You’re not gonna get an argument from me on that one.

Victor: What do you think if you and I put our heads together and do something about it?

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Devon: I am so happy to hear that you had fun with your mom and your sister. Sounds like you guys are making some real beautiful memories together.

Amanda: Yeah, it was great getting to know them and understand them better, especially without all the drama to contend with. It was serene and relaxing. Well, until yesterday.

Devon: Why, what happened yesterday?

Amanda: Naya got a call from her doctor. He got some results back from tests that he had taken before she left town.

Devon: Was it bad news or…?

Amanda: My mother has atrial fibrillation. She had no idea, and it’s extra hard on her with, you know, sutton’s trial coming up. It’s double whammy, and everything is just so stressful.

Devon: I could only imagine.

Amanda: Yeah, so I want to make sure that I find her the best doctors, get her the best possible care.

Devon: Well, you know that i can help you doing that, any way that I can.

Amanda: Thank you.

Devon: Of course.

Amanda: I appreciate that. Okay, well, enough about me. What’s going on with you? How’s the baby?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Dominic?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Dominic is, uh… well, he’s great. He’s really great. I feel like he’s already getting big. I don’t want to brag, but i might be some kind of a baby whisperer, ’cause the other day, he was crying and crying, and no one was able to calm him down except for me.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: So…

Amanda: Well, I am not surprised because you always know exactly how to make me feel better.

Devon: I try.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: You know today’s the baptism, right?

Amanda: Yes, I know. You were telling me. It’s so fast.

Devon: I know. And you’re obviously invited to go, but I understand completely if you don’t feel up to it.

Amanda: I would love to go. Being a part of something positive and life-affirming right now, that would be soothing to my soul. And I know how important it is to you to be his godfather.

Jack: So, how is mariah doing?

Abby: Oh, well, she would like us to believe that she’s doing okay, but, gosh, this whole thing has been so traumatizing for her, and i think she’s really struggling. And tessa just confirmed that when I spoke to her.

Jack: Yeah, I’m not surprised to hear that. She asked for an extension of her leave-of-absence. It’s not like her.

Abby: She told me about that. She’s not herself right now.

Jack: I told her to take as much time as she needed to heal.

Abby: You know, those weeks leading up to the birth, they were supposed to be joyous ones, but instead, she was isolated, she was locked in a room. I mean, she had no idea who kidnapped her or what they intended to do with her or the baby.

Jack: Mariah is a survivor. She has a great support system all around her and a mother who is a professional counselor.

Abby: Well, yes, mariah is incredibly strong. I just think it’s gonna take some time, and she’s not there yet.

Jack: I get that.

Abby: Last night, I invited mariah and devon to come over and help me interview some potential nanny candidates, and I found a very strong choice, so I hired her on the spot. And I’m just hoping it’s gonna give mariah some relief, knowing that dominic’s gonna be in good hands when I can’t be with him.

Jack: Yeah, I’d like to think it would help her, having that burden lifted.

Abby: Yeah, this way, she can just focus on herself and she get through this nightmare.

Jack: Well, hopefully, she’ll come back to jabot. I’m not gonna pressure her at all, but I think it would do her a world of good.

Abby: That’s what it’s gonna take to get mariah through this — having something to focus on.

Mariah: I get why you would be worried, especially after i told you that there was a tiny part of me that blamed abby for what stitch did to me. And I just — I hate that I have those thoughts.

Tessa: Give yourself a break. You went through hell. Stuff is bound to come up.

Mariah: I suppose.

Tessa: I am glad that you are able to confide in me, tell me what’s really going on with you. Can you keep it up?

Mariah: I just felt like i was drowning. And that’s why I was having those irrational thoughts, and there’s like a million emotions coming into my head all at once. I mean, there was tension and fear and resentment and anger, and then you tangle it all up with giving birth to this innocent little baby, and just the things that were going on in my head… but I’m better. Okay? Bowie getting christened is amazing, and abby asking me to be the godparent, I will admit, I was a little thrown at first, but now it’s like I have an official role in his life, so it’s kind of perfect.

Tessa: Yeah, well, I think you are gonna be the coolest godmother ever. I can’t wait to see you in action.

Mariah: Me too, I can’t wait.

Tessa: Well, we should head to the chapel soon. Refill for the road?

Mariah: Yeah, absolutely.

Abby: Hi.

Abby. And the godparents. I’d like to welcome you all to the baptism of abby and phillip chancellor’s son. Unfortunately, phillip couldn’t be with us today. We thank him for his continuing brave service to our country. We’ll hold him in our hearts and keep him in our prayers. This child truly is a gift from god. Whenever I’ve spoken to abby on the subject, the joy on her face is clear to see. What name do you give your child?

Abby: Dominic. Dominic phillip newman abbott chancellor.

What do you ask of god’s church for dominic?

Abby: Baptism.

In presenting your child for baptism, you’re accepting the responsibility to raise him in the practice of our faith. It will be your duty to bring him up to keep god’s commandments, as christ taught us, by loving god and our neighbor. Do you clearly understand what you’re undertaking?

Abby: I do.

Mariah and devon, you’ve accepted the sacred responsibility of assisting abby and phillip in their duty as christian parents. You will, through your word and your example, help raise dominic to be a caring, faithful member of his community. Do you clearly understand what you’re undertaking?

Devon: I do.

Mariah: I do.

Dominic, the church welcomes you with great joy. In its name, I claim you for christ our savior. Eternal god, as we baptize with water, baptize us with the holy spirit, that what we say will be your words and what we do may be your works. Dominic phillip newman abbott chancellor, I baptize you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. This child of god is received into the holy church. See what the father has given us, that we are called children of god. My dear brothers and sisters, let us ask our lord jesus christ to look lovingly on this child, on his parents and godparents, that they undertake their sacred duty with faith and love. Join me in welcoming the newest member of our holy family.

Abby: Dominic! I am so proud of you. You were so good at your baptism.

Devon: Yeah, he didn’t make a peep at the chapel.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Nina: That’s a lovely ceremony. It was simple and perfect.

Ashley: It was so moving, seeing the three of you up there pledging to give dominic his best possible future.

Nikki: He is the living embodiment of genoa city’s four most prominent families, and of course, I include the winters in that.

Victor: Yes.

Devon: Oh, thank you very much.

Tessa: No pressure.

[ Laughter ]

Abby: Well, I promise chance and I are gonna raise him to be down-to-earth and humble, just like his godparents. I have to say, I feel so blessed to have you in my life and for you to be dominic’s godparents. I’m forever grateful.

Victor: May I suggest we have a toast? To my newest grandson, dominic.

To dominic. Serena: It’s my 3:10

Amanda: Thank you.

Abby: You’re welcome.

Ashley: Hey.

Abby: Oh!

[ Laughter ]

Victor: You know, sweetheart, I remember when you were born. It was very unexpected. And you were ready. There was no going back. That was it.

Ashley: That’s because she wanted to be here in time for the holidays.

Abby: Hey, you know me, I’ve always been a planner.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Victor: I rushed your mother to the hospital. Fortunately, I was there. And then the nurse handed you to me. I was the first one to hold you.

Abby: I love that story.

Devon: I got to hold dominic right after he was born, and that’s a moment that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

Nina: I am so grateful that you and abby were there, that everything turned out so well. I know chance is gonna be overwhelmed when he hears what you went through to bring his son into the world. And mariah’s incredible bravery.

Mariah: Oh, well, you do what you’ve got to do.

Nina: I know that if it was in his power, chance would be here for this very special day. He knows better than anyone how important it is to be surrounded by love. Whether or not those people are blood relatives.

Nikki: Ah, that is so true.

Ashley: Aww. Well, honey, as you know, your aunt traci can’t be here to help us celebrate, but on the phone last night, she reminded me of your christening and just how smitten our father was with you. Right, jack?

Jack: Oh, yeah, if dad could be here, he would be so incredibly proud, as would neil.

Devon: Yeah. Neil was abby’s godfather.

Amanda: Oh, wow. I mean, the more I hear about your family connections, the more in awe I am of all of you.

Abby: Actually, nate’s mom, olivia, is my godmother. Yeah, my mom and olivia were sorority sisters.

Ashley: Yeah, still very dear friends to this day.

Abby: And I’m just so thankful that my good friend is dominic’s godmother.

Mariah: Oh, I was honored to be asked, and the ceremony was incredibly special.

Abby: Well, you always have an important role in my son’s life. As you should.

Mariah: That means a lot. Um, I’m just gonna — just gonna go.

[ Glass shatters ] Oh, my god!

Abby: Oh, my gosh.

Devon: It’s okay.

Mariah: I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Abby: He’s a light sleeper today.

Mariah: Oh, gosh.

Abby: No, it’s okay.

Mariah: I’m such a klutz. I just — it — and now there’s a mess and then the baby’s upset. I’m so — abby, I am so sorry.

Abby: It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s okay.

Tessa: Hey, hey. We’ll be right back. Come on.

Abby: Mommy’s here. It’s okay, mommy’s here. It’s alright.

[ Dominic crying ]

Mariah: Oh, my god. What is wrong with me?! I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Tessa: Hey, hey, first of all, you don’t have to apologize for anything. Do you hear me?

Mariah: I thought I could do this. I tried. I really, really tried, but they’re telling all these stories, like bowie is already a part of their lives, and their efforts to include me, it just made everything worse.

Tessa: Oh, honey, I —

Mariah: I can’t even be around the baby without my heart shattering into a million pieces.

[ Sighs ] I don’t think I can do this. Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Dominic should sleep for a while now, knock on wood.

Victor: Why did mariah overreact this way?

Abby: The truth is, there’s still a lot of emotional fallout from the kidnapping. It’s a struggle.

Victor: I guess you’re right.

Jack: The best thing we can all do is show mariah as much love and support as we possibly can.

Ashley: I agree. And to that end, I think we should get some coffee and enjoy these cupcakes. Right? And the party. Because the last thing that mariah needs is to come in and see us all dissecting her behavior.

Nikki: You’re absolutely right.

Ashley: Hey.

Abby: Hi.

Ashley: You alright?

Abby: Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. You know, I’m handling a lot right now, but I think I’m doing it well. And I can feel a lot of different emotions all at once. Love for my beautiful baby boy and concern for mariah and chance.

Ashley: Glad to hear it.

Abby: Yeah. And yeah, all of this would be easier if my husband were here and I didn’t have to handle everything alone, because, yes, it’s exhausting, but, no, I know he is doing everything that he can to get back to us and me worrying is not gonna make him come home any faster.

Ashley: Honey, I’m very proud of you. I’m very proud of how you’re handling all this turmoil.

Abby: Thank you. Gratitude helps. I’m grateful for my friends and my family. Having nina has been amazing. I mean, she’s peeled me off the ceiling I don’t know how many times.

Ashley: I hope you tell her that a lot.

Abby: I do.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashley: Good.

Abby: Every day. And I’m so thankful for you and dad.

Devon: You get some air? You feel okay?

Mariah: Yeah.

Abby: I hope you’re okay.

Victor: My sweet love, it was a wonderful day. Very special day. Now, you get some rest, okay?

Abby: Thank you. And, nikki, thank you so much for the cupcakes. They were delicious.

Nikki: Oh, you’re very welcome. Congratulations again on your son’s baptism.

Abby: Thank you.

Victor: Bye, sweetheart.

Jack: Hey, we’re gonna head out, too.

Ashley: Yes, I will talk to you tomorrow.

Abby: Okay, yeah. I love you. Love you.

Ashley: And I love him.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Hey, chin up. Everything’s gonna be better. Just have patience.

Abby: Yeah.

Nina: Okay, I’m just gonna be in the kitchen if you need me, alright?

Abby: Okay.

Devon: Hey, I’m gonna meet up with you in a bit. I just want to stay behind and make sure mariah’s okay.

Amanda: Oh, yeah, I totally understand.

Devon: Okay.

Amanda: Okay, let me just say goodbye to abby.

Devon: Yeah, yeah.

Amanda: I just wanted you to know that your son is precious.

Abby: Thank you so much. And I am so happy that you’re a part of his special day.

Amanda: Oh, I really appreciate you allowing me to be a part of it.

Abby: Of course.

Amanda: Have a good day.

Abby: You too.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: [ Sighs ] I’m sorry that today didn’t go the way you hoped.

Abby: Oh, it’s no one’s fault. I mean, mariah can’t help the way that she feels. But I really feel like I have done everything to try to make things better for her.

Devon: I know you have, and i know you’re worried about her. I am, too.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: Um…

Devon: What’s going on?

Mariah: Tessa and I are moving out. We’ll back for the rest of our stuff at another time. And I’m gonna keep pumping and storing milk so that it’s available for the baby whenever you need it. I can see that this is a shock. And I’m really sorry, I just… I can’t stay here anymore. Is now a good time for a flare-up?

Nikki: You were quiet driving home.

Victor: Yeah. You know why? I just can’t help being concerned about abby standing alone at the baptism. Where the hell is her husband?

Nikki: I know we’re all anxious for him to return.

Victor: I mean, she does everything alone, poor girl.

Nikki: And has risen to the occasion beautifully.

Victor: Yeah, she has, but nevertheless, it can’t be easy for her. That are being brought up now.

Jack: But you’re also feeling uneasy about how all of this is going to affect abby and your new grandchild.

Abby: I am not upset about the party. I’m really not, and, well, you and tessa, you agreed to live here for a few months, at least. I mean, you’re — you’re part of our family. And as far as I’m concerned, nothing has changed.

Mariah: For you. Nothing’s changed for you. I told myself that I could do this, that I was gonna be the best surrogate. Be a part of the baby chancellor crew, and I tried. I wanted so badly to make your dream come true. A dream that I had never even allowed myself to dream. But then I gave — I gave birth to that baby, and just… everything changed. I changed.

Abby: Okay. Look, I was just talking to devon about this. I mean, there are a lot of emotions going around here, and, um… look, I want to help you. Look, we want to help you. We want to make it better. I mean, I am forever grateful to you.

Devon: Yes.

Abby: Anything you need, i can do. I’ll do it.

Mariah: I know, I know. I know that, abby. You say it constantly. But there is nothing that you can do that’s gonna make this easier for me.

Abby: Then what would?

Mariah: I was the one who carried that child. And I was the one who talked to him while he was still inside me, and I told him and promised him that I was gonna keep him safe. And I am not saying any of this to hurt you. That is the last thing that i want to do, but I cannot stay here and pretend that this isn’t killing me. Not anymore. I just — I can’T. I can’t step back and watch — watch you… I know that this what we agreed to. I know that this is how it’s supposed to be, but I cannot be here day in and day out because it hurts so bad. It physically hurts because, as crazy as this sounds, all I want to do is be his mother. I want to be the one to hold him and to feed him and to quiet him when he cries. It’s bowie. That’s my bowie.

[ Crying ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sniffles ] Which is why I can’t stay here anymore. I order my groceries online now.

Jack: Since she became jabot’s new marketing director, I’ve gotten to know mariah pretty well. She’s grown professionally and personally, and this was a truly selfless act on her part to carry this child.

Ashley: Jack, nobody’s debating that.

Jack: I’m saying this as much for myself as for you. Look, stitch put her through hell, but it’s gonna take some time, and she’s not just abby’s friend, she’s not just her surrogate. Since that little boy came into this world, she became part of this family. And looking after family, even when it’s challenging —

Ashley: Yes, I know. Abby’s been brought up to do just that, jack. That’s what we abbotts always do.

Victor: Abby has a new baby and an absent father. She doesn’t need to take care of mariah on top of that.

Nikki: I know that concerns you.

Victor: I just don’t like the fact that mariah is gonna be living in that same household. She’s emotionally very unstable. Who knows what’ll happen? It’s not good for either abby or the child.

Nikki: A child that mariah brought into this world.

Victor: Yeah, under very difficult circumstances, and obviously mariah is very traumatized by it.

Nikki: Well, darling, you were just speaking about the strength that abby has shown. If she could muster up just a little bit more strength and offer a caring hand to mariah, I mean, I can’t think of anything that would be more healing.

Victor: I love you.

Nikki: I love you.

Abby: Everything you said, I understand. I am — I’m so sorry that you’re going through this.

Mariah: Do you mind if I — if I say goodbye to dominic?

Abby: Sure, yeah, absolutely. Take all the time you need.

Mariah: [ Sniffles ] Hi. Okay, come here. We’re gonna go up. Yeah, that’s a good boy. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

[ Sniffles ] Okay, come here. Hi, buddy.

[ Sniffles ] Hi, bowie. I have to say goodbye now. Okay?

[ Sniffles ] But you and me, we are always gonna be connected. We’re always gonna have a special bond like nobody else. And I know that there is gonna come a time when I’m stronger and I’m a little more together, and then I can come over here. I could be a part of your life and watch you grow. I need to keep my distance for now. As much as it kills me, as much as it breaks my heart, so I can get to that place. My bowie.

[ Sniffles ] Oh, my bowie. I love you so, so much.

Next week on

“the young and the restless”…

Devon: I was hoping, since you were planning on putting some roots down here, I don’t know, maybe you’d want to move in here with me.

Mariah: I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, but it is a path forward, the right one. I think we should have a baby of our own.

Ashland: $3 million.

Gaines: By the end of the day, and then I’ll be out of your life and you can die knowing that your secret is safe.

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GH Transcript Friday, September 17, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


of those we have loved and lost. Our loved ones may be gone, but they are never far from our hearts. Carly! No! You have to find a way inside! Mike is trapped in there! You have to get him out! We’re doing everything we can! Nina, you heard the fire captain. It’s too dangerous. What, too dangerous to save a life? There’s no way he survived this much time in that fire! He’s gone, nina. We have to accept that. Come on, maxie. Pick up the damn phone. Catering crisis? Jax knows I’m at a wedding. Why is he calling? Father reyes: From the book of genesis…

[ Clears throat ] …”Then the man said, ‘this at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; and she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man.’ Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Maxie: Hi, it’s maxie.

Leave me a message.

[ Coughing ] Jax, what are you doing? I am trying to reach maxie. She needs to know that peter set fire here in nixon falls and tried to kill you and phyllis. And — and mostly, she needs to know that peter is alive and on the run. To hell with peter! We have to get sonny out of that building before it’s too late! Son of a bitch.

[ Groans ]

You’ve all come here today to bear witness and bless the joining together of carly and jason in holy matrimony. The scriptures teach us that the bond and covenant of marriage is a gift of god, a holy mystery in which two become one flesh. As carly and jason give themselves to each other today, let their love be an example and an inspiration to us all. Rather than bearing witness to a new love… maxie? You okay? I was just thinking about how happy I am that I didn’t marry peter. That would have been an epic mistake. …The latest chapter in their lives… not like carly and jason, though. This just feels right. No! You heard the fire captain. He knows what he’s talking about. The building is on fire! Any attempt to rescue sonny now is only gonna lead to more loss of life. There’s nothing we can do. No, he’s still alive, and I have to get him out! No! How are you gonna do that?! The front door is blocked. The back hallway’s engulfed with flames! No, listen! He’s in there! We have to find him! We have to find mike! You mean sonny.

[ Grunts ] What does that even matter, jax?! There’s a man trapped in a burning building! We have to help him. Please.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Grunts ] The union of husband and wife in heart, body, and mind is intended by god for their mutual joy, for the help and comfort given one another both in prosperity and adversity. Therefore, marriage is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, deliberately, and in accordance with the purposes for which it was instituted by god. Into this holy union, carly and jason now come to be joined. If any of you gathered today can show just cause why they may not lawfully be married, speak now or forever hold your peace. I keep thinking tracy is gonna barge in here and do anything, anything to keep carly from marrying into this family again. Good. Let’s proceed. Now it’s your turn. I charge you both that if either of you know any reason why you may not be united lawfully in marriage, you do confess it now before god and these witnesses.

[ Grunting ]

[ Coughing ]

Carly, will you have jason to be your husband in the covenant of marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, be faithful to him for as long as you both shall live? I will. Jason, will you have carly to be your wife in the covenant of marriage? Will you love her, comfort her, and keep her in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, be faithful to her for as long as you both shall live? I will. This reminds me of our wedding. Me, too.

[ Blows nose ] Joss looks so beautiful. Oh, I know it. Will all of you witnessing these promises do everything in your power to uphold these two persons in marriage? All: We will. Let me go. I have to find mike! No. No! There’s no use. I’m not gonna let you throw your life away. Nina. Nina! Listen to jax. I love mike, too, but it’s too late to save him. It can’t be too late. It’s not too late. I want to get you and phyllis over to the clinic. I want you checked out by doctors, okay? I’m not gonna leave mike. He still has a chance.

[ Crying ] Oh, mike. Please, I can’t lose him. It’s not too late. I take you, jason, to have and to hold from this day forward. For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish as long as we both shall live.

[ Sighs ] I take you, carly… …to have and to hold from this day forward. For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish… for as long as we both shall live. Do you have the rings?

[ Sniffles ] Jason, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, with all that I am and all that I have. Carly, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, with all that I am and all that I have.

[ Radio chatter ] I’m gonna take you and phyllis over to the clinic. Okay? Have you checked out. Take my hand, nina.

[ Radio chatter ] Come on. Come on. Now that carly and jason have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, with the joining of hands, and the giving and receiving of rings, I pronounce them husband and wife.

[ Applause ] Those whom god has joined together, let no one put asunder. All: Amen. You alright? My car’s not too far. I just — I-I — I just need to look one more time.

[ Crying ] It’s all gone. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Phyllis, phyllis. Hey, we need some help here! Oh. Oh, my god. Nina, no!

[ Coughing ] Ahh.

[ Crying ] Now, jason, you may kiss your bride.

[ Applause ] Thank god you made it. You’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna be okay.

joss: Okay, okay. This belongs to you. Oh, thank you. I’m so happy for you. I’m pretty happy myself. Yeah, me too.

[ Mendelssohn’s “wedding march” plays ] Well, that’s our cue. Yeah. Even I have to admit, carly does look lovely. You know, if you’re into that kind of look. They do look happy. Right. Gives you hope for the rest of us. So, what’s, uh — what’s next? Ah, well, we shake a lot of hands and we kiss a lot of cheeks. Well, that’s one option. What are you talking about? Let’s go. What? Come on. Look, jax, he made it! He made it. Jax: Hey, we need some help over here! Paramedic: Please step back so we can work. Listen, he collapsed! I’m gonna ride in the ambulance with him. Okay. Be careful. Okay. Why don’t you let me take you to the clinic? Jax!

[ Coughs ] What? No! I’m not leaving him. He almost died. He risked his life for me, and I’m not gonna let him die. He has too much to live for. You know, when I first heard about carly’s plan to marry jason, I got to say, I thought it was all kinds of wrong. Sonny — he hasn’t been gone even a year. Did you tell carly any of this? Oh, god, no. I mean, I would have if she would have asked, but luckily she didn’t, so I kept my big mouth shut. And I am so happy I did. I mean, did you see her? She was so happy. She was positively glowing. Yes, well, I certainly had my doubts. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Carly almost single-handedly destroyed A.J.’S life. But a lot of time has passed, and jason really seems genuinely happy. Yeah. What, are you saying you approve? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a sucker for weddings. You feeling a bit melancholy? Ellie and i agreed to part ways, but I-I do miss her. Though I know in my heart it’s for the best. She would not have approved of today’s event. Are you speaking of the ceremony or the guest list? Look, I-I-I understand the necessity to have certain business associates in attendance, but… don’t you think they kind of put a pall on the festivities? Well, considering that carly and jason got married in order to send a message to said guests, it only makes sense that they be here to receive it. You don’t think they detract from the ambiance, though? Oh, please. I think carly and jason could have cared less. I think they were completely oblivious. It’s true. The — the bride and the groom seemed to have eyes for no one but each other. Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] I am so proud of you. What, for handing off the ring? Yes. For not doing that thing where you pretend you can’t find the ring.

[ Sighs ] That is so lame. Okay, when jason’s the groom and my mom’s the bride, are you kidding me? If it’s gonna make you unhappy to talk to jax right now, don’t do it. I-I’m not even thinking about jax, and he’s gonna have to wait. I have a job to do. Hello, diane. Maxie! Maxie, the ceremony was gorgeous. The flowers are beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done. Oh, no, no, no. Don’t — don’t compliment me just yet. We haven’t even gotten to the reception venue. And on that subject, the deejay has not checked in yet. Could you get on that for me? I’m gonna text you his contact information right now. On it. Bye. [ Chuckles ] If you want to go check on your baby mama before the reception, don’t worry about me. Vincent will make sure I get there safely. Except the novaks do make me worry. It was a lovely ceremony, don’t you think? No doubt about it. They’re legally married now. Which makes them twice as dangerous, in my book. Where are the bride and groom? I thought the receiving line was gonna be here at the church. Mom and jason wouldn’t just take off, would they? Well, they’re clearly not here. So the question is, where’d they go? I can’t believe you came here, no questions asked. What are you talking about? You know I trust you completely. Yeah, it’s the “no questions” part that surprised me. Well, I thought you could use a break from all the pomp and circumstance. And I was very impressed that you made it through the entire ceremony without wanting to bolt. I would never leave you.

You know, there was this moment… …where I looked up and monica was just smiling at me. It was so nice. And my mom had tears in her eyes, and I looked over and josslyn and michael were just grinning from ear to ear. Yeah, I kind of get the whole fuss now. You know, it’s like, it’s not just about you and me, it’s about our friends, our family, just our people, you know? I love the sound of that. Our friends, our family. Our life together. Starting now. Well, don’t let us interrupt. Hey, no fair sneaking up on us. We’re newlyweds, remember? Yeah, we know that. Everyone’s out there waiting for you. That’s why michael and i came to find you. Well, I promised the church secretary that I would clear out of here, so I need to get started. Hmm. Hey, remind me, is it the bride’s job to clean up the dressing room, or does she have people for that? I don’t know if she has people, but she has a maid of honor and a best man, and that sounds like a job for them. Not to mention that the wedding planner is going to have a major breakdown if you deviate from her schedule any longer. Sounds like we’re being kicked out. Yeah, I think so. Okay, all kidding aside, thank you both so much for standing up for us and making this day so special. It was special for us, too. Aww. Love you so much. I’d say welcome to the family, but you’re already a part of it. I’ll take it anyway. I’ll get one, too. Aww.

[ Laughter ] Alright, enough hugs. Get out there. Okay, come on. Okay. Bye. [ Chuckles ] Any guess as to where your daughter and brand-new son-in-law are? No, because my biggest worry was when father reyes asked if anybody was going to object. You really thought someone was gonna do that? You didn’t? Like who? Well, I happen to know that jax is not happy that josslyn’s new stepdad is jason. Hmm, well, glad he realized that the ceremony was not the place to air his objections. Yeah, well, jax isn’t entirely wrong, but, you know, he’s just not taking into account the bond between jason and carly and how much they’re truly committed to one another and to their family, and of course that includes josslyn. Excuse me. Where are the bride and groom? Do you see this schedule on my phone? Every minute of this day is planned. There is no room for jason and carly to go rogue. Uh… oh, here are the newlyweds.

[ Cheers and applause ] And where have you been? We just needed a minute alone. Mm-hmm. Well, you’re here now. Let us congratulate you.

[ Cheers and applause ] I guess we should go join everyone. Gladys, go be with your son. I’ll be along in a moment. You better. What do you think? Should we join everyone? Why not?

Carpe diem. Yes, seize the day. You know, most people forget the rest of that famous quote.

Quam minimum

credula postero. Which means? “Don’t put your trust in tomorrow.” Whoa, epiphany. Hmm? That’s one long hug. Are you kidding me? Jason is the groom. This is the one time that he has to let me hug him.

[ Laughter ] Oh. Listen, congratulations, you two. Thank you, monica. Yes, welcome to the family — again. Well, I, for one, am very glad to have another ally. Well, I can’t wait.

[ Chuckles ] It was a beautiful ceremony. Thank you again for inviting me. Of course. And the handsome groom.

[ Whispering indistinctly ] Mrs. Morgan. I’ll see you at the reception.

[ Coughing ] Hey, you need to get yourself checked out by a doctor. No, I’m fine.

[ Coughs ] Alright, if the doctor says you’re fine, I’ll stop bugging you, but you may have an injury you’re unaware of. Well, maybe I’ll go and see the doctor later. Right now, my focus is on mike. He was in that fire a lot longer than I was. Okay, I know who he is.

Sonny. I’m not delusional. I never said you were. You haven’t been thinking clearly for months. Look, I know there’s no love lost between you and carly, and you may not care how she’s affected by this, but sonny is a father, and his kids have been missing him for almost a year. And that includes josslyn. You remember when you and i were dating, how close you got with her? Well, she’s been missing her stepfather f-for months. That must mean something to you. This has to stop. Nina, you understand that this has to stop, right? I am not gonna keep this secret. Keeping sonny from his kids would just be cruel. Oh, good. Doctor, how is he?

[ Sighs ] How is he? He’s conscious, but he’s inhaled a lot of smoke and he’s suffered some burns.

[ Coughs ] Yeah, yeah. But he’s gonna be okay, right? The doctor said it’s a miracle it’s nothing more serious.

[ Chuckles ] Can I see him? He wants to see you. Okay. Jax: Nina. Don’t do it. Let the doctors deal with him.

[ Groans ] You should really lie back, especially after everything you’ve been through. You okay? Oh, yeah, I’m fine, thanks to you and jax. You know, mike, if you didn’t risk your life to save mine, then I don’t know — my name’s not mike. It’s sonny. You’ve always known that. I remember everything, nina. And I mean everything.

Come on, joss. People are waiting. Oh, I know. I was just thinking, you know, most of my friends don’t believe in marriage, and, you know, that makes complete sense. I mean, mom’s been divorced. My dad’s been divorced. Trina’s parents are divorced. Cam’s mom’s divorced. But I don’t know, just seeing mom and jason be so excited to commit to each other, I just… I find it so refreshing and encouraging. Or am I just being hopelessly naive?

[ Chuckles ] I would use a lot of words to describe you, josslyn, but naive is not one of them. Well, you know, the whole notion that everybody just gets one great love in their life — I mean, if that was the case, I-I already had oscar, so does that mean I’m just gonna be alone for the next 60 years? Is that what the universe wants? Josslyn, I can’t imagine any universe would want you to be alone for the rest of your life. Well, what about you and willow? I mean, I know the first time you guys got married, it was to secure custody of wiley, but, I mean, would you guys get married again? But this time because you’re in love? Well, I don’t — look, I don’t wanna get ahead of things, but yeah, it’s definitely a possibility. This is such a happy day. Alright, alright, let’s get out there. We don’t want to miss what happens next. Okay, okay. Vincent, I-I know you said to go ahead without you, but you can ask around, patience isn’t exactly my strong suit. Um, and I-I just don’t want you to miss anything. I’m sorry, gladys, but something’s come up. I have some business to attend to. It can’t wait? I was really looking forward to dancing with you. If I can wrap it up quickly, I’d be happy to dance with you.

[ Sighs ] Mom? Brando. Everything okay? Can you make sure that your mother has a good time at the reception? I have to sort out some business. I’ll join you if I can. I’m gonna hold you to that. Come on. Let’s join everyone. From what I hear, the reception should be a real blowout. Guests are all happy. The bride and groom are smiling. Nice job, wedding planner maxie. You can relax for a little bit now. A wedding planner’s job is not done until the last tuna tartare has been eaten and the final dance is over. But still, I have to wonder why jax was calling me. I mean, he never calls me, and he knows I’m at a wedding. Granted, it’s not a wedding he’s very happy about, but still, it’s carly and jason’s big day.

[ Laughter ] It was one thing to hear the truth about mike — sonny. It was another to see it for myself. That man in there with mike’s face is someone different. Kind and appreciative, but a whole different energy. Yeah, you just met sonny corinthos. And nina knew who he was the entire time? Unfortunately, yes, she did. I can see it in your eyes. They’re different now. It took a near-death experience to remind me who I was before I washed up in nixon falls. Well, the good news is, I don’t have to lie anymore. We can start from scratch. You know, knowing who you were before and knowing the kind of connection that we made together. Do you really believe that? Listen, t-the name “mike” may be false, but the way we feel about each other is real. Why did you do it? Well, if you remember everything — your memories as sonny but also your memories as mike — then you already know the answer. Okay. You have your bubble makers ready? Yes, ma’am. Bubble makers? Locked and loaded! Perfect. Here you go. Thank you. Okay, people. It’s time for bubbles.

[ Laughter ] Hey. You guys better head to the reception, ’cause if not, you’re gonna be drowning in bubbles.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cheering ]

[ Crowd awws ]

[ Car door closes ] Now that we’re alone, not to mention away from gladys, we can speak freely. I know you have questions. This plan — is it cyrus renault’s idea? Renault’s in maximum security, and that’s not changing. Cyrus is right about one thing. The world is about to be a better place without jason and carly in it. Whew. We did it. And despite a church full of quartermaines and corinthos and business associates, lightning didn’t even strike the steeple. Okay, let’s not get overconfident.

[ Laughs ] We still have a whole reception to make it through. I’m not worried. I’m not worried. We deserve our happy ending and we’re gonna get it or die trying.

No. Hello? Yeah, okay. I understand. Yeah, I’ll see you soon. Let me guess. G.H. Needs you? Aw. Save me a piece of cake? Yeah, you got it. You don’t approve of maxie’s date? Dr. Austin gatlin-holt? I barely know the man.

[ Laughs ] I highly doubt that. Okay, I barely know the man personally. I am well-acquainted with his data, history, and online presence. You did a deep dive. For good reason. He’s challenging edward’s will and he wants a piece of elq. Who’s representing him? Scott baldwin, I believe. I wonder why no one reached out to me. I did the probate for edward’s will. I know all of the provisions. What say you and I go and get to know dr. Gatlin-holt a little bit better? Oh, by all means. You know, if you’ll excuse the observation, he does appear to be hovering a little close to maxie. Perhaps you could give her a break. I’m sure she would be most grateful. As would I.

[ Laughs ] You had it? Dr. Austin gatlin-holt, I presume. Hello. Hi. Hi. We haven’t met. I’m diane miller. Oh, pleasure. You’re a quartermaine. They’re just coming out of the woodwork. Come, tell me things about yourself. Alright. Excuse me. Okay. Did you ask diane to do that? Well, I just thought you might want a moment alone to pass along the instructions for the deejay. Oh, right. Did he get back to you? Wasn’t it sweet of vincent to promise to meet me at the reception? That’s not exactly what I heard, but maybe if we’re lucky, novak’s business will keep him busy all night. I hope fatherhood teaches you to be more trusting of people. Not everyone is out for number one. How am I supposed to know your reasons for keeping my true identity a secret? I want you to think back to earlier today, when phyllis and I, we were trapped in that fire. You told me that you love me, and that gave me the strength to fight for my life and survive that fire. Doesn’t — doesn’t that prove to you that what we have is real? I can’t d– I cannot do it. I got to go see my wife and kids. No, listen, listen. If you leave here, I want you to know something. That I honestly — I honestly love you. Don’t say that. So, when we were in the receiving line, mrs. Wu whispered something to you. What did she say? She was, uh, confirming something I already knew. Our little wedding surprise should be happening at any moment. Oh, right. That idiot gladys stole my pocket square. Relax. The device has been planted. Mr. And mrs. Morgan’s love story is about to come to a brief and violent end.

[ Beeping ] Okay, driver, step on it. We can’t wait to go celebrate with our family and friends.

[ Engine starts ]

[ Explosion ]

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Days Transcript Friday, September 17, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Chad: Home, sweet home.

Abigail: Yeah.

Gwen: Leave me alone!

Abigail: Leave you alone? I want you and that baby out of my life for good!

[Abigail grunts]

[Gwen screams]


Julie: So tell me, who is this?

Doug: Sweet abigail.

Julie: And this.

Doug: Bonnie raitt, the blues singer.

[Laughs] I-I’m joking. Honey, that’s maggie, of course. But there is a resemblance, don’t you think?

Julie: Well, yes, and we love them both. But doug, there’s a time for humor. This isn’t it.

Doug: Well, I think we have tested my memory enough for one morning.

Julie: Darling, I’m sorry. I know this is tedious. It’s–it’s just that I’m so worried about you.

Doug: I know, sweetheart. I know. I wish I could explain my recent behavior, but I honestly don’t know what’s come over me.

Julie: Well, kayla will be here soon, and hopefully kayla will have some answers.

Roman: All right. One chai latte.

Kayla: Thank you very much.

Roman: You know, I checked on doug last night. Julie said they, uh, took him in for some tests.

Kayla: Yeah. I’m headed over to get the results right now and take them over to them.

Roman: Okay, well, I hope it’s good news.

Kayla: Yeah. We’ll see you.

Roman: Okay, good to see you, sis.

Kayla: Hey!

Lucas: Hello. Great.

Kate: For you.

Roman: You know, most people don’t bring food into a restaurant.

Kate: Okay, well, this isn’t just food. We stopped by sweet bits, and we picked up some apple cider doughnuts, freshly made by your granddaughter.

Roman: Oh, oh, man.

Lucas: I know, I know.

Roman: What a great way to start the day.

Kate: I know, seriously. Allie and chanel, I’m telling you, they’re gonna give you some competition. They had a line out the door.

Roman: You must be very proud of her.

Lucas: I am, I am, yeah. I just wish that sami was here to help, you know, celebrate allie’s success. Have you, uh, have you heard from her?

Roman: Not a peep. I’m thinking sami is licking her wounds after her marriage to ej fell apart.

Ej: Guess what today is.

Johnny: [Sighs] Do I have to?

Ej: Take your son to work day.

Johnny: You sure it’s not groundhog day? ‘Cause I feel like we keep having this convo over and over.

Ej: I don’t know what you mean.

Johnny: Well, you say, “son, I want you to work for dimera,” and then I say, “dad, I’m following my dreams and making a movie.” Then you do your huffy-stuffy british thing and stomp out, only to return, act like nothing ever happened, and start the whole conversation over again.

Ej: Mm. Perhaps I’m hoping you’ll eventually come to your senses.

Johnny: My senses are just fine, dad. And I’m all in on making this film.

Ej: You’re not still planning to make the movie about your mother, are you?

Johnny: That is exactly what I’m doing.

Marlena: Mmm.

John: I cannot get over how incredible allie’s doughnuts are. And I want to thank you for saving me one.

Marlena: Hey, that wasn’t easy, you know.

John: Well, it was nice of paulina to bring you some. Mmm, mmm.

Marlena: It was, yes, it was.

John: Pretty ambitious kids, huh? Allie’s got her bakery going, johnny wants to make a movie.

Marlena: Yes, well, he’s gonna have to raise some money for that.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He said he was eyeballing us to invest.

Marlena: He’s trying to charm his way into my pocketbook.

John: Any idea what the film’s about?

Marlena: Uh, yeah it’s about, uh, it’s about sami.

John: Excuse me?

Marlena: It’s about sami. Johnny feels he wants to work on something that he’s personally close to. I suggested he talk to will, because of course will, you know, is familiar with show business, and turns out that johnny is now going to direct the script that will wrote.

John: “Sami brady story.”

Marlena: Yes, that one.

John: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Marlena: You have some feelings about that?

John: Yeah. I think it’s really a terrible idea.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ej: You’re making a movie based on will’s old script.

Johnny: Why not?

Ej: Well, for one thing, it’s already been rejected by several studios.

Johnny: Some tweaking, fresh vision.

Ej: What about exploiting your family?

Johnny: Hardly. Mom collaborated with will. Obviously she didn’t object.

Ej: What if I object?

Johnny: Well, I could always write you out. It’s not like you’re vital to the story.

Ej: How could I not be? I was the love of your mother’s life.

Johnny: Really? ‘Cause from what I’ve read, I’d say that title belongs to lucas.

Marlena: Look, are you concerned about the money? I know it’s a risky investment.

John: No, no, no, no, no. I’m not worried about that. I’m more concerned about– well, I’m more concerned about just dredging up the past and putting it out there for the whole world to see.

Marlena: What do you mean?

John: Well, doc, I’m guessing that there’s probably one significant moment in sami’s history that’s gonna be in that film, something that she witnessed, that unfortunately changed her life forever.

[Apprehensive music]


Marlena: Oh, that.

John: Oh, that.

[ “The addams family” theme playing ]

Kayla: How are you feeling today, doug?

Doug: Just fine.

Kayla: No further incidents?

Doug: You mean, have i grabbed anybody’s behind besides my wife’s? No.

Julie: Doug.

Doug: I’m so embarrassed. I-I don’t understand why I did that.

Julie: Well, that’s why kayla’s here.

Doug: Yeah.

Julie: To give us some answers, and I understand that you have the results of the mri now.

Kayla: Yes, I do. Um, we looked for structural changes in the brain, damage that could have been caused by a stroke. We also looked for shrinkage in the cortex or decreased volume in his hippocampus. Either one of those would show signs of early alzheimer’S.

Julie: Well, what did you find?

Marlena: I don’t think that johnny is going to portray how his mother found out we were having an affair.

John: Sweetheart.

[Sighs] That moment of betrayal was the catalyst that drove sami’s actions for years. I don’t see how johnny tells her story without that context.

Marlena: I suppose you’re right. But listen, the thing is that, you know, what happened between us really is no secret. And look, I’m not proud of it, but I’ve adjusted to it.

John: So have I. But what about roman, hmm? I mean, I’m not so sure that he would appreciate being reminded of a very painful time in his life.

Marlena: And don’t you think that johnny is gonna run that past his grandfather?

John: I don’t know.

Marlena: Well, I don’t think that roman really would mind. You know, look, we’re all good friends now. I think roman has moved on with his life.

Roman: All right. Glad you’re still here.

Kate: So did you get those doughnuts put away all safe and sound so no one can get at them?

Roman: Yes, I did, why?

Kate: Um, and did you maybe have one yourself?

Roman: How can you tell?

Kate: [Laughs] Uh, powdered sugar. Dead giveaway.

Roman: [Laughs] Right here? Right there?

Kate: No, not right there. Let-let me help you. Uh, no–don’t–that– there you go. There you go. That is perfect.

Roman: Well, thank you, ma’am.

Kate: [Laughs]

Roman: You, me, and doughnuts, man. Remember how our wedding cake got ruined?

Kate: Oh, my gosh. Seriously, the salem stalker made it look like the cake was oozing blood.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, I remember that, good times.

Roman: Yeah, and then alice saved the day by providing that tower of doughnuts.

Kate: You know, it was really such a beautiful reception. It was. Until the groom appeared to be killed.

Lucas: We need one normal wedding in salem, just once. Please.

Roman: I ended up on the island of melaswen. Not exactly the honeymoon getaway I was expecting.

Kate: Yeah, well you and victor didn’t enjoy those romantic walks by the–by the beach?

Roman: You know, victor didn’t exactly fill out a sarong the way you did.

Kate: Oh, wow.

Roman: And still do.

Kate: Thank you.

Roman: You know what, i need to get back to the kitchen. Good to see you both.

Lucas: All right. What was that?

Kate: What?

Lucas: That-that whole thing.

Kate: What-what whole thing?

Lucas: Don’t-don’t do that. Don’t be coy with me. Tell me the truth. You two hooking up again?

Ej: That’s absurd. Lucas is not the great love of samantha’s life.

Johnny: Maybe you should read the screenplay. Mom and lucas aren’t even a real couple, yet the chemistry’s already off the charts. You can tell they’re totally meant for each other.

Ej: Of course, will made it sound that way. Lucas is his father.

Johnny: I don’t know. Almost 30 years later, mom and lucas still can’t keep their hands off each other, despite your “great love.”

Ej: I realize you enjoy getting under my skin. But watch yourself, john roman. Take it too far, and you might just live to regret it.

[Tense music]


Abigail: “Welcome home, mommy. We love you.” Oh, gosh.

Chad: [Sighs] You okay?

Abigail: Our kids are the best.

Chad: They did not want to leave their mom.

Abigail: Well, yeah. Any excuse to skip school, right?

Chad: Mm-hmm. I can’t think of a better reason. I was firm, though: School comes first. Although those kids, they drive a hard bargain. I had to promise we’ll have a special “welcome home, mommy” dinner tonight.

Abigail: Oh, great. ‘Cause, you know, charlotte’s definition of special is usually jelly beans and ice cream.

Chad: Yeah. And probably some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Abigail: [Laughs] Ugh.

[Sighs] Thank you.

Chad: For what?

Abigail: Just making me realize it was time to come home.

Chad: Let’s get you settled in. I’ll, uh, I’ll bring up your bags up to our room.

Abigail: Uh, can we just, um, can we wait a second? Serena: It’s my 3:10

Kayla: Based on your mri results, there were no signs of bleeding, a stroke, or a tumor. I didn’t see the presence of biomarkers that would raise any red flags. There was some shrinkage of your brain volume, but that is not unexpected at your age.

Doug: So can you rule out alzheimer’s?

Kayla: No, not yet. Not every patient who has the disease shows clear biomarkers.

Julie: So where do we go from here?

Kayla: I can order a pet scan, and that might find more markers. But it’s expensive.

Julie: I don’t care. I don’t care if it costs the moon. We’ll-we’ll do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of this, kayla.

Doug: Yeah. What she said, yeah.

Kayla: We are gonna find out what’s going on with you, doug, I promise. This is why I think it might be a good idea for you to see marlena. She can more generally assess if you are having some kind of dementia. Shall I give her a call?

[Apprehensive music]

Marlena: You really don’t want johnny making this movie, do you?

John: Isn’t there another script he could film? You know, maybe one about– aw, hell, I don’t know, a-a talking dog. Everybody loves talking dogs.

Marlena: I don’t think that’s what he wants to do.

John: Well, maybe not, but the past is sometimes best left in the past, doc.

Marlena: So are you concerned about him revisiting our affair?

John: Sweetheart, what we did, the scandal of it, not only destroyed your marriage and your family, but it left you feeling alone, isolated, a pariah in a town that had loved you. And because you were so vulnerable, it led to the darkest time in your life.

Kate: Why on earth would you think that roman and I are involved?

Lucas: Blatant flirting.

Kate: Seriously? I was getting powdered sugar off his cheek.

Lucas: What about that whole thing with the sarong? I mean, come on, I was right here.

Kate: Oh, come on, that was merely a statement of fact, so.

Lucas: So you’re not sneaking into each other’s rooms at night, reliving the past?

Kate: No, we’re saving that for you and sami.

Lucas: Oh! Walked into that one, didn’t I?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Yeah, well. What’s that? What are you looking for?

Kate: I’m not–I’m not looking for anything.

Lucas: Really? You want my opinion?

Kate: No, actually, I don’t want your opinion at all.

Lucas: I think you and roman are great together. You were great together, you know, back in the day.

Kate: Yeah, back in the day. That’s past tense, lucas.

Lucas: Well, it doesn’t have to be. I mean, you said yourself, he’s interested in getting back together with you.

Kate: He talked about that months ago. He hasn’t said anything since.

Lucas: Well, every man’s got his pride. Probably felt rejected.

Kate: Yeah, or he’s just not interested, so.

Lucas: Or you should just talk to him and ask him. You could do that.

Kate: God, what is this all about? Why are you making something that is absolutely not your business your business?

Lucas: That’s not a “no,” is it?

Johnny: Lucas!

Lucas: Johnny! What’s up, man?

Johnny: Hey, man.

Lucas: Good to see you!

Johnny: Good to see you too.

Lucas: Getting big.

Johnny: Old man.

Lucas: Hey, easy on the old man stuff. I still got it.

Johnny: Kate. Beautiful as ever.

Kate: Oh, what a sweet talker, just like your dad. Who is so excited that you are back in town. He can’t wait to get you into the family business.

Johnny: Well, unfortunately for him, I’ve got plans of my own, and with any luck, I’m about to be one step closer to making my dream come true.

Chad: What’s wrong?

Abigail: It’s just that before I went to boston, we were sleeping in separate rooms.

Chad: Yeah. No, I know. I just, I was– I thought that maybe– I was hoping that things– things would be different.

Abigail: Well, we discussed we have a lot of things to work out, and I think that I’d just feel more comfortable doing that if we were sleeping in separate beds.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: Okay. Is that a problem?

Chad: No.

Abigail: ‘Cause you said you’d be with me every step of the way on this.

Chad: I know, and I meant it. Whatever you need. But we are gonna have to have a conversation with the kids.

Abigail: Yeah, I mean, yeah. We were sleeping in separate beds when I went to boston. So I think we should just talk to them again, and I think they’re gonna understand.

Chad: What about everyone else?

Abigail: Every–what? Are you embarrassed?

Chad: Ah, no. Just, certain people are gonna– are gonna have an opinion.

Abigail: Certain people? I mean…

Ej: Abigail! What a lovely surprise!

Abigail: Ej. On the outside, I looked fine.

Marlena: You’re right. I was in a bad place after sami found out about our affair. But this movie is about sami, not about me.

John: Well, what happened next, it affected sami as well. And this is not a subject that johnny should be messing with.

Marlena: John–

John: You know what I’m talking about, doc. This opened the door–

[Phone ringing]

Marlena: It’s kayla. I need to take it. Kayla, hi, good morning.

Kayla: Hi, um, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.

Marlena: Oh, uh, no. Uh, what can I do for you?

Kayla: It’s about doug. Um, he’s showing some signs of cognitive decline, and his test results didn’t reveal anything definitive. I was hoping that maybe you could see him, and you could weigh in with an assessment.

Marlena: Of course. I’d be glad to. Um, I don’t have a very busy morning at work. I’ll, uh, I’ll come to the hospital right now.

Kayla: That would be great. Thank you.

Marlena: Okay. See you soon. I’ve got to–I’ve got to get to the hospital. Can we pick up this conversation about johnny later?

John: Of course we can. I love you, doc.

Marlena: I love you.

[Apprehensive music]

Lucas: Big plans, huh? What, are you gonna open a bakery like your sister?

Roman: Hey, look what the cat dragged in! I was beginning to think you were avoiding me.

Johnny: Grandpa. I’m sorry, I’ve been kind of busy.

Roman: Yeah, what, getting in trouble?

Johnny: Actually, I’ve been working on my dream project.

Lucas: Yeah, he was just about to tell us all about it. Right?

Kate: Right.

Johnny: I’m gonna make a movie. And I’m hoping that you would consider investing in the future of your favorite grandchild.

Roman: Okay. All right, that is why you finally came to visit!

Johnny: Oh, come on, gramps, you know I missed you.

Roman: Uh-huh, sure, sure. How much do– how much do you need?

Johnny: Well, that’s up to you, um. I’m hitting up multiple investors, including grandma marlena. She’s actually the one who gave me the idea for the movie.

Kate: Uh. What’s it about?

Johnny: I am going to direct will’s screenplay about my mom’s life.

Lucas: Oh.

Roman: That’s a great idea.

Johnny: I’m glad you think so; my, uh, my dad hates the idea.

Lucas: Oh, really? Why?

Johnny: Yeah, he thinks, uh– he just thinks my mom won’t like it, which is ridiculous, ’cause she approved will’s script years ago when she moved us all out to california. Obviously, she didn’t have a problem with it then, so she should be cool with it now. But I wanted to get your input first.

Roman: About?

Johnny: There’s the whole thing about grandma marlena’s affair, and, you know, I just didn’t want it to bring up any stuff.

Roman: You know what, ancient history, man, so I’m good. Just as long as you get somebody very dashing and very handsome to play me. I’m thinking george clooney.

Johnny: Okay, all right, I’ll see what I can do.

Roman: All right, count me in.

Johnny: All right, thank you. I’m gonna make you proud.

Roman: I’m willing to bet my money on that.

Johnny: So lucas, do you have any interest in, uh, backing my movie?

Ej: I didn’t know you were here!

Chad: Yeah, we just got back.

Abigail: Oh, hi. Uh, you all right?

Ej: Oh, I just worked out a little too hard yesterday. I’m finally back to my old self.

Chad: For better or worse.

Abigail: Well, it’s, uh, it’s great to see you healthy and home.

Ej: You as well. I’m glad my little brother took my advice to go off and fight for you.

Chad: What?

Abigail: Oh, uh. I didn’t realize it was your idea.

Chad: No, it wasn’t his idea. I came–it wasn’t your idea. I came to boston because I wanted to see you, and I wanted to be able to try to work things out.

Ej: It doesn’t matter who takes credit for bringing abigail back, does it? The important thing is that you’re home.

Doug: So doc, what’s your opinion? Do you think I have dementia?

Marlena: Well, doug, there’s nothing really conclusive here yet, but I hope to know more after I’ve run some tests.

Doug: Marlena, if I confess something to you, do you promise to keep it just between us?

Marlena: You’re my patient. Anything-anything you tell me will be held in strict confidence.

Doug: Well, I’ve been insisting to julie that I’m just fine. But down deep, I can feel it– there is something wrong with me. I say and do strange things, and I don’t know why. I just pray that you can help me.

Marlena: I will do everything I can to help you, doug.

Lucas: Uh, are you sure you want to take money from a guy who ruined your dad’s marriage?

Johnny: Hey, that’s between you and my dad. You’ve always been good to me. And you’re my twin sister’s father, so there’s the family thing. There’s also one other factoid you might find interesting.

Kate: All right, I’ll bite. What?

Johnny: You’re kind of a big part in the movie.

Lucas: I am?

Johnny: Yeah. The way the script reads, you were the love of my mom’s life, not my dad.

Kate: Wow. So I bet you couldn’t wait to tell ej that.

Lucas: Yeah, I’m sure that went over real well, didn’t it?

Johnny: It might have pushed a few buttons.

Lucas: Well, that’s, uh, good enough for me. I’ll sign a check right now.

Johnny: Okay! All right! Thank you!

Lucas: No, thank you.

Johnny: Okay, um. Kate, is there any chance you–

Kate: Oh, sorry, spielberg, but I don’t want to get into hot water with your daddy because he signs my paychecks, and i want to keep that happening.

Johnny: Fair enough. I understand. I’ve still got some other investors to hit up, so. Thank you both for your support. It means a lot, especially since my dad’s being such a jerk about all this.

Ej: So, when I walked in, did I hear you’ll be staying in separate rooms?

Chad: Uh, that’s none of your business.

Ej: Relax. As a man who’s own marriage has recently imploded, I am a champion of unions where love wins the day. And I know yours will too. That’s why I want you to know that chad feels nothing but regret and disgust with himself for letting your scheming sister manipulate him–

Chad: Dude, would you shut up? I don’t need you speaking for me.

Ej: I’m just trying to help.

Chad: Okay, you want to help? Then why don’t you give us some privacy? I thought you were supposed to be at the office! Aren’t you–aren’t you– weren’t you supposed to bring johnny in with you today?

Ej: I was, but he’s refusing to even consider working at dimera. And that is on you. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Chad: Are you still on this? It’s not my fault that johnny doesn’t want to work for dimera.

Ej: I asked you to convince him dimera’s where he belongs. Instead, you encouraged him to follow his ridiculous dream of making movies.

Chad: He’s a grown man. He should be able to make his own choices in life.

Ej: His choice has been to party his way through europe for the last few years.

Chad: He’s a smart kid!

Ej: Who needs direction!

Chad: It sounds you’d prefer a choke chain.

Ej: You’re supposed to be working with me to steer this family in the right direction. That was the whole point of taking this company back. And yet you take pleasure in egging johnny on to defy me!

Chad: No, johnny’s doing a damn good job of that himself!

Ej: Perhaps you could persuade your husband to remember where his loyalties lie.

Abigail: Actually, I think you’re trying to put chad in between you and your son, and now you’re trying to put me between you and chad, which is not gonna happen, because I’m not gonna take the bait.

Kate: So that was very generous of you to invest in johnny’s film. Although your ulterior motives were compatibility transparent.

Lucas: What do you mean? It’s like johnny said, it’s about family. You know me, I’d do anything for family.

Kate: Yeah, uh-huh, yeah. And sticking it to ej had absolutely nothing to do with it, right?

Lucas: Mm. I don’t want to talk about that. I’d rather talk about what we were discussing before johnny came in. We were talking about you and roman.

Kate: Lucas, there is no me and roman.

Lucas: You still hung up on jake?

Kate: No!

Lucas: Well, then give roman a chance! What’s the problem?

Roman: Chance for what?

[Knock at door]

John: Yeah, hold on. Hey, my namesake!

Johnny: Grandpa john!

John: How you doing, kid?

Johnny: It’s good to see you.

John: Come on in, come on in!

Johnny: I’m sorry for not stopping by sooner.

John: No, no, no, no, it’s all right. Grandma says you’ve been a bit busy.

Johnny: Yeah, is she, uh, she around?

John: No, no, she just got called into work. You just missed her.

Johnny: Oh, did she happen to mention my project to you?

John: Yeah, yeah. In fact, we were–we were just discussing it.

Johnny: And?

John: Well, kid, to be honest with you, uh, I’ve got a– I’ve got a few concerns about the script.

Johnny: I didn’t realize you were such a film critic.

John: [Chuckles] No, it’s, uh–let’s just say that I’m-I’m a little apprehensive about putting her life out there like that.

Johnny: You mean grandma marlena’s affair.

John: Yeah, for one thing, yeah. You know, people like– well, like your grandpa roman. You know, he might not be that comfortable with that.

Johnny: Actually, I just spoke with him, and he’s on board. And he is investing. So if that’s the only thing stopping you from investing–

John: Well, actually, it’s not the only thing. I’ve got some other concerns as well.

Johnny: Like what?

John: [Sighs] Hey, I’ll tell you what, let me finish having this conversation with grandma, and then I’ll circle back with you as soon as possible, okay?

Johnny: Okay. Hey, no worries. No pressure. I’m good with whatever you guys decide, so. I’m gonna go finish reading the script.

John: Wait. You haven’t even finished the script yet?

Johnny: Well, no, but it’s about mom’s life, so I gotta know all the major plot points, right?

John: Hey, hey, johnny, listen.

Johnny: Yo.

John: How do you feel about movies with talking dogs?

Johnny: Uh… [Laughs] Why?

John: Never mind.

Johnny: Okay.

Marlena: Doug, are you all right with me recording our session?

Doug: Oh, yes, sure.

Marlena: Great. Now, I would like to start off by discussing some of your recent moments of cognitive dissonance. I-I understand that you’ve been, uh, mixing up people’s names?

Doug: Well, apparently I– I confused you with vivian alamain. Sorry about that.

Marlena: It’s okay. I’ll find some way to forgive you for that.

Doug: [Chuckles] I feel worse, really, about forgetting tom and alice. I mean, goodness, how could I ever forget them? They meant so much to me.

Marlena: Having a–having a lapse in memory doesn’t mean they’re any less meaningful to you. So please, don’t feel guilty about it.

Doug: Well, I do feel guilty. I groped paulina price, for pete’s sake. Completely inappropriate.

Marlena: Yeah. You have any idea why you did that?

Doug: No. It just-just horrified julie. All this has been so hard on her.

Marlena: Julie told me that you–you locked her in the freezer by accident.

Doug: That was no accident. I locked that bitch in there on purpose.

Ej: I see you two are still a united front, even if you are sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Abigail: Like chad said, that’s none of your business.

Ej: My apologies. Chad, I’ll see you in the office. Abigail, again, lovely to see you, and welcome home.

Chad: I’m so sorry. That’s so embarrassing. I–that’s not–that’s not how I planned to welcome you home.

Abigail: Well, like you said, home, sweet home, huh?

Lucas: Oh, man, I got some errands to run. Excuse me; I’ll be back. Lost track of time.

Roman: Okay, um. What was that all about?

Kate: Well, lucas was just giving me some advice.

Roman: Advice from a man who just slept with his married ex-wife.

Kate: Uh, twice.

Roman: Was it good advice?

Kate: Lucas thinks that we should get back together.

Roman: I see. And what do you think about that?

Kayla: Here you go.

Julie: Thank you.

Kayla: Julie, I know how hard this is. I went through something very similar with my own mother. It was hard to watch her forget her loved ones.

Julie: But at least caroline had a reprieve. The last years of her life– if doug has alzheimer’s– it’s just, all the days of our lives have been so wonderful. Years and years, much more than most people ever get. I want more! I’m sorry. So selfish of me.

Kayla: No, it’s not. Listen, I am not giving up hope. And you shouldn’t, either.

Marlena: I’m sorry. Did you say–

Doug: That I locked her in on purpose? You heard that. You heard right. It was the most fun I had all week.

Marlena: I’m sure you don’t mean that. I think you’re just confused.

Doug: No, marlena, you are the one who’s confused. [Laughs] I am not doug.


[Foreboding music]

Johnny: What the hell? Grandma marlena was possessed by the devil?

Marlena: Of course you’re doug. You’re doug williams. I’m marlena evans.

Doug: I know exactly, exactly who you are.

[In deep voice] It’s been over 25 years, marlena. But did you really think I wouldn’t come back for you?

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B&B Transcript Friday, September 17, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Carter: Quinn.

Quinn: I don’t know if it’s safe for me to come in.

Carter: It’s safe.

Quinn: Well, you’re… probably wondering why I’m here. Eric sent me.

Finn: Everyone’s down in there. Steffy fell asleep with hayes.

Paris: Aw, that’s so sweet. Well, I don’t blame her. She does so much.

Finn: Yeah. And until recently, she had something else to deal with. Something not so pleasant.

Paris: You mean sheila.

Finn: Yeah. And every time I look at my son I– I hear steffy’s voice. The fear just underneath the surface, desperation. You know steffy. She’s a warrior. She’s not afraid of anything. Not until sheila got into the picture. I mean, for her to be so adamant about keeping sheila away from hayes, it’s–

Paris: Can I… do you mind if I ask you a question?

Finn: No, not at all?

Paris: How do you really feel about all of this?

Finn: I try not to think about how I feel.

Paris: Well, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Finn: I’m too conflicted. Too removed. Yes, sheila is my birth mother but I don’t know her. Steffy and the forrester’s do and they all say the same thing. That she’s psychotic and dangerous. I mean, she is a threat to the family and to my newborn son. She gets fixated on things and may even try to take hayes.

Paris: Well, people change. Maybe she’s not the same person that she was before.

Finn: No one believes that.

Paris: Do you?

Finn: I believe people can change. Whether or not sheila has, I couldn’t tell you. Her wishes and her instincts.

Paris: Wow. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you.

[ Door knocking ]

Eric: Already?

Ridge: Hey, it’s us.

Eric: Yeah, so I see. Here to take another crack at your old man?

Brooke: Will it help?

Ridge: No, you didn’t sign these before you left.

Brooke: We wanted

Eric: Well, as you can see, I’m fine.

Ridge: As we can see, you’re drinking alone. Where’s quinn?

Carter: Eric sent you?

Quinn: Yeah, he, uh,

Qnnui: Yeah, he, uh, he asked me to deliver this. Says it’s sensitive material and you need to have it right away.

Carter: Don’t you think that’s odd?

Quinn: You know what, carter, I don’t even know what to think anymore. Take it. (Lucky) uh-oh the magic’s disappearing!

Paris: Not to put you on the spot, but doesn’t a little part of you want to know sheila?

Finn: I mean, under different circumstances, it’s only natural, right?

Paris: That’s what I’ve been saying. It’s only natural. That desire deserves to be given consideration.

Finn: Did you not hear the “under different circumstances”? Sheila has done terrible things to the forrester’S. Criminal things. She shot steffy’s mother. Of course, steffy’s gonna hate her.

Paris: Yeah, well, you can know that and still feel a sense of loss. It sucks that you can’t share that with steffy because of their history. I know it must be hard for you.

Finn: Well, thankfully, I’ve got you. You’re a good friend, paris.

Paris: Well, I’ll always be here for you, finn. You and steffy. So, steffy really thinks sheila faked the collapse?

Finn: She doesn’t think it. She’s convinced. She has been from the start.

Paris: You’re a doctor. Wouldn’t you know if sheila was faking?

Finn: Honestly, I don’t know. My objectivity might be compromised. But it really doesn’t matter. Steffy doesn’t want sheila around and I stand by my wife.

Paris: Speaks to the kind of partner you are. Steffy insisting that there’s no middle ground. That you should shut sheila all the way out, period? I’m just wondering if cutting ties with you birth mother forever is really how you wanna handle this.

Eric: I appreciate your concern, but why would my having a martini by myself here be a cause for alarm?

Brooke: Have to admit, it is kind of strange.

Eric: Really? Why?

Brooke: Quinn wanted nothing more but for you to forgive her for what she did with carter and take her back. And now that you have, you’re here drinking alone?

Ridge: Where’s your doting wife?

Eric: What if I told you she was upstairs reading a book?

Ridge: Is she?

Eric: No, she’s not. She’s out. She’s out enjoying herself.

Brooke: Enjoying herself? She can’t do that with you?

Eric: Well, I can’t win with the two of you, can I? You know, if she were here having a drink with me, you wouldn’t approve of that either.

Brooke: Well, at least we would know that she wasn’t with carter again.

Eric: Why would you say that?

Brooke: Eric, I don’t trust her. And neither should you.

Eric: Yeah, well I do. And look, she’s younger than I am, in case you haven’t noticed that.

Ridge: When did that become relevant?

Eric: Look, we’re in different stages of our life, all right? I don’t wanna hold her back.

Quinn: What does it say? Unless, of course, it’s for your eyes only.

Carter: “Tonight is yours”.

Quinn: I love my husband. What makes this impossible is I love you too.

Think wearing less makeup

means no need for a wipe?

Finn: I won’t lie. It has been surreal. I’ve wondered about my birth mother since I found out I was adopted. What did she look like? What was her personality, which is funny how things turn out because I never would have imagined this.

Paris: Yeah, how could you? Your birth mother turns out to be your wife’s worst nightmare. The woman who terrorized the family you married into.

Finn: The forrester’s all agreed, the best way to safeguard hayes and the family is to keep him away from sheila.

Paris: Do you agree?

Finn: I have to. I can’t take chances with my son’s welfare. On my wedding day, all of a sudden, there she was and I was amazed. I kept thinking, this can’t be happening.

Paris: I bet you were so happy.

Finn: Yeah, I was, but not for long. Talk about crashing back down to earth in a hurry. The forrester’s took one look and all hell broke loose. Nothing’s really been the same since.

Paris: Well, I’m sorry you’re dealing with such a challenging thing right now. But I really do admire you for standing with steffy. You’re an incredible man.

Brooke: I don’t understand, eric. How are you holding quinn back? She knew what she was getting into when she chose to marry an older man.

Ridge: Look, I’m not sure if it came out the way you wanted it to come out.

Brooke: That’s not what I meant. You’re not old, eric. In fact, you’re handsome and sexy.

Eric: There was a time I felt that way.

Ridge: See? That. What is that? You never used to do this, this self-deprecating thing. You’re one of the most confident guys I know.

Brooke: It’s true, what is that? Did quinn take away your confidence? See, this is what I’m talking about. She’s not good for you, eric. She is careless with your feelings.

Eric: No, quite the opposite. Quite the opposite. She’s been more attentive to my feelings lately than she ever has been before.

Brooke: Maybe for now, because you forgave her for her betrayal with carter. But just give her time and she may do something that disappoints you again. All I’m saying, eric, is that you deserve better.

Ridge: Dad, we’re concerned about you.

Eric: Well, you can stop that. Quinn’s not the problem. I am.

Carter: This is crazy. And I’ve made no secret about my feelings and I love you too, but this– this thing between us. It’s crazy.

Quinn: This is insane.

Carter: It’s insane. But it’s undeniable. I respected your decision to go back to your husband.

Quinn: I know.

Carter: And I want you to be happy, I really do. I do, but I can’t deny it, quinn. This connection that we have, this… this thing, quinn. I miss it and I miss you. I miss making love to you, I miss being with you and we kept our distance because we didn’t want to disrespect eric, but he’s pushing it, he’s pushing us. And it wouldn’t be disrespectful now. Would it?

[ Romantic percussive music ]

If you have postmenopausal


Paris: What?

Finn: Just grateful for you. Happy you came into my life.

Paris: Goes both ways.

Finn: Maybe. But I need you more.

Paris: You need me?

Finn: You understand me. Your empathy, it means so much to me during this strange time. Having a safe place to put the feelings I can’t burden steffy with.

Paris: Well you know you can talk to me about anything.

Finn: I do. And I appreciate that more than I can say. There is something so special about you, paris.

Finn: Paris? We’re in the clear. Steffy has hayes under control.

Paris: What?

Finn: No, it’s just– thanks for listening. For being there.

Paris: My pleasure. Any time.

Finn: You’re very special, you know that?

[ Dramatic music ]

Brooke: You’re the problem, not quinn? How could that be true?

Eric: Well it is, believe me.

Brooke: Eric, you keep defending her.

Eric: Somebody has to defend her.

Ridge: I know you’re joking, but you know what, none of this is funny. It’s not funny. We’re trying to protect you.

Brooke: She has proven that she can’t be trusted over and over again. She does something that’s unforgivable and you forgive her. You take her back, things are fine for a while, but then she does something else. I mean, my god, she slept with carter.

Eric: Yes, I’m well aware. I haven’t forgotten that. Look, this conversation is boring me–

Brooke: Eric, eric, we don’t mean to be tiresome. We just love you.

Eric: I know.

Brooke: You deserve to have a woman who gets everything she needs right here with you in your home. And I just don’t think that’s quinn. I mean, for all we know, she’s with somebody else as we speak. Look, I know you were devastated about quinn and carter, I just don’t want to see you hurt like that ever again.

Ridge: Goodnight.

Eric: I’m good.

[ Romantic percussive music ]

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, September 16, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victoria: So, you want to know how I’m dealing with ashland’s history? Well, I hardly think that’s an issue warranting a house call.

Nick: You know, if phyllis told me about some deep, dark secret that she was keeping from me and the rest of the world, i would have a problem with that.

Victoria: It really wouldn’t be that surprising. I mean, phyllis.

Nick: How are you not more bothered by this?

Victoria: Because nothing that ashland shared with our family is news to me, so I am definitely not in a state of shock. I should ask you how you’re feeling. I thought you were good with this big family discussion we had.

Nick: It was one revelation after another. I mean, he starts with the mysterious death of his mentor, and then the unexplained access to this fortune that allowed him to get his career started. And then he tells us that he literally erased his past and became somebody else. I mean, it’s a lot to digest, vick, but I’m not the one who’s marrying him.

Victoria: Well, I don’t love him any less, if that’s what you’re asking. And nothing and no one is gonna change that.

Lily: I mean, billy, ask yourself, if ashland were with anyone other than victoria, would you be this relentless? Would you care this much?

Ashland: I can answer that. No, he wouldn’t care a bit.

Billy: Don’t pretend to try and understand my motives.

Ashland: I’m sure your partner has brought you up to speed on what happened earlier.

Lily: Yes, he did.

Ashland: If it would be alright with you, I would like to spend a minute in private with billy, please.

Lily: Well, I have a meeting in the conference room, so you can use my office — if you both can be civil.

Billy: Oh, I will if he will.

Lily: And just remember, please, at the end of the day, what really matters here is that you both care about victoria and want what’s best for her.

Ashland: That’s a smart woman. You should listen to her. Victoria’s best interests should come first. And that’s why I told my story earlier, because I wanted to take the pressure off of victoria, to let those that are most important and that matter most to her, let them know that there’s no reason for them to worry about my past. I told the newmans everything there is to know. And you, as the father of her children, you were included, as a courtesy. Now, I would think you might want to reciprocate that courtesy and back off. Stop digging where you have no business digging.

Billy: I’m aware that you don’t hear this word very often — no. It’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna do that because i am certain there’s a whole hell of a lot more to learn about you.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sharon: Hi, adam.

Adam: Hey, um…I’m about to break the news to connor, and, um, I’m a little nervous.

Sharon: Everything’s gonna be fine. Just keep it simple.

Adam: Right.

Sharon: And be direct.

Adam: Open and honest, got it.

Sharon: But if you need more support, I am here, but you know what? Everything is gonna be fine, okay? Good luck.

Adam: Alright, thanks. I’m gonna need it. What you got there?

Connor: Apples and carrots to feed the horses. And a cookie for me.

Adam: Nice.

Connor: Ready to hit the stables?

Adam: Uh, after we talk about some things. Why don’t you come sit with me?

Connor: It’s about mom, isn’t it?

Adam: Yes, it is.

Victor: Hey, doc.

Nate: Victor.

Victor: How are you?

Nate: Always a pleasure.

Victor: Yeah.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] You know, there ought to be a special place in hell for people who cancel appointments at the last minute. Damn it.

Nate: Oh, wow, would’ve been nice if you were informed before you came here.

Victor: Yeah. Well, it’s not a total waste of time. I ran into you, so there’s something I’d like to discuss with you. Please have a seat. Pain hits fast.

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Adam: I wanted to talk to you today because I think that you are old enough to understand some things.

Connor: Like what?

Adam: Your mom and I, we’re not gonna be living together when she comes back to genoa city.

Connor: I thought something was wrong for a while, but i didn’t think it was this bad. Are you sure you can’t work it out? Maybe if you talk to mom some more and spend time together.

Adam: Yeah, I’m sorry, connor. It’s not gonna change anything.

Connor: Is it my fault? Did I do something wrong?

Adam: No, no, no, not at all. Okay? We are so proud of you and we’re still gonna love you just as much as we did when we were together.

Connor: Then why?

Adam: Sometimes people grow apart even when they try not to.

Connor: Then try harder! You can’t just give up on people. You weren’t around when I was little, for years. When you came back, you promised we’d always be together.

Adam: I know I did.

Connor: So you lied?

Adam: Look, some promises, connor, are just impossible to keep, and it’s — it’s not that simple.

Connor: You say I have to keep my promises, but you get to break yours? Why?

Adam: Connor, calm down, okay? Just listen to me.

Connor: Why should I?

Adam: [ Sighs ] You know what? Why don’t we get out of here, huh?

Connor: And go where?

Adam: We’ll go see a friend, and she will help us talk all about this.

Victor: I’ve got to say, my wife has the midas touch when it comes to convincing people to donate money to her favorite charities. In this case, the hospital, you know? I mean, I don’t know how she does it, must be her charm, her smile. You know that the new wing of the hospital will be equipped with the most modern surgical equipment.

Nate: Oh, well, she’s phenomenal. You know, between her connections and experience, I am floored. I have a lot to learn.

Victor: So I understand that you got ashland locke to donate some money, as well. What’s your impression of him?

Nate: Uh, you know what? We actually struck up a friendship.

Victor: Huh.

Nate: He’s even extended an invitation to me and elena to attend his wedding.

Victor: How nice is that?

Nate: Yeah, well, we’re looking forward to celebrating with the happy couple.

Victor: Yeah.

Nate: You know, the more i learn about ashland, the more i like him, especially now that i have more of a sense of the man behind the myth.

Victor: What’s your take on him?

Nate: Well, you know, i respect the grace he’s shown in the way he’s chosen to handle his illness, as well as its treatment.

Victor: Now, I understand that in spite of the treatment, his condition is terminal.

Nate: Well, I don’t know the details of his case, but the survival rate is very low.

Victor: Ooh.

Nate: With luck, he’ll be able to celebrate his one-year anniversary.

Victor: Really?

Nate: And I’m sure he’s willing to fight for that. Love is a very powerful motivator.

Victor: Yeah, it certainly is, isn’t it?

Nate: I wish victoria and ashland the best for however long they have together.

Victor: Yeah. So do I.

Nick: Look, nobody expects you to love your fiancé any less, but I am curious — did ashland’s story make you change your perspective in any way?

Victoria: Of course it has. How could it not? It’s made me admire him even more. I mean, to carry around these awful memories of an abusive and cruel father, it had to have been just unbearable, nicholas, and somehow, he managed to persevere and to thrive. He refused to let what had happened to him in the past define who he could be in the future, and I’m not just talking about his professional success, I’m talking about how he overcame the cycle of violence and he became this wonderful father to harrison.

Nick: Okay, he made a better life for himself. Good for him. But don’t you think it’s even just a little bit weird that he won’t tell you what his real name is? You know, the person he was before he became ashland locke?

Victoria: No. Not really.

Nick: Look, it’s my experience in life that, when there’s a secret, it usually leads to other secrets.

Victoria: Oh, come on, nicholas. Ashland just revealed something so private and personal today, and that’s still not enough for you.

Nick: No, it’s not.

Victoria: In fact, it’s probably made you more suspicious. You know what, nicholas? I have enough of a headache worrying about ashland tracking down billy and persuading him to back off.

Nick: Well, I didn’t come here to upset you.

Victoria: Good! That’s great. So if you really mean that, you will turn around and walk out, and we can pretend like this conversation never happened.

Billy: Your reluctance to come totally clean leads me to one conclusion — you’re hiding something. Something that could hurt victoria and, most importantly, my children.

Ashland: Whoa, whoa, whoa, there’s no logical reason for you to think that, not a shred of evidence to support your theory.

Billy: Call it intuition. I got a gut feeling. Now, you would’ve thought maybe that morsel of a story would’ve satisfied our curiosity, but it didn’t, not for me. It actually backfired, and it whet my appetite more.

Ashland: You’re wasting your time. All you are going to accomplish is causing more friction. Everyone has secrets they’d prefer stay buried. And how dare you presume to appoint yourself arbiter of what should or shouldn’t be revealed in another person’s life or past.

Billy: No, you’re right. No, whatever you fear most about your past, I guarantee, it’ll come back to bite you.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Or worse, cause collateral damage to innocent bystanders.

Ashland: Ah. Look at you, painting yourself out to be some sort of savior and me as the villain.

Billy: But you are, aren’t you? I mean, that’s the reputation you’ve cultivated your entire career.

Ashland: I certainly can’t deny that. The truth is, you definitely do not want me for an enemy.


Sharon: Anybody want some pink lemonade?

Adam: No, thanks.

Sharon: Do you mind if I join you? I heard that you got some difficult news today, connor.

Connor: You told her?

Adam: Sharon has helped you deal with issues in the past, and I was hoping that she would be able to help you again.

Sharon: You know, I’d like to try, at least — I mean, if you’re comfortable with it. Maybe I could help you and your dad just talk and, you know, say everything that you want to say and hear each other.

Connor: Can I ask something?

Adam: Of course. Anything.

Connor: Why do you always call her when there’s a problem?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, sharon is not only a friend, she is actually trained to deal with situations like this.

Connor: Hmm. I’ll bet there are lots of people trained to do what she does. Right?

Sharon: That’s true.

Connor: But dad chooses you over and over again. I bet mom wouldn’t like this, knowing we’re all together.

Adam: Why would you say that?

Connor: I heard mom talking to grandma about you and sharon. And I want to know what’s going on with the two of you. Is sharon the reason you and mom are breaking up?

Billy: What do you think your fiancée would say about you threatening me like that? Especially after you claim you’ve got nothing else of consequence to hide.

Ashland: I have no doubt that she would continue to stand by my side because victoria understands me and she respects what I’ve endured and what I’ve done to change my life, and she knows why.

Billy: Are you sure about that last part?

Ashland: You know, you might want to be more concerned with your relationship with victoria than with me, unless you want to completely alienate her, because you are well on your way, my friend.

Billy: Well, I’ll muddle my way through somehow. I always do.

Ashland: You know, I can only imagine how thrilled lily must be with you spending so much energy trying to undermine your ex’s engagement.

Billy: You leave lily out of this. This is between me and you.

Ashland: Doesn’t feel good when it hits close to home, huh? So why don’t you listen to me. You continue to dig into my past and invade my privacy — that will ultimately prove to be a futile endeavor. I think it would behoove you to keep both of your eyes open to the realities of the present and let go of the rest.

Billy: Or what? What could you possibly do to stop me?

Ashland: You don’t want to find out.

Nick: I’m not going anywhere because we’re not through. I don’t have an agenda here, and I truly want to believe that ashland doesn’t have any deep, dark secrets that are gonna come back and haunt your relationship.

Victoria: Well, just leave me alone. I can take care of myself.

Nick: Look, with ashland’s diagnosis, you’re gonna have some rough days ahead and you’re gonna want to hang on to as much love as you can for as long as you can, and I get that, and i want that for you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: But something about this isn’t right. And I’m your brother, and that means I get to worry about you because that’s my job.

Victoria: I know, nicholas. I know that. I know this is all coming from a very good place.

Nick: It is, and for billy, too. I know that’s hard to believe ’cause he gets all loud and aggressive, but I know he cares about you. So with me and billy and mom and dad, we just want you to be treated the way you’re supposed to be treated by this man that you’re planning to marry. I hope you know that.

Victoria: Of course I do.

Nick: Now, mom and dad, they may have heard everything they need to hear from ashland to set their minds at ease, but I’m just not there. I do not understand why ashland hasn’t revealed everything about his past. I mean, especially to you, and if you’re being honest with yourself, you’d ask the same questions. “What is it ashland’s not telling me and why?” Vick, come on, it’s me. Talk to me. Like many people with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis

Victoria: Alright. Maybe I have caught myself wondering if I should know more about ashland’s past.

[ Sighs ] If maybe there’s another shoe that’s gonna drop.

Nick: That’s not surprising after everything you’ve heard.

Victoria: I just hate feeling this way. I mean, why should it matter what happened decades ago? It doesn’t matter to me who ashland was. I fell in love with who he is. And, nick, I know him, in a way that none of you do. I know the man behind the name.

Nick: But you can’t be sure about that.

Victoria: Well, one thing that I can be sure of beyond a shadow of a doubt is that i blame all of you, especially billy, for inserting yourselves into my relationship and causing all of this doubt and distrust.

Nick: Alright, look, this isn’t anyone else’s fault, alright? You’re smart and you are strong willed, and nobody’s gonna influence your thinking. If you have doubts about this, it’s because you too must feel like there’s more to the story than locke’s admitting.

Victoria: You’re right. I just — I fought it because it felt like such a betrayal to the love that ashland and I share, but I do have some questions. I have so many questions.

Ashland: Could I get a sparkling water when you have a chance? Thank you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Nate.

Nate: Hey. Don’t mean to overstep, but is everything okay?

Ashland: Oh, I’m fine. It’s just been a long and trying day. I had to talk about some things from my past with victoria’s family in one of those “full disclosure from the groom” kind of things. Old memories can be painful.

Nate: Sorry you had to go through that.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] In-laws. What are you gonna do?

Nate: I hear you. Well, I maybe have some news that’ll lift your spirits a bit.

Ashland: Oh?

Nate: I’ve been thinking about your request that I be your best man. And I’d be honored to accept.

Ashland: The honor is all mine. Thank you.

Adam: What happened between me and your mom is complicated. And I’m not gonna get into all the details, but I will answer your question honestly because i think you deserve that and i think that you are old enough to understand.

Connor: Okay, so tell me about you and sharon.

Adam: Sharon and I did have a romantic relationship years ago, but now we are just friends, and there have been times that your mother has struggled with that. But sharon is not the reason that your mom and I are not together anymore.

Connor: I don’t believe you. If that was true, why was mom talking about you two? It’s because you hurt her, didn’t you? She had a stroke and she needed you, but you weren’t there the way you should’ve been. Because of you, sharon.

Adam: Okay, alright. Connor, let’s just take a breath, okay?

Connor: No, you broke mom’s heart, both of you.

Adam: Connor, sto– connor, we’re not done here.

Connor: I want to be by myself. Just leave me alone.

Adam: Alright, I will give you a few minutes to cool down, but we are not done talking.

Sharon: I’m sorry.

Adam: Connor! Connor, where are you going? Connor!

If you have postmenopausal


“The young and the restless”

will continue.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Connor: [ Panting ]

Sally: Has anyone ever told you that you look like adam newman? I recognize you from a picture from adam’s office. Is there any chance your name is connor newman? I’m sally spectra. I work with your dad at newman media.

Connor: Oh, yeah. I’ve heard him mention your name.

Sally: You out here all alone? Does your dad know? Okay. Won’t push. Do you mind if I take a break from my run and sit here for a while?

Nick: You have questions about ashland. Let’s start there.

Victoria: You know, nicholas, I’m probably just getting cold feet.

Nick: Did you feel that way before the merger of newman and locke?

Victoria: No, no, because we had done our due diligence.

Nick: Which is something you can’t do with the man himself because he keeps everything under wraps.

Victoria: Nicholas, look, i really do appreciate your concern, but —

Nick: Vick, come on, let me help you.

Victoria: This conversation is over, and I would really appreciate it if you just kept this between us. I don’t want you repeating or acting on anything I told you. Promise me.

Ashland: Nick, I assume you’re here to follow up with victoria about what I told you about my history.

Nick: I had more questions for her.

Ashland: Alright, well, I’m gonna give you a little warning, like I gave billy. My past is nobody’s business but my own. Stay out of my life, okay? I shared what I did today with everyone to put an end to this crap.

Nick: I think you should calm down.

Victoria: Look, ashland has every right to defend himself. He shouldn’t have been put in this position in the first place. I mean, we’re gonna be family.

Nick: That’s what family does. We check on each other. I came over here ’cause I wanted to talk to you. I didn’t hurl any accusations. I didn’t make any demands. I was calm, unlike ashland. In fact, the person in this room who I think seems the most concerned about his past is ashland.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Nothing. Another dead end, which, to me, is very suspicious. It’s almost as if ashland didn’t exist until he met the woman that later became his mentor.

Lily: And once again, there could be a reason for that.

Billy: I really don’t see how it’s possible for anyone in this day and age to basically have no record of the first 20 years of their life, unless they are deliberately hiding it. Or maybe he’s destroyed those records.

Lily: Right, another hypothesis with nothing to back it up.

Billy: Yeah. Believe me. It’s frustrating as hell.

Lily: You’re not the only one here who is frustrated. You need to look at why this matters so much to you. Who cares if ashland is hiding where he came from?

Billy: Who cares? If that’s true, the man is a lie. Everything he’s done in his life is a lie, his whole entire empire. That is a big story, a story that people want to hear. Most importantly, victoria deserves to know that. I don’t need any more motivation than that. I’m not out to embarrass locke. I’m not out to cause him pain. I’m simply looking for the truth. And if it’s not news-worthy, then we don’t run it.

Lily: Which brings me to my next issue. I don’t think that your interest in this story is professional.

Billy: Okay, I see where you’re going, and I don’t like it.

Lily: If anyone but victoria were with ashland, would you care this much? How’d it go with ashland?

Billy: Well, I guess you could say it was an eye-opening encounter.

Lily: Details.

Billy: I think he came here to shut me down. And I think he knows that’s not gonna happen. The way he was acting gave me all new clarity.

Lily: Clarity about what?

Billy: He’s terrified that this is just the beginning, that whatever he’s hiding is about to be exposed.

Lily: Well, it’s hard to imagine a man like locke terrified of anything.

Billy: He threatened me.

Lily: Really?

Billy: Not directly, but his intention was clear, which means he’s desperate. Which means I’m onto something. This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Ashland: I’m so sorry that i stormed in like that and attacked your brother. He didn’t deserve that, and you certainly deserved better from me.

Victoria: I assume that you were on edge after your talk with billy. I warned you it wouldn’t go well.

Ashland: He did everything you predicted he would.

Victoria: Ashland.

Ashland: Believe me, I got my point across, too.

Lily: Billy, this is serious.

Billy: Yeah, I’ll be fine.

Lily: How do you know that? You don’t even know who locke really is.

Billy: I’m not afraid of him.

Lily: Well, maybe you should be.

Billy: The only people I’m worried about in all of this are victoria and my kids. But it is very clear to me that he is still hiding something. You still think it’s a mistake to keep investigating him?

Lily: Look, at this point, i can’t discount your suspicions, okay? Clearly, this goes beyond locke trying to keep his life private or not wanting to relive some past trauma. I understand why you want to continue the investigation, so I’m not going to ask you to stop.

Billy: But you want me to.

Nick: Hey, dad.

Victor: Hey, my boy. What brings you back here?

Nick: I wanted to ask you something.

Victor: Alright, go ahead.

Nick: When you said you heard enough from locke and that you were cool with his relationship with victoria, did you mean that or was it all for show?

Sharon: Connor looks good. He looks relaxed.

Adam: Yeah.

Sharon: Listen, I — I don’t think it’s best that I approach him, given his current mind-set.

Adam: Yeah, you’re probably right. Um…but thank you for all the help, sharon.

Sharon: Go talk to your son.

Adam: Connor, there you are. I see you met sally.

Connor: Yeah.

Adam: Thank you for hanging out with him.

Sally: He’s good company. He was telling me all about lacrosse. I learned a lot.

Adam: Yeah, he’s becoming a real expert on the sport.

Sally: I was just getting around to asking connor what was bugging him. Seems like something’s on his mind.

Adam: Well, sometimes bad news is hard to hear.

Sally: I get it. Sometimes you just want to blame the person who gave you the bad news when it’s not their fault at all.

Connor: Did that happen to you?

Sally: Can you keep a secret? This one time, I went to this really fancy party. I had this incredible dress. My hair looking flawless. My point is, I made somebody so mad at me that they dumped a whole bucket of ice on my head.

Connor: Really?

Sally: Yes, I was drenched in front of everyone.

Connor: You were?

Sally: Completely. My point is, I survived. And you will, too.

[ “The addams family” theme playing ]

Adam: Connor, you gave me a scare. You can’t ever do that again.

Connor: Sorry.

Adam: Look, I know this is hard for you, but we’re gonna work it all out.

Connor: I want to go home and call mom.

Adam: Okay. Okay, let’s do that. Just give me a second to talk to sally first, alright? Thank you for letting me know where he was and staying with him.

Sally: Yeah, no problem. He’s a cool kid. Look, I know this is none of my business, so I won’t bug you with questions.

Adam: Well, thank you.

Sally: But…if there’s anything I can do to help, I’m around.

Adam: Well, I appreciate that, but it’s a private family matter.

Sally: Say no more. See you back at the office.

Victor: To be frank with you, I feel that ashland locke is the kind of man who carries more than his share of pain, you know? As I told your mom, I almost feel kind of sorry for the guy.

Nick: But you don’t think he told us the whole truth, right?

Victor: No, of course not. But does that mean that I’m gonna unearth everything about his past? No.

Nick: Why does he get a pass?

Victor: Well, son, I’m partly moved to support the relationship with your sister is because I think he loves her. And I think it’s reciprocal.

Nick: Well, I’m not questioning his feelings for victoria. I’m questioning the holes in his origin story and how it affects her.

Victor: Have you spoken with her?

Nick: Yeah, I went by her place, and, you know, talked to her, just to kind of see how she took the news. She didn’t come out and say it, but I know she’s not as okay with the situation as she’s making it seem. Then ashland shows up and sees me there. He didn’t like that.

Victor: Really?

Nick: I don’t know why he’s got to keep his birth name a secret, but whatever the reason is, it’s got to be huge for him to want to make the man he once was disappear.

Victor: You just can’t let it go, can you?

Nick: I will never trust locke, not until I know the truth.

Ashland: I don’t want to spend time talking about billy or nick or anyone. I only want to think about you. And after this interminable day, how are you doing?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Victoria: Ashland?

Ashland: Oh, it’s a text from nate. He’s agreed to be my best man.

Victoria: Oh, that’s wonderful.

Ashland: It’s nice to have good news for a change.

Lily: Billy, look, I am in this with you, okay? But just like you’re worried about victoria and the kids, I’m worried about you.

Billy: I can handle him.

Lily: Are you forgetting the stories about how locke has retaliated against people over the years? Look what happened with jabot when he found out that kyle had an affair with tara. I mean, he could’ve brought that company to its knees.

Billy: Lily, that is his true character, which means we have to keep investigating him.

Lily: Okay, we don’t know how he’s going to retaliate against you by you trying to dig up a past that he’s trying to keep buried. He could take this more personally than tara cheating on him. Who knows how he’ll respond when he’s been crossed?

Billy: I have a feeling we’re gonna find out.

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GH Transcript Thursday, September 16, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hmm. Are you sure about this? Wait. No, no. I don’t — I don’t mean the wedding. I’ve rarely seen you so certain about anything. No, I’m referring to the… other matter. I’m sure. Then let fate take its course.

[ Sighs ] You look so handsome. Well… the bride is a very lucky woman. I think — I think I’m the lucky one. Oh, we disagree. That’s good. I mean, what’s a quartermaine wedding without a little conflict? That is true. That is true. So, you nervous?

[ Chuckles ] Who am I talking to? Of course you’re not nervous. I’m glad you’re here. You’re my son. Where else would I be? Oh.

[ Door opens ] Oh, you’re dazzling. Carly: [ Laughs ] Jason won’t know what hit him. You’re gonna take his breath away. Not that you will be able to tell. Oh, yes, I will.

[ Laughs ] Oh, that’s true. If anyone can read what jason’s feeling, it’s you. He can read me, too. So, no bridal jitters? No second thoughts? Nope. Because I happen to know you disappeared for a couple of hours this morning. I thought you might have a case of cold feet. No. I was feeling nostalgic. You know, I was remembering how jason and i first met and everything we’ve been through. Jason tracked me down, and we had a long talk. Oh, well, good. You can actually get jason to talk. Yes. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. Oh, true.

[ Laughs ] Well, I was late for the makeup artist, but josslyn helped me pull everything together. So how did I get such an amazing daughter? Circle of life. One day, they come into town, hell bent on destroying you, and then all of a sudden, you blink, and they don’t need you anymore. That’s not true. I’m always gonna need you. Oh. Josslyn: Alright. Well, maxie asked to deliver these, but I made her let me.

[ Laughs ] Are you ready? Okay. What do you think?

[ Sighs ] You are one beautiful bride. What grandma said.

[ Chuckles ] Hey! Maybe it’s time for a digital detox. Well, I was just waiting for you. Josslyn told me that your mom was in an accident. Is she okay? What happened? Thankfully, yes. I don’t want to get into it now, but let’s just say it’s been quite a day. Well, I’m happy to hear that she’s alright. Well, I’m also happy that you’re here. Joss has been so busy with her maid-of-honor duties, I’ve been at major risk of boredom. And now that I’m here? Well, it’s time to have some fun! Or we can be bored together. Sounds like a plan. Yeah. Stop shooting austin the evil eye. How else am I supposed to put a curse on him? Don’t you think a curse is a little extreme? The man is implying that there’s something wrong with my child. Who the hell does he think he is? A doctor? Okay, I need to go check on the bride. Can I trust you to be on your own for 10 minutes? I hope so, but realistically, there’s probably one or two people left in port charles that I have not yet unsettled. Hmm. What is olivia miffed at you about, anyway? She usually stays out of elq business. How do you know that? Because olivia often says, “elq? None of my business!” Yeah, that’s probably a pretty good clue. Olivia’s not upset at austin the quartermaine. She’s upset at austin the doctor. Oh, so this has to do with whatever you and ned were talking about after you found leo. Here’s what I’ll say — I can hardly blame olivia for being defensive. She just cares about her kid. Yeah, of course she does. So do I. Well, put your feet up, and I’ll bring you a slice of cake. Alright. You and the baby take it easy. I’ll see you soon. Bye. Vincent, you remember my son, brando, don’t you? Of course. A pleasure to see you again, brando. Mr. Novak. Wasn’t it kind of mr. Novak to bring me as a guest to my dear departed cousin’s widow’s wedding? Oh, my lord. What would sonny make of his wife moving on so soon after meeting his maker?

[ Nina coughing ] Nina, stop! I am not gonna let you go back in there. It’s too dangerous. Mike is still in there! We have to help him! Mike! Listen to him, nina! Listen to him! Stop! Stop! Mike! Stop! Please! Mike! Mike!

[ Wood creaking ]

[ Coughs ]

I’m so happy for you and carly. Yeah, we’re happy, too. Are you? Good? Good. I’m glad to hear it. When carly first approached me about marrying you, she seemed full of substantial misgivings. Yeah, she was afraid our marriage would ruin our friendship. It’s a little deeper than that. She was afraid that marrying you would be the first step toward her losing you, and I told her that was patently absurd. You did? Well, of course. With all the stunts that carly has pulled, all the plans that have gone wrong, all the messes that you have gotten her out of… if she hasn’t lost you by now, she never will. Oh, I’m sure mr. Novak has gotten to know sonny rather well over the years. Isn’t that right, sir? As well as one can know a respected colleague. Certainly well enough to know what was most important to sonny. The late mr. Corinthos always said there was nothing more important than family. Mm-hmm. And then wouldn’t you agree, mr. Novak, that he would want the two people he was closest to to find happiness with each other? Your son makes an excellent point. My boy is so loyal. Sonny valued that. I couldn’t place you when I saw you earlier, brando, with your lovely lady at the metro court, and then it occurred to me — cyrus renault’s driver. Isn’t that right? That is right, sir. I heard what renault did to you and your enchanting mother. An unscrupulous man. No honor. Well, then, you should also remember, mr. Novak, that if it hadn’t been for carly, cyrus would have killed both me and my enchanting mother. Don’t give carly all the credit. Jason deserves his share, as well. Jason? Renault was still trying to force carly to hand you over when jason came back at the risk of his own freedom. If he hadn’t had shot renault when he did, who knows what would have happened? True. Cyrus was a difficult man, as I’m sure you know. By the way, brando, if you’re looking for work, the novak organization appreciates dedicated men. That’s very generous, vincent. Well, considering we both barely escaped cyrus renault with our lives, I think it best if my dear mother and i steer clear of any association with my former line of work. I hope you understand, mr. Novak. Olivia: [ Sighs ] I’m just saying you went from zero to 60 with austin. And with good reason. Let us not forget that this guy was willing to take advantage of poor, sweet, innocent chase to his own ends. I mean, chase was practically dead. He could barely walk. His heart was broken into a million little pieces. Dr. Nice guy over here, he manipulates him into using his position as a guest in our home to dig through edward’s papers. That’s true. I know. But this isn’t about elq. And what if this little game that he’s playing with leo is — is just about jockeying for position in elq, huh? T-trying to ingratiate himself. Why would I take it on faith that this guy of all people does not have a hidden agenda? You shouldn’t, but you should also leave room for the possibility that he may be on to something. He’s not the only doctor in the sea. No, he’s not. But leo has a connection with him, and that should count for something.

[ Sighs ] Wow. That is quite a dress. Yeah, well, I don’t think anybody’s going to be looking at me. All eyes will be on the bride. Well, I’m not too sure about that because whenever you walk into a room, I find it almost impossible to look at anyone else. It’s almost showtime. Shouldn’t you be getting ready? Uh, what’s there to prepare? I mean, I just stand next to jason and he does all the work. Besides, after months of having to steal time with you, I don’t want to be rushed. Well, if I have my way, we have a lifetime ahead of us. Michael… do — do you really want to talk right now? I just — I want to make sure that you’re okay. About? I know that you’re happy for your mom, but you’ve got to be thinking of your father right now.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. You really do know me inside out, don’t you? I’ve been paying attention. Yeah, yeah. My dad has been on my mind a lot. But right now, I don’t — I don’t feel sad. I… actually, I… I don’t know. I feel like he’s with us. Nina: Go! We need to move you away from this area and get you to the clinic. No, I’m not going until I know mike is safe. I’m a nurse at the clinic. I’ll keep an eye on —

[ Coughs ] I’ll keep an eye on her. Ma’am, you don’t sound too good. Okay, we will move, but we want to stay close until we know our friend is safe. Fine. Fine. Just please follow me. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.

[ Coughing ] I know you. Thank you… for loving me and always standing beside me. Always. And forever.

[ Footsteps approach ] Maxie: Okay. Josslyn, where’s the bouquet? I trusted you with it. You better not have lost it. Okay, wait, it’s right here. Oh, okay, good. Oh, the bride is a vision, the groom is dashing, and the chapel is full of love. Let’s get this show on the road. Really blew that. Ma, I told you I’m only pursuing legitimate business ventures now.

[ Scoffs ] You call stripping a legit business venture? I call that a paying job. Well, there are jobs that pay better. Okay, ma, stop. Look. First, you send carly and jason to try and hire me, and now novak? You of all people know what that world is like. Or do I need to remind you of the bullet wound you have to show for it? I’m just trying to set you up for success. You claim you want to move in with sasha and support her and your child? This is your chance. Vincent is clearly interested, and he’s a man with influence. I promised sasha that I would stay away from novak’s kind of influence.

[ Sighs ] Well, where is sasha, by the way? Her ob appointment didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped. Her blood pressure was a little elevated, so the doctor decided to place her on bed rest.

[ Gasps ] Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Is the baby alright? Yeah, sasha and the baby are both fine. It’s just a precautionary measure to protect them both. Well, if there’s anything I can do… actually, there is. If you really are concerned about sasha’s blood pressure, then stop trying to get me a job in organized crime.

[ Sighs ] Buscema: Is it set? So there’s been no deviation from the plan? Let’s just say it will be a wedding to remember. Alright, let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The rather heavyset gentlemen — that’s vincent novak. The other gentleman is charles buscema. The very elegant woman is ms. Wu. I believe so. You believe so? You have hacked into every device they own, downloaded all their secrets. I can neither confirm nor deny. Right. Well, now that we’ve established a plausible level of deniability, let’s just you and I sit back and watch the two people I never thought would get married. I have to agree. I was surprised when I first heard of jason and carly wedding, but now, it seems inevitable. Oh. Don’t count your chickens. Looks like the groom’s mother is going to make one last attempt to talk him out of it.

[ Chuckles ] I noticed your lawyer is here. I wonder if she brought along a prenup for you two to sign. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I should never have asked that. Look, I know it’s always gonna be not easy for you and carly, but she said you did show up and — and offer us your blessing, and that meant a lot to her. I would do anything for you, and you and carly seem genuinely happy. We are. And I noticed you’re also very magnanimous. You invited your brand-new cousin. Actually, I didn’T. You clean up nice. Dr. Quartermaine. Epiphany, good to see you. You know, carly is the most obstinate, high-maintenance woman that I’ve ever known. But the two of you together — it works. You deserve happiness, especially you, jason. You were always kind to my son, and you always had my back. You’ve always been good to me. Even when I shouldn’t have been. I’m not referring to anything specific here. Oh, I’m not listening. Mm-hmm. I’ll always have your back. And I know you’ll always shoot straight with me. Always. Good luck. With that bride of yours, you’re gonna need it.

[ Laughs ] Mr. Novak. Mr. Morgan. I heard there was another dustup with my nephew joey. Yeah, your nephew crashed my bachelor party. That boy is out of control, which is why I got him a one-way ticket to gdansk. I offer my sincere regrets if any offense was taken. That almost sounded like an apology.

[ Chuckles ] It almost was. Well, these things have a way of working themselves out. You can be sure of that. Maxie: Excuse me. Hi, everyone. If we could please be seated, the ceremony is about to begin.

[ Pachelbel’s “canon in ‘d’ major” plays ]

[ Wagner’s “bridal chorus” plays ]

[ Coughing ] Hey, you should let the paramedics check you out. What the hell happened in there? Who tied you up?

[ Coughing ] I’m told by my team there’s at least one person trapped inside. Yes, he’s in there! He pushed me out of the way when the ceiling collapsed, but he’s pinned under one of the beams! Other than the front two windows, what other entry points does the building have?

[ Coughing ] There’s a delivery entrance. Uh, y-you go and you turn left, that’ll get you to the barroom. It’s a little smoky in there, but it was clear enough when I got her out. Go! Any idea how the fire started? It was [Clears throat] Deliberately. An investigator will follow up. What’s the name of your friend? His name is… sonny, but he answers to “mike.” Please, you gotta help me. Please…come back.

[ Wagner’s “bridal chorus” plays ] Wait! Who are you? Come back!

Celebrate the wedding of caroline, known to her beloved as carly, and jason. The bride and groom are longtime friends, so rather than bearing witness to a new love, we gather here to affirm the latest chapter in their lives together. We will open with a reading from carly’s daughter, miss josslyn jacks.

[ Clears throat ] “Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness, for each of you will be companions of the other. Now you are two bodies, but there is only one life before you. Go now to your dwelling place to enter into the days of your togetherness, and may your days be good and long upon the earth.”

[ Groans, sighs ] Mike: On your feet.

[ Grunting ] Who are you?

[ Laughs ] I think you already know, son. Yeah, I remember you. Yeah, of course you do. Who could forget a face like this?

[ Chuckles ] You helped me when I washed up… uh-huh. …And you gave me your jacket. Uh-huh. Good, good. That’s a good first step. So what — what else do you recall? It seemed like time stopped. Seemed? Well, it did. I mean — my watch. Yeah, yeah, I tell you, did you ever manage to get that, uh, working again? Yeah, I did. But I let the watch go. Uh-huh. Well, you let go of a lot. Yeah. What would lenny say about leaving loved ones behind? You know lenny? No, never met him. I don’t understand. You were in a bad way. I made sure you got to somewhere where I knew you’d be safe — to a brother in arms. I owe you a lot, you and lenny. You helped me survive and… come to nixon falls. Lenny was the reason — one of the reasons… …why I settled down here. Yeah, and t-that — and that’s beautiful.

[ Clears throat ] But it’s time to go home now. My team and I are doing everything we can to rescue your friend, but I’m sorry to say, the building’s likely a total loss.

[ Sobs ] We’ll keep you posted.

[ Indistinct conversations ] I am so sorry. This is my fault. It’s — it’s my fault. If I hadn’t lied to everybody, the tan-o wouldn’t be up in smoke and mike wouldn’t be inside. It hurts to lose the tan-o, but it’s brick and mortar. As for the lies, that discussion can wait. What matters is saving a man we both care about. Officer: Who owns the property? I do. The fire captain informed me that the fire was started intentionally. Can you tell me who may have wanted to torch the place? I can tell you exactly who set the fire. His name is peter august, and he is a wanted man.

[ Coughs ] The man showed up a couple days ago, calling himself peter sinclair. Peter august did this? When maxie came to visit me, peter followed her here, and then when he confronted me about where maxie was keeping the baby, he ran into sonny, and — and then peter used that information to blackmail me into helping him. So you knew that peter was out there stalking maxie, searching for their baby, and you didn’t tell anyone? For how long, nina? How long did you allow peter to operate unchecked? It wasn’t like that. You could have died! Phyllis, too! And all to keep sonny’s identity a secret? No, see, peter was threatening to kidnap james, and you know as well as I do that, as far as peter’s concerned, maxie’s other children are expendable. Yeah, all the more reason you should’ve let go of sonny! I was gonna do that exact thing, but I had another out — at least I thought I did. Who? Valentin? No. I sent peter off on a false lead. Aunt liesl was supposed to ambush him, get rid of him. You’re joking. You conspired with obrecht? Well, I didn’t ask her for details. I just knew that when she got done with peter, he would never hurt anyone ever again. Yeah, but how’d that work out? Yeah, it worked out great, thank you, the fire and the almost dying! I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished, jax. Thanks for pointing that out. It really helps.

[ Police radio chatter ] Peter, he alluded to the fact that something happened to aunt liesl. Do you know anything about that, jax?

[ Sobbing ] Because… if I lose one more person that I love because of my actions… …I won’t be able to forgive myself. I now invite the bride and groom to share their vows with one another. Carly, um… we, uh — we know each other. We accept each other. We trust each other. There’s nobody I’d rather build a life and a future with. So this — your hand in mine — …starts the rest of our lives. Together. Nixon falls is my home. Uh-huh. The tan-o, my friends, nina. I’m happy here. I got everything I need. Yeah, I-I — I-I know something about, uh, you know, embracing life and love… yeah. …You know, after the slate’s been wiped clean. You know, I found that it’s possible t-t-to make new memories, you know, and — and, uh, find happiness, you know, [Laughing] Without all that baggage from the past. See, this guy gets it. First time I don’t have to justify my decisions to anyone, right? But another thing I’ve learned — you can’t turn away from your past, you know, your past, who you are. Not really. It’s working for me. You can’t turn away from who you are, and the past will always come to find you. And what if I don’t want to be found? I know, son. You like your life in — in nixon falls. Damn straight I do. Yeah. And you love being mike. Yeah. But there’s only one problem with that. Mike is dead.

obviously, I made terrible mistakes, but I’ve had my reasons, and I’m doing my damnedest to fix them now. Well, I just hope it’s not too late, because peter is still out there and that puts everyone we care about — pretty much everyone we know — in danger. Assigning blame, jax, doesn’t help anyone. Well, you’re right. Only one thing will work — getting the word out. Excuse me.

[ Coughs ]

[ Police radio chatter ] Phyllis. I know waiting for m– sonny, it’s — it’s torturous. Do you need anything? Do you want me to call a paramedic for you? It’s not me I’m worried about. Listen to yourself. Even now, you can’t decide what you want to call him. W-w-when… if — when he comes out, I am gonna tell him the truth. And if he doesn’t make it? No, I can’t think about that! You have to. Nina, if sonny dies in there, which man will you mourn? We were able to breach the building. What? D-did you find him? Unfortunately, the hallway was completely engulfed. There’s no way to reach the barroom. Exactly what does that mean? I don’t know why you’re pushing me like this. I — I’m — I’m — look, my life is good here. I’m fine.

[ Chuckles ] You can’t be fine until you know your past — you know who you are — and embrace it. Okay, and then once you — once you know “the facts,” you can move forward in any direction you choose, but you need to know. Close your eyes. Do you trust me? Goodbye, detective.

Right now, all I can think about

is how wrong it is

that you’re gone.

No more running, julian.

It ends right now.

[ Gunshot ] What the hell was that?

[ Chuckles ] Your past. Your life. And I’m supposed to embrace that guy, whoever I was — so much hurt, so much death because of me? You were also generous, you know, and — and — and — and loyal, and — and — at times, even heroic. I didn’t see a hero.

[ Laughs ] Well, uh… you will. Despite your flaws and your sins, you were — you were pretty damn proud of who you were. There’s no way I should have been. Yes. Yeah, you — you made some mistakes. Uh, no, I think they’re called crimes. I killed people. You did what you did to protect your family. Well, if my family were targeted because of me, then they’re better off without me. That is not for me to say, and it’s not for you to say, either. Those painful memories, they’re just part of your story. Why do you stop looking for the rest of the picture? Because I’ve already seen my past, and I don’t want this part of myself. So you — you think that the man you were has nothing to do with the man you think you are now? Hmm? How did “nixon falls mike” sniff out that con artist? How did he hustle the poker game or handle a gun with ease? The best parts of that mike, they come from who you really are. The protector, the friend come from who you really are. You said you know something about this. Yeah, something. What would you do? Ah, well, given the choice… …I would always choose to remember. I’d fight for everything I was.

[ Angelic music plays ] Jason, my dearest friend. When I met you years ago, playing pool at jake’s, there was an instant connection. And I couldn’t describe it then, and I still can’T. What I do know — this isn’t chance. This is a choice. And I choose to stand by you for the rest of our lives. My determination isn’t as quiet as yours, but it’s just as fierce. I cherish our past. I can’t wait to step into our future together.

The structure’s unsound. The back hallway is impassable. There’s no way to reach the barroom. No, my friend is in there. You have to get him out. I’m sorry, but we’re doing the best we can. There’s no way to reach him. Come on, pick up. Pick up. Carly and jason will light a remembrance candle, honoring those loved ones who cannot be here in body but are with us in spirit.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

[ Sighs ] You may have found love in nixon falls, but you found it as someone else — as mike. Are you — are you saying the love I have’s not real? No, no, of course it’s real. But there’s real love in the world you chose to — to forget. A love that you had — you have for others, and then the love others have for you. Are you still willing to turn your back on what’s right in front of you? It’s up to you. Okay? Which home do you want to go to? You can die as mike, or you can live as the man you really are. Is she part of that life? The best and the brightest. Father reyes: This candle burns in memory of those we have loved and lost. Sonny: You’re my wife,

you’re my partner,

you’re the mother

of my children,

and I love you

and I always will.

I love you, too.

[ Fire roaring ] Carly!

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Days Transcript Thursday, September 16, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Paulina: Oh, if I keep patronizing my daughter’s bakery, I gonna have to buy myself a whole new wardrobe.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Oh, same here. You know, but I, in healthful– healthful solidarity, am gonna take these treats to lani, as I’m meeting her for dinner at the pub. You wanna join us?

Paulina: Oh, no, no. I don’t want to intrude on your father-daughter time.

Abe: Well, she is bringing my adorable grandchildren. I know how much you love them.

Paulina: Oh, those sugar plums, they are my weakness, but no, no, I think I’ll let you spoil them solo tonight because I have an errand to run.

Abe: Can i drop you somewhere?

Paulina: No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want you to be late for your dinner, okay? Now, you enjoy now, okay?

Abe: [Chuckles]

Marlena: I’ll be home very soon. I just got slowed down because johnny came by. Yeah, it was good to see him. Uh-huh. Well, it wasn’t entirely a social visit. He came by with a proposition. Oh. Well, okay. Tell me something: How would you feel about investing in a film?

Johnny: Perfecto. Who knew video calls would make me a better cinematographer?

[Laptop ringing] Hey, bro. How’s it going? Great to see you.

Will: You too, man. You too

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Johnny: So how is everything in arizona?

Will: No complaints. I’ve been covering some great stories for the paper. Sonny and his brothers are doing great work at their biotech company.

Johnny: Do you have any time for fun?

Will: Yeah, we took a little road trip at the end of the summer. Had some nice family bonding time, and now ari’s back in school.

Johnny: She like it?

Will: Loves it.

Johnny: That’s great.

Will: So what about you? I was very surprised to hear you moved back to salem.

Johnny: Italy is amazing, but it was time for a change. That said, if I’d known how much pressure my dad was gonna put on me to work at dimera, might’ve thought twice before coming.

Will: Your father is a hard guy to say no to.

Johnny: Yeah, no kidding. But I’ve got plans of my own. I’m gonna make a movie, and that is where you come in.

Abe: Well, hello, sweetheart.

Lani: Aww. Hi, dad.

Abe: Well, look at those angels over there. They are fast asleep. Hey, and grandpa brought you a very special treat.


Lani: Which their dad will have to eat because they don’t have enough teeth yet, dad.

[Both laugh] And I still have some baby weight to lose.

Abe: Oh, nonsense; I’ve never seen you look more beautiful.

Lani: Aren’t you just the sweetest father ever. Where’s paulina? I just assumed that she would be joining us.

Abe: Well, I did invite her, but she had something she needed to do.

Marlena: I do. I do realize it’s a lot of money, and so does johnny. That’s why he understands we have to think about it.

[Chuckles] Yeah. You know, I would like to support him in this, only if you’re comfortable with that.

[Knock at door] Oh, I’ve got somebody here. I will talk to you about it at home. Yeah. Love you too. Bye. Come in. Oh.

Paulina: Special delivery. I thought you’d enjoy a sample of what my daughter and your granddaughter have created.

Marlena: [Laughs] Come to mama.


Chanel: Oh, my god.

Allie: Please tell me we didn’t lose money. Dupree, tell me we at least broke even.

Chanel: We made a profit. A big one. Look.

Allie: Oh, my god. We made that much?

Chanel: On our first day!

[Both giggling]

Limu emu & doug

Tripp: Am I interrupting?

Allie: Tripp, hi.

Tripp: You two seem happy.

Chanel: We were just celebrating that we made a profit on opening day. There’s nothing romantic going on, in case you were worried.

Tripp: Who said I was worried?

Allie: No one. I don’t know why chanel said that, because she knows you and I are together.

Chanel: Yeah, horton’s made that clear. But I’m a little less clear on whether she’s really okay with me dating her brother.

Johnny: Yeah, I’ve been looking around for material, and when I went to talk to grandma marlena earlier, she suggested I should talk to you, and that’s when I remembered that you wrote that script about mom’s life, and that just feels like something I could connect with, you know, ’cause it’s about our family.

Will: [Scoffs] You wanna make “the sami brady story”?

Johnny: Do you still have the script?

Will: Man, I haven’t even thought about that in years. But I save everything to a hard drive, so I probably have it somewhere.

Johnny: Could you send it to me?

Will: Yeah. Sure. But have you asked mom how she feels about this? If she’d be cool with you making a movie about her life?

Johnny: I would if she would return any of my calls.

Will: Mom’s ghosting you?

Johnny: No, she left town after she cheated on my dad with yours. Went off the grid. Apparently, she needs some space.

Will: Yeah, I got that text she sent. I feel bad for her, her marriage ending. I hope she’s okay.

Johnny: Yeah, me too. And I feel for her, but she really has no one to blame but herself.

Will: Sounds like the whole thing was pretty dramatic.

Johnny: Mom’s whole life has been pretty dramatic, and that is why I know her story will make a good movie.

Kayla: Hello. Sorry for the delay. I got an emergency appendectomy.

Julie: Oh, darling, that’s all right. Doug has been working his crossword puzzles. He does them every day. Keep his mind sharp.

Doug: 16 across. Humdinger.

Kayla: I’m sorry? Doug: That’s the clue. Nine letters.

Julie: I haven’t the foggiest.

Kayla: And neither do I.

Doug: Oh, I got it. Don’t worry. Bees’ knees. That’s you, baby.

Julie: [Laughs]

Kayla: Doug, in cases like yours, where you’ve experienced some confusion and some memory issues, we like to start with a very basic test. It’s about 30 questions that will assess your cognitive function. And then when we get the results of that, we will know where you stand, and we can take it from there.

Doug: If I don’t pass this test, does that mean I’m losing my mind?

Lani: Too bad auntie p couldn’t join us.

Abe: Yeah, I know, I know. But yeah, I really enjoy having the one-on-one time with my daughter.

Lani: [Laughs] I’m really sorry eli and I had to run out so quickly last night.

Abe: Don’t apologize. Duty called.

Lani: It was a really good meal, though. And you and auntie p were so cute, cooking together and making little inside jokes.

Abe: Ah. But, you know, thank you for making peace with your aunt.

Lani: She’s family. And I know she is crazy about you, dad, and she’s obsessed with the twins. Oh, and thank you so much for babysitting last night on zero notice.

Abe: No. No thanks are necessary. It was a pleasure. And, you know, I think that your aunt paulina loves these babies more than you realize.

Lani: What do you mean?

Abe: Well, after you left, she referred to herself as jules and carver’s grandma.

Marlena: Oh! Yummy. Thank you for this.

Paulina: Well, after the mess I made almost turning the square into price town, I should have bought every item in that bakery and passed them out for free.

Marlena: Well, you did the right thing, and now it’s all behind you.

Paulina: Well, if only i could fix all my mistakes so easily.

Marlena: What does that mean?

Paulina: Something is weighing on me, marlena. And it’s a very heavy, emotional burden. And I hear that you’re the best when it comes to helping people out with these kinds of issues.

Marlena: I’m glad to listen to you. Have you tried talking to abe about it?

Paulina: Oh, goodness, no. No. He is the last person who can know what I’m about to tell you.

[ “The addams family” theme playing ]

Julie: Of course you’re not losing your mind, darling.

Doug: Well, I might be, if I don’t pass the test.

Kayla: Why don’t you try not to think of it is pass or fail? It’s really just a diagnostic tool. And depending on what we learn, we might order more tests, like an mri, just so we can rule out any physical causes of what you’re going through.

Julie: So we’ll try to be positive.

Kayla: Absolutely. You ready to get started?

Doug: Yes.

Kayla: Okay. So first off, I’m going to tell you five words, and at the end of the session, I’m gonna ask you to repeat them to me, okay?

Doug: Yes. Fire away, kid.

Tripp: I saw johnny earlier. I ran into him, actually. I asked him to fill me in on what happened the other night when you went over to his place.

Allie: Why didn’t you ask me?

Tripp: I did, but you didn’t have time to talk. And I thought it was important to know where we all stood.

Chanel: What did johnny say?

Tripp: He definitely doesn’t appreciate his sister butting in on his relationship with you. Allie: That is not…forget it.

Chanel: No, finish.

Allie: You know how I feel about this whole situation. Now it is up to you if you wanna decide to continue on your… whatever with johnny. Look, I don’t wanna talk about it anymore, okay? I just–I’d really much rather focus on sweet bits being a huge hit.

Tripp: Right, right, which is why I’m here. I wanted to celebrate with both of you. So why don’t we get a table and order some champagne?

Chanel: Sure, and with the bank we just made, I can finally afford to buy the bubbly.

Allie: We’ll split it.

Tripp: No, no, no. Neither one of you is gonna pay, okay? And to avoid any confusion and to be clear, I would like to congratulate my girlfriend and her business partner on being on their way to building a baking dynasty, okay? So the champagne is very definitely on me.

Johnny: Hey, thanks for sending me the script. I can’t wait to read it.

Will: Just keep in mind, I was pretty young when I wrote it.

Johnny: Yeah, it’ll need some tweaking, but let me take a look. We’ll discuss.

Will: I gotta say, it’s impressive. You have a dream, and you’re making it a reality. Allie is too. I heard she just opened a bakery with a friend.

Johnny: Yeah. It’s an… interesting partnership.

Will: Meaning what?

Johnny: Do you ever get the feeling allie might play for your team?

Will: Why would you think that?

Johnny: Never mind. Just send me the script. Can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’s full of family secrets that no one’s ever told me.

Lani: Why would paulina say she’s the twins’ grandmother when she’s their great aunt?

Abe: Well, you know, I think it’s aspirational. I mean, you know, she said she could see herself being their grandmother at some point down the line, since I’m their grandfather.

Lani: [Scoffs] “At some point down the line.” Dad, you’re confusing me.

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, what I think she meant was that she would be the grandmother if she and I were married.

Paulina: I know you’re close with abe. Maybe this was a mistake.

Marlena: No, if you’re– if you’re looking for some professional advice, anything you tell me would be protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. I couldn’t breathe a word of it legally.

Paulina: Really?

Marlena: Yeah. I could be sued. I could lose my license

Paulina: In that case, I guess I can talk. Abe and I are getting serious, which is wonderful. There’s something I’m feeling very guilty about. And it’s not dating the man that was involved with my sister, if that’s what you’re thinking. No, he–tammy and abe, they were over decades, decades ago. But there are things that I know about the family history that they’re tearing me up inside, and if they ever come out, then they would just tear the whole family apart.

Marlena: [Exhales] That is a heavy burden.

Paulina: And I care about abe a lot. Last night, we said I love you to each other for the first time. I have just regained his trust

Marlena: Wouldn’t that convince you that he would understand?

Paulina: Not about this. Not about this. If abe knew, he would hate me forever.

Marlena: No, I don’t believe that’s true.

Paulina: I do. I know. Because… the truth is, abe is not lani’s father. – Hi sabrina! – Hi jen!

Paulina: You’re shocked, aren’t you?

Marlena: Well, just a little bit, I guess I am. My understanding is that lani came to salem because tamara told her that abe was her father. Why would she lie about a thing like that?

Paulina: Because abraham carver is a kind and decent man. And having him be the father was far better than the truth.

Marlena: So tamara passed lani off as abe’s child because she didn’t want the biological father to think that he had a child. That doesn’t seem like a thing she would do.

Paulina: That isn’t what she did.

Marlena: I don’t understand.

Paulina: There are two secrets. Abe is not lani’s father, and tammy is not her mother.

Marlena: How can that be? Tamara raised her.

Paulina: Yes, she did. But I gave birth to her. I am lani’s mother.

Lani: You and aunt paulina are thinking about getting married? That’s kind of fast, dad.

Abe: Well, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow or even necessarily happen at all. How would you feel if it did?

Lani: I mean, it’s not really up to me.

Abe: Sweetheart, you’re my daughter. Your opinion means a lot to me, and even more so since I know how much she hurt you,

Lani: [Sighs] I will never forget how paulina treated me as a kid. And it’s so– I hate that she betrayed so many people that I care about and that she used you the way that she did

Abe: Well, now you see how important money is to her.

Lani: True. And this time is different. She didn’t disappear. She stuck around, and she tried to make things right.

Abe: And she apologized to both of us.

Lani: And I do think that she was sincere, which is why I forgave her

Abe: Well, forgiving someone and being comfortable around her all the time are two different things

Lani: Dad, I’m comfortable around aunt paulina.

Abe: As your aunt. But what if she becomes your mother?

Allie: Thank you, tripp.

Tripp: Mm-hmm.

Chanel: Mmm. Oh, yeah. This is the good stuff.

Tripp: I would like to propose a toast.

Johnny: Is this a private party, or is there room for one more?

Kayla: Okay. Just a few more questions. What is this?

Doug: That’s your watch.

Kayla: Okay. And what is this?

Doug: That’s a pen. By the way, I do all my crosswords in pen.

Kayla: Oh, you are a very brave man. Okay, repeat after me. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Doug: No ifs, ands, or buts.

Kayla: Okay. Now I want you to–let me give you a piece of paper. I want you to– are you right- or left-handed?

Doug: Right-handed.

Kayla: Okay, I want you to take this paper with your left. All right. I want you to fold it with both hands and then place it right here on the bed. Okay. That’s it. We’re done.

Julie: Oh, he did really well, didn’t he?

Kayla: He did great. Okay, doug, I need you to tell me what the five words are I asked you to remember at the beginning of the session. Can you tell me what they are?

Doug: Well, the five words… five words…. I got ’em. Yeah. I know. I know I know them. Did you know faded, dingy, and rough fabrics

Doug: Five words. Five words. They’re right on the tip of my tongue. Wanna give me a hint?

Kayla: I’m afraid I can’T. But just take your time. Relax.

Doug: Person. Person is the first word.

Kayla: Okay. And the others?

Doug: They’re woman, man, camera, and tv.

Julie: Yes! Yes! He not only got every single word right, he got them in the perfect order. Tell me, does he get extra points for that?

Kayla: Well, it’s not a competition.

Doug: Well, I do get a score, though, right?

Kayla: Oh, yes, you do. And from that, I can tell you that I don’t think there’s anything serious going on with you.

Julie: Oh, thank god. Thank god. I’m so relieved.

Doug: I’m relieved also. But I still don’t understand why I locked julie in the freezer.

Kayla: Well, that i cannot explain.

Doug: Okay. You want me to stick around? Take more tests?

Kayla: I don’t think you need to do that. If you have another incident of any kind, give me a call. Otherwise, you are free to go. All right?

Julie: Thank you.

Kayla: Uh-huh. I’ll see you later.

Doug: Thanks, kayla.

Julie: Everything’s all right, darling. Perfectly, perfectly all right.

Johnny: Since you weren’t responding to my calls or texts, I realized I needed to up my game to get your attention. Congratulations on your grand opening.

Chanel: Oh, thank you, G.

Allie: No flowers for me?

Johnny: Maybe if you’d apologized.

Allie: For what?

Johnny: For trying to come between me and chanel like a psychopath.

Allie: I thought confronting johnny… I thought doing that really was just to protect you. I guess I didn’t realize consciously the real reasons that I was doing it. I don’t know, I felt it when you told me that you met a guy you liked, so maybe…maybe I should have known that I didn’t just go running over there because I was blindsided and worried and upset. Maybe I also did it because I was jealous. Chanel and I talked about that, and she understands that there was history that she was not aware of.

Johnny: Ancient history.

Allie: I was just trying to protect her.

Johnny: She doesn’t need you to do that.

Allie: I get that now. And I get that my brother’s love life is not something I should be involved in. And believe me, I don’t wanna be.

Johnny: Look, I know that I don’t have the best track record when it comes women. I could be a real jerk. But that’s in the past now. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m a different person. And I hope you know that. ‘Cause I’d really like to stay.

Chanel: Of course you can stay. My friends and I are celebrating a very exciting, very promising new beginning. And you should be a part of it.

Lani: To be clear, aunt paulina could never take the place of my mother. And if, dad, if you were to marry, she would be my stepmother.

Abe: Oh, of course. Of course. But my point is that if she became my wife, I would want us all to be family.

Lani: We are a family,

Abe: Of course, but a stepmother would have a bigger role in your life than an aunt. I mean, you’d see her all the time. Is that something you could handle, or is that too much to ask?

Lani: You put on a really good show, dad. You’re the mayor. You’re a father. A grandfather. You have great friends. But dad, I know when you come home at night to an empty house, you’re lonely. And ever since you met aunt paulina, there’s been this spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Abe: It’s a wonderful feeling.

Lani: And I want you to feel this as long as you possibly can. Okay? So if you wanna marry aunt paulina, you have my blessing.

Abe: I’m sorry.

Lani: [Laughs]

Abe: Ah! Mm.

Paulina: If my boyfriend had known I was pregnant with his child, he never would’ve let me go.

Marlena: So you escaped?

Paulina: Barely. I had just enough money to get away before he ever found out that I was pregnant. I was young. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do, but mama did. She told me I had to give my baby to tammy.

Marlena: Oh, and you agreed?

Paulina: I didn’t have a choice; none of us did. Ray, he was rich. He was resourceful. He could find me.

Marlena: Were you afraid that he was going to abuse your daughter as he had abused you?

Paulina: Take her, kill her, kill us both.

[Sighs] So when tammy agreed to raise lani as her own, it was a godsend. I knew she’d make a wonderful mother, and then we’d all be safe. But there was a catch.

Marlena: What was the catch?

Paulina: Lani was to be hers and hers alone. Anything else would be too confusing and too dangerous. So I became auntie paulina. I promised to keep my distance, never say a word.

Marlena: That must have been so difficult for you.

Paulina: The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. The pain of not having her in my life, all those years of longing to tell her, it just– well, it just killed me.

Marlena: How did you handle all that?

Paulina: Well, not well. I wanted a relationship with my child, but it couldn’t be one that I wanted. And any effort I made, it only ended up disappointing her, and it infuriated my mama and tammy. They wanted me to stay as far away from lani. And for a while, I did.

Lani: But then you came to salem.

Paulina: The other day, I almost told lani who I was, but mama warned me how devastating that could be. Finding out that her whole life was a lie.

Marlena: Look, I know that would be difficult to learn. But surely she would understand that you had done it to protect her.

Paulina: But lani, she wouldn’t understand why I have lied for all these years. I mean, I’ve grown older. I’ve got my own money. I have my own resources, and I still, still kept it a secret. If she and abe found out that I did that, they would never, ever forgive me.

Marlena: I’m not sure that’s true. And in my life and in my career, I’ve learned that sometimes things that you think can’t be forgiven do get forgiven. It’s just a–look, think about this: No pressure, but if you decide you wanna tell abe and lani the truth, I will help you facilitate that.

Paulina: No, no. No, marlena, you’ve got to– you’ve got to promise me, promise me that what I have shared with you here today, you’ve gotta keep it– just keep it between us. This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Marlena: Paulina, you don’t have to worry. Everything you say to me is in strict confidence. I just–oh, I can see how much pain you’re in. I wish I could help.

Paulina: Just unburdening myself to you has been a help. Oof. Lord knows I cannot talk to my mother. There is no more judgmental woman on the planet.

Marlena: Well, there is no judgment in this room. You can talk freely here about anything without having any fear and maybe… maybe even find some solutions.

Paulina: God knows I could use a solution.

Marlena: Well, I would suggest that you book some appointments with me or someone else.

Paulina: You mean going to therapy? I’ve never tried it. How long does it take, you know, to be cured?

Marlena: Well, that changes from person to person. There’s no set time on that sort of thing. What’s important is that you show up and you do the work.

Paulina: Hard work is not a problem for me.

Marlena: Okay. Should we set up a schedule? Okay. And maybe one day, you’ll feel comfortable sharing your secret with abe and lani.

Paulina: I don’t know about that, but sitting here sharing this with you, I do– I feel better. Thank you. You’re good. Thank you for listening, marlena.

Marlena: It’s my pleasure. Glad to help.

Paulina: Oh, honey, please. I’m a hugger.

[Both laugh] Thanks so much.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Lani: So when are you popping the big question?

[Both laugh]

Abe: I just haven’t given it much thought. But I’m glad that I was able to share my plans with you. And I’m very grateful you gave me your blessing.

Lani: I just want you happy, daddy. That’s all I want

[Both laugh]

Tripp: To the success of sweet bits.

[Allie and chanel giggle]

Johnny: Cheers. You guys really inspire me. You worked hard to make your dream come true. And I’m gonna do the same thing with my film.

Tripp: Did you ever talk to your grandma about investing?

Johnny: I did, yeah. I haven’t heard back yet, but got a good feeling.

Allie: Do you even have a script?

Johnny: I do even have a script, allie, yes. When I went to see grandma marlena earlier, she suggested I talk to will about his hollywood experience. And I remembered that he wrote a screenplay about mom’s life.

Allie: Yes. “The sami brady story.”

Chanel: Hold up. Someone wrote a movie about your mama?

Johnny: Yeah, our brother will did a long time ago. I called him earlier and he said he’d send me the script.

Chanel: Oh, my god. My mother would love to have a movie made about her life.

Allie: Yeah, our mom loves the spotlight too. But what you’re doing feels way too personal.

Johnny: What I’m doing is making a great film.

Allie: You don’t even have the script yet. I mean, how do you know it’s gonna be great?

Johnny: Look, message received: You hate the idea. My dad does too, which makes me love it even more.

Tripp: Kind of strange to think you’d have actors playing people in your family.

Allie: Totally. Besides, I mean, who could do justice to sami brady?

Johnny: What about you?

Julie: Paulina price, what are you doing here? Is everything okay?

Paulina: Oh, I’m fine. I’m perfectly healthy. This is a purely social visit.

Julie: Oh. May I inquire who you were socializing with?

Paulina: Oh, marlena. You know, I know how busy she is, so I delivered some cookies from sweet bits.

Julie: Oh, we were at the opening of the bakery. And oh, everything was so delicious. Especially those donuts. Those girls really got that recipe right.

Doug: Alice’s recipe.

Paulina: Oh.

Julie: Exactly.

Paulina: So what brings you by the hospital?

Julie: Well, doug was taking some tests, and he passed them with flying colors.

Paulina: I’m sure he did. You can tell this silver fox, he takes good care of himself. You are one lucky woman, julie. Enjoy your evening.

[Laughter] Doug williams, did you just grab my ass?

Julie: Doug! Your mission:

Julie: Paulina, I am so terribly sorry.

Paulina: Does your husband– does he make a habit of feeling women’s derrires?

Julie: God, no, he’s never done anything like this before. Ever. But you see, he hasn’t been himself lately. He’s been a little off. I’m mortified.

Paulina: Oh, no. Don’t you worry girlfriend, no. You know what, in a way, it’s sort of a compliment.


Allie: You want me to play mom in your movie?

Chanel: I think your brother’s just trying to get back on your good side.

Johnny: No, I’m serious. I mean, you look a lot like mom when she was young, and I think you’d make a great sami brady.

Tripp: I agree; I mean, you do resemble your mom. And if you need anybody to play my dad, I’m in.

Johnny: Okay.

Allie: Right, because as a med student, you have so much free time on your hands. My schedule is just wide open these days.

Johnny: Oh, we’d find a way to make it work.

Chanel: You should do it, horton.

Tripp: I agree.

Allie: No. No, I’m a baker and a single mom. I’m not an actress.

Johnny: Think about, sis. I can make you a star.

Kayla: You paged me?

Julie: Yeah. I’m afraid doug had another little incident.

Kayla: A memory lapse?

Julie: No. No. It was totally inappropriate behavior. We were standing talking to paulina price, and suddenly he reached out and grabbed her– grabbed her behind.

Kayla: What?

Julie: So I think we better run that mri after all.

Marlena: No, darling, I’m sorry. I was about to leave when a patient showed up and really needed a session, needed to talk. Well, in fact, it was pretty serious, and I just needed to take some time to digest it all.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Well, you know, when the time comes, can you help me pick out an engagement ring?

Lani: Just pick out the biggest ring in the store. The most flashiest that makes a statement. That is what aunt paulina likes.

Paulina: What is it I like?

Abe: Well, jules and carver, of course. You know, I knew when I told you that lani would be bringing the babies to dinner, that you would not be able to stay away.

Paulina: Well, you know I love to dote on my grandniece and grandnephew. But we’re all family no matter how we’re related, right? And tonight, I needed to be with my family.

Abe: Well, to family.

Paulina: Mm-hmm.

Lani: To family. Yeah.

[All laugh]

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B&B Transcript Thursday, September 16, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Carter: Eric can’t honestly want you to be with me.

Quinn: He’s not…thinking about it that, carter. He’s thinking about what he thinks I need. And if he thinks this is the only way to give me a life full of passion and desire, then… then he’s willing to do it.

Carter: But are we?

Ridge: Tell me. Tell me what’s going on with you.

Eric: This is a place of business right here. And that’s my personal life. I think it’s been discussed quite enough in this office.

Ridge: Your personal life? What else would it be, dad? We’re family, I’m your son. I’m concerned about you. Yes, it’s personal, of course it is. So, I’m asking you on a personal level. This reunion with quinn… wasn’t all candlelight and fireworks, was it?

Steffy: Oh! What.

Finn: Hm.

Steffy: What was that for?

Finn: It’s the first time we’ve been alone all day.

Steffy: Yeah. You trying to make me forget about your uh… dad joke competition with liam? Wow.

Finn: Nah, that was fun.

Steffy: Yeah, today was fun.

Finn: It was. I love seeing the kids together.

Steffy: I know. Kelly was so proud, showing off her little brother to– to douglas and beth. So cute.

Finn: Well, I think we all have a lot to be proud of today.

Steffy: Mm-hm. This is what hope and I wanted for so long. Just to be a big, blended family. And it didn’t seem possible. But then I met you. What hope said today, about me never been happier… it’s true, I am. It’s because of you.

Finn: The kids are napping. Amelia’s gone. I’m going to take you to the bedroom.

Steffy: I like the sound of that. Steffy: Oh my gosh, we have company. We have com-pa-ny!

Paris: Sorry. I’m sorry.

[ Laughing ]

Steffy: Um…

[ Laughing ]

Eric: You know, I really wish you wouldn’t be so quick to jump on quinn.

Ridge: It’s not what I’m doing. You must know by now I don’t care what happens to quinn. I care what happens to you. And I’m only telling you what I’m seeing. What I’m seeing doesn’t make sense. You wanted her out of your life for very good reason. And now you want her back. And– and no one knows why. No one can talk to you about it. So, something is going on. Am I wrong?

[ Door opening ]

Brooke: Oh, good, you’re both here. These samples just came in and I–uh… you’re in the middle of something.

Ridge: Yeah. I’m trying to convince this guy that I’m concerned about him.

Brooke: We both are, eric.

Eric: Well, I don’t want to be uh–I don’t want to seem ungrateful or unkind, but I would–

Ridge: Here it goes. No, I know what you’re going to say. “You cannot blame quinn for anything, ever.”

Brooke: It’s hard not to. You say that you want a life with her. You say you want her back, and that you’re happy, but you don’t seem happy, eric. In fact, you seem more troubled since you and quinn have reconciled. Why is that?

Quinn: Obviously eric still thinks there’s a connection between us.

Carter: He’s not wrong. But…he doesn’t understand. Quinn, if we do this, if we give into our feelings… it can get very complicated.

[ Sighing ]

[ Door knocking ]

Wyatt: Mom, are you–

Quinn: Hey, sweetheart.

[ Clearing throat ]

Wyatt: Uh…am i interrupting something here?

Carter: Not at all.

Wyatt: Oh, really? So, I should just ignore the fact that you guys literally jumped away from each other?

Frank is a fan of fast.

He’s a fast talker.

Paris: I should have backed up the second I saw you guys. But I’m just no good at sneaking around.

Finn: No, that’s– that’s a good thing. I–I like that in a house guest.

Steffy: Yeah, me, too.

Paris: You guys don’t get to spend much time together, and here I am, interrupting. I’ll go up to my room. I don’t mean to make things awkward, um, but after everything you’ve been through, it’s really great to see you guys like this.

Steffy: Yeah, I agree.

Paris: So that means everything with sheila worked out? You guys don’t have to worry about her anymore?

Ridge: So, everything is good, right? There are no problems? But then answer this, why are you acting this way?

Eric: I’ve asked you time and time again to stop harping on this, to leave it alone. But you won’T. That’s why I’m acting like this. It’s annoying!

Ridge: Ah.

Brooke: Why would you want us to let it go, eric? All we’re doing is expressing our concern.

[ Sighing ]

Brooke: I mean obviously something is wrong. We can see it. Even last night when I talked to you on the phone, I could hear it in your voice.

Ridge: We can see what’s going on, why can’t you? Why can’t you see that we’re here because we love you and we want to support you?

Eric: Quinn and I have been more open to one another recently than we ever have been in our lives together. We’ve been very, very honest with one another.

Ridge: And that’s good. Honesty’s good. You know what else is good? Trust. Companionship.

Brooke: And warmth. And affection.

Ridge: You were talking earlier about challenges that families go through. We’ve had more than most. And when we found our way back to each other, it was magical. It was amazing, we didn’t leave the house for days. We didn’t leave the bedroom and there was things happen that’s– that’S…not important. But I want that for you, dad. And I gotta tell you, this… little reunion with quinn doesn’t seem as joyous to me.

Brooke: You probably wanted things to go back the way they were. But maybe that’s just not possible. And there’s no shame in that. Eric, you’re a man who values honesty. You value integrity. And maybe you just don’t feel that same way now after quinn betrayed you. You know, maybe there’s no love, there’s no passion. It’s gone.

Wyatt: You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve walked in on the two of you.

Quinn: At the office? Where we both work.

Wyatt: It didn’t look like you were exactly crunching numbers here, mom–

Carter: Wyatt, there is nothing going on. If you have to know, we were talking about eric. Your mom’s one hundred percent focused on him, doing whatever it takes to make their marriage last.

Wyatt: Okay, good. I mean you can understand why there’s questions, right? Considering everything that–

Quinn: The only question I’m asking myself is how I can be the best wife to my husband. Look, eric has been very generous with me. He’s willing to give me whatever it takes to make me feel appreciated and– and desired. And– and now I have to make sure that I’m– I’m giving eric everything he needs from me.

If you have postmenopausal


Paris: Um, um–I– I brought up a bad subject.

Steffy: No, no, no, no, it’s–it’s alright. Finn made it clear to sheila that she’s no longer welcome& in his life or hayes’.

Paris: Well, did she accept that? Did she leave?

Finn: We don’t know where she is.

Steffy: We have to keep an eye out. You too, paris. If you hear or see anything, we need to know immediately.

Paris: Absolutely. Uh… I’m–I’m sorry I even brought it up. I know it’s a heavy subject.

Steffy: It’s really important that sheila stays out of our lives. For good this time.

Eric: It’s pretty easy to judge from the outside looking in.

Brooke: Eric, we’re not judging you!

Eric: Yes, you are, brooke. Yes, you are!

Brooke: Please, you don’t have to hide anything from us. Admitting that you made a mistake can be hard. And it can feel like a failure. But it’s not. It’s strong and it’s courageous. But that’s who you are, eric. You’re always trying to do the right thing and putting other people first. But it’s not worth it. It’s not worth sacrificing your own well-being just to honor a commitment.

Eric: This is my marriage. What goes on in my marriage is my business. It’s not yours. Quinn and I know what we’re doing. We’re going to take care of this ourselves. I want this to be the end of it. Excuse me.

[ Door opening and closing ]

Wyatt: Look, I don’t mean to make you defensive.

Carter: You’re concerned about your mom.

Wyatt: I just I know how much my mother loves eric and how great they are together.

Quinn: Okay, I’ve made so many mistakes with eric and I don’t want to make another one, okay? Eric and I are–are… are trying to create a marriage that works for both of us.

Wyatt: Good. I just don’t want you to take that for granted.

Quinn: Believe me, I don’T.

Wyatt: Okay. I’m just saying that it was miraculous… the way he took you back after everything you did to him, giving you another chance. Like, that– that is a very special kind of love.

Quinn: I know, wyatt.

Carter: It’s not if you know eric. The way he reacts to challenges. His first thought is always everyone else. He wants things to be better.

Quinn: Eric is a remarkable man. A man who thinks that a life with me is… worth every sacrifice. He’s willing to do… whatever he thinks I need to feel happy and fulfilled.

Wyatt: And you’re going to give that back to him though, right? I’m just saying. I don’t want you to miss out on this, mom. Whatever eric needs, whatever he asks you to do– just do it. (Susan n) leonard was afraid

Eric: Having a little trouble with this one?

Quinn: Ah, just uh… just a bit distracted. I’ve a lot on my mind.

Eric: I understand.

Quinn: I don’t really think you do. You think you know what I want. But you don’T.

Eric: Remember the day we got married?

[ Scoffing ]

Quinn: How can I forget?

Eric: It was just you and me. You and me and the minister.

Quinn: Yeah, yeah. ‘Cause your family protested and they refused to show up.

Eric: Yeah. They were sure I would call it off. They had no idea how much… I loved you. They had no idea how far I would go to give you what you want. I promised that I would– that I would give you happiness and joy and– and fulfilment in your life. I could still do that. Here.

Quinn: What’s this?

Eric: Sensitive material. It’s–it’s for carter.

Quinn: Carter isn’t here, he went home for the day.

Eric: I know. Take it to him. I’ll see you at home.

[ Sighing ]

Ridge: Dad knows what he wants.

Brooke: Yeah. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. I made him feel like he had to defend quinn.

Ridge: I’m sure he felt that way from the moment he met her.

Brooke: I just don’t get it. Eric is so… he’s amazing. He’s generous and thoughtful and giving and…quinn is just the opposite.

Ridge: You’re right, he is thoughtful. So, let’s hope he thought this through.

Quinn: Is that your way of telling me not to worry?

Ridge: Only if you can tell me the same thing.

Brooke: Well, your father is an amazing man. His ability to love is… extraordinary. He’s fearless and boundless. Quinn doesn’t deserve him. No man has ever given her what eric has.

Eric: Look, I told you. My sex life is over. Yours doesn’t have to be.

[ Sighing ]

Carter: Okay.

Quinn: I love you.

Carter: I love you, too.

[ Door knocking ]

[ Door opening ]

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Elena: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Elena: Sorry I’m late.

Lily: Oh, I’m sure you have a lame excuse, like, you know, you were saving lives.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, it was a tough shift, emotionally and physically. I am wiped out.

Lily: Oh, we could’ve postponed the meeting until you had a chance to get some rest.

Elena: No, no, actually, this meeting is what got me through hours at the hospital. I’m really excited about askmdnow. I’ve been jotting down notes in my phone.


Nate: Oh, no, no, I just, um — I want Moses to find something that makes him happy. And it looks like that’s gonna be music. And you. I hear you two have a big date coming up.

Faith: You heard about that?

Nate: Mm-hmm, he’s been talking about it. Thank you.

Faith: Oh, yeah, it should be fun. Did he tell you what he had planned?

Nate: Uh, he did.

Faith: It’s gonna be great. I’m really looking forward to going to that place. You know, the place.

Nate: Yeah, that’s not gonna work. Moses told me it was a surprise. You’re getting nothing from me.

Faith: I had to try.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ashland: So I left home and my abusive father. I cut all ties and I never looked back. At the time, I didn’t know if my dad would be glad to get rid of me or that he was gonna come after me. But I felt it prudent to take necessary precautions, so i changed my name, I moved around a lot, and I invented a new history for myself. I imagined that I had a very calm and loving and stable environment because that’s all i ever wanted. I mean, that’s all we ever want from our childhood, right? And I repeated this new story so many times it eventually felt real. Ian and mary locke were — were nurturing and supportive parents who would be so proud of what i had accomplished, if only they hadn’t passed away so tragically young.

Victoria: Ashland, are you okay?

Ashland: I’m fine. I’m fine. It’s just a little difficult. I haven’t told this story to anyone about my past before.

Victoria: His body is under a tremendous amount of stress right now. Dredging up these painful things, it’s very difficult for ashland. Surely everyone here, especially my parents, understand what it’s like trying to get away from a father who has failed you.

Nikki: Yes, of course we do.

Victor: Ashland, your story is not dissimilar to mine. Hope you understand why we had to check your background, hmm? And I hope you also understand why I am — as a father who grew up without parents — am so protective of my children and especially my daughter.

Ashland: I understand why her family is so insistent that she is in good hands.

Victoria: So now that you all know the whole story, I hope that will put an end to your questions — some of which have bordered on harassment.

Billy: Well, it’s a touching story. It really is, but it’s not exactly the whole truth, is it? I mean, we still don’t know how —

Victoria: You know, this is not a press conference, billy. Ashland is not being interrogated here. He’s sharing something painful about his past with us, not because he has to, but because he wants to put our minds at ease.

Nick: And because his original story doesn’t hold up.

Victoria: But he told you —

Victor: Victoria, we appreciate ashland’s candor, alright? But we still have questions.

Elena: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Elena: Sorry I’m late.

Lily: Oh, I’m sure you have a lame excuse, like, you know, you were saving lives.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, it was a tough shift, emotionally and physically. I am wiped out.

Lily: Oh, we could’ve postponed the meeting until you had a chance to get some rest.

Elena: No, no, actually, this meeting is what got me through hours at the hospital. I’m really excited about askmdnow. I’ve been jotting down notes in my phone.

Lily: Okay, well, I love the enthusiasm, but I don’t want you to burn yourself out before we even get started.

Elena: [ Scoffs ] Don’t worry. I’m fine.

Lily: Okay, ’cause I happen to be very close to the chief of surgery at memorial, and I don’t think he’d be very happy if i run one of his best doctors into the ground.

Elena: Oh, it’s okay. I’m just a little tired, but that’s what they invented coffee for, right?

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Moses: Yes, mom. I know. Yeah, I’ll tell him. Love you, too.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: Was that sofia?

Moses: Yeah, she said to say hello.

Devon: Tell her “what’s up.” You look like you got some good news.

Moses: The best. She said I could stay in genoa city.

Devon: She did? Nice, man!

Moses: At first, I was a little bit worried that she’d haul me back to new york because she was upset that I changed my mind about being a doctor.

Devon: Yeah.

Moses: But [Chuckles] It’s fine.

Devon: Nice, dude. Good for you, man.

Moses: Yeah. She even was a little excited that I’m gonna follow dad’s footsteps working at hamilton-winters. She said she always thought i had a good head for business.

Devon: Nice. Good head for business.

Moses: Yeah.

Devon: Alright. So you tell her that you’re gonna be focusing on the music side of the business?

Moses: Um, you know, that didn’t really come up.

Devon: Yeah, that’s what i thought.

Nikki: I agree with your father. Ashland revealed a very painful chapter of his life, but he had to have known that it would lead to more questions.

Ashland: Well, I assure you all that I am here to answer any question. I’m willing to subject myself to your scrutiny for victoria’s sake. And you don’t have to run interference for me. I can handle this. You do so much for me. Just let me do this one thing for you.

Victoria: Okay. The floor is all yours.

Ashland: So what is it that you would like to know?

Billy: Well, I think you should probably start —

Victor: Billy boy, this is my house. I ask the questions, alright? So, ashland, what happened to your parents?

Find your rhythm.

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Moses: Here’s the thing.

Devon: Mm.

Moses: I didn’t specifically mention my interest in the music business to mom because it just wasn’t intentional.

Devon: Oh. So you accidentally didn’t tell her?

Moses: Yeah.

Devon: Uh-huh. That was our agreement, that you have to level with her about it.

Moses: I-I know. I will. Eventually. She got on a roll and she was just so excited by the fact that I got an internship at hamilton-winters. Means a lot to her, the fact that neil’s sons are working together at the same business that bears his name. She got choked up just talking about it.

Devon: Well, I mean, I’m sure she did. I understand that.

Moses: You do?

Devon: Of course. I feel the same way when I think about you working for the family business. It’s where you belong.

Moses: Thanks. And I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I’d be spending more time in the recording studio than looking at spreadsheets.

Devon: Mm.

Moses: Didn’t want to disappoint her.

Devon: Right.

Moses: You mad?

Devon: Uh, no, I’m not mad. I understand why you wouldn’t want to kill the mood.

Moses: Exactly. Yep.

Devon: Why you’d want to quit while you’re ahead.

Moses: No, unh-unh. I didn’t wimp out.

Devon: Uh-huh.

Moses: I swear. Okay, when the time is right, I’ll tell her. I just want to get some experience so I can talk to her about the specific stuff I’ve learned, and I know she’ll approve.

Devon: Okay. Alright, well, I think the odds are in your favor, and no matter what you end up choosing, neil would be very proud of you.

Moses: Thanks, bro.

Devon: Now, why don’t you get out of here? ‘Cause I know that there’s someone that you’re dying to share this good news with, and it ain’t me.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] Alright, I’ll see you, man.

Devon: Alright, see ya.

Faith: Dr. Hastings.

Nate: Hey, faith. How’s my all-time favorite patient doing?

Faith: Never better. My new kidney is crushing it.

Nate: Oh, good to hear.

Faith: Latte with almond milk?

Nate: Am I that predictable?

Faith: When it comes to coffee, yes.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Faith: If you’d like, I could whip up something new, surprise you.

Nate: No, you know what? Let’s not get too crazy. I will stick with my usual. It’s good to see you doing well and hard at work.

Faith: Yeah, I’ve almost saved up enough money to pay back the fine from when i wrecked my grandpa’s truck.

Nate: Good for you. I’m sure your parents are pleased that you followed through with that.

Faith: Yeah, I had to prove to them that I’ve learned from my mistakes and that I’m really going to change. And I kind of feel like I owe it to you and everyone else who helped save me to make good use of my second chance.

Nate: Well, it’s clear you’re making the most of it. And nick and sharon must be impressed enough that they eased up on your restrictions. I hear you’ve been spending a lot of time with moses.

Faith: Yeah, I don’t think i could’ve turned things around without him. He’s, like, the best possible influence and the best…friend. Yeah, he’s really just all-around the best.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] No arguments from me.

Faith: I really hope that you’re not disappointed that he decided that he didn’t want to be a doctor.

Nate: Oh, no, no, I just, um — I want moses to find something that makes him happy. And it looks like that’s gonna be music. And you. I hear you two have a big date coming up.

Faith: You heard about that?

Nate: Mm-hmm, he’s been talking about it. Thank you.

Faith: Oh, yeah, it should be fun. Did he tell you what he had planned?

Nate: Uh, he did.

Faith: It’s gonna be great. I’m really looking forward to going to that place. You know, the place.

Nate: Yeah, that’s not gonna work. Moses told me it was a surprise. You’re getting nothing from me.

Faith: I had to try.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: When I shut the door to my past, it was meant to be permanent. I was angry. For my father, obviously, but also for my mother. I was angry at her for not protecting me, for making excuses for that man, and for her own choices. She could stand there and look at me, 90 pounds of her, with a black eye and a split lip, and blame me for provoking him. That’s why I cut all ties. I severed as fast as I could. I wanted nothing to do with them. And I lost track of them. I avoided going to my hometown or anyone that came from there.

Billy: And they never reached out to you? Never once, not even when you made it big?

Ashland: No, billy. My mother and father, we didn’t run in the same circles, you see. They didn’t really keep up with the latest happenings on wall street, what was going on in the media world. Because even if they did, they probably wouldn’t have recognized me because I wasn’t the same scared, scrawny kid.

Victor: Well, ashland, once you were successful, did you have the desire to let them know about it, maybe even rub their noses in it?

Ashland: Well, the thought crossed my mind more than once, and then it was always followed up by another thought. They didn’t deserve any part of the success that I had earned in spite of them.

Nick: And you never looked into what became of them?

Ashland: I didn’t care. But when I got older and i started to understand the dynamics of abuse, I wanted to reach out to my mother. I wanted to let her know that i understood that she was scared and that she felt as helpless as I did. I wanted to forgive her. But it was too late ’cause she had died a few years before, as had my father.

Nikki: I’m sorry you never got the chance to reconcile with her.

Billy: If you did want to pay respect, where would you go do that? Are they buried somewhere? What’s the name on their headstone? You didn’t actually tell us their name. In fact, you haven’t told us your real name either.

Ashland: My god, you’re right. I didn’T. And I’m not going to.

Elena: This is exactly what i needed — just a jolt of energy.

Lily: Good.

Elena: Is that a new bracelet?

Lily: Yes, actually, it is.

Elena: Mm, I love it. From billy?

Lily: No, it’s from mattie. It was a thank-you gift for helping move her in to her new apartment in california.

Elena: Oh, she has great taste.

Lily: Yeah, thanks.

Elena: Is she all settled in?

Lily: She is, yeah, but, i don’t know, I worry about her. She’s like you, she’s an overachiever. And she’s at stanford, and there’s a lot of opportunities for her, so she kind of feels like she has to take advantage of all of them, you know?

Elena: Yeah, I totally get that. It’s so hard to say no.

Lily: I know. I knew you’d understand. But she’s very driven and focused, but also very shy, so she doesn’t really go out, you know? She doesn’t go to any parties.

Elena: I feel like that’s what all college students tell their parents.

Lily: No, I know, I know, but I believe her, I do.

Elena: Well, what about her academics? Is she happy with those?

Lily: Uh, yeah, but she has to pick a major soon, so I think that’s really stressful for her.

Elena: Huh. I remember hearing that she was thinking about law school. Is that still where her head’s at?

Lily: Well, I think that’s because I was facing charges, ’cause she also wanted to be a doctor as well, and either of those, I mean, you can pretty much, you know, get your undergrad in anything. So I think all the options for her are really overwhelming.

Elena: I remember being that age, just thinking that you have to have it all mapped out, and then you don’t realize till you’re a little older that there’s a little more flexibility with being an adult. You can kind of make it up as you go.

Lily: I know, that’s what i told her. I told her that, you know, i changed my career several times. You don’t have to have all the answers. I don’t know, I just wish she would ease up on herself and just have some fun, you know? It’s so important at that age.

Elena: Well, if you want me to talk to her about med school, just let me know. I’m available. Askmdnow is more than just a website, right?

Lily: Aww, thank you. That’s very sweet of you.

Elena: Of course. Us smart and shy girls have to look out for each other.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: As parents, i completely understand your concern that your future son-in-law’s past is so mysterious. That’s why I’m here. I felt I owed you the truth.

Nikki: But only part of it.

Ashland: Nikki, it wouldn’t serve any purpose to reveal my parents’ identities. They were miserable people and made bad choices, but I have no desire to see their names dragged through the mud.

Victor: Well, that is very generous of you. But, ashland, you have to understand, you know, our desire to know everything about your family we can. Otherwise, we don’t know you.

Victoria: You do know him, dad. He’s ashland locke. In the same exact way that you’re victor newman. You both chose to reinvent yourselves and you’ve both become wildly successful because of it.

Victor: Victoria —

Victoria: You of all people should understand.

Victor: We still have questions.

Victoria: Well, there shouldn’t be any. Ashland has lived a very public life for decades. That is track record enough for anybody. Why you need to know more painful things about his childhood, more than he’s already told you, is beyond me.

Nick: Because we don’t know anything about his early career, after he changed his name.

Ashland: Nick, you, your father, billy, and whoever else has gone over this history with a fine-tooth comb. There’s nothing illegal or nefarious here, and I feel the same way as victoria does. Enough is enough.

Billy: But it’s not. And you have an opportunity right now to tell us who you really are. Because if you don’t, I’m gonna find out anyway.

Ashland: That’s not gonna happen because I’ve taken the necessary steps to keep that information private.

Billy: Well, I think you underestimate me.

Ashland: And I think it’s the other way around. You see, to you, this story is something salacious to be put on your website as click bait, but for me, this is deeply personal and really painful. You see, billy, not all of us were fortunate enough to have john abbott for a father.

Billy: Okay, so am I supposed to feel guilty about having a loving family? Am I supposed to feel bad that i didn’t have a miserable childhood so I just let you off the hook? Is that it?

Ashland: I grew up in hell, and I’m done with it. You see, and I will be damned if I’m gonna revisit that so your sorry ass can sell some ad space.

Billy: You at least should’ve been honest with your future wife.

Victoria: Well, this is between ashland and me, billy. It’s none of your business.

Billy: So now you’re okay with your man hiding things? This is who you’re gonna lower your standards for?

Victoria: Oh, believe me, I’ve raised my standards considerably since you and i were together, and ashland makes me feel like I’m respected.

Billy: Okay, look, I’m just trying to find out who the guy really is, alright? And if you tell the truth, ashland, then there would be nothing to hide.

Victor: That’s enough. I suggest we all keep our voices down. You’re guests in the house, alright? All of you. So you will not be part of this if ashland and victoria had not invited you here. Alright? And by the way, the only reason you’re in this house is because you happen to be the father of her children. You’re not part of this family. You got that?

Billy: You telling me you’re satisfied with —

Victor: Don’t you raise your voice with a guest of ours. Is that clear?

Billy: You believe that story, victor?

Victor: No, what I believe is that we should support victoria. That’s it. That clear?

Victoria: Thank you very much. Now, I hope that we can put everything else behind us and focus on what really matters.

Here’s candice…

Moses: Hey.

Faith: Hi! Hungry? Thirsty? What can I get you?

Moses: You know, actually, i just came to see you.

Faith: Oh.

Moses: And to thank you.

Faith: For what?

Moses: Well, all the coaching. You taught me how to handle things with my mom. It paid off.

Faith: No way. She’s letting you stay?

Moses: Yeah, you guessed it.

Faith: That’s great! Oh! I’m so happy.

Moses: I’m so happy you’re happy.

Faith: Now when we go out, it’ll be an actual date and not a going-away party.

Moses: Yeah.

Faith: I was kind of dreading that.

Moses: So was I. And that’s why I haven’t scheduled anything yet. I hope you didn’t think I was blowing you off.

Faith: I knew you’d come through. And nate was just in here talking about it, so I took that as a good sign.

Moses: What? You’re telling me nate was in here blabbing about our date?

Faith: Don’t worry, I tried to pry information out of him, but he was onto me. His lips were sealed.

Moses: That’s good. I have everything lined up, so i don’t need him ruining the surprise.

Faith: This date is the kind of thing that needs things lined up?

Moses: Oh, absolutely. But I just need to make sure you’re free next weekend.

Faith: I’ll clear my calendar. But…

Moses: But what?

Faith: I don’t know if I can wait that long.

[ Chuckles ] The suspense is killing me.

Elena: It’s so different now with social media.

Lily: I know. I mean, I get in trouble with the internet, you know, when i was a kid, and it’s like I can only imagine what it’s like for them now, but —

Elena: Hey.

Lily: Hello.

Nate: Well, hello, ladies.

Elena: What a pleasant surprise.

Nate: Well, I just stopped by your place. I figured you got caught up at work.

Lily: Well, I mean, she’s still at work.

Elena: Yes, we’ve been brainstorming askmdnow.

Lily: Well, we started that way, and then we kind of got sidetracked when elena woke up. And, mr. Chief of surgery, you’re working this girl too hard. She’s probably gonna go from here to volunteer at the clinic.

Elena: I am not. I’m gonna go home and take a much-needed nap.

Lily: Well, no more double shifts for her. She’s gonna run herself into the ground.

Nate: Oh, no one wants that.

Elena: Lily, we don’t even joke about nate pulling strings for me because it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else, so if i have to work a double, I work a double.

Lily: Yeah, no, I understand. Billy and I have to also figure out that, you know, balance between personal and professional.

Elena: Yeah, but it’s a little different because you guys are co-ceos. It’s a bit trickier with nate and I because he’s my boss.

Lily: I get it, I get it, but I want you to maintain a work-life balance. Or in your case, a work-work-work-life balance because you have three jobs with your work at the clinic.

Elena: Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.

Lily: I know. Okay, well, I have to go. It was good to see you. I’ll see you later, and get some rest, okay?

Elena: I will.

Lily: Alright, bye, guys.

Nate: Bye-bye.

Elena: By the way, I wasn’t complaining about my schedule to lily. She just took it upon herself to protect me. I know if you have to schedule a double, you’re doing it because it’s absolutely necessary.

Nate: Okay, but has anyone at work been commenting about our relationship?

Elena: No, no one’s said anything directly, but there’s a feeling out there. People are a lot more careful around me. I guess it’s awkward being the boss’ girlfriend.

Nate: Well, I’m sure that’ll all go away once people see that I’m not going to abuse the power of my position.

Elena: Well, I certainly hope so.

Victoria: Come on. Sit down over there. Just sit down. You need to rest. You need to really just rest after that [Sighs] Stressful family meeting.

Ashland: Well, it was worth it. It was something that needed to happen.

Victoria: Well, I’m glad you think so. I was really impressed by the way you were able to delve into your painful childhood history. It was all for my sake. You know, I would’ve been totally fine if you refused to answer all of their questions.

Ashland: No, no, no, no, you are going to need your family’s support as we get closer to the wedding. You know, when I was younger, i might have gone with a “you and me against the world” attitude, but…I couldn’t put you in that position now.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Ashland: [ Sighs ] I’m not gonna be around forever. We know that. You family’s gonna be there for you when I’m gone, and you need them. I don’t want their attitude to be “thank god we got rid of that guy.”

Victoria: You’re so clinical about all of this.

Ashland: Well, it’s the best way for me to get through it. And it seemed as if your family was finally ready to put aside all their suspicions about my past. Now that I bared my soul.

Victoria: I think they saw you the way that I see you — strong, very resilient. Even after all of the emotional trauma that you’ve been through in your life, you still have the ability to — to feel things so deeply.

Ashland: What matters most is that they know how I feel about you.

Victoria: I think they all got that.

Ashland: Except in billy’s case, I don’t think that is going to work in our favor.

Victoria: Well, he doesn’t really matter.

Ashland: You must have realized by now that his paranoia, as far as I’m concerned, stems from his own jealousy.

Victoria: I don’t know about that.

Ashland: No, I do. He doesn’t want anyone taking his place in your life. Is now a good time for a flare-up?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: Hey.

Victor: How was your meeting?

Nikki: It was okay.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: It was nothing that would take my mind off of victoria and ashland. But after everything we just heard, I don’t understand how you can be okay with her marrying a man we don’t even know his real name.

Victor: Yeah, well, hmm. I understand your question. I mean, he glossed over the details of his past life, i understand that, but on the whole, I was alright with it.

Nikki: You were?

Victor: Yeah, because, you know, his story seems to be similar to mine. Really, I mean, anyone who changes his identity, changes his name obviously is trying to cover up a very painful childhood. And if anyone understands that, it’s me. And, you know, he probably was bullied as a kid. They probably made fun of him because he came from nothing, poor background, so now he became a very successful businessman, almost a tycoon, and I understand how victoria would be impressed by that. I do.

Victoria: Billy is a pain. He’s not jealous. Believe me, he has no lingering romantic interest in me.

Ashland: No?

Victoria: No, no, he just — he hates it when he’s wrong. Billy is stubborn and he’s frustrating, that’s all, and i doubt that anything he heard today is gonna convince him to back off.

Ashland: Probably just the opposite.

Victoria: I don’t think that he liked being dressed down by my father either. So you are just gonna be one more thing that billy and i argue about. He’s just gonna keep turning over rocks until he finds something that he thinks proves him right yet again.

Ashland: Well, that’s the behavior of an addict.

Victoria: Yes, I know, it’s what’s driven him to gamble all of those years. Always thinking that the next bet is gonna be the winner.

Ashland: Mm-hmm. I know the type. I definitely made a mistake inviting him to the family conversation. But there’s a way to rectify that error.

Victoria: What’s that?

Ashland: I need to talk to billy one-on-one.

Billy: Which is exactly why we couldn’t find anything out, right? Right. So take the information that i gave you, keep digging, and let me know if you find anything else. Great, thanks.

Lily: Was that about ashland?

Billy: Yep.

Lily: What happened at the ranch? Sounds like you learned a lot.

Billy: Oh, I wouldn’t say that.

Lily: What do you mean?

Billy: Basically, ashland spun this whole long story about his childhood, which could be true or it could be complete garbage. Either way, I left there with more questions than answers.

Lily: So what did he tell you?

Billy: [ Sighs ] In short, ashland locke said ashland locke doesn’t exist.

Think wearing less makeup

means no need for a wipe?

Victoria: I really don’t think it’s a good idea for you to confront billy.

Ashland: My darling, I am just not accustomed to sitting around doing nothing while someone else is making a nuisance of themselves.

Victoria: Well, getting in his face is just going to encourage him. It’s just gonna be proof that he thinks you’re hiding something. You know, you’re going to leave him with the impression that he’s in control of the situation and that he’s forcing your hand.

Ashland: [ Scoffs ] I really don’t care. I just hate that you have to go through all of this crap. I mean, we’re supposed to be in the middle of planning a wedding. This is just not fair that billy is inserting himself in our life this way.

Victoria: Fine. Let’s just drop the whole thing. Let’s talk about cake design or floral arrangements or something like that. I know, let’s call nate and elena and see if they’re, you know, available to have dinner with us. Positive people who support us. Anything but wasting anymore time on billy.

Ashland: No. It was my mistake to include him earlier. I thought being courteous and polite was the way to go. Clearly, that only emboldened him. I need to correct that error and put him in his place. I promise you that billy will not walk away from this conversation feeling like he’s in control this time.

Nikki: I agree with you that ashland’s accomplishments are very impressive, but I don’t think that’s the issue. Is it really a good idea for victoria to marry a man who has not been completely transparent with her?

Victor: But, sweetheart, if victoria were here, she would say that’s none of our business. Our choice is to either approve of the marriage or not. That’s all.

Nikki: And you obviously do.

Victor: Yeah, I’m inclined to. I really am. I must say that I think he loves her and she loves him. I can sense it between the two, you know? And you must remember that he chose to go into chemotherapy so he could spend more time with her. I mean, that’s an extraordinary decision.

Nikki: I agree with you on that.

Victor: See? He values her. That’s important to me. And that certainly is very different from the last guy she was with, right?

Nikki: So the best thing about ashland to you is that he’s not billy.

Victor: You bet that helps. Billy boy abbott, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, never accomplished a damn thing. Caused more messes and asked more people to clean up for him. He’s just a ne’er-do-well. From what ashland told us today, I think, as a kid, he was more of a man than billy boy will ever be.

Lily: Wow, so ashland ran away from home, he changed his name to escape his abusive father, and never looked back. How did this story stay hidden for so long?

Billy: Because it’s a classic rags-to-riches story. Everybody loves that. It’s the american dream, so nobody looked into it, until now.

Lily: Well, I guess your instinct that locke was hiding something was right.

Billy: Ah. You gonna trust my gut feeling now?

Lily: No, ’cause I have my own instincts that tell me when you’re completely full of it.

Billy: Okay, well, fyi, my gut is telling me that there’s more to come.

Lily: Yeah, your gut and the fact that ashland never revealed his real name.

Billy: There’s a lot he’s not telling us, lily. I mean, there’s no way to know if this story about his father is even true. I will say that it resembles victor’s coming-of-age story perfectly. You should’ve saw the way victor was looking at him, like he was a long-lost son. And nikki, I mean, she had an abusive father, so I’m sure she’s buying into it, as well. Lily: So, what, you think he made this story up just to play to their sympathies? I mean, that’s pretty cynical.

Billy: All I’m saying is that I’m not taking it at face value, and we need to keep investigating.

Lily: Okay, well, think about this. What if the story is actually true? What if he did, you know, escape this nightmare childhood just to survive, and now we’re hounding him in the final moments of his life for no good reason? Your mission:

Elena: Um, I think I need to go back home and get to bed or I’m gonna fall asleep at this table.

Nate: Okay, okay. Go home, take a nap, and then we could go to a movie or grab a drink later.

Elena: I don’t think i should.

Nate: Are you turning me down because of the vibe you’re getting at work?

Elena: No, not at all. I’m just exhausted. I think I need more than a nap. I think once I put my head down on the pillow, I’m not gonna wake up until the morning.

Nate: Okay, sleeping beauty. Go get some rest. I’ll check in tomorrow, and we’ll make plans.

Elena: Thank you. I look forward to seeing you when I’m awake.

Nate: Sweet dreams.

Elena: Enjoy your lunch.

Victoria: Ashland just left, so if you have any more questions for him.

Nick: Nope. Here to see you. Just want to make sure you’re okay.

Victoria: I’m fine. Actually, I am completely annoyed at the moment.

Nick: With me?

Victoria: No, with billy. He’s acting like an entitled little brat. Yeah, I know, he owns a media company, but that does not give him carte blanche to go snooping around into people’s private lives.

Nick: You know, vick, he might be doing it for the right reasons.

Victoria: Well, ashland doesn’t think so, and that’s where he is right now. He went to find billy and to make that clear to him.

Nick: That is not gonna end well.

Victoria: Well, nick, it’s my last resort. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried everything to get billy to stop snooping. Maybe he needs to hear it directly from ashland. But ashland has enough going on to worry about right now.

Nick: So do you.

Victoria: I know.

Nick: Well, that’s what i came to talk about. Not billy. I just want to make sure you’re alright. I mean, it’s got to be a shock to the system to find out this guy that you love has this whole history that you don’t know anything about. How you doing with that?

Billy: There’s a lot of “ifs” in that hypothetical, and I am not harassing ashland. I am simply and discreetly looking into his past, and if there’s nothing there, then we walk away.

Lily: Really?

Billy: Yes. But that’s an easy promise for me to make because I believe that there’s more there.

Lily: Your gut again?

Billy: That’s right.

Lily: Just because ashland didn’t give you the complete story doesn’t mean there’s something more sinister going on. We have run stories about women who were fleeing abusive relationships, and they changed their identity for survival.

Billy: I understand that, but locke’s father is dead, right? So there’s no threat. Why not just tell us your real name?

Lily: Just because locke is a public figure doesn’t mean that every aspect of his life is news. I mean, his childhood should be private. I don’t want to publicly reveal the most painful moments of a dying man’s life.

Billy: I’m not out to embarrass locke. I’m not out to cause him pain. I’m simply looking for the truth, and if it’s not news-worthy, then we don’t run it.

Lily: Which brings me to my next issue. I don’t think that your interest in this story is professional.

Billy: Okay, I see where you’re going, and I don’t like it.

Lily: If anyone but victoria were with ashland, would you care this much?

Ashland: I can answer that. No, he wouldn’t care a bit.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 15, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


look, willow has made it clear that she wants no part of my life unless I truly change, and so that’s what I’m trying to do, so I can be a part of her life and my grandson’s life — w-w-wait. I think you have it all wrong. We are not here to accuse you. We actually need your help.

[ Sighs ] Does this have to do with shiloh? Shiloh… and drew cain.

[ Groaning ] Russel: How we feeling? Never better. You know, the beatings will stop once the escape attempts do.

[ Sighs ] I’m just trying to figure out where the hell I am. Paradise. You see? People say you have no sense of humor. I’ve been listening to the guards. And? And a lot of them speak greek to each other. Is this about the cassadines? Is that who your big boss is? Hey, there, hot stuff. Where are you headed so dolled up? Right. I forgot. Today’s the day. Michael: Jason. Hey. You’re early. Yeah, yeah, I figured the best man should be. You’re looking sharp, all ready to go. Yeah, I’ve been — I’ve been ready for a long time. Jason: Okay, so, if we —

if we get married,

it’s gonna be real.

You don’t

have to be afraid.

You’re not gonna be

in this alone.

[ Chuckling ]

This is happening?

Do you need to hear it?

I do.

I do.

You do.

[ Sighs ]


…will you marry me?

With all my heart.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Muffled shouting ] What the hell? Nina!

[ Shouting continues ] Nina! Nina! Nina, you there?

[ Muffled sobs ] Answer me! Are you there?! Nina!

Nothing says wedded bliss likean army of security out front. Ah, it’s the third rule of a corinthos or corinthos-related wedding — don’t skimp on the bodyguards. Honey, we got frisked in the parking lot. Alright, so maybe it was a little bit over the top. Just be glad the kids weren’t invited. Can you imagine what leo would have made out of that? Speaking of… what are you doing? I’m just gonna check in at home. What do you think’s happening?

[ Laughs ] Leo and rocco are running brook lynn and two nannies ragged. I just want to make sure there isn’t any trouble. With leo? Why would you think that? Look, um, I don’t mean to pry, but — when has that ever stopped you? It seems like this wedding might be really hard for you, and I’m sorry. I’ve been on the outside looking in on someone else’s happiness, and it’s the worst. Yeah, it’s not ideal.

[ Chuckles ] I finally found the guy, and turns out the guy is eternally taken. Oh, well. You gotta keep going, right? Yeah, you do, and hopefully one day not too far off from now, it is a little less painful. Well, you know what would make this day astronomically more bearable? Vodka. That, and my mother plotting jason’s murder.

[ Scoffs ] Inappropriate? Yes, absolutely. But it would mean that she was here and I could stop worrying about her. Still no word, huh?

[ Sighs ] No. And I know that if anyone can survive whatever the hell is happening, it’s my mom. But, I mean, she is human. And I just keep thinking, what if this is the one challenge that liesl obrecht can’t finagle her way through? I totally get it. I’m worried about liesl, too. But then I remember all of the crazy things she’s been through and lived to tell the tale. So, no matter what it looks like, the odds are actually in her favor. Oh, wish me luck. There’s my date. Your what? Terry: Ready to go? I want to dance with somebody. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. What, have some fun? Lots of things are fun. Like going back to my house and opening up a bottle of wine and watching a movie. Your pick. This can’t be the same biz that used to drag me to raves in high school. Yeah, three kids ago.

[ Scoffs ] You need to cut loose. And pitching a tent with your quasi brother-in-law is not the release that you need. Mm, tell me about it. Okay, that’s it. What exactly happened on that camping trip? You know what’s crazy? What’s that? This is something I wanted when I was a kid, but I couldn’t, you know, fully let myself want, because that’d mean no sonny, and I love my dad. I mean, we all did. Yeah, but at the same time, I knew there was something amazing and unbreakable between you and my mom. I’m just — like, I’m really happy for you guys. And I’m happy for myself. Is that — is that selfish? Uh, no, because, um… you know, when you think about it, you were the first significant thing your mother and I shared. You were the only child I was able to raise as an infant. And the fact that carly and I are here today is in large part because of you. How’s it going? Hey. Great! Come in, come in. Except I’m a little lonely in here. Oh, no, I thought the makeup artist did a great job, but you don’t like it. Is something wrong with it? Your makeup’s perfect. You are perfect. Oh, josslyn, stop. I’m not even dressed yet, honey. Mom, it doesn’t matter. I mean, you could walk down the aisle in that bathrobe and you’d still be the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. Oh, gosh. Well, if I need an ego boost, I know who to call. [ Laughs ] Mom, I’m serious. Something is different. I mean, it’s like you’re glowing from the inside out. And I’m so relieved. You’re relieved? I knew that marrying jason was something you wanted, but…I don’t know, I just kind of got the feeling that something was holding you back. Because it was. Nina!

[ Muffled shouting ] Nina! Ni– don’t!

I don’t know, I-I think you’re giving me a little too much credit. I don’t know, it’s true. I mean, your mom and I, you know, liked each other before you came along, but with this, you know, friendship, whatever — whatever you want to call it. But it was you — it was you being born, taking care of you, being in it together for you that showed us the way to love each other. Mm. Well, in that case, you’re welcome. Yeah.

[ Laughs ] And I know — I know I’ve said this before, but…

[ Sighs ] …Today of all days, I-I need to say it again. It was truly… one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life to raise you for that year. Just to watch you grow up, to be a part of your life. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’re gonna be standing next to me today. When you marry my mom.

[ Chuckling ] You’re marrying my mom. That’s the plan.

[ Sighs ] It means so much to me, too. Hi. Hi. Hi. Sorry to keep you waiting. You look great. Thank you. So do you. Thanks. Dr. Westbourne, we’re going to a quartermaine affair and all of the hospital bigwigs are going to be there, so I’m assuming we’ll see you, too? You know, I wasn’t able to get away. Have fun. I know this one. I said something wrong. It was just a camping trip. Oh, sure it was. You know I’ll get it out of you eventually, after I get your opinion on this bartender at the club tonight. I think he’s totally into me.

[ Laughing ] Oh! Excuse me. Hi. You guys going out tonight? That was the plan. Okay, well, I’m sure you know britt’s mother is missing and jason’s wedding is in her face every five seconds. That’s her ex. Oh, i did say something wrong. I know she’s not your favorite person, but maybe…I don’t know, she’s your co-worker, you guys! You should have her go out with you. Um… yeah, don’t you think that’d be a little transparent? Like you said, we’re hardly friends. So be subtle about it. She could use the distraction. It would take her mind off of things. This is a place of healing, isn’t it? This is your chance to heal. I got in my head a little bit. In your head how? I kept thinking about all the challenges. You know, like, uh, is this too soon? What about the business? Is this gonna change my relationship with jason? Well, of course it would change it, but in all the best ways, right? Right. I was looking for a guarantee to make me feel better, but we know life has no guarantees. So once I let that go… you were free. Free! Free to be happy and live in the moment and be at peace. I mean, I’m marrying jason, who I love and trust completely, and I’m so excited, even though I have no idea what’s coming.

[ Laughs ] Well, whatever it is, you have the perfect partner to handle it with. Yeah. And together, jason and i can handle anything. What are you doing?! There’s a fire in the entrance. You can’t get through there. I think nina’s in there. You can’t smash the window. There could be a backdraft. There’s got to be another way in. There’s a delivery entrance. Let’s go! Maybe drew’s out there, maybe he’s not, but we’ll never know without having more to go on. Our leads are thin at best. Which is why you’ve come to harmony. Dante: 10 years ago, peter handed drew over to kidnappers, and we know he didn’t do that alone. But we think shiloh helped him. Okay. And then more recently, peter sabotaged drew’s plane to go down. We don’t think shiloh had anything to do with that. But maybe someone he knew did. Oh. I get it. Someone like me. Whoever your boss is, you got to realize that they have more use for me than they do for you. Is that so? Well, why else am I still alive? A question I ask myself every day. Look, they’re keeping me on ice for a reason.

[ Sighs ]

[ Groaning ] Aah! What was that for? So you wouldn’t try to jump me like you’ve done the last three times. You know…

[ Groans ] You pride yourself on how intimidating this place is, but believe me, kandahar was way worse. And that’s how I know. Know what?

[ Grunts ] I’ve been grabbed by true believers. And you’re not one of them. The only gleam that you’ve got in your eye is for money. And lucky for you, I got a lot of that.

[ Groaning ] We’ve been through this. And yet it’s still not computing. Well, maybe I’m just not interested in money. Which doesn’t make any sense. This is not a military installation. You’re not a terrorist. You don’t live and die by your cause. You’re a mercenary, which means you have no loyalty to anything except for your bank account. And you can make that account bigger, is that it? I’m telling you, I can pay you whatever they’re paying you to keep me here, and I can pay you a whole lot more if you get me home. So, from a financial perspective, which is the only perspective that you care about, you are far better served to work with me than against me. Are you suggesting that I had something to do with the disappearance of your ex-husband? I don’t think that’s what sam meant. We know you were in custody at the time. Harmony, you’re a capable woman. You can orchestrate anything behind bars. If I was so capable, would I be making rent cleaning up after ryan chamberlain? Well, then tell me you had nothing to do with it. Visiting hours are wrapping up. So I suggest you get a move on. Gracious greetings on this momentous occasion. Hey, spinelli. You ready? I am. You know, carly is one of the first people I met through you, and… I had to work hard to win her over. Oh, I remember. Yeah, b-but… I’ve always been in awe of your friendship. You know, so… so pure and unwavering. And it’s funny — it never, never occurred to me that you’d wind up together. But now that you have, I can’t imagine it any other way. Thank you. Neither can I. So, austin-wannabe-quartermaine is talking to you about leo? Yes, he suggested that leo might benefit from seeing a specialist. What kind of specialist? Someone that could help him communicate better. Uh…

[ Scoffs ] My son communicates just fine. I understand him perfectly. Don’t you? I do. I do. I think I do. Okay, then what’s the problem exactly? Well, it’s not a problem per se — don’t — don’t — don’t “per se” me. What? Okay, it’s just something that austin thought that we might want to follow up on. Well, then he’s making a federal case out of nothing. The same guy, mind you, who was trying to weasel his way into our family and use poor, innocent chase to do it. I got the impression that austin was genuinely concerned. Well, then, he’s overreacting. Leo cut his finger. End of story. He’s overreacting. And what if he’s not? Um, so, what is it? What’s what? I can tell you want to ask me something. How do you do that? It’s a mom thing. So, what is it? I just don’t know if it’s an appropriate time to bring it up. There’s no inappropriate between us. You can ask me anything at any time. Well, when you said that thing about worrying if it was too soon to get married… it made you think about sonny. Are you thinking about him, too? I always think about sonny. He’s always with me. But… today I’m marrying jason, and he’s my best friend, and I love him, and I’m so proud that I get to say my vows with you standing beside me. I can’t wait. Yeah? Alright, then let’s get me ready to get hitched. Oh, wait! Not before I give you this. Nina! Phyllis, can you hear me? Wake up! Phyllis! You can’t leave me like this.

[ Indistinct conversations ] You have a lot of confidence for a guy in a cell. Must be the navy seal in me.

[ Groans ] Why didn’t you take me out? ‘Cause I would have got halfway down the corridor and then humpty and dumpty would have built their brick wall. It’s hector and dmitri. Yeah, same thing. Look… my ribs hurt enough already. Okay? The only car that’s available is already gone. The “great escape” is not my ticket out of here. But I am. You help me, and I will help you in return. You have no money to bribe me with. You’re dead, remember? Dead men don’t have bank accounts. I’m not gonna be dead for much longer. Hey. You hungry? ‘Cause there’s an eisenhower-era cupcake in that vending machine over there, and I’ll rock-paper-scissors you for it right now. I totally screwed that up, didn’t I? Going straight for harmony like that. So stupid. Don’t be so hard on yourself. S-so, I didn’t screw it up? Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Look, hey, it’s not easy — I get it — breathing the same air as that woman. Yeah, my mom seems to be doing a good job at it, though. Well, in her defense, it’s either harmony or probably a serial killer or something. Stop.

[ Chuckles ] For what it’s worth, I really don’t think that sam believes you had anything to do with drew’s disappearance. Yeah, well, she could have fooled me. She’s reliving the trauma. And I know that’s difficult. I even know that I deserve her scrutiny. It’s just… I just — I meant what I said when I — when I said I’m really just trying to turn my life around. You know, I go to bed every night and I hope that tomorrow is the day I’m going to wake up and not be reminded of my past or the crimes I committed in the name of shiloh or the people that I hurt. That day is yet to come, but — but you still go to bed with some hope, right? Because the minute we stop doing that, we become that criminal or that disease. And it’s never gonna change. Maxie, can I stop you for a second? Just a quick question. Are there any other fraught social situations that I get to look forward to before the wedding begins? Because I don’t want to miss another opportunity to offend someone else today. Okay, well, I think it’s too late to make a first impression with the core quartermaines. Right. That ship has sailed. Yeah. Um… I wouldn’t ask jason about his line of work. Okay. Oh, or how he met carly. Right. Or, you know what? Just don’t talk to him at all. I’ll say congratulations. Perfect. Awesome. Um, a-actually, can you give me one second? Sure. Thanks. Hm. It’s — it’s — it’s terribly painful when you — when you love someone and realize that your lives are going in different directions. N-no one’s fault. It’s just that you want different things, but to the point where staying together means you can no longer be your true selves. Spinelli, I’m sorry. Oh, no, d-don’T. Um… I don’t say it to dwell on my situation with ellie. I say it to — to shine a light on how happy I am for you. You and carly accept and understand each other completely. So… that sad day will never happen for you. I mean, they — they say marriage is a test. Well, you’ve already passed that one with flying colors.

[ Sighs ] Hi! Sorry to interrupt. Hey. Actually, no, not really, because it’s my job. Everything seems to be in order. I checked with the rector. Carly’s putting on her final touches. Nothing left to do except keep everyone on schedule. And get married. Oh, yes, and get married. That I can do. Hey, scott. It’s britt. Have you heard anything? I know, I — I just thought we’d know more by now. And I figured anna would be more likely to reach out to you than me. Just please keep me in the loop. Thanks. Hey, uh… do you think mom’s okay?

[ Chuckles ] Right, right. Yeah, pretty soon, whoever has her will be begging to give her up. Talk soon. She does look pretty upset. Yeah, I know. But the deejay is doing a whitney houston retrospective tonight. It’s your call. She’s your co-chief. But you’re my friend, so whatever you want to do, I’m in. Josslyn, you did not have to get me anything — um, yes, I did, because I’m the maid of honor. Open it. Ah!

[ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh. I originally wanted it to check all the boxes — old, new, borrowed, blue. But then I realized that that tradition is about warding off the evil eye with good luck. And that’s bull, because you never rely on luck or just take what life hands you. Not my style. You see more than what’s offered. And you fight for better than what you get. You make the impossible possible. And isn’t that what today’s about? It’s proof that losing one love doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find another. You know what I thought was impossible? Loving you more than I already do. And that just happened. I love you, too. Come on, nina! Hey, don’t you dare. Listen. Don’t you — don’t you dare go anywhere, you hear me? Jax? Jax: Can you stand up? I think so. Okay, come on. I got you. This way. Come on. Nina! Just go. Just go! I’ll — I’m gonna get her. I’ll come back! Hey. Hey, stay with me, okay? I love you too much to lose you. You understand? Hey.

[ Hoarsely ] I love you, too.

As usual, maximista, you’ve outdone yourself. Please save the congratulations for after the vows are exchanged and the cake is cut, ’cause as we know, pretty much anything could go wrong. Well, I’m available to troubleshoot should the need arise. And save one dance for me, I hope. Austin won’t mind? Let him.

[ Chuckles ] So, daddy used to say that it’s not a quartermaine wedding unless someone throws a drink or there’s a duel at dawn. So, what do you think we have to look forward to today? You serious? Yeah. Just gonna stand there and act all folksy and familiar with me, huh? Like you’re just one of the gang? Olivia. You seem angry. I am angry. You’re angry. Mm-hmm. Quit nosing around my kid. How is leo? He’s perfect. You know, you never brought him by for that follow-up that I thought we talked about. Well, ned took him to an appointment with his actual pediatrician, who said — wait for it — everything’s perfect. I wasn’t suggesting that there was anything wrong with him. No, you kinda were. What I was suggesting was that everyone might benefit from another specialist’s opinion. Or… or you were using my kid to worm your way into this family the same way you used chase’s crumbling marriage. You think I would manipulate a child to improve my situation in a business? I don’t know. Would you? No. I wouldn’T. Look at it this way — either way, you win. Either you prove me wrong — and I hope that you do — or you get some valuable medical information and you can figure out what you want to do next. Is there a problem? Yeah. A big one. Heading out? Yeah. I have plans. You? Do I have plans, or am I heading out? Either one.

[ Chuckles ] Only plans I have — to catch up on e-mails. Well, don’t stay too late, okay? Terry, we’ve got a big problem. What’s wrong? Okay, I-I tried to update the shared document with your notes for tomorrow’s meeting, and I-I must have pressed the wrong button ’cause it’s just gone. The whole thing? I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. There goes my night out. Hey, maybe I can help. Okay, okay, enough of this, because I’m going to have to call angela back here to redo my makeup.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I probably shouldn’t tell you, then. Tell me what? Cam proposed. What?! …That we do the chicken dance tonight.

[ Laughs ] Oh, my god, josslyn. Did I get you? Don’t ever do that to me again. Okay? Oh, my god, mom. Don’t worry, I am a long way away from getting married. Yeah, years and years and years away. And then a few years after that. Okay, okay. I get it. Yeah, well… someday you are gonna find someone that you love and you want to spend the rest of your life with. And when that happens —

if that happens. It will happen. And my wish for you is that you’re as sure of the person you’re marrying as I am about jason. Yeah, I wish that, too.

[ Coughing ] Here. Sit down. Sit down. Okay. Where’s nina? And mike? They’re still inside. But the fire…

[ Coughing ] Don’t — don’t worry about me. Go help them. I’ll be back. Okay.

[ Coughing ] You came. There’s no place I’d rather be, except maybe out of here. Take my hand.

[ Coughing ] It’s alright. It’s alright. I got you. I got you.

[ Wood creaks ] Oh! Aah! Mike! Nina, no! No! Mike! No! No, no, no! Mike! Mike! Stop! Stop! We can’t! We have to go, now! Mike! Mike!

Well, I-I talked to harmony. I thought I might be able to convince her to help, but I don’t know that I was successful. Uh, well, you’re about to find out right now. Um… I can give you a name. We’ll take whatever you got. Dallas kirby. Shiloh knew him from his days working in the military, and he would reach out to dallas when he needed help, um… removing an obstacle. A fixer? Yeah, something like that. Thank you, harmony. Just be careful. Okay? ‘Cause I never met the man — I didn’t want to — but all of shiloh’s associates were, um… dangerous. Yeah, well… so are we. Your nurse is gone.

[ Groans ] The nurse will be apprehended by my men. Let’s say she’s not, just for fun. Where do you think will be her first stop? I’m guessing, um, probably the U.S. Consulate. Or, um… maybe she’ll check in at the nearest five-star hotel. And I think you and i both agree that she’s completely believable. I mean, there’s nothing untrue or fake about her, right? Chloe is gonna tell her story, and it will be backed up by our good friend the internet. Just think about it — somebody’s just got to enter her name into a search engine and then bingo — who she is, where she’s from, all of it. And your dark little site here isn’t gonna be dark for much longer. Not my problem, mate. Really? Isn’t it? I mean, you’re running out of time to save your own ass, russel. Come on. Your boss gets wind of this… I mean, he’s clearly got a reason to keep me alive, but you? Not so much, man. I mean, they want to clear their tracks, they want to cover their tracks — you are a goner. That’s a very entertaining pitch. But we’re about to find chloe, and then you’ll see I made the right choice. Man [On radio]:

Found the nurse’s coat.

No sign of her.

We’re fanning out on foot. Huh! I wonder what was closer, the hotel or the U.S. Consulate. My offer still stands. Terry: Don’t worry about it. I can probably reconstruct the notes from memory. Two heads will be better than one. It’s my staff meeting. You won’t even be there. True, but we’re co-chiefs, and if we both don’t do well at this job, then neither of us does. Okay. You win. Really, I am so sorry. Next time, just be careful, okay? Mm. And maybe order some pizza. Whatever toppings you want. It’s gonna be a late night. Okay. Excuse me. Did I just hear the word “problem”? That can’t be right. There are no problems today — nil, nada, zip. At least none that can’t be postponed until after the wedding. Right, everyone? Absolutely. Um… why don’t you come with me? We’ll, uh, go and, uh, check out the flower arrangements in the chapel. I already saw the arrangements when maxie ordered them. Okay, well, then we’ll go see how they turned out. Let’s go. Thank you. And you. Yes? I did mention to you that I planned this wedding, right? Of course you did. Which means I chose the color theme, arranged the flowers, music, reception, and about 10 million other details. And I did all of this in like less than a month, which I have to say is a near superhuman feat. So, please, try not to torpedo it. Well, first and hopefully last crisis averted. Yeah. So… time to take your place and await your bride? Let’s do it. Josslyn: There you go! The finishing touch. Thank you so much, josslyn. Oh, I’m just glad you like it. E you kidding? I love it. I love it. Okay! Well, what do you think? Look, I know what I said about the bathrobe, and that’s true, but this dress… it’s a step up, right? It’s almost as stunning as the woman in it. Mm! Are you ready? I am. Let’s get married. Jax, stop it! Let go of me! Mike is still in there! Listen, I am not gonna let you go back in there. It’s too dangerous. I can help him! Please! No. No! Mike, get out of there, please! I know you can do it!

[ Echoing ] Please!

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Days Transcript Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Justin: This interview is over.

Rafe: Says who?

Justin: Says her attorney.

Bonnie: This is for real? Y-you’re gonna represent me?

Justin: You fired your other attorney, didn’t you?

Bonnie: Yes, but yesterday–

Justin: Yesterday I acted as judge and jury before you even had a trial. I wasn’t here then, but I’m here now.

Chloe: So you know it’s just you and me here right now right?

Nicole: Yes, I can see that.

Chloe: So you’re not gonna admit that you have feelings for rafe?

Nicole: Again, what is the point?

Chloe: The point is if it’s the truth. I mean, come on nicole what are you doing? Are you punishing yourself because you still feel guilty about cheating on erik?

Nicole: What are you, dr. Marlena evans now?

Chloe: Yes, I’m very wise, and I’m just trying to be your friend.

Nicole: Aww, you are my friend, but… he was my friend too. And there is no way I’m gonna make a play for her man.

Chloe: Who says that he’s her man?

Nicole: She does and she’s paranoid enough as it is.

Chloe: Are you concerned for your safety, you know, with her crazy history?

Nicole: No, no, that’S… that’s not what this is about. It’S… it’s about doing the right thing. And look, the difference between my situation and your situation is that when it comes to you and brady, philip does have a reason to be jealous.

Gabi: Look, brady, I understand. You don’t wanna cause trouble in your family by ratting philip out to your grandfather, but titan’s your legacy. Not just yours, but tate and rachel’s just like gabi chic is arianna’S.

Brady: Believe me… I think about that a lot. I do.

Gabi: Well, then if you truly agree that philip’s a threat to this company, then you owe it to your family to go to victor.

Philip: What the hell is going on here? Are you two plotting with brady behind my back?

Ciara: I would say that my favorite was the lobster po’boy.

Ben: Oh, I would have to go with creole turtle soup.

Ciara: Creole turtle soup. Wow. You know that’s really creepy.

Ben: It is, but if you tried it, you would’ve loved it.

Ciara: Okay. Well, you didn’t try my muffeletta sandwich.

Ben: That’s because I was too damn full on turtle soup. I’ve never been that stuffed with so much craziness in a bowl in my life.

Ciara: Uh-huh. Well, don’t worry. I think you’ll work it off. We both will work it off.

Ben: Definitely.

Ciara: Yeah. You know, baby…

Ben: Hmm.

Ciara: Being married to the love of my life and celebrating our honeymoon in new orleans and knowing that we have a whole future together with nothing stopping us… that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the room.

Ben: I love you…so much.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ciara: Plotting with brady against our boss? Why would we do that?

Jake: You know gabi and I are here putting brady on notice.

Philip: For what?

Jake: For putting that key logger on our computers.

Gabi: Mmm-hmm. We’ve been very clear that he’s not gonna get away with it.

Brady: You all are insane. I told you I didn’t do it, so if you excuse me, I have some work to do.

Philip: Oh, what kind of work?

Brady: Not that it’s any of your business, but it’s a very important project. Oh, and chloe is waiting for me.

Ciara: You know, I can’t believe how beautiful it is here. I’ve heard a lot about this place from my mom. This is where her and my dad and their love story kind of took off.

Ashleigh: [Ahem] Welcome to oak alley. May I help you?

Ciara: Yes, we came for a tour.

Ashleigh: I’m sorry. We just closed for the day. Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Bonnie: [Exhales] I guess I should start at the beginning.

Justin: Which is when?

Bonnie: Somewhere around 2003.

Justin: This goes back that far?

Bonnie: Remember the buddybucks scam?

Justin: If I remember correctly, buddies burger barn was running a promotion. Scratch off the winning ticket.

Bonnie: Win a million dollars.

Justin: Right, and buddy’s sales went through the roof, but there wasn’t a winner, right?

Bonnie: And I can tell you why. See, harrison lord, calista’s husband, he worked in buddy’s corporate.

Justin: Okay.

Bonnie: And one day he had this brilliant idea that he would keep the winning ticket for himself.

Justin: But he couldn’t cash it. In fact, it would have been illegal for him to even enter the contest. He was an employee.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. That’s where I came in. Winner, winner, beef for dinner? That’s the best you could do?

Harrison: Read the prize.

Bonnie: One comma… zero zero zero, comma, zero…

Harrison: You are holding a million buckaroos in that pretty little hand of yours.

Bonnie: This is worth a million dollars?

Harrison: Mm-hmm. Now, put it somewhere safe. Well, that’s not quite what I had in mind, but okay.

Bonnie: Now what?

Harrison: Well, now all you gotta do is walk into buddy’s burger barn and tell them you got some fries with a side of cash, and then bam, you are a millionaire.

Calista: No, half a millionaire. Remember we are splitting this payout, and I still think we should get a bigger cut.

Harrison: There’s no need to be greedy–we could not have done this without the lovely miss bonnie.

Bonnie: That’s really all I have to do?

Harrison: Well, I mean, you might have to do a little pr. “Oh, I can’t believe I’ve won. I never win anything.” Go ahead and try it. Let’s see.

Bonnie: Can’t believe I won. I never win anything.

Calista: That was terrible.

Harrison: I’ll–I’ll work on that.

Bonnie: I don’t know. This feels wrong.

Harrison: Hey, it’s–it’s easy money. You’re–you’re taking cash from a big corporation. They’re just gonna give it away anyway. No one gets hurt.

Bonnie: Except those people buying burgers hoping to win a prize.

Calista: I am losing confidence in this. I am not going to prison if she screws up.

Harrison: Sweetheart, why don’t you head on over to buddy’s and get us some burgers and fries? We’re gonna work on this monumental moment. We need some props.

Calista: I don’t eat red meat.

Harrison: Calista, food. Please. I’m gonna work on bonnie’s nerves.

Calista: Fine. Good luck with meryl streep here.

Bonnie: I don’t know, harrison.

Harrison: Hey, there is nothing to be worried about.

Bonnie: What if the police come sniffing around my house? Or what if they find out we’re related by marriage?

Harrison: David is out of the picture. We’re not related anymore, right?

Bonnie: I guess.

Harrison: Hey, hey. If anyone messes with you, let me know. I’ll handle it.

Justin: So lord planned the whole scam?

Bonnie: And then things took a turn.

Philip: I didn’t ask you to meet with brady.

Gabi: We hated that you accused us of spying on you. We could have lost our jobs. We wanted to prove to you that we didn’t do that.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. So we warned brady that if he didn’t back off, we were gonna go to the authorities.

Philip: What did he say when you accused him?

Jake: Like you heard. He denied everything.

Philip: That’s all?

Jake: Pretty much.

Gabi: Other than the stuff he said about chloe.

Philip: What about chloe?

Chloe: You think philip is justified in acting jealous?

Nicole: I think that philip knows you had feelings for brady. Feelings that you couldn’t act on because he was still with kristen.

Chloe: I told brady how I felt.

Nicole: Yeah. And then you moved on, and you told philip that you’d give him a chance, but now kristen is out of the picture and you’re not sure that you made the right choice.

Chloe: I didn’t say that.

Nicole: You didn’t have to. Chloe, come on, we all know that your feelings for brady haven’t gone away.

Brady: Hey. Am i interrupting? To be a thriver

Ciara: So there really is no way we can see the grounds today?

Ashleigh: I’m sorry. We’re past visiting hours.

Ciara: Oh, man, I guess we we just got caught up touring new orleans–we didn’t realize how late it was.

Ben: It’s all right. We can come back tomorrow.

Ciara: No, but baby we just drove an hour, and we have tickets to the voodoo museum tomorrow.

Ben: We can skip the voodoo museum. This is important to you. This is special.

Ashleigh: Oh, what brings you here?

Ciara: Well, we are on our honeymoon, but my parents actually came here a long time ago. This is where they first started falling in love. They even had a little symbolic ceremony here.

Ashleigh: Is that right?

Ciara: Yeah. Yeah, they always wanted to come back.

Ashleigh: They never did?

Ciara: No, no, they did not. My father passed away.

Ashleigh: I’m so sorry.

Ciara: It’s okay.

Ben: You know, maybe we should just get going. I thought I started to hear some thunder anyway.

Ashleigh: Wait, I’m not supposed to do this, but if you’d like, I can show you around a bit.

Ciara: Really?

Ashleigh: Sure, I’d like you to see what oak alley is all about today. Follow me.

Nicole: No, no, no. You’re–you’re not interrupting. I was just actually leaving for the day.

Chloe: You don’t have to do that–you don’t have to go.

Nicole: I will see you tomorrow. Bye.

Chloe: Okay, I don’t know what that was all about.

Brady: Maybe it was about you saying you had feelings for me or something.

Chloe: Is that what you heard?

Brady: I heard something like that, yeah.

Chloe: Actually, I was just telling nicole about the whole wilkes-barre mess with philip, and she just kind of drew her own conclusions.

Brady: So she was wrong?

Chloe: Well, she wasn’t wrong about everything. She does feel like philip has a valid point in feeling paranoid about someone putting spyware on his computer.

Brady: And I told philip that I had nothing to do with that.

Chloe: Yeah, of course you had to deny it in front of him, otherwise he would have lunged at you, but now there’s just you and me here. Come on, you can be honest. Did you do it, brady?

Brady: Chloe, you know, what if I did? You know, we’re business rivals, you know? All’s fair in love and… all’s fair in war.

Philip: How did chloe’s name even come up?

Gabi: When we accused brady of keylogging our computers, he asked where we got the idea.

Jake: Yeah, and we said we got it from you.

Gabi: Brady tried to turn it around. He claimed that you made him out to be the enemy because you’re threatened by his past relationship with chloe. He went on and on about how jealous you are of him, how she’s better off without you, and even–

Philip: Even what?

Gabi: It’s only a matter of time before chloe comes to her senses and dumps you.

Philip: So he’s just going around to random employees of mine telling them that my girlfriend’s gonna leave me for him?

Gabi: Maybe I misunderstood. Maybe he was just–

Philip: Jake, did she misunderstand?

Jake: Uh, no.

Bonnie: It was the worst day of my life, and given what happened yesterday is saying a lot.

Harrison: I know times have been tough ever since calista’s brother walked out on you. I just want you to know that I’M…I’m here for you in every way. You’re a beautiful woman, bonnie.

Bonnie: [Gasps] Your wife’s a beautiful woman.

Harrison: Well, of course, she is…and you kinda remind me of her, except you just have way more to offer.

Bonnie: I should go.

Harrison: You don’t get to make that decision.

Bonnie: What?

Harrison: I’m not gonna hand you half a mil in exchange for nothing–I’m gonna get what I paid for it.

Bonnie: I don’t want the money–I just wanna go. Stop it! Don’t–don’t you touch me.

Harrison: Come on.

Bonnie: Don’T. Don’t!

Harrison: You know you wanna do this–you know you want it. Just let it happen anyway– ooh! Ha ha ha! Okay, oh, this, now–okay. This is gonna be fun. Now, if you wanna play this, just make sure you unload it.

Bonnie: I ain’t playing. Don’t you touch me.

Harrison: And don’t you dare walk out on me. We had a deal!

Bonnie: The deal–


Calista: Well, I told them to make the fries extra crispy so–

Bonnie: Calista.

Calista: Oh, my god. Bonnie, what have you done? Hey!

Bonnie: He was dead. I killed him. I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Justin: Bonnie, it wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t your fault.

Bonnie: It’s just I was married to a man who beat me s-senseless almost every day, a-and when harrison touched me, I just said no more. No more. And I just–I had to do what i had to do to protect myself.

Calista: He is dead! You killed him!

Bonnie: I-I didn’t– he was trying to force himself on me.

Calista: Liar!

Bonnie: It’s true!

Calista: He would never betray me for the likes of you.

[Gasps] You wanted that ticket all for yourself, you greedy little bitch.

Bonnie: No!

Calista: Yes, you wanted the whole mil.

Bonnie: No, I didn’T. I just wanted to go.

Calista: You are not gonna get away with this, bonnie lockhart. I am calling the police, and you’re going to prison.

Bonnie: No, no. I can’T. No!

[Somber music]

I just…left in such a hurry, I didn’t even pick up the gun. I just got my car and sped home. And I kept waiting for her to come after me, but she never did.


Justin: So what did you do with the ticket?

Bonnie: Couldn’t cash it. It was blood money, you know? I mean, literally, it had blood all over it, so I just flushed it down the toilet… and I imagined my whole life going down the drain with it. And now it finally has.

Rafe: Nicole.

Nicole: Rafe.

Rafe: Hi.

Nicole: Hi. I, uh, I was just…going.

Rafe: Really? ‘Cause it looked like you were coming in.

Nicole: That’s what I meant. Ha. I’m assuming you’re just leaving.

Rafe: Yeah, I am. So we should not even say hello to each other anymore?

Nicole: We just did.

Rafe: Right.

Nicole: So see ya.

Rafe: Nicole, wait, wait. Okay, listen, there’s no need to run away. We live in a small town. We’re still friends, right?

Nicole: O-of course.

Rafe: Well, then I hope you’re not expecting us to avoid each other forever, because I’m not down with that.

Chloe: I told philip that if you are the one who put the malware on his computer that I would quit basic black and I would never speak to you ever again.

Brady: Damn. Oh, god, well, in that case, no I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it at all. Chloe, seriously. I didn’t do it. You do believe me, don’t you?

Chloe: I do.

Brady: Good. ‘Cause I don’t think that we could get along here without you.

Chloe: I’m sure this business would be fine. It was fine without me before so–

Brady: Then fine. I’m gonna revise my statement. I don’t think I could get along around here without you.

Philip: So what else did brady say about me?

Gabi: Oh, something about how you–you followed him and chloe to pennsylvania, burst in on them in a hotel room?

Philip: In bed. Did he mention that part?

Gabi: They were in bed together?

Philip: They said there was only one room left but–

Gabi: It sounds convenient.

Jake: You know, more like he planned it.

Philip: Exactly.

Gabi: Philip, maybe–maybe you’ve got this all wrong.

Philip: Do you honestly believe that after what you’ve seen from brady? What he’s trying to do to the company? To me? That’s what I thought. Thank you for the info. I’ve gotta go.

Gabi: Now that is what I call teamwork.

[Both laughing]

Jake: Hey, oh! People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Ciara: Wow. Walking around oak alley was… a lot different than from what I expected.

Ashleigh: You were disappointed?

Ciara: Oh, no. No, not at all. It’s just…in my mind it was always about my parents’ history here, and I really thought about the actual history of this place you know?

Ben: Or how it connects to the history of our country.

Ashleigh: Well, the plantation grounds hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. The way we look at our history has. Not to take away from anything from your parents’ experience here, but to put it in perspective.

Ciara: Yeah, you know I’ve heard some old stories about the french mysterious colonizers who came here, planted a bunch of oak trees and gave this place its name.

Ashleigh: A very romantic story. Much more romantic than the truth that the trees were planted by slaves. The same slaves who built the plantation house.

Ben: It’s powerful to see all their names listed like that in the database.

Ashleigh: Mm-hmm. I’ve been working here for two years and it gets to me every single day. Imagining the lives of my ancestors, what they went through. But I’m grateful we’re able to remember them and to give visitors a more accurate picture of what this place used to be. As we say, in order to move forward, we have to reckon with our past. If something’s built on ugliness and violence, then it’s always gonna be there beneath the surface and we can’t ignore it.

Nicole: Of course, we don’t have to avoid each other forever but it’s only been what… two days?

Rafe: I don’t know, and this whole thing’s your idea.

Nicole: I am just trying to make things easier for you and ava.

Rafe: Okay. Thank you. Listen, I know that ava has had some problems with jealousy, but at some point, she has to accept the fact that I have friends and some of them are female.

Nicole: It’s not that simple.

Rafe: Okay, why not?

Nicole: Because you don’t have… feelings for your other friends like you do for me.

Justin: Some water?

Bonnie: Thank you.

Justin: So you didn’t see calista again.

Bonnie: Not for years. I guess she and harrison had committed so many crimes she figured she’d get busted if she called the cops on me. Anyway, she left town, and I kept… kept looking over my shoulder, you know, just waiting. And then one day the– the cops finally did come knocking on my door. ‘Cept it was because they found my husband, dan, in my backyard.

Justin: And that’s when you went to statesville?

Bonnie: I know how awful this sounds. Three dead bodies because of me. And you know what I did to adrienne. How I hurt her just so I could break out. And you. You–you forgave so much and I–I let you down. I’m sorry.

Justin: Bonnie, tell me what happened this week.

Bonnie: I guess calista heard I was marrying rich, and she thought she could get her million dollars, you know, that she believed I owed her. So four days ago she just showed up out of the blue.

Justin: So when you told me that she was invited or you invited her–

Bonnie: That was a lie. I’m–I’m sorry. I just–I really thought if you knew the truth that you’d be obligated to turn me in.

Justin: Okay, so what was calista’s plan?

Bonnie: She’d brought harrison’s gun.

Justin: The one you shot him with?

Bonnie: She said my fingerprints were all over it and if I didn’t get her her money, she was gonna take it to the police. Justin, she wanted me to– she wanted me to drain your bank account, but I wouldn’t do that. I’d rather die.

Justin: So you stole a million dollars from my cousin xander instead?

Bonnie: I just figured it was dirty money anyway.

Justin: Why didn’t you just come to me?

Justin: I couldn’t make you pay for my past sins. When calista went to stay at salem inn, she overheard ej and xander talk about how xander had a million dollars cash in his briefcase. She said it was fate, that I had to steal it for her or else.

Justin: So you did?

Bonnie: I didn’t think I had a choice. To do toave to save my future with you.

Justin: Did you give calista the money?>> Bonnie: I did… but it turns out she wanted more. She wanted revenge. She pulled out harrison’s gun, took a pillow from the bed to use as a silencer.

Justin: Oh, my god.

Bonnie: I swear…

Justin: Bonnie.

Bonnie: I just–I saw my life pass before my eyes, so I just grabbed the gun and just– it just–it just went off. You know the rest.

Justin: She died.

Bonnie: In our bedroom.

Justin: It was an accident. You were trying to defend yourself.

Bonnie: Yes.

Justin: Just like harrison.

Bonnie: Yes.

Justin: So that’s the whole story. That’s everything?

Bonnie: You don’t believe me, do you? Truthfully, it’s frustrating to see how fast dust reappears.

Bonnie: Justin, do you believe me?

Justin: Yes, I do. I believe you, bonnie.

Bonnie: You still wanna defend me now that you know everything?

Justin: Yes. Yes, I’d like to defend you.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thank you!

Justin: But I won’t lie to you. This is going to be a tough road now that you’ve admitted to killing calista, harrison lord, and your husband.

Bonnie: Oh, hang on. I did not admit to killing my husband. ‘Cause I didn’t do it.

Gabi: I cannot believe how perfectly that worked out.

Jake: Yeah, you were incredible.

Gabi: Thank you. I’m very good at this.

Jake: Gotta be honest. It was a little scary.

Gabi: Well, just make sure you’re on my good side, and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Jake: Right. So now what?

Gabi: Well, now we circle back with brady and make sure he’s gonna talk to victor about kicking philip out of titan.

Jake: Yeah, you seem pretty convinced.

Gabi: It sounds like you’re a little worried.

Jake: You know, what if it– what if it backfires? What if victor names brady ceo instead of us?

Gabi: No, no. They have tried that a million times. It always–it doesn’t work out, okay? They’re too different. Victor needs somebody like us. This is gonna work.

Jake: Well, you’re the expert.

Gabi: Yes, I am and we’ve managed to light a fire under philip. He’s more jealous than ever.

Jake: Oh, the guy seemed like he was ready to pop, but I gotta say I don’t think he’s crazy for thinking brady’s trying to move in on his woman.

Gabi: No, no, no no. It’s definitely real, which is why it was so easy. Philip is this close to the edge and when he implodes, titan will be all ours.

Brady: I hope you know how much I think about your business acumen and your projections and your singular persuasive abilities, chloe.

Chloe: Is this an employee evaluation?

Brady: [Laughs] No. It’s a fancy way of saying I like having you around. You make the business better. You make everything better.

Philip: You again.

Brady: I work here, philip.

Chloe: Hey, what are you– what are you doing here?

Philip: Well, you said you were too busy for lunch. Now you’re just here shooting the breeze with the guy who told gabi and jake… he’d do anything to win you back.

Rafe: What makes you think that I have feelings for you?

Nicole: Never mind.

Rafe: No, no. I wanna know. Where did you hear that?

Nicole: Ava told me that you admitted it to her.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: I’m so sorry– I shouldn’t have said it like that.

Rafe: No, look. Look–

Nicole: You don’t have to explain.

Rafe: No, I want to, okay? Listen, you and eric, you were having problems and you leaned on me as a friend and hope had just left, and, yeah, a part of me developed feelings for you.

Nicole: Which part?

Rafe: You were married to eric. I wasn’t gonna go anywhere, and so…I didn’t pursue it.

Nicole: And now?

Rafe: Now…now I’m with ava. So, yeah, that’s the end of it. It’s not like you had those feelings for me, right? My nunormal?

Justin: So you didn’t kill david?

Bonnie: You’re officially my lawyer, right? Meaning everything I say is confidential, right?

Justin: Of course.

Bonnie: Okay. Like, I said david made my life a living hell and patrick’s, connor’S… mimi’S. And one day, she just snapped.

Justin: Mimi?

Bonnie: My little girl had had enough abuse.

Justin: So your daughter was the one who killed him?

Bonnie: Hit him with a fireplace poker. But I couldn’t let my little girl go to prison. She had her whole life ahead of her, and it wasn’t her fault that married that monster, you know?

Justin: So you took the rap for your daughter. You spent all those years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit.

Bonnie: But you can never say that in court. No one, justin, seriously, no one can ever know. I just wanted you to know the truth. The whole truth, finally.

Justin: Bonnie. Bonnie. The person with a big enough heart to do that for her daughter… that’s the person I love.

Bonnie: Love? Still?

Justin: Yes, I love you. And yes this is gonna be a hard fight in court, but after this is over, I still intend to marry you.

Bonnie: Oh, god, justin.

[Both laugh]

Jake: So how about we grab ourselves a treat and celebrate our success?

Gabi: What did you have in mind?

Jake: I heard there’s some pretty great jelly donuts at that new bakery. What?

Gabi: That was supposed to be my store. They stole it right from under me.

Jake: Oh, right. Does that mean we still can’t get donuts?

Gabi: I don’t care how sweet their bits are–we’re not gonna give them a dime. Besides, I see some other sweet bits right in front of me that I’d like to take home with me.

Jake: Okay, well, when you put it that way…

Brady: Jake and gabi said what?

Philip: That you went on and on about how chloe is gonna leave me and how she’s better off with you.

Chloe: Brady?

Brady: I didn’t say that.

Philip: You didn’t talk to them about me?

Brady: I’ll tell you what we talked about. They came to talk to me about this keylogger incident. And, yes, philip, I told them I’m tired of your petty insecurities and your jealousy and I think you’re a paranoid maniac–you’re not exactly proving me wrong here.

Philip: You don’t think this is suspicious?

Brady: All right, philip, I’m done. You have fun together. Enjoy. See you tomorrow.

Chloe: Okay, you can stop marking your territory now.

Philip: I am sorry. He just pushes my buttons to make me look like a jerk to you.

Chloe: You can just ignore it.

Philip: I can’t let him badmouth me behind my back to my employees. You understand that, right?

Chloe: Of course, I do.

Philip: Good. I just don’t wanna lose you. You mean too much to me.

Nicole: You are with ava now…

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: And whatever feelings were there–well, it’s over. I’ve moved on, and this conversation is going on way longer than I intended so–

Rafe: Nicole.

[Soft music]


Nicole: I really…I’m gonna get some coffee.

Ciara: Are you okay, babe?

Ben: Yeah, I’m okay.

Ashleigh: Is something wrong?

Ben: No, no, no, I’m good. I’m just–I’m just tired.

Ciara: Yeah. This has been a very affecting experience for the both of us. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to show us around. We really, really appreciate it.

Ben: Yes, thank you.

Ashleigh: My pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.

Ciara: Yeah, we will. Thank you. Bye.

Ciara: Well, that was… emotional.

Ben: Yeah.

Ciara: Hey, babe. How about we go back down to the city tonight, maybe walk around the french quarter, try to find more of that delicious, delicious new orleans food?

Ben: Sounds good.

Ciara: Yeah?

Ben: Yeah.

Ciara: Good.

Ben: We really should probably get a move on, though. Feels like a storm’s coming.

Ciara: Yeah.

[Dramatic music]

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Eric: I know how she feels about me. And I know how she feels about you. I think that we should encourage that. The night is yours if you want. Good morning. We should talk about last night.

Quinn: I would rather talk about you. Do you have any appointments with your doctors coming up?

Eric: Quinn, darling, I’ve been seeing doctors for quite some time now and it hasn’t helped.

Quinn: You can’t give up, eric.

Eric: I’m being realistic. And I think you should be too, about your needs.

Ridge: I know that look. You’re thinking about her, aren’t you?

Carter: Her?

Ridge: Zoe. She’s killing it over there in paris. You saw this, right?

Carter: Yeah. I did see it and I’m happy for her. I wish zoe all the best.

Ridge: Any regrets?

Carter: Yeah. Yeah, I have regrets. About a lot of things.

Steffy: I’m so glad we’re finally doing this.

Finn: A beach day with the whole gang? What could be better?

Liam: Yeah, I’m not so sure amelia would sign off on that. I think she’s got her hands full with douglas, beth and kelly. Although, that is a sweet sandcastle.

Finn: Castles. You hear that, little man? You ready to go join the fun?

Steffy: You think he needs a diaper change first?

Liam: Who are we talking about here, hayes or finn?

Hope: Oh my gosh.

Finn: And they say I tell the lame jokes.

Steffy: Well, you both do.

[ Laughing ]

Steffy: Let’s hope that doesn’t rub off on you because we only need one comedian in the house.

Liam: Just one. Just one.

Hope: He’s so cute. Liam and I, we’re so happy for your family. Right little guy? Yeah.

Finn: Nothing better than being a new dad.

Steffy: Unless it’s being a new mom.

Hope: Mmm. Yeah. I think I could have 20 more.

Liam: What? What? A little ambitious, don’t you think?

Finn: Whoa, okay, yes. I think you’re mom is right.

Steffy: Told you.

Finn: Let’s get you cleaned up, you little stinker. Let’s make this quick.

[ Laughing ]

Hope: It really is wonderful seeing you so happy and at peace.

Ridge: Many regrets. Wanna explain that?

Carter: What’s to explain, ridge? We all have regrets, right? About something.

Ridge: Or someone?

Carter: Is there a reason you needed to see me?

Ridge: Yeah, um, wanted to see if you had talked to dad, see if he has a proposition for you. What–what are you doing? What is this? What’s going on with you?

Quinn: Can I get you something for breakfast? Would you like pancakes or french toast? What’s your pleasure?

Eric: I’m looking at her. Except I can’t be the husband that she deserves.

Quinn: Stop saying that, okay? You’re everything I need.

Eric: Not everything. I can’t be your lover.

Quinn: Eric, that will change.

Eric: No, we both know it won’T. All right, look, I’ll say it one more time. And then I’ll drop it. Your sex life does not have to be over just because mine is. I’m going into the office. I’ll see you there later. I love you, quinn.

Quinn: I love you, too. In this ad pay attention to the actor’s gums.

Hope: Sunscreen. Is there anything else that we are missing?

Finn: I can’t believe it. Hayes, he passed out right on the changing table. He’s out cold.

Hope: That’s fine. We can chill here for a bit.

Liam: Works for me. I’m out of breath anyway.

Finn: Okay, what do you guys wanna talk about? Do you wanna swap baby stories? We’ve got a ton of them.

Steffy: You can tell he’s a proud papa.

Finn: And very happy husband.

Hope: Aw, that’s so great. And you deserve it, especially after…

Finn: Uh, no, it’s okay. You can say it. Especially after what happened at the wedding reception. And since… I won’t lie. Steffy and I, we’ve had our challenges these past few weeks, but don’t all marriages?

Steffy: Yeah, but nothing really compares to the challenges sheila presents.

Liam: Presents? Like presents currently? I thought she left town.

Steffy: Uh, yeah, so did we. But she, um, she came back. And then she “collapsed” when she didn’t get what she wanted. Yeah, I think it was just a desperate ploy to attach herself to finn and hayes, but it didn’t work, did it?

Eric: There’s a welcome sight.

[ Chuckling ]

Ridge: About to say the same. You finally got here, huh?

Eric: I can come in here any time I like. This is my building. My desk. My drawing table. Everything’s mine here.

Ridge: Yeah, they’re your pens. What are you, five? Yes, this is all yours. Also, this is yours and it needs your signature, so whenever you have a moment.

Eric: Put that on my desk.

Ridge: Wow.

Eric: I see you’re busy at it yourself this morning.

Ridge: Yeah, no, I got here on time, started working and got some things done. Yeah, that’s what I did.

Eric: Good.

Ridge: And, um, I talked to carter… about this proposal. I’m not sure, dad. It, uh, sounds a little strange to me. And I feel it’s a big price to pay.

Eric: Oh, you mean–

Ridge: No, like you said, it’s your shop, it’s all good and in the end–

Eric: No, no, you’re talking about the berlin boutique acquisition, right?

Ridge: What else would I be talking about?

Eric: So what about it?

Ridge: What is wrong with you today? Why are you so fuzzy and weird? You just tired from reconnecting with quinn last night and this morning?

Eric: You know what, I am determined to give quinn the life that she… that she deserves.

Eric: I know how the two of you feel about each other. I do. I think that we should encourage that.

Quinn: Encourage it?

Carter: I miss you so much. I miss every inch of you. I miss kissing you, I miss touching you. I miss making love to you. I think about you all the time.

Quinn: Carter. I had to see you. We need to talk about what happened last night. On the outside, I looked fine.

Finn: And I have to admit to being conflicted. For years, I imagined what it would be like to meet my birth mother. Just– the thing is, I never imagined it being someone like sheila.

Liam: Yeah, so how did you end things with her?

Hope: Yeah, is she still in the hospital?

Steffy: No, no. The doctors ran tests but they couldn’t find anything. I’m not surprised.

Liam: So she’s discharged.

Steffy: Yeah, but finn made it very to clear to her she couldn’t be in his life of hayes’.

Finn: Couldn’t have sheila continuing to disrupt my family, no matter how much she claims she loves and cares about me.

Hope: Well, do you think she will actually stay away?

Steffy: I know what you’re thinking. You’re worried about kelly.

Liam: Yes, I’ve mentioned that before but I also realize it’s finn and hayes sheila’s obsessed with, right? I just wouldn’t want kelly around that–

Steffy: Everything’s gonna be fine. Nothing’s gonna happen to her.

Liam: Okay, yeah.

Steffy: Finn and I will see to that.

Hope: Also, just so you know, the kids are always, always welcome to stay with us until you feel totally comfortable and sure that sheila will stay away.

Steffy: I’m not certain we could ever be absolutely sure, you know, given sheila’s track record. If she senses weakness, she’s gonna take advantage. That’s why finn had to put his foot down. Leave no doubt in sheila’s mind that this is the end of the road.

Liam: Hey, sounds like you didn’t mince words.

Steffy: I’m just gonna make sure sheila does not come near me or my family ever again.

Ridge: Well, that’s nothing new, is it? Same, same story over and over again. What do you wanna do for quinn? You want her to be happy, give her the life she deserves. Whatever. What about you? What about your happiness? Are you happy that she’s back?

Eric: Why wouldn’t i be happy, ridge?

Ridge: I don’t know. No, I do know. Because five minutes ago– no, two minutes ago, you were upset that your wife had an affair with somebody else and you wanted her gone and now, she’s back. No explanation. She’s back.

Eric: Ridge, I have explained it. I’ve explained it to you and brooke over and over again.

Ridge: I know you think that, but dad, all you did was tell us that quinn is back. You put that ugly portrait back over the fireplace and there she was at the dinner table. That’s all you did. Dad, I don’t wanna fight with you. We love you. Everybody loves you. I want you to be happy and healthy and I want you to have a partner that is there for you, that doesn’t disappoint you or betray you.

Eric: I don’t wanna go there again with you. I don’t wanna do this.

Ridge: I have questions. You need to help me. I know what happened in your marriage. I know. And I don’t understand what happened after that. And you’re reluctant to talk about it. So this is it? This is what you want? You want that woman in your life for the rest of your life?

Eric: This woman would not be in my life right now if that’s not what I wanted.

Ridge: This woman that you want in your life so badly had an affair with someone. Have you forgotten about their little relationship?

Eric: No, I have not. I’ve not forgotten about the relationship she had with carter. I haven’t and I won’T.

Quinn: I know we agreed that we wouldn’t talk about what happened or what didn’t happen, but eric’s attitude hasn’t changed.

Carter: You talked to him about it?

Quinn: Yes, of course. I talked to him about it last night after you left. I went upstairs, he wasn’t asleep. He wanted to know whether we, you know, did it and I said no. We didn’T. We couldn’T.

Carter: How’d he react?

Quinn: I couldn’t tell whether he was relieved or not. Doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Finn: Okay. Let’s put a moratorium on all things sheila. At least for now. Drop the topic. Today’s supposed to be about our families, right? Having a good day at the beach?

Steffy: Yes. And once hayes wakes up, we’re going to kick everything into high gear.

Hope: All right, sounds like a plan.

Liam: Yeah, for sure. Actually, before that happens, can I just say one thing? I just really admire the way that you guys have been handling this. Obviously, it’s really stressful. Obviously, it’s not the kind of thing you wanna be dealing with the first, what, three weeks of marriage. But what’s obvious is how you guys have come through on the other side of this, right, which is stronger and more in love than ever. And I think what that says is that this thing that you two have with each other is more powerful that any adversity that you’re gonna face and that includes sheila. And sorry, I didn’t wanna make a whole speech. I just wanted to say that.

Finn: I couldn’t have said it better. If it wasn’t for this remarkable woman, this amazing wife and mother. Steffy’s my rock, my family’s rock. She’s fearless and fierce and… I’ve never loved anyone the way I love her.

Ridge: Put that down for a second please. If you haven’t forgotten about quinn and carter, how can you have that woman back in your house? Back in your bed?

Eric: Ridge, ridge… I’ve tried to explain this to you and brooke. Look, it’S… it’s complicated. It’s very complicated. There’s a lot you don’t know. There’s a lot you don’t understand.

Ridge: I know there is. Explain it to me. What is it? Is quinn holding something over you?

Eric: No. No, no, of course not.

Ridge: Dad… I love you so much. If there’s something going on, if you want to open up to anyone, let it be me. Is there something I should know?

Carter: We need to figure this out.

Quinn: It’s all I’ve been thinking about since last night.

Carter: Yeah, me too. For eric to suggest this–

Quinn: Oh, come on. It’s more than suggesting. He wants you and me to be together because he can’T.

Carter: Because he loves you so damn much.

Quinn: This whole thing has me so conflicted and confused.

Carter: Me too.

Quinn: Eric doesn’t want me to live a life without passion and desire. He knows how much that physical connection is important to me. But I told him I would forego all of that just, you know, to be with him, to be his wife because it’s enough. And it is.

Carter: Is it?

Quinn: I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, I keep telling myself that it is. Carter, I mean, I can be honest with you. What we shared, what eric is giving us permission to do, we can’t possibly do what my husband is asking… can we?

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