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Phyllis: Party for the bride and groom without the mother of the bride. She’s here.

Summer: Mom, please, just let us explain.

Phyllis: And — and he’s here.

[ Breathes deeply ] Is this why you ran out of the coffeehouse so quickly? You just needed to ditch me to get to the party?

Summer: No, kyle and I had no idea that this is what noah was planning.

Noah: We never planned on excluding you from any of this. You were always going to be invited.

Phyllis: Yeah, just, um — it’s fine. Just — just second on the list. That’s all.

Noah: We never thought about first or second. We didn’t think that it mattered, okay? It’s supposed to be a happy celebration for kyle and summer. As the host, I take full responsibility for messing this up. Can you forgive me?

Nate: [ Sighs ] Hey there.

Elena: Hey. What’s all this?

Nate: Just some drinks before dinner. I have a pot of bolognese simmering in the kitchen.

Elena: Okay.

Nate: Do you want to take a hot shower before dinner? Or I can bring out our appetizers. It’s burrata with heirloom tomatoes.

Elena: That sounds delicious, and this place looks amazing, but if this is your attempt at trying to get me to forget about your plan for corporate espionage against your own family, or trying to convince me to jump on board, it’s going to take a lot more than champagne and flowers.

Lily: I cannot tell you how happy I am that everything worked out with nate.

Billy: I am, too. I think it’s great, and I’m a little surprised he showed up hat in hand with an apology, as well.

Lily: I mean, that took a lot for him to swallow his pride like that, admitting that he overstepped.

Billy: And you met him halfway. I think we appreciate the two of you reaching an understanding.

Devon: Yeah, no, I’m happy that we did, too, ’cause I meant what I said, that I wanted to put this conflict behind us ’cause this constant back and forth isn’t good for us or the company. And I also agree with your suggestion to give him more opportunities to prove that his ideas will work.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, it’s the only way to move forward.

Billy: Yeah, see his ideas in action instead of in a pitch deck.

Devon: And then we will see if the ideas actually do work.

Billy: You’re not saying you’re setting him up for failure, are you?

Victor: By the way, I heard from your mother. Apparently, she met with this deacon sharpe character.

Victoria: Thank you. How did it go?

Victor: Well, she didn’t elaborate, but she hinted that she learned some details about diana jenkins’ life in los angeles.

Victoria: Well, all I know is that I’ll feel a lot better when mom’s home and there were thousands of miles between her and deacon sharpe.

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: In the meantime, can I run something business-related past you?

Victor: Sure. Go ahead.

Victoria: I’d like newman to become the majority shareholder of chancellor-winters.

[Sfx: Stomach gurgling]

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provided by…

Devon: Yeah, no, billy, I would never intentionally set somebody up to fail, especially at my own company. I’m just — I’m agreeing to do what everyone’s urged me to do, and that’s let nate run with some of his ideas despite my reservations and see if they’ll work.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Lily: Is there a problem?

Billy: No, it’s chelsea. She wants to meet for a drink to talk about something, but I’ll just — I can tell her I’m in the middle of something.

Lily: No, it’s fine. Honestly, you should just go. She might have rethought the idea of doing the podcast solo, and I think we need all the content that we can get. We should be firing on all cylinders if and when we go public. So I’ll meet you at home. We have everything under control here.

Billy: Okay. I will do that and I will talk to chelsea and it’ll give you time to talk about going public face-to-face. See you later.

Devon: Ooh.

Lily: Should we do what he suggested?

Devon: I am a little talked out on the subject.

Lily: Yeah, I’m sure. I know we’ve been so focused on chancellor-winters that we haven’t gotten to talk about anything personal. How is amanda doing? I heard that naya’s husband collapsed from exhaustion? Is he okay?

Devon: Yeah, yeah, he’s doing better, but just created a whole lot of stress for amanda. I’m supposed to fly out and spend some time with her this weekend. But I wish there was more that I could do to support her and the family. I feel like I’ve been neglecting her a lot lately. Which is another reason why all this unnecessary back-and-forth energy with nate has gotten to me ’cause I should be and I could be focused on amanda.

Nate: You’ll be happy to know I had a very good conversation with devon and lily today. It was very healing. I made amends with my family, and I’m going to stay on at chancellor-winters.

Elena: Okay. Well, that’s a 180. How exactly did that happen?

Nate: I admitted that I let my anger and pride get in the way of the big picture.

Elena: Uh-huh. But you did that with an agenda in mind, didn’t you? Because staying on with the company is part of your plan. Are you still working with victoria as her man on the inside, or have you rethought that?

Nate: I’m still going ahead with my original idea, but I hope you can believe that this will ultimately be the best move for everyone involved as well as for chancellor-winters. I’m going to use this public offering and victoria’s purchase of the majority stake to unify my family.

Elena: You’re going to have to explain that.

Nick: Phyllis, tell my boy you forgive him.

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ] I forgive you.

Mariah: Okay, everybody, who’s ready to dance?

Phyllis: I’m not. I’m not ready to dance.

Mariah: Nick. Nick, come on. I always count on you to — to bust a move.

Nick: No, let me go check on summer.

Mariah: Okay. [ Chuckles ]

Jack: The place looks great,

Allie: Doesn’t it? Champagne, anyone?

Diane: The decor is amazing. Everything fits. Except for one thing that’s sticking out like a sore thumb.

Kyle: Mom.

Diane: I’m sorry, but it’s hard not to notice her big, pouty face. It’s like she’s about to throw a tantrum.

Traci: Maybe we will all behave ourselves today.

Summer: Dad, I just don’t know what to do anymore. Will you please go talk to her?

Nick: Yeah.

Summer: Thank you.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: [ Sniffles ]

Nick: Can I talk to you for a minute? Look, I get it. The last person you want to see right now is diane. I don’t blame you.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] I’m spinning out. I lost my job at marchetti because of her. A job that I loved. I got to work with our daughter.

Nick: What happened?

Phyllis: She happened. She lost her mind, and I got punished for it.

Nick: Alright, I need you to just take a breath for a minute. I need you to leave it alone for tonight, okay? It’s about them. Noah put in all this work. Kyle and summer deserve to enjoy their party. Phyllis, come on. Don’t ruin that. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Victoria: It seems that nate is frustrated with the current leadership style at chancellor-winters. So he came to me and told me that he’s looking for a change. He was fishing around for opportunities at newman. I told him I would keep him in mind now that we’ve made all of these new acquisitions.

Victor: Huh. Well, he would be good to have on the team. But why in the world would he give up so easily on his family business?

Victoria: He’s not giving up. In fact, nate told me that chancellor-winters is planning to go public soon. He offered himself as my inside man, that he would feed me information and that he would sell his shares to newman so that we could have the majority stake.

Victor: And why would he do that?

Victoria: Because I agreed to put him in charge once newman has control.

Victor: I think he’s playing a very risky game, you know. What if the situation at chancellor-winters implodes and they go after nate? You said something earlier about him being willing to give you some inside information. You know what that means, don’t you? That’s called insider trading. That can have enormous legal ramifications.

Victoria: But when do we ever shy away from a risk?

Victor: You’re tough, like your father. I love it. So let’s do it.

Chelsea: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Thanks for coming to meet me.

Billy: Yeah, of course. I was in lily’s office when I got your text. She encouraged me to come. We’re both hoping that you are reconsidering doing the podcast solo.

Chelsea: You don’t need to name-check lily to make it clear you’re only here about work. I promise not to misread the situation, make you the target of any unwanted displays of affection.

Billy: Fair enough.

Chelsea: But I should apologize if I lured you here under false hope. I still don’t have any interest in doing the podcast by myself.

Billy: [ Clicks tongue ] Okay. What would you like to talk about?

Chelsea: Well, I wanted to thank you for letting me spend time with johnny at the pool the other day. Connor had a blast.

Billy: Yeah, no, it was great. They had a great time. I mean, they’re cousins, right? They get along really well. It was really nice to see johnny talking about video games with someone besides katie. She doesn’t really put up with him. She kind of covers her ears and runs away.

Chelsea: Connor would be glad to go toe-to-toe with him any day. Um…

[ Sighs ] I don’t want to mince words.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: The hangout the other day was such a success, I think it’s time we told johnny and connor they’re more than just cousins.

Kyle: You think you made some headway with your mom?

Summer: [ Sighs ] I don’t know. But, honestly, right now, I would like nothing more than to just forget about our mothers and enjoy this night.

Phyllis: Hey, everyone, everyone, I want to make a toast. As the mother of the bride….

Diane: Ugh, here we go.

Phyllis: …I’d like to make a toast. So I want everyone to know that diane and i are perfectly capable of being in the same room together. Isn’t that right, diane?

Diane: Oh, of course.

Phyllis: Cheers.

Diane: Yeah, cheers.

Phyllis: Cheers. And this is an incredible party, noah, this is beautiful, what you’ve done. I wish I still owned the grand phoenix. I really do. I mean, this place will be a huge hit.

Noah: Thank you.

Phyllis: Yeah, and I —

[ Sighs ] I want to thank you for including me in this party. So let’s toast to one of the best couples I know, my daughter, summer, and kyle. Cheers.

Jack: Summer and kyle.

Together: Cheers.

Phyllis: Yeah. Hey, let’s party. Okay?

Noah: Yeah.

Charli xcx: ‘Cause you’re everything I’ve spent my whole life fightin’

so when I walk away, it’s not your fault

I always let the good ones go

and, baby, you couldn’t

Nate: I know when i originally defended this idea to you, some of my bitterness and anger with devon came through.

Elena: Some of it, nate? All of it did. And you couldn’t hide it, which is what was so concerning. Coming at anything with that much heightened emotion, it can cause a lot of damage.

Nate: I promise you, I’m not being driven by revenge. What’s fueling me is my desire to prove what chancellor-winters can become under my leadership.

Elena: Don’t you think devon and lily will feel blindsided?

Nate: Yes, at first. But I plan to be the opposite of what devon was as a leader. I am willing to embrace his input as well as lily and billy’s, too, to show how all four of us can collaborate and to create something amazing.

Find nutrients.

Find energy.

Lily: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I know that amanda can feel your love and support, and she’ll really appreciate you visiting.

Devon: Yeah, I hope so. And it will be nice to have some one-on-one time without the pressures of work, you know?

Lily: So, listen, I think that we should talk about taking the company public, because I want you to be as excited as I am of the opportunities that this could afford us, you know, and the kind of things that we could bring to fruition.

Devon: Yeah, I know that you want me to be as excited as you are, and I wish that I was ’cause you made a great pitch, and I know that jill certainly thinks that it’s the right thing to do, but I still have a lot of concerns about it. And the biggest concern is losing control of our family business that neil and I worked very hard to build and then strengthened by joining up with you.

Lily: Yeah, look, I agree with you. I have the same concern. But, you know, we’ve identified the potential problem, and I think that we can structure the ipo in a way where we maintain 51% of the shares. So that way we have the final say on everything.

Devon: Well, let me tell you, that would be the only way that I would agree is if it was for sure that no one could override our decisions. You know?

Lily: See, this is why you and I make a great team, right? We can have opposing points of view, but then we can have a consensus. So do we have one?

Devon: Because I trust you so much, and I know that you just want to see this company succeed as much as I do, if you really think this is the best course of action, then, yeah, I’m on board.

Lily: Yes.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nate: I really need you with me on this. Your support, your love, to know that you understand where I’m coming from and why.

Elena: I want to believe in you, and I want to believe that this can work. I can feel how passionate you are about it and I understand that you think this is the right thing to do and I’m your partner. I want to be able to support you.

Nate: Okay, can I just stop you there? ‘Cause that’s all I need to hear, that the woman I love has my back. I can risk angering my family to get to my ultimate goal, but I cannot risk losing you.

Billy: Look, chelsea, both victoria and i feel like this is not the best time to talk to johnny about you. I’m sure you can appreciate. Look, as much as I am glad that ashland locke is not in johnny’s life any more or victoria’s, victoria did an amazing job protecting him from everything that ashland was. In johnny’s life, he is dealing with the loss of his stepfather.

Chelsea: I understand. I do. But I think johnny will consider this great news. I mean, he has a brother. How cool is that?

Billy: I get it. And it is. It’s just there’s a lot to this.

Chelsea: It’s a complicated situation.

Billy: Yes.

Chelsea: And, look, I’m grateful that victoria has already explained to johnny that he’s adopted, but he’s getting older. He’s going to wonder about his biological mom. Why not get ahead of the questions — who she is, where she is, why she’s not the person raising him?

Billy: Well, to be honest, he’s already had those questions, and we’ve done our best to avoid them at this point.

Chelsea: Because you don’t want to lie to him.

Billy: Look, you make good points, okay? I’ve said that before, but it’s not just up to me or you. This is an important decision for victoria.

Chelsea: Which is why, when you mentioned that when I first broached the topic with you, I went directly to her. But, billy, I have to know, when do you intend to get victoria on board?

Mariah: Alright, excuse me, everybody. Hi, guys. Sorry. Sorry. Alright. So most of you know that this was supposed to be a double surprise. First, the vow renewal that kyle hatched for summer, and then this party planned by noah. So I thought it would be an appropriate time to announce my surprise. Kyle did me a favor, and so I want to return it by appointing myself best person and giving a speech.

[ Laughter ]

Nick: I did not know we could just appoint ourselves things. If that’s the case, I’ll appoint myself king of the dance floor.

Mariah: Oh, yes. I don’t think anybody would dispute that. And, by the way, I’m just kidding about the best person thing. I’m sure that you would rather have harrison or jack. So this is the speech that I would give, as one of kyle’s best friends. You know, I, for one, am thrilled that kyle and summer are renewing their vows. As someone who recently married the love of my life, I know how meaningful it is to have your dearest friends and family bear witness. So to kyle, I am so proud of the man, the husband, and the father that you have become. And to summer [Chuckles] I am truly, truly happy for both of you. I look forward to not only working alongside, but raising our families together for years to come. To summer and kyle.

Together: Summer and kyle. Psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Mariah: Oh.

Noah: Alright, well, I’d like to thank everyone for coming out to be a part of this. You know, for me, it’s kind of like killing two birds with one stone, ’cause, on one hand, I get to have a soft open for my new club, and on the other, I get to score some solid big-brother points for throwing this little soiree for the bride and groom.

[ Laughter ]

Nick: My boy’s always thinking.

Noah: Another reason that i wanted to have this party was ’cause it gave me a second chance at my brother-of-the-bride speech. Now, I realize that the first one I gave at your wedding in milan, it… well, it didn’t adequately describe the incredible woman that you’ve become. Yeah, maybe that’s ’cause I was too far away when you were blossoming into this amazing person. But I’m so glad that we’re both home now and we can make up for lost time. See, I see this as a celebration not only for summer and kyle’s love, but one for family and home. So here’s my older sister. You deserve every happiness. And to kyle, the guy who’s lucky enough to have her. Cheers, everyone.

Together: Cheers.

Billy: I am going to ask you to be a little bit more patient. You just sprung this up on us, and I haven’t had enough time to talk to victoria about it.

Chelsea: No time like the present.

Victoria: Well, how convenient to find you two here together. I’ve actually been meaning to talk to you both. Johnny told me that he had a little hangout with connor the other day by the pool. Given everything that you’ve just asked me, chelsea, I don’t really appreciate the two of you organizing this little outing behind my back, so what exactly are you up to?

Nate: Guess we both had the same idea. Late-night snack. Couple bites of the dinner we didn’t get to.

Elena: No. I’m not hungry. I’m worried.

Nate: I thought we settled everything.

Elena: I have a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish and your reasoning behind it, but… I still don’t think I can get behind this.

Nate: Why is it impossible for you to see things from my perspective? No matter how many times I try to explain that this is my best option? My only option? You know what? Never mind. It’s not going to happen. You are as limited in your view of what I can accomplish as devon is. I guess the two of you have more in common than I thought. I’m getting some fresh air.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Billy: There was nothing sneaky or subversive at all. We decided to get the boys together. They’re cousins. I mean, you were out of town, and there’s nothing unusual about it at all.

Victoria: Please. Do you really expect me to buy that? You’ve both, on separate occasions, asked me to tell johnny that chelsea’s his biological mom and connor’s his brother. So now you’re going to pretend that that was just a coincidence?

Billy: Victoria, I think it’s a tricky situation. We’re all trying to navigate it the best we can, maybe even lay a little bit of groundwork.

Victoria: Yeah, that’s exactly what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to lay the groundwork and back me into a corner.

Chelsea: Victoria, you’re right. I am so sorry. You are johnny’s mom. We should’ve spoken to you before we got the boys together. I’m not trying to do anything behind your back.

Victoria: Yes, I know that. And we already talked about this, and I said I would think about it. And I have kept my word. I have thought about it. But the bottom line is that johnny and katie have been through a lot lately, and this is not a good time for this.

Chelsea: I’m trying not to get emotional here. I just — I need you both to know how important this is to me. And not because I’m trying to insinuate myself into johnny’s life at all. It’s because I’m worried about what emotional issues this could cause for him down the road when he realizes his biological mom was in his orbit and she never told him. You know, I mean, with all of this dna testing these days, he will discover one day that his half brother and biological mom were not only living in the same town, but they were the people he would see at family gatherings, and he’s going to realize that his relatives all knew it. He’s going to realize that he was the only person who didn’T. Do you realize the damage that could cause?

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Summer: You know, despite the earlier drama with our mothers, this has turned into a really lovely night.

Kyle: We made the right choice moving back to genoa city. This is where we should be building our lives, around everyone we care about.

Summer: You’re right, of course, but it’s also kind of like, be careful what you wish for.

Kyle: [ Chuckling ] Exactly. There will always be bumps in the road, but nothing can replace the importance of family.

Summer: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Let’s do it.

Summer: Mom, first of all, i want to thank you for being here, and I’m so sorry about that botched arrival earlier. That was no one’s intention. You have to know how much it means to me and kyle that you’re here for the celebration.

Kyle: Maybe it was all the speeches about family and home, but summer and I would like to see you back at the office tomorrow.

Diane: What?

Summer: We’re giving you one more chance, but this is seriously the last one.

Diane: Oh, I’m so grateful. Thank you.

Phyllis: Yeah, thank you very much. I’m really happy to have my job back. I have so much more to accomplish at marchetti. I really do. So I look forward to a long tenure without incident.

Diane: Yes, phyllis and I are going to find a way to put down our swords and work together.

Kyle: Please mean it.

Summer: Don’t make us regret this.

Diane: We won’T. We won’T.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, promise. Promise.

Diane: Now, both of you should put aside any unpleasantness that we’ve caused and just go and enjoy yourself.

Phyllis: Yeah, you don’t have to worry about us anymore.

Kyle: Okay.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: Of course I want what’s best for johnny. He’s my priority. He always has been. That’s why I never hid the fact that I wasn’t his biological mom.

Billy: She was always so wonderful with him. She was always honest. She always told him that she was not the mother that carried him, and those were difficult conversations to have, but she did not shy away from them. Saying that, maybe it’s time we tell johnny about chelsea.

Victoria: It’s always been my intention to tell him at some point when it was right. It’s just that time, it’s gone by so quickly.

[ Sighs ] When we when we tell johnny — if we tell him — it’s going to change everything for all of us. You know that. And then johnny has to decide what kind of a relationship that he wants to have with you and connor. And if he’s not ready to process this and — and if he doesn’t suddenly want to spend more time with you, I need you to be willing to accept that.

Chelsea: I am.

Victoria: Okay. And, of course, you’re going to have to explain things to connor. He may not react the way that you expect him to. He’s been through a lot, as well.

Chelsea: I know.

Victoria: I would only ask that you don’t tell connor until we have a chance to speak to johnny about it, because he’s the one that’s going to be the most affected by this, and his feelings should be considered first and foremost, of course.

Chelsea: Of course. Of course. And I just hope that johnny will want to know connor as his brother.

Victoria: And I imagine that you’re also hoping that he’ll want to know you in a different way, but you should be prepared that he might not want that, and you have to accept his decision, because I’m only willing to take this step if that’s the way it’s going to be. (Vo) when you live with moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Summer: [ Giggles ]

Jack: Nice to see our kids so happy, isn’t it?

Diane: Oh, it is. A mother couldn’t ask for more.

Jack: So you mind telling me what that little tte–tte was about between you and the kids and phyllis?

Diane: Oh, well, they decided to give us another chance at marchetti. I mean, to be honest, I was really surprised. I thought I had blown it this time. Wait a minute. Don’t tell me you had something to do with that.

Jack: No, no, not at all. Any decisions made at marchetti are kyle’s and summer’s to make. I was very impressed with your taking responsibility and offering your resignation.

Diane: Well, I’m trying to make better choices these days.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone pings ]

Jack: Everything alright?

Diane: Uh…oh, yeah. It’s just spam.

Chelsea: I agree to those parameters. They are fair and sensible. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Victoria: Then we have a plan.

Billy: I think victoria and i need to get together and have a conversation about when and where to tell johnny.

Victoria: And then it would be up to him.

Chelsea: Understood. I can’t believe it. Thank you. Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

Audra: You’re nate hastings.

Nate: You got me. I apologize. Were you a patient of mine?

Audra: I recognize you from the press coverage of the chancellor-winters lunch party. You made quite the splash.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Didn’t realize at the time what kind of waves that splash would make. So what is it you do that has you memorizing names and faces of people in the business news?

Audra: Audra charles. My name’s not ringing a bell? You’re lucky I’m not offended easily.

Nate: Should I recognize it?

Audra: Yes, considering I’m meeting with your team at chancellor-winters tomorrow, jill brought me in to help take your company public.

Nate: I hadn’t heard the decision was official.

Audra: It’s not. But I hope it will be by morning.

Nate: In that case, can I join you? I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the company or about our plans. Anything I can do to help. I’m looking forward to a smooth and successful venture.

Nick: How you holding up?

Phyllis: I’m okay.

Nick: I’m very proud of your restraint.

Phyllis: Thank you. Excuse me.

Next week on

“the young and the restless”…

Billy: I mean, how could she mislead us on her intentions in that way?

Victoria: This really surprises you that a former professional con artist would lie to get what she wants?

Elena: I don’t know if I can be around this version of you anymore.

Nate: What are you saying?

Elena: I think we need some time apart.

Diane: How did you get in here?

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GH Transcript Friday, September 23, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Brando, can you hear me? Brando? Please tell me you didn’t leave me.

[ Door opens ] Brando? You look a lot better. Thanks.

[ Door closes ] I’m so glad that you are out of that icu. Yeah. If only I could get out of this hospital altogether. Can’t wait to get out of here. All in due time, right? Okay. Since you told me about nikolas sleeping with esme, kind of sounds to me like your marriage is over. So have you thought about where you’re gonna go when they discharge you?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Hey. What brings you by? Just checking in to see how you’re doing. Yeah. Is that reiko? Yeah. Yeah. It was taken at — taken on the mariana islands a long time ago. I see. What’s got you thinking about your late wife? Oh — nurse andrea: Dr. Finn? Yeah? Mr. Sanchez is prepped and ready for you. Oh, I’ll be right there. I’m sorry, dad. This might take a while. That’s okay. I’ll — I’ll walk out with you. Yeah? Thanks. Who are you? Here’s to you. Thank you. First of all, you don’t have to toast me. And second of all, you don’t have to drink a plain iced tea just because I can’t drink. I wanted a glass of iced tea, just like I wanted to celebrate my best friend. Especially after that scoop. “Two victims, one hook.” Definite clickbait. Brava, madame editor-in-chief. I had my reservations at first, but it turns out there was a lot of traffic on the website. And well-deserved. So, how’s kristina doing? What did she think of the article? I don’t even think she read it. What do you mean? You said she walked in on the attack. Is she having a hard time? Just the opposite. She doesn’t think witnessing the attack put her in any danger at all. I did manage to keep her name out of the article. But what if the attacker saw her and didn’t realize that kristina didn’t see the attacker? I don’t like the fact that she’s taking this so lightly. Then again, I’m not surprised at all. She’s always been a very gutsy girl. Even witnessing an attack won’t bring her down. No. She has her mother to do that for her. Alone at last.

[ Sighs ] You’ve sent the waiter away. Does that mean the meal is over? Mm, not at all, my dear. It just means now it’s time to serve ourselves.

[ Sniffling, gasps ] Brando? It’s me.

[ Sighs ] Did you really think I was brando? No. I-I know that it’s impossible. I just can’t believe that he’s gone. Yeah, it’s hard to believe. He was one of a kind. Hey, come on.

I have been thinking a lot about what happens when I’m well enough to leave G.H. Proud as I am of the metro court, and I’m super proud of it, I hate the idea of you camping out in a hotel room, so you’re just gonna have to stay with me. Oh. Well, thanks. But I — you know, I don’t — I don’t want charity, nina. Definitely don’t want pity. Ava, come on. We’re way past that. We have so much dirt on each other. I think by now we’re firmly ensconced in the girlfriends zone. I feel the same way. And friends, they help each other. It’s not charity. There’s no pity. Yeah, I know. But I… you don’t really want to stay with me because you would prefer to go back home to wyndemere. But, ava, nikolas is there. I’m not sure how this happened, but somehow in my trying to warn kristina about potential danger she may be in, I sort of blurted out that she was not living up to her full potential. Music to her ears, no doubt. And then to add to that, I sort of blurted out that she was risking her life for a dead-end job. Well, I’m sure that worked. You didn’t bring up law school? No. Oh, no. She’s sharp. She knew what was happening. And that is just my point. She’s too smart to be spending her life making work schedules for the wait staff. I completely agree. But it is her life. I’m painfully aware of that. Mm-hmm. I will try to do better at keeping my opinions to myself.

[ Laughs ] Good luck with that. Alexis. Yes? Hey, I’m glad I ran into you. I need your help. Nurse andrea: Elizabeth? You’re off today, aren’t you? What are you doing here? Call gladys. We’re okay. We’re okay. How’d you find me? Well, there are two places that brando always wanted to be. One was with you, and the other is in his garage. So I figured if you were looking for brando, you would come here. He really did love this place. I think you giving it to him was the best thing that ever happened to brando. Not at all. You were.

[ Crying ] So there’s more. Whatever you desire. You deserve to be waited on hand and foot. So please, I am utterly at your service. Your wish is my command. Well, I can’T. I mean, this has all been so lovely, and to ask for anything else would just be horrible. No, no, please. Please ask. You must promise me you must always be honest with me, no matter what. Shoe. What? Give me your shoe. No way. Come on, these things are italian.

[ Shoe thuds ]

[ Water splashes ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Screams ]

[ Water splashes ]

Can we talk? What is this about? I’d rather speak in private. Ava.Ava. Fear not, nikolas. I have to be going anyway. Alexis, it was lovely having half a drink with you. Go easy on krissy and yourself. Prince. So, you know, there are therapy apps where you can find a marriage counselor, you can speak to them in person or do it virtually. That’s not what I want to talk about. You said that ava was too proud to forgive a stupid mistake. Do you remember that? I do. Well, I should have listened to you. You understand the way that ava thinks. God help me. Clearly, ava and I, we have a volatile relationship. But when she was attacked, everything crystallized for me. I want ava in my life. I don’t want to lose her. And I take it ava didn’t have the same epiphany. No. That’s why I need some straight talk. Is it time for me to give up on my marriage? Wyndemere is huge. You know? And nikolas and i have lived there together in the past when we were estranged. Is this like the strategy keep your enemies close? Something like that. Alright. You know what? You told me before that you wanted to wait to make nikolas pay for cheating on you. Is now the time? I mean, I’m sure scott is just chomping at the bit to file a generous divorce settlement for you. You know, I, uh — I haven’t spoken to scotty about this yet. Ava jerome, you’re stalling. You’re still in love with your husband. You spoke to gladys? She said to thank you for finding sasha. I, um — I guess I should go home. I just want to stay here. Stay. Go. I felt like — like brando was here, working, like any minute, he would walk through that door with some part that he had forgotten to order. And he would smile and kiss me and say “thank you for waiting.” Like any other day. But brando is gone. And no matter how many times I pretend or wish or try to convince myself that it’s just a horrible nightmare…

[ Crying ] …Brando isn’t here. He’s not anywhere.

[ Sighs ] You know what? It’s like my — my son morgan. Um, with my dad, it was different because I got to say goodbye to my dad, but — but morgan, he was like brando. It was unexpected. It was sudden. One minute he’s here. Next minute he’s gone. We didn’t even have a body to bury. I got to confess something to you. A lot of times I go into crowds, and I — I just want to see him, you know? Sometimes the phone rings… and I think it’s him. How long did you feel that way? Tell you the truth, I still scan crowds for morgan. I just want to be able to see him one last time, you know? My boy, my son. Tell me, lucy, what — what do you want from me? Just — just name it. No, I can’T. I mean, you asked me not to ask you, and so I just — I can’T. I won’t ask you. But you also told me to wait, and I’m so bad at waiting. I’ve never been good at it. And I’m just really brimming with curiosity. You know, I have always just loved a man with a big plan.

[ Chuckles ] So I’m just so excited. Come on. Couldn’t you just give me a teensy, weensy little hint, please?

[ Engine rumbles ] W-what is that? Are we stopping? Well, we certainly shouldn’t be. Mr. Cassadine. What is it? What’s going on? Someone went overboard. (Vo) when you live with moderate to severe crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, your day can be full of reminders of your condition. You weren’t made for uc or crohn’s, but entyvio is. In clinical trials, entyvio helped many people achieve long-term relief and remission. Infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. Entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. Although unlikely, a risk of pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection cannot be ruled out. Tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. Liver problems can occur. Ask your doctor about entyvio. Entyvio, entyvio, entyvio one prilosec otc in the morning blocks excess acid production for a full 24 hours. Unlike pepcid, which stops working after 9. 24 hour protection. Prilosec otc one pill, 24 hours, zero heartburn. It’s josslyn.

[ Clears throat ] Sonny. Go ahead. What do you want, diane? Gladys said that sasha was here, and I’d like to speak to her. She’s in the office. Brando’s office. S-she doesn’t want — you know, she doesn’t want to deal with anybody. Wants to be left alone. I can wait. I need to go over some legal issues that have arisen with brando’s death. Hell of a time, diane, to be doing business, don’t you think? I’ve been asked to serve as interim counsel. Martin grey is still out of town. We’re dealing with brando’s widow. Why should I trust you to represent her when you grilled me on the stand? Believe me, sonny, I could have gone a lot harder on you. Dex, go. Understand something, sonny. I liked brando a lot. I love the fact that he came into town and — and rescued carly. I love the fact that he became a father figure to — to dev cerci, that boy that you were trying to keep in the country. And then he infiltrated cyrus renault’s organization and saved sasha. All he wanted was to make an honest living. Brando corbin was a hero who deserved a much better hand than the one life dealt him. You’re not gonna get any argument from me there, diane. I am not trying to capitalize on tragedy, sonny. I’m just trying to do right by brando by helping his widow at the request of her lawyer and his grieving mother. And you — you expect me to ignore that you just pretty much — you grilled me on that stand at nina’s hearing. I mean, how could you do that to me? I was fighting for michael and willow. I was doing my utmost to win the case for them, as I would for any client, no matter how ungrateful. Sonny, I have been through thick and thin with you. I have been through good and bad. I have protected you and yours. And I have done pretty much everything except dig a grave in the pine barrens. You sided with michael. Because michael retained me to defend against the petition brought by nina for visitation. And if you will recall, you and nina were not a couple formally at the time, so there was no conflict of interest. And it was you who spontaneously volunteered to testify on nina’s behalf, asked scott baldwin to put you on the stand. I was only cross-examining you the way any halfway competent lawyer would. You laid out…

[ Scoffs ] …My life for everyone to see. That’s personal to me. How can I forget that, diane? In love with nikolas? Oh, hardly. No, I am not the sort of woman that’s gonna let somebody cheat on me and humiliate me and get away with it. Mm. Ava, besides me, who knows that nikolas slept with esme? Besides you, um… just spencer and victor. Well, I doubt they’re gonna throw it into your face if you decide to forgive nikolas. I mean, I won’T. Why are you pushing for me to get back with nikolas? I’m not pushing for you to get back with nikolas. I just — I just don’t want your pride to get in the way of your happiness. It is your prerogative if you want to expose nikolas’ bad behavior or if you want to forgive him. I just want you to be happy. I don’t know if I could live with myself if I gave him another chance. I would be worried, wondering if it could happen again. And I’ve lived with that kind of betrayal in the past. I lost my daughter because of it. I know. We both have made our share of mistakes, and we both have suffered. And we’ve paid terrible prices, haven’t we? But we’re still here. Just barely. No. Listen, you’re on the mend. You are. And it’s pretty amazing that we both found love after everything we’ve been through. It’s kind of like a miracle, isn’t it? So, ava, whether or not you want to forgive nikolas, it’s up to you. But if you still love him… did you know I blackmailed nikolas into this marriage in the first place? That is hardly a foundation for everlasting commitment. Well, your marriage may not have started as a love match, but it’s a love match now. Do you want to give up on your marriage? No. But I’m at the end of my rope. I mean, nothing I’ve said has budged ava even a bit. Well, that’s ’cause talk is cheap.

[ Scoffs ] Is that the best you can do? May I remind you that you came to me? You’re more than welcome to vacate that bar stool for a more nuanced commentary. Okay. I am sorry. I’m just trying to figure out what to do. Do you think that I need to take action? I don’t know what you need to do. I don’t know what you did, and I don’t want to know. I’m just asking you, whatever it was, will it cost ava her pride to forgive you? Definitely. Then you need to give something back. Like what? I don’t know. Something that shows ava that you value your relationship with her to put something on the line, to risk something for her. Just like you’re asking her to swallow her pride in order to take you back. So, I convinced kevin to hypnotize me again because I was on the verge of remembering something. I just didn’t do it in the session. And then I did. Finn, I remembered the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs. That’s encouraging. Who is she? That’s the thing. I don’t know. You saw her face, but you didn’t recognize her. I cannot place her. I have no memory of this person except for the moment on the stairs. Except I feel like she wasn’t a stranger.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Thanks. That’s, uh — that’s reiko. That’s my late wife. Victor: Are you sure there’s a man overboard? Deckhand: Yes, sir. I saw a body hit the water and told the captain to stop. We’re circling back now. What? Well, what are you doing standing around here for? Come on. Help with the rescue operation, man. Victor, oh, my god! This man could drown! You need to go help. I mean, you’re so strong. Alright. I suppose I should go supervise. Listen, I promise I won’t be too long. Perfect. I’ll be right here when you come back. Go on. Go with the wind. Psst, psst. Come on. He’s gone. He’s gone. He’s gone. Okay, wait a minute. Did you — did you just throw a man overboard? Wait a minute. What happened to your shoe? Don’t worry about it. It was just johann. He never saw us. Don’t worry. No one knows we’re here. That could change any moment. What are you doing here? We’re rescuing you. What if I don’t want to be rescued?

We don’t have time for games, lucy. Victor could be back any moment. We have to go. I cannot go right now because then he’ll know that I am playing him. And he’ll know that you probably set me up to do this whole thing. He is just starting to open up to me. This is obviously the scene of a seduction. Champagne, petit fours. How do you expect this evening’s gonna end, lucy? Yeah, how? I can handle victor. He is putty in my hand. Well, that’s a very expensive gift. It’s really nice, isn’t it? Focus. Okay, listen. I haven’t felt this alive in years. I still got it. Okay, well, there’s no need to keep discussing this. I would like to speak with sasha, but if that is not going to happen, please, please have her give me a call. Diane, wait.

[ Sighs ] Sasha needs a good lawyer. Good?

[ Door opens ] Diane. Hey, honey. I am so, so sorry about brando. I was just telling sonny how much I admired him. Thank you. Now, I don’t want to intrude on your grief, but martin grey is still out of town. So he and your mother-in-law feel that there may be some pressing legal issues that require your prompt attention. So I’ve been asked to serve as interim counsel, if that’s okay with you. I guess. But what is so important that it can’t wait? It’s a confidential matter. It’s okay. You can talk in front of sonny. Alright. It concerns your guardianship. Oh, that’s settled. Brando — your agreement to avoid prison stipulates that you must have a legal guardian. Are you saying, diane, that the agreement is null and void? Am I going to prison? Well, if it isn’t the woman behind the headlines. How’s the response? Good and bad. I think the general public is glad that they were alerted to the fact that there’s a hook-wielding maniac on the loose. The police commissioner, that’s another matter. I’d like to hear more. Are you leaving? You have time to join me for a cup of coffee? Sure. Why not? Elizabeth: This is reiko? Finn: A long time ago. We were both with doctors without borders. It was our first post. She looks so young. Yeah. You don’t talk about her. I know. Never been able to make peace with how she died. Infected with the same disease I was trying to cure. Blackwoods disease. Uh-huh. What brings her up for you now? Um, a case — case I’m working on. It reminded me of something that reiko and I went through when we were posted on the mariana islands. Mariana islands? That’s near guam, right? Yeah. You amaze me. Most — most people don’t even know those islands exist. And when we were there, we had A… a good friend, good doctor, and he… he died of this poisonous snake bite. You okay? You got a headache? Yeah, just a little bit. From the hypnotherapy? Probably. I’m just so frustrated because I have all these little pieces that I can’t quite seem to put together to see the larger picture. It’s okay. It’s coming. Every day you’re learning a little more. None of this makes sense. I need to go home and just lie down for a little bit. I think you’re incredible. We’re gonna find the truth. You are in way over your head, lucy. You can’t underestimate victor. I know, I know. But listen to me. He actually told me that he has plans. Some kind of plans, big plans. And he wants to include me. What plans? I-I don’t know, because the two of you interrupted. But I am getting this close to it. Shh. Someone’s coming. Okay, look, this is your last chance. If you don’t come with us now, you’re on your own. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m on my own. I got this. I promise. I’ve got this. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

[ Coughing ] Oh, my — oh, my goodness. What — what — what happened? This is awful. What happened? Well, I’m not entirely sure. Johann went overboard, but he isn’t able to tell me exactly how or why. I guess he must have got a concussion when he hit the water. Oh, dear. That’s horrible. Here, drink this. Drink this. Here. Take it. Come on, man. Focus. Tell me what happened. I was on the deck. Maybe I lost my balance? Well, could you have been pushed? I mean, did you see anyone else? I don’t remember seeing anyone. I was… you were? You were what? Having a drink. Oh, my goodness. You were drinking on the job? You know, that is really dangerous. I wasn’t drunk. Alright, come on. You better go back to your state room and dry off. Come on. I’ll call the captain and see if we have a medic on board. I’m sorry for the trouble, mr. Cassadine. Yeah, well, we’ll deal with this later. Oh, dear. Poor johann. You know, alcoholism is such a serious burden. Something’s off.

I only agreed the first time because I trusted brando. Now that he’s gone, it’s — it’s over for me. No, no, no, no. Legally, it’s not. Okay, but sasha should not have to be going through this right now, diane. I completely agree. That is why I am prepared to file a continuance, pending your approval. Do you — do you understand what that means? Yes. And that’s fine. You have my approval. Thank you. Now, do you know where brando kept his copy of your guardianship decree? His office. Or — or maybe our place. He didn’t say. Do you want — you want diane to go in his office and check for the papers and stuff? The sooner we get this sorted, the better. I mean, that is if it’s okay with you. Yes. Okay. Yeah, that’s fine. I should go home. I’m tired. Okay. I’ll take you. Okay. Um, the office is in the back. Copy that. I’m on it. Hey, diane. Thank you. Actually, I have it on good authority that the police commissioner is unhappy with our article. Does it surprise you? I’m not insensitive to her concerns. I just consider warning the public to be a part of the greater good. It doesn’t hurt that the readership is up, does it? 30%. Most people were glad for the warning, and a small amount thought

the invader was fearmongering. The article I read didn’t sensationalize the crimes. It just gave the public the facts. I was very impressed. Now I can sleep at night.

[ Laughs ] I know my opinion doesn’t really matter. Actually, it does. It matters to me. I could use some help. I found sasha. What? I’m confused. What — sasha was missing? Why didn’t someone call me? We’re here at brando’s garage. I’m gonna take her home. Can you meet us there? Yeah, of course. I need to be there. I’ll see you soon. What is that? Is sasha okay? No. I mean, considering. No. Sasha is definitely not okay. And I should be with her.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs] Can we talk? Go. Help sasha. I’ll be okay. Well, say whatever it is you came here to say. But just know that it’s gonna take a lot more than words to make things right between us. I know. That’s why I brought this.

I need you to wait till ms. Miller’s finished. Make sure you lock up. I’m taking sasha home. She gonna be okay? She’s got her family to take care of her. Hey. You ready to go? Yeah, I’m done. Alright. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of things here. What is that? I’m done talking. This is proof of how much I love you. Okay. Zodiac’s docked. Are they coming after us? No, I don’t see any sign of a disturbance. I think we got away clean. Whew. Well, except for the shoe. You’ll live. You’re glowing, you know. Yeah, you smooth talker. You’re really in your element, aren’t you? It’s fun working together. Sorry our rescue attempt fell flat. Oh. Yeah. I mean, I-I wanted victor to be enamored with lucy, but I am still very concerned that putting her in his sights is just such a risk. Well, it was her call. She didn’t want to leave. No. We’re going to keep an eye on the situation. If she needs us, we can help her. I worry that it’s not if, but when. Why don’t we get back on track and resume this date we’re having? Date? Well, now, I’m surprised you call it a date. You seem determined to make it all about business. Well, I don’t know too many business meetings I’ve had where I’ve been presented with diamonds, so I can safely assume that this is a date. You don’t seem angry. Well, I am compelled to tell you that I’m spoken for. And I really am very much in love with marty. However, you are making it very, very difficult to stay true. And I find myself wondering, what would a future with mr. Victor cassadine look like? Well, let’s find out. This coffee is probably the last thing that I need. I’ll be up all night. Not that I need an excuse. I’m still really worried about kristina. She witnessed that attack, and — and that could make her a target. Have you given more thought to your idea about posting an open letter in the invader to try and draw the killer out, get them to give something away, some clue that might help the pcpd to catch them? Then kristina will be safe. I think if we engage the killer, keep them occupied, it might give the police more time to investigate. Start a dialogue, maybe provide a distraction. It’s a fine balance, though. Don’t want to give the attacker a platform. Just enough rope to hang. You know, I’ve been a lawyer for a long time, and I’ve seen cases like this, and I don’t believe for one minute that this killer is done.

[ Sighs ]

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Days Transcript Friday, September 23, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh, Detective Hunter, I keep telling you Mrs. Hernandez, please call me Jada and I keep telling you Jada to call me Nicole. What brings you by, Well, I know it’s Eric’s first day here, so you brought him his lunch. No, uh, I meant that I hate to bother him, but I think he has my phone. This is his, I must have picked it up by mistake, Lynn, when you woke up in bed together this morning

and call purchasing and say that we need an extra order of that wool.

Okay, so how did things go with Bell? Well, my hand is cramping from all the documents I had to sign. It’s official. I have full custody of Rachel . Oh, I’m so happy for you, Brady and for Rachel.

I’m so, I’m honestly, I’m so overwhelmed, but I’m also surprised. I’m surprised with all that stuff that Kristen Dred up in the courtroom. I, I don’t know how the judge ruled in my favor, but, Huh. Well, hi.

So once you get back into Salem last night, uh, and when was the last time you saw Leo? Um, I think just now would’ve been, um, probably the morning after our, our boarded wedding. Ugh. Yeah. So you left town right after that? Mm-hmm. . Mm. When, Right back to New York when cut ties. I Could I ask where you were?

September 1st? I’m, I’m not sure why. Well, it’s nice. Sunny C was stabbed.

That’s odd. What? Well, all the time that Craig and I were married, he, he never wore after shave or cologne. Maybe he started wearing it after the, the two of you split up something that smells like vanilla. Oh, that would be a coincidence. Why do you, why do you say that? Because that’s what my fiance wears.

Clyde Wesson. Mm-hmm. , You know, at first I kind of thought it was feminine because it’s so sweet, but. You now? I kind of like it.

What? Nothing. I just thought that I smell Benoa.

Oh my God. Chad, what is it? What’s wrong?


Like sand through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Well, I happened to run into the judge in the hallway outside of the hearing. And I told her that we knew we can’t use Kristen’s past crimes against her because of her. Pardon? But I told her that I have evidence that she tried to assault me after she was released. You told the judge that she threatened to attack you with the letter opener?

Well, I didn’t give her the play by play, but I gave her the surveillance video from our office. I’m assuming she watched it. Why didn’t you tell me about that earlier? Because if Kristen found out that I was the reason that she lost this case, then she would use that against me with Rachel. And, and even worse, she would use that against you.

And I didn’t want Rachel hating you for being with me. I mean, that that poor kid has been through enough already. And the judge was okay with this. Well, she was a little. Wary, but I sort of sense that she was really frustrated with this whole situation and I think she clearly knew that there was a whole lot more that was going on that she wasn’t privy to.

But because of Kristen’s, pardon? She couldn’t even consider any of the real facts. So I considered this just helping un entire hands a bit so that she could make the ruling she wanted to make all. Look, I know, I know this was a bit risky, but I just, I couldn’t stand by and watch you lose custody of Rachel to that monster.

So I am not sorry for what I did, but I, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you Sarah. Don’t, don’t, I don’t even want to hear you say sorry you didn’t have to be sorry about anything. You understand Because of you, I, I’m not gonna lose my little girl. I’m gonna have her forever. Chloe, I told you recently how much I adore you.

Well, that was very transparent. Transparent meaning what? The comments you just made. Or was it a question? Well, I, I suppose it was a, uh, rhetorical question that I already knew the answer to. What? Why are you looking at me that way? What way? Like, I’ve offended you so deeply. Look, you are the one that told me you had Eric’s phone and he had yours.

Yeah. And then total non sequiter, you ask if the phone mix up happened when Eric and I were in bed together. Well, it was a reasonable assumption. I, I mean, this image just popped in my head. That’s all. I had pictured these phones getting mixed up under the sheets or whatever. Eric and I don’t keep our phones in the sheets.

Well, I just, I meant that, you know, I pictured you and Eric waking up in bed together. So what, how is that transparent? Oh, come on. It does not take a strength to realize that you’re being bothered that I’m involved with your ex-husband. Which I might understand if it wasn’t for the fact that you are a newly way.

In fact, you are married to a great guy. In my opinion, I am not bothered that Eric has a girlfriend. I’m just protective and look, I really hope you two are right for each other, right? That would make you deliriously happy. Okay. Can we cut the sarcasm please? Well, can you be honest that you are not rooting for Eric and I to be happy?

In fact, you are waiting and hoping that we fall apart. That is not true.

Okay. I admit, I overstepped when I made that comment about you and Eric waking up in bed together. Okay? So whatever you two do behind closed doors is none of my business, but I already knew that you two were. Sleeping together. Yeah. Yeah. Because you told me when I dropped by Erics the other day. Right, right.

Um, that was when you came by to offer Eric the, uh, job, wasn’t it? Your husband had mentioned it to me. Wow. I would thank you. Two would have more interesting things to discuss at the station. Oh, but you see, this is very interesting. You see the day after you came to visit Eric, he was just talking to me about looking for a job, and he said he was looking for one as a photographer, which makes sense considering his vast amount of experience, which makes him the perfect hire for basic black, right?

But he didn’t mention that. In fact, he was saying how scarce these kind of jobs are. Oh, well we just happened to have an opening, and I get all that, but why didn’t Eric mention. I mean, especially since you just offered him the job. At least that’s what you told ra. Excuse me. Are you calling me a liar?

Um, I’m sorry. Commission. Are you asking me if I, if I stab son Cka? I’m just gathering information. Ah, information. About my whereabouts when the attack occurred. Yeah. Um, well I was, I was just visiting with Leo and his cell, as you know, and it was just going on and on about, uh, how I must have, you know, wanted payback for him breaking my heart.

That’s all he kept saying. Is accusations overcome? Um, yeah. I’m aware of the accusation, which are Arthur Raving, So Desperate man. As, as I’m sure you know,

Oh my Rav is Craig. He is accusing me of stabbing Sonny and murdering advocate. Aga dir, I.

Look, you can’t actually believe that I would be so blinded by, by hatred for Leo that I would, I would take an innocent woman’s life. I, I would forget my oath. Did you? No harm. Oh my God.

You believe him? Actually believe him.

What are you uh, doing here at Clyde? Well, as a matter of fact, I just got called in for a random drug test, you know, as part of my parole, which is something you should know a little bit about being an ex con and all. Not exactly. Yeah. I know you got the conviction overturned, but you did several time. You do remember when we shared an address at Statesville, don’t you?

It’s hard to forget. Um, seeing as you tried to. But then Ben tried to stop you and you ended up shing him instead. , isn’t it amazing how I just turned himself into a standup guy? You know, I’m trying to do the same thing. Does that, So, yeah. Ever since I got out, I’m doing everything I can to turn my life around.

You’re looking at a change guy. Oh, glad to hear that. I’d love to stay and chew the fat with you. But Nancy and I got a date, she and I going down the city hall and get hitch. Congratulations. Thank you. You take good care of that husband of years. Now. I’m really glad to hear they caught the guy that attacked him.

Must be a real relief knowing that scum like that is off the street. Now,

Chad, what is it? But I just re remember when I saw Craig Clyde was standing right there. So I must have been his clo I was smelling. That must have been it. You don’t have know what Clyde is now, do you? Um, he’s at the hospital getting his drug test. It’s a condition of his parole troll. But you know, if you really wanna get some of that cologne, you’re not gonna have any problem.

I know for a fact they sell it down at parents I’ll to get some, Huh? Chad, are you sure? You’re all right. You’re as Payless a ghost. I’m fine. I just, I I have to be somewhere.

I never accused you of lying, Nicole. Well, you’re certainly insinuating it. You know what? I’m just gonna leave Eric’s phone here and go. Not yet, not until you let me. Please.

Is Eric working at Basic Black or not? Apparently he is. Okay. Then why would I lie to my husband and tell him that I offered Eric a job if I hadn’t? Maybe because you came to see Eric for some other reason. Like what? You know what? I came to give Eric his phone and to get mine, I did not come here to argue with.

Nicole, it’s like, it’s like we’re some sick competition for Eric’s love and affection, even though you are divorced and married to another man. Jah, I’m not competing with you. And like I explained, aside from being married to Eric, we have a long history as friends and you know what? Because of everything he’s been through lately.

Yes. And you’re protective of him. I get it. You said it many. But what I don’t get and what I find insulting is that you being so damn protective of Eric and I’s relationship, it’s, it’s, it’s suggesting that I’m not good for him. Like he needs protection from me. I mean, you understand how that might make me feel.

You get the shoot all set up, hey.

What’s going on?

Of course, I didn’t stab Sunny K over Murderer Abigail Damir. Aside from the fact that I’m not a homicidal maniac, I wasn’t even in town. And those two attacks occurred. You know, the fact that you are listening to some grifter who takes advantage and prays upon people’s vulnerability, you know, this is an insult, it’s an outrage.

Still be able to provide an alibi.

Yes, of course. And not just for September 1st. I’ll need one for the night of June 10th.

and three months ago, I don’t know what I was doing. So was that a yes or no for the alibi?

You know, I’m, I’m, I’m up and on call. I don’t know where I’m practitioning from day to day. I, Well, that could be a problem for you. Yes. I’ll have my secretary. They’ll get my schedule and I will get back to you. Okay? Yeah. The sooner the better.

You don’t want what? I don’t have to pick Rachel not from school for about an hour. You wanna make this, uh, celebration official? What are we waiting for?

Kidding me? Maybe they’ll go away. Are you here? Mm-hmm. . Oh yeah. I doubt it. Yeah.

Oh sweetheart, I am so glad you’re here. Hello. Hello, Mother. How you doing, Nancy? Oh, I am just wonderful and I can’t wait to tell you both the news. Oh, what news is that? Hi, and I are getting married. Yeah, Mom, we know you told us last night, but I didn’t tell you the best part. We’re getting married today.

Well, hey, hey. How’s, how’s son? Uh, he’s sleeping. He had a visitor earlier, so we kind of knocked him out. Who, Uh, his brother Alex. Okay. You haven’t seen Clyde Wesson anywhere around, have you? I have actually Here he was here. It was kind of weird. Did he go into Sonny’s room? No, not that I saw, but he, I mean, he was, was standing here looking in, He said he was here for a drug test.

Why? Why? What’s going on? I don’t think Leo hurt anyone. I think he’s been Clyde Weston this whole time.

Wait, I’m sorry. You think Clyde was the one who stabbed? Sonny? Why? Where’s this coming from? Okay. You remember, remember yesterday when we, we tried to help Sonny recall what had happened to him when he was attacked. He said that he smelled vanilla. Okay. And then after I ran into Craig and Clyde at Horton Town Square, and, and I smelled it vanilla.

Okay? And then at first I thought it was, But then Nancy said that Clyde Weston wears a cologne and his smells like vanilla. Well, it’s him. You’re marrying Clyde today. When did this happen? It was Clyde’s idea. We’re going to be married at City Hall in an hour. , Why? Why are you rushing into this? You have no reason to get married today.

And I don’t have any reason not to. I mean, quiet is the man that I wanna spend the rest of my life with. Why shouldn’t we make it official as soon as possible? And that’s why I’m here. I’d really like the two of you to be my witnesses. So, um, could you go put on something nice? And you too, Brady? Mom, can we talk about this for one minute?

No. Your father is going to be here any minute. Daddy here. Well, I, I ask him to be here and being part of my wedding. I want both of you to be part of it. Let’s him now. Oh, Craig, you got my message. Please, please tell me that you are free to come to my wedding. Um, I, I’m not sure Nancy. See Mom, even Dad thinks you’re rushing into this.

No, it’s not that. It’s just I. I don’t feel like I’m gonna sell between mood. I just got accused of murder.

Hey, hey babe. Can you wake up? Wake up. Time to wake up. Hey Chad, what’s going on? Hey, Chad. Learned something that might, that might. Prove who your attacker was. It wasn’t la No, I, I don’t think so. So, I, I, Sonny, I know your, your memory’s hazy about what happened and, and who stabbed you. But we’re gonna need you to rack your brain one more time.

I mean, I can for a shot. Look, I, I need you do, do you, when you were attacked, do you remember seeing Clyde Weston?

This is a surprise. I think you might have my phone. I do. Um, yeah. I’m sorry. I didn’t notice. Must be a slow crime day. Yeah. Otherwise you would’ve received a barrage of text messages by now. Yep. Pretty slow day. All right. Well, I better be getting back to the office. I’ll see you right home. Yeah, definitely.

So you said you’re all set up for the shoot. We should head downstairs. Is it me or are things a little tense between you and Jay when I walked in? Tense? Yeah, tense. Not just a little but very. Is there something going on between you two?

Well, you’re right. There was some tension between Jada and me. Why? Because I lied to my husband and she called me out. You lied to rape about what? I hadn’t told him that I came by your place the other day. And when he found out, he asked me why. And I felt awkward telling my current husband that I’d been dreaming about my ex-husband.

So I didn’t tell him the truth. And I told him that I offered you a job and I felt bad about lying to him about that. So I raced over to your place to offer you a job. For real. So you offered me a job to make your lie become the truth. Something like that. Yeah. Well, there’s only one thing left for me to do.

I quit.

Sorry to be late. I had to run over and see Eric over at Basic Black. Everything okay? Yeah, no big deal. We had just Swiss uh, phones by mistake. , right? Yeah. So, uh, how’s his first day going? So far, so good. . Good. Good. Glad. Think you’re working out for him. Yeah. Well I didn’t stay too long, guy. I wanted to get to work.

Any news on the case maybe? Yeah. Um, so know you haven’t been here long, but you’ve had some honors with Melinda Trash, can’t you? I have. She seems like a very tenacious prosecutor. Hmm. Yeah. So might say a little too tenacious. Is that a bad thing? Oh, it can be. Yeah. You know, especially if the suspect is, I.

Wait, I’m sorry. Who do we think is innocent? Leo Stark.

So Leo actually accused you of framing him. He did that bastard. That is absurd, huh? You’re absolutely right’s. Totally ridiculous. You’re an upstanding citizen. You’re a doctor for crying out loud. Craig, you wouldn’t hurt anyone much less kill them. That’s not what the commissioner believes. Otherwise, he would not be entertaining.

Leo’s accusations. Wave. He must know better than to believe a word outta Leo’s mouth. Well, apparently he doesn’t, or he wouldn’t have questioned my alibi. This is ridiculous. You, you are no more guilty than Clyde is. He was accused of killing Abigail, but he had an alibi for the night. She was. He was innocent.

You and Clyde have been unfairly accused. Clyde Weston. Yes. Clyde Weston. He wears a cologne that smells like vanilla. I need you to think, Son. Do Do you remember seeing Clyde that night?

I’m trying. I I’m, I’m sorry. It’s just, there’s nothing. Are you sure? Yes. I mean, I wish I could see anyone. I mean, someone in my mind’s side, but there’s just, there’s nothing happen. Okay. Nothing happening yet, so just try, try again. Take your time. Stay calm. Try again.

Okay. Um,

okay, so I’m at the filing cabinet. I hear someone coming. I start to turn and what, what, what, what? Is it exciting? What is it? Do you remember something

you quit? Why you just started? Because you just admitted that it wasn’t a legitimate job offer. I’m not gonna work for basic black just to ease your guilt because you chose to lie to your husband. I’m wonder, go get my things. Wait, wait. Eric, please just listen to me for a second. Okay? Yes. Initially I may have offered you the job to, to ease my guilt, but we, we do need you here.

Trust me, we do badly because thanks to Kristen in her reign of terror, there’s just been a lot of turnover with our staff. But we do need a photographer whose work I can trust, and you are definitely qualified. So it was strange. This my offer may have been, uh, I still want you here. That is if you wanna work here.

Yes, I wanna work here on one condition. From now on, you’re gonna be up front with rave about us working together because the last thing I want is to cause any trouble between you and your husband.

You think Leo Stark is innocent? I said might be, but as time goes on, I am less and less sure that he’s guilty. Even with all the evidence, Well, it’s hardly an ironclad case, and there’s possibility that Leo is being frame. Okay. The problem with Trask, when she settles on a suspect, especially someone who looks reasonably guilty, well, she’s gonna try and push the whole case through without looking back.

So what do you have in mind? Wow. I want you to look at all the evidence that we have. You’re a fresh pair of eyes. Maybe you see something that I missed. Do you think there’s anything to Stark’s accusation? Craig Wesley, are you leaning in that direction? Honestly, I don’t know, but, uh, I am hesitant to lean into anything without giving it a lot more thought.

Now I am damn sure gonna check and see you on Wesley’s alibi. Yes. In the meantime, want you go through all of this with a fine tooth comb. See if there’s any evidence that someone other than Leo committed these crimes.

Sunny, Come on. Did you?

It was him. I saw him. He was Clyde Weston. Yeah, it was just his reflection in a glass of a painting, but it was definitely him, which he said, Clyde was the most stabbed me. Why would he do this to me, not just you? The fact that he stabbed you with was also used on Abigail. Which means he murdered my wife.

You know, it, it seems like the Salem PD has accused everyone except the guilty party. Okay. Craig, I’m sure all of this will go away as soon as you provide RA with those alibis that he wants. I hope you’re right. You’re right. I, I know I’m right. And then all of this will be over, but today is for me. Can we just celebrate me?

I want that for you guys. No one should be happier than you. Thank you, Craig. And I really want you there. I mean, we’re still family.

Is there any way that you can put aside all your worries and just celebrate today with me? Of course. I’ll come. Nancy, I want to be there for you too. Thank you, Craig.

What am I standing around here for? I gotta go get dress. Be like for my own.

That son of a bitch, they had him in custody and they just let him go cuz he had an alibi. That’s right. Yeah. He said he was fishing at the time of Abigail’s murder. And that’s why you accused my dad because Clyde said he was down at the docks and their surveillance footage to prove that. But I know that I saw his reflection.

How can I be,

How’s it going? I might have so, Tell me. I was going over Clyde’s statement about Leo selling him that jewelry and it mentioned his alibi, and since I wasn’t here when he was a suspect, I decided to look through the surveillance footage for myself. You mean the video of Clyde fishing on the docks At the time I abi Gill’s murder.

Yeah. And there’s a problem with it. Did client say where he was gone after the drug test? He did. He, he’s, he’s going to city hall to marry Nancy today. Char what

I’m tell what we learned and where they can find

of. I will be honest with Rafe in the future. I mean, I, I never should have lied to him in the first place. Then why did you, I mean, when you had a dream about a slow cooker raining, sloppy Joe’s all over me, why would you lie to Rafe about something so silly? Because I lied to you too. You lied about what?

I didn’t. Dream about you getting hit with sloppy joe’s.

The dream I had about us was it was a sex dream.

You had a sex dream about me. Wow. Well, I didn’t mean anything. It was just a dream. On interest of full disclosure, the dream I told you I had about you. Mean, I wasn’t just suddenly delivering singing telegrams. Not exactly. I lied to. Why would you lie? Because I had a sex dream about you too. I mean, but it was just a dream.

Right? Yes. It was just, just a dream. Yeah.

I wanna see you downstairs. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Well, I guess I should go get ready for your mom’s wedding. See downstairs, half an hour. Dad, wait. You can’t honestly think that this wedding is a good idea, Chloe, I just want your mom to be happy. You have always Clyde Weston Seems like a long shot to me, more than a long shot. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Dad, please, please, you have to help me stop.

Clyde. Oh, Oh, no, it, it’s bad luck. You can’t see me before the wedding . Come on. We’ve already seen each other today. You can take that tradition and throw it out the window. Besides, we are not gonna have any bad luck. Did you pass your drug test the flying colors, baby? Hey, nothing gonna stop us from being the husband and wife and sharing a wonderful life together.

So there’s c. Yep. Fishing on the docks at the time of the murder, except what do you see? I’m stand. Whoa. But there was this split second there where it looked like a different number. I went frame by frame. It’s been scrubbed pretty thoroughly, but where it now reads 8:03 PM where the eight is, there’s a ghost of the number 11.

Which means Clyde doesn’t have an alibi for Abigail’s murder. After all,

you want any more? No, I’m good. No you’re not.

I Western still out there. Yeah, not for long, hopefully. But what if he comes back to finish me off?

If he was trying to frame Leo, it would not make any sense for him to go after you again. While Leo’s still locked up. You’re right. Right. You’re right. Yeah. You’re safe. You’re safe here. I’m gonna be here. I’m not. I’m not letting anything else happen to you, but this isn’t just about me.

And then do you think Clyde really could have killed that? Chad thinks so. And I’ll bet right now he is doing his damnest to convince the cops of that.

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B&B Transcript Friday, September 23, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music]

Taylor: Oh, my timing is off.

Steffy: Oh, mom.

Taylor: I get you when you guys are in the middle of kissing. And this time you’re breaking apart. So,

Steffy: No, no– I– ha. Ha. You’re so funny.

Finn: I have to say, it is probably hard not to… interrupt us kissing.

Taylor: I know the struggle is real. I see it. And it makes me so happy for both of you.

Steffy: I think I know what would make you happier. If, like, dad were here with you, especially in this cute number. It’s really amazing. Why is it, like, too early to parent trap?

Taylor: You know, speaking of parent trapping. Brooke came by very heated and told me what you did. Steffy, I know– I know that you have the best intentions. But hey, please don’t ever do anything shady like that again.

Steffy: Shady? Me? I did dad a favor. I saved him from being summoned back to brooke’s house. You know he’d rather be here, mom.

Thomas: Bowling? That’s what you want to do this week? Because I’m always throwing gutter balls. No. What? Ah, there it is.

Douglas: Just like you say, you just got to keep practicing, dad.

Thomas: You want the apple, huh?

Douglas: I want the apple.

Thomas: Here you go. Now, here you go. Take it. Take it.

Douglas: Oh, grandma.

Brooke: Douglas. Oh, so good to see you. Couldn’t you use something a little safer?

Thomas: I’ve been cutting apples like this my whole life, brooke. It’s all right.

Brooke: Well, I’m sure eric has something in the kitchen.

Thomas: Hey, you know what? No big deal. Anyway, what’s going on?

Brooke: Well, I wanted to stop by and see douglas. I understand that you’ve been letting hope come by an awful lot.

Thomas: She’s always welcome here.

Brooke: Mm hmm. Yeah. Well, I haven’t seen my grandson in a long time.

Douglas: Hey, you want to come bowling with us on the weekend?

Thomas: Hey, you know what? I think that brooke is probably always busy. She’s got a slam packed schedule, so. Ah, you know what? Why don’t you go out and see donna? She said she’d look after you while I was at work.

Douglas: Um, good seeing you, grandma.

Brooke: Good seeing you, honey. See you soon, okay?

Douglas: Yeah.

Thomas: Have fun. Apple?

Brooke: No, thanks.

Thomas: Okay.

Brooke: We need to talk.

Thomas: What about? You know what? I’ve been cutting apples like that my entire life, so.

Brooke: Oh, no, no, not that. We need to talk about douglas coming home.

Thomas: Douglas is already home, brooke.

Brooke: He hasn’t been at his other home for a very long time. A home where he feels safe. And hope certainly doesn’t play with knives.

Thomas: Will you let that go?

Brooke: No, I won’T. Not if you expect him to be here with you.

Thomas: Okay, fine. I will use a peeler next time.

Brooke: Look, don’t make fun, okay? Because I will always watch out for douglas. I will always protect him.

Thomas: That’s not your job, brooke. I can protect my son. Now, if that’s all.

Brooke: No, that’s not all. Hope told me that you knew what steffy did the other night, intercepting my phone call to ridge.

Thomas: I was there. Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, that’s enough. No more attack on my marriage. By you, your mother, steffy. Just stay out of it. None of you can sabotage my relationship with ridge.

[ Taylor exasperated sigh ]

Taylor: If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

Steffy: Look how things are turning around for our family. The next logical move is dad finally coming to his senses and getting back with you.

Taylor: Well, I don’t know how logical it is. But just to shut you up, I’m going to say, “I’ll buy it.”

Steffy: Good. Great.

Ridge: What are you buying? Don’t buy anything. Whatever it is, don’t buy fuzzy bears. Because I tried that once, and I don’t want to compete with you.

Taylor: Oh, god. I don’t know if I can compete with such fuzzy cuteness. And the bears are cute, too, huh?

Steffy: They’re adorable, dad.

Finn: Kelly is going to flip out, in a good way.

Ridge: Where are the kids?

Steffy: Out with amelia. But if you wait around, you could give it to them. We could do another, like, family dinner.

Ridge: Yeah, we could do that. Let me just check with brooke. Yeah, you know, but my phone doesn’t seem to work here.

Steffy: Oh, she told you about that?

Ridge: You knew she was going to tell me about it.

Steffy: Yeah. I just felt it was like the right moment for all of us to be together. I hope you’re not mad.

Ridge: No. If you want to be my secretary, you can go ahead and answer my phone. But if you don’t, then please let me do it.

Steffy: I get it. I completely get it. I thought it was just a really nice, you know, dinner we were having. And we were all laughing and really enjoying each other’s company. And you two were, like reconnecting. I hope we have more nights like that. I really do. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Thomas: Okay. Look, brooke. You are kind of like spiraling right now, so you need to ease up on the dramatics. There’s no reason to overreact about a phone call.

Brooke: It was completely inappropriate for steffy to interfere.

Thomas: Was there some sort of emergency? A real reason for interrupting our entire family?

Brooke: No. I don’t need an emergency to talk to my own husband.& I was planning a very special evening for us.

Thomas: Oh, special evening. It have to do with a red teddy and some giggling. You know what? He has seen that so many times, it’s probably just boring.

Brooke: Doesn’t matter what I had planned. The fact is, steffy shouldn’t have intercepted my phone call to my husband.

Thomas: Okay. Maybe. I mean… is that really the reason why you’re hounding me about this?

Brooke: No. I don’t want to argue with you, thomas. I don’T. I just want you to respect my marriage with your father. And it’s time for douglas to come home. He needs to get back into his routine.

Thomas: He has a routine, right here.

Brooke: Well, this is like an extended sleepover, and it needs to end. He has to come home.

Thomas: Says who? You? Look, this is between hope and me. So, stay out of it. I know that it’s going to be really, really, really hard for you. But please, stay out of our lives.

Ridge: I enjoyed the other night and we’ll do it again. If it doesn’t happen tonight, we’ll find some other time. I promise.

Steffy: And I promise not to confiscate any phones.

Ridge: Good. What was I doing when you were talking to brooke anyway? Where was I?

Steffy: You and finn– I think you guys were having like a– I don’t know. Some kind of, like dad competition. Dad joke competition.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: You guys were laughing. And mom, you were like, groaning. That’s exactly what was happening.

Taylor: Yes, yes. And I have to say, finn won fair and square.

Finn: Thank you.

Ridge: Really though?

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Come on.

Taylor: Yes, he did. The bubbles joke? Come on.

Ridge: All right. All right.

Steffy: Do you see them looking at each other?

Finn: Same as when you were young.

Steffy: Exactly.

Ridge: What look is that?

Steffy: As if there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. This is exactly what thomas and I wanted. Our family together. The forresters winning. And it really does feel like we are winning. Thomas is having real time with douglas. My husband is back, and that is such a miracle. And you two are getting closer. We’ve had so much time apart. I just feel this genuine connection. This feeling right now. We could feel it every single day. I can’t help but repeat myself because I see it. You two belong together. Dad just come home. Go back to mom. I’m jonathan lawson

Brooke: So, you expect me to sit back and say nothing about what you’re doing to my daughter and my grandson? No.

Thomas: What am I doing besides stepping up and providing a good, solid home for my son?

Brooke: You are using him.

Thomas: How? Like, for what purpose?

Brooke: To create problems for ridge and me.

Thomas: Okay. This– this may be really hard for you to understand, brooke. But me stepping up and being a great father to my son, reconnecting with him, it’s not about you.

Brooke: Okay, wait. So, you think you’re the influence that douglas needs? I mean, thomas, are you going to just pretend you haven’t had issues in the past?

Thomas: Yeah, you know what? I have had issues. I have. And I think I’ve worked through them. But if I had tons of issues, you might want to look in the mirror to see where they came from.

Brooke: Oh, wow. So now you’re blaming me for all the terrible things that you’ve done.

Thomas: You talk about influence on a child. I think about you and how you were always lurking around my entire family and what you did, hurting my grandmother and my mother. This oversexed, gold digger just bulldozing her way through my entire family. My father, my grandfather, my uncle. And you know what? I heard– I heard about the things that you said behind my back. I know what you said. You think that doesn’t affect a child? It does.

Brooke: Okay. So, me stepping in as your stepmother, when your mom was gone, that gives you reason for all those bad mistakes and decisions you made your entire life. No, I don’t think so.

Thomas: This is just classic you. Not taking any responsibility. Of course, you wouldn’t take responsibility. You know, that doesn’t really matter to me, because steffy and I, we’re moving past this whole thing.

Brooke: Oh. Well, that is a relief.

Thomas: We’re putting it behind us because the forrester’s are finally rising up. Yes, brooke, I am talking about my mother and father. Their time together has finally come.

Ridge: You want the family back together? I know. I know how much that would mean to you.

Steffy: You know what it would mean to you? The difference it would make for you and for mom?

Ridge: Are you– I see your mother and I– and I see your husband. And these are two people who have dedicated their lives to helping others. And– and– I mean, that’s a choice, right? That’s a choice you make in your life. And I look at my choices and my life. Honestly… I– as long as I can remember, I’ve been selfish. Everything I did still is selfish.

Taylor: Ridge, you don’t– you don’t need to apologize.

Ridge: I’m not. I don’t– I don’t know– I don’t know if– um, I wish thomas was here right now because I have to say this. I have to say to you and I almost have to say it so I can hear it. I’ve made bad choices all my life. And they’ve affected my kids, especially when they were younger. And now… I’m standing in your house and I look at this guy. This amazing person, your husband. Doesn’t mean he’s amazing because he saves people. Yes, that’s part of it. But the amazing thing is you come home.

[ Ridge exhaling ] Oh. You– you take care of your family. And your kids are going to grow up knowing what a father and what a husband should look like, and that’s important.

Finn: Thanks, ridge. That means a lot. And you’re right. I will always come home to steffy and the kids.

Ridge: I know. That’s my point. That’s what I’m saying. Of course, you’ll come home because you’re going to take care of these guys. You are going to take care of your family. I mean, you’re not going to be sidetracked by some– you’re not going to be– you’re the– the father, the husband that I should have been.

Steffy: Dad, you did the best you could.

Ridge: The best I could, steffy. That doesn’t compare to what you deserve. Both of you. I’m sorry. Hi, I’m karen.

Taylor: You know, it’s a shame steffy and finn had to go to work.

Ridge: You know, I think steffy made up that meeting so we could be alone.

Taylor: You think?

Ridge: I meant what I said earlier about bad choices. I could have been a better dad. Definitely could have been a better husband.

Taylor: Well, hindsight really is 20/20, isn’t it? It never does any good to hold on to feelings of guilt and shame about the past. I mean, we all do it but–

Ridge: Yeah. What I do know is that when you came back all those years ago, that was it. That was our time to be together as a family. The five of us. It’s what thomas wanted. Steffy. Phoebe. But I couldn’t give it to them. I had to walk away from them. I turned my back on you and a beautiful family.

Taylor: But, it’s all being healed now.

Ridge: Really?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, because– because time heals all– most wounds.

Ridge: Huh.

Taylor: Listen. You know, of course our marriage breaking up left an imprint on our children. Of course, it did. Ridge, they were so young, and they didn’t even have the emotional capacity to process what was happening. So, they– they learned to cope. Steffy– steffy became the strong one. She doesn’t want anyone to do anything for her because she doesn’t want to risk being let down. And phoebe, all she wanted was love and family. And thomas. Thomas was the sensitive one, for sure. And he’s the one who got lost. It affected him the most.

Ridge: Because of me.

Taylor: No, ridge.

Ridge: Yes, because of me.

Taylor: Because of all the confusion. So much confusion. That the past is just a trail we leave behind. It doesn’t– just tells us where we’ve been. It doesn’t tell us where we’re going. That’s what now is for, right now. And yeah, we can– we can– we can imagine the future wisely. We can– we can see what it is that we want to create, what we desire, what makes us feel good. How we want to love. And be loved back. Kind of like right now. Right now.

Brooke: Even if you’re right and you’re not. But let’s just say that ridge and taylor do get together. It’s not like I’m going to be out of your life for good. I have forrester children.

Thomas: You’re right. And you did your best to ruin their lives, too. I mean, gosh, I only had to spend like part time with you. But them, it was like full time. Rick, rj, bridget. I mean, it’s kind of interesting actually, because all of them decided to leave los angeles, almost like they’re getting away from you.

Brooke: How dare you?

Thomas: It was hope though. She’s the only one who keeps justifying all the things that you have done. But you know what? I feel for her. Because she actually had to spend her entire childhood with you.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, then how did she turn out to be such a good person and somebody that you could trust with your child?

Thomas: Dumb luck, recessive gene kicking in, who knows?

Brooke: It’s really not fair that you would blame me for all of your bad behavior.

Thomas: I just wonder what it would have been like if I had the chance, the opportunity to grow up without you as a mother.

Brooke: So, because of my influence, you turned into the kind of person that would lie about a baby being dead or think that kidnapping is a courtship. And I’m not even going to mention the mannequin. To think about what you put my daughter through. And you really wonder why I’m so worried that douglas is here alone with you.

Thomas: Worry all you want, brooke. I don’t really care what you think. And soon my dad won’t either.

Brooke: No, that’s not true.

Thomas: You know, my mother is a thousand times the woman that you are. And her and my father, they are getting closer because they’re meant to be. I mean, that kiss in monaco. That was meant to happen. A day is coming and soon will be, when your reign and your grip over my father and my family ends. Mark my words, brooke, they will end.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, September 22, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Diane: I am warning you, phyllis. Back off.

Phyllis: You’re warning me? Really? Diane, this is one of those teachable moments. Really, it’s teachable. I mean, “back off.” It doesn’t really have a lot of heat. “Back off or…” is really a threat. So you want to try it again?

Diane: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Back off!

Jack: Diane. I can hear you all the way down the hall. What is going on here?

Phyllis: Diane seems to be reconnecting with her authentic self.

Diane: No, I’m sorry, jack. I just — things got a little heated, and —

Jack: Well, try to cool things down, would you? Kyle and summer just laid down the law. They made very clear boundaries about this kind of thing. If they’d walked in on this instead of me, you two would be out of a job right now.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] Do you really think I can get all of this done by tonight?

Mariah: Oh, yeah, I have no doubt. We’re going to finalize everything when I see noah later.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: Hate it. Sad. Help me.

Kyle: These are, um —

Summer: Don’t even say it.

Kyle: What are we going to do?

Tessa: Uh, this was not part of the plan.

Mariah: It’s okay. It’s fine, alright?

Tessa: This could ruin everything.

Mariah: We’re just going to go in there, you’re going to smile that gorgeous smile, pretend like it’s any other day. We’re just here getting coffee. No one’s going to suspect a thing, alright?

Traci: [ Gasps ] Oh. Oh. [ Chuckling ] Allie. Oh, my god. What are you doing here?

[ Both chuckle ]

Allie: Terrifying you, apparently.

Traci: No, no, no, no. I’m fine. I mean, my tablet is still dry, and my tea is still wet, so I’m good, but what about you?

Allie: I’m doing okay. Why do you ask?

Traci: Well, because I’m used to having this couple of hours to myself in here. You know, I can spread out and I can work and I can procrastinate to my heart’s content because all of you are at jabot.

Allie: Working on anything interesting?

Traci: Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. It is about this brilliant scientist who loves being in the laboratory until one afternoon she’s home instead of at work.

Allie: Everything’s fine, traci.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Well, honey, I know that it must be grueling doing an internship. I know that, you know, you have to do all this grunt work, and you don’t get very much, I don’t know, recognition or credit for what you do.

Allie: You know, actually, ashley is making sure I get plenty of special projects and recognition. I love it there.

Traci: Okay, um… even with phyllis and diane there, too? I mean, I know they’re in a different division than you are, but you’re all still in the same building.

Allie: I try to keep my head down and just do the best job that I can.

Traci: Well, that must be difficult, especially with a couple of chaos junkies like phyllis and diane, I know…

Allie: Oh, traci, stop.

Traci: …Dragging you into their cage matches.

Allie: Yes, it’s true.

Traci: And that’s me being nice. They are like a chemical reaction.

Allie: With two highly combustible compounds?

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. They’re a handful on a good day, but put them together, something is bound to explode.

Diane: I hope you’ll accept my apology for my outburst. Excuse me.

Jack: Phyllis —

Phyllis: I didn’t do anything, jack. I was just — I was just doing my job.

Jack: I can see it’s killing you not to gloat. I won’t keep you from your glee any longer. Just be happy that summer and kyle didn’t see this.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Jack: You’re not off the hook, by the way.


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provided by…

Allie: Yes, diane and phyllis, they are a handful.

[ Both chuckle ] But they have actually not been a problem for me.

Traci: I am so glad to hear that.

Allie: Yeah, they have given me a wide berth ever since i stood up to them and made clear that I am nobody’s pawn.

Traci: Well, good. It is really important that you set boundaries. Good for you.

Allie: Thank you.

Traci: And you are lucky that they don’t work in the lab.

[ Both chuckle ]

Allie: You know, if I time my days just right, I don’t have to run into either of them.

[ Both laugh ] But I do love it there. Ah. With chemicals, you know, you know exactly what they’ll do in a given situation.

Traci: Yeah, they’re a lot easier to predict than most people, aren’t they? Ashley used to always find it so peaceful to work in the lab.

Allie: It really is. And, my gosh, ashley, she is such a legend. I mean, the things that she’s been able to accomplish. And working at the place where my dad found so much joy at, it’S… oh, it’s — it’s [Chuckles] More than I could have dreamed of.

Traci: Alright, I’m just going to have to come out and ask you.

Allie: Yeah?

Traci: If you are loving the laboratory life so much, why aren’t you there instead of here today?

[ Both chuckle ]

Allie: Things and reasons I just — I just can’t tell you about, not just yet, traci.

Mariah: Come on. Just be nonchalant.

Tessa: I can’t be nonchalant when they’re literally ripping apart photos of me from the marchetti photo shoot. I am so chalant right now.

Mariah: It’s going to be fine.

Tessa: Hi.

Kyle: Hi.

Mariah: Hi, guys.

Tessa: So was my modeling photo shoot just, like, a total waste of time? I know it took me a while to warm up, but I thought I finally got the hang of it.

Kyle: What is she talking about?

Tessa: Well, I saw you looking at the photos and things you were saying.

Kyle: Oh! Oh, no. No, no, no.

[ Both chuckle ] We’re not looking at the marchetti photo shoot.

Summer: Which was fantastic, by the way. But also problematic in another way. I could not choose which photos to use for the layout. They were all so good.

Tessa: You really mean that?

Mariah: She wouldn’t believe me. They loved you. They’re calling you marchetti’s brightest star.

Tessa: Oh, stop. Seriously.

Mariah: See? I told you she wouldn’t believe me.

Tessa: She’s biased.

Mariah: Okay, well, maybe the two of you can talk some sense into her.

Summer: Tessa, your smile alone could sell a million dresses.

Tessa: Thank you so much for saying that and for your support. I mean, you guys know I’ve never done anything like this before, and I didn’t want to let you down.

Summer: You could never.

Mariah: So what were you guys looking at that was so disappointing?

Kyle: We were looking at different concepts for our vow renewal.

Mariah: What? Oh, my god. You’re doing what now?

Summer: We are getting married again — in town, this time, in front of all of our family and friends.

Mariah: Wow. [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: Aww, what a sweet and romantic idea. I love it.

Kyle: But we are having a difficult time trying to find the perfect theme.

Summer: You know what i think? I think we should step back and let it come to us.

Kyle: That’s a great idea.

Summer: Let’s turn our attention to our gorgeous model. Tessa, you killed it.

Tessa: Aww, thank you so much. But, I mean, I couldn’t have done it without you. I mean, your idea for the brand? I mean, you’re making it more fabulous than it already was.

Summer: Aww.

Kyle: Our wives are a mutual admiration society. Who could have predicted it?

[ Laughter ]

Mariah: Alright, I want to see these ideas.

Summer: Oh, yeah, it’s not…

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] Whatever it is you tracked me down to say, it’s, uh — it’s not necessary. I am — I am already beating myself up for what you overheard. I — I really screwed up, jack.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: I’m not going to disagree with you.

Diane: I’ve just — I’ve just been hiding my feelings inside and just stuffing them down for so long, and then today just really pushed me. I mean, first I had this uncomfortable, borderline threatening conversation with victor, and then, you know, yet another run-in with phyllis. I’m not — I’m not — I’m not trying to make excuses. I’m just trying to explain.

[ Sniffles ] And for all I know, you know, it cost me a job with my son, a chance to be closer to him.

[ Sniffles, sighs ] I just hate it when I let people like victor and phyllis get to me. But what I hate most of all is that I brought this on myself.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. Who are you calling now?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Kyle. He deserves to know the truth. No matter who you are,

[ Indistinct conversation ]

Noah: Hey.

Mariah: Hey, noah.

Tessa: Hi. Hi.

Kyle: Good to see you, man.

Noah: Yeah, is this a private conversation, or can anyone jump in?

Summer: No, we were just talking about tessa’s photo shoot the other day.

Noah: Oh, are you saying it was a hit because of all the practice we got making the album cover?

Tessa: Yeah, something like that.

Kyle: And celebrating our impending wedding redo.

Noah: What? You guys are getting married again?

Summer: We are — here this time so that everyone can come and see what true love looks like.

Noah: Ah. Sounds cool. Maybe I’ll be there.

Summer: Maybe you’ll be invited.

Noah: No, seriously, though. Congratulations, you two. I’m happy for you.

Kyle: Hey, thanks.

Summer: Will you be bringing anyone? Like, say, allie perhaps?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, about that, I actually want to talk to you two about that if you have time.

Mariah: Uh, yeah, of course. We can do that now.

Noah: Yeah.

Mariah: Okay. Sorry to run off like this, guys, but see you later.

Noah: Bye.

Tessa: Well, good luck with the planning and everything.

Kyle: Huh.

Summer: That was weird.

Kyle: 100%.

Summer: I mean, any relationship advice I could give is just as valuable as mariah’S. I mean, are we not as blissfully happy as there are?

Kyle: We left bliss in the rearview. We are on our way to “no one’s ever been this happy” level of happy.

Summer: Yeah. So why them and not us?

Kyle: Maybe he knows we need to focus on the details of our vow renewal. Come on what about this one?

Allie: Traci, I promise I am not doing anything wrong.

Traci: Oh, that’s a relief.

Allie: And — and I did not call in sick. I’m very careful about getting my hours in at jabot.

Traci: I’m sure that you’re going above and beyond, but let’s see. This mystery of yours has got my curiosity piqued. We’ve got a scientist who isn’t at the lab assigned to keep her auntie in the dark. I don’t know. I think I’m going to need more. How much longer am I going to have to wait? I need spoilers.

Allie: And I wish I can tell you, but unfortunately, this just isn’t my secret to tell.

Traci: Okay, whose secret is it?

Allie: Noah will be here soon, and I am sure we’ll both find out more.

Traci: Noah? Now, that is interesting.

Allie: Wait, wait. What’s so interesting about noah? The way you’re saying that is making me a little nervous.

Traci: Oh, no, no. I’m just so delighted things are going so well for you, honey, both at the office and outside of work. I knew you would find your way.

Allie: Well, I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t gotten some sage advice.

Traci: From your favorite auntie, I suppose.

Allie: Oh, yes. She told me that I, uh — I needed to give myself permission to be happy. And I have. So thank you again, traci, for more than just the advice. It feels really great to have family again.

Diane: I mean, how do I even begin to tell my son what an idiot I was? Having a fight with phyllis in the office when I knew better? I just — I just hope he can forgive me.

Jack: Before you make that call, you should know I have no intention of telling kyle about this run-in with phyllis.

Diane: Why would you protect me?

Jack: I’m not protecting you. I’m protecting myself. Look, this is between kyle and summer and phyllis and you. I can’t be the one to instigate issues at marchetti.

Diane: Well, I respect that, and I — I also feel terrible that you had to witness my meltdown.

Jack: Well, you were certainly pretty careless about anyone and everyone who works with you hearing you.

Diane: Yeah, so you’re not the only one. Another reason that I should come clean.

Jack: Okay, I don’t think anyone was nearby.

Diane: [ Sighs ] It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. I mean, even if you carried the secret of my fight with phyllis to the grave, I would know, and that lie of omission would impact my interactions with my son. That’s why I have to be honest with kyle. It’s the only way our relationship can work. So I am… I’m going to tell him how horribly I behaved, and then, um, he can decide how to deal with it.

Kyle: None of these options are speaking to me.

Summer: Maybe we’re not listening hard enough.

Kyle: Oh, really?

Summer: Yeah, sometimes you have to lean in. Shh.

Kyle: What’s the muse saying?

Summer: We need more choices. Mom, hi. Is everything alright?

Phyllis: Something has happened.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Kyle: It’s my mom. Girls trip.

Allie: I wonder what’s keeping noah.

[ Knock on door ]

Traci: Oh, I think we’re about to find out.

[ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Hi, allie.

Allie: Hi, mariah. Hey, tessa.

Tessa: Hey.

Noah: Hey, babe. Alright, I am sorry that we’re late. I can explain everything. I ran into the two people who could’ve —

Traci: [ Clears throat ] Hi.

Noah: Traci, hi. Uh, what does she know?

Allie: Uh, I hinted something was up, but I wasn’t sure how much to tell.

Traci: Okay, so whatever you’re planning, I’ll leave you to it.

Noah: No, no, no. Stay. I’m actually really glad you’re here, and I hope that your evening is free.

Traci: I have nothing on the calendar.

Noah: Good.

Tessa: Because we planned a surprise.

Mariah: For summer and kyle.

Noah: And we can really use your help.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Jack: Phyllis, I didn’t know you would be here, as well. I —

Diane: Seriously? I assume you wasted no time in sharing with them what happened earlier.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I felt they had the right to know.

Diane: Yeah, I’m glad you told them, because honesty is so important. That’s why I told kyle and summer to meet me here so that I could own up to what happened.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, you’re just saying that because you were caught.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Is that true, mom?

Jack: I was with her before the phone call. She is very remorseful.

Diane: Thank you, jack, but what I did was indefensible. My behavior was completely out of line, and I — I am truly sorry. After sharing my commitment to family harmony and assuring you both that my priorities were in the right place, I lost my temper. It was unprofessional, it was uncalled for, and I am truly sorry.

Phyllis: Wow. Is this where I applaud? I mean, because this performance is truly remarkable.

Diane: I’m not going to make some last-ditch plea to try and save my job. You know, a job that I have grown to love because working with you two has been a dream. But you made it painfully clear that there would be zero tolerance for this kind of thing, so I am going to save both of you the discomfort and officially resign.

Traci: Okay, I love a good mystery just like the next person, but I’m going to need a little bit more information before I sign on to this plan of yours.

Allie: Well, I promise noah’s idea is exciting and fun.

Noah: Even if it is coming together at the last minute.

Mariah: Tonight was the only night that worked.

Traci: Okay, so I think I’m getting this. This is about kyle and summer, but you can’t possibly be surprising them with their vow-renewal ceremony, because I think I just successfully talked kyle out of keeping it a surprise from summer.

Noah: It’s a surprise pre-vow-renewal party.

[ Laughter ]

Allie: At noah’s new club.

Tessa: Tonight.

Traci: Oh, my gosh. I love it. And I know kyle and summer are going to love it, too. What a great idea to christen your club. So what can I do to help?

Noah: How do you feel about being a decoy? We could really use someone to lure the guests of honor into the club.

Traci: I can do that.

Noah: I could also use your advice on something.

Traci: What’s that?

Noah: We’re having a little bit of a guest-list quandary. Obviously, my dad and phyllis have to be there and you and jack.

Tessa: But should we include diane?

Mariah: Or are we just asking for trouble putting those two in a room together with a throwable cake?

Phyllis: I, for one, would like to congratulate diane for doing the right thing, stepping down after that very, very embarrassing outburst. I’d like to congratulate you for doing the very noble, sensible thing.

Kyle: Are you sure this is what you want to do, mom? You’re willing to step down?

Diane: I made a promise. I agreed to your terms, and I violated them. How could you ever trust me again if I didn’t keep my word?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Phyllis: Why are you nodding to him? What’s going on?

Summer: Mom. Those terms we agreed on?

Kyle: We made it clear that both of you would be terminated from marchetti if there were any more infractions, and we meant it.

Summer: Diane resigned because of an argument with you.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] What? What, you — you both don’t want me to resign, as well.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Traci: Phyllis and diane. Well, they would definitely cause a rift in the time-space continuum considering how much chaos they generate. But wouldn’t they have to be on their best behavior because this is about their kids? Wouldn’t they?

Allie: Yeah, I agree with traci. Why would kyle and summer’s mothers cause trouble at a celebration of their love for each other?

Mariah: Because this is phyllis and diane, and history has proven that that’s just what happens when they’re in each other’s orbit. So why risk it?

Tessa: Because if only one of them is invited, they’ll probably take it very personally.

Mariah: So maybe we shouldn’t invite either of them.

Allie: Wait, no moms at all?

Tessa: Well, of course they’d be at the ceremony.

Noah: No, seems weird and wrong. I know phyllis and diane bring out the worst in each other, but they love their kids.

Tessa: But maybe the best gift that we can give summer and kyle is a night of love and support without all the drama.

Allie: I know I’m new here, but what if there’s another option, one that doesn’t exclude phyllis or diane?

Phyllis: What? I’m not at fault. She lost her mind. I didn’t provoke her.

Summer: We’re aware of what happened, mom.

Phyllis: She’s resigning because she knows she did the wrong thing. I shouldn’t have to resign, too.

Summer: I guess I need to remind you of the lunch that we just had where we notified you and diane that it wouldn’t matter who said or did what to whom, that you would both be out.

Phyllis: Okay, wait a second. So when I came to you in good faith about what happened, I was just sealing my fate?

Diane: Nobody likes a tattletale.

Kyle: What was that?

Diane: Oh, I was just saying that you made the terms of our employment crystal clear.

Kyle: Even more reason we appreciate you being honest. You knew the cost, but you did the right thing anyway.

Phyllis: Okay, well, that’s it?

Diane: You know, I guess phyllis just didn’t grasp the concept of what you had said, but I respect that when you and summer say something as senior executives at marchetti, that you mean it.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Okay, so, listen, I have the utmost respect for both of you because you’re fair and you’re both very, very smart. And I would think you wouldn’t let some ridiculous, arbitrary rule stop you from doing the right thing.

Kyle: Summer and I are sorry to see you go. Both of you were assets to the company, but it seems as if this was inevitable.

Summer: We’ll miss seeing you around the office.

Phyllis: Okay. Thank you for the opportunity. It was a great time. Thank you.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Diane: Well, I — I hope we can all get together for dinner at some point.

Jack: [ Groans ] I know that wasn’t easy for you. I have to ask. Were you just teaching your mothers a lesson, or is marchetti saying goodbye to them forever?

Kyle: I don’t think learning to play nice is even a possibility for those two at this point.

Summer: You know what the worst part about this is? They were both doing really great work, and my mom is a perfect fit at marchetti home, and…

Jack: Can I perhaps offer a suggestion?

Summer: Anything. Please.

Jack: Let them stew in this for a while, and then offer them one final one last chance.

Mariah: I want to be optimistic. I do, okay? But I have to be realistic. And diane and phyllis in a room together, it’s just going to be total war.

Noah: Alright, well, I think we should hear allie out.

Traci: I agree. What’s your plan, honey? One mom and then the next.

Tessa: Oh, like staggering their arrival?

Allie: Yes, precisely. We have one mom spend time with the happy couple, they give a toast, they have fun, and then all we have to make sure we do is get her to be gone before the next one arrives.

Noah: Genius. I love it.

Traci: This plan might actually work.

Mariah: Yeah, it definitely has potential. You know, we just have to make sure that there is no overlap ’cause then everything will fall apart.

Tessa: If anyone can pull it off, we can.

Noah: Alright, we need to set the next phase of this plan in motion.

Allie: Operation let’s get everyone there on time. Okay, suggestions?

Traci: Um, I think you should ask diane to be there first. I think she’ll be easier to get out of the room. Easier than phyllis.

Mariah: Well, perfect. I’ll escort kyle and diane to the venue.

Noah: And I’ll take care of summer and my dad.

Traci: I can get jack there.

Tessa: And allie and I will make sure that the club is ready to rock.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Alright, everybody have their assignments?

Noah: Alright, let’s give kyle and summer a night they’ll never forget.

Summer: You’re seriously advocating giving our moms one more last chance?

Kyle: We’ll take that under advisement.

Summer: How many more last chances do they deserve anyway?

Jack: I will leave that decision in your very capable hands.

[ Cellphone pings ] That’s traci. She wants to see me. Um, I’ll see you both later.

Kyle: Yeah, go. We’ve got this under control. What do you think?

Summer: I think your father’s a pushover. Why should we give our moms another chance to break our hearts?

Kyle: Maybe we scared them straight, and they’re filled with remorse.

Summer: Yeah, they’re sorry. They’re sorry that they’re suffering any consequences. This is the only way they’re going to learn, kyle. We have to be firm.

Kyle: I hear what you’re saying, but is it worth the collateral damage to marchetti just to prove a point?

Summer: On the other hand, if we let them off the hook now, they may never take anything we have to say seriously again.

Kyle: Okay, let’s see what they’ve been up to since they left. If they’re carefully crafting apology letters, we can talk. If they’re planning on waging war, they’re out of chances.

Summer: Okay. I’m on board. Just hope for the best.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I’m sorry about how that went down.

Phyllis: You are my daughter. You’re supposed to be on my side.

Summer: You’re not being fair. I am always on your side.

Phyllis: No, you’re not. You fired me because of something diane did. She lost her mind, summer. She lost her mind. Doesn’t seem to matter. I mean, she can’t get over her hatred for me. She’s constantly playing mind games, but I’m paying the price.

Summer: We laid out the zero-tolerance rules less than 24 hours ago.

Phyllis: Yep. It doesn’t matter. Her hatred for me goes back decades. No rule is going to change that.

Summer: I know. Mom, I’ve heard all of your stories about diane. And you know what? I believe them. I understand why you feel the way you do about diane, but you gave me your word that you would keep the peace.

Phyllis: I did keep the peace. Diane didn’T. I mean, honestly, this — this rule is ridiculous, summer. It’s ridiculous. One mom is bad, and then the other one should get fired, too. I mean, come on.

Summer: It’s the behavior that’s unacceptable.

Phyllis: It’s diane’s behavior that’s unacceptable.

Summer: Mom, be honest with yourself. If you wanted to keep the peace, you would have quashed the conflict. You could’ve ignored her, you could’ve walked away, but you didn’T.

Phyllis: Gandhi wouldn’t be able to walk away from diane.

Summer: But must you accept every invitation for a fight? Mom, as much as I love you, and I do love you, and as much as I sympathize with what you’re going through, my husband and I are trying to run a major fashion company. We’re dealing with time differences, creative differences, and now, every single day, it seems like, we’re dealing with issues with our moms that are distracting us. And I’m not even going to talk about that mysterious file that allegedly showed up on diane’s computer.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. And there it is. You just mentioned it.

Summer: Diabolical plot or not, it’s the fact that I had to take time out of my day to deal with it. That is the problem. Mom, I need you to see my perspective on this, to focus on the bigger picture here, please.

[ Cellphone pings ]

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Is that a fashion emergency? Do you need my help?

Summer: No, it’s — it’s noah. He wants me to meet him at the grand phoenix.

Phyllis: What’s going on?

Summer: I don’t know. Maybe something to do with the club? I should go.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I’ll go with you. We can finish our discussion.

Summer: You know what, mom? I think we should sleep on this, talk of the morning.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: Love you.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Are you here to get me to hand over my company credit card?

Kyle: No. I came to tell you I’m proud of you.

Diane: Proud? That’s not a word that comes to mind when speaking about what I did.

Kyle: Well, we can all agree you were in the wrong, but I am still proud that you made the right decision afterwards.

Diane: Resigning.

Kyle: Yeah.

Diane: Yeah, what choice did I have? You know, part of my therapy has been learning to own my actions. I just… I just hope this doesn’t change the way you see me or affect my relationship with harrison.

Kyle: Hey, it was business, nothing more. And it’ll stay that way unless things escalate.

Diane: I do not intend for that to happen. I hope you know that. And I know I made a similar promise earlier today…

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Diane: But after losing the job that I’ve grown to love, I, um — I am more resolved than ever to do better, to be better.

Kyle: I really hope you mean that.

Diane: I do. So has phyllis officially resigned?

Kyle: [ Scoffs ]

[ Cellphone pings ]

Diane: Is everything alright?

Kyle: I’m not sure. What do you think?

Phyllis: [ Thinking ] Oh, diane, you are so sweet and innocent and humble.

[ Sighs ] Could you actually [Sighs] Be getting the better of me? Could I be failing? No. I will not let her win. I will not. Think. Oh, phyllis, think. They all have blinders on. If I could you just get to summer, and if I could just get her to open her eyes and look at things honestly from my perspective… yeah. That’s it. Summer just needs a little nudge to see that diana is the one who was wrong. That’s it.

Summer: Okay, what’s going on?

Diane: I have no idea.

Summer: What did your message say?

Kyle: Mariah said to meet her here and bring my mom.

Summer: Hmm. Noah told me to meet him here, but he didn’t say anything about the two of you.

Together: Surprise!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Noah: Yeah!

Mariah: Ow!

Noah: Surprise! A fragrance this alluring

Summer: I think we walked in on the wrong party.

Noah: No, this is exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Kyle: But why? Would someone please explain what’s going on?

Noah: You’re in the right place ’cause this party is for you. And you.

Kyle: I don’t get it. Surprise what?

Jack: Traci, what would you call this?

Traci: The surprise non-bachelor/non-bachelorette party. Eh, that’s a little clunky.

[ Laughter ]

Allie: Well, whatever it is, it is my first big abbott shindig.

Noah: Oh, in honor of you having yet another wedding.

Summer: Aww.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] I love it.

Summer: Oh, my god. You guys, this is so sweet. I’m fine. I’m fine. It’s just, you don’t — you don’t know how much this means to me. To us.

Kyle: Mm. Thank you so much, everyone. As you all know, historically, I am the go-to guy for wedding and all things wedding-related.

Mariah: I’m sorry. Have you planned a speech for your surprise party?

[ Laughter ]

Kyle: What I’m trying to say is you guys really know how to celebrate.

[ Laughter ]

Noah: You heard the guy. Let’s party. Welcome to the glam club.

Traci: Wow.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: Noah, this place is going to be packed day and night. I love it.

Kyle: You’ve done an amazing job.

Allie: I’m so impressed.

Traci: And noah planned this entire evening.

Noah: Yeah, well, I know you have pretty high standards, so I hope I lived up to the expectation.

Kyle: You sure have.

Summer: You know what? I was right to suspect something earlier, even though you all were very convincing when you were pretending not to know anything about our vow renewal.

Mariah: Well, I really hope you can forgive us.

Kyle: It’s the best surprise we could’ve gotten.

Traci: Even better than the surprise re-wedding you had planned?

Diane: Ah, I’m so glad everything’s out in the open.

Summer: Noah, did you say something about champagne?

Noah: I didn’t, but, uh — okay.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: Noah, I see kyle’s parents here, but where are mine?

Noah: Oh, dad’s on his way. He should be here any second.

Summer: And what about my mom?

Noah: We thought it might be a good idea to avoid any possible tension, so we staggered the arrival of your mom and diane. I know it’s weird.

Summer: Oh, actually, after the day the four of us have had, that is the most brilliant solution ever. You are about to win brother of the year award.

Noah: Yeah, we got to make sure that diane’s out of here before phyllis shows up.

Summer: And you have a plan to get her out of here on time?

Noah: I thought that I did, but it looks like we just hit a little snag.

Summer: Oh. No, no, no.

Phyllis: What’s going on?

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GH Transcript Thursday, September 22, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Indistinct conversations, down-tempo music playing ] Hey, you. Hey. Hey. Hi. You doing all right?

[ Sighs ] Brando? Anything else happen? Yeah. Well, alexis and i got into it with kristina. You both talked to her? Mostly alexis. Kristina witnessed the attack on brando, and we just — we were just trying to keep her safe, and, you know, it’S… yeah. You just express it differently, in different ways. Right. And she’s an amazing young woman. I-I-I love that she stands up for herself. But… yeah. I know. …I mean, it’s like… right? I know. I know. Hey, guys. I’m — I’m, uh… nina: Hey. …Sorry if I’m interrupting anything. I just, um… wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear about brando. Thanks. How did carly take the news? I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to carly in a couple days.

[ Sighs ] Come on, come on, come on. All right.

[ Cellphone chirps ] Whew! [ Claps hands ] All right. Oh. Oh, gosh. Wow. That’s a lot.

[ Exhales deeply ] Hey, joss. It’s me. Um, well, I’m still in jacksonville, and I now have a phone. Gosh, I could have used you when I was trying to download everything from the cloud. But so far, so good. Call me when you get this, okay? I love you.

[ Beep ] Drew: Carly.

I’m sorry I missed your call. I’m here whenever you can talk.

[ Beep ]

[ Beep ] Sonny:

Carly, it’s me. Call me back.

[ Beep ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Peyton: Why on earth are you still here? Was lucy expecting victor? She seemed surprised to see him, so I don’t think so. Do you know where they were headed? Oh, no. Sorry. How long ago did they leave? Maxie: I don’t know. A little bit ago. To be honest, lucy was definitely trying to get rid of him, but victor — just wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Let’s just say he was…persistent.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, you two. What’s going on and how worried should I be? This — this is just too much.

[ Chuckles ] Nonsense, my dear. For a woman such as yourself, the whole world would not be enough. Well, I did used to believe that, and then I saw the whole world. But th– it — it’s — it’s amazing. You know, when you said a business lunch, I really thought…salads, arnold palmers.

[ Chuckles ] If that’s all you expected from an afternoon with me, then it is high time we got better acquainted.

[ Thud, metal creaking ]

[ Gasps ] Oh! Whoa! My g– my goodness. What was that? Oh, it was probably the — the ship unmooring. Oh. And — and why would the ship unmoor? Well, to — to set sail, my dear. Soon we shall be miles from port charles. Elizabeth. Hi. Are you all right? I’m better. Well, good. Um, I look forward to picking up where we left off. That’s why I’m — I’m here. I keep thinking about yesterday’s session and how I remembered that man who I think is my father being at the top of the stairs when that woman fell. I mean, that was a huge breakthrough. Yes, it was. We made a lot of progress. Unfortunately, memories can be a little tricky. The only way to really verify what happened is for you to reach out to your father. And I will if I have to. But for now, I have a better idea. But for it to work, I’ll need your help. Jordan: I’m only conferring with you about the results of the toxicology report because you were brando’s doctors and you could be of help to this investigation. So no discussing with family or friends. No leaking to the press. Let’s keep this between us. Are we good? Of course. Yes. Yes. Good. Now, someone killed brando with a poisoned hook. Any thoughts? May I see that? The toxin — it — it seems vaguely familiar. I just don’t know why. Because the assailant didn’t use just any toxin. Whoever you’re looking for has got a real imagination for murder.

You’ve mostly practiced in big cities, right? Yeah. Yeah. Why? What is this, a country poison? You could say that. It’s a kind of venom. Like from a snake? Well, you’d have to do further tests to determine the genus and species, but the origin is definitely a reptile. And you know this why? Well, I’ve never run into something like this in a modern clinical setting, but, you know, in the past, there’s been warrior cultures that used venom to poison their spears, some untouched indigenous cultures still do to this day. That’s right — to protect themselves from missionaries and interlopers. I watch the science channels. But we aren’t talking about ancient warfare or protected tribes. I’ll check the databases, but I don’t recall any serial-killer profiles that include any of this. So you do believe this is the work of a serial killer? I called carly yesterday a couple times, actually, and — and I just never heard back. I take it you guys haven’t heard from her, either. I called her. She — she never called me back. Okay. I’ll just check in with michael, see if his mom reached out to him, then. You got her involved in that — what is it called? It’s that, uh, seminar. The leadership-seminar thing. Yeah. You got contacts for that? I do. Yeah. I’ll call mia. S-she’s the leader of the whole program. She set the whole thing up. I’ll just tell her that it’s a family emergency. I’m only worried ’cause carly wouldn’t ignore me in a dangerous situation. No. You don’t — sonny, you don’t have to explain to me why you’re concerned about carly. Neither does drew. I’m a guest at this hotel. I have every right to be here. Oh. This place used to have better standards. You still working on your gala, or were you and the other ladies who lunch meeting about community resources? What’s next? Designated picnic area for those making under six figures? Oh, actually, the jacksonville beautification guild is known for our charity work. Yeah, when they’re not digging up souls from their eternal resting places. I had no idea virginia was buried in that cemetery. Great. That’s great. Since you have no vested interest, either way, you can reconsider. I’m afraid it’s too late. Why? The measure to move the cemetery wasn’t unanimous. All you have to do is hold another vote. No, I-I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. I’m just a little surprised. I knew lucy and my father were acquainted. I hadn’t realized they were lunching together these days. Can you reach her, please? ‘Cause she’s not picking up my calls, and I-I just need to have a chat. Is this about deception? Potentially. Yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Um, do you know when she’ll be back? I don’t suppose you have any important business meetings she has to return for. Oh, I don’t, but lucy might. I can check with her assistant. That’d be great. Thank you. Thank you so much.

[ Telephone beeps ] Maxie: Does lucy have many appointments today? This is on me. This is just — I should never have done this — pushed her to get information from victor. He’S… he’s too dangerous. I think lucy can handle herself. What? Robert’s people wouldn’t take this, and they’re professionals. Also, check any sticky notes, scratch paper, napkins. Sometimes she writes things down there. Okay. Look. You know your father better than me. So…this unexpected lunch date — could it be because he’s figured out lucy has an agenda? Well, if I did… victor certainly could. So, what do you think of the venue? Ah! The, um, haunted star. It’s interesting. Oh. Just interesting? Okay. Rather inspired. Because isn’t this the very vessel that first brought you to port charles and — oh. Shh. Shh.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Yes. So many, many, many years ago. I mean, that is before the dearly departed helena cassadine gifted it to your nemeses, luke and laura, on their wedding day.

[ Chuckles ] That’s right. Of course! You literally wrote the book on all this. You bet I did. So, here we are. And, you know, if I didn’t know better — which I’m not saying I do know better — I would think… that you just abducted me. Is that a bad thing?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I haven’t been kidnapped in a very long time. I suppose I could use a refresher. Hm. You are a charmer, aren’t you? Please.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. And you, sir, are a master of understatement. But, um, do tell, really — what are we doing here right now? I mean, on this particular vessel. Well, I have rented out the entire ship so we won’t have any interruptions. Ah! How very gracious of you, when you could have just taken it.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! And I see you also brought your goombah. Hello, goombah. Champagne? Oh! Uh, of course. Thank you so much. You know, I’m just curious, though — do all your business lunches include bubbly and…boat rides? Well, neither you nor I, ms. Coe, are what I would call traditionalists. That’s one of the reasons I feel we’ve been drawn to each other. So, shall we, uh, enjoy our champagne? We shall indeed. And we can watch the sun set over the water from the main deck. Sunset? Ah. How — how long is this lunch? Well, uh, I have taken the liberty of checking your schedule, and you are free for the rest of the day. Mm. Yes. You are correct. I don’t really have any plans. Except, you know, if you want to mention…work. And your lawyer acquaintance is still out of town? So it’s settled, then. You’re all mine.

Okay. No meetings written down in lucy’s day planner, sticky notes, scratch paper, or napkins. But that doesn’t really mean anything. She frequently doesn’t write things down and still manages to show up. Did her assistant catch where they were going, maybe? No. No. She wasn’t in the room when victor was here. But now that I’m thinking about it, it is really weird that lucy actually went with him. We’re kind of in crisis mode with everything going on with sasha, and it’s really not like lucy. Of course, you know, drew’s concerned. Him and carly are friends or — I don’t know what they are. Well, sonny, from the look of what happened at the picnic, they’re a lot more than friends. You’ve mentioned that before. And I’m just — I’m just saying it again, because maybe drew’s investment in carly’s well-being is more than he’s letting on. Wait. So carly never even checked in? Do you know what happened? Oh. Where did the plane land? Okay. All right. Well, um, thank you very much, mia. I’ll find her. Here’s hoping she didn’t get into too much trouble. The process of moving the cemetery has already begun. Oh, you were given ample notice. Same as all the other families.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] That’s not the point. The point is, my mom had one burial request — to be buried near the water in her hometown. Virginia also probably wanted to have her grave tended to on a regular basis. Well…we know what happened there. And I wanted a happy, healthy marriage. You spoiled that, too. I guess we can’t always have what we wanted. Okay. I was trying to be nice. But if you want to do this the hard way, that’s fine with me. I still haven’t been able to recall that woman’s face. That’s frustrating. I know. If you hypnotize me again and we revisit that memory, I think what I saw will become clearer. Well, we can concentrate on recognizing those faces during our next session. Can we do it now? I’m afraid not. I have an appointment in 10 minutes. Kevin, I-I know this isn’t an emergency, but I can’t sleep. I’m not eating. I haven’t lost time since our last session, but who knows when that’ll happen again? And I understand. This process can really take a toll. How did that woman get to the bottom of the stairs? And is that man I can’t see my father? Whoever it is, is that person still a threat to someone? I really feel like we should figure out these answers as soon as possible. Kevin, please. I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate. I’ll cancel my appointment.

[ Exhales deeply ] I don’t want to jump to conclusions, especially since the weapon used in ava’s attack wasn’t poisoned — with venom or otherwise. But you do believe it to be the same assailant?

The invader’s “anonymous, well-placed source” certainly seems to think so. Regardless, it’s too soon to say. A serial killer may have as few as two victims but are usually defined by a cooling-off period in between attacks. These were very close together. Why would a perpetrator employ different methods between attacks? In my analysis, whoever did this was disappointed that ava survived. So they upped the ante to make sure their next victim didn’T.

Ant chatterhas given me the need to check on my daughter. And don’t worry. I won’t mention any details of the case. I want her to be able to sleep at night. Hey, look, commissioner. I’d like to — we’re likely dealing with a violent repeat offender whose modus operandi is growing more lethal. Which is why I believe that whoever furnished the quote to the invader was simply trying to warn the public. Yes. All any of us want is to mitigate risk and prevent injury. Of course. But crucial information needs to be kept under wraps. This helps us separate the lunatics who confess from the real perpetrators who might want to toy with us. No kidding? You got phony confessions? Since the invader article. But they don’t know about the venom on the hook. Hey, nor — nor will they. The last thing I want to do is compromise your investigation. We’re all worried about our families, dr. Finn. I imagine this must hit pretty close to home for you. I mean, I used to see tj and brando around the hospital. They got in a fight over there in one of the hallways one day. I remember. Yeah. But, I mean, they seem to have gotten pretty friendly. I guess they worked everything out. I suppose they did. Seeing a man so close to my son’s age cut down in his prime… that really makes it more personal for me. We can continue to escalate, or we could search for some common ground. So why don’t you let me buy you a drink and we can discuss this? Are you sure you can afford it? Excuse me? Oh, well, we have google here in jacksonville, too. It was nice! Uh, the hotel you…used to own. The kind of place that would attract visitors. I imagine at some point you were even a leader in port charles society, someone who would understand the need for civic improvement. And now — oh, just look — look how the mighty have fallen. Oh, lamont, uh, would you get the…lady a — whatever she wants. Don’t worry, darlin’. It’s on my tab. I want to discuss something with you. Okay. You need security. Oh, sonny. No. Until we catch the guy. I’m fine. No. Famous last words.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Can I just hire my own security, then? I’m gonna have to do the background check anyway, so just let me hire the people that I want. Come o– I just — humor me. You know what? I don’T… I, uh — I tried carly again. Still no answer. All right. Thanks for trying. Yeah. Of course. Of course. Um…I will see you two around. He never said if he talked to that mia woman who ran the seminar. It’s none of our business. Right. None of our business. But you know who is my business is sasha, and I’m really worried about her. Yeah. So am I. I mean, she’s gone through so much, and… now that brando’s gone, you know… she needs all of our support. If she needs anything — and I’m — I’m serious — if she needs anything, I’m here for her. And part of that support team is carly. So…do you know when she’s gonna come back from aruba?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Let’s — let’s find out right now. Hey, carly. I’ve been trying to get ahold of you. So, where are you? Uh, take one of the guys with you. Okay. Well, brook lynn has no idea where lucy could be headed. Well, thanks for checking. Thank you. She did say that lucy tweeted something like 20 minutes ago. “Follow your stars,” accompanied with a jack-o’-lantern emoji — not a pumpkin, a jack-o’-lantern — with no stars, in september, a month before halloween.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, what does that even mean? I don’t know. Thank you, though, maxie. I really appreciate it. Yeah. You’ve been a big help. Uh… halloween. Hmm. Valentin is a brilliant strategist, and I’m so fortunate to be working with him. I also think… that he’s extremely handsome and charming and savvy and even sometimes a tad bit ruthless. I can certainly see where he gets that from. I bet you’re so proud of him. Well, it’s true. Valentin does take after me in some respects.

[ Chuckles ] But I’m afraid even family can disappoint. Oh, no. That’s horrible. H-how? I can’t see how valentin could possibly disappoint you. That’s sad. Well, one would assume that blood would engender unwavering loyalty. But, sadly, that is not always the case. Which is why it is so important to forge other bonds — with, uh — with you, for instance.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Thank you. No. I couldn’t possibly eat another morsel, really. You know, what I could use is a power walk to walk off all this amazing, delicious food. Will we be heading back to dry land soon? I certainly hope not. Our afternoon… is just getting started.

But that was your halloween costume last year, james. A pirate would be so much more fun. Yeah, of — of course you could wear a fake parrot. C-can we talk about this later? Your aunt nina just got here. Okay. Love you. Bye. Fake parrot? Geez. Like you’ve ever said no to james.

[ Laughing ] Never. Never. Hi! Hi. It’s so good to see you. Nice to see you. What’s up? Well, I actually need your opinion. Ooh. Okay. Uh, fall fashions — I’m your gal. Advice on your love life — you should know better. No, it’s not that. I’M… I’m just trying to figure out the best way to help sasha. Oh, well, in that case, I’m the last person you should talk to. If you’re in jacksonville, what took you so long to respond to your messages? I lost my phone. I left it on the plane. But you know our — our — our numbers. Why couldn’t you borrow a phone? I called josslyn after I landed. I figured everybody else could wait until I got my replacement phone. Why? What’s going on? Is everything okay with donna and avery? Yeah. The girls are fine. Uh…brando isn’T.

[ Indistinct conversations ] You know, in the spirit of full disclosure, the venom element makes this kind of personal for me, too. How so? How so? Just out of medical school, I accepted a doctors without borders posting to the mariana islands. In micronesia. Yes. That’s a very remote location. It is. It is, but I was, uh — I was with my wife. Uh…my — my late wife, reiko. She was also a doctor. And we both felt very strongly that we could do some good work there. While we

were on the island,we had a very good friend — good doctor. He died a very painful death from a snakebite. So what we just discovered about brando has… has brought all that back up. The person at the top of the stairs — are they still there? Yes. Can you see their face? No, not clearly. In our last session, you said you might know the woman at the bottom of the stairs. Can you try to see her face again? Take your time. Is she moving? No. I still can’t see her face. Can you get closer? I’ll try. Can you see her face now? Elizabeth? Elizabeth.

[ Grunts ] Whose boat was that we just took? It was a zodiac. Okay. Whose zodiac was that we just took? I know people. Really? What do you mean, “really?” Well, we just grabbed it so qckly, I assumed we hadn’t had permission. You sound disappointed. I am a little, yeah. We’ll steal a boat next time. I’m really worried about lucy. Well, listen. My father is a despicable human being and capable of horrible acts. But he’s not gonna take advantage of lucy, because he’s the type who prefers his conquests to surrender. Ew. You honestly think he sailed her out into the open waters with her permission? I think that this is a grand romantic gesture. And I think that as long as he hasn’t discovered her deception, she’s perfectly fine. But your father’s like a bloodhound, sniffing out people’s weaknesses. And lucy’s, you know… practically advertises hers. Right. He’s perfectly capable of exploiting her worst instincts. Victor: May I? Lucy: [ Exhales deeply ] It’s — it’s staggering. It’s simply stunning. And shiny and sparkly and some other “s” word. What have I done to deserve this? That remains to be seen. Oh. Oh — ohh. Oh. Oh, um…mr. Cassadine, I’m not sure what kind of impression you have of me, but, um, yes, I have had a very colorful and imperfect past. A real page-turner, if I do say so myself. But I am always and still will be always a lady. Oh, without question. And please. I apologize if I implied otherwise or if my intentions appeared anything other than — honorable? Please accept this gift as, um, merely a-a tangible token of the alliance that we are about to forge together. An alliance? Do tell. I’m sure you must have noticed by now, my dear, that I am not a man to do anything in half measures. And that includes my plans for the future. Hmm. What kind of plans? Something big is coming. One might even say… earth-shattering. Earth-shattering? Really? Well, uh, tell me. Are you going to be the man steering the ship, so to speak? Let me say just this right now. We’re heading into rough waters, and the only way we can save all souls aboard is with me at the helm. Now, I was hoping that my ship would be crewed by fellow cassadines. But it seems they can’t be relied upon. I need a first mate, lucy, and I think that could be you. Portia: Oh, jordan. I didn’t know you were still here. Is there, um, anything else that I could do to help regarding brando’s case? No. I wanted to thank you for requesting the tox screen. Without it, we wouldn’t have discovered the cause of death for brando, so… well, I’m just glad I followed my instincts on that one. This latest bit of information is so distinct. It’s like a signature. Hopefully, it’ll help us to identify who the killer is. Well, if there’s anything else I can do to help… I’ll let you know. Whatever it takes to get to the truth. I’m glad to hear we’re both on the side of truth. Elizabeth, answer me. Do you want to end this session? All right. I’m going to count backwards from five. When I get to one, I will clap my hands, and you’ll wake, remembering everything. In five, four, three, two…

[ Claps hands ] …One. Nod if you’re with me. Mm-hmm. Gave me a bit of a start there. You okay?

[ Exhales deeply ] Yeah. I know exactly what I need to do. Look, lately, all I’ve done is hurt sasha, not help her. Maxie, how can you say that? Well, things really started going downhill when lucy suggested it would be best for deception if sasha took a major step back — especially as spokesmodel. Look, I’m not — I’m not blaming lucy. I’m actually blaming myself. I wasn’t fully on board with the idea, but I went along with it anyway. Well, in all fairness, we know that sasha needs help — more than she’s willing to accept. So maybe not having to focus on work is a good thing. Yeah, but that’s not why we did it. We did it for the bottom line, not to help our friend. Yes, sasha needs help. But what if the help she needs is a purpose, not a kiss-off? I — maxie, you didn’t kiss her off. Yeah? How do you know that? Yeah. I know that because I know you, and you don’t kiss people off. Even so, we professionally pushed sasha away when she personally needed us the most. And I-I wasn’t even able to be at the meeting where we informed sasha. Lucy had to do it alone. Sasha was so upset. She had another public meltdown. And now, on top of losing a child not even a year ago, she’s lost brando. How many times is this poor woman’s heart gonna be shattered? Oh, my god. Poor sasha. And gladys. How are they doing? Devastated. We’re all doing the best to take care of them. It just doesn’t make sense. Brando was one of the good guys. I’m sorry, sonny. I’m so sorry. I know how close you guys were becoming and how much you both loved mike. At least they’re together now. First ava, now brando? Why? Jordan thinks this, uh, nutjob might be targeting people close to me. What? All right. That’s it.I’m on the first flight home. No, you’re not.

[ Exhales deeply ] Maxie, you… you couldn’t have known that this was gonna happen. You’ve been trying to help sasha through this really tough period. Yeah, but everything I do seems to make matters worse because of this company. I feel so cold-blooded. Okay. Look at it this way. You are protecting sasha’s livelihood during this crisis. There’s got to be something else I could do to help, something to show that I actively support sasha. There is. Just do whatever she needs, even if she pushes you away. Yeah, I know. Trust me. I know what it’s like. I mean, when nathan was killed… well, you remember. Yeah. There’s so much that needs to be done. Yeah. Maxie, there’s one thing that’s gonna be too difficult for sasha and gladys to do, something that requires a master planner like you. Right. This is horrible. A week ago, I was drafting a guest list for sasha and brando’s wedding reception. Now I’m gonna use that list for his funeral. The girls are safe. Josslyn too. I got around-the-clock security on all of them. What about michael?

Well, michael has

his own security

and doesn’t need my help. But I’m looking out for him. All right. Well, it’s just really hard not coming home when there’s a homicidal maniac targeting our family. Carly, you’re safer where you are. I’m in jacksonville, florida. I know I can’t stop you from coming back, and I know you hate jacksonville. Do me a favor. Do not come back until I give you the all-clear. You’ll keep me posted? Always. Thank you.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Homicidal maniac? Sounds like your family needs you. Oh, pity you must go. I’m not going anywhere until I’m sure virginia is staying right where she is in that cemetery. That’s not up to you. I know it’s been quite a few years since you knew me, mrs. Roberts… that’s no longer my name. …But I’m not impressed or intimidated by you. And the one thing that hasn’t changed? I’m still really good at raising hell. So if you think you regretted knowing me then… just wait. Hm. You know, I do so love a man with plans and a vision. Could you just perhaps share your nefarious plans with me? I mean… I’m so excited to hear them. You’ve got me curious, and i don’t even know what they are. Oh, I would like nothing more. I just wish I knew who I could trust. Oh, I see. I-I really did truly think we were building a rapport. And so we are, and I look forward to deepening our connection. But you have to understand. A-a man in my position, I… I need to be judicious. Mm. I see. Especially with your grand designs. Speaking of designs. Johann? Why don’t you, uh, enjoy some air outside? Yes, boss. Alone at last. I think we’ll find lucy and your father in the main room. Unless we find them in a stateroom. Ew. What? You said it yourself. My father’s very persuasive. Do you think we should split up? Oh. Door.

[ Door opens ]

[ Inhales, exhales sharply ]

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Days Transcript Thursday, September 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh man. Have I told you lately how crazy am about you? Hmm. Not since this morning. Well, that I’ve been falling down on the job, man. Miller . Cause I am totally Smith. As I Clyde Weston

Oh dang. You think of Guy be able to have lunch with his fiance without getting interrupted, wouldn’t you? Is this everything? Okay? Uhs my probation officer. I gotta do these random drug tests. You know, there’s a condition of my parole. Nothing’s wrong, I hope. Oh, well, no. I mean, back in the day, I, I did a little bit of dealing, but right now your love is the only drug I need.


I trusted you, buddy. I thought you were my friend. How could you wrap me out to the cops when you know I didn’t kill Abigail? You’re going to help me figure out who was setting me up. They say that. Talking to oneself is the first sign of losing one’s mind. Is that what you’re doing there? Laying groundwork for insanity to defense

like Sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Didn’t know you were back in town back last night. I heard one turns you in, but it looks like he sold her out first. What are you talking about? Come on, Leo. I’m following the. You steered the cops right to her, whatever. I had no doubt she would get out of it. Uhhuh. , okay. Maybe I earned a little payback myself, but what you did, you are going to burn in hell for it.

What are you doing? I’m just straightening Abigail’s picture. Remember how she always used to come over here and rearrange things? place for everything and everything in his place? Yeah, except our little girl is not in the place where she belongs, Sweetheart.

It’s okay.

You should get that. They’ll go away. More important. It’s okay. I’m, I’m just having a moment. Go see.

What’s up? What’s up? What are you visiting? The pediatric ward. Oh, no, no, no. These are all for you, my brother. I cleared out the whole gift shop for you. I can. You got me a pony. Thank you. Yeah. You said you always wanted one. Yeah, a real one when I was five. Oh, check it out.

Jelly beans fancies. Remember we’re little kids we used to dare each other to eat. Know the little black licorice ones? What are you doing? How Alex Trying to make my little brother feel. How do you think I’m doing if we both know that’s not what you really want?

So you think I don’t make my kid brother feel better? What are you talking about? What I’m talking about is you trying to steal my job and take over Titan.

See, I don’t want your job, Sonny. I’m not trying to steal your job. I don’t want your job. Oh, okay. So you were forced to step in a ceo. Uncle Vic practically begged me to do it. Oh, right. Okay. So it was his idea for you to take over the company, Okay. Yeah. On an interim basis until you were able to get on your feet again.

Interesting. What’s that? Oh no, it’s just, um, From what I’m reading, you’re not just keeping my seat warm. You’re, you’re making big moves. I mean, word is you’re about to take over gcm and then after that you’re gonna acquire, uh, vision industries too. I’m trying to do what’s best for the company. Sonny

You what? You don’t believe me? No, you’re unbelievable. You know what? It’s just like when we were kids, Oh, let me watch your jelly beans for ya. I’ll keep ’em safe. Except when you gave them back. All the purple and red ones are gone. Serious. You’re so bad about me taking you Jelly B. No, that’s, I’m not about to taking over the company.

You should be thanking me for taking over the company son. Because while you’re laid up here on your back, I’m busting my ass trying to keep the stock price up so that there is a company for you to run when you get out. So you did this for me, I did it for the family. I don’t want your spot at the company.

Keep your damn jelly. Alex, Alex, look.

I’m sorry.

What was that? I didn’t hear you. I said I’m sorry. Okay. Look, I’m just, I’m frustrated that I’m stuck here and maybe I overreacted.

Baby, I overreact.

I only want what’s best for you kid. I remember how hard you took it when Leo Stark took you out last time, stopped you from getting a chance of running Titan. Now this guy took you out again. I wanna help you make good on your second chance.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I did nothing to you. Oh, really? Yes. Really? You’re the one who tricked me into believing that you love me and then you humiliated me on our wedding day. Listen to you. Your words are positively dripping with scorn. They should be. I was hurt. I was humiliated, and, and mortified.

I still am, and all that hurt, humiliation, and mortification. It turned you bitter, didn’t it? Greg filled you with anger and resentment. So much so that you have dedicated your life to making me suffer

Are you somehow blaming me for your cur predicament? You’re damn right I am. You’re the reason I’m in here. What I know, Craig, I figured it out. You’re framing me for the attempted murder of and the murder of Abigail.

Hello, Jennifer. Gwen, sorry to drop in unannounced. I’m sure that I’m the last person that you’d want to. Actually, I’m, I’m grateful that you came. You are. This gives me a chance to Thank you. Thank me for what you turned your friend Leo into the police, and for that, I’m grateful. Oh, that we both know that that couldn’t have been easy for you.

Why? Well, as much as I’d like to say that. Turned in Leo for Abigail’s sake, I did have my own selfish motives. Oh, well you may remember that he falsely accused me of killing my sister, and I was not about to let him get away with that. You called the police out spite, right? Mostly. Well, you know what? I don’t care why you did it.

The only thing that matters now is Abigail’s killer is in custody. I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Did you see this Leo Stark got arrested? Really? Huh? Well, It looks like your ex-husband’s ex fiance got sold out by his best friend. No. I’m just glad that Abigail and Sonny are finally getting the justice they deserve and that that murderous rodent Leo is getting what he deserves and that you and your daughter safe.

Oh, Clyde, if I told you how much you mean to me, I’m back at you baby. And you know that ring looks really good on your finger. Mm-hmm. , but I’m wondering maybe, maybe you could use a little more bling on that beautiful hand of ears. No, no. I love this ring. I’m talking about putting another band on a still cute little finger.

You mean? I mean, I wanna marry you and I am tired of waiting around. You wanna get married soon? Hell, I wanna get married today.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you would’ve lost words before. I, I, I, I’m sorry. It’s just that you wanna get married today. Yeah. Having dinner with your ex last night call of thinking. Did you notice when he saw that ring on your finger? He turned that deep, deep shade of. Hm. He did look a little jealous, didn’t he?

Yeah, he did. So I’m thinking why not double down? Give him a wedding to make him really feel jealous about. Wait, you, you wanna get married today? Just to stick it to Craig? No, sweetheart, I won’t marry. Because I love you and I wanna spend the rest of my life making you happy. I wanna get married today to sweeten the deal a little bit, right?

As you say, sticking it to the guy that cause you so much pain. Well, Craig is definitely not gonna be happy. You telling me you are afraid of Craig ? I mean, what do you think the big bad doctor Wesley’s gonna do anyway?

So tell me why you think Craig could be the murderer. Will and I were with son and we, we were trying to help him remember what had happened when he was attacked. I questioned Sonny myself. He didn’t see anyone. I’m not saying he saw anyone. He didn’t see anyone, but he remembers right when he was attacked, smelling vanilla.

Vanilla. And, and then, and then after that, when I was on my way home, I ran into, And he was offering me condolences about Abigail, and then he gave me a hug and I got a strong with a vanilla. You killed Abigail and then you followed me to the Titan office where you laid in weight. Laid in weight, yes. And then you plunged that knife into Sonny’s back.

You actually think that I stabbed two. For you.

It’s just you and me here, Craig. Like pillow talk without the Saturn encased, goose down. Extra firms we used to lay our heads on. So talk to me. Love her. To love her. Admit what you did. I know you want to,

You know what?

Yeah. Consider this a, uh, Performance bonus for the great job You’re doing well. I’m stuck in there. Really, really, brother. Those are some smart moves you’re making. Seriously, I’m, I’m glad Uncle Vic put in charge. I’m proud of you. I, I’m sorry I ever doubt.

Apologi accepted. Bring it in. Bring it in. Bring it. Oh, oh, oh oh. Alex the back. No, my, That’s my back. Alex, Alex, Alex. Oh, it’s the bad back. I’m sorry. I’ve got the bad back. Yeah, I’m sorry. Hey. I love you, bro. I love you. Hello, ceo, Acting ceo. Hey, am I, uh, interrupting some kind of power lynch? Mm-hmm. . God just splitting some beans.

Um, well I just got a call from a reporter asking for a comment on the LA room systems deal. What about it? You know what, why don’t you just let me handle this pipe, Sonny. Rest. It’s rust. It’s fine. No, got it. Normal. I got it. What’s What’s gone? They wanna know why an LLC owned by Alex, bought the company and then turned around and immediately sold it to Titan.

Did I say something wrong?

I was working on that deal for months only to lose it at the last second to some unknown competitor, and now I find out it was you, son. It is not what you think it sounds like it’s exactly what I think it is. Oh my God. All this talk about how it was Uncle Vic’s idea, how he came to you. Are you kidding?

It was his idea. Really? I can’t believe I felt for this. This was your plan all along, wasn’t it? You have been plotting against me since you got to Salem.

You think Leon’s innocent Leo is anything that innocent but truly I I don’t think he’s the one who killed Abi. Why do you say that? I’ve known Matt a very long time and he has been quite vocal about denying this from the start. It wouldn’t be the first time he lied. No Leo lies like people breathe, especially if it’s to save his own skin.

But honestly, I just, I don’t think he’s got the stomach to stab someone. So you’re basing this mostly on his word. When he and I were in the motel room together, before I turned him in, he swore that he was being framed. He was awfully persuasive. I’ve gotta admit, I had my doubts too. I mean, something about this has never added up.

There is so much evidence against him. If Rio didn’t kill Abigail, then who? Well, he’s convinced that it’s Craig Wesley.

Go ahead, Craig. There must be a part of you that is dying to admit what you did to rub it in my face. Prove how smart you are. Don’t you want me to know it? To beg you for forgiveness?

Feel. Youre of desperation. What? Do you really expect anybody to believe this? This crazy theory of yours? Yes. As a matter of fact, I do, because we both know it’s true and I’m gonna prove it.

Craig does have a temper, but I’m not worried about him getting mad. Then what’s the problem? Well, when we get married, I want it to be the perfect time for us, not because I wanna hurt my ex. I mean, don’t you think there’s enough nastiness in the world right now without our adding to it?

Yeah. You are a Marvel, Nancy. How about this? We get married today, just you and me. We don’t tell anybody and it will only be because I can’t wait to make you my wife. It won’t be about sticking it to Craig or anyone else. It has everything to do with me wanting to share my life with you. Best person I know.

Okay. Really, really , you’re the best thing ever. Oh, maybe,

but I, I really wanna have Chloe there. Oh, um, okay. And she’s gonna wanna have Brady there. Yeah. And I’m sorry, but Craig should really be there. What you just said that I, I want Craig there, not because I wanna rub his nose in it, but for the same reason he wanted me at his wedding to Leo. We shared two beautiful daughters together and a lot of wonderful memories we’re family and we always will be.

So even after all the pain he comes, you and all the lies he told, Craig has made some mistakes in his life, but deep down he is a good man. You left Nancy. You gave up your whole life to be with me, and then on the day of our wedding, you found out I was lying. You were, as you said, hurt, humiliated, mortified.

You had given yourself to me, mind, body, and soul, and when you found out the truth, something inside you broke you, snapp. That’s why you killed Abigail.

I was not plotting against you. Then why did you buy the company? I bought it because you almost blew it. Excuse me. Uncle Victor said, You’re not a killer, Sonny, and you’re. But that’s okay because I’m here and I’m here to help you. That’s what I was trying to do to make sure that you didn’t miss out on an opportunity.

The only opportunity you saw was making yourself look good at my expense. Are you serious right now? You think that’s what this is about me trying to show you up? No. No. I think the Leo Stark isn’t the only person who stabbed me in the back. You’re crossing a line, brother. You know what, brother? You take your jelly beans and your horse and your balloons and get outta my room.

Get outta my room. Alex.

Guys, can we talk about this? Alex?

You know, I can’t wait to make you memorize, but I do wish that Ben and Sierra and the baby were here with us. Joy too. But we’ll celebrate with him another. Today is just for us. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Now all we have to do going down a city hall, make it official. Oh, you know, Brady.

Brady could be your best man. And Chloe could be my maid of honor. Sure. And Craig could be the witness. Hell, he could walk you down the aisle if you want. . Oh, unless you think that’s a little bit much. Oh, Craig giving me. Oh, I wonder if he’ll do it. I kinda like the symbolism. I’ll give him a call. ACEs.

Meanwhile, I’ll go get the stupid drug test taken care of. Now I don’t want to do anything wrong. I don’t wanna spoil a chance too. Have him hold you. Nancy Miller Seal, Death dues part. Maybe the vanilla was Craig’s cologne or, or, or aftershave. So you want me to lock up someone else based on hunches and smells?

Look, I, I, I just want the right person behind bars for murdering my wife. I, I would love to accept that it was Leo. Okay. Cuz maybe I could finally start to get a little bit of closure. Chad, I want that for you too. Then start asking the question. Leo has a ton of enemies. I mean, he, he ruined Craig’s life in a very public manner.

Okay. All right, so, So what’s the motive? Vengeance. He killed Abigail so that Leah would be locked up for murder. . It’s not that crazy of a theory.

Okay, Chad, I, I’ll look into it. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Thank you. It’s all I ask. Okay. Thank you.

For what you did to me and to so many other people. I don’t. There is one person on this birth that would miss you, the Diana self. Wow. I did not stab anybody. No one. And if someone is framing you, it is not.

You are a scary, sadistic maniac Look in your eyes. It’s a, it’s the look of a stone cold killer . What you, if someone had asked me a few months ago, uh, if I thought you could kill anybody or stab anybody, I was sitting crazy, but I didn’t know you. The truth is I don’t know you. I just thank God you are out of my life forever.

You’re an excellent liar, Craig Wesley, Even better than me. Excuse me. You lied to your wife and to yourself for your whole life, but I am on to you. You think you can frame me for murder and get away with it? I am going to prove that I am innocent and you are guilty. And when I’m through with you, you are going to be so sorry.

You ever laid those beauty lies on Leo Stark. I already am. Sorry.

I have known Craig a long time. He’s totally an. But a murderer, why would he kill Abigail? Well, Leo’s Siri is that Craig was furious when he found out he was duped. He’d given up everything for Leo and um, he was humiliated for it. So he sort of went off the rails and was willing to kill for revenge. Well, that was the case that Abigail was.

Collateral damage.

I know how much I hurt Abigail.

I’m very sorry. That I was unable to make amends for what I did to her, and I hope that whoever it was that killed my sister pace for it dearly. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I hope that you can find comfort from it. Thank you. Thank you for coming and uh, I, I’ll walk up with you. There. You’re going.

If you’re going somewhere. Yeah, I’m, I’m gonna go by the paper, see how the free story’s going, and I’ll be back as soon as I can. Oh,

take care, Jennifer.


Just taking the last of these antibiotics. Sinus infection.

I know what those are. Jennifer, you know, it’s not too long ago, I was a delivery girl for a doctor selling opiates. That’s not what these are.

You know, growing up my mom used to hide those little bottles behind picture frames too. First looking at you, I thought it was just grief, but then looking into your eyes, I could see that it was more than that. You have no idea what I’m falling through. No, I don’t. And I’m not judging you, but you are in pain and I know that you want to find something to.

Jennifer, you are an addict. You’ve been in recovery for a while now. That has none of your business. No, I know it’s not, but if you remember, I did do quite a bit of research on your family before I came to Salem looking for dirt that I could use to hurt your,

But now I want to help you. Yeah, you wanna help me? Help me. How? I’m gonna go catch Jack. Don’t you even think about it.

I am so sorry, Sunny. I didn’t mean to cause trouble between you two.

It’s okay. Didn’t know. I thought you knew about the deal, Alex. I didn’t.

I do know.

I also know I can’t trust my brother and I

talk about looking at gift horse in.

Hey, what my career going son? Not your son.

Hi, Craig. It, it’s n um, I’d really like you to be at my wedding. It, it would mean the world to me. Okay. Would you give me a call as soon as you get this? Thank you. Bye. Oh, Chad, I haven’t seen you since. I’m so sorry about Abigail. Thank you. So, you know, I ran into your ex yesterday. Oh, he’s in town because of Leo.

What did he say? Just had some kind of weird spot avenue. You know, I couldn’t help but notice his cologne. His cologne. Oh, maybe after shave. Has he always worn something that that smells like vanilla.

Hello, Greg Commiss. Hey, uh, you by any chance, have a few minutes to talk how well you were engaged to start. So, uh, I figure, you know, I’m better than most people. Uh, I can’t imagine what that would tell you, but Sure. Uh, yeah, happy to. Great. You know, um, when we head in there, yeah, have two.

Sonny’s trying to get discharged so he can take his job back. May I tell you my side of the story? That depends. Is your side also feature you screwing over your brother? You mean hogging all the best flavors of jelly beans or, I don’t think he finds any of this funny. See your team. Sunny. I’m Team Titan.

It’s my job to deal with this little mess you’ve made and squash it before it becomes a story. Why don’t you let me help us. Just grab some lunch. We’ll figure it out. I’ll pass.

You just popped me a drink the other day, which was a mistake. I think it’s best if we just stick to business. This is business. And I’ll handle it myself

after everything that you have done to this family. Now you wanna wrap me out to Jack? You need help Jennifer, Jack is your husband. You wanna help me? Why don’t you mind your own damn business? I saw you looking at Abigail’s photo. So she wouldn’t want this for you if she were here. She is not here, is she?

And don’t you dare ever compare yourself to my darling beautiful angel because you have been nothing but a virus in this family. That’s why I’m trying to make things better. I owe it to Jack. Tell him, Oh no. Oh no you don’t. You owe me. How do you figure the only reason you have any relationship with Jack at all is because I allow it.

If you had to choose between the two of us, you might dear would lose every time. So if you even think about going to Jack and telling him what you would imagine that you saw here, I will make sure that you’d never see your father again.

Now, get the hell outta my.

That’s odd. What. Well, all the time that Craig and I were married, he, he never wore after shave or cologne. Maybe he started wearing it after the, the two of you split up something that smells like vanilla. Oh, that would be a coincidence. Why do you, why do you say that? Because that’s what my fiance wears.

Clyde, we mm-hmm. , you know, at first I kind of thought it was feminine because it’s so sweet, but. Now I kind of like it.

What? Nothing. I just thought that I smell.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, September 22, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Brooke: Enough is enough. You really need to keep your daughter out of my marriage.

Taylor: Okay. Brooke. Whatever it is that you think steffy did, I’m sure there’s–

Brooke: “Whatever it is I think she did.” I know what she did, taylor. She crossed the line. She wouldn’t let me talk to my own husband. She is being very immature and quite disrespectful–

Taylor: Okay, don’t– don’t do that.

Brooke: She is coming between ridge and me and I won’t allow it.

Paris: Hey. Is everything okay between you and steffy? I just passed her in the hallway and she seems pretty upset.

Hope: Uh… no, it’s– it’s okay. It will be fine.

Paris: I– I wasn’t born yesterday and I can tell that there’s something going on between you two.

Hope: Look, paris, I really value our friendship. And I know you’re close with steffy, too. And I just, I– I don’t want to put you in the middle.

Paris: I can handle it. Is it serious?

Hope: Yeah. And it… it might get worse.

Bill: No, no, no. I’ll be taking care of that.

Jj: Bill spencer. Ever the charmer.

Bill: So you’ll do it?

Jj: You realize I have a client base that books out years in advance.

Bill: And you realize I have deeper pockets than all those clowns put together.

Jj: Modest.

Bill: Money. Come on, jj. You have to come through for your boy, dollar bill. This is a huge release party. I need the best. And the best is you.

Jj: All right, get your assistant to call mine and I’ll have a venue list to you by the end of the day.

Bill: Ah, I can count on my jj.

Jj: I’ll see you soon.

Bill: Okay. Take care. Li.

Li: Bill. Hello. What a wonderful surprise.

Bill: Yeah, it’s been a while. How have you been?

Li: Great. Really great. Things have been just better and better.

Bill: Well, I’m glad to hear that. If anyone deserves it, it’s definitely you.

Li: It’s really good to see you, bill.

Bill: Yeah, you too. I hope I’m not interrupting. Are you meeting someone? Finn?

Li: Oh, no, no. He has a long shift today at the hospital. I’m here alone.

Bill: Well, what do you know? So am I. Join me?

Li: Uh, looks like you already ate.

Bill: Uh, yes, but suddenly I’m feeling very hungry again.

Li: Well, in that case, I’d love to.

Bill: Wonderful.

Paris: Hope, I don’t mean to pry but if there’s anything I can do to help–

Hope: I appreciate that. And I wish there was something you could do. It’s just…

[ Sighing ] This is way bigger than just steffy and me. It’s the history of our families and it’s honestly been going on since before steffy and i were even born. And it’s–

[ Clearing throat ]

Thomas: Uh, hey, uh, don’t mind me. I was just going to grab my sketchpad.

Hope: Actually, can i talk to you about something?

Thomas: Okay.

Paris: I’ll… give you a call later.

Hope: Yeah, thanks.

Thomas: Did you, uh, did you see the designs zende and I left you?

Hope: Yeah, I just– I just looked at them.

Thomas: Is everything okay?

Hope: Oh… depends.

Thomas: On?

Hope: On if you were aware of what steffy did last night, how she prevented my mom from speaking to ridge.

[ Thomas sighing ]

Brooke: I just want to know what– what right does steffy have to keep me from speaking with my husband?

Taylor: Listen, brooke. This is the first I’m hearing about it. Okay? And it’s coming from you. So, if there is truth to it, I will talk to steffy and I– and I– and I understand why you’d be upset.

Brooke: Well, of course there’s truth to it, taylor. It’s no secret that your kids want me to break up with ridge so that you can have a chance with him. But now, they’re actively trying to make that happen and I won’t tolerate it. So, you need to stop your daughter from interfering. And you need to do that today.

[ Taylor sighing ] Want your clothes to smell freshly

Bill: How’s finn doing?

Li: Oh, he’s doing great. Almost fully recovered. It’s truly a miracle.

Bill: Yeah, a miracle you made happen. You saved him. You found hope in what others would deem a hopeless situation.

Li: Had no choice. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my son.

Bill: Well, that much is clear. And I would have done the same in your situation.

Li: I realize in retrospect, I should have told steffy that finn was alive. It wasn’t fair, but it felt right at the time.

Bill: All right. Stop beating yourself up about that. You were trying to save your son. Mission accomplished. We all carry, uh, regret and we make mistakes. But it doesn’t outweigh who you are and what you were able to do. Finn is lucky to have a mother who loves him so fiercely.

Thomas: Steffy might have gone too far last night.

Hope: Might have? Come on, thomas. Look, I know you’re always going to have your sister’s back but come on.

Thomas: It’s complicated. Your mother…

Hope: Hurts your father?

Thomas: Yes.

Hope: They both have over the years. And my mother has made a lot of mistakes in the past, but she has done her best to make up for them. And I would hope that you, of all people, would understand that.

Thomas: It’s not exactly the same.

Hope: How? How is it any different? You are working so hard to prove to people that you’ve changed and– and– and to show that you’re a different thomas.

Thomas: Right. And brooke is never going to believe that, no matter how hard I try. But I get it. I– I understand where she’s coming from. She is trying to protect you, just like we’re trying to protect our father from her.

Hope: I’m sorry, we’re? You never– you never did answer my question from before. Did you know? Were you aware that your sister prevented my mother from speaking to your father?

Thomas: Okay, look. Hope. I want you to know that I respect you and that I– I would never lie to you. Yes. I know that steffy grabbed the phone and kept my father from speaking to your mother. I was standing right there.

Brooke: You really need to make her stop.

Taylor: Okay. All right, I will. I am going to ground her as soon as she gets home from school. Come on, brooke. She’s a grown woman.

Brooke: Well, then maybe you should remind her of that. She is acting like a child. What is wrong with her? She should be happy. She should be grateful. She found out that finn was alive. She’s reunited with her husband. I’m sure that makes her feel blessed.

Taylor: You know it does.

Brooke: Okay. Well, that’s what she should be focused on. Her family, her husband, her children. Not my marriage to ridge.

Taylor: You know, she is, uh, she’s focused on it because she’s just concerned about her father. That’s what it– she’s looking out for him.

Brooke: I see. Okay. So, I’m a monster because of mistakes I’ve made in my past. But steffy? No, she’s a sweet little angel.

Taylor: Everybody makes mistakes. Everyone does. But you’ve made the same ones over and over again for decades with ridge.

Brooke: Oh. God. And you think he deserves better, right? Well, guess what, taylor? He chose me. He loves me. And I love him. We’re married. We have a future together. And we don’t call each other destiny just because it sounds cute. We call each other destiny because nothing or no one will ever come between us.

[ Coughing/sneezing ]

[ Door knocking ]

Bill: It’s so good to see you smiling and happy again. Quite a contrast to the person I found in the alley.

Li: I was A… very different woman.

Bill: On the surface. But, when I looked into your eyes, I could see that fire, that passion.

Li: You really saw all of that?

Bill: Yeah. Maybe that’s why I was so drawn to you.

Li: You were so gentle and kind to me. I was so disorientated. But there you were, reaching out to me. Thank you.

Hope: So you were right there when steffy stopped my mom from speaking to ridge.

Thomas: Like I said, it is important that you know that you can trust me. And that you know that I’m telling you the truth, even if the truth disappoints you.

Hope: Okay… so then, what really happened?

Thomas: We were all over at steffy’s, having a great time. And dad’s phone was sitting there on the table. And it lights up when brooke called, but it was on silent. Steffy sees it, she goes, she grabs it, she answers it. Look, I think it was a pretty aggressive move on her part.

Hope: And manipulative. Look, thomas, if your dad decides that he doesn’t want to be with my mom anymore,& then fine. But, let that be his own decision and not because of some outside interference.

Thomas: I get why you’re upset. I really do.

Hope: Yeah. And you just stood there and let it happen.

Thomas: Have you ever tried to stop steffy from doing something?

Hope: Did you even want to stop her? I mean, do you– do you really even think that what she did was wrong?

Thomas: I think she was trying to protect our father. And I think if one missed call can ruin the relationship, it’s not that great of a relationship.

Hope: Huh? So you don’t think it was wrong?

Thomas: I think it’s complicated.

Hope: Look. I don’t want to fight with you. But what steffy did was low. She’s deliberately trying to undermine my mother’s marriage and get your dad back with your mom.

Taylor: All right. Um, I– I don’t think that you make ridge happy but that’s just my opinion. And ultimately it’s ridge’s opinion that matters here. And, brooke, I’m just– I’m just following his lead. I’m not the home wrecker that you want to believe I am.

Brooke: Really? Well, then what happened in monaco? And I’m not talking about the reunion between steffy and finn. I’m talking about the reunion you hoped would happen after you kissed ridge.

Taylor: I kissed him back. And it was truly A… it was a moment.

Brooke: Yes, it was a moment with my husband.

Taylor: I don’t think that I can actually explain–

Brooke: Look, I don’t mean to be insensitive. I mean, I certainly don’t understand exactly how it felt to be there and find out that finn was alive and that he was reunited with your daughter who was broken at the time. But then she became whole again. And it must have been– must have been amazing. It was miraculous and I’m sure very exciting.

Taylor: Yeah. That’s it. I’m– I’m glad you understand.

Brooke: Yeah, I do, I do understand how ridge could get caught up in that moment. But you? No. I think you knew exactly what you were doing. You see, you act all sweet and innocent and caring but really, you’re very manipulative. Say whatever it is you want. Really doesn’t matter. The fact is, you laid your lips on my husband. If you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer,

Bill: I was just trying to do what was right. So, I would really appreciate it if you would stop thanking me.

Li: But I can’t because you didn’t just save me. You saved my son. You played a key part in reuniting him with steffy and the kids. You’re a good man, bill.

Bill: That is stretching it. I have done many things that I’m not proud of. Li: What was it someone once told me? We all carry regrets, make mistakes. But it doesn’t outweigh who we are or what you’re able to do?

Bill: No, no, no, that’s not how it works. Nah, that’s not allowed. You can’t be throwing my own words back at me.

Li: Oh, but they’re good words.

Bill: I enjoy getting to know this version of you.

Li: Not the disheveled woman you found in the alley.

Bill: You mean the woman who– who beat down impending death? Or the woman who fought through trauma to save her son? That woman’s pretty impressive. I mean it. It is a pleasure to have this– this strong, accomplished, beautiful woman sitting across from me.

Thomas: Hope. I don’t want to argue with you. And we have worked too hard to get to the good place we’re in.

Hope: We have.

Thomas: It’s tough, though. I mean, our families don’t exactly make it easy. I don’t know who’s worse, our moms or our dads.

Hope: Oh… I don’t know. I– I think it’s a tie, there.

Thomas: Two families, both alike in dignity.

Hope: From ancient grudge break to new mutiny.

Thomas: See! If romeo and juliet can figure it out then we can.

[ Hope laughing ]

Hope: You know, they both died in the end, right?

Thomas: You’re right. That’s a terrible example. But what I’m saying– like, I know that this whole forester-logan thing has taken its toll on you. I mean, you have done so much work trying to mend that bridge. And– and you have been incredible allowing douglas to– to spend as much time as he has over with me at the forresters. I think that that’s– that’s beautiful. And I get how you feel about your mother and what she’s going through and the– and the worry and the frustration that you get seeing that. Steffy understands that, too, though.

Hope: Oh, please.

Thomas: She does. Look– look at what’s happening with our mother. Okay, every time our dad goes to be with your mom… think about what that does to our family. Think about what that does to our mom. We have felt every inch of worry and frustration that you have.

Taylor: I’m sorry.

Brooke: What?

Taylor: You heard me. That– that kiss was not planned. And I didn’t have any intention of making a play on your husband in monaco. I– I know you don’t want to believe it, but it’s true.

Brooke: How can you expect me to believe you after everything we’ve been through?

Taylor: Because as much as we fight, I don’t want to hurt you, brooke. Seeing you in pain doesn’t do anything for me. But I love ridge, too. And I always will. And it’s not just because he’s the father of my children. Or because we had a beautiful life that was ripped away all those years ago. I love him for who he is, for everything that he is. From his grumpiest moods to his happiest moments, I… he– he understands me better than anyone ever has. And, I’m sure you feel the same.

Brooke: Yes. Of course. He’s my husband.

Taylor: And your husband is in love with both of us.

Brooke: Okay, um. What are you getting at? Ridge is torn between his feelings for you and his feelings for me. Don’t tell me that you don’t feel it.

[ Brooke scoffing ] When you’re with him, it’s like he’s there, but you don’t have him 100%. He loves us both. And he is desperately trying to figure out if he wants to stay in his marriage with you. Or move on to A… anew life with me.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Finally, I was waiting for someone from the Justice League of Salem to show up. Guess Cyclops drew the short straw.

I’m gonna give you one chance to do what? Tell me what you did to Kayla, Kate and Marla.

No, I’m sorry. I, I I can’t make it for lunch. I just, I, I’ve just swamped at work. No, your dad’s just, he’s just as busy as I am. No, no, no, no. It’s just my allergies. My allergies are acting. Listen, I, I love you and I will call you later. Alright. Okay. Okay. Bye-Bye. Oh gosh, Stephanie. Yeah. Uh, Steve and I decide there was no point in scar.

Her, John and I made the same decision not to tell the children. Yeah, I just feel.

It is really long. It just isn’t full of closure. Oh my gosh. Aren’t we a parent? Well, I’m just afraid to prescribe anything because I don’t know what we’re dealing with. Uh, did John go home and try to get some sleep? Uh, no. No. John said he had, I think he had to, to get done.

Mr. Black, we heard from your son’s sponsor, Maggie Horton Carus about his commitment to his sobriety. Can you tell us what kind of man he is, what kind of father he is?

Mr. Black. You three will stand helplessly by and watch the women you love leave you.

And then you’ll finally know what I felt when you took my Rebecca, Mr. Black. Did you hear the question?


I’m sorry. Did you,

What are you doing? What do you think I’m doing? I’m getting dressed to get the hell out of here.

Job. Hey. Hey Chloe. What’s up? Is everything alright? No, everything is not alright. What’s wrong? It’s about Philip.

Like Sands through the hour, so are the days of our lives.

Phillip, like, have you, have you heard from him? No, I haven’t heard from him. No one’s heard from him in almost a year. No one knows what happened to. And Kristen, she’s using that, how she’s dredging up the fact that you guys investigated Brady, making it seem like he killed Philip only to get custody of Rachel.

Yeah, well, imagine that Kristen coming up with something vicious, vile and, and disgusting just to get her way. Yeah, I just, I just, I hate her that she’s floating that out there, that Brady might have killed Philip. Like she really cares about Rachel. She’s using the Worried Mother Act because she knows that we can’t argue back.

The only thing Brady can do is deny it, but the more he does, it just starts to sound lame. Sean, if, if Brady loses Rachel? If, If Kristen gets away with this. Okay, Chloe. Okay. Just sit down for a minute. Okay? Yeah,

I just. I, I was hoping that you would go back to the hearing with me and tell the judge that Kristen is wrong, that Brady did not kill Philip. Chloe. I can’t do that. Why not? You know, Brady, you know, he would not do this. Do you want Kristen to take his daughter from that? No. I am an officer of the court here.

All right, and, and, and Phillip’s disappearance. It’s been classified as a cold case, so I’d have to testify to that.

Well, then she wins that bitch wins again.

Used black. Do you need a moment?

Uh, No, No. Uh, no. I’m sorry, Your Honor. Um,

I get a little emotional when I hear so in questioning what type of father breed he is, could you elaborate on that? I can, uh, I can give you an example. Yeah. When Chris and Damira was, um, Was in prison or kidnapping, or was it attempted murder? Mr. Black, Be careful, I’m sorry. Anyways, when she was away doing time in prison and so many people were appalled at all of the things that she had done, I, I’m, what I’m meant to say was all of the.

Things that she allegedly had done, All Brady did was take care of Rachel personally. He, he never said a bad word against her mother. He always tried to shield her from what other people were saying, but most importantly, he was desperate. But little Rachel never found out that her mommy. Stabbed her great granddad Vic, right in the chest.

Sister black. I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. It’s just with all that going on, Brady made sure that, that Rachel got to see her mommy as often as possible. He always put Rachel’s feelings first. It isn’t that what good parents really do anyway.

Thank you Ms. Damara. Do you have any questions for Mr. Black? Actually, I have one for the court.

Mr. Black is here to testify to Brady’s character, right? Yes. And that’s appropriate. But is he a good judge of character? His wife went on a three month crime spree and he didn’t even seem to notice. So isn’t it possible that he only sees what he wants to see and turns a blind eye to the rest?

Case you can’t leave. We don’t even know what’s wrong with you. Okay, so is knowing going to make a difference? Yes. Dam it. The ISA medical. Lab is working 24 7. When they identify what Orpheus infected you with, okay, Then they can call me and I’ll come back. But until then, I wanna be at home, hopefully with you.

How are the girls this morning? Little green around the gills.

I’m not here to play games. So get straight to the point.

Okay. Think you’re making a big mistake. Well, I don’t, Yeah, of course you never do. You have no idea what’s wrong with you. You have no idea what’s coming. You’re right. I don’t, and it really galls me just to be sitting around in this God forsaken room waiting because, because it seems like I’m already dead.

God rabbit, I, I don’t want sympathy. I just don’t I, Or sentiment. It’s not sentiment. It’s love. I know it is. I’m sorry, I, I’m doing this the way I always do it, which is impulsively and I, I should have told you or tried to explain it to you and it’s just not fair. I know, Kate. I don’t care about what’s fair.

I just want you someplace where you get help. I’m not me here. Okay. And if I have a short. I don’t wanna spend it like this and asking you to understand Roman, but I’m leaving with you too.

This is funny to you. Yeah, Yeah. It amuses me that only you would be dumb. Sorry, literal enough to actually believe that the pen is mightier than sword . Oh, but it now, I couldn’t get a sword past those cops out there. No one questions a pen, even though if I jam this into your carotid artery. An air bubble.

Your brain killing you. And what’s, if you don’t tell what you did to Kayla?

Michael, you’re doing just great. Yeah, I, You’re doing everything you need to do right now. It’s a process, you know, overcoming a agoraphobia is a process and, and you, you have to take it one step at a time. And that, that, that cliche really is true. The first step is the hardest. Sorry. And you’ve taken that already.

Yeah. I’m very proud of you and, Okay. Call me anytime you need. Bye. You know, you really shouldn’t be working.

Said the pot to the kettle. Your immune system took a bigger hit than mine. Yeah. Did. I’m just, I, I’m, I’m just trying to get myself distracted from what’s going on. The custody hearing. Yeah. I know it’s bad name, but I don’t know what judge in the world would a grant custody of a child to Kristen Damara.

Fuck, Your Honor. The witness’s wife is not on trial, but his judgment is his wife stopped and threatened to kill two prominent citizens. Doug and Julie Williams. That is not relevant. It’s relevant that at the time he didn’t even seem to notice, and even when that what she did is a matter of public records.

He’s still married to her. Apparently he’s pretty easygoing when it comes to right and wrong. She assaulted her own son-in-law, locked my brother’s mother in the Crip. She locked you up in the Crip, John. But hey, to air is human right. I hope you choke on your hypocrisy. Be careful. Mr. Black, you said that your son is a good father.

We both know that he is, but what kind of standards are you applying? I mean, you are married to a woman who threatened to murder Sierra Weston’s relatives with torches. If they, if they tried to prevent, said woman from kidnapping her. I mean, John, you don’t set the bar very high, do you? Your Honor, my mother was not in her right mind when these alleged acts took place.

Oh, right. The devil made her do it again. Oh, and were you possessed by the devil as Wellness Grady? Objection. The devil framed me. Said, Are you, Are you listening to this, Your Honor? I mean, these people are the ones that I’m going to trust with my daughter this Damir. You are skating on extremely thin ice.

Move on or sit down. Okay, sorry. I apologize, Your Honor. Just one more question. John, can you tell the court where Dr. Evans is today? I mean, why isn’t she here supporting her stepson, who she claims she loves like her own child? Because at this moment she could be dying. You miserable bitch.

I know you’re mad at me. No, I’m not. Liar. Okay. I am mad. I think what you’re doing is stupid, willful, and totally irrational, but then, Also sit here and, uh, say, I have no right to be mad. I didn’t fall in love with you because you were rational. I don’t care why you did. I just care that you did. Hey, good morning.

I’m, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to interrupt. No, that’s okay. Um, nice to see you. It is, What’s wrong with. Uh, look, if you came by to ask about Clyde and your mom, we’re, we’re not thrilled about it either. But there’s nothing we can do. No, this isn’t about Clyde. Actually, Kate, I was hoping for your help, I mean for Brady.

What kind of help? Please testify at Rachel’s custody. Tell the judge that you don’t think that Brady killed Philip.

If Philip’s alive, I’ll deliver him to you personally.

That’s news. Anybody from Fire Phillips, Steve?

Steve’s not going to find film. You don’t know that for sure. I do know

I’m calling a recess. I think we could all use a break. Court will reconvene in one hour. Dad, what’s going on with mom? I’m sorry. She’s really sick. She said, What? What’s, We don’t know. It’s all about Orpheus. He didn’t just kid, never her and Kayla and Kate. He infected them with some kind of a biotoxin.

What? Oh my God. And why don’t, why don’t you tell us? She wouldn’t let me. She didn’t want you two to be distracted and worried about her when you had this going on that that’s just like my heart. I have to see her. I’m on my way. Come on, let’s go. I’m coming.

Brady, please wait.

Go ahead. I’ll, I’ll be there as soon as I can. Oh, Brady, don’t let her go to your, into punching her in the face.

What is it you want?

I think you really need to try and get some sleep. Can’t I can’t sleep. Not until I have some idea of what’s going on with a custody hearing. Well, I think John’s testimony is really gonna help. I’m worried. I’m worried about John. He was trying to sleep in the chair, but could hear him having nightmares all night.

I imagine Steve is going through the same thing. Same thing. He’s gone to see Orpheus. Well that won’t help. Yeah, we’ll try telling Steve to wait and be patient for America The same man. Men of action. I’m just so scared. God knows what he’s gonna do.

How much you heard? Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. See, what the hell are you doing?

Oh God, no. Impeccable timing. Constable. This man’s trying to kill back away. Steve, you back. Away it out. No, stand it out. You think you’re gonna help anything ending up in a jail cell? No. My hero. Look at me. Look at me. Just go, Wait, what if I want press charges? I mean it. I mean, go kiss sweetness for me. No, no, no, no.

Get on.

Be, Oh, you told her dad, you’d, um, just kind of slipped out. Dad said, You don’t even know what it is. Um, we’re working on it. I’m gonna go check with the ISA lab. Okay? Thanks.

I can’t lose you, honey. I’m not going anywhere.

I just wanna say I’m sorry about your mom. I love it. Try to see him human. I didn’t know, I didn’t know she was ill braid. If I had, I would never have pushed jump like that. If, if you had, you would’ve thrown it in his face. Okay? Just drop the high moral tone. You have your whole family lined up behind you to keep me from Rachel.

You can’t expect me to not fight for her. You can drop the hole. I’m fighting for my daughter routine because it is a load of crap. This is not about Rachel. This is about you and your sick compulsion to win every single hill for you. Every little mole hill is a hill to die on. You are your father all over.

Yes, I am. So think about it pretty, If I die for a mole hill, imagine what I would do to keep my own daughter. Mm-hmm. , if you hear it, my own daughter, This is not about a little girl for you, Christ. It’s about ownership. You know, there was a point, a very low point, mind you, where I thought I could, I can do this, I can share custody with Kristen.

But after seeing the way you behaved in this c. I will do anything to keep Rachel safe from you. Anything.

The idea that Brady killed Philip, thanks to Kristen. Now it’s. Black cloud looming over the courtroom. I mean, I thought I’d seen Kristen at her worst, but now she’s just being feral. And do you think that, uh, Kate could help? Well, yeah. When, when Brady denies everything, Kristen just has this way of looking at the judge, like, what else is he gonna say?

But you, Kate, you or Phillip’s mother, the judge would believe you. We don’t know. That’s true. Look, I know that I’m asking a lot of you, and I know that it’s, it’s very painful for you to talk about Philip. Okay. Um. I’ll think about it All right.

Right. Okay. Well, don’t put yourself out there anything. It’s just the life of a little child. Okay. Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt your breakfast.

Oh, come on. Don’t look at me like that. I, I sent it. I’ll, I’ll think about it.

Um, when you finish, Breakfast promised me or go upstairs and, uh, get some rest. Where are you going? What do you think to tell the judge that Phillip is alive?

You wanna tell me what that was about? I was gonna kill. Would you stop me? Oh, that’s a great idea. You’re gonna kill a man who’s handcuffed to a chair in a police station, but smart that you shouldn’t have stopped me. He’s in police custody. He can’t hurt anyone anymore. You know what? That’s just not true.

How do you.

I’m just a little tired. That’s all. That’s all. I, I didn’t, uh, want you to know about this. We had to,

All right. Well, I, I’m gonna be just fine. I’m getting all the kind of help that I need and, and, you know, trying to see her all the times. So what I need you, what I need you to, Is go back to the hearing and fight like hell for Rachel. You better do what she says cuz she never swears

Well, I I love you. Oh, I love you. Yeah. It’s the courthouse. Recess is almost over. I will be back as soon as I can’t. Yes, yes, yes. Final art. Let’s do this. Okay. Okay. Give him hell, kid my best.

Those kids,

we did good. Yes, I did.

Roman, please don’t do this. Don’t do this to me. If you tell that judge that Phillip is still alive, the FBI is gonna track him down and they’re gonna put him in prison when all he needs is help, he’s getting better, but he, This is. He couldn’t deal with this. He could send him right back over the edge and then I will lose him.

Okay. I can’t stand by feeling like Christian, take Rachel away from Brady. That would be wrong on every single level. Okay. Okay, so I will go to the judge and I will tell him that I, I don’t think that Brady killed Philip and risk Christian getting Rachel. Think about that, Kate. Think about what that little girl’s life would be like.

And if you do this to help Brady, he’ll know what it cost you. And I think that he will ask for leniency fulfilled. Oh gosh, we don’t know that. Yeah. But what we do know is, Brady didn’t deserve what Philip did to him, and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve to lose his daughter because of it. Oh, that’s not fair.

No, no, no, it’s not. Because Philip is my son, Roman. Yeah, and you are in a horrible position. I know that Kate. I got kids. Hell, I got Sammy. I understand that. So you know what, Kate, it’s your. All right. Think about it. I won’t say anything about Philip unless you tell me to so I repeat. Think about it. You are told to stay away from these proceedings.

I just need word with Brady. Well, he’s not here. Do you know where he went? If you wanted you to know, he would’ve told you. Don’t you think he’s got enough on his mind that he doesn’t need you stalking him? I don’t think someone who broke outta prison put in fake teeth and wore a house. Coach impersonate Susan Banks should be talking about stalking.

Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Oh, you mean like manipulate your just back from the dead brother to try to woo me away from Brady? Don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh, like hell, you don’t. But guess what? Sister has a broke and bizarre as that was Brady. And I saw right through your plan.

Oh, and I was so wanted you to be my sister-in-law. Hmm. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go over my closing argument. Have fun. Clarence Darrow.

Judge, Uh, your Honor, um, I’m sorry, can I, can I speak to you for a second?

Well, you really called her that in court. Yeah, I called her a m bitch doc. She kept pushing my buttons until I just lost it. I just, I might have blow that case for Brady. I’m sure Judge saw through what Kristen was doing.

You know how I feel about Kristin. Having said that, I know how much she loves that little girl. Like I can’t imagine that she would put her own needs before that child’s.

It’s okay. That’s okay. Coqui. No, no, no, no. Kayla is trying to get sort of the ISA lab and see if she can get our testified. I hope the hell they can finally figure out what this is.

Hey, hey, listen. You need to go lie down. No, no. I’m, I’m fine. It passed. How did it go with, or, I got nothing. Sorry. Well, I didn’t have high hopes, but please tell me that he’s still among the living. Did Sean call you? No, but I didn’t think that you were gonna go over there and politely ask for his assistance.

What did you do? I just tried to persuade him to tell me what he’d done to you and when he. Sorry. Oh, it’s the ISA lab. Uh, Dr. Johnson

Family Court is back in session. Ms. Brady, do you have any more witnesses? Uh, no, Your Honor.

That all listen to your closing argument. In conclusion, I maintain that it’s in the child’s best interest that Rachel Black remain in the custody of her father, who has provided a loving, stable, saying environment no matter what kind of chaos her mother has created. Thank you, your Honor.

We will now hear Ms. Dara’s closing statement,

Your Honor, it would be dangerously wrong to leave my daughter in the custody of a man who was so obsessed with Ms. Lane, a baby thief, that he would kill his own uncle to be with her.

Your Honor, I am, uh, Roman Brady, retired commiss of the Salem Police Department, and I have something to say that I am sure will be relevant to this case.

Hey, so good to hear your. I, You sound so much better. Oh, that’s great. Philip me. Um, No, no, no. I’m fine. Sure, sure, sure. Go to your therapy. I was just calling to to tell you that I love you. Right.

Your on I protest. Roman Brady cannot just barge in giving one sided statements on Brady’s behalf. Both sides have already rested their. Why are you so sure the commissioner’s statement would be in favor of Mr. Black because he hates me. His old family does. Your Honor, I would like to hear what Mr. Brady has to say.

I’m sure you would, but that’s not going to happen. Your Honor, Please. You’re too late, Mr. Brady. I’ve already made my decision.

Gimme a call when you get this. Okay. I’m glad you’re back. I might need some medical attention. Oh, you’re gonna be fine. Unfortunately. Oh, that seems to me you’re letting your personal feelings take precedence over your professional responsibilities. Like father, like son, you were terrorizing three innocent women, one of which is my aunt.

So if I were to go with my personal feelings right now, I would pound the crap outta you. I’m terrorizing three innocent women to punish their guilty as health, significant others. They will watch the women they love die. And then, and I’ll finally be Aven.

I just got off the phone with the ISA lab. They’re having a hard time. Hard time with what? Hard time. Figuring out Kayla. Figuring out what’s wrong with Kayla. You really need to, No, no, no. They need time. Whoa, whoa.

So what happened? Did you tell them about.

Turns out I didn’t have.

The judge had already decided to rule in Brady’s favor. Oh, did that just happen? It really did. This is an outrage. Rachel belongs with me. Well, the court doesn’t think so. And let me put you on notice, Kristen, any interference or or harassment on your part, and you will end up back in court a criminal court.

I have full custody. Oh, thank God. Thank God you did this. Didn’t you swear I saw you skulking around earlier, Kristen, you did this. You showed that judge exactly who you were, and I think it was a big mistake. What exactly did you do?

Your Honor, could I please talk to you? I’m sorry, Ms. Lane, but I can’t talk to you about the case outside court. I know that, and you don’t have to say anything, but please if you would just watch this. What is this? It’s video footage of Kristin Damara attacking me in my own. And I know you can’t use any of her past crimes for your decision because of her.

Pardon? But this happened after she was released from Statesville. This should have been entered into evidence. I couldn’t give it to Brady’s attorney because if Kristen found out that I gave you that footage, she would try even harder to make our lives miserable and turned Rachel against me. Now, please.

Your Honor, all I’m asking is that you watch it and make your own decision. Should a woman like that be responsible for raising an innocent.

I guess the judge put Rachel’s welfare first.

Believe me, this isn’t over.

I feel like I can breathe again. Oh God, Rachel’s gonna be okay. And. I think we’re all.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Brooke: Oh, you’re probably still on your conference call, but I… I just wanted to touch base. Sorry I missed you last night, and again this morning. You left before I woke up. Anyway, just call me.

Hope: So you and ridge weren’t together last night?

Brooke: No.

Hope: Why is that? What happened?

Brooke: Steffy happened.

Steffy: So this is a joint effort?

Zende: Thomas and I were hanging out after eric went to sleep, and then we thought we’d put the time to some creative use.

Thomas: Yeah, I think it’s pretty good, don’t you?

Steffy: Yeah, I think it’s really fascinating. You’re both blending your styles together. That’s cool. You should show this to hope. This just proves my point.

Thomas: What point is that?

Steffy: Instead of being competitive, we’re collaborating. It’s kinda like what’s happening with our family. We’re all coming together.

Zende: I think you’re right. We forresters, we’re in a good spot right now. Granddad is happy with donna.

Thomas: Yeah. You and finn are reunited.

Steffy: Yeah, and douglas, he’s spending more time with you. All we really need is our mom to reunite with our dad and we’d be great.

Taylor: Steffy! Seriously? Is no one safe? Are you seriously trying to enlist zende in your quest to reunite your dad and me?

Steffy: It’S… not what I’m doing.

Liam: So– I mean, you know, not that your company isn’t always a treat, but… why the hell are we here?

Bill: What do you mean why the hell are we here?

Wyatt: He’s asking why you summoned us.

Liam: Yeah, like– like, is there a problem?

Bill: No, there’s no problem. Can’t I just wanna have lunch with my boys?

Liam: Really? That’s– that’s all this is?

Bill: Yes. A simple lunch that has nothing to do with business. How about you show some appreciation? All right, give me a kiss.

Wyatt: Oh, jeez.

Liam: Oh, god. Stop it, please. Okay, okay– let me just make sure– you know, I have, like a, like a concept of this in my brain. You just wanna catch up?

Bill: Exactly.

Liam: Okay. How about we start with the fact that ridge walked in on you and brooke in each other’s arms?

Bill: Oh, that’s funny. That’s very funny.

Wyatt: You and brooke, dad? Again?

Bill: Alright, you see? This is how rumors get started. It is not how liam made it sound when he told you. And it’s not how I made it sound when I told you.

Liam: You–

Bill: No, no, no. We were not in each other’s arms. That’s a gross exaggeration.

Wyatt: Is it, though?

Bill: No. I mean, yes.

Liam: A-ah!

Bill: I mean, there was nothing going on between brooke and me. All right? Forrester walks in, and makes something out of nothing like he always does because the guy is riddled with insecurities. All right? I was just there to talk to brooke about katie.

Wyatt: So how did you end up in a– what, a hug? Cuddle? Brace, maybe?

Bill: A little embrace.

Liam: Right. Well, given how, you know, ridge feels about you, don’t you think any amount of proximity to his wife, especially in his own home, would be a bit… triggering?

Bill: Oh. Triggering.. That’s like the new word. Everybody gets triggered. All right? This is all I know. God forbid that ridge doesn’t control every aspect of brooke’s life. Why she puts up with poser the clown, I will never understand.

Hope: Steffy happened? So, what does that mean?

Brooke: She’s making sure that her influence is felt. The romantic time that I had planned with ridge, it didn’t happen because he didn’t come home in time for us to be together.

Hope: And why not?

Brooke: Because he was over at steffy’S. And she made sure her dad didn’t come home ’til very, very late.

Steffy: Zende, please tell my mother that I’m not enlisting you.

Zende: She wasn’t, but I’m always up for helping a worthy cause.

Taylor: Okay. Yes. And I love your philanthropic heart, but don’t let my kids work you. They’re relentless.

Thomas: But it’s for your own good.

Steffy: Yeah. Dad’s, too.

Zende: We were just talking about what a great place the family’s in. Finn and steffy got their miracle. Thomas and douglas have been bonding like crazy.

Steffy: We just want dad to come to his senses and leave brooke for you. The world is full of make or break moments.

Bill: You know, you think you’d be used to by now? Or at least accept that it’s none of my business. But every time I see forrester, undeserving of brooke, I wanna grab him by his neck and say, “you fool, don’t you realize how lucky you are to have this magnificent woman?” I mean, he should be on his knees every day thanking whoever blessed him. But instead he manipulates brooke, and he takes for granted, and… she stays. Or goes back.

Liam: Yeah, and ridge does the same.

Wyatt: I think that’s the destiny part. You know where they end up together no matter what.

Bill: What am I missing? Forrester’s an uptight, entitled waste of skin. What does she see in him?

Liam: Well, like… do you actually wanna know the answer? Or is that rhetorical?

Bill: Oh, yeah. No, no. You have some insight, I wanna hear.

Liam: Okay. I mean, you live there long enough, and you start to see the other side of ridge. The side that you don’t really get to see. He’s a, he’s a family man. He’s looser. He… he laughs more. He actually has a sense of humor, believe it or not. But the connection between him and brooke, the deep love that they feel for each other, it’s pretty undeniable up close.

Bill: What do you know?

Liam: I– that. That is what I know. I know that. And I also know that there are outside forces working against them. Steffy and thomas, for example.

Hope: Tell me everything. What did steffy do?

Brooke: Well, it was getting later and later, and ridge still didn’t show up. So of course, I was concerned. So I, I called him, and guess who picked up the phone. Steffy.

Hope: But how did she even get ahold of ridge’s phone?

Brooke: I don’t know. But she said ridge was there, and enjoying himself with her and thomas and taylor, and he didn’t want to be disturbed. And I had to remind her that I am his wife. And then you wanna know what she had the nerve to say to me?

Steffy: Not for long.

Hope: She actually said that to you?

Brooke: Yeah. I can’t believe it. She said he was happy, and he was having a really good time, and– because he was with the woman that he truly loved. And then she hung up the phone.

Hope: Wait, what? Mom, please tell– did you call back?

Brooke: No. I mean, what was the point, really? By the time ridge got home, I was already asleep.

Hope: Oh… and then he had that early morning conference call, so I bet he has no idea what steffy even did.

Brooke: I’m sure he doesn’T. Unless she told him, which I’m sure she didn’T.

Hope: What gives steffy the nerve to refuse to allow you to talk to your own husband? I mean, she has no right. I have long been an advocate for peace between our two families. For understanding, for acceptance. But taylor and steffy– they’ve gone too far.

Brooke: You’re right. I completely agree. I think it’s time to have a talk with taylor.

Hope: I think it’s time I have a conversation with steffy about her blatant campaign against your marriage.

Zende: You don’t pull any punches, do you, steffy? You just come right out and say it.

Steffy: I believe in the direct approach.

Thomas: I’m with my sister on that one.

Taylor: Do you see, zende? Relentless. You know, kids, sometimes the thoughts that pop into your head should never come out of your mouth. Like wanting to end your dad’s marriage.

Zende: It sounds like you could use a moment alone with these two. And I gotta make some calls, so I’m gonna hit the road, and I’ll see you back at the house.

Taylor: Bye, zende.

Zende: Bye bye.

Taylor: I love you both so much. I really do, so much. And I know that you wanna see your father and me happy together. But please stop. Both of you, please. Just focus on your own lives and your– your own family. And don’t worry about your dad and me. Okay?

Steffy: We’re always gonna be worried about our parents.

Thomas: Yeah, and we have your best interests at heart.

Steffy: And we know exactly what that is, even if you’re not ready to admit it yet. Which is– it’s obvious. The way you and dad look at each other, it’s beautiful, and it is criminal that you are wasting this much time. You could be together right now, planning your future.

Taylor: You’re both impossible.

Thomas: But you still love us.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: I really do. I brought in ensure max protein

Wyatt: So, when did steffy and thomas become the bosses of ridge and brooke? And don’t they have their own stuff going on?

Liam: Excellent questions.

Bill: Yes. Kids should stay out of their– especially grown kids should stay out of their parents’ lives.

Liam: Well, that’s the thing. It’s not just the whole full-frontal assault. I mean, ever since thomas basically started holding douglas hostage, there have been all these forrester family gatherings that, you know, yours truly is not invited to, of course, but hope is, as douglas’ mother. And if she wants to see the kid, she’s gotta keep going over there, which keeps her in thomas’ orbit.

Bill: Oh, when he’s at his best playing the caring, devoted dad.

Liam: That’s– exactly. That’s exactly right. It’s classic thomas. And hope just doesn’t see it that way, in my opinion because I think he’s getting into her head.

Wyatt: It’s not working, though, is it?

Liam: Well, I– I don’t know. I keep expressing my concerns. Obviously, it would be devastating for me if– if hope fell for it again. But– but there’s also another piece to this, which is, you know, hope keeps getting distracted by the stuff she’s seeing when she goes over there. Like steffy and thomas constantly disparaging brooke to ridge, and then taylor taking every opportunity she can to be all cozy with ridge, and get all cute. It, like, stresses hope out. She doesn’t know, you know, whether to tell brooke, how much to tell brooke, because it would all most certainly ratchet up the whole forrester-logan war again, which she doesn’t want.

Bill: But nobody has to coddle brooke. I mean, beneath that sweet smile andthat twinkle in her eyes… brooke’s a fighter. I mean, it’s beyond me, but especially when it comes to ridge. She won’t let anyone undermine her marriage.

Thomas: I’m sorry that call took so long.

Taylor: Oh, that’s okay. It’s all right. Are you headed to work now?

Thomas: Uh, yeah, just for a little bit. And then I’m taking douglas to the skate park.

Taylor: Oh, yay. It’s a great day for it. God, I love seeing the two of you have so much fun together.

Thomas: It really is great. I mean, spending all this time together, day in and day out. It’s amazing. I mean, I missed so much time with my little boy.

Taylor: Oh, but honey, you’re making up for it now. And douglas is happier than he has ever been, and it’s all because of you.

Thomas: Thank you for supporting me.

Taylor: I will always support you. I love you so much.

Thomas: I love you, too.

Taylor: Have fun.

Thomas: Okay.

Taylor: Okay.

Thomas: If you are looking for my sister–

Brooke: No. I see what I’m looking for.

Taylor: Okay, well I think this is your cue to go. Tell douglas I said hi.

Thomas: You two play nice.

Tayor: Hello, brooke. What’s wrong?

Brooke: Uh… your daughter’s out of control, and I expect you to put a stop to steffy.

Paris: Is it just me, or are these designs fantastic?

Steffy: They really are. I love that they have, like, a whimsical feel to it, too.

Paris: Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Steffy: Right?

Paris: Has hope seen these?

Taylor: No, not yet.

Paris: Oh, hey hope. Have you seen zende’s latest design for “hope for the future”?

Steffy: Hey, hope.

Hope: Um, I actually haven’t, but I’ll take a look at them later. But I was hoping to have a moment alone with steffy?

Steffy: Go. Thank you for your input.

Paris: Yeah, anytime.

Steffy: Yeah. Here, I’ll take this.

Paris: Yeah.

Steffy: See you.

Paris: Okay.

Hope: We’ll talk later.

Steffy: We were talking about your– your line. Dunno why you chased paris out of here. It’s a little inappropriate.

Hope: Oh, wow. What a word choice. Inappropriate. Kind of like you deliberately trying to sabotage my mother’s marriage to ridge? Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Taylor: Okay, here’s what’s not gonna happen. You coming over to my daughter’s house, expecting me to do anything. Why are you coming after steffy?

Brooke: It’s the other way around, taylor. Look, we’re all happy that finn is alive. And he’s back with steffy, where he belongs. The family’s together. Family is so precious. But wedding vows are very precious, too. And steffy seems to have forgotten that. She is blatantly trying to interfere in my marriage. And I need you to put a stop to her.

Taylor: Of course, steffy is in favor of ridge and me getting back together, yes. Every kid wants their family to be whole.

Brooke: She’s not a kid anymore, taylor. She is a grown woman. A grown woman with children of her own. And you know what? She needs to focus on that. Not on my marriage with ridge.

Taylor: Now you’re not going to believe this, but I just told steffy and thomas the exact same thing. I did. I understand where they’re coming from, but I also understand why you’d be angry.

Brooke: I’m frustrated. I was very frustrated last night.

Taylor: What happened last night?

Brooke: You really don’t know? Okay, well, it was supposed to be a special evening with ridge and me, and we were gonna have time to reconnect. Just the two of us. But it didn’t happen. He didn’t come home in time.

Taylor: Yeah, he was here having a family night. I’m sorry that your plans didn’t work out, but to be fair, you had all day to coordinate with ridge about your– your night. You know, you can’t blame steffy for that.

Brooke: I called him.

Taylor: You called him? What– when, when he was here already? And I didn’t– I didn’t hear his phone. Didn’t– don’t remember him on the phone.

Brooke: I called him and steffy answered. She said that he was busy. She didn’t put him on the phone.

Taylor: Oh, god. I don’t wanna believe that.

Brooke: Well, you have to believe it. You can ask her yourself. She is playing the gatekeeper. That’s what she’s doing. She refused to put my husband on the phone with me. And she’s doing that because she wants my marriage to fall apart, so that you… you can have your chance with ridge.

Hope: You’re screening your dad’s calls? Refusing to let him speak to my mother, who, by the way, if I need to remind you, that’s still her husband.

Steffy: You’re overreacting, hope.

Hope: Oh, really? How so?

Steffy: We were having a family evening. Obviously, there was no emergency on brooke’s end. My mom, thomas, the kids, me, we deserve quality time with my father.

Hope: Are you kidding me? Ridge spends more time at your house than he does at home. And that’s all part of the plan, isn’t it?

Steffy: What are you talking about? My father can go wherever he wants. If he wants to stay at my house, go for it.

Hope: My gosh, you are so obvious. First, it’s all the talk, telling ridge that he should go back to taylor, that he’s better off with her than he is with my mom.

Steffy: That’s exactly what I believe.

Hope: But to actively interfere in their marriage? That’s a step too far. Come on, steffy, I thought we were past this. What happened to bringing the families together? What happened to putting the children first?

Steffy: This isn’t about kelly, hayes, douglas, or beth. This is about my parents. A future that was stolen from them. This is about my father’s happiness. About a woman who loves him unconditionally. Who will never throw herself into the arms of another man. My father’s starting to feel, like, what it’s like to just be. No drama. No pain. Just love. And that’s exactly what my grandmother wanted for him all those years ago. Well, she’s not here to fight the battle anymore. But I am. Brooke’s disrespected my father long enough. It’s time for my father to come back to his real family. The forresters.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nikki: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Exhales heavily ]

Deacon: Nikki?

Nikki: Hello, deacon.

Deacon: [ Laughs ] I can’t believe this. I-I haven’t seen you in forever. I-I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I didn’t think I would ever have to see you again, either, but I needed to speak to you, so I tracked down your phone number and i sent you a message.

Deacon: Well, you are about the last person that I thought would be on the other side of that text — summoning me to a mysterious hotel room, nonetheless.

Nikki: I wasn’t sure you would show up if you knew it was from me.

Deacon: Well, you’re wrong. Of course I would. Come on, nik. I’m happy to see you. You know, I got to admit, I’ve — I’ve thought a lot about you over the years, you know, all the things that we went through together.

Nikki: Is that right?

Deacon: Absolutely. I wondered how you were doing. Oh, and, nik, one more thing. You look good.

Diane: [ Breathes deeply ] Hello, victor. You’re looking well.

Victor: There something you need?

Diane: Well, I just haven’t seen much of you lately, not since you came by to say hello when I returned. But, um, I thought maybe we could catch up.

Victor: I recall I had two unfortunate occasions when I saw you. One was when you engaged in a slapping fest with my wife and the other when you crashed the chancellor-winters launching party.

Diane: Well, I’ve been on my best behavior ever since.

Victor: Really?

Diane: Mm.&

Victor: Good. Well, then I think that’s all the information you and I need to exchange, right?

Phyllis: Hey. This is interesting, seeing you two together.

Diane: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hello.

Diane: Hello.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] I feel the need to sit down and watch. That’s all.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: [ Clears throat ]

[ Whispering ] What are you talking about? Do I have to ask?

Lily: Thank you for joining me.

Devon: Yeah. It sounded urgent.

Billy: Is this about nate’s resignation?

Lily: Uh, no, no. Devon and I talked about that already, and I am optimistic that nate will change his mind. So we’ll discuss that later. Right now, I want to talk about taking chancellor-winters public. Now that jill and I have done the research and looked at all the numbers, we are very, very eager to pursue this ipo. And I’m really hoping to have this be a unanimous decision and to have your support by the end of today.

Victoria: It made more sense to meet here than at my office.

Nate: Agreed.

Victoria: You know, I’ve been considering the information that you brought me about jill and lily’s desire to take chancellor-winters public. Do you still think that they’ll be successful?

Nate: No guarantees. But I believe it’ll happen.

Victoria: Based on?

Nate: Well, jill was fired up about the idea, and with lily backing her, I’d be shocked if devon and billy didn’t ultimately go along with it.

Victoria: I’m sure the two of them could be very persuasive. Provided that they can make this happen, I’m interested in buying as many shares as possible to help me obtain the majority stake in the company. I mean, it’ll be an extraordinary addition for newman, don’t you think?

Nate: Couldn’t agree more.

[ Laughs ]

Victoria: Although I know that jill and lily are very savvy, and I’m sure they’ve already orchestrated the deal so that the family retains the bulk of the stock.

Nate: That is correct. 51% of the stock will remain in the hands of the chancellor-winters senior executive team.

Victoria: Well, then it would be impossible for newman to have the level of involvement that I’m hoping for.

Nate: Not necessarily. I’d be willing to sell you my shares. They, along with what you can purchase on the stock exchange, will make newman majority shareholder.

Victoria: That would be a huge risk on your part.

Nate: It’s one I’m willing to take, if and only if you’re willing to give me what I want in return for my help. (Grump) there is no perfect, only practice.

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Victor: I apologize, but i don’t recall asking anyone to join me.

Phyllis: Mm. Well, I’m not going to join you.

Victor: Ah.

Phyllis: I have to-go order. I’m gonna get it and leave. I was here earlier for a lunch meeting, but we didn’t really have lunch, did we?

Diane: Mm. We met up with summer and kyle.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Victor: How riveting.

Diane: Mm. Uh… oh, look, phyllis, here comes your to-go bag. I certainly don’t want your lunch to get cold.

Phyllis: Oh, don’t worry. It’s gazpacho. I’m all good.

Diane: Well, I have a few things I’d like to say to victor in private.

Phyllis: I’m sure you do. Um…I wish you luck. Good luck.

Diane: Why do I need luck?

Phyllis: Because he sees right through you, just like i do. Good luck.

Victor: Hey, phyllis, good seeing you.

Phyllis: You too.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Nikki: Save your flattery, deacon. This isn’t a reunion for two old friends. Or have you conveniently forgotten that you almost ruined my life?

Deacon: No, I haven’t forgotten. But I did try and make it up to you.

Nikki: Oh, yeah. As if you could, after everything you did to me. You took advantage of me when i was vulnerable. You manipulated me into marrying you. And then you pretended you were on my side when I thought I had killed diane jenkins. You didn’t give a damn about me.

Deacon: Nikki, I swear that’s not true. Yes, I did set out to use you in the beginning, but then i started to have feelings for you. And then I fell in love with you. Now, look, there wasn’t a lot that meant anything to me back then, but you did.

Nikki: Thanks for the ride.

Deacon: Oh, come on, nikki. You’re hanging on by a thread, alright? Look — great. There’s booze in the house. I-I’m not leaving.

Nikki: Well, feel free to watch.

Deacon: Please don’t do this. I — look, hey, we can go to another meeting, alright? I — there’s another one in 20 minutes.

Nikki: Salute.

Deacon: [ Sighs ] So, uh, everything at the meeting was just a bunch of B.S., Right? I mean, obviously, you’re — you’re off the wagon.

Nikki: What I said was, um, “one day at a time.” “One hour at a time,” is what i said, and at this hour, I need a drink.

Deacon: Is this about diane? Is this about the night that she died? I saw you in the park. I know.

Nikki: You know what? This is probably very awkward& for you, so you should probably go.

Deacon: Nikki, please. I’m not gonna say anything. I’m not gonna tell anybody what I saw. Please, just…know that.

Nikki: I asked you to leave.

Deacon: We — we can talk. I just want you to know that i understand. W-we don’t have to talk. Just please put the glass down.

Nikki: Will you go away?

Deacon: I-I can’t do that.

Nikki: Fine.

[ Glass thuds ] I can.

Deacon: You don’t have to believe me, but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish that I handled things differently.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] Don’t stand there and tell me about your regrets. And don’t tell me that you tried to save me from taking the fall for diane’s murder when you helped her fake her own death. Yeah, that’s right. I know the whole story now, how you helped her escape from genoa city, leaving me and a lot of other people to suffer in her wake. Did you really think that the truth would not come out?

Deacon: No. No. I wasn’t that naive. I would like to know how you know.

Nikki: Did you not see the article about diane returning to genoa city? Talia morgan wrote it. It’s generated quite a lot of buzz.

Deacon: I don’t know anything about any article, and I didn’t know that diane went back there.

Nikki: Okay. Well, she recently revealed herself to jack, and —

Deacon: Wait. Jack abbott?

Nikki: Yes. Jack abbott.

Deacon: Wow.

Nikki: And she didn’t hesitate to let him know the part you played in her demise.

Deacon: [ Chuckles ] Diane, diane, diane. Threw me under the bus, huh?

Nikki: Instantly.

Deacon: Hmm.

Nikki: She’s not loyal to anybody but herself.

Deacon: So, that’s what this is all about, right? You, uh — you wanted to confront me about my deceit. So, what now? You getting ready for a little revenge?

Nikki: Yes. But not on you… so long as you do everything I ask. Hi, my name’s steve.

Billy: I appreciate your passion, lily, and my mother’s, of course, as far as the ipo goes, but I think we have a lot more to consider before we get a full consensus.

Devon: Yeah, I completely agree with that. And I don’t want to be rushed into some quick decision because of an arbitrary deadline.

Lily: Devon, no one is doing that. I really think that once you see the numbers that you’re gonna cha–

Devon: Even after hearing the numbers, though, I know I’m still gonna want to hold off, okay? I made that clear. I think — I know that the merger just happened not that long ago. So, if we go public, that’s gonna be two major moves within a matter of months. I think that it’s too soon for a number of reasons. And on top of all that, I’m not a fan of giving up autonomy as a family-owned business and losing control of everything that matters and ending up having to answer to shareholders instead of doing what we think is best for our company.

Lily: Look, you know what? I’m gonna e-mail you some things, okay? Financial analyses, projections that are pursuant to an ipo. And I really think that you’re gonna be impressed by what you see.

Victoria: While I am very grateful for what you’ve done already, I’m also interested in you continuing to give me information that might be helpful, as I’m planning to make my move.

Nate: You’re on.

Victoria: Alright, then. I have a question for you. Before you offered to be my eyes and ears, you said you were looking to leave your job, alluding to the fact that maybe there’s been some difficulty working with your family. So, are you still part of the inner circle?

Nate: I’m determined to iron things out with my cousins. And I’m confident I will have access I’ve always had.

Victoria: Excellent. Then I view you as the perfect person to help me achieve and oversee this transition, both while you’re at chancellor-winters and when you join me at newman.

Nate: So, you’re agreeing to let me run the company once it’s under the newman umbrella?

Victoria: Consider it done.

Diane: I’m sorry phyllis interrupted us. That woman has a habit of inserting herself into situations where her presence is not welcome.

Victor: There something you wanted to say to me?

Diane: Yes. I feel this conversation is long overdue.

Victor: I honestly don’t remember there being anything that you and I have to discuss.

Diane: Well, that’s — that’s true. We do have an ugly history, and I’ve done a lot to atone for, probably more than I could hope to accomplish in this lifetime.

Victor: Mm.

Diane: But I want you to know that I don’t carry any ill will towards you or nikki.

Victor: The feeling isn’t mutual.

Diane: I understand, victor. But I want you to know that I am doing everything I can to prove that I’m not the person you knew before. And — and I will keep doing so for as long as it takes.

Victor: I’ll pass this on to nikki — alright? — When she returns from her trip.

Nikki: Diane says she’s waited this long to reach out because she wanted to be the best possible version of herself for her son — kyle.

Deacon: And I’m sensing that you don’t believe that.

Nikki: Oh, please. Little by little, she has wormed her way back into our world. And she even wrangled a job for herself at the business that her son and his wife run. It’s infuriating. I’m not gonna tolerate it anymore.

Deacon: What do you expect me to do about it?

Nikki: Diane tells a story about how hard she worked to pull herself together, that she lived a very clean, modest life when she lived here in los angeles. Of course, I don’t believe that for a second. I think she is hiding something that could ruin the new image that she has created for herself. And that is where you come in, deacon. You owe me, and it is time that you pay up. So, if you know what’s good for you, you will tell me everything I can use to expose that bitch, get her out of our lives for good. Woman tc: My a1c stayed here, it needed to be here.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Lucky me. I keep on running to newmans and ex-newmans everywhere I go today.

Victoria: Whatever that means.

Phyllis: That means I just ran into your ex-stepmommy

[Chuckles] Diane and your dad at society.

Victoria: Uh, what woman is not my step anything.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I mean, whatever. Your dad wasn’t buying what she was selling. That’s good.

Victoria: You know, frankly, I’m less interested in what my dad is up to with diana and I’m more interested in what my mother is doing in L.A. About diane.

Phyllis: What? No. Your mom is in L.A. Meeting with the forresters about summer’s wedding dress.

Victoria: Oh, so then this trip isn’t news to you?

Phyllis: Hardly.

Victoria: Then you are also in the know that she’s there to get the goods on diane.

Phyllis: You know about that?

Victoria: I don’t know why you didn’t just admit it. Could have saved us both some time.

Phyllis: I know. I’m keeping nikki’s private life private. I’m being discreet.

Victoria: Since when does my mom confide in you?

Phyllis: Well, we found common ground when it comes to diane.

Victoria: I don’t understand. And I don’t appreciate you encouraging my mother to fly halfway across the country just to face off with deacon sharpe. You understood what kind of position that would put her in and how that would cause stress for her, both physically and emotionally. What the hell is wrong with you, phyllis?

Deacon: Nikki, as attractive as you are when you’re making threats, I can’t help you. I wish I could, but I can’T.

Nikki: I don’t believe you.

Deacon: I’m not jerking you around. Look, you’re right. I-I do owe you for the way i treated you.

Nikki: Yeah, I know you do.

Deacon: I just don’t have that much to offer. I mean, after diane died, we went our separate ways. You know, I saw her a couple times over the years when she was living her life as taylor jenson.

Nikki: Okay. Okay. So, think back to those meetings. Any detail, no matter how small. It could be very important.

Deacon: [ Sighs ] The only thing that comes to mind is I thought she had a lot of money.

Nikki: Wha– why would you think that?

Deacon: ‘Cause every time i saw her, she was buzzing around in a bentley.

Nikki: Really?

Deacon: Mm.

Nikki: Because she said she was just getting by working as a real estate broker, selling small homes, just a tiny commission.

Deacon: She led me to believe the same thing.

Nikki: Well, what about that car?

Deacon: I-I don’t know. I just figured she was dating some rich guy. You know, every time I’d see her, there was this guy in the backseat sitting next to her. I don’t know. You know, I’d ask her about it, and she’d shut me down.

Nikki: Hmm. I wonder why she would be so secretive about that with you. I mean, wouldn’t you tell your co-conspirator the truth?

Diane: Is nikki on a business trip for newman?

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Yes. Important business.

Diane: Ah.

Victor: You worried she may stumble across something while she is on the west coast?

Diane: Victor, I have already told anyone who would listen that I have nothing to hide. I know that you and nikki already investigated my time in los angeles, but you couldn’t come up with anything to use against me, could you?

[ Scoffs ] You know, you and nikki both have checkered pasts, but you’ve managed to put all that behind you. And I just — I just wish you would extend the same courtesy to others, mainly me, as I build my life here.

Victor: I bet you do.

Diane: Victor, I pose no threat to you or your loved ones. The only reason I’m in genoa city is to be with my family.

Victor: That’s your choice. But since my family lives in the same town, you’re gonna have to deal with the repercussions.

Lily: Now do you see the benefits of an ipo?

Billy: [ Sighs ] I mean, assuming these numbers are correct, they’re — they’re pretty damn impressive.

Lily: Right. Okay. So, I mean, does that move the needle at all for you? Are you moving closer to a “yes” vote?

Devon: [ Sighs ] Lily, one of the biggest reasons, for me at least, for doing this merger is because we wanted to create a unified, family-owned business and a legacy, a legacy that we can leave behind for our kids and our grandkids. And I think that if we go public, we’re gonna lose that completely ’cause we’re gonna have to end up answering to a board of people we don’t know and it’s all gonna become about profits and share prices and pleasing our hedge funds. We’re gonna have to completely change our mind-set, and I don’t know if it’s gonna be for the better.

Lily: So, what I’m hearing is that you’re not convinced.

Devon: I just feel like there should be more owning a company than turning a profit, as crazy as that might sound, because i feel like there should be a personal satisfaction you get from coming to work. And as a public company, that’s gonna go out the window.

Lily: Look, devon, I get it. I get it. And I-I believe part of that. I do.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: But I really think that our vision would still define the future of chancellor-winters going forward. I mean, to me, this is an opportunity to grow and to make an impact. You know, we’re allowing people who believe in us to invest in us and give us the money that we need to make this a bigger and stronger entity. This is the next step in our evolution. I mean, this is our moment to reach for the stars. We can’t pass that by.

[ Knock on door ]

Lily: Nate. Hey. Come on in.

Nate: Hey. Um… I can see you’re busy, so, uh, I’ll get right to the point.

Devon: Please do.

Nate: I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, and I realized i was wrong and you were right about me overstepping. I need to grow into my position and pay my dues like everyone else. No matter how strongly I feel about my ideas, I need to respect the opinions of others. Especially those in the hierarchy above me. I regret I resigned in anger, and I’m here to ask for another chance.

You might take something

for your heart…

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Can you imagine a world where moms and kids agreed

Nikki: I suppose it’s possible diane could have been seeing a man who was wealthy. Or maybe she fell into money herself, whether it be illegally or legal. She was always very resourceful.

Deacon: Ain’t that the truth.

Nikki: Mm. Well, whatever the real story is, maybe the reason she kept her distance from you is she didn’t want your grubby paws on her money.

Deacon: [ Chuckles ] You know, I’d like to tell you I’m offended by that characterization, but given my past, I guess I can’T. Your theories are solid.

Nikki: Yeah, well, theories do me no good. I need proof. So, keep thinking about these meetings with diane. What else do you remember?

Deacon: Nikki, I wish I could tell you what you want to hear. I really do. But I-I can’T. Look, I admire the way that you’re trying to protect your family. I would love nothing more than to help you as a way of trying to make amends.

Nikki: There is no making amends for what you put me through, no forgiveness. The only thing I want from you is information. And if you don’t have anything to give me, I will send you on your way and forget I ever knew your name. Okay. We’re done here.

Deacon: Nikki, wait.

Phyllis: I think, in a way, it might be a good thing that she’s meeting with the man who was aiding and abetting diane. It could be — I don’t know —

Victoria: Cathartic?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah, I — i understand that. But we’re talking about deacon sharpe.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, I think we all regret having anything to do with him. Ugh. He’s a pig.

Victoria: Yeah, which is why I preferred that my mom stay away.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’d prefer that, too. But, I mean, listen, if she could deal with victor newman on a daily basis, she can deal with deacon.

Victoria: Oh, that’s so funny.

Phyllis: Okay. This is the thing. She may have been — I don’t know — a bit of a train wreck all those years —

Victoria: “Might have been”? Really?

Phyllis: Yeah, she may have been, but she’s not like that anymore. She’s not. She’s different. And she’s not gonna let deacon play her, especially when it comes to the goal of getting diane jenkins out of town once once and for all.

Victor: Is there a problem? Are you surprised by what I’ve said?

Diane: Yes, victor, there is a problem.

Victor: Really?

Diane: Yeah. When I chose to come back to this town, I was under no illusions about the long, hard road I’d have to travel. And there have been countless smears and insults and threats. And I have — I have rolled with it all. I have handled it all with grace because I understand what emotions my presence provokes.

Victor: Do you now?

Diane: Yes, victor, I do. But I didn’t just come back from the dead to suffer endless abuse. I have worked so hard to start over, and I have too much to lose to have anyone tear me down or scare me off. I will never let that happen.

Victor: Should I bring in the violins now?

Diane: [ Chuckling ] No.

Victor: You know that I enjoy a good fight. And I can see your fighting spirits are up. But you know where this will probably end, right? Girls trip.

Nate: I, um, guess I stunned you all speechless.

Lily: Look, thank you for coming here and saying that. I know that wasn’t easy for you.

Nate: I have a new perspective now, know exactly what I want, which meant checking my temper and ego at the door.

Lily: Well, I’m — I’m just curious. I mean, what — what changed your mind?

Devon: Yeah, I was about to ask the exact same thing ’cause this is a pretty big shift for you.

Nate: You’re right. After we got into it yesterday, I had a chance to cool down, take a step back, and think about what you’ve all been trying to tell me. I’ve been doing a lot of talking and not a lot of listening. And now I finally heard you.

Billy: On a delay, it sounds like. Of course it happens. Happened to me many times.

Nate: That is the perfect way to put it — a delayed reaction that could only occur once I got out of my own head. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel strongly about my ideas. I would love to see them come to fruition when the time is right. But I realize I overstepped. I felt underappreciated and attacked, so I lashed out.

Devon: Yeah, you sure did.

Nate: Because I was only thinking about myself. I wasn’t considering the bigger picture — the relationships with my family, the need to present a united front for the sake of chancellor-winters’ success. I realized it would make the company look less stable for the ipo if word got out that I’d jumped ship. Assuming you’re planning on moving forward with it.

Lily: Uh…uh, well, we — we haven’t decided yet. That’s what we were just talking about.

Devon: Nate, if we were to hae you come back after everything you just said, how are things going to be different between you and me? How’s that dynamic gonna change with us?

Nate: I’m your coo. I report to you. The final word lies with you and lily, and I won’t circumvent your wishes. That being said, I would like for you to be open to my suggestions, even if they’re not ideas you’re comfortable with at first. And if jill or lily or billy sees merit in what I have to offer, I’d like for you to give weight to their opinions.

Devon: So, you’re expecting, like, a majority-rules type of situation?

Nate: No, no, no, not at all. You’re the boss. But simply put, if we’re going to make a sincere attempt at operating as a team, I hope you will meet me halfway.

Victoria: I want it in digest form twice a day. Any mention of the company, no matter how cursory. Oh, and I may need you to do some research for me in the near future. Alright. Excellent. I knew I could count on you. Bye-bye.

Victor: That sounds to me as if you’re about to acquire another company to add to the newman portfolio.

Victoria: Time will tell.

Victor: Care to share?

Victoria: Well, I, um — actually, I do have something in play that you might find intriguing, but I’m not quite ready to present it to you yet.

Victor: Hmm. Well, well, well. Interested to hear all about it. By the way, I want to tell you that I’m very proud of what you’ve accomplished here so far. You and your mother make a hell of a team, you know.

Victoria: I know that mom is in los angeles meeting with deacon about diane.

Victor: And you have concerns about that, right?

Victoria: I’m still concerned about it. I-I’m very concerned. Have you heard from her?

Victor: Unh-unh.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] God knows what games he’s playing with her now.

Victor: Hmm.

[ Door slams ]

Nikki: Of course you were holding out on me. How typical of you and your tenuous relationship with the truth.

Deacon: Take it easy. It just occurred to me in the moment, alright? I don’t even know if it’s significant.

Nikki: Alright, will you just tell me?

Deacon: It’s not something i tell you. It’s something I — I have to show you, alright? I can bring it to work — the restaurant.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Are you actually trying to lure me to your place of employment?

Deacon: Why? You want to be lured?

Nikki: Ugh!

Deacon: Come on, nik. No. Just — look, you come, I’m gonna give this thing to you, I’m gonna hand it over, and once I do, you can pretend you never knew me. Okay everyone,

Lily: I mean, you know where I stand. I would love to have nate back. But it’s gonna take all of us to make this work.

Devon: Yeah. Well, listen, nate. I can — I can try and be more open to your ideas and to hearing you out, and I can even give you more leeway in certain areas. But the back and forth that we’ve been having between us — it’s been terrible. And it really has to stop. I mean it when I say that. I want to put it completely behind us. So, if you think we can do that, then, sure, I’m fine with giving you a second chance.

Billy: Well, as the king of second chances, I’m just gonna say it. Welcome back.

Lily: Yay!

Nate: Thank you. Thank you.

Lily: I’m so excited.

[ Laughs ] I see a bright future for all of us.

Nate: Mm. I couldn’t agree more.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Look, I know that mom said she could handle anything that deacon threw her way, but what if he tries to mess with her head again? Or maybe he flies into some kind of a rage because he’s being confronted about helping diane fake her death. This could all go south so quickly.

Victor: Do you honestly think I would let her go there without providing security? I mean, my security team has eyes on her the entire time. She is in no danger, okay?

Victoria: Look, that’s no guarantee.

Victor: My baby, if I thought your mother wasn’t up to dealing with this fellow, I would have found another way to handle him, alright? Your mother’s strong. She asked me to have faith in her, and I do.

Victoria: So do I. I just hope she can get whatever dirt this bastard has on diane and comes back home and she never has to give deacon sharpe another thought ever again.

Talia: What happened? Are you alright?

Nikki: Yeah, I’m fine. Seeing deacon brought up a lot of bad memories.

Talia: From all that you told me about him, how could it not?

Nikki: Mm. He’s still the same snake that he was, still has some of the old charm, which he tried on me. It was disgusting.

Talia: I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

Nikki: Well, I knew what i was getting into when I decided to come here. But I did get one thing out of him.

Talia: What’s that?

Nikki: He said that during the few times he saw her in L.A. That diane seemed to be living the high life. And that contradicts the story she has told.

Talia: Interesting.

Nikki: Yeah. We need to dig deeper. We need to find out what that lifestyle entailed.

Talia: That would be my instinct, too. Any ideas?

Nikki: Well — oh, and then deacon says that there’s something that I might be interested in seeing and he wants me to meet him. Like I would ever go anywhere he suggested. I mean, I don’t even know if this thing actually exists.

Talia: Obviously, the decision is up to you, but off chance deacon has something worthwhile in his possession…

Nikki: You think I should go.

Talia: All I’m saying is, i wonder if meeting with him one last time might be worth the effort.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: You made it out unscathed! Good for you! So, how’d it go? The mea culpa — did it work? Did you get shot down? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Diane: You know, we’re — we’re here to work, not to do whatever it is that you’re doing.

Phyllis: Well, I’m caring for a co-worker.

Diane: Oh, please stop.

Phyllis: Stop what? Caring?

Diane: Stop being so damn disingenuous.

Phyllis: Now you’re hurting my feelings.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Phyllis, I have a meeting to go to. If you’ll excuse me.

Phyllis: Are you gonna apologize to me?

Diane: Oh, get over yourself. And get out of my way.

Phyllis: Oh, there it is.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: There it is. There it is. This is the real diane. This is the real diane. I knew you would start to crumble. This is the first crack in the armor, isn’t it?

Diane: Alright, where do you and victor get off? Where do you get off throwing stones at people? You have both lied and cheated and deceived others countless times! You’ve both been charged with a litany of crimes! And you know what? By the way, I’m not the only person who’s faked my death. Victor has done it half a dozen times!

Phyllis: But who’s counting, right?

Diane: And yet you continue to think that you get some free pass where you just torment and punish me!

Phyllis: I’m not doing that.

Diane: I am warning you, phyllis. You keep pushing me, and you will regret it.

Phyllis: There you are. There you are.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: That is the diane I know and hate. There…you…are. And this is the beginning of the end for you.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 21, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Pop music plays ] Enough. He’s perfect the way he is.

[ Drum roll ] Curtis: Ladies and gentlemen, sisters and brothers, hold your hats or hold a hand, because coming to the savoy stage with a brand-new jam is a hot new star who’s on the rise. So kick back and enjoy what you see with your eyes or what you hear from his captivating production. And without further ado or any more introduction… put your hands together and let the music do the talking!

[ Cheers and applause ] They’re ready for you. Brook lynn… they can wait. Problem is, I can’t wait another minute to be with you. Lucy: Earth to brook lynn.

[ Slams fist on table ] Brook lynn? Yes. I’m — I’m so sorry.

[ Clears throat ] Can you please repeat that? Okay, where were you just now? Right, because you certainly weren’t here.

[ Chuckles lightly ] What are you doing? W-what’s wrong with you? You tell me. What happened to brando? Hey, uh, any word on brando’s cause of death? No, nothing yet.

[ Sighs ] Sorry, work. Uh, I assume, uh, you were up all night. Hard to stop the press when you have late-breaking news.

[ Papers rustle ] Anna: Yeah. Thanks for the use of your contacts. I have feelers out. I know. Let’s just say that I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Yeah. I — it’s — it — it appears to be more dangerous than I anticipated. Yes, of course I’m being careful.

Stop worrying, robert, please. Why don’t you take that energy and focus it on finding the person that attacked ava and killed brando? Yeah, I’ll be in touch. Thank you. Bye. Oh, sorry for startling you. I don’t want to interrupt your phone call. Uh, you know, maybe in order to avoid any future misunderstandings, you might want to leave the sharp objects at home. I just picked this up from the marina shop. It’s the same brand and type missing from the quartermaine property. Mm-hmm. Like the weapon used on ava and brando? That’s the theory. I’m on my way to G.H. To speak with the medical examiner. Oh, okay. Well, if you need any assistance, you know how to reach me. Thanks.

[ Sighs ] But the matter I need off my plate is one I need to handle myself. As soon as I get this mess sorted out with jordan and my divorce papers… we will get married. Is there anything that I can do to help? Well, no. I spoke with jordan last night. And how did that go? Well, uh, let’s just say the divorce papers won’t be an issue.

You didn’t really answer my question. [ Chuckles ] Does jordan feel as you do? I don’t mean to be intrusive —

no, no, you’re not. My relationship with jordan isn’t only ours — you’re a part of that, too. I’ll tell you all about it

[Sighs] When I see you. Just be careful out there. Always. Selina: Mr. Ashford… it seems things are getting dangerous in port charles. Michael called me last night and said brando was attacked, but that he was gonna be fine. By the time I got through to sasha, brando was dead and she was in pieces. I know. I understand. Everyone here is in shock, as well. One — you know, one minute, brando was conscious and in good spirits, and the next thing you know, he was coding. How does something like that happen? I don’t know. Trying to find out. Dr. Robinson sent out his bloodwork. We’ll — we’ll try to find the cause. And until you do, if you do, brando’s family is suffering, and that mystery is only gonna add to their grief. The invader quoted an anonymous general hospital source, which means somebody here knows enough to talk to the press about the fact that ava and brando were attacked with a hook, and I want to find that person and talk to them myself. To what end? So I can find out who killed sasha’s husband. That’s kind of the job for the cops, and… you’re no longer a cop. Phew. I got the last sparkling water. You’ll have to tell the runner to get another case. I’m sorry. Ugh. Why can’t the fridge in the break room adequately chill a-a simple sparkling water? I mean, how are we supposed to be our best or most creative when we’re not even sufficiently hydrated? Speaking of our best… lucy and I were just discussing, uh, brando.

[ Sighs ] Poor sasha. Poor gladys. Yeah, it’s horrible — and poor social media response for deception — or lack thereof. Right. Well, I-I did — I did draw something up this morning, and I can send it right over, you know, before I publish it. No, no, no. You — you don’t have to send it to lucy or me. Just send it out now. Yeah. Don’t you want to weigh in on something this sensitive regarding a partner? No, uh — that’s the point. Something this sensitive, timeliness is crucial. Well, I just found out about brando this morning. And why is that? Because we called you last night. We texted you, we e-mailed you, and then we called you again. Well, I-I turn my phone off at 9:00 — you know, work-life balance, right?

[ Laughs nervously ] Okay, that’s — that’s true, but isn’t it kind of possible that maybe you’re focusing more on your life and not work? Yeah, like, maybe 101% for life and -1% for work. Okay, we feel like maybe your heart isn’t totally with deception. Like, maybe it’s totally with… chase. I’m sorry about brando. Yep, me too. How’s sasha? Is this on the record? Well, no — no, I’m sorry. I just don’t want to be blindsided. I meant to give you a heads up, and time got away from me. So what can I do to make amends? Sasha — she’s having a hard time. So if you just — you know what I’m saying? Keep that in mind. I will do my best. I mean, we’re always gonna, you know, agree on what’s best for our daughter. Absolutely. Speaking of which… let’s go. Oh. Victor: Well, you know, in england, if you mispronounce that word, you’re sent to the tower of london and your head’s cut off.

[ Kristina laughs ] Well, it’s true.

[ Chuckles ]

I think we should agree on a plan of action first.

[ Laughs ] No, no. You and i are going to stay out of this. What are you doing?! That’s my daughter. And victor is your uncle. That makes him kristina’s great-uncle. I’ve spent more time than I want to as my father’s lieutenant. It’s better to stay on his good side. Trust me — let sonny take care of the bad. You are so totally wrong.

[ Chuckles ] What’s victor wrong about? Hi, dad, hi, baby. I was just teaching great-uncle victor the correct pronunciation of the word “scoune.”


[ Sighs ] And I was telling kristina that in europe, we call it “sconn.”

[Scone] But in america, my daughter is correct. Back to work for me, uncle vic. Glad you enjoyed your scone.

[ Chuckles ] Well, always a pleasure, but I must be off. Victor, victor, victor. How many times do I gotta tell you?

[Whispering] Stay away from my family. Oh, well, I’m afraid, like it or not, kristina is my family, as well. Natasha. Ready?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Way to kick a guy when he’s down, bro.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I’m sorry, bro. I don’t like saying it any more than you like hearing it, but the reality is, you’re not — you’re not part of this investigation. Sasha and I bonded when were trying to help michael and willow, and now she is going through hell, and — and there’s gotta be some way I can help her. Yeah, I-in a way the police can’T. I mean, do you got a lead? I mean, is there somewhere you can go that they can’t? Come on, bro, you know the drill. Alright, say you do some digging around and you find something. Without a badge, without a warrant, without jurisdiction — that piece of evidence gets invalidated, they could throw the whole case out, alright? And then you can really kiss your law enforcement career goodbye. If you are implying that I am trying to solve this, to make myself look good to the higher-ups, you could not be more wrong. I’m not angling to use brando’s death to get my badge back. I know that. Look, all I’m trying to say is the pcpd, they need a good cop like you back on the force, not out in the cold for good. And who knows when or if I will get reinstated? I mean, what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Be there for sasha. She’s got plenty of people there to comfort her. All I have is time and frustration. If I were you, I would spend time with someone I care about, and I would channel that energy into a cause that makes a difference. I know you have both. You’ re accusing me of shirkingmy work duties for a guy? Let’s see. Yesterday, all morning, you spent looking at chase wallpaper to select it for your computer screen. Oh, and somehow, our call waiting music — oh, it’s now chase’s demo. Yeah, and everyone who’s had to wait on hold has thanked me for it. You know, since when is it a crime to enjoy a relationship? Okay. Lucy and I, we are happy for you and chase. So, so, so happy, and it’s okay to focus on your boyfriend sometimes. But really, you are spending our work time promoting chase’s career and his music, okay? So if you don’t start promoting and taking care of deception and stop mooning over chase and doing everything about his work and his career, then we’re gonna just part ways — fire you. You want to fire me? No! No! We are not going to fire you. Okay, but you better

[Tapping on table] Get your head back in the game now.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Duly noted. I do have to run. What? No! Where are you going? Uh, to get my head back in the game. I’ll see you guys. Wait, wait, wait, wait. But — alright, so I’m guessing that the matter on your plate is the life-changing information you gathered on curtis that’s likely causing a lot of problems. My own problems continue to multiply, despite having kept the information to myself.

[ Sighs ] So when you took a long, hard look at why you wanted to disclose said matter, you didn’t like what you saw in yourself. My self-examination got derailed by a tough question from curtis. He asked if I’m trying to hold on to our marriage. What gave him the idea that you might be? A volunteer postal worker. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Okay. What did you tell him? Did you lie? I told the truth.

[ Sighs ] It just wasn’t the answer to the question he asked. Ms. Wu, is there a poker game going on in the back that I’m not aware of? It’s a bit early in the day for a high-stakes poker game. Then I can’t imagine a good reason why you would be in my nightclub. I do have a reason, just not a good one. Hope you know what you’re doing. Well, apart from a lesson in pronunciation, I was just offering kristina my professional assistance in the wake of her close brush with a murderer. It would be a mistake to provoke sonny corinthos.

[ Chuckling ] I can’t believe you’re intimidated by a local mob kingpin. Sonny pursues his own ends quietly, but he is dangerous when he’s provoked. Which is why I’m keeping you around. Amongst other reasons. Ah, nice seeing you. Let’s, uh, reconnect soon. No, no, no. You were gonna give me a date when I could visit charlotte. I will. But right now, I have a more pressing issue to attend to.


So what do you want from me now? Has curtis given you any trouble? Nah, just a misunderstanding. I, uh — I ran into a singer — harrison chase. You heard of him? The detective on suspension. Yeah. Uh, good singer, good guy. I thought he’d be a good fit for the savoy. I appreciate you thinking of us and making the connection. I’m sure curtis will, too. An apology.

[ Scoffs ] I’ve seen you twice since your engagement to dr. Robinson and you never said a word. I had to hear about it from my nephew. Apparently, that’s all anyone is talking about. Oh, you exaggerate, selina. Dr. Robinson is a very lucky woman. But I wish you had shared your intentions with me. Why? I could have connected you to a fine jeweler that I know. And, um, how much would that favor have cost me? No favor. A courtesy from one partner to another. You see, partners are equal, but clearly, we are anything but that. I’m open to expanding your role in my organization. No thanks, selina. I prefer my independence. If life has taught me anything, it’s that independence is an illusion. If you won’t take my gift, then accept another, to honor your engagement.

[ Sighs ] You’ve done enough. You don’t even know what it is.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hi. I hope we’re not late. Jordan: Of course I still love curtis. It wasn’t my choice to end the marriage, but… he couldn’t forgive me for keeping too many things from him.

[ Buoy bell ringing, waves crashing ] Why are you still keeping secrets from him? If I told curtis what I know, it could destroy his relationship with portia. And where does that get me? Gratitude? A second chance with him?

[ Scoffs ] Unlikely to get either. What about your own self-respect, jordan? I wouldn’t feel proud of myself for hurting two people that are in love. So [Sighs] I’ve decided that curtis and portia’s relationship is no longer my business. Perhaps not. But is curtis’s happiness your business? Perhaps? I mean, you — you had a great marriage when you were together, didn’t you? You still love and respect him. You just said that. But by withholding this information from him, you’re basically deciding what he can and cannot handle, what he should and shouldn’t know. I mean, is that fair?

[ Sighs ] Thanks for listening. I’ll always listen. Uh, forgive me for intruding. Commissioner, is there something you want to tell us? Actually, I do. Be careful. We know the how of ava jerome and brando corbin’s attack, but we don’t know the why, which makes it harder to predict who might be the next target. Hi. Hey. Wait. Aren’t you off today? Oh, I-I don’t really know. Is it today or yesterday? Tomorrow? I-I have no idea. You never left the hospital?

[ Sighs ] Britt and, um, terry had their hands full with the police, and I volunteered to take over. I wish you would have told me. So you could stick around and relieve me? No, I-I know that you had a prior commitment with your daughter. It’s true. And besides, trina’s back in the dorm, curtis is working late, and with everything that’s going on around here… yeah, you prefer the hustle and bustle of the hospital. Focusing on work helps keep my mind off of things, like what really happened with brando. I went over everything, finn. I w– I went over all of his vitals, the post-op reports. He should have made a full recovery. I’m hoping the tests the lab ran last night is gonna provide some answers. And if not, maybe we can get some answers from the invader. I read the article linking the attacks and disclosing that a hook was used in both. I also happened to notice that they cited an anonymous G.H. Source. I wonder who spoke up. What went on with you and victor? Hold on. Hey, kristina. You okay? Yeah, I’m good, dad. Save your concern for sasha and gladys. Our concern is for you right now. You witnessed that attack. Honey, we have every right to be concerned.

[ Sighs ] Great-uncle victor thought so, too. And he had some pretty good advice. Victor was checking up on you? He offered to hire someone to protect me from whoever went after brando. I mean, great guy, but overreact much? In this situation, your uncle victor has the situation sized up correctly. Maxie: Okay, don’t choke on your gummies. Look, take nice, even breaths… right. …And breathe away your frustration over brook lynn. Mmm. Mm-hmm. Mmm. Blq might just be bfe. Bye forever. Brook lynn is in love, lucy, and that is not worth firing her over. Look, we’ve spoken to her. Let’s give her a chance to do better. Mmm! Mmm! Okay. Okay. But, mmm, maybe — maybe we should just check with the headhunters just to see if there’s some other social media talent out there, maybe? Can we put a pin in that and just give brook lynn one more chance? Think of all the mistakes we’ve made for love. And I’d hazard a guess you’re long overdue another chance.

Did I get the time wrong for chase’s audition? Because it seems like we’re interrupting. Apparently, there’s been a mix-up. I didn’t realize that there was an audition on the books today. I knew I should have come in person to confirm and not gone through our assistants. Uh, it looks like curtis is really busy, so we should come back another time. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let’s go. I’m sure that a successful entrepreneur such as yourself can eke out 2 minutes to, you know, hear chase cut loose.

[ Sighs ] Well, I do know from the nurses’ ball that kid’s got a set of pipes on him. I could do with a refresher, but I always got time for a star on the rise. I even saw an item on the news this morning, which means that the national outfits are sniffing around, and that’s all thanks to the invader story. Well, whoever did decide to speak to alexis’s reporter may have been responsible for bringing additional attention to the case, which is such a good thing. Yeah, i really, really doubt the party in question was looking for any kind of attention. Well, otherwise they would have gone on record. Hmm. But I’m sure this civic-minded individual’s only goal was to alert the public to a killer in their midst. The best of intentions…

[Sighs] …If only they didn’t threaten to disrupt an investigation that’s barely started. If either of you has an idea as to the identity of this civic-minded individual… please let me know. Your mother and I are going to keep you safe, not victor. I’m grateful for the concern, but, I mean, focus on molly. She had a thing with brando. She must be feeling awful. Honey, molly didn’t witness the attack.

[ Sighs ] I can hardly be called a witness. It was dark and raining, and I’m not even sure if the attacker was male or female. Brando’s killer doesn’t know that, kristina. If I had gotten a good look, jordan would have made me sit down with a sketch artist and post the likeness on social media and on the news outlets and every lamppost and telephone pole in port charles. But there’s no posted likeness, so the attacker knows that I’m not a threat. You can’t read the lunatic’s mind. Neither can your father and I, which is why we talked about it. We agree. We think it would be best if you would just come stay with one of us just for a little bit.

[ Scoffs, laughs ] Hard pass. Yeah. It won’t matter if you take a little break here. Not quitting my job, folks. No one said anything about quitting. Pcu is back in session, and phyllis is slammed with students at night. I’m not going to leave her hanging. Phyllis will understand. O-of course she will. Just tell her you’re scared. She will understand. But I’m not scared. I have so much respect for your courage. I think it’s so admirable, honey, I really do — t-this has nothing to do about courage. This is an objective evaluation of the situation. For god’s sake, do you really want to risk your life for minimum wage slinging beer in a dead-end job?! Victor, you are such a flirt.

[ Chuckles ] Guilty as charged. But I was merely referring to your wayward companion — marvin, isn’t it? Martin.Martin. Any word on a return date? Ah. No, no, not quite yet. Oh, criminal to allow such a very beautiful woman to go unchaperoned.

[ Laughs, pretends to cough ] I’m sorry. Are you feeling alright? Sorry. Sorry. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the idea of lucy and a chaperone. Hey, wait a minute. No, don’t engage. Don’t engage. It’s not worth it.

[ Sighs ] Yeah — is there someone we can talk more privately? Oh, I would absolutely love that, but [Stammers] We’re in a-a huge, very important business meeting. We are? Yes, we are. Remember? We’re discussing the marketing of the cunning concealer. Oh, we had that meeting yesterday. Oh, yes, you’re right. But then we’re talking about the testing of the bluffing blush. Right. They, uh, passed with flying colors. Oh.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Lunch? Hmm. On me.

[ Laughs ] Enjoy. Should be fun.

[ Sighs ] I thought she’d never leave.

[ Sighs ] Now, at last, I have you all to myself. I’ve kept you waiting. I’m sorry. That’s okay. I figured you were with your father. Anything relevant to charlotte? No. He keeps putting me off. He’s more concerned with kristina right now. She witnessed brando corbin’s attack.

[ Sighs ] I know. Horrible. I heard. So victor’s playing family man? Oh, he’s — he’s very devoted to family, as the cassadines define the term. We eat our young. Not you.

[ Buoy bell ringing, waves crashing ] We’re going to bring charlotte home. Thank you. When you say it, I almost want to believe it’s true. The moment I decided to have a child… from the moment she was born, she was in danger.

[ Sighs ] Just because she was my daughter… …there were forces, people, enemies who would be tempted to use her as leverage against me. I had to be careful. I just wasn’t careful enough. My own father, victor cassadine — turns out he was more lethal than anyone.

[ Sighs ] She doesn’t even know to be scared of him. I’m so frightened. Good. Good? Yeah. To be brave, sometimes we need to be frightened. And right now, we need to be brave. Why? Anna, what’s happened?

So, I engaged one of robert’s contacts to surveil the so-called school where victor is — is — is holding charlotte. Okay. Less than 24 hours after taking the assignment, the operative wanted out. Apparently, victor’s name, it — it produces a kind of chilling effect. So if robert’s people are gonna back out, then you and i may be on our own. We have lucy. Don’t you think that now’s the time for us to maybe reconsider her involvement? Why? Well, it was one thing when I thought maybe she could get us in the door, but if robert’s people are not going to take the job because they’re afraid of victor, I can’t in good conscience put a civilian’s life at risk. Then we may have to cut her loose. Before she gets in deeper. Yeah. You know, I have worn myself out trying to reach you over the last two days. Oh, is — is that so? Yes, I’ve left you messages. I’ve sent telegrams — both the written and the singing variety.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] Oh, well, dear me, you know, I-I didn’t get any of that. I am simply gonna have to just fire my assistant. Oh, please. Let’s do that together. It’ll be a bonding experience. Oh, no. You know, I have a feeling that might be a bit of a violation of hr rules. Oh, well, then we’ll just have to rewrite the rules over our long-awaited lunch. You know, about that… uh-oh, I’m sensing bad news. Well, it’s just that sasha gilmore, um, her husband died. He was murdered.

[ Sighs ] So, you know, I-I think I would just feel very uncomfortable about having lunch with you. I mean, it would be very, very tempting, but under the circumstances, it’s not a great idea. I hope you understand. I understand nothing of the sort. That escalated quickly. Well, technically, moving a conversation from a threat to your life to your career would qualify as a de-escalation. We are not here to discuss kristina’s career. We’re here to discuss her safety — you know that, right? A subject that happens to provide mom with a segue into my life choices. Well, maybe if you had made different choices and taken a different life path, we wouldn’t be — okay, a-a path more reputable? One that’s less “dead-end-y”?

[ Sighs ]

[Stammering] I-I — limited. I meant limited.

[ Sighs ] This is a great job in the short term. Yeah, but it’s not law school. No one said anything about law school, kristina. Oh, well, here’s her chance. Go ahead, mom. Do I embarrass you? What? Well — no! Of — of course not. You just think that I should quit my job here and do something, you know, uh, more productive. Go ahead, mom. Say it. You’ll feel better. Kristina, that’s enough.

[ Stammers ] Here’s what I meant. I just — I just want you to live to your full potential. And working here at charlie’s, I’m doing anything but. If you want to know who the anonymous source is, why don’t you give alexis davis a call? So I can get a “freedom of the press” and “we protect our sources” speech from alexis? Why waste my time? And you think one of the doctors here leaked the story? Prior to that article, it wasn’t public knowledge that both brando and ava had been stabbed with a hook. I’m here to lay down the law with your co-chiefs of staff about disclosing important details. Huh. But, really, you must have bigger priorities than tracking down the source in some leak to a newspaper. Believe it or not, dr. Finn, I can juggle several priorities at once. I see. So h-h-how much damage could acknowledging that port charles might have a serial killer actually do to the investigation? We won’t know until the damage is done. Remember when the invader leaked franco’s brain tumor and alexis tried to kill him, but almost killed dante instead? I wanted to keep the perp guessing. Now this person has an edge — an edge they can exploit. Dr. Robinson, this is for you. Oh. Hey. Is it — is that — it’s the test results we ordered last night. This is brando’s cause of death. I hope you don’t mind if I stay. I’m considering renting the club for a private party. I’d love to get a sense of the acoustics and how the music plays. Yeah. That’s up to chase. Uh…

[ Stammers ] Whatever. I gotta get used to an audience at some point. Thanks. Excuse me. You hate me. What? Where’d you get that? It’s just, you’re distracted thinking about sasha, and here I am, dragging you to an audition you don’t even want. Look. Is now the perfect time to sing? No. But do I hate you? Absolutely not. Are you sure? I know there’s something that you wish you could do for sasha right now. Well, I can’t deny that. Okay. So then — then — then let’s go. We’ll forget the audition. W-we’ll go see sasha, and we’ll both feel so much better. Hey, hey. Look. Sasha’s got brando’s mom and nina hovering over her. Me foisting myself on her right now — that might be more for me trying to feel useful than of being of real use to her. Well, won’t know until you try. Later. Right now, I want to do something useful for you. For us.

Now is absolutely the right time for our lunch. Oh, well, you know, I — I don’t know if I’d be very good company. I’m so distracted, worrying about sasha. Well, fortunately, I am the master of distraction.

[ Chuckles ] I will keep your mind off these gruesome events and focused on our shared interests.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, business, yours and mine, and, uh, ways of increasing your profit potential. Well, I’m always looking for a good corporate partner.

[ Breathes deeply ] Well, I think I can do a little better than that. You give me your undivided attention, and I may surprise you with a more than satisfactory cassadine infusion… of capital, of course.

Feels like the sky is falling

shattered like a vase

I’m starting to think I’m falling into place

feels like the sky is crashing

crashing over me

I’m starting to think I’m falling into place

I’m falling into place

[ Applause ] So what do you think?

[ Sighs ] I think… there’s a savoy debut in chase’s future.

[ Laughs ] Really? Of course there is. You’ve got the voice and so much more. Kid’s got talent. And you have taste. And this private party you were talking about — place is yours for 50… thousand. Do you accept checks? Sorry. Cash is king. Anna: Hey, maxie. Hi. Hi. Uh, we’re looking for lucy. She’s not in her office.

[ Laughs ] You just missed her. Do you know where she went? Nope. They didn’t say. They? Oh, lucy and victor. They left together. Your mom and I only want what’s good for you. Does what’s good for me include my happiness? Of course it does. Does that go for you, too? What kind of thing is that to say? Okay, then the subject is closed. I don’t intend on working at charlie’s until I die, but working here right now makes me happy. And I don’t intend on dying anytime soon, by crook or by hook. She’s all you. Jordan: What do the test results say? Can we make a call on brando’s cause of death? The stab wound didn’t kill brando. The weapon was laced with a toxin — a poison.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Diane: Well, this is a nice surprise, you and summer arranging for us to all meet up.

Kyle: We felt like we should all sit down together.

Diane: Oh, absolutely. I think it’s a great idea.

Summer: Mom, are you on board?

Phyllis: Oh. I mean — well, I thought it was gonna be a private lunch, just the two of us, but, gosh, the four of us? That’s a kick. Sure.

[ Door closes ]

Nikki: Thank you for coming to meet me, talia.

Talia: It’s good to see you again, nikki, but I am surprised you’re in L.A.

Nikki: I have some important business to take care of.

Talia: For newman enterprises?

Nikki: No. Um… actually, I am here on behalf of the people of genoa city who deserve to be rid of diane jenkins. I’m also going to be talking with deacon sharpe, who helped her fake her own death. I’m hoping to get enough dirt out of him to drive her from town for good.

Talia: I did some research on him for my article. His past is almost as colorful as hers.

Nikki: Yeah, it is. But he’s sure to know what diane was up to when she was living in L.A. Under that assumed identity.

Talia: Well, please tell me what you learn because I can use that information to expand the scope of my story about diane.

Nikki: Oh, I’m so happy to hear you say that. I mean, maybe if what I find is compelling enough, your editor would let you finish writing the series. Frankly, I was rather suspicious of how that was killed so abruptly after the first installment.

Talia: Well, so was I, and that is why I’m committed to turning this into a book if the magazine refuses to publish any more about diane.

Nikki: Oh, my god, that would be amazing. I mean, as long as the world gets to hear the whole sordid story.

Talia: And I get the feeling that deacon sharpe could take this in a whole new direction.

Nikki: Yeah, he could. That’s why I have to catch him completely off guard. I’m gonna confront him about everything he did with diane and how it almost ruined my life. He has no idea what’s coming.

Talia: I sense there’s more to it for you.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Talia: You’re talking tough, but you seem a little nervous. So, what exactly do you think is gonna happen today?

Nate: Imani. How’s it going? Oh. You look upset.

Imani: [ Sighs ] Is it that obvious?

Nate: What’s got you so stressed? Is it your mom?

Imani: No. Now it’s my dad. He’s been such a rock for me and mom, even amanda, but here we are, always leaning on his strength.

Nate: Okay. Did something happen?

Imani: I guess all the pressure and stress from mom was just too much. He collapsed and had to be hospitalized.

Nate: Oh. I-I’m sorry to hear that.

Imani: So here I am, terrified about mom, and now this? I’m so worried about him. I’ve got this knot in my stomach that will not go away.

Nate: I know it’s a lot, but hopefully your father’s condition isn’t too serious. Would you like for me to call his doctor, see what I can find out?

Imani: Nate, I can’t keep dragging you into my personal business. You have been so helpful, but there’s only so much —

Nate: Okay, and you’ve done more for me than you realize. At least let me return the favor.

Nick: Okay, that takes care of all the questions legal had about our new acquisition contracts.

Victoria: Okay. Well, it all looks good. But now I would like to get to the biggest item on the agenda.

[ Door closes ]

Nick: Alright. What do you got?

Victoria: I have come into possession of some huge information, something that could be quite lucrative for us, but for the time being, it can’t leave this room.

Nick: Well, you have my full attention now.

Victoria: I have learned from a reliable source that devon and lily are taking chancellor-winters public.

Nick: Seriously? That’s a huge step, given how recently they merged.

Victoria: I want newman to use this inside information to grab as much initial stock offering as possible. The goal is to secure a majority of control and several seats on the board. Are you really that wowed, or are you calculating the potential of how huge newman’s reach might be with a move like this?

Nick: Honestly, my first thought isn’t about newman at all. I want you to be honest with me, and I want to know where you got this information. Did it come from a disgruntled chancellor-winters employee? Did nate bring this to you?

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provided by… my cholesterol is borderline.

Nick: I know nate’s been having a hard time working at chancellor-winters. He’s struggling with the complications of working with his family. I’m sure he and devon have butted heads.

Victoria: The situation has become untenable for him.

Nick: But why make a move like this? It seems so unlike him.

Victoria: I don’t know. I was quite surprised when he came to me with the idea. But he has his reasons.

Nick: But it makes you wonder what happened to make him go so far as to leak insider information about his own company. It seems extremely vindictive.

Victoria: Nate’s an executive now. He’s looking at this as a businessman. He sees that it’s a smart move all around.

Nick: Obviously, he doesn’t think lily and devon would agree or he wouldn’t have gone behind their backs. So, if he’s looking at it as a businessman, my question is why? What’s in it for him?

Nikki: I-I don’t have any specific expectations for what will happen when I talk to deacon. I mean, I have a general sense of caution where he’s concerned. I mean, he has no conscience. He’s manipulative. He’s very self-serving.

Talia: Well, then it’s no wonder you’re on edge about this.

Nikki: Oh, he was perfectly fine with me being accused of a murder that he knew full well had not happened. So, yeah, I have my issues with him. I just know that I have to be focused and not let him distract me from my goal — exposing diane for the fraud that she is.

Talia: Mm. You know, nikki, my job requires me to be adept at reading people, at listening to what they’re saying and what they’re not saying. And what I’m hearing is this deacon guy has the potential to knock you off your game — or at least try.

Nikki: Well, that’s why i have to be on my guard.

Talia: You know, in my research, I learned you were married to him once.

Nikki: I don’t see how that’s relevant.

Talia: We’re talking completely off the record. I promise.

Nikki: Yeah. We better be.

Talia: Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re about to come face-to-face with a man you haven’t seen in years, a man who, in your own words, is manipulative and without a conscience.

Nikki: Believe me, I can handle deacon sharpe.

Talia: Maybe, but it could be a good idea for you to talk this out first. It could help you to go in there feeling more solid and in control.

Nikki: Well, maybe you’re right. I mean, it would be good for me to get some things off my chest and be at the top of my game and stay in control. Off the record.

Kyle: I’m afraid you got it wrong. Summer and I didn’t invite you to join us for fun.

Summer: In fact, it’s the exact opposite. This is serious, and it’s something that we wanted to discuss with both of you.

Diane: Oh. I-I see.

Phyllis: Okay, well, this doesn’t sound good.

Kyle: Summer and I want you to know we have two priorities — peace within the family and productivity within the business.

Phyllis: Uh, okay. Well, we’re on the same page. Those are my priorities, too.

Diane: And mine, as well. No question.

Phyllis: There’s nothing that I want more than to see, you know, marchetti run smoothly.

Diane: And successfully. I hope you know how much i appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me.

Phyllis: Yeah, and it is my mission to make sure that all your dreams are realized with marchetti.

Diane: The most important thing to me right now is family harmony. Being close to you is the only reason I’m here. I can’t tell you how lucky i feel. And it means everything to me to be accepted back into your lives.

Phyllis: Well, we’re on the same page. Look at that. We are. We want to work in harmony, and we want to see marchetti succeed.

Kyle: Okay, we appreciate you are both in agreement. But summer and I will be doing the rest of the talking.

Summer: We’re glad to hear you saying all of the right things, but — I’m sorry — it’s not enough. You need to back up those flowery words with actions.

Kyle: So, here’s the deal. No more threats, no more accusations, no more trying to undermine each other in any way.

Summer: No more coming to us complaining about the other one.

Phyllis: Guys, that’s gonna be easy for me. I mean, honestly, I’ve been all but ignoring diane, I mean, despite her attempts to create conflict.

Diane: I merely let kyle and summer know about the mysterio file on my computer because i thought it could impact the company.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Alright. So, for the good of the company, you decided I was responsible?

Diane: Phyllis, we all know that you’re the expert hacker. I was just trying to be helpful in pinpointing the potential source of the issue.

Phyllis: Okay. Alright. Cool. Well, I, in turn, um — I needed to defend myself, you know? And I — I denied these baseless allegations.

Kyle: Okay, look —

Phyllis: And I just wanted to tell you the truth, that’s all.

Kyle: Look, we don’t want to be put in a position of trying to figure out which one of you was being honest.

Summer: No, we are done refereeing your feud, okay? So, if there’s one more incident, one more confrontation…

Kyle: No matter who provoked it…

Summer: You’re both out.

This is john.

Nate: So, you’ve confirmed that his collapse was due to extreme exhaustion? Are there any other symptoms? How’s his heart rate and blood pressure? Have you run other tests? And your prognosis of his overall health at this time is? I see. Thank you for your time.

Imani: Well, based on what i heard, it isn’t awful.

Nate: Your father’s gonna be just fine. He’s suffering from extreme exhaustion. The doctor recommends he get some rest, which I know is easy to say. He’s gonna prescribe him something and encourage him to take better care of himself.

Imani: Oh. Thank god it’s not life-threatening. I couldn’t handle that right now. Just — nate, thank you again for explaining things.

[ Sighs ] And you always just give me so much peace of mind. Thank you.

Nate: Not a problem. But I think you should go see him.

Imani: Why? I mean, you just said it wasn’t serious. Is there something you’re not telling me?

Nate: Relax. I’m not giving you this advice because I think your father’s symptoms are worse than they appear. I’m just saying this because i know you won’t feel better until you go see him yourself. Okay?

Nate: Thank you.

Diane: Wait. We’re both out, no matter who’s at fault?

Summer: That’s right.

Diane: Well, that’s not fair. I mean, why should I be held accountable for her bad behavior?

Phyllis: Um… okay, just so I get this clear. So, if she does something, I get fired, too? That just doesn’t seem right.

Kyle: It won’t matter who said what or who did what to whom. You will both — both — be immediately removed from the company.

Summer: No questions asked, no excuses tolerated.

Diane: But —

Phyllis: Okay —

Summer: This is non-negotiable, period.

Kyle: We warned you from the beginning to stay out of each other’s way. You were told that any conflict between the two of you would be a deal breaker.

Summer: And now you know that we mean it. Besides, the two of you have limited need to interact at marchetti anyway.

Phyllis: Okay, well, that’s not entirely true. Diane is writing the press release for my division, so I’m going to have to be around her.

Kyle: True. But if you can’t handle the times when you do need to interact, you shouldn’t have the job in the first place. It’s just that simple. Understood?

Phyllis: Summer, are you really…

Diane: Kyle, don’t you think this is a little harsh?

Kyle: Mom, we have a company to run.

Summer: And we’re both committed to its success.

Kyle: Hey, we are in the middle of a huge transition. Moving a company from milan to genoa city is a mammoth of an undertaking, and this is a big step for jabot and my father, so this affects him, as well.

Summer: We just don’t need these kinds of distractions.

Kyle: Like I said, you’re both doing great work in your respective jobs. Neither of us want to lose you. We want to see you succeed and be a part of this adventure. But we are done making allowances.

Summer: We’re done with the attacks and the accusations. This is your last warning. Are we clear?

Phyllis: Yeah. Sure. Fine.

Diane: Yeah, whatever you say. You can count on me.

Phyllis: Is there something you’d like to say?

Diane: Oh, no, phyllis. You — you go ahead.

Phyllis: No, I insist.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I think it has been very difficult for the two of you to be caught in the middle between us. And that’s not fair. So I want you to know that i promise that you won’t have to deal with that anymore.

Phyllis: You know, it really breaks my heart that you’re having this conversation with us. I mean, I don’t want to stress you out. I just want to help you make this company grow into the success that you want it to be. So, don’t worry. I’m not gonna do anything. You don’t have to worry about me.

Diane: See? You don’t have to worry about this ever again.

Phyllis: No. It’s all good. I’m good.

Diane: Yeah.

Nikki: Deacon was around during a very low point in my life. I’m in recovery now, but back then I was drinking excessively. And deacon took advantage of that and worked his way into my life and became my enabler.

Deacon: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were stalking me.

Nikki: Oh, god. If I had known you were working, I wouldn’t have come here.

Deacon: Well, I’d probably be wounded if I didn’t know that was a lie. On the house.

Nikki: I don’t want it.

Deacon: Honey, I’ve earned enough of these and lost ’em…

[ Chip clinks ] …To know that’s exactly what you want.

Nikki: I cannot believe that I am here again. The — the lying and the sneaking around. I swore I would never put myself through this again.

Deacon: Okay. Alright. All right, listen. You know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna make a pact, alright? Tonight, that’s it. We pour the booze out. No more slip-ups. Come on. Come on. Let’s pour it out. Good. Now, we gotta promise that we’ll be there for each other ’cause nobody else understands but us.

Nikki: But finally it was just too much for victor. He had had enough, and he moved on with diane. Then, the day that she supposedly “died,” I confronted her, drunk. Things got out of hand and I picked up a rock and I hit her with it in the head.

Talia: So that’s why authorities thought you were the one who killed her.

Nikki: And I was so drunk, i didn’t know if I had or not. Clearly, deacon took advantage of that situation.

Deacon: You know, I was born and raised in this town. God, I love me some las vegas. Nikki, come on. Please? I mean, you really don’t want to do this.

Nikki: You know, you’re right. If I put all these together, it’s still not enough to get me through a wedding to you.

[ Sighs ] Yes, hello. Could you please send up a bottle of vodka immediately? Thank you.

Nikki: As I said, it was a very dark period of my life. I hardly knew who I was, but i did know that I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. It took me quite some time to climb out of that hole. And once I did, I didn’t want to look back. But today, in order to face deacon, that’s exactly what I’m gonna have to do. Family is just very important.

Kyle: Thanks for understanding our position on this.

Summer: We’re glad that you both see why we had to take this step.

Phyllis: You don’t have to warn us again.

Dian: Oh, no, no. You don’t have to give this another thought.

Kyle: Great. Then we’re good. And now we can all head back to work with our new attitude and perspective.

Phyllis: That’s right! Let’s do it! Let’s do it!

Diane: That’s right. Everything’s going to work out just fine. You’ll see.

Phyllis: Yeah. Um, I have to make a phone call, so I’ll see you at the office.

Diane: Alright. I will see you shortly. Bye.

Kyle: Well, let’s hope that’s the end of it.

Summer: Yeah. Let’s hope.

Imani: You’re right. I’m gonna go to virginia today to see dad, and you don’t have to worry about me because I am not gonna fall apart.

[ Laughs ]

Nate: Okay. I’m sure devon would want you to use his jet. He’s probably gotten the news from amanda by now.

Imani: Yeah. I guess I’ll reach out to him.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what it is about you. You — you’re just so calming and supportive, reassuring. I don’t know how I’d get through any of this without you.

Nate: I’m just glad I can be here to help.

Imani: Yeah, well, you were talking earlier about me being there for you, but you are the one that is always showing up for me. Nate, I think I’m the lucky one.

Nate: I guess that goes both ways…because I cannot begin to explain to you how helpful it’s been to have someone to confide in who really understands what I’ve been going through. Dealing with devon’s constant second-guessing and having all of my ideas shot down — it’s been frustrating, to say the least.

Imani: Well, of course it’s frustrating — because your ideas are amazing.

Nate: And that’s why i appreciate that you really listened to me. I mean really listened.

Imani: Well, about that… I hope that you are willing to listen to what I have to say to you right now.

Nick: Clearly nate brought you this insider information because there is some upside for him, something other than provoking his own family.

Victoria: Well, of course there is. The leadership of chancellor-winters.

Nick: Whoa. Are you saying you would make him ceo, leading the whole thing, above lily and devon?

Victoria: Yes. Why not? It’s what he told me he wanted in return.

Nick: [ Sighs ] It’s just such a mercenary move. I would never expect that of nate.

Victoria: Nate has learned a lot about how the game is played. He sees an opportunity, an opportunity that ultimately will be what’s best for everyone at chancellor-winters.

Nick: Oh, I’m sure that’s the speech he’s composing right now. He’s completely ignoring the fact that everything he is doing is absolutely unethical. And if he benefits from this financially in any way, it’s gonna invite some serious sec scrutiny.

Victoria: Oh, nicholas, would you just let me worry about that? I want to know what you think of the acquisition. Putting aside your feelings about nate’s role in it, don’t you think that it’s a smart move for newman enterprises?

Nick: It is impossible to take that element out of the equation. Nate felt so underappreciated, his response is to do an end run on lily and devon — and everything they did, they worked so hard to build by merging these two companies. Vick, they’re gonna take it personally because it’s personal.

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ulcerative colitis persists…

Nate: Okay. I’m listening.

Imani: So, now I am talking to you as your biggest supporter. The reason I am constantly encouraging you to follow your instincts is because you’re really good, even if devon doesn’t give you the recognition you deserve.

Nate: I appreciate you saying that. I would like to believe you’re right.

Imani: No, I am not the only one. Lily and billy see the merit in your ideas, too. Now, maybe she didn’t side with you against devon, but that is definite confirmation you belong in the c-suite, that you were right to think big and bold.

Nate: [ Inhales sharply ] I’m only getting bolder.

Imani: Good, ’cause I don’t want devon undermining your confidence, always going around saying that maybe he gave you too much responsibility too soon, that you were ill-equipped to handle the transition from medicine to business. Because we both know that is not true.

Nate: Trust me on this. Devon has not undermined my confidence.

Imani: I understand why you got frustrated and thought you had to leave chancellor-winters. I get it. But I hope that you will reconsider. And I wish elena had never suggested it because you deserve to reap the benefits of your ideas. Devon has no reason to hold you back, and you need to show him that.

Nate: Once again, you’re tuned into exactly what’s going on with me.

Nick: Just think about it, vick. If you used nate’s insider information to take over chancellor-winters, lily and devon are gonna see it as an act of betrayal. And, frankly, there is no other way to look at it.

Victoria: They’ll be upset, at least initially, but they’re both aware of the risks involved in going public.

Nick: You know, there’s one other member of the chancellor-winters executive team that you haven’t mentioned yet. Does you wanting this company so badly have anything to do with billy?

Victoria: Why would this have anything to do with him?

Nick: Because I know you, and I know you’ve looked at this from every angle and thought about how it shakes out for everyone involved.

Victoria: Yes, I have made a few calculations.

Nick: Okay. Let’s just say we get you everything you want, get you those seats on the board. What does this mean for billy? Does he have to answer to you? Is that what this is about?

Talia: You are quite a remarkable woman. I admire your strength. It’s not easy to pull yourself out of a difficult time and reclaim your life.

Nikki: Well, I can’t take all the credit. I had a tremendous amount of love and support, and I realize a lot of people aren’t that fortunate. So, I had to be strong for myself — and, more importantly, for my family.

Talia: I hope talking about it all before going in to meet with deacon was of some value to you.

Nikki: It was. You know, uh, sometimes when you say things out loud, it lessens the power it has on you. Funny how that works.

Talia: From what I’ve learned about you, though, you are strong enough to deal with anything or anyone.

Nikki: No, you’ve been very good for me. God knows I’ve given you a lot of mixed messages.

Deacon: Listen. I’m just happy to be with you. Any time I get to spend with you is great, and I’ll take it any way I can get it.

Nikki: You are too nice.

Deacon: Oh, that is so funny ’cause it’s — everyone says that in genoa city. They say, “deacon sharpe is such a nice guy.”

Nikki: Will you just take the compliment, please? You’re not the evil bastard you want people to think you are. At least, not right now, not with me. And I’m very grateful for that.

[ Sighs ] And I’ve — I’ve got to stop doing this to both of us. I have to stop it. So, um, I’m gonna be leaving town for a little while, and I’m just gonna go see my sister. It — it couldn’t be a better time, actually. I need to get away, and, um, think and, uh, put some miles between me and… the coffee.

Deacon: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: I just need to figure out what’s going on in my head…and in my heart.

Nikki: When you’re in recovery, especially early on, they warn you to avoid the people, places, and things that are associated with your addiction. That’s another good reason it was good for you and me to talk like this. I needed to remember exactly who and what deacon sharpe is. And I cannot be complacent because that’s when, if you’re not careful, you can really get into trouble. Hi, I’m karen.

Victoria: Billy’s potential role is not a factor.

Nick: So, you’re telling me you haven’t considered what the management structure of chancellor-winters will look like once you’ve installed nate at the top?

Victoria: I’m just saying that there’s nothing personal about this move. It’s — it’s all business, nicholas.

Nick: While I admire you channeling your inner dad, i don’t buy that answer for one minute.

Victoria: As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no downside to bringing chancellor-winters under the newman umbrella. Just think about how powerful and explosive that would be.

Explosive, yes, but not in a good way. Let’s put aside the undercutting of devon and lily, two people i greatly respect and care about. It’s a massive financial outlay, vick. Have you forgotten you recently went on a very impressive spending spree?

Victoria: Financing the stock buy is not an issue. Risk and reward, nicholas.

Nick: Have you run this by dad?

Victoria: No, not yet. But it is too big of a deal not to, so of course I will, and i also intend to get input from my co-ceo — mom. But ultimately, this is my call. And you’re right. You’re absolutely right. This is exactly the kind of move that dad would make.

Nick: And you think that’s a good thing?

Victoria: You know dad. He once had control of chancellor. He inherited it after katherine died. And although selling it made a lot of sense, I know it was hard for him to let go of her legacy. Now here we are. We have the perfect opportunity to get the company back. Can you give me one solid reason why we shouldn’t seize the moment?

Nick: Not one you want to hear, apparently.

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: I hope this isn’t a bad time?

Jack: Uh, no. It’s a perfectly fine time. Come on in.

Diane: I wanted to stop by and apologize.

Jack: Apologize? For what?

Diane: Well, I’m sorry I took my suspicions to kyle and summer about phyllis setting me up. I realized what a huge mistake it was, and, um, I’m also sorry if somehow you got in the middle of it.

Jack: Do you realize you were wrong, that what you accused phyllis of she was not guilty of?

Diane: I’m just saying I know now what a terrible position i put them in.

Jack: How so?

Diane: Well, because I forced them to mediate some issues between phyllis and myself, when really all they want are uncomplicated working relationships with their mothers.

Jack: Seems to me they’ve made that clear for a very long time now. What caused the sudden epiphany?

Diane: Kyle asked me to meet him at society, and summer did the same to phyllis. It was a setup. They wanted to address the situation with both of us together.

Jack: Wow. How did that go? Anyone throw any food?

Diane: [ Laughs ] No, it was actually quite civilized.

Jack: Well, that’s progress, I’d say.

Diane: Phyllis and I were on our best behavior. We had to be. They gave us a pretty harsh ultimatum. They said that if either of us does anything remotely antagonistic, we’d both be fired.

Jack: Tough love mixed with mutually assured destruction. Seems to me that’s plenty of incentive to get along now.

Diane: Well, we were both pretty shocked. I mean, it’s — it’s kind of unfair.

Jack: Then you and phyllis agreed on something.

Diane: That’s hardly a silver lining.

Jack: It could have been a whole lot worse. You and phyllis could have lost your jobs.

Diane: I suppose. It was kind of an odd role reversal, our kids sitting us down and reprimanding us, laying down the law like we were the obstinate children that needed disciplining.

Jack: Well, were they off base? (Rose h) smoking caused my lung cancer.

Nate: You’re right. I do want to show devon he’s wrong about me. Maybe I did act prematurely by walking away. I let my frustration with devon get the better of me. But there is still a lot I want to accomplish in my role at chancellor-winters.

Imani: I’m very happy to hear you say that. But now you have to promise me that you’ll be back at chancellor-winters when i return.

Nate: That is the plan.

Imani: You’re a pretty awesome guy, nate.

[ Both laugh ]

Nate: Good luck in virginia.

Imani: Thank you.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Nate: Victoria. Good to hear from you.

Victoria: Nate, I’ve been thinking about your proposal, and I’d like to meet.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: I am choosing to remain…hopeful about our mothers’ ability to follow through.

Kyle: Mm, I’m with you on that. Now that the situation’s been dealt with, we can put our energy where it belongs.

Summer: Mm. That’s right.

Kyle: Mm. Like focusing on making marchetti a huge success.

Summer: No! You’re kidding me, right? I was talking about our vow renewal. The next time the four of us get together, we’re gonna be talking about music and flowers and our color scheme.

[ Both laugh ]

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Hey, nikki. It’s me. I mean [Sighs] Please tell me you’re getting enough pay dirt in los angeles to drive this bitch out of town.

Diane: I don’t think kyle and summer needed to threaten our jobs to prove their point.

Jack: The way you and phyllis have been behaving, you honestly are surprised that summer and kyle felt they were forced to handle the situation the way they did?

Diane: Well, I wouldn’t say forced. That’s a little strong.

Jack: Come on, diane. You have to admit, even though you and phyllis claim that you have your priorities straight, it appears the two of you are enjoying this war. And I have to wonder if it’s more important to you than your commitment to work and to family.

Diane: That’s ridiculous. Why would you even say —

Jack: Listen to me. I know what I’m talking about. I have been there with victor. Our ongoing battles after a while looked like they were shaping who we were. Don’t let that happen with you and phyllis. Do not get lost in the hatred. Do not feed off the animosity and confrontation. Don’t fall into old habits.

Diane: You say this like you’re concerned for me. I’m — I’m touched.

Jack: I am concerned about kyle and summer.

Diane: Yeah, but I bet you’re not giving this same advice to phyllis.

Jack: Oh, believe me, I have tried repeatedly. And I get the sense that I’m not gonna get through to phyllis on this particular subject. I hope the same can’t be said of you.

Diane: Jack, I can assure you I am taking all of your advice to heart. And I promise that things will be different from now on.

Jack: I’m glad to hear that. For kyle’s sake — and yours.

Diane: [ Raps desk ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone closes ]

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GH Transcript Tuesday, September 20, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Sighs ] Been so long since I’ve been here. Too long. I mean, I’ve meant to come by many times, and, you know, something always came up and… excuses, excuses, right? Just seems so fitting. That after everything I’ve been through… that I would end up here in jacksonville. With you. I don’t even know how to respond to this. Uh, the truth would be a great start. You think I would sabotage your happiness, your upcoming wedding like that? If you still had feelings, maybe. Of course I still have feelings, curtis. They don’t just up and disappear. But you’ve moved on with your life. And you and your fiancée are sharing a new home now, so… so I’m still not hearing an answer. Yes or no. I’m scared. Kevin: I understand. It’s alright. I’m here with you. You were talking about the staircase. Is the woman still at the bottom of the stairs? Yes. I was so angry with her. I’m telling her to stay away from my father. But now she’s not moving.

[ Gasps ] Elizabeth, what is it? What do you see? Gregory: I know your thoughts are with elizabeth. She’s in really good hands with kevin. I know. I know. Look, you got your own stuff going on. Really. How is kristina doing? She’s unsettled. But she’s not hurt. And brando seems to be out of danger, so I’m grateful. Ah. But it won’t stop there, will it? Not if the same person who attacked brando was the one who attacked ava. The real question is, does the public have the right to know that there may be a lunatic out there with a hook who could very well strike again? Well, you can finally breathe a little bit. Brando got out of surgery. He’s gonna be okay, right? Yeah, he’s a strong guy. It’s probably in the genes. My dad loved brando. I mean, who wouldn’t love him? He’s just, like… amazing… yeah. …Loyal, generous. Gladys: And alive! My son is alive, and I’ve never been more relieved! I’ll bet. Ohh! I thought I lost him, sonny. I — th– thought lost my boy. You know what? Brando’s with us right now. That’s — this is where he belongs. Okay? You’ll be alright. Come on. Gladys: Ohh.

[ Alarms beeping ] Brando! Brando! Oh, my god! Please! We need help in here! Please, baby! Baby, it’s okay! Oh, my god. -Sasha, sasha, please. -What’s wrong with him?! I thought everything was okay! What’s happening?! Please! Get her out. I want to stay. Get her out of here! Sasha… we need room to work. What is happening?! Please, please! You have to save him! Portia: Let’s get him on his side. Please save him! Lorazepam going in. Easy, easy. Check his stat. Deanna: Pulse is 30 and dropping. Come on, brando.

I couldn’t wait to get away. From you. The condo. All the mistakes I made. And get to port charles and claim the life that I knew was mine. And I had it for a while. I did. I had a husband, a family… money, career. Even that social status that I was so fixated on, you know? I had the right car… I had the right clothes, and I had the right address.

[ Chuckles ] No condo for me, no. I had an estate on the lake. And then it all came crashing down like a house of cards. I mean, I’m fine. I’m not destitute or anything. But I’m here. Back in this place. It’s like a round-trip ticket to where I started. I signed the papers, sealed them in an envelope, and left them on my desk to be delivered to the judge. But they never got there. Stella: You think by now I would have learned my lesson! But there’s no fool like a old fool. What did you do, stella? I meddled in your personal business. How? Happened right here in this office. I took the envelope that contained your signed divorce papers. They were never filed. You are curtis are still married. I never saw those papers again. So let’s just sign the new ones and move forward. Yes. And that’s what I want. Okay. If you say you didn’t hold onto those papers, then, uh, I believe you. Hallelujah. But I do have another question. If there were no papers… if I did not ask for a divorce… would we still be married? So is this your dinner attire or is dinner off? Ohh. I-I meant to text you back, but it’s been crazy around here. Oh. Is everything alright? It is now. I mean, you know my friend brando corbin. Of course. Mike’s cousin. We almost lost him tonight. Ohh… but he pulled through. He pulled through.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, thank goodness! For him and his family, but also for you. Good friends are hard to come by. And so are wonderful aunts. Come here.

[ Chuckles ] On the one hand, there’s the people’s right to know. And on the other, there’s getting involved in a police investigation and everything that comes with that. And here I thought medicine was complicated. Go meet elizabeth. Yeah? Yeah. We’ve got this. Okay, I’ll — I’ll check in later. Who is this “we” you’re speaking of? Is she someone you know? I think so. But you still can’t see your face? No. It’s alright, elizabeth. You’re safe. And you’re doing great. Now look up at the top of the stairs. Is someone there, too? Yes. Yes. Someone’s there. No. “No” what? Elizabeth, who do you see? Hey, carly. Kids are fine. Listen. There’s a lot going down right now. And can you just call me as soon as you can? George: Bad news? No, no, no. Just the opposite. Really good news. Ah. At my age, you have to wonder if there’s a difference.

[ Chuckles ] -He needs another round. -His heart rate’s plummeting. Portia: We need to push atropine 0.5 milligrams. We need to set him up to be paced and prep a dopamine drip. Fight for us, brando. Remember what we mean to each other. Everything we’ve been through. The good and bad. If you’re sonny’s cousin, what are you doing working for the man who tried to kill sonny’s family? Sasha? Her pulse is racing. You gave yourself a heart attack, and you’re spending thanksgiving in the hospital. Look. This is your thanksgiving holiday, too. What are you doing spending it with me, trying to help me? Because! You’re the only one that i can help right now.

[ Sighs ] Mistletoe. Merry christmas. Brando: You know what I appreciate? What? That you just come right out and say you wanted to see me.

So breathe me in just want to say something about last night. I know. No. It shouldn’t have happened. Really? Because I was just about to say I’m glad it did. If you are pregnant with my child, I want you to tell me. Yes. The baby is yours. I feel that I have a chance at something amazing here. I want to be a part of this child’s life. And yours. Meet your son or daughter, brando corbin.

Here we are

holding on

[ Groaning ] Saa! Hey. You okay? Ohh! Brando, we have to hurry. The baby’s coming. Oh, my god! That’s our son! Can I hold him? Where’s our baby? Liam mike corbin. You were here for such a short time. But you made quite the impact. Brando: I love you, sasha gilmore. I love you with everything inside of me. I love you, too, brando.

Stay with me anyone ever tell you what a great guy you are? Let’s get married. Today!

[ Chuckles ] You are my family, brando. You’re all the family I need. With this ring, I thee wed.

[ Chuckles ] You deserve the world. I know that this wasn’t your fantasy elopement. This is my fantasy elopement. Because at the end of the day, you are my husband. And you’re my wife. For the rest of our lives.

Go on and breathe me

breathe me

[ Alarms beeping ] This makes no sense! He was trending up after surgery. It’s like his body’s been hit with something else that’s wrecking his entire system!

[ Flat line ] We’re losing him! The hell we are. Get him over on his back. Start chest compressions right now.

[ Flat line ] Okay. Come on, brando. Come on. Deanna: One, two, three, four… come on. …Six… one, two, three..

Never gonna escape it, am I? I mean, it doesn’t matter that I clawed my way to the top in port charles. In jacksonville, I’m always gonna be caroline benson from the wrong side of town. I mean, the tacky little wannabe who’s trying to pretend she belongs with the kids that go to the country club.

[ Scoffs ] I can hear you now. “Be content with what you have, caroline. It’s more than what you think.” God, as a kid, I used to resent that. I took it as though you wanted to hold me back. That you didn’t think I was good enough to want more or better. But I understand now, mom. What you meant was… “you’re wonderful just the way you are.” I’m sorry I couldn’t hear it. For your sake. And mine. Five, four, three, two, one.

[ Fingers snap ] Ohh. I’m sorry. I can’t do this. It’s alright. Are you sure you don’t want to try again? It seems like we were getting somewhere. I’m positive. Okay. We’ll pick it up again on tuesday. Look, I’m not accusing you of anything. This is legit curiosity. If things had been different… yes. As far as I’m concerned, we’d still be together. But I’m not the one who wanted to end our marriage, curtis. And that’s not an accusation or a condemnation. It’s just a fact. And despite all the things that pulled us apart… I still loved you. I loved you, too. It’s just… there were things that you couldn’t live with. Yeah. The lies. The secrets. I know what goes into being married to a cop, but it was bleeding into our personal life. Look. I guess I just… I never felt like I was on solid ground with you. And is that how you feel with portia? Like you’re on solid ground? Are you saying I’m not? -My treat. -Ooh. Big spender. Oh, yeah, that’s me. I’ll tell you what. You could spend a lot of money on me when we attend the panel at pcu. How’s that? I’m so glad you agreed to attend with me. Actually, I’m speaking on the panel. And just forgot to mention it? I’m mentioning it now. Of course you are. Always in a position of control. Look who’s talking. “Finn, go take care of elizabeth. We got this.” “We”? Who’s we? As in, we work on the paper, my paper together? You don’t value my opinion? When I ask for it. Alright. I’m asking for it. Don’t gloat. Stick to the facts. You don’t want to frighten your readers. Just inform them, appeal to their — to their reason, not their emotions. But that right there is the problem. This is emotional. Your son was this close to the boathouse where ava was attacked, and my daughter was in the alley where brando was hurt. So this is scary and it’s making people angry, so we need to channel those feelings into action. Such as? We write an open letter to whoever’s terrorizing the town. We appeal to that person’s vanity. And then what? We wait for them to write back. Hey. Hey.

[ Sighs ] Ooh. How’d it go? Learn anything new? I did. That I’m an excellent liar. Do I know you? You — you remind me of someone. Yeah. Yeah. I get that a lot. The name’s george. And you are? My friends call me sonny. You may know my old man. He used to bet on horses. Horses? Yeah. Oh, that? No. No. I just found that in the trash. No, I never actually been to a race track. So what was your old man’s name? Mike. Huh. Hey, you know what I said before about good news? Eh. Don’t mind me. I’ve overstayed my welcome. I should have checked out a long time ago. You shouldn’t say that. Life matters. Everybody’s life matters. What are you, a priest? What’s so funny?

[ Chuckles ] I’m not a priest. Oh. Want to go find sasha, join the party?

[ Gasps ] Yeah. Let’s do it. Come on.

[ Sasha exhales sharply ] We’ve wasted so much time together. No, actually

i have wasted it. Please, brando. Give me another chance. Stay with me, and I promise that we’re going to have a beautiful life together, making only happy memories. Please. Brando?

You’re never gonna believewho I ran into. Reese’s mom, mrs. Roberts. Of course, she goes by “mrs. Wade honeycutt” now. I didn’t even recognize her. You know? I mean… I mean, she has a different name and she’s older, but there was something familiar about her. God, I remember how I used to talk about her. Her car. And how great of a tennis player she was and the amazing parties she used to have. I pray that I never said the words “she’s better than you.” But that was the message. And I was so wrong. Oh, god. [ Chuckles ] Oh, my god. I was so wrong about so many things, mom. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that I didn’t see how amazing you were.

[ Click ] Man: You want to tell me what you’re doing here? What the — I’m visiting my mom! Can you get that light out of my face, please? Who are you? What are you doing here? The night watchman hired by the developers. What developers? You’re not from around here, are you? The land has been repurposed. The city declared eminent domain. What are you talking about? You can’t just shut down a cemetery. It’s already happened. The graves in the north section have already been moved. They’ll move this section soon. Why? To put in a parkway for better access to the beach. That’s ridicul– I mean, can’t they just go around the cemetery to get to the beach? I guess not. That’s crazy… okay. Is the jacksonville beautification guild involved in this in any way? They got the ball rolling, yeah. Well, what’s gonna happen to my mom? You’ll need to move her. I’m not trying to cause trouble for you and portia. I’m just saying, can you ever truly know a person? To their absolute core?

[ Sighs ] Maybe not. But you can sure get damn close. Curtis. Believe it or not, I’m rooting for you. I really hope you get everything you want.

[ Scoffs ] And I hope the same for you. You want to elaborate on this lying thing? Kevin helped me reconnect with my memory. Of the staircase. Not only the one when I was a teenager, but a more recent one. Peter. As soon as my mind went there, I just — I shut it down because obviously it’s not like I can tell kevin about that. It’s kind of my fault. What? No. I pushed peter down the stairs, not you. Right? And if that’s preventing you from getting the help you need — no, no, no, no, finn. Y-you’re missing the point. I think the incident with peter triggered my memory from when I was younger. Right, so you think you witnessed this woman being pushed down the stairs, and what happened to peter has brought it all to the surface. Don’t you? My dad and brando understood each other. Despite the age difference. I mean — or because of the age difference. I mean, you know, that’s life. The longer you live, the… the more lives you touch, you know? Welcome back, george. What — what’d you say your cousin’s name was? Brando. Well, don’t ask me how I know, but you’re needed. No. No. I’m so sorry. No. No. They don’t get to take both liam and brando. They just don’t! We did everything that we possibly could. No, no. He was fine. He was fine. He was laughing and talking. Brando wouldn’t leave me. -What? Sasha. -No, he wouldn’T. He didn’T. W-what’s going on? I am — I’m so sorry, mrs. Corbin. But there were complications. -Mnh. -And your son didn’t make it. What?!

[ Sobbing ] I was telling sasha that we did everything that we possibly could. No! No! No!

[ Sobbing ] Gladys: My brando! Sasha…

[ Sobbing ] Oh, brando!

[ Sobbing ] Nina: Sonny. Brando? I’m so sorry.

[ Gladys sobbing ] I don’t understand. His eyes were open. He regained consciousness. How did this happen? There were, um, unforeseen complications. And we might never know what really happened. I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. Oh, me neither. I know how much brando meant to you. And I wish there was something I could say or do… to help you. Give me a second. Portia. I want to see him. You’re actually going to invite a killer to write a letter to the editor? It worked for jack the ripper. Except they never caught jack the ripper. It’s the longest cold case in history. Well, think about it. His ego wouldn’t allow him to remain silent. He was proud of his craft, boasted about the killings. He taunted the police to the point where he practically dared them to catch him. And you think you can succeed where scotland yard couldn’T.

[ Sighs ] It’s different. It’s a different time now. Law enforcement has a lot more tools at their disposal. They’ve got dna. They’ve got digital footprints. That sort of thing. You’ll either win a pulitzer or…get indicted. I honestly don’t know which. But you’re intrigued. I’m intrigued. Tj: Everything okay? Yeah, we were just catching up. Yeah, we were consulting. Uh, which is it? Catching up or consulting? A little bit of both. I was just picking curtis’ brain, drawing up on those rusty pi skills of his. Rusty? Your mom is determined to find who tried to kill brando. And I will. Even the darkest secret can’t stay secret forever. Tj. Tj. I’ve been looking for you. What’s up? There’s something that you need to know. I’m so sorry about your cousin. Thank you. I know it — it’s cold comfort, but it doesn’t make it any less true — brando’s at peace now. I’m just — just worried about the rest of us, you know? We’ll give you some time with him. Thank you. You left us way too son, buddy. You, liam, mike. Y-you take care of each other up there. And I’m gonna take care of sasha and your mother. And everybody else. I promise you that.


I should call molly. I should, um — I should let her know what happened. Do you want me to? Nephew, we can take that right off your plate, man. No. She should — she should hear it from me. It just doesn’t make any sense. What doesn’t? The surgery was successful. The damage to his lung was repaired and all the bone fragments removed. And t-the symptoms that portia described weren’t even consistent with sepsis. What do you think went wrong? I don’t know. I could see the woman at the bottom of the stairs. I just couldn’t see who pushed her. There’s no pressure, okay? It’s — it’s like a hike or climbing a mountain, you know? You don’t race to the top. You take it one step at a time. What did you just say? You know. Mountain climbing. You put one foot in front of the other and all that. That’s how you — that’s how you reach the summit. What just happened up there? Um, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I need a consult, please. Okay. Just wait one minute. I-it’s very important. It’s okay. We can finish this later. There’s something I have to take care of anyway. Yeah? Yeah. Oh. Okay. I’m sorry. This is insane. So my mom gets dug up like she’s some kind of potted plant? Most of the families have already made arrangements. Why wasn’t I notified? Virginia benson. Yes. Hold on. The records on file had the name jason morgan.

[ Groans ] They reached out but never heard back. Well, jason’s no longer with us. But I’m here. And these people aren’t gonna get away with this. I’ll be sure to bring it up at the next guild meeting. What on earth?! If you think for one second my mother is leaving her resting place, you have lost your mind.

[ Knocking ] Elizabeth. I remembered something. -What’s going on? -It’s about brando corbin. Yeah. How’s he doing? We lost him. What? And I’m hoping that you can tell me why. You can go in now. I don’t know if I can. No one’s — no one’s making you. Either — either of you. If you want to take your time before you go in — or if you don’t — if you decide you don’t want to go in, you don’t have to. That’s fine. I’m ready. Okay. Will you — will you come with me?

[ Door opens ]

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Wow. Nice home cooked meal. Starting to feel like myself again. I’m so glad to hear that. Brother, shall I top you off, please? Mm-hmm.

So now that we’re better to than adequately fed, I hope you don’t mind if I circle back to our previous convers. Uh, about the Mayor Enterprises. Mm-hmm. , as you know, Chad and I lost control of the company earlier this year, but I’m hoping that you and I can take it back. So Xander doesn’t think that Leo is capable of murder.

That’s his gut instinct. The guy’s weasel not a killer. What’s Sunny’s take is sunny, you know, felt that, uh, Leo was sincere in his, in his apology, the night that he was attacked and thinks that there, Leo’s had plenty of opportunities to finish him off and hasn’t, He didn’t do it while somebody behind the scenes is certainly making look like he did.

Leo is trying to convince Eddie that he was being set up. Do you buy that? Do you think Leo’s innocent?

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know what to believe anymore. You figured it out. You know who set you up. Yes. It all makes sense. Now, the guy has every reason to hate me after what I did to him. Guy, my ex. You said he couldn’t be Darius? No, no. My other ex, Dr. Craig Wesley Gwe. There is no doubt in my mind.

Spiteful Cico couldn’t wait to commit those horrible crimes and then frame me for them that he is the real killer. Hello, Nancy. I didn’t know you were in town. It was the last minute decision. Oh, well what are you doing here? I came back because of Leo. Oh, I suppose you heard that he attacked son CCUs.

Yeah. Not to mention he has supposedly done to Abigail. It was terrible. I mean, just terrible. Especially

like sand through the hour glass. So are the days of our lives.

You think Craig is the one framing you? He’s a respected doctor. Don’t you get it? When he, he upended his entire life to be with me. He came out of the closet. He left his wife, he ripped apart his family, and then he left you at the altar. Well, because he thought I had deceived him, which you had. He loved you and you just went after his money at first.

But along the way, I fell in love with him. Mm. I did. But the damage had already been done, broke Craig’s heart into a million pieces, and now he’s getting his revenge. The Foot Hill killed Abigail and stabbed Sunny. How is this your fault? Because Leo came here to see me. That’s the only reason. But Craig, you didn’t know he was dangerous.

Chloe did. Uh, Brady did. I just, honey, I wish we would’ve listened to them sooner. Son and Abigail would’ve never gotten involved. But you didn’t know he was a monster. I, she’s right, man. I mean, you just couldn’t have known that dumping him at the altar. Send him off on a murders red page. Could you,

Have we met? Oh, I, I’m so sorry, Craig. This is Clyde Weston. My fiance.

Okay, so let me, lemme just, uh, like, I’m trying to get this straight. So even though Stephan doesn’t have a heart, somehow Dr. Wolf was able to keep him alive all these years and now that he has a transplant, Walking around completely fine. Okay. I don’t even know how to process this. Welcome to my world.

Okay. And he said that he didn’t wanna be with you though? Yeah. Oh, did he say why? Yeah, he said he doesn’t love me, That he can’t stand aside of me. Okay, look, if you gotta think about this, right? I mean, the guy says, I mean, the guys he’s been dead for for years, basically, right? So who knows what’s going on inside his head.

Yeah, I know. That’s why I want to track him down because I have a lot of questions for him. I just don’t know where he is. You know, remember the first time we met? I would hardly call that a meeting. . Sammy had just dragged you outta that fire. You were in the hospital, you looked like a mummy. Mm. All bandaged up.

Nowhere to go. You were barely alive. . When I fully recovered. Samantha said she owed you a large sum of money. She did. She also did her best to get out of it. Hmm? You got off the hook. Why? Well, I could tell that she needed the money to get you the best possible medical care and look at you. Well, obviously it worked.

Yes. Well, yeah. I’ve always wanted to thank you for that. Now we’re family, right? Take care of one another. I couldn’t agree more. You and I may not have grown up together, but it’s clear we’re cut from the same cloth. Mm-hmm. , Ishmm, . Together we can accomplish great things at. First on the agenda, destroying Hernandez.

It’s interesting what is, when I first flow to the idea of us working together against Gabby, You got quiet. And then you started pacing like you are now just thinking,

Wow, it shouldn’t be that hard to gimme an answer. I was under the impression you were no longer in love with your wife. Not quite frankly, it baffles me than I ever was. And why do you seem so hesitant about bringing her down? This is your chance to take back what’s rightfully yours as she is in the way.

Maybe I just want to hear your whole plan first. You know, I’m always hesitant to rush into a decision without all the facts. Well, it’s not that complicated, really. Gabby’s been able to hold onto the position of CEO by the ED margins. She inherited her shares after your death. Now that I’m alive, I should be able to take them back, which could maybe give us love votes to Alster, but you would have to be willing to take her down.

Are you, Apparently Stephan spent last night at Amara Enterprises doing. All I know is that Lee found him in my office, camped out this morning. Oh, so was he looking for you? I don’t know. He took off and he disappeared. Can you please put out an A p B? Well, it doesn’t sound like he’s missing and he hasn’t committed any crimes as far as I can tell.

So I know. I know. It’s worth a try. Yeah. I have to ask, um, how does your boyfriend feel about all this? Well, um, he’s not my boyfriend anymore. Oh, he broke up? No, actually, we, um, we’re engaged. He’s my fiance.

Yeah, you’re engaged. Mm-hmm. Pride. Pop the question just before you walked in. You’re the first to know. Oh, wow. Thank you. Thank you. I mean, Chloe said that you were in follow up with somebody seeing someone I just didn’t know. I was so serious. Oh, what can I say? Swept me off my feet. Yeah, I bet he did. Why don’t we celebrate it with a drink, Huh?

Drinks might have kind you. Hm. Scotching the rocks for me and the, the little lady will have a chardonnay please.

Right. Okay. Look, um, I, I understand that Craig might still be very angry about the way things went down between the two of you, but do you really think that he would murder Abigail just to set you up? That is quite extreme. Hell have no fury like a gay man’s corn. Yeah. Okay. I just don’t think that he’s capable of doing something that cold blooded.

That’s because you and I have only seen the softer side of Craig, but from what I heard, he used to be a petty scheming bitch. That right? Oh yeah. He and his ex caused all sorts of trouble in this town. Oh. Has he ever tried to kill someone before? Not that I’m aware of. But losing someone you love, especially someone as special asoa, can drive you to do crazy things.

Mm, yes. I can certainly relate to that. And unlike Darius, Craig is not squeamish about getting blood on his hands. It’s basically his job. Uh, no, it’s not his job to stab innocent women. Okay. He saves people. Oh, please. Just because you have a medical license doesn’t mean you’re not psycho. Didn’t you tell me there was a doctor who once forced you into being a drug mule?

Good point, huh? I may have accused the wrong Wesley at first, but now I’m positive. I’m right. Craig has gone off the deep end and he’s trying to drag me down with him.

What are you working on? Oh, just um, looking at some recent feature pitches. You were looking at all family photos.

Yeah. Looks like I got here just in time. Oh, what you got there? Ice cream Sunday night. Wait, we already put the kids to bed. Adults only ice cream Sunday night. Oh, well that’s, that’s so thoughtful of you. Um. But I don’t think I’m up for it. Well, Jennifer, you love ice cream. Sunday night’s, one of your favorite family traditions.

It was also avid deals, and I’m not sure that I want to carry on the tradition without her.

Here’s how I. Craig comes back to town. Last student starts watching me. When he sees that I’m camping out in the Demir basement. He realizes that I would be a prime suspect if anything were to happen to Chatter. Abigail, you really think he was planning it that long? Just waiting for the right moment. I guess When he has the chance to take out Abigail, he steps her with the knife that I conveniently left behind.

Ah, So you admit you did have the knife? Of course I have the knife. How else would my fingerprints be on it? Ha Right, carry on. He must have driven Craig mad watching the cops go after every other suspect until they finally landed on little old me and then they let you go. So he had to find a way to implicate me again.

So he comes back to town, stab son and leaves behind not only the original murder weapon with your prints on it, but also my revenge list. How did you get the list? I don’t. He must have stolen it from my bag. Yeah. Okay. I think you’ve got a little tiny hole in your theory there, Perro, and what’s that? How did Craig even know the list existed?

Chloe told me about Leo’s hit list. I know she and Brady had to on it. Well, the police have provided security to her and Brady. I’m very glad about that.

Oddly enough, Leo hasn’t signaled that he’s after them, which is strange because they’re the ones that rallied the troops, uh, against him. Why would he spare them? I think you might have me thank for that.

Maybe you’re. Maybe Craig is the killer. It has to be him. I mean, the setup feels personal, and yes, there are plenty of people who hate me, but I can’t think of anyone who hates me this much in that case. Whoa, whoa. What? What are you doing? What do you think? I’m gonna phone the police.

When did you get engaged? Yesterday? But the news kind of got overshadowed by Stephan’s return. Yeah, well, he always did have a knack for timing. Tell me about it.

I mean, you, you only, you haven’t been dating that long. Doesn’t this seem like it’s moving kind of fast? You one to talk what you dated Nicole a couple months before you proposed if you have a, We’ve been friends for a very long time. I’ve known Lee for years. Okay. It’s a little different Look. Point is.

When it feels right, it feels right. Yes. I guess you’re right. How’s I feel now? Like, you mean now that my husband has returned from the dead? Uh, yeah. I can’t believe that I am hearing this, but yes, I obviously, Stephan being back changes the. Of course. I mean, well for starters, I mean, we’re so married. Okay?

Right, right. So, So the question really is, do you want stay married to Stephan or do you want marry Lee?

You said maybe we’d have enough votes to ask Gabby if I got my shares back, but you’re not. at the moment. The other side potentially has six votes, which would bring you to another tie. Hmm. So we have to either convince someone to change their vote or continue working on having a vitality’s vote disqualified.

Hmm. How’s that going? Not as well as I’d hoped she was deemed unstable because she claimed she was seeing her dead husband who ended up being me, which means she wasn’t hallucinating after all. Right

Chad, So before you start, I’m not gonna stay along. All right. I’m just here to find,

Hey Chad. Good view with Chad. My brother Stephan is alive one time now. She.

To be honest, Ra, I, I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m on, but you said it, you’re right. I, I haven’t known Lee for that long. But you love I do. And he really loves me. You know, if Stephen hadn’t come back, I, I wouldn’t have any doubts about marrying Lee. Surprised you, you say that. Why? Well, because last time we talked you said that you didn’t think you could ever love someone the way he love Ste.

That’s true. I mean, I do think of s Stephan as the love of my life, and maybe that’s because I, I lost him so early on in our marriage. But when Lee proposed I was ready to move on, I was even. Stop wearing our sweating band around my neck. I was really ready to put stuff in behind me. Easier to do when he’s dead.

Exactly. How can I do that when he’s right here? Even if he says he doesn’t love me, but do I just give up? I can’t just give up. Right. It doesn’t sound to me like Stephan’s leaving too much of your choice. Ralph had you on ice. He never said a word. I guess he figured there wasn’t any point. He couldn’t wake me up until he found a heart.

Why? You did just fine without one before. Clever. Look, Chad, I know you and I have had our differences. So differences. Do I have to remind you what you did to my wife? I’m hoping that this could be a new beginning for us. No thank you. All right. Look, I don’t expect you and Abigail to welcome me back with open arms.

She’s dead.

What? It’s true. Abigail’s dead.

What happened? She was murder.

I appreciate you trying to lift my spirits. I do. And I want to enjoy doing things like this with you, but when it’s something that I remember, Doing so well with her, Abigail. I get it. Believe me, I get it. It’s supposed to get easier with time. I know. But for me, every day that goes by, I, I just miss her more, not less.

Me too.

I, I’ll tell you what,

at the next time we have ice cream Sunday night, we recruit Thomas and Charlotte and we share with them all the wonderful fun memories that we have of our mom when she was a little girl. What do you think? Would that make it easier for you? Yeah. Yeah, it would. Yeah. Cause that, that would be good for the kids, you know, for us to share our memories of her, with them and them to share some of their memories with us.

Right? I mean, we should encourage you. We should. We should. That’s what advocate would want, but then that’s what we’ll do. Okay. But in the meantime, since you went to all trouble and. Don’t want that ice cream to melt. We should make those Sundays now. You sure? Yes, I’m sure. Cause I think Abigail would want that.

Yeah. Yeah.

I’m thinking Leo hasn’t gone after Chloe or Brady because he still cares about me. Hate to burst your bowl drag, but that sounds a bit narcissistic to me. I know that Leo is not happy for what happened at the wedding, but if he ever went near my daughter, touched her. Have you seen Chloe since you got back in town?

Mm. I came straight here, I was hungry. I wanna get something need.

Why don’t we all go out and have a bike together? All of us. Um, celebrate your engagement, all of us. Chloe Brady, you, both of you. Uh, my treat. Hmm. So very kind of you. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Craig, you’re a real standup guy.

Are you nuts? You can’t call the police. Why not? We have to investigate Craig so that they can clear your name. Are you gonna tell ’em that I’m here? Are you gonna turn me in? Why would I do that? Uh, because you’re probably still mad as hell that I lied and told everyone you confessed. Yes. Well, I’m obviously still miffed about that,

but Matt, I understand why you did what you did. You explained that you were backed against a wall. Honey, I had to get away. I am so sorry that I threw you under the bus. All right. Yeah, that’s alright. Enough with the apologies now. Now, the important thing is, is that we prove your innocence. Otherwise, you are going to spend the rest of your life on the run.

Okay? Okay. Let’s bring Dr. Death’s pathetic. Life pathetic because I’m no longer in it and he’s never gonna find anyone else as sexy and adorable as I am. Let’s bring that sadistic, twisted, loves sick man’s life to a screeching halt.

Yeah, hang on. Almost matter, um, you know, if, um, you two don’t mind, Ida really like to share the, the good news with, uh, Chloe by myself. Sure. You go ahead and in the meantime, why don’t the two of you get to know each other? I mean, we. We are going to be family.

She’s the best, isn’t she? Yes she is. Which is why I’m real glad she gave us this little moment together. Oh, I didn’t. Wanna say it earlier when she was there, but, um, Chloe has a little trouble with your past quote about, um, something about you having had a few run-ins with the law. Well, as I told your daughter, I don’t pretend to be a saint, but I paid my debt to society and since I’ve been released from prison, I’ve managed to stay out of trouble, Have.

Yeah, got myself a simple but honest job working at the pub. So I guess saw those drug deals and those, uh, kidnappings and Oh yes. Attempted murder. They don’t mean anything. That’s what I told you, Craig. Do you not believe me? Uh, no. No, I didn’t. As a matter. Had to be rude. Uh, I just don’t think that you are good enough for Nancy.

It’s funny cause you are the one who deceived her your entire marriage and nearly destroyed her when you cheated on her. And you tell. that I’m not good enough. I’m sorry I saw bones, but you’re the last person who has any right to be judgemental about me. No offense, I’ll text Rafe directly. This is too important not to go right to the top.

Well, tell me what you’re writing. I will, uh, this is Swe Mische to commissioner. Hernandez, I have reason to believe that my friend, Mattie, AK Leo start is being framed. I strongly suggest that you launch an investigation into Dr. Craig Wesley. I suspect he is the killer. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Send. You think the commissioner will take you seriously. Guess we’ll soon find out.

Sorry. Could be work related. Yeah, no problem. What is it? One wrist check. What, what? Why is that BHA texting you? Uh, it’s about Abigail’s case. What about it? Uh, well I can’t really talk about it, but I do need to look into this. Oh yeah. No, I gotta, I gotta head out to work anyway. Oh, was a little late, isn’t it?

Oh, CEO never sleeps 20 far. Job. Yeah, I hear that. Being commission. Listen, you need anything, no matter what day night, you can just call me. You know that, right? Yeah. Thank you. You too. Come on. I love you. I love you too.

So Abigail was stabbed in this house. Find the killer. Current theory is Leo Stark. Wow. Leo Stark. I remember that guy. Tried to get a job from me. Super shady. Look Chad, I am

so sorry.

This is a terrible tragedy. I was sure it was Leo. I read that son was unable to positively idea him. His attacker never got a good look at him, but he remembers smelling vanilla or whatever that’s worth. Well, I do hope they finally owe or whoever did this and hold them to justice. Yeah, look, I’m, I’m just here to look for Charlotte.

Stuffed animal. You haven’t seen a little elephant around here, have you? I can’t say that I have Chad, so Well. I’m gonna go look up stairs for myself and then have a very large drink. Try to wrap my head around this.

Good to see you, Chad.

So where were we? I believe you were trying to persuade me to get my shares back from Gabby. Hmm. And have I succeeded?

It’s even better than I remembered. Yep. You know, as Abigail used to say, ice cream is the solution to everything.

I’m glad to see that you’re still on the light, on the chocolate sauce. Tons of nuts, Cam. Why I mess with perfection. Oh, well, yes, of course, of course. I, I like to mix it up myself. So, uh, , I don’t mind trying gears for once.

I remember you once told Abigail that a person’s choice in toppings revealed a lot about their character. Well, I still believe that. And for example, your example shows me that, uh, you have a refined personality. Oh, refined but not stuffy. Oh, no, no, no. No one would ever call you stuffy. That would be me, . At least I I was, when you first met me, Except you, my darling girl.

You helped me loosen. And taught me to have fun. Maybe a little too much fun. Well, on occasion, yes. But, but still, still, you saved me. I mean, otherwise, I, I, I thank God every day that you kept me from being an old curmudgeon, yelling at kids to keep off my lawn. I, I would’ve been telling my family to, to adhere this, uh, arbitrary set of rules just to make me happy.

I. I could have been Victor. Oh, . I, I don’t know. I if I can picture that. Well do . I’m serious. You saved me. You really did. You kept me from being continually cranky more that you taught me, that loving someone with all their heart is the best. And most important thing that anyone can do, well, I think you learned that all by yourself.

Mm. I’ll Mur would’ve learned it if not for you the day you came into my life’s the luckiest day of my life.

Mine too.

Stop hogging all the nuts. Oh, thank.

Stephan, for so long I prayed. I wish for you to come back to me. I’m so grateful that you are alive.

But how could you forget the love we shared? How could you forget what we meant to each other?


you have a minute to talk. Of course.

Is that Uh, yeah. Um, I went back to the crib to retrieve it. I noticed you were still wearing.


just I hadn’t even noticed.

I think that, um, maybe on some level that might mean that you still love me.

You know, Clyde, I don’t regret. Embracing my life for my truth, who I am. But I hurt Nancy very deeply and that I am not proud of. She was a wonderful wife to me, beautiful, wonderful mother to her kids, and I don’t wanna see her get hurt again, which is why I’m gonna protect her at every cost. Well, not that it’s your New year business.

Mm-hmm. . But the last thing that I would ever. Has hurt that woman. She is kind, she is sweet. She makes me very happy, and as her husband, I’m gonna treat her with a kind of love and respect that she deserves. Right. Oh, so I know you were in town. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just, um, today, just now. You know Clay? Yeah, we go way back.

Glad we ran into you. Yeah. Why’s that? Still waiting for my apology. Apology? Yeah. Did you or did you not falsely accuse me of murdering your wife? I don’t think this is the time and place. Well actually it is, you see, cuz Craig here needs to understand case. He hears from other people that I was a suspect and since he thinks that I’m not good enough for his ex.

You see, it was all a big misunderstanding. I had an ironclad alibi. Police felt mighty foolish when they realized they had the wrong guy.

So you’re cool with me hiding out here for a while, at least until the cops rest, Craig? Yes, of course. It’ll be fun, right? Mattie Andwe. Just like the old days. Yeah, just like the old days. We can order some junky takeaway and watch some rubbish. Tell together beer. I don’t deserve a friend like you. No. Stop.

Feel sorry to put your hands in the air. What the hell? I said put your hands in the air. Okay. Okay. Taking you back into custody. Wait, wait, wait, wait. How? How did you know I was here? You might want to talk to your little friend here. Quinn. Yeah. Hello. You remember that text I sent earlier? That was actually an SOS informing Ray that a dangerous fugitive.

It turned up on my doorstep. 20. How could you, Sorry. Matt Cake. You know what they say? One good 10 deserves another.

Gabby, I,

I dropped off the paperwork with legal. We’re all set. What paperwork? Oh, didn’t you tell her I was about to Got a little sidetracked. Stephan, tell me what. Well, Gabby, as you know, you inherited my shares of Damara upon my passing, but now that I am very much alive, I’ve officially requested they’ve taken from you and given back to me.

Why don’t you let me do the dishes? No way. Ice cream, Sunday night was my, I’m gonna see it too to the end. Well, you’re really earning your paycheck tonight. That reminds me. Remind me to write a check for Thompson’s school fundraiser. Oh, I’ll do it right now so we don’t forget. Okay. All right.

Ah, this is so wrong. Is it really? Maybe you should think twice next time before stabbing somebody in the back. Both figuratively and literally. I told you I’m innocent. I thought you believed me. Yeah, I sort of do, but I’m not going to get into trouble for harboring and if. Fugitive wise decision Commissioner.

Commissioner, please. You have to listen to me. I figured out who the killer is. So did I. And I am taking him to prison as we speak. No, no, you don’t understand. You’ve got the wrong man. I’m being set up. The real killer is Dr. Craig Wesley. Chad, I, um, I didn’t know Abigail very well. I didn’t know her. I just know that she was an exceptional young woman who was, she was taken away way too sick, and I’m, I’m very sorry I ConDOT this.

Thank you.

What? Nothing. I just felt that I smoked in all.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: It’s right here. It is so clear.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. It’s right in front of you. You have to see it.

Steffy: All you have to say is, “I love you… and I want to be with you.”

Brooke: All right. So andre’s going to have everything in the kitchen and all I have to do is light some candles and get dressed.

Hope: Okay, but you still haven’t even heard back from ridge.

Brooke: Right. No, not yet.

Hope: You texted him a while ago?

Brooke: Well, honey, he said he was in a meeting and he’ll call me when he’s finished. So by then, I’m going to have everything ready for this romantic evening!

Liam: Who’s having a romantic evening? Is it us? Say it’s us. It’s us, right?

Hope: Well, that depends how fast you get beth to sleep tonight.

Liam: Oh.

Hope: No, it’s actually, uh, my mom and ridge have the plans.

Liam: Oh, that’s– that’s good. I was– uh, I was just with my dad. I got a little worried when he said that ridge caught you two together.

Hope: Wait. Bill was over here and ridge caught you?

Sheila: Grandma loves you so much. I hate being kept apart from you. Oh, my precious little grandson, you just– you were so comfortable in my arms. Is it serious?

Deacon: Were you just talking to someone in here?

Sheila: Right. Who would i be talking to by myself in here, deacon?

Deacon: Why so grumpy? Maybe it’s something worse. What’s that look in your face?

Sheila: What look?

Deacon: I don’t know. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

Deacon: All right, sheila. What’s going on? What dark thoughts do you have racing around in that pretty little head of yours?

Sheila: Why do you always assume the worst of me?

Deacon: Have I been wrong? Even once?

Sheila: Yeah, well you are this time. Thinking about my grandson.

Deacon: Well, don’t do that, ’cause that doesn’t lead anywhere good.

Sheila: How can you say that? I adore that little boy and his father. They are the most important people in my life.

Deacon: And you are going to stay away from them. You understand me?

Hope: Bill was here?

Liam: Uh, my bad. My bad. I didn’t realize that you hadn’t heard that.

Brooke: He came by earlier and I wasn’t expecting him. He wanted to talk about katie. And he was about to leave when ridge came home.

Liam: My dad said it wasn’t a big deal, though.

Hope: But was it a big deal to ridge, mom?

Brooke: You know how ridge feels about bill. He wasn’t very happy.

Steffy: You deserve to feel this way all the time. You’ve been apart way too long.

Thomas: All you got to do is remember what you want. Your future could be yours. Today.

Taylor: Does it seem like we’re watching an infomercial?

Ridge: Yeah, it seems that we should be changing the channel.

Steffy: No, this is the best channel. You even said how much you love seeing finn and me together. The joy you see every time we’re with the children.

Thomas: Yeah. And that’s how we feel about you guys.

Steffy: Mom, something happens inside of you every time you look at dad. I mean, it’s the same type of electricity I get when i look at my husband.

Finn: And for what it’s worth, it’s not just your kids who see it, okay? I see it, too.

Ridge: Oh, boy.

Finn: Yeah.

Ridge: I’m out of here.

Finn: We lost them.

Steffy: You can’t ignore it.

Taylor: We’re not ignoring it. We’re not, are we ridge? No. Look, I know that your father loves me. I do. I do. And in some ways, everyone can see it. And in other ways, it’s just us. Like, I know what he needs.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, we have our unspoken language, I think, you know, kind of like right now. And it’s a really beautiful thing to share that with someone. Nobody can ever take that away. Cheers. Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Deacon: Hey. Get the hell away from the window. What is it with you? It’s becoming, like, a full time job keeping you out of trouble.

Sheila: I don’t need a savior, deacon.

Deacon: Well, that’s a good thing, because I can’t even save myself. Take a look at me. Shacked up with a, an escaped convict.

Sheila: They’re not looking for me. Not anymore.

Deacon: Sheila. That would change in a minute if you got picked up for stalking.

Deacon: And god forbid, the forresters figure out you’re still alive, too. Because those people with their resources, they’d never stop chasing you.

Sheila: Oh, my gosh, aren’t you just a little, gray cloud today? Hmm.

Deacon: Hmm.

Sheila: Well, maybe we should just go take a hot shower and wash away some of that doom and gloom.

Deacon: No, no, no, no, no. I see– no, I see what you’re doing. No, no. You’re not going to distract me. What is it? What? What is going on in there? What is it that you don’t want me to know? Oh. [ Laughs ] You just won’t give it up, will ya? You won’t give up this idea that somehow you’re going to be reunited with finn and your grandson.

Brooke: I explained to ridge that I was just talking with bill.

Hope: Oh. You mean in this house where, if i remember correctly, bill isn’t exactly welcome? Wow, this sounds familiar.

Liam: Yeah. The word, “boundaries” isn’t really part of my dad’s vocabulary.

Hope: And we all know how very important they are to ridge.

Liam: Hey! Ridge didn’t freak out, though, according to my dad.

Brooke: No, he didn’T. Why would he? What we were doing was innocent. I mean, bill just came by to talk about katie and he was thanking me for listening. And we said our goodbyes…

Hope: I don’t know. I really think this might be a problem with ridge.

Brooke: No, it won’t be, but…

Hope: What?

Brooke: He– he did make it very clear how he feels about deacon or bill here in the house.

Ridge: Let me show you something.

Taylor: What?

Ridge: Come sit. This right here, this is your family. You created these monsters. Your love–

Taylor: I did–

Ridge: Created these guys.

Taylor: We did.

Ridge: Eh…

Taylor: Yeah. I wish I wasn’t gone for so long.

Ridge: Well, even gone, you kept us together. Kept it going for all of us. See? Distance means nothing to you.

Steffy: Well, now you’re both here getting closer. This makes you happy.

Ridge: What– I would– stop. They don’t stop.

Taylor: No, they don’T.

Ridge: I am happy. Your mom makes me happy. I agree with everything you’re saying. This is complicated. You see that, right?

Steffy: I get– I get it. I get that you… you love mom but you can’t erase your feelings for brooke. Is that what you’re saying?

Thomas: All brooke does is hurt you, dad.

Steffy: All she does is let you down–

Taylor: Okay. Just stop, please. He knows how all of us feel about his wife. And you need to stop. Both of you. Okay? It’s not fair. Just stop wishing for the end of his marriage. Okay? Sweet pillows of softness! nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” ‘S it going to take for you to give this up? Maybe a spanking.

[ Sheila laughs ] Look, I get how much you love finn? I mean, after all, you shot the guy and you took him hostage. Sort of. But that’s just you showing your feelings, right? Come on, come on, loosen up. Tell me what’s going on.

Sheila: According to you, there’s nothing to talk about, right? Just never going to get to be a part of my son’s life.

Deacon: I’m a parent. I get it. It would tear me up not to see hope, to be separated from her. But this is your reality. And it sucks and it hurts. I get it. And if you want someone to vent to, I’ll listen. I’ll give you some advice or, I don’t know, a bus ticket out of town. I’d try and help you out there, I guess. But you need to hear me very clearly. You are not going to have a relationship with finn and your grandson. Not now. Not ever.

Sheila: Never say never to me.

Hope: Here. I was thinking that once you and ridge settled back into your life that, I don’t know, he might relax a little bit.

Liam: Yeah, that’s obviously not happening now.

Brooke: He’s not being unreasonable.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. He hates bill. He hates my dad. He doesn’t want to deal with either of them.

Brooke: He knows that I respect his feelings on that.

Hope: Okay. And yet he walked in on you and bill together, and now all of a sudden, you’re planning this big, impromptu, romantic evening, so…

Brooke: Yes, of course. And why not? Ridge and i need some alone time together.

Hope: Mom. It’s okay. If you think there’s a problem, if you’re worried, you can say it.

Brooke: Oh, honey, no. I don’t think there’s a problem. It’s just tonight is, is about us. We need to reconnect and spend some time together. That’s what tonight’s all about.

Hope: And nothing else.

Liam: You know what? Maybe you guys would be more comfortable talking about this on your own–

Brooke: No, liam, it’s okay. Really. Your father’s right. What happened today was no big deal. Okay. All right. So he has been spending a lot of time lately with his other family because they found out that finn was alive and now he’s back with their daughter and they’re all so excited. They’re having these family get-togethers. And of course, ridge wants to be a part of it. I totally understand that. So. Tonight, is going to be just about ridge and me reconnecting. That is it. I’m going to make damn sure that happens.

Ridge: You are quite the mediator, doc.

Taylor: You got to be with these scavengers.

Ridge: Yeah. Never thought I’d actually miss the day when they were arguing with each other.

Taylor: Yeah. Now they argue at us.

Ridge: Relentless. But thank you for getting them off my back.

Taylor: Yeah, well, I only bought you five minutes because they are very strong-willed.

Ridge: Wonder where they got that.

Steffy: You see this?

Finn: Yeah. And they don’t seem bothered at all.

Steffy: Everything we said was right. They want to be together.

Taylor: Oh, oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah

Finn: If anyone can make them see it, it’s you. I’m gonna go check on the kids.

Steffy: Okay.

Finn: All right.

Thomas: First of all, thanks for the heads up. Secondly, I really thought he was going to come around tonight.

Steffy: I know. I was hoping, the way dad was talking about pulling our family together.

Thomas: It’s just, uh… one little problem: He’s still technically married to brooke. Dad’s honoring a commitment that brooke threw away long ago. Brooke’s stood in our parents way long enough. Hi, I’m nancy.

Deacon: Whether you believe it or not, I am trying to help you, sheila?

Sheila: No, you’re not. You’re not helping. You’re… you’re just telling me what I can’t do.

Deacon: Oh, and you hate that, don’t you? But hanging on to this pipe dream is just a disaster waiting to happen–

Sheila: No, because it’s not a dream. Reunions, they happen. Families do forgive one another.

Deacon: Everyone in your family thinks you’re dead. Everyone in the world thinks you’re dead. For you to stay out of prison, you need to stay dead.

Sheila: No. Not dead. I’m– ju– I’m stuck, I’M… I’m just in limbo here with you.

Deacon: Well, there’s the door, honey.

Sheila: I’m– I’m grateful for my freedom but I– I– I feel like I’m just trapped in this situation where being a part of my son and my grandson’s lives is impossible. Or is it? I don’t know–

Deacon: All right, you need to stop right there because I’m not always going to be around to be the voice of reason. I got to get out of here. I got to go meet somebody.

Sheila: Who?

Deacon: Honestly, I don’t know. What I do know is that you’re going to stay here. And you’re not going to do anything crazy.

Liam: Hey. What was that for?

Hope: Do I need a reason?

Liam: No, touché. Yeah, kiss me anytime you want. No reason required.

Hope: Thank you.

Liam: For what?

Hope: Just you being you.

Liam: Are you just saying that because I’ve been giving you all this grief lately about thomas and douglas?

Hope: No. Although I do know you aren’t exactly thrilled about all the time I’ve been spending with thomas in order to be with douglas. But I was actually talking about my mom, and how concerned you were about her. I still can’t believe ridge walked in on her hugging bill in his house.

Liam: Yeah. I mean, I was concerned too, obviously, just because it’s my dad and my dad has this habit of downplaying all of his mistakes. But, you know, brooke says she’s not too worried. So yours truly is not going to be too worried. There we go.

Hope: Yeah, it’s just that it’s a lot of stress.

Liam: Yeah. Well, then, I mean, maybe there it is. Maybe a romantic evening is exactly what they need.

Hope: Yeah. I don’t know. It’s just seems like everything is trying to pull them apart. And I just, I want this night to be exactly what my mom wants it to be, which is just a night to bring them together.

Steffy: It’s like they refuse to see it.

Thomas: Mom can see it. She knows they should be together. It’s just, she’s not going to undermine his marriage.

Steffy: Maybe we should have tried harder. We could have gotten through to them.

Thomas: Yeah, okay, maybe. But I don’t know–

> Steffy: Oh, my god. Brooke’s calling.

[ Buzzing ]

Thomas: What are you–

Steffy: Hey, brooke.

Brooke: Steffy? Why are you answering ridge’s phone?

Steffy: Oh, he’s, uh– he’s busy right now.

Brooke: So you’re at the office?

Steffy: No, he’s home with me, thomas, my mom…

Brooke: Oh, uh, I– I need to talk to ridge, please.

Steffy: No, I don’t think I’m going to disturb him right now.

Brooke: I’m his wife.

Steffy: Not for long. He’s hanging out with my mom right now and they’re laughing. They’re really enjoying each other’s company. It’s– it’s sweet. You can tell how much he loves her.

Brooke: Okay, you know what? I’m not going to debate this with you. I just need my husband to come home as soon as possible.

Steffy: He is home, brooke. His real home. He belongs here. Okay. You have a good night.

Brooke: Wait, steffy. Put ridge on the phone.

[ Line beeping ]

[ Brooke gasps ]

[ Sighs ]

Thomas: Okay. That was, that was strong. But what do you plan on doing if she comes over here?

Steffy: I don’t care. Not focused on her. He’s wasted way too much time on brooke. He needs to focus his attention on mom.

Thomas: Frankly, I don’t know how we can make that any more clear–

Steffy: Just keep trying, thomas. Mom and dad are so good together. They love each other. We just got to get brooke out of the way. Once and for all.

Taylor: Oh, boy.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, September 19, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sally: I was starting to think you’d forgotten all about me.

Adam: I, um… didn’t mean to interrupt. But now that I have, I can’t help but wonder what I’ve interrupted. Why is my brother in your suite, sally?

Nick: What makes you think that’s any of your business?

Kyle: Hey. Sit. Sit.

Traci: Oh.

Kyle: These are images that come to mind when I think of summer, you know, just different colors and textiles — and these pictures, you know, up to her elbow in flour while making a pizza crust or [Laughs] Chasing harrison through a field of flowers in the italian countryside and just sitting by the fire at night looking gorgeous.

Traci: Now, you say that you have taken these images and you sent them to you the event planner. Is that right?

Kyle: And she sent back images of what the ceremony might look like. But since you’re the reigning queen of romance…

Traci: Oh!

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: I wanted to get your opinion.

Traci: Okay. Um, well, thank you, kyle. Um, I-I think — I think it’s just wonderful that all your friends and family are going to be with you for your special day.

Kyle: But what’s your take on the whole concept?

Traci: May I be completely honest? Um, as much as you love a good surprise, I think keeping summer in the dark about this is a huge mistake.

Kyle: What’s your concern about a surprise wedding? Will summer think it’s cheesy?

Traci: Mnh-mnh. No, no.

Kyle: Should I plan it because it’ll be more personal?

Traci: Honey, it’s nothing like that. It’s — it’s just that this is a celebration that summer is gonna want to plan for, she’s gonna want to anticipate, you know, talk to her friends and her mom. Is she going to have a maid of honor?

Kyle: I hadn’t thought about that.

Traci: Exactly. Now, as beautiful a surprise as this would be — and I have no doubt it would be beautiful — is summer gonna be able to celebrate with her friends the night before?

Kyle: All the stuff she didn’t get to do the first time. Right.

Traci: Yes, all those fun traditions. Now, I know the two of you have walked down the aisle already, but this time —

Kyle: We’re different people. We’ve matured, gotten used to co-parenting a child together, started working together.

Traci: Yes. You’re a team.

Kyle: Yeah. We are.

Traci: You do everything together, and this should be no different. Oh, trust me, kyle. When summer finds out about this, I’m —

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Summer: When summer finds out what?

[ Chuckles ] Because you both do know that summer will find out. It’s just a matter of time. So, who’s gonna spill the beans first?

Traci: [ Sighs ] I love you both, but I really think that I should go.

Kyle: No, aunt traci, you can’t just —

Traci: No, no, kyle. Good luck. Good luck.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Bye, traci.

[ Laughs ]

[ Door closes ]

Summer: Okay. Now it’s just the two of us.

Kyle: Mm. Mm-hmm. Divide and conquer, huh?

Summer: What do you need luck with? You have exactly three seconds to tell me what’s going on.

Phyllis: Do you have a minute, diane?

Diane: What can I help you with, phyllis?

Phyllis: Were your ears burning earlier? I was talking to mariah, and she was saying you were doing a great job…

Diane: Oh, that’s nice to hear.

Phyllis: …Considering your lack of experience.

Diane: Well, you’ll get to see my work soon enough. I have been assigned to write the press release for the launch of marchetti home.

Phyllis: Really? A novice?

Diane: You seem surprised.

Phyllis: No, I’M… well, yeah. I’m surprised that they’re giving it to someone with such a lack of experience.

Diane: Maybe it’s just not that important.

Phyllis: Oh, it’s very important, very important. You know what? It’s fine. It’s fine. It’ll be really good practice for you, yeah, you know, with the amount of revisions and rewrites that I’ll have.

Diane: Oh, I love a good rewrite. Yeah, that’s where the fun comes in, you know, perfecting and streamlining. It’s an important part of my job, especially when the people in charge don’t know what they want.

[ Clicks tongue ] You know, I — I would have thought you had learned by now, but maybe — maybe it’s true what they say about teaching an old dog new tricks.

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Diane: I would have thought your attacks against me would be more clever than, say — I don’t know — excessive rewrites or — oh! — Planting a false document on my computer. You know, maybe I gave you too much credit.

Phyllis: Oh, diane. You haven’t given me enough credit.

[ Clicks tongue ] As someone living with type 2 diabetes,

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Phyllis: Wow, diane. If you really believe that i planted a fake document on your computer, you don’t know what I’m capable of. And by the way, I didn’T. But I’ll give you some advice. If I wanted to take you down, you’d never see it coming.

Diane: Oh, please. No one’s ever accused you of flying under the radar. But you’re lucky because kyle and summer were on your side. They rode to your rescue when i shared my concerns about the planted document. Fortunately, they talked me off the ledge, but not without letting me know that they are hyper-aware of what’s happening.

Phyllis: Have I misunderstood something? I mean, did you really go to our very busy kids and cry about something that I didn’t do?

Kyle: Come here for a second.

Summer: No. You’re being weird. You come over here.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] You know how much I love you. I would follow you anywhere in the world, even right across the room, because you are the center of my universe, you and harrison. How long have I known you?

Summer: Mm, close to forever.

Kyle: And in all that time, you’ve been a million things to me. My rock. My advisor. My best friend. Partner.

Summer: Tormentor.

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: My love. We’ve been through challenges together, and everyone keeps talking about how young we are, but all I can think about is, “summer and I — we have lived a lifetime together.” And you’ve watched me go down paths that have led me away from you, only to find that I’ve always followed the path that brought me right back home.

Summer: It has been the wildest ride of my life, kyle.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] But you didn’t sign up for this, raising a child that you didn’t give birth to.

Summer: Harrison is my son, biological or not.

Kyle: I know. And that’s what I love most about you, the way you open up your heart just to let people in. And I thank whatever higher power put me in your sights. I know we’ve had our obstacles.

Summer: You. It was definitely mostly you.

Kyle: But you never gave up.

Summer: Mnh-mnh.

Kyle: We’re the best part of each other’s stories, and every time I turn the page, you’re doing something else that blows my mind or makes me know we made the right choice when we chose each other. And I would choose you every day.

Summer: Even over ice cream?

Kyle: [ Laughs ] Yes, even over my beloved mocha fudge. Now, just please — just let me finish, okay?

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ] You are what makes me want to find out what comes next. I know it hasn’t been easy and there will be more difficulties. There always will be. But I am so lucky I get to face them with you.

Summer: Well, stick around because this next chapter — it is out of this world.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Good. I like our story. And I love our family.

Summer: We are the best, right?

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: And like I said, i would follow you anywhere in the world. So, will you do the same for me?

Summer: Of course. But where are we going?

Kyle: Back down the aisle. Summer newman abbott, will you make me the happiest man in genoa city? Will you marry me…again?

[ Both laugh ]

Adam: When I’m ready to talk to you, nick, I will tell you.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Sally?

Nick: Doesn’t look like she has anything to say to you.

Adam: Sally doesn’t need you to speak for her, nick.

Nick: We’re simply having a private conversation, adam, in a private place. That is all you need to know.

Sally: I mean, why are you even here, adam? I just got a text message from chloe saying that you have been looking for me. What is it that you need?

Nick: I just got a text from victoria saying the exact same thing.

Sally: Did I not make myself clear last night? I don’t want to see you, adam. And this is how you respond? You’re racing around town, hunting me down like a criminal?

Adam: Is that really how you’re — you’re choosing to see this, sally?

Sally: Well, don’t you find it odd that you show up in my hotel room uninvited yet again?

Adam: Almost as odd as the two of you being here during business hours. The last place I would expect, but yet here you are.

Sally: Okay, what — what is it exactly that you couldn’t say to me over a text or e-mail?

Adam: It can wait… until nick’s gone.


Sally: Nick… I would like to speak to adam. Alone.

Nick: You sure?

Adam: Are you implying that I’m a threat to her? Nice.

Sally: Nick. Thank you, but I’m fine.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Adam: Are you sleeping with my brother?

Summer: Kyle, get up!

Kyle: Not until you answer my question.

Summer: [ Inhales sharply ] Have you lost your mind?

Kyle: I’ve never been more sure about anything. Marry me.

Summer: I’m already married to a very handsome man.

Kyle: We deserve a do-over.

Summer: Kyle, get up before mrs. Martinez walks in and thinks you’ve lost your mind.

Kyle: Good. I want her here. Mrs. Martinez! Look, hear me out. I want everybody’s eyes on us celebrating, and think of all the people who couldn’t be there on the most important day of our lives. Milan was unforgettable. I will always, always cherish the way we said “I do.” And starting our lives in that city…

Summer: It was magical.

Kyle: But it wasn’t home. And being at mariah’s wedding made me realize… I want to go big.

Summer: You love a good wedding.

Kyle: I do. I officiate. I hear I’m one hell of a groom.

Summer: Mm. [ Laughs ]

Kyle: And now that we’re back and we have our family and friends around, I want them to be there for us on our happy day and watch me say my vows to the woman who brings me so much joy. Um…full disclosure, I was totally gonna surprise you.

Summer: What — what kind of surprise?

Kyle: Oh, uh, the whole vow renewal ceremony thing. But then traci had this crazy idea that you might want to be involved with the plans…

Summer: Well, thank goodness for her!

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: Look, I not only want to do this for you. I want to do this with you.

Summer: I wouldn’t want it any other way. Mmm. I’ll need a dress.

Kyle: Oh, uh, nikki is already in L.A. Meeting with the forresters.

Summer: The — the forresters? We’re a marchetti family. Marchetti, jabot, fenmore’s —

Kyle: I couldn’t get you a marchetti dress without you finding out.

Summer: Okay. You’re right. But just this once.

Kyle: Okay, I — it will be our last wedding. I swear. Assuming you want to do this.

Summer: Kyle… I would love to marry you all over again. Mmm. Mm. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Playtime is over. We have got to get back to the office.

Kyle: Oh, we were just getting started.

Summer: I know. But we’ll pick this up later?

Kyle: I’ll hold you to that.

Summer: I’m about to become a bride all over again. My re-proposal glow is not going anywhere.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Diane: I told kyle and summer all about your sabotage attempt, and they promised me they’d look into it. They can make a decision on your culpability.

Phyllis: Well, they’ll realize that I didn’t do anything.

Diane: However, I — I owe you a debt of gratitude, phyllis.

Phyllis: Do you? For what?

Diane: Mm. Because sharing my concerns with kyle allowed me to feel truly heard and supported by my son. I realized that our relationship is becoming what I hoped it would be. So, you should feel good about that. Your inability to defy your own worst instincts ended up becoming a good deed.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Did I just hear you and diane? What was that about?

Phyllis: Nothing. She accused me of trying to set her up.

Jack: Okay, I don’t need any details. All I need to ask is — did you?

Phyllis: That’s insane.

Jack: Not an answer.

Phyllis: No. No. You satisfied?

Jack: I’m relieved because it would be a big mistake both on a familial and a work level for you to cause chaos around here. But I don’t have to tell you that.

Phyllis: No. I get it.

Jack: Glad to hear it. No matter who you are,

[ Elevator doors open ]

Summer: [ Chuckling ]

[ Elevator doors close ] Mom.

Phyllis: Hey, my incredible, brilliant creative director daughter.

Kyle: Is my father here?

Phyllis: Uh, yes. I believe he’s in his office.

Kyle: Thanks.

Phyllis: Is everything okay?

Kyle: I really hope so.

Summer: Mom… I know everything.

[ Door closes ]

Jack: Yeah, I think this new fragrance has the potential to be a bestseller. Okay. I got to run. Give ashley my best, okay? Thanks. Hey.

Kyle: Summer knows about the vow renewal.

Jack: Already? I thought it was supposed to be a secret. Who spilled the beans? Oh, this I got to hear.

Kyle: I was running concepts for the ceremony by traci. Turns out, surprise birthday party, fun times. Surprise wedding, start planning for a divorce.

Jack: Really?

Kyle: Not a thing a woman wants sprung on her apparently.

Jack: Well, I’m glad somebody told you.

Kyle: What, you — you knew this was a bad idea and you didn’t tell me?

Jack: Well, you seemed so excited. I didn’t want to second-guess you.

Kyle: I’m glad traci was brave enough to speak up.

Jack: Okay. Emergency averted. My question is, with all this good news, why do you still look like your world is falling apart?

Phyllis: Okay, so, what do you mean when you say you know everything?

Summer: I’m just going to let my smile do the talking.

[ Giggles ]

Phyllis: Okay. Is it charades? I mean, sounds like? Give me a word.

Summer: Mom, I know all about the vow renewal.

Phyllis: Oh, thank god. Okay. The vow renewal. Of course! The vow renewal. Of course. You know about that?

Summer: Yeah. So many things have had me on edge lately between you and diane, and, no, things are not ideal, but I’m just so glad that you could all come together for this. I mean, this is gonna be even more magical than our wedding in milan.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe this. So, you know about it? I’m so glad you know because keeping it a secret — it was killing me.

Summer: You know, I’m kind of amazed that you were able to keep it quiet.

Phyllis: Ah, well — did kyle tell you?

Summer: He did, after traci convinced him that springing a ceremony on me was the worst idea ever.

Phyllis: Like, the worst idea ever. The worst. Traci’s the voice of reason.

[ Both laugh ]

Summer: Mom, he even got down on one knee and proposed all over again.

Phyllis: That’s very sweet.

Summer: It was so sweet. And he made the most impressive speech.

Phyllis: Mm. That’s lovely. I’m very happy for you. So, now that the cat is out of the bag, we have a lot of planning to do!

Summer: Yes, we do!

[ Both laugh ]

Chloe: Oh. Hey. Um, I’m so glad I bumped into you. Have you seen sally?

Nick: Why are you asking?

Chloe: Oh, just looking out for my ceo.

Nick: Are you worried about something?

Chloe: Adam. He’s been searching for her. And, you know, I think he’s actually having a harder time letting her go. I don’t want him getting into her head anymore because I don’t want her going off her game.

Nick: I think sally’s got this.

Chloe: Yeah? Really? Even after everything yesterday, missing the summit? You’re okay with that?

Nick: I think she learned a valuable lesson. She now knows what she’s in danger of losing. She hit the reset button. I’m very impressed with how she’s handling things.

Chloe: Oh. Um, okay. Great.

Nick: I think she’s stronger and more put together than people give her credit for. Yeah, she’s been through the wringer, but those experiences have given her a work ethic and an overall drive. I think in the long run, sally’s gonna be fine no matter where she ends up.

Chloe: Wow. That’s quite the endorsement. She should hire you as her hype man.

Nick: [ Laughs ] I think she’s gonna be a very valuable part of newman.

Chloe: Yeah, I’ve worked with sally long enough to know what she’s capable of. What I didn’t realize is how well the two of you have gotten to know each other.

Sally: Am I sleeping with your brother? I mean, how can you even get your mouth to formulate those words? How dare you? You have no right.

Adam: Yes, I know! I know. I don’T.

Sally: Is that why you’ve been hunting me down, so that you could hurl these baseless accusations at me?

Adam: Come on, sally. Baseless? Really?

Sally: Okay, now you want to play the jilted lover when you’re the one who dumped me?

Adam: Look… are you having trouble with the truth? Because you are doing an expert job of avoiding the question right now, sally.

Sally: Even if I was sleeping with nick, why would it even matter, okay? Because we’re all adults. I’m free. You’re free. We’re all free to do whatever we choose with whomever pleases us. I mean — I mean, you can — can go back to chelsea.

Adam: Oh, come on.

Sally: Or even sharon, if you’d like.

Adam: Will you stp?

Sally: No, why should I even believe for one second that any of this actually matters?

Adam: Sally… it matters to me. Your brain is an amazing thing.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Kyle: There’s something else I need to talk to you about.

Jack: Why do I think I’m not gonna like this?

Kyle: It’s about my mother. She came to summer and me yesterday because she found an incriminating document on her computer and she thinks phyllis was responsible.

Jack: I see. Well, that explains my conversation with diane yesterday. Something was bothering her. And before you got here, i witnessed an intense conversation between diane and phyllis. Phyllis, by the way, claims she is totally innocent.

Kyle: Of course she did.

Jack: So, how you gonna handle this?

Kyle: I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m frustrated, not because of the possibility of it being true — although if it is, phyllis would have to go.

Jack: That makes sense.

Kyle: But the fact that my mother is even actively looking for evidence proves that they still think the other is out to get them.

Jack: Between making accusations against each other, investigating each other, it’s a wonder any work gets done at all.

Kyle: And rather than focusing on the future and trying to make things better, they’re stuck in this cycle. My mother thinks the worst of phyllis —

Jack: And phyllis thinks she’s at the top of diane’s hit list. Therefore, she has to prove that she’s being wronged.

Kyle: Yes, nothing is improving. If anything, it’s getting worse.

Jack: It’s counterproductive.

Kyle: Was that a mistake, putting the two of them to work together at the same company?

Adam: You know how I feel, sally.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: You know it matters to me.

Sally: With the amount of back-and-forth that you do, i have no idea what is actually important to you. Yes, there was a time when i thought I did, but… but, I mean, everything that you’ve said and done has just seemed to be a part of this bigger plan where the only person that mattered was you.

Adam: And I get why you feel that way.

Sally: Oh, my god, when it comes to you, I don’t even know what is the truth and what is just another step in this scheme to prove to victoria and victor and the rest of the world what you don’t even believe yourself — that you’re worth it. I believed that you were. I laid it all out on the line for you to show you your worth. My career, my friendships, my reputation. They’ve all been jeopardized by my feelings for you.

Adam: I know. And I am sorry.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] And now I’m fighting this uphill battle to prove to everyone that I’m just more than one of your exes. But every second that I spend with you proves to everyone else that they’re right. I can’t keep doing this with you. I have to focus on what’s best for me.

Adam: Which — which is what, sally?

Sally: Your absence. I thought I made it clear to you when you left last night that i needed my space and it was best that we avoided each other. But instead, what do you do? You show back up to my hotel room again, disrespecting my wishes. This is why there is no future for us — because I can’t forgive you for your lack of trust or the ways that you manipulated me and played the game. You used me as a pawn.

Adam: I didn’t —

Sally: You did not treat me like a teammate. I can’t do this to myself anymore.

Adam: Because that is not true, sally.

Sally: No, no! Please stop! I’m done. I am moving on with my life. You should, too.

Nick: Who says I know sally well?

Chloe: Um, you. The way we were just talking about her, it sounds like you guys are besties.

Nick: We spent some time together on a professional level. I’m the coo of newman enterprises, which, of course, is the parent company to newman media. So we work closely together. You’ve been there. You’ve been in on some of the meetings.

Chloe: Yeah. One big happy family.

Nick: Well, that’s what i strive for — ’cause when we’re all supporting each other, that’s how we grow.

Chloe: Okay, well, that’s not your mission statement.

Nick: Don’t you think it should be, though?

Chloe: Yeah, um… yeah. Maybe you’re right. You know, fresh blood, under new management, anything is possible.

Nick: I’ve also convinced victoria to keep sally on as ceo. I would like to see her do well because that will reflect well on me. So we’ve had some discussions about that, too.

Chloe: And about her missing the marketing meeting yesterday?

Nick: Among other things. I know as well as anyone what the power of adam’s mind games can do. But from what little I know, she’s gonna do just fine.

Chloe: Yeah. That’s the plan.

Kyle: I’ve got enough to do in a day without refereeing this feud between my mother and phyllis.

Jack: You and summer shouldn’t be dealing with any of this. If diane and phyllis are creating tension, if they’re a distraction, both of them have to go.

Kyle: Both of them? No matter which one’s hands are dirty?

Jack: Choosing one of them is only going to exacerbate the battle and heighten the tension between you and your mother or summer and hers. It’s not fair to any of you.

Kyle: I don’t want or need any of this. I have far more important things in my life.

Jack: Yes, like my incredible grandson.

Kyle: And marchetti.

Jack: And your marriage, kyle. You are in the honeymoon phase. The two of you should be enjoying all kinds of fun things.

Kyle: Yeah, like planning our ceremony.

Jack: Yeah, like things like that.

Kyle: Maybe seeing us recite our vows will remind our moms of what’s important.

Jack: Well, I guess there’s always hope, yeah.

Kyle: You know the crazy thing about all this? When those two put their hatred and petty differences aside, they’ve actually done a hell of a job at marchetti. I would hate to lose either one of them, let alone both of them. But I fear they can’t help themselves from trying to destroy each other. Their loathing runs too deep.

Jack: Bring them together. Make your concerns clear. Tell them you are drawing a line in the sand.

Kyle: So, treat them like harrison?

Jack: Wait, you don’t treat my innocent little grandson that way, do you?

Kyle: Only when his grandfather’s been spoiling him too much and we need to get him back in line.

Jack: Seriously. Tell them there is a zero-tolerance policy now. No more shenanigans going forward. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Summer those were your father’s words of wisdom?

Kyle: Well, he thought we should lay down the law with our mothers.

Summer: Or else we put them in time-out?

Kyle: Or else they can’t play in our sandbox ever again. Thank you. They cross the line, they get the ax.

Summer: Doesn’t that seem a little extreme? We could lose a pair of valuable team members.

Kyle: I know, but they can’t help trying to undermine each other. They each need a deeper incentive to play nice, even if the other isn’T.

Summer: Yeah, it’s gotten so crazy that even as my mom and i were coming up with ideas for the most amazing ceremony ever, she couldn’t help but harp on the fact that she’s the mother of the bride.

Kyle: Mm, instead of the mother of the boring old groom.

Summer: You could never be boring. But, yeah, basically. She was saying that since she’s my mom, she has more say in the planning.

Kyle: Mm. Downplaying my mother’s right to contribute.

Summer: Without naming names, of course.

Kyle: She’s good.

Summer: The best.

Kyle: They just can’t help themselves. If we don’t do something — and fast — our ceremony is going to turn into a battle royale.

Summer: And I want it to be filled with peace and harmony.

Kyle: Then I say we follow my dad’s advice. If anyone crosses the line, there’s no taking sides or playing favorites. Agreed?

Summer: [ Sighs ] It definitely would alleviate some of our stress. Okay. Yeah. Let’s put our mothers on notice.

Kyle: [ Inhales sharply ]

Phyllis: I-I get it, but, nikki, listen — I don’t do well when I don’t have all the answers. I mean, I’m sure you have everything under control in los angeles, but I just need to know what you’re doing. It’s — it’s going okay here. I mean, I have it handled.

[ Cellphone pings ] Hang on. I’m getting a text. Hang on. Um, alright. Well, I have it under control. So, I guess we’ll chat later, right? Exactly. Talk to you later.

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Sally: W-well, that did not go according to plan.

Nick: No, not at all.

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ] I did not intend for this to happen again, I-I swear. I didn’t even think it was a possibility.

Nick: I mean, this, uh — this attraction, whatever it is we’re calling it… I never thought in a million years.

Sally: A billion years.

Nick: Trillion.

Sally: Quadrillion.

Nick: Well, you must have handled whatever it is you needed to talk to sally about pretty quickly.

Adam: Does that make you happy, nick? That sally’s more free for private meetings so soon? Hmm?

[ Pen clatters ]

Nick: I’m not concerned about her schedule.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Is this your way of getting back at me for leaving newman? Have you told dad?

Nick: Told him what?

Adam: I mean, I’m sure he might applaud you at first. He really does enjoy a good revenge plot. But he didn’t think sally was good enough for me. So, what’s he gonna think now that she’s sleeping with his golden boy? I mean, and then there’s sharon. Hey, she’s not gonna like this one, nick. What about summer, given the things that sally has done to her?

Nick: Alright, that’s enough. Here’s a good halloween trick.

Adam: Oh, I’m so sorry, nick. I mean, I wouldn’t want to get you angry. We both know what could happen, right?

Nick: What is the matter with you? You’re like a wrecking ball to every relationship you have. You destroy everything you touch, from family to friends to women you claim to love. But the women always seem to get the worst of it, don’t they, adam?

Adam: That’s good, nick. This is really good. I usually get my analysis from sharon when I come here. So, why don’t you continue?

Nick: Yeah, you did some damage to sally, but thank god your relationship just wasn’t that long. But let me tell you something. She’s too tough to be ground down the way you did with sharon and chelsea.

Adam: I… I thought that we had come to a deeper understanding after recent events, that we finally had something more connecting us than our father, who uses us as pawns. And now that’s just vanished. Why is that…brother?

Sally: Your fearless leader has returned. What did I miss?

Chloe: Oh, nothing important.

Sally: Oh, well, no news is good news, right?

Chloe: Yeah. You seemed to make a pretty good impression on nick, though.

Sally: What do you mean?

Chloe: Well, I ran into him at the coffee house, and he made it pretty clear that he’s your number-one fan now. Lots of glowing praises.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Seriously? Are you following me? Why do you always have to show up where I am?

Diane: Phyllis —

Phyllis: I mean, I don’t get it.

Diane: Phyllis, just relax. Kyle asked me to meet him here. I have no intention of —

Phyllis: Shh!

Diane: Don’t shush me.

Phyllis: Seriously. Shut up. They’re watching us. They planned this.

Diane: You’re right. Try to behave for once.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m not worried. You should be worried.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Nick: I know nate’s been having a hard time working at chancellor-winters. He’s struggling with the complications of working with his family. I’m sure he and devon have butted heads.

Victoria: The situation has become untenable for him.

Nick: But why make a move like this? It seems so unlike him.

Victoria: I don’t know. I was quite surprised when he came to me with the idea. But he has his reasons.

Nick: But it makes you wonder what happened to make him go so far as to leak insider information about his own company. It seems extremely vindictive.

Victoria: Nate’s an executive now. He’s looking at this as a businessman. He sees that it’s a smart move all around.

Nick: Obviously, he doesn’t think lily and devon would agree or he wouldn’t have gone behind their backs. So, if he’s looking at it as a businessman, my question is why? What’s in it for him?

Nikki: I-I don’t have any specific expectations for what will happen when I talk to deacon. I mean, I have a general sense of caution where he’s concerned. I mean, he has no conscience. He’s manipulative. He’s very self-serving.

Talia: Well, then it’s no wonder you’re on edge about this.

Nikki: Oh, he was perfectly fine with me being accused of a murder that he knew full well had not happened. So, yeah, I have my issues with him. I just know that I have to be focused and not let him distract me from my goal — exposing diane for the fraud that she is.

Talia: Mm. You know, nikki, my job requires me to be adept at reading people, at listening to what they’re saying and what they’re not saying. And what I’m hearing is this deacon guy has the potential to knock you off your game — or at least try.

Nikki: Well, that’s why i have to be on my guard.

Talia: You know, in my research, I learned you were married to him once.

Nikki: I don’t see how that’s relevant.

Talia: We’re talking completely off the record. I promise.

Nikki: Yeah. We better be.

Talia: Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re about to come face-to-face with a man you haven’t seen in years, a man who, in your own words, is manipulative and without a conscience.

Nikki: Believe me, I can handle deacon sharpe.

Talia: Maybe, but it could be a good idea for you to talk this out first. It could help you to go in there feeling more solid and in control.

Nikki: Well, maybe you’re right. I mean, it would be good for me to get some things off my chest and be at the top of my game and stay in control. Off the record.

Kyle: I’m afraid you got it wrong. Summer and I didn’t invite you to join us for fun.

Summer: In fact, it’s the exact opposite. This is serious, and it’s something that we wanted to discuss with both of you.

Diane: Oh. I-I see.

Phyllis: Okay, well, this doesn’t sound good.

Kyle: Summer and I want you to know we have two priorities — peace within the family and productivity within the business.

Phyllis: Uh, okay. Well, we’re on the same page. Those are my priorities, too.

Diane: And mine, as well. No question.

Phyllis: There’s nothing that I want more than to see, you know, marchetti run smoothly.

Diane: And successfully. I hope you know how much i appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me.

Phyllis: Yeah, and it is my mission to make sure that all your dreams are realized with marchetti.

Diane: The most important thing to me right now is family harmony. Being close to you is the only reason I’m here. I can’t tell you how lucky i feel. And it means everything to me to be accepted back into your lives.

Phyllis: Well, we’re on the same page. Look at that. We are. We want to work in harmony, and we want to see marchetti succeed.

Kyle: Okay, we appreciate you are both in agreement. But summer and I will be doing the rest of the talking.

Summer: We’re glad to hear you saying all of the right things, but — I’m sorry — it’s not enough. You need to back up those flowery words with actions.

Kyle: So, here’s the deal. No more threats, no more accusations, no more trying to undermine each other in any way.

Summer: No more coming to us complaining about the other one.

Phyllis: Guys, that’s gonna be easy for me. I mean, honestly, I’ve been all but ignoring diane, I mean, despite her attempts to create conflict.

Diane: I merely let kyle and summer know about the mysterio file on my computer because i thought it could impact the company.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Alright. So, for the good of the company, you decided I was responsible?

Diane: Phyllis, we all know that you’re the expert hacker. I was just trying to be helpful in pinpointing the potential source of the issue.

Phyllis: Okay. Alright. Cool. Well, I, in turn, um — I needed to defend myself, you know? And I — I denied these baseless allegations.

Kyle: Okay, look —

Phyllis: And I just wanted to tell you the truth, that’s all.

Kyle: Look, we don’t want to be put in a position of trying to figure out which one of you was being honest.

Summer: No, we are done refereeing your feud, okay? So, if there’s one more incident, one more confrontation…

Kyle: No matter who provoked it…

Summer: You’re both out.

This is john.

Nate: So, you’ve confirmed that his collapse was due to extreme exhaustion? Are there any other symptoms? How’s his heart rate and blood pressure? Have you run other tests? And your prognosis of his overall health at this time is? I see. Thank you for your time.

Imani: Well, based on what i heard, it isn’t awful.

Nate: Your father’s gonna be just fine. He’s suffering from extreme exhaustion. The doctor recommends he get some rest, which I know is easy to say. He’s gonna prescribe him something and encourage him to take better care of himself.

Imani: Oh. Thank god it’s not life-threatening. I couldn’t handle that right now. Just — nate, thank you again for explaining things.

[ Sighs ] And you always just give me so much peace of mind. Thank you.

Nate: Not a problem. But I think you should go see him.

Imani: Why? I mean, you just said it wasn’t serious. Is there something you’re not telling me?

Nate: Relax. I’m not giving you this advice because I think your father’s symptoms are worse than they appear. I’m just saying this because i know you won’t feel better until you go see him yourself. Okay?

Nate: Thank you.

Diane: Wait. We’re both out, no matter who’s at fault?

Summer: That’s right.

Diane: Well, that’s not fair. I mean, why should I be held accountable for her bad behavior?

Phyllis: Um… okay, just so I get this clear. So, if she does something, I get fired, too? That just doesn’t seem right.

Kyle: It won’t matter who said what or who did what to whom. You will both — both — be immediately removed from the company.

Summer: No questions asked, no excuses tolerated.

Diane: But —

Phyllis: Okay —

Summer: This is non-negotiable, period.

Kyle: We warned you from the beginning to stay out of each other’s way. You were told that any conflict between the two of you would be a deal breaker.

Summer: And now you know that we mean it. Besides, the two of you have limited need to interact at marchetti anyway.

Phyllis: Okay, well, that’s not entirely true. Diane is writing the press release for my division, so I’m going to have to be around her.

Kyle: True. But if you can’t handle the times when you do need to interact, you shouldn’t have the job in the first place. It’s just that simple. Understood?

Phyllis: Summer, are you really…

Diane: Kyle, don’t you think this is a little harsh?

Kyle: Mom, we have a company to run.

Summer: And we’re both committed to its success.

Kyle: Hey, we are in the middle of a huge transition. Moving a company from milan to genoa city is a mammoth of an undertaking, and this is a big step for jabot and my father, so this affects him, as well.

Summer: We just don’t need these kinds of distractions.

Kyle: Like I said, you’re both doing great work in your respective jobs. Neither of us want to lose you. We want to see you succeed and be a part of this adventure. But we are done making allowances.

Summer: We’re done with the attacks and the accusations. This is your last warning. Are we clear?

Phyllis: Yeah. Sure. Fine.

Diane: Yeah, whatever you say. You can count on me.

Phyllis: Is there something you’d like to say?

Diane: Oh, no, phyllis. You — you go ahead.

Phyllis: No, I insist.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I think it has been very difficult for the two of you to be caught in the middle between us. And that’s not fair. So I want you to know that i promise that you won’t have to deal with that anymore.

Phyllis: You know, it really breaks my heart that you’re having this conversation with us. I mean, I don’t want to stress you out. I just want to help you make this company grow into the success that you want it to be. So, don’t worry. I’m not gonna do anything. You don’t have to worry about me.

Diane: See? You don’t have to worry about this ever again.

Phyllis: No. It’s all good. I’m good.

Diane: Yeah.

Nikki: Deacon was around during a very low point in my life. I’m in recovery now, but back then I was drinking excessively. And deacon took advantage of that and worked his way into my life and became my enabler.

Deacon: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were stalking me.

Nikki: Oh, god. If I had known you were working, I wouldn’t have come here.

Deacon: Well, I’d probably be wounded if I didn’t know that was a lie. On the house.

Nikki: I don’t want it.

Deacon: Honey, I’ve earned enough of these and lost ’em…

[ Chip clinks ] …To know that’s exactly what you want.

Nikki: I cannot believe that I am here again. The — the lying and the sneaking around. I swore I would never put myself through this again.

Deacon: Okay. Alright. All right, listen. You know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna make a pact, alright? Tonight, that’s it. We pour the booze out. No more slip-ups. Come on. Come on. Let’s pour it out. Good. Now, we gotta promise that we’ll be there for each other ’cause nobody else understands but us.

Nikki: But finally it was just too much for victor. He had had enough, and he moved on with diane. Then, the day that she supposedly “died,” I confronted her, drunk. Things got out of hand and I picked up a rock and I hit her with it in the head.

Talia: So that’s why authorities thought you were the one who killed her.

Nikki: And I was so drunk, i didn’t know if I had or not. Clearly, deacon took advantage of that situation.

Deacon: You know, I was born and raised in this town. God, I love me some las vegas. Nikki, come on. Please? I mean, you really don’t want to do this.

Nikki: You know, you’re right. If I put all these together, it’s still not enough to get me through a wedding to you.

[ Sighs ] Yes, hello. Could you please send up a bottle of vodka immediately? Thank you.

Nikki: As I said, it was a very dark period of my life. I hardly knew who I was, but i did know that I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. It took me quite some time to climb out of that hole. And once I did, I didn’t want to look back. But today, in order to face deacon, that’s exactly what I’m gonna have to do. Family is just very important.

Kyle: Thanks for understanding our position on this.

Summer: We’re glad that you both see why we had to take this step.

Phyllis: You don’t have to warn us again.

Dian: Oh, no, no. You don’t have to give this another thought.

Kyle: Great. Then we’re good. And now we can all head back to work with our new attitude and perspective.

Phyllis: That’s right! Let’s do it! Let’s do it!

Diane: That’s right. Everything’s going to work out just fine. You’ll see.

Phyllis: Yeah. Um, I have to make a phone call, so I’ll see you at the office.

Diane: Alright. I will see you shortly. Bye.

Kyle: Well, let’s hope that’s the end of it.

Summer: Yeah. Let’s hope.

Imani: You’re right. I’m gonna go to virginia today to see dad, and you don’t have to worry about me because I am not gonna fall apart.

[ Laughs ]

Nate: Okay. I’m sure devon would want you to use his jet. He’s probably gotten the news from amanda by now.

Imani: Yeah. I guess I’ll reach out to him.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what it is about you. You — you’re just so calming and supportive, reassuring. I don’t know how I’d get through any of this without you.

Nate: I’m just glad I can be here to help.

Imani: Yeah, well, you were talking earlier about me being there for you, but you are the one that is always showing up for me. Nate, I think I’m the lucky one.

Nate: I guess that goes both ways…because I cannot begin to explain to you how helpful it’s been to have someone to confide in who really understands what I’ve been going through. Dealing with devon’s constant second-guessing and having all of my ideas shot down — it’s been frustrating, to say the least.

Imani: Well, of course it’s frustrating — because your ideas are amazing.

Nate: And that’s why i appreciate that you really listened to me. I mean really listened.

Imani: Well, about that… I hope that you are willing to listen to what I have to say to you right now.

Nick: Clearly nate brought you this insider information because there is some upside for him, something other than provoking his own family.

Victoria: Well, of course there is. The leadership of chancellor-winters.

Nick: Whoa. Are you saying you would make him ceo, leading the whole thing, above lily and devon?

Victoria: Yes. Why not? It’s what he told me he wanted in return.

Nick: [ Sighs ] It’s just such a mercenary move. I would never expect that of nate.

Victoria: Nate has learned a lot about how the game is played. He sees an opportunity, an opportunity that ultimately will be what’s best for everyone at chancellor-winters.

Nick: Oh, I’m sure that’s the speech he’s composing right now. He’s completely ignoring the fact that everything he is doing is absolutely unethical. And if he benefits from this financially in any way, it’s gonna invite some serious sec scrutiny.

Victoria: Oh, nicholas, would you just let me worry about that? I want to know what you think of the acquisition. Putting aside your feelings about nate’s role in it, don’t you think that it’s a smart move for newman enterprises?

Nick: It is impossible to take that element out of the equation. Nate felt so underappreciated, his response is to do an end run on lily and devon — and everything they did, they worked so hard to build by merging these two companies. Vick, they’re gonna take it personally because it’s personal.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Nate: Okay. I’m listening.

Imani: So, now I am talking to you as your biggest supporter. The reason I am constantly encouraging you to follow your instincts is because you’re really good, even if devon doesn’t give you the recognition you deserve.

Nate: I appreciate you saying that. I would like to believe you’re right.

Imani: No, I am not the only one. Lily and billy see the merit in your ideas, too. Now, maybe she didn’t side with you against devon, but that is definite confirmation you belong in the c-suite, that you were right to think big and bold.

Nate: [ Inhales sharply ] I’m only getting bolder.

Imani: Good, ’cause I don’t want devon undermining your confidence, always going around saying that maybe he gave you too much responsibility too soon, that you were ill-equipped to handle the transition from medicine to business. Because we both know that is not true.

Nate: Trust me on this. Devon has not undermined my confidence.

Imani: I understand why you got frustrated and thought you had to leave chancellor-winters. I get it. But I hope that you will reconsider. And I wish elena had never suggested it because you deserve to reap the benefits of your ideas. Devon has no reason to hold you back, and you need to show him that.

Nate: Once again, you’re tuned into exactly what’s going on with me.

Nick: Just think about it, vick. If you used nate’s insider information to take over chancellor-winters, lily and devon are gonna see it as an act of betrayal. And, frankly, there is no other way to look at it.

Victoria: They’ll be upset, at least initially, but they’re both aware of the risks involved in going public.

Nick: You know, there’s one other member of the chancellor-winters executive team that you haven’t mentioned yet. Does you wanting this company so badly have anything to do with billy?

Victoria: Why would this have anything to do with him?

Nick: Because I know you, and I know you’ve looked at this from every angle and thought about how it shakes out for everyone involved.

Victoria: Yes, I have made a few calculations.

Nick: Okay. Let’s just say we get you everything you want, get you those seats on the board. What does this mean for billy? Does he have to answer to you? Is that what this is about?

Talia: You are quite a remarkable woman. I admire your strength. It’s not easy to pull yourself out of a difficult time and reclaim your life.

Nikki: Well, I can’t take all the credit. I had a tremendous amount of love and support, and I realize a lot of people aren’t that fortunate. So, I had to be strong for myself — and, more importantly, for my family.

Talia: I hope talking about it all before going in to meet with deacon was of some value to you.

Nikki: It was. You know, uh, sometimes when you say things out loud, it lessens the power it has on you. Funny how that works.

Talia: From what I’ve learned about you, though, you are strong enough to deal with anything or anyone.

Nikki: No, you’ve been very good for me. God knows I’ve given you a lot of mixed messages.

Deacon: Listen. I’m just happy to be with you. Any time I get to spend with you is great, and I’ll take it any way I can get it.

Nikki: You are too nice.

Deacon: Oh, that is so funny ’cause it’s — everyone says that in genoa city. They say, “deacon sharpe is such a nice guy.”

Nikki: Will you just take the compliment, please? You’re not the evil bastard you want people to think you are. At least, not right now, not with me. And I’m very grateful for that.

[ Sighs ] And I’ve — I’ve got to stop doing this to both of us. I have to stop it. So, um, I’m gonna be leaving town for a little while, and I’m just gonna go see my sister. It — it couldn’t be a better time, actually. I need to get away, and, um, think and, uh, put some miles between me and… the coffee.

Deacon: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: I just need to figure out what’s going on in my head…and in my heart.

Nikki: When you’re in recovery, especially early on, they warn you to avoid the people, places, and things that are associated with your addiction. That’s another good reason it was good for you and me to talk like this. I needed to remember exactly who and what deacon sharpe is. And I cannot be complacent because that’s when, if you’re not careful, you can really get into trouble. Hi, I’m karen.

Victoria: Billy’s potential role is not a factor.

Nick: So, you’re telling me you haven’t considered what the management structure of chancellor-winters will look like once you’ve installed nate at the top?

Victoria: I’m just saying that there’s nothing personal about this move. It’s — it’s all business, nicholas.

Nick: While I admire you channeling your inner dad, i don’t buy that answer for one minute.

Victoria: As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no downside to bringing chancellor-winters under the newman umbrella. Just think about how powerful and explosive that would be.

Explosive, yes, but not in a good way. Let’s put aside the undercutting of devon and lily, two people i greatly respect and care about. It’s a massive financial outlay, vick. Have you forgotten you recently went on a very impressive spending spree?

Victoria: Financing the stock buy is not an issue. Risk and reward, nicholas.

Nick: Have you run this by dad?

Victoria: No, not yet. But it is too big of a deal not to, so of course I will, and i also intend to get input from my co-ceo — mom. But ultimately, this is my call. And you’re right. You’re absolutely right. This is exactly the kind of move that dad would make.

Nick: And you think that’s a good thing?

Victoria: You know dad. He once had control of chancellor. He inherited it after katherine died. And although selling it made a lot of sense, I know it was hard for him to let go of her legacy. Now here we are. We have the perfect opportunity to get the company back. Can you give me one solid reason why we shouldn’t seize the moment?

Nick: Not one you want to hear, apparently.

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: I hope this isn’t a bad time?

Jack: Uh, no. It’s a perfectly fine time. Come on in.

Diane: I wanted to stop by and apologize.

Jack: Apologize? For what?

Diane: Well, I’m sorry I took my suspicions to kyle and summer about phyllis setting me up. I realized what a huge mistake it was, and, um, I’m also sorry if somehow you got in the middle of it.

Jack: Do you realize you were wrong, that what you accused phyllis of she was not guilty of?

Diane: I’m just saying I know now what a terrible position i put them in.

Jack: How so?

Diane: Well, because I forced them to mediate some issues between phyllis and myself, when really all they want are uncomplicated working relationships with their mothers.

Jack: Seems to me they’ve made that clear for a very long time now. What caused the sudden epiphany?

Diane: Kyle asked me to meet him at society, and summer did the same to phyllis. It was a setup. They wanted to address the situation with both of us together.

Jack: Wow. How did that go? Anyone throw any food?

Diane: [ Laughs ] No, it was actually quite civilized.

Jack: Well, that’s progress, I’d say.

Diane: Phyllis and I were on our best behavior. We had to be. They gave us a pretty harsh ultimatum. They said that if either of us does anything remotely antagonistic, we’d both be fired.

Jack: Tough love mixed with mutually assured destruction. Seems to me that’s plenty of incentive to get along now.

Diane: Well, we were both pretty shocked. I mean, it’s — it’s kind of unfair.

Jack: Then you and phyllis agreed on something.

Diane: That’s hardly a silver lining.

Jack: It could have been a whole lot worse. You and phyllis could have lost your jobs.

Diane: I suppose. It was kind of an odd role reversal, our kids sitting us down and reprimanding us, laying down the law like we were the obstinate children that needed disciplining.

Jack: Well, were they off base? (Rose h) smoking caused my lung cancer.

Nate: You’re right. I do want to show devon he’s wrong about me. Maybe I did act prematurely by walking away. I let my frustration with devon get the better of me. But there is still a lot I want to accomplish in my role at chancellor-winters.

Imani: I’m very happy to hear you say that. But now you have to promise me that you’ll be back at chancellor-winters when i return.

Nate: That is the plan.

Imani: You’re a pretty awesome guy, nate.

[ Both laugh ]

Nate: Good luck in virginia.

Imani: Thank you.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Nate: Victoria. Good to hear from you.

Victoria: Nate, I’ve been thinking about your proposal, and I’d like to meet.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: I am choosing to remain…hopeful about our mothers’ ability to follow through.

Kyle: Mm, I’m with you on that. Now that the situation’s been dealt with, we can put our energy where it belongs.

Summer: Mm. That’s right.

Kyle: Mm. Like focusing on making marchetti a huge success.

Summer: No! You’re kidding me, right? I was talking about our vow renewal. The next time the four of us get together, we’re gonna be talking about music and flowers and our color scheme.

[ Both laugh ]

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Hey, nikki. It’s me. I mean [Sighs] Please tell me you’re getting enough pay dirt in los angeles to drive this bitch out of town.

Diane: I don’t think kyle and summer needed to threaten our jobs to prove their point.

Jack: The way you and phyllis have been behaving, you honestly are surprised that summer and kyle felt they were forced to handle the situation the way they did?

Diane: Well, I wouldn’t say forced. That’s a little strong.

Jack: Come on, diane. You have to admit, even though you and phyllis claim that you have your priorities straight, it appears the two of you are enjoying this war. And I have to wonder if it’s more important to you than your commitment to work and to family.

Diane: That’s ridiculous. Why would you even say —

Jack: Listen to me. I know what I’m talking about. I have been there with victor. Our ongoing battles after a while looked like they were shaping who we were. Don’t let that happen with you and phyllis. Do not get lost in the hatred. Do not feed off the animosity and confrontation. Don’t fall into old habits.

Diane: You say this like you’re concerned for me. I’m — I’m touched.

Jack: I am concerned about kyle and summer.

Diane: Yeah, but I bet you’re not giving this same advice to phyllis.

Jack: Oh, believe me, I have tried repeatedly. And I get the sense that I’m not gonna get through to phyllis on this particular subject. I hope the same can’t be said of you.

Diane: Jack, I can assure you I am taking all of your advice to heart. And I promise that things will be different from now on.

Jack: I’m glad to hear that. For kyle’s sake — and yours.

Diane: [ Raps desk ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone closes ]

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GH Transcript Monday, September 19, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


If Jordan would have told you the truth and been honest with you about everything, would you two still be together right now? But she didn’T. So what does it matter? I think it does. Portia. No, curtis, humor me here, please. Now, I know you might think this is silly, but whatever, I — look, I need to know this. Jordan and I may still be legally married on paper, but we haven’t lived our lives together for over a year now. That’s not what I’m worried about. Then what are you worried about? Trina: It was the best of summers. It was the worst of summers. I can’t believe it’s already over. It’s probably gonna start snowing next week. Joss? Hmm? Thinking about brando? Brando, ava, and whoever attacked them both. Hello, professor. Alexis. Good to see you. By any chance, are we here for the same person? I’m here to see my friend who is an infectious disease specialist. You? Coincidentally, I’m here to grab lunch with the same infectious disease specialist, and I’m early. Care to wait with me? Well, I actually have a — I — sure. I — I saw the news this morning about the attack on brando corbin. I gather he’s a relation. And what made you jump to that conclusion? Like any good journalist, I pay attention to details. Am I correct? No. He’s kristina’s cousin. I was sorry to hear about what happened to him. Um, I know all too well how it feels when tragedy strikes close to home. Well, this was a lot closer than you think. Nervous? I have no idea what to expect when I go in there. You’re gonna do great. Hey, look, I’m meeting my dad for a little bit of lunch, but before I do, I’ll check in, okay? Thanks. Can’t wait.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. You got this.

[ Sighs ] Man: Come in.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Softly ] Brando! Oh, my god! You came back to me.

[ Laughs ] Hi. You and I both know the same person who attacked ava attacked brando. Sonny, you know I can’t discuss the investigation with you. Okay. Yo– you’re the one who told me that most of the victims are connected to me. Can’t you just give me anything? Anything you’ve found out? You have the resources to protect yourself and your family. Use them. You don’t need any help from me. Okay, we worked together in the past, didn’t we? And I made it clear when I came back to port charles that those days were over. Even if sharing information is the only way to stop a madman?

[ Monitor beeping ] How are you feeling? Tired. My throat hurts, but I don’t care.

[ Chuckles ] That’s the morphine. I thought it was from seeing you.

[ Laughs ] That is also the morphine.

[ Chuckles ] At least you’re awake. I love you so much. I love you.

[ Coughing ] I’m gonna go see what’s taking dr. Robertson, okay? Okay. Okay. I’ll be here. Right here. Oh, hey! Brando’s awake. [ Giggles ] Oh, my god!

[ Laughing happily ] Fantastic! Have you seen gladys? Uh, yeah. She was feeling a little lightheaded, so I walked her to the cafeteria. Okay. I’ll text her in a minute. I need to find dr. Robinson. No, no, no, no. You stay with your husband, okay? I will find dr. Robinson. Thank you. I feel like our prayers were actually answered. Yeah. Okay. If I bring you in on this and we catch this person, all a good defense attorney needs is one technicality to get a murderer back on the street. At least we know who they are. My people are working on it. I’m sure you have people on it, too. In the meantime, let’s just hope that brando wakes up soon and can tell us something. Nina: Hey, I have great news. Actually, brando’s awake. Is he talking? Uh, well, sasha didn’t mention that. I was actually looking for dr. Robinson. Okay, keep looking. I’m gonna go talk to brando right now. Hi! [ Chuckles ] I feel kind of silly. I asked for this appointment, and now I don’t know where to start. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Take your time. My problem went deeper than I was admitting. And ever since I checked myself out of shadybrook, it’s only gotten worse. Josslyn: Thanks. Oh! Looks like your dumpster-diving partner is here. Isn’t he the reason you were in that alley where brando got attacked? You followed him out of charlie’s, right? Yeah, except I didn’t see him there. Finn is on his way to examine brando right now. And I suppose you want to go check in on him, as well. I got a few minutes before finn is done — long enough for you to answer my question. Is there any world where you and jordan would have still been together? Honey, you know, like I do, what it’s like being married to a cop. That you’ll have to accept that there are some things that you’ll never know. Right? Which is what I did. But [Sighs] What jordan kept from me, it wasn’t just some casual details about a case. The secrets she kept from me were personal. Right, no, I see that. If she would have just shared them with me, then it could have strengthened our foundation and brought us closer together. So you’re saying that if jordan would have been honest, you two wouldn’t have separated. Dr. Finn, nina went to get dr. Robinson. She found her. Dr. Robinson requested a consult. How you feeling, brando? Peaches, doc. Listen, I want you to take it easy, all right? You’re still at risk for sepsis and other post-op infections.

[ Knock at door ] Dr. Finn, may I have a word with mr. Corbin? As soon as I’m done with my consult. I’m afraid time is of the essence. The sooner we get his statement, the sooner we can get whoever did this off the street.

[ Coughing ] Commissioner, when I’m done here, he’s — he’s all yours. Thank you, doctor. Finn: You, uh, experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath? Nope.

Curtis: Nobody’s perfect. Babe [Sighs] We all have things that we don’t tell each other. If it’s an embarrassing situation from our past or a big mistake that we’re not proud of. True enough. But all of those things have no bearing on who we are now or where our lives are now. We — we — we — maybe we forget them, and we leave them buried. But what about the secrets that do have a bearing on our relationship and influence who we are to each other? Those have to be shared. Because every good relationship, the basis of it is honesty. And without that, we have nothing. You’re right. You have to tell the truth. You have to, no matter how hard it may be. I-it is how I feel, you know? In reality, jordan did lie to me, okay? Her secrets did break us up. All I can tell you is the truth of now. Do I regret the way things went down between jordan of me? Of course I do. But if you’re asking me if I want to be with her, the answer is no. I love you. I love our life together, and I cannot wait to marry you. Oh, honey, it’s the same here. Same here. Good. Now, can we stop with all the “what ifs”? That sounds good. Yes, I, um… now I — I have to go check on brando. Right. Uh… just [Chuckles] To be sure. We’re good, right? We’re good. Because if you need to hear it again, jordan and I are over. Does jordan know that? Alexis: I’m not going to lie. When I found out how close kristina was to that attack, my heart stopped. Mm. There’s nothing more terrifying for a parent than realizing you can’t protect your kids every moment. So, uh, how’s brando doing? Have you heard any word? Uh, kristina texted and said that he’s out of surgery. Well, that’s good news, right? Speaking of news, um, I was impressed with

the invader’s coverage of the attack. Do go on. Well, people have a morbid fascination about these crimes, and I commend you for resisting the urge to sensationalize it to sell more papers. Well, that w-wasn’t a difficult decision to make. I mean, these families of the victims have been through enough. It’s certainly not going to help if I turn their stories into sideshows. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I have a proposition for you. I wanted so badly to believe that my problem was over. I checked myself out. But the behavior didn’t stop. You’ve had more incidents? At the quartermaine picnic, I blacked out. One minute I was alone, and the next… nicholas was asking me if I was all right. I mean, it was only, like 10 or 15 minutes.

[ Scoffs ] Only. But I can’t account for that time in between. I could have been doing anything.

[ Cellphone rings ] I’m sorry. I have to take this. Okay, now that it’s just us… I get why you don’t want the general public to have this information. But I’m not the general public. Now, you certainly are not. I need you to protect my family, just like you need me to figure out who did this. And why is that? Because we’re not just talking about a psycho. This person attacked the mother of my child and my cousin brando.

[ Whispering ] I’m not going to be left in the dark on this. I’m sorry. Because you were at the scene of the crime, you already know too much. And, sonny, I’m asking you not to tell anybody that ava and brando were attacked with a hook. I won’t tell anybody in the general public, but that’s it. Sorry to interrupt. Uh, brando’s all yours. Thank you, doctor. Brando, I’m glad to see you’re doing better. Mm. Are you up for a few questions? Fire away. I forgot to text gladys. She’s going to be so happy. I-I’ll see if I can track her down, okay? Okay, brando, let’s just cut right to the chase. Do you know who did this to you?

Is a big eventwith a lot of people, but right before you blacked out, you were alone. Why? Finn and I had just had an argument. What about? I felt like he wasn’t respecting my boundaries. Were the other blackouts also precipitated by an argument? Yes. Have you blacked out every time you’ve had an argument with finn? No. But a couple of times I’ve had this memory. I’m not entirely sure what it’s about. All I know is… it has something to do with my father. Alexis: What kind of proposition? Pcu is sponsoring a panel about the history of ethics in journalism. How niche. Yes, well, since you’re currently running a newspaper, I thought you might imagine yourself to be a part of that niche and accompany me. Jordan: Just tell me the first thing you remember.

[ Coughs ] Um… I — I walked into the alley. And, uh, s-someone else was there, their back was to me, and the sky opened up. Y-you know, when that happens, it’s a total downpour. I could barely see. And then that person turned around, and I saw the hook. The next thing I knew — I’m sorry. I know this is difficult for you, but I have to ask — did you see their face?

[ Coughing ] No. It was raining and [ Sighs ] They had their hood pulled down on their face. Even so, could you tell if it was a man or a woman? No. What color was the hoodie? Black. Could you tell how tall they were? It’s hard to say. I saw them turn, saw the hook — it was in my chest before I could react. Commissioner, if you’re done, I would like to examine my patient, please. Of course. Brando. Hmm? If there’s anything else you can think of, let me know. There was a noise. A noise? Like a jingling sound. Can you be a little more specific? Sounded like a — sasha wears these — these bracelets that clink against each other. Sounded like that. So you think this person may have been wearing jewelry? Yeah, sounded like that, anyway. You think this will help you find whoever did this?

[ Dog tags jingling ] Forget something? Probably. Could you be more specific? You left these at charlie’S. I was wondering what happened to them. Thanks for getting them back to me. Well, I — I actually tried to get them back to you yesterday. I followed you out the back exit into the alley. But, you know, I didn’t see you anywhere. And it’s a good thing that I didn’t double back, you know? I barely missed watching, uh, brando get stabbed, so… I heard about that. I’m sorry. Well, I wanted to let you know that the police are looking for you, you know, to find out if you saw anything. Uh, thanks for the heads up. Dante already questioned me. It’s kind of scary, a near miss like that. Yeah, it is. So, did you? Did I what? Did you see anything? Uh, no. No, unfortunately not. But if I had, I would have intervened. It’s just so weird, isn’t it? I mean, we were both right there in the alley, and neither one of us saw anything. You know what they say, timing is everything. Yeah. I just — I feel so helpless and so surrounded. Surrounded? Two stabbings, both people I know. Both times I was so close to the scene, yet I couldn’t do anything to stop it. You saved ava’s life.

You saved ava’s life. Only because you were there. I couldn’t have done it without you. Yeah. Yeah. You couldn’t have done it without me.

[ Chuckles ] What is it? Um… nothing. Nothing. I thought — you know, I — I should go. I have to talk to trina. Okay. Thanks again. Yeah. Hey. You okay? I feel really paranoid. Like there’s someone watching me. I mean, you’ve had a couple of totally traumatizing very near misses. No wonder you’re freaked out. Right. Um… don’t look now. Don’t look at what? The man behind me — is he staring at us? You can look now. The good news — you’re not being paranoid, the bad news — that guy is definitely staring at us.

Any news? Dr. Robinson just went in.

[ Sighs ] That’s good.

[ Exhales deeply ] How you doing? I’m fine. Updating gladys has given me something to focus on. Great. So how you doing, honestly? I’m better than I was last night. You know, I’ve been so upset about the guardianship. First, at brando for wanting to do it at all and then accepting that it was necessary to get me the help that I needed. But then this happened, and… all I could think about was… what would I do without him? I am barely surviving losing our baby. How would I survive losing my husband too? Hey, hey. Do you know what I see right now? A train wreck? No, no. I see someone who’s shaken but deep inside of you, you’re solid. Last night, I was falling apart. But now, now brando is awake and all that matters is him getting better. I’m not going to give him any more reasons to worry about me. I know you’re going to do whatever your husband needs, right? But no one expects you to carry all of this on your own. So if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here. Thank you. Kevin: Tell me about the memory. It comes in fragments. I’m young, maybe a teenager. Like you were when you were estranged from your family? Yes. What happens in the memory? There’s this woman. I reach out and — woman: Elizabeth, what are you doing? Young elizabeth: Stay away from my father. Stay out of it. Your father wouldn’t want you involved. Don’t talk about my father. See what happens if you do. Do you know who this woman is? No. I don’t remember her face or anything about her, really. All I know is that I’m confronting her over my father.

[ Sighs ] Kevin, I don’t know where this memory came from or what it’s all about, but obviously it’s something that I buried for a really long time. And if grabbing and threatening this woman are the parts my mind is ready to show me, then how bad is the stuff I can’t remember? And why is this memory coming back to me now? You. Hey. Why are you staring at us? I’m not. Uh, yes. Yes you were. And you have 30 seconds to explain yourself before things escalate. What’s your problem? You! Was I not clear? Dex: Hey, I got this. No, no, no. I got this. If I wanted your help, I’d ask for it. You heard it, pal. This is none of your business. You just made this my business, pal. Trina: Okay. Speaking of businesses… your mother doesn’t own this one, okay? And you’re making a major scene. You really want to give nina a reason to throw you out? Fine. But I still want you gone. I’ll take it from here.

[ Scoffs ] What happened? You were supposed to be guarding her discreetly. I was. I don’t know how she caught me. She’s got good instincts. Well, you should head out, okay? I’ll keep watch. But you were up all night keeping an eye on her. It’s fine, okay? You’ve been made, and I’m already here. I’ll call sonny. Just go.

[ Scoffs ] He won’t be bothering you anymore. Great. What did you say to him? Curtis, wait. I’m glad I ran into you. There’s something I need to tell you.

Well, I concur with dr. Finn. You’re still at risk for infection, and we’re keeping an eye out for sepsis. But the fact that you pulled through surgery and regained consciousness so quickly, it’s a good sign. You see that? I’ll be home in no time.

[ Chuckles ] Just when I thought I was going to have some peace and quiet. With my mother around? Ah, I’d tune her out.

[ Chuckles ] Not possible.

[ Laughs ] I know. But wouldn’t it be great if it were? And you’re in good spirits, too. That’s even better. Now, I happened to notice that your blood pressure is a little bit elevated, so I’ve ordered something to bring that back down. And a nurse will be in shortly to give it to you. Goodie.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, dr. Robinson, can they have another visitor? You up for another guest? The more the merrier. Well, let’s not get carried away.

[ Chuckles ] Take it easy on him, okay? Yeah, you got it, doc. I was worried about you. Don’t do that again. If you’re willing, we could use hypnosis to try to retrieve the memory in its entirety. If we are able to unlock this memory, will I be able to remember what I was doing when I blacked out at the quartermaines’? It’s possible. But frankly, I’m more interested in the original memory because that seems to be the cause. Of your unexplained behavior. And the sooner we can uncover that, then the sooner you can begin to process it and heal. Right. Well… that is why I’m here, so… we don’t have to do this today. Yes. Yes, we do. I need to know. It’s the only way I’m going to get my life back. Busy or you’re just not interested? I’m fine. Happy to go with you. Excellent. I look forward to the debates we’ll have about it. Hey. Hi. Oh, how’s kristina? Hanging in there. Thank you. Good. Hey, look, I’m sorry I’m late. I got called into a consult for brando. How is he? He’s awake. Alert. He’s in stable condition. Kristina will be happy to hear that. Yeah, uh, commissioner ashford stopped by to ask him some questions. It’s a good sign if he’s able to answer some questions. If brando’s doing so well, what’s wrong? What? Oh, no, it just — it seems that both ava and brando were attacked with a hook. I’m sorry. What did you say? I just reminded him that sexual harassment is a crime, one that he didn’t want to find out the penalty. Well, thanks for having our backs. Joss had it handled. You know me, can’t help but get involved. Yeah, well… it ‘s nice to know thatthere’s still decent people in the world. You’re welcome. Did you see who did this? Like I told commissioner ashford, it happened so fast I could barely register. Wrong place, wrong time. What were you doing out there? I went looking for dex. I know you trust him. I respect your judgment. Yeah, well, I trust you and respect your judgment. Why were you following him? Eh, we were all at charlie’s and I saw dex talking with josslyn. He left out the back, and then not two minutes later, josslyn went after. I don’t know. Something was nagging at me to make sure she was okay. I appreciate you looking after joss. You accepted me into your family as soon as I came to port charles. You definitely are family. You didn’t have to bring me in the way that you did. It meant the world to me. I’ll always be there for our family and for you. I hope you know that’s — that’s a two way street. I do. Besides, I still owe you for bringing gladys back into your life.

[ Laughs ] It’s a lifetime debt. I hope you’re good for it.

[ Laughter ] I’m sure I am.

[ Coughing ] I’m listening. I don’t like the way we left things before. And I wanted to say I’m sorry. I accept. I already said that. Right. Look, I know you’re upset with me for misplacing the divorce papers, but [Scoffs] I don’t know what else I can say. What is there to say? We should just move on. What, the three of us? Portia’s mad at me, too. Portia has been busy all night. And between trina’s party and learning that you and i are still legally married, it’s been a crazy few days. There’s no hard feelings. I hope not. Because it means a lot that you and I can still be friendly, even though we broke up. And I really hope that we can remain in each other’s lives. If that’s the case, then, uh, can we clear the air? About? Just tell me the truth. Was it really an accident or did you hang on to those papers on purpose?

You’re standing in front of a door. I see it. When you step through that door, you’ll be in the stairwell. And you’ll remember what happened there. Now, that may come back a little bit at first, and then more, and then a little more. Or it may all come back at once. Are you ready? I’m ready. Okay. I want you to reach out. Open the door. Now step through. What do you see? It’s just like before. I’m on the stairs with the woman. I’ve grabbed her. We’re arguing. Young elizabeth: Don’t talk about my father. All right. What then? I don’t know. That’s okay. Just relax. We were talking about the stairwell. Feel yourself there. Feel the floor beneath your feet. I can feel it. Now, how do you feel emotionally? I f-feel… wait. The woman is at the bottom of the stairs now. Her arms and legs are sprawled out around her. She still unconscious. I think she’s hurt. Where are you? I’m standing right over her. Finn: Kristina didn’t tell you? Not that part, no. Police did tell her to keep some details to herself. So I guess that hook thing was one of those details. How’d you find out, son? I think I heard the commissioner talking about it, but I just — I figured kristina would have told you. Well, that’s a reasonable assumption to make. So what the police are keeping from the public is that the same weapon was used to attack both ava jerome and brando corbin? The same type of weapon doesn’t prove that it was the same assailant. Well, that’s a good argument to establish reasonable doubt. But what’s the most logical conclusion based strictly on what you now know? The most logical conclusion is that the same person was behind the attacks. And until they’re caught — it could very well escalate. This person will most likely do it again. Boss. We got a problem. What happened? Joss spotted norman. Oh, damn it. That’s because, uh, she, you know, josslyn’s just like a mother, suspicious. D-does she know that norm was working for me? No, I made sure.

Good. You got eyes on her now? I do. I’ll keep watch till she and trina leave. And you can have someone else pick up surveillance. Good job, dex. Thanks, boss. Any update on brando? Yeah, yeah. He — he woke up. Can you believe that? That’s great, sir.

All right, listen. I’m gonna — I’m going to get back to you when I — when I, uh, get out of the hospital. Keep an eye on things. You can count on me. Jordan: I’m sorry. Are you asking if I lost the divorce papers on purpose? I know you, jordan. You’re not a careless person. In fact, you’re very much the opposite. So even if you were going to a clinic out of town, you would have made sure every I was dotted and every t was crossed. Even if the carbon monoxide in that basement hadn’t scrambled my brain a little, why would I avoid filing the papers? Did you think I would change my mind about the divorce and try to hang on to our marriage? Hey, what was that call all about? I’m just trying to keep my family safe. And I’m, you know, I’m grateful that brando’s okay. But there’s somebody —

[Whispering] Somebody is out there trying to go after everybody that’s close to me. So I’m — listen, I’m going to have to beef up security. Yeah, of course you would. That includes you. I don’t want to scare you. Oh, you’re not. I don’t want, you know, I don’t want you to have second thoughts about my business and things like that. Sonny. I know what I am getting myself into. Brando, I know that you’re supposed to be taking care of me now. But I can handle my treatment while you’re recovering. You shouldn’t have to do this alone. Got it all figured out.

[ Laughs ] I’m not going to let you down, I promise. You never could. It’s me and you versus the world, babe. We’re a team. And I want to be the one looking out for you… …helping you get better, getting you back on your feet, standing with you. I promise you, I’m going to heal as fast as humanly possible and get back to giving you the amazing life that you deserve. I’m so lucky to have you. We’re lucky to have each other. So I’ve been thinking. Uh-oh.

[ Chuckles ] For our first wedding anniversary, and I know that we’re only halfway there, but I want us to take a long vacation somewhere beautiful. Anywhere with you is beautiful. Isolated. Mm. This — that would be a nice change.

[ Laughs ] Where we could just celebrate each other all day and all night. I like where your head’s at. March 10th can’t get here fast enough.

[ Coughing ]

[ Groans ] I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin the nice moment.

[ Coughing continues ] Brando, what’s wrong?

[ Alarm blaring ] Brando!

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Days Transcript Monday, September 19, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Well, good talking with you. Yeah. And hey, keep this under your hat, will you? The last thing I’d want is for Nancy to find out, right. Okay.

What a pleasant surprise.

This is a bad time. Oh, no, no, not at all. But how’s everything going with the new bride? It’s a disaster.

Sarah. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be on your honeymoon? The honeymoon is over. So is my marriage.

They’re married. It’s over.

Who’s, there’s

like sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Hey, Na. What you doing? You hid for me. Um, no, I um, I just saw that you were on the phone and I, uh, didn’t wanna interrupt. Yeah, I was just catching up with Ben. Uh, Roman doesn’t like me to make calls on the clock, you know. Oh, you were speaking to Ben? Yep. How are he and Sierra doing? Oh, man. Just living the dream.

They’ve already sailed up the Nova Scotia. They’re just on the beach digging clams. Sounds lovely. Yeah. Now, I don’t think I could make you fresh clams, but I could probably whip up something to tickle your fancy. Why don’t you come on in. I got another 20 minutes before my break is open. So Leo was actually in your room?

Yeah. Trust like a nurse. And he took off before the cops showed up. I don’t, I don’t get it. The, the, the killer who stabbed you is, is out there, and why, why, why isn’t there police stationed at the door? Because I don’t need. At least not from Lay. Why? Why would you say that? Because,

okay, look,

this is just a gut feeling. Okay. And yes, he did sneak in here and it disguise, but it wasn’t to kill me.

I know this. I know this might sound crazy, but. I’m starting to think that Leo really is innocent.

Please, please, please. You have to help me. The cups are after me. They think I killed Abigail and stab son. I know Matt’s all over the, But I’m innocent. I’m being framed. Oh God. What am I gonna do? Here’s a thing. I can handle this. You can this. I’m going to find the police and tell them that you’ve just confessed after all.

That’s what you did to me, isn’t it?

Disaster. Sandra, what happened? Sarah packed a bag and went home to Maggie. It’s, it’s been 24 hours. And your wedding was yesterday. I know that Jack, Sandra, what on earth did you do Sleigh with Nicole. You slept with Nicole again? Oh, Jack, just the one time last year, but I made the stupid mistake telling Sarah about it.

Now she wants nothing to do with me. Can you believe that Sandra would do this? I mean, first he sleeps with Nicole, but then he uses their little fling to publicly break up her marriage. Yeah, I remember. It was awful. You knew about it and you didn’t tell me. I Honey I didn’t tell you because I thought you already knew.

I thought you had heard about it or the Xander had told you when you first got back together. And even if I didn’t think you knew, it wasn’t my place to tell you. I know I am. You’re right. But

mom, I didn’t hear about it and Zer Sure has held, didn’t tell me. Too late until I made this stupid mistake of marrying him. No, honey, it wasn’t a mistake. Well, how can you say that? Why would I wanna be married to a man who could be so reckless and then so cruel? Who would break up someone’s marriage for profit?

Why aren’t you saying anything?

Do not tell me that you’re gonna take his side on this. I’m not taking sides. I’m, I’m really not. But I don’t see why it’s a deal maker. Suzanne was going through a terrible time. He, he was feeling rejected and lonely and missing you and wondering why you had left him, what was supposed to be your wedding day.

Mm-hmm. Don’t, do not make excuses for. I’m just telling you how I feel about it. It’s obviously up to you how you’re gonna react or what you’re gonna decide to do. Yes, yes, yes it is. It’s up to me and I have decided that I wanna be the hell away from him. Okay? I won’t stand in your way. Not that I could stand in your way, but Sarah,

what? You know, I just say it. I don’t know if this is gonna affect your decision, but if you leave Xander and your marriage, I can think of someone who’s gonna be very happy about it. I cannot believe that you’re going there. I’m just saying No. What you’re just doing is bringing up one of the most horrible and evil women on the planet, insinuating that if I leave Xander, then win is just gonna swoop right?

Well, Sarah, don’t you think that’s true?

Hmm? Now should I call the station directly? Maybe RA 20. I’m sorry. I never should have told the police you confessed. I didn’t want to. It was my lawyer’s idea. Oh my God. Are you seriously blaming your lawyer? Oh, Sloane is a shark. She convinced me I had to give the police something, something that something was me.

You threw me under the bus just like you did. Stupid mask. And you know what? Moving right along to current events really bad for Mattie, hanging around in the office right after the stabbing of, So Carus leaving your list out there and playing daylight so Chad can come after you. It’s like you always wanted to be cool or something.

No, I didn’t wanna be caught. And the only thing I was caught doing was being in the wrong place at the wrong. Did you miss the part where I said I was being framed? Gwen, somebody is trying to set me up and you are the only person who can help me figure out who it is. Just hear me out, okay? If at the end of this conversation you don’t believe me, call the cops, Gwen, please.

You are the only friend I have in the world. I have nowhere else to go. Nobody else I can turn. You have no idea what it’s like to feel so completely alone.

Actually, I do.

Right. Go on then. You’ve got 10 minutes talk.

You actually think Leo is innocent? Well, if he was guilty, why wouldn’t he have just killed me as soon as he came in? So what did he do? Nothing he, he just asked me a bunch of questions about when I was stabbed. He wanted to know every detail. Oh, that was an act to get you to let your guard down. I was laying here completely helpless, and yet he didn’t even try to hurt.

And he said the only reason he came to the office was to get Alex to back off. That actually makes sense. Well, that was probably another lie. God, okay, look, I know that you think I’m just being gullible or whatever, but I’m not. If he wanted to kill me, he would’ve just done it. Then in there he wouldn’t have left and then come back.

It doesn’t. It doesn’t make any sense. And guess what? He finally actually apologized for Leaking those photos to the intruder. He, Leo admitted that he did that. Well, we, he didn’t exactly. Drugging me or taking the pictures. You know what? Whatever. In spite of all that, whatever he did or didn’t do when I showed up to your office, he was standing over your bloody body.

How do you explain that?

That is your favorite, Isn’t it? Club sandwich on a ride? You, you just, you’re just not hungry. Um, I guess I’m just worried about Chloe. I mean that horrible deal Stark is still on the loose. Oh, well both she and Brady are on that hipness of his, Yeah, appreciate your concern. But the police have a assigned security to both of them.

Yes, and And I have warn Chloe that she needs to be on her guard. I don’t think you got anything to worry about really. I mean that Brady’s a pretty tough guy. He is very protective of the people he loves. You don’t think he’d let that little twerp touch a single hair in her head? Dude, you’re probably right.

Brady. Never let anything happen to Chloe. Of course, I’m right. You should know it better than to doubt me by now.

I can’t do this. I, I, I can’t pretend anymore when nothing’s going right. I mean, I have done that for most of my life and it has not surfed me well, sweetheart, what is it that’s troubling you so bad? Clyde, I know you’re lying to me.

And even if Leo could have stabbed you when he came to your office the first time and didn’t, why did he come back? And why did I find him standing over you with a knife in your back?

Because he said he needed his parking malade Sunny. I know. Come on. I know it’s a little, a little weird and far fact, I know

that huge heart of yours and that desire to see the best in people. It’s one of the, the many, many reasons that I love you so much, but we both know. That Leo is incapable of being honest. We know that. So what makes you think that this is the one time he’s telling the truth that he didn’t stab you or Abigail?

I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s just like, Gut feeling okay, but it’s a strong one.

It’s a really strong one.

Sarah can’t really be that upset about your one. Nice. Stand with Nicole, can’t she? I mean, after, Oh, she got over the fact that you were engaged to Gwen and married to Chanel Dupree. Right. Yeah, she did. But the one night stand with Nicole isn’t the reason she’s so upset. I mean, she’s not thrilled with it, obviously, but it’s not why she left.

Then what was just that? I used my, having slept with Nicole to bust stuff, Eric and Nicole’s marriage. Oh, I see. And I did it because Sammy paid me a million bucks, all of which. Just admitted to Sarah. Well, in that case, I, I understand Sarah’s reaction. Hey, that’s the last thing I need to hear, right? My, sorry.

What do I need to hear? How can I help? Well, you can tell me what I can do to fix this. What can I do to make Sarah forget that she married an idiot? I, I really don’t have the answer. Of course you do, Jack. I mean, you’re able to help me before and brilliantly so come on. What your magic again, tell me what I can do to get Sarah back, please.

Why would I even wanna think about that horrible woman right now? Like, God, Mom, my marriage just ended. I know, honey, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gone there. What? You’re right. Since you did for the record, even if when Riz check did try to get Xander back, there is no way he would go back to her. Not now.

After he knows all of the awful things that she did.

What? What are you thinking now?

It’s just that Gwen is a very manipulative person. Look how hard she tried to keep you and Xandra apart when you first came back. And if she thinks you’ve left Xander willingly, don’t you think that she’s gonna try every trick in the book to take advantage of that situation? Hell, she’s probably over there in this hotel room, right?

Pouring him a few drinks and offering him a shoulder to cry on. Perhaps more than a shoulder to cry on. Now that I think, Whoa, that I’m stop.

Well, I’ll say that we need to figure it out. Surely you must have some idea of who it is. I do, I’m thinking it over and it has to be somebody who hates me. Wow. Brilliant. Share luck. Okay, give me a break. Day mag, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m slightly round. Okay. Right. Okay. Alright. I say that it’s somebody who hates you, as obvious as that is.

I believe that that’s true. Doesn’t really narrow it down then does it? Sorry. From one town pariah to another. There’s no shortage of people in this town who would like to see us both disappear for a very long time. True, but whoever’s trying to frame me isn’t someone who just hates me. It’s someone who really has an ax to grind against me.

Oh my God. I know who it is. It’s Nancy. Me lying to you. But what are you talking about? How Clyde, you can just. Cut the act. I know that wasn’t been, you were speaking with on the phone before. Of course it was. Really? Then why did you say, uh, you didn’t want me to find out what you were talking about? Oh, oh, Nancy, that.

Is not what you think, just save it. I, I know that whatever you’re up to is illegal or immoral and I don’t want any part of it. We’re through Clyde. We are through.

How can you tell me that Gwen is gonna use our breakup to manipulate Xander to taking her back? Do you actually think that that’s helpful to me? Right. I, I’m just trying to make a point, which is what, Okay. You know, when you were gone, Xander was a mess. He was drinking all the time. He was doing anything to stop thinking about you and to stop the pain of losing.

You see, I think that since you and Sandra first met, you’ve known. Moral compass isn’t an infallible guy, and more recently you must have accepted that you’ve married someone who’s made a lot of mistakes just like I did darling. When I married Victor, I vowed to love all of. The good and the bad, and I’m not saying there is absolutely nothing that I won’t forgive, but I’ve promised myself that I won’t blame Victor for his past, and I don’t think you should blame Sandra Freeze.

I wish I could give you a magic fix for the damage that you’ve done to your relationship with Sarah, but I honestly don’t know what that would be. Maybe because there is no fix. I No, no, no. I didn’t say that. No, never mind. Jack is honestly just, just you being here listening, not judging it’s, it’s enough and looking to other people to fix my problems.

Like, for instance, accepting a million dollars from Sammy. What got me into this situation in the first place. I’m glad to hear you say that, Sandra. That’s just some real emotional growth. I’m not sure about all that, but look enough about me. Is there any word on Abigail’s case? Well, I just got a call from ra, unfortunately.

Leo Stark is still on the loose. So Leo is the prime suspect,

not just in Abigail’s murder,

but in your cousin’s son’s stabbing as well. I heard about that, but the cop sure it was him. I. And overly is a scam artist and a bassoon, but not convinced the guy a killer, but who honestly defending me are stark. Oh, he is hardly one of my favorite people, that’s for sure. But you certainly are, Jack. I wanna make sure you get real justice for Abergil.

The right person gets locked up forever and call a gut feeling. I’m just not sure that that person is Leo Stark.

Nancy. Nancy Wesley. Mm-hmm. . You think she’s the one who’s framing you? It makes perfect sense. She hates me. I, I stole her husband. She blames me for breaking up her marriage even though that marriage was doomed because he was a closet case and she was burying her head in the sand. But still, as far as that fey annoying woman is concerned.

Had I not come along, she and Craig would still be living. Revoltingly phony, marital bliss. Miss Poet. Plus, she knew about my list. I was stupid enough to tell her that her even fe your daughter Chloe was on it. That woman. What a whiny humorless bore. I don’t see what Brady Black see her. Okay. Can we just stick to the point here?

Okay. And I’m sorry to burst your bubble, Matt, but I don’t think that that Fey woman, Nancy, that is, would ever stab sunny or kill my sister. Yes, she might hate you, but. I don’t know. She seems like she’s actually a nice little lady. I think she draws the line at killing people. Oh, I disagree, honey. That woman is sweet the way I am straight and I wouldn’t put anything past her.

Although now that you mention it, trying to picture her stabbing someone to death or almost to death. Oh no, you’re right. Maybe it wasn’t Nancy.

I, um, just can’t be with you anymore. You are obviously not the man that I thought you were. I what I am, Nancy. When I said I didn’t want you to find out, it wasn’t about anything illegal. You know what? I don’t wanna hear your excuses. It may technically not be illegal, but you know, it’s something that I wouldn’t approve of.

I mean, Clyde, I can’t keep doing. Unless, Are you cheating on me? Is there another woman, sweetheart, I swear in my grandson’s life, there is no other woman

then is there another man? Am I your beard like I was for my husband for over 30 years? I promise you. There is no other man. There is no other woman. And what is it you’re keeping from me? What the hell is the big secret?

I never saw my attacker. They came from behind him. I never got a chance to see their face. What if Marla hypnotized you then? Then maybe you could get your memory. Um, that’s a good idea, but I don’t think she’ll be able to do it. She’s, she’s under the weather. Okay. Well, maybe we don’t need Marla. Right.

Maybe we can help you get your memory back. We just need to, you just, you just need to concentrate on exactly what. When you were stabbed and then, and then you could get rid of any lingering doubts and plus it would help the cops. No. No. Why no? Why no. Because you nearly died and I don’t want, I don’t want him to have to relive that moment.

It’s okay. You’re here with me, and if it’s too hard, we can, we can just stop. Hey, he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t wanna do. I want to do it. I wanna remember it. I, I wanna understand what happened to me and who’s responsible.

I made my career as a reporter seeking out facts, not rushing to judgment, and based on all the evidence that police have, I find it very likely that Leo is the killer. Well, if that’s the case, then I hope they find him soon and my god, Chad, my goes out. And not just for the last of your wonderful daughter, but for having to suffer through this investigation, trying to find out who’s responsible.

Thank you. Thank you, Sam. Well taken up enough of your time. I’m gonna go home and try and figure out how to win back my wife. Don’t worry. She’ll come around as you know, because she loves you.

So you’re just saying, I should forgive Xander and chalk it up to one of his many mistakes. Sweetheart, I’m not telling you what to do, but yesterday it was your wedding day, your third, and this past year and a half on your first wedding day. I, I know it hasn’t been easy for you and Xander, but Xander spent most of this year and a half thinking that you didn’t want anything to do with him, and yet he never stopped loving you.

So if that isn’t for better or for worse, I don’t know what he is. So, um, I can have Henderson take your bag up to your old room, or you can go back home and you can, you can start that honeymoon with your husband.

So, which will it be?

What is that, ? Well, what do you think it is?

This is what I was talking about on the phone before when I was talking to Ben. You see, I didn’t want him to spill the beans before I had a chance to pop the question. It’s, it’s nothing fancy. It’s all that I could afford. Nancy, I’ve told you before, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I’m trying to be the kind of man that is worthy of a woman like you.

So with that in mind, I, I wanna do this right? So,

Nancy Miller, I love you and I promise you from this moment, I will dedicate myself to making you happy. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

You’re right. Nancy Miller is no killer. I just thought she was the most likely suspect since I did kind of ruin her life. Mm, yeah. Well, hers isn’t the only life you ruined. What about your ex-husband? Who? Jackie Cox, AKA Darius Rose. Oh, right. Him. I’d say he has a pretty big ax to grind, wouldn’t you? Since you were going to take Craig’s money and split it with Darius and then he stabbed them in the back.

Okay. Now that you’re relaxed, And you are relaxed, right? Yeah. And try to go back to when you were in your office right after Leo left. Can you remember exactly where you were? It was at my desk

and I needed a file. Good. So you’re at the file. My back pushed to the door and I heard a noise and I started to turn around, but before I couldn’t. It’s okay. It’s okay. Take, take your time. But before I could, I felt this pain in my back like this sharing, and then it just goes black. Okay. Um, okay. Let’s, let’s go back to when you, when you heard the noise, um, what did it, what did it sound like?

I don’t know. I don’t know. It was just, it was just like a, a noise. Okay. Okay. Um, then you, you said, go back to right when you, you’re turning around. Did you see anything? Did you hear anything? Vanilla? You heard vanilla? No. I smelled it. Whoever came into my office smelled my vanilla.

Well, this is unexpected. Um, I’m having a hard. Figure out how you feel about this. You, you’re about to cry, . I know. I’m just emotional. Are you sad? No, I’m emotional because not too long ago I was rejected. I felt rejected and foolish because the man I had been married to for 30 years to find out that he, he didn’t love me.

You know, to feel wanted and loved and cried just means more to me than you’ll never know. It just makes me feel so hopeful. It makes me happy to hear that because you are wanted and you are loved, because you are a wonderful woman, Nancy, and I’m a lucky man to have you in my life.

God and all the time I was upset and you were doing this special proposal for me. Well, Lord knows, with my checkered past I’ve given you plenty to be doubtful about. Fancy my knees ain’t what they used to be, and I really need to know now, is it a yes or no? Definitely.

I did not stab Darius in the back. I was speaking metaphor. But you’re right. I did totally ruin his life. Not only did he miss out on a big payday, Pol got deported back to Canada going, You’re a genius. You just blew the case wide open. No, I don’t think I did because see, if he was deported back, oh, he was, send me a bunch of texts whining about being back in the land of carbs.

What with all that Maple syrup and putan. Okay. Matt, Focus. Right. If Darius was deported back to Canada, how could he come back here twice to kill Abigail and stab son? Hmm, good point. And now that I think about it, that queen can’t stand the side of blood. One time he cut himself shaving, passed out, nearly drowned Trump.

He was in the tub, he was shading in the tub. His legs gony. There’s no way he did it. Rise. Well that crosses Darius off the list then.

Well, if it wasn’t Darius, who was it? Whoever attacked you smelled like vanilla believe. That’s all I remember. I wish I could be more helpful to you guys. You, you already did the most important thing you survived. And thank God when I showed up to that office and I saw you bleeding on the floor, right?

I was very worried. But not that I lost you too. Don’t worry buddy. Not come anywhere.

Hey. Hey, Jennifer’s upstairs. She’s putting the kids to sleep. How Sunny. Much better. Thank God. Glad to hear it, but much to my surprise and disappointment, Sunny is an entirely convinced that Leo Stark is guilty. Really, Sandra was just here. He said basically the same thing. Come on Sandra. You gotta get this right.

Your marriage, your, your own life depends on

Dear Sarah, You cannot possibly fathom the depths of regret that I lost too much Sarah. Hi. So, uh, are you back to get more of your stuff? No, that bag is full of the stuff I took to my mom’s. I’m bringing it back. Oh. Hmm. Is that because, Because Sandra.

I realize I may have overreacted to what you told me about Nicole and the aftermath of that. No. Sarah, you didn’t overreact. You, You were right to be upset with me. Yeah, but I,

I wasn’t right to give up on you cause I love you. And I made a commitment to you. Oh, I love you too, Sarah. So much, so, so very much.

Wait, does this mean that you’re back on one condition? You, you have to promise now that we are married, you will never pull anything like that again. Never . Because you do make me a better man. Cause you’re all I need. You’re all I one,

almost forgot.

It’s such a beautiful ring for my beautiful bride and like I said, I’m do the best I can to make you happy and help you put your painful bass behind you. Oh my God.

Who would do this? Who hates me enough to set me up for murder?

Oh, good Lord. What? It’s an epiphany. I’m having an epiphany and I’m totally sober. This is a first. Okay. Tell me, tell me what it’s, What is the D epiphany? It’s a mental image in technical I might add that is practically blinding my mind’s eye with its vividness. Oh, of god sake. Louis, what are you trying to say?

That I know who the murdering bastard is? The stab happy sadist who killed Abigail Dir and almost killed Sunny Curus. Oh my God. Gwennie. I know who it is for real this time. Craig?

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B&B Transcript Monday, September 19, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: What a day.

Finn: Right? That was the best.

Steffy: I know. Playing hooky from work, spending time at the beach with our kids. Can’t get better than that.

Finn: Yeah. I mean, and the sandcastles that kelly and hayes built? We’re gonna have a couple of engineers on our hands.

Steffy: I think so too. It was so much fun.

Finn: Yeah, it was. Wiped ’em out though. They were both begging for a nap.

Steffy: Yeah, good. I love this. Family together, making memories.

Finn: Me too.

Steffy: You know what else I love?

Finn: Hmm?

Steffy: I love when I have a brilliant idea and my husband goes along with it.

Finn: Oh, yeah. I do, huh?

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Finn: What brilliant idea do you have now?

Steffy: Well, since we had an incredible family day, I was thinking we could extend it to my mom and dad. Think it would be fun.

Finn: You dog.

Ridge: How do you feel?

Paris: Like air.

Ridge: What about you?

Zende: Me?

Ridge: Yeah, it’s another very impressive design.

Zende: It turned out all right.

[ Ridge laughs ]

Thomas: I’m gonna have to step my game up.

Ridge: I don’t– I don’t think you’re the problem. I– I gotta find a way to be more prolific. Just can’t focus on anything.

Thomas: Well, there’s an easy solution for that there, pop.

Brooke: I knew I could count on you, andre, even on such short notice. Thank you so much.

[ Phone beeping ]

Hope: Well, it sounds like someone’s planning something special.

Brooke: Oh! Yes, I am.

Hope: Okay, well, what is it?

[ Brooke laughs ]

Brooke: Well, it’s not so much what it is. It’s what it’s about.

Hope: Which is?

Brooke: Ridge and i always thrive when we shut out the real world and we take the time to reconnect to our love for each other. And that’s been really hard to do lately with everything going on. So tonight, I intend to remind my husband what it is that makes us so good together. Now and always.

Hope: You two are pretty incredible together. Even after all these years and all the challenges you’ve faced.

Brooke: Challenges we’ve overcome.

Hope: Yeah.

Brooke: And yet here we are facing more challenges.

Hope: Hmm, does that mean taylor?

Brooke: It just means all the noise that keeps us from being focused on each other. That’s why I’m determined to make tonight about nothing but the two of us.

Hope: Well, I think it’s a really great idea, mom. Especially given all the pressure that ridge is getting from thomas and steffy, you know, wanting him to reunite with their mother.

Thomas: I’m just saying. You ditch brooke, you go back to mom, problem solved.

Ridge: Hey, thomas.

Thomas: Yeah?

Ridge: Is there any way we can stop doing this?

Thomas: What?

Ridge: I know how you feel about my wife and my marriage, but I would love very much to get back to zende’s design. Can we do that?

Thomas: Uh, I don’t think we really need to ’cause this thing’s a lock.

Zende: I still wanna make a few tweaks, incorporate some of your father’s suggestions.

Paris: There he goes again. The eternal perfectionist.

Zende: Okay, okay. Stop, stop. Paris and I, we’re gonna get out of here and let you two continue your private conversation.

Paris: Good luck, thomas.

Thomas: Thanks. Oh, yeah, and thanks for stepping in for vanessa.

Paris: Any time.

Ridge: See you guys.

Thomas: Before you say anything, okay, just hear me out. Let me tell you all the reasons you need to be with my mother.

Steffy: My dad isn’t happy with brooke. I mean, he thinks he is, but he has more downs than ups. He needs to be with someone who’s completely devoted to him, committed, and that person, you know, is my mom. Like, they’re perfect for each other.

Taylor: Oh, my god. No.

Finn: Hey.

Taylor: Has it really come down to this? It’s not enough that you and your brother have teamed up. Now you’re recruiting poor finn in your campaign to reunite your father and me? Steffy. Does your plug-in fade too fast?

Ridge: Thomas, it seems to me like we’re having the same conversation over and over again. I don’t know why you and your sister find it necessary to champion your mother to me. It’s not necessary at all because I’m the person that respects taylor and loves her more than anyone.

Thomas: You see, you say that, but then you went to go live with brooke again ’cause you took pity on her and her ankle.

Ridge: I went to live with brooke because she’s my wife.

Thomas: Right. Well, there was a time that you were living with mom over at steffy’S.

Ridge: No, I was never living with your mother. Never was. I was staying in the guest house.

Thomas: Okay, maybe you didn’t spend every night in the same bedroom–

Ridge: We didn’t spend any night in the same bedroom. Where are you getting this from?

Thomas: You know what? Doesn’t matter. You were living with mom for a time, and it was a special time because you always have a special time together. And then you left, and you went over to granddad’S. And I understand. I get why you did that. But now you’re back over at brooke’S.

Ridge: And now we’re back to the same place we just started from. I am at brooke’s house because she is my wife. I’m her husband. She is the woman I love.

Thomas: Yes, you love her, but… you don’t love her the same way that you love mom. At least admit that.

Ridge: What?

Hope: Um…

[ Clears throat ] Just so you know, I did defend you and your commitment to ridge to steffy at the office yesterday. I walked in on her bashing you to thomas and–

Brooke: Oh, honey, you stood up for me.

Hope: Well, of course I did. You’re my mother. I will always support you. I just… [ Sighs ] I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking on their part, but thomas and steffy seem really convinced that ridge is going to reunite with taylor and their family soon.

Brooke: Of course they do.

Hope: Well, they have been putting a lot of pressure on ridge. And she told me, I mean, they’re saying stuff to him like, “well, if you stay with her, then she’s just going to betray you again.” And…

Brooke: That’s not exactly news, honey. Thomas and steffy have been saying that to ridge for a long time now. And now taylor, too.

Hope: It’s just the more– the more that they actively try to get ridge out of here and back with taylor, first of all, not only is it disrespectful to you and your marriage, but it also just reignites that stupid forrester/logan family feud, which I don’t– I don’t want. Why do any of us want it? I don’t want it for douglas and beth. I thought steffy didn’t want it for kelly and hayes, and yet here we are. You know, thomas wants douglas to live with him permanently, and taylor is not exactly hiding her feelings. And I just feel like… this fragile peace that has been there between the two families… might finally end. If it hasn’t already.

Steffy: I don’t need to recruit finn, do I?

Finn: No. No, no. See, steffy, she’s right about everything always. See, that’s– that’s what keeps the marriage so blissful.

Taylor: You are such a smart man. You know, as much as I love seeing the two of you have fun together, I would rather it not be about ridge and me.

Steffy: Okay, debbie downer, negative nancy, bad time betty.

[ Taylor laughs ] Mom, you and dad belong together. And who knows? Who knows? Maybe, I don’t know, maybe it could happen tonight.

Taylor: Huh? Tonight?

Steffy: Yeah. Things move really quickly around here. Isn’t that right, babe?

Finn: Uh, this is the part where I’m supposed to say yes, right? But I don’t know. What are you talking about?

Taylor: I’m not really sure what she’s talking about either, but I know that look in her eye. And you are up to something, young lady. What is it?

Steffy: Me?

Taylor: You.

Steffy: Um… (birds chirping)

Taylor: Steffy forrester.

Steffy: Ooh, she’s using her mom voice. I’m gonna be in trouble.

Finn: Okay, then maybe answer her question next.

Steffy: I will not.

[ Phone ringing ] Ooh, saved by the bell. I think you should, uh, you should answer that. I’m sure it’s, like, a patient.

Taylor: Um, yeah, it is. Okay, I’m gonna take this upstairs, but when I come back down, you’re gonna tell me everything.

Steffy: I’m gonna tell you everything. Yeah, absolutely. Maybe, mom.

Finn: Who are you calling? Steffy…

Steffy: Hey, are you still at forrester?

Thomas: Yeah, I’m meeting with dad. What’s up?

Steffy: Could you guys come to the cliff house?

Thomas: You wanna tell me what it’s about?

Steffy: No, just hurry and get here, okay? Okay, bye.

[ Phone beeps ]

Thomas: We gotta go.

Ridge: What’s going on?

Thomas: Going over to steff’S. I don’t know.

Steffy: What? I meant what I said to mom. Things are gonna change for her and dad.

Hope: Steffy’s on a mission. She’s acting like she has to right some long-standing wrong.

Brooke: If ridge wanted to be with taylor, he would be. It’s not like I’m holding him against his will. He knows what’s in his mind. He knows what’s in his heart. And as much as he loves his kids with taylor, he’s certainly not gonna let them dictate his life.

Hope: I hope you’re right, but with the three of them coming at him nonstop.

Brooke: I know, it’s terrible what they’re doing. They’re putting him in the middle once again. I mean, I just wish taylor would go away. I wish she would leave it alone and find another guy.

Hope: Well, the thing is, I think for taylor, ridge is it. And if taylor can’t have him, then–

Brooke: Well, she can’t have him. He’s my husband, and we have a future together.

Hope: I just wish that steffy and thomas could get it into their heads that you aren’t to blame for their parents not being together.

Brooke: Maybe I am to blame. I mean, not that I did anything underhanded or manipulative to try to keep ridge away from taylor. I didn’T. It’s just that… I loved him. And he loved me right back. Just like he will tonight.

Finn: Champagne?

Taylor: Well, if things go the way I’m hoping, we’re gonna be celebrating. Kids out?

Finn: Out like a light. Wait, have you not told your mom yet?

Steffy: No.

Taylor: Um, told me– told me what?

Steffy: Oh, good, you’re off that call. Great.

Taylor: Yeah, new-client calls take a while. What is going on here, steffy?

Steffy: Nothing, I was just, like, cleaning.

Taylor: Nothing?

Finn: For once.

Steffy: Hey, what took you so long?

Ridge: What took us so long? This guy was driving like a maniac. What were you doing?

Thomas: Steffy said it was urgent.

Ridge: What is– what’s the mission? What are we doing here? Or should I even ask?

Steffy: We just took the day off and wanted to spend some time with kids, family, you know?

Ridge: Yeah. Where are the kids?

Finn: Uh, they’re asleep. They’re worn out from all the fun in the sand.

Steffy: Yeah, and we just wanted to continue this family day. Especially for you and– and mom. I hope that’s okay. Charcuterie? You trusted me as your state treasurer.

[ Phone chiming ]

Brooke: Hopefully that’s ridge texting that he will be home soon.

Hope: Oh, well, then I should get going. I know you have a lot to get ready around here.

Brooke: Oh, no. It’s just an appointment reminder. My yearly physical, which I missed, of course, mm-hmm.

Hope: Ah. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on.

Brooke: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] I do. Ridge and I both do. That’s why it’s so important, honey, to take this time and reconnect. Just the two of us.

Hope: Well, I do know he was in a meeting with thomas, zende, and paris, but it should be over by now. So just give him a call and find out.

Brooke: Oh, I’ll just wait ’til he reaches out. If not, I’ll call him.

Hope: Okay.

Brooke: I just wanna thank you, sweetie.

Hope: For what?

Brooke: For all of your support.

Hope: Well–

Brooke: You’re just the most amazing, wonderful, loving daughter a mother could have. And I just love you so much.

Hope: Love you too, mom. Always.

Brooke: And forever.

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: Come here.

[ Laughter ]

Finn: It’s one of the reasons I went to medical school. It’s the truth, I swear.

Thomas: I am sure. You know what? Hayes has said like one word, right? And– and– and so it makes sense for him to say all of his career aspirations and that he wants to be a doctor like his old man.

Finn: That’s exactly what he said.

Ridge: Why are we making stuff up? Let’s just all be honest with each other. I told you about the conversation I had with hayes in my office where he told me he wants to be a designer.

Steffy: Really?

Taylor: You are lying, and I know that you’re lying. Because hayes told me he wants to be a psychiatrist like his grandma.

Ridge: That’s not what he–

Finn: No, no, no, no. We have enough.

Steffy: No, I mean, he has many interests, but the good thing about our family is that we’ll always support and love him. That’s what our– our family does, right?

Ridge: That is what our family does.

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: I still can’t believe that he’s here. You know, every now and then, I just– I look over, you know, how is that possible? And with a shirt! But to see you here, it’s not just good for steffy. It’s great for all of us. And those kids, they have both their parents. And– and that is– that is the most important thing. And– and let’s– let’s not forget that you are part of this family. You are– you’re a forrester. And what we do for each other, we– we connect, we support, and we love each other. To the forresters. Come on.

Taylor: To the forresters.

All: To the forresters.

Steffy: Well, I couldn’t agree more. I love this man so much, and I’m so grateful that we– we get to share our lives together again. It’s just– it really is such a miracle. And I know you’ve heard this from me before, but I just have a whole new perspective on life. I see things so differently now, you know? Every moment like this is– it’s so precious. Family. This. Who started it? You and mom.

Ridge: Oh, here we go.

Steffy: I know you don’t wanna hear it, and I know you’re sick of it, but thomas and I can’t help it. Like… we see it. Come on, let’s be real right now. There’s an energy. The way you two look at each other, there’s this love, and it’s, it’s– you guys touch each other. It’s– it’s really profound.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. Mom, you– you are really an incredible person. You– you– you give your life to others every day. You’re– you’re kind, and you’re compassionate, and literally, you’ve made your entire life out of helping other people. And that’s impressive, and you do that for the family. And– and you and dad together? I mean, that– that’s what we need– you guys united as a team leading the family forward. The forrester family.

Steffy: That is true. Do you not see it? You feel it? Like, you’re looking at each other right now. There’s– like I said, there’s this energy. You can’t deny it! That love is there, I know it. Stop wasting time. Start your lives today together. All you have to do is just say “I love you.” And “I want to be with you.”

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Y&R Transcript Friday, September 16, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Chloe: I come in peace. I got you some cappuccinos and, well, your favorite pastries from that italian place that you love.

Sally: What’s the occasion?

Chloe: Oh… I just wanted to make up for the way I acted yesterday.

Sally: What way was that?

Chloe: Chewing you out about adam. I — I said some things that i just — I wish I hadn’T.

Sally: I see.

Chloe: So, this is me trying to apologize. You know, I just want to put things behind us and start over. And when it comes to adam, we can just agree to disagree. As long as you can keep your personal life separate from your work and not miss any more important meetings, I think that —

[ Sighs ] You know, I’m — I’m sorry again. I really didn’t mean to go there. I feel like I’ve been scolding you all the time lately, and it’s not appropriate or professional, and it’s not conducive to our being friends. Are we on the same page?

Sally: About what?

Chloe: Starting fresh. Let’s just put adam aside, eat a pastry, and, you know, tackle all of this work that we have to get to. Sound good?

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Um, I should immerse myself in work. But to do that, there is something that I — I need to take care of first.

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Nick: Morning.

Victoria: Hi. Morning yourself. I was hoping that you would be in early. I was just going over some of the final details of some of the acquisitions that we’ve made, including who’s gonna be running them once they’ve been absorbed into newman enterprises.

Nick: Any preliminary thoughts?

Victoria: Well, I’m — I’m still very intrigued by the idea of nate hastings. I did a little recon about the state of play at chancellor-winters with billy, and it turns out that things have been tense over there for a while. So maybe nate — maybe he really is leaving.

Nick: Happened to run into nate at society last night.

Victoria: And?

Nick: Seems like he’s ready for a change.

Victoria: Interesting. The only problem is, how do we utilize him?

Nick: Do we have a place for him in any of our new acquisitions?

Victoria: Well, if I had an obvious fit, I’d make an offer to him right now, but unfortunately, most of the senior roles are requiring specialized expertise.

Nick: Why can’t we just create a position then, just to get him in the door?

Victoria: Anything’s possible. I think I’ll give it some thought. So, moving on to our other employees, how are things with sally?

Nick: In what sense?

Victoria: I’m assuming that you put her on notice since she blew off that marketing summit yesterday. Don’t you dare tell me that you accepted her apology and let it go. Did you?

Devon: Alright, who else we waiting on?

Lily: Uh, no one. Billy is dealing with an issue with the ad agency, so I’ll fill him in later.

Devon: Alright. I take it from your message that you want to discuss nate quitting?

Lily: Well, I’m still hoping that he will change his mind and cool off, but in the event that he doesn’t, I want to know what our exposure could be.

Devon: And what do you mean by exposure?

Lily: Well, what are the legal and business ramifications of your coo’s abrupt departure? I mean, we don’t know. Did he sign an nda? Is there a non-compete clause in his contract? I mean, can he take ideas that he developed here to another company?

Imani: You mean all of those great ideas you two shot down?

[ Scoffs ] Guys, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. The guy’s chair isn’t even cold yet, and here you are starting to talk about legal ramifications? So, what, neither one of you is gonna try to talk to him, try to smooth things over? Is that how this family operates?

Devon: Imani, how come you’re being so defensive of nate?

Imani: [ Scoffs ] Because clearly someone has to be.

Nate: [ Exhales heavily ]

[ Groans lightly ] What time is it?

Elena: I let you sleep in a bit.

Nate: [ Sighs ] Thanks for the tea.

Elena: I tossed and turned all night. Couldn’t sleep. I hate when we argue.

Nate: Yeah. So do I.

Elena: Look, I understand that you are under a lot of stress. I know quitting your job is not a decision that you came to lightly. And I wish it weren’t necessary, but I get that you feel like you were at the end of your rope.

Nate: I’d say I was beyond the end.

Elena: So I want you to know that I want to be here to support you. And I also want to help you move on to your next opportunity, whatever that may be… and repair your relationship with your family. I’m hoping, after a good night’s rest, you want that, too, and that you’ve changed your mind about going forward with the plan that you shared with me?

Nate: On the contrary. I’m more resolved about that than ever.

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provided by… my blood pressure is borderline.

Elena: Nate. Please do not do this. You left chancellor-winters on your own terms. Can you just leave it at that? You can do anything you want now. You’re not under devon’s control anymore. But if you go further with this plan, it’s only gonna cause more trouble.

Nate: So be it. I highly doubt devon and I can get past this conflict.

Elena: Okay, so, what about lily? She’s been doing nothing but trying to keep the peace. She brought you into this company. She gave you a chance. And she’s been backing you up.

Nate: Only to a point. And in the end, she’ll side with devon each and every time, leaving me the odd man out.

Elena: So, what, you want to punish her, too?

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Elena: Have you even thought about how much this is going to hurt her? This feels so wrong to me.

Nate: And it feels so right to me.

Elena: [ Scoffs ] So, here we are, arguing and fighting again.

Nate: Because you’ve misconstrued my motives. I’d be helping lily because, ultimately, I would be helping chancellor-winters, the family business lily fought so hard to create. Elena, I am out to succeed. I am an asset, not a liability. That’s what no one seems to understand.

Elena: Except for imani?

Nate: She’s helped me to see my value. My ideas are strong, and I am forward-thinking. What is wrong with that?

Elena: There’s nothing wrong with being a visionary. But this is not what you’re talking about.

Nate: [ Sighs ] I disagree. My ideas are big, and this is the right move for me to make, so I’m not gonna stop. This is my time. And it’s the best way I can see to make a lasting mark so I can finally take control.

Elena: So then that’s it? You’re determined, and there’s no talking you out of it?

Nate: My mind’s made up, and I’m gonna set things in motion today.

Lily: Imani, we are a strong family. We have tried to work things out with nate, and we will continue to do so. But as the leaders of this company, it is our responsibility to know where things stand when it comes to the intellectual property that nate has been overseeing. And as a lawyer, you should know this. I mean, amanda does. She’s the one who told us to confirm these details.

Imani: Okay, well, the best way to protect our intellectual property is to keep nate around. Guys, he is such an asset to this company. He’s got strong ideas, a real passion for the work that we do. I’ve been trying to convince him to stay. And I think if we all put forth a genuine effort to make sure he knows he’s valued, he could be swayed.

Devon: Imani, I’m not gonna try and convince anyone to be here who doesn’t want to be here, okay? The man made up his mind. It’s not gonna change just because someone flatters him.

Imani: [ Scoffs ] That’s not what I said.

Devon: Well, either way, I do think it’s the best thing that he left ’cause he and I can never find common ground, and i didn’t see that changing.

Imani: Guys, this blows me away, how easy it is for you to just let nate go.

Lily: None of this has been easy. And I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re getting at.

Victoria: You’re hesitating, which means I’m right. You’re gonna let sally get away with this?

Nick: She made a mistake, vick.

Victoria: Oh, is that what we’re calling it?

Nick: I’m handling it, okay?

[ Knock on door, door opens ]

Sally: Victoria, I was hoping that you… have a minute?

Victoria: What can I do for you, sally?

Sally: I’m here to apologize to you directly for missing the meeting yesterday. I’m just making things right with the team.

Victoria: Yes, so I’ve heard.

Sally: Sometimes life encroaches on work, and I know you understand that as well as anyone. I’ve seen you handle a crisis in your personal life without missing a beat here at newman, and I’m seriously in awe of your ability to do that. But I feel like I have the inner resources and steely resolve that you have, so, in time, I’m confident that I will be able to emulate your example. But yesterday I screwed up, and it was my mistake. It will not happen again.

Victoria: Good.

Nick: Sally, I need to speak to you about that other matter we got into yesterday. Do you have time for coffee?

Sally: I will make time. The abcs of ckd

Sally: Isn’t it gorgeous out?

Nick: Yeah. It’s nice to get outside and enjoy it.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Yeah, it’s the kind of day that just stimulates your senses and makes you feel alive and excited.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nick: You know, you don’t have to do that with me, sally. Try and make small talk. We can be honest with each other.

Sally: I don’t want things to be weird at work.

Nick: Me either.

Sally: Adam came to see me last night after our weird dinner.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nick: You mean after i dropped you off at your place?

Sally: Yeah. He made some — I guess you would call them declarations. And they messed with my head. They made me feel pretty conflicted.

Adam: Is sally around?

Chloe: Uh, she got called into a meeting with nick. That’s all I know.

Adam: When I was ceo, I don’t think I interacted once with the newman coos. At least, not about work.

Chloe: Maybe because it was nikki, who wanted nothing to do with you, much like me. So, if you could please make yourself scarce.

Adam: Are nick and victoria keeping a heavier hand on the day-to-day operations? And if so, why? What could that mean?

Chloe: What are you getting at?

Adam: I’m just wondering.

Chloe: If you’re trying to insinuate that they don’t trust our new leadership, just say it.

Lily: Imani, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you.

Imani: Obviously, we all feel strongly about this.

Lily: Yes, we do. And just for the record, I have not given up on nate. I will continue to try to talk to him. And I hope that you will keep an open mind in case I can win him over — ’cause this whole thing has spiraled completely out of control and at the worst possible time.

Devon: Why are you concerned about the timing of it?

Lily: Because I think that, you know, what jill suggested is the right way to go.

Devon: Well, let’s hang on a second ’cause —

Lily: Well — [ Stammers ] Look, let’s just pretend that nate isn’t coming back, okay? So, please look into his contract and let us know what we’re up against.

Imani: Done. I will track down information on the nda and non-compete, if they exist. But thank you. Thanks for not giving up on him yet. See you guys later, okay?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Yeah.

[ Clears throat ]

Lily: [ Scoffs ] I mean, i wasn’t expecting that kind of pushback.

Devon: Yeah, I think that, uh — I think she has a thing for nate.

Lily: Uh, yeah, you think?

[ Scoffs ] Uh, look, also, um, when we talk about the ipo, let’s just keep it between us, billy, and jill.

Devon: Well, you talk about it like it’s already a done deal. Do I not have a say anymore or…?

Lily: What do you mean? Of course you have a say. We’re equal partners.

Devon: Then why does it sound like you’ve already made up your mind and you’re siding with jill?

Lily: I’m not siding with anybody.

Devon: Okay. What do you want to call it?

Lily: Look, all that’s happening is that there’s a possibility of an ipo on the table, and we’re in the beginning stages of exploring it.

Devon: Right. I just think that you’re about to make an impulsive decision about something that’s really important.

Lily: Impulsive?

Devon: Mm.

Lily: Really?

Devon: Yes. Impulsive.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Okay. You know, I don’t appreciate you challenging my decision-making process just because it’s different from yours.

Devon: It’s not just ’cause it’s different from mine. I know I’m not the only one that has concerns about going public. Billy feels the way I feel, doesn’t he?

Lily: Yeah, of course, but, devon, I mean, we have to sit down and hash things out — and get approval from the board, which could take a long time.

Devon: Well, I hope it does.

Lily: Look, this is between us, okay? It’s our responsibility to make this decision. It’s our decision, yours and mine.

Devon: And jill’s, too. There’s three people involved, two of them are on board, and I’m the only one who’s hesitant. So I’m on my own in this.

Lily: [ Sighs heavily ]

[ Folder thuds ] For copd,

Adam: Chloe, calm down. I’m not insinuating anything. I’m just asking a question. Why are you so quick to assume you and sally are on the chopping block? Has she said anything about it?

Chloe: Okay, well, if you must know, it’s because she missed a very important meeting yesterday because she was with you.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Yes. I know all about it.

Adam: She told me about her scheduling gaffe when I was with her last night, and I — I felt terrible, okay? The last thing I want to do is cause more problems for her, chloe.

Chloe: The two of you were with each other again? Twice in one day?

Adam: Yes.

Chloe: Adam!

Adam: What?

Adam: You broke up with her, and you crushed her. She was confused. And then she finally starts feeling like herself again and she gets her stride back and then you just come out of the woodworks and start causing problems. Do you not understand how cruel that is? Or do you just not care? Why are you so compelled to always destroy every single person you were ever in a relationship with?

Adam: Enough! I don’t need this kind of abuse from you, chloe. And my personal life is none of your business.

Chloe: Well, when you hurt my friend, it is my business.

Adam: And for the record, i only have sally’s best interests at heart. Not that I will ever convince you of that.

Chloe: No. You sure as hell won’T.

Adam: Okay. I’m out of here, alright?

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

[ Cup thuds ]

[ Sighs ]

Nick: I don’t think I need to ask you what adam’s declarations were about.

Sally: I’m sure you don’T. ‘Cause he made it pretty clear where he stands last night during our awkward conversation at society.

Nick: I know I’ve been trying to warn you off him.

Sally: You and everyone else in this town.

Nick: Look, I know that you had — well, you have very strong feelings about my brother. And I don’t want to make things more difficult for you if you’re trying to get back together with him.

Sally: I-I’m not saying that that’s where things are headed, you know? Or even if that’s something that I’d want —

Nick: Look, I don’t think we should talk about adam. I understand messy and complicated love. But that is for the two of you to sort out, without me being any kind of factor whatsoever.

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: What is it?

Adam: I’m looking for sally. I heard she had a meeting with nick, and they weren’t in his office.

Victoria: Oh. You just missed them. I think they stepped out to grab some coffee. Shouldn’t you be settling into your new position at jabot? I guess if you have all this free time to be chasing around after your ex, it’s not that important of a job. It was probably a mercy offering from jack since he’s one of the few people who can still tolerate you in this town.

Adam: Oh, it’s a real job. Mm-hmm. And I have a lot on my plate. But, uh, I am capable of multi-tasking.

Victoria: Unlike sally?

Adam: What’s that supposed to mean?

Victoria: Well, if you were actually in touch with her, you know damn well what that means. She was supposed to give a presentation at a marketing summit yesterday, and she completely blew it off. Chloe had to step in for her. This is not a behavior that i value in one of my ceos.

Adam: Do you have any idea why sally was a no-show?

Victoria: Well, luckily i have my coo to take care of my personnel issues. Nicholas got into it with her. Something about extenuating circumstances, the fact that it would never happen again, which remains to be seen.

Adam: Well, one missed meeting shouldn’t make or break someone’s career, victoria.

Victoria: Oh, I agree with that in theory. But I also know that people are replaceable, which is something that I hope nick is making very clear to sally right now.

Imani: Ah. You want some company? Sure, you do.

Nate: Eating and running. Busy day ahead.

Imani: Hmm. You’re not the only one. Trust me. Lily decided to call an emergency meeting at the crack of dawn.

Nate: Emergency for what?

Imani: You. Seems the powers that be are shaken up by your resignation.

Nate: Devon, too?

Imani: Mm, not that he’d ever admit it. Look, I tried to reason with him, encouraged him to reach out, talk things through, but you were right. He is very stubborn.

Nate: That’s one way to put it.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] Now, lily, on the other hand, seems to want to work things out for you to return. I think she’s going to lean on him and kind of —

Nate: I’m gonna stop you there. I know what you’re trying to do.

Imani: Standing up for you to the head honchos?

Nate: Which I appreciate. But I believe I have a much better, more powerful solution, thanks to you.

Imani: Mm. Do tell.

Nate: You suggested I think more — what was the word? — Ruthlessly. Well, I’m planning on taking your advice starting today.

Imani: Mm.

Who’s on it with jardiance?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

What can you do

with sensitive skin?

[ Bottle thuds ]

Elena: Ooh! Whoa! Sorry.

Devon: Oh. So sorry. No. It’s my fault. I wasn’t paying attention at all.

Elena: Obviously, I wasn’t, either.

Devon: My bad. Hey, can I get a coffee to go, please? Thank you.

Elena: Hey, is everything alright?

Devon: Oh…

[ Chuckles ] I’ve been better. How about you?

Elena: Same.

Devon: I’ll give you one guess as to who’s got us both down.

Elena: Yeah. Let’s just say nate is on a path that does not make me happy.

Devon: Well, I’m sorry to hear that ’cause I know he quit so he wouldn’t have to keep bumping heads with me. And I feel bad about that ’cause when I hired him, I had every intention of it working out.

Elena: I know you did.

Devon: Honestly, though, i really think this is probably the best ’cause, you know, on paper working side by side looked good, but we have very different philosophies.

Elena: That’s for sure.

Devon: I hope this isn’t causing you any stress at home.

Lily: Hi. Sorry.

Elena: Hey.

Lily: I don’t mean to interrupt. I just need to speak with you privately.

Devon: You need to talk right this second?

Lily: Yeah, that would be great.

Elena: It’s okay. I actually need to get going. It was good to see you both.

Devon: Yeah, you too. I promise we’ll catch up.

Elena: Okay.

Adam: Victoria, you’re overreacting. If sally says she’s not gonna make a particular mistake again, you can take that to the bank. She’s conscientious to a fault. She’s hungry to succeed here.

Victoria: Why are you still advocating for your ex? I thought you broke up with her. I thought you were the one who ended things. If your continued presence in her life is causing this distraction, for the love of god, why don’t you just let her go? I mean, if you really, really care about her, why don’t you just let her get on with her life?

Adam: I am just so sick of everybody telling me that, victoria. I’m trying to right a wrong. Isn’t that what civilized, evolved people do?

Victoria: Yes, but I’m —

[ Chuckling ] I’m sorry. Is that what you’re claiming to be now?

Adam: I’m trying to prove that is what I am now.

Victoria: Oh. And you really expect me to believe that — that you love the woman?

Adam: I learned a long time ago not to expect anything from you. But, yes, I do love sally. And I made a terrible mistake thinking that I was helping her, and I’m trying to fix that. I guess you can’t understand admitting that you screwed up. You just like to forge ahead, pretend like you didn’t leave a wake of destruction. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you have no clue where I’m coming from.

Sally: Yeah, I need to steer clear of any complications ’cause I realized by letting myself get distracted yesterday, I put everything in jeopardy. My judgment hasn’t been great, as you know. So I just need to keep my attention laser-focused on newman media. What was it that you texted me yesterday? “Ceos miss meetings sometimes.”

Nick: Yeah. Everyone slips up once in a while.

Sally: Yeah, well, I can’t afford to. I mean, not now that victoria’s so ticked off at me. But I do appreciate your understanding. You know, I think you and i should have the same for each other in this moment.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah. So, should we head back to the office?

[ Door bangs ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Both breathing heavily ]

[ Belt clatters ] At metro by t-mobile… you can save more.

[ Keys clacking ]

Nate: Your focus is impressive. I admire that, when someone can lose themselves in their work like that. I’m the same way.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: What brings you by, nate?

[ Door closes ]

Nate: I have a proposal that I believe will be of great interest to you.

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Sally: W-well, that did not go according to plan.

Nick: No, not at all.

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ] I did not intend for this to happen again, I-I swear. I didn’t even think it was a possibility.

Nick: I mean, this, uh — this attraction, whatever it is we’re calling it… I never thought in a million years.

Sally: A billion years.

Nick: Trillion.

Sally: Quadrillion.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Pentillion?

Sally: Quintrillion.

Nick: [ Clicks tongue ]

Sally: Closely followed by sextillion. I kid you not.

Nick: [ Smooches ] Remind me never to go up against you in trivia night.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] What can I say? I have expertise in all sorts of areas you would never expect.

Nick: This is, um… unexpected. Surprising.

Sally: Well, we could analyze it to death, or we could just order some room service, grab a shower… eat lunch, and… get back to work.

Lily: I know that we need to have a serious conversation about the possibility of going public, but I feel like there’s something more pressing right now.

Devon: You’d like to talk about nate some more?

Lily: Yeah. Um, I am really upset that the tension between you two has gotten to the point where nate feels like his only option is to quit.

Devon: Yeah. So do I. Do you blame me for it?

Lily: I mean, frankly, yeah, I kind of do. And, look, I’m not saying that he’s blameless because he’s not, you know? But I feel like there’s something going on inside of your head where you won’t accept anything that he has to offer, even when he addresses your concerns. I just — I-I feel like you’re being unfair to him.

Devon: I don’t know where you’re getting that from ’cause I listen to everything he says.

Lily: Hold on. Let me just — wait. Let me just — I’m sorry. Let me just finish ’cause I just want to get this out.

Devon: Sure.

Lily: [ Sighs ] I wanted to do this merger because I wanted to build on what you and dad had created. I wanted to build something for our family. And so I don’t want to lose nate. I can’t lose him, okay? So, please, devon, please — I just need you to consider your part in this. Like, why? Why is it so hard for you to let him have a win every once in a while?

Devon: That’s not what it is.

Lily: Okay. Then what is it? I mean, what — just tell me. I mean, have you been autonomous for so long that maybe it’s hard for you to, you know, give up a little bit of control? ‘Cause if that’s the case, I get it. You’ve had control over things for a long time, especially the music side. So, you know, it can be hard to delegate, and that’s fine. That’s totally fine. If that’s the case, let’s talk about it. Let’s figure it out. We’ll work it out. Or, what, is it deeper than that? I mean, are you subconsciously trying to punish nate for what happened with elena?

Victoria: A proposal? Well, that sounds intriguing.

Nate: First, some news. Jill’s informed upper management that she wants to take chancellor-winters public.

Victoria: That’s a very big move for a family company. I mean, particularly one that’s merged so recently.

Nate: Devon’s first knee-jerk reaction was to say no. Typical. Billy seemed hesitant. But lily’s all-in. I believe she and jill will prevail.

Victoria: Did jill say why she was proposing this?

Nate: The usual reason — to raise capital for a rapid expansion. Meanwhile, I know you’ve been on a shopping spree for newman.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] I guess you could say that.

Nate: I’m willing to be your inside man feeding you information, anything that can be helpful so you can be ready to make your move.

Victoria: Are you suggesting what I think you are?

Nate: You can buy up shares for newman, gain majority control of the company. Smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint,

Devon: Lily, nate and I got past that situation with elena a long time ago. This isn’t some kind of payback. And I’m not a vindictive person, so it doesn’t feel great that you would imply that about me.

Lily: Okay. I’m sorry. I-I am. I just — [ Sighs ] I mean, come on. I’m trying to figure this out to keep our family from falling apart.

Devon: I understand completely what you’re trying to do. I just don’t know what to tell you. I really don’T. I mean, you know what? Maybe there’s some truth to what you’re saying about my leadership skills. I know it’s my instinct to take charge. I tend to think I know what’s best, which I guess can be annoying to some people, but that’s only because of all the experience I have. I’ve been working in the business world since I was a teenager, with neil. You know this. I know what to look for. And I usually can see the pitfalls about 10 steps ahead of any idea nate brings to me.

Lily: I know that. I know. And I get it. That’s fine. But, I mean, sometimes people have to make their own mistakes. It can’t always be you, you know, showing someone the next dangerous curve ahead.

Devon: So, what you’re saying is that, in order to get nate to believe that I know more about business than he does, I need to be more open to his ideas and give him the opportunity to fail.

Victoria: Well, I have to say, I’m — I’m completely stunned that you would come here to tell me this. Why would you help newman gain a controlling share of chancellor-winters?

Nate: You said you admired my ideas, my energy, my skills. You know I’m ambitious, driven to make a mark in the business world, to prove this is where i can shine.

Victoria: And you think that feeding me insider information is the way to do that.

Nate: You want to find a place for me at newman? Well, this is the place I want. I’ll help you acquire chancellor-winters shares if you put me in control of the company.

Victoria: You would that to your own family?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Have you seen my phone?

Nick: Right here.

Sally: Geez. Just kick them both under the bed, why don’t you?

Nick: Don’t tempt me.

Sally: Anything important?

Nick: No. You?

Sally: Nothing that can’t wait. I should get back to the office, though. Room service is taking forever. So, do you mind if I cancel?

[ Knock on door ]

Nick: Must be them now.

Sally: Hallelujah. I thought that you’d forgotten about me.

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Adam: Are you sleeping with my brother?

Kyle: Summer newman abbott, will you make me the happiest man in genoa city? Will you marry me again?

Deacon: You know, I got to admit, I’ve — I’ve thought a lot about you over the years, you know, all the things that we went through together.

Nikki: Is that right?

Deacon: Absolutely. I wondered how you were doing. Oh, and, nik, one more thing. You look good.

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Young & The Restless Transcript

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GH Transcript Friday, September 16, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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[ Sighs ]Last day of pool season. Wasn’t it worth taking the morning off? We’ll see. This pool owes me at least one uneventful day.

[ Scoffs ] Hey, I think the pool did right by you. It gave you more than a tan this summer. So, will we be seeing cowboy cody ambling in this morning? Wasn’t I promised mimosas? Your wish is my command. You need only bask.

[ Laughing ] I see what you do there. Yeah. You see? Yeah, you did. Oh. [ Chuckles ]

[ Scoffs ] Prosecco, not champagne. Do you even have to ask? Selena: I pegged you as more bitter than sweet. Hey. Howdy. How was the first night in the new pad? Uh…cut short. My cousin brando was attacked last night. Oh, man. Brando… that’s, um, married to the model, right?

[ Horse neighing ] Yeah. I’m sorry about that. Uh, is he — is he gonna be okay? I don’t know. He’s in surgery. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. Can you tell me where you were last night? Curtis. What brings you here? Breakfast for portia. She’s been at it all night. That’s very kind of you. Yeah. I’m guessing you’re here because of brando. That’s terrible news. Yes, it is. I’ve gotta catch this person before they strike again.

[ Elevator bell dings ] City’s already on edge. Yeah. Good luck with that. You, too. Luck? Do I need it? You tell me. Gladys: What is taking so long? Why haven’t they told us anything about brando yet? These things take time. You gotta — we’re gonna have to just stay positive. Well, I– I’d rather stay informed. I mean, can’t you do something? You’re a big-shot donor here. He’s your family.

[ Sighs ] Okay, listen, I’m going to go — I’m going to check, okay? See what I can find out.

[ Whispers ] I can’t believe we’re here again. What’s that, sweetheart? I can’t believe we’re here again. Dex: Boss. You stay out of sight like I told you to? Joss never saw me. The dorm was pretty secure, but I kept watch on her room all night. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let that maniac hurt anybody I care about again.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hi. Any word on brando? Uh… I was just going to ask the nurse. You — how are you? I’m not great. I mean, I’m worried about sasha. I’m praying for brando. I’m not great. I’m okay, though. And I want you to stay that way. You understand me? Kristina: Hey. I thought you could use this, gladys. Any news? Not yet. Thank you, kristina.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Bye, basking. No need to stop on my account. Then let’s just get this over with. You don’t want me hanging out with brad. On the contrary, dr. Westbourne, I’ve come to realize that your association with my nephew has its advantages. Because I helped convince him to work for you? Not my finest hour. But look how bradley’s thriving. You’ve proved to be a good friend to him. One who caved under pressure. Because I mentioned lisbon in 2016? You were free to ignore my wishes and risk exposure of the incident in question. The fact that you chose the more prudent choice makes me more supportive of your friendship with my nephew. Miss wu, being your errand boy is only a temporary position for brad. You may have your hooks in him now, but I assure you, he’s his own man. Aunt selena, I — I wasn’t expecting you. Can I get you a mimosa? Hey, oh, have mine. All right, listen, I’m sorry about what happened to your cousin, but I didn’t have anything to do with that. You know that, right? Of course I know you didn’t have anything to do with it. Cody, I’m trying to see if you got an alibi. Probably not. You know, unless they can take statements from the horses. I made sure they were ready for bed, I did my walk through, and I went up to my room. No one can verify that. Nope. I don’t have an alibi for an attack on a total stranger that I’ve never even met. So what now? The chief of detectives going to interrogate me in person this time? Leo: Did you bring the lumps of sugar? Oh, I’ve got them. Maybe I should have worn different shoes for this. Like cowboy boots? Never! Except if they had fringes or maybe some studs. I bet chase would like that. You know, smarty pants, you’re right. I already feel lucky. I’d feel even luckier if we got those divorce papers resigned and filed. I, um, couldn’t help but notice some tension between you and sonny at trina’s party the other night. Everything okay? It’s nothing. I didn’t look like nothing.

[ Inhales deeply ] Uh, are you asking as the commissioner or as my wife?

[ Scoffs ] Neither. I’m asking as your friend. Sonny and I, we’re good. We just had a difference of opinion about favors. Why the interest? Just a renewed curiosity in the state of sonny corinthos’ relationships, friends and enemies. You may not be the only person sonny’s gotten on the wrong side of lately. Both ava and brando have close ties to sonny and both were attacked. Right. It could be a coincidence, or it could be that a pattern is emerging. I can’t speak to that. Portia’s breakfast is getting cold. I need to get going. Yeah, of course. But, curtis… are we good? Jordan a few days ago, I would have said absolutely. And now? You know what? I honestly am not sure anymore. Dr. Chang just finished operating, and he — he wanted me to let you know that your husband, he made it through the surgery. Thank god.

[ Exhales deeply ] How is brando doing? The damage, I– I– it was extensive. But the doctor, he — he was able to repair it. The good news is mr. Corbin is strong, and he’s in good health. And the bad news, dr. Robinson? What’s that?

There are always concerns after a major surgery such as brando’S. But I wouldn’t categorize it as — as bad news. These are just cautions. Like what? Well, one of the common concerns after a surgery like this would be sepsis — when chemicals released in the bloodstream to fight infection actually end up triggering inflammation. But it is highly, highly unlikely. We’re keeping a very close eye on him. Can we see him? Family only, a-and just one person at a time. Thank you, dr. Robinson. You know what, um, I got something I got to take care of, so I’ll be right back. Yeah, go. Sonny: Dr. Robinson, I want to thank you for the way you handled, you know, sasha and my cousin gladys. They were terrified. You were very calm. And I appreciate that. There’s no need to thank me, mr. Corinthos. That’s part of doing my job. Yeah. Yeah, I know. But you got a good way about you, and you’re very direct. So I’m going to be very direct with you right now. I want you to tell me — what are the chances of my cousin pulling through? Dante: So, what did you do here last night? Did you call anyone? Send any emails? I watched tv. Dante, what the hell’s going on, man? I’m trying to help you establish an alibi. Okay, I already told you. I don’t think you had anything to do with these attacks. Thank you. Now tell your boss to back off. Well, he’s my boss so he’s not going to listen to me, but he’s going to run the investigation how he sees fit. By turning it around on me? Man, I don’t need this aggravation. I don’t — I don’t need to be on the chief of detectives’ radar. All right? I just want to do my own thing and keep it moving. Brook lynn: Yoo-hoo, buckaroos. Hey, what’s going on? What’s up, little man? How’s comet today? He’s great. He’s missing his buddy, though. I’ll tell you that much. He’s out back. I was about to feed him. You wanna… help me? I got sugar cubes.

[ Giggles ] Let’s get to it. Brook lynn: [ Laughs ] Yay. Have fun.

[ Horse neighs ] I hope we didn’t interrupt. Dante: Nah! Brooke lynn, I’m always happy to see you. Oh, yeah, you liar. So anyways, what is this I hear about you and a change of address? Wh– how did — [ Sighs ] Chase. Well, I also — I do live with your mom, remember? That’s true. I’m up on all things dante. Oh, good, good. That’s good to know.

[ Chuckles ] But congratulations, though, really. I think it’s great that you and sam are moving in together. Thank you. Hey, back at you. You and chase, took you long enough, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. All right, I gotta go. Uh, tell cody I’ll catch him later and not to sweat it. Okay. I’ll see you. Bye. I keep my mind sharp. Oh, uh, can I get you some coffee? Something to eat? A chaise? That isn’t necessarily, bradley. I’m just passing through. Right. The high roller from houston. Since you’re a cocktail aficionado, one day brad must introduce you to the green dragon. Always a pleasure, dr. Westbourne

[ Sighs ] The green dragon. Yeah, it’s a green drink, popular in china. Herbal liqueur makes it an acquired taste. Like your aunt.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, on the bright side, I think she’s starting to warm up to you. She doesn’t like me any more than she likes you. We’re just useful to her. How are you useful to my aunt selena? I thought we were in a good place. So did I, until I realized we were still married. So this is about the divorce papers? I apologized, curtis. You seemed to understand. I accepted your apology. I never once said I understand.

[ Scoffs ] Jordan, how come you didn’t get back to me when you learned about those papers? You didn’t — you didn’t pick up your phone and call me. You didn’t send me a message. Nothing. Instead, I had to come to you. But bo ttom line, we discoveredthe mistake before your wedding. So it’s all good, right? Is it? Have I given you any other reason to think otherwise? Actually, yes. You forget, jordan, I know you. And I know how organized you are to a fault. But yet, one of the most important documents of our lives gets lost on your watch. You know good and well what kind of time I was going through. I was very ill. Right. Right. That’s what I keep trying to tell myself. That that’s all it was. What else would it be?

[ Sighs deeply ] Answer this for me honestly, jordan. How do you feel about portia and me getting married? I want you to be happy. You know that. That’s not what I asked you. Jordan, I need you to level with me, okay? You know how important honesty is to me. Does portia know that? What’s that supposed to mean?

First you tell me. What were you and aunt selena talking about? Just business. Mm. So, life as a foot soldier for auntie dearest is working out for you? It’s like I said before, okay? Things are going surprisingly well. I’m no longer feeling aimless, and I am definitely not bored. She hasn’t asked you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, right? You would tell me if she did. I’m adapting, so far, I don’t hate it. I mean [Chuckles] What more can I say? Do you regret working for her? I’m fine. Why? I’m just checking up on my bestie. Where’s dante? He leave? Yeah, he said to tell you, “don’t sweat it.” What exactly are you sweating, cody? Yeah, what are you sweating, cody? I made a big mistake, bud. I broke something very important to me. But I think I might have fixed it. You be careful? Mm-hmm. All right. Here. Careful. Wa– um.

[ Horse neighing ] You won this?

[ Cellphone rings ] I did when I was about your age. Yeah, I think I need to change my shoes. If you gotta take off, I got leo.

[ Ringing continues ] You good here, leo? With cody? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, buddy. Hey, you. You won this in a competition? Well, you know, someone once told me that you, uh, you earn your trophies during practice. You just pick them up at competitions. What do you mean? It’s kinda like winning or losing. It all comes down to how well you prepare ahead of time. I never forgot that. I never will. Neither will I. Just give it to me straight. Should I be preparing sasha and gladys? Mr. Corinthos, you know I can’t tell you this. I’m — I’m not asking you to give up. I’m just — I just want to be ready. I get it. Okay. I’ll give you this. These, um, type of wounds can have complications. It’s not unreasonable to be prepared. Are you a praying man? Yes, I am. Prayer helps. And I have every reason for cautious optimism. Thank you. Now,

if you’ll excuse me,I’ve been here all night, and I’m gonna grab some breakfast. You know what? You’ve helped my cousin so much. Breakfast is on me. People getting married should be on the same page. We weren’t, and it was our downfall. And that’s why this time I wanted to do something differently. Portia and I have been completely transparent with each other. If you say so. You know, that’s the second time you’ve made a comment like that. Do you think because our marriage failed, that portia and i can’t succeed? Or do you just not want us to?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Hi, babe. Any word on who attacked brando? Nothing new yet. So, uh, where you off to? Oh, I was just gonna grab a quick bite. Quick enough? Oh, my god. Yes. Thank you so much.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ohh. Oh. Oh, uh, sonny, I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. Appreciate that. Good to see you, jordan. Mr. Corinthos. I’m not used to seeing you this way. What way is that? Rattled. It’s been a long night. Hey. Hey. How’s brando? Yeah, well, you know, surgery went well. Good. Glad to hear that. Are sasha and mrs. Corbin around? Yeah, they’re on their way to the icu. Okay. I’d like to ask them a few questions. Now — no. That’s not a good idea. They’ve had a rough night. You’re gonna have to… make do with me. So, what’s up with cody, hmm? Are you gonna give him a second date? We’re in a holding pattern since cody is considering leaving port charles. What? Why? H-he’s got a good job, a cushy living situation in the quartermaine manse, no less, and he’s dating a bombshell. Why would he want to leave? The pcpd has been asking too many questions about him. You got to sit upright, but you still got to look relaxed. So here’s a trick. You pretend that you got a string tied to your head that’s pulling you up. But then you got to relax your butt into the saddle.

[ Chuckles ] You’re a natural, bud. Then what? Uh, well, then you take your horse to go do some tests, like different gaits, which is like how they walk, in big circles with minimal aid. The point of these competitions is to show control and mastery of the horse. Who taught you all this? Um, there was a horse trainer on the estate that I grew up on. He, uh — he taught me everything he knew about horses, which was quite a lot. He was the closest thing to a father I had. My dad isn’t my birth father, either. But he’s kind, too. Then I guess we’re both lucky, huh, leo?

[ Imitates explosion ] So, are you gonna tell me what sonny and I walked in on earlier or what? Just some housekeeping with jordan. Hm! The divorce papers, huh?

[ Inhales sharply ] Among other things. Oh, no. No, no. Curtis, you didn’T. Look. Honey! I’m not saying jordan intentionally misplaced those papers, right?

[ Sighs ] But after talking with you and tj… I’m beginning to think it’s a real possibility. Wait a second. What did tj say? He didn’t say anything about the divorce specifically, but it’s clear that jordan is throwing herself into work and neglecting her personal life. Well, maybe she’s just not ready to get out there just yet. Right. I mean, with work, she probably has no time to even sleep, much less meet up with someone new for a coffee date. Hey. You okay? Hm. I guess I’m more freaked out than I’m willing to admit. I can’t believe I saw that psycho stab brando. You saw who did it? Not clearly. The alley’s not lit, and it was pouring down rain. Also, you were probably in shock. Has that ever happened to you? First couple times I saw action. Takes a while to learn how to focus in stressful situations. Well, it’s a good thing you were there when ava was stabbed. I heard you were calm and collected. You know how they say a swan glides along the surface but is paddling furiously underneath? So you’re not as unruffled as you seem? Half of keeping your cool is faking it. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve definitely had my fill of horrible situations. That’s too bad. I hope you never have to see anything like that again, but if you do, just keep paddling. Alright. I’ll be right here. Are you also going in? Doctor said one at a time. I-I’ll go in after sasha. No. Gladys, it’s okay. You go in first. Thanks, baby.

[ Monitor beeping ] What can I do? Tell that it’s not gonna happen again… that I won’t lose brando, too. Well, dr. Robinson said that he — he’s doing fine. A-and think about everything that brando has to live for, with you being at the top of that list. Uh, it’S… it’s like when I brought you home as a newborn. I was so afraid to hurt you. This time, you’re already hurt. Tell me who hurt you, sweetheart. Tell your ma. Open your — your big blue eyes… and tell me who put you in this bed. So I can hunt them down and give them an ounce of the hell I’m going through now.

they don’t give out trophieswhere I go to ride. Are there any competitions in port charles? That’s a good question. I’ll find out if there’s a local chapter of the stirrup society. What’s that? Well, it’s an organization for kids that teaches riding and sportsmanship and how to take care of horses. You already taught me all that stuff. Yeah, but you could learn a lot more if you took some lessons with the stirrup society. They do events like riding events and competitions. I’ll, uh, maybe take you to one. Yeah! I’m gonna go tell comet! You’re so good with him. Oh, nah, he’s — he’s good with me. Leo’s one of the only people I don’t have to pretend with. You do a lot of pretending? Well, you know, new guy in town, it’s kind of hard to try and make a good impression. It seems like you’ve succeeded. Olivia adores you. Sam and dante. Britt’s not complaining — much.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah, dante and i go way back. Not too many people give me multiple chances. Sometimes it seems easier just to start over than to try to fix something that’s broken. Yeah, I’ve been there. I’ve run away. But wherever I’ve arrived, there I was. Damn, ms. Quartermaine. You’ve got layers!

[ Laughs ] That’s an understatement. Look, cody, I don’t know what you’re facing, but everyone in this house is really glad you’re here. Hope you stick around. Then he threatened to punch mac scorpio and maxie walked in. Ooh. Wait. Wasn’t maxie on team cody? Not anymore. Look, as a town pariah, I’m experiencing a sympathy cringe here. I mean, cody’s reaction makes sense. Hearing you’re a person of interest in a brutal attack would put anyone on edge, especially when you don’t know the victim. Which was my point to maxie, but she wasn’t having it. Now she thinks cody’s not worth my time. Maxie’s cool and all, but judging from her last fiancé, she might not be the best source for romantic advice. And we are? Hey! Speak for yourself. I just exchanged numbers with the guy over at the bar earlier. The mojo is back. Okay. Who says “mojo”? Whatever! Charisma. Magnetism. Uh…swagger. Hmm? You know who else has swagger? Don’t say it. No. Mm-hmm. Face it, britt. You are drawn to that big, brash bull of a man. So why not just cast aside all doubt and take cody bell by the horns?! Okay, granted, jordan is a busy woman, but whether or not she’s dating is not an indicator if she’s over me or not. But you seem to feel like she isn’T. Well, you brought it up first. You tell me. I’m wondering why it even matters at this point. Because it would explain why I get the sense that jordan is holding something back when it comes to those papers. Okay, look, I believe that jordan, you know, she does still harbor feelings for you, but I don’t get the sense that she’s angling, trying to get you back. Then why won’t she file those divorce papers? Okay. Okay. Let’s say that she intentionally “lost” the divorce papers and she wants you back. Would that change things for you? Uh, where’s kristina? How’s she doing? She’s on the 10th floor. Why don’t you go on up and I’ll meet you there? Okay. Yeah. Sounds good. I’ll see ya. Alright? Can you tell me anything about brando that might help? Any disgruntled employees? How’s his relationship with sasha? Everybody loved brando. He didn’t have an enemy in the world. What about cyrus renault? He used to work for him at some point. Are you looking at cyrus? I’m looking at every possible scenario, including a possible link to you. Have you been having any business problems lately? I mean, you know, just the normal ones. But brando doesn’t work for me. Ava doesn’t work for me. You want to help me find this maniac? Stop stonewalling. Because right now the only connection I can find between brando and ava is you. So, I usually go to perks, but this place is right around the corner from my building, so I figured, why not? Well, after waiting in line for nearly 10 minutes to overpay for a “pour over” coffee this big, now I know why not.

[ Laughs ] I know the place that you’re talking about. Corner of 8th and van ness? That’s it. The most pretentious, ridiculous — hey. Kristina. Hey. Hey. You been here all night or what? Where else would I be? Um, brando made it through surgery. Yeah, I heard. How are you holding up? I mean, it’s been rough, but dex has been helping me get my mind off of it and I’m just trying to chill. Oh. Yeah, dex. He’s a real great guy, this guy, isn’t he? You seem to be everywhere these days, huh? -It’s what I’m paid for. -Really? Did you know he works for sonny? I did. Yeah. Wait. Was one of your jobs to protect the family? Which I do when called upon. Huh. No one in your family is at risk for me. Oh, really? Well, we both know that isn’t entirely true, right? How’s he doing? Not in any pain that I can tell. Well, that’s good. Ohh. We’re taking it all for him. I would take it all if I could. How’s she? Desperate not to lose him. Makes two of us. You go to bat for everyone around you. Me. Gladys. Sonny and his family. I know that it must be exhausting for you. I know that

i must be exhausting. But I’m gonna have to ask you to rally one more time, brando. Fight! I need you to fight for me. I know that you’re tired. And I know that you’re hurting. But I need you to push through, okay? Fight. For me. And I pr omise you that you don’thave to worry about me anymore. I will do everything that I have to to get better… for you. You’re deserve the best. Because you are the best. And I believe in you, brando. I believe in you more than I have ever believed in anyone or anything.

Why would I agree to a second date with someone who’s ready to run as soon as there’s trouble? But he hasn’t, right? Cody’s still in port charles. For the moment. But they all leave eventually. Cody might be different. Maxie thinks cody’s up to no good.

[ Chuckles ] Like that’s a deal-breaker. No disrespect to maxie or anyone else, but come on. If you like the guy, if you think you two might be good together, then take a shot. Don’t freeze him out. Bradley! Are you advising me to give him the benefit of the doubt? Yeah. Novel concept. I know.

[ Laughs ] Brad. Hmm? Thanks for saying I’m a bombshell.

[ Scoffs ] Don’t be so modest. Go get your swagger on, girl. You know you can melt dry ice.

[ Laughs ] And besides, you’re always looking out for me. Least I can do is thank you for it. I told comet we’re going to join the stirrup society! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there, partner. I said we could go watch. There’s a big difference. Besides, you’re gonna need your parents’ permission to participate. They’ll say yes, especially after I explain why they should.

[ Chuckles ] I thought I was the only one who could play my dad like a fiddle. Well, leo, a competition takes a lot of training and practice. You sure you’re up for that? Cody will train me. Well, have you asked him? He might have stuff to do. Cody, will you train me? I already know where I’ll put my trophy, but I can’t do it without you. You won’t have to, bud. Well, this is not the conversation I expected to have this morning. Neither did I. But we’re in it now. What if jordan wants you back, curtis? Jordan and I loved each other and we fought hard to be together. And that type of love doesn’t just vanish when you move on? No, it does not. I will always care for her. We built a history together. But, baby… that’s exactly what it is. It’s history. It’s in the past. You…are my future. My beautiful, exciting new future. You once viewed a future with jordan, though, didn’t you? That was before I realized we had fundamental differences, before I learned of all the secrets she kept. Baby, this is not about how jordan feels about me. This is about how

we feel about each other. I couldn’t be with someone like jordan because I could never build a future with someone who would have a problem being truthful with me. But… what if jordan was truthful with you? What if she was honest with you about everything? Would you two still be together? Both victims are related to you in some way. True. Brando’s my cousin, and ava’s the mother of my child. But that could just be a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you? Look, sonny, I’m doing my best here, but you got to help me out. How? Tell me what’s going on. I’ve heard things haven’t been going right with your business. You know what? The regular up-and-down, you know? Nothing major. Sonny. Is it possible your family could be under attack? Okay. Listen to me. Do you have any evidence to suggest that? No, but why else would the person who targeted ava also attack brando? What if this is just the beginning? So, brando and i caught dex here, uh, threatening michael in the quartermaine stables. Is that true? I misinterpreted something that your father said about michael, and I decided to follow up. Hmm. I thought I was showing initiative, but I thought wrong. Initiative. Yeah, so he got upset that we intervened, and then he got upset that brando mentioned it to sonny. Mr. Corinthos and i worked that out. So did brando and I. Well, good. Well, if dad trusts dex, then that’s good enough for me. It’s j– it’s funny. Like, this guy is literally everywhere something happens. At the picnic right after ava gets stabbed. It’s a good thing. I saved her life. In the alleyway right after brando gets stabbed. Are you accusing me of something, detective? Dex, is that offer for coffee still on the table? That depends. We’ll go to perks, not the place on van ness. We good here? Yeah. Yeah, for now. Great. Let’s go. I’m sorry for pushing you away. And I’m sorry for… wasting time that… that I should have spent being with you. I’m sorry for every time I didn’t tell you how much I love you. I can’t lose you, too, brando. Please. Please come back to me.

[ Sobbing ] I can’t do this without you.

[ Gasps ] Brando? Brando?

[ Exhales sharply ] Brando. Hi.

[ Laughs ] Hi.

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Days Transcript Friday, September 16, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Chanel. I, uh, I, I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Yeah. I, I wasn’t expecting to see you either.

It’s me. I need you to track down my dead brother. No, not Jake, my other dead brother, Stephan. He’s my ticket to winning myself of his widow once. And for all

Gabby, I’m not sure what you mean. Well, you, you do remember the other night at the mansion when Ava thought she saw Jake at the. Of course. So we all thought she was hallucinating and turns out she wasn’t. So it had to be Stephan. So my question to you is if she saw him, how did you not see him too?

Oh my God. Uh, am I seeing things. No Chloe you’re stunning. Blue eyes are as keen as ever.

Stephan that’s me. I’m alive. Well, how is this impossible. If you let me in, I’ll tell you all about it.

What are you talking about? I, I didn’t murder anyone. Don’t try and deny agree. Objection, your honor. This outrageous allegation has absolutely no basis in facts, your honor, as, as we’ve established, uh, Mr. Damara, she doesn’t have a shred of evidence to prove her case. So out of desperation, she’s making this up.

I am not making anything up. You killed your uncle Philip curus in cold blood.

Like sand through the hour are the days of our lives.

Well, that’s lie. I’m afraid not this man is a murderer. Objection. That is absurd. Tread carefully. Ms. Damara. Were you, or were you not charged with the murder of Philip CUUS? The charges were dropped. The da didn’t have a case because the police never found Philip’s body. Of course they didn’t. After you were done with them, there was nothing left, but a prosthetic leg.

So Ralph kept you alive this entire time. Yeah, he eventually brought me back when he found a heart. Found it where

actually I have no idea. Well, this is unbelievable. Does your family know? Does Gabby know she must be over the moon? Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn how Gabby feels. What I don’t care about Gabby, Chloe

woman, I care about is you.

Hmm, Stefan must, uh, run off before I arrived. That that doesn’t make any sense. I mean, you said that Ava fainted and you arrived and you caught her before she hurt herself, right? She fainted because she saw Stephan. If he ran off before you showed up, I mean, how did you catch her? Wouldn’t she have just fallen to the floor.

What exactly are you accusing me of? Do you think I’m lying to you?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see you here. You and Ali are together now. Um, Anyway, can I come in? I need to talk to my sister. Oh, she’s not here right now. What’s with a bag. I need a place to crash and I was hoping Allie might let me stay here. I, I thought you were staying with Ava at the Salem in not anymore.

Why? Why are you making such a big deal about this? Come on, Ava. You cannot blame me for being protective over my brother, especially since, since what? Since I know what you’re capable of, when a relationship goes wrong, you’ve threatened to kill my aunt. Kayla. If my uncle Steve didn’t sleep with you, you tried to frame Ray for a crime.

He didn’t commit. All right. Well, just rest assure you. Don’t have to worry about that with Johnny, because you say. Well, first off I care about him. And second, we are not in a relationship Chanel and I saw you two going into the Salem Inn together. Yeah. Okay. Johnny stayed with me overnight in my room, on the floor.

Okay. We’re buddies. That is it. See worry. You’re pretty little head about me hurting your brother.

I’m not. I’m not accusing you of anything. I’m just, I’m really trying to figure out what happened just because Stephan’s alive. Doesn’t mean Ava stopped having hallucinations of Jake. She still could have seen Jake when I opened the door. That would be quite a coincidence. I don’t know what to tell you.

Gabby. I didn’t see Stephen that night, but I did see him a little while ago. Where here,

Chloe, you must remember that we, we had something special. When you were living under my roof, I know it started out as me just giving you a safe place to stay, but we were building a deeper connection, something that went far beyond friendship and gratitude. Wait clearly don’t remember that you were sleeping with Gabby behind my back guessing I was an idiot to fall for her tricks.

It clearly she was trying to seduce me to get revenge for her going back to prison. And if I had my way that two face sadist would still be there. Stefan, come on, Chloe. What Gabby did makes my blood boil. She wanted to destroy. But in the end, she destroyed you and me

if opposing counsel’s plan is to continue making slanderous statements about my client, asking questions, Mr. Damara apologies, your honor.

The last place that Philip KIIS was seen alive was at the river bay. Yes. And Chloe left him there and when she returned, he was gone, but you were there isn’t that, right? That, yes. And isn’t it true that Chloe found you. Passed out drenched in Phillip’s blood and a bloody knife next to you with only your fingerprints on it.

Answer the question, please. Yes. And speaking of blood, wasn’t your blood alcohol level determined to be more than three times the legal limit. Objection, relevance. The fact that Brady. Was blackout, drunk and slaughtered. A member of his own family is very relevant in determining whether he’s a fit parent.

No, that is not a fact those charges were dropped ultimately. Yes, but everything leading up to those charges being filed in the first place is a matter of police record. And since Mr. Black refuses to answer my questions, I would like to enter those records into evidence

when Allie and I saw you and Ava. The other night at the Salem end, we thought you were getting a room together. Yeah. I, I only stayed one night. Um, when my dad kicked us out, it was pretty late and neither of us had anywhere else to go, so, oh, okay. I, I thought that you two were sleeping together. no, no. Um, it, it was headed in that direction, but, um, Ava had second thoughts because she just lost her husband.

Right. She’s still grieving. So you wanted to sleep with her, but you didn’t because she had, she couldn’t handle it. Yeah. Eva is a very attractive woman, obviously. And when she was staying with us, she and I, we, we really bonded. So maybe someday when she’s ready, who knows. Right. Who knows Stefan was.

Sitting right there in your chair. He told me he’d been here all night. My office, why? He said he wanted to be somewhere familiar where he felt in control. Wonder if he was looking for me, he wasn’t. How do you know that? If you’re worried about me coming in between you and Gabby, you don’t need to be

quite frankly the thought of her turns my stomach. He made that pretty clear. I see. Do you have any idea where step went? Maybe he, uh, went looking for Chloe lane.

So Stephan, you got past what Gabby did to you. You fell in love with. You married her that all may be true, but I realize now that that was a huge mistake. Look, Chloe, I never should have gotten involved with Gabby and I certainly never should have let you go.

Now. I know this is all very overwhelming for you. But it’s a good thing. It’s a wonderful thing. We can be together. Now we can pick up where we left off.

Um, I’m sorry, Stephan, but that isn’t gonna happen. I’m with someone else now

who Brady.

Your honor, I can assure you that whatever is in those records, there’s no bearing whatsoever on what kind of a father I am, that it was an isolated incident in which I harmed no one. Now this woman on the other hand has been terrorizing people for years. Objection. She has not only gone after me. She has gone after almost every single member of my family.

Your honor, she stabbed my grandfather. She raped my brother. She was caught. Single-handedly trying to kidnap our own daughter. The list goes on and on. I can keep going. I served my time. Who’s granted a full pardon for everything I did. Yes. And that, that doesn’t change the fact that you did it, that’s it.

You drug people, you held people hostage, you poisoned people. Kristen, Ms. Black, please remind your client that Ms. Dara’s past crimes are inadmissible. Fine. Let’s talk about her recent crimes. What about the fact that she threatened Chloe? Just a couple days ago in my office with a letter opener Brady, please.

I’m just, I mean, don’t be a fool, your honor. I mean, this woman is still the violent psychopath. That she’s pretty much always been your honor. I apologize for my client’s outburst, please disregard it. He has nothing further to add. Please Dira. I’m sorry, just need a moment, please.

Your honor. I believe that after reviewing those documents and considering Mr. Black’s outburst here today, frightening volatility that you just witnessed. I believe that you will get a full understanding of why I don’t want my daughter being raised by a homicidal alcoholic.

Don’t get me wrong. Ava. And I, we do have a real connection. So you said, but like I also said, she’s just, she’s not ready to jump in anything serious. She’s just started a new job. She’s trying to find a place to live. So, and she’s old enough to be your mother. She actually is trip’s mother. And did you think about what he, what he think if he knew, knew what I just told you?

She and I didn’t sleep together yet. But you said it’s because she isn’t ready and that it still could happen. It could. Yeah. But right now it’s just, what, what are you thinking? Just that, even the fact that you wanted to have sex with Ava and that is still might happen. You know, I’m, I’m starting to wonder if this is about what trip would think or if it’s about what you think

Well, I must admit I am relieved. Ah, I am sure you are Johnny. And I had had our issues and our relationship right now. It’s strained. Like I said, But he’s a really good person and he’s just been through a lot lately. Yeah. I mean we all, yeah. Um, I’m, I’m sorry. I did not mean to come across as insensitive I’m I am really sorry for your loss.

Thanks. So, um, Johnny’s not staying with you anymore? No, no. I told him he needed to either move. Home where he needed to find a new place to live.

What are you talking about? Lee? Why would Stephan go see Chloe? You remember what he said yesterday at the crypt? How you ruined his chances with her? Yeah, but that, that couldn’t mean anything. Their relationship. If you could even call it, that was a big pet, nothing. That’s not the impression I got from Stephan.

Stephan’s been unconscious for four years and Ralph has been watching over him. We don’t know what that nut job did to his brain. Clearly, he’s confused. So you’re saying Stephan didn’t have feelings for Chloe. He took pity on her for like one minute. He helped her out of a jam that she got into with a drug Lord.

That’s. The only woman he’s ever wanted was me. Actually, the only woman he ever really loved was me. Are you sure about that?

You’re with Brady. Yes. I’m in love with him.

I don’t understand.

He was in on the plan with Gabby to break us up he’s as deceitful and manipulative as she is, that was a long time ago. And we’ve moved past that. Oh, listen, Stephan. I I’m, I’m glad that you are alive. I, I really am. We are not going to be together. So I, I think you should. I think you should go


I’m not giving up on you, Chloe. I was given a second chance that life. And I’m hoping you will give me a second chance at love.

I am sorry about this Brady and I know what you did to Phillip. Wasn’t your fault. He didn’t do anything. I understand your denial bell. You love your brother very much. And a part of me will always love him. He used to be such a good and decent man. It’s true, your honor. He was such a wonderful person until he got involved with Chloe.

Again. Objection, your honor. Earlier you said that your only concern was the best interest of the child. And to that end, you allowed me to question Ms. I simply am just trying to paint a full picture so that you understand how dangerous that woman is. Go ahead. Earlier, Chloe admitted to being a kidnapper.

Now, is she learned from this or changed her wicked ways? I mean, we wouldn’t be here right now, but sadly and tragically, she did not. And it breaks my heart cuz you were doing so. You worked hard on your sobriety and he was stable. He was thriving even. And then along came glowing. She used your jealousy of Philip to work her way back into your life.

Drove you to the bottle again. And then eventually to commit murder. Once again, your honor, this is pure fiction. She pushed you to kill and who knows where she’s gonna push him next. And that is why I very reluctantly ask you to grant me full custody until Brady rids himself of miss Chloe lane. I don’t want him go anywhere near my daughter.

If you’re implying that I’m jealous. No, no. I’m just surprised you’re being so judging. Judgey. How am I being judgey saying she’s old enough to be my mother. She is, it’s not a judgment. It’s a fact. Okay. You’re the one who was all I’m attracted to the person, not their gender. So if gender doesn’t matter, then why should age?

Okay. It doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t. And as for my friendship with Ava,

she needed someone to be there for, to comfort her. So did I, we were both feeling kind of lonely and lost. You get that right? Yeah. I, I, I kiss

now that Ms. Damira has finished presenting nothing but wild inaccuracies and outright lies. I would like to present some truth. I have several witnesses lined up who would love to testify as to what a wonderful father Brady is. That’s enough for one day. We’ll resume in the morning. Thank you, everyone.

Court is adjourned.

Nice try Kristen.

You know, your little, uh, Your little smear campaign. It’s not gonna work. Really think that judge is gonna just forget about all the terrible things that you’ve done. It doesn’t matter, she can’t consider any of them. But what she can consider is that you acted like a total lunatic here today, combined with the documents that I gave her documents that clearly state that the charges against Bri were dropped only because his granddaddy went to bat for him.

It’s another thing I need to tell the judge about what are you talking about? Don’t play dumbbell, Victor and Kate signed a document declaring that Phillip was legally dead. And then all of a sudden they revoked. Why did they do that? Because the police never found Phillip’s body. Victor knew he was gone and that he knew it was too late to save him, but not Brady.

So he talked Kate into pretending that there was no murder so that his beloved grandson wouldn’t go to prison. You know, that I didn’t feel Philip. And you know that I would never put Rachel in any kind of danger. This is not about. This is about your pathological jealousy, Kristin. That’s what this is about.

No, no. Brady. This is about your deadly obsession with a home wrecking baby stealing horror. No, I didn’t wanna bring her up, but I had to, because it is my obligation to protect Rachel. And when that judge reads about you and the bloody knife and your drunken blackouts she’ll agree that I did the right.

That I had no choice, but to tell the truth about you and Chloe,

of course, I’m sure that Stefan loved me, but like I said, he’s just a little confused right now and he hasn’t fully regained his memory, but he will. I wouldn’t be so sure why not? When he realized we were engaged, he congratulated us, said he was glad you moved on and hoped we’d be very happy together. He was just being polite.

Okay. It doesn’t change the fact that there was only one great love in his life. And that was me.

Have you found Ste yet, then try harder dam it. My brother couldn’t have disappeared into thin air.

Hey, what’s going on? Oh, Johnny came by because he wanted to ask you if he could stay here, he needs a place to crash. I heard I’ll take the couch and I promise I won’t be any trouble. So what did he, SIS? I’ll have to think about it. I’m I’m your twin brother. You don’t really want me out on the street. Do you?

I mean, I’m sure you have plenty of other options besides my couch. You didn’t tell him that he could stay here. Did you? Of course not. This is your place. Look, Allie. You’ve got nothing to worry about between me and Chanel. She chose you. You shouldn’t feel threatened. I. But why should I help you with anything?

Because family helps family, right? Like how you tried to get your ex-mother-in-law to help you break up mean Dupre

does a part of you really still love Brady.

That’s what I said. Isn’t. and you know how much Rachel loves her father, right? He’s her whole world.

What is your point? The entire time that you were on the run? Brady raised your daughter all by himself and he was incredible. So what you’re doing, trying to cut her out of his life is. I don’t see it that way. No, I know. I know that you’re angry that Brady doesn’t want a future with you, but Brady and Chloe are going to be together no matter what, and cutting Rachel out of his life, isn’t gonna change that.

It’s just gonna traumatize her even more. I mean, do you know how stressed out she is? Do you want her to keep suffering? No, of course not. Okay. Then drop this suit and let’s work out a joint custody arrangement with Brady. Forget it, Kristen. He only wants what’s fair. He’s not trying to shut you out of Rachel’s life.

Brady is willing to, to forgive all the things you’ve done in the past, because he knows it’s in the best interest of your daughter to have a relationship with both of her parents.

Chris. And I know that it’s, it’s really hard to set aside your pain and your pride. I know that feels impossible, but if you love your daughter and I mean, I really believe you do, you’ll do it. You’ll do it for her.

Great. Thank you. Hey, Hey, how’d it go. After I left from bad to worse, Kristen tried to convince the judge that I killed Philip. What? Yeah. She even gave, uh, the judge a record of police record of all the gory details. And I, I blew up too. I blew up in court. I don’t think it helped my cause much. Aw, I’m sure bell can sort this out.

Yeah, I’m hoping she can too. Why don’t we call her right now and let’s start brainstorming. No, babe, I don’t want, I don’t want to brainstorm. I can’t, I I’m fried. I just have to hope that tomorrow is better. I wanna take a shower. I just want a shot. I would love for you to join me. Honestly. I would love that, but, uh, there’s something I need to talk to you about and I know it’s really bad timing, but it’s, it’s kind of a big deal.

Okay. Uh, tell me, well, um, Stephan Damara showed up here today. He’s alive.

my God. It is true. I heard you were back. What? Wonderful news. appreciate the warm welcome. Although we’ve never actually met before. In fact, the only other time I’ve seen you before today was when I went to visit you in the hospital and you were wrapped head to toe and bandages seems we’ve both made miraculous recovery.

Perhaps it’s something in our DNA after all we are brothers. We’re also strangers. So E. Why are you so happy to see me?

I know. Huh? It’s a shock that Stephan’s back.

Ha you two were in love. You, you were, you were married, but Gary, a lot of time has passed. It’s clear, Stephan doesn’t feel the same way about you as he did in the past. He just doesn’t remember how he feels about me.

Maybe it’s better that way. What do you mean you’ve moved on with your life since you lost him? You are in a really great place right now, Gabby, we are in a really great place. We’re engaged. We love each other don’t we? Of course. So imagine how complicated it would be. If, if he remembered his feelings for you this way, you’re both free to move on.

The slate is wiped. I know how hard this must be for you, and I’m gonna do everything I can to help, but you also have to do everything to help yourself by forgetting about the past and focusing on the future, your future’s with me, Gabby heavy. You need to let Stephan go.

Are you being so nice to me, us, I like having you around and I care about you AFA

a lot.

Did didn’t I apologize for teaming up with Paul. Not that I recall. Hmm. Well then I should have you two Chanel. I, uh, I’m very sorry. I know that that was a mistake and I’m trying to move past it. Mm-hmm with trip’s mother who is around the same age as our mother who just lost her husband about five minutes ago.

They relax Allie. Okay. I just finished explaining to Chanel and nothing happened between us. We’re just friends. Yeah. She told me that it was her decision that you pursued her and she rejected. . When did she tell you that? I just talked to her, but I know you Johnny, and I know the one, you want something, you go after her with a vengeance.

and you don’t, you wanted Chanel and you went after her, even though she’s my ex-wife. Okay. If you’re trying to convince me to let you stay here, you’re not doing a very good job. You’re right. You are right. And I am sorry again, but I still need a place to crash. So what do you say? Can I take the couch?

Hi, just don’t get too comfortable.

So Stephan told you that that marrying Gabby was a mistake. Yeah. And that he wants me back. Well, that’s, that’s insane. I mean, hold on. Unless, unless what do you think, well, who, who would benefit from this? Who, who would benefit from, from step and all of a sudden being alive and then pursuing you? What do you mean?

You remember? Not too long ago, Kristen knocking on the door and coming in here and saying, where is. As if she was expecting someone to be here with you, what if that person she was expecting to be here was Ste, oh my God. That must have been it. Yeah. Has to be. So you’re thinking, I’m thinking that Kristen’s up to her neck in this.

I love my daughter with all my heart and soul. I. She’s everything to me, that’s why I’m doing this. So you can tell your client that as long as Chloe is in his life, I’m not dropping this case. And given how things went today. I think I have a real good chance at winning. Wow. You won’t even consider making a deal.

You want a different outcome. You convince Chloe to let Brady go move on to someone else. Us plenty efficiency.

We may not know each other, but we are. Family is everything to me as it was to our father. And he would say that this occasion, his two sons reunited would call for a toast

to the return of Stephan O Damira.

I know we’ll do great things together at the family company. Thought you were no longer CEO. I was unceremoniously unseated by your widow, but she was voting the shares she inherited from you. Now that you are back, perhaps a situation might changed. How so? As I understand it, your feelings towards the former Mrs.

Taira have gone cold. Clearly I can’t stand the. So I thought perhaps the two of us could work together to take back the company and we could start by getting rid of Gabby.

I really appreciate your support, Lee.

This is it’s a. And I, I just, I can’t talk about it anymore right now. I just really need to be alone.

I understand. I’ll give you the time you need.

I love you Gabby. And when you’re ready, I’ll be here.

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B&B Transcript Friday, September 16, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Hope: If ridge had wanted to be with your mom, he would have left mine a long time ago.

Steffy: He did when brooke got drunk and, uh, kissed deacon.

Hope: Yeah, but once he found out that she had been manipulated, he went back to her.

Steffy: It’s only temporary.

Hope: According to you.

Steffy: Hope, I know how this plays out. I’ve watched my whole life. So have you. It’s only a matter of time before brooke lets down my dad again.

Brooke: Ridge. It’s not what it looks like.

[ Inaudible ]

[ Inaudible ]

Carter: Come on, let’s do it. Finish strong. Let’s go. That’s it, man. Damn, thomas! You’re an animal, bro.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Carter: Nothing, dude. I just thought I was big into lifting. But you? You? I’m impressed. You’re keeping me honest.

Thomas: Well, it’s good to get out of the office, you know, break a sweat, and i did actually want to pick your brain about some legal stuff.

Carter: What did you do?

Thomas: Nothing. I– I– nothing. It’s just, uh, it’s about custody of douglas.

Thomas: Look, I don’t want to put you in an awkward position. I know that you and hope are close.

Carter: I know, but we’re talking about custody. You’re not taking hope to court, are you?

Thomas: No, no, no, that’s the last thing I want. I don’t want some kind of legal battle.

Carter: Good, good, ’cause court is a last resort if at all possible.

Thomas: Yeah. It’s just– okay, hope and I, we have shared custody of douglas.

Carter: It was mutually agreed upon, correct?

Thomas: Eh, sort of. Hey, look, man, douglas spends like 95% of his time with hope and liam.

Carter: Okay, and you want that to change.

Thomas: Yeah, but I– the last thing I want to do is hurt hope.

Steffy: Everything I’m saying about your mom is true.

Hope: She has owned up to her mistakes in the past. She’s committed to ridge.

Steffy: Okay, she’s been on a good streak for the last few months, but it’s only a matter of time before she gets herself in trouble again. Aren’t I right, mom?

[ Taylor sighs ]

Taylor: I just walked right into this, didn’t I?

Steffy: My mom has too much class to sling mud. Your mom’s reputation with men is notorious. I just don’t want my father to see your mom falling into the arms of another man again.

Bill: Brooke’s right. Nothing for you to be concerned about.

Ridge: Really?

Bill: Just giving an old friend a simple hug goodbye.

Ridge: But why were you here in the first place?

Bill: I was hoping to get some insight into katie. Who better to talk to than her big sister?

Brooke: Bill’s worried about katie. She’s, uh, giving him the cold shoulder.

Ridge: Okay. Bill is worried about katie. What are you doing? For copd,

Thomas: Obviously, I want to be a full-time father to my son. You know, I mean, being a father is the greatest gift you could ask for. And I made mistakes in the past, you know? I wasn’t– I wasn’t proud of the man that I’d become, and, uh, and I realized I needed to make a change, right? And I did. Not just– not just for myself. For my family and for my son.

Carter: That’s great, man. It’s not easy to admit.

Thomas: I’m ready for more responsibility, you know? With douglas. And hope and I, being his parents, we– we have to find a way to work together on this. And especially since we’re not living together.

Carter: And you’ve accepted that, right? That– that hope is married to liam. This isn’t about you still being attracted to her?

Thomas: Okay, look. Obviously, hope’s a beautiful woman, and– and I will always love her, but douglas adores her. She’s the most amazing mother to him, and that’s what this is about. That’s the reason that I don’t want to alienate him. Carter: Tell you what. Look. This is understanding that you want more consistency with douglas and want to expose him to the forresters’ family. That’s admirable, but I’m getting a vibe that you’re talking about more than just a potential custody issue here.

Thomas: I mean, okay, yeah, there– there is more at play.

Carter: What’s at play? What– what– what’s at play?

[ Thomas sighs ]

Thomas: Okay. There’s another situation. Like, there’s my father, and obviously steffy and I want him to be with our mother. Hope disagrees. She thinks that my dad should be with brooke.

Carter: Sounds like the makings of another epic struggle between forrester versus logan.

Hope: So, what brings you here, taylor? Are you looking for ridge? I know you’ve been spending a lot of time with my mother’s husband lately.

Steffy: We’ve been bonding and celebrating my husband not being dead.

Hope: And I’m thrilled for all of you, but I do think it is more than just that. I’ve seen the stolen moments between you and ridge.

Taylor: Yes, um, there have been some conflicting moments between ridge and I, yes. Um, I can understand why you’d be upset.

Steffy: No, mom, stay here. The only reason dad’s staying at brooke’s house right now is to help her with her broken ankle. There’s magic between you two, elements of a lasting relationship. The kiss in monaco was only the beginning. Dad’s finally waking up and realizing you’re the love of his life, not brooke.

Brooks: Ridge–

Bill: All right, all right, all right, look. For the record, this is on me. Brooke had no idea I was coming over. I just showed up.

Ridge: Well, you got to stop doing that. Maybe, what do you think? Set some boundaries?

Brooke: Bill, if you don’t mind, I would like to talk to my husband alone.

Bill: Yeah, no, of course. I mean, this is unnecessarily awkward. I was really just leaving.

Ridge: Bill, maybe next time give somebody a heads-up. Phone call, text, or even better, don’t come over.

Brooke: Good luck with katie.

Bill: I’m gonna need it. Forrester, this is an incredible woman. Don’t be a fool and blow it.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Ridge: Guy’s got a lot of nerve, huh?

Brooke: I didn’t mean for you to walk in on that, bill and me hugging. I mean, really, ridge, it wasn’t what it was–

Ridge: Not the jealous type. I know nothing happened.

Brooke: Okay. Okay, I’m glad to hear you say that. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if you were a tad bit jealous.

Ridge: Maybe I am a little bit. We talked about this, right?

Brooke: I know.

Ridge: I don’t like walking in here and seeing guys like deacon or bill. You get that?

Brooke: Yeah. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Carter: Great workout, man. Thanks for not letting me bail.

Thomas: Of course. You got to stay in shape for quinn, right? No, honestly, I’m really happy for you guys. And granddad seems happy too, you know? Donna’s moved in, and… anyway, I guess all’s well that ends well, right?

Carter: Yeah.

[ Carter chuckles ] Your dad seems like he’s struggling a bit, though.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, he’s never– he’s never quite settled, you know? He’s always stuck in the middle, trying to please too many people.

Carter: I mean, it’s not a total curse having two incredible women in your life like brooke and your mother.

Thomas: He could pick one, though.

Carter: A specific one.

Thomas: Absolutely a specific one. You know, there’s one that kind of ruins his life all the time and gives him anxiety, and then there’s one that– that brings out the best version of himself, and I– I wish that they would just realize that.

Carter: Mmm.

Thomas: Anyway, I’ve taken enough of your time. Thanks for the, uh, the advice.

Carter: I don’t know if I gave you much advice.

Thomas: You did not.

[ Carter chuckles ]

Carter: I do have a suggestion, though. Keep things amicable with hope. Ultimately, that’s what’s best for douglas.

Thomas: I agree. What’s best for douglas should be first. Though it may be hard. It’s always been tough keeping things amicable between the forresters and the logans, but it might get a lot worse if my dad goes back to my mother like I’m hoping.

Carter: It’s never a dull moment.

Thomas: No. That’s true. That’s true.

Taylor: Ooh.

Steffy: Please don’t be upset about hope.

Taylor: No, I– I– I understand her point of view. She’s defending her mom.

Steffy: She’s defending the defenseless.

Taylor: Ah, but from her perspective, so are you.

Steffy: I’m doing what’s right. You and brooke are two completely different people. You cherish and you nurture dad. Brooke just causes him pain. All dad does is just walk around worn out. Like, who lives like that?

Taylor: You know when someone changes? When they’re ready, and not one second sooner.

Steffy: Dad’s not blind, mom. He knows that you are the realest source of joy and trust in his life. And, mom, you are such a good person. You are like a saint in comparison to brooke. All you’re doing is just expressing your feelings. You love dad. And he loves you. He said so himself. Never, ever, ever forget that.

Ridge: Okay, I don’t blame you. Bill came over uninvited, and it’s not your fault.

Brooke: Yeah, no, of course it’s not my fault. I mean, bill didn’t call. He didn’t text. He just came over here, and he was very distraught about katie, and of course then I was concerned. I didn’t want to just send bill away.

Ridge: And there it is, right? You’re concerned about other people, and I love that about you. But spencer? Come on.

Brooke: I get it. I do.

Ridge: Do you?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: You get what it might feel like when I walk into our home and I– I see someone like bill or deacon hanging out here? You– you get how that makes me feel?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. You are entitled to your feelings.

Ridge: Thank you.

Brooke: Yes, I do get it, but they’re gone. Bill is not here. Deacon’s not here.

Ridge: Well, I know, but, uh, just– they’re like cockroaches. They never really go away. They’re always around.

Brooke: Ridge…

[ Brooke laughs ] It’s okay. Really. All that matters is that you’re here and I’m here, and I am so happy that we’re back under the same roof. ‘Cause you are the man that I love, the man that I will always love. And not a day goes by where I don’t give thanks that you’re back in my life. (Vo) start the day with cheerios oat crunch almond.

Taylor: Steffy, you are my biggest advocate, and I appreciate that, but–

Steffy: You and dad deserve everything.

[ Taylor sighs ] You have incredible careers. You’re amazing parents, grandparents. You’re just missing that one thing.

Taylor: Honey, you’re so sweet for caring as much as you do, but please let your father and me figure this out. And you just focus on– focus on finn and kelly and hayes. One miracle at a time, okay?

Steffy: You’re right, it is a miracle. I wake up in gratitude every morning knowing that finn is alive. And like I told dad, life is short. It’s fleeting. I thought I lost my soul mate, my husband. My whole world was shattered. I just don’t want you and dad to wake up one day and realize you could have done things differently. Made different choices. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Taylor: Steffy, he’s married to someone else.

Steffy: Yeah, someone who is toxic, who constantly disappoints him and disrespects him. Mom, if you– look. You give me the best advice. What would you tell yourself? Honestly.

[ Taylor exhales sharply ] What do you want? Who do you want to be with? You know it’s dad, and I know you want our family to– I know you want our family to reunite. Don’t worry about brooke or hope. Be with dad.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. I hate to admit it, but my zebra-themed sister here is spot on. You just have to believe it.

Steffy: It is true. You could have the most incredible future together. Just put all the other stuff to the side. Focus on dad.

Thomas: If you stay open to it. I– I’ve never seen two people that are more right for each other.

Steffy: Can’t deny it. You and dad belong together.

Taylor: I am so lucky to be loved by you two.

Brooke: I know there are forces trying to pull us apart. I know it. I mean, I– I’m not gonna point any fingers, but I can feel it. And I know you can too. But the important thing is that we’ve overcome a lot of things, lot of challenges through the years. Not every relationship is perfect, ridge. There’s always some cracks here and there. But we have a foundation, a very strong foundation, and we’re not gonna let anybody destroy that. Not thomas, not steffy, not hope with douglas’s custody, not taylor, who has obvious feelings for you. I love you. My heart still skips a beat every time I look at you. Just like it did the very first time I set eyes on you. ‘Cause you and all of this is my destiny.

Steffy: Dad doesn’t love brooke. He loves mom. This time with brooke, it needs to end. We need to make sure of it. We need to make it happen. Dad and mom, they need to be together. We need to make it happen, thomas.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, September 15, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nate: One of those days, huh?

Nick: Ooh, yeah. Andy, can I get a beer? Thanks, man.

Nate: I hear you. I, um, just had to stop by for a quick drink or two to, uh, clear my head. You too?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Who am I kidding? It’s been more like one of those months. Or even years.

[ Chuckles ] So, yeah, let’s get a drink.

Jack: Hey, trace. I’m just wrapping things up here. Join me for a nightcap.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Oh, I — I didn’t realize you were here.

Diane: I am so sorry. I didn’t plan to be here this late. I fell asleep reading to harrison.

Jack: Oh, no.

Diane: Yeah, he’s — he’s still down for the night. But, um, I conked out in that little chair next to him.

Jack: I know from experience it’s not the most comfortable place to knock off.

Diane: No, no, it isn’T. Um, I guess kyle and summer went upstairs to bed and didn’t even realized I was up there. I’m a little — I’m a little embarrassed about it.

Jack: No, there’s no need to be.

Diane: Yeah, but now I’ve interrupted your time to unwind.

Jack: Don’t be silly. You are reading to our grandson. That’s hardly an intrusion.

[ Door closes ]

Nikki: Hey. Have you seen my travel chargers?

Victor: Have I seen your what?

Nikki: My travel chargers. I — I got tired of trying to keep track of every charger for every device, so I bought a lot of extra ones and I tucked them into this little case.

Victor: Huh. That’s a brilliant idea.

Nikki: Well, yeah, I thought that, too, but now I can’t find the case.

Victor: Oh, baby.

[ Glass thuds ] My baby.

Nikki: Well, I need them for my trip.

Victor: I know. I know. I know. I know.

[ “Unforgettable” playing ] Come here.

Nikki: [ Chuckling ] What?

Victor: Come here.

Nikki: What are you up to?

Victor: I think that you can buy whatever gadget it is in california.

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

That’s what you are

Victor: You need to relax now. Come here.


Victor: You’re so tense, baby. I’ve never seen you this tense before a flight.

Though near or far

Nikki: Well, you seem calmer than when I saw you earlier.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Well, I did many rounds on the heavy bag.

Nikki: Oh. Did you win?

Victor: Well, whatever the imaginary foes were, I knocked them all on their ass.

Nikki: [ Laughs ] Oh, this is so nice. But I do have a lot of packing to do.

Victor: Baby, it’s okay. Don’t worry, okay?

[ Smooches ] Enjoy the music.


in every way

Sally: [ Breathing heavily ]

Adam: [ Sighs ]

[ Doorknob rattles ] Sally?

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: [ Sniffles, sighs ]

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provided by…

Sally: Did you follow me home from society?

Adam: Why would I be interested in following you home?

Sally: No reason.

Adam: When we were at society, you didn’t mention that you were staying here.

Sally: The gcac was nice, but it was a little stuffy, so I was glad to get out of there.

Adam: Well, on behalf of the long-term grand phoenix residents, welcome back.

Sally: Thank you so much.

Adam: Can I come in for a nightcap?

Sally: I-I have a lot of work to catch up on.

Adam: Sally, I just want to talk. Just one drink. That’s it.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Diane: The problem is that once harrison becomes sleepy, it’s contagious.

Jack: Oh, tell me about it. And it doesn’t help that he wants to listen to the same stories over and over again.

Diane: [ Chuckling ] Oh, yeah. I must have read the bunny story at least six times. I mean, how many times can a little rabbit hop down the trail?

Jack: [ Chuckles ] Well, you know, I caught him at something the other day.

Diane: What’s that?

Jack: Well, you know how he has those dozens of dinosaurs?

Diane: Oh, I’ve seen them all.

Jack: I’ve always been very impressed that he knew the names of all of them.

Diane: I know, and he points them out — tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops.

Jack: Yeah, but he has a secret. He’s making up half of them.

Diane: What?

Jack: Well, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I had to draw the line at peanutbutter-asaurus.

Diane: [ Laughs ] Peanutbutter-asaurus?

Jack: Yeah. He tried to sell me as a legitimate name. I called him on it.

Diane: And what did he say?

Jack: He just giggled at me.

Diane: Oh, he is such a little stinker.

Jack: Yeah, and he has the charm to pull it all off. Listen, I know you don’t want to interrupt my evening, but there’s no reason I should have to relax alone. Um, can I maybe offer you a drink?

Diane: That would be lovely. Actually, a cup of tea would be nice. After the hectic day I’ve had, I could, um, use something to calm my nerves.

Nate: To surviving another day.

Nick: Yes, sir. I assume your troubles are related to ashland locke?

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Man, that was like three crises ago. You know, we put out one fire, another one just takes its place. It’s constant. You would have thought that when ashland died, the chaos would have gone away, but there’s just more to it, you know? There’s long-term consequences for everything.

Nate: I’ve been dealing with some of those same long-term consequences after my dealings with ashland. For the longest time, I felt suckered. After I found out ashland lied to me about being sick, i thought he chose to exploit me because I’m weak. But that’s not true. I’m not weak. I’m ambitious. And ashland saw that. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. With so many nourishing shades,

Nick: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ambition, nate. Within reason, you know? You don’t want it to be, uh, malicious or predatory. When that happens, people can sink their claws into anyone or anything, the old and the young, the weak and the strong. Then it turns malicious, whether you intended it to or not.

Nate: Mm. Fair enough. I put it all behind me anyway. It took some time, but I let go of all of my animosity towards ashland.

Nick: Good for you, man.

Nate: I hope victoria has moved on, as well.

Nick: Oh, yeah. She’s killing it, you know, completely focused on running newman. She was born to do that job.

Nate: I don’t know what role I’m destined to play in the business world. I’m still trying to figure out what it is I’m supposed to be doing with my life.

Nick: Things aren’t cool at chancellor-winters?

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Let’s just say I’m questioning a lot of things right now.

Nick: Well, I’m sure you’re gonna, you know, find your path. You’ll carve out a niche for yourself.

Nate: I don’t know about that.

Nick: Well, nate, if things don’t work out at chancellor-winters, you know there’s always other things you can do. Who knows? Maybe you end up at newman someday.

Nate: Thank you for your confidence in me, nick. I really appreciate it. Um, but, you know, I think things are going to start to turn around for me very soon.

[ “Unforgettable” playing ]

Victor: Baby, you’re not normally this uptight before a trip.

Nikki: Well, this trip is different.

Unforgettable, too

Victor: I mean, I know you’re gonna meet this deacon sharpe character. Show him how strong and tough you have become, okay?

Nikki: Yes, I — I plan on that. It’s just gonna be hard, though. I think I’ve been in denial about that.

Victor: Look, baby, why are you still upset about that after all this time?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I don’t know. I mean, I was confident when i first made the decision to confront him, but — I don’t know — I think my conversation with victoria kind of shook me. I mean, I am concerned about the negative memories that this meeting will bring up, but not just for what they might do to me…but to us.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Thank you.

Sally: [ Sighs ] So, what is it that couldn’t wait till tomorrow to talk about?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I don’t know if I had anything specific in mind. It wasn’t anything urgent or anything. I just —

Sally: Adam — adam, I have a really big day tomorrow.

Adam: I miss you.

Sally: Please don’t make me regret letting you in here.

Adam: Look, I’m — I’m sorry. What happened at the pool bar — I don’t know if I overstepped or I was picking up on a vibe that wasn’t there.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] It still isn’T.

Adam: I moved too quickly, and I apologize.

Sally: You should not have moved at all.

Adam: Look, I know that i blew it with you in every way possible. But the fact is, I haven’t stopped loving you. And I don’t want to let you go, sally.

Moving forward with node-

positive breast cancer

Elena: Nick. Hey.

Nick: Hey, elena. I was just, uh, talking to your man in there. I think he’s going through something.

Elena: Oh. Uh, thanks for the heads-up.

Nick: Yeah. Good luck.

Elena: Nate. Everything okay?

Nate: [ Breathes deeply ] I quit.

Elena: What?

Nate: I left my job at chancellor-winters.

Elena: Okay. Wow. Uh, the last time we talked about it, you said you were gonna to stay and try to work things out.

Nate: It was spontaneous. No notice and, uh, not on the best terms.

Elena: Nate. What happened?

Nate: More of the same. Devon admonishes me like a child, doesn’t give me credit, doesn’t trust me. He says I need to be a team player, but it doesn’t seem like he wants me on his team. And I couldn’t take it anymore.

[ Scoffs ] Even when lily and billy agree with me, devon’s need to control the situation surfaces. So I constantly have to acquiesce or not have a say at all. And this time, lily insisted we stay in the room and try to figure things out. And you know what? That made it easier for everyone, and I walked out.

Elena: [ Sighs ] Nate, I was hoping you would at least keep your familial connections intact.

Nate: You weren’t there, elena. Devon did not give me a choice. And honestly, it’s not up to me alone to keep the peace.

Jack: For you.

Diane: Thank you. That’s exactly what I need.

Jack: Oh, I aim to please.

Diane: Mm.

Jack: So, what upset you today?

Diane: Oh, it was nothing.

Jack: Well, it had to be something if you mentioned it.

Diane: Things just got a little crazy at the office, but you don’t need to know the details.

Jack: Is something going on at marchetti I should know about?

Diane: Oh, no, no. The work is good. It’s just…some of the people. Or, should I say, one person.

Jack: I see.

Diane: I’ve tried, jack. I have. But being at the same company with phyllis is very challenging.

Jack: Sometimes we have to work alongside people with whom we do not see eye to eye.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: The secret is to focus on the job. That’s the reason you’re there. The more focused you are, the easier it is to block out any interference with your goals.. I can handle phyllis. I can handle anything she dishes out. I’m not intimidated by her. I just hate the pressure that it puts on kyle and summer. They shouldn’t have to — to worry about their mothers in constant conflict at the office. Maybe me working for marchetti was a mistake.

Victor: You know, sweetheart, I think our relationship is so strong right now — and has been for a while — that I don’t care what deacon sharpe will come up with. He’s not gonna affect it. But I’m concerned about how your visiting him and meeting with him will affect you.

Nikki: I don’t like the person that I was back then. You and I would go out of our way to hurt each other over and over. We’d make decisions on hurt feelings and misinformation. It was just a terrible time in my life. And deacon sharpe was front and center.

Victor: I know. I love you. Lots of ups and downs then, okay? A lot of things that affected our relationship. You know, if there’s one thing i could do again, it is go back in time, erase all the pain that I’ve caused you.

Nikki: I know. The feeling is mutual.

Victor: But, having said that, if you feel so trepidatious about your trip to california, then why the hell don’t you stay here?

Nikki: No, victor, I have to go. I mean, I know seeing him is going to be very unpleasant, but he is the only one who has information that I need.

Victor: Oh. About that damn diane jenkins?

Nikki: Yes. Damn diane jenkins. You know, back when she was “killed,” I thought that deacon was trying to help me avoid jail time for a crime that I didn’t commit. Come to find out there was no murder and deacon knew about it the entire time.

Sally: I did not need to hear that right now.

Adam: Look, sally, why don’t you sit with me and we can figure this out?

Sally: No. I prefer to stand. Thank you very much.

Adam: You know, since we’ve been apart…I’ve seen you, sally. I’ve seen how strong you are, how well you are doing.

Sally: And you hate that?

Adam: I love that. Seeing you succeed makes me think I made the right decision. I mean, it was wrong to do it unilaterally. I know that was a mistake. I know that now.

Sally: Oh, god. Finally. I mean, it took you long enough.

Adam: Look, when we were together, we worked so well together personally and professionally. I mean, we supported each other in a way that nobody else has supported either one of us before. And I’m committed to getting that back.

Sally: Adam —

Adam: With both of us at different companies now, you at newman media and me at jabot, we can avoid the work/family conflict. I mean, that was always the problem.

Sally: So, what? Now, in your mind, we go right back to being together again?

Adam: No. No, I meant when I said. I — I want to earn your forgiveness… and maybe someday earn your love again. Come on, sally. We have so much more potential. I know you’ve realized that I’m a jerk, and maybe I am beyond forgiveness… but are you really ready to throw away what we had? Ughh!

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Can you imagine a world where moms and kids agreed

Sally: Your timing could not be worse.

Adam: Really?

Sally: Yes.

[ Exhales heavily ] I… I shouldn’t even tell you this right now because you — you don’t deserve my honesty at this point.

Adam: Uh, well… what’s going on?

Sally: [ Breathing heavily ] Earlier today, I made an error in judgment.

[ Sighs ] I can’t even believe this happened. I missed a very important meeting because I was at the rooftop bar with you.

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ]

Sally: I prioritized spending time with you, the man who broke my heart and caused me so much pain, and I neglected my job and my own ambition.

Adam: Sally, I — I had no idea.

Sally: Yeah, of course. How could you? I mean, why would you pay attention to anything that doesn’t center around you?

Adam: That’s not entirely fair.

Sally: It’s almost like — it’s almost like missing that meeting wasn’t entirely an accident. It’s like part of my brain wanted to believe that the meeting was actually later so that I could spend time with you. Being with you is intoxicating and apparently prevents me from thinking rationally.

Adam: And I feel the same way about you.

Sally: Yeah, but that’s not a good thing, adam. We can’t act like irresponsible teenagers. We are adults. We have responsibilities. When I was at that rooftop bar with you, it’s like I had this nagging feeling that — that — that I was missing something, and instead of looking into it, I just ignored it. And I chose instead to hang out with the man who shows me little respect.

Adam: Yes, I admit my treatment of you has been unacceptable.

Sally: Yes, it has. And I have continued to put up with it and — and neglect my own well-being. It’s like you’re an addiction. It’s not healthy. It’s toxic. And letting you in, letting you get to me was a huge mistake.

Victor: To be very honest with you, I would love to take care of that bastard deacon sharpe all by myself, if you’d let me.

Nikki: It’s not your fight, victor. It’s mine.

Victor: But, darling, that’s not quite true. That man has done a lot of damage to you, to me, to our family, okay? I’ll just — I’ll ride on the plane with you.

Nikki: I know you would, but I need to do this on my own. And even though I have reservations about this trip, you and I are in a better place than we’ve ever been. I’m not worried about us at all. And there is nothing deacon or anybody else can do to take anything from us.

Victor: But what if someone tried, sweetheart?

Nikki: Let them.

Victor: Good. I like that. And they better not.

Elena: Honestly, I’m relieved you left chancellor-winters. You’ve been so unhappy.

Nate: Mm. I’m glad you understand why i left.

Elena: Yeah, and I am sure a better opportunity will present itself soon. When one door closes —

Nate: Another door opens. And I’m pretty sure I know where that leads.

Elena: What do you mean? Do you have another job lined up?

Nate: Not exactly.

Elena: What are you saying?

Nate: I think I’ve figured out a way to make it clear to devon and everyone else at chancellor-winters just how capable and forward-thinking I really am.

Elena: [ Sighs ] I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Adam: I think — I think you’re right, okay? My clumsy attempts to reconnect with you — they have been selfish and they have been poorly conceived. But there is something between us, sally. You’ve said so yourself.

Sally: But things have changed.

[ Sighs ]

Adam: Look, I’m sorry. I am sorry for monopolizing your schedule today. That was inconsiderate of me. But our time together was not a waste. It was an investment in us, in our future. And I know that you feel the same way.

Sally: There are a lot of things that I need to invest in right now. And unfortunately… you cannot be one of them. You understand business. There are assets and liabilities. Right now, you are a huge liability to me, with no foreseeable return on investment.

Adam: You’re speaking to me in a language I understand.

Sally: I know. I have learned some things. Running a media company is very different than running my little fashion house. I no longer get to set my own schedule. I have a lot resting on my shoulders, and not just with the company, but also the livelihood of all of its employees. Focusing on my love life right now is not something that I can do. I mean, just having a conversation with you has negatively affected my work. I just need to clear my head and refocus.

Adam: I see. I see. So, is this what you and nick were talking about in his office? Losing your focus?

Jack: I disagree with your conclusion that you should leave marchetti. Why give up now? Kyle wants you there. If the whole goal is to build the bond between mother and son, this is the way to do it. Stick to your plan.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Well, getting closer to kyle has been wonderful, but today —

Jack: You said yourself i don’t need to know the details of what happened. Look, I have faith that kyle will make the right decision. You should, too.

Diane: I do.

Jack: So let him make the decision. It’s what’s best for the company. It’s what’s best for strengthening the bond between mother and son.

[ Mug thuds ]

Diane: You’ve become very wise.

Jack: Maybe it just seems that way relative to how unwise I was in my youth.

Diane: [ Laughs ] Well, thank you for your advice. You know, things are a little complicated, but I think you’re right.

Jack: I think maybe at this stage in our lives, we should give in to the idea that life is, if nothing else, complicated.

Diane: Yeah, that’s an understatement. And I want to stay at marchetti. I want to prove that I’m up to the challenge. And it’s not just for kyle anymore.

Jack: No?

Diane: No. It’s for you, too.

Nikki: You know, even though I have apprehension about this trip, I think that it will be very productive. If there is anything illegal in diane’s past, deacon will know about that. He was instrumental in her schemes here, so he’s sure to know something about her time in los angeles.

Victor: But, sweetheart, why don’t you allow me to send my team to california and bring that bastard back to genoa city?

Nikki: What do you mean? Kidnap him?

[ Glass thuds ]

Victor: Well, I didn’t say that, but, you know, offer him a first-class round trip.

Nikki: Victor, you are not going to talk me out of this trip to L.A.

Victor: You are so stubborn. Okay. I give in. You’re going to california to find out from deacon sharpe all you can about diane jenkins so we can finally send that woman the hell out of town, right?

Sally: What nick and i discussed is of no concern to you. It was a business matter.

Adam: I’m just asking to make sure they’re not going to fire you, sally. Missing a meeting might be all they need.

Sally: I really don’t want to get…into what happened with nick, especially not with you.

Adam: What does that mean, especially not with me?

Sally: Because you don’t work for the company, obviously. In fact, you know what? I-I think it’s just best if — if we avoided each other right now.

Adam: I don’t think that’s necessary.

Sally: You know what? Just finish your drink, go back to your room, and I think we should just call this goodbye for now.

Adam: You’re dismissing me?

Sally: Well, I’m — I’m asking you to leave.

Adam: Alright. It’s your room, your rules.

[ Glass clanks ]

[ Sniffs ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Look, I know that you are saying the things that you feel you need to say, the things to get you through the pain that I have caused you, but… I’m asking you to listen to your heart again. I know how deeply you feel, even when you do your best to pretend like you don’T. It’s one of the things I love about you. I realize I hurt you, sally. But I meant every word that i said today. This entire time, I thought that I was protecting you. But I realize how stupid that was. I was wrong, and I am aware of that. And through the whole thing… I never stopped loving you. And I don’t think that love went away for you any more than it did for me. This book has helped me reach so many young homeowners

Elena: Nate. No. You cannot do this.

Nate: Why not?

Elena: It’s a horrible plan.

Nate: Which part?

Elena: All of it.

Nate: I can’t believe this. Once again, you are not supporting me.

Elena: Of course I support you, but sometimes that means letting you know when you’re making a mistake.

Nate: I am building a new career. Unfortunately, that’s not always gonna be easy. You were the one who said i should walk away from chancellor-winters in the first place.

Elena: Not like this.

Nate: Okay, so you don’t like the way I’m taking a step back? The truth is, you never wanted me to leave medicine, so i shouldn’t be surprised you’re hesitant now.

Elena: That is not what this is about, and you know it. I just find it extremely hard to believe that you going through with this plan is gonna get you where you need to go.

Nate: I don’t expect you to always agree with me, but I need you to understand where I am coming from. I honestly have no other viable options.

Elena: Nate, I have been by your side on this path from the beginning, and I have been willing to follow you down this journey, wherever it may lead, but this is going too far. You would be compromising your integrity, and that shouldn’t be a part of business, especially a family business.

Nate: Everything I am doing is justified after what devon put me through.

Elena: I don’t think that’s true. This is not just about you and devon. Other people could be affected. This is wrong. And I want to believe, in your heart, you know it’s wrong. Come on, nate. You need to think this through.

Jack: In what way does your desire to stay at marchetti involve me?

Diane: I’ll tell you. Remember when I said that i hoped that we could become friends?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Diane: Well, I take pride in us getting closer to that goal. I mean, come on. Look at us. Could you have imagined us sitting here like this a couple months ago?

Jack: No, I definitely could not.

Diane: No.

Jack: But this is nice.

Diane: It is nice. And I do take pride in how far we’ve come. But maybe I shouldn’t since pride is one of the deadly sins.

Jack: [ Laughs ] I think we have all fallen prey to pride.

Diane: [ Laughs ]

Jack: I want you to know i truly admire your determination to prove you’ve changed.

Diane: Thank you. I probably should get home.

Jack: Oh, okay.

Diane: Yeah, I have another big day at the office tomorrow.

Jack: Oh! I had no idea how late it was. Look, if — if you don’t feel like driving, you can stay in one of the guest rooms.

Diane: I should probably go. But thank you for your hospitality, jack. Good night.

Jack: Good night.

Victor: I will have my security team follow you every step while you’re in L.A.

Nikki: I told victoria you would insist on that.

Victor: You bet.

Nikki: But, darling, please make sure they’re discreet. I don’t want them to spook deacon.

Victor: Sweetheart, at the sign of any trouble, they will be there for you, alright?

Nikki: I’m sure it won’t come to that. But I’m glad for the extra sense of security.

[ Both smooch ]

Victor: After what happened to victoria, we can’t be careful enough, my darling. And you know damn well family means everything to me.

Nikki: That’s why I love you.

[ Smooches ]

Nick: Vick, you here?

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

Adam: Something important?

Sally: Huh?

Adam: The text.

Sally: [ Sniffles ] It’s none of your concern.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Maybe not, but I can’t help but be curious.

Sally: Adam, you are looking for answers and chances that i just can’t give you. I need time. And space. [ Sighs ] So, you know what? I think — I think it’s best that you just go.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sally: [ Sniffles ]

[ Door slams ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

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