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Victoria: Thank you. I just scheduled a meeting with our financial team to go over our year-end numbers, and i think you’re gonna be happy.

Ashland: Well, I can’t wait to hear.

Victoria: I’ll admit, I’m impressed with what I’ve done so far, but I’ve even more excited about what’s yet to come, and with the moves that I’ve been making, I might even outdo myself in the coming months.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: Are you serious? Do you really think you’re gonna get away with this?

Victor: Michael.

Michael: Victor.

Victor: Nice to see you. Come in.

Michael: Yes. Um, I — I come bearing news.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Michael: I have informed everyone at city hall that I am stepping down as district attorney. There will be a formal announcement made shortly, and now that I’m officially transitioning from public servant to private attorney, I can make myself more available to you as your counsel.

Victor: Well, I’ll be damned.

Michael: [ Laughs ] And when I say “available,” i mean within reason, as we discussed, right?

Victor: Ah, we have discussed it amply. I’m very glad to hear you made that decision.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: Okay? Means a lot. Now, I have some news for you. Newman/locke just filed a lawsuit against newman media.

Amanda: Okay, well, I’ll be in touch soon. Take care.

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Ooh. Was that a new client?

Amanda: Yeah, she hired me to set up a trust for her grandchildren.

Phyllis: Ooh, she must be loaded.

Amanda: Well, if I told you that, I’d be violating attorney-client privilege, but let’s just say a dozen more like her, and my new law firm will be on solid footing.

Phyllis: I have no doubt about that. You’ll get there soon.

Amanda: Thank you. Now, what’s going on with you? You got any more frivolous lawsuits?

Phyllis: Um, no. The only thing I will need counsel for is, uh, my entire future.

Amanda: What?

Phyllis: I’m trying to decide whether I leave genoa city for good and start a new beginning.

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Phyllis: So, my daughter offered me a job at marchetti. I’m considering taking it.

Amanda: Okay, wait, i don’t — I don’t understand. You just want to up and leave genoa city? Like, this hotel, all your friends?

Phyllis: Remember what I was telling you the other day, that I’m at loose ends and I want to create chaos? That happens, you know. It’s — it’s, I’m sure, the universe offering me a new beginning.

Amanda: Well, there are a lot of opportunities here that would not require you uprooting your entire life.

Phyllis: Well, I’m not really rooted here, truth be told. Okay? And we’re talking about milan. I mean, it’s an incredible city. It’s gorgeous and glamorous and, more importantly, my daughter’s there.

Amanda: I know that you’ve missed her a lot since she’s been gone, but…this just seems like a really extreme reaction, and I think if you left, you would miss a lot of people here that care about you.

Phyllis: It’s an opportunity to have a kick-ass job with my kick-ass daughter. And don’t you think some of those people who “care about me” would like to visit milan and buy italian shoes from the source? Come on.

Amanda: I would actually rather you stayed.

Phyllis: You’re lovely. Ohh. Amanda, you’re my only friend here. You are. You’re my only friend. Michael and lauren, that’s it.

Amanda: Phyllis, I think that you are purposely leaving out a few people.

Phyllis: Who? Who am I leaving out?

Amanda: I don’t know, jack? Nick?

Phyllis: They’re not friends. They’re my ex-husbands.

[ Laughs ] I mean, nick has made it clear he doesn’t want to be a pal. And then jack, he’s not even — he’s not even talking to me.

Amanda: You feel shut out of their lives at the moment, and it hurts, but I think that you’re dealing with it by taking this huge leap when a smaller leap is what’s called for.

Phyllis: Well, you know, i don’t do anything halfway, so…

Amanda: Well, I think that that’s kind of part of the problem. I’m just saying that you got to consider moderation. Maybe go on a vacation or consider expanding your business.

Phyllis: Neither of those things would bring me closer to summer.

Amanda: Okay. Summer — I know that you’re drawn to her. I understand now, especially being so close with my mom. And I really do wish that I had that life-long bond that you and summer have.

Phyllis: Yeah. There’s nothing more important to me than my daughter.

Amanda: But moving to milan? You would be starting a new job in a different city where you don’t even know the language. Is that really what you want? Or is this more about jack and him going radio silent?

Victoria: I gather that you’ve heard from your corporate lawyers.

Adam: You’re suing newman media for the use of the newman name?

Victoria: That about sums it up.

Adam: You do realize that our father, victor newman, is the primary financial backer of newman media, right? And last time that I checked, my last name is newman, as well.

Victoria: Yes, I’m aware of that. But we probably shouldn’t be discussing this right now. Why don’t you have your lawyer call my lawyer? I mean, surely you’ve dealt with enough legal issues in your life to know that’s how it works.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Well, I wanted to hear whatever absurd explanation there was for this lawsuit from the horse’s mouth.

Victoria: Oh, okay. Well, since you’re here, I might as well lay it out for you. The media division at newman enterprises existed long before you even knew you shared our last name.

Adam: Oh, you’re talking about the division that you sold.

Victoria: The one that we’re buying back. Ashland and I have decided that we are gonna rename chanccomm newman media. I mean, the name only makes sense now that we’re bringing the division back into the newman fold. Come on, it would be problematic having two newman medias out there operating in the world, don’t you think?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I think you’ve gone insane.

Victoria: And I think that you should look at this as an opportunity to refresh and rebrand your company. You could come up with a new name. How about victor and son? I don’t know. I mean, be creative. Have fun with it. Just know that newman media is no longer available to you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, ashland and I are gonna grab a bite.

Adam: We’re not finished. I would like a moment alone with my sister.

Ashland: How about I grab us some lunch and I’ll bring it back to the office?

Victoria: Thank you.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] Look, you can just drop the condescending tone because I see right through you.

Michael: You’re surprisingly calm about the fact that victoria is suing you.

Victor: Well, I’m impressed by her moxie, you know?

Michael: Alright, let’s run with that. Care to explain?

Victor: She wants the company. Not gonna go down without a fight. She approached me to buy newman media, and I turned her down.

Michael: Huh. I bet adam appreciated that.

Victor: Adam doesn’t know. I’m keeping him out of the loop. Now, do you think there’s any merit to the lawsuit?

Michael: Hmm, absolutely not. It’s nothing but a nuisance. Family in-fighting might put a dent in the newman image, but I’m more than confident that you would win in court. Victoria’s people could come up with an argument, but they really don’t have much of a case.

Victoria: Which I think victoria realizes. Do you think this is part of her strategy or is this just retaliation?

Michael: I could do some digging.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I think I have a better plan. I’m amber.

Adam: We both know that this lawsuit is a ridiculous ploy.

Victoria: It’s simply business.

Adam: You never cared about the company name before, so why now?

Victoria: Because I want all of my divisions to have the newman name.

Adam: Okay, then why don’t you call it newman communications?

Victoria: Too confusing. We wouldn’t want people to mix up our two companies — one being the gold standard and the other being yours.

Adam: Victor named you ceo of newman enterprises ages ago, and now, suddenly, that’s not enough validation for you? You have to come after me and try to damage the success that i have earned?

Victoria: Earned? Wow, that’s a very strong word. I’m not sure how successful you would be if daddy hadn’t handed you a company to run.

Adam: There it is — the green-eyed monster. That need to be number one in daddy’s eyes. I mean, that’s what this is about, right? That’s why you tried to turn victor against me with the whole billy debacle.

Victoria: Oh, adam, you’re letting your deep-seated insecurities get the best of you.

Adam: You have wasted your energy on this embarrassing endeavor that you’re gonna lose in more ways than one. I mean, by suing newman media and our father just to spite me, it’s not gonna sit well with the old man.

Victoria: Well, that’s between him and me.

[ Telephone rings ] We’re done here. So if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do. Victoria newman. Hi. Yes, I did receive the report. No, I haven’t had time to review it, but I’m going to do so this afternoon. Great. No, I think it looks good so far.

Phyllis: This is not about jack.

Amanda: Really? Because it seems like you want to uproot your entire life because he went on an extended business trip to that very city, and you still haven’t spoken to him since you turned him down on christmas eve.

Phyllis: My decision has nothing to do with jack or nick or anyone else.

Amanda: Then what’s it about?

Phyllis: It’s about me. Remember, I told you I was at loose ends?

Amanda: Yeah.

Phyllis: I mean, I want everything. I’ve always been a striver. I am proud of that.

[ Sighs ] You know? And it’s just everything here is just boring. I’m getting complacent, and i need to change that.

Amanda: And why is moving across the ocean the only remedy? What about this hotel?

Phyllis: I’ll hire somebody else to run it. Crystal’s more than capable.

Amanda: You are irreplaceable.

Phyllis: Or I could sell it. Both of nick’s sisters wanted this hotel. They fought me for it. I’m sure there’d be plenty of interest.

Amanda: After everything you did to hold onto it, you’re just gonna up and give it away? That would kill you.

Phyllis: It may sting for a little bit, but I’d get beyond it. I’d have a career in milan. That’s beyond thrilling.

Ashland: Yes, I’d like to meet with the team as soon as it can be arranged. Fly them in. Or if it’s absolutely necessary, I’ll go to new york. No, victoria will not be attending the meeting. She’s busy with other projects, so I’ll be spearheading this with her full support. Uh-huh. Bye then.

Michael: Ashland locke? Michael baldwin. It’s so nice to meet you.

Ashland: You recognize me?

Michael: Well, from the news, mostly.

Ashland: Well, I recognize you as well, mr. Da. I’m surprised we haven’t crossed paths before.

Michael: Isn’t it fortuitous that we are both here right now? Are you meeting victoria?

Ashland: No, I’m just getting something to go.

Michael: Um, wondering if you might have a moment to chat while you wait for your food?

Ashland: Sure. Why not?

Victor: Hello, sweetheart.

Victoria: Well, hello there. Come in, please. Mwah. You know, I’ve had an odd mix of visitors today.

Victor: Really?

Victoria: Yeah, all of them with the last name newman.

Victor: Hmm. I told your secretary to hold all calls because you and I have something rather serious to discuss, don’t we?

Victoria: Really? Well, I’m game. Why don’t we take a seat?

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: So, where would you like to begin?

Victor: Where do you think?

Victoria: Why don’t you tell me, so I’ll be sure?

Victor: Is this lawsuit meant as an attempt to exert leverage or are you serious? Because, if you are, of course you’re aware of who you’re dealing with, yes? I’m victor newman. I created that name. I built my empire under my name. It will always stay under my name.

Victoria: I understand that, daddy. But that’s precisely my point. Newman media should belong to the newman empire that you built.

Victor: Under the newman/locke umbrella?

Victoria: We could avoid spending our money and our energy over a legal battle if you would just agree to sell to me.

Victor: So this lawsuit is about leverage.

Victoria: Well, it’s definitely got your attention. I mean, you must see the value in what I’m suggesting. It’s not as if you would lose anything. In fact, you would — you would benefit from the further expansion of your communications and media properties of newman enterprises. You are the chairman of the board. You are the major stockholder. This would be really good for the company, and what’s good for the company is good for you.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You know there are other people involved, right? If I were to consider your offer, where would that leave adam? If you, like many people,

Victor: I understand your desire to consolidate newman media and chanccomm under the umbrella of newman/locke.

Victoria: Well, together, they would be bigger and stronger.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: They would be more than the equal sum of their parts. It would be like a new and improved newman media.

Victor: Where does this leave adam? Would he be running the newly expanded company? I mean, he would be have to be part of the package deal, you know?

Victoria: Are we negotiating here, daddy, or is this some kind of test?

Victor: I’m asking you a question.

Victoria: I’m not thrilled by the idea of keeping adam on, but I would be open to discussing the possibility, if you’re serious. The thing is, if you are serious, then I don’t understand why we’re having this talk without adam present.

Victor: Never mind adam, okay? This is between the two of us right now.

Victoria: Even if I did agree to adam running the division, who’s to say that adam will? I mean, he and I, we’re not enemies, per se, but we certainly don’t trust one another. You know, he dropped by earlier to give me an earful about the lawsuit, and I can assure you, he’s not happy about it.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: And you and I both know that he will resent it if you sell the company to me. I’m sure that he’s gonna detest working under me, so my question to you is, if adam refuses to come on board, is that a deal-breaker for you?

Amanda: Making a huge life change, it will be exciting, but I’m gonna keep hounding you until you admit that jack is playing a role in this sudden desire to move across the ocean. And I’m extremely good at cross-examination, so I would just give up now if I were you. Just…

Phyllis: Okay, hey. I don’t understand why he’s freezing me out. I really don’t get it. And I just do miss how thoughtful he is. He’s really funny, by the way. Did you know he was really funny? You know, beneath that buttoned-up exterior, he’s really funny.

Amanda: Yeah, I figured that much. You would never be with somebody who couldn’t make you laugh.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is what it is.

Amanda: It’s whatever you make it out to be.

Phyllis: I’m trying to make everything incredible and exciting and fabulous all the time. That’s what I try to do. And if I live in milan, it will be. I’ll be a part of fashion week, weekends at lake como. I mean, that’s genius.

Amanda: What exactly would you be doing in milan?

Phyllis: Alright, well, um… well, summer’s gonna go over that. I obviously have to go to milan and go through the finer points of this job, but it’s, i believe, in marketing. Marketing, yeah. And, um, very high level position.

Amanda: Do you have experience in marketing? Because I thought that your background was in tech.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, marketing, tech. It’s in my wheelhouse.

Amanda: Oh, okay. Well, if you say so.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. So it’ll be thrilling and exciting, and I’ll be working alongside my daughter, and that means everything to me. And you were on board with this before.

Amanda: Okay, yes, that, I’m on board with. I will support you taking a trip to milan. But not accepting the job. No huge life changes. Not until you talk to someone who knows you a little better than I do.

Phyllis: Oh. Oh, no. What? Who are you texting? It better not be jack.

Michael: I thought you might be interested in learning that i am returning to private practice and will be working as counsel to victor newman.

Ashland: Well, that’s an interesting career change.

Michael: Oh, I hope it will bring new challenges. But honestly, it already has, since I am handling certain matters for victor.

Ashland: Ah, yes, I assume you must have heard all about the —

Michael: Lawsuit. That’s a fairly bold move by you and your wife.

Ashland: Well, we are nothing if not bold.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Oh, off the record, um… newman media doesn’t think the case has legs. They’re not concerned.

Ashland: Really?

Michael: Truly.

Ashland: Well, you certainly live up to your reputation.

Michael: You haven’t been around here long enough to know much about me.

Ashland: Well, you’d be surprised. From what I understand, you have quite an incredible tale of incarceration and redemption, yet even once back on the righteous path, you’ve had to contend with some low points. Including some noteworthy allegations and criminal charges.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] All of which were dropped.

Ashland: Mm.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] All part of the journey to my becoming the upstanding man which you see before you now. But I am flattered that you took the time to do your homework.

Ashland: Well, I make it a point of looking into the da and every other prominent legal figure in the cities that I work and live.

Michael: Smart. I fancy myself a bit of a reader, too. I mean, that’s why I know so much about your business reputation. Oh, and I was fascinated by that article on chanccomm about you. Of course, until it was retracted by billy abbott because he admits it’s a pack of lies. What an emotional roller coaster that must have been for you. Not that we need to rehash your history. My point being that you, like myself, have lived a rather colorful life.

Ashland: I agree. We have some things in common. We have both seen it all.

Michael: And done it all.

Ashland: We like to push boundaries, dabbled in the gray if need be, and we both live for a good fight.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: Hello, gentlemen. You mind if I join you?

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Ashland: Well, I hope your conversation with victoria went well after I left.

Adam: Oh, I’m sure she will tell you all about it.

Ashland: Mm.

Adam: But right now I’m a little more interested in what you’re discussing with the da.

Ashland: Mr. Baldwin and i were just having a friendly chat, getting to know one another.

Michael: I was just informing mr. Locke that I’m leaving the da’s office to work for your father. I’m surprised he didn’t mention that to you.

Adam: He did. I just didn’t know you were coming on so soon.

Michael: Yeah, neither did I. But you know victor, he can be very persuasive.

Adam: Well, I assume if you’re here on my father’s behalf, then the conversation must be about the newman/locke attack on newman media.

Ashland: The word “attack” is a bit melodramatic. We’re filing a simple civil suit to bring the company name back under the corporate umbrella where it belongs.

Adam: That’s one very flawed way of looking at it. I assume michael had some things to say about your argument.

Ashland: He did, and I heard what he had to say, but mr. Baldwin hasn’t gone up against the likes of victoria and me. No offense.

Michael: Oh, none taken.

Ashland: Thanks for the talk.

Michael: Ashland, he, uh, has some bravado, but that doesn’t win cases in court, so don’t worry about this.

[ Clears throat ] We’ve got it.

Victor: Nothing really is a deal-breaker because we don’t have a deal yet. But you’re right about what you said. Adam will balk at working under your leadership.

Victoria: So, how do we solve the problem?

Victor: There’s no problem. I think adam, at this time, needs a dose of humility.

Victoria: You know, I’m thrilled that you’re giving real thought to selling to me, daddy. I hoped that you would. I just didn’t expect that it would happen. At least not this soon. I have to say, though, the other day you turned me down. What exactly changed your mind?

Victor: What, I don’t have a right to change my mind?

Victoria: Well, you just don’t do it that often.

Victor: Yeah, well, just know that when I do, it is usually after a serious consideration. Alright, my darling, I’ll be in touch. Meanwhile, you come up with a figure that’d be pleasing to me, okay? Don’t lowball me.

Victoria: No, I would never.

Amanda: I didn’t text jack. I am not that messy. I just — I called for some backup.

Phyllis: Oh, who did you text? Just tell me, please.

Amanda: Mm, you’ll see.

Phyllis: [ Groans ]

Amanda: But in the meantime, let’s talk about this hotel. So you said if you move to milan, you can either sell or you can hire someone to manage the place in your absence.

Phyllis: Right, I mean, given all the disasters that have happened here, you can make a very, very strong case that somebody else should run it.

Amanda: Okay, I will bite. My counter-argument would be that that is part of the appeal of the grand phoenix, the potential for things to get wild. Your clientele, they are adventurous. They enjoy the unexpected.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I don’t think that would stand up in court. I mean, it’s hard to defend a bunch of guests getting drugged. Just saying.

Amanda: Okay, well, all I’m saying is that it’s a lot to consider. And giving up the business that you’ve poured your heart into, that is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Michael: Phyllis, amanda just texted me, said you needed something?

Phyllis: You brought michael into this?

Amanda: You said he’s your most trusted friend.

Phyllis: Ugh.

Michael: Hello, I’m standing here. What’s going on?

Amanda: Phyllis says that she wants to leave genoa city for good.

Michael: The hell you will. If I’ve got to stick around, so do you. Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Michael: Alright, what is this all about you wanting to move away?

Phyllis: Look at you. You were said you were on board, then you bring in another attorney to play devil’s advocate.

Amanda: First of all, I said that I was on board with you taking a trip to milan to figure things out. Second, I am an attorney. And third, I want you to have the best possible advice.

Michael: There you go. So what brought on this sudden urge to flee?

Phyllis: My daughter has invited me to work alongside of her at marchetti. I mean, who could say no?

Michael: You can and should say no to your daughter’s generous but totally insane offer.

Phyllis: Why?

Michael: Because you love genoa city. You’re happy here.

Phyllis: I’m not really that happy here, michael.

Michael: Listen, this town made you the person you are today. When you came here, you were a desperate, needy woman obsessed with danny romalotti.

Phyllis: Oh, okay.

Michael: No, no, no. Then, look, you grew. After a whole lot of mistakes and, let’s be honest, some felonies and many more misdemeanors, but you grew and you started channeling all that energy and determination into the right directions. You became a force to be reckoned with, someone who would set goals and achieve them, someone who would do anything for the people she loved, someone who would stand up for what she believed in even though everybody else in town thought she was nuts. Look, genoa city molded you, but you’ve also molded it. And I, personally, am insulted for myself and on behalf of lauren that you’re even considering bailing.

Phyllis: Well, don’t be insulted. Don’t take it personally. I mean, I still love you guys.

Michael: If you had said once that, “hey, I want to live in milan” or, “hey, I would rather do something else than own and operate a hotel that I fought tooth and nail for,” I might humor you. But you didn’T. So there’s no way I can even pretend that this has any merit at all.

Phyllis: You said you were on board with this, me working with my daughter.

Amanda: I was on board with the two of you getting together in the general sense. I am not on board with this, no.

Michael: Working at marchetti is a great idea, if you want to destroy your relationship. Working for your daughter, looming over her every moment, i don’t think you’ll even last a month. Maybe not even a week.

Phyllis: Okay.

Michael: It’s a bad idea. You have to know that.

Phyllis: What are you talking about? It was my daughter who offered me the job.

Michael: That doesn’t make it right! I need to know that you’ve come to your senses, so [Chuckles] I can be on my way.

Ashland: You will never guess who I ran into while picking up our order. Michael baldwin.

Victoria: Really? Had the two of you ever met before?

Ashland: No. But he was rather eager to make my acquaintance. Did you know that he is working for your father?

Victoria: No, I had no idea. I wonder how that came about. Maybe michael was looking for a change and he approached my dad. Maybe my dad reached out to michael because he’s looking to reinforce his legal team.

Ashland: Reinforce his legal team to battle us?

Victoria: Maybe.

Ashland: Hmm. Well, obviously, michael didn’t give me any details about that, and I wanted to probe deeper, but adam showed up and joined us.

Victoria: Huh. That must’ve been awkward.

Ashland: I prefer to call it casually tense. Adam was rather evasive when i asked him about how the rest of his conversation went with you.

Victoria: It was fine. He made a feeble attempt at a mind game, which I dismissed.

Ashland: Well, that’s exactly what I thought he was doing with us.

Victoria: You know, I find it interesting that adam didn’t throw the fact that michael is working for my dad in my face.

Ashland: Maybe he’s playing his cards close to his vest or he didn’t know.

Victoria: I’ll bet it’s the latter. Dad’s been keeping things from adam these days. Do you know that he didn’t mention to him that I made a pitch to buy newman media?

Ashland: Are you sure about that?

Victoria: I’m positive. When you were out earlier, my father stopped by, and we had the most interesting conversation.

Victor: Yes, son?

Adam: Why didn’t you tell me that you hired michael baldwin? Is there something going on that I need to know about? How did olay top expensive creams?

Phyllis: Um…okay. I don’t know if I should feel touched that you want me to stay here so badly or annoyed that you’re so loud in my place of business.

Michael: Stick with touched. You wouldn’t want to disappoint me or amanda. She asked me here to knock some sense into you because she cares.

Phyllis: Listen, I’m gonna tell you what I told amanda, okay? My life has become [Sighs] About my exes and this hotel and standing behind that counter all the time. I mean, honestly, I don’t like it.

Michael: Then make some changes, here in genoa city.

Phyllis: You reminded me of that person I used to be. That person who I once was and how my life once was.

Michael: What aspects of old-school phyllis are we referring to?

Phyllis: Not — not that part. Just not, you know…

Amanda: Hmm?

Phyllis: I learned a lot of lessons.

Amanda: Okay.

Phyllis: [ Clears throat ]

Michael: That’s somewhat reassuring.

Phyllis: Okay, good. Can you support this potential move? I won’t be gone forever, but can you support me just considering it? Can you do that?

Amanda: I already told phyllis that I support an exploratory trip of reasonable length to milan.

Michael: I would be happy to endorse a visit with your daughter if only so both of you will be reminded that when you are in close proximity, you are frequently irritated with each other.

Phyllis: Okay, well, alright. Thank you. Thank you, both of you. Thank you.

Amanda: Okay, well, there’s only one question that remains. Will you be going to milan while jack is there or will you wait until after his business is finished?

Phyllis: It’s — I’ll go when I go. Jack doesn’t factor into this.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: You know, my father, he did a complete about-face, and now he’s actually open to an offer to sell us newman media.

Ashland: I’d like to say I’m thrilled about that, but I’m a bit reluctant to celebrate. Are we supposed to believe that victor changed his tune because of a lawsuit that he just heard about? Because he doesn’t want the headache. Even though he just hired the best lawyer in the state. I don’t buy it.

Victoria: I agree with you completely. I asked him what was behind this change of attitude, and he wouldn’t give me the satisfaction of an answer. I think he likes to make me wonder, which doesn’t surprise me. But I have gotten to know his tells a little bit better over the years. My father is definitely up to something.

Victor: There is something you should know, son. Victoria came to me the other day and said she wanted to buy newman media.

Adam: She did what?

[ Laughs ] Of course she did, because chanccomm is not enough. She wants it all. But you turned her down. That’s the reason for this ridiculous lawsuit.

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Oh, she’s gonna regret overplaying her hand.

[ Sighs ] I just, um…just wish you would’ve confided in me earlier so I would’ve understood the dynamics.

Victor: However, the story doesn’t end there. I’m seriously entertaining her offer.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, January 24, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sally: I’m back. Did you miss me? I’m totally energized by my trip from new york.

Adam: [ Clears throat ]

Sally: Super productive and super fun, but it would’ve been even better if you had joined me.

Adam: Come on in.

Sally: So I was going to get you a souvenir, like an empire state building snow globe or a statue of liberty keychain, but I decided that you didn’t deserve it. You need to come with me next time and buy your own trinkets, but if you do come with me, nothing romantic. Got it, bucko?

Adam: I’ll try to restrain myself. So trip was productive?

Sally: Very.

Adam: Well, that’s good. I would hate to spend money on frivolous business trips.

Sally: Is everything okay?

Adam: Just a lot going on.

Sally: Yeah, there always is. What’s up? Hey, I’m a good, compassionate listener. You can talk to me. Also, I’m super hungry, so let’s go get something to eat and i will do my best to solve all of your problems.

Adam: Look, I really appreciate the offer, I do, but I have things to do, okay?

Sally: Okay, of course. But I still need a coffee, so do you want me to pick one up for you?

Adam: [ Sighs ] You know what? I could use a break, so let’s go.

Chloe: Good morning.

Chelsea: Hi. Thanks for meeting me here.

Chloe: Yeah. What’s up with that?

Chelsea: You sound nervous.

Chloe: Well, I think it’s a little odd that we’re not meeting at our office, like we do every morning because it’s where we work. It’s our office. It just makes me think that maybe there’s something or someone you’re trying to avoid.

Chelsea: Very perceptive.

Chloe: Okay, so does this have to do with adam or sally or some combination of the two?

Chelsea: Who else would it be?

Chloe: I thought sending sally away to new york bought us some drama-free time.

Chelsea: It did. It gave me some time to think instead of listening to the constant needy chatter around the office.

Chloe: Okay, so are we talking about adam or sally?

Chelsea: We’re talking about all of it. The office, them, the tension. Adam has made it clear he’s moving on. There’s no future for the two of us.

Chloe: Yeah, well, too bad.

Chelsea: So I can’t be around him anymore.

Chloe: Wait, are you quitting?

Chelsea: No, no, I would never do that to you. But I did make an executive decision. I told adam the fashion division needs to relocate to a new location in order to gain some independence from newman media. We’re moving.

Rey: Thank you.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Rey: What’s so funny?

Sharon: Mariah. She’s sending me ideas for venues for her wedding.

Rey: That’s funny?

Sharon: Well, because it’s mariah.

Rey: Of course.

Sharon: So far, she has suggested a recording studio, the old gc buzz studio, and a tattoo parlor.

Rey: She and tessa want to get inked while they’re reciting their vows?

Sharon: I think she’s joking, but I can’t be sure.

Rey: Mm, because it’s mariah.

Sharon: Well, all of those places do represent moments in their love story, so I wouldn’t put it past them, but I just hope they don’t make this decision quickly or take it lightly because I want them to have the wedding of their dreams.

Rey: Well, they definitely deserve it after everything they’ve been through. But you heard what you said, right?

Sharon: What?

Rey: You said you wanted them to have the wedding of their dreams. I can definitely see mariah planning a non-traditional ceremony. For them.

Sharon: Are you accusing me of being an interfering mother of the bride?

Rey: Oh, absolutely. And whether they have the wedding at a cathedral with a horse-drawn carriage or right here at crimson lights, it’s gonna be amazing. And I know that you are so happy to be helping them plan their wedding.

Chance: Morning.


Chance: You know what? I’m gonna make you breakfast. Anything you want, you name it. French toast, pancakes? Maybe just some fruit? Yookay?

Abby: I know that we’re doing the right thing, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Amanda: You planning some father-son time with dom?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. You know, I — I just can’t believe that I’m gonna get shared custody of my little boy. You don’t look convinced, though. Are you still worried that something might go wrong?

These are the faces

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provided by…

Chloe: You asked adam to move our offices? When did this happen? And where was I?

Chelsea: I probably should have consulted with you first.

Chloe: Probably? Yeah.

Chelsea: I’m sorry! But you were all over my case about finding a way to make this work. And adam declaring there’s no future for us really hit me hard. I can’t be around him or anything that reminds me of him. I’m already selling the penthouse. It would be ideal if I didn’t have to bump into him at work 10 times a day.

Chloe: I understand. I don’t want to run into him once a day. Or once a year.

Chelsea: This isn’t just about my personal, this decision. This is about our business. It’ll be good for us. You know, we’ll have our own space. We’ll be able to focus on the work. We’ll really be able to put our whole hearts into it.

Chloe: Wait. I’m getting a vision. Yes, we should be in a loft or maybe a warehouse space, something, you know, that reflects our creative spirit. Something less corporate and stodgy.

Chelsea: Yes, exactly what i was thinking.

Chloe: I mean, newman media offices are just so uninspiring. I mean, we need something different. I — something in a cooler part of town. Maybe around some galleries or some boutiques. Oh, my god, I love this idea.

Chelsea: I knew you’d be on board.

Chloe: Wait, so what does adam say? Does he agree to this?

Chelsea: Uh, well, at first, he was thrown, but then I think he sort of warmed up to the idea. He sees the value in it. I mean, who knows? He’s probably relieved he doesn’t have to bump into me every day either.

Chloe: So did he say yes?

Chelsea: Well, not yet. But that’s why I wanted to meet with you this morning. I made an appointment with a broker to go see spaces. If we can present adam with the perfect option, he can’t say no.

Chloe: Wow. So when are we doing this?

Chelsea: Now.

Sharon: You are 100% right. I’m thrilled that tessa and mariah are so happy. You know, their excitement and their giddiness, it — it’s infectious. It makes me want to help them.

Rey: Well, it seems like all your kids are doing really well right now. Faith is flourishing at school, and with moses. Noah’s got this new b opportunity with nick.

Sharon: But I’m a little worried about noah.

Rey: Yeah, you said you had some concerns about his reaction to mariah’s news.

Sharon: Yea um…you know, mariah and tessa’s lives right now are blossoming. They’re getting married, they’re starting a family. And I know that noah’s been hurt by love a few times, so I just worry that it might be a little bit painful for him to see tessa so happy with his sister.

Rey: You really think he still has feelings for tessa? I mean, he’s been in town for a while now, seems okay with it, and he sees the bond that mariah and tessa have.

Sharon: Attraction isn’t always logical.

Rey: No, it’s not.

Sharon: And you can’t control those feelings. You can’t just turn them on and off like a light switch.

Rey: Yeah, look, what you’re saying is true, but I think noah is handling this better than you give him credit for. You may be reading into this more than there actually is.

Sharon: Well, that would be the first time I ever did that.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: No, this is more than just my maternal instinct. Nick sees it, too. We both have a pretty good read on noah, and I think this hurts him a little. Nick has even talked to him about it already.

Rey: Well, you know, I’m just a trained detective, not his parent, so I can’t read all the signs.

Sharon: That’s not what i meant.

Chloe: Yeah, let’s check out the loft near here first.

Chelsea: Exactly what I was thinking. I’ll call the broker and let her know. Oh, no.

Adam: Ah, a staff meeting here at society. How productive.

Chloe: Yeah, it seemed like an out-of-the-box place to do a meeting.

Adam: Mm. I see.

Chelsea: Sally, you’re back from your trip already. Seems like you just left.

Sally: Yeah, saw so much amazing stuff in new york, had a private tour of the dior show in brooklyn, did some interviews. Waving that newman fashion flag anywhere I can.

Chelsea: You are quite the cheerleader.

Chloe: Well, we’ll have to set up a time so we can go over all of your new york adventures.

Sally: Yeah, how about after adam and I are done here? We can meet back at the office.

Chelsea: We’re not going back to the office.

Sally: Oh. Are you staying here for the rest of the day?

Chelsea: No, we’re going out to look at new spaces for newman fashion.

Sally: What?

Chelsea: Yeah, we’re relocating.

Sally: Wh– since when? Why didn’t anyone say anything to me?

Chloe: Uh, you were out of town.

Chelsea: Because we make the decisions. You work for us.

Sally: And adam approved this?

Chelsea: Well, adam’s standing right next to you. Why don’t you ask him?

Adam: No concrete decisions have been made yet.

Chelsea: Right, but we’re going out today to find the right space.

Sally: Great, cool. So when do we leave?

Chelsea: “We”?

Sally: Yeah. Newman fashion. Go, team. Is that cheerleader enough for you?

Adam: Hey, let’s grab a table, get something to eat. You said you were famished.

[ Clears throat ]

Chelsea: It’s unbelievable. She didn’t waste any time.

Chloe: Okay, you know what? Let’s just focus on the new office.

Chelsea: She’s not even trying to hide her intentions. It’s blatant. And adam, it’s like this whole thing’s appealing to him. I don’t even recognize him anymore. What can I du with less asthma?

Adam: Thank you, andy.

Chloe: I doubt that sally has any ea what went down between you and adam. I mean, she was too busy annoying everyone in manhattan. She doesn’t know that he said that you two have no future.

Chelsea: And when she finds out, you think she’s gonna calm down or be emboldened by it?

Chloe: I don’t know, but I do think that you’re reading into her behavior.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: I mean, listen, she just got back from new york and she just wants to brag about her productive trip, and she ran right to the big boss.

Chelsea: But that’s a problem in and of itself. She doesn’t report to him. She reports to us. And then we deal with adam. That’s the chain of command. She’s — she’s flaunting her connection to him right in front of us. She’s a hypocrite who lied when she said she was gonna keep things professional.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You know, you sound like someone who has not gotten over adam.

Adam: Oh, I could go for an omelet right now with tomato and broccoli and monterey jack.

Sally: You know, I cannot believe that they were gonna move offices without telling me. Did you see how dismissive chelsea was?

Adam: Look, no decisions have been made yet,kay? I am the decision-maker, so please just calm down.

Sally: Yeah, but they’re making it seem like it’s a done deal.

Adam: But it’s not. I would know that, right? It was chelsea’s idea, so just let her do her due diligence. She’ll find a location, and we’ll go from there. No point in getting worked up if it might not happen.

Sally: Alright, well, it does make me feel better hearing you say that, but, I mean, the way that she treats me — really?

Adam: It wasn’t entirely her faulT. You came in hot, bragging about your private tour of the dior show, and you knew how she would react. Just don’t antagonize her.

Sally: Antagonize her about gushing about fashion? Really? That’s my job. If she can’t handle it, she needs to find a new line of work.

Adam: Why don’t we just get back to talking about actual work instead of workplace politics?

Sally: Gladly. Let me tell you about the interview I did with a hot new designer.

Chloe: I’m gonna give it to you straight. I love you, but I am done managing your moods. So, uh, can we move on, yeah?

Chelsea: Okay.

Chloe: Great. Okay, so, listen, we need to figure out how to get more autonomy for newman fashion. It is great that we’re gonna get a new office, but what we need is a bigger staff.

Sally: [ Laughs ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Louise just took dominic to his music appreciation class.

Chance: [ Chuckles ] You know what? I still can’t believe that that exists for kids his age.

Abby: Yeah, it’s supposed to help him with his cognitive development. You know, I was thinking maybe I would go with him or I was gonna keep him home. You know, I want to spend as much time with him as possible, but then I thought it’s probably best for louise to take him for him to stay on his regular schedule. I hope devon does the same.

Chance: Dominic’s routine is not the only thing that’s on your mind right now, is it?

Abby: Well, I mean, I have to hire another bartender at society.

Chance: Come on. That’s not why you were upset earlier.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: Hey. I don’t want you to hide your feelings from me. Okay? Tell me what’s going on.

Abby: I just — I can’t help thinking, will dominic think we didn’t love him enough to fight for him?

Chance: What? No. No, he’s not gonna think that. You know why? ‘Cause there was nothing to fight. There was only a bond to honor and to respect.

Abby: I’m just — I’m not sure that that’s true.

Chance: You love both brad and victor, didn’t you? Yeah, and I don’t think dominic’s gonna think any differently. Just as devon and I are gonna love that little kid with everything we got.

Abby: I just — I keep feeling that — I mean, what if there was another solution, something that was better, something that felt right?

Chance: Baby, this is right. And this is what little boy’s gonna know going forward, just all kinds of love, from all three of his parents. Including his extended family, which is 85% of genoa city.

Abby: He definitely won’t have a lack of aunts and uncles and cousins.

Chance: No, he sure won’T. He’s gonna grow up thinking he’s the luckiest little boy in the world. And with you as his mom, I tell you, that’s exactly what he is.

Abby: [ Sighs ] My foundation doesn’t settle…

Amanda: Okay, it’s not that i think that anything is gonna go wrong, it’s just my job to be prepared for any possible contingencies.

Devon: Yeah, I understand that. But I believe that this custody agreement is gonna go through. I mean, I trust abby and chance and christine.

Amanda: Yeah, I do, too, on the whole, and I do believe that they were being sincere yesterday. But they have had some time to think, and the paperwork still hasn’t been filed, so until it is, nothing is set in stone.

Devon: I know. I know that’s true, but I think that they truly believe that me having shared custody is the best thing for dominic, or else they wouldn’t have come around the way they did, you know?

Amanda: Yeah, no, i absolutely agree. And this is just the nature of being an attorney, okay? Until I can dot my I’s and cross my t’s, I just can’t relax.

Devon: I understand, and i have complete faith in you.

Amanda: As you should. I’m gonna make sure that this happens for you so that you can spend a lifetime loving that little boy.

Devon: I want you to know that I’m so happy to have you on my side.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah. And when I imagine my future with dominic, I see you right there with me.

Amanda: Well, I can’t wait.

Sharon: Do I need to remind you that you are an amazing stepdad to noah and mariah and faith? They adore you, rey.

Rey: I like to think I have a great relationship with all of them.

Sharon: You do. And I know that you are trained in the art of investigation, reading people. You even helped save mariah when she was kidnapped. I would never insinuate that you have a lack of insight into my children.

Rey: Thank you. I’m not fishing for compliments, though. Look, you and nick have a unique understanding of how your kids tick, which surpasses mine, which makes sense since i haven’t been around them until they’re much older.

Sharon: Well, you may get the opportunity when mariah and tessa adopt.

Rey: Yeah. I’m looking forward to being there from the beginning. But the real question is, are you ready to be a grandma?

Sharon: Oh, I’m fine.

Rey: I mean, you don’t look like a grandma.

Sharon: Well, thank you. I’m just thrilled at the idea of having a new baby in the family. It’s a really nice thing to hope for and dream about.

Rey: That is a beautiful dream. And you are gonna make a beautiful grandmother.

Sharon: Oh, thank you. You know, your idea of a grandmother is a little outdated. You know, grandmas come in all shapes and sizes. I mean, why can’t a grandma look like this?

Rey: Ooh. Oh, yeah, you are so right. You know, and as far as hot grandmothers go, you are the hottest.

Sharon: Oh.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Well, you’re gonna be a hot grandpa.

Rey: Oh, yeah?

Sally: So he asked me how to get to carnegie hall. I thought he was setting up for a joke, so I said, “practice, practice, practice.” But then I realized he was just asking for directions, which i took as a compliment ’cause apparently I do not look like a tourist. Hey, you asked me about my new york trip. These are the highlights. What’s wrong? Are you still worried about my problem with chelsea? Look, I’m sorry that I unloaded on you. It was unprofessional.

Adam: I have bigger work issues on my mind right now than your feud with chelsea.

Sally: Okay. Like I said before, I’m a good listener. You can bounce ideas off me. I asked you to breakfast. I’ve been talking the whole time. Please tell me what’s bothering you.

Adam: Are you sure that you can listen as a friend and not as an employee of newman media?

Sally: Absolutely. What’s going on?

Adam: My father said he’s gonna be taking a more hands-on role at the company.

Sally: Ouch. Are you sure you’re not making this out to be harsher than it is?

Adam: No. No, there’s no softer way to put it. I’ve lost credibility with my father.

Sally: Okay, well, what triggered this? I mean, why is victor butting in now?

Adam: He thinks I put the company at risk by falling for billy’s idiotic plan.

Sally: Yeah, but you didn’T. So no harm, no foul. So why is he throwing his weight around?

Adam: Because this — this is what he does. Just when you think everything is going smoothly and you’ve earned his trust, he just likes to throw you off-balance.

Sally: [ Clears throat ] Well, it must be frustrating having victor undermine you.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. He’s constantly testinme. I always seem to fail in his eyes. I mean, granted, we have had a complicated relationship and i haven’t been a model son, but ever since we started working together at newman media, I’ve made an effort to get back in his good graces, and I thought things were going smoothly. Until now. Suddenly he’s back to second-guessing everything I do. It’s demoralizing.

Sally: I’m sorry.

Adam: Yeah, and the problem with this current issue is i don’t even know where it’s coming from. It’s like the accusation of me falling for billy’s plan is an excuse. See, victor’s always three moves ahead, but I don’t even know who his opponent is this time.

Dry eye symptoms

driving you crazy?

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Honestly, I thought I was getting my floors cleaned.

Adam: Look, I, um — i probably shouldn’t have confided those things to an employee.

Sally: No. I’m glad you did.

Adam: Just, you know, if your division is affected by what victor is doing —

Sally: Well, do you think it will be?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I don’t know. I don’t know. Just pretend like you didn’t hear any of that.

Sally: Don’t do that.

Adam: Do what?

Sally: Backpedal. It’s cowardly. You said it. Own it.

Adam: Alright. I own it.

Sally: Good. Because I get what you’re feeling. The lack of trust is exhausting and makes it hard for you to do your best work.

Adam: Look, I appreciate you listening, but I was not looking for advice. I just — I really need to know that you’re gonna keep what i said to yourself.

Sally: I’m on your side, adam, and if you ever need to talk again, I’m here. Look, I know what it’s like constantly having to prove yourself. I kept having to do that atforrester back in L.A., And i kind of get the sense that that’s what’s gonna go on with chelsea and chloe.

Adam: Well, it may just be a function of being a part of a successful business. You know, you have big egos and high stakes.

Sally: I thought I had a good thing going when it was just chloe and me. But now I can see that that was too good to last.

Adam: Hey, you know what? We should get back to the office.

Sally: Yeah. Well, might not be my office for much longer. Okay, so, what is with this sudden interest in relocating newman fashion? Is that your idea or chelsea’s?

Adam: Oh, that’s definitely hers. But it might have been my fault. I told her in no uncertain terms that we’re over and there’s no future for us. She wants to avoid the day-to-day awkwardness of working in the same place.

Sally: Yeah, well, I’m sure chelsea sees it as a bonus if we move offices. That way, I can’t just pop in and run something by you.

Adam: Possibly.

Sally: Yeah, but that’s not fair because I want the day-to-day run-ins with you. For professional reasons.

Adam: Mm.

Sally: And it’s ironic because I’m the reason that newman fashion is on the map because of my design for victoria’s dress. And now I have no decision-making power whatsoever, and chelsea is constantly putting me down.

Adam: Look, I don’t wanto go over all this again, okay? You are obviously very talented and you are business-savvy, but for now they are your superiors. You answer to them. And I’m sure one day that you will have your own line again. But you just have to be patient.

Sally: Is that something that you’d be willing to invest in? Because I would be totally okay with that.

Adam: That’s a very nice try. Why don’t we just focus on the business we have before we start thinking about launching new ones?

Chloe: Now that we’ve seen what’s out there, I love that we have decided to move our office. I mean, there are just so many better places for us.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: And the place that we love, it looks like we can get a deal.

Sharon: I didn’t mean to overhear, but are you moving offices?

Chloe: That’s the plan.

Sharon: Ah. Why would you do that?

Chelsea: Uh, just change of environment. That’s all.

Sharon: Well, I know that you’re selling the penthouse. Do you feel the need to put more distance between you and adam at work, too?

Chelsea: This is a business decision, not a personal one.

Chloe: Yeah. We just — we just need to expand.

Sharon: I get it. Good for you.

Chloe: Yeah, we’re just looking for, younow, k more creative location.

Sharon: Yeah, a little inspiration. I love it.

Chloe: I’m excited to have a new workspace. I mean, finally we get to start creating our stuff again.

Sharon: Yeah, that — that does sound exciting.

Chelsea: You know what? Um, I’ve got to put sugar in this. Excuse me. Hey. Rey.

Rey: Hey.

Chelsea: How are you?

Rey: I’m good. Come. Join me.

Chelsea: Oh, you know, i meant to thank you again for sending that christmas gift for connor.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Well, i hope he liked it. I bet you miss him, having spent all that time together over the holidays.

Chelsea: Yeah. We’re very close. I’m just glad he got to spend time at my place.

Rey: Yeah, from what I hear, it’s not gonna be your place much longer. You’re selling the penthouse?

Chelsea: It’s true. It time to get away from all those memories.

Rey: Yeah. It’s for the best. I’m sure you’ll find a great new place.

Chelsea: Yeah. I’m looking forward to it.

Rey: You should.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Chloe: Hey. So, is your coffee sweet enough?

Chelsea: You know what? I forgot to get the sugar.

Rey: Oh, that was my fault. I distracted her.

Chelsea: Rey and I started talking, and it totally slipped my mind, but that’s okay. Actually, we need to get to the office to gethe ball rolling. It was good to see you, rey. And thank you again for connor’s gift.

Rey: It’s my pleasure.

Chelsea: You know, it’s nice talking to somebody who genuinely cares about my well-being, no ulterior motive, just a sincere “how are you?” It’s refreshing.

Rey: Well, I don’t think that should be such a rare occurrence.

[Tv chatter]

Chloe: We found our new space.

Chelsea: It’s perfect.

Chloe: It’s big.

Chelsea: So we can expand.

Chloe: It’s got a great creative vibe.

Chelsea: Which will help us create great content.

Chloe: And attract young, vibrant talent.

Adam: Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but, uh, I’ve actually been giving this more thought, and now is not a time to incur more costs, okay? I don’t want to make a big cash outlay for an expensive new lease.

[ Both stammer ]

Chloe: Okay, well, uh, that is the best part — because they are offering a deal… because they want new tenants in this part of town.

Chelsea: The money we save on overhead we can use towards hiring new staff.

Chloe: Expansion and growth. Those are good things for a business.

Adam: Yes, they are. I mean, I’ll have to look at the numbers, but it’s — it’s hard to argue with your logic, i guess.

Chelsea: Excellent. Excellent. We will let the finance department handle signing a new lease.

Adam: Is it really what you want?

Chloe: It’s best for the business.

Adam: Okay, well, maybe chelsea s riwat — it would be best overall if we aren’t crossing paths all day long.

Chelsea: Excuse me.

Sally: Hey, chelsea. How is the search for the new offices going? I would love to have some input.

Chelsea: Oh, I’m sure you would. Talk to chloe about it. She’ll fill you in.

Sally: Hey. What do I have to do to get you to treat me with a tiny speck of respect?

Chelsea: To be honest, I’m not sure I will ever be able to cut you a break.

Sally: Okay. Well, I know that’s not a reflection of my talents or my abilities. You may pretend like my ideas are subpar, but you know better than that. This is personal. Which I don’t understand because there’s nothing going on between me and adam.

Chelsea: Save it. I know this game you’re playing. I wrote the rule book on it. You may pretend you’re not after him, yet you monopolize his time, and I think you and I both know why. Stop playing me for a fool.

Sally: I did nothing. Chelsea just went off on me. Again. It’s really starting to grate on my nerves.

Chloe: No. It is starting to grate on my nerves. I’m not sure how much of this i can take. Something’s got to give.

Rey: Understood. I’ll be there shortly. Okay. I got to go.

Sharon: I had a feeling.

Rey: Thank you.

Sharon: So, how’d your talk with chelsea go?

Rey: It was good. It was good. You know, um, she has a positive attitude about starting over. I feel for her. It’s gonna be tough with all the reminders of everything that went wrong.

Sharon: Yeah, I’m sure there’s something around every corner that can be a reminder of what happened last year.

Rey: Yeah. Even me. I’m a living, breathing reminder, and so are you. And adam.

Sharon: Well, she is putting some distance between herself and adam. I know she’s selling the penthouse, and now there’s talk of her and chloe getting a new office space.

Rey: Those are all good ideas. Too much time around adam can’t be a good thing.

Sharon: Agreed. But, um, you seemed to put her at ease. You have a good rapport with her.

Rey: I was just asking her about connor. I know she loves to talk about her son, like most parents do. Ah, I got to go. I’ll see you later.

Sharon: Okay.

Rey: Mwah. Bye.

Abby: Look. That’s so nice that louise sent us this video of dom in his music class.

Chance: Oh, look at him go. He’s a total charmer.

Abby: So cute.

Chance: So engaged with that teacr.

Abby: Yeah.

[ Sighs ]

Chance: What are you thinking about now? Hmm? You wish we would have gone to class with him?

Abby: No. Maybe it’s not dom that I’m worried about. Maybe it’s me. That I’m gonna struggle handing my son off to devon.

Chance: Abby, that’s not what we’re doing. He’s still gonna live here a majority of the time.

Abby: Okay, but what about the days and the nights that he’s not with us? I mean, I’m worried that it’s gonna break me.

Chance: Hey. Are you kidding me? That is not gonna happen. Abby, you were tough enough to defy everyone, including the government, and track me down and find me in spain. And when I felt like I couldn’t come home, you didn’t back down until I changed my mind.

Abb this is different. That was me refusing to give up someone that I love. This is me having to just walk away, even if it’s only for one day a week. I just — I don’t think that I’m strong enough. My plaque psoriasis…

Chance: I’m so sorry you’re hurting like this. It kills me to see it.

Abby: Don’t apologize. I’m the one who should feel guilty…because this is the best thing for you and for dominic and devon. It’s just — it’s just difficult.

Chance: Well, should we call christine, tell her we changed our minds?

Abby: No. No. We can’t go back on our word. ‘Cause, yes, this is horrible and it hurts, but… it’s the right thing to do.

Amanda: Hey, I am heading out to a meeting with a potential client who wants to set up a trust for her grandchildren.

Devon: Well, that’s really cool. Making sure her family’s taken care of. Maybe I should think of doing something like that for dominic.

Amanda: Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

[ Cellphone pings it’s from christine.

Devon: What’s she say?

Amanda: They have approved our amendments to the custody agreement. Everything is on track.

Devon: [ Laughs ] Yes.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Okay, well, that was a fast exit.

Chelsea: I don’t want to be in that office with that woman for another second.

Chloe: Okay. I have tried to give you your space and accommodate your needs on this, but you are making it really tough.

Chelsea: How?

Chloe: I took this job with adam, my mortal enemy, in part because of you. I built us a viable business for you to come back to. I sent sally to new york to help you. I am moving the business across town to help you. I am giving and giving just to appease you, and you’re not giving anything back. I have done everything that i can to make this work, and i cannot handle the bickering. It is d fobamorale, and it’s bad for business. We need sally. She is valuable to our business, but you don’t seem to realize that or care. So I’m done trying to help you. It’s your turn to figure this out.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Sally: Well, chelsea just bit my head off again.

Adam: Look, look, I don’t want to hear about it, okay? I had enough of it at the restaurant. And I’m definitely not getting in the middle of it. In fact, that’s why I signed off on the plan to move offices.

Sally: Okay, but I —

Adam: Please, please don’t argue with me. It was my decision to make, and I did.

Sally: Alright. I appreciate that. And you’re right. You shouldn’t get in the middle of it. It’s not fair to you. But I also have to look out for myself. I will not be treated like that. And I get the feeling that chelsea’s trying to squeeze me out, and now that victor is gonna be more involved, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to newman fashion. And I don’t think that he respects or cares for the division, so I’m in trouble here.

Adam: What would you like me to do about that?

Sally: Well, you know chelsea better than anyone, so maybe you can give me some pointers on what to look out for?

Adam: All I know is you need to figure it out with her if you want to keep the job, okay? Because as much as I have come to appreciate your ability to land on your feet, if your plan is to go to war with chelsea, I don’t like your chances.

Sally: I think you underestimate me.

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GH Transcript Monday, January 24, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Nurse.There he is! I stopped by to say hello — no curtis.

[ Smooches, chuckles ] Well, I was at, um, luke spencer’s memorial, and, um… gave me some food for thought. Care to share? Well, while I was sitting there, I was thinking about marshall’s cardiac incident and what it would have meant if he’d have died and if I’d thrown away the only time that I would have ever gotten to get to know him. Now? No time like the present. Hey, leo? Hold on just a second. Now that we are done eating, your mother and i would like to talk to you about something. Am I in trouble?

[ Both laugh ] No, honey, why would you think that? You’re wearing nice clothes, which means it’s an important day. Well…you’re right about that. Leo… we just want to tell you that we’re gonna have a wedding ceremony at the house in a few days. Why? Well — well, because, uh, you know, ’cause ned and i are already married, but we just wanted to have another wedding for our family and our friends. That’s right — to show our commitment as a family. And there’s another very important reason. Ned would like to officially adopt you… so that he could be your father. But you’re not my real father. Hey, maxie, it’s austin. Listen, I-I know I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna say it again. I would do just about anything to get your louise back to you, so to that end, maybe — could you just give me a call? We can coordinate about our trip to pautuck tomorrow. That’d be great. Thanks. Dr. Westbourne. Dr. Gatlin-holt. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but, whoops, I guess I did. Whoops. Do you want to join me for a drink and tell me what’s going on with you and maxie? Oh, bailey finally went down. Fingers crossed that she sleeps through the night. Well, if she does wake up, I’m happy to rock her back to sleep. You’re always telling me that she likes my singing. She does. That’s a really… letting my self fallfor someone like brook lynn

would be

a major disaster. Brook lynn? What were you gonna say? It’s a really good idea? No, actually, that’s — that’s completely unnecessary. I can handle bailey fine on my own.

[ Doorbell rings ] I’m here for my daughter. Glad you had the time to meet with me. Actually, I was about to settle my tab and get out of here, but more than happy to spend some time and stick around with my son. What are you drinking? What can I get you? Double vodka on the rocks, please. Coming right up. You do our russian heritage proud. I enjoyed vodka when I didn’t think I had a drop of cassadine blood in me. Ah, but you do.

[ Vodka pouring ] Ah. Just…

[ Speaks russian ] Had an interesting phone call from dr. Gatlin-holt today, said that, uh, you stopped by his office. Oh, I was coming to see you, my boy. Yeah, I’m, uh… delighted to hear that you and the good doctor are working together to retaliate against brook lynn, although, of course, that does make my offer for assistance a little redundant. No, I like to keep my options open, and I appreciate your expertise.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, come on. Please, feel free to drop the act. I know exactly why you’re spending time with me. Goodbye, my love.

[ Sighs ] Jennifer smith? Laura, fate has been so cruel to us to take luke away and even crueler to delay me from saying goodbye. I can’t even tell you how much I have hated missing the memorial service of our dear ex-husband. Wait, this woman was married to luke? For five minutes, and then it was annulled. What are you doing here? What do you want? Luke. Are you out there? Hey. Hey.

[ Sighs ] I know, um, there’s a lot… we’re feeling tonight… a lot we need to say to each other, but I-I just want you to know… …the only thing that’s important. Come home.

Honey, ned loves you very much, and — you know what? Leo, remember we discussed this last year, that there are many different ways to be a parent? Some kids have a mom and a dad. Some have two moms or two dads. Some have step parents and sometimes, only one parent. Now, julian will always be your biological father. Do you know what that means? Well, I would very much like to be the father who raises you, who makes you a part of my family, too. What’s this? If anyone asks, it’s super important

deception research that I had to give you. Why would anyone ask? Because peter followed me to texas and then to nixon falls, and I don’t care if he’s in jail awaiting trial — he could have a henchman following me. And if someone is following you, the last thing you want them to see is you leaving this house with bailey. Oh, when I said I was here for her, I didn’t mean I was gonna take her. I just want to see her.

[ Sighs ] Where is she, upstairs? No, no, no, you don’t want to wake her. Bailey’s been having some trouble at bedtime lately, you know, adjusting to a new place. Don’t tell me what my daughter needs, brook lynn. And who is this handsome young man? Spencer cassadine. Ooh, cassadine — impressive. Why are you here bothering my grandmother? Oh, that is so lovely, you protecting her. You must be so proud. I am. But clearly, you’ve neglected to tell young spencer here about a very substantial part of your history. Oh, here we go with the histrionics. And how is she part of your history? Jennifer smith is frank smith’s daughter. Before his death, my father — may he rest — was a major figure in organized crime — major. Luke worked for frank smith, and then frank ordered luke to marry jennifer. And on their wedding day, luke and I ran off together. Laura, please, let’s — let’s choose to remember the good times. Now, why did no one tell me about the memorial service of my… incredible luke? Because you weren’t invited. Now, please return to whatever rock you crawled out from under. We both know it’s not as simple as… just coming home. Isn’t it? I lost too much time already with you. I don’t want to waste another second. I don’t want to, either. Then come on. Come on. Sonny, sonny, we’ve — god, so much hasn’t been addressed. You admitted that you fell in love with nina. Okay, I accept that it was through no fault of your own. I get it, okay? But… I am so angry… and hurt that you didn’t think that I was strong enough to handle the truth after jason died, and you should’ve told me before. But there was always a crisis, and I wanted things to settle. You know, the anger, the betrayal, the hurt, I — that’s all stuff I could get past, I could get over. But the difficult part, and the part that we’re not saying out loud is that deep down, I — I know you — you can’t just fall out of love with nina… despite knowing the truth. I mean, your head knows that she lied to you and hurt your family, but your heart doesn’T. I don’t expect you to turn off your feelings at the drop of a hat, sonny, but if you need time to get over nina, I can’t be around you. I can’t watch you nurse a broken heart for someone else.

I was furious over not having the full story, but anger isn’t new to us. But what’s

impossible is for meto share a bed with you when I know you’re trying to get over another woman. It’s the same thing as you trying to get over falling in love with jason. Oh, my god, it’s not the same thing. Yeah, what do you mean, it’s not the same thing? No, I told you everything that happened. Yeah, after I asked you. After a couple days. It wasn’t weeks, and it wasn’t months. And let’s talk about how I found out about you and nina, huh? At least when I didn’t tell you, I was trying to protect you. And i was trying to protect you. And nina. You were trying to protect us both, and that’s heartbreaking because I’m your wife. Me! I don’t know. I think… I think — I think we were so happy, so happy that you had come home that we just eased back into our old life, and [Chuckles] Maybe we shouldn’t have. I still love you. Nothing has changed. Unless it has for you. Pretty sure you heard about my half brother, cyrus renault, and, uh, his very lucrative business in the northwest. It’s actually your territory, isn’t it? Well… the business was always my father’s domain. Uh-huh. Uh, excuse you.

[ Sighs ] The last time we saw each other, you kidnapped my son, so forgive me if I don’t take you at your word. Fine. I did not come all this way just to pay my respects to luke. You’re right, laura. I did have an ulterior motive for returning to port charles. It hasn’t escaped my notice that your sudden enthusiasm for destroying brook lynn quartermaine and spending time with me rather came out of the blue. Have I been enthusiastic? Anna devane has been looking at me rather crossly recently, curious as to my future plans, no doubt, and since you’ll do anything for her, I-I’m sure you agreed to ingratiate yourself with me on her behalf. See, you assume everyone is as calculating as you are. Mm, no, not everyone. As a matter of fact, I find most people reckless, random, and sloppy — all the more reason to appreciate your considerable skill at strategy. But you need to understand this. I’m not the least bit bothered by your ulterior motives. I’m just happy to spend time with my son any way I can. It’s okay, louise. Mommy’s here.

[ Louise crying ] Shh. Don’t cry. It’s okay.

[ Crying continues ]

[ Sighs ] Don’t be upset, louise.

[ Crying continues ] It’s okay, sweetie. It’s okay, bailey. You’re okay, sweetheart. Bailey’s here in her crib, and her mobile’s here and her nightlight is here and I’m here, sweetheart. You’re okay. You’re okay to drift off to dreamland. There you go, sweetie. That’s my girl. Please, whatever ideas that you have about me being with maxie, could you just let them go? ‘Cause my focus right now is just on helping her get her baby back. Mm, that you delivered. Yeah. If I hadn’t been on the run with jason, I would have been there to help maxie. You would have delivered louise. Mm-hmm. Oh. Maxie was so worried what would happen to louise if peter got his hands on her that she was prepared to give her baby up for adoption and let peter think that louise was dead. But I wasn’t there to help maxie deliver the baby, and the rest is really terrible history.

[ Chuckles ] My brother and his crazy nurse had their own plans for the baby.

Oh, marshall. Shouldn’t you be at home resting? Dr. Robinson, I’m glad I ran into you. I wanted to say thank you for all the help with my little episode last night. I was happy to help, but I suppose you’re really here to see curtis. Now, look, I understand that it’s not my place to get involved, but it seems to me the way you go about things, you can come across a little forward. Curtis asked you for space. Curtis: Uh, portia… that’s okay. I asked for marshall to stop by. Honey, when ned adopts you, then brook lynn will officially really be your sister and tracy will really be your grandmother. And my name will be quartermaine, like you? Yeah, if that’s — if that’s what you’d like. And if you still want me to be your father. Mm-hmm. Okay. I am going to give the lawyers a call and make sure everything’s all set.

[ Exhales sharply ] I love you. I love you, too.

[ Smooches ]

[ Smooches ] I could only protect you from a distance when helena was alive — and mikkos. And now finally, I can be a father to you, face to face. Does this mean you’re gonna be at my little league games and parent-teacher conferences? I won’t rest until our family is intact again. We’re gonna need each other for what’s coming next. The details of which you don’t plan to share with me. All in due time. Then I guess we don’t have anything left to say to one another. But I will get the tab. What is it? I feel like such an idiot. Well, you’re not. My daughter is old enough to recognize her name. But her name is not bailey. It’s louise. And it’s not my voice that is comforting her or helping her fall asleep. It’s brook lynn’S. That is how long she’s been away from her mother. Look, this is all gonna be over soon. Okay, peter will be found guilty of all the crimes that he committed, and he’ll be locked away for the rest of his life. And then your baby can return home to you. Yeah, but how soon is soon? Trials can take months, and in the meantime, I’m missing every major milestone of louise’s life. She doesn’t even know who I am. Yeah, but she will know you, maxie. And until then, you… you just got to carry a piece of louise in your heart. Yeah. You have no idea how true that is. I know bailey is not my daughter, but I can’t seem to let go of this. Ever since I had to give up my daughter, I’ve carried her sonogram in my purse. Has my love for you changed? How could you ask me that? The only thing I’ve asked for is, uh, space and time, and you owe me that after everything, don’t you think? Time is not what we need, carly. Come on. We got to go — we got to be together. You and me, we’ve got to go on — on an adventure. We’ve got to recommit. Sonny. Just say whatever you want. Whatever you want, just say it. I’m gonna — I’m gonna tell you every day how much I love you. Everything’s gonna be fine. It’s going to be — it’s gonna go back the way it was. Are you okay? Am I okay? I am okay. I just got back, and my — my — my wife is not home. Listen. I’m gonna show you. I’m gonna show you how much I love you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door slams ] I’ve only asked for time. Jennifer: I had something I wanted to say to you. I’m listening. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all… the terrible things I did and the pain I caused you and your family over the years.

[ Scoffs ] W-where is this coming from, jennifer? Well, I’ve had a lot of time to look at myself the last few years, and I realized that my obsession with luke wasn’t even about luke at all. It was about myself and my — my thinking I deserved everything I wanted. And I treated you horribly because of my sense of entitlement. Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Hello, sonny.

I carried this with me the whole time brook lynn was expecting, after bailey was born. I’m still carrying it. May I? I know I should probably throw it away, but I can’t shake the feeling that bailey and I one day can have a relationship of some kind, and if that day comes, I’m — I’m gonna want to have that, but if I don’t let it go, I don’t know how I’m supposed to heal. May I make a suggestion? Why don’t I hold on to this for you? Bailey’s out like a light. Okay, well, I need to get going. I have to meet my mom. My mom and anna are insisting on finding a lead on louise. They kept pushing me, so I finally agreed to go to pautuck with austin to remember anything that happened when louise “went missing.” I can cancel. No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’ll raise more questions if you bail on your mom and anna. Plus, if austin goes alone, then there would be an x factor. You have to go and control the questions. Okay? Spin the narrative. What other choice do I have outside of telling austin the truth? Austin: Maxie had an idea about who she wanted to adopt louise? Sorry to interrupt. Um, I just wanted to give you both an update on leo. He’s seeing the specialist that you recommended. Great. Yeah, olivia mentioned something about that. How does leo feel about the sessions? So far, so good. Okay. Well, I think in the long run, leo will be very grateful for what you’ve done. Well, actually, I’m the one who’s grateful, and I wanted to thank you. You put my son first knowing what it could cost you, and I know my family didn’t do right by you. And I am hoping to rectify that. Can tell by that look on your face you’re as surprised as I am curtis asked me to come. Surprised and grateful. I got to admit, I thought it might take a couple of days, you know, given that you might need some time to recover. Either way, I’m just glad you’re here all the same. So, I’ve been doing some thinking since the hospital. I confided with a friend about what you told me about being in hiding. Curtis, I warned you. This is a guy I trust. Anyway, we got to talking, and it made me realize that demanding an answer from you… could put our family in jeopardy. I can see why you might think that. I don’t like it, but… I’m willing not to push this for now. I was hoping we’d reconnect while I was back in town. Yeah, we met once or twice. I was working for your dad. That was a long time ago. And look how far you’ve come since then. Yeah. Five families are down to two. Or so it seems. Spencer, can you do me a favor, please? Uh, take your phone, go out on the deck, and give kevin a call and tell him that we’ve been delayed but that we’ll be home soon. But, grandmother — from the deck now. Yes, grandmother. The corinthos and wu families basically run the entire east coast. My father would be so proud. Your father’s dead. Still, his empire could grow even further, if that’s what you wanted. You know what I want? I want to take care of my family. And I-I don’t want to have this conversation with you anymore. Okay, I was just trying to be nice. I have an early flight in the morning, and it’s not as if you and i are going to be able to catch up over breakfast. Okay, you can go back on my private jet ’cause there’s no use for you here. I don’t need any distractions when I’m concentrating on carly and my family. Jennifer, why don’t you go get that drink you wanted? Sonny. Pick it up! Come on! Hey, sonny,

[Chuckles] You okay?

[ Gasps ] Josslyn! Surprise. Oh, my gosh. Hi. Oh, what a wonderful surprise. Oh, I’m so happy to see you. Hi. Um, well, I dropped donna and avery off at grandma bobbie’s, and I thought I’d come say hi. I’m glad. So, uh… how are you doing? Grandma told me that sonny was at luke’s memorial. Yeah, he was. Do you want to talk about it? No, I don’t, because it’s not appropriate. Mom, who cares? Just tell me anyway. Not talking about it isn’t gonna make me any less upset at sonny, and actually saying how you feel out loud may be helpful. How I feel. Yeah. I’m sad, and I’m confused, and I keep waiting for the sonny I know to show up, you know? I mean, the one that would be furious that nina kept sonny from his family for months, the one who would want her to suffer the way we’ve suffered. But this sonny?

[ Sighs ] He keeps making excuses… for wanting to protect me… when it’s really nina he’s protecting.

Thank you, curtis. Thank you for your understanding. I’m gonna leave you two alone now. I-I don’t want to get in the way of your date night. You weren’T. I was actually just leaving. You are? Why don’t you have a great night with your father? And good night, marshall. And good night, portia. Thank you. Tequila man, are you? Yeah, I was just, uh, just noticing the brand. Top of the line. You got good taste. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been warned that organized crime was gonna try to muscle me out of my nightclub. What are you trying to say, son? I’m saying that I know there’s a lot of gray areas about your past, and if you got mixed up with some not-so-good people, I know that it may not have been willingly. I’m not saying I get it. I’m saying… I’m trying to. Does that make any sense? Yeah. It does. Come on! Sonny. You seem… y-you seem really out of sorts. I mean, are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. You look like you need this more than I do. What has sonny corinthos so hot and bothered? I don’t know, jennifer, but he’s right about something — you being here isn’t helping anyone, you least of all. Luke was cruel to both of us, laura. You at least got out from under that. I need to know how you did it. How did you do it? How did you get the catharsis you need to reclaim your life? Don’t look for a catharsis, okay? Life doesn’t always wrap itself up neatly and cleanly and completely. It just doesn’T. The only way any of us gets any closure is by closing a chapter and then opening the next one. Thank you for that. I’ll take that to heart. Take care, laura. Well, you just want sonny to admit he messed up instead of telling you all the reasons he kept quiet about his feelings for nina. Yeah, but in sonny’s mind, those reasons make sense. He didn’t want to inflict more pain after jason died, or after brando and sasha had to take their baby off life support. And what? His intentions were good, so you’re not allowed to be mad? Oh, no, I’m mad, and I feel justified in my anger. Me too. But justifiable anger isn’t gonna fix things. Well, do you think there is a way to fix things? I want to say something to you right now that, um… it may not make a lot of sense to you for a while. I had blinders on for a long time. You know, I let my own fears and my anxieties get in the way, and I wasn’t seeing you for who you really are — every — every last beautiful side of you. But I see you now, leo. I really do. Every bit. And I want you to know that I’m never gonna let my fears come first with you, okay? Never, ever again. I love you so much, my little man. Olivia and I are having a family gathering in a few days at the house to renew our wedding vows, and I’d like you to be there. I’ve got other plans. Okay. Well, there will be other family occasions, and… I’m hoping maybe you’ll, um, change your mind and join us. Bad idea.Bad idea. Very bad. Think about it first. Okay, aust already thinks you’re hiding something from him… even more than lying to valentin about being bailey’s father, and this way, we could keep him from asking any more inconvenient questions. Maxie, come on. Okay, fine. You’re right, as usual. I’m gonna get going now. My mom wants to go over the details of our pautuck outing. Maxie, I’m really sorry about what happened before with bailey. She was just cranky. That’s fine. It’s good for me to see that my daughter’s in good hands. You guys make a great team. I agree with maxie. I think you and i make a good team. Really? Because I get the sense that I’m just a burden to you.

I really do hopeto put the pieces back together. Well, don’t stay with sonny if it means you’re unhappy. Well, in the end, that depends on sonny. He needs to understand that I need space… or we’ll never be able to make things right.

[ Sighs ] To your health. And yours. And the continued health of the savoy. Hear, hear. That’s good. Mm. Yeah, it is. Another? Yeah. Whoever warned you, curtis, they were right on the money. Shady characters are always trying to muscle their way into venues like this. Hey, sonny, what’s up? I want your club. Yes, the memorial just ended. No, I did not get the closure I needed, but I did get you what you wanted. Sonny is in no rush to expand his influence to the west coast, which gives you plenty of time to grow strong before you make your move. One day. So are we finished here? Hi. Hey. I left that message on kevin’s voicemail. Thank you. Why’d you want me to leave? It’s not like I don’t know that my uncle sonny’s a kingpin. Yes, I know. All the more reason for you not to listen in on his conversations, especially the ones with jennifer smith. Yeah, she was, uh… a lot. Yeah, that’s one way of putting it.

[ Chuckles ] Are you worried about her showing up? It’s a concern, but I have other things to focus on. Like running the city. No, actually, I was thinking about my family. Spencer… I have been very hard on you recently, but I hope you know that I always love you. I love you, too. Let me hold on to the sonogram for you. I can return it to you when bailey’s absence from your heart is a-a little less painful. Yeah, okay. Thank you. Yeah, you take it. Someone’s got to pull the plug on my attachment to that thing. And like I said, I got the tab. No, no, no. Don’t you dare. Please, allow me. It’s — it’s the least I can do for the chance of getting to know you better. And you…

…mon pre.

A bientt, mon fils. Let’s celebrate. I’m on the a-list of quartermaine invitees. Yeah. Makes me want to dance with joy. At least things worked out for leo. Yeah. You were willing to risk your career because you suspected he was on the autism spectrum. That’s just me, saint austin. I think this is more than you just being a good doctor. Is there a reason why leo’s case was so personal to you? Whoa, wait, you’re a burden to me? Where is that coming from? Nowhere. Just forget I said anything, okay? No, no, no. I’m just tired. That came from somewhere. Come on, brook lynn, don’t shut me out. I’m not. I swear, okay? I’m — I’m just gonna go check on bailey one more time and get to bed. I’ll see you in the morning. Oh, I’m so sorry. Maxie: Oops. – I vote we try the rapids. They have been run before. Once even with success.


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Days Transcript Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Rafe: You know, the more i think about it, the more it makes sense. Ava didn’t tell me where she was or what she was up to. Maybe nothing came up. Maybe she was just planning on walking through that door in the hope of seeing…

Nicole: Seeing what?

Rafe: This.

[Dramatic electronic music]

Ned: How’d your meeting go? Oh. By the looks of things, not too well.

Xander: I’m sorry; did you want something?

Ned: Obviously. I want my money.

[Phone beeps]

Chad: Abby, what’s going on? Where are you? Johnny said–

[Doorbell rings] Belle.

Belle: Hey. I’m sorry to just show up without calling, but I wanted to pick up some toiletries for ej.

Chad: Oh, what, the shampoo in the lockup isn’t good enough for my brother?

Belle: I thought he would appreciate having some of his own things. Would you mind getting it for me?

Chad: Yeah, no, I’m not doing anything to help ej, not after what he did to my wife.

Belle: What did he do to abigail?

Abigail: I knew it! I knew it was… you? Ava vitali? What the hell?

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[Soft orchestration]

Belle: Ej did what?

Chad: He forced himself on my wife.

Belle: Are you sure?

Chad: Uh, yes, I’m sure. I saw him with my own eyes.

Belle: Where did this happen?

Chad: At the courthouse during the recess that the judge gave because of that coughing fit or whatever the hell it was. You remember–I ran into you in the hallway? We were about to walk inside, and then I had realized that i forgot my phone in the witness room, so I went to go get it, and there’s ej, attacking my wife.

Belle: What did he say when you walked in?

Chad: Well, after abigail slapped him across the face, I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing, and he wasn’t even the least bit apologetic. Just sat there, staring at me, smug as ever.

Belle: Oh, my god. I–I just can’t believe he would do something so disgusting.

Chad: I was gonna kill him. Abby asked me not to.

Belle: You know what? It really doesn’t make sense, though, because, I mean, you were about to get back on the stand, and you made it pretty clear that we would be pleased with your testimony, so why would ej sabotage himself like that?

Chad: Because ej is an arrogant bastard who thinks he can do whatever he wants, not to mention an entitled pig that thinks he can help himself to whatever he wants. Do you know what he said to my wife? He said that he was gonna take her on the conference table. Take her.

Belle: Ugh.

Chad: I mean, who knows what would’ve happened if I hadn’t shown up when I did?

Belle: God, well, no wonder you were so mad when you came back from that recess.

Chad: Yeah, well, he’s gonna be spending the next decade in prison, so maybe he’ll learn to keep his hands to himself.

Belle: I am so, so sorry for what abigail had to go through. I mean, there is no excuse for ej’s behavior. But he is still my client, and so if you could just point me to the bathroom, I’ll grab the stuff and go.

Melinda: Ah, mr. Dimera. We meet again. You’re looking a little bit, um, defeated.

Shawn: Look, we’d love to stay and chat, da trask, but ej’s got somewhere he needs to be.

Melinda: Oh, the only place he should be is downstairs, awaiting sentencing.

Shawn: He’s meeting with his lawyer.

Melinda: I hope not to discuss an appeal.

Ej: That’s between me and my attorney.

Melinda: Well, it’s your money, but I should warn you: It’s a waste of time.

Ej: We’ll see.

Melinda: You are so damn arrogant. All of you dimeras are. For years, I’ve tried to take one of you down, but you always seem to slither out of trouble. But at last, all my hard work has paid off, and I get the distinct pleasure of sending one of your kind directly where you belong: Statesville prison.

Xander: Your money?

Ned: Yeah, that’s where you’re headed, right? After the meeting I had with you and abigail dimera earlier today? You went to procure payment for our little exchange? You remember? Last spring, sarah horton needed somebody to fly her out of salem. I’m the guy who did the job. I told you I would tell you, but it was gonna cost you.

Xander: Yeah, right. Hi, ted.

Ned: Ned. Ned grainger.

Xander: I’ve got a lot on my mind now, so if you’ll excuse me, I–

Ned: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you trying to pull?

Xander: I’m not sure what you mean.

Ned: You and mrs. Dimera were very anxious to get information out of me. You told me to sit tight, and you’d get my cash. Now it seems like you forgot the whole thing.

Xander: I didn’t forget. I went to ask sarah’s mum for the money.

Ned: So let’s have it. She did give it to you, didn’t she?

Xander: Actually, I didn’t get a chance to ask.

Ned: Well, I sure hope you have some other means of funds, because I’m not gonna tell you squat unless I get paid.

Xander: I don’t need you to tell me where you took sarah. I already found her myself.

Abigail: You’re the person who’s been wearing this mask? I–I mean, I knew it wasn’t really sarah, but I just thought the person masquerading as her was kristen or gwen. I never would’ve guessed that it was you.

Ava: Surprise.

Abigail: This just doesn’t make sense. I mean, do you even know who sarah is? What reason do you have to be impersonating her? What are you doing, ava? Why are you doing this?

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Xander: Sarah was at her mother’s house when I arrived.

Ned: So?

Xander: So I know where she is. Obviously, I don’t need you to tell me.

Ned: We had a deal.

Xander: Yeah, the deal’s off.

Ned: I was counting on that money. I just bought a watch. Cost me a small fortune.

Xander: Well, I guess you’re gonna have to take it back, eh?

Ned: I can’T.

Xander: Why not? Still in the box. You haven’t worn it, have you?

Ned: No, but I can’t take it back. I love this watch!

Xander: Unfortunately, ned, sometimes, no matter how much we love something, we still end up losing it.

[Dramatic music]

Melinda: Mrs. Brady. I heard you had a meeting with your client.

Belle: Ej was supposed to be brought up from holding.

Melinda: No need to file a complaint. Your hubby already brought him to the interrogation room. I’ll tell you what I already told mr. Dimera. This meeting is a waste of time.

Belle: Thanks for the input.

Melinda: He was found guilty, all right? And considering all the damning testimony against him, I don’t see how you’ll convince a judge to come to any other conclusion.

Belle: Why don’t you let me worry about that?

Melinda: Ooh, you must really be kicking yourself, huh, for letting him take the stand like that?

Belle: [Scoffs] Excuse me?

Melinda: Any first-year law student knows that a defense attorney never lets their client testify unless it’s absolutely necessary. I mean, whoo, when you opened that door for me, I was thrilled… but I was also shocked, because someone with your experience to make a rookie mistake like that? You must be mortified.

Shawn: Oh, let me guess. Our esteemed da is doing a little preening.

Belle: Oh, no, she’s just showing me all her insecurities. She’s a little nervous that I’m meeting with ej.

Melinda: [Laughs] I have nothing to be insecure or nervous about. I won.

Shawn: And is this the part where you say that you’re way more of a force than belle in the courtroom and that you’re a better attorney because you’re so damn tough?

Melinda: Seems like a reasonable position, considering someone has to have her husband fight her battles for her.

Belle: Oh, please.

Shawn: Listen, I can assure you that my wife is more than capable of defending herself.

Melinda: Yet here you are, riding to her rescue.

Shawn: Not at all. Actually, I just know that she’s had a really busy last few days, and I just wanted to give her a little break.

Belle: Aww.

[Soft music]

Nicole: Rafe… we have to stop.

Rafe: Yeah, I’m sorry. I s–I shouldn’t have done that. I…

Nicole: It’s okay. Obviously, I wanted to kiss you, too. But we can’t do this. You are with ava.

Rafe: I’m with ava. I know, I know. I’m sorry, and I don’T… I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I just let my frustration get the best of me.

Nicole: Frustration because you don’t know if your girlfriend is playing you?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, like I said, ava’s been– she been acting weird the last few weeks, and–I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being paranoid because I feel guilty.

Nicole: Because we had sex behind her back.

Rafe: Which I still don’t understand how she would know about.

Nicole: She might not. She’s been pushing for the three of us to spend time together.

Rafe: Yeah, and what’s the end game with that?

Nicole: Being able to spend time with her friend and her boyfriend without being all weird.

Rafe: Uh-huh, right. Is it? Is it, or is she just playing nice? Meanwhile, she’s on a revenge rampage. Right? Started with her cutting the head off of duke, and then she’s setting me up to look like a dirty cop, and you said the other day that she was acting weird in your office.

Nicole: I know. No, but maybe–maybe I’m being paranoid too.

Rafe: Uh-huh, yeah? Okay, what about tonight, huh? What about that? She insists that we all have dinner? She’s not even here.

Nicole: Something came up.

Rafe: Did it? Did it, or is she just leaving us alone in the hopes to catch us doing something?

Nicole: Rafe, ava is my friend, and I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, that if she knew what happened between us, she would be direct. But honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know.

Rafe: Yeah. So I guess I got tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop and took action. Let the chips fall where they may.

Nicole: I got it. I feel the same way.

Rafe: I don’t like being tested. And I don’t like playing games.

Nicole: Maybe that’s not what’s happening. For all we know, ava could be completely innocent.

Abigail: Let’s hear it, ava. Why are you running around town in a sarah horton mask? Why are you impersonating my cousin?

Ava: Eh. It was a prank.

Abigail: A prank.

Ava: Yeah. You know, just having a little harmless fun.

Abigail: Harmless? Are you joking? It’s bizarre, and it’s twisted, and it’s evil.

Ava: Oh, okay. Well, not all of us have lives as exciting as yours, abigail, so every once in a while, I like to spice things up.

Abigail: Do you seriously expect me to believe that? Okay, fine. Let’s see if you can come up with another explanation here for your boyfriend, the police commissioner, hmm. Let’s see if he’s available.

Ava: Abigail, you don’t have to do that.

Abigail: Oh, I think I do. What am I supposed to do, just let you walk away–

[Dramatic music]

For rob, it took years to find out

[Soft guitar music]

Shawn: If you’re here to gloat to my wife some more, I can give you a call as soon as she’s done with ej.

Melinda: I actually need to talk to you… about your boss.

Shawn: Rafe? Why, what’s going on?

Melinda: He’s under investigation for planting evidence in several cases.

Shawn: Uh, two cases, and it’s obvious that those perps are lying, so the whole thing is a joke.

Melinda: I don’t think so, and neither does internal affairs. They take police corruption very seriously.

Shawn: Come on. There’s no way that you can believe that rafe is corrupt.

Melinda: My opinion is irrelevant. But when these allegations are made, I have no choice but to investigate.

Shawn: And you’re gonna come up empty-handed, ’cause rafe’s record is spotless. What, all a sudden, what, he’s a dirty cop now? Why would he do that?

Melinda: My guess: Pressure. Under his leadership, this department has become a complete laughingstock.

Shawn: Oh, all right, you know what? I would not go that far. We’ve hit a few speed bumps here and there, but that’s about it.

Melinda: I read about it every day, how crime is up because salem pd won’t do anything to put the bad guys away. I think rafe needed to turn the heat down by any means necessary.

Shawn: He would not manufacture convictions. There’s no way that he would do this, because he’s a good cop, and he’s a good man.

Rafe: You’re right. Ava might be innocent in all of this. She might not be setting me up to look like a crooked cop. But what I’ve come to realize is… it doesn’t matter.

Nicole: You don’t care if ava’s trying to ruin your career?

Rafe: No, of course I do. Yeah, it’s just, whether she is innocent or not, it doesn’t change the way I feel about you. I can’t get you out of my head or my heart. I’m just thinking I need to– I need to end things with ava.

Nicole: Are you sure that’s something you really wanna do?

Rafe: Yes. Yes, because whether she is innocent or not, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not working. I mean… we can’t go on like this.

Nicole: Rafe, I don’T… I–I don’t think this is the best time to make a big decision like this. I think maybe you should wait until things settle down and the investigation is over.

Rafe: Okay, just hear me out. Either ava knows what’s going on, and she is trying to punish us, in which case, obviously, I can’t stay with her…

Nicole: Or she has no idea, and she’s coming from a totally genuine place.

Rafe: And if that’s the case, I still can’t be with her.

Nicole: Why not?

Rafe: Because it’s not fair to keep the woman that I am with in the dark about the woman that I want to be with.

[Soft music]

Xander: Gwen? Hmm. Maybe she’s in the shower.

[Knocking at door]

Chad: Hey, is abigail here?

Xander: No. No. Why, what’s going on?

Chad: She ran out of the house, looking for sarah.

Xander: I found her. I just came from uncle vic’S. Sarah turned up there. She went to see maggie… and made it very clear that she’s done with me for good.

Chad: Yeah, can’t say that i blame her.

Xander: Oh, well, this will make you happy. Abigail was investigating sarah’s disappearance for the “spectator,” and I was assisting, but now that sarah’s been found, my partnership with your wife is over. Wait, didn’t she tell you all this?

Chad: Yes, of course she did, but I thought she might’ve come here to see gwen.

Xander: Why?

Chad: Because she thinks that she doesn’t have the whole story yet. Look, she’s convinced that the woman you found with maggie isn’t the real sarah.

Ava: Gwen, how did you…

Gwen: I heard abigail attacking you over the phone. I figured you might need backup.

Ava: Thanks. Timing was perfect.

Gwen: Yeah, I can see that. So I suppose the jig is up.

Ava: Yeah, your little sis ripped that mask right off my face.

Gwen: Ah, damn it! I thought we’d thrown her off of sarah’s scent for good. What happened?

Ava: Oh, she goes talking about how something kept bothering her, how she knew that I wasn’t really sarah.

Gwen: Can’t believe this. You were right. My sister really is like a dog with a bone, and now that she’s seen you with the sarah mask, she’s never gonna stop looking for sarah. What do we do?

Ava: Treat her the same as you would any dog you can’t control. You put them down.

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Rafe: Breaking up with ava is the right thing to do for all three of us.

Nicole: She will be devastated.

Rafe: And I hate the idea of causing her pain. I do. That’s why I’ve stayed with her for so long. But I need to do this. I need to be honest with her and with myself. I wanna be with you, nicole.

Nicole: [Sighs] Are you sure that’s how you really feel?

Rafe: Yeah. Unless that’s not what you want.

Melinda: I have no interest in your personal feelings about commissioner hernandez.

Shawn: No, it’s not just me. Rafe has the respect of every officer in this department.

Melinda: Okay, being respected, liked, and even loved does not preclude you from having committed a crime. Your sister is married to a serial killer, is she not?

Shawn: Okay, you know, are we done here? Because you know what, I’ve got some work I need to get done.

Melinda: Look, my point is, I’m only interested in the facts, and it sounds like you are, too, which is why I want you to go through every recent arrest that rafe has signed off on with a fine-toothed comb. You know, anything with his signature on it. Just–I want details.

Shawn: Details?

Melinda: Yeah, review every report, page by page. Go talk to the people he’s arrested. See if you can uncover a pattern.

Shawn: Do I have a choice?

Melinda: Not if you don’t want me to think you’re covering for your boss. I’ll even get you started. Top one, perp came in last night. He’s still down in lockup. Why don’t you go down there, have a little chat with him, and see what you can find out?

[Melancholy guitar music]

Ej: Ow. Where the hell are you, belle? Oh, finally.

Belle: I would have been here sooner, but I had to get this logged. Your toiletries.

Ej: Thank god. I don’t know how I’d survive another night without my shea butter moisturizer. That was a joke.

Belle: Yeah, I’m not really in the mood.

Ej: Right. So shall we get down to business? What news of my appeal? What’s your plan to stop me from spending the next decade behind bars?

Belle: Before we get to any of that, I think there’s something you and I need to talk about.

Ej: Sounds serious.

Belle: It is. I just talked to chad. He told me what you did to abigail.

Xander: So let me get this straight. Abigail thought it wasn’t really sarah that I saw at uncle vic’s? It was someone in a sarah mask.

Chad: Yes. At first, abigail thought it was kristen because she had done the exact same thing to kate.

Xander: Right, right, that makes sense. Wait, what does this have to do with gwen?

Chad: Well, it wasn’t kristen, so abigail thought it was gwen.

Xander: I–I don’t get it. Why exactly?

Chad: Who has a motive to pose as sarah, right? Hey, think about it, xander. You’re in a relationship with gwen. Now, what happens to that relationship if you find out what really happened to the woman who was your fiancée, the woman who you love very much? So sarah–sorry, fake sarah– shows up, tells you she wants nothing to do with you, and that effectively ends you searching for her.

Xander: So abigail thinks that the woman I saw, the woman who broke my heart for a second time, was actually gwen?

Gwen: Put her down? You C… come on. You can’t be serious.

Ava: It would solve our problems.

Gwen: And it would create loads more for me– no, I’ve already been suspected of two murders in less than a year. I’m not gonna add another one to the list. Plus, she’s my sister!

Ava: Half-sister.

Gwen: That is not the point. Look, yes, I hate that she’s trying to get payback because i slept with her husband, and i hate that she’s trying to break up xander and I, but I don’t want her dead.

Ava: Okay, but you know we need to think of something, because she was about to call the cops when you knocked her out.

Gwen: Okay, how about, when she points the finger at us, we’ll just say she’s having another one of her delusions?

Ava: No, no, rafe’s never gonna believe that.

Gwen: Well, we’re not gonna know unless we try.

Ava: No. Okay? He thinks I’ve gone legit, and we need to keep it that way. I’ve set all these plans in motion against him, and I’m seeing them through. He needs to pay for cheating on me, sleeping with that slut nicole.

Gwen: Okay, what do you suggest that we do, then?

Ava: No… we could leave her here. No, maybe she won’t remember anything when she wakes up. I mean, you did hit her pretty hard.

Gwen: She’s already seen you in the sarah mask. I’d say that that’s quite difficult to forget, wouldn’t you?

Ava: [Sighs] Okay, then let’s figure out a plan later. Right now, we need to get her out of here.

Gwen: How exactly are we supposed to do that?

Ned: Evening, ladies.

[Dramatic music]

Trelegy for copd.

Nicole: Rafe, it’s just that I’m barely divorced.

Rafe: I understand. I do. So we can take this as slowly as you want. Unless…

Nicole: Unless what

Rafe: Well, you had said that you wanted to get that giant conference table out of your office because it was a reminder of something you wanted to forget.

Nicole: I was trying to forget that we betrayed ava.

Rafe: Okay. But not what happened between us.

Nicole: No. That was pretty unforgettable.

Rafe: Okay. All right, so just to be clear, it’s not that we’re not together because we don’t wanna be, it’s because I’m with someone else.

Nicole: Someone that we care about.

Rafe: Yes. Someone that I want to end the relationship with.

Nicole: Oh, I– rafe, I just want you to really think about this.

Rafe: I have been. I have been for months, and now I finally wanna do something about it. I mean, don’t you? Aren’t you tired of holding back, and wouldn’t it be great to finally be out there with how you really feel? Stop hiding?

[Knocking at door]

[Softly] Oh, my… that?

[Knocking at door]

Nicole: You better get that.

[Dramatic music]

Ej: Chad said I did what?

Belle: He said you kissed abigail.

Ej: [Laughs] That’s insane.

Belle: He said he saw it with his own eyes.

Ej: When? Where?

Belle: At the courthouse, after he had that coughing fit. He said he walked into the witness room and saw you forcing yourself on his wife.

Ej: That’s impossible.

Belle: Well, something happened during the recess that made him furious with you.

Ej: It certainly wasn’t that I hit on abigail.

Belle: Then why the 180? Why would chad suddenly decide not to give testimony that would help us after he just implied that he would?

Ej: Maybe he was never intending to help us. He could’ve been toying with us the whole time.

Belle: No way. That’s not chad.

Ej: I’m telling you, I never left that courtroom.

Belle: You sure about that?

Ej: Absolutely. During that recess, I was with johnny, signing that agreement you advised me against. You were there.

Belle: No, actually, i wasn’T. Johnny asked me to give you some privacy, so I was out in the corridor, trying to find out when we would reconvene.

Ej: Oh. You didn’t see me leave, did you?

Belle: There are other exits. If you left a different way, how would I–

Ej: I didn’t! The only time I left my seat was when you called me up to the witness stand. If you don’t believe me, then ask my son.

Xander: So after abigail realized sarah wasn’t kristen in a mask, she thought she was gwen in a mask?

Chad: Right. Well, until gwen showed up.

Xander: What? Why didn’t you say that in the first place? Obviously, gwen wasn’t impersonating sarah!

Chad: I don’t know! I’m sorry! I–I don’t know what the hell is going on, either. I’m just trying to find my wife.

Xander: Well, did you try calling her?

Chad: Yes, of course I tried calling her. She’s not answering her phone, so I thought she came here following up on something.

Xander: But if abigail knows that gwen wasn’t impersonating sarah, ’cause she just saw them together, why would she come here to follow up?

Chad: Because she is not convinced that it was sarah.

Xander: Even though she’d just seen the proof right in front of her eyes?

Chad: My wife–she’s a reporter, right? She gets these instincts. Right now, she has an instinct that somebody’s running around salem in a mask.

Xander: Are we sure it’s the journalistic instincts talking and not the voices in her head?

Xander: Watch it.

Xander: Mate, look. The mystery is solved. Think you need to tell abigail to let it go.

Chad: I did. We were at home, having a relaxing night. I went to go check on dinner and came back, and she was gone. Johnny said that she flew out of the house, so I assumed she came here.

Xander: Well, she didn’T.

Chad: Great. Let me know if you see her, will you?

Xander: Yeah, sure thing, mate.

Ned: Now this is what I call serendipity.

Ava: Yeah? What are you talking about?

Ned: I overheard your dilemma. Here you are, trying to get rid of this woman, and here I am, about to fly my bird out of dodge.

Gwen: And you’d be willing to take her with you?

Ned: Sure… for a price. As a professional bull-rider

Belle: If you say you never left the courtroom, then why is chad so sure he saw you kissing abigail?

Ej: Isn’t it obvious? He’s lying.

Belle: Why? Why would he do that?

Ej: He’s out to get me, or did you not see him testify to a room full of people that i orchestrated my wife’s kidnapping?

Belle: Ej, before you made a pass at his wife, he was ready to exonerate you.

Ej: For the last time, I did not make a pass at his wife.

Belle: Okay, well, then, for the last time, why would chad say you did, then?

Ej: If you ask me, he’s being eaten alive by guilt.

Belle: Guilt?

Ej: For sending me away for something that I didn’t do. Chad knows full well that i wasn’t behind samantha’s kidnapping. He’s conspiring with that moron, lucas horton, to frame me. But if that ever got out, he would be fired from dimera, publicly disgraced, and end up going to prison himself, correct?

Belle: Possibly.

Ej: That reality must’ve set in during the recess, and so he decided that he would make sure that the truth would never come to light by giving false testimony that would guarantee i would end up in statesville. And the only way he could live with what he did was to somehow convince himself that I deserve it.

Belle: Hmm. By making up the story that you came on to his wife.

Ej: Chad has been so paranoid for so long about his brothers lusting after abigail, he may have found a reason to see things that aren’t really there.

Belle: Oh, so you’re saying he’s delusional?

Ej: I’m saying he committed a betrayal of the highest order. He doesn’t have the constitution for it, so he found a way to cope. He’s probably not even conscious that he did it.

Belle: Oh, my–now you sound like my mother.

Ej: He came up with something believable, didn’t he? I did take that role in johnny’s movie that involves sex scenes with abigail. It’s not a stretch that I would make a play for her.

Belle: But you didn’T.

Ej: Of course not. But if chad believed I did, then for the next decade, he could tell himself that I’m a low-life and he’s a good guy for doing the right thing.

Ej: Wow, that is very machiavellian of you.

Ej: Have you met my family?

Belle: Okay, well, listen. I seriously doubt that chad subconsciously is trying to alleviate his guilt, but let’s just say he is. Why would abigail go along with that, let him tell everyone that you were forcing yourself on her if it wasn’t true?

Ej: He’s her husband. She’s going to support him, no matter what.

Belle: Oh, god. Listen, ej, I know you’re upset, but what you’re saying is insane.

Ej: It’s the only plausible explanation, because I swear to god, I never laid a finger on abigail.

Ava: How much to fly her out of here?

Ned: I’m afraid I can’t offer much of a discount.

Gwen: Why not?

Ned: Well, I happen to know that’s abigail dimera, and i have to imagine that her very well-connected family is gonna wonder what happened to her.

Ava: Yeah. So what?

Ned: So that makes this a premium job.

Gwen: Meaning what?

Ned: I can’t just dump her in a field the next state over. The resources those people have? They’ll trace it back to me in a heartbeat. To make this lady disappear, really disappear, it takes some effort. It’s gonna cost you. Come on, wheels up in ten minutes, ladies. What’s it gonna be? You want me to fly your problem up, up, and away?

[Suspenseful percussive music]

Shawn: I’m sorry to interrupt your evening.

Nicole: It’s okay. Don’t–don’t worry about it.

Rafe: Uh, come on in, man. What’s up?

Shawn: Well, it’s trask. Right, she asked me to look into some recent arrests.

Rafe: Oh, which ones?

Shawn: All the ones that you signed off on.

Rafe: Okay, great. So let me guess: She wants to go over some cases and see if i have planted evidence.

Nicole: Oh, my god. This–this is ridiculous. Rafe didn’t do anything wrong. He’s c–this is so obvious that he’s being set up.

Shawn: I’m assuming that you two have discussed this.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Yes, and this investigation is outrageous.

Shawn: I completely agree with you.

Nicole: So can’t you just go back and tell trask to–

Rafe: Nicole… it’s okay. Mm-hmm? I understand. She wants someone to go over all the cases, and, well, I’m just glad that it’s you.

Shawn: See, I told her that i think that you are completely innocent.

Rafe: Yes, and I am ready to prove my innocence, so whatever it is that you need to do.

Shawn: I spoke to a guy who was arrested last night.

Rafe: Wait, the b&e at the pawn shop down by the docks? Yeah, I signed off on that arrest. It was totally clean.

Shawn: Actually, he’s claiming that the evidence was planted, rafe.

Rafe: What?

Shawn: Yes, he’s claiming that, whatever the cops found at the scene it wasn’t his, he’s never seen it before, and it was planted there to make him look guilty.

Rafe: Okay, well, it’s a lie, right? I mean, obviously, this is all part of the frame-up. I mean, listen, trask knows that, right?

Shawn: I’m sorry, rafe, but trask actually sent me here to place you under arrest.

Nicole: Oh. Life’s been hard enough.

Melinda: Oh. Where’s your attorney?

Ej: My meeting’s over. I’m waiting for someone to escort me back to holding.

Melinda: Oh, don’t look so glum, mr. Dimera. You’re about to get some company.

Rafe: You’re here to arrest me?

Nicole: Shawn, you can’t do this.

Shawn: Listen, believe me, i do not want to, but I don’t have a choice.

Rafe: Oh, my god.

Ava: Oh, I am so sorry I’m late, but I brought desserts. What’s going on?

Shawn: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights as I’ve read them to you?

[Suspenseful music]

[Door lock beeps]

Xander: Oh, I was wondering where you went.

Gwen: Yeah, I just, um… popped out for some window shopping. What have you been up to?

Xander: Chad dimera was just here, telling me this crazy story about a mask. Honestly, I had a hard time believing it.

Gwen: A mask, eh? Tell me all about it.

Chad: Abby, where are you? Why aren’t you picking up?

[Doorbell rings] Abby, hey, look, I’m getting worried. Call me when you get this, okay?

Belle: Hey. I’m sorry to bother you again. Listen, I just saw ej, and i wanted you to know, he adamantly denied making any kind of pass at abigail.

Chad: That’s great. Anyway, belle, I don’t have time for this right now, okay?

Belle: Why? What’s going on?

Chad: I can’t find abigail.

Ned: So glad those ladies coughed up the cash, ’cause this is a lot of work, mrs. Dimera.

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Days Transcript Monday, January 24, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Gabi: What are you doing here?

Johnny: I wanted to see you again.

Gabi: How did you know I was here?

Johnny: Well, what can I tell you? When I want something, I always find a way to get it.

[Jazz music]

Chanel: I’m glad you’re here. I have something to tell you, and it’s kind of a big deal.

Allie: You look upset. What’s going on?

Chanel: [Sighs] My mother saw us together.

Allie: What do you mean together?

Chanel: I mean together in bed.

[Soft dramatic music]

Paulina: Ugh. Stay out of it. Stay out of it, paulina. No, no, oh. None of your damn business. It doesn’t concern you at all.

Tripp: Okay, great. Patient talking to herself. Please tell me you’re not gearing up to tell me off.

Rafe: Fine, I’d be more than happy to talk to internal affairs. The sooner the better.

[Knock at door] You’re not– you’re not listening, ms. Trask. I want them to investigate because if they investigate, they will see that i have been set up. Come in already! Yeah, and then they will find that I have nothing to feel guilty about.

Ava as sarah: Let go of me!

Abigail: Not until I see who’s underneath that mask. It is over, gwen. I’ve figured it out.

Gwen: What on earth are you doing, abigail?

Abigail: Gwen?

Gwen: Well, who else would it be? And why are you assaulting that woman?

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Gabi: That powerful last name, all the posh schools, all that time spent in italy, and you’re just another american clod.

Johnny: Scusi?

Gabi: Women just love to be called “something” and “it.”

Johnny: [Chuckles] Let me rephrase. When I find myself in a conversation with a charming, smart, drop dead gorgeous woman, I do whatever I can to… continue the conversation.

Gabi: Well said.

Johnny: [Chuckles] I love talking to you. I just love it. And since my sister so rudely interrupted us earlier, I decided to follow you here. I hope you don’t mind.

Gabi: I guess what I am is flattered.

Johnny: Well, I am very happy to hear that. What do you say we get out of here and go someplace more private?

Allie: Your mom saw us in bed together? Okay, okay, well, well, we’re best friends, and you had just been publicly humiliated, and you didn’t want to sleep alone, so I slept over.

Chanel: When she saw us, we weren’t sleeping.

Allie: You mean she saw us?

Chanel: Yeah.

Allie: [Sighs] Oh, my god, okay. I don’t feel so good. What, does she have, like, a spy cam in your room or something?

Chanel: Apparently, when she opened the door, neither of us saw her. We were busy.

Allie: Well, I need to talk to her. Is she here?

Chanel: No, no, she went to the hospital. She had a doctor’s appointment.

Allie: Oh, my god. What if she runs into tripp?

Paulina: Why would I be telling you off?

Tripp: ‘Cause you’ve been waiting here for way too long. I’m sorry. We’re swamped tonight.

Paulina: Oh, I can see that. I just didn’t think I was going to see you.

Tripp: Yeah, well, luck of the draw. So how is the ankle doing? Is it still tender?

Paulina: Not so fast! Okay.

Tripp: Excuse me. Is there a problem?

Paulina: Yeah. Yeah, there is. I want another doctor.

[Soft dramatic music]

Gwen: Ooh, don’t look now, abigail, your mouth’s hanging open.

Abigail: I don’t– I don’t understand.

Gwen: You don’t understand? Well, you– I’m used to you attacking me, but a total stranger?

Ava as sarah: Yeah, well, I’m not a stranger, but she did think I was you.

Gwen: Thought you were– we don’t look anything alike. Do we? I mean– you do look a bit like– I’m sorry. Are you sarah horton?

Ava as sarah: That’s right. Abigail’s cousin.

Gwen: Yes, I’ve seen you in photographs. I’m gwen rizczech.

Ava as sarah: Oh, that’s right. You’re xander’s new girlfriend. Yeah, my mom told me about you.

Gwen: Right, um, well–

Ava as sarah: Look, no, we don’t need to say it’s nice to meet you. It probably isn’T. But don’t worry. I only came back to salem so that I can show everyone that I’m fine. Also you should know that I told xander in no uncertain terms that it is over between us.

Gwen: Oh.

Ava as sarah: Yeah. So you are welcome to him. I just want the past to stay in the past.

Gwen: Well, thank you for telling me that.

Ava as sarah: And now one more thing. My mom knew who I was. The man that I lived with for over a year knew who I was, so now I’m hoping that you know that it is really me, sarah, and I am not wearing a mask. Right?

[Dramatic music]

For rob, it took years to find out

Rafe: I have to go. Always a pleasure.

[Phone beeps] Ugh, trask.

Nicole: Figured as much.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: She’s not backing down?

Rafe: Oh, no. She’s having the time of her life.

Nicole: Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: I brought wine.

Rafe: Mm, thank you.

Nicole: Rafe, listen, I can’t stop thinking about what you said earlier. Do you really think that ava is the one who set you up? Oh, my god. Oh, my god, me and my big mouth.

Rafe: No, no, it’s okay she’s not even here.

Nicole: What do you mean she’s not here? She came to my office two hours ago and demanded that I show up here for dinner, and she’s not here?

Rafe: Yeah, I know.

Nicole: What? Well, what, is she playing games with us? Where is she?

Rafe: See, that’s the fun part. I have no idea.

Ava as sarah: Abigail, use your head. Do you really think that I’m gwen wearing a mask when she’s standing right there?

Abigail: [Sighs] No, I guess not.

Ava as sarah: Good.

Gwen: But no apology, right? No “sorry for assaulting you and grabbing your arm really hard and clawing at your face”?

Abigail: I– I am sorry, sarah, but I just–I– kristen tried to do the same thing to kate.

Gwen: Kristen? Kristen dimera? What does she have to do with this?

Ava as sarah: Gwen.

Gwen: I mean, really, you’ve lost your mind, abigail.

Ava as sarah: Gwen, let’s all–let’s all just calm down ’cause I’ve put my family through a lot of stress and worrying about me unnecessarily. Okay? I do have to go, but I really don’t want to leave with any bad feelings between us.

Abigail: Right, yeah, no, I’m sorry. I–I’ll let you go.

Ava as sarah: Okay. Abigail, you get some help. Okay.

[Soft dramatic music]

Gwen: Satisfied?

Abigail: Guess I have to be.

Gwen: Got that right.

Ava as sarah: That was close.

Gwen: Really, really close, but thank god you pulled that out of your hat, ava.

Allie: Tripp’s on duty. I mean, what if she sees him?

Chanel: It doesn’t matter. Mama wouldn’t say anything to anybody, especially not to tripp.

Allie: God, I hope that you’re right. It would just kill tripp if he found out.

Chanel: Yeah, I mean, that’s exactly what I was trying to tell you. I’m glad you finally figured it out for yourself.

Allie: I was face-to-face with him earlier, and…

[Sighs] The way he was looking at me, I mean, he was worried about me. He’s such a good guy. I really don’t deserve him.

Chanel: Oh, that is not true.

Allie: I just couldn’t hurt him. And yes, I did finally realize for myself that he cannot find out, especially because you know what happened between us is never ever going to happen again, right?

Tripp: Why would you want another doctor?

Paulina: Oh, it’s nothing personal

Tripp: Well, it kind of is. I mean, did you have a problem with the way I treated your ankle before?

Paulina: No, no, you did a great job.

Tripp: Okay, then why would you want to be seen by someone else?

Paulina: Actually, I don’T. I apologize–just go ahead. Go ahead, treat me. Go on, go on, doc. Whew. I’ll just sit here. I’ll sit here. I’ll just keep my big mouth shut.

Gabi: I don’t see why we can’t continue our conversation here.

Johnny: Well, we could. It’s just kind of loud in here. I want to make sure I don’t miss a word.

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Johnny: [Chuckles] Actually, it’s not that loud in here. Okay, I know. I just wanted to be alone with you.

Gabi: That sounds provocative. You want to show me your etchings?

Johnny: I don’t have any, but I do have a very sizeable block of dimera shares. I think that could be really useful to you.

Gabi: You want to be alone with me to talk business?

Johnny: Among other things. My sister interrupted us before, so why take the chance of someone else interrupting us?

Jake: Ah, you mean someone like me?

Is now a good time

for a flare-up?

Chad: Hey, better late than never.

Abigail: Sorry.

Chad: You want a drink before dinner? What can I get you?

Abigail: [Sighs] I’m fine.

Chad: You don’t sound fine.

Abigail: [Sighs] Sorry, it’s just something happened.

Chad: Okay. Are you all right?

Abigail: No, I’m fine, but something’s off, like, really off. I mean, I was proven wrong and everything, gwen was there. And then it wasn’t kristen because kristen called me, but then I just– I can’t figure–

Chad: Hold on, wait a second. So kristen called you? And you saw gwen? I’m sorry. I think I’m missing something here.

Abigail: No, it’s because I don’t even know what happened, but I just–I found sarah.

Chad: You found sarah? That’s fantastic.

Abigail: I mean, I didn’t find her. She came to town on her own just because she wanted to tell maggie not to worry about her?

Chad: Okay, so then that’s great, right? That’s good for maggie.

Abigail: I don’t know. I’m just not sure because I talked to sarah myself, and I’m not really sure that it’s her.

Gwen: So let me ask you this. How did abigail get the idea that it was me under that mask?

Ava: Well, she didn’t start there. At first, she thought that I was kristen. Then she wanted this whole song and dance about how I kidnapped kate, and then I wore a mask to break up with jake so jake wouldn’t follow her, and then she decided it was you with a sarah mask doing the same thing so xander wouldn’t follow sarah.

Gwen: Wow. Well, she got pretty bloody close to the truth, didn’t she?

Ava: Sure did.

Gwen: So then tell me. How did she… how did she go from thinking it was kristen to thinking it was me?

Ava: Oh. Well, kristen called right in the middle of her tirade.

[Chuckles] So it was clear that sarah was not kristen. And I tried to make her realize she was being absolutely ridiculous thinking that you were sarah, but she did correctly deduce that you are the one with the motive.

Gwen: [Sighs] Well, thank god you and i switched places after I was sarah, and I kicked xander in the teeth for the final time. Otherwise, this whole thing could’ve been an absolute disaster.

Tripp: Okay, so the swelling has gone down, but you should still ice it if it bothers you.

Paulina: Will do.

Tripp: Good news is that you won’t need the cane anymore.

Paulina: Oh! And she threw down her cane and walked! Hallelujah!

Tripp: Well, take it easy. Take it easy, all right. First, no 5ks or anything. All right?

Paulina: Oh, darn it.

Tripp: I’m sorry.

Paulina: Well, at least I’ll be able to make it from the living room to the kitchen. Chanel, she’ll be ecstatic. Won’t have to hear my clomping around in the morning.

Tripp: Yeah, how is chanel doing?

Paulina: Well, she was devastated at first, you know, johnny dumping her. Miserable little creep. But she’s doing a lot better thanks to allie.

Chanel: Of course, right. Never again. What happened between us, we agreed on it. I was just in really bad shape, and you comforted me. That’s all because you’re such a great friend. I just feel bad that I… that I made things weird between you and tripp.

Allie: It’s fine. Just don’t worry about it.

Chanel: Uh, so you never told me why you came by in the first place.

Allie: Oh, right, um… I tried to talk to johnny.

Chanel: Oh, and how did that go?

Allie: Not so great.

Chanel: What did he say?

Allie: It’s not– it’s not really what he said. Uh, look, I don’t know if I should be telling you this.

Chanel: Well, now you have to.

Allie: Okay. When I went over to that stupid mansion, I walked in on johnny kissing another woman.

Johnny: Uncle jake, how nice to see you. Gabi and I were just discussing a potential alliance. I still think we could be quite useful to each other.

Jake: Huh, you come up with any other ideas?

Johnny: One or two, but we got interrupted. That’s why I came here, to pick up where we left off at the mansion.

Jake: Mm, and what exactly were you talking about at the mansion?

Johnny: I wouldn’t mind starting with you.

Jake: So one of you gonna tell me?

Johnny: Sure.

Gabi: No, uh, let me.

[Jazz music]

Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Tripp: I’m glad allie was able to help chanel.

Paulina: Yeah, she was wonderful. She was wonderful. You know, made sure she got home, she got her in bed. Then she left right away. Uh-huh, that’s just what she did, she left right away. Oh, allie, she’s such a good friend, uh-huh, and chanel, she needs a good friend. That’s what she needs. That’s all she needs right now.

Tripp: Paulina, you seem a little nervous.

Paulina: Do I?

Tripp: And I think I know why.

Chanel: Oh, johnny didn’t waste any time, did he?

Allie: No, he didn’T.

Chanel: [Sighs] Who was it?

Allie: It doesn’t matter.

Chanel: Who was it, horton?

Allie: It was gabi hernandez. She lives with his uncle, jake.

Chanel: He was making moves on his uncle’s girlfriend?

Allie: I know. It’s gross. But I swear, when I tried to talk to him, too, it’s like he’s hit some new personal low.

Chanel: As always, my mother was right.

Allie: That johnny’s a jerk?

Chanel: A real jerk. Never loved me. God, lied to me.

Allie: Hey, good riddance to him, chanel, okay? He’s bad news.

Chanel: Then why does it hurt so much?

Allie: Hey.

Chanel: [Sobs softly]

Gabi: Well, johnny and i didn’t get to talk very much because his sister interrupted us at the mansion.

Johnny: Yeah, she’s mad at me for divorcing her best friend.

Jake: Mm, well, that’s unfair seeing as you, what, gave it your best for a week or two?

Johnny: Act in haste, repent at leisure.

Jake: Huh.

Gabi: Jake, why don’t you get us some drinks, and then we can tell johnny here all of our ideas and how we can all work together?

Johnny: Ooh, that sounds super fun.

Jake: Sure. Get you a beer?

Johnny: Actually, I will have a hot toddy.

Jake: Can I get you a shawl with that, johnny?

Johnny: [Chuckles]

Jake: Gabi?

Gabi: I’m fine.

Jake: You good?

Gabi: Mm-hmm.

Johnny: I noticed you didn’t tell your boyfriend that I kissed you. I take that to mean you’d like to keep that our little secret? And that you wouldn’t mind if it happened again.

Chad: So first you thought it was kristen, and then you thought it was gwen.

Abigail: Until kristen called me, and gwen walked out of the inn.

Chad: Sure, so doesn’t that mean that it was actually sarah?

Abigail: I know it seems that way, but I–

Chad: But what?

Abigail: I just can’t stop thinking about how kristen abducted kate, then wore a kate mask and went and broke up with jake. It just all feels so similar to what’s going on with sarah and xander.

Chad: Yeah, it is weird. I mean, first sarah dumped xander, and now xander is with gwen.

Abigail: It’s awkward. I mean, I just feel like– I felt like I was in some kind of a bad play.

Ava: I know that I got upset when you asked me to take over and put on that stupid mask again, but…

[Chuckles] Did it turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Gwen: Literally.

Ava: Whoa. What do you mean, you want me to play sarah again? You already got maggie to buy that her precious sarah is safe, and you dumped xander. Hard part’s done.

Gwen: No, no, I–I am done. I tell you, I almost had a complete freak out wearing this bloody mask. It is absolute bloody hell, and I’ve got abigail breathing down my neck.

Ava: What, so you want me to do it? You know, it’s not exactly my problem. I think I’ve already gone above and beyond here.

Gwen: I’m sorry, I can’T. I can’t do it. I walked in the room, and I saw her drinking tea.

Ava: Who, maggie?

Gwen: And then she saw me– no, she saw sarah. She saw her daughter, and she flew across the room, and she hugged me.

[Soft dramatic music]

In my entire life, my mother has never looked at me the way that she– the way that she looked at me.

[Sighs] And I tried to keep it together, but xander, when I could see it, he still–he still–

Ava: Okay, you need a drink.

Gwen: I need you. I need you– I need you to help me. Please, if I go out there as sarah, and I run into somebody who knew her, who loved her… I could lose it. And then all of this is gonna be for nothing.

[Sighs] I can’t do it. I can’T.

Ava: Well, lucky for you, I am such a nice person.

Gwen: I owe you. I do know how much I owe you.

Ava: Big time. But… you need to get going because sarah needs to get to the airstrip.

Gwen: No, couldn’t– couldn’t you do it please?

Ava: Uh-uh, I’m gonna have to say no this time, sweetheart. I’m having the dinner with rafe and nicole.

Gwen: You’re having dinner with them? You hate them.

Ava: Yeah, I know that. You know that. They don’T. Well, not yet.

Nicole: Well, this is fun. You must come to dinner. I won’t take no for an answer. It’ll just be the three of us, only I won’t be there.

Rafe: Oh, sit down. Have some wine.

Nicole: Rafe, you are the one who came to me and said you think ava got the perps to say that you were the one that planted evidence on them.

Rafe: Yeah, I know.

Nicole: And you think ava’s the one who cut poor duke’s head off.

Rafe: I thought, yeah, maybe.

Nicole: And she came to my office not just once, but twice to set up this dinner, and now she’s not here.

Rafe: You see, that’s why I shouldn’t have told you any of this because you’re all worked up.

Nicole: No, no, look, I already felt a little weird before you told me anything. All her friendliness. Oh, you and rafe are friends. You shouldn’t not see each other because of me. It just seemed forced. But now that I think about it, it’s not just forced. It’s calculated. Okay, rafe, this is your cue to jump in and tell me that I’m overreacting and my guilt has me paranoid.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, just I don’t know that you are.

[Dramatic music]

Honestly, I thought my floors were clean.

Gabi: I didn’t tell jake that you kissed me because I didn’t want him to beat the crap out of you.

Johnny: You know, gabi, I advise you to rethink your relationship with him. I mean, that kind of behavior doesn’t indicate mutual trust.

Gabi: [Chuckles] Yeah, johnny, keep on giving me relationship tips. How’s chanel these days?

Jake: Here’s your toddy, johnny. Hopefully the bartender didn’t get too trigger happy with the cinnamon sticks. So… let’s finally get down to business, huh?

[Jazz music]

Chad: Don’t you think maybe you just want this to be true?

Abigail: No, I want the person that I talked to to actually be sarah. I want sarah to be safe, and I want her to be making her own decisions. That’s what I want. I mean, think about it. What if this were kate? Okay, if kate had not gotten away from christian…

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: What does that look like? How does that play out, okay? We get periodic text messages that say, “hi, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” Et cetera, and then her phone loses a connection, and we never see or hear from her ever again just like the text messages that maggie got and just how sarah’s phone got disconnected.

Chad: I see parallels.

Abigail: [Sighs] I am just worried that sarah is still in trouble or worse, and this is all some big charade to make us stop looking for her.

Chad: Well, kristen of the masks isn’t here, so it’s not kristen in the mask.

Abigail: And it wasn’t gwen. But I barely got off the phone with kristen, and then gwen comes out of the inn. It just all felt so staged.

Chad: Well, if it is, then there’s another actor involved.

Abigail: Maybe it was a fake call. Maybe it was gwen in a sarah mask, and then kristen calls me from the inn and then walks out in a gwen mask? Oh. My head hurts.

Chad: [Chuckles] I can see why.

Abigail: I’m really scared for sarah. Whoever the person is that I talked to, that sarah was on their way to the airstrip, so just means tonight is my last chance to get to the bottom of this.

Gwen: Oh, come on, you hate rafe and nicole so much. You’re throwing them a dinner party? Let me guess, you’re making penne out of strychnine?

Ava: I cannot let them know that I’m onto them. Not yet.

Gwen: Look, I just– just phone them or something and tell them that you’re running late. I–I can’t– I can’t take the chance of anyone seeing me as sarah. I–I’m not gonna be able to pull it off, and you’re– you’re really, really good at this, you are. You’re so good. Please. Please come. I won’t ever ask you for anything ever again.

[Soft dramatic music]

Nicole: I feel like I’m in “fatal attraction,” only, this time, the wife is glenn close.

Rafe: [Sighs] I’m sorry. I am. You know, maybe– maybe we’re just being paranoid.

[Phone rings] It’s her.

[Phone rings] Ava, are you all right?

Ava: Yeah, look, I’m so sorry. Something’s come up, but the salad is already made, so just put the eggplant parm in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes.

Rafe: Oh, no, that’s okay. We’ll wait for you.

Ava: No, no, no, don’T. Um, I don’t know how long I’m gonna be.

Rafe: Ava, what’s going on? Is something wrong? Ava? She hung up.

Nicole: Well, did she say where she was or when she’s coming back?

Rafe: No.

Nicole: [Sighs] Oh, my god, rafe, do you think she left us here alone on purpose? People everywhere living with

Chad: Okay, abby, there are some weird parallels. But let’s think about this here. Maggie and xander both talked to this woman, yeah? Did either one of them express suspicions?

Abigail: Maggie did not, and I haven’t spoken to xander since he saw her.

Chad: Okay, he probably would’ve called you, though, if there were. I mean, you two have been working on this thing together. He knows as much as you do, and he thinks that’s sarah.

Abigail: I guess.

Chad: Okay, look, look, just–hey, just relax, okay? I’m gonna go read the kids a book, and then we can do dinner. Then, when I get back, pew, pew, pew. I’m gonna do everything in my power to take your mind off of this sarah.

[Soft dramatic music]

Paulina: Oh, oh, oh.

Tripp: Look, and I know that there was a point in time that chanel and allie were a little bit more than just friends.

Paulina: So you know about that?

Tripp: Yeah, allie doesn’t keep secrets from me.

Paulina: Is that right?

Tripp: And I know that they kissed a couple of times in the past and that it’s over. Allie loves me.

Paulina: Mm

Tripp: And that she and chanel are just really good friends.

Paulina: And the check is in the mail.

Tripp: I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.

Paulina: Oh, no, I was– I said, “I’m so happy for you, dr. Johnson.”

Tripp: Oh, please, tripp.

Paulina: No, here in the hospital, you’re dr. Johnson. Here, oh, get my cane. Give it to somebody who can use it. Well, I’ll see you later. Oh.

Tripp: Well, you can kind of see where chanel came from.


Allie: I’m sorry. Ugh, I shouldn’t have just blurted that out. I just–I just thought you should know. That’s all.

Chanel: No, I– I’m glad you told me. It’s not your fault. I needed to know.

Allie: Just please don’t cry, okay? He’s so not worth it.

Chanel: Oh, you’ve been telling me that from the beginning, and I wouldn’t listen.

Allie: I didn’t want to be right, but I mean, the brother that I grew up with, my ally, my friend, he’s gone. I mean, I don’t know what happened, but he’s gone.

Chanel: Yeah, apparently.

Allie: Hey, want to talk about it?

Chanel: I will, but just not right now. Okay?

Allie: I got it. Okay, well, call me if you need anything, okay?

[Soft dramatic music]

Chanel: [Sighs]



Jake: So we’re thinking we pool our shares, and we work on getting a heavy-hitter on the board at dimera.

Johnny: Who do you have in mind?

Jake: I don’t know. Somebody like victor kiriakis.

Johnny: The competition?

Johnny: Why not? Think about it. We get him thinking we’re interested in an alliance, right? We bring him onboard, sic him on chad and ej, and when we get rid of them, we get rid of him.

Johnny: You know, I like the way you think, but I’m not sure that’s the move.

Jake: I don’t know. It could pay off big-time.

Johnny: And it could blow up in our faces. I need some time to think about this. Something or someone would really have to persuade me into thinking this is a good idea.

[Jazz music]

Jake: So… what are you not telling me, gabs? Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Rafe: You thi

Rafe: You think ava planned this?

Nicole: Maybe. Maybe she’s testing us. Or maybe she’s putting her money where her mouth is. She says she trusts us, and leaving us here just proves it.

Rafe: Or maybe she’s playing some sort of sick game. The more I think about that, the more it makes sense. Maybe nothing come up. Maybe she was just planning on walking in here in the hopes of seeing–

Nicole: Seeing what?

Rafe: This.

[Line trilling]

[Phone ringing]

Gwen: You’re there already?

Ava as sarah: Yeah, i just got here.

Gwen: Yes, and?

Ava as sarah: And I made sure that a couple people got a good look at me on the way. I’ll make sure that the security camera has a clear shot of me, and then I’ll get out of camera range and take off this damn mask and get home.

Gwen: [Sighs] I really can’t thank you enough.

Ava as sarah: Just remember that. You owe me.

Jake: He kissed you? That fricking snake.

Gabi: Relax. I slapped him across the face.

Jake: Doesn’t seem to have put him off much.

Gabi: Well, I didn’t want it to. The more I push him away, put him down, he tells himself I’m protesting too much. That inflated ego of his is putty in my hands.

Jake: I don’t like it.

Gabi: Well, you’re gonna love it once he puts victor on the board, and I know he will.

Jake: He doesn’t give you the creeps? Guy creeps the hell out of me.

Gabi: Okay, yes, fine, but women know how to compartmentalize their feelings, and now that he’s gone, I get to concentrate on you.

[Jazz music]

Allie: Hi.

Tripp: Hey, what are you doing here?

Allie: Well, I brought you chowder from the pub, and a slice of chanel’s pecan pie.

Tripp: Oh, my favorites. Thank you so much.

Allie: I didn’t want you to have to eat hospital food, and also mainly I missed you.

Tripp: I missed you too.

[Tender music]

Paulina: Hmm. No more cane!

[Laughs] And good riddance.

Chanel: Mama, that’s great. That’s really great.

[Soft dramatic music]

Paulina: Out with it, baby. What’s wrong?

Chanel: I’ve– I’ve been thinking about what you said before. You were right.

Paulina: Of course I am. About what?

Chanel: Johnny. Why should he be living the high life while i have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make a living? And mostly because of what he did to me, you said I should go after a divorce settlement, and that is exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to take that little worm for everything that he’s worth.

Paulina: It’s always good to have goals in life.

Johnny: [Deep voice] Oh, gabi. You think you’re so smart, but you have no idea who you’re actually up against.

[Indistinct eerie whisper]

Chad: What are you doing here?

Johnny: [Voice normalizes] Not thrilled to see me?

Chad: Nah, it’s just that abi–abigail was just here. Where is she?

Johnny: She was just leaving as I got here. Drove off like a bat out of hell.

[Eerie dramatic music]

Abigail: I knew it. Oh, oh. I knew it wasn’t– I knew it was… you?

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Liam: You can’t be serious.

Hope: My mother confirmed it.

Liam: And confirmed what– what douglas said, that he saw that night?

Hope: Yes, that he saw grandma kissing santa claus, only it wasn’t santa claus. It was my father.

Liam: Deacon.

Ridge: Hey… faced bigger challenges than this. We always made it through. We’re going to make it through again, together.

Brooke: I want to believe that so much.

Ridge: You want to believe it? You have to believe it. Believe in us, our destiny.

Brooke: Yes, of course.

Ridge: I’m here… no matter what.

Steffy: Dad, brooke, what is going on?

Grace: Would you believe it? I can’t even sew a simple hemline.

Zende: Dr. Buckingham. Hey!

Grace: Grace, please. Now what do you suppose that says about me?

Zende: That your talents lay elsewhere? After all, you are highly successful doctor? But truth be told, I can’t sew a hemline either.

Grace: Oh, I very much doubt that.

Zende: Well, what brings you to forrester?

Grace: Well, I was just driving by. I am actually looking for my daughter. I thought she might be here with you.

Zende: Sorry. Um… no. I don’t know where paris is.

Carter: Mmm… what are we doing?

Paris: I believe it’s called kissing.

Carter: I mean…

Paris: I–I know what you mean, carter. But I just… I don’t see the problem.

Carter: Of course you do. Paris, if this goes any further, it’s not– it’s not a good idea.

Paris: Maybe, or maybe we’re just getting in our own way.

Carter: I wish, but I’m sorry, paris, as much as I really, really want to… I can’T.

Grace: These are beautiful.

Zende: Thank you.

Grace: May I make a tiny confession?

Zende: Sure. Okay.

Grace: As much as I like to stay out of both my daughters’ love lives, sometimes I can’t help myself. I have to tell them how I feel, whether they like it or not. Shocking, I know. But it’s very clear you are such a fine, upstanding, accomplished young man. And I am so delighted that paris has found someone good like you.

Sequoyah: Sorry. Photo shoot ran long, but I am ready now. Can’t wait to get our date started.

Paris: You can’t what?

Carter: I can’t–we– we can’t be doing this.

Paris: I won’t tell if you won’T. It’s nobody’s business.

Carter: Already been down that road, paris, with quinn? Sneaking around, keeping things on the dl.

Paris: She was married and I’m not.

Carter: And I still yet very, very complicated. I almost lost everything. My friendship with ridge, relationship with eric, and the rest of the forresters, not to mention my job.

Paris: I understand.

Carter: Do you?

Paris: Yeah, but don’t expect me to like it.

Carter: Aw… you’re cute when you pout. To get involved with another woman who’s involved with the forrester men?

Paris: Okay, zende and i are dating, yes. But we both agreed to see other people. He’s going out with a gorgeous model tonight, and I’m okay with that. And I’m very okay with this. Don’t you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you?

Liam: Wait, so when douglas looked through brooke’s window that night…

Hope: He saw my father wearing a santa’s hat. And luckily he didn’t see his face, but he saw someone.

Liam: What, he saw someone wearing a santa hat, which is why he thought he saw grandma kissing santa claus?

Hope: Except it was my dad.

Liam: Oh, my god. Tell me ridge doesn’t know.

Hope: No, no, thank goodness. But if he does find out–

Liam: Well, yeah–

Hope: That–that is what my mom is terrified about.

Ridge: Steffy, what brings you by?

Steffy: I just wanted to stop by and see if I could… brooke, what’s going on? You seem upset.

Ridge: Everything’s fine. I was just talking about maybe getting some fresh air, going for a drive, you know?

Steffy: Nice try, dad. It’s becoming more and more obvious that you and brooke are going through something. I mean, I just walked in and you are clearly upset, brooke. How much longer are you going to keep this from me? Don’t settle for products that give you a sort-of white smile.

Sequoyah: Oh, my bad. I didn’t know you were with someone.

Zende: It’s okay. Listen, sequoia, why don’t you wait downstairs while I finish things up here? I’ll be right down.

Sequoyah: Well, since I’ve waited this long for a date with the fabulous zende forrester, guess I can wait a bit longer.

Zende: You look confused. I’m sorry, I figured you knew where things stood between paris and me. We’re dating, but not exclusive. This is something we both want.

Grace: This being seeing other people?

Zende: Please know I care deeply for paris. She’s very special to me, and we’ve shared many amazing times together. And I’m very much hoping that we’ll share many more.

Grace: But the flirtatious model downstairs awaits.

Zende: If I see paris on my way out, I’ll tell her you’re looking for her.

[ Phone jingling ]

Paris: Mmm! It’s my mom’s ringtone. Hey, mom, what’s up?

Grace: I need to see you. I stopped by forrester creations. I thought you’d be here.

Paris: Oh, what? What’s going on?

Grace: I’d like to talk to you in person. Where are you? I mean, I can come meet you wherever you are.

Paris: No, no, no, no. If it’s that important, I can just– I can come by the office.

Grace: I think it is.

Paris: Okay, well, I’ll see you in a bit.

Carter: Is your mom all right?

Paris: I think so, but her timing could have been better.

Carter: I think she might have done us a favor. Might be best for you to leave before things… go too far between us.

Paris: You are being very cautious, mr. Walton.

Carter: Paris. I don’t want you to get hurt.

Paris: I don’t want that either. But knowing the guy that you are, I don’t think that will happen.

Carter: Your mom is waiting.

Paris: I know, but I wonder what could be so urgent.

Carter: And I wonder how your mom would feel about another one of her daughters getting involved with me. Given how things turned out between me and zoe.

Paris: Okay, would you– would you like me to ask her?

Carter: No, no. Not at all.

Paris: You don’t think that she would approve?

Carter: I don’t think we even know what to call this yet. Or where it might go.

Paris: But I think we might be getting closer to finding out.

Liam: Okay. Wow, this is just–this is… this is too much.

Hope: I know how it sounds, but it is not what you’re thinking.

Liam: Well, I mean, you literally just told me that your dad spent the night with brooke on new year’s, and in fact, they slept in the same bed together? So–

Hope: Okay, yes, they did. But he was on top of the covers. They were fully dressed, so nothing actually happened.

Liam: Well, no, like this one thing didn’t happen. But a lot happened.

Ridge: We appreciate your concern, but trust me when I tell you that everything’s under control.

Steffy: I do trust you, dad. But when I look at brooke, is that how you feel? This is how things are supposed to be?

Ridge: Everything’s fine. So tell me why you came by?

Steffy: I came by because i wanted to see if you were coming to dinner tonight, remember? We talked about it at my house.

Ridge: Yeah.

Steffy: Thought I could give you a ride or something.

Ridge: It’S… tonight may not be the best night for that.

Steffy: Because you don’t want to leave brooke for some reason? I mean, if she’d like to join, she can, but it’s just gonna be our family, so…

Brooke: You should go, ridge. It’s obviously very important to steffy. And you and I can spend time together later.

Ridge: You sure?

Brooke: Yeah, it’s fine. I’m fine, really.

Ridge: Okay.

These are the faces

Paris: Mom? Hey. What brings you by?

Grace: I was in the neighborhood. Thought I’d see if you wanted to grab some coffee.

Paris: Well, is everything okay? You sounded concerned on the phone.

Grace: I was hoping you’d tell me there’s no reason to be. That I’m misinterpreting or overreacting.

Paris: Overreacting to what? I don’t understand.

Grace: Neither do I. You and zende. What’s really going on with you two?

Mess it up, straighten out

fess up, hang it up

look away, stare it down

build it up, rip it down

check up, fall down

pick it up, pick it up

pick it up

get it up, get it up

mess up, straighten out

fess up, hang it up

look away, stare it down

build it up, rip it down

Hope: My mom wasn’t herself that night. She relapsed. Ridge didn’t make it home, and all of it. She was blacked out and my dad helped her upstairs, tucked her into bed. They both slept it off, but then imagine the next morning when my mom wakes up and sees deacon lying there.

Liam: I mean, think what would have happened if ridge came home and found them like that? We’re actually– not even that. What would happen if ridge ever gets wind of this?

Brooke: You know?

Liam: Yeah, hope just told me.

Brooke: I still haven’t figured out why I did what I did that night. Why I drank after so many years have been sober. And on top of that, I…I kissed deacon. A kiss that douglas saw! We have to talk to him and make sure he doesn’t tell anybody.

Steffy: Unfortunately, the er’s shorthanded. Finn’s going to have to pull a double shift and mom’s tied up. She’s dealing with a patient, so I don’t know if we’re gonna see her.

Ridge: Hey, what about your brother?

Steffy: Thomas will be here. And amelia is coming with kelly and hayes.

Ridge: Hm.

Steffy: Dad, she said she was going to be fine. Brooke, I know you’re thinking about her. And she’s your wife, and you love her, but honestly–

Ridge: No buts, please. Don’t criticize her. She’s gone through a lot, just don’t keep piling stuff on.

Steffy: I’m not–

Ridge: Okay?

Douglas: Grandpa.

Ridge: Hey! I didn’t know you were coming. What a great surprise. Hi.

Thomas: Yeah, I picked him up on the way here. He was actually waiting for me at the gate house.

Ridge: Wow.

Steffy: He didn’t know you had him today.

Thomas: Yeah, that wasn’t actually in the plans, but I cleared it with hope a couple of days ago.

Douglas: I hope mommy isn’t mad at me? Wait, why would she be mad at you, bud? Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Brooke: So where is douglas? In his room?

Liam: He’s outside playing.

Brooke: Okay, well, we have to talk to him right away. We need to make sure that he doesn’t tell anybody that he saw grandma kissing santa on new year’S.

Liam: Yeah, we–I’ll go get him. Um…yeah.

Hope: Mom, you really need to calm down about this, okay. If douglas saw you–

Brooke: I know, honey, but what are we going to do? He can’t tell anybody, especially not ridge.

Hope: He won’T.

Brooke: He’s a smart young kid. I mean, he’s going to be asking questions. I don’t even know how we’re going to explain this.

Hope: And we will deal with that when and if we have to. I mean, right now–

Liam: Hey, guys, I can’t find him.

Brooke: Well, did you check up at my house?

Liam: Supposed to be in the treehouse, but he’s not there.

Hope: You know what? No. It’s–actually it’s thomas’s day today. So maybe, maybe he already picked douglas up. I don’t–

Liam: Wait a minute, thomas? He should have told us if he was going to come get douglas.

Hope: No, he did. He left a voicemail, and there’s a text message.

Liam: All right. What? Hope, what?

Hope: He said he took douglas over to steffy’s house, and, uh… ridge is going to be joining them.

Brooke: If that’s true, then douglas could be telling them right now. And ridge is, he’s going to put it together. He’s going to know that I kissed deacon.

Ridge: You’re worried you upset your mom?

Douglas: Uh huh.

Thomas: There’s no need to be worried, bud. Your mom knows you’re here with me.

Douglas: That’s not it.

Steffy: The reason hope might be mad at you, you mean?

Douglas: I saw something. I told mommy and liam about it. They asked a lot of questions.

Thomas: Questions… about what?

Ridge: Hey. Come here. We’re family, you can tell us.

Douglas: I left my stuffed animal up at grandma’s house. I snuck out of the cabin to get it. It was dark outside and mommy and liam didn’t know I’d gone.

Thomas: I can see why your mom would be upset. Yeah, it’s a big property. It’s very safe, but you’re just a little boy.

Douglas: I know.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s understandable why hope and liam wouldn’t want you roaming around at night.

Ridge: Is there something else? You don’t have to tell us, but… might feel better if you do.

Douglas: I’m sorry I disobeyed mommy and liam. I won’t do it again. But getting to see grandma with santa claus?

Thomas: Wait, what?

Douglas: When I got to the main house that night, I saw grandma kissing santa.

Brooke: Just one mention by douglas to any of them about what he saw on new year’s eve…

[ Brooke sighing ] That could lead to figuring out what I did. That I kissed deacon. And if that happens… my marriage isn’t going to be able to recover. I will lose ridge forever.

Ridge: You saw grandma kissing santa claus? Grandma brooke?

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B&B Transcript Monday, January 24, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Brooke: It’s been really eating me up inside, you know? Lying to you, lying to ridge. If he really knew the truth about what happened that night, if he knew that deacon was here and we were drinking like that and he kissed me and spent the night, I would lose him. I would. He would walk away and he would never look back.

Taylor: How can you feel so familiar after all this time?

Ridge: We held each other up for many years. I would recognize those hugs anywhere, blindfolded.

Taylor: We loved each other so much.

Ridge: And we have a beautiful fami to prove it.

Taylor: Yeah, what we shared lives on in thomas and steffy. Every time I look at them, I can see us. All those memories. It’s one of the reasons I stayed away. But I am grateful for what we shared, for the time we had. Because the same memories that kept me away for so long are the same ones that got me through some of the saddest moments of my life. When I couldn’t help looking back awhat could have been.

Carter: Mm… we should stop.

Carter: Mm…seriously.Paris: Why? Why? Zende and I agreed that we’re not exclusive. He’s literally out on a date with sequoyah right now–

Carter: Defense mechanisms, zende is still in love with you. And how can he not be? You are–you’re amazing. You’re beautiful. Sexy.

Taylor: Hey, you two.

Steffy: Sorry to interrupt.

Thomas: Yeah, we nca actually come back–

Ridge: Just get in here.

Taylor: No, your father and I were just… reminiscing.

Ridge: Yeahyou guys were children.

Steffy: Well, I’m glad to know I’m not alone because I think about that a lot, especiallnow y at mom is back. It’s nice. All of us being together.

Thomas: Yeah, kind of missed hanging out with both my parents. That’s weird, but…

Ridge: But it is nice, yes.

Steffy: Yeah. Better than going home, I’ll bet, now that brooke and hope have rolled out the red carpet for deacon.

Douglas: Mommy’s not back yet?

Liam: Hey. No, not yet.

Douglas: You’re sure she’s not upset with me?

Liam: Hey. Absolutely not. Of course, she’s not upset. Why would she be upset with you?

Douglas: Because I told you guys I saw grandma kissing santa claus.

Hope: Mom. Mom. Li it was one kiss. Okay? It’s not the end of the world.

Brooke: Your father spent the night, honey. We shared the same bed.

Hope: Wait, you said nothing happened.

Brooke: No, nothing did happen. Of course nothing happened! There’s not enough alcohol in the world. But ridge hates deacon. If he finds out what happened, if he finds out that he was here, my marriage is over. Life’s been hard enough.

Carter: I want you, paris.

Paris: I want you too so why are we still talking?

Carter: This is going against every instinct that I have but… I can’T.

Paris: Seriously?

Carter: No, not after what happened with quinn and eric. I can’t do that again, paris. I can’t go down that road again.

Ridge: Okay. I’m not going to lie to you. Brooke inviting deacon back into our lives, it’s been a problem. And it’s caused tension because the guy’s an idiot.

Thomas: Exactly. But brooke won’t listen to you. Being so adamantly against something or someone coming into your family and you’re trying to protect them. And you would think that she would be okay with that and not dismiss you.

Taylor: Maybe ridge doesn’t feel that way–

Ridge: You know what ridge feels right now? I–I feel that I can work it out with brooke. All right? There’s an obstacle, I’m gonna work around it.That’s–that’s what a marriage is. You fix things!

Steffy: Really, dad? Aren’t you tired? One obstacle after the next. Don’t you want some tranquility and peace–

Taylor: Steffy, I think you’ve said enough.

Steffy: I’m trying to make things easier for dad. I’m trying to remind dad that you have a family right here who love you. And we would never let you down the way brooke has.

Liam: Hey douglas, have a seat for a second. Here’s jelly. I just… I promise this the last time I’m going askto and then I won’t bring it up again, okay? But… are you absolutely sure about what you saw on new year’s?

Douglas: Yes! I really did see grandma kissing santa claus. I hope I didn’t make you and mommy mad by telling you.

>>: Brooke: I don’t want to lose my husband and my marriage and everything that ridge and I fought so long and hard for. Over what? Over a stupid, alcohol-fuelled mistake? This never would have happened if I was sober. You have to believe me.

Hope: Of course I do, mom.

Brooke: And that kiss to deacon, it was– there was nothing. Nothing. But ridge won’t believe that. The minute he knows that I let deacon stay here–

Hope: But you didn’T. You woke up and he was right next to you on top of the covers, so…

Brooke: Honey, there’s no way I come out of this looking good. You do understand that, don’t you? I will lose ridge. That’s whyou can’t say anything to anybody. We can’t risk it getting back to ridge.

Hope: Look, I understand that you’re afraid, but I have to tell liam. No, he was the first person that douglas told about what he saw and he’s concerned and he’s asking questions. And he knows I’m up here right now talking to you about this.

Brooke: No, no. No! It’s not that I don’t trust liam, I’m just desperately trying to hold onto my marriage, here. Oh, no. Oh, no.

Hope: What?

Brooke: Well, douglas. He’s probably running around telling everybody that he saw grandma kissing santa.

Hope: No, I think he just told liam and me.

Brooke: Well, I don’t know, honey. He’s sweet. He’s an outgoing kid. He could be talking to anybody. And he doesn’t know that what he’s hanging on to is so explosive. He’s around taylor and steffy and thomas anridge all the time. They’ll figure out that what douglas really saying is… it’s gonna lead them bkac to me. Ordinary tissues burn when theo blows.

Paris: I guess I’m just a little confused. I thought you wanted this.

Carter: You have no idea how much.

Paris: Okay, so– so what are you doing? We’re both free.

Carter: Zende is still in love with you. That’s a fact. He bought a ring. He was going to ask you to marry him before you pulled back. He’s still adjusting, even if he’s seeing other women. And don’t want to make things difficult for him, paris. I– I don’t want tension between us. Not after what I did to eric.

Paris: But quinn was eric’s wife. I’m single.

Carter: But it still feels the same, it feels like a betrayal. Not to mention my standing with the forresters. I somehow came out of the whole situation with quinn with some respect intact. And if I got with a woman that’s– that’s involved with a forrester man? I mean, come on. The forresters, they’re like family to me and i don’t want to lose them. But at the same time, how am I supposed to stay away from you?

Thomas: Which is why it did work. That was– that was–

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: I was hoping more time with dad, you know? It was fun while it lasted, though.

Taylor: Yeah, I enjoyed it too. Um, but it was clear that your father wanted to get home to brooke. Now, I meant what I said earlier. I don’t want either of you putting your father on the spot like that again.

Steffy: I don’t think it’s undue pressure to remind him that he has options, another family who respect his wishes when he feels strongly about something.

Thomas: Yeah, look, I’m trying to stay neutral here but honestly, brooke allowing deacon to hang around when it goes against my dad’s objections– it’s sorof it your-face disrespectful.

Taylor: Yeah, but there are mitigating circumstances. Brooke can’t do anything about it and hope wants to have a relationship with her father. Brooke doesn’t want to push her daughter away.

Steffy: How can you be so fair and reasonable all the time?

Thomas: I think it’s an occupational hazard.

Steffy: Right.

Taylor: It is. It is, and I see what’s happening here. No matter how old or worldly, kids want the parents together. But you see, there is a hitch inhis situation. And hename is brooke. She’s married to ridge.

Steffy: Now. But that could change.

Liam: Douglas, I promise you, nobody’s mad at you. Okay?

Douglas: I’m not in trouble?

Liam: No, no–I mean, your mom and I weren’t psyched that you snuck out that night just because, you know, when parents say, “no,” it’s usually for a good reason. But listen, we’re really proud of you for telling the truth.

Douglas: I really did see grandma kissing santa claus.

Liam: Hey. Come here. Come here. Look at me. I believe you. I do.

Brooke: Douglas is innocent. He doesn’t know what he’s saying. Or that he’s sitting on this awful secret that could actually blow up my marriage. And he saw me kissing santa. So all he has to do is tell taylor or steffy, thomas–god forbid, ridge– and they would connect the dots straight back to deacon. And my marriage would be over.

Hope: Okay. You don’t know that for sure, mom. I get how ridge feels about my dad. But you were drinking. You were impaired. I mean, he–he has to understand that you wouldn’t have kissed deacon otherwise. And besides, the two of you, you’re forgiven each other for far worse.

Brooke: Honey, I know my husband. If he knows that I kissed your father, he will be gone. So how could I not be worried?

Ridge: Hey. What’s going on? (Vo) it’s yoooopllllaaaitiimmeee!!!

Carter: Believe me, paris, pushing you away is not what I want to do at all but I–I have to use my best judgment this time.

Paris: That is highly overrated.

Carter: Not if you’re me. Think about it. Eric and zende are living in the same house. First I was with quinn and now I’m here with you? Look, I’m not the kind of guy that betrays his friends. At least I wasn’T. And I don’t want to be again. What are you doing? You do that thing and you start to smile… and make it impossible…

Taylor: I know you both want our family reunited, but it’s just not possible.

Steffy: Aren’t you the one who always says, “nothing’s impossible?”

Taylor: Yes. But brooke is ridge’s wife, not me. I don’t want you wishing the end of their marriage. It’s bad karma.

Thomas: I wouldn’t want that with sheila and deacon hanging around.

Steffy: We’re not actively wishing bad luck on dad and brooke, but brooke does have a track record. It’s only a matter of time before she does something to drive dad away. And when that happens, you will be there for him.

Liam: Douglas is uh, playing outside and beth is still with amelia, so at least we have a chance to talk. You look drained.

[ Hope scoffing ] Anyway, um…douglas isn’t changing his story. I mean, I tried to give him the opportunity but he still insists that he saw grandma kissing santa claus. What did brooke say when you asked her?

Hope: My mom was shocked to say the least. So it’s not true. There was no santa claus, which is weird because, you know, it’s not like douglas to make stuff up.

Hope: He didn’T.

Liam: But you–you just… I’m sorry, I’m confused now. If… we know that it wasn’t ridge, obviously, because ridge was out of town, so… hold on a second, who was it?

Hope: Well, you’re not going to believe it but it’s true. Douglas saw my mom kissing santa claus. Or, at least a man wearing a red and white hat. My mother was kissing my father.

Liam: Holy–

Ridge: Alright. Just us. Tell me. What’s going on with you and hope. I mean, you guys never fight so, something I should be concerned about?

Brooke: No, everything’s fine between hope and me.

Ridge: Well, I’m looking at you so it’s gotta be something else. And I’m not accusing anybody. I’m just asking what happened?

Brooke: You don’t know how much itothe b me, what happened that night. And how I wish I could just take it all back.

Ridge: I’m here, I’ll do whatever you need.

Brooke: What I need is to figure out why I had that temptation. It still really bothers me. I don’t understand it.

Ridge: I’m sorry, I can’t– I can’t–

Brooke: Oh. No, no. I’m sorry. Really, I’m sorry for disappointing you and I’m sorry for letting you down. I love our life together. You know? I love waking up with you in the morning. Love going to bewith you. I love going to work and coming home with you, and… I just don’t want to… I don’t want to lose this wonderful life that we built together.

Ridge: What are you doing right now? What are you talking about? We’re good. There’s not a single thing that would make me walk out the door.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: Okay? Okay.

Liam: So you’re– you’re serious right now? Deacon? Brooke was kissing deacon.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, January 25, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh, I’m so sorry. Maxie: Oh, no, uh, I’ll get it. It’s my fault entirely. Oh, oh, oh. What have we here? Esme: Hey, camper. One more day until spence’s last hurrah. Getting your blood pumped before we head to the great snowy north? You know, I would be more pumped if his majesty was pulling his weight. But alas, he feels that he’s not experienced enough for exterior work. Now, now, where’s my hard-working worker? He’s inside all warm and cozy with trina. I’m not super keen on the forecast, I see frigid temperatures and the snowy drive in our future. Why is that a problem? I thought you were a ski bunny. Yeah, I kind of lost the taste for it after I broke both of my legs off-piste. Ooh. In skiing parlance, that means — that you’re pompous? I know what

“off-piste” means. I’m a snowboarder, not an idiot. So I better get going. I’ll see you aprs-ski. In skiing parlance, that means while I shred the slopes, you’ll be brewing the cocoa. Let’s get the french onion soup. It’s my favorite on the winter menu. Okay, go ahead. I’m not really hungry. Mom, we came to the restaurant because the cheese is never melty enough when you order from room service. I’m going to have to tell staff about that. And because I hate the thought of you alone in your hotel suite. Why are you the one that had to leave when sonny messed up? To the savoy. To the savoy. Mm. Hey, sonny, what’s up? I want your club. I’m sorry. Maybe we can talk about this tomorrow. I’m in the middle of something. No, no, it’s — it’s important. It’s alright. It’s alright. I know how to occupy myself if you need a moment. No. It’s fine. Sonny, I’d like you to meet my… I’d like you to meet marshall. Marshall, this is sonny corinthos. Can we — can we just go into your office and have a discussion about — I just want to sort this out. Sonny, I’m busy at the moment. I’m afraid your business is going to have to wait. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. I just want the savoy, and I’m not leaving until I get it.

A sonogram photo. What a miracle of modern technology these things are. Huh. So are congratulations in order again? I’m not pregnant. No, I meant nothing by it. I just thought, a photograph — it’s my daughter, louise. It’s all that I have left of her. Oh, I’m so sorry. Still no word on her whereabouts after all this time? Why don’t you ask your friend peter? Oh, I assure you, peter august is no friend of mine. Really? Prove it. How? Kill him.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, well, now, let me offer an alternative suggestion. How about I offer all my resources to help bring louise home again? Yeah, I would sooner wear socks with sandals. Really? Am I so objectionable that you would turn your nose up at my offer of help?

[ Scoffs ] Your help comes at a cost, and I’ve already paid enough. I’ll get my daughter back myself. Sorry to interrupt our conversation. That was the hospital. I was starting to wonder if you slipped out the back. You think I’d pull an irish goodbye with my boss?

[ Chuckles ] I know what a ditch looks like. I find it impossible to imagine that anyone would ever ditch you. Please, I’m the ditcher, not the ditchee. Okay. I could write a how-to on effective ditch techniques in any situation. Really? You’re an escape artist? And you clearly are not. No. So what happened? How come one measly little question about your private life, has you all silent, sad-sack emo? Hey. Hey, you’re out late. Yes, I am waiting for mom. I can’t seem to drag her away from her desk. Yeah. Good luck. I haven’t seen mom this jazzed since she took on that sex discrimination class action suit against the cigar cartel. Right? I mean, a week ago, her life started to spiral with no direction, and now she has a job and a future. Yeah, I mean, things seem to be looking up for her. Well, yeah, now that I put harmony on notice, nothing is going to hold her back.

[ Knock on door ] Stop the presses. Alexis: Mm. Fortunately, this issue has already gone to the press. I’m just working on a memo for the sports section.

The invader has a sports section? Yeah. We cover the woodchucks. Ah, right the minor league ball team. That’s right. Mm. And that’s it? Well, did you know that there was a professional women’s basketball team? Oh yeah, yeah, the — the pride. Yeah, see, that’s news to me. But it won’t be news to port charles because I’m making sure that they have equal coverage. Well, go, you. I’m glad you’re putting your stamp on the paper. The invader and port charles will be better for it. Well, thank you for the vote of confidence, but I am very supported here. You have a big fan in shawn. It’s not just shawn. I mean, you, too. Aren’t you on the road early tomorrow? Yeah. So? So don’t you have to pack? It’s taken care of. Okay, that’s a first. Well, consider it an early return to your investment in my higher education. Time management is just one skill I’m picking up at pcu. Wow. Well, tell me another so I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Close listening. Close listening, mm. As opposed to distance? I don’t get it. Well, it means actively listening to the information being provided by the speaker, including what they don’t say and the questions they don’t answer. Okay, I’m here at the hotel because avery and donna spent nine months without sonny. They need to be with him. It’s still not fair. Let’s make this happen. Sonny, sonny, put your money away. Not until I get the club. Mr. Corinthos, perhaps you didn’t hear curtis. I’m not talking to you. Okay, look, why don’t you have n’neka set you up, okay? And that’ll give me and mr. Corinthos a few minutes. Listen, it’s not going to take more than a few seconds to make this — what do I got to do to make it happen? My club is not for sale. I don’t want to buy your club. You said you wanted — no, I want to rent the club for the night to show carly a good time. I want to get a band and the whole thing. I’ll pay for the staff. You know, I would lose money emptying out my club for two guests. Okay, what did you make last saturday? ‘Cause I’ll double it. Hey, curtis, I was hoping you’d be here tonight. Sonny, good to see you. Okay, this has got to happen this saturday. That doesn’t work for me, okay? I have an act booked and tables paid for. Okay, I’ll refund the band, whatever I need to do. Just tell me. Take the money. You could take the money. Sonny, sonny. It doesn’t work for me, okay? Now, might I suggest another nightclub? Nobody tells me what to do! In my nightclub, i do.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You know, I suppose I might be convinced to strap on some skis again. Don’t do anything on my account

on- or off-piste. Well, I might as well get used to taking orders from you. I’m going to be at your beck and call at the gallery here soon enough. Making restitution and all. Well, you’re right to worry. Cam takes things easy on you. I, on the other hand, intend to make you work for it. Mm, well, I am up to the challenge. Care to make things interesting? I think that we passed interesting a long time ago. Anyway, I plan to be tough on you but fair. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wow, I think that was… five minutes? Five minutes of what? That I wasn’t thinking about going to prison. Look, I don’t want to get involved in all the drama. Drama? There’s no drama. Trina and spence are friends, plain and simple. I know. But sometimes it seems like you have a problem with that. The more friends spence has, the better. Besides, I know for a fact that spence isn’t the one trina wants. Look, I don’t want you caught in the crossfire. Sonny loves you, and I know you love him. Loving him doesn’t mean I’m okay with how he’s treating you. Okay, I get that, but no matter what happens between me and sonny, I don’t want you losing someone you’re close with. Mom, I didn’t need to go to college to learn that we can’t always protect ourselves from hurt, but we can be there for each other when we feel it. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to — to yell like that. I was, like… hey, sonny, look, if curtis can’t accommodate you, we could put our heads together. We could find another place that carly’s going to like just as much. Alright, man? Let’s go sit down — don’t touch me! Hey, hey. Don’t touch me. I’m just trying to help. I-I understand that. But you stay out of my business. Okay? Who the hell do you think you are? I’m your friend, sonny. Jason was my friend. You’re just a knock-off, a poor shadow of his brother. And now ja… now jason is under a rock halfway around the world when he should have let you rot in hell. Sonny, sonny, sonny — you’re not my friend, you understand me? Oh no, no, actually, you are my friend. When you were jason, you were my friend because you were a much better man then. You know what you are now? Nothing! Sonny. I’ve got to — get out of my face. Hey, buddy, listen. You got to — you got to, uh… you got to give me this club. Sonny. Just for the — curtis gave you an answer. I’m not talking to you. Look, you guys, sonny, chill. -Honestly — -okay, you got to get him. Curtis, please. If you’re going to do it — okay, okay, sonny, sonny. What? Let’s go. I’m not going anywhere with you. No, do you want to get picked up by the police, sonny? The police? Yeah. Yeah, whatever. Let’s go. I’m sorry about this. What the hell was that? Damned if I know. Hey, mom. Felicia: Hi. Waiting long? Just got here. How was the memorial? It was a typical luke spencer affair, complete with an appearance from helena cassadine. Oh, please tell me she’s not back from the dead again, too. No, it was pre-taped. Ding dong, the witch is still dead. If only we could say the same thing about victor.

‘S this about harmony? Oh, don’t worry, I nipped it in the bud. Uh-huh. How? Well, I simply sent harmony a message. I said that we appreciated that she helped mom out in prison, but she’s not in prison anymore, so she needs to steer clear. Right. And who’s “we”? I mean, you never asked me this. Did you ask molly? No, but I assume that, of all people, you would not want to sit next to harmony during brunch at mom’s house. So did you do this for me or for mom? Both. Is that okay with you? You butting in on mom’s life on my so-called behalf without my permission? Um, no, sam, I’m not okay with that. Harmony: I know you said you had to work late ’cause you were attending a memorial service. It was anyone you were close to? Actually, yeah. Luke spencer. We had a very unique bond. What brings you by? Like you didn’t see this. Well, I did notice it.What’s in it? Just, you know, a little something to mark the auspicious new beginning, and I’m just hoping maybe it’ll inspire you. Alright, well, one way to find out what’s in it. Oh, my god, please don’t open it now. I don’t want you to pretend you like it if you don’T. I will love it. Thank you, harmony. Ah, it’s just, you know, a little something. If you’re ready to pack it in, you want to go grab a coffee? Well, I can’T. I’m still working. Okay, great. Maybe some other time. I can’T. I really don’t think we can continue this friendship, at least not for now. There are parts of my life that I like to keep to myself. I get that. I’m not super proud of my family, either. I didn’t say I wasn’t proud of my family. Or whatever.

[ Both chuckle ] It’s just — it’s not my favorite topic of conversation. Okay. My father’s been on every most-wanted top-10 list in the world from before I was born till the day he died. And my mother likes to dress up as krampus to petrify small children at christmas markets. Okay, good for them. They’ve achieved notoriety, I think you mean infamy, but go ahead. Well, okay, that’s just the thing, is that my family is the complete opposite. They’re intensely private people. And the one time I did invoke my father’s name it got dragged through the mud, so, yeah, I’m a little protective of them. I get being protective, but from me? I mean, what am I going to do? Call a press conference? Alert the town crier? Probably not. Even so… okay, if you say so. If you don’t trust me, it’s not like you’d be the only one. Hell, sometimes even I don’t trust me. Okay. The reason I have a personal connection with leo’s case is that my brother’s on the spectrum, too. So sonny just came in here and demanded use of the savoy? Pretty much. You know, I’ve never seen him like that. I have, and it’s — it’s not pretty. Drew, uh, heard what he said to you, man. Yeah, so did I. If anyone had spoken to me like that, I’d have to pop them one. Mob boss or not. I’m sorry. Have we met? Oh, my bad. Uh, drew, marshall ashford. Mr. Ashford. Drew cain. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Same here. You okay? Yeah. Hey, uh, I’m going to get a drink. You earned it. Yeah. Let’s get you a seat. Can we get some water here, please? I’m not an invalid. Oh, hey, trust me, I know. So how’d you come to cross the infamous sonny corinthos? What do you know about sonny? Not to cross him. Hey, you know, until now, sonny and I, we’ve been cool. In fact, I was thinking about asking him to take care of your… you know, problem. You will do no such thing. I will not have my son beholden to sonny corinthos. Anything I can do, boss? Yeah, take off, frank. Uh, sonny… should’ve stayed at the club, nina. Go. Nina, what are you doing?

[ Stammers ] You didn’t hear me? I did, yeah. I just don’t feel like it’s prudent to go. Prudent?

[ Laughs ] No one’s going to come to you for wisdom. That’s right. You’re right, because I make terrible choices. But I think we can both say that you nearly bought yourself a world of trouble at the savoy. What’s it to you? You know the answer to that. Does it matter? It does matter. You matter to me, and you’re not acting like yourself. You don’t know me enough to ask me that. Yes. You’re right. I don’t know you. You’ve made that abundantly clear, sonny. But I think I know a manic episode when I see one.

Victor needs to keep his distance. I’m going to call anna. Why? So she can tell him not to speak to me so politely? I can’t believe you asked him to kill peter. Oh, I wasn’t serious. Okay, so I was, but I knew he wouldn’t go for it. Anyway, where were we? Here. At charlie’S. Right, where everything is fine. Well, I don’t know. You don’t sound fine. Maybe I’m just a little on edge because you seem on high alert to fix things. Such as? Everything in my life. Oh. You have a point. Or maybe it’s just the prospect of going back to pautuck. Okay, I tell you what. I will try to not be overprotective. Thank you. And as far as our trip to pautuck tomorrow, I think that we can prepare for that right here right now. You mean like coordinating footwear that is insulated and comfortable yet also fashionable? No, no, I mean by setting some ground rules so that you don’t feel the pressure. That way, you know, you can go slow or we can stop altogether if it gets to be too much for you. Okay, let me think. Rule number one. Lay off any talk about me and austin. Why? What about you and austin? You know why. Oh. About you two having a soft spot for each other? -Trina’s not into me. -If you say so. I do. We flirted a little in high school, but we were clearly meant to be friends. Because you didn’t want what she wanted? Because it just didn’t work out. Why are you so interested? I’m still getting to know everyone. I just don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. Any more than I already have. Well, here’s an idea — don’T. I’m only asking because, as an outsider, it seems obvious to me. I mean, the way trina behaves around you and josslyn, it’s like there’s this kind of, um, tension or something. Well, there isn’T. Okay, then. You know what? Forget I said anything. I mean, I just want everybody to get along. I mean, what with the five of us about to be cooped up together in a cabin for two days? Guess I’m just too sensitive for my own good. I must sound like a broken record boohoo-ing about going to prison. Well, for someone going to prison, you actually don’t talk about it that much, at least not to me. I didn’t think you’d want to hear it. Maybe I can… I don’t know. Maybe I couldn’t bring myself to tell you about it. Why not? Because you probably think that I have it coming, for one, and because it’s embarrassing. Wait, what? Going to prison? Admitting how scared I am. That I feel like a coward. Well, prison is scary, and I don’t think it’s cowardly to own up to your mistakes. In fact, it’s brave. Thanks. I hope that one day I can feel like that. Right now, I just — I wish that I could go back to being the guy that I was when you first met me. Simple, uncomplicated victor. Well, simple, uncomplicated victor had a habit of asking me to lie to my friends and, oh, yeah, vandalized an art gallery. Yeah. Right. I guess, um… I guess victor wasn’t so hot. Yeah, not so much. But spencer? He’s starting to grow on me. I’ve had enough sonny talk for one night, okay? About the cabin, I’ve been in touch with the management company, and I had the whole place stocked for your arrival. You don’t have to do that. I got it taken care of. I’m sure you do, but I’m your mom. And as amazing as it is that you support me, it’s still my job to take care of you. Since when did you become an expert on mental illness? I never claimed to be an expert, but I do remember a time when phyllis and lenny told me about an incident with you back in nixon falls. Yeah? That’s when phyllis found out that you were bipolar. They got you back on your meds, and you got better. And, sonny, what I am seeing right now looks a lot like what they described. Am I wrong? No, I mean, I don’t know. Are you wrong? Huh? You’re right. You know what you’re right about? You shouldn’t be here right now. Are you off your meds? Did you stop taking them? I’m fixing things. I’m trying to fix my life. The life that you stole from me, remember? I have no intention of interfering with you and carly ever again. Okay, then get out of here now. You got to go. But this isn’t just your house, sonny, and it’s not just your life. There are two little girls that share this house with you that might be afraid of how their father is behaving. Are Y… nina… …are you saying I’m going to hurt my child, my two little girls? You can’t trust me with my little girls? I trust you. I trust you with my life. It’s the bipolar disorder. I don’t trust that.

I have things under control, nina. I don’t believe you. It’s none of your business, and I’m not going to tell you again. Okay. Okay. You don’t have to tell me again. Then why don’t you — why don’t you tell carly? No, no. I’ll call her. I’ll call her right now. If I don’t know how to deal with you when you’re like this, then I’m sure carly will. So, sonny, you have to make a choice. What? It’s either me or carly. Okay, so the house is fully stocked, but your gear is up to you. Mm-hmm. You have all your hats and gloves and everything? Yes and yes. Okay, phone charger? Snow tires on the car? Check. Check. Contraception? Are you okay with mom hanging out with harmony, the woman who drugged you? Okay, I know what she did. I also know that she testified against shiloh. She’s trying to rebuild her life. Like I am. And the last thing I want to do is be the reason that our mother can’t be friends with someone who’s been good for her. So you’re telling me you’re okay with mom being friends with harmony? I don’t know. But if it’s a problem, I will deal with it. You don’t need to take it upon yourself to do it for me or mom. Let she who is without mess sweep the first broom. Wait, what? Are you saying I’m messy? I know that sam said that she would be okay with it, but I really don’t think kristina will be. You know, no, it’s okay. Honestly. I always understood and accepted that, you know, we couldn’t have a friendship if it was going to cause any difficulty with your daughters. I still will talk to her because, who knows, maybe she will be okay with it. Well, I mean, we all know how kristina feels about me, and, honestly, I wouldn’t want to, you know, put her in a position where she had to swallow her feelings for your sake. Have you met my middle child? She doesn’t swallow her feelings for my sake. Yeah, but, you know, that was before you went to prison and she’s probably just so grateful that you’re back and she’ll just put up with anything, which isn’t really fair to kristina, is it? Not really fair to anybody. No, but, you know, you’re a mom. I am a mom, and my kids come first, so I will look out for what’s best for her. I’m sorry this didn’t work out. Mm. But I’m not sorry that I got to know you. Back at you. Absolutely. You know, it’s funny. All I wanted to do is make amends for my mistakes, and I didn’t think I’d get a friendship out of it. And even for a short while, it was… it’s all gravy. Take care, alexis. Your brother’s on the spectrum. Is that a big deal? No. I mean, it depends on the company. Not everybody gets it. And I can try and help people out, teach, enlighten, whatever the word for that is, but my brother is a real person. He’s not a visual aid. And he has his right to privacy, he has a right to live his life, and his story is not my story to tell. You know what I mean? Yeah, but couldn’t you do the teaching and leave your brother’s name out of it? Neurodiversity and neurodivergence awareness is incredibly important work. Agreed, and I can walk the walk when I have to. Like with leo. Well, leo is technically family. And he and ned and olivia could really benefit from your lived experience. They don’t need to know how you come by it. You’re right. Maybe. But it’s private. Well, there’s private and there’s secret.

[ Chuckles ] What’s secret is misunderstood, stigmatized. Please forgive me for saying this because I don’t think this is how you feel, but generally, secret is often indicative of shame. Agreed. Yeah, no, you’re not wrong about that. But I don’t feel any shame when it comes to my brother. None at all. Not embarrassed. Hardly. He’s my brother. I just see him. Let me ask you. If there was a complicated medical situation, if that presented in your family, would you be open about it? Wouldn’t you hesitate? Dr. Westbourne, I do believe it’s your turn to open up. Dr. Gatlin-holt, might I have a word? About what? A simple medical question regarding the ins and outs of a sonogram.

What part of my life is so messy? I didn’t say it was messy. I was just saying — no, but you implied it.

[ Sighs ] Okay, fine. Did it ever occur to you that you dating dante might be a little, I don’t know, eyebrow-raising? Why? ‘Cause he’s a cop? Because you’re my sister and he’s my brother. Well, do you have a problem with it? What if I did? Then I would like for you to say something to me. Do you? I don’T. Okay, then why are we having this conversation? Because if I did have a problem with it, I hope I would have kept it to myself. My point is it’s your life, not mine. So I don’t get a say. Capiche? Capiche. But for the record, I think you make a very cute couple. Harmony: Alexis, congratulations

on taking the reins

of your own life again,

and thank you for taking me

along for the ride.

Your friend, harmony. Cameron: Hey, spencer, did you fill up the ketchup bottles like I asked? I’m sure that our customers can make do with half-full ketchup bottles. Mm. So what were you up to while I was working outside? Okay, cool, so your little hangout sesh with trina will count as your break. Now, the ketchup bottles. Can you believe that guy? Hey. You okay? Yeah. Yeah, I was just thinking about the trip. I better get going. You still want to go, right? Of course. And you’re sure you’re going to be okay being there? With spencer and esme? And me and josslyn? Yeah, I’ll be fine. Okay. Great. I’m just checking. Uh, headed home? Yeah. See you tomorrow then. Can’t wait. I’m going to hit the drugstore for a last-minute run before we meet up. Need anything? Thanks, but no. I have everything I need. Cool. Open lines of communication, remember? Yes, well, there’s open and then there’s whatever this is. We’ve always been able to tell each other everything. So? So… I am being careful and responsible. Good. I love you. I love you, too. Can’t leave unless I know that someone who cares about you is close by or here, so I can call — what, call michael… no. …Or dante? Because I’m not sure that michael will return my call. Or anyone else? Sonny, just give me a name, and I’ll get out of your hair. Fine, carly. Stop. No, I’ve caused too much trouble to her already. Then who? You can stay, you can — or go. It doesn’t make a difference to me. Just stay — stay out of my way, nina. I’m assuming you mean well. Of course I do. But I decide who I associate with, and I don’t take kindly to being told what to do in my own nightclub. You know what, curtis? You’re going to do what you’re going to do. But don’t do it on my account. You get in bed with sonny corinthos, I got to walk. Your dad seems like a decent guy. If you say so.

[ Chuckles ] So let’s talk about sonny. And you. What’s left to say? Yes, actually, I just stopped in for a little nightcap. How fortuitous to bump into you here. Not really. We’re both a little tied up. Actually, I have an early day tomorrow. Really? Are you sure? I have an early day every day, so, yeah. Enjoy your nightcap. Regards to your mother. Go to hell. Oh, pity dr. Westbourne had to leave. Still, this really won’t take any time. I just want to draw on your considerable medical expertise. You see, doctor, I found this sonogram in the street. I very much afraid it’s missing, and, um, well, as you can see, it’s torn, and so all the identifying information is gone. No, it’s not. You see that right there? That’s the patient I.D. Number. Wow. I would much rather talk about anything else. So if you feel the need to sing austin’s praises… okay, I’ll zip it. Thank you. Can I just tell you how much I like him? Oh, mom, look, we’re not going to pautuck for a day of antiquing or to check out the scenery. We’re revisiting a crime scene. Okay. I promise I’ll stay on task. I talked to lucy, and she said she has a very good feeling about tomorrow. Wait, she does? Yeah, she said it would be pivotal. And you know when lucy has a good feeling about something, she’s usually spot on. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Okay, that’s good. What did she say? That one way or another, louise starts her journey back to port charles tomorrow. Victor: Huh. You mean, by using this number, I can return the sonogram to the right patient? Mm-hmm. That number is there in case the patient information goes missing or is obscured, as this has done. I can take it to G.H. And match it up, make sure it gets to the right person. No, that’s — that’s okay. I, um — I found this. I-I’d like to see it through. I really think it’s more appropriate if I do it. No. I’ll make sure it goes where it needs to go. Really, there’s no need to worry. I promise I’ll do right by all concerned. Just imagine mixing up one baby with another.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, January 21, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Tessa: So, I asked mariah to come to society and help me with a promoter.

Mariah: Only there was no promoter. It was this beautiful, romantic set-up, and then… tessa got down on one knee.

Tessa: Oh, my gosh, the look on her face — priceless!

Mariah: I was like, “are you doing what I think you’re doing?”

Sharon: Wait, you mean —

Both: We’re engaged!

Sharon: Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Wow, congratulations! That’s amazing.

Mariah: Thank you!

Sharon: Oh!

Christine: Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Amanda: It’s not a problem.

Devon: Before you guys say anything, I know that things got really heated last time we all talked, and just know we all want the same thing, and that’s what’s best for dominic.

Abby: Well, like I said over the phone…chance and I talked, and we have something to tell you.

Ashland: Well, I’ll walk these contracts up to legal as soon as we are done here.

Victoria: Thank you.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] The changes that we’re requesting are pretty minor, so we shouldn’t have any pushback from chancellor. And it looks like lily is staying out of it, letting jill put the chanccomm sale to bed. Is that your impression, too? What is it?

Victoria: Uh, nothing. I’m sorry, what was your question?

Ashland: Why don’t we talk about what’s bothering you instead?

Victoria: What adam said about dad, it just got me thinking.

Ashland: Well, that’s a bit shocking.

Victoria: Yes, I know, I’m usually trying to ignore everything that comes out of his mouth. It’s just so much noise.

Ashland: But this time?

Victoria: Adam’s right about one thing — our father can be very unpredictable. He sees the world as a big three-dimensional game of chess.

Ashland: And he views you kids as his pawns.

Victoria: Sometimes. But it was a very good reminder that, no matter how well things are going and no matter how much he seems to be supporting you, you can never let your guard down, not for one second.

Ashland: Well, I take nothing for granted where victor’s concerned — or anybody else, for that matter. You are the only person I trust completely. And I hope you feel the same about me.

Victor: By the way, I’ve put adam on notice that I’m gonna take a more active role at newman media.

Nikki: Oh. Because of how close billy came to deceiving him?

Victor: Showed a serious lack of judgment on adam’s part, you know? And, um, I don’t even want to mention his decision to involve this spectra woman.

Nikki: Well, I think it’s great that you’re going to be more of a presence. And I know you can’t wait to get back into the game. Now, as far as adam goes, I’m sure he was none too pleased.

Victor: Well, I’ve given him every chance to succeed, you know? And, uh…

[ Sighs ] No damage has been done so far to the company. I want to make sure that it doesn’T.

Nikki: Well, you’re right to be cautious. Adam is just going to have to accept your decision — or not.

Nick: Hey, there.

Nikki: Hey, you two. What a surprise.

Victor: What a surprise.

Nikki: Yes.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Noah: Dad and I have some news we want to share. And, grandpa, I wanted you to hear this from me personally. Yo you ready?

Additional sponsorship

provided by… eggland’s best.

Michael: I’ve been thinking about the offer you made the other day.

Victor: I’m sure you didn’t trek all the way out here to turn me down.

Michael: I am intrigued by the possibility of doing some private work with you…

Victor: Uh-huh.

Michael: …As long as it’s not overwhelming, which would defeat the whole purpose of my resignation.

Victor: Of course. I understand that, you know, but don’t you worry. I will make this as appealing to you as possible, okay?

Lauren: I’m sorry I’m late.

Michael: Hey. Give me a kiss.

Lauren: Hi, darling.

Michael: Mwah. You want some coffee?

Lauren: No, I want you to stop keeping me in suspense. How was the meeting with victor?

Michael: He made an even more compelling argument for why i should work with him after i officially resign as da.

Lauren: Ha-ha. Well, you’re gonna have to stop using the word “resign” or “retire” after you’re on his payroll. I mean, you only too well

[Sighs] How demanding he can be.

Michael: This time it’s gonna be different.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] Oh, those are famous last words.

Michael: No, no, I made it clear to him that if I accept his deal, that I will not be at his beck and call 24/7.

Lauren: Oh, really? And how did he respond?

Michael: He promised not to monopolize my time.

Lauren: Hmm, well [Chuckles] If victor promised.

Michael: No, no, he pitched this more as a cerebral partnership where I use legal strategies and tactics to secure his legacy.

Lauren: Wow, that seems very respectful.

Michael: I believe it will be. No more getting hauled out of bed at 2:00 A.M. Look, he understands that I am seriously not interested in any job that consumes my life.

Lauren: Okay. Well, why don’t we talk about why you’re interested. Let’s do columns of plus and minuses, and then you can weigh in on what you want to do.

Michael: You’re good.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] Yes.

Michael: Thank you.

Lauren: Yes, I am.

Michael: I need that kind of clarity. I have to be ruthlessly honest in order to make the decision that’s best for you and me.

Noah: I’ve accepted a full-time position at new hope.

Victor: Whoa, wait a minute. That’s a hell of a turnaround from what you were doing.

Nick: Yep, I am planning on keeping him very busy.

Noah: Grandpa, I hope you’re not mad that I chose to do this instead of more work for you and adam.

Victor: No. Not at all, noah. I’m very happy that you’re working side-by-side with your father.

Nikki: So am I. I’m thrilled.

Noah: Thanks, grandma.

Victor: So what will your new position entail?

Noah: The plan is to learn every facet of the organization, top to bottom.

Nick: Then we will figure out what’s the best fit for him.

Nikki: Well, what about your art? You’re so talented and I know you have a lot of passion for it.

Noah: Yeah, well, see, that’s just it. You know, the reason I felt so dissatisfied when I left london, it had become less and less about the art and more about commerce. I was letting all these so-called elites tell me what they thought was good instead of just expressing myself through my art and trying to connect with people.

Victor: Ah.

Noah: The whole process, it had become so unorganic. There was no joy in it. I had no spark, and it wasn’t until I came back here and started working on tessa’s album cover that it finally came back. Anyways, I’m gonna get back to my art, doing it for myself, but first, I feel like I need a reset, and I think being a part of what my dad’s created is a step in the right direction. And now that I have a better understanding of what new hope’s all about, I admire this guy even more. You know, he gets up every day and actually improves people’s lives. He doesn’t brag about it. He doesn’t have a pr firm. He doesn’t just say he’s gonna give back to the community. He just gets out there and does it.

Nick: Okay, that’s — that’s more than enough.

Noah: [ Laughs ]

Nikki: [ Chuckles ]

Noah: Besides, what could be better than working with my old man?

Victor: Not a thing, son. Not a thing.

Devon: So what have you guys decided?

Abby: Chance and I are ready to accept your conditions. At first, when you brought up the idea of revising our agreement, getting formal visitation, I…could only hear alarm bells, and I was terrified. You know, we still have so much healing to do.

Chance: I have a lot more healing to do. You know, much more than I let on.

Abby: And I would never want anyone to get in the way of that or tear our family apart with some court battle.

Devon: No, and I never wanted it to get to that point either. I was always hoping that the three of us could work something out.

Amanda: And it seems like you have.

Abby: Chance helped me see that this is what’s best for dominic, and I have nothing to be afraid of.

Devon: Well, thank you. Truly, I really do mean that. And — and you really don’t have anything to be afraid of, abby. I promise you that, ’cause this doesn’t change any part of the dynamic. This has always been about the three of us doing everything we can to give dominic the best possible upbringing.

Christine: That should always be the focus. The child’s wellbeing, it supersedes everything.

Devon: Absolutely. And, guys, I don’t just have love for dominic. I love the both of you, too. Really, you guys are like family to me, and I never, ever had any intention of taking anything from you. I never will.

Abby: I didn’t see that before, but I do now.

Chance: Me too. And I’m sorry it took so long to realize that. I mean, devon, you’ve done so much for our son already. You helped bring him into this world. You watched over him while abby was in spain. I mean, since the day that you offered to be our donor, I mean, you’ve been a strong and steady presence for him, and I really appreciate that, man.

Devon: That’s — absolutely, and that’s never gonna change.

Abby: And just for the record, this isn’t about chance and me backing down from a fight or giving in. This is what you and dominic deserve.

Living with diabetes?

Christine: Alright, so amanda and I will negotiate all the specifics of the joint custody agreement, put together all necessary paperwork.

Amanda: And it will take some time for the courts to finalize things, but we will approach this in the spirit in which the decision was made. Everyone coming from a place of mutual respect and working together for dominic’s benefit.

Devon: I do have one request that I’d like to make.

Christine: Yeah, now would be the time.

Devon: Abby, I’ve always really, really appreciated how much thought you put into dominic’s name and making sure that it, you know, reflects everyone that he’s a part of and everyone who’s a part of him. And in that same spirit, I’d like to give him neil’s last name, ’cause he’s your godfather, and I just thought it would be a great way to honor the man that showed me what being a father and being a family is all about. So I would love if he would be known as dominic phillip newman-abbott-winters- chancellor.

Chance: That sounds perfect.

Devon: Yeah?

Chance: Yeah.

Devon: Thank you.

Sharon: What a gorgeous ring, and it looks like it’s a perfect fit.

Tessa: Just like us.

Mariah: Aww.

Sharon: I’m so happy for you two.

Mariah: Thank you, mom.

Tessa: You know, we’re happy for us too.

[ Laughter ]

Sharon: Okay, I know how much you two love each other, so please don’t take this the wrong way.

Mariah: Oh, god, what?

Sharon: I just hope you’re not only doing this because you think it’ll help your chances of adoption.

Mariah: Oh, what?

Tessa: Oh.

Mariah: No, no.

Tessa: Absolutely not.

Mariah: No, we’re not getting married because of how it’s gonna look on the adoption forms.

Tessa: No, that’s not the reason I proposed at all.

Mariah: Mom, we want this so much, and it is the perfect next step for us. We’re really excited to start planning.

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: Planning a wedding! Faith is going to be in heaven.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh, we should call her and tell her.

Tessa: Oh, yes, we should definitely share in our happiness.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Lauren: Okay, let’s start in the cons column.

Michael: Alright.

Lauren: The reason you wanted to step down as da is because you wanted to spend more time with me. Now, best case scenario, that’s gonna be cut into.

Michael: No, no, you are my priority. I’m going to ensure that work conforms to our life and our schedule rather than the other way around. Oh, come on, if I don’t work at all, I’m gonna be insufferable, as gloria and kevin were so quick to point out.

Lauren: Okay, moving on in the cons column…

Michael: Alright, alright, alright.

Lauren: …Is victor himself. The man thrives on chaos.

Michael: No, the man is a business genius who simply wants to secure his legacy.

Lauren: Oh, honey. He does not want to hire a man of your caliber so he can ride peacefully off into the sunset. He needs a legal ninja who can kick ass and take names and move along his agenda.

Michael: He did say things were about to get interesting.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] See? I knew it.

Michael: No, I’ll be doing exciting work that will get my blood going. That’s a definite plus in my book.

Lauren: Right, in the shark-infested waters of the newman corporate world and the accompanying family drama.

Michael: [ Clears throat ] Which would make for some rather pleasant pillow talk.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] You are very sexy when your blood is boiling.

[ Laughs ]

Michael: I am. Tsss. Pro column.

Lauren: Wow. You are really excited about this.

Michael: I am.

Lauren: I haven’t seen you this excited about work in a long time.

Michael: And the pay will be excellent. Of that, I have no doubt.

Lauren: Ah. But did victor tell you what you were going to have to do for this money?

Michael: Uh, other than strategize? He, uh, did hint at a particular concern.

Ashland: I know you and I are in a much better place, but given everything you know, if you’re still not ready to trust me 100%…

Victor: I’m always gonna trust you, until you give me a reason not to.

Ashland: Fair enough. Although some might say i already have.

Victoria: You kno you shared some very painful things about your past with me, things that, you know, you were ashamed of, but you dealt with them. And I understand now why you held back in telling me. You were — you were worried that I wouldn’t understand that those things are a part of who you are. But they don’t define you — the man that you are, the man that I love, who’s been so goodto me.

Ashland: Thank you for understanding.

Victoria: We have been living under the threat of your illness for such a long time. But now we have reason to hope that we’re gonna have more time together and enjoy this life that we’ve built together and make each other deliriously happy.

Ashland: You know, the day that we went over to your mom and dad’s to tell them the good news about how well the treatments were working, victor said to me that if I beat this cancer, I’d eventually get tired of smelling the roses, that I’d want to jump back into the fray.

Victoria: I remember.

Ashland: Well, he said it jokingly, but after what you shared, I’m starting to wonder if he was actually considering the possibility.

Victoria: The two of us, side-by-side, running newman/locke — we would be a force to be reckoned with and then some, wouldn’t we?

Ashland: Well, that’s how the man’s mind works, so i understand you’d be worried about what he might be planning, despite how cordial it seems at the moment.

Victoria: Yeah. And that’s not all. I showed my hand about newman media.

Ashland: And you’re wondering if it was the best move. You still want to take over the company, don’t you?

Victoria: More than anything.

Why hide your skin if dupixent

Mariah: Hi. I know I don’t usually call you at school, but we thought that this is something that you might want to know right away. By “we,” I mean tessa, mom, and me. We’re at crimson lights right now, and tessa and I wanted to share some news with you. We’re engaged. Oh, boy. Okay. Yep. Yeah, you’re excited. I can tell. Oh, my goodness.

[ Laughs ] Well, yeah, it was beautiful. I mean, it was this wonderful romantic setting, and tessa got down on one knee and she gave me this gorgeous ring. Did I cry? No, I didn’t — I didn’t cry. I didn’t — oh.

Tessa: Yeah, she definitely did.

Mariah: Okay, yes, yes, of course I cried. Like a baby. But — no, we don’t know. A date?

[ Laughs ] This just happened. But we will need somebody to help plan an epic wedding, so, like, I don’t know if you know anybody who would be able to do that. I mean, do you?

[ Laughs ] I’m teasing. Of course I meant you. Oh, yeah, she’s right here. Do you want to talk to her? Okay. I love you too. Bye.

Tessa: [ Chuckles ] Hi! So what do you think of our news?

[ Laughs ] You’re sweet. Yeah, we’re excited, too. Oh, a spring wedding? Well, you know, we haven’t really thought that detail out quite yet.

Sharon: No time to waste.

Tessa: I mean, this literally just happened. I asked mariah to marry me like an hour ago tops.

Mariah: Oh, hey, guys. Perfect timing. Tessa and I have some amazing news to share.

Nikki: Now it all makes sense.

Victor: Yeah?

Nikki: Why noah walked away from a seemingly vibrant life and career in london to come home to genoa city. I mean, now that I know the whole story, I really admire his courage.

Victor: You know, it can be tough to admit to oneself that one has to change direction.

Nikki: Absolutely. But I have to say, this is the happiest I have seen him since he got home. All caught up in what his father’s doing, wanting to work by his side.

[ Sighs ]

Victor: I meant what I said when I mentioned the fact that it makes me happy that he’s working side-by-side with his father.

Nikki: Yes. And, you know, when I think about how newman media started, I mean, adam seemed like he was putting his life in a different direction.

Victor: Yeah, well, there’s that.

Nikki: Well, adam has surprised me in a good way. Maybe he’ll surprise you, too.

Victor: Yeah. My darling, I promise you, though, that my new expanded role at newman media will not take away from my time with you.

Nikki: Victor, I know that family is the most important thing to you. Being a good husband, being a good father.

Michael: Oh, gang’s all here. I’m so sorry. Joan just showed me in. I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Victor: Hello, michael.

Michael: You look beautiful.

Nikki: Oh, well, aren’t you sweet? Thank you so much. You know what? I need to check in with the office, so excuse me.

Victor: Okay, my darling. Alrighty.

Michael: I’m here to discuss terms.

Victor: Really? Glad to hear that.

Abby: So what are the next steps?

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Christine: We should have a proposal for you to look at soon.

Devon: Okay, that sounds great. In the meantime, I’ll get my place prepared for his first overnight.

Amanda: Sounds like a plan.

Christine: Well, I’m gonna get to work.

Amanda: Oh, me toO. We’ll walk out with you.

Devon: Sure.

Chance: Alright.

Abby: This agreement isn’t about us. It’s about the baby we all adore. Dom should be a part of this.

Devon: Hey, buddy. How yodoinu man? How you doing? I missed you. Oh.

[ Laughs ] Oh, hey, buddy. Oh. How you doing? I missed you. You know, we’re gonna be able to spend a lot more time together and have more chances to get to know each other. And I have some big news for you, too. You know that name of yours? It’s gonna get a little bit longer because you’re gonna be a winters now, too. That’s right. And your grandpa’s looking down on you smiling.

[ Chuckles ] Buddy. Hey. Your skin isn’t just skin.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Woman: I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Nick: This is such great news. You said the proposal just happened?

Sharon: At society. Tessa had surprised mariah with this whole romantic scene.

Tessa: Yeah, it was perfect. She was in total shock.

Mariah: Kind of like the look on noah’s face right now. I mean, I couldn’t believe when tessa got down on one knee, i mean, that was a big clue, though.

Noah: You went old school. Nice.

Mariah: Yeah, and she had this amazing speech about the obstacles we’ve faced and where we’re going next as a couple. You know, a home, a life, a family.

Sharon: Ohh.

Mariah: Okay, don’t start crying, okay? I’m not crying.

Sharon: I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Mariah: I’m not crying.

Nick: I think you’re both crying.

Mariah: Okay, we’re allowed.

Tessa: Well, and then I gave mariah the ring and she told me some beautiful things back. She called me her angel, for last summer, being each other’s heart and home. I’m gonna remember and cherish everything you said to me forever.

Michael: Uh…that is a very generous offer, victor. If you’re trying to dazzle me, it’s working.

Victor: I expect you to earn every dime of it.

Michael: As long as we keep a very strong boundary around the time commitment. You can’t expect me to make this job my life, and I refuse to respond to your calls at all hours of the night. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Victor: I have the same concern now that I’ve assumed an expanded role at newman media.

Michael: Alright. Good. I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength.

Victor: So it won’t be an issue, alright? I promise.

Michael: Well, if you promise…

Victor: No crossed fingers behind my back.

Michael: Good. Well, I have to wait to see how that part plays out before i believe it, and I also need to officially resign as district attorney.

Victor: Well, I understand, but, I mean, I see no reason why you couldn’t begin to work for me unofficially.

Ashland: And I have seen you in action. And when you want something, look out, world.

Victoria: I want newman media.

Ashland: Well, the question is how best to go about getting it.

Victoria: I think we need a new strategy. Trying to drive a wedge between adam and my dad is not gonna work — for all of the reasons that he threw in my face. Our father is way too unpredictable.

Ashland: But it did have a destabilizing effect. It put your brother on the defensive. It was a good opening gambit.

Victoria: One that we can build on. The key is making my dad believe this was all his idea.

Ashland: Instead of pitting father against son, we go back to the original idea. Make adam fail.

Devon: Who is this guy, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Who is he? There you go. Guys, I really can’t say thank you enough for the choice that you made and for handling everything the way you did.

Chance: Of course, man. I want to thank you, as well, for seeing the bigger picture here. I guess we’ll be talking to you soon.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Definitely.

Chance: Y’all take care.

Devon: You too.

Christine: I’ll be in touch.

Amanda: I do have a few preliminary stipulations. I’ll send them right over.

Christine: Sounds good.

Amanda: Okay.

Abby: Devon.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: You are a great friend and a wonderful parent, and I’m sorry that I lost sight of that. I swear it’ll never happen again.

Devon: Okay. Love you guys.

Amanda: Have a good day.

Chance: See ya. And thank you again, christine. I mean, we always appreciate your support and guidance.

Christine: I just hope you’re both comfortable with how things ended up.

Abby: We are.

Christine: Okay. We’ll talk soon.

Chance: Hey. Are you sure you’re okay? Or did I just push you to agree to something that you didn’t want? Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Mariah: Faith squealed so loud when we told her the news, I think she probably freaked out, like, everyone in her vicinity.

Nick: Well, faith has always rooted for you and tessa.

Mariah: Yeah, she wants to help us plan the wedding, but now I’m thinking that she might get a little obsessive with it. Maybe this is not a good idea.

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: Might not be a bad thing. I mean, no offense, but organization’s never been your strong suit.

Mariah: Wow.

Noah: I’m gonna go get some coffee. Anyone want some?

Mariah: Yeah, I’ll take some.

Nick: Yeah, sounds good.

Noah: I’ll bring the pot over.

Sharon: Oh, I just forgot something. I’ll be right back.

Nick: I just, you know, look at you about to start this big adventure. I just can’t stop thinking about, um…

Mariah: Yeah, cassie. I know. All the what-ifs.

Nick: I’m proud of you.

Tessa: Need some help?

Noah: Uh, no, I got it. I’m really happy for you guys. I don’t think I’ve seen two people more in love.

Tessa: Well, I just want to see you happy.

Noah: Oh, I’m so happy it’s almost nauseating. No, seriously, I mean, I left a place that was sucking my soul dry, and now I get to something I’m actually happy about with my dad.

Tessa: Really? What are you doing?

Noah: He offered me a full-time job over at new hope, so now I have time for painting and photography. So what’s not to be happy about?

Tessa: Oh, I mean, that all sounds amazing. I’m — I’m really happy that everything’s falling into place for you.

Mariah: Hi.

Tessa: Hi.

Sharon: Oh, no. Looks like noah’s fallen in love with tessa again.

Chance: Abby, all of this is happening because of what’s going on with me, how I’ve been struggling since i got back, how I’ve been questioning myself as a father. The last thing that I want is for this to put a wall between us. I really don’t want that.

Abby: No, it won’T. I don’t want you thinking that way. I’m just — I’m so thankful that you finally opened up to me. I love you more now than ever.

Chance: I love you, too. I love you so much. And I’m so grateful that you understand where I’m coming from and that you accepted devon to take on this role. I think it’s what’s best for everyone involved. I really do.

Abby: I know you do.

Chance: Hey. I know you. And as brave and as strong as you’ve been, I know this is not how you envisioned our family. And I know you’re still coming to terms with it and I know you’re still dealing with all these feelings. But you stood by me and you fought for me. You fought for our family, most importantly. And I promise you, I’m gonna do the same. Okay? This decision, it does not change the fact that we are still a family.

Devon: Oh, man.

[ Sighs ] That really just happen?

Amanda: That is the third time that you asked me that, and, yes, it really, really did.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] I was just so convinced that my friendship with abby was over and we were gonna have to go to court.

Amanda: Well, you made it clear from the beginning that this was solely about dominic’s welfare. And you came from a place of love and compassion. It just took them a while to see what I already knew. You are gonna bring so much to that little boy’s life.

Devon: Well, that’s — it’s crazy to think about. I mean, my son’s gonna be living here. I know it’s just for one day out of the week, but I’m gonna be able to know him as a real parent. And he’s gonna carry my dad’s name.

Amanda: I can see how happy this makes you, which makes me want to finish all this paperwork and file it as soon as possible.

Devon: Why do you say that? Are you worried they’re gonna change their minds? How did olay top expensive creams?

Michael: You were very certain that I would accept your offer.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] How long have I known you? I know you well enough to realize that you won’t be happy sitting on a porch in a rocking chair watching the sun go down.

Michael: I enjoy watching the sun go down with my wife very much.

Victor: You know what I mean.

Michael: And you know what i mean.

Victor: I will make certain that I will ease you into your new responsibilities, alright?

Michael: I’m eager to hear what you have in mind.

Victor: Well, be very interesting, let me put it that way.

Victoria: Step one — we sue for the name newman media. Well, now that we’ve acquired chanccomm, which includes newman enterprises’ original media division, we claim that there should be no newman entity that is not under the newman/locke umbrella.

Ashland: Well, victor and adam will say it’s outrageous, it’s unsupportable.

Victoria: So let them.

Ashland: I suppose that’s why we maintain the stable of the most cutthroat attorneys.

Victoria: Exactly. The suit will cause them so many headaches, tie up all of their lawyers, and hopefully distract adam while we hit them with step two.

Ashland: Which is?

Tessa: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Falling in love with her might be a little extreme, but he did tell me that he’s been spending so much time with tessa that it’s brought back some old feelings.

Sharon: Oh, poor kid. He left town because of her and then he got his heart broken in london, and now seems like it might be happening all over again.

Nick: Our son’s resilient. He is focused on making some changes in his life.

Noah: I got to go.

Mariah: Oh.

Noah: Bye, guys.

Tessa: See ya.

Nick: I think this new job is gonna be great for him.

Abby: Well, I won’t deny that this has been difficult, feeling like my family’s being torn apart. Some court battle. But I was telling the truth when I said I think you’re right, i think this is what’s best for dominic. For devon to play a bigger role in his life.

Chance: I’m so glad to hear that.

Abby: But this is still fresh and it’s challenging, and I promise I’ll do whatever it takes to embrace this new normal, and I will help you get your emotional footing, so we can be the family that we were meant to be.

Chance: I want that, too, and I promise you, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to give you that.

Abby: Yeah.

Amanda: Relax. I do not think that anything is gonna go wrong. I’m just doing my cautious attorney thing and covering all of my bases, but leave that all to me, okay?

Devon: Yeah, gladly.

Amanda: Now I’m gonna be your girlfriend and I’m gonna tell you that you can revel in this wonderful turn of events.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] I just can’t wait to bring my son back home. You know, it’S… my man. He’s gonna have your name, too, so he can carry on your legacy.

Next week on

“the young and the restless”…

Ashland: Well, you certainly live up to your reputation.

Michael: You haven’t been around here long enough to know much about me.

Ashland: You’d be surprised.

Devon: So, since becoming an official member of the family, i asked if that could be reflected in his name.

Abby: What’s wrong?

Victor: Acquiring newman media, that would create a formidable company, you know? It would make newman/locke the powerhouse in the media business.

Adam: But the question is, what would it mean for me?

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GH Transcript Friday, January 21, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


 Hello, friend. Oh, curtis. I didn’t know you were going to be here. Yeah, kevin called and explained that he had a patient emergency. Yes, yes, he did, and we talked about it and I’m fine with it. I don’t doubt. But I know memorials can be hard, so I just wanted you to know that, uh… you know, I’ll be here for you, assuming you don’t object. Oh, no, not at all. I mean, I’m fine to do this solo, but, um… I’d much rather do it with a friend at my side. Hey. Hey. Phyllis and I, we’re gonna have a-a shot in memory of luke. You want to join us? Uh, no. I’m good, thanks. You sure? Yeah. What are you — you keeping tabs on me, or what? No, I saw frank outside. Figured you were in here. Look, I know how important luke was to you. He was important to me, too. He was lulu’s dad. Ahh. You know what? Um… I know you can’t be with lulu because she’s in a coma, but I can be with carly, so I think we should be together when we…say goodbye to her uncle luke. Hi, honey. Oh, look at you. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to wear black. Oh. Luke would hate that. He would. Thanks for meeting me ’cause I don’t think I could — I couldn’t get through this memorial without you by my side. I was just sitting here thinking about uncle luke, and, um… …how he always called me “caroline.” He insisted on it, and not because he was trying to make fun of me. It was a reminder that he knew exactly who I am, and to never forget where I came from. I’m sorry. My gosh, it’s — you know, how are you? Luke was your big brother. Well, I’m a little wobbly. But just like when aunt ruby died, we will get through this together. That’s right. I hate that lucas has to work. He should be here. You named him after luke. Yeah, well, I think your brother hasn’t quite gotten over losing wiley, and I think working is easier for him than facing his family. Yeah, but we need him, too. You know I need you by my side. But something tells me that my bright, beautiful, incredibly brave daughter might need me even more. More than you know, mom. More than you know. Laura, hello. Felicia, anna, hi. Hi. Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you, thank you. Anna: Oh, this is lovely. Lovely setup, laura. It’s very — very luke. Ah, you should really be saying that to tracy quartermaine. This is her event. I’m just here to pay my respects and to see my friends. Okay. I keep half expecting luke to just show up. You know?

[ Chuckles ] The man was a legend. Yes. In so many ways. Well, thank you both for coming. Please, help yourself to a drink. I don’t know where tracy is right now. Okay. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Okay, sounds good. Hey, mother. How are you? I’m better now that you’re here. I was so sorry to hear about luke. Thank you, ava. Have you talked to lucky and ethan? Are they gonna make it? Unfortunately, they’re not. There was an outbreak of cholera in the village where lucky is volunteering, so for him to come home, he would have to quarantine in africa for two weeks. But tracy is having another memorial in amsterdam in a few weeks, so actually, ethan and lucky will both be at that. That’ll be nice for lucky and ethan to have each other, just like I’m here for you now. Thank you, sweetheart. Hello, grandmother. Spencer. How are you? Oh, I’m happy to see you. Esme sends her sympathies. She’s interning at spring ridge tonight, but I’m here for you. Thank you so much. Well said, spencer. Tonight, we are indeed all one family, despite our differences. Oh, luke. In life, he always cast a-a large shadow. To die in such a random accident just doesn’t have the sense of poetic beauty one would have expected of him. Get out of here, victor. And take your burly doberman with. Oh, johann isn’t here only for me. He’s here for all of us. Luke may be dead, but he has a long list of enemies, and they are all still very much alive. Tracy? Is that what I think it is? Yeah. Luke. I know you want to be with carly. And I know it’s hard, but she has asked for space. You — you have to respect that. Carly moved out. How much time does she need? Luke is her uncle, my old-time friend, and you know what? We should be together. We lost, what, almost a year of our lives? We can’t get that time back. What do you think luke would do to just have a couple seconds of that time back? I’m not wasting any more time.

Tracy, are you okay? Would you like me to call ned?

[ Scoffs ] You don’t think I’m capable of calling my son myself? And why wouldn’t I be okay? I’m holding luke in a jar. Everything is peachy keen in my life. I’ll see you inside. Wait. Alexis, I’m sorry. I — I didn’t mean to snap at you. You’re having a hard time. I understand. Do you? Because I wouldn’T. Not after what I did to you. You know you don’t belong here, victor. And luke would be the first to tell you that, so get out. Alas, luke is silent and likely to remain so. I’m sure mac would be happy to send a patrol car over to have you removed from the boat. Calling the police commissioner? Isn’t that a bit of an overreach? Not when it’s my husband. Curtis: Ask yourself, victor, do you really want to escalate? The time to tap out is before things get broken. Uncle victor, a gentleman shouldn’t stay when he’s been asked to leave. Oh, spencer. You are so right. Johann, we’re leaving. Oh, uh… do give luke my best. Hopefully, you can tell him yourself, in person. The sooner, the better.

[ Chuckles ] You know, so much of my history with luke, it’s so dark. You know our story. Our dad was an alcoholic, beat my mother. And then when mama died, luke and I, we just took off. We went to florida to be with dad’s sister, aunt ruby. Oh, I loved that woman. She did the best she could. But honestly, luke and I raised each other as much as she did. And then when I came back to port charles and luke followed me — you know, it was like a second chance for us to make something of ourselves. And you did it. A nursing degree, a career, a family. You should be so proud of yourself. I’m extremely proud of you, mom. Thank you, honey. But if I managed to survive, maybe even thrive here, it was because I always knew that my big brother had my back. You know, I was the one who recruited luke to come back to port charles. Now, granted, my plan to break up scotty and laura so I could have scotty all to myself…

[ Laughs ] …Wasn’t exactly noble, but I called luke to come and help me and he came running, just like he always did. And I don’t know what I’m gonna do next time I need luke’s help. Hey. You’re gonna call me. Look at me. You’re gonna call me or lucas or josslyn or michael, and we’re gonna come running. Okay. That’s a two-way street, you know? I know. And I got the rest of my life to grieve for my big brother. Meanwhile…my daughter is living in a hotel, trying to figure out how to save her marriage. Carly, talk to me. Well, that’s the thing, mom. I don’t know if there’s a marriage left to save. You may have lost time while you were in nixon falls, but you were not alone. Nina is not the problem. She is to carly. Why? She — come o– you’ve got to see that. You’ve got to see that. She’s got to know that it’s over between you and nina, and the fact that you got on that witness stand and said that you weren’t a victim, that doesn’t help things. It is over for me and nina. Okay. What do I have to do to prove to carly so she can give me a chance? Scott, what are we doing here? We left the courthouse and the idea was to go to the haunted star for luke’s memorial. Yeah, well, you know what? You got an invitation. I’m gonna have to crash that thing, so I’m gonna need a couple of cocktails to do that. And if anybody’s boohooing over luke, I won’t care. Look, if you ever loved laura, I strongly advise against it. Yeah, I know you hated the guy, and you probably had your reasons, but come on, let’s just go. You know, if life was a horse race, it’d be neck and neck as to who I hate more — luke spencer or sonny corinthos. Well, guess what. You win by a photo finish.

I don’t know I-if you know or not, but I own this bar, and nobody comes in here and insults luke spencer. Hey, uh, robert, I got an idea. Why don’t you take scott here to the memorial? Hey, that’s sounds good to me. Come on, bud. Let’s go. I’m not going anywhere until I have a couple of drinks, so why don’t you take daddy here and vamoose?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Go ahead. You go ahead and go without me.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Yeah? You sure about that? Yeah, you — uh, laura — you should be with laura. I know. I want to be there for laura, but hey, hey. Remember, this is about luke, okay? Yeah. Yeah. You know what, phyllis? Why don’t you give these two… gentlemen, uh, whatever they want to drink, on my tab. I don’t think so. We buy our own drinks. You thought you scored a touchdown at the hearing for nina, didn’t you? Come on, scott, don’T. Let’s — let’s go. Let’s go to the metro court. I’ll, uh — I’ll buy the drinks, eh? You know, I-I kind of feel bad for carly, you know? But if — if somebody asked me if it made my day that you got caught stepping out on your wife… don’t put your finger on me….you know what I’d say? I’d say that’s a big fat “yes.” And what are you gonna do? I said, don’t put your finger on me like that.What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? What am I gonna do? What are you gonna do? Come on. Are you and sonny really at a point of no return? I don’t know. I don’t know. I-I mean, the man who disappeared over a year ago is not the man who came back to me. Well, losing his memory and — and living as another man was bound to change sonny. I get that, mom. I do, but in the past, even after sonny and i would have a knock-down, drag-out fight, I never doubted that sonny loved me. And now you do? Yeah. I mean, sonny refuses to acknowledge that what nina did to us was awful. He refuses to acknowledge the damage and the hell she put me and my family through for her own selfish reasons. Sonny claims that I come first in his life, and I told him the way he could prove that to me was to kick nina to the curb. And he won’t do it. I don’t know. Maybe he can’t do it. And that’s a deal breaker for me. I mean, if sonny can’t put me and my family first, then all of his promises mean nothing. With victor mercifully gone, we can focus on the celebration of luke’s life. Yes. You really are shameless. You’ll use anything, even luke’s death, to try to make yourself out to be the good guy. Spencer, can we drop this, please, for one night? Laura, I’m gonna do you a favor and I’m gonna take these two guys out of here. I don’t want to go anywhere with him. Let’s go. Let’s go. Too bad. Are you okay? Honestly, I — I could use some fresh air. Well, luckily we’re on a boat, a boat with several decks to choose from. Let’s go. Mm. I feel like, uh, luke would have enjoyed all this chaos. Oh, yes. 100%. The only thing he would have loved more is if somebody would have punched victor cassadine in his smug face. Ooh, I was so close. I really just…

[ Chuckles ] Robert: Okay, look. Emotions are running rather high at the moment. Let’s all go to our respective corners. He’s right. Aren’t you all honoring someone’s memory tonight? You know what, phyllis? You’re absolutely right. In memory of luke, I’m gonna teach scotty a lesson. Alright, then shut up and fight. Is there a problem here, mr. Corinthos? Oh, oh. There it is. Same old story. The stooge does all the fighting for you, chicken. Back off. It’s about time I teach this guy a lesson. Hey, hey. Hey, you two, now listen. I am the D.A. Yeah? You don’t want to be doing this in front of me. Then get lost. Phyllis: Sonny. I’m asking you as my friend, please stop this now. Oh, wow. Look what we’ve just walked into. Oh, man. The cassadines. Just what we need. It’s the mob boss vs. The ambulance chaser. Oh, it’s too bad luke spencer isn’t here. He was just crass enough to enjoy this kind of thing. Who are you calling crass? Who are you calling an ambulance chaser? Hey, baldwin. What do you say? I think I hate him more than I hate you. I’m in. Alright, it’s time you two were taught a lesson. Gentlemen, stop it now!

Guys! Guys! Sonny corinthos!

[ Grunts ] Better? Definitely. Life sure has a lot of twists and turns, doesn’t it? Oh. Tell me about it. You know, luke and I were quite a team. He was a part of me, and I was a part of him. Must have been hard to let him go. Oh, well, he’s been gone for a long time. You know, not all at once. It was in stages. First we got separated, then we got divorced, and then he fell in love with tracy. And then I met kevin, thank god.

[ Sighs ] I mostly feel sad about the grandkids, you know? The only way they’ll know luke is from pictures and stories. And some of those stories will be true. Get in there, both of you. You know, I resent being treated like a wayward adolescent.

[ Sighs ] They don’t act like one, okay? You don’t get to tell me what to do, ava. Enough! Can you please, both of you, just set aside your differences for one night and think about somebody else?! You’re right. I should be focused on my mother, not me. With all due respect to grandmother’s loss, luke spencer was a grifter. He was a glorified con man. Luke spencer came from nothing and he made something of himself. People loved him, respected him, admired him. You came from everything. You have everything handed to you on a silver platter, and you throw it all away! Hey, where is everybody? Did I miss it? Oh, no. People just needed some time alone. They’re just walking around the boat. The memorial will start soon. Oh, okay. Good. And since we’re all here to remember luke, we should expect the unexpected, I think. Mm-hmm.[ Glass shatters ] What is that? I don’t know. Look, alexis, I know that if you had chosen to testify against me, I would be headed to trial and, quite possibly, to a stay at pentonville. And because you didn’t, I’m a free woman, and I get to come here and bid farewell. I did what I did for luke, because I know that he was better off with you than without you. I also did it for me, and I did it for you, because everyone deserves a second chance. Thank you. You’re welcome. Now, how about we go in there and get the party started? Oh, god. How do I sum up a life as complicated as luke’s? You can’T. But if you don’t do it, someone else will. I understand that lucy may be making an appearance, and she has a 42-page speech prepared. Oh, god. What are we waiting for? You want some?! Come on! Are you happy now? Yeah. I’m — I’m — I definitely feel better, yeah. Scott: So do I. So do I. Yeah, well… that’s what I get for trying to mediate. You got a hell of a right cross there, sonny. All the years of boxing. You did pretty good yourself. Yeah, thanks. Which one of you is gonna pay for the damages? Phyllis, I own the bar. I’ll make up the cost. No, no, no. I got this. I insist. I’ll pay for everything. No, you’re not, cassadine. I’ll pay. Oh, really? I heard you were as tight as a bad oyster with your money. Hey, everyone. Have we all forgotten there’s a memorial to attend? Frank? Let’s go. Hey, johann. Nice work. Looks like all those hours at the gym are paying off. You got a nice, fat bonus coming to you. Sonny: Look at victor laughing. I should have smacked him when I was — I’m gonna smack him right now. Hey! Enough. Carly is waiting. Yeah, carly’s waiting. Can’t disappoint carly. Never.

I wonder if we’ve missed something. Tracy, there you are. Hope I didn’t keep anybody waiting. Well, I guess we should get started. C-can — can you wait a minute? Why? Is someone trying to send us a message? Who brought in the giant tv? I don’t know. I didn’t order it. Well, it’s just, we heard a crash, and when we went to investigate, there was an envelope, and inside it was this flash drive along with a note. And all it said was, “play me.” Maybe lucky sent a video message from africa? He didn’t mention anything about that to me on the phone. Besides, he’s in a very rural area. I don’t think so. My money’s on luke. He always did want to have the last word. Yeah. I wonder if he had an inkling that this day was going to come sooner rather than later. So what do you want to do, tracy? This is your event. Well, if it’s from luke, I want to hear it.

Well [Chuckles]

We meet again. Oh, my god. Helena. Hey, robert. Do I look presentable? Uh, why would you start today?

[ Sonny chuckles ] Um, let’s go on board

the haunted star. You know what? Uh, I’m gonna wait for carly. Okay. Baldwin, you in? No, I don’t think so. I was at the luke and laura wedding. Yeah, I remember. Yeah, I caught that bouquet and got a black eye then, too.

[ Sighs ] See you on board. Alright.

D-did I surprise you all?

[ Chuckles ] It’s just like my grandmother to upstage a man at his own memorial.

If you are seeing me now,

it’s because I went first,

and luke spencer has finally

done the world a favor

by following me

into the great beyond. God, I hate that woman. Mm.

Oh, you’ll pardon me

if I gloat,

but I always told luke that

I would have the last word.

[ Chuckles ]

And now…

I am going to have it. Here she goes.

I always considered

luke a parvenu.

And since I’m sure

that none of you there

is familiar with that word,

let me explain.

A par-ven-u

is someone who has suddenly

reached a level of

unaccustomed power and wealth,

but has not yet gained

the prestige and dignity

associated with it.

[ Scoffs ]

Luke was a

cheap, tawdry rhinestone,

even though he fancied himself

a diamond in the rough.

Oh, the truth is,

luke spencer was always

destined to lose in the end.

But — thank you. Oh. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have heard enough out of that woman to last me a lifetime. Hear, hear. Yeah. Thank you. Carly,

let’s go.We’re already late. Why don’t you go ahead in? I-I’ll meet you in there. Are you sure? I’m sure, yeah. It’s okay. Okay. Um, I know I’m not your mother’s favorite person at the moment, but you’re here. I’m here. That’s all that matters, so… why don’t we go say goodbye to your uncle and my friend? Why don’t you go get in the car? Are you ready? What the hell happened to your hand? Luke happened.

You’re gonna have to go to G.H. After luke’s memorial and make sure you didn’t break any bones in your hand. No, it’s fine. It’s fine. I mean, you know what? The night wasn’t a total loss. Do you know why? Why? Believe it or not, scotty and I teamed up and ripped victor a new one. But let’s forget about that. We’re here for luke. Thank you all for coming to honor a man that we all loved. Well, I guess some of us loved him, and… some of us maybe hated him. But I — I bet that

[Clears throat] Most of us probably did both. And it doesn’t matter what we thought of him, the truth is that… …we’re never gonna forget him. So, a bit of business. Um, luke made me promise if this day ever came, that nobody… would call him a hero, or even a good guy, for that matter. No danger of that. So he was just luke — a walking, talking contradiction. He was cruel, and then he would turn around and dazzle you with his kindness. He was cunning, and yet caring. He was generous at the same time as impossibly, impossibly selfish. He brought out the best and the worst in all of us. And I think, ultimately, I think he changed us, every one of us… …forever.

Ahh. Well, luke, I hope you’re enjoying yourself over there at your beloved haunted star. All the people singing your praise, including my wife that you stole from me 40 years ago. Eh.

[ Groans ] But, spencer, you’re dead and gone. I’m still standing. So you lose, you son of a bitch. Well, luke, I did it. I got through the speech. I think they appreciated it. Now it’s just you and me. I have no words. Well, so long, luke spencer. What… oh. [ Sighs ] Hey, laura? Hi. I know it’s not the right time, but I, uh — I got some, uh — I got an update on the warning that cyrus gave you. Okay, we’ll talk later. Alright. Honey? Are you sure you don’t want to join us? Oh, avery and donna have really been looking forward to their sleepover with you. I don’t want to crash the party. Okay. It’ll be lovely to be surrounded by all of that youth and joy. And maybe I won’t miss my big brother so much. I’m gonna go. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Curtis, thank you so much for coming. I could hang out a little longer, if you’d like. No, you’ve got a club to run, and I have a life to get on with. I just want you to know that I’m here whenever you need me. Thank you. I know you are. Well, this was a fitting send-off for luke, don’t you think? I mean, the man was a rogue and a rascal. You know I do have a soft spot for rascals. I can’t stop thinking about the way victor left. I mean, he was so angry, even hurt. And you know what they say — a wounded tiger’s twice as dangerous. Sonny and scott fought on the same side? Who would have ever thought?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I guess they hated victor cassadine more than they hated each other. Good point. Up she goes! Well, if you won’t let me pay for the damage, at least let me offer you a more conventional transaction. Give me a bottle of your top-shelf napoleon brandy, please. Oh, and, uh, a couple of glasses. That’ll be $55. Mm-hmm. There we go. $100. Keep the change. Part of my apology. Well, here’s to you, luke spencer, champion of port charles. I should just tell you, the good people of your fair city are in for a big surprise. Cheers. Hey, scotty. Whoa. What happened to you? I caught the bouquet. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but do you need a ride home?

[ Chuckles ] I can be the designated driver. I deserved that. Uh, actually, there’s one thing I have to do first. Laura? Tracy. Very, very moving speech. Um, I have something that… was a keepsake of luke’s that I think really belongs to you. If that’s the ice princess, I want no part of that thing.

The ice princess? The actual cassadine diamond? That thing has never done anyone any good. Please throw it in the sea when you scatter luke’s ashes. Yeah, I can’t do that. Hey, are you disappointed? I wouldn’t mind seeing it. Maybe holding it, just once. No. Trust me, that thing never did anybody any good. I won’t argue with you, grandmother, not tonight of all nights. Thank you for being here tonight. I know that you would rather be with your friends, but — no, of course. I-I wanted to be here for you. I knew that tonight was going to be difficult for you. Once all of this bad stuff is over, I hope that I can make you proud of me. I’m proud of you now. Oh, boy. Let’s go home, okay? Goodbye, my love. Jennifer smith?

[ Sighs ] Luke… are you out there? Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

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Days Transcript Friday, January 21, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Abigail: Sarah? Thank god I caught you. We need to talk.

Ava as sarah: Abigail, I’m– I’m so sorry, but if I don’t leave right now I’m gonna miss my flight–

Abigail: Well, just answer one question.

Ava as sarah: What is it?

Abigail: You’re not really sarah, are you?

Ava as sarah: I beg your pardon?

Abigail: You heard me. You’re not my cousin, sarah horton. You’re kristen dimera.

[Suspenseful music]

[Phone ringing]

Kristen: Huh. Sorry, sweetness. Steve can’t come to the phone right now.

Kayla: Steve, call me back as soon as you get this. No, no, no. No, better yet, why don’t you get here. I’m in the reverend mother’s office but she could come back at any minute. I think if we want to find anything on kristen, it’s gonna take two of us.

Chloe: Hey, dad. It’s me again. Why haven’t you called me back? Mom is here and she’s a wreck. She’s convinced that you’re having an affair and I can’t talk her out of it, so we need to fix this now. Please call me.


Craig: Why call when I can come in person?

Chloe: Daddy.

Craig: Better late than never, huh? Mm. Mm.

Gabi: Johnny, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about our conversation yesterday.

Johnny: When you said we had interests in common?

Gabi: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I wanted to talk to you about what our partnership might look like.

Johnny: You know, I’ve been giving that a lot of thought. And I was thinking that it might look something like this.

Gabi: Uh!

[Panting] Uh!

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Chanel: Hey, mama. How’s your ankle?

Paulina: Never mind about that. We need to talk about the other night.

Johnny: You really pack a wallop. Made me bite my cheek. You drew blood.

Gabi: Is this some kind of an act?

Johnny: Oh, come on. I was reading your signals loud and clear.

Gabi: What signals? I am in a loving, committed relationship to your uncle, jake. Do you remember him?

Johnny: To be honest with you, the family tries very hard not to think about him.

Gabi: Ah, well, the family’s making a huge mistake.

Johnny: Teasing. Hey. C’mon, what’s the big deal? You got a boyfriend, jake. A hot second ago, I had a wife. Things change.

Gabi: You’re old enough to drink?

Johnny: Yeah. Can I make you one?

Gabi: No. No, thank you. You may have sabotaged your marriage, but I am in a loving, committed relationship to jake. You got it?

Johnny: Got it. You’re with the grease monkey. Doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun on the side.

Craig: I got your message, and I booked the first flight out.

Chloe: Oh, I miss you.

Craig: I miss you too, sweetheart.

Chloe: But you have to set mom straight.

Craig: [Laughs] She driving you crazy?

Chloe: Well, yeah, naturally. But I understand. She–she thinks you have some other woman on the side. And I’m trying to tell her she’s being ridiculous, but she won’t listen to me.

Craig: Thank you for your concern. And I’m sorry she dragged you into this.

Chloe: It’s okay, it’s not your fault. I know you’d never cheat on her.

Craig: [Sighs] Well. You know how your mother gets when she gets these things in her head, right?

Chloe: Yeah.

Nancy: It’s all in my head. Is that what you want chloe to believe?

Ava as sarah: You think that I’m kristen? Are you having another one of your episodes?

Abigail: My mental health has never been better, thank you.

Ava as sarah: Okay. I don’t know what’s going on here, but if you’re not sick, then this must be some sort of a mind game that I really don’t have time for, so.

Abigail: It all makes sense.

Ava as sarah: What makes sense?

Abigail: You kidnapped sarah horton, you stuffed her in a suitcase, and then you put on your sarah mask to make all of salem believe she left town of her own free will.

Ava as sarah: Are you just gonna say that with a straight face? Do you even hear how delusional that sounds?

Abigail: You tried to do the same thing to kate. She’s telling everyone who will listen to her that you abducted her, and then you put on a kate mask and you went and you broke up with jake.

Ava as sarah: I would start you on anti-psychotics, but I didn’t bring my prescription pad. So I’ve put up with you for as long as I’m going to.

[Phone ringing] Do you want to answer that? It might be a hot tip that amelia earhart running around in a jimmy hoffa mask.

Abigail: Do not move.

[Sighs] Abigail dimera. Hello? Who’s calling?

Kristen: It’s your sister-in-law, kristen dimera.

[Dramatic music]

It’s my 5:52 woke-up-like-this migraine medicine.

Brady: Xander, what are you doing here?

Xander: Drinking. Care to join me?

Brady: No, I–I don’t drink. As a matter of fact, I’m here to pick maggie up for an aa meeting.

Xander: Ah. Oh, yeah. Well, I think she’s upstairs. I figured she wouldn’t mind if I helped myself to some of uncle victor’s lovely scotch.

Brady: Okay. Well, I hope someone is giving you a ride home.

Xander: No. I’ll take a taxi. Brady, before you go fetch maggie, can I ask you a question?

Brady: Go for it.

Xander: How do you drown your sorrows?

Brady: What?

Xander: I mean, since you don’t drink.

Brady: Oh. Well, xander to be honest with you, I really don’t drown my sorrows at all anymore. I kind of allow myself to just experience them. I talk to people I trust about them. I vow to make better choices in the future to avoid having more sorrow, and eventually things seem to get better.

Xander: Yeah, well, that’s– that’s the problem right there, brady. I mean, I’m just not as patient as you. For me, eventually just isn’t soon enough for me. God, it sounds like an eternity.

Brady: I’m gonna see if I can find maggie.

Xander: Please tell her that I– you know, I admire her for not drowning her sorrows either, for facing them head on. You know, dealing with adversity with courage and fortitude and not even a drop of barley brew.

Brady: I’ll pass that along to her.

Xander: Bloody, bloody hell!

Brady: What is wrong?

Xander: [Scoffs] Sorry, brad. I hadn’t meant for you to hear that. Look, just– why don’t you just treat me like you normally treat me? Just ignore me or–

[Sighs] Just treat me like somebody you want disappear or just you wish would leave you alone. Trust me, I’ve been getting a big dose of that recently.

Brady: Xander, what– what are you talking about?

Xander: Sarah. The woman I thought was the answer to my prayers, the love of my life, she– she dumped me again.

Abigail: Who is this really?

Kristen: God. It’s me, of course. I understand you’re editing “the spectator” now. Well, I have a story for you.

Abigail: Go on.

Kristen: [Scoffs] Well, so much for gratitude. I could be giving the scoop to “the intruder,” you know.

Abigail: [Huffs] What sort of scoop are we talking about? Keep in mind you are speaking on the record.

Kristen: Fine by me. Here’s the gist. I had nothing to do with the disappearance of philip kiriakis. And I would never, ever frame brady black. He’s the father of my only child. I’m an innocent woman, and you can quote me on that.

Ava as sarah: I could hear who you were talking to. It was kristen, right? The person you keep insisting I am? It seems like somebody needs to brush up on their girl reporter skills. So as I said, I do have a plane to catch.

Abigail: I am not done with you yet.

Chanel: I was scared to death for you, mama, when I heard that that chandelier almost fell right on top of you. You could’ve died.

Paulina: But I didn’T. I just turned my ankle. That’s it. Lani took real good care of me. Baby, it’s you I’m worried about. I haven’t talked to you since the reception.

Chanel: Quite a party, huh? My new husband made a fool of me in front of both of our families.

Paulina: How are you holding up?

Chanel: How do you think?

Paulina: Mm, don’t you worry about that eurotrash little poser. We’re gonna make him pay, you best believe that.

Chanel: What do you have in mind?

Paulina: You just leave everything to me.

Chanel: Okay. Now I’m worried.

Paulina: You didn’t sign a prenup with him, did you?

Chanel: No, it didn’t even come up. Why?

Paulina: I am talking to one of the top divorce lawyers in the country. I hope johnny dimera is ready to be starched and pressed, because we are taking him to the cleaners.

Johnny: Well, I won’t tell if you won’t tell.

Gabi: Down, boy.

Johnny: Come on, gabi. You’re a hot, beautiful, smart woman. Are you really ready to limit your sex life to jake dimera for the rest of your life?

Gabi: I never said I wasn’t attracted to you, johnny.

Johnny: That’s right. You didn’T.

Gabi: But jake and i are committed to each other.

Johnny: Ever heard of an open relationship?

Gabi: [Laughs] That– that isn’t for us. Jake is very traditional.

Johnny: Hm. Well, I can think of a couple traditions I wouldn’t mind starting with you.

Allie: You two? Seriously?

To be a thriver with

metastatic breast cancer

Johnny: Hey, sis. Nobody told me you were stopping by.

Allie: No kidding.

Gabi: Johnny and i were just–

Johnny: Discussing the company’s quarterly report.

Allie: Mm. Must’ve been kind of hard to talk with his tongue down your throat. And since when do you give a rat’s ass about the family’s company?

Johnny: Well, since my dad signed his shares in it over to me.

Allie: Are you making that up?

Johnny: No.

Allie: So much for bragging about never turning corporate.

Johnny: Well, I realized it was time for me to step up, take my rightful place at dimera enterprises.

Allie: Hm. And, um– and you were just coming over to offer your congratulations?

Gabi: I’m gonna head out.

Allie: Good idea.

Johnny: We’ll continue this conversation some other time.

Gabi: Yeah. Allie, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t go trotting to jake and tell him what you saw.

Allie: Trust me, you and jake are way down my list of priorities.

Johnny: What’s your problem?

Allie: My problem is that my brother is even more of a disgusting jerk than I thought.

Chanel: I don’t want you to go after johnny’s money.

Paulina: Why not?

Chanel: Because I’m a strong, independent woman, just like my mama.

Paulina: But–

Chanel: But nothing! Forget about johnny and his twisted family’s fortune.

Paulina: Okay. For now.

Chanel: I should’ve listened to horton when she tried to warn me about her brother. And I wouldn’t be in this mess now.

Paulina: Hm. I’m glad that you two– you two girls are such good friends. I saw the way allie ran after you when you left the reception.

Chanel: Yeah. Horton’s the best.

Paulina: I take it she was able to make you feel better?

Chanel: I– I wouldn’t have been able to get through that night without her.

Paulina: I already knew that.

Chanel: You did?

Paulina: I saw the two of you in bed.

Craig: What do I have to say to convince you there is no other woman?

Nancy: Well, you have to say, “I’m not having an affair, nancy,” and mean it. But you can’t, can you?

Craig: For the love of god.

Chloe: Guys, I’m getting a real dysfunctional family vibe–

Craig: You know, I can’t believe you brought her into this.

Nancy: She’s a grown woman. She has every right to know that her father is a lying, cheating womanizer.

Craig: Okay, that’s it. I give up!

Ava as sarah: How can I be kristen when you just hung up the phone with her?

Abigail: It was a phone call, not a video chat. If you can put on a mask and pretend to be sarah, I’m sure you can get a voice double for a phone call.

Ava as sarah: That’s really reaching, don’t you think?

Abigail: Who else would have a motive to come to town dressed as sarah just in order to break up with xander all over again?

Kayla: This should work. Why would a mother superior need to lock her drawer?

Kristen: Her cigarettes, maybe. Well, there’s no need for you to commit a mortal sin, sister. ‘Cause your search is over.

Kristen: Well, look at you. Huh? Oh, you seem to have found a true vocation. And here I thought you and steve were a love affair for the ages. Mm? I mean, are you really gonna give all that one-eyed passion to become a bride of christ?

Kayla: You can just save all the little peppy patter. You and I both know I’m no nun. I’m helping steve look for you.

Kristen: Oh. Why is that? Is it bring your wife to work day?

Kayla: Because I wasn’t gonna let him come and find you alone. And he thought that you would be hiding out here.

Kristen: [Chuckles] Why?

Kayla: Because it’s what you did before.

Kristen: Oh, gosh. I mean, I hate being predictable. But I am afraid that steve will not be able to bring me in this time.

Kayla: Where is he?

Kristen: You know the old saying–

[Laughs] “Curiosity killed the patch?”

Xander: She called me a creep, a neanderthal, and made it very clear to me, again, that she is absolutely done with me, wants nothing to do with me. And the only feeling that she has for me is disgust.

Brady: That sounds pretty brutal.

Xander: You know, I think I had it coming. I’ve hardly led an exemplary life, as well you know, brady. I’m a– I’m just a terrible person. I think maybe sarah finally realized that.

Brady: Xander, I know how much you loved her. And I know how devoted sarah was to you. Maggie would go on and on about it. She was really rooting for the two of you.

Xander: So you don’t think I got what I deserve?

Brady: Actually, in this case, I don’T. ‘Cause I think your feelings for her were genuine. And I know how much you wanted to marry her.

Xander: Yeah, but then instead of tying the knot with me, she jumps into bed with her ex, brady, on my wedding day, I mean– and then she turned around and dumped him shortly thereafter. Not that that softens the blow at all.

Brady: I’m sorry. I know better than anyone what it’s like to have a relationship just–

[Scoffs] Blow up in a spectacular fashion.

Xander: You and kristen?

Brady: Yeah. And now, I got steve johnson trying to hunt her down.

Chanel: Look I– I was so messed up after what johnny did. I didn’t want to be alone. And horton was cool enough to hang out with me until I fell asleep.

Paulina: Chanel? Remember when you were a little, bitty girl? What did I always say when you were scared to tell me something you thought might get you into trouble?

Chanel: That I could always tell you the truth.

Paulina: That’s right. I know I haven’t always lived up to that. But it still stands. You can tell me the truth about anything.

Chanel: But I am telling you the truth. Look, all we did was cuddle. I know it might look–

Paulina: Chanel. Chanel. Stop. J–just stop. Now when I say to you that I saw you two together, I mean I saw you together.

Allie: First, you dump chanel, and then I catch you trying to come on to gabi. I mean, what do you suppose will would think about you trying to hook up with arianna’s mom?

Johnny: I don’t know why he’d care. He obviously wasn’t that into her. You on the other hand–

Allie: Johnny, shut your mouth.

Johnny: Were you jealous?

Allie: Shut up!

Johnny: Lighten up. It was a joke.

[Sighs] You want something?

Allie: No. And when did you start knocking back booze in the middle of the day?

Johnny: You could stand to take the edge off too. Believe me.

Allie: Johnny, this isn’t funny.

Johnny: Well, it’s a little funny. You marching in here with your righteous indignation. You’re a joke.

Allie: And you’re a jackass.

Johnny: Mm. Always was, always will be– at least in your eyes. Don’t you ever get tired of running around passing judgement on everyone that you meet?

Allie: Thank god chanel is through with you.

Johnny: You warned her I’d hurt her. And you were right. Come on, doesn’t that make your day?

Allie: No. Okay? That’s not what I wanted. I was actually hoping for chanel’s sake that you would be different this time.

Johnny: Sorry.

Allie: No, you’re not. I always knew you were a player, but I’m realizing now that you’re also a soulless creep.

Ava as sarah: For the last time, I came back because I found out that xander was making my mom worried sick about me.

Abigail: But how did you find out? Because nobody knew how to reach sarah.

Ava as sarah: I have my ways.

Abigail: Tell me about ’em.

Ava as sarah: Look, abigail, I know that you want this to be a really big story so you can drive traffic to your newspaper’s website, but the truth is, I broke up with somebody that I shouldn’t have been with in the first place. That’s it. End of story. What do I have to do to convince you?

Gwen: Don’t you think that if sarah just wanted to be found by xander or anyone, she would have just turned up by now?

Abigail: Assuming that she’s able to.

Gwen: Now who sounds paranoid? Why can’t you just let the woman be, abigail? And why can’t you just let me have a tiny bit of happiness at this time in my life?

Abigail: You couldn’t convince me as yourself, so you’re trying to convince me as sarah.

Ava as sarah: What are you babbling about?

Abigail: You’re not kristen.

Ava as sarah: See. Finally.

Abigail: How did you get your hands on the mask, gwen? This is the sound of nature breathing.

Ava as sarah: You’re not gonna let this insanity go, are you? First I’m kristen, now I’m gwen. Who am I gonna be next? Grandma alice coming to get her cut of profits from donut sales?

Abigail: You can deny it all you want, but I’m onto you now. And I got to hand it to you, pretty resourceful.

Ava as sarah: Okay, I’m done with this.

Abigail: Okay, you push past me, and I will make a scene right here in this square that my great-grandparents built. I will say poor sarah’s having a breakdown, she needs to go to the er. You really want to risk that?

Ava as sarah: You’re the one having the breakdown. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Abigail: Who was it that told me to stop looking for sarah, hm? Wasn’t her mother. Wasn’t xander. It was you. You, and I ignored you. And I kept looking anyway. And I’m onto you now, and you know it. And you are so desperate to keep xander that you will do anything. Right, gwen?

Nancy: [Chuckling] Don’t you know, craig, that every cheating husband has used business trips, working late at the office as cover-ups for an affair? And I want to thank you for turning what I thought was a good marriage into a cliché.

Craig: Do you see what I have to deal with?

Nancy: Don’t talk about me like I’m not even in the room!

Chloe: Mom! No one can even talk to you ’cause we can’t get a word in edgewise. And I don’t know if you care, but I– I believe dad.

Nancy: You–you do? Really?

Chloe: Yes, I–I really do. And I know him really well. Wouldn’t you agree?

Nancy: Better than anyone.

Craig: Which is why chloe knows I’m telling you the truth. Nancy wesley, do you not know how much you mean to me? That there is no other woman in the world for me? Mm.

Nancy: [Crying]

Chanel: It–it just happened, mama. Okay? And–and I’m not ashamed.

Paulina: And I don’t want you to be ashamed. But baby, you– you went to bed with a brother and a sister– twins, no less. That’s a dicey situation.

Chanel: Well, you messed around with abe after you knew he’d already been with aunt tamara.

Paulina: Now hold on, baby girl, now, don’t you go getting yourself into grown folks’ business. For the record, there was thirty-odd years between my relationship with abraham and your aunt tamara. You, you hopped into bed with allie on that same night that your husband told you your marriage was over. How long has this been going on?

Chanel: It hasn’t been. Horton’s in love with tripp.

Paulina: Now, you and I both know that is not exactly the case. You and allie, you had a strong connection way before you ever laid eyes on johnny.

Chanel: Maybe. All right, but it never went beyond a couple of kisses.

Paulina: Until it did. Listen, dumpling, I know you believe that it wasn’t planned, but I think you need to take a step back, search your heart. Come to terms with how you feel about johnny and allie. The situation is already complicated enough. Don’t let it get completely out of hand.

Allie: Do you know how much you hurt chanel? She really loved you. She thought you were the one.

Johnny: The one?

[Laughs] Me? Don’t be ridiculous.

Allie: Excuse me?

Johnny: Oh, we both know who has the key to chanel’s heart. And it ain’t me.

Allie: What are you talking about?

Johnny: Well, I’m talking about you, alice caroline horton, my beloved sister. The one who always did like to ride the fence. She sits in judgement on her pious perch as a horton. All while quietly enjoying the fact that her mother married into dimera money. She runs around with her noble do-gooder, tripp johnson, the brother of her dead, rapist baby daddy, because he’s safe.

Allie: Do you enjoy doing this to me?

Johnny: And while tripp is off healing the sick, allie’s playing kissing games with her bff, chanel. And then when chanel up and marries allie’s brother, does that stop allie from lusting after chanel? No, it does not.

Allie: You’re a pig.

Johnny: And you’re a hypocrite. I saw you fly out of here after chanel took off. You couldn’t wait to console her. I bet you consoled her right out of her clothes and into bed, didn’t you?

Ava as sarah: You know, if the journalism thing doesn’t work out, you could try your hand writing those cheap thrillers– the ones that the plot doesn’t make any sense, ’cause that’s what this is.

Abigail: Insult me all you want, gwen. I’m still gonna prove that it’s you underneath that sarah mask.

Gwen: I don’t understand. How–how are you here?

Ava as sarah: Oh, well, I called the front desk and asked for xander cook’s room number. They were really quite accommodating.

Gwen: I–I didn’t– I didn’t mean that. I meant–

Ava as sarah: Oh, you meant how did I get off the desert island that kristen dimera stashed me on when I threatened to tell the cops that she was masquerading as susan banks? Which you already knew. Because that’s what kristen was using to blackmail you into helping her escape.

Gwen: Sarah, I–I–

Ava as sarah: I didn’T.

Gwen: What?

Ava as sarah: Sarah horton is still very much on that island.

Gwen: I–I don’t understand. That doesn’t make sense.

Ava as sarah: Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot.

Gwen: What on earth are you doing?

Ava as sarah: I’m really done with this. Goodbye, abigail. Let go of me!

Abigail: Sure. Right after I take a good look at that mask up close.

Chanel: I love horton as a friend. And I’m physically attracted to her. But I was in love with johnny. Really in love. And I thought he loved me too.

Paulina: Aww. I’m so sorry that monster, he treated you the way he did.

Chanel: I don’t even know that guy who stood up and told our families that we were through. My johnny, he held my hand and he showed me around rome. And one night, we were in this restaurant and some dude was talking in italian about johnny being white and me being black, and not in a good way. You should have seen johnny, mama. He shut that dude up. He didn’t want me to feel bad for one minute. I just–I just don’t even understand what happened.

Paulina: Baby, you’re gonna get through this. You’re gonna get through it. You are. You are. And you’re gonna find the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with.

Chanel: I wish I had your faith.

Paulina: Well, baby, until you do, I have got enough for the both of us.

Chanel: [Crying]

Paulina: Oh, baby. Well, you know, I’m– I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Baby, I hate to leave you. I hate to leave you like this, but I’ve got to– I’ve got to go. I’ve got a follow-up appointment at the hospital.

Chanel: You go. You–you make sure that that ankle is healing right. Even if my broken heart never does.

Allie: I actually hate you.

Johnny: Looks like I struck a nerve.

Allie: No, hate isn’t the right word. I hate the things you do, but really I feel sorry for you. You’re just as delusional as most of the twisted members of your dad’s side of the family.

Johnny: And the horton’s are so together–

Allie: I’m going to try and get this straight to you one last time. I am in love with tripp. And chanel is my best friend.

[Huffs] I thought I could come over here and try and talk to the johnny that I loved when we were kids. Maybe I could ask him why he did what he did to a wife who loved him. I was dumb enough to think that I could come over and talk some sense into you, get you to go over and apologize to her.

Johnny: Well, I’m never going to apologize for what I am. That’s not the dimera way.

Allie: Great, giovanni. Be a good little dimera. Make your crazy father and your precious nonno so proud. But while you do that, keep something in mind. You used to have a twin sister. You don’t anymore. I have one brother, and his name is will. You’re on your own.

Demon johnny: Oh, allie.

[Laughs] You don’t know the half of it.

Xander: You hired steve to track down kristen?

Brady: And bring her to justice, yeah.

Xander: Well, I hope to hell he finds her. I’m sure you know I’ve had my own share of miserable headaches thanks to kristen dimera. You know, honestly, for a while there I suspected that she might have had a hand in sarah’s disappearance.

Brady: I can understand why you’d think that.

Xander: You know, I actually hoped that she was involved for a while. It would have been a lot better for my ego. But no, it turned out that sarah left me of her own free will.

Brady: So what, she– she’s just leaving again?

Xander: Yeah. Bound and determined to get far away from salem and the likes of me. And since just the sight of me repulses her, there’s nothing I can do to stop her, nothing anybody can do.

Kayla: Steve is not dead. You’re just–you’re just trying to throw me off balance.

Kristen: Oh, please.

[Laughing] I have been one step ahead of you this entire time. I was watching when kindly father nichols brought poor, misplaced sister mary elizabeth in here. And see, while you were in here making a pathetic attempt to toss mother superior’s office, I was at your hotel room taking care of steve.

Kayla: Taking care of him? What does that mean?

Kristen: Well, I did what had to be done. Hm. Who do you think disconnected that phone call to him an hour or so ago?

Kayla: You killed him? My asthma felt anything but normal.

[Doorbell rings]

Chanel: Oh, mama must’ve forgotten her keys. Coming. Horton.

Allie: Hey, dupree. We need to talk.

Gabi: Hey, call me back when you get this. I mean it, jake. I have to tell you about this meeting I had with johnny. Apparently he’s more of an operator than I thought.

Johnny: Should my ears be burning?

Craig: Mm. You know what? Why don’t I take the both of you out for dinner and we can celebrate. Hm?

Nancy: Well, it sounds great.

Chloe: Yeah, it does. You know what? There’s a new place in town called the bistro, and it’s pretty good.

Craig: Let’s eat there.

Nancy: It’s a deal.

Craig: Okay.

Nancy: But I want to go back to hotel room and freshen up first.

Craig: Okay, sure. Chloe and I will meet you there in, what, about an hour or so?

Nancy: [Giggles] Again, it’s a deal. And craig, I hate repeating myself, but I’m so happy.

Craig: Bears repeating.

Nancy: Okay, one hour.

Chloe: Love you. See you soon.

Nancy: I love you too.

Craig: Bye, honey.

Chloe: [Sighs] I knew it. I–I knew that you wouldn’t cheat on mom, but she wouldn’t hear it from me. She had to hear it from you.

Craig: Yeah. Mm.


Kayla: You killed him?

Kristen: What are you doing?

Kayla: You killed him? You bitch!

Kristen: Let go of me, you lunatic.

[Gun fires]

[Suspenseful music]

Ava as sarah: Let go of me.

Abigail: Not until I see who’s under that mask.

Ava as sarah: What?

Abigail: It’s all over, gwen. I have figured you out.

Gwen: What in god’s name are you doing, abigail?

[Dramatic music]

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B&B Transcript Friday, January 21, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Hope: Do you know what douglas meant?

Brooke: He saw me kissing santa?

Hope: On new year’s eve. Why would douglas say that? You know, douglas. He doesn’t really lie.

Brooke: No, he doesn’T.

Hope: So what’s going on, mom? What’s douglas talking about?

Brooke: There’s something I need to tell you about that night.

Hope: Okay.

Brooke: After everybody left, your father came back.

[ Steffy laughing ]

Ridge: What’s so funny?

Steffy: Um… just this interview you did talking about your collection. This one. Right here.

Ridge: I know the interview. I didn’t crack any jokes in that. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Steffy: Oh, it’s not actually the interview. It’s like, uh, you see this? This uh… this photo right here?

Ridge: Yeah?

Steffy: This serious look? It’s like, “look at me. I’m so amazing–”

Ridge: I’m a serious designer. That’s what I do. It’s just–I’m serious thing.

Steffy: It’s a thing? Yeah? So like, the stoic expression? “I’m so extra.”

Ridge: Right? Whoa, whoa, what about– what about when you take pictures. With everything?

Steffy: Excuse me–

Ridge: What is that? What is that?

Steffy: That is different.

Ridge: You just–you think I look like bill. I don’t look like bill at all.

Steffy: Dad! Don’t even say that, dad.

Ridge: What? You brought it up.

Steffy: You just look a little crazy.

Ridge: There’s nothing crazy about it.

Taylor: Wow! Things are rarely this funny in my line of work! Hi.

Ridge: Well, then you need to quit and come over to the fashion business because apparently there’s nothing nniefu

[ Laughter ]

Taylor: No, you know what, I think I will stick to psychiatry but I’ll tell you what, if I ever want a reason just to laugh or smile, I’m going to stop becbyse nothing makes me happier than seeing the two of you work together like this.

Paris: That was unexpected,.

[ Carter chuckling ]

Carter: Was it, though? Don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling like…

Paris: Something’s building? Yeah. I’ve been feeling it, too.

[ Laughter ]

Taylor: I mean it. It is a beautiful thing seeing the two of you working together, enjoying each other.

Steffy: Well, nothing is more beautiful than having you back in L.A.

Ridge: She’s right. Glad you’re here.

Thomas: Wow, look at the party. Can I join?

Taylor: Hi!

Thomas: Hey, mom!

Ridge: It’s not a party, but yeah, you can join ’cause I want to talk to you.

Thomas: Uh-oh.

Ridge: These guys? Exactly what I wanted. Nice job.

Taylor: Hey!

Steffy: Wow, dad’s blessings on a first try? What has the world come to?

Taylor: This! This is what I missed. This is why I am so thankful I’m home.

Hope: Dad came back?

Brooke: He’d forgotten his phone.

Hope: Wow, okay. So this is– this is new information. But first thing’s first: Did dad… did he get you to drink? Because I’ve been hoping that he’s changed. And if he… tried to somehow talk you into it or did something–

Brooke: Honey, no. No.

Hope: Are you sure? Because he obviously did something, something to make you upset and to ask him to not even come around here anymore. So mom, I really– please tell me. What exactly did my father do? How did olay top expensive creams?

Carter: What do we do now?

Paris: Hopefully another kiss.

Carter: Hopefully. But I meant with zende.

Paris: Okay. I–I care about him. A lot. But he knows I’m not ready for a lifelong commitment right now. That we need freedom in our relationship. He gets it. Like right now, he’s out on a date. Good for him. And good for me. I am here with you.

Carter: So we’re letting this happen? Whatever this is?

Paris: I’m not sure. But whatever it is, I like it.

Steffy: Well, I hate to leave the party but I’m going to be late for a meeting with katie.

Ridge: Quick question: Why do we insist on calling this a party? This is our place of work.

Thomas: Okay, mr. Curmudgeon.

Ridge: I don’t mean– yes, things are a little more festive because your mom’s here but it’s still where we create stuff, right? This is our workplace.

Steffy: Yeah, but we– we could have a little party. We could all have dinner tonight if everyone’s available.

Thomas: Sounds good to me.

Taylor: Yeah–

Steffy: Yeah?

Taylor: You know, I have appointments later, but I can try to reschedule. But I can definitely make it by dessert.

Steffy: Okay, great. Dad?

Ridge: Yeah. Oh, no, I would like that idea, too.

Steffy: But…

Ridge: But I got to check my schedule.

Steffy: Okay. Schedule or brooke? You’re that worried about her, you don’t even want to be away from her. Even if it’s just for an evening?

Brooke: No, no. I started drinking on my own. It had nothing to do with your father. He tried to stop me from drinking and uh, the urge was too great. So I asked him to join me.

Hope: Mom.

Brooke: I know. I don’t know what came over me. It’s really embarrassing.

Hope: So you’re asking him to stay away because you were drinking with him. Mom, are you, uh… you aren’t still drinking, are you?

Brooke: No, honey, I swear.

Hope: Okay. Have you been tempted?

Brooke: Maybe a little bit but certainly nothing like that night and I still don’t know where that temptation came from. It’s just so crazy, you know? I’ve had my drinking under control for so long.

Hope: And you will have it under control again because you have a lot of friends and family loving you and supporting you. Especially ridge. Yeah, he’s been there for you. And you can trust that– that we’ll have your back… right?

Brooke: Right.

Hope: It feels like there’s something…more going on and there is, isn’t there?

Brooke: I–well, I guess it’s why you came up here, right? What douglas saw?

Hope: Yeah, he said he saw you kissing santa. Why would he say that? That’s– that’s crazy. You know, seeing, I dunno, you talking to deacon or laughing with him– now, that would make sense, but this? Seeing you kissing… you were kissing my father. Your skin isn’t just skin.

Carter: You sure, you’re okay with this?

Paris: Whatever this is, I’m more than okay. You?

Carter: Do you even have to ask?

Ridge: Don’t want to talk about, brooke. I’ll let you know about dinner.

Steffy: Okay, well, we’d love to have you. I’m gonna head out to that meeting. Thomas, you ready?

Thomas: Huh?

Steffy: The meeting.

Thomas: Yeah, why I would have to go?

Steffy: Because I’m inviting you.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. Marketing meetings. Love that. Lucky…lucky me. Um…all right. Good seeing you guys. Uh, mom, please stop by more. I enjoy the party.

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: Okay.

Thomas: Right behind you.

Taylor: Steffy forrester. Queen of subtle. You know, I– I think she was trying to give us a moment alone.

Hope: Is that what douglas really saw? You and my dad kissing? Look, mom, I–I– I want you to tell me the truth. You know I am a safe place and you can be open and honest with me. What exactly happened on new year’s eve?

Brooke: Your father came back to get his phone and when he found it, he was going to leave again.

Hope: But something stopped him.

Brooke: Well, ridge called.

Hope: Ah. Saying that he couldn’t make it home.

Brooke: Right. And that really disappointed me because i thought it was very important for us to spend that time together on new year’s eve. Really have that time to connect. And when I found out he wouldn’t be here, well, I just grabbed that bottle of vodka and I asked your father to join me.

Hope: I just wish that he had stopped you.

Brooke: He tried. I told you that. But I wouldn’t let him stop me. Once I tasted the vodka, I just wanted more. And I was justifying it. You know, saying it was, “new year’s eve, one night out of the year. There’s no harm.” I convinced myself of that and well, I convinced him too. I mean, at first we were having fun. You know, we were just tipsy and joking around and laughing and we found this hat from christmas. And he put it on.

Hope: A santa hat.

Brooke: Yeah, a santa hat.

Hope: So, when douglas came over… he saw you…

Brooke: Deacon and i were just… reminiscing, honey. We were talking about the good old times and…

[ Brooke sighing ] I don’t know, there was A… kind of a closeness, you know? Just, it felt good. And it… I don’T…. well, we…we kissed. Yeah. Yeah. Your father and I kissed.

Entresto is the number

one heart failure

Taylor: I know that you said you didn’t want to talk about brooke and I respect that, but I am a–I’m a very good listener just in case, you know? I’m just saying.

Ridge: Do I need to make an appointment or?

Taylor: For you? Absolutely. Get in line.

Ridge: Well, I appreciate it. Appreciate you. Thanks for coming home.

Taylor: I knew that I missed being here. I just– I didn’t realize how much. Surrounded by family, our children, our grandchildren. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

Ridge: You deserve it.

Taylor: I do. I have worked hard to get here. Done a lot of self-exploration. A favorite hobby of mine.

Ridge: Oh, I do remember. Yes.

Taylor: I had to ask myself a lot of really tough questions: Why did I stay away so long? Why was I choosing to miss out on so much time with my family? Working halfway across the world when I should have been there for steffy and thomas.

Ridge: Well, you’re here now. And steffy and thomas, you saw them. They’re–they’re thrilled. I’m smiling.

Taylor: Yeah, I see that smile. You have no idea how happy it makes me–

Ridge: All right, I um… I gotta ask you, these questions you had, did you find answers?

[ Taylor exhaling ]

Taylor: Um, yes? It’s complicated. There’s a lot of reasons that I–I stayed away. But the main one was brooke. Knowing that you have made a life with her… I couldn’t help but think what– what–what could have been, you know, if–if, if sheila hadn’t shot me, if we would have been able to stick together after I made my way back home, remained a family, stay married. I knew we’d always love each other. What we shared will always be there. But I couldn’t– I couldn’t stop thinking about what could have been. The memories we could have made. The life we– we almost had. Oh gosh. I–I should pay you for a session. I’m gonna go.

Ridge: Hey, hey.

Hope: Thankfully, douglas didn’t realize who you were actually kissing.

Brooke: I know. It’s bad enough he thinks I was kissing anybody at all.

Hope: Can’t imagine the guilt you’ve been feeling. I’m really glad that you told me, mom. I–I know this couldn’t have been easy on you but given what you’ve been going through, I need you to take it easy on yourself and try to be forgiving because it was a kiss on new year’s eve. You were drunk. And it was between two people who used to be close at a time.

Brooke: Well, that’s not all, sweetheart.

Hope: Wait, what else happened?

Brooke: Oh. No, no, you’re right, it was just a kiss. But deacon slept here that night.

Hope: What?

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: I was drunk. I was beyond drunk and he thought I was going to pass out on the bathroom floor or something. So he took me upstairs and he put me in bed and he tucked me in. And I don’t know. I don’t really remember. I just remember waking up and he’s there, laying there next to me.

Hope: Are you sure nothing happened, mom?

Brooke: Yes, honey. I was under the covers and he was laying on top of them and we were fully dressed.

Hope: What if ridge had come back home?

Brooke: I know. I– I was desperate to get deacon out of there. And try to clean up the mess and the evidence of the night before. Drinking with deacon and him in my–my bed. Oh, my god.

Hope: No wonder you weren’t acting like yourself. Look, I was trying to figure it out. But…

Brooke: How could I do that? How could I risk losing my marriage, the man that I love so much? Really, what was I thinking? I mean, I’m sure that taylor and steffy are on the sideline somewhere, just waiting for something to happen between ridge and me so they can open their arms and welcome their father back into their sweet, little family! He would never accept this, hope. If he knew that deacon was here and we were alone and drinking. And that we kissed? And he was in my bed– oh, my god, my god. I would lose him. I would lose him forever!

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, January 20, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Mariah: Ooh! Nothing like coming downstairs in the morning, having a cup of coffee waiting for you.

Noah: Well, I hope you had up at your place because this one is for dad.

Mariah: Rude.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: So, you’re already buttering up the boss. Please tell me you accepted nick’s job offer.

Noah: I did.

Mariah: Yay! So you’re less of a flight risk now.

Noah: I’m not sure I like those criminal connotations, miss.

Mariah: You know what i meant. I know that you said that you were planning on staying and you’ve been here for a while now, but I got the sense that you didn’t want to be tied down, but now you’ve made a commitment.

Noah: Well, it’s a commitment to see how things go. So, how about you? You seemed kind of stressed out last night. Is everything okay with you and tess?

Mariah: Yeah, everything’s amazing. It’s better than it’s ever been. Um, I just have a couple of friends going through a tough time. And I see both sides of the situation. But there’s nothing I can do. So I just have to sit back, hold my breath, and hope everything works out for the best.

Abby: Chance, you don’t mean that. You can be a good father to dominic. You already are.

Devon: Chance, thank you for being honest, alright? I know that wasn’t easy for you to say. Now, I believe that we can all work together and come up with some kind of solution that will be good for everybody.

Abby: Just stop. You’re putting undue pressure on him, and it’s self-serving.

Chance: Abby, no. I came here on my own will.

Abby: Chance, I understand your impulse to reach out. I had the same one. But this was a mistake. We need to discuss this privately. Devon, we will talk to you after we meet with christine.

Devon: Abby, hang on. I’m your friend, okay? You know that. You know I wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt you, right?

Abby: Really? Because this hurts. It’s a betrayal.

Devon: I’m sorry that you see it that way. I really am. But I understand that you are doing what you think you need to do to protect your family. You need to understand, though, that that’s what I’m trying to do also. I wouldn’t be putting you guys through any of this if I didn’t care so much about dominic and you and chance.

Abby: Okay.

Chance: We’ll be in touch.

[ Door closes ]

Amanda: Wow. Well, if it isn’t dr. Askmdnow.

Elena: And if it isn’t the proprietor of genoa city’s newest law firm.

Amanda: So, you feeling up for the day?

Elena: I am. I have exactly 20 minutes before I need to head to the clinic. How about you?

Amanda: Client meetings all day.

Elena: Hmm. So, how’s working with your sister?

Amanda: Oh, well, there is never a dull moment with imani.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Amanda: But she is holding her own. She has so many contacts from working with the family.

Elena: Ah. So that means a lot of people in politics, right?

Amanda: Yes, and she has not been shy about reaching out and, um, getting in touch.

Elena: Really? Shocking. She’s always been so timid and self-effacing.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] She did give me an earful about her last encounter with you and nate.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t seem as happy as everyone else about us living together.

Amanda: So, how is nate?

Elena: Who’s asking — you or your sister?

Amanda: Both, maybe.

Elena: [ Laughs ] He’s fine. I mean, honestly, he’s wonderful. He’s a great housemate. And you can feel free to tell your sister that we went with the beige bathroom rug. She’ll know what I’m talking about.

Amanda: Okay. Well, cheers to you both.

Elena: Thanks. Hey, nate and I have been concerned about devon and this lawsuit.

Amanda: Yeah.

Elena: I mean, it’s all happening so fast. How’s it going?

Devon: Hey, man.

Nate: It’s a beautiful day out today, man. Am I wrong, or are we supposed to go for a run?

Devon: Just not really feeling up to that today.

Nate: What’s wrong?

Devon: Abby and chance just left.

Nate: [ Sighs ] How’s that situation going?

Devon: It’s not going well. Life’s been hard enough.

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Nick: Hey, room for one more?

Mariah: Yeah. I hear congratulations are in order. We’ve got another newman recruit at new hope.

Nick: I’m so looking forward to it, just a father and son, nose to the grindstone, changing the world one family at a time. It’s been forever since we teamed up. I’m so excited.

Noah: Yeah, I think since the underground.

Nick: I think that new hope is gonna give you a real chance to spread your wings.

Mariah: And this is not going to be slinging beers and flirting with the customers. You’re gonna have to do, like, you know, actual work.

Noah: I may need to rethink this.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Make no mistake. There is a lot of work to do. But I can promise you that every day is gonna be different from the day before. And when a mother or father walks up to you and looks you in your eye and tells you that you changed their kids’ lives forever, there is no better feeling than that. You won’t want to do anything else. I seriously think he’s gonna revitalize the entire program.

Mariah: Wow. Those are some high expectations.

Nick: He’s up for it, right?

Noah: I can’t wait to get started.

Nick: Attaboy.

Elena: Wow. Poor devon. He and abby used to be so close. That must break his heart that she’s acting like he’s turned on her.

Amanda: Yeah, and now he’s worried that, even after everything is resolved, she may never trust him the same way.

Elena: Well, hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Amanda: Well, if he wins, she’ll resent him, and if he loses, she will never forget that he tried to get custody.

Elena: Yeah, but I can understand why she’s acting so emotionally. I mean, nothing’s turned out how she thought it would. First she finds out that she can’t carry a child and then she learns that chance can’t father a baby and then her surrogate gets kidnapped by her ex-husband. And if that’s not bad enough, once the baby’s home safe and sound, she’s mistakenly told that her husband is killed.

Amanda: This is different. She’s not losing dominic. His biological father just wants to spend more time with him, just weekly visits.

Elena: I understand, but the fear of losing a child, it’s — it’s primal. I see it all the time with families who have sick babies. They’re terrified of losing their little ones, so they start acting out. They start doing things that defy logic. I just hope dominic comes out of this knowing how loved he is.

Amanda: That’s what everyone wants. They want the story to have a happy ending. But for now it’s just a complicated situation from every angle.

Nate: So, you’re telling me chance came over without abby.

Devon: Yes, he did. And it surprised the hell out of me, too.

Nate: That says a lot, you know? Sounds like he trusts you.

Devon: Well, he — he opened up about how he’s been struggling.

Nate: Well, that’s progress.

Devon: It would be if abby saw it that way. But she showed up not long after he did, and she wasn’t happy to see him here, especially after she heard what I asked him.

Nate: Which was?

Devon: Given the trauma that he’s experienced, does he really feel like he’s in the right headspace to give dominic all the love and support that he needs right now? And he said no.

Nate: Damn. Phew. How did abby react?

Devon: She still sees me as the bad guy who’s trying to get in the way of dominic and chance’s relationship, which I’m not trying to do.

Nate: Yeah. Yeah. All you want to do is protect your relationship with your biological son.

Devon: That’s absolutely right, yeah. Maybe you can get that through to abby ’cause everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked. And you know that going the legal route is the last thing i ever wanted to do. But it’s — I think it’s pretty clear that we’re in for a battle.

Abby: Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to devon’s? I understand that you have a lot of conflicting emotions, but you should talk to me about that. Or go see a counselor. You don’t go talk to the man who is suing us for custody of our son.

Chance: I know, abby, but if we don’t figure this out between ourselves, a judge is gonna decide for us. You know that, right?

Abby: Right! Even more reason not to go spill your guts to devon, who’s gonna use your words as weapons against us.

Chance: I don’t think he’s gonna do that.

Abby: Really?

Chance: Yes.

Abby: Because he is twisting your personal trauma into a failure, which it is not.

Chance: Abby, I know you would do anything for our family.

Abby: Yeah, you’re right. And I will not let anyone splinter us. So, I’m gonna go check on dom and louise. Will you be here when I get back?

Chance: Of course. Kim is now demonstrating her congestion.

Nate: If abby and chance are reacting out of shock and they’re panicking, which is what it sounds like to me, maybe you should ease up on them. You know, give them time to adjust to the idea of sharing custody.

Devon: Well, they weren’t for the idea of arranged visits. When I brought that up the first time, abby got pissed. When I told her forget it, she thought I meant forget the whole idea, and then when I brought it up again, she went off.

Nate: Must have been hard on both of you.

Devon: Beyond all that, i don’t want to give them too much time to come up with a counterargument. I don’t know if christine is gonna advise them to cut off all contact between me and dominic to weaken my case.

Nate: You don’t think they would agree to that, do you?

Devon: I don’t know what they’re gonna do. Abby’s upset. And lawyers are involved. Who knows what can happen now. So, for dom’s sake, I don’t want to take that chance.

Nate: And lawyers don’t care about collateral damage or what happens to your relationship with abby and chance.

Devon: No, they don’T. And that’s not something that i can worry about right now ’cause my son needs me. That’s the whole reason i started this in the first place. So it needs to get resolved as soon as possible.

Nate: Well, it’s not gonna get resolved today. So what I think we should do is get our heart pumping, man, you know, get that rush of endorphins that come from running in cold weather.

Devon: I — another time.

Nate: There’s no time like today. So go on upstairs and get dressed, and let’s get ready for this run.

Devon: I really don’t want to.

Nate: Do you know how many people would kill for my medical advice?

Devon: Maybe when you were the face of askmdnow.

Nate: And now I’m the chief of surgery. So go get changed for this run and be prepared to be left in the dust.

Devon: Oh, gosh. Okay. Alright. Alright.

Nate: Trust me. It’ll be good for you.

Devon: Yeah.

Noah: So, I’ve been doing some research into this movement that converts empty lots into green spaces.

Mariah: Oh, like urban gardens.

Noah: Yeah, and pocket parks, too. It’s a place to relax, a garden to grow vegetables, maybe some beehives.

Nick: New hope honey. Sounds sweet.

[ Laughs ]

Mariah: No. But I would buy some.

Noah: And there’s tons of other benefits, too. Shade, a place to relax, reduced air pollution.

Nick: You know what? There’s lots of empty lots in town that aren’t big enough for affordable housing, but they could certainly hold a community garden. I am gonna put you in touch with some geniuses who can help you with the grant applications for that.

Noah: Cool.

Tessa: There she is, my reason for singing.

Mariah: Wow. You’re such a flatterer.

Tessa: Hi, nick. Hi, noah.

Noah: Hey.

Mariah: Uh, where’d you run off to this morning?

Tessa: Oh, I just had some things that I had to take care of. Would you guys mind if i borrowed her for a minute?

Mariah: Yeah. What do you need?

Tessa: Oh, well, I’m meeting with bettina, and you are so much better with promoters than I could ever be.

Mariah: Oh, that is very sweet. And even though I’m not your pr guru anymore, I am the best hype girl.

Tessa: That is very true.

Mariah: Alright. Well, I’ll see you guys later.

Nick: Yeah. Good luck.

Tessa: Okay. Well, thank you.

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: Bye.

Nick: You know what I’m also gonna do? I am gonna put you in touch with this landscape architect that we’ve used on several of our projects. She’s local. She’s amazing, done a lot of work with the museums and — hmm.

[ Door closes ]

Chance: Where is louise going? Is she taking the baby for a walk?

Abby: Yeah. I asked her to. I didn’t want her to overhear our conversation with christine.

Chance: Why would that matter?

Abby: Because what if amanda subpoenas her and asks her to testify? I mean, yes, she works here with our family, but she did go over to devon’s and help while I was in spain. And I would never want to put her in the middle of all of this.

Chance: Alright, well, hopefully it’s not gonna get that far, right?

Abby: I wish that devon would realize that what he is doing is wrong and it could cause a lot of damage.

Chance: Abby, I think he means well.

Abby: Please. There is a difference between doing the right thing and rationalizing to get what you want. We are dominic’s parents, and we are doing a good job. Just because you are going through a hard time, it doesn’t change that. Everyone goes through rough patches.

Chance: I know, but I am trying to tell you that I do not have it in me right now. I do not have what dominic needs. I don’T.

Abby: Chance! He is playing on your insecurities! You are going to bond with him the way that devon has. It just takes time and patience.

Chance: I love that you believe in me like that. I do. I really love it. But I’m telling you it is not gonna be that easy. It’s not. You don’t realize what I’m dealing with right now. I’m having a hard time, and that’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s mine. I haven’t been really honest with you about it.

Devon: You think we really need caffeine before we work out?

Nate: Yes. It helps increase metabolism.

Devon: Okay. Hey, guys.

Nick: Speak of the devil.

Devon: What’s going on?

Noah: It’s my first day on the job at new hope.

Devon: Oh, nice, nice. I look forward to working with you.

Noah: Me too. Actually, I wanted to pick your brain about something I saw in the files. It was the training program for restaurant employees?

Devon: Yeah, that was something that abby and I were working on at society before her star chef took off to miami.

Noah: Oh.

Devon: But abby’s been in and out of the restaurant lately.

Noah: I’m sure she’s been busy with the baby and all.

Devon: Yeah, she has, but I’m still a huge fan of that concept, whether we bring it to society or, you know, start up a little café for the same purpose.

Noah: I mean, I’d love to make it reality. Something like that could really change people’s lives for the better.

Nick: And that is why i wanted him to come on board.

Devon: Hey, that’s the same way hamilton-winters started. I wanted to figure out how to work with my dad, you know? That father/son bond is very special. You should always treasure it.

Noah: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: Well, um… what haven’t you been honest with me about?

Chance: Just how I’ve been dealing with everything that i went through in spain. I’m not okay, abby. I’m having nightmares.

Abby: Yeah. Um, I know. I — I hear you screaming.

Chance: I’m sorry. It’s hard for me to even talk about them.

Abby: I guess I just figured that you’d — you’d tell me what they were about when you were ready.

Chance: Well, they — they start out as normal dreams. And then it’ll just cut black. And I feel this — I feel this pressure on me. I can’t move. And then I’m in spain. I’m back there the night of the explosion, and I’m — I’m watching my entire team die. And I don’t even have to be asleep for those images and — and sounds and — and smells to come back to me. They’re always in my head. I try to shut them out, and i can’T. They always come back to me. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter where I am. All I see is the building up in smoke. I see bodies. I heard this ringing in my ears, buried under this rubble and… I don’t know. I’ve tried to wash these out. I’ve tried to get rid of them, but it doesn’t work. I can’t fix it.

Abby: I’m so sorry.

[ Sniffles ] That sounds awful. And exhausting. I mean, that’s probably why you feel too tired to care for our baby.

Chance: Abby, I’ve been trying so hard to be okay. I’ve been trying so hard to be a good dad and a man that you can depend on, and I — I’m just not that guy anymore. I’m not the same guy I was when I left here a year ago. And I feel like I’m letting you down.

Abby: No. You could never disappoint me. Look, we are gonna get you some help, and we’re gonna find someone that’s gonna help you get to the other side. And in the meantime, I think you just — you need some rest.

Chance: Yeah. Some sleep will definitely be a good start.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Abby: Alright, well, um… okay, that must be christine, so we will talk about this later.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Abby: Okay.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

[ Exhales heavily ]

[ Door opens ]

Abby: Christine, hi.

Christine: Hi. Sorry I’m late.

Abby: Oh, no. Come on in. We were just talking.

Chance: Hey.

Christine: How are you?

Chance: Let me get your coat from you.

Christine: Thank you.

Chance: Of course.

Christine: Appreciate it.

Chance: Can I get you a drink, anything like that?

Christine: No, no, no. I’m fine. Thanks.

Abby: Please make yourself comfortable.

Christine: Before, uh, we begin, I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you and devon are at odds.

Abby: Yeah. Um, me too. But I’m very confident that we were very careful when we drew up that legal agreement, and i think that if devon does take us to court, we should be protected, right? I mean, the judge should make him abide by that agreement.

Christine: Well, yeah, I wish it were that simple.

Abby: Why wouldn’t it be?

Christine: Gestational surrogacy is a relatively new development, legally speaking. Different states have different rules. There isn’t much legislation in place in wisconsin to regulate the process, and there isn’t much relevant case law.

Chance: So this is all just a gray area.

Christine: Well, the one overriding principle is the judge should make the decision in the best interest of the child.

Chance: So, if the judge decides devon would be a better father, they could rule in his favor, right?

Christine: I know it isn’t what you want to hear, but… yes, legally, that is possible.

New vicks convenience pack.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Christine: So, why don’t we go over the factors that would work in our favor if this case goes in front of a judge? For one thing, you’re a married couple providing a stable home and family. Now, we could argue giving devon shared custody would be disruptive and confusing to the baby.

Abby: What about the signed contract that we have with devon?

Christine: Well, that isn’t necessarily enforceable. It does show that devon had no desire to play a role in raising dominic, aside from being a close family friend.

Abby: I always said that i would be honest with dominic that devon is his biological father, but that’s only because I insisted on it.

Chance: What if devon brings up the fact that very little of this process has gone the way we expected?

Christine: He could make that argument. Abby left the baby in his care, not a member of her family or a nanny, and because of that, he could say that she was encouraging him to take a paternal role in dominic’s life and that it would be in the baby’s best interest to continue that.

Chance: Because of me and my issues.

Christine: If the other side decides to play hardball, they will assert that you’re suffering from emotional trauma from being overseas, that you’re incapable of being a father, that the biological father is ready, willing, and eager to assume that role.

Abby: That’s cruel and unfair.

Christine: I know. It’s just — it’s a possibility we have to prepare for. Now, chance, you would have to testify under oath that those accusations are unfounded. Are you up for that?

Abby: Yes. I mean, chance would do anything to protect our family. And I know that he is making up for the time that he lost with dominic, but if devon were the friend that he says that he is, he would be supporting us. He wouldn’t be taking us to court and stressing us out. We are dominic’s parents. We can provide him with everything that he needs, and devon —

Chance: Abby, abby, abby, stop. Stop. I can’t lie anymore. I’m not gonna lie to myself or to you, and I’m definitely not gonna lie in court. I mean, devon’s right. Devon is absolutely right.

Nick: So, we have funding coming in from a few different foundations, some government programs, a lot of private donors who are all very excited that you’re coming on board to work with us.

Noah: Yeah, yeah, yeaH. I can’t wait.

Nick: I’m gonna put together a spreadsheet of the application deadlines, the various people that are in charge, you know, the ones that you should be prioritizing. Looks to me like your eyes are glazing over.

Noah: Yeah. Yeah. I’m — I’m sorry. It’s just — it’s a lot of details all at once. Do you mind if we take a break?

Nick: Yeah. Cool. Plus, it’ll give me a chance to ask you about something that is none of my business.

Noah: Okay.

Nick: We’re gonna be working together, but I don’t ever want you to feel like I’m prying into your personal life.

Noah: Dad, you don’t have to make a disclaimer with me. Just tell me what’s on your mind.

Nick: When mariah and tessa left, uh, I couldn’t help but notice that it seemed to deflate you.

Noah: Well, they’re pretty entertaining.

Nick: You sure that’s all it is?

Mariah: Uh… either we stumbled into a private party or bettina got the wrong idea about, uh, what was happening in this meeting.

Tessa: Um, I lied about meeting bettina.

Mariah: And why would you do that?

Tessa: Well, I needed to lure you here into my carefully choreographed plan. This, uh, private setting, this romantic restaurant — it’s for us.

Mariah: This is beautiful. And you’re beautiful and I don’t deserve you and I don’t know what I did to deserve this, actually. Are we celebrating something?

Tessa: Hopefully.

Mariah: Oh, my god, tessa, are — are you doing what i think you’re doing?

[ Exhales sharply ]

Allergies don’t have to be


Noah: I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

Nick: Look, I’ve been around the block a time or two. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna lecture you or interrogate you. But you and tessa — you know, you have a history, and I know better than anyone what it’s like when you have old feelings resurface.

Noah: Look, dad, I don’t know what you think you saw, but…

Nick: Okay.

Noah: I would never do that to my sister’s girlfriend.

Nick: Noah, I’m not accusing you of anything. But actions are easy to control. Feelings, not so much. You and tessa had something good, you know, and she’s very talented. She’s very beautiful. You two have been working very closely on this album cover stuff, so it’s only natural that some old attractions might be rekindled. I mean, it happens.

Noah: [ Sighs ] You don’t think mariah knows, do you?

Mariah: Oh, my god, this feels like I’m dreaming. Am I dreaming?

Tessa: We deserve every bit of happiness because we never gave up on love, ourselves, our dreams. Remember when we started out a million years ago? We were just this delicate, fragile thing. But every time we made the choice to trust it, to forgive each other’s mistakes, to help each other heal, it only grew stronger and more powerful and more beautiful.

Mariah: Oh, my god, I cannot.

[ Both laugh ]

Tessa: But even though i can’t imagine my heart being any fuller than it is now, I know that when we have a family, it’ll only expand and become more infinite.

Mariah: A-are you doing this because of our plans to adopt?

Tessa: I can’t remember a moment when I didn’t want this. I was just waiting until we were both ready. And now I am. And I really hope you are, too.

Mariah: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Tessa: I’m so lucky… to be the women that loves and is loved by you. And I know in my soul that we were meant to live this life together. And that’s why I’m proposing…

[ Both laugh ] …That we make it official. Marry me, mariah?

Mariah: [ Breathing heavily ]

Tessa: This is the part where you say “yes.”

Mariah: I can’T.

[ Sniffles ] Before I answer your question… there’s something that I have to tell you.

[ Door closes ]

Chance: [ Exhales heavily ] I’m — I’m so sorry.

Abby: No. No. Don’t be.

Chance: I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth, abby. I feel like I’m barely holding it together right now. My body is here, but my mind is still in sin>My team, and I’m asking myself, “why did I survive? What could I have done to save everyone?” It goes through my mind every day. Every day, going through every single possible scenario. And I can’t get in front of a court right now and lie. I can’t do that.

Abby: No, no, I-I wouldn’t want you to lie only to hope things would get better. I just — I want you to be better.

Chance: When you were overwhelmed, you went to devon for help.

Abby: But that was a temporary fix. What you’re asking — it would be giving devon permanent legal rights to our son, all because you’re stressed right now. It’s gonna go away. I am sorry that I put so much pressure on you. And I will take on all of the childcare. I’ll do it while you recover. I would be happy to do it. We don’t need to turn to devon.

Chance: Abby, I truly don’t understand why you’re fighting this so much. I mean, devon loves dominic. And there’s nothing wrong with him wanting to play a permanent part in that little boy’s life. That’s what any good father would do.

Amanda: Dominic has a good father! It’s you!

Chance: Stop saying that. I am no good to anyone right now. I am — I am broken right now, abby. I am broken. My wounds have healed, but there is something wrong with me inside, okay? It’s like this constant pressure that I’m feeling. It’s like a — it’s like a black hole is just ripping away all my energy, and I have nothing left to give to dominic. I have nothing!

Abby: Then let me help you.

Chance: This would help me — knowing dominic is in good hands and he’s not being deprived of a father’s love because I can’t figure it out. Abby, I need this just as much as devon and dominic. Please. You got to trust me. This is the right thing to do.

Well, well, well.

Look at you.

Abby: I am so sorry. I had no idea how much pain that you were in. And I wish I could just make it all go away. I wish I could make everything that happened to you in spain just disappear.

Chance: [ Smooches ] Yeah, I know. And I will keep fighting to get better. I promise you that. I’ll figure this out. I just have to let go of all this guilt that I have.

Abby: Oh, no one should make you feel guilty. This isn’t your fault. There’s no point in turning this into a battle or cutting out one of your friends. Abby, if this goes before a judge, they’re gonna do what’s best for the baby. And we both know what that means. Look, you’re scared where this might lead, I know.

Abby: I feel like every minute that dominic’s not with us, it’s just time that we could be bonding with him. And if we give in to devon now, I mean, what’s gonna stop him from asking for more time later?

Chance: We have to give devon the benefit of the doubt. I mean, the guy means well. He’s an excellent dad.

Abby: [ Sniffles ]

Chance: Dominic will always be our son, abby. Don’t get me wrong. Devon doesn’t want to change that, either. He just wants to add a little love.

Abby: [ Sniffles ] I don’t know.

Chance: You know, a lot of kids grow up without parents, without a family. Dominic’s gonna be lucky enough to at least have three people love him more than life. And, baby, I know I’ve asked a lot of you these last couple months. I know I have. And here I am again asking you, with our son. I know you’re a planner and this is not what you wanted. I know it.

Abby: I mean, it was supposed to be you and me and our baby makes three.

Chance: I know, but think of what we stand to lose if we go before a judge. Think about it. And think about what we could gain if we just allow the man that helped us bring that boy into this world just to spend time with him every week. Think of how bigger his world will be, how much bigger our hearts will be.

Abby: I feel like he is trying to take our son.

Chance: No, that’s not it. It’s just welcoming devon into the family and giving me a little space to heal. I mean, don’t you want that?

Devon: [ Sighs ] Oh, my gosh. Felt like you were tryinto kill me, man.

Nate: But you made it back alive, just like I said.

Devon: [ Groans ] If you’re training for some, like, iron man competition, I’m not the one to do it with.

Nate: [ Laughs ] I told you I’d help you get your mind off things, and I did.

Devon: Yeah, now you got me thinking about my mortality.

Nate: And stopped you from checking your phone every two minutes to see if somebody called you.

Devon: Um… now this is all out of my hands, and I just have to trust that abby will come around or a judge will side with me and say I’m being reasonable.

Nate: Whatever it is, I hope it gets resolved soon.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Devon: Abby.

Abby: Devon, hi. Um… chance and I have talked, and if you’re up for it, we’d like to meet with you again.

Noah: Spending so much time with tessa lately has brought up a lot of memories from when we were together. Probably wasn’t the best idea to listen to all her music on loop when I was making the album cover.

Nick: Let me guess. A lot of love songs?

Noah: Yep. [ Sighs ] But you don’t have to worry. I’m not gonna make an ass of myself. Mariah and tessa are happy, and I’m happy for them. So they have my support 100%.

Nick: Well, I think that’s a good call. And if it helps, if you do decide to revisit an old relationship, there’s absolutely no guarantee that it won’t end the way it did the first time.

Noah: Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe — maybe it just felt safe to be nostalgic about tessa because I know she’s completely unavailable right now. And I’m not really looking for anything real, so I’ll just focus on my work, my family, and maybe trying to have some fun.

Nick: I like it. And your old man can help with all three.

Noah: Sounds good.

Mariah: Stand with me.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Because that’s who we are to each other. We lift each other up.

Tessa: We always have.

Mariah: Especially and most notably this last summer.

Tessa: When you went missing, it shook me to my core.

Mariah: I know. And even when I came back, I was so lost. I was so unsure, and then for a brief period of time, I was too sure.

Tessa: [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: But all the while, you were patient and loving and reassuring. Your strength made me strong, and your power made me powerful. You were honest with me when it was really, really difficult.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: But, tessa, you brought me back to life. And I know it wasn’t easy.

Tessa: For either of us.

Mariah: But thank god you are so brave.

Tessa: We both are, relentlessly.

Mariah: And I am so grateful and so thankful for all of the crazy, impossible, insane things that have come into our life. And I — I wouldn’t change a minute of it because it brought us here, to this moment… to a life together that is… happier and more thrilling than I could have ever imagined it to be. And this love, our love — i want to share that with our kids. So I say yes… to more of that, to a lifetime of us. Yes, yes, yes, I will marry you.

[ Laughing ] Yes!

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Sniffles ] Oh, my gosh.

[ Both laugh ] Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Your eyes.

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GH Transcript Thursday, January 20, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne



[ Knock on door ] Dante. Elizabeth. Hi. Hey, I’m sorry to bother you so early. Um… something terrible happened last night, and I just thought you should know about it. Come in. Come in. Okay… what happened? There was a fire at franco’s art studio. It’s gone. Oh, my god. The building burned down? No, not the building. Just the studio. Was anyone hurt? No. Thank goodness. How did the fire start? It was arson. What? You really are beautiful. Please. I was thinking about new year’s eve. Mm, yeah, I think about it, too. Quite a bit, actually. Um… sorry things have been a little crazy. We haven’t been able to revisit that. No rush. I’m not going anywhere, darling. Dr. Gatlin-holt, right? Amy driscoll said that I could find you here because that’s the only vending machine that has trail mix. Yeah, that’s true. It’s the only spot. You’re maxie’s mom. Hi. Yeah. Hi. It’s so nice to meet you. Why are you looking for me? It’s not a medical issue, is it? No, it’s purely about maxie. I thought I was being all brave, confronting a burglar, but it turns out it was cameron webber. Cameron? Yeah, I know. He and josslyn had no idea about the arrangement that me and jax have, so they came here looking for a little… sexy time. Oh. [ Gasps ] Oh. Yeah. You didn’t see them actually — oh, no. God, no. No. But I did clock cam over the head with a vase, and I practically gave the poor kid a concussion. Cam called his mom. She and finn came by. No concussion. Oh, and bailey’s still sleeping. Oh, thank goodness. Bailey’s been having a hard time at bedtime. You know, she’s adjusting to the new place. But I’ll give cam a call later, see how he’s doing. That’s nice of you. Okay, well, I’m glad that worked out, but you still haven’t told me why you’re here. Why’d you leave the quartermaines’? As we feared, granny tracy figured out that bailey’s really your daughter. Do you think we could move to someplace a little more private? Sure. Okay. Dr. Finn, a quick word? If you please. You seem to be on your way out. Finally transferring him to pentonville? Not yet. He’s complaining of back pain. Wow. Good, you should be suffering. Yes, I just had an mri, and lying still like that just has me in agony. In fact, I’d like to consult with dr. Finn. Waste someone else’s time. Back pain isn’t my specialty. I think you might have some insight into this particular pain. Feels like someone threw me down an entire flight of stairs.

[ Footsteps approaching ] -Caroline, wait! -Mitch? Look, I know I messed up, but I told diane it’s over. Can we have some space? Oh, yeah. Of course.

Are you saying someoneintentionally set fire to franco’s studio? Well, yeah. The investigation’s ongoing, but all the signs are there, yeah. Mom, what’s going on? Why is detective falconeri here? There was a fire in franco’s studio. What? How did this happen? Well, according to the arson investigator, they found traces of some kind of accelerant that was used. They had to force down the door. So we don’t know if someone actually broke in initially, or what. Who has keys to the studio? Me and the building superintendent. Do you mind checking to see if they’re missing? No, of course not. Thanks. When’s the last time you were at franco’s studio? Oh, it’s been months. Four, maybe six. I’ve pretty much left everything of franco’s untouched. Yeah, here are the keys, right where they should be. Hmm. And what about you, cam? When’s the last time you were at franco’s studio? Alright, you have my attention. Why’d you want to see me? Well, I think all this talk of transferring me is a bit premature. I’m still recovering from being poisoned, and now I have this mysterious back pain I’m dealing with. I think I need a doctor to say that I’m not medically ready to be transferred to pentonville. Take it up with your primary, or better yet, your sister. She’s co-chief. I don’t care that you’re not my doctor. Just get it done, fin. Or I’ll start talking about how you pushed me down a flight of stairs, dragged my unconscious body to a freezer, stuffed it in there, and left me for dead, remember that? It’s funny, that’s not how I remember it, and since there’s no evidence that I was with you that night, it’s really my word against yours, and… killers don’t make the most reliable witnesses. It might not be enough for criminal charges, but can gh really afford to keep a doctor on staff with such accusations hanging over them? Okay, now it’s starting to feel like things are unraveling. First chase figures it out and now tracy — how long until it’s peter? He cannot find out that bailey is really louise. Maxie, he won’T. Look, my granny only figured it out because she already knew that I was faking my pregnancy and I called her when I was initially looking for a baby. It wasn’t a huge leap when she saw you pining over bailey. And chase only put it together because he’s a super smart detective. Wow. Thanks. So look, we just have to hold it together for a little while longer, okay? Once peter is locked away for franco’s murder, bailey can finally come home to you. Yeah, how long until he’s locked away, brook lynn? Peter has money and connections, and until he’s behind bars, he will try to get out of this. I have a fav orto ask you. Anything. Name it. Don’t you think you want to know what it is first? Alright. Because it concerns victor. You want me to get close to victor, to exploit our relationship for information to learn the real reason he’s in port charles? I do. Great minds think alike. You, me, and laura. Laura? Yeah, we had coffee the other day. We discussed charlotte, among other things, and she asked if I wouldn’t mind connecting with victor. How do you feel about that? Well, her concern is just that victor will be a bad influence on spencer. Probably charlotte, and I don’t disagree with that. He’s expressed an interest in getting the cassadines together for some mysterious reason, and he’s already demonstrated a willingness to work with peter august, so I think it’s probably best that we deal with him sooner rather than later. So you’ll do it? I’ve already started.

You alright? Every time I see peter, it makes my blood boil. Because of him, my daughter is suffering. Any news about louise? No, that’s the problem. She’s been missing for months. My husband has been working night and day with law enforcement around the country, and they’ve come up with no leads, only dead ends. It’s as if louise just disappeared into thin air. It’s tearing us up inside, and I can only imagine what it’s doing to maxie. She’s a very strong woman. Well, yes, she is. She’s strong. But this is her baby, her child, and I know that she can put up a brave front, but she’s suffering. I feel like you might think there’s something I can do to help. Anna devane and I are looking into louise’s case personally. You were there the night that louise was born. I sure was, yeah, and I’d be more than happy to go over in minute detail everything that happened for you. Would you go back to pautauk with us? Absolutely. Done. I’m there. Oh, that’d be great. Okay. And you’ll need to convince maxie to come with us. Oh, sorry, no. That’s not something I’m going to do. And I can’t eventalk to mac or robert about peter’s case, because I’ve been avoiding them because I am worried that I’m going to spill the beans. And now on top of that, I’m worried with peter’s money and all his father’s connections, he’s somehow going to wriggle his way out of this when everybody knows he’s guilty. He was seen with the murder weapon. You’re right, everyone knows that peter murdered franco. Unfortunately, gladys corbin was the one who id’d him, and since she initially lied and accused jason morgan and then retracted her statement and accused peter, it’s going to raise some doubts about her credibility. Of course it will.

[ Doorbell rings ] Look, I’m sure the prosecution will come up with some other proof.

[ Door opens ] Ned! Hi. Brook lynn, you’ve been avoiding my phone calls. Hi. Yeah, I was going to call you, but my phone died and I couldn’t find my charger, and last night was — you know what? I will talk to you about this later. Maxie! No, it’s fine.

[ Sighs ] Bye, guys. Chase, I’d like to speak to my daughter alone. Do you want me to stay? That’s okay. I’ll be fine. I’ll be back soon. You know, you could be a little nicer to him. Brook lynn, why does your grandmother think you’re in trouble? You know, I bet that works most of the time, you know? The veiled threats, the cryptic tone. Your dad used to do that, too, if I recall. That must have been some fun dinnertime conversation you two had. Pushing your luck, dr. Finn. And you just came up empty. There’s no way in hell I’m fabricating a medical excuse to keep you here. You’re going to be transferred as planned. Good luck in prison, pete. You’re taking a dangerous chance, doc. I appreciate the concern. I do, but don’t worry about me. After all, I’m the one who can walk out of here. You, not so much. I haven’t been anywhere near franco’s studio since right after he died. You don’t think I’d go there and start a fire? Cameron was home. There was a little incident last night where he ended up with a head injury. Chase was there. You can ask him. And I even woke cameron up a couple of times in the middle of the night to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. I’m not accusing either one of you of anything, okay? I’m just trying to determine when the last time anyone was in franco’s studio. Yeah, I haven’t been able to face that space since the night he was killed. I know I need to give up the lease, but that would involve me moving franco’s things out. Right. I’m sorry, elizabeth, I — I know you’re going through a lot. I don’t mean to add to the pile. Have you questioned peter august? What? His trial for killing franco is coming up. His studio was the scene of the crime. Maybe he set the fire to destroy any evidence.

Wanted to help. I do. But, um… the fact that you’re leaving it up to me to convince maxie to do something makes me think that you already know she’s opposed. And if maxie’s hesitant about going back to pautauk — she experienced real trauma there, so I think it’s valid. Okay, but we just agreed that maxie is strong. I think maxie would be willing to face her fears if she knew it would bring her daughter home. Look, we still agree. I think maxie’s super gutsy. She’s amazing. But it’s got to be her decision whether or not she’s strong enough to go back there. Me, I’m happy to go and help if you want, but I’m not going to convince maxie to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Sorry. You know what? What? I like you. Victor rather conveniently ran into me at the metro court. My first impulse was to shut him out, but I thought better of it, and ever since, we’ve been getting along famously. Really? Have you now? You don’t think he suspects anything? There’s definitely a game being played. I’m not certain it’s chess and not poker, but we’re maneuvering around one another, looking for flaws in each other’s strategy. I’m giving him enough of an opening to keep him interested, but not so much he suspects a trap. Well, it’s always so much harder to investigate someone you know, especially a family member. You don’t suppose it’s just a father’s love of his son, do you? You know, I don’t doubt that victor wants to get to know you better. Well, other than a mutual love of vodka, there really is only one connection. What’s that? A mutual desire to make sure brook lynn is sorry she crossed a cassadine. You and victor are plotting against brook lynn? It was victor’s idea, but teaching brook lynn a lesson is not without its appeal. I understand you’re hurt, but… is revenge really necessary? She lied to me. She did hurt me. Worse still, she hurt my daughter. I’m not going to forgive that. What exa ctlydid granny say? She did more insinuating than actually explaining, but the gist was that something is going on with my granddaughter. But when I cornered her, I wasn’t exactly satisfied with her explanation.

[ Sighs ] Is bailey alright? I can honestly say that bailey is just fine. Okay, well, then, why did you move out of the house so suddenly? I wanted chase to have 24-hour access to bailey, and I didn’t want him to have to move back into monica’s house — and to be honest, dad, I wanted a little privacy, okay? Live-in help is nice, but tripping over family all the time can get stressful. And yeah, I know I’m used to it, but chase isn’T. Mm-hmm. Maybe your grandmother was right about one thing, after all. What now? Are you falling for chase?

[ Knock on door ] What’s going on? You look like you’re thinking deep thoughts. That’s what they pay me for, thinking deep doctor thoughts. Did you get all moved in? Yeah, astonishingly, all of brook lynn’s clothes and accessories found a home.

[ Chuckles ] How’d your date wind up with elizabeth? Despite getting cut short, I had a really good time, and we’re going to do it again, minus the hospital visit and the emergency call. Right. Well, I’m glad to hear it. What else is going on? Hmm? Nothing. Really? Hmm. ‘Cause I can kind of sense you pondering something more than medical mysteries. Come on, talk to me. I don’t — I don’t want to get you involved.

[ Scoffs ] Okay. That was the wrong thing to say, because now I am not going anywhere until you tell me everything. Cameron, I don’t want you to worry about pet er august. He is handcuffed to a bed at gh and under guard. He probably didn’t do it himself. Doesn’t mean he didn’t hire someone else to do it for him. Look, cam, we’re investigating all possibilities, alright? He killed franco. Who else had that motive? Okay, alright, alright. You told dante your theory, and now we just need to let the police do their jobs. Mom. What if this fire hurts the case against peter august? Cam… if somehow, peter august isn’t convicted of murdering franco, he’s got so many other charges hanging over his head, he will never be walking a free man again. You’re really doing this? You’re just gonna sit — you’re not gonna — I don’t have time for this. I do. I have all day. I’m suspended, remember? But my cop instincts aren’T. What aren’t you telling me? Okay, in the spirit of just getting you off my back, I saw peter august earlier. He was running his mouth and… got under my skin a little. That’s because that’s what he does. It’s part of the reason why I haven’t gone to see him yet. You know, I can’t help but relish the fact that peter is poisoned after he poisoned me for weeks and weeks, not to mention essentially blowing up my life. We came close to losing you. I still have nightmares about it. Stay out of my way, finn. My daughter’s out there. And my son is dying downstairs! Give me what I need to save him! I was out of my mind. Chase: I understand. I can’t imagine what you went through. I mean, I know I would have lost it. I did. Where do you think you’re going? To find my daughter. No! Peter was dangling the antidote in front of me. When he threw it off the roof, I just… and you’re walking out! Get off me!

[ Screams ] Finn? What the hell are you talking about? Where have you been? You’re not my only client. And even if you were, I’m an attorney, not a nurse. It’s not my job to sit by your bedside. Well, they tried to transfer me back to pentonville. You have to stop them. And how do you suggest I do that? You’ve been charged with a capital crime, and we have no grounds to oppose the transfer — unless, of course, there’s some kind of pressing medical reason. Is there? I tried that already. I complained of excruciating back pain, but they took an mri, and that’s not going to show anything. I tried to get a doctor to vouch for me, but he’s refused to help. Oh, which reminds me, I want dr. Hamilton finn arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Very happy that I was able to make such a good first impression, but I won’t be pressuring maxie to go anywhere, especially not pautauk. I like that you respect maxie’s wishes. I’m just worried that she doesn’t really know what she wants. Initially, when anna mentioned about going back to pautauk, she agreed, but when I brought it up later, she didn’t want to do it. People are entitled to change their minds, right? It’s not uncommon. Well, maxie sometimes underestimates herself and needs a little bit of encouragement. Yeah. I’m not so sure I’m the one that should be encouraging her. We’re just getting to know each other. I can tell that my daughter trusts you. Really? Really. You and maxie seem to have a real connection. I can tell my daughter’s comfortable with you. Maxie: I am. But what I’m not comfortable with is the two of you talking about me behind my back. I am not falling for chase. But if I was, why — why would that be a problem? Well, it’s a problem if chase doesn’t feel the same way. Oh, wow. You don’t think he could have feelings for me? Why? Because I’m not good enough? Sweetheart, that’s not what I’m saying. Then what are you saying, dad? Chase is a really great guy. You have no idea. Yes, a great guy who, until recently, was married and in love with willow, who could very well be on the rebound. And let’s not forget the fact that you kept his daughter away from him. You know, some men just don’t get over that. Okay. We all know what happened and how it played out. The reality is, is that we are here now. We’re good. We are co-parenting bailey, and we’re good. You said that already. Because it’s true. Look, dad, we already got past all the lying stuff and chase and i are still friends and he’s not the kind of guy to hold a grudge and we’re actually getting to know each other better. How much better? We are both committed to giving bailey the best life possible. Nothing more. I have a lot of work to do. I thought you were speaking generally about peter withholding the antidote, but then you mentioned a roof. What exactly did you mean? Forget about it. You don’t — you don’t have to worry about it. No, I think I do, because clearly, this is affecting you in a big way. Come on, let me in. Maybe I can help. If peter used you — it wasn’t like that! Wasn’t — wasn’t like that. Look… I never wanted to pull you into this. But it’s bound to come out sooner or later, so it’s better that you hear from me. Hear what? The night that peter disappeared from gh, I found him on the roof. I begged him. I begged him to give me the medicine that you needed, the antidote. He refused. And when he threw it off the roof, I just lost it. He started to leave, and I rushed at him and I… I pushed him down the stairs. Finn, I’m so sorry. I’m not getting anything. No pulse, no breath. I think he’s gone. I thought I’d killed him. And even then, I only cared because I thought his death meant you would die to. So there it is. And that’s exactly how it happened. Finn tried to kill me, then walked away, leaving me in that basement. Well, that is an interesting story. Do you have any proof? Like, I don’t know, security camera footage? No. Hmm. The cameras were disabled. So it’s the word of a suspected murderer wanted for capital offenses in multiple time zones against that of a respected physician? Well, the accusations alone should be enough to tarnish the reputation of the good doctor. Let him hash it out in court with his own time and money. He might exonerate himself, but will this hospital or any other want to keep an accused killer on staff? I cannot wait to tell the world what he did to me. Well, you’re definitely not going to do that. I don’t care about the other charges. I want peter to pay for killing franco. Even when peter’s in prison, it’s not going to bring franco back. Yeah, well, it’ll make me feel a hell of a lot better. Can we go to the studio? See if any of franco’s work is salvageable? Yeah, I’m sorry. I mean, not until the arson investigation is concluded. And even then, between the fire and the water and the chemicals that was used to put out the fire, I doubt there’s very much that survived. Look, I’m going to find who did this, okay? That’s my promise to you. Thank you. I’ll keep you posted, alright? Okay.

[ Muffled clatter ] I can’t believe this. Elizabeth: I know, sweetheart. I’m kicking myself for not bringing some of his paintings home. When I was really missing franco, I’d imagine that he was across town, in the studio, painting. Yeah, me too. There was so much of him in that studio. Now it’s all gone. Kind of feels like we’re losing him all over again. I found charlotte’s copy of “wind in the willows.” It was in the trash. I thought she loved that book. She does. She always has. She said she was reading it to bailey, and she’s not interested in reading it without her. I’m so sorry she’s going through that. You, too. It’s hard, and there’s nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. No. But how does revenge on brook lynn help charlotte? Sends a message. You go against me and mine, you pay a price. I’m nothing to be trifled with. Is it so important that the world fears you? Yes. That’s not who we are anymore. That’s not our life. That’s not who you are. Oh, that’s exactly who I am. I thought you knew that.

setthe fire, it’s weird, isn’t it? What do you mean? The timing. First, you found your ring in your locker at work, and now the fire? Those are very different things. They both have to do with franco. I don’t know. It just strikes me as unusual. Weird. Or it’s an indication that you’ve been listening to too many paranormal podcasts. Maybe. I forgot the sugar. Okay, so you got to the basement and…? I left peter in the freezer. I thought I’d killed him. Some months later, the police searched the basement and found the freezer was empty. See, bro, I’m not the hero you thought I was. I am so sorry that you went through that all on your own. I should have kept it that way, but now I’ve got you involved. Stop. I’m glad I know. You can’t keep carrying this on your own. But going back to your encounter with peter — did he threaten to go to the authorities? He was vague, but nothing’s off the table. Alright, well, we’ll deal with that later. We? No.

We’re not dealing with anything. Listen, peter used my condition to control you. I’m the reason that this happened. You only got poisoned because of me. I was the target. You just drank the wrong drink. And we’re lucky that it happened that way. Nothing lucky about it. What would have happened if you were the one that was poisoned? I couldn’t have come up with the cure the way that you did. Finn, you cured me because that is what you do. You save lives. And I’m very grateful that you saved mine. Maybe my veneer of respectability is thinner than you’re comfortable with, but make no mistake, anna — I am what I am, and I’m fine with that. And it worked for you when we were hunting for peter august. Oh, I’m well aware that the world isn’t just black and white. Not mine. It’s gray — as is yours. You’ve never shrunk from bending the rules as you go. No, I know. It’s true. I have to say, though, that at this point in my life, I am trying to make a sincere effort to, I don’t know, respect the rules. Why? For propriety? It’s overrated. You do what you have to do. Yeah, when necessary. Brook lynn’s no threat to you or victor. Is it really necessary to go after her? If I say yes, do we still get to be friends? Dante: Good morning. Hi. Hey. Anna, mind if I have a word? Go ahead. I’ve got a phone call to make. Sorry, did I, uh, interrupt something? Hamilton finn tried to kill me! After you poisoned his brother, a law enforcement officer. Is the world supposed to forget that juicy little detail? On top of the fact that you withheld the medication necessary to save detective chase? Which is in itself attempted murder. Believe me, peter, the last thing you need right now is more charges against you. Yes, but I — no. No. No ifs, no ands or buts. You are this close. Our defense, your only defense, is the pcpd unfairly targeted you, an innocent man, and if you don’t blow everything up by intentionally muddying the waters, you might just beat this murder charge. Mom, what are you doing? Talking behind your back. Mom! That’s not actually what we were doing. No, you don’t have to cover for me. I asked austin to convince you to go back to pautauk. I figured if the two of you were together, it would give you the strength to relive the night that louise was born. This is not about strength, mom. I do nothing but relive it. I have been through that night with the police over and over again. There are nights I don’t sleep because I’m just replaying it in my head, wondering if there was anything I could have done differently to prevent this from happening. There’s nothing else to remember. She seems pretty clear about that. I am. Alright. Okay. Never mind. Thank you. But hey, you don’t need to worry. I’ll go to pautauk on my own. Wait, without me? Yeah, I don’t mind. I’m a little fuzzy about what happened that night and… maybe I’ll remember something that’ll help us find louise.

Everything’s fine.What can I do for you? Um… franco baldwin’s art studio was torched last night. Oh. No one was hurt, but I’m thinking maybe peter august was involved. That’s where he killed franco. That sounds like something peter would do. How can I help? I’m just trying to put a list together — associates, contacts, someone he might have hired to do the job. Yeah, I’ll have that to you by the end of the day. Great, thanks. Did you check with the hospital to see whether maybe peter had any unauthorized contact with the outside? Yeah, I’m going to do all that. Okay. Oh, sure. Thanks, anna. Yeah, no. Uh… hey, um… I know you can take care of yourself — oh. [ Chuckles ] I-I don’t really like sentences that start like that. Yeah, neither do I. I heard about you and valentin at the savoy on new year’s eve. Which is, of course,none of your business. None of my business. 100%. But… as your friend, I don’t want to see you get hurt, so if you are getting involved with valentin, just… be careful. Of course. I’ll see you. So now detective falconeri has concerns? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I make up my own mind in the end anyway. Give me your hand. If victor’s plan goes too far, I’ll stop it. How’s that? Define “too far.” Well, you’re going to have to trust me to make that call. Do you trust me? I’m not sure. I should have stayed off the roof. I let my anger get the best of me, and it could have cost you your life. Well, here’s the good news. Well… good is a relative term, but peter’s still alive. He can’t even prove that you pushed him, so legally, your hands are clean. I say, forget about the roof. Don’t let peter mess with your head. Don’t give the bastard the satisfaction, and focus on your triumph instead. What triumph? You did the impossible. You cured me. Okay, one moment of anger doesn’t change that. And, uh, I don’t care what you say, you’re still a hero in my book. I’m sorry for rushing over here and overreacting. Your grandmother’s concern for you was real. And after what happened with leo, I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay with you and bailey. I’m fine. I promise, okay? Now you have to promise to stop glaring at chase. I’ll try, especially now that he’s my quasi-son-in-law. Dad, I told you, there’s nothing going on. I mean, could you imagine the two of us? Like that would ever happen. It could happen. You think? You could see us as a couple? Of course. You share a child. You’ll always have that bond. So when do you want to head to pautauk? So you’re determined to do this? Yep. Okay, fine. Um… I’ll go with you. You will? You sure? Yeah, yeah. I have to. Excellent. I know this will be difficult, but I’ll be right there with you. Yeah. And hopefully, one of us will remember something that will bring louise back home to us. Yeah. If you remember something, I definitely want to be there. I’ve done my job. I’ve read all the evidence the state has against you, and the case is thin. They got no physical proof tying you to the scene of the crime and one very unreliable witness. That’s it. Which means with a little bit of luck, I ought to be able to convince the jury that you’re the victim of your estranged aunt. The anna devane vendetta — the woman just happens to be the former chief of police, as well as the ex-wife of district attorney scorpio. All you’ve got to do, peter, is sit in that courtroom and look penitent, so you do yourself a favor — you cooperate and leave the rest to me. Fine. Whatever it takes to get me free. But just so you know, I do have one other ace up my sleeve, just in case things don’t go quite as smoothly as you hope. God help me. What ace is that? An accomplice. An accomplice? You never mentioned the fact that finn had an accomplice. Not finn’S. Mine. Would I gain any goodwill by naming the person who helped me escape gh last june?

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Days Transcript Thursday, January 20, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Xander: Sarah. Can’t believe it. You’re really here.

Gwen as sarah: Well, yeah.

Xander: Oh, thank god you’re all right. Thank god! [Takes deep breath]

Xander: [Sighs]

Abigail: Kate.

Kate: What? Oh, hi.

Abigail: I see something’s wrong. Did you get bad news about philip?

Kate: No, actually. Nothing on that front. Have you ever been going about your business and suddenly find yourself face-to-face with two of the people you despise the most in the world?

Abigail: Hasn’t happened in a while. Do I know these people?

Kate: Yeah, well, um, they definitely did damage to your life.

Abigail: So it’s gotta be jake and gabi, right?

Kate: Give the woman a big cigar.

Jake: Did I remember to thank you for saving my life back there?

Gabi: I think so.

Jake: If you hadn’t pulled me off that curb, kate would’ve run right over me.

Gabi: Hell hath no fury.

Jake: No, I do not scorn her, okay? I just–

Gabi: Dumped her? Hey, listen. Watch yourself. She may still have the hots for you.

Jake: Okay, okay. I’ll watch myself if you promise to watch yourself.

Gabi: What does that mean?

Jake: My nephew, johnny, he’s got the hots for you.

Gabi: [Scoffing chuckle]

Demon johnny: Checkmate.

[Sighs] I’m sorry, elvis, but the king had to be sacrificed for the greater good, or in this case, the greater evil.

Judge: Jason smith is your last witness. Am I correct?

Ej: His testimony should be stricken from the record. Every word of it was a lie!

Judge: One more outburst from you, mr. Dimera, and I will cite you for contempt.

Ej: [Sighs]

Belle: He means it. Keep your mouth shut.

Ej: Okay.

Judge: Ms. Trask?

Melinda: I have a sworn deposition from the victim, samantha brady dimera, and i request that it be entered into evidence.

Judge: So ordered. It’s unfortunate that mrs. Dimera didn’t testify in person.

Belle: I would like it entered into the record that defense counsel had no chance to cross examine.

Melinda: Mrs. Dimera did not feel safe enough to be present, your honor. Not with her kidnapper being seated at the defense table.

Belle: Objection!

Judge: Sustained. Please refrain from commentary, ms. Trask. Any further witnesses?

Melinda: No, your honor. The prosecution rests.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Abigail: I know how much jake and gabi’ve hurt you, but, I mean, it’s all worked out for the best, right? You’re with roman now.

Kate: And I’m happy.

Abigail: So all’s well that ends well.

Kate: The hortons always say that.

Abigail: No. Actually, that was shakespeare, but.

Kate: Yeah, actually, I know that. My point is that obviously, I do not forgive betrayal as easily as you do.

Abigail: But you got even, though, right? I mean, you voted with ej and chad to fire jake from dimera.

Kate: What are you doing here, anyway? Shouldn’t you be covering ej’s trial?

Abigail: Well, I’m actually working on another story about my cousin, sarah.

Kate: Oh. So what’s up with her? Why did she act like she was with rex this whole time?

Abigail: That’s what I’m trying to find out. I promised maggie. She’s obviously really worried. She thought she knew where her daughter was for the last year and turns out she was wrong.

Kate: Yeah, well, that had to have been tough on maggie.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. And xander is actually really upset, too, so he and I are working together.

Kate: That’s quite an odd couple.

Abigail: Yeah.

[Chuckles] Yeah. But he and i have one very important thing in common, that we both care about sarah and we’re very determined to figure out where she’s been for the last year.

Gwen as sarah: Get off me, you creep!

Maggie: Sarah! Xander has been as worried about you as I have.

Gwen as sarah: Okay, yeah, well, now you can see that I am fine, so you can go back to wherever you came from.

Xander: I’m not budging until you and I talk.

Gwen as sarah: See? Now do you see why I didn’t want to even want him to know where I was? I was afraid this neanderthal would find me and drag me back to his cave.

Maggie: Sweetheart, I know that you changed your mind about marrying xander, but I also know that you were very much in love with him at one time. And he was terribly distraught when you left. The least you can do is give him ten minutes of your time.

Gwen as sarah: Fine. Ten minutes.

Xander: Like, I know I kind of just barged in on you two. Would you mind giving us that ten minutes alone?

Maggie: Um, why don’t we talk about this out in the hall? Don’t you go anywhere. Come on.

Gwen as sarah: [Blows air] Okay. [Takes deep breath] Keep it together, gwen. You fooled the mother. You can fool xander, too.

Chad: Hey.

Johnny: Hey.

Chad: What are yo up to?

Johnny: Oh, just playing some chess against myself. Do you know what happened to nonno’s set?

Chad: Yeah, I replaced it with the one abigail bought. It’s great, isn’t it?

Johnny: You don’t think that’s sort of disrespectful?

Chad: It’s a game.

Johnny: It’s part of who he was.

Chad: All right, look. I didn’t find out stefano was my father until I was in college, so I didn’t grow up hearing about the whole legacy thing like you did.

Johnny: Is that why you didn’t have any problems selling my father down the river in court?

Judge: Is the defense prepared to present its case?

Belle: Your honor, the defense was not offered an opportunity to cross-examine samantha brady dimera and mrs. Dimera’s deposition offered no direct evidence of any connection whatsoever between my client and the kidnapping.

Judge: I’ll take that under advisement.

Belle: Thank you, your honor. It is our contention that the prosecution failed to make a prima facie case against ej dimera, therefore we request that the case be dismissed for lack of evidence.

Judge: So you won’t be calling any witnesses?

Belle: That is correct.

Ej: No. It isn’T. I’ll be testifying. My asthma felt anything but normal.

Belle: Uh, your honor, I need a moment to confer with my client.

Judge: Make it brief.

Belle: Are you out of your mind? Everything is going well. Trask is not making her case.

Ej: Jason smith said under oath that he was taking orders from me and chad got on the stand and backed him up. Their testimony needs to be refuted. I can tell that this judge is not a fan of mine, but I really–

Belle: ‘Cause you keep shooting off your big mouth in this courtroom.

Ej: He holds my future in his hands. If I can’t sway him, then he’s going to find me guilty.

Belle: You are a lawyer. You know if you get up there and testify that trask’s gonna cross-examine you and she’s gonna bring up every terrible thing you have ever done.

Ej: I need to testify on my own behalf.

Belle: It is my professional advice that you not do that.

Melinda: Can we please get on with this? [Scoffs]

Judge: Has the defense reached a decision?

Belle: We have, your honor.

[Clears throat] The defense calls ej dimera.

Chad: Your father swore to me he was being set up, that he had nothing to do with sami’s kidnapping. I believed him. But yesterday, I found out that every word out of that man’s mouth is a damn lie.

Johnny: What do you mean?

Chad: He forced himself on my wife.

Johnny: What?

Chad: In the witness room at the courthouse. I walked in on him and he was slobbering all over her.

[Soft tense music]

Johnny: Maybe it wasn’t what it seemed.

Chad: You don’t think I know what kissing is?

Johnny: What I meant was maybe the feeling was mutual.

Chad: Not a chance. Abigail was appalled. She was sick to her stomach.

Johnny: I’m sorry, I guess I’m just remembering that affair they had back when I was a kid. Mom said they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Chad: Trust me, I haven’t forgotten about that. Yesterday, that was all ej. And it was in that moment that i realized that he’s been playing me on every level since the minute he came back here.

Jake: I still can’t believe johnny hit on you.

Gabi: Why not? Guys hit on me all the time.

Jake: Because the horny, little bastard did it right in front of me. And wait, what do you mean guys all the time?

Gabi: Doesn’t matter.

Jake: It does to me.

Gabi: Look, it’s very sweet, but if johnny has a thing for me, we need to figure out a way to use it to our advantage.

Jake: Why?

Gabi: Because he’s voting ej’s shares of dimera’s stock as well as his, so he’s a heavy hitter now.

Jake: Oh, yeah, all right. Look, I see what you’re saying. I don’t like it, but I see it. If johnny’s on our side, it gives us leverage to get victor on the dimera board.

Gabi: And then we’ll be cruising our way to a double takeover. You’ll run dimera and I’ll run titan.

Jake: You make it sound awfully easy.

Gabi: Maggie’s behind us.

Jake: Yeah. Still surprised about that, to be honest.

Gabi: Maggie wants victor to slow down. She’s no dummy. She’s not going to stand in the way of a good idea.

Gwen as sarah: [Sighs] You’re finally back.

Maggie: You know what? I think I’m gonna let you and xander talk privately.

Gwen as sarah: You’re gonna leave me alone with him?

Maggie: Well, I have to speak with henderson about getting your room ready.

Gwen as sarah: I’m not staying.

Maggie: Excuse me?

Gwen as sarah: I got in late last night, so I took a room at the salem inn.

Maggie: Well, you can’t stay there indefinitely.

Gwen as sarah: I’m not. I booked a flight for later today.

Maggie: You just got here.

Gwen as sarah: But… my patients. They need me.

Maggie: Where are you working? I don’t know– where are you living?

Gwen as sarah: I don’t want to say in front of him. I came back so that you wouldn’t worry and now you don’t have to.

Maggie: Then, um… this is goodbye.

Gwen as sarah: Yeah.

Maggie: Okay, then. You need to call me regularly from now on, is that clear?

[Soft tense music]

Xander: She misses you so much. You can’t even spend one more day with her?

Gwen as sarah: [Scoffs] You’re not thinking of her. You’re only thinking of yourself.

Xander: That’s not true, and you know it.

Gwen as sarah: Just say what you came to say. Clock’s ticking.

Xander: Fine. I will.

[Sighs] When you left me that day, I– you sounded like a woman I didn’t even know. And you still do. Why is that? This is the sound of nature breathing.

Jake: I hate to even ask this, but how do you suppose you’re gonna get johnny on our side?

Gabi: I’m gonna flirt with him. Make him think I have the hots for him, too.

Jake: No freakin’ way.

Gabi: He’s a kid.

Jake: He’s old enough.

Gabi: How am I gonna– I’ll have him wrapped around my finger before you know it. And then I’ll be calling the shots.

Jake: Can one of your shots be keep your damn hands off me?

Gabi: Once we have him on the hook, we don’t want to lose him.

Jake: Wait a minute. Are you–are you saying you’re gonna sleep with him to get his vote?

Chad: I’m telling you the truth about your dad. And I’m doing it for your sake. Swear to god.

Johnny: [Sighs] I know this isn’t the first time my dad’s crossed a line he shouldn’t have crossed.

Chad: Abby had to push him off of her.

Johnny: I’m sorry I said that about you guys. I know you guys love each other very much and i shouldn’t have implied that she was fine with what he was doing.

Chad: It’s fine. As long as you still don’t think that.

Johnny: [Chuckles] And my dad had me thinking that he was the real victim here.

Chad: Well, he’s good at that.

Johnny: Yeah. He told me that lucas kidnapped my mom and that you were framing him for it. I guess he wasn’t just lying to you. Sounds like he was doing it to me, too.

Belle: Did you have your wife kidnapped?

Ej: No, I did not.

Belle: You’re under oath, mr. Dimera.

Ej: I’m aware of that.

Belle: Tell the court about the day mrs. Dimera went missing.

Ej: I confronted samantha with evidence that she’d been cheating on me. She denied it at first, but then she admitted it. I’ll admit I was angry. I couldn’t see past her betrayal. But she’s the mother of my children. No matter what she did to me, I never would have chloroformed her and made her my prisoner. I would never separate her from our children, I swear.

Belle: No further questions.

Judge: Ms. Trask?

Melinda: Mr. Dimera, I was so hoping we’d have a chance to chat. You said in your sworn testimony, you stated that you would never chloroform your wife or separate her from her children. Is that correct?

Ej: It is.

Melinda: And has it slipped your mind that you’ve already done both of those things to mrs. Dimera?

Gwen as sarah: I’m the same person I always was.

Xander: No. Something’s off. I kissed you goodnight and the day before our wedding, you told me how much you loved me. But by the morning, you were shagging rex brady.

Gwen as sarah: Yeah. Because I came to my senses about you and he was there. It’s understandable. He’s my ex-husband.

Xander: And you told everyone that you’re running off with him, but you didn’T. You turned on him like you did on me.

Gwen as sarah: Yes, ’cause i realized that I’m in no shape to be with any man, so I told rex that I needed time to figure myself out on my own.

Xander: Well, maggie cares about you deeply. You lied to her about where you were.

Gwen as sarah: I wanted to be left alone and I was afraid that she’d tell you where I was. I was trying to avoid this.

Xander: Oh, so you hate me now?

Gwen as sarah: Yes! You put another woman’s baby in my arms and told me that it was mine! You let me fall in love with her and then you watched as she was taken away from me! How could I not hate you?

Xander: It took time, but you did get past her.

Gwen as sarah: Yeah. I said I did. I even wanted it to be true, but no mother can get over something like that. Not ever. So why can’t you get that through your thick head?

Kate: Okay, so after sarah told rex that she wasn’t going to go with him, this dimera pilot whisked her out of town?

Abigail: Apparently. I mean, he won’t talk to us unless xander or I pay him off. I mean, the guy’s a real operator.

Kate: Okay, but how could someone like sarah commandeer a dimera plane?

Abigail: Well, I think the pilot was freelancing and then he just happened to have access to another company’s old jets? I don’t actually think it had anything to do with dimera enterprises. Although xander did suspect that maybe kristen had something to do with sarah’s decision to leave town. But he dismissed it.

Kate: Why would he do that? I mean, that’s exactly what kristin did to me.

Abigail: Xander mentioned that recently. Okay, so kristin was pretending to be susan and she tried to trick you to leave town, right?

Kate: Oh, my god. All right, so vivian ordered her to break up jake and me. So under the pretext that it was susan, she told me she had a premonition and I should leave. But then when I found that susan was actually kristin, she knocked me out and stuck me down in the tunnels.

Abigail: Oh, good god.

Kate: And at the same time, she puts on a mask so she looks like me and breaks up with jake, who’s a complete idiot. I don’t know why he fell for that, ’cause we were perfectly happy. We were supposed to be going on a vacation.

Abigail: Okay, and so then, he just–he dumps you out of the blue?

Kate: Yeah, yeah. Total 180. Meanwhile, kristin stuffs me in a giant suitcase to ship me out of town.

Abigail: Wait. Did you just say giant suitcase?

Kate: [Laughing] Yeah. Pretty hard to believe, right?

Abigail: Actually, not that hard. My plaque psoriasis…

Abigail: So how did you manage to escape?

Maggie: Abigail, kate.

Kate: Hey. Hi.

Abigail: Where’s xander? Did you bring the money?

Maggie: What money?

Abigail: Well, we found the pilot that flew sarah out of town and he won’t talk to us unless we pay him off. And so xander was headed to your place to see if you’d put up the cash.

Maggie: Well, he never got around to asking me for any money.

Abigail: Well, why not?

Maggie: Well–[Chuckles] I guess it’s not necessary, because xander is now with sarah at the moment.

Gwen as sarah: What you and victor did to kristen and me is unforgivable.

Xander: Yeah, that’s why kristin took so much joy in telling me about you and rex. It was her, not susan banks like I told you.

Gwen as sarah: I couldn’t care less who it was.

Xander: Did kristin get to you? Did she talk you into walking out on me?

Gwen as sarah: That was my decision. So now I’ve answered all of your questions. I have to go check out at the inn.

Xander: Oh, so you can disappear again? How long for this time?

Gwen as sarah: It’s really none of your business!

Xander: You didn’t even say goodbye to maggie. Don’t you care that you’ve broken her heart?

Gwen as sarah: I’m sorry for making her suffer. It’s why I came back. To put her mind at ease.

Xander: Your half-sister died last year. She had to go through that without you.

Gwen as sarah: And I will do better at keeping in touch, so… now you’ve seen me. You can quit obsessing over me and move on with your life. Go be with gwen.

Xander: How’d you know I’m with gwen?

Johnny: [Sighs] Seems pretty clear I need to rethink my relationship with my father. I don’t know if you heard, but he gave me control over his shares at the company.

Chad: Shin told me.

Johnny: You should know that the original plan was to combine our shares and use them to stop you from derailing his agenda.

Chad: You still thinking about that?

Johnny: I’m thinking maybe I lined up with the wrong guy. Maybe I should be working with you.

Melinda: Isn’t it true that you chloroformed your wife, samantha, so that you could leave the country with your children? Your honor. [Scoffs]

Judge: Answer the question, mr. Dimera.

Melinda: Oh, may I remind you you are still under oath.

Ej: I believed my children were in danger.

Melinda: I’ll take that as a yes.

Ej: It was a tense situation to say the least. Samantha had shot me in the head and left me to die.

Melinda: Oh, have the two of you always been in such a violent relationship?

Belle: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Overruled. Answer the question.

Ej: Um… what–what was the question?

Melinda: Have you ever chloroformed your wife in order to take your children by force from her?

Ej: I was trying to protect them. It was an act of love, not revenge.

Melinda: You’ve turned to chloroform once before, haven’t you, hmm? Why don’t you please tell the court about the first time you chloroformed your wife and kidnapped her? Life’s been hard enough.

Jake: Eh.

Gabi: Would you stop acting like a jealous idiot? I’m not gonna sleep with johnny.

Jake: What are you gonna do?

Gabi: It’s called leading him on. I mean, I’ve done it before. I did it with stephen to get control of the company. Worked like a charm.

Jake: Yeah, it worked so well you fell into bed with him and in love.

Gabi: But I am with you now, the love of my life, not some kid. Johnny? Come on. You’re my big, studly, handsome man.

Jake: And don’t you forget it.

Gabi: All right, now that we’re on the same page, I’m gonna go over to the mansion, talk to johnny, feel him up–

Jake: What?

Gabi: Feel him out, feel him out.

Jake: You know what, gabi? This is starting to make me feel anxious.

Gabi: Well, don’T. It’s fine. I’m telling you. I got this.

Johnny: If my dad goes to prison, it’s gonna be a disaster for dimera.

Chad: Vultures like jake and gabi will try to make a power play. You can be on that.

Johnny: Which is why you and I should start working together. What do you say?

Chad: I’m all for alliances, but I don’t want to get burned again.

Johnny: Sounds like you don’t trust me.

Chad: Trust has to be earned, and I barely know you, kid.

Johnny: Look, I know I’m young, but–

Chad: The closest you’ve come to running dimera is sitting on your dad’s lap playing with the keyboard at his computer.

Johnny: I’ll prove myself. You’ll see.

Chad: I’d better.

Johnny: [Chuckles]


Demon johnny: Eh, I can’t blame you for being cautious, chad. You were just about to make a deal with the devil.

Ej: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Melinda: Allow me to refresh your memory. You once chloroformed a pregnant mrs. Dimera and brought her to a warehouse where your brother andre was waiting to extract stem cells from the umbilical cord of your unborn child. Or has that slipped your memory?

Ej: I respectfully invoke my rights under the fifth amendment.

Melinda: That is the first smart move you’ve made all day, mr. Dimera. [Clicks pen no further questions.

Judge: Would you care to redirect?

Belle: Definitely. No matter what may or may not have happened in the distant past, we are talking about the events of august 11th. On the day in question, did you order that your wife be chloroformed and kidnapped?

Melinda: Objection. Asked and answered.

Judge: Sustained.

Belle: No further questions.

Judge: You may step down, mr. Dimera.

[Soft dramatic music]

Belle: I tried to tell you.

Ej: [Sighs]

Judge: Anything further from the defense?

Belle: No, your honor. The defense rests.

Judge: Then we’ll move on to closing arguments.

Abigail: I just–I can’t believe after all this time, sarah just shows up out of the blue?

Maggie: Yeah, I can’t believe it, either.

Abigail: So is she okay?

Maggie: She–she seems a bit distant, I guess. But otherwise, fine.

Kate: Well, I’m glad that breaking rex’s heart isn’t weighing too heavily on her.

Abigail: So did she say anything about where she’s been all this time?

Maggie: She won’t tell me.

Abigail: What?

Maggie: I couldn’t press the issue because xander showed up and said she wanted to talk to her alone. And I agreed.

Abigail: [Sighs] Okay, well, then maybe you’ll get some answers when you go back to the house.

Maggie: Well, I don’t know if she’ll still be there.

Abigail: Why?

Maggie: She informed me that when she finishes talking to xander, she’s going to check out at the salem inn and take a flight out.

Abigail: [Sighs] Did she say where she’s going?

Maggie: No, she’s just, um… she’s just very distant. [Sighs]

Abigail: Okay, that’s really odd.

Maggie: Yeah, I agree. I was just so relieved to see sarah in the flesh. So then I could stop worrying that anything awful had happened to her. [Sighs] But it’s not like her visit put me completely at ease. She’s just–I don’t know. She’s not herself.

Xander: You don’t even know gwen. How could you know she’s with me?

Gwen as sarah: My mom told me right before you came in. She said you and this gwen person are very happy together and very much in love. Is that not true? Are you… not in love with gwen?

Xander: After what you did to me, I didn’t think I could ever love anyone again. Didn’t want to love anyone. Yeah, then… gwen came along and before I knew it, yeah, I love her.

Gwen as sarah: Great. Then go be with gwen. And leave me the hell alone. My asthma felt anything but normal.

[Soft dramatic music]

Xander: Cake? I ask you to marry me and you want cake?

Sarah: I want you to get me some cake.

Xander: Is this your gentle way of shooting me down?

Sarah: It’s my gentle way of asking you to get me some cake.

Xander: I’m on my knees, unemployed, apparently unengaged. I’m not really in a cake kind of place right now.

Sarah: Would you just open the damn box?

Xander: Oh, this is really weird.

Sarah: [Sighs]

Well? Will you?

Xander: Okay.

Sarah: [Chuckles]

Xander: I’ll have some cake.

Sarah: You jerk!

Xander: Of course I’ll marry you! Don’t you remember I was just on my knees trying to get you to marry me.

Sarah: I know, but I just wanted you to know that it was mutual. That I want this as much as you do.

Xander: Don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.

Sarah: [Chuckles] Me neither.

Kate: So mystery solved. Nothing disastrous happened to sarah, except she seems like she’s turned into sort of a bitch. [Chuckles] You want a drink?

Abigail: Oh, this time of day?

Kate: Oh, come on. It’s 5:00 somewhere in the world, right?

Abigail: Okay. I’ll have a glass of wine.

Kate: Yes. [Chuckles]

[Sighs] And at the same time, she puts on a mask so she looks like me and breaks up with jake, who’s a complete idiot. I don’t know why he fell for that, ’cause we were perfectly happy. We were supposed to be going on a vacation.

Xander: Rex’s mum, kate? She figured out that kristen was pretending to be susan, so kristen knocked her out and stuck her in that secret room in the tunnels. Kristen has all these masks that she can use to make her look like whoever she wants to be.

Maggie: I was just so relieved to see sarah in the flesh. So then I could stop worrying that anything awful had happened to her. But it’s not like her visit put me completely at ease. She’s just–I don’t know. She’s not herself.

Abigail: Oh, my god.

Kate: So red or white? Hey, where you going?

Gabi: Hello? Anybody home?

Johnny: What a surprise. You look beautiful.

Gabi: Thank you. And, uh, you look like you’ve been fencing.

Johnny: I was working with my instructor.

Gabi: Mm. Outside?

Johnny: That’s an intense workout.

Gabi: Guess so.

[Both chuckle] You’re sweating and it’s, like, 30 degrees outside.

Johnny: Well, hot as hell for me. So gabi, what brings you by?

Gabi: I thought you’d never ask.

Melinda: So your fate is in the judge’s hands now. Thank you for making my job so easy.

Ej: Go to hell.

[Ej sighs] Well, that was a disaster.

Belle: One of your own making. Arrogant jerk.

Ej: I thought if I was a surprise witness, trask wouldn’t have the time to dig up the dirt on me.

Belle: Oh, my god, ej. She has been after you for years. She prosecuted sami. She probably knows about every jaywalking ticket you’ve ever gotten.

Ej: Okay, made your point.

[Both sigh] Okay, what are my chances?

Belle: [Scoffs] Well, I tried to do as much damage control as I could in my closing trying to prove that this case was different than every other time you’ve chloroformed my sister, but–

Ej: Thank you for trying. I’m aware that I behaved idiotically and made your job more difficult.

Belle: Well, you still have one thing going for you. There really is no direct evidence of your guilt.

Ej: It can’t be. I’m innocent.

Melinda: Well, we’re about to find out if that’s true.

Belle: What does that mean?

Melinda: The judge is gonna rule from the bench.

Belle: [Scoffs] I didn’t expect to get that decision for weeks.

Melinda: Well, you thought wrong. Apparently, he’s already reached a verdict. It’s my 5:52 woke-up-like-this migraine medicine.

Ej: What do you think this means?

Belle: Well, I’m sure you know a fast verdict usually favors the defendant.

Ej: What the hell are you doing here?

Chad: Well, I heard there was a verdict. Decided I wanted to witness your downfall in person.

Ej: You changed your testimony and I have no idea why.

Chad: You know what you did.

Ej: I assure you, I have no idea–

Judge: I am ready to deliver my verdict. I’m sure you’re all surprised at how quickly I came to this decision, but after a review of the testimony I heard, it was clear. In the matter of people V. Elvis dimera, I find the defendant guilty as charged.

Melinda: Your honor, the people request remand.

Judge: Ms. Brady?

Belle: Your honor, the defendant is already out on bail. The defense requests that he get to remain in his home until sentencing.

Melinda: Your honor, the people object. The defendant has power and wealth at his command. He’s a huge flight risk.

Judge: I agree. Mr. Dimera, you are immediately remanded to salem pd holding where you will await transfer to statesville.

[Gavel impacts]

Gabi: I haven’t been able to stop thinking about our conversation yesterday.

Johnny: The one where you said we have interests in common, yeah?

Gabi: Yeah. I wanted to talk to you about what our partnership might look like.

Johnny: You know, I’ve actually been giving that a lot of thought.

Gabi: Hmm.

Johnny: And I was thinking that it might look something like this.

Maggie: Oh, so how did it go with sarah?

Xander: She made it quite clear that she still hates me.

Maggie: [Sighs] I’m sorry. Do you at least understand what caused her change of heart?

Xander: No. She said the same thing she said a year ago. I just don’t understand her, maggie. I was so sure that there was more to the story.

Abigail: Sarah? Thank god I caught you. Um, we need to talk.

Ava as sarah: Abigail, I’m so sorry, but if I don’t leave right now, I’m gonna miss my flight.

Abigail: Well, just answer one question.

Ava as sarah: What is it?

Abigail: You’re not really sarah, are you?

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B&B Transcript Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Hope: You saw grandma kissing santa claus.

Liam: And so– so, you keep saying that this is about brooke, but–

Douglas: It’s true. I saw them.

Hope: Well, you have been watching a lot of movies lately. Are you sure you’re not mixing up your holiday films?

Liam: Yeah. Or just that, or the song, even?

Douglas: No! Santa was there and he was kissing grandma.

Ridge: You were alone on new year’s because of me. You weren’t expecting that.

Brooke: There’s no excuse to have done what I did.

Ridge: What did you do? You made a mistake and you regret it.

[Brooke sighs] Yes, I do. I regret it more than you know.

Ridge: Tell me what I can do. I’ll do anything just to make it better.

Brooke: Ridge. You’ve already been so amazing–

Ridge: No, I’ll go to meetings with you. I’ll go to 100 meetings, I’ll go to 1,000 meetings! But we’re in this together, alright? It’s you and me, forever.

Paris: Wow, I forgot your place is immaculate.

Carter: What can I say? I like things organized.

Paris: It’s refreshing. Not your typical sloppy bachelor pad.

> Carter: Well, I am C.O.O. I’m all about order and precision.

Paris: Clearly.

Carter: Yeah. Everything’s gotta be lined up perfectly, which is why we’re here.

Paris: Yes, my financial portfolio.

Carter: Now, we’re just in the early days, so we’re laying the groundwork. But I think you will be pleased with your performance thus far.

Paris: Carter, I have no doubt. I know I’m in good hands with you.

Carter: What are your thoughts?

Paris: I am blown away. I wasn’t expecting such a jump like this!

Carter: You’re building quite the nest egg for yourself.

Paris: Thanks to you. Wow, you really are the financial genius.

Carter: I have experience with investments but I wouldn’t go that far.

Paris: Okay, don’t be modest, carter. Seriously, your support and encouragement means the world to me. And I’m so thankful for everything you’re doing, not just financially.

Ridge: I’m your husband. I’ll always be here for you.

Brooke: How did I get so lucky? To have a man like you.

Ridge: I don’t know. I’m going to tell you something but you gotta promise me not to use it against me. I need you a lot more than you need me.

Brooke: Oh, ridge. I created another issue for us. And uh… on top of everything else. So I really don’t know how you can even put up with me.

Ridge: I made a commitment to this gorgeous, blonde woman. For better or for worse. We promised to stay loyal to each other, so that’s what we’re doing. We’re going to deal with this as a couple.

Brooke: Yeah. I hope so.

Ridge: You hope so? What are you, nuts? Look at us. Strength in numbers, we got this. I’m not going anywhere.

Hope: Oh, liam and i are a little thrown off because you keep saying that you saw grandma kissing…

Douglas: The man in the red and white hat.

Hope: On new year’s eve?

Douglas: Yes.

Liam: Okay. And you’re– and you’re sure this wasn’t christmas eve because christmas eve is when santa comes.

Douglas: No.

Hope: So it was the night when we had all that yummy food and had the party hats and the noisemakers…

Liam: And they were talking about how the clock strikes midnight. That night?

Douglas: I’m sorry, mommy.

Hope: For what, sweetie?

Douglas: Liam told me not to go up to the house to find my stuffed bunny but I needed him to fall asleep. And then that’s when I saw grandma kissing santa. When they’re sick, they get comfortable anywhere

[Paris sighs] You have been so incredible to me, carter.

Carter: You’re easy to root for.

Paris: No, but you’ve gone above and beyond. It’s not about just the investment stuff or even hooking me up with this job.

Carter: Paris, forrester creations should be thanking you. You’re the perfect fit to run the foundation.

Paris: And I am loving it.

Carter: You seem really happy.

Paris: No, I just don’t know what I would do without your guidance. Not just about the foundation but with zende. I mean, you’ve been very spot on.

Carter: You’re not ready, you’re not ready.

Paris: And you know what makes me realize that I’m not ready for marriage?

Carter: What?

Paris: When I look at you and I can’t stop thinking about our kiss.

Carter: Yeah, that was– that was quite the new year’s surprise.

Paris: And I could say we both got caught up in the moment but I feel like there’s something that’s been building up between us for a long time now. And that’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t fully commit to zende. And here we are, you and me and I… I like it.

Carter: I like it, too.

Brooke: It’s a total mystery why I lost all willpower to stay sober that night. And it just hit me out of nowhere, and I know I keep saying that, but–

Ridge: I know you want to figure out what happened but there is a chance that you won’t figure it out and that’s gotta be okay.

Brooke: But I need to know what the trigger was. I– I really think that that was important. And I’ve been sober for so many years and out of nowhere I just had the urge to drink.

[Sighs] I wish I could go back and erase that night and do it all over again.

Ridge: If I’d been here, it would’ve all been different.

Brooke: I wish you were here with me, more than you even know.

Hope: So you went up to the house all by yourself to get your stuffed bunny?

Douglas: I hope I’m not in trouble.

Hope: Well, douglas, you shouldn’t have been sneaking around the property after dark by yourself and especially without telling someone. Please promise me that you will never, ever, ever do that again. Okay? But we’re not mad at you.

Liam: No.

Douglas: But you’re worried about something.

Liam: Um, no. No, we’re not. Not, not necessarily. We’re just– we’re just kind of trying to figure out what’s– what’s going on here. We do know that grandma didn’t go right to sleep that night.

Douglas: Are you upset because I saw grandma with santa?

Hope: No! No. We’re just trying to figure out how that’s possible.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, because, you know, maybe– uh, maybe you got some of the days confused because, you know, there’s a lot going on during the holidays, right?

Hope: Oh, and we did have a lot of guests going in and out of the house. A lot of people visiting. And you remember it was christmas eve when santa came down the chimney and gave all those presents–

Liam: And you know something. And I confuse christmas eve and new year’s eve all the time. Always get ’em jumbled up.

Douglas: No, it was new year’s eve.

Liam: Uh-huh.

Hope: Okay, well, you– you seem pretty sure about what happened, so I’m going to need you to tell me everything again. So, everything that you remember about that night.

Paris: Part of me felt a little guilty about our kiss.

Carter: Same.

Paris: I know it definitely wasn’t something that you were expecting.

Carter: No, I was at the office. I fully accepted to ring in the new year alone and not kiss anybody.

Paris: Yeah, I kind of threw a wrench in your plans.

Carter: Kind of.

Paris: I mean, it was the biggest party night of the year. You know, I thought you can have a little fun.

Carter: I didn’t say I wasn’t glad to see you.

Paris: Well, when I showed up, I just wanted to thank you for tipping me off about zende’s proposal and then–

Paris: I might have got a little caught up?

Carter: Yeah, we both did.

Paris: And part of me felt bad about the timing but now the circumstances have changed. Zende’s out with a model and I’m here with you…

Carter: You said you can’t get that kiss out of your mind. Neither can I.

Brooke: Ridge, I don’t want you feeling guilty for not being here for me.

Ridge: I shouldn’t have left in the first place.

Brooke: You had to travel–

Ridge: No, no, no. I didn’t have to travel at all. I didn’t have to go. I wanted to go because i wanted to be part of it, I wanted to be the big star. That’s why I left.

Brooke: If I had an inkling that I was going to be in jeopardy, I would have communicated–

Ridge: You are my person. You’re my wife, I should be connected to you. I should– I should know when you’re struggling.

Brooke: Ridge, you haven’t had to worry about me in so long. In years, actually. You couldn’t have predicted this.

Ridge: I just want to take your pain away and I can’t do it.

Brooke: Nobody can. I have to want to make better decisions. And I do. I never want what happened to ever happen again.

Ridge: And I– I will try to be more intuitive, to be… to be here, to be present, I will try.

Brooke: Oh, ridge. I’m the one who’s ashamed for–

Ridge: Stop saying that, please. You made a mistake. And you came clean. You– you told me everything. And that honesty just– I don’t know, it makes me want to be a better person for you. I love you so much.

Hope: Nobody’s upset with you. We just want a better understanding of what you saw that night.

Liam: Yeah. Like, can you give us some… can you give us any more details, big or small, whatever you can remember, anything.

Douglas: Well… I couldn’t sleep without my stuffed bunny. So, I snuck out on a walk went up to the big house. When I reached the living room window, I peaked in. And that’s when I saw it. Grandma kissing santa.

Liam: Uh-huh. Okay. And, um… did you see santa’s face?

Douglas: Not really. Just his hat.

Liam: Did– did grandma or– or anyone else see you?

Douglas: No, nobody saw me.

Hope: Well, douglas, I have to ask, and this does not mean that we don’t believe you but, you have a really great imagination.

Liam: Just– yeah, and– and you know, sometimes dreams can get kind of mixed up with real life, right?

>>Douglas: No. I swear it’s true. I really saw it happen.

Liam: Well, yeah. Okay.

Hope: Okay. Thank you for telling us.

Liam: Yeah. And good job remembering all those, all those details. That was great.

Hope: Yeah. Now don’t we have some homework to do? Hm?

Douglas: Bye, mommy.

Hope: Alright.

Liam: I’ll come check with you in a minute.

[Door closes] What the hell was that? What could he possibly be talking about?

Hope: I don’t know. Who’s to say? I mean, we know ridge didn’t get here until the following day.

Liam: I know. Which raises the question, what– or I guess, who could douglas have seen that night?

Hope: Well, the only way to know for sure is to have a conversation with my mother. Your kindness outshines your highs and lows.

Paris: This… could get complicated.

Carter: I know.

Douglas: Liam?

Liam: ‘Sup, dude?

Douglas: I was trying to do more homework.

Liam: Well, you let me know if you need any help because you are looking at the 1994 spelling bee champion of– hey. What’s going on?

[Douglas sighs] I just can’t stop thinking about what I told you and mommy.

Liam: About that night?

Douglas: I hope you’re not disappointed in me.

Liam: Disappoin– oh, my god. No, absolutely not. We are not disappointed. We are so, so happy and so proud that you came to us and you told us everything. And the last thing that we want is for you to feel anxious about it. Okay?

Douglas: Where’s mommy?

Liam: Uh, she’s having a little chat with grandma.

Douglas: Is mom going to tell grandma that i saw her kissing santa?

Hope: Mom!

Brooke: Oh! God, honey. You startled me.

Hope: Oh, is everything alright? Is… is ridge home?

Brooke: Uh, no. Ridge is at the office but everything’s fine. Thank you for checking on me. I really do appreciate your love and support.

Hope: Well, you know, I– I will always be here for you. Uh, but I do have a question about uh, that night. You did come clean to ridge and me about everything. Right?

Brooke: Are you okay, sweetheart?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, it’s just that liam and i had a conversation with douglas just now about new year’s eve and– and while we were celebrating that night, he actually forgot his favorite stuffed animal up here.

Brooke: Oh! I haven’t seen it. But I’ll look around and as soon as I do, I’ll just run it down there.

Hope: That’s– that’s actually not the point. Liam that night told him that he was not allowed to come back up here to look for it, but he ignored that and he snuck back up here anyway.

Brooke: He did?

Hope: Yeah, he did. So is there anything that maybe… he shouldn’t have seen?

Brooke: What do you mean?

Hope: Well, it’s just, you know, when he snuck up here, douglas looked through those windows and he saw… you.

Brooke: He didn’t see me drinking, did he?

Hope: No, no. Thankfully, he didn’t mention anything about that.

Brooke: Oh, okay, good. I wouldn’t know how to explain that to my grandson.

Hope: Hm. Well, it’s something that he’s actually been very insistent about for the past few weeks. But liam and I have just, kind of dismissed it because we didn’t fully understand it. And I am not sure we do even now.

Brooke: What is it?

Hope: I wish there was an easier way to just come out and say this. And liam and I, we really did make sure that douglas was 100% certain of this but–

Brooke: About?

Hope: Douglas said he saw you… he saw you kissing santa claus.

Brooke: What?

Hope: He’s 100% sure. He insists that it’s the truth. But he says that he saw you kissing a man in a red and white hat.

Brooke: Oh, oh, my god.

Hope: Did something happen? Mom. If something happened, you need to tell me because we both know that ridge was not home that night. He was still off at work, so– so what happened, mom? Mom, answer me, please.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Devon: Welcome to the world, little man. They just want to make sure you’re happy and healthy.

Chance: Is he sick? Is this, like, a sick thing? Should I call the doctor?

Devon: No, no, no. I don’t think he’s sick. It’s just — I think he’s tired.

Chance: He isn’t going to sleep.

Devon: Because he’s a baby, you know? He gets fussy and you need to calm him down.

Chance: You got something that’ll make him eat?

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Devon: I don’t have any tricks, but let me try.

Chance: Here you go.

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Chance: It’s okay. Hey, it’s okay, bud.

Devon: Hey, hey, hey.

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Devon: It’s okay. Hey.

Dominic: [ Wailing ]

Devon: Hey, hey.

[ Speaking indistinctly ]

Dominic: [ Wailing ]

Devon: Oh, no. No, you don’t want that. Okay, okay. Let’s get you up. Let’s get you up and let’s just relax. There you go.

Chance: Oh, you did it.

Devon: There you go.

Chance: In her eyes, I’m the perfect husband and the perfect father.

Devon: You don’t see yourself like that?

Chance: Not even close.

Devon: Okay. Well, I mean, the fact that she does — that’s a good thing, right?

Chance: It’s just not who i am, man. I let her down before our baby was even born. I mean, I failed her.

Devon: I don’t know how you figure that you failed anybody. You’re home. You made it. You’re alive. You know, you have a brand-new son. You got a great wife.

Chance: Do I deserve it? You know, I made commitments to abby and dominic. I’m gonna do everything that i can to try to live up to them. But — but the question is, can I?

Devon: [ Sighs ] God, I wish I could talk to you, dad. You wouldn’t just tell me what to do, either. You would — you would break everything down, have me look at it from every angle… find the heart of the matter.

[ Sighs ] And then you’d let me figure it out on my own.

[ Sighs ] Oh, god, I just want to hear you say that you get it, that you get why I’m doing what I’m doing, even though it’s not goa be easy. ‘Cause I’m just trying to do the right thing for my son.

Chance: Hey. You want some coffee?

Abby: No. I didn’t get any sleep, but i feel like I’m gonna jump out of my skin if I have caffeine.

Chance: What can I do to help you?

Abby: Chance, explain it to me. Please. Devon is ready to take legal action to get shared custody of our son, and you don’t want to fight him on it? He has you questioning your ability to be a good father, which is wrong and, frankly, disgusting. You just went through something, something terrible, and he wants you to just bounce back? Healing from trauma takes time. Learning to parent takes time.

Chance: I know, and his point is dominic doesn’t have time to sit around and wait for me to figure this out.

Abby: Our son is thriving. It’s just — it takes a while for us to get established as a family, and I feel like all of this is just unraveling.

Chance: I’m sorry, abby. I’m — I’m sorry. I just feel that our best option is to find some common ground here, you know, find something that everybody can live with, because I don’t see devon backing down. I really don’T. And this has potential to get really ugly.

Abby: Okay, fine. Then let it get ugly because I’m not gonna agree to something that could profoundly disrupt our son’s life. We had a document. We had it drawn up. We all agreed to it. We went into this with our eyes wide open. And now devon wants to change it and he’s taking it this far? You know, it — it breaks my heart, but I am gonna fight for my son. And I need something from you.

Chance: Anything. You know that.

Abby: I need to know that you’re with me, that you’re on my side.

Chance: Abby, of course. I always am.

[ Smooches ]

Lily: Good morning.

Billy: Hi.

Sharon: Good morning, you two. What can I get you?

Lily: Uh, I’ll have an espresso, please.

Billy: That’s right. Take it up a notch. It’s her first day as ceo of chancellor industries.

Sharon: [ Gasps ] That is so wonderful. Congratulations.

Lily: Thank you. Well, it’s billy’s first day, too. He’s joining chancellor as coo so it’s a big day for both of us.

Sharon: Okay, then I’ll congratulate both of you. Clearly you make an excellent team. And you seem very relaxed for such a momentous occasion.

Billy: Well, it’s nice to look towards the future now, putting everything that happened at chanccomm behind us.

Lily: Mm-hmm. Uh, on that note, I think we should go back to the office?

Billy: No, we don’t have to rush out just because adam got here.

Lily: Well, I would like to ignore him.

Billy: We could do that. But what kind of message would that send? Medusa lived with a hideous curse.

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provided by…

Chance: You going somewhere?

Abby: I just, um — I need to get some air. Dominic’s asleep, and louise is upstairs.

Chance: Hey, I feel like what I said earlier upset you. And I’m –I’m really sorry.

Abby: No, I’m — I’m not angry at you. It’s devon. Insinuating that we’re failing our son — it’s pretty insulting.

Chance: Abby, that doesn’t reflect on you at all. He’s got a problem with me.

Abby: [ Scoffs ] And clearly amanda’s willing to do whatever it takes to get devon whatever he wants, like using everything we say as a weapon.

Chance: I know. I should have never opened up to him. That’s what started this whole thing.

Abby: You confided in devon. You shared what happened to you in spain. And now he’s using that as an excuse to void our agreement.

Chance: Yeah, he sure is, but it’s still my fault.

Abby: Don’t say that. Look, I know you don’t want things to get adversarial, and I love you for it, but devon has gone too far. And I think this is gonna be impossible. I have to go.

[ Smooches ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Footsteps departing ]

Chloe: You’re late. But I forgive you. I just got an update on sally.

Chelsea: How’s her trip to new york going?

Chloe: Well, believe it or not, she’s got a full day planned — interviewing colin lacasa, big score, then lunch at choon-hee park’s atelier, and then dinner with the winner of that reality show, um, about streetwear designers.

Chelsea: Great. And she’s getting it all on video?

Chloe: Just like we planned. Oh, no. What’s wrong? Spill, because we both know we’re not getting down to business until you do.

Chelsea: It’s nothing.

Chloe: Okay, well, the floor is all yours until your breakfast arrives. I ordered your usual. So, are you gonna tell me, or do I have to guess?

Chelsea: Can we just change the subject, please?

Chloe: It’s adam. And don’t tell me I’m wrong because I have seen this movie. This is exactly why I told you to avoid him like the plague. Anything or anyone who throws you off your game is just detrimental to our plans.

Chelsea: Trust me, I know how you feel about adam. You harp on and on about it every chance you get.

Chloe: Well, goodness knows you’ve given me boatloads of opportunities.

[ Sighs ] You are my best friend. I would do and have done anything — anything for you. Why can’t you just do this one simple thing for me?

Chelsea: You were right. Again. About everything. And if I’d just listened to you in the first place, I wouldn’t be stuck in this mess.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Glad I ran into you.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Why is that?

Billy: I wanted to personally thank you for that text message that you sent to lily congratulating her on her new position at chancellor industries.

Adam: Yeah. I understand that there’s another round of kudos I should bestow. Heard you were just named coo.

Billy: That is correct, yes. I didn’t get a text message from you.

Adam: Mm.

Billy: Seriously, though, thank you very much for reaching out to lily in that way. It’s appreciate. You can’t imagine how surprised I was when I heard you did so.

Adam: Oh, I’m sure I can.

Billy: No. Trust me. You can’T.

Sharon: Adam.

Adam: Mm-hmm?

Sharon: Can I get you something?

Adam: Um, I’m just gonna have a regular coffee. But, uh, in honor of their first day, I’d love to buy the leaders of chancellor industries their coffee.

Billy: Well, isn’t that nice? Celebrating lily’s much-deserved new position.

Adam: I am sure she will do great things there.

Billy: I’m assuming whatever lingering animosity the newmans may have will be solely directed at me? You and victor will let lily thrive without any games or interference? Is that right?

Adam: Absolutely.

Billy: Glad to hear that.

Sharon: Here you go.

Adam: Thank you.

Lily: Thank you, adam, for the coffee.

Adam: My pleasure.

Billy: You have a good day. I know we will.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Bye.

Sharon: I hope at least some of that little performance was sincere. One by poise is our first pad

Chelsea: I was holding out hope that adam and I could find our way back to each other for a reason. I mean, he’s a different man now. And I’m in a better place. And no matter what, something in the past has always brought us back together, so why should this time be any different?

Chloe: That’s why you kept ignoring my words of wisdom?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] I thought it was our destiny. And even though adam made it clear I shouldn’t think that way, I still felt like he was connected to me, too, and he felt that, but he was just fighting it because he felt responsible for driving me to do all the terrible things I did.

Chloe: [ Scoffs ] Well, he was. Sorry. Forget I said that. Just tell me what happened last night.

Chelsea: Well, we went to get drinks, which I thought was a good sign, but he was very blunt and very cold when he told me there was no future for us and that I should just stop fooling myself.

Chloe: Oh, honey, that must have been hard for you to hear.

Chelsea: Yeah. Oh, and then it gets worse. He also made it clear that we cannot continue to work together professionally if I can’t let go of the past.

Chloe: I’m sorry.

Chelsea: [ Scoffs ] You know, before, when I was, you know, battling sharon for first place in his heart or he was prioritizing his feud with billy and victor over our relationship, I still always felt like we had an unshakeable bond. It could withstand anything. But I was wrong. Adam has made it clear it’s broken. For good.

Adam: Look, I appreciate that you want to give me the benefit of the doubt, but, as with everything with me and billy, it’s complicated and it’s convoluted.

Sharon: Only because the two of you are so hell-bent on keeping it going.

Adam: Well, I really do wish lily the best.

Sharon: Well, that’s really nice. I’m glad. Um, I should get back to my barista.

Adam: Will you — sharon, will you just wait a minute? There’s just something that i wanted to ask you. Uh, connor has been talking to me about how much he’s been going running with faith, and he mentioned that he texts her when he wants to hang out at the stables. So, I hope he hasn’t been taking up too much of her time.

Sharon: Um…no, of course not.

Adam: Glad to hear it. Living at the tack house does have its drawbacks, but I’m grateful to have extended family around for my son’s sake.

Sharon: I can hear the wistfulness in your voice. You can’t hide how important connor is to you.

Adam: He’s my focus right now. Him and newman media.

Sharon: I’m really glad that you and victor managed to build something. And I know how important that is to you. Regardless of what happens to the company, I do hope that you two will be able to maintain this level of trust.

Adam: Me too.

Sharon: And I can’t help hoping that you would just let go of this thing with billy. Don’t you two realize how much better your lives would be if you weren’t battling?

Adam: Mine would be a lot simpler. Trust me.

Sharon: Well, then walk away. And use this battle as a gauge so that you can see how far you’ve come instead of using it as an excuse to go back to bad behavior.

Adam: Are you gonna give him the same advice?

Sharon: Yeah, actually, I’m going to. You know, you and billy — you’re a lot more alike than either want of you want to admit.

Billy: Welcome to your new office, madam ceo.

Lily: Thank you. Same office I had when I was running chanccomm.

Billy: Yeah, that’s true. It’s a little bit different, you know. Thanks to nick and my wheeling, dealing mother, you now have the entire building, not just this floor.

Lily: I know. Well, it’s nice. I kind of like it. Nice to have something familiar when there’s been so many changes.

[ Gasps ] Aww. Flowers and liquor?

Billy: Don’t look at me.

Lily: No? Oh, it’s from jill, congratulating us on our first day. The scotch is for you, of course.

Billy: Well, she knows me well.

Lily: “I believe in you both and know that you will accomplish great things. Now go kick some ass. Jill.”

Billy: That’s my mother for you. We better listen to the lady and enjoy this last moment of peace we will have in these hallowed halls.

Lily: Very sweet. It is weird, though, coming back to an old office to start a new job, right?

Billy: Yeah. It’s like returning to the scene of a crime.

Lily: Well, I got to say, we did some great things here.

Billy: And in the copy room. Do not forget the copy room.

Lily: No, I could never forget the copy room.

Billy: Look, this is walls and furniture, okay? You are the ceo of chancellor industries, with all the power and the possibilities in your hand, and you’re gonna do amazing things no matter where you are.

Lily: Thank you. With your love and support.

Billy: Anytime, anywhere. Not that you’ll need it. You are capable of changing the world all on your own.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ]

Devon: Someone told me there’s a ceo in here.

Lily: Yes. Hi.

Devon: Is it alright?

Lily: What are you doing here?

Devon: Brought you a gift, boss lady.

Lily: Oh, thank you!

Devon: How you doing?

Lily: Good.

Devon: Yeah?

Lily: Better that you’re here.

Devon: Oh, well, I just came to wish you luck and tell you that everyone who loves you that can’t be here today is very proud of what you’ve accomplished, so…

Lily: Thank you.

Devon: You’re welcome. It’s a good day. Welcome to the ceo club.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Ceo club. Thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: [ Laughs ] (Man 1 vo) I’m living with cll

Chloe: We are each other’s ride-or-die, through thick and thin and everything in between. I just want you to be happy.

Chelsea: And free of adam.

Chloe: Free of your skewed idea of adam, the rose-colored version of your past where he’s some tragic hero or some misunderstood loner with a heart of gold, to stop making excuses for his dangerous behavior. He can’t just blame everything on his traumatic childhood or his father’s manipulations. At some point, you have to make the choice to break free, like you did when you left your grifter life behind. And you built real relationships and focused on making a better life for your son.

Chelsea: Which is what adam did, too.

Chloe: It’s what adam wants people to believe he’s doing. I told adam in order for this to be successful that we can’t be distracted by personal baggage or vendettas, but adam’s gonna be adam.

Chelsea: So, what are you saying? That I should just give up, walk away from the company?

Chloe: No, that is not what i want at all. We need to focus on the work, expanding it to include your incredible designs and making newman fashion an entity on its own so it can survive if adam manages to screw it all up.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: So, yes, you’re right. I — I wanted you to break your addiction to adam… to let go of the hope that things are miraculously going to change.

[ Sighs ] I know your heart is breaking. My heart is breaking for you. Chels, this is not the end of something. This is just the beginning. You have your power back. And now we — we are in control of our own destiny.

Adam: You aren’t the only one to compare me to billy recently.

Sharon: Ohh. And how do you feel about that?

Adam: [ Sighs ] It is enough to make a guy go all-in on changing his ways.

Sharon: You and billy have both come a really long way. You both have full lives. You know, that’s proof that people can heal, and that’s really inspiring.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Come on. I have only inspired people to do terrible things.

Sharon: Oh, excuse me. Abby.

Abby: Hey.

Sharon: Are you okay? You look a little stressed.

Abby: Um, I’ve been better.

Adam: Hi, abby. Well, I better get back to the office before they send out a search party. It’s good to see you, abby. I hope things turn around for you soon.

Abby: Thank you.

Adam: Take care, sharon.

Sharon: You too. Um, do you want to talk about it? I’m all ears. We can sit down.

Abby: Thank you for offering to listen, but I really don’t want to get into it right now.

Sharon: Are you sure? Because I think if you didn’t, you would have just told me that everything’s fine.

Abby: [ Sighs ] I just — it’s stuff at home. You know, I have a new baby and a husband who’s been through a lot.

Sharon: I understand. Well, we can just sit down and not talk about it. Or I can get you something to eat.

Abby: I am kind of hungry.

Sharon: Alright. See? I can’t solve all the world’s problems, but I can fix that.

Nate: I cannot believe it took us two whole days of shopping to find lamps that you liked.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Admit it. Those lamps were a huge improvement from those purple ones you had.

Nate: Just so you know, i kept the receipts, just in case.

Elena: Don’t you dare return my lamps.

Nate: Never. I want you to love everything about your new home.

Elena: I already do. Living with you has changed my life for the better.

Nate: Mm, speaking of changes, I heard jill may have found a new buyer for chanccomm.

Elena: Uh-oh.

Nate: What? Is that bad news?

Elena: Well, the new owner might not want to continue with askmdnow. Or they might not want to retain me as the face of the platform.

Nate: Okay, before you get too worried, let me tell you who the new buyer is.

Elena: Okay. Tell me.

Nate: Newman/locke. I might be able to pull a few best-man strings for you.

[ Both laugh ]

Elena: Very funny.

Nate: No, but seriously, ashland has been a big supporter of the hospital. And I’m sure he believes in the mission of askmdnow. And at the very least, it’s good P.R.

Elena: Well, you are certainly more confident than i am about its fate.

Nate: Be honest, elena. Are you sure you don’t want this site to fold?

Lily: Aww, thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: But just so you know, behind every ceo is a very dedicated coo.

Devon: Oh, of course. Of course. Congratulations to you, too, billy.

Billy: Yeah. Thank you. But let’s be honest. This is her show. I’m just here to help her fulfill her vision. It’s gonna be nice to be out of the limelight a little bit. Speaking of, I should head back to my office and actually get some work done.

Lily: Okay.

Billy: You let me know if you need anything, boss.

Lily: Yes.

Devon: It’s good to see you, man.

Billy: You too.

Devon: See you.

Lily: Don’T.

Devon: Don’t what? You gonna blame me for having reservations about the guy after everything that happened at chanccomm?

Lily: Well, kindly keep them to yourself.

Devon: Oh, you’ve got it. I won’t say anything.

Lily: Okay. Thank you. That’s all I want. Now, enough about me. Tell me what’s going on with you and the baby. And before you say it’s my day, just know that you cannot deny a ceo the truth on their very first day of work.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Well, I’ve — I’ve officially, uh, started the legal process of getting shared custody of dominic. And amanda’s representing me, of course.

Lily: Wow. How did abby and chance react to that?

Devon: Abby didn’t react well at all, and, uh, I’m not really sure how chance feels about it. He’s very hard to read. I feel like he’s gone through so much overseas that he’s just keeping everything he’s feeling inside, and that’s one of the main reasons why I feel like what I’m doing is the right thing for dominic. It’s gonna be up to a judge to make the decision.

[ Cellphone pings ] Hang on. Let me check this.

Lily: Yeah. No problem. I’m amber.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

[ Knock on door ]

Adam: Come in.

[ Door opens ] How are you?

Chelsea: Better. I, uh, thought a lot about what you said last night, how there’s no chance in hell we’ll ever be together again.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Chelsea, that was not my words.

Chelsea: You made yourself painfully clear.

Adam: The lasthint that I wanted to do is to hurt you.

Chelsea: Okay, since we’re being blunt, that’s a crock.

[ Laughs ] You were being cruel to be kind, making sure I got the message this time. And listen — I get it. You wanted to make sure your intentions were clear, not getting mixed up in past emotions or tangled up in our past. We know each other pretty well by now.

Adam: We do.

Chelsea: It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Adam: Look, I think that we’ve — we’ve said everything that there is to stay about this, chelsea.

Chelsea: Don’t worry. As much as I do believe we could have a future for us and our son, I am not gonna humiliate myself by trying to convince you of that. And I’m certainly not gonna subject myself to more of what you were inflicting on me last night. I am just here to discuss how we move forward professionally. There’s something I’m gonna need from you if that’s gonna happen.

Sharon: Rey told me that chance is taking an indefinite amount of time off from work to spend with you at home and the baby?

Abby: Yeah, yeah. He wants to make up for the time he lost with dom and me.

Sharon: Well, that’s a good thing.

Abby: Yeah, it is.

Sharon: But things are still difficult?

Abby: I just — I feel like i need to protect my family.

Sharon: Well, yeah. Every mom feels that way. Are you talking about something specific?

Abby: Just keeping watch and holding everything together has become my primary job.

Sharon: Because chance is still struggling and then you feel like you have to take care of him, too.

Abby: My husband is fine. He loves our son, and he would do anything for our family. I don’t know why everyone keeps treating him like he’s about to fall apart.

Sharon: Okay. Well, I’m glad that he’s doing well. Um, I only asked because I know how difficult it can be to get over a traumatic experience.

Abby: Well, no, it hasn’t been easy for him, but he’s handling it.

Sharon: And it hasn’t been easy for you, either.

Abby: My husband’s home, and he’s safe. I can’t complain.

Sharon: Well, you actually can, and you should. Acknowledging your feelings can only help you and your family.

Abby: So, I get a pastry with a side of free counseling.

Sharon: Yeah, that’s the house specialty around here.

Abby: Mm. Well, I appreciate the advice, but I really don’t need a therapist.

Sharon: No, I get it. I’ll, uh — I’ll back off. I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for what you’re going through and you’re not alone. It really does take a village. And you should let yourself reach out to others, you know, if not me, your family or maybe friends who you really trust.

Abby: I know. I know there’s a lot of people who care about us.

Sharon: So, open up your world and dominic’S.

Abby: Chance and I need to be enough. We are dominic’s parents. He is everything that we — we wanted, everything we fought for. I mean, if we can’t do this —

Sharon: You can, and you will. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to everyone who loves your son. It’ll help everyone.

Abby: Well, thank you. Thank you, um, sharon, uh, for the pastry and for listening, but, um, I need to get home to chance and dominic. Thanks.

Devon: Chance. Hey. Come in. Can I get you anything?

Chance: No. I’m okay. I’m just gonna cut right to it, man. There’s no lawyers, no abby. It’s just me wanting to know something.

Devon: Alright. Let’s — let’s have a talk. What, um — what would you like to say?

Chance: If I didn’t make it back or if I was in a better headspace right now, would you still be making all these legal demands?

Devon: I mean, I don’t — i don’t think we should be talking hypotheticals here. We should stick with reality.

Chance: Alright, but I want to hear it from you, man. Before we get the lawyers involved, I want to hear it from you. I mean, they’d probably even say that this is a terrible idea to do right now, but you know what? I think it is exactly what we need to do. So, how can we handle this without turning it into a war?

Allergies with

nasal congestion

Billy: Five minutes till launch.

Lily: Yeah. It’s just a remote meeting.

Billy: Across every time zone with every chancellor employee waiting to meet their new ceo. And you’re gonna be great.

Lily: Yep, I’ll be great.

Billy: You’re glowing, and i love to see it. You know the best thing to come out of the whole chanccomm debacle? My mother’s brilliant idea of putting you in charge of chancellor.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, I think it was also a good litmus test of the love, strength, and loyalty of our relationship.

Billy: Wasn’t easy, was it? For either of us.

Lily: No. It was a trial by fire. But we made it through.

Billy: And we did because of your support.

Lily: Well, and because you believed in me. So thank you for joining me on this adventure. I’m really happy that you’re by my side.

Billy: Today is all about you.

Lily: No. It’s about us. We made it through the other side stronger than before.

Billy: It’s a damn good day, isn’t it?

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Elena: I’m the face of askmdnow. I’m the person who fought for the health and wellness focus, to not only diagnose but take a preventative approach. Why would I want that to fold?

Nate: You’re already working long hours at the hospital, and you’re still volunteering at the clinic. And whatever spare time you can find, you’re doing askmdnow. And somehow you manage to squeeze me in. That’s a lot on your plate. I — too much maybe.

Elena: Look, I appreciate you being concerned about my well-being. And, yes, maybe there are times when I feel a little bit over-committed. But you of all people should know how that goes.

Nate: Yeah. I get it. Yeah.

Elena: I love all my work. I’m actually making a difference. I’m saving lives. And the time I get to spend with you — well, that’s my favorite part of the day.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: So, what could i possibly give up?

Nate: I’m just saying you’ve had more time for, say, home decorating now that chanccomm has been on hiatus.

Elena: [ Laughs ]

Nate: Are you ready to give up that free time again?

Elena: Yes, I — I have enjoyed those extra hours. But I am so proud of the work we’re doing at askmdnow. So, yeah, I’m committed… so long as the new owners of chanccomm are, too. I hope that you’re not asking me all these questions because you think I’m gonna start neglecting you. Because it’s not gonna happen.

Nate: I guess I’ll just have to pamper you a bit more when you do come home…to our home.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: So, what is it that you want from me?

Chelsea: Information. Given the concerns you expressed last night, I want to make sure you’re not having second thoughts letting me run newman fashion with chloe.

Adam: What?

[ Chuckling ] No. No, absolutely not. Okay, that discussion was about our personal lives, and I needed to make sure that we had some clarity about the situation so we can move forward.

Chelsea: Heard and understood. Since we’re being brutally honest with each other, I’m sure you can understand why I had to ask the question.

Adam: And in keeping with that, I hope you know that i want you to continue working with chloe. Recreating the partnership that you guys had and building on that — that is what I want to see. I mean, your second act is gonna be phenomenal. You’re an incredible talent.

Chelsea: Thank you. That means a lot.

Adam: I would be honored to help you achieve every bit of success that you deserve.

Chelsea: Well, I’m glad to hear you say that because I’m really excited about the ideas chloe and I are coming up with.

Adam: Well, if there’s anything I can do to help, just say the word.

Chelsea: Well, actually, in order to do my best at work, i need total freedom, no drama.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Of course. We all need that.

Chelsea: So, in order to avoid any awkwardness between us, I think it’s best if newman fashion relocate to a new workspace. Under the circumstances, not running into you every five minutes would be ideal.

Devon: Yeah, chance, the last thing I want is for this to turn into a war, so we can definitely talk. So have a seat, please.

Chance: Alright. Well, first off, I do not like what this is doing to abby. She hasn’t had a moment of peace since you brought this up.

Devon: Well, I hate to hear that ’cause that wasn’t my intention at all. But she feels like me spending more time with dominic is gonna confuse and upset him. I’m curious, though, where you stand on the whole thing.

Chance: Well, I love dominic. And I love my wife. So I guess I just want what’s best for everyone.

Devon: That’s what I want, too. I just — I don’t understand why you guys feel so threatened by what I’m asking. Especially given the circumstances, I don’t think it’s very unreasonable at all. And, look, please don’t ever take offense to anything I say because I have all the respect in the world for your service and for all the time that you’ve spent laying your life on the line and protecting people. But can you tell me right now that you are in a solid place emotionally and that you’re ready to give dominic everything he needs and all the attention and the love he needs without being affected by the trauma that you’ve gone through? Can you honestly say that you’re ready to do that right now?

[ Knock on door ] One second.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Hey. Abby.

Abby: Hey.

[ Door closes ]

Abby: Chance? What are you doing here? A lot of people think dealing with copd

Lily: [ Laughs ] Oh, my god. Did that just happen? It’s — it’s official. I’m ceo of chancellor. Me!

Billy: It is official. You! Congratulations.

Lily: So, how did I do? Was it okay?

Billy: How did you do? Come on. That was amazing, honestly.

Lily: Yeah?

Billy: Yes, the way you fielded those question, poised, powerful. They were eating out of the palm of your hand, and they loved you.

Lily: You think so?

Billy: Honestly, it was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that. The energy, the excitement.

Lily: [ Sighs ]

Billy: The best way to start this company for sure.

Lily: Yes.

Billy: Congratulations. How do you feel?

Lily: Oh, I’m just gonna show you.

Billy: Mmm.

Adam: Move the fashion division out of the building? That seems a little extreme.

Chelsea: It’s a rational and logical solution to the problem of us working together. Out of sight, out of mind.

Adam: Look, I think that we are more than capable of maintaining a professional relationship. I think that we can handle this like adults.

Chelsea: Well, this is adult me telling adult you what I need in order to keep working at newman media. It’s a reasonable request, one I’m sure you can easily manage.

[ Door closes ]

[ Exhales heavily ]

Abby: Chance, what are you doing here?

Chance: Abby, I have to do what’s best for that little boy.

Abby: Our son?

Chance: Yes, and I was just gonna see if we could work something out. That’s it.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Okay. I get it. You’re trying to hash out a plan away from the overprotective mom, hoping that I get on board?

Devon: No, abby, that’s not what’s happening at all.

Abby: Look, if there’s something that needs to be discussed, it needs to be between the two of us.

Chance: Okay, abby, I just wanted to talk to devon alone, father to father. Now, devon just asked me a question, and I think it deserves an answer.

Devon: All I asked was, given everything he’s been through, is he ready to give dominic all the love and attention that he needs and deserves right now?

Abby: Chance?

Chance: No. I’m not sure I can.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, January 19, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


You know, I’m glad I came. Yeah? Yeah, it feels good sweating out all the stress from the move. Ha. I noticed you were giving it pretty good there. That got anything to do with brook lynn? Dante: Wow, dude, why don’t you

tell me how you really feel? And — and I don’t even think

brook lynn’s really my type. And if — if she was

my type, how would I be able

to trust her when she wouldn’t even know

the truth if it was looking her

in the face?

[ Sighs ] Get it together, girl. Who cares about one guy’s opinion? Well, that was a struggle. Tj didn’t want to go back to work, huh? I let him know that I would tell him if there were any updates with marshall. Did the doctor come by while I was gone? No, but thanks to finn, the cardiac care team was here when we arrived. Your father’s in good hands. It’s scary, but your dad’s gonna be okay. Thank you. Thank you all for getting him here as quickly as you did. How are you holding up? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m mostly confused.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] Thirsty? What do I need chase for anyways? There are thousands of guys who will think I’m awesome. Obviously.

[ Cellphone beeps ] That is what dating apps are for.

[ Sighs ] Great. Oh, what did I do with my charger?

[ Creaking ] Chase? Why would it have anything to do with brook lynn? Well, I mean, you were pretty harsh with her back at the house, man. Maybe there’s some underlying resentment around the baby or, I don’t know, something else. It’s a confusing situation. Yeah, I’ll bet it is. You know, one minute we’re fine and then the next… anyway, we’ll — we’ll figure it out. Do you want to grab a beer after this? Yeah, sure. Why not? You buying? Done. Alright, let’s go. Consider it a thank-you for helping me move. Ah, stop. Oh, hey, what’s up? You and i need to have a talk.

Right before you called, I was deciding on whether or not I was gonna give marshall a chance. And then I had a conversation with drew, and it reminded me that, you know, I have time to make a decision, but… …you know, that might not be the case now. I know I have legit reasons to be cautious. Yes, you do. You have very legitimate reasons. But I can’t help wondering if I wasted time interrogating marshall instead of getting to know him. Okay, let’s just take one step at a time, alright? First, we need to hear what the doctor has to say, and then we’ll take it from there. Thank you. For what? For throwing “we” in there. I am right here for you, curtis. Okay? No matter what, I got you. Come here. Oh, dr. Rose, um, this is curtis ashford, marshall’s son. Is my father gonna be okay? To our partnership. Hear, hear.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Hi. You want to come over and join us? You do know that I have a mini bar, right? Where the beer costs an arm and a leg. No offense. None taken. How did you know I was here? Spinelli. He had a feeling you weren’t going home, so he had me check on you, so I came here. Well, that’s sweet. I mean, spinelli worried and you checking in on me. But, you know, you can see I’m fine. I’m doing great. No, you’re not, carly. I know you, and I know that you would normally want to talk to jason at a time like this, but you can’T. And I certainly — I can’t replace him. I mean, I could put on a black t-shirt if it makes you happy, but… the kids are at monica’s for the night, so I am all yours. Do you want to start over? Okay. Hi, carly. Hey, sam. How are you feeling? Not so great. I hear you’re bailey’s father, not valentin. That’s right. Good, ’cause valentin doesn’t deserve that little girl. Did you hit him? That’s not my finest moment. Yeah, he probably had it coming. What’s going on with you and brook lynn? We’re not together, if that’s what you’re thinking. You don’t think she’s good enough for you? Whoa, whoa. What are you doing? No, I’m just saying, any — any man’s lucky to have someone like brook lynn. Okay. Yeah, but if chase isn’t interested in her, then he isn’t interested in her, but he’s stepping up for his daughter. If you say so. If you say so, that’s fine. Okay. Okay. Alright, I’m gonna hit the showers before we grab that beer. Mr. Corinthos, it was good to see you. Hey. What was that? What? What do you mean? You laid into him. What for? Well, ’cause, you know, brook lynn’s my goddaughter. What do you want me to do? She’s also an adult, dad. I mean, no offense, but with everything that’s going on with you right now, don’t you think you should be more focused on your own life?

[ Thumping ] Oh, crap. Okay. It’s okay. I’m blq. I’ve got this.

What the…

[ Gasps ] Good news is it wasn’t a heart attack. That is very good news. So what happened? Your father’s blood pressure was elevated. Okay. We switched his medication to one that will hopefully take care of that. So he’s alright? He’s perfectly fine. He can be discharged as soon as he gets his new prescription. Feel free to go in and see him. Thank you, doctor. And thank you all for your help and for waiting with my father until I got here. Of course.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, um… this is a patient. Can I check in with you in a little bit? Yeah, I should call tj and let him know what’s going on. Okay. Hey, you okay? Uh… something’s just not tracking. Um, excuse me. I’ve noticed she doesn’t like to elaborate. Yeah, not so much. Mm. Well, you know, now that we know marshall is in the clear, we’ve got a big decision to make. We do? Yeah. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we were having a pretty okay time before all the excitement. Yes. And, you know, I… my babysitter’s still on the clock for another couple hours. Yeah, same here. How would you feel about continuing our date? I’d feel pretty okay about that. Yeah? Yeah. Let’s go.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, excuse me. Cameron, hi. Wait, what? What’s going on? I’m just looking out for my family, like I always do. Why is everybody giving me so much grief? Who’s — who’s everybody, carly and michael? Well, ’cause — yeah. I mean, you know, it’s like… they’re mad at me for something that happened in nixon falls. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t have control over it. All I’ve done when I came back is just try to make things okay. Okay, alright. Alright, how can I help you? I’m just trying to — nothing. I’m just gonna clear my — I need to clear my head. I’m gonna work out. You go with your friend. You do what you got to do. Ready? Uh…actually, man, I think I’m gonna stick here with my dad. Take a rain check? Sonny: No, go. Just go. Don’t worry about it. Yeah. No problem.

[ Cellphone rings ] Harrison chase. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang tight. I will be right there. It’s nice to see you. Yeah, you too. Shawn and I were just going over some of our plans for the invader. Oh. You seem excited. I am. Right? It’s — we’re done with business, I think, yes? Pull up a chair. Join us. Oh, thank you, but I’m just here for take-out, so enjoy your evening. Mm. I’ll be right back. Everything alright? Yeah, fine. Why? You seem uncomfortable. Well, I get the sense that shawn butler is not my biggest fan. He, too, will come around. Right, like sam did the other day? What does that mean? Mm. I’m furious. Well, yeah, of course you are. About all of it. I mean, nina, yeah, she gets top billing because she’s a hateful liar. But sonny too, for not telling me all this time that he fell in love with nina. And the worst part is I can’t be angry about it because if I get angry about it, then we switch places in this story. Who, you and nina? Yeah, yeah. She becomes a victim and I become the villain, which is laughable, right? I mean, after nina kept sonny from his family out of spite, stole months from his life in the process. You saw. You watched. I mean, we were barely hanging on over here while they were attending barn dances and barbecues. And god forbid I want nina to deal with some kind of consequence. No, that paints me as the bad guy. Look, I-I know you’re upset, but I-I hardly think that puts you in that sort of — oh, yeah, it does. It does. I don’t have the words for how messed up this is. I actually think you’re doing a great job.

[ Scoffs ]

May I have a wordabout marshall ashford? You know I can’t discuss his case with you. I know, but, uh… I couldn’t help noticing that you quickly determined it was a simple medication issue. I’m confident in my diagnosis. With all due respect, in my experience, it’s best to perform ambulatory monitoring to rule out any underlying causes of hypertension. I understand you’re a very experienced nurse, ms. Johnson, but as mr. Ashford’s doctor, I know what I’m doing. Hey. Um… how you feeling? Kind of embarrassed by… all the — all the attention. So this has happened before? Doctor says there’s better medication that should help. How long, marshall? What, the prescription? No, how long have you had blood pressure issues? This isn’t an issue. I have it all under control. Really? Look where you are. There’s nothing to concern yourself about. What if it’s hereditary? Leave it alone. Sam said she’d be watching you? Yeah, it was more of a warning than a statement. I really wish she hadn’t have done that. Look, you know I didn’t tell you this to cause friction between the two of you — in fact, like, the total opposite. You and I talked about, you know, how difficult our friendship would be for your daughters. Yes, we did, and I understand where she’s coming from. But I’m also a grown woman, and I have a right to have the friends that I choose to have. Yeah, okay, under normal circumstances, sure. Thank you. Look, alexis, you know I cherish our friendship, but now we’re seeing the reality of it. And I didn’t want to keep you in the dark about how sam was feeling. So, you know, if you need to distance yourself while your daughters come to terms —

if your daughters come to terms with it, then I completely understand. What’s wrong? I’m trying to do what’s right for me and what’s right for my daughters, and I’m starting to think that just might not be possible. I’m really, really sorry. That doesn’t look good. What happened? Yeah, I’d like to know the answer to that, too. Well, I was upstairs giving myself a manicure — moving is hard on the nails — and I heard a noise — well, multiple noises, actually, so I grabbed a vase, I came downstairs, and I thought cameron was an intruder, so I whacked him over the head with it. You’re very strong. Thank you. Look, this is all my fault, okay? I thought the house was empty. I had no idea that my dad loaned it to brook lynn. Well, the good news is you don’t need stitches. Are you sure? Yes. Pupils aren’t dilated. Think you’re gonna be okay. Oh, thank god. Thank you for calling me. -Of course. -Yeah. Thanks a bunch. I’m just glad your head is still intact. Me too. I’m really sorry for the — intrusion. It’s okay. Yeah. I promise it won’t happen again. Okay, let’s get you two home. -Okay. -Yeah. -Okay. -Bye. Good night. Feel better. Sorry. Good night.

[ Sighs ] Chase: Are you okay? Yeah, I just — I feel awful that I hurt the poor kid. Yeah, I get why you called elizabeth. Why’d you call me? You should’ve gotten that beer when you had a chance. Oh, yeah? I should have? No, I think it’s — I think it’s good that I stayed. You want to get in the ring?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, we can get in the ring in a minute. I want you to tell me what’s going on first. I told you what’s going on. Yeah, well, there’s clearly more than that happening. Carly came by… to say good night to donna and avery. That’s what she’s doing now — she’s coming by to make them think that everything is normal. Mm. But everything’s not normal. No, it’s not normal ’cause they keep asking, “is — is mom coming? Is she staying?” It’s not gonna work out. It’s not gonna work. Like that, because you… you did tell michael you were gonna give carly space. I tried, but I’m telling you, it’s obvious to me that carly refuses… to see what’s in front of her. Have you been holding this in the whole time? Oh, well, I lost my mind on nina at first, but, yeah, since the hearing, yeah. I…

[ Sighs ] I cannot imagine how hard this must be on you. Yeah, well… I don’t know. Anger is the easy emotion. I’d rather feel rage than everything else. What’s everything else? I’m embarrassed. Why? Because I feel stupid. You are not stupid, carly. Oh, god, I should — I should have known. I should have known something was going on. I mean, all the times that sonny insisted that we shouldn’t go after nina. I mean, that all he wanted to focus on was putting our life back together. You tell me one time — one time sonny corinthos hasn’t demanded retaliation, especially when someone hurts his family. God knows we were hurt. I know you were hurt. When I remember how confused donna was and how devastated avery and josslyn and everyone, I mean, nina did that to us. And he stood by her.

[ Sighs ] He swore on the stand that he wasn’t nina’s victim. What the hell is that? We were all nina’s victims, every single one of us. Do we not matter? I… [ Scoffs ] How am I supposed to believe that sonny loves me when he still has a place in his heart for a woman who hurt me like that?

I accidentally assaulteda hormonal teenager, chase. I’m sorry if I didn’t know what to do. You know, you really need to break this pattern. What pattern? Hitting people in the head, accidental or not. I was alone in a — in a strange house that we moved into to protect a tiny baby from a giant psychopath. I’m sorry, I was terrified, and you were working out. You told me to go. Not because I wanted you to. You know, for someone who claims they want a relationship — I do, I do. Well, then why is everything off-limits with you? Not — not everything. Just some things. Curtis, if I thought it was important or affected you in any way, I would — hold on, hold on. Your medical history is not important? You just suffered a cardiac episode, marshall. I’m fine. Didn’t the doctor talk to you? I’m talking to you. I need information from you. Does anything warrant a conversation, or am I only allowed to know that you play the clarinet? I’m sorry that the events in my life have made me guarded, and I’m also sorry that the events in your life have made you inquisitive. These are regular, run-of-the-mill questions. The only thing that’s irregular is that you refuse to answer them. Curtis, I hope and pray that we will somehow find a way to reconcile our differences. These are big differences. But they’re not insurmountable, man. And I’m willing to try. Are you? I get it. I mean, I really get it. If I ignore all the horrible things that nina has done, I can see where it would be hard for sonny to turn off his feelings for her. I mean, I couldn’t do it with jason. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. No, no, no. You know, don’t be.

[ Sighs ] I’ve moved past that a long time ago. Well… I know that it hurt sonny, you know, when he came home and he found out that jason and I had developed feelings for each other. I mean, that was really difficult for him. Never mind that it never would have happened if it weren’t for nina and her lies. But the point is, the second sonny came home, jason and I shut that door permanently. And I have done everything I can to do right by my husband. But sonny, on the other hand, he keeps acting on his feelings for nina. What do you mean? Did he say that he loves her? He says he still has feelings for her, but what they had is in the past. But how do I believe that when — when he keeps defending her? Nina’s in the wrong, clearly. But by sticking up for her, sonny’s making you feel like it’s you who’s attacking her. Yeah. And what does that say about him, if he feels that way and refuses to stick up for me? And more importantly, what does that say about our marriage? So, carly and I, we had this — we had this moment. Undeniable pull. Right? And then we get interrupted. And then carly’s, you know, walls go up. Ah, man, I’m sorry. I just think that if she — we were living together, she would see that what we have and who we are hasn’t changed. Whatever residual feelings I have for nina doesn’t compare to my love for carly. Right, well, maybe she does feel that. Maybe deep down she does, but she hasn’t processed it yet. I mean… you know you hurt her, right? But if anybody gets it, it’s carly. She fell in love with jason. Mm. Right? And then she insisted on being with me. What’s the difference between that and what happened with nina? Okay, well, there is a — oh, yeah? No, but there is a difference, okay? Listen, say what you will about her and jason. I’m not gonna touch that one, but… okay. They thought you were dead, right? Uh-huh. So in their eyes, there was no betrayal. But in her eyes, she feels you betrayed her because you went out and protected nina after you know that nina lied about you being alive. Yeah, I admit that I did — you know, I didn’t say anything when I first came because I thought that I could get over these feelings. And then jason died and then a lot went down… alright, whatever. All that stuff. …Dante. Bottom line is carly asked for space and time. Is she your person? Yeah, she is. Okay, then you got to give it to her. That’s what she wanted, that’s what you got to give to her. That’s it. No, that’s the worst thing I can do.

I’m gonna check on jake and aiden. I’ll be right back.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay. Oh, no, devin just texted. He says he’s gonna be here soon to pick me up. Goodbye already? I know. I’ll just be, uh… not here. Hey, I had a lot of fun tonight. Well, up until… well, you know. Yeah, well, we can try again at the cabin. Yeah, that should be no problem. We just have to avoid esme and spencer and trina. See? Easy. Honestly, alone or not, I… I just really like spending time with you. As do I. I’m sorry, I’m just — I’m really overwhelmed with this situation. I just… we keep trying to set boundaries, and bailey’s still in danger, and I just — I don’t know what the right thing to do is. Well, yeah, it’s an adjustment for sure, but we’ll figure it out together.

[ Chuckles ] Some first date, huh? Yeah, most romantic in history.

[ Both chuckle ] This may sound crazy, given all the… interruptions, but… I had a really good time with you tonight. And if you’ll let me, I would love to take you out again. I would like that very much. Yeah? Yeah. Though I’m hoping for a-a little less eventful. See what I can do.

[ Chuckles ] Look, I’m all for second chances. I mean, god knows I’ve been given a few, but harmony isn’t just a former criminal, alexis. The crimes she committed were against your daughters. I’m very well aware of that, and I don’t excuse any of that. However, it’s important to realize that — that harmony was also one of shiloh’s victims. Do you think sam or kristina can see that? Well, I don’t know if sam can, but truthfully, kristina’s opinion about this matters more. So if kristina knew how beneficial it is for you to have a relationship with harmony, what do you think that opinion would be? Still here.

[ Sighs ] Hypertension can be the sign of something more serious. Now, I know that dr. Rose is convinced it’s just a matter of your medication, but if you want a second opinion, I have no — no, no, no, no, it won’t be necessary. It’s happened before, and everything’s been fine. You call this fine? The doctor and I, we have an understanding, okay? Epiphany, thank you for looking out for me. Your patients — your patients are very lucky to have you. Don’t think that you have an out. I’m still paying my half of the bill.

[ Both laugh ] Deal. How’s marshall? The same. Closed off and stubborn. I feel like — I feel like I’m getting whiplash, you know? One minute, I’m considering never seeing him again and what that feels like, and the very next minute, I’m reminded of why we’re at an impasse in the first place. Relationships are tricky. That’s an understatement. You’ll make progress, you’ll have setbacks. I mean, that’s all to be expected. How can we make progress if marshall is controlling how much I can and can’t know? Well, you said it yourself, curtis — you wanted time, right? And now, thankfully, you have it. So it’s up to you how you want to spend that time. I do want a relationship with my father.

[ Sighs ] I just don’t know if that’s possible. I took your advice, talked to carly. It really didn’t help much.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Or you could say that you made your point, she made her point, and I think it’d be a huge mistake if you didn’t listen to what she’s asking of you. Carly wants space. Mm-hmm. We had that for nine months. We should be making up for that. I mean… being apart… …we gain nothing. Obviously, carly doesn’t see it that way. Oh, believe me, I know how hard it is when you and your husband aren’t on the same page. Mm. I am so sorry. For the first time in a long time, I have…no idea what to do. I don’t know what comes next, you know? Well, that’s not true. I know that I go to bed and I get up in the morning because I promised the girls that I would be there early to make them pancakes. Yeah. There you go. Alright. Well… I’m gonna go, okay? Sam. Yeah? Do you want me to call joss or something? Oh, no. I don’t want you to be alone. No, no, I don’t want you to call josslyn or michael. You know, they’ve already come down pretty hard on sonny. I don’t want them involved any more than they already are or feeling like they have to pick sides. Okay. Carly. Yeah? What’s the hardest part? What do you mean? You said you were angry and then you said you were embarrassed. What else? Underneath it all, there’s this… deep, aching sadness. Nina devastated my family, and, uh… I’m not so sure we can recover.

Well, I guess you’re free to go now. Guess so. Guess so. Look, curtis, um… I’m sorry things got tense earlier. I didn’t know what to expect when I came back. I only knew I had to try. It seems I’m not doing too good a job at that. Means a lot that you showed up tonight. I should call a car. Do they have taxis out front? They do, but… I’ll give you a ride. Ready? Lead the way. Brook lynn: Thank you. Long day, huh? Were you in the middle of working out when I called? No, dante and i were just finishing up. I was a little confused, though. I didn’t recognize the number you called with. Yeah, my phone died. I called you from cameron’s phone. Cam had my cell info? No. Then how’d you call me? I know your number by heart. For real? Okay, don’t sound so pleased, okay? After the whole maxie/fake chloe horror show, I just — I thought it was a good idea to memorize some important numbers in case of emergency. Important? Well, you are bailey’s “father.” Right. Letting myself fall for someone like brook lynn would be a major disaster. And I know your families used to be close, but I heard about all the wildly inappropriate stuff she used to do back in the day. I mean, she lied, she schemed, hurt people. Gosh, I am so tired.

[ Clears throat ] Really? Yeah, turns out that amorous teenagers breaking into your house just takes a lot more out of you than I thought. I’m gonna head to bed. I’m really sorry I ruined your night. Oh, you didn’t ruin my night. It’s not always gonna be like this, okay? Most of the time, you won’t even know I’m here. Good night. You’re right. I’m not looking to be right. The friendship that I formed with harmony in prison is gonna end up being hurtful to kristina. Even if she knew how you feel about harmony now? Even if, and I-I don’t want to make things difficult for kristina. Then I think you already have your answer. Apparently I am not going to be able to continue my friendship with harmony. If you keep pushing carly, you’re gonna sabotage the whole thing. No, no, the only way I’m gonna do that is by letting this go on. Here’s the thing, I need to — I need to up the stakes. I need to show carly how much she means to me. One thing I do know is I can’t do this — I can’t fix this if we’re not together. If she wants time… then, you know, we’re gonna do it together. I don’t think that’s what she meant. Well, I don’t care what she meant because… carly’s who I want. I’m gonna let her know that. End of story. Thank you for coming by and letting me get all that off my chest. Let you? Pretty much forced you into it. Either way, felt good. I’m glad. In case nobody’s told you this yet, you’re not the bad guy here, carly. Nina hurt you a lot. And if I’m being honest, sonny did, too. So you’re entitled to feel all of these emotions right now. Just — just know that. Yeah. Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Hey. How’s your head? You need some ice? Ah, I’m fine. Hey, mom, I… I’m so sorry that your date got messed up because of me. I’m just glad that you still need me. Everything good with you and josslyn? Things are great. I love seeing that smile. I like seeing yours, too.

[ Chuckles ] I bet franco’s really glad to see us doing so well. I hope so. I know so. You and josslyn are being safe, right? Good night, mom. Can’t wait to finish this conversation in the morning. Oh, great.

[ Knock on door ] Dante. Hi. Hey, elizabeth. Um…I’m sorry. I know it’s early. Uh… look, something terrible happened last night, and I thought you should know about it.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nicole: [Grunts] Oh, my gosh, what is this made of, oak? Damn it!

Rafe: Need a hand? Mind if I ask what you’re doing?

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Must have a roster or something or a softball team photo.

[Dramatic music]

Mother superior: Sister? May I ask just what you’re doing?

[Phone rings]

Steve: Yeah, brady? Listen, kayla’s on the inside. I really hope she’s okay in there. Right, I’ll keep you posted.

Kristen: Kayla will be just fine, father nichols.

Steve: Kristen?

Kristen: See, you’re the one who needs to pray for absolution.

Steve: Whoa, hold on.

Kristen: It is time you were given your last rites, patch. Are you having a moment of déj vu?

Steve: Is that what this is?

Kristen: Well, you caught me off guard, uh, at marlena’s all those months ago, so I’m just returning the favor.

[Tense music]

Abigail: We just have a few questions about a flight that you took last march. Um, do you happen to remember flying this woman out of salem?

Xander: Her name is sarah horton.

Ned: Pretty girl. Definitely not a face you’d ever forget.

Gwen: Ava, where the hell are you? I need your help. It turns out that abigail is not going to rest until she finds sarah, and when she does, it means it’s only a matter of time until I lose xander. Please, please, phone me back. Phone me back.

[Knocking on door] Coming.

[Gasps] Sarah?

Sarah: In the flesh.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Steve: You’re right. It has been a while. So, how have you been?

Kristen: Oh… well, I’ve been a little rankled, truth be told. So, I think it would be a very good idea if you try hard not to irritate me anymore than you already have.

Steve: Is it okay if I sit down?

Kristen: No. Instead of worrying about sister mary elizabeth’s safety, you should really be careful yourself.

Steve: I can see that now.

Kristen: Wow. [Laughs] Xander really wasted his money.

Steve: Xander?

Kristen: Mm-hmm.

Steve: What’s he got to do with this?

Kristen: He hired you to find me…

Steve: [Scoffs]

Kristen: And sadly, the only thing that anyone’s gonna find is a dead one-eyed priest.

Steve: No, no, no, no. Hang on, hang on. Xander did not hire me. So, you see, this is all one big misunderstanding.

Kristen: Huh.

Xander: So, you’re saying you do remember her?

Ned: No, I said she’s pretty. Look, I–I’ve flown so many people over the years. Just after a while, they turn into blurs.

Abigail: Okay, ned, well, allow me to de-blur this particular flight for you. It took place last spring, right before you abruptly quit your very lucrative job at dimera without even bothering to pick up your last check.

Ned: How did you–

Xander: How does she know that? That’s a good question. Abigail, you do seem to know rather a lot of information about this guy.

Abigail: Well, I do happen to be an investigative reporter, and coincidentally–well, coincidentally, my husband happens to be the ceo of dimera. So, I don’t have a lot of information, sort of just scratching the surface, but even though I haven’t begun to dig deeply, I do know I can find out everything there is to know about this particular flight, including who financed it and who profited.

Xander: Very impressive. So, um, sir, perhaps you’d like to take another look at this photo, and just concentrate a little bit harder this time?

Ned: Can I get a drink?

Xander: You’re not flying in the next eight hours, are you?

Ned: No.

Xander: Name your poison.

Ned: Beer me.

Xander: Waitress, can I get a beer for my mate? Cheers.

Abigail: I’m gonna ask you again, do you recognize that woman?

Ned: Now that I–I think of it, she does look a little familiar.

Gwen: I don’t understand, how–how are you here?

Sarah: Oh, well, I called the front desk and asked for xander cook’s room number. They were really quite accommodating.

Gwen: I–I didn’t–I didn’t mean that.

Sarah: Oh, you meant, how did I get off the desert island that kristen dimera stashed me on when I threatened to tell the cops that she was masquerading as susan banks? Which you already knew, because that’s what kristen was using to blackmail you into helping her escape.

Gwen: Sarah, I–I…

Sarah: I didn’T.

Gwen: What?

Sarah: Sarah horton’s still very much on that island.

Gwen: I–I–I don’t understand.

Sarah: [Chuckles] Sorry, I forgot.

Gwen: What on earth are you doing?

Ava: Relax. Gwen, it’s just me. This is the sound of nature breathing.

Mother superior: If you’re looking for something, all you had to do was ask.

Kayla: Well, I didn’t wanna bother you. I–I was looking for a bible. I’ve misplaced mine.

Mother superior: Well, isn’t that, uh, bible right there in front of you?

Kayla: Oh! So it is.

[Chuckles] My husband always tells me i need to get glasses, I’m so nearsighted.

Mother superior: Your husband?

Kristen: Don’t be cute, and don’t lie to me.

Steve: Well, guess the cute thing is out of my control, but I’m not lying. I’m not working for xander. He did try to hire me, but not to find you. He wanted me to track down sarah horton.

Kristen: The runaway bride?

Steve: Yeah. Unless you think that my finding her would lead to you.

[Tense music]

Nicole: What is it look like I’m doing? I’m trying to get this conference table out of here. I don’t even think you and i could get it out of here. You know what, I don’t even think the buccaneers offensive line could get it out of here.

[Grunts, sighs] And as you could imagine, it reminds me of something that i don’t–I don’t wanna remember. Something that should have never happened.

Rafe: I get it.

Nicole: Speaking of things that shouldn’t happen, what are you doing here?

Ava: You got any, uh, oh, lotion? This thing kinda chafed my neck.

Gwen: What in the actual hell? Ava, what is going on here?

Ava: [Chuckles] It was pretty mean, I know, I’m sorry. I just–I couldn’t resist. You should’ve seen your face.

[Mimics explosion]

Gwen: What is that thing?

Ava: Isn’t it obvious? It’s a sarah mask. Yeah, kristen sent it to me this morning.

Gwen: Why on earth would she send you that thing?

Ava: Well, she called me the other day, and apparently steve is looking for her, and she wanted to know if I sicced him on her.

Gwen: Steve’s found her?

Ava: No, no, no, no, and he won’t, not if kristen has anything to say about it.

Gwen: Okay, I still–I still don’t understand, why would kristen send you that mask?

Ava: Well, I–I told her that I had nothing to do with steve looking for her and that you and I do not want her found anymore than she wants to be found.

Gwen: [Sighs] Yeah, well, i would say that that’s obvious.

Ava: And I did end up admitting that xander had gone to steve.

Gwen: Yeah, but steve turned xander down. I told you that.

Ava: Maybe he changed his mind. Who knows. Anyway, I also told kristen that you were freaking out, because xander’s looking for sarah, and since we helped her break out of jail, she decided to return the favor and help us out.

Gwen: Not to mention the fact that she doesn’t want sarah found.

Ava: Yeah, well–[Chuckles]– That’s our kristen, isn’t it? Anyway, this showed up at my door. I think it’s the answer to your prayers.

[Ominous music]

Xander: Better?

Ned: [Exhales] Hits the spot.

Xander: You say you recognize this woman? That’s ’cause she’s the person that you flew out of town on the dimera jet.

Ned: I suppose it’s possible.

Abigail: No one has heard from this woman in nearly a year, so we’re going to need a little more than it’s possible. Surely you have some recollection of who was on that flight.

Xander: Hey, she’s in trouble, big trouble, and we– we have to help her. Did you fly this woman or not?

Ned: Yeah. I did.

[Dramatic music]

My asthma felt anything but normal.

Rafe: Listen, I don’t mean to bother you, okay? It’s just that something has come up at work.

Nicole: Oh, so, you wanna talk to me about police business? Shouldn’t you be talking to, I don’t know, this is just off the top of my head, but another cop?

Rafe: Uh, no, because it actually involves you.

Nicole: Me? What? How? Why?

Rafe: The other day, trask came to me with two different files, okay? Two different files that had the exact same complaint that I had planted evidence to make an arrest, and I think that there is more than a good chance that someone put them up to it.

Nicole: Damn it, rafe, i would never do that to you.

Rafe: No, I didn’t say you. I don’t think that it was you.

Nicole: Okay, but you said it had something to do with me.

Rafe: Yes, I did, because i think it was ava… because of us.

[Solemn music]

Ava: It’s pretty good, right?

Gwen: It’s a bit creepy. Uh…how is this supposed to be the answer to my prayers?

Ava: Well, kristen put a note in with the mask. And first, I need you to know that there were some pretty intense threats about what would happen to us if, uh, she was found.

Gwen: Why? We–we–we–we don’t want anybody to find sarah.

Ava: Yeah, that’s just kristen being kristen. You know, a letters not a letter without some threats. Anyway, she sent it so you could use it to get xander to stop looking for sarah.

Gwen: Me?

Ava: Yeah. Who else? You put the mask on, you go to xander, you tell him that you, sarah, don’t want anything to do with him anymore, and he needs to stop looking for you, and then bing, bang, boom, problem solved. He never wants to lay eyes on sarah again.

Abigail: So, sarah hired you to fly her on a dimera jet?

Ned: She approached me at the hangar, said she heard some of us pilots took on freelance gigs from time to time. She needed somebody to fly her out of salem.

Abigail: On a dimera jet?

Ned: Uh, I’m not the only one who does it, mrs. Dimera.

Abigail: I’m here for “the spectator,” not dimera enterprises. And so, you agreed?

Ned: I said I would do it for the right price. She definitely had the money. I can see how much she must have spent on her clothes.

Abigail: Are you an expert in couture?

Ned: Uh, no, luggage. I saw the size of the suitcase she had. I have never seen such a tiny woman with such a big suitcase.

Xander: Forget the luggage. Where’d you take her?

Ned: Can’t tell you that.

Xander: Why not?

Ned: It’s part of the deal. Look, I didn’t have to tell you that I flew her in the first place. I did it ’cause you said that she might be in danger.

Xander: She is, and if you don’t tell us where she is, we can’t help her.

Ned: Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming. But I get paid to be discreet. But I could also get paid to be indiscreet. So, if you wanna know where i took her, have to cough up some cash. And I don’t take checks.

[Soft instrumental music]

Kristen: If you were looking for sarah, there’s no way that would lead you to me.

Steve: Although, you know how they say that all roads lead to rome? In the past, a whole lot of mysterious disappearances have led to you.

Kristen: Oh, please. Use your head. Sarah went through hell, and she still gave me my baby back. Heck, we’re almost like sisters. So, why would I wanna disappear sarah horton?

Steve: God only knows why you do anything.

Kristen: Wow. May I remind you I have a gun?

Steve: Okay, that hasn’t slipped my mind, okay, but now that we have cleared up that I’m not working for xander, he’s not looking for you, why don’t you put the damn thing down?

Kristen: Because I still want answers, and if you are not working on xander’s behalf, then why are you here, hm? There’s not exactly a roman holiday for you and the misses to dress as clergy and her cloistered and you sleeping single in a double bed. No, I think–I think that you came here to flush me out of the convent, my spiritual home.

Steve: Your spiritual home when you’re facing prison time.

Kristen: Wow. Again, the gun, hm?

[Tense music]

Who paid you to come after me?

Steve: [Sighs]

Kristen: I mean it.

Steve: Brady.

Kristen: Why in the name of god would brady do that?

Steve: Because he wants to know if you’re the one who framed him for philip’s disappearance.

Kayla: Uh, did I say husband? I did, didn’t I? Did I say husband?

Mother superior: Yes, you did. I know some would say we’re a liberal order, but we still draw the line at husbands.

Kayla: I can explain.

Mother superior: I’m all ears.

Kayla: Um, you see, I–I come from a–a very strong irish-american family, and we take the teachings of the church quite literally. So, as I am a bride of christ, that would make him my husband, wouldn’t it?

Mother superior: A husband who nags you about glasses?

Kayla: Well, he talks to me about all my problems. He’s sort of like–like–like joan of arc.

Mother superior: And look how she ended up.

Kayla: A saint. She ended up a saint.

Mother superior: Uh, what we all aspire to. So, take the bible.

Kayla: Thank you, reverend mother.

Mother superior: And one last question, how are you going to read it given that you’re so nearsighted that you didn’t see it right there in front of you?

Kayla: Uh, well, I don’t–i don’t need to read it. I–I find comfort in its physical presence.

Mother superior: If it means that much to you, you–you must have–have all the important passages memorized.

Kayla: A lot of them, yeah.

Mother superior: Then how about you recite one for me?

Kayla: Um, I would be happy to, but I’m not sure I have them verbatim, and you shouldn’t improvise the word of god, should you?

Mother superior: Well, it’s all in translation, unless you memorized it in the original hebrew or aramaic.

Kayla: No, I never–never got the time for that.


Mother superior: So, just give it your best shot. [Laughs] I’m sure he’ll forgive you if you stumble over a word or two. He did say, “judge not lest he be judged.” Matthew 7, one through three.

Kayla: Um, well, uh, the christmas story’s always been one of my favorites. And, um, it came to pass that–

Mother superior: Lovely of course, but not, I feel, relevant to your situation. How about deuteronomy 31, 6? How does that go again?

Kayla: [Chuckles]

Kristen: You’re telling me that someone made it look like brady killed philip?

Steve: And they think that someone is you.

Kristen: Why would I do something like that to brady? He’s rachel’s father.

Steve: Yes, he’s also the man you loved who had the temerity to choose chloe over you.

Kristen: Uh, so what, to that end, I–I knocked him out and covered him in blood and then i left a weapon at the crime scene?

Steve: Uh, you have to admit, your plans, uh, tend to be a little serpentine.

Kristen: Right, but they’re always in my best interest. There’s no way I would ever send brady to prison for murder. I love him.

Steve: So, you’re telling me you don’t wanna get back at him and chloe for whatever it is you think they’re doing?

Kristen: I’ll admit it bothered me. Once again, that cow had her talons in him.

Steve: Mixed metaphors.

Kristen: Mm. And I wouldn’t have thought twice about framing chloe. But if you think I’d ever send brady to prison, then you don’t know me at all.

Steve: So, you didn’t kill philip?

Kristen: No, I did not kill philip.

Steve: All right then. No harm, no foul. I’ll report back to brady that this was a dead end and that we’re even. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Kristen: It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?

[Tense music]

Nicole: Don’t you think you’re being a little paranoid here thinking that ava is setting you up? We both know how much she loves you.

Rafe: She loved steve too. Look how that turned out.

Nicole: Is there something you’re not telling me?

Rafe: No, no, no, I have– there’s nothing concrete. It’s just I–I get this weird feeling that something is off.

Nicole: Well, I’d say framing you as a dirty cop is a little more than just off.

Rafe: Okay, nicole, think about–I mean, think about it, ava, she’s–she’s got the underworld connections to make it all happen, and I’ve–I’ve had this feeling before. I had this exact same feeling when I thought that she had decapitated duke.

Rafe: Wait, you think ava did that? No, come on, that–that doesn’t make any sense.

Rafe: Unless…

Nicole: Unless what?

Rafe: Unless she knows what we did on that table.

[Dramatic music]

Ava: So? You’re just gonna stare at it or what?

Gwen: I–I’m just–I’m a bit stunned by the likeness.

Ava: Yeah. It’s impressive as hell, i agree. The ghost of xander’s girlfriend past.

[Chuckles] And the idea that one of those could be made into any one of our faces. Oh, god, I would love, love to get my hands on a nicole mask and then just tell rafe that he is a two-timing jerk and, you know, he can go straight to hell.

Gwen: Okay, can we just stay on topic here? ‘Cause, I mean, what–what– what–what would you have me do with this thing?

Ava: I thought it was obvious. I’d have you wear it.

Gwen: [Sighs] And, I mean, you just wear it and–and I just, what, sort of breathe normally?

Ava: Oh, yeah, yeah. There were no breathing issues. There were no issues at all. Just–just the fun of making mischief.

Gwen: Making mischief?

Ava: Mm.

Gwen: Well, I’d say that that’s a slight understatement with what we are considering doing, don’t you?

Ava: Okay, gwen, do you want xander to leave you? Do you relish the thought of him telling you that, “hey, you know what, I’ve enjoyed your company, and, uh, thank you for the memories,” but you know his true love, the one that, uh–who’s a knockout, has a great career, that perfect bod, she’s back, so, buh-bye and have a nice life. I did not think so. But if, you know–if you’re feeling like you got stage freight and you can’t pull it off, well, then–then don’t worry about it.

Gwen: I didn’t say that.

Ava: Well, you seem awfully skeptical.

Gwen: I’m just–I’m lacking a bit of confidence. You–you really think that I can fool xander?

Ava: Ah, sweetie… there’s only one way to find out. And that is not by sitting around shooting the breeze. Come on, put the damn thing on already? What are you waiting for?

Gwen: [Sighs]

Xander: So, what are you waiting for? Pay the man.

Abigail: Me? Why me?

Xander: You have money. I don’T.

Abigail: [Sighs] Xander, I can’t do it.

Xander: Why? Did chad put you on an allowance or something?

Abigail: No, I’m a journalist. I represent “the spectator.” I can’t pay a source for information. It’s totally unethical.

Xander: Then don’t run the story. I mean, what do you care more about, selling papers or finding your cousin? My asthma felt anything but normal.

Steve: I don’t think it’s too late at all. I’ll just make it clear to brady that you had nothing to do with this.

Kristen: I’m still a wanted woman who broke out of prison. So what, you’re just going to go waltzing back into salem knowing my location? I mean, really? You’re even dumber than i thought you were.

Kayla: Deuteronomy 31-6. Of course. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them. For the lord your god goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

Mother superior: You do know your bible.

Kayla: I told you it brings me great comfort.

Mother superior: I’ve always found it to do so. Actually, I–I just came in to get my rosary.

Kayla: Thanks, mom. All the ccd classes really paid off.

Mother superior: I usually keep this drawer locked. Um, thank you for calling my lapse to my attention.

[Tense music]

Nicole: [Groans] You–you think ava knows we slept together.

Rafe: It’s crossed my mind.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Well, wait a minute, this is– this is ava we’re talking about.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: If she found out, she would’ve been in your face. She doesn’t exactly sit on her feelings.

Rafe: No, you’re right. You’re right, and–and when i told her about the perps, she was completely shocked, and she–she was totally–totally behind me.

Nicole: Okay, that’s a good sign.

Rafe: Yeah. Has she been acting strangely, though? She keeps telling me to invite you over for dinner. I–like, has she done anything weird or–or out of the ordinary?

Nicole: No–

Rafe: No?

Nicole: Oh, then now–now that you mention it…

Rafe: What?

Ava: Come on, gwen. Let’s have a look.

[Dynamic music]

Gwen: So? What do you think? Hey, I thought you said I’d sound just like sarah.

Ava: Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Here. Try this.

Sarah: Do you really think that–oh, my god, it works.

Ava: [Chuckles]

Sarah: I mean, this is what sarah sounds like…

Ava: Mm-hmm…

Sarah: Right?

Ava: Exactly. Exactly. So, now you look perfect. You sound perfect. Oh, xander’s gonna be completely taken in.

Sarah: I don’t know, I–I’m not so sure.

Ava: Well, I fooled you, didn’t I?

Sarah: Yeah, but I don’t know sarah. Xander knows everything about her.

Ava: So did rex, and kristen fooled them both.

Sarah: Yeah, but kristen knows sarah. I’m flying blind here. I don’t think I can fool anyone, let alone xander.

Ava: [Mumbles] Maybe you need to take a test run.

Abigail: This is not about selling papers. I–whether I run this story or not, I can’t give a source money.

Xander: Are you serious? You’re gonna let our only lead on sarah slip through your fingers, because what, it’s unethical?

Abigail: Okay, first of all, I’m not really sure how reliable this lead is…

Ned: Hey.

Abigail: Um, and second of all, I–it’s not about ethics. If anybody found out that I paid for information, whether I run the story or not, it could totally compromise “the spectator.” My folks left me in charge of the paper, and last thing i wanna do is run it into the ground just a few weeks after they’ve left town.

Xander: We both know I don’t have the money.

Ned: Okay, well, thanks for the beer.

Xander: Oh, no, no, yeah, you, uh–I’ll get it. I’ll, uh–I’ll get the money. You just keep him here.

Abigail: Where are you going?

Xander: To the first national bank of kiriakis.

[Solemn music]

It’s my 4:05, the-show-must-go-on,

Maggie: Mmm. Henderson, I love this tea! What is it?

Sarah: I don’t know. I’m not henderson.

Maggie: Oh, my god. Sarah?


Sarah: [Chuckles]

Maggie: I can’t believe– I can’t believe it’s you.

Sarah: Me either.

[Tense music]

Steve: If you think that I’ll tell everyone where I found you, then there’s an easy fix.

Kristen: So, finally we both can agree.

Steve: Just move on. Take off. Find a convent in, uh, outer mongolia or somewhere.

Kristen: [Laughs] Mongolia, right. You–you think I should move?

Steve: Kristen, you’ve got safehouses all over the place where you can hide out. And I swear I won’t follow you. I got some zip ties here in this drawer.

Kristen: Hm.

Steve: Okay?

Kristen: Ooh. [Gasps] Are we looking for this? Huh? Yeah, see, I was here before, and that’s the first place i looked. Wow, for a P.I., You are very predictable.

[Tongue clicks] So, now I think it’s time for my easy fix.

Rafe: Nicole… ni–nicole, what is it? Hey, did ava say something to you?

Nicole: No, no. But it’s just like you were saying, I–I just got this weird feeling.

Rafe: When?

Nicole: The other day at the square, I–I saw you and ava together. You were hugging.

Rafe: Wait, you were– I didn’t see you.

Nicole: I know. But I think ava saw me. And she smiled at me, but it wasn’t a friendly smile. It was more knowing, like she was in on a secret. And afterward, I just felt very unsettled.

[Knocking on door]

Ava: Hey, nicole, you busy? I was just thinking that–oh… rafe, what a surprise.

Rafe: Yeah, I was just talking about you.

Ava: Yeah, you know, this is great, because now I don’t have to track you down too.

[Dramatic music]

Maggie: Oh, honey. Do you know what a relief it is to see you?

Sarah: I’m sorry I worried you.

Maggie: Why the radio silence? I mean, all this time we thought you were with rex, but when he showed up and he said you hadn’t left town with him, oh, honey, I mean, that was weeks and weeks ago. Ever since, I’ve been–I’ve been calling. Do you know that your phone is disconnected?

Sarah: I–I know, and I can explain.

Maggie: Okay… I’m listening.

Rafe: Track us down? What is that supposed to mean?

Ava: Well, it means that what I have to say concerns the three of us, and the two of you are so high-powered and important, you don’t answer your phones and you don’t return calls. So, if I want to speak to either one of you, I have to track you down and talk to you face to face. And don’t argue with me about that, because I was just here the other day trying to invite you over for dinner, and I knew then if it was gonna happen at all, I’d practically have to tie you down just to get you to agree to a date.

Nicole: It’s just that I–

Ava: No, no, no, no, no, I know, I know, I know. It’s okay. You’re so busy. I get that from him too, all the time. So, no more arguments, okay? The three of us are having dinner together at casa hernandez tonight.

Nicole: Oh, I–I don’t know, ’cause I–

Ava: No, no! [Rolls tongue] No, no, no, no. I am not listening to anymore excuses from either one of you. Make it happen, or you’ll incur the wrath of ava vitali. Seriously? The two of you have been moping around here like a couple of sad sacks. It’s really time the two of you just had some fun.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Ava: Right?

Nicole: Yeah. Okay.

Rafe: Yeah.

Mother superior: Here you are, my dear.

Kayla: Thank you, mother.

Mother superior: Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go talk to sister marguerite about choir practice. But I’ll see you at dinner.

Kayla: Yes.

Mother superior: Good. You can lead the evening prayers.

[Soft music]

Kayla: “Steve, just had a close call. Still looking for kristen.”

[Phone beeping] Okay, good.

Kristen: “Keep me posted, sweetness.”


[Tense music]

Abigail: You know, you could make this a lot easier if you’d just tell us where you took sarah.

Ned: Easier for you. Uh, I’ll be back in an hour.

Abigail: Where are you going?

Ned: Stretch my legs. Maybe look for a new watch to buy with all that money I’m gonna earn.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Sarah: Mom?

Maggie: Hm?

Sarah: I’m sorry that i wasn’t completely honest with you. I would have told you everything if it hadn’t been for xander.

Maggie: So, you pretended to leave town with rex because of xander?

Sarah: He didn’t leave me a choice. I tried to break off the engagement, but he didn’t believe me.

Maggie: As I see it, you didn’t–you didn’t call off the engagement. You called off the wedding, at almost the last possible moment.

Sarah: Just…I wanted xander out of my life, and I had to make sure that he wouldn’t try to follow me.

Maggie: [Sighs] You were that desperate to get away from him? Why?

Sarah: You know, I don’t– I don’t wanna get into it right now, but let’s just say if i never see xander again, it will be too soon.

Xander: Maggie, I have a favor to ask.

Xander: Sarah?

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Hope: You know, I could get used to you working from home.

Liam: That was nice. Well, yeah, with my dad out of town, I figured I’d take advantage. Although, it’s been quiet around here, right?

Hope: Well, douglas is doing homework in his room and beth is at her playdate. Actually, are you going to be here for a bit? Because I would like to go check in on my mom.

Liam: Oh yeah. No, no, no. Go. By all means. I know your mom’s ah… facing some challenges since new year’s, so.

Hope: Drinking that night really…really broke her spirit. I am worried about her.

Ridge: Hey. Are you still thinking about taylor? The way she showed up here.

Brooke: I certainly didn’t expect to be answering questions about my well being.

Ridge: So, you don’t believe in her good intentions?

Brooke: I don’t know. I mean, I guess she was genuinely concerned. It was just…unnerving.

Sheila: What–what just happened?

Taylor: You tell me.

Sheila: Well, the vibe in here suddenly shifted, and you’re looking at me like that.

Taylor: Do you want to tell me why you’re so interested in brooke?

Carter: That’s a little strange.

Paris: What?

Carter: I feel like you always have a smile on your face. You have been frowning for like five minutes.

Paris: Have I?

Carter: Seems like you’re deep in thought.

Paris: Yeah, I am a little, I guess.

Carter: About?

Paris: Zende and sequoyah are going out tonight.

Carter: Isn’t that what you wanted? For you guys to be free to see other people. Don’t you want that anymore?

Paris: Everything I said to zende still stands. I’m way too young to be committed like that.

Carter: But?

Paris: I think I was just caught off guard. Walking in on him making plans with someone else. A drop dead, gorgeous model at that.

Carter: I understand.

Paris: Really? And maybe you can help me understand it.

Carter: You’re jealous. You still care about zende.

Taylor: It’s a pretty straightforward question. Why are you so stuck on brooke?

Sheila: I really–I wouldn’t say that I am. I’ve been out of the loop for so long. I–I’m just trying to fit back in so that I can be a part of finn and hayes’s lives. And brooke… happens to be married to hayes’s grandfather.

Taylor: I hope that’s true. I would hate to see you getting obsessed with brooke again.

Hope: Mom’s been really hard on herself. And I just–I’m not sure what to do to help her feel better.

Liam: Well, I don’t know either, but I know your love and support goes a long way.

Hope: I hope so because it’s really all I have. I just–I should go check in.

Liam: Yeah, no. Yeah, I’ll hold down the fort and you… just go be who you are. A loving, caring daughter.

Hope: Just it bothers me, not understanding what it was about that night that triggered her urge to drink.

Brooke: I guess I’m just naive. Thought my desire to drink was behind me.

Ridge: People slip. That’s what meetings are for, right? To help you get back up. You’re doing everything you can. Most important thing is being honest with everybody about what happened that night. (Girl) hey guys, family hike starts… now!

Paris: Zende is a great guy. And we have so much fun together. And we just vibe so easily together. But he thought I was right there with him, ready to walk down the aisle as mr. And mrs., But I’m just not ready. And once you gave me the heads up about the proposal, there were only two options: Turn him down or head him off.

Carter: Makes sense. So, you’re not questioning your decision to keep things casual with zende?

Paris: Oh no. I think… I think I made the best choice for where I am in my life right now. For the both of us. I mean, if zende is looking to be serious with someone, he deserves a woman who wants the same thing. A woman who is as into him as he is into her. There was always something imbalanced about our relationship. I just didn’t think it mattered because we were just dating. Does that make me a bad person?

Carter: Yes. I’m joking.

Paris: Oh.

Carter: No, it doesn’t paris. You’re a beautiful person. You’re just trying to be honest with your feelings. Can’t ask for more than that.

Sheila: I totally understand why you would question my motives. But I…have changed, taylor. I mean, haven’t we all, really? When you’re young, you think that the world owes you everything. That you’re entitled to whatever you want. And that it’s okay to do whatever you have to do to make that happen, regardless of who you hurt. And then time takes a hard look at you and it beats you down. And it takes away what’s most important in life, and it humbles you. And you have to be. Listen to me, here I am explaining the human condition to one of the world’s most renowned psychiatrists. I’m just going to stop. Okay? But I say what I say because I have taken hard knocks and I’ve learned things, like what’s really important in life and that is your family. So now you don’t need to be concerned that I am obsessed with brooke. I just want to prove myself so that I can spend time with my son and my grandson.

Taylor: Oh, I want to believe you, sheila. I really do. But I am still gauging, assessing the situation. I hope that you’re telling the truth and that you have changed. For your sake and for my family’s as well. It would make things a lot less complicated if we could trust your intentions.

Sheila: I so appreciate you, taylor. And your willingness to let me prove myself. I just wish brooke would do the same.

Liam: Ah, doug the daring. You finish your homework?

Douglas: Yep. Where’s mom?

Liam: Oh, she’s up seeing grandma.

Douglas: I saw grandma kissing santa claus.

Ridge: Falling off the wagon is not permanent. You got to climb back on and… stay on. One moment at a time. One day at a time. That’s how it works, right? But I went from zero to 60. In one minute, I was drinking non-alcoholic champagne and the next I was doing vodka shots. And I don’t even remember the moment in between where I possibly could have stopped myself. It doesn’t make sense.

Ridge: It’s not supposed to make sense. It’s an impulse.

Brooke: But why? I haven’t even thought about alcohol, I don’t care when people drink around me. So, what would make this impulse happen? I have no idea.

Ridge: I don’t know either. Something triggered you. We may never find out what it was. Most important thing is you doing the work, right? That’s all you can do.

Brooke: Are you disappointed in me?

Ridge: No. Not one bit.

Brooke: Well, you should be. I’m disappointed in myself. Maybe you should give yourself some credit.

Hope: I actually agree with ridge. Mom, you’ve taken responsibility for everything that happened on new year’s eve. And not keeping it a secret has helped get things back on track. And that and accepting help from the people who love you most. Napoleon was born and raised to conquer.

Carter: Oh. What did I do to desrve that smile?

Paris: Because…you care and you’re supportive. And I–I just really appreciate that.

Carter: Well, don’t tell anyonebut , m one of your biggest fans.

Paris: Oh, and you have been. From the start. Right away, you saw something in me that was worth taking a chance on. Because of you, a door open for me here at forrester. Literally changed my life.

Carter: I’m glad I follow my instincts about you, paris. For reasons both professional and personal.

Paris: Personal?

Carter: I like having you in my life. You’re different.

Paris: Oh. Is that good or bad?

Carter: It’s excellent. I don’t know, you– you intrigued me. I’ve never met someone like you. You know you… you don’t disappoint paris. You’re endlessly fascinating.

Paris: Wow. Thank you.

Carter: Just keeping it real.-Paris: You know… the more I sit with it, the more I believe it’s best for zende to enjoy his freedom.

Carter: Why do you say that?

Paris: To be honest, I can’t stop thinking about our kiss.

Carter: To be honest. I can’t stop thinking about it either.

Sheila: Look, I’m sorry. It is just that brooke is so high and mighty. Talk about hypocrisy. I mean, judging me so harshly and being so unforgiving. It’s like she’s never made a mistake in her life. Or that there’s nothing horrible that she regrets. It’s just I thought you of all people would be annoyed by brooke, just as much as I am.

Hope: In the past, you had lived with your alcoholism alone, for a very long time before any of us knew there was a problem. And that makes it that much harder to ask for help.

Brooke: I was in denial. And then I was ashamed.

Hope: Well, that’s not what is happening here. Mom, you slipped up and you immediately went to a meeting, you called your sponsor and you let ridge and I know about what happened that night. I mean, taking responsibility, that’s half the battle. And keeping it a secret would eat anyone up from the inside.

Ridge: She’right.

Hope: Please, mom, you don’t have to worry. There’s no judgment here.

Ridge: We got you.

Hope: No matter what. There is nothing here but love and support, okay? Love you.

Douglas: I saw grandma kissing santa claus.

Liam: So, buddy. You’ve said that a few times now. Is that like your favorite song this year? Because it’s mommy, I saw mommy.

Douglas: Not the song. I saw grandma kissing santa, for real.

Liam: Oh. Oh, well. Well, when was that? Was that– was it christmas eve?

Douglas: No, new year’s eve.

(Ziploc bag opening) But taylor? You would think should be eager to spill the tea, even with me. I just need to know if she fell into the trap that I set. Now your day of reckoning is coming, brooke. You trust and believe because it’s coming soon.

Ridge: You’re the most remarkable woman I’ve ever known.

Brooke: How can you say that? I’m anything but.

Ridge: At times, you’re a little hard on yourself.

Brooke: Not hard enough.

Ridge: You slipped. It was new year’s and I wasn’t there. And you’re taking all the right steps. You want to get back to where you were. And you say you feel shame, but you shouldn’T. You could have hidden this from me, and you didn’T. You shared with me, with your daughter. Every intimate detail of what happened that night. I’m so proud of you.

Brooke: Drink it up.

Douglas: I saw grandma kissing santa. I did. I swear.

Liam: Okay. All right. Well, I know that’s what you think you saw.

Douglas: I didn’t think it. I saw it. Grandma was kissing santa. Maybe he came back to bring her a present and maybe she was thanking him.

Liam: So–

Hope: Everything okay?

Liam: Yeah, yeah. It’s good. It’s good. It’s just, um… okay. So, you know how douglas has been saying, I saw grandma kissing santa claus lately.

Hope: Sweetie, you’re– you’re misremembering the song. It’s I saw mommy kissing santa claus.

Liam: So yes–

Hope: Not grandma.

Liam: That’s what I said. But I don’t think he’s talking about the song. He says he’s talking about brooke.

Hope: I don’t understand.

Liam: I don’t know. I think maybe douglas is trying to tell us something.

Hope: So, something happened and you saw grandma kissing santa claus?

Douglas: Yes.

Hope: Was this on christmas eve or christmas?

Douglas: New year’s eve.

Hope: And where did you see that?

Douglas: At her house. It was at night.

Liam: Um. Well, I don’t know why you were up there, because I distinctly remember telling you not to go up to the house, right?

Douglas: I know, I’m sorry, but it was only for a minute so I can go get my stuffed bunny. Am I in trouble?

Liam: No, you’re– no, you’re not in trouble, and we’re going to deal with that later. I’m just so happy you’re being honest with us. So just–just um–just– yeah, tell us what happened.

Douglas: Well, I walked up to the living room window, and that’s when I saw it.

Hope: So, you saw grandma kissing someone?

Douglas: Yes, santa.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Rey: Ooh! We should do that more often.

Sharon: Yes, absolutely. Thank you for braving the museum with me.

Rey: Are you kidding? I loved it. Besides, I figured I should learn more about art since noah’s living here now. Although none of those paintings were as beautiful as you are.

Sharon: Aww.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Oh, hey, nick.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Nick: You guys look like you’re in a pretty good mood.

Rey: We are.

Sharon: Having some french food, walking through a museum — it can do wonders for your mind-set.

Nick: Well, don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here minding my own business, waiting for noah.

Sharon: Oh. What are you two meeting about? The job offer?

Nick: Hey.

Noah: Hey.

Sharon: Oh, great. Now both of you can fill us in.

Noah: On what?

Sharon: On what you’re meeting with your dad about.

Noah: Well, first off, nosy. Secondly, I think I need to talk to dad in private for a sec.

Sharon: Okay. No problem.

Phyllis: Hey, summer. How’s it going? Yeah, you’re preparing for your big meeting? You’re gonna do great. Yeah. Hey, you know what? I have a question. I heard that jack is in milan doing some collab with kyle? Oh, okay. No, don’t worry it. Don’t worry about it. I know that you — you have a big day. Alright, I’ll talk to you later. Okay. Bye, honey.

Nikki: Why, victoria, you’ve done something new with your hair.

Ashland: Well, thank you for noticing. I had to get the pitch deck for the dubai project.

Nikki: Well, I need to speak to both of you anyway. Can we meet later and talk about this month’s numbers from asia?

Ashland: Well, that can be arranged, assuming you’d be willing to be flexible on time. I have a potential new senior-level hire to meet with later.

Nikki: Ah. I didn’t realize we had an opening.

Ashland: Yeah, an executive i knew in new york is looking for a new role, and I think he’d be a great catch for newman/locke and a perfect fit for the vice president of strategy.

Nikki: Uh-huh. The only thing is, that position isn’t available. Regina’s doing an excellent job.

Ashland: I disagree. Her ideas are dated, and she’s too risk-averse for my liking. I think it’s time to offer her a golden parachute.

Nikki: Does victoria know about this?

Ashland: Oh, she doesn’t need to be bothered with the staffing issues. She’s got the big picture to consider. And I’m happy to, uh, handle all the pesky details.

Devon: I just can’t believe that things have gotten to this point with abby. It’S… I’ve tried to be as fair as i can to her and chance, but… I love dominic and I want to have a bigger role in his life. But this whole thing is just turning into a mess.

Amanda: You’re gonna have to let this go for now. There’s just not more that you can do until I file a petition with the courts. Listen. I know this is weighing on you. But if you really want to proceed, you’re gonna need to find a way to make peace with your decision.

Abby: Christine, hi. It’s abby. I need you to call me as soon as you get this. Thanks.

Chance: Alright, dom’s all tucked in and sound asleep. How you doing?

Abby: Not great. I know you wanted me to wait to call christine, but I think we need to know what our legal options are, so I left her a message.

Chance: Okay. Well, I think we should talk about this before she gets back to us.

Abby: We’re supposed to be focusing on bonding with our son, and suddenly it feels like everything could fall apart. A lot of people think dealing with copd

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Abby: I can’t wrap my head around devon doing this, bringing lawyers into this. We all signed the original document so we could avoid a conflict like this once the baby was born. And now he wants to just tear it up and take us to court?

Chance: I know, but devon did come to us first, without an attorney, asking us if he could change the original agreement.

Abby: And I haven’t forgotten that. But I told him I didn’t feel comfortable with making those changes. I didn’t think he was gonna take it this far. Oh, maybe it’s because he has a lawyer literally in his house pushing him to do this.

Chance: No, don’t blame amanda. This is not her fault. I mean, I knew devon’s feelings weren’t gonna change. I knew it.

Abby: You know, you aren’t as upset as I am about this.

Chance: I am just as thrown as you are by this. Trust me. I’m just trying to see it from all these different angles, you know, yours and mine, dominic’s, and devon’s, alright? I just — I don’t see an easy answer here.

Abby: There’s only one answer, and the answer is no.

Noah: So, I’ve made a decision about your job offer, and I’m pretty excited about it. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to help people, and i really admire everything that you do, so… I’d like to accept the offer.

Nick: My man!

[ Both laugh ] It’s, like, a dream come true for me, for you to come work with me again, bud.

Noah: Me too. But there is one stipulation. I still need time to work on my art. I don’t want to grind away 24/7 so that the work consumes me like it does grandpa and aunt victoria.

Nick: I feel you. Trust me — the vibe at new hope is way different than at newman because we focus on the people, not the profits.

Noah: So, where do we get started?

Nick: I think the best thing we can do is just have you come to work with me, hang out, just kind of get the lay of the land, and we will figure out the best way to use your abilities. I mean, who knows? Maybe we can even have new hope find some way to maximize on your artistic talents.

Noah: Sounds good. I’m up for anything.

[ Chuckles ]

Rey: Oh, you are dying to know what’s going down out there.

Sharon: Nope. I already know. Noah accepted nick’s offer.

Rey: You could hear that from in here?

Sharon: I can tell by the look on noah’s face. I’m happy he and nick are bonding like that. It means that noah’s gonna stick around, hopefully for a very long time. It just feels like life is exactly the way that it should be.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: I’m not surprised that you and victoria enjoy working together. The two of you had chemistry from the moment you met, even though you were still married.

Ashland: Well, victoria — she has, uh, turned out to be the missing piece in my life. She gives me purpose. I adore her.

Nikki: Oh, I can tell. You are as enamored of her now as you were on your wedding day, but —

Ashland: But what?

Nikki: I just wonder if the two of you have moved past the honeymoon phase of your business partnership.

Ashland: Not at all, no. I’m continuously impressed and excited by her brilliance.

Nikki: No, what I mean is, have the two of you talked about areas that overlap versus areas that are off limits?

Ashland: You’re wondering if I jumped the gun by reaching out to my colleague in new york, if I was trying to make my mark by bringing in my own people.

Nikki: Well, were you?

Victoria: Oh. Was I left off the invite list for this meeting? Napoleon was born and raised to conquer.

Nikki: Don’t worry. We didn’t have anything scheduled.

Victoria: Well, then why do i feel like I walked in on something?

Ashland: Probably because that I just understood from my conversation with nikki that i may have overstepped. I was planning to meet with a colleague who I think would make a brilliant new vice president of strategy.

Victoria: As opposed to regina?

Ashland: It’s only a preliminary conversation, nothing concrete. If it’s not an option for you, I’ll cancel. No harm, no foul.

Victoria: Well, I mean, if it’s somebody that you respect and they’re available, then by all means, you should meet with them. Maybe you can discuss how he might fit into our organization. Well, you know, having a team comprised of talented people that we can trust is key.

Ashland: That’s great. I’m glad we discussed it. Nikki, please let my assistant know when you want to go over the asia numbers, and I’ll be there.

Victoria: Well, go ahead. Say whatever it is you want to say.

Sharon: I am so thrilled you’re taking the job, noah.

Noah: Yeah, me too. I was in need of something new, and I think working for a nonprofit will be a good change of pace.

Nick: Well, I promise you you’re gonna get a whole different feeling when you know your work is geared just toward helping people.

Sharon: I have no doubt you’re gonna get a lot out of it. So, are you ready to get to work?

Noah: I think so.

Tessa: Hi. I am so glad that I ran into you. Can I borrow him for a sec?

Sharon: Sure. I think we’re all done here for now.

Nick: He is all yours.

Noah: So, what’s up?

Tessa: I have surprise for you.

Devon: I can’t stop thinking about my conversation with abby. You know, no matter what I said, she — she couldn’t understand my concern for dominic. And I don’t know what I can say to get through to her now.

Amanda: Well, I think that no matter what you say, she’s always gonna feel like you’re trying to take away her family, or at least her vision of what that should be.

Devon: Yeah, I know, and I’m not. I’m not trying to do that at all. I’m talking about having shared custody where we’re all involved in raising dominic, you know?

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: And she’s said to me numerous times how she wants me to have a major role in his life. And I know that this is a little step past that, but how is it a bad thing for dominic?

Amanda: I think, you know, just with a little time and distance, once the shock of it goes away, she’ll recover, you know? But what I witnessed today was just a woman who felt… betrayed.

Devon: Yeah, I know. And now I’m gonna risk losing my best friend so I can be a father to my son.

Abby: Dominic is happy here with us. We are his parents. And, frankly, I was pretty shocked by some of the things devon said.

Chance: Like what?

Abby: He said he sees himself as dominic’s father.

Chance: He said that?

Abby: I’m sorry if he feels like that’s what his role is, but dominic already has a father and a mother and a home.

Chance: Except that I missed out on a lot of time with him.

Abby: Yeah, but you’re making up for it right now. And there is no reason for someone to rip our son away from us for any amount of time.

Chance: I hear you. I do. I really hear you. And if devon proceeds with all this legal stuff, then we will fight it. We will. But, abby, I’m just scared that the final decision’s gonna be made by a judge who doesn’t know us, who doesn’t know dominic, and who doesn’t know devon.

Abby: That’s fine. That’s fine because I have every confidence that we will win. Devon signed away his legal parental rights. He knew what he was signing. He knew the repercussions.

Chance: But that was before the baby was born. He didn’t know how he would feel now.

Abby: Okay, yes, I know! I know that devon bonded with dominic! But devon knows what a crucial time this is for our family. You’re learning how to bond with our son. And, what, now he wants us to focus on some sort of legal battle?

Chance: He’d probably use that against us in court.

Abby: Use what?

Chance: The fact that i haven’t bonded with my own son.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Phyllis: Hey, nick.

Nick: Hey. How’s everything?

Phyllis: You know. Do you have a minute to talk?

New vicks convenience pack.

Phyllis: So, how was your visit to milan? How was your birthday?

Nick: It was — it was great. Summer and kyle just wined and dined me the whole time. It was awesome. Then, uh, I got home, and the family threw me a little party.

Phyllis: Oh. That’s nice. Was adam there?

Nick: Uh, I should have been more specific when I said “family.” It was just, uh, the kids and, um, sharon and mariah and tessa.

Phyllis: Oh. That family. Of course.

Nick: Yeah. Uh, it was — it was fun.

Phyllis: How’s christian?

Nick: He’s good. I feel like he’s getting taller every week.

Phyllis: It’s the age.

Nick: He finally stopped asking when you were gonna come over and play video games with him.

Phyllis: Wow. I-I didn’t even think he’d notice that I wasn’t there.

Nick: Yeah, I mean, that’s the way kids are, right? I mean, they get used to someone coming around a lot, and then they…notice when they stop. Christian gets it, though. Uh, it just means I have to up my gaming skills.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Are we okay?

Nick: Yeah, we’re good. Uh…I guess my food’s ready. Enjoy your night.

Amanda: You know, abby is really hurt, and her feelings are raw right now, but I have no doubt that your friendship will prevail in the end.

Devon: Well, I wish I could be that optimistic.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Amanda: One second, okay?

[ Sighs ] Hey.

Phyllis: Hey, lady. I was, um, thinking maybe we could grab a drink together with your favorite gal pal.

Amanda: I, uh — I can’t right now.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. I was just hoping to — to talk to a friend. That’s all.

Amanda: I know. I’m sorry. I’m just in the middle of something at the moment.

Devon: Hey. You don’t have to stay for me. You can go.

Amanda: Are you sure?

Devon: Yeah. Positive.

Amanda: Okay, um, I’ll meet you in a few.

Phyllis: Oh, great. I’ll meet you at the grand phoenix.

Amanda: Okay. Bye. Are you sure you’re okay?

Devon: Yeah, I’m fine. I am.

Amanda: Alright. Well, I won’t be late, okay?

Devon: Okay. Love you.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Amanda: Yeah. Love you, too. Oh, and I will get that on the way out.

Devon: Appreciate it.

Amanda: Mariah. Hi. Um, are you here to see devon?

Mariah: Yeah. I am. Is this a bad time?

Amanda: No, no. This is a good time. You two will have a lot to talk about.

Devon: Hey. Come in.

Amanda: See you later.

Devon: Okay. [ Smooches ] I love you.

Amanda: Yeah. Love you, too.

Devon: Hello.

Mariah: So, I talked to abby.

Devon: You did? Was that before or after I told her I’m taking her to court?

Mariah: What? No, she didn’t say anything about that.

Devon: Well, yeah, since, uh, she and chance refuse to even consider to adjust our agreement, I don’t have another choice.

Mariah: Devon, come on. This is crazy. How do we fix this? Because you can’t take abby and chance to court.

Devon: I thought you of all people would understand why this fight’s so important.

Abby: Well, you’re right about where devon’s head is. He’s worried about your emotional state. And he says that you have some recovery to do that might interfere with you being a present father to dominic at the moment. Chance, he’s wrong! He’s wrong. I didn’t even want to tell you because I didn’t want to upset you. I didn’t want to give it credence by repeating it.

Chance: [ Sighs ] I’d like to hear what else devon had to say.

Abby: He’s confident that you’re gonna make a full recovery from all of the trauma that you went through. But dominic needs a father, a father right now who’s gonna be present. Chance, listen to me! He’s completely wrong-headed!

Chance: Is he, though, abby? I mean, is he? I think we’re gonna have to consider what he’s saying… and consider the fact that he might be right.

Find your rhythm.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Victoria: Mom, I know you’re just being cautious, but ashland and I are still working out how we communicate in our professional relationship, and it takes time.

Nikki: Oh, I understand that. That’s something I don’t think your father and I ever did work out when we both worked for the same company.

Victoria: Well, when ashland takes the lead on something, it’s not as though he’s leaving me out of the loop or not considering my opinions.

Nikki: That all sounds very rational, but what I want to know is, are you comfortable with that dynamic?

Victoria: It’s new territory for me. The only person that I know as single-minded as ashland is dad, and with him I was just always his junior partner. But at newman/locke, I am most assuredly ceo. It’s not a shared position of power, and I know where I stand. And ashland knows that I trust him and I rely on him.

Nikki: Okay, good. I’ll let you get some work done, and I will get back to you with those asia numbers.

[ Door closes ]

Devon: I’m not trying to hurt anyone or cause trouble by doing this. ‘Cause I’ve given abby and chance many opportunities to come to some kind of agreement with me, and they’ve shot me down every single time. So, all I’m doing is trying to guarantee that I can always be there to protect dominic if he needs me. I think that he deserves that, and so do I.

Mariah: And you feel like you don’t already have that.

Devon: Not when they can just shut the door on me seeing him like they did, no. It’s — abby has always said from the very beginning we’re the “baby chancellor crew,” right?

Mariah: Yeah. Yeah, she has. She’s also allowed us to be a part of his life.

Devon: I don’t know if I’d say “allowed.” I mean, it’s — we haven’t really had a choice. We helped bring him into this world. She made us the godparents. She left him with me when she went to spain. We’ve — we’ve literally been a part of every step of that baby’s life.

Mariah: We have. I know as well as anyone how deep that parental attachment can be. There was a period of time where I couldn’t envision getting through the day without seeing my little bowie. But…he’s not my bowie. He’s their dom. And I’ve had to come to terms with that. But I’m a lot more balanced now.

Devon: Yeah. No, I — I — I completely understand what you’re saying, but if you take the emotion out of this, it still comes down to dominic’s well-being. And I know that you and I both want what’s best for him, and I’m worried that he’s not getting that at home because chance is dealing with a lot that’s preventing him from being fully present. And those aren’t my words. Those are his. He admitted it to me and to abby. And I’m concerned that his issues may even go deeper than what he’s willing to say.

Mariah: But isn’t there a way to work out a compromise without bringing judges or lawyers into this?

Devon: Mariah, if you know of one, then please tell me ’cause everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked so far. This is literally my last resort. And, believe me, I am well aware that things can get ugly and probably will get ugly, especially when people start choosing sides.

Noah: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: Ta-da! My album is ready to go out to the masses!

Noah: Your first lp. This is big. I’m proud of you.

Tessa: Well, you better be at the launch party because the album cover that you designed will be integral to its success because it is so beautiful. Look at it.

Noah: You made it easy.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: Can I get you guys anything?

Noah: Nah, I think we’re good.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Forgot my phone.

Rey: Oh, it’s hard to survive without one of those.

Nick: Sad but true, huh?

Rey: So, sharon’s over the moon now that noah’s decided to stay in town and work with you, huh?

Nick: Yeah. You know, I guess it’s that parental urge. You always want your kids to feel confident and like they’re living their own lives. I guess it’s a bonus if they do it with you close by.

Rey: I can imagine. Everything alright?

Sharon: Yeah. I’m fine. I just, uh, realized that I need to do some restocking.

Well, well, well.

Look at you.

Amanda: Hello, hello.

Phyllis: Ugh, thank you for meeting me.

Amanda: Are you kidding me? I needed a break.

Phyllis: Is something wrong?

Amanda: No, no. It’s just there’s a lot going on at home, so I have to get back, but I am definitely in the mood for a drink.

Phyllis: Ah. Yeah. You know, we have to hang out more — not just drinks. We have to do a girls’ weekend.

Amanda: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amanda: Do you want to do something like that?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amanda: What, like wine tasting, or maybe we can do some hot springs — or skiing. I love skiing.

Phyllis: Skiing? Ohh. You do? Ohh, okay. Um, no, not for me.

Amanda: Okay.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] You can do that with someone else.

Amanda: [ Laughing ] Okay.

Phyllis: Just…

[ Sighs ] I’m afraid I’m gonna spin out of control.

Amanda: Why?

Phyllis: I just didn’t realize the way that I fill all my free time was with my daughter or nick, and now, well, I mean, nick isn’T…

Amanda: Aw. What about jack?

Phyllis: Well, I mean, jack is radio-silent right now. I had to find out from lauren that he’s in milan doing some collaboration with kyle.

Amanda: Well, you found out from lauren because she’s your friend, and I’m here because I’m your friend. So you’re not completely alone in the world.

Phyllis: I know. Thank you. And I love and value both of you. I really do. But I got to figure out how to fill my free time with someone who isn’t just, you know, a friend or with work or an ex-husband.

Amanda: Yeah, you don’t strike me as the yoga type.

Phyllis: No, definitely not the yoga type. And, you know, picking up a hobby isn’t a really great idea for me because it would be something like computer hacking or some other type of thing that I shouldn’t tell a lawyer.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] You know, you allude to all of these sketchy things that you’ve done in your past, and part of me is curious, and then another part of me thinks that you are just completely exaggerating.

Phyllis: Yeah. I’m exaggerating.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Something has to change for me…for the better. Or else I’m gonna spin out. And I’ll start creating a lot of chaos.

Abby: Devon is wrong about you and dominic. The more time that you spend with our son — it’s helping you get re-acclimated to being back at home. You said it yourself. You said that you’re feeling more connected, more settled. You said there was nothing to worry about.

Chance: I lied, abby. I lied to you.

Abby: Okay. Why?

Chance: Because! Because all of this has been so confusing and so frustrating. I mean, I want this to work more than anything. I want it to work out so easily, but I can’T. I can’t make it work.

Abby: It’s just gonna take a little bit more time.

Chance: No, abby. Abby, abby, I love you for having this undying faith in me. But it’s not — I — there is something inside of me that won’t allow this to work. It won’t let me bond with dominic. I mean, just today somebody asked to see a picture of him, and I didn’t have one picture of him on my phone. Why not? I bet devon has a hundred. I just don’t know what it is. I feel so disconnected. And I love him. I love him so much. I love that little boy. I really do. But is that enough? It’s just not gonna work. I can’t build that kind of connection. I can’t have that connection like he does with devon. And doesn’t he deserve that kind of relationship?

Noah: So, how are the adoption plans going?

Tessa: Oh, well, we’re still pretty early on in the process.

Noah: Are you guys thinking about getting married in the meantime?

Tessa: You know, we haven’t discussed it quite yet. I mean, we’ve talked about it in the past.

Noah: You think you’re ready for that next step?

Tessa: Yeah, I am. I mean, mariah and I have been through so much, and we’re stronger than ever. So I figure, why not start our baby adventure by making a forever commitment to each other?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, I totally agree. There’s — there’s no reason not to.

[ Door opens ]

Mariah: Hey, guys.

Tessa: Hi.

Mariah: What’s going on?

Noah: Tessa was just showing me her new album. It’s very exciting.

Mariah: Uh, yeah. I’ve — I’ve seen it. It’s amazing. Great job.

Tessa: Are you okay?

Mariah: I am. I just had a difficult conversation.

Noah: I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Mariah: No. Thank you, though. Actually, is it okay if I talk to tessa in private for a minute?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Sharon: Are you alright?

Noah: Yeah, I’m — I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be? Don’t touch anything.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

Noah: Mom, you are misreading the situation, alright? Things are good.

Sharon: You sure?

Noah: Yeah. I swear. Everything’s fine. I’ll see you later, okay?

Victoria: Oh. How was your meeting?

Ashland: Excellent. There are a number of avenues ted might want to pursue. But I think it’s unlikely that he’d be willing to relocate, unless the package and the position were exceptional.

Victoria: I don’t think I can make that commitment at this time.

Ashland: I understand.

Victoria: Do you think that maybe he’d be willing to do some short-term consulting? We could certainly make that worth his while.

Ashland: That’s perfect. I’m glad that nikki’s concerns didn’t sour you on ted before you even met him.

Victoria: Oh. I’m sorry. My mother — she doesn’t mean to be negative. She just wants to make sure that I’m on the same page with you. And I assured her that we are.

Ashland: Good. I would hate for her to have any ongoing concerns because I know she would drive you crazy.

Victoria: [ Laughs ] Our work and our private lives are happy and in balance.

Ashland: I’d like to think that we are totally in sync.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Phyllis: Hey, honey! How’d your meeting go? Wait. Wait. Summer. Oh, you — you must be so excited. But stop. Stop. You’re talking a mile a minute.

[ Chuckles ] Are you — wait. Wait a second. Wait a second. You have an offer for me? To work at marchetti? What kind of offer is it?

Amanda: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Amanda: What’s going on? Did something happen since i left?

Devon: No, no, nothing happened. I’m just thinking about my conversation with mariah, trying to process everything she told me.

Amanda: What did she say?

Devon: She doesn’t think that I should take abby and chance to court.

Amanda: Really? Um, I’m a bit surprised by that.

Devon: Yeah, I’m surprised, too. She made some pretty good points, and I could see her point of view. I could even see where abby and chance are coming from. But what it really made me realize is how many people it’s gonna affect if I follow through with this.

Amanda: Just keep dominic as your top priority, and everything will be okay.

Devon: That’s what I intend to do.

Amanda: You can’t go wrong if you follow your heart.

Abby: I know that that you’re feeling insecure right now. I know that, but… I think it’s natural and I think that you’re gonna get over it.

Chance: Hey. You’re not hearing me, okay? Listen to me. Listen to these questions I’m asking you, for dominic’s sake, not mine, okay?

Abby: Okay. Um, I’ll try.

Chance: Abby, I am scared that our little boy is missing out, being around all my confusion, instead of devon’s certainty. I mean, yes, he’s allowed to come visit whenever, but that’s not the same, abby. It’s not. That leaves all the heavy lifting to us, all the parenting.

Abby: And so?

Chance: And so I think devon deserves more than that. I think dominic deserves more than that. I mean, devon has a direct line into his heart. We’ve all seen it. They are blood. And what I’m asking you is — is it right for us to stand in the way of that?

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Y&R Transcript Monday, January 17, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: Now, you agree that we have a lot of plans for our company, right? You also agree that we accomplished what we set out to do with billy boy, namely bring him to his knees.

Adam: Trust me, I’m more than ready to wash my hands of billy. Focus on the job and all the responsibility that you’ve given me.

Victor: Talking about that, son, I am going to take a more active role around here.

Devon: This is something i feel I need to do for dominic and myself.

Abby: I thought you were my friend. And now you’re taking us to court to spend more time with our son? After everything we’ve been through, how could you do something so hurtful?

Devon: I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m really not trying to do that, okay? And it’s because of everything that we’ve all been through that I feel I need to do this. Chance, you’ve been struggling since you’ve been back home, right? And I don’t think that you were lying when you admitted that to me.

Chance: Okay, we understand how you feel. But there’s no need to take this to the extreme.

Devon: I mean, I didn’t think it was extreme to ask for arranged visits with dominic. But last time I spoke to you, abby, you know, you made it very clear that you guys are completely against anything like that. So…I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. You guys really didn’t leave me any choice but to pursue legal action to get shared custody.

Ashland: Oh, that’s great. Thanks. Cheers, love.

Victoria: Cheers.

Adam: [ Scoffs ]

Ashland: Oh, yeah.

Victoria: How you feeling?

Adam: So, I guess congratulations are in order.

Victoria: For what?

Adam: For chanccomm. I hear jill accepted your offer.

Ashland: That’s right. She did.

Adam: Well, you know, it’s never over until it’s over.

Victoria: But this is over. I mean, at least as far as us closing the deal on chanccomm.

Adam: Oh. What else do you have in the works?

[ Keys clatter ]

Lily: Billy? Billy! Hey! Oh, my god, I didn’t think you’d be here so soon.

Billy: I missed you so much, I had to come home early, wanted one more special night with you before your big day tomorrow.

Lily: Ooh. Well, tell me everything. What happened with jill? I mean, did you guys patch things up? Like, I’m working under the assumption that we’re both starting new jobs.

Billy: Okay, just slow down, my little tiger lily.

Lily: Well, tell me if you guys made peace or not. Are you coming to chancellor as coo? What happened?

Billy: I will answer all your questions. But first…

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Clerk: Hello, how can I?

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provided by…

Abby: Chance and amanda, can you give me a few moments alone with devon so we can talk? I think we need to speak one-on-one.

Chance: I don’t think that’s a very good idea, abby. Everyone’s feeling very raw right now, and I would hate to see things escalate. I think we need to all talk about this together, right?

Amanda: Yeah, chance is right. That’s the reason why we waited for him to get here, so I think it’s best if we stay.

Abby: Actually, amanda, it’s your presence that I’m concerned about. I mean, you are devon’s lawyer, right? I can call christine. I can have her come join us. Or I can speak with devon alone.

Chance: Abby, please —

Abby: No, no, no. I’m not gonna do any deal-making or negotiating. I just need to speak with my friend. I need him to explain to me what his motivation is for doing this, and I don’t think he can do that with everyone here.

Devon: That’s totally fine, abby. Let’s — let’s talk, just the two of us, ’cause I never wanted to involve lawyers, ever. So, maybe we can work something out.

Chance: You sure?

Abby: I’m positive. I hope you can understand.

Chance: Yeah, whatever you need. I got you.

Chance: Amanda, would you mind talking privately with me, as well?

Amanda: Uh…

Chance: Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t want to talk to you as devon’s lawyer. I was hoping I could talk to you as his partner, someone who understands where his head is right now.

Amanda: Uh, okay. Yeah, let’s grab a coffee.

Chance: Alright.

Abby: You said you thought pursuing shared custody was a bad idea. So, what changed your mind?

Adam: So, dad tells me that you are taking credit for putting a stop to billy’s abandoned and pitiful plot to trick newman media into libeling him.

Victoria: Yes. I got him to back down.

Adam: Mm. So, I’m curious — how did you find out what he was up to? Did billy try to bring you in on it?

Victoria: No, he didn’t have to say anything to me. His plan was so transparent, I saw through it right away. I’m sure even a child could have seen through his game. I’m surprised that you didn’T.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: What makes you think I wasn’t already onto him? I mean, I told you at the ranch over the holidays that I didn’t see any news in billy’s little downward spiral.

Victoria: Oh, yes. Right.

Adam: No, believe me, I had no intention of writing a damaging story on him. I mean, in fact, now that i think of it, if you were onto him, why didn’t you mention anything to me and dad then? Could have warned us. I mean, assuming we all are on team newman.

Victoria: What other team is there?

Lily: Ah, this is exactly what I needed.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: I’ve just been throwing myself into work so much trying to get ready for the big day, i didn’t realize how tense I was.

Billy: Well, I’m glad I could help you relax.

Lily: So, now can I ask questions?

[ Both laugh ]

Billy: Yes, you can ask three questions.

Lily: What? I’m sorry? When did I get a question quota?

Billy: Because this is our last special night before your big day and I don’t want to spend it talking about work.

Lily: Okay. That’s fair. Fine. But the first question I have is actually a non-work question.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: So it doesn’t count.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: Okay. How are you doing? How’s your mind-set?

Billy: I’m good. Yeah. Strong. Ready to take on the world.

Lily: Okay, good. So that means the conversation with your mom went well?

Billy: Is that a question without asking a question?

Lily: Oh, my — just tell me how it went with jill.

Billy: We had a very productive conversation. The biggest takeaway — she really likes you and she’s very excited that you are now the ceo of chancellor industries.

Lily: Really? So she’s not regretting her decision?

Billy: The contrary. She thinks you’re great. And she really believes that you’re gonna bring this company to new heights.

Victor: Send him in.

Michael: Victor.

Victor: Michael. Good to see you, man.

Michael: You too. I’m sorry to drop in like this. Uh…I’ve been thinking about the offer you made the other day.

Victor: I’m sure you didn’t trek all the way out here to turn me down.

Michael: Well, let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. Let’s look at this as an informational visit. Uh…I’d like to hear more about what this job might entail.

Victor: Now, let me ask you. Are you serious about stepping down from your position as D.A.?

Michael: I’m planning on leaving.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Michael: Mostly to spend more time with my family, but, uh, I am intrigued by the possibility of doing some private work with you…

Victor: Uh-huh.

Michael: …As long as it’s not overwhelming, which would defeat the whole purpose of my resignation.

Victor: Of course. I understand that, you know, but don’t you worry. I will make this as appealing to you as possible, okay? This is the sound of nature breathing.

Lily: Well, I’m really happy that your mom has confidence in me, but I also know it’s really important for you that she has confidence in you as coo. So stop evading and just answer my question.

Billy: Which one of your many questions do you want me to answer?

Lily: I want to know if your mom accepted your apology the way you wanted her to.

Billy: Well, first and foremost, I apologized, and i also confessed about my ill-fated plan to get back at victor and adam for everything they did to us. I was also very clear that my change of heart came because of your guidance, and she was very grateful for that. She honestly believes that you are my guardian angel.

Lily: Well, I appreciate the credit, but I do think that you’re underselling the strength it took to turn the other cheek to the newmans.

Billy: Mm.

Lily: So, just tell me — did your mom accept your apology?

Billy: My mother and I making up usually involves a bone-crushing hug while she calls me an idiot. So, by that definition… yeah, we healed.

Lily: So, are you coming to chancellor as coo?

Billy: Yes.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Billy: I am your coo, with, of course, my mother’s blessing.

Lily: Ooh, good, I’m so glad!

[ Laughs ]

Adam: Come on, victoria. Tell me. Tell me — what’s really going on with you and billy?

Victoria: You know, I don’t really have time for your little “what did you know and when did you know it” game. The point is, I stopped billy in his tracks when I found out what he was up to. Because, believe it or not, I am a great defender of all things newman, at least when it comes to business.

Adam: Well, I can’t help but wondering if there aren’t two opposing team newmans these days — newman media and newman/locke.

Victoria: [ Laughs ] Are you really comparing newman/locke, a giant, international powerhouse with interests in almost every sector, to newman media, a fledgling start-up? Need I remind you that your company was a part of locke communications group? It was just a little something that ashland decided that he wanted to sell off.

Adam: Oh, I don’t need to be reminded. Dad and I won ashland’s company over you and billy. And given the fact that you told dad that you were responsible for stopping billy’s little scheme to harm newman media, i just — I can’t help but wonder if you have a plan of your own. And I would bet it has something to do with newman media. Am I right?

Victoria: Now, why would i tell you one way or another? If I had something going on, the first person that I would discuss it with would be our father. And certainly he would share that news with you, wouldn’t he?

Adam: So I guess that’s a “yes.” And based on your response, your first order of attack is to turn father against son. Hmm. I can’t help but wonder — are you advising her in this maneuver?

Ashland: Well, you’re assuming there is a maneuver. And if you really knew your sister, you’d know that she makes her own decisions. I find her business instincts nothing short of brilliant. And if you think for one second that she would allow her husband to call the shots… well, you need to think again.

Devon: I know that I didn’t say that I wouldn’t do something like this, but the last time we spoke, you were very upset, and I felt like you weren’t hearing me. And I realized that it just wasn’t the time to press or push the issue at all. So I let it go, but I certainly didn’t change my mind about wanting to spend more time with dominic.

Abby: I just — I cannot believe that you’re doing this. Have I ever denied you the opportunity to spend time with dominic? And now you’re escalating things with lawyers?

Devon: Well, you denied me the ability to just have scheduled visits with him so i can feel like more than just a visitor in his life.

Abby: No, no, no, no. There’s got to be more to this than just that because you know you are welcome in this house anytime. You can see dominic whenever you want.

Devon: I know that.

Abby: Is this about my parenting? I know I asked you this before, and you insisted that it wasn’t, but it is the only thing that makes sense to me.

Devon: No, it’s not. I told you already what it is.

Abby: Is it about the trip to spain? Is it because I left him with you? You know, I only did that because I went to go look for my son’s father!

Devon: I know.

Abby: But it — it clearly tainted your opinion of me, and now you think I’m not capable of being a good mom!

Devon: That’s not true. I didn’t say that, abby. I think you’re a great mom.

Abby: Because I keep going over this in my head, over and over and over again, and it all goes back to that trip.

Devon: Just relax for a second, okay? It’s not the trip. It’s really not. When you left dominic with me, when you went to spain, it did strengthen our bond. I will say that, alright? But that’s not what this is about. This is about me wanting to have a bigger role in dominic’s life and being concerned about your husband.

Abby: We went into this clearly. We had an agreement. You agreed to be the donor. And you were by my side the whole time. You were my friend, my best friend. You held my hand when I thought chance was dead. You were there when dominic was born, and now you’re turning on us?

Devon: I’m not, abby. I’m not turning on anybody. I’m still your best friend. I love you and chance. I’m just trying to make sure that I’m always able to support dominic in every way. That’s it. And by you refusing to even consider…

Abby: Okay. Okay.

Devon: …Changing our agreement, I mean, you’re keeping me from doing that.

Abby: Okay, so you are blaming me. You are blaming me. You’re saying that I’m pushing you to do this. I asked you to be dominic’s godfather, for heaven’s sake!

Devon: I know.

Abby: And now what? What, you want to change the agreement? What is it? ‘Cause there’s clearly more to this than that. Just tell me.

Devon: I don’t know what to say. I’ve told you, it’s —

Abby: No, you don’t think that chance and I are capable of being good parents to dominic. That’s it, isn’t it? Just tell the truth.

Devon: No, that’s not the truth. I don’t think that about you. I think it about your husband, alright? I’m concerned about his psychological state right now and how that might affect dominic.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ] Depression can make you feel like…just…noooo.

Abby: I understand that you’re concerned about chance’s emotional state. I am, too. That’s why I am fighting so hard for my family. And I’m appalled that you think chance isn’t responsible enough to care for our son.

Devon: This isn’t something that I think, abby. That is what he told me. He said the words to me, “I am struggling with being home and the pressure of being a parent.” That’s what he said. And knowing that, I also know that dominic needs a father figure in his life right now that can put him first and foremost.

Abby: And you see yourself as dominic’s father?

Devon: I’m not saying that chance isn’t his father, too. I’m saying that — I’m talking about filling that role for dominic right now, because I can do it, while we give chance the time he needs to get his mind right.

Abby: I knew this was about more than just shared custody. I mean, you see yourself as our son’s father. I-I-I mean, I can’t even process that right now.

Devon: Why do you — why can’t you — what do you mean, you can’t process it, abby? Really? ‘Cause that’s kind of hurtful for me to hear you say that. You don’t see me as a type of father figure for dominic? I’m the one you left him with when you went to spain. You didn’t pick anybody in your family. You chose me. So, what’s changed for you?

Chance: Thanks for doing this with me.

Amanda: Yeah, of course.

Chance: I just wanted an opportunity to tell you that i understand where devon’s coming from — a lot more than abby does. That’s for sure.

Amanda: Wow. Well, I am really surprised to hear you say that.

Chance: Yeah, well, I — I can see how much he loves dominic.

Amanda: That is undeniable.

Chance: It’s also undeniable that I’ve been playing catch-up as a father. And I can’t help but wonder if that’s what devon is reacting to. I mean, this can’t be about spending more time with dominic. We never denied him that. This has to do with his concerns about me, doesn’t it?

Billy: While I was gone, did anything happen on the newman front between victoria, victor, and adam? Not that I really care, but, you knoW…

Lily: Oh, you care. I know you can’t just quit cold turkey. So, actually, I think you’ll find this interesting. Look at what adam sent me right when you left for chicago. He texted me that. “Best of luck with chancellor.”

Billy: Sounds like a threat.

Lily: Oh, of course it’s a threat. That’s why I went to his office to go confront him. I didn’t believe for a second he was being sincere.

Billy: Leave it to adam to turn a congratulations into a veiled warning.

Lily: Yeah. And he was trying to act all casual, but I could tell that something riled him up. So, clearly whatever you said to him before you left must have cut to the bone.

Billy: Well, that’s music to my ears, the fact that I can still wound him, metaphorically speaking of course. But that’s something we should keep an eye on. Wounded animals usually retaliate.

Lily: Well, then it’s a good thing you put the feud behind you.

Billy: Well, just because I’m able to turn the other cheek doesn’t mean adam is. It’s not in his dna.

Lily: Well, I did let him know that his attempts to destroy your reputation failed miserably and that you’re coming to chancellor as my coo.

Billy: I’m sure that went over well.

Lily: [ Laughs ] I also told ashland, too.

Billy: Oh. How much did he love that?

Lily: Actually, I think i loved telling them more. And now I can tell the world.

Billy: [ Laughs ]

Adam: Oh, don’t worry, ashland. I would never underestimate my brilliant sister. But unfortunately this time she had a swing and a miss. Your strategy to, uh, turn dad against me — it’s already backfired.

Victoria: Oh, okay. Well, then let’s just say for argument’s sake that that was my plan. What makes you so sure that it’s backfired?

Adam: Because we actually bonded more after your feeble attempt to drive a wedge between us. I know you’ll never admit it, but I know you’re up to something, and you’re either targeting newman media or me.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] My goodness, your paranoia is running rampant.

Adam: I mean, why even bother? Newman/locke won ownership of chanccomm. Is that not enough of a win for you? Are you that insecure that you can’t handle a little competition?

Victoria: I think newman media is hardly competition for us.

Adam: I thought after the wedding that we had at least reached neutral ground and we could go on with our lives. And, ashland, after all my help with gaines, I thought I had your loyalty. I mean, where would your reputation be if victor and i hadn’t intervened?

Ashland: I would have handled him fine by myself.

Victoria: And we thanked you for that. You know, I find it amusing that you don’t trust me. What’s wrong? Do I make you nervous?

Adam: [ Laughs ]

Victoria: You know I will always be your older and wiser sister and I will show you the respect by never handing you a bogus win because what would be the fun in that, really?

Adam: Mm.

Victoria: And, you know, you should consider that our father might not always have your back.

Adam: Mm. Well, don’t you get too confident that I’ll always have yours…or ashland’S.

[ Chair slams ]

[ Mug thuds ]

From the very first touch,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victor: Now, michael, please have a seat. There are plans in the works… involving newman/locke, newman media, and chanccomm. And most likely there will be some reshuffling in regard to power and control.

Michael: Is that so?

Victor: Don’t misunderstand me. Victoria has done a wonderful job, you know, merging newman enterprises with ashland locke’s company.

Michael: It was an amazing deal.

Victor: Yes, it’s one of historic proportions, really. However, I recently have noticed some signs of immaturity in my son adam. Again, I trust him. He’s done a good job running the company. He has done a great job transitioning cyaxares to newman media. And he’s added a fashion platform that stands to make a lot of money.

Michael: Sounds positive.

Victor: Yeah. But recent events have made me consider taking a more active role, you know?

Michael: I can imagine how adam feels about that.

Victor: What I want you to think about is that I am thinking about solidifying the various factions calling themselves newman.

Michael: That sounds intriguing, but I would hate to be caught in the middle of a newman war. I mean, I love the idea of a new challenge, but the whole point of resigning from the D.A.’S office was to have less stress, not more.

Victor: And I understand that. And I want you to know that i don’t intend to blow things up. But I want to protect my legacy. And who better to help me through the legal difficulties than you, one of the brightest legal minds around? But the one wild card in all this for me is, uh… ashland locke. I know he loves my daughter and she loves him. But I don’t trust him.

Ashland: I wonder what adam meant by that parting warning.

Victoria: What do you mean, about my father not always having our back? I’m sure he was just trying to knock us off our guard.

Ashland: Well, in that case, he’s underestimating us.

Victor: That was a very sloppy, sloppy move, which strikes me as either panic or overconfidence. Neither is a quality of someone destined to come out on top.

Ashland: Well, you know, i really admire your confidence in the whole thing, but you of all people should know how ruthless victor newman can be. Maybe adam knows something about his agenda that we should be concerned about.

Victoria: No, I don’t think so. Look at how far my father went to protect you, and I do believe that he genuinely admires my business instincts. I mean, he wholeheartedly congratulated me on acquiring chanccomm. I mean, sure, I was disappointed that he didn’t agree to sell me newman media, but I think that would have been too easy. My father loves the game just as much as the win.

Ashland: You are your father’s daughter.

Victoria: And I don’t buy adam’s claim for one minute that his bond with my dad is stronger than ever. I am sure that I planted doubt in my father’s head about adam’s competence and whether he’s suited to running things.

Ashland: I love watching you calculate all the angles. But watching you go head-to-head with adam while simultaneously staying one step ahead of victor — that’s a first for me.

Victoria: Does it scare you?

Ashland: On the contrary. I’m sure, now more than ever, that together we can accomplish anything and everything we set our minds to.

Victoria: Agreed. So then we keep applying the pressure.

Ashland: We definitely make a formidable team.

Amanda: I’m not sure what you mean when you say that devon’s only doing this because of you.

Chance: Okay, again, amanda, I’m not talking to you as his lawyer. But devon and I did have a little heart-to-heart the other day. And I might have opened up about some of these demons that I’m battling. And maybe I was little too honest with him.

Amanda: Well, there’s no such thing as too much honesty.

Chance: Okay, well, if it’s gonna continue to cause pain to abby and put a wrench on this whole agreement that we have, then, well, I regret saying anything to him. Look, I intend to move past this and heal, and I feel like I’m doing much better right now.

Amanda: Well, I’m really glad to hear that.

Chance: And I also intend to do everything that I need to do to be the best father for dominic. And, honestly, I — I think devon should be involved. I mean, why not have as many people as possible loving our boy, right? The more, the better.

Amanda: Yeah, I — I couldn’t agree more. You know, I never had even one devoted parent. Watching all of these loving people dote on dom, I mean… I really do hope that we don’t have to get a judge involved.

Chance: I think that’s what we all want.

Amanda: You know, devon isn’t asking for full custody. All he wants is to be legally recognized and to be able to take care of dominic in his home at pre-arranged times. That’s it. I really don’t think that it’s that outrageous of a request, especially given how essential he’s been in dom’s life from the very beginning.

Abby: Of course I trust you with my son, as his godfather, as an honorary uncle, in all of the roles that we discussed, but you feeling like you’re his father? No, dominic has a father, and his name is chance.

Devon: Right, and I’m not a threat to that. I’m trying to do what’s best for dominic.

Abby: Well, this is not it. What’s best for dominic is for us to be a family — me, chance, and dominic. And what you’re doing is tearing at the very foundation.

Devon: I’m not trying to do that.

Abby: Yes, chance has been through a lot of trauma. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t be a good father and a good husband while he’s working on his recovery. And taking dominic out of the equation, even if it’s on a partial basis — that’s more of an obstacle, not less.

Devon: I disagree with that, abby. It’s —

Abby: I finally have my family back. We are finally reunited. We are working on healing. We have lost so much time already.

Devon: I’m not trying to take him away from you.

Abby: You said that you’re worried about chance’s emotional state. Well, suing us for shared custody is only gonna make things worse. Woman: Life’s been hard enough.

Devon: Abby, if I’m being honest, I don’t think that it’s dominic’s job to heal chance.

Abby: You’re twisting my words.

Devon: I’m not… alright.

[ Sighs ] I don’t want to argue with you. I really don’t, but I don’t know what else to say ’cause I was hoping that we could come to some kind of agreement without going to court. But it’s not looking like that’s gonna happen. And I can’t back down from this ’cause I really feel like I’m doing what’s best for dominic.

Abby: You’re doing what’s best for you. And now I’m brokenhearted.

[ Door closes ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Amanda: Hey. We just wanted to see how things were going.

Chance: How we doing?

Devon: Um… I just want to apologize to you ’cause this something that i really never intended to do. But I’m gonna take off and say thank you for listening to me.

[ Door opens ]

Chance: Hey. What happened? What did he say that’s got you so upset?

Abby: I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn’t listen. We need to call christine.

Victor: So, I piqued your interest, right?

Michael: Oh, yes. Yes. Uh, but I get the feeling that you aren’t telling me everything. I thought you admired your son-in-law. But you don’t trust him. That’s news to me. I was under the impression that you had welcomed him into your family with open arms.

Victor: Yeah. He loves victoria. Victoria loves him. That’s why I made sure that the wedding went off without a hitch. I want victoria to be happy.

Michael: Every father wants that for his children.

Victor: Right. But meanwhile I’ve learned some rather unsavory things about ashland locke. Not that that would normally bother me because I have a rather checkered past myself, as you damn well know.

Michael: I would the last person to argue that point.

Victor: I want you to think about how much newman enterprises has meant to me. I built the damn company from the ground up. I’m proud of it. Put my heart and soul into it, a legacy for my family. And now newman enterprises is called newman/locke. It doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve never trusted an outsider running my damn company. Never.

Lily: So, what do you think? I worked with the media relations department to get the press released ready.

Billy: I thought I told you not to make this a priority.

Lily: I know, but I just wanted to be proactive in case everything worked out. So, now that you’re back and everything’s good with jill, we can release it.

Billy: You’re so cute. You’re so excited about your new job.

Lily: I am excited, but I’m more excited to have you by my side. I mean, to be honest, a week ago, I didn’t even think this was gonna happen.

Billy: Well, I can tell by this press release you never gave up hope on me.

Lily: Well, truthfully, i wasn’t sure if you were gonna give up your plan to vindicate yourself. But I am very proud of you that you did. So, no more talking about victoria or adam or the past, only looking forward.

Billy: To your phenomenal success.

Lily: With you by my side.

[ Chuckles ]

New vicks vapostick. Strong soothing vapors…

Abby: We have to call christine. We have to fight with everything that we have. I mean, devon can’t possibly have a legal leg to stand on, right?

Chance: Abby, hey, take a second, alright? I think we need to talk about this first.

Abby: What’s there to talk about? Wait. You don’t think devon has a right to do this, do you?

[ Door closes ]

Devon: Yeah, no, I was completely honest with her about my fears over chance’s emotional state, but she kept insisting that there’s more to it that I’m keeping from her.

Amanda: More to it? What did she mean?

Devon: I don’t know. She thinks that me going after custody is gonna unravel their whole family.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Well, I’m not concerned that your conversation will affect your case at all, but I need to make sure that you’re okay with moving forward legally — because it will cause more friction.

Devon: Yeah. I know. I just don’t understand why abby sees me as some kind of a rival.

Amanda: You know, I didn’t get that feeling from chance at all when I spoke to him earlier. He is focused on healing and being the best possible father that he can be to dominic. And personally [Sighs] I understand where you are coming from, but I also can’t help but empathize with abby and chance. But professionally, as your lawyer, I need to make it clear what it’s gonna take to win. The key for any judge will be what is in the best interest of the child. So you are gonna need to put chance on trial. That’s your best shot at getting shared custody.

Devon: I just — I really don’t want things to get ugly.

Amanda: You’re gonna need to be prepared for that.

Devon: I know. I hate that it’s come to this. But I can’t back down.

Michael: So, what exactly has you on the alert about locke?

Victor: Well, I don’t think it is quite the time yet to sound the alarm. But considering the possibility that his health improves…

Michael: You think he might try to pull something?

Victor: What do you think? What man would allow his company to merge with another unless he were standing at death’s door? What if he recovers miraculously? What if he gets well all of a sudden? You don’t think that he’ll regret what he did?

Michael: Hmm. Could get tricky.

Victor: You got that right. So I’d love nothing more than to have a bright legal mind by my side to think all this through.

Michael: Sounds like an extremely challenging game of chess.

Victor: Yeah.

Michael: Exactly the sort of legal strategy I love, as long as it doesn’t keep me busy 24/7.

[ Both laugh ]

Victor: Well, don’t you worry about that, okay? I know that there will be times when you’re not available.

Michael: There are other factors to consider.

Victor: Yeah, well… I’ll remove all the obstacles that you might encounter, alright? I want you to know that I would love nothing more than to have my old buddy michael baldwin at my side to fight a potentially very volatile legal battle — because, trust me, things are about to become very interesting.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: To your health, old boy.

Michael: And yours.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, January 18, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hey. Out. But I was just helping — no, no, no, no. Listen to me. I own this club. It’s not that kind of place. Okay? So when I say out, you leave. I don’t want the trouble. Come on. I got into trouble and left my family before my trouble became yours. Marshall: Here you are, my dear. Oh, well, I see that chivalry is still alive and well.

[ Chuckles ] That’s right. My mama and daddy raised me right. Mm-hmm. And I suppose that means you’ll insist on picking up the bill. Of course. I asked you out, after all. We’re gonna split the check, marshall. And I don’t want to hear any arguments about it. Just one — I’ll write it off. As long as we can say this is taking my band’s new singer out to dinner to discuss future gigs. I never agreed to be your new singer. And I don’t want to spoil our evening getting into it. Let’s talk about something else. Fair enough. Oh, how about telling me that long story of why you decided not to become a doctor?

[ Scoffs ] Brando. Hey. I head to the hospital in a few, but if you need a sparring partner, I have some time. You’re looking for another chance to deck me in the face again? Come on. Ancient history. Um, hey, man, I… you know, I never thanked you, um… for your concern when liam passed. But I-I-I hope you don’t feel obligated to, you know, just forget about everything and offer to be my friend again just…because I lost my son. Gladys: I didn’t know you practiced yoga. We can be yoga buddies.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, look, it’s sasha and gladys. Let’s say hi. Mom, no. If we acknowledge gladys, we’ll never get rid of her. The other side of the room, then. Let’s go put our stuff down. Oh, my god, I haven’t done yoga in, like, forever. I don’t even know if I can do a downward-facing dog. Oh, well, the great thing about yoga is you only do what you’re able to. I mean, you could spend most of the class in child’s pose and you feel great afterwards — and your mind feels very peaceful. Well, goodness knows I could use some peace of mind. Why? What happened? I saw peter. Okay. Wow. Nice place jax has here. I know, right? Guy knows how to live. He’s really not charging us rent? You know, jax and my ma go way, way back. She’s actually the whole reason that he’s in port charles in the first place, but, um, he refuses to charge us anything. Did you go out to the terrace? See the stairs leading right down to the beach? Yeah. I got to admit, there could be worse places to co-parent that sweet little girl.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door opens ] Told you I would’ve carried that. Yeah.

[ Breathing heavily ] Okay. That’s — that’s the last of it. I’ll return the moving van to the rental car company for you. Thanks. You got a whole box of shoes, huh? Shoes. Oh, how did you miss the other four boxes? Four? Wh-what… what are you — what are you gonna do with all this stuff? You know, my room is stuffed, so you — you guys could just put it in chase’s room. Uh, excuse me. What about my stuff? Your stuff? You mean like two shirts and a pair of jeans?

[ Scoffs ] Wow, nothing has changed, has it, brook lynn? I remember you taking over my apartment the last time you moved in. Yeah, and you whined just as loudly the last time. Yet you were the one who suggested that we move back in together again. One minute living together and you’re already talking like an old married couple. [ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm. Portia: Well, I can work weekends now since the holiday break is over and trina’s back in school. Great. Thanks. Someone looks pretty amazing.

[ Gasps ] Thanks. Who’s the lucky guy? That’s rhetorical, right? We all know it’s finn. Guys, it’s no big deal. But if you’re short-handed, I can work an extra shift. I’ll just tell finn. I’m sure he won’t mind. Not on your life, sister. Why are you looking for an excuse to cancel? I thought you and finn decided to stop dancing around your feelings. We did. I just can’t shake this feeling that if we do actually go out on this date… something bad is gonna happen.

Can’t wait till they start arguing over who does the dishes.

[ Laughs ] And takes out the trash. And trims the trees. Trims the trees! Well, that’s easy — chase, chase, and chase. Okay, now, wait a minute. Okay, look, the point is, this is an arrangement out of expediency for bailey’s sake. Yeah, I want to spend more time with her without making things awkward for michael and willow. Okay. Whatever, bro. Um, listen, just remember that, uh, helping someone move is like driving them to the airport, alright? Never forget who was there for you when you needed it. Oh, big time! Well, how can I forget when you keep reminding me? But it’s so fun! Oh, that’s funny. Uh, don’t you have a date with elizabeth tonight? How did your wedding ring show up in your locker? I know, right? It’s crazy. I put it away at home. Uh, well, what happened when you asked jake and aiden about it? They both denied having anything to do with it. Well, is it possible that you put the ring in your locker and not at home where you thought, and you just misremembered it? You have been working a lot of extra shifts, biz. Mm-hmm. That’ll mess with your memory. I have been racking my brain. I don’t remember seeing the ring after I put it away in the kitchen drawer on new year’s eve. But you’re

right –I-I have been working a lot. I don’T…

[ Sighs ] Maybe I’m just really distracted. I don’t think anything is gonna happen on your date with finn. Mm. And if you’re not ready for an actual date, that’s okay, too. But I think you know that you are. So, are you saying this is just nerves? I think what terry’s saying isget out of here. Go. Have fun! Right. Fine. Wish me luck, girls. Good luck, cutie! Knock ’em dead! Drew: Good crowd. Hey, drew. Hey! Buddy. Kind of kicking myself for not being around to invest when you first opened. Oh, man, I have no complaints. Yeah. Well, except for one. Your father showing up suddenly in port charles. Look, man, I’m sorry that I was not able to dig up any information about where he’s been all those years. Oh, no, no. I actually found out where he had been all those years… but, unfortunately, all it does is raise more questions. Thank you. To a beautiful and talented lady. And to a dangerously charming man.

[ Both chuckle ] Mm. Mm-hmm. I know that you want to discuss my career choices, but the truth is that I really love being a nurse. But you originally dreamed of becoming a doctor. Well, I loved the sciences. And I, uh — I never had a problem cutting open a frog for biology class. Mm. But when I told my guidance counselor that I wanted to become a doctor… let me guess. He was… he was a mean old man…

[ Laughs ] …With dandruff, who thought that women should become wives and mothers and raise a passel of kids.

[ Inhales sharply ] Eh… when I told mr. Workman that I wanted to go to med school, he said, “epiphany, you’re a smart young lady.”

[ Chuckles ] “I could see you becoming a nun or a nurse. But since I’ve seen you with that boyfriend of yours, I know you’re not going to be a nun.”

[ Both laugh ]

[ Sighs ] It was a different time. Wasn’t quite the middle ages. There were quite a few female doctors while you were in school. Women of color, too. I know. But it seemed out of reach for me. And mr. Workman really cemented that perception. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you hadn’t let that old fogey inside your head? Please tell me I just imagined that you said that. I just wanted to look him in the eye and see for myself if he really knew where louise was. Mom! How many times do I have to tell you? Peter has no idea where louise is. And — and I believe you now, and I’m sorry. And he was bluffing, but it’s really obvious that he is desperate to reunite with his daughter. Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. He said some extremely nasty, vile things about me. About us. Yeah, well, peter’s really good at finding your weak spot and pushing really hard until you scream. Yeah, well, some of those things he said were true. I’ve let you down as a mother.

[ Voice breaking ] And I know how much that hurt you. Mom, no. That was a long time ago. We’re different now. Peter is the one who taught me the true meaning of betrayal. You can’t let him get to you. Well, that’s just easier said than done. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. Peter has said some nasty things to me, and — and I’m a nervous wreck. And you have been coping with louise’s disappearance for well over half a year now and you are still strong, maxie. You’re my hero.

right. As much funas this has been — not — I, uh — I need to get changed and meet elizabeth at the grill. Hallelujah! At long last. Oh, quit giving finn such a hard time, chase. Look, elizabeth and I, we have had our differences over the years. But she helped save chase’s life and she clearly makes you happy. So I think it’s time we burn the old bridges and rebuild some new ones. Hm! You know, that’s bensonhurst for “I’m happy for you.” Ah! Oh! Then — then, thank you. Alright, guys, I am going to change and feed this little one and try to get her down for the night. Wait, where did we put, um, the diaper bag?

[ Door closes ] Uh, in the kitchen, next to the formula. Okay. Oh, and I already hung the mobile. So if she’s still awake, you can see her try to reach up and grab it. I know, how cute is it? How many videos have you taken? Too many to count. I know. Me too.

[ Both laugh ] Alright. I’ll be back in a few. Excuse me. Mm-hmm.

[ Sighs ] So, buddy, what’s really going on with you and, uh, brook lynn? Nice place. Thank you for recommending it. My pleasure. Oh, don’t you look gorgeous, nurse baldwin.

[ Laughs ] Elizabeth, this is, uh, mar– marshall. Nice to meet you. It’s very nice to meet you. Have we met somewhere before? Oh, if we had, I’d remember that.

[ Epiphany laughing ]

[ Chuckles ] Ignore him, elizabeth. Marshall’s a musician, and you know how they are. Are you here alone? Join us. Oh, thank you. Um… I’m actually meeting someone. Ohh? Dr. Finn?

[ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm. I’m so proud.

[ Laughs ] I’m gonna go wait for my table. It was really nice meeting you, marshall. Nice meeting you, too, elizabeth. Hm. I know that look. Elizabeth and all the nurses who work under you — they’re not just colleagues, are they? They’re family. And you know this because…? Because that’s the same look I get about my own family. Man, I’m sorry. I am… I’m wasting your time, man. Hey, no worries. You’re using the bag to distract yourself. You can’t stop thinking about your son.

[ Sighs ] You know, sasha and i watched as he was taken off the ventilator. Yeah. Not something, uh, either of us are gonna forget anytime soon, if ever. Have you, um… h-have you considered therapy? I — man, I would, you know, if she wanted to. But she just keeps distancing herself from me. She doesn’t want to talk about liam. She goes right back to work, acts like everything is normal. While nothing is normal for you. No, man. Brando, people… they — they — they grieve in different ways. You know, maybe sasha just needs to grieve privately. Fine. The thing is, though, man, I’m — I’m worried that — that sasha isn’t grieving at all. I can’t believe how busy we’ve been at the office. So much preparation to do for this ipo launch. It’s exciting. Um, a-are you gonna be the one to ring the bell when deception goes public?

[ Sighing ] Gladys, um… how about we save the questions until after class? We’re here to practice mindfulness. Ah. Yeah. Guess you really need a lot of inner peace right now be– because of… little liam. Not now, gladys. Not ever. Please don’t shut me out, sasha. Talking about loss really helps. You’ve got to open up to someone. What makes you think that I’m not? Brando told me you’ve been keeping him at arm’s length ever since the baby’s funeral. Mom, please do not put me on a pedestal. I’m not as strong as you think I am. Is this why you don’t want to return to pautuck with anna and austin to, like, retrace your steps and see if we can figure out who took louise? I-I just don’t see how retracing my steps the night I was running from that crazy nurse is gonna help me remember who stole my daughter. Honey, how can you not see how important this is? You know, you’re not gonna be in labor. You’re not gonna be fearing for your safety or your baby’s safety. You’ll be able to take time and concentrate and focus on all the events and the detail– mom, stop! Please! I am not going back to that cabin, ever.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] You look beautiful. You don’t look too bad yourself. I guess I could just move on, not let it bother me. Especially when things between portia and me are so good. So, things are getting serious? Man. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] But…? Well, there’s no buts when it comes to portia. It’s marshall. Now, he implied that he was in witness protection. Something about organized crime. But when I asked him for the details, the man shut down. He said it was safer for aunt stella and tj if I didn’t know. Could the man be any more cryptic? Tell me about it. And I’m supposed to — to get to know this man, let him in and open up. Sounds like a one-way street. So, you want to know exactly what kind of mess marshall got himself into. Yeah. But how can I trust the man when he doesn’t care enough about me to tell me the truth about himself? Yeah. I mean, that’s one way to look at it. You mean there’s more than the one way? Maybe marshall isn’t telling you everything

because he cares about you. So, how are things with you and curtis? Good. Um, curtis and I admitted to each other that we’re falling in love with one another. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Well, I wanted to focus on supporting elizabeth, you know. Oh, trust me, she would’ve been happy for you. I know.

[ Both laugh ] But — you, you! What about you? Have you had any action on the dating apps or…? Oh, plenty of guys want to meet right now. Right. And you’re more of a “let’s take things slow” kind of gal. I get it. Apparently, exchanging messages to get to know someone is so 10 years ago.

[ Sighs ] But 10 years ago, I was so busy with my residency I couldn’t look at anyone that wasn’t in a hospital bed. And now… I’m not sure there will ever be another camelot. Well, you know what? Maybe camelot is a lot closer than you think. Forget what I said, man. Of course sasha’s dealing with grief in her own way. It sounds like she’s repressing her grief. Sh-she lost the child that she carried for nine months. It was all she could think about. I mean, w-we — she was so excited to welcome our little guy into the world, and then when everything went incredibly wrong, she — she — she’s distracting herself in order not to think about how much she’s hurting. Yes, and if she can get through the day by — by diving in to — to some project at deception, then — then who am i to argue? But she has to have some outlet for her grief somewhere, right? This repression isn’t healthy. But who’s to say she doesn’t have an outlet? Even if it isn’t you? Look, do you think this is less about sasha not talking to you about liam and more about you projecting what you need from her? I appreciate the concern, gladys, but I’m fine, really. Sorry, sash. Not buying what you’re selling. Keeping your emotions bottled up doesn’t do a body good. Bottles crack — shatter, even. Cleaning up the glass ain’t pretty. Just because you don’t like how I’m grieving doesn’t mean that I’m not grieving. Everyone copes differently, and — and I’m sorry if I’m not crying on your shoulder or brando’S. Oh, brando is, too. He’s mourning that little baby just as much as you are. Maybe doing yoga right now wasn’t such a good idea after all.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry, maxie. I should be more sensitive to what happened to you in that cabin. I mean, after that horrible nurse abducted you for — for peter — I’m gonna go get some water. Do you want some? Uh, no, thank — no, thank you. Great. Look, there’s nothing going on between brook lynn and me. Mm-hmm. Alright? We spent one night together. Mm. And now bailey unites us, so we came up with the solution to move in together so we could co-parent bailey in private. Okay, but…

[ Object thuds ] Brook lynn kept bailey a secret from you and said that valentin was her father so that she could get his elq shares. You should be really angry with her at this point, no? And I bet lucy could help us find a temporary rental. I mean, it would keep tracy at bay, allow maxie more time with her daughter, and bailey would be that much harder for peter to find. Has anyone ever told you you are a genius? No. Well, you are. However, I’ve known brook lynn my entire life. Our families go way back. And despite the questionable things that she has done from time to time, I know that she has a good heart, and deep down, she’s a good person, so I-I can totally see why you would be having feelings for her. No! Nothing can happen between us. There’s too much at stake.

I can’t partake, but feel freeto order an adult beverage. I see they have a good napa cab and a couple pretty decent sonoma pinots here, if you have a preference. Okay, all I really know about wine is red, white, and rosé. And don’t even think about recommending a cocktail, ’cause then you’ll end up carrying me home. So, um, sparkling water? Yeah, sounds good. Okay. Um… it’s been a while for me. Is — is this the — the part of the first date where we ask awkward questions, try to get to know each other a little better? Yes. Okay. Yes, like, um… how many brothers and sisters do you have? What was your favorite subject in school? Did you have a pet growing up? Do you get along with your mom and dad? I-ignore that one. I didn’t mean, uh… I don’t know what I meant. Would you care to order wine this evening? Yes. Well, let me see your phone. What? Come on, just hand it over. Thank you. Excuse me! No, no. I’m just downloading something. What? When trina was home from her break, she told me about this app that some of her friends from school were using. I have zero interest in lip-synching. Somehow, no, I knew that.

[ Chuckles ] No, no, no. This is a dating app, but it’s anonymous. Okay? There’s no photos. The app is gonna verify your identity and only share your information with anyone that you agree to meet with. So it’s — it’s just like anonymous texting. And I am setting up a profile for you. I’m not sure about this. Oh, come on. Live a little, please? And there you go. You’re shameless. Yes. Yes, I am. But that’s what friends are for. I’m gonna go check on my patients. This is the last app I’m signing up for! So, you think my father is silent about his past because he cares about me? Brother, please explain. People in witness protection don’t usually advertise it. I mean, the program is for — informants. Exactly. Or, in mob speak, rats, right? And when it comes to rats, the grudges and the slights, they’re never, ever forgotten. Was marshall able to disappear without anybody tracking him down? It seems that way. But if you continue to dig into his past, that could be signaling somebody that your father has resurfaced. That’s why he said if I continue talking, I could put aunt stella and tj in danger. Not to mention himself. And yet, in your words, your father implied that he is in witness protection. That sounds like the ultimate sign of trust to me. Any chance you’re willing to trust him back? Thank you. Care for dessert? Or maybe we don’t need that ice cream sundae, because you look like someone who already got her cherry on top.

[ Laughs ] Don’t go getting a swelled head, but… maybe you were right earlier. My nurses are my family. And that’s why I would never turn back the clock to apply to med school instead of nursing school. I love that you are so proud of being a nurse. But no one said you can’t be proud and curious to try something new. Well, that might work for you — you know, being a musician and all, going from gig to gig with nothing and no one to hold you back — but that’s not me. If I could turn back the clock… I’d be there more. Maybe patching things up withit wouldn’t be such slow going. Mm. I had a son, too. He’s gone now, but… unfortunately, that’s the thing about time — you always think that you have more of it than you do. Nothing can ever happen between you and brook lynn ’cause there’s “too much at stake”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Look, letting myself fall for someone like brook lynn would be a major disaster. And I know your families used to be close, but I heard about all the wildly inappropriate stuff she used to do back in the day. I mean, she lied, she schemed, hurt people. My moving in with her, it’s what’s best for bailey. Wow, dude, why don’t you tell me how you really feel? And — and I don’t even think brook lynn’s really my type. And if — if she was my type, how would I be able to trust her when she wouldn’t even know the truth if it was looking her in the face?

I’m really sorry about before. I honestly wasn’t trying to get you to talk about your parents. I always got along with my mom and dad. Except for the usual, you know, adolescent outbursts. Yeah? What happened? Well, after one particularly difficult summer, while I was with my parents and doctors without borders, they shipped me off to port charles to live with my grandmother. And they haven’t given me much time since. I’m sorry. There are people with worse stories. Franco used to always try to fix things for me until he realized it was a lost cause. It’s really the only thing we fought about. But what really made me feel safe were the little things, like cooking dinner or painting an amazing abstract portrait of me in the studio. That’s nice. I’m sorry. I — I realize bringing up franco is probably not the best topic for our first date. I really am trying not to live in the past. Rather focus on the future. I hope… that future has me in it. Dante: Alright, then. You know what, buddy? I think maybe you need some food in your belly and hit the hay early. I think this move’s done you in. So, bailey fell right asleep after I changed and fed her. Guess I have the magic touch. Do you want to stay for dinner? Oh, you know, I would — I would love to, but, uh — hey, actually, we were supposed to go to the gym together. Remember? Oh, I forgot to cancel. I-I hate to bail on you. No, that’s cool. I mean, you got lots to do. So, uh… I’ll leave you guys to it. Um, please give that sweet daughter of yours a hug for me. I will. Alright. Good luck. So, want to start unpacking? No, I-I think you should go. No, wait! You’re leaving?

[ Sighs ] Gladys. Ugh, yes, I saw that you were sitting next to her. Well, we could swap. You could sit next to my mom.

[ Chuckles ] I thought you liked your mom. Yeah, I do like my mom. But she won’t stop bringing up louise. And if I wake up every morning thinking about the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, I’ll never get out of bed. I know. Brando and gladys keep pushing me to talk about my feelings, but talking about liam isn’t gonna make things better right now. Right, you’re gonna be mourning liam for the rest of your life. You just need to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Or I won’t be able to survive, and liam might be forgotten. You are laser-focused on sasha’s grief, and that’s okay. But I think it helps distract you from your own pain and loss. Well, maybe if — if sasha would open up about her feelings, I can open up to her. She’s the only other person that knows exactly what you went through and what you’re going through. You know, if you ever become a psychiatrist, I’m your first patient. Well, in the meantime, dr. Collins — he’s no slouch. Give him a call, if you want, even without sasha. And if you still need to do some talking, I can have someone take over my shift. No, no need, man. Thank you. I-I appreciate you taking the time with me. Oh, it’s my pleasure, truly. Okay, man. Alright, bro. You never told me what happened between you and curtis that put this strain on your relationship. Marshall, what’s wrong? I would like for you to be in my life, too. Epiphany: Marshall!

[ Groaning ] Marshall! Marshall! Marshall! Somebody! Marshall!

[ Groaning ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Already? That was fast. Do what you got to do to get through the day. But if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here. Thank you. And some unsolicited advice — don’t push brando away. Or even gladys. They really care about you, sasha. And one day, you’re gonna need them.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Good to see everyone. Let’s jump right into it. We’ll start with warrior one. Breathe in. Soften your gaze. You want me to go? Why? You should go work out with dante. I can do it another time. We’ve got all of bailey’s toys and clothes to unpack — yeah, I can handle it. And the changing table? Yeah, I’ll figure it out. I can read instructions, you know. I am not leaving you to put it together by yourself. Look, I’m not asking for your help, okay? If this living situation is gonna work, we have to set some boundaries. What, like I do the dishes and you build furniture? Chase, let’s be honest here. You’re not really bailey’s father. We’re not really co-parents. You’ve already done a lot for me by putting up with this charade. We’re just here to protect maxie’s daughter from peter. Nothing more. So, go. Live your life. This is my life. Okay. This isn’t a discussion.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ] Just go work out or do whatever you do to keep so nauseatingly fit. I will — I’ll be back in a few hours. Fine. Probably won’t wait up.

[ Door closes ] Dr. Robinson, tomorrow I start my rotation with you. What should I expect? To work, like every other newly minted doctor in this hospital. No special treatment. Right. But you’re gonna be just fine.

[ Both chuckle ] Little help?!

[ Marshall gasping ] What happened? Tj: Marshall, what’s wrong? He’s suffering from chest pain and pain on his left side. Finn: Told me it’s more of a stinging pain rather than heavy pressure. Okay, get him to exam room one! Don’t like to admit it, but you make a good point. But still, even if marshall’s reasons for keeping his family in the dark were noble, I’m still not okay with the fact that he’s only willing to reveal so much about his past and then he shuts it down. Well, I got to warn you. Your father may never be willing to reopen that door. Well, then maybe I should just let him go. Mm.

[ Cellphone chimes ] This is ned hounding me about elq and getting my shares back from valentin again. I better talk him off the ledge. Oh, boy. Well, good luck with that. I’ll see you around. Yeah, count on it. And as far as your father, alright, y-you don’t have to make a decision this second. Remember, you got lots of time to figure out a relationship with him for the future.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Chuckles ] Hey, beautiful. Your ears should be burning, ’cause I was talking about you earlier. Curtis, you need to come to the hospital right now. It’s about your father.

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GH Transcript Monday, January 17, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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welcome back. Oh, thank you. Oh. It’s so good to be back. Tell me. Hmm? How’s everything in your world?

[ Clears throat ] Oh, nurse johnson. Am I glad to see you. Mr. Ashford, what happened to you? I was moving a chair, and it was heavier than I thought, and I think my wrist is objecting.

[ Sighs ] Let me take a look here. We don’t want anything to interfere with your plan, now. That would be a tragedy.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Whoo! All right. Guess whoever you were picturing there, you must have really wanted to knock their lights out.

[ Chuckles ] Well, ned’s been on my case about…

[ Exhales sharply ] …Reclaiming my elq shares. If I can even do that. I mean, my shares were in a trust for scout, and sam signed the proxy over to valentin. So assuming I can figure all that out… well, you’d have to remove the proverbial gloves and get ready for a bare-knuckle brawl with the family. Been there, done that. Well, I was, uh, hoping to land a knockout… at nina’s hearing, but she walked away without a scratch. The way she keeps coming between my mom and my dad… this fight’s not gonna end any time soon. Carly: You know nothing about my marriage, nina. Nothing. Nina: Oh, I know this. He’s not gonna let you beat him up for very much longer. And then what is sonny gonna do? He’s gonna come back to the woman who loves him without all the anger. And then you’re gonna lose him for good, because I can tell you this — if sonny comes to me, I’m definitely not gonna send him away.

[ Knock on door ] Britt: Nina? Is this a bad time? Mm! You came home! Yes! I told you I was going to. I know I’m working a lot, but I’m gonna be here every morning to take you guys to school, and then every night to put you both to bed. There’s no school today, carly. Pilar is gonna take them sledding! Can you come with us, mommy carly? Oh. [ Laughs ] Oh, god, I wish I could. I wish I could. But I have so much work to do. I’m working all day, and I’m working all night. I know you’re disappointed, but we just gotta make the best of things. So, why don’t you go find pilar? Come on, sweetie. Go find pilar. And make sure you wear your mittens, okay?

[ Sighs ] Pilar always makes sure that they have their mittens. Okay, I-I’m, you know, just looking out for our girls. Yeah, well… they’d be a lot happier if you — if you stayed home. So would I.

I’m sorry I missed you on new year’S. I wanted to ring in the new year with you and pray for a better year.

[ Sighs ] Well, I’m sorry I missed you.

[ Chuckles ] But let me tell you…

[ Laughs ] …2022 is off to a great start. Oh, I think I know that look.

[ Laughs ] Did you ring in the new year with portia? And then some.

[ Both laugh ] Good for you. But okay, okay. Enough about me. How about you? How about you? Well, me — I got tired of hiding. Does that mean cyrus renault is no longer a threat? It means that I went to pay a visit to him in person before I came home. And what’d he have to say?

[ Sighs ] Brace yourself. He claims he’s found religion. Cyrus renault is holy.

[ Chuckles ] So, he found religion. Or has seen the light. I don’t know. Whatever cliché you prefer. Well, pardon me if I find it a little hard to believe when I can still feel the scar where the man shot me. Yes, I know. I’m — I’m pretty skeptical, too. And like everything that he does, it’s sort of… bigger than life and kind of flashy. What do you think this guy’s angle is? Is he trying to gain sympathy? Or is he trying to find the ear of some powerful person that’ll fall for it? I’m not sure. Time will tell. Well, if the recent events have told me anything, it’s that… time doesn’t change people like that, that, um, it only brings out the worst in them. We’re not talking about cyrus anymore, are we? I don’t need an x-ray. You came to the hospital. It is my job to be thorough. Now, you’re gonna sit tight, and I’m gonna go schedule things with radiology. Oh, geez. Oh, let me get — I got it. I got it.

[ Grunts ] Here you go. Isn’t that your “injured” wrist? Uh… maybe it’s the other one. Look, mr. Ashford, I — please, please. Call me marshall. Mr. Ashford… my break’s about over, and I have legitimate patients to see — who have real issues. So if you don’t mind — look, look, I — okay. I’m busted. I — my wrists are fine. I was just trying to get your attention. I-I haven’t seen you since I asked you to join my band and we teamed up and we serenaded the G.H. Patients here on christmas. I remember. Well, you didn’t give me an answer one way or the other, which is better than a cold hard pass. But I’ve texted you since, and no response. And so it kind of begs the question… is it because you’re not interested in my music… or me? I want to talk about my parents’ rocky marriage as much as you want to talk about elq.

[ Sighs, laughs ] Fair enough. So, uh… how is everything with, uh, you know, your little girl? You’ve reunited, yeah? Oh, man. It’s the best thing in the whole world. Just blew me away how much she’s grown. Incredible. I mean, she was a little shy at first, but every time we get together — every time — it just gets better and better. Really does. It’s like — I don’t know, like we’re building a vocabulary around common experience. She’s just so present. So — so in the moment. And, uh, you and sam? Are you two, uh, “building a vocabulary”? Uh, I mean, sam and I weren’t a couple when I left port charles. But that’s beside the point. I mean, she’s moved on. She — and I don’t blame her. Your brother, dante, he’s, uh — he’s a great guy. Yeah, he’s one of the best. But so are you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you know what they say about nice guys. Yeah, that’s — that’s actually not true. They don’t always finish last. Maybe I could, uh, help you prove it. Hey, britt. Britt: Hey. Well, I highly doubt that you’re here just to check on me. We made a pact beside nathan’s grave to always support each other, and I take that very seriously. And I heard what happened at your hearing. Quite the bombshell. Well, as you can see, I walked away from that without a scratch. Well, take it from a doctor. Some scratches only show up on the inside. Okay, I assume that you and your mother have been talking about this, but, um, let me guess — she just thinks that I am busy licking my wounds. But I can assure youthat I am doing just fine. Oh, no. You are a big girl. I know you can handle it. All right. Thank you for not seeing me as a victim. You? No way.

[ Chuckles ] It sounds to me like you left the hearing with your head held high, and carly’s head was left spinning. What about sonny? What about him? Well, the way I hear, the two of you are in an interesting place, shall we say? Okay. Okay, britt. Let’s cut to the chase. What do you want? Okay, I-I have a friend who is in a little bit of a sticky situation. He has an aunt who’s even more lethal than my mother. She called in a favor that my friend delivered, and now he’s afraid that she’s going to hold it over his head. Okay, no offense, but you’re not known to have a ton of friends. Are we talking about brad cooper? Yes. And he needs help. The kind of help sonny corinthos can deliver. And you want me to get it for him. I’m not gonna lie to you — it’s only been one night, and I miss you. I miss you, too. Then why are we wasting e-every precious moment here s-staying apart instead of — look, you called my bluff. You — you, you know, went to the metro court, and you proved your point. So let’s figure out w-what we can do to move forward. I’m not trying to prove a point. And I’m not trying to call your bluff, okay? I meant what I said about needing time for myself, sonny. I have to wrap my head around what came out at that hearing — and not just willow’s testimony. You admitted that you have feelings for nina. We can’t get through that if w-we’re sleeping in separate beds or trying to avoid each other instead of working this out. I was tagged, um… in an e-mail from the pharmacy. Did you… refill your prescription?

[ Sighs ] For a second there, I thought you didn’t care. Did you, sonny?

[ Bottle clatters ] I’m on it. Don’t try to change the subject. Now, I’m gonna give you the time that you want, but I’m not gonna give up on our marriage. Are you?

While you were away at the safe house, staying protected from cyrus renault, let’s just say my life has been a lot less eventful. Which is why I traded in my, uh, P.I. License for a liquor license, which you framed and — and — and hand-delivered. But now I’m just a — a hard-working club owner, you know, chasing down a million minute details. Why do I feel like you left out a story or two in your very uneventful life? I have kept in touch with jordan, by the way, and she’s still recuperating. And, well, you’ve told me that things are going very well with you and portia. And kevin has given me glowing reviews about how tj is excelling at the hospital. Yeah. So, did somebody else get under your skin? You do know me, don’t you?

[ Laughs ] I can tell when you’re trying to tough something out. And I know you can handle absolutely anything, but maybe I can help if you let me. We did make some sweet music together on christmas, but when I made the mistake of thinking that you might have some personal interest in me, you told me that you weren’t in the market for a social life. So it’s not the music. It’s me. You know what? You may be a whiz on that clarinet, but you are just like every other man that I have met in my life. You think it’s all about you. You know what? There was somebody else who thought it was all about him, too, and he took my job from me. And compared to him, you’re a saint. But I got my job back, and that’s all that matters. Understood? Yes, yes, yes. Um, understood. Understood, yeah. But you know what? I was beginning to think you were mad at me because I mistakenly called you “doctor.” I’m basically just a placeholder at — at aurora, right? And — and I only took the job because sam asked me as a favor. And — well, actually, she kind of did me the favor by giving me a place to land after I was outed as ceo of elq, but… what are you talking about? Sam said you’re doing an incredible job. The profits are up at aurora. I mean, you’re making it respected throughout the industry. Well, thanks, but you set the standard. I’m just doing my best to maintain it. Look, aurora media… is your vision. We both know that. Always has been, always will be. Now, I-I am more than willing to step aside and let you take your rightful place behind the desk and start calling the shots again. If that’s what you want. Brad’s done some terrible things, and he’s paid for them not only by doing his time in pentonville — he lost his husband and his son. So, when his aunt came to him with a chance for parole, he took it. And now the aunt is making sure that he doesn’t forget that. Okay, what exactly did she ask him to do?

[ Sighs ] Did I ask you for a play-by-play of your time in nixon falls with sonny? Okay, britt, I guess you believe that you know enough to come here and ask me to call in a favor, right? What do you want sonny to do? Sonny can be very persuasive. If he were to intercede on brad’s behalf — wait! Hold on. Stop right there. I — you want sonny to intercede on brad’s behalf with his aunt. Sonny hates brad. I mean, brad kept michael away from his son for a year. Sonny’s never gonna forget that. Not even for you? Nina, I mean, according to the testimony at your hearing, you have pull with sonny! It doesn’t matter what was said at the hearing, britt. All that matters is, sonny loves carly. Nothing else matters. Nothing else? Not even how sonny feels about you? Or how you feel about him? Don’t force me to make decisions about our marriage on your timetable. I’m not — I’m not forcing you to do anything, carly — as if I ever could.

[ Sighs ] But it’s not gonna stop me from telling you how I feel, what I want, and what I want is… …our marriage, you, our family. That’s what happened when — when I wasn’t myself. It wasn’t — it wasn’t the — the medication. It was the memories that brought me back to you. It brought me back to our kids. If you don’t trust h-how I feel about you — if you can’t cross that bridge — trust how you feel about me. ‘Cause that’s gonna tell you all you need to know.

I know how I feel about you. Everything would be so much easier if I didn’T. Well, you know, it’s never easy with us, right? I mean, that’s just the way it is. It’s not who we are. But in the end, it’s — it’s, um…

[ Door opens ] …It’s always good.

[ Door closes ] Ah, I love those guards. They see me, and they just wave me in like I’m one of the family. Oh. On the other hand, maybe they shouldn’t have called me up. Feels like I walked into the middle of something. So, this guy shows up, and he claims to be the father who died decades ago? Wow. I can see why you might be skeptical. I mean, just ’cause the guy has a few details and he has a few photos — I mean, that does not necessarily mean that he is who he claims to be. But you know me, laura. I’m a trained P.I. I’m trained to be skeptical. Pictures can be doctored. Stories can be invented. I was sure this mystery man was up to no good. And then aunt stella confirmed it. Marshall ashford is the man that abandoned us all those years ago and let us believe that he was dead. So now he comes back to port charles, and this man wants to reconnect and — and — and — and start fresh.

[ Sighs ] Tj, god bless him — he — he’s all for it, you know? He was ready to accept him as “grandpa” from the jump. Well, he’s never been hurt by this man. What about you? Are you ready to accept your father back into your life? Are you saying there’s something wrong with being a nurse? No, no, not at all. I-I think it’s a noble profession. And I’m sorry if I touched a nerve when I assumed you — you wanted an “M.D.” After your name. If I overreacted, maybe it’s because there was a time that I did have dreams of being a doctor. No kidding. When I was in high school, I used to haunt the library, poring over the “gray’s anatomy” — the book, not the tv series. I even took an after-school job for a vet so that I could assist her when she was setting the broken bone on a cat or stitching up a dog. That takes real dedication. So what happened, epiphany johnson? Why didn’t you follow your dream? I started aurora media with sam. And when we created it, it was so much more than just a company for us. It — it was our way to — to break free from a life that we used to know — a life that was just filled with so much uncertainty and danger for the family that we wanted to create. A life working closely with my dad. I realize that stepping away like that probably dampened my friendship with sonny. And sometimes I wonder if that was the right thing. Hey, don’t — don’t second-guess yourself. You were right to distance yourself from my father. Britt, don’t you get it? I care about sonny way too much to want to get in between him and carly. But that didn’t stop you in nixon falls. Nixon falls was a fantasy. Now I’m back here. I’m back in reality. And sonny’s reality is at home with his wife and his children — both the older ones and the two little girls at his home. And I don’t want to be the cliché. I don’t want to be the heartless homewrecker. Okay, I certainly understand that. But are you absolutely sure there’s even a home left to wreck? You are family, you’re always welcome, and you’re never an interruption. What that really means is, I stepped in it, didn’t I? Well, if carly gives you a pass, you gotta take it. You know what I mean? Okay, you talked me into it. Yes. Thank you so much.

[ Laughter ] Oh, it’s so good to see you. Good to see you. But I have a feeling that you guys need to talk business, and I need to get to the hotel, so… yeah. Tell the girls that I will be home later tonight to see them. Yep, I’ll see you then.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] She’s gone now, my man. It’s just the two of us. What’s going on with you two?

Marshall first got here,he wanted to forget the past and start over. I made that abundantly clear that — that that was not okay. So, when he started talking… he, uh — he said he got mixed up in some bad business, got on the wrong side of some seriously dangerous people. Not long after that, he went off the radar. I can relate to that. I thought you might. If his situation is anything like mine, he felt like he had no choice. Stay with the family, put the family at risk. Go underground, the family’s safe. Yeah, that’s exactly what he said. Okay, so, if his story is true, then you’re gonna have to face something that I’m not sure you’re willing to accept. What’s that? That no matter how much your father hurt you, he did it out of love. Why didn’t I become a doctor?

[ Chuckles ] Long story, and my break’s almost over. Wait. You still have a few minutes left. And I’ll skip the lollipop, or whatever it is you reward your patients with if you’ll just tell me. What happened on the way to you not becoming epiphany johnson, M.D.? Life happened. Meaning?

[ Sighs ] You dream big, work hard, and then you learn, sometimes, things just don’t go the way that you planned them to. Been there, for sure. But it’s not too late for me. Says you. I wouldn’t have moved to port charles, new york, if I didn’t believe that. And if it’s not too late for me, then it’s not too late for you. I thought you were devoted to your father? I mean, I know — I know you didn’t go into his business. You took the corporate quartermaine route. But I — I never thought you were ashamed to be a corinthos. No. I’m not — I’m not — I’m not ashamed of my last name. It’s not that. It’s just… my dad and I, we’ve had our differences in the past. And in the present. How so? My dad defended nina reeves in court, despite all the harm that she did to him and my entire family — especially my mother. Yeah, I saw carly last night at the metro court. She did seem pretty upset. But you know your mom. Come on, if she’s not okay now, she’s gonna find a way to be okay very soon. Sorry to keep you waiting, diane. Oh, not to worry. I’m on my third mimosa. Really?

[ Chuckling ] No, no. I’m just — it’s just…coffee. Okay. [ Sighs ] Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

[ Sighs ] Wrong side, wrong bed, yeah. Well, now you’ve got my attention. Whose bed are we talking about? My bed, my bed — but not at my house. I’m staying here in the hotel. Okay, before you say another word, did you ask me to speak to you as your friend or your attorney? As my friend. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the dirty laundry that came out at that hearing of nina’S. Yeah, yeah. I got the general gist. I’m so sorry, honey. Yeah. Look, it’s not like I’ve stopped loving sonny. And god knows I adore those girls. But is staying in a broken marriage good for donna and avery? I mean, is love enough? I just — I don’t know — well, in my vast experience, I’ve always found that it takes more than two people to break up a marriage. So you know what I’m up against. Sonny and nina had a relationship in nixon falls, and he’s continuing to protect her back here in port charles. Yeah. And that’s why I’m staying here at the hotel — because I just need some space to, uh, clear my head. Figure out what my options are. You know, what’s best for the girls. And if everything starts going south, I’m just gonna need to make some real — okay, carly, carly, carly? I’ve just got to stop you right there. It’s just about marriage. Something… you know little about. Mm, fair enough.

[ Chuckles ] But I do know something about trouble, and I know you’ve got it. And I ain’t talking about your marriage. One of your suppliers on the left coast is out of business.

[ Sighs ] Permanently. And this “going out of business” sale was brought on by a brand-new player — a complete unknown. Players come and go.

[ Sighs ] What? Sonny, you listening to me? This dude just took out one of your regulars. That’s like waving a red flag in front of el toro, even 2,000 miles away. This player have a name? Everybody’s got a name. I’m working on it. Cyrus made noise about someone filling the power vacuum he left in the west. That could be part of the same party. I’m gonna ask around. I… I got a lot on my mind. Pardon me for asking. Such as? Okay. Just being a friend. I’m gonna say it for you, whether you want to hear it or not. One man. Two women. Sonny… that’s one too many. Of course there’s still a home to wreck — and two little girls are living in it. How can you be so sure? Okay, how can I be so sure? Well, carly was standing at the same spot that you are two days ago. Carly came here looking for you? Yeah. I hope you were wearing body armor. What happened? What do you mean? What happened before she slapped me across the face? Ouch. Yeah, and you — you can guess what she had to say. She blames me for what willow said at the hearing, and then she blames me for what sonny con– confirmed on the witness stand. Even though sonny and I, we never — okay, y-you might have. And you still might, if she keeps driving him into your arms. Is that what earned you the slap? I told carly that if sonny ever showed up on my doorstep again… I wouldn’t say no. Well, from what I’ve been hearing [Laughs] Sonny didn’t come back to a marriage. Sounds more like a prison with two unhappy people locked inside. Did you ever think that maybe you’d be doing sonny and carly a favor if you gave him the key?

Only trying to protect his family by dropping out of sight, why risk it now? That’s an excellent question, and I’m sure you asked it, so what did he say? It was more about what he didn’t say. He claims the danger is less, but he couldn’t or wouldn’t offer any proof to back it up. He warned me against digging into his past. Mm. He said that the only way to keep aunt stella and tj safe is to let things be. And he might be right about that. Or he could be blowing smoke. The point is, I don’t know what to believe, or if this man is even telling the truth. Epiphany johnson, you can be anything you set your mind to. Like becoming a doctor. I didn’t say it would be easy. You can start small — baby steps. By joining your band.

[ Both laugh ] Warmer. But I was thinking of something a little easier. Like dinner for two. I thought you said that you were not into having a social life. Well, I misspoke. I’m new in town, and I’m still putting one toe in the water. And the water is brutal in western new york this time of year. So, what do you say, nurse johnson? Is it too late to start over? That was the second time I ran into your mom. The first time was on the footbridge, and I got the distinct feeling that I was not the person that she wanted to see. Not — not that she blames me for jason’s death. It’s just… that I am still alive. And jason’s not. Last night seemed different. I mean, she really needed somebody to talk to. I-I just happened to be there. You know, if carly was willing to confide in me of all people, it made me think that maybe she’S… desperate?

[ Laughs ] Thanks, man. Really. Wow.

[ Stammers ] Great for my ego. Yeah, I know. What I meant was, I’m just — I’m — I’m very glad that you were there for my mom. Yeah, me, too. I don’t understand. I thought I could tell you anything. Of course you can tell me anything. And trust me, I’ve heard just about everythin and as your friend, I would never presume to judge you or sonny. But if we’re talking about a potential legal separation — possible divorce — just as you have me on retainer, sonny has me on retainer, and I cannot represent one of you without recusing myself from the other.

[ Exhales slowly ] I’m sorry. I-I — I didn’t mean to put you in an awkward position. Welcome to the wonderful world of domestic law. Yeah. Look, whatever decision you make, it’s gonna be one that you do not make lightly. So you have to be honest with yourself, carly. Is this a step you want to take? Don’t bother throwing me out. I know the way. No, no, hey. You know what? It’S… I guess I-it’s public knowledge, everything that came out at that hearing. People talk. It’s my business to listen. Unless, of course, you only value my electronics expertise and not our friendship. No, no, I — y-you know that’s not true. I ap– I appreciate everything that you do, and — and I appreciate you coming to me with this threat in the west coast. I gotta — I gotta keep m-my eyes open, right? Yeah, you do. And as far as what you walked in on this morning…

[ Sighs ] Look, I know you miss jason a lot. Yeah. I miss him, too. Not that anybody can replace him — in your business or your life. I’m just saying… if there’s anything I can do — any way I can help — you know I’m here for you. Yeah, I appreciate that. And I gotta tell you, you know, uh… …this nameless threat is child’s play compared to what carly and i are going through. It’s like we’re in a maze, right? And we’re lost. Well, you know what? I could drop some bread crumbs. Leave you a trail.

[ Laughs ] Nah, you know what? We — we’re gonna have to work this one out ourselves. Nina: No, I-I’m not gonna take advantage of what may or may not be happening in sonny’s home. Nina, it’s so obvious what you want. Why don’t you just go for it? Okay, britt, why am i getting the feeling that there’s something more to this than you just encouraging me to follow my heart? What’s in it for you?

[ Scoffs ] Fine. I thought you wanted an objective opinion, god forbid a friend. But you know what? From now on, you make your own mistakes. No, britt — britt, wait. Yes. Yeah, I’m a little tired of — of being “the other woman” without the benefits. Yes! Now we are talking. Okay, the question is, what do you want to do about it?

I am sorry to lay all my troubles on you, laura.

[ Chuckles ] Come on now. I didn’t just come home to snip ribbons in the strip mall. I wanted to see the people I love, and I hope you know that you’re one of them. Thank you. I mean, balancing the budget of port charles has got to be simpler than unraveling the mystery that is marshall ashford. Yeah. I think I can solve one mystery for you. What’s that? Despite your doubts and questions, I think you do want to have a relationship with your father. Maybe even more than he wants to have one with you. Thank you for your insights. Mm-hmm. You take care of yourself. You, too. Let me know how it all goes. My break’s over, and I have work to do. Understood. Marshall. I have an idea. I’m listening. How do you feel about prime rib grilled to perfection? Mm. Medium-rare? Mm-hmm. With, uh, blue cheese? Mm-hmm. And shrimp on top? Mm-hmm. If you’re serious about dinner, my shift ends at 6:00. The pc grill has some of the best food around and a fantastic wine list. That sounds great to me. And maybe you can finish that long story of yours. We’ll see.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, then. I’m looking forward. Me, too.

[ Door closes ] For what it’s worth, when I left carly last night, I was pretty sure I s– I saw that spark back in her eye, okay? Your mom — your mom may be down, but she is not out. I’m glad to hear that, I am. Honestly, it’s gonna — it’s gonna be pretty hard for my mom and dad to put the pieces back together again. Hey, all y– all you can do is — is just trust that their love for each other is stronger than anything or anyone that comes between them. Right. No, I never used to doubt that, but now I don’t know. Hey, michael, you can’t fix this for them, right? That’s their job. All you can do is be there if they need you. I don’t know what I’m prepared to do. And doesn’t that speak volumes? Carly, if you were ready to pull the plug on your marriage to sonny, we would be sitting here as attorney and client, not as a couple of girlfriends. Yeah, maybe. Perhaps you still want to fight for your marriage more than you realize. Call me if you need to talk… as client or as friend. Nina: There is nothing for me to do as long as sonny, carly, and his children are living under the same roof. You know, I’m just an outsider looking in. I am not gonna break up a family. And as far as brad is concerned, I’m in no position to ask sonny for any favors. Well, I won’t take no for an answer. So if you can’t or won’t reach out to sonny on brad’s behalf, I’ll do it myself. So, if you hear any more chatter about mr. Nobody, let me know. You got it. In the meantime, I’m in town for the next few days. How about we go out to dinner, all three of us? Me, you, and carly? Uh, I’d love to, but I think carly’s probably, uh, busy at the metro court.

[ Cellphone rings ] You need to take that?

[ Ringing stops ] Guess not. Britt, hang up the phone. He picked up. Hey, sonny? My daddy isn’t here, and mama carly isn’t here, either. Uh, okay, avery. Never mind. Thank you so much. Bye. What’s going on? What did avery say? Um, I’m not entirely sure, but it sure sounded like carly’s moved out of the house.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[Both laugh]

Xander: That was–

Gwen: Oh, shh. No, no, no. Don’t talk. Don’t talk.

Xander: All right. Now?

Gwen: No. Not yet.

[Sighs] Okay, now.

Xander: Well, I was just gonna ask, are you finally convinced that I’m over sarah and totally committed to you?

Gwen: Oh, I don’t know. I might need a bit more convincing.

Xander: More? Really?

Gwen: Yeah, unless you don’t have it in you.

Xander: I’ll do whatever it takes. How about shower first?

Gwen: Yeah, go get it started. Nice and hot for me.

[Knock at door] Oh.

[Water running]

[Knock at door] Yes. Okay, fine, I’m coming. I’m coming.


[Knock at door]

Kristen: Hello, brady. Did you miss me?

Steve: Oh, yeah. We got ourselves a bird’s-eye view of the convent from here. If kristen dimera is masquerading as one of the sisters, we’ll be able to spot her right away. Wat do you think, sweetness?

Kayla: Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. I’ve been having impure thoughts.

Nicole: Get it together, nicole. Get it together. When are you gonna forget about that night?

Rafe: I know I won’T.

[Sexy music]

Ava: Rafe. Rafe?

Duke: Rafe isn’t here. Looks like it’s just you and me, pilgrim.

Ava: Duke.

Duke: You murdered me, ava. Cut off my head with this pair of scissors. I’m here to do the same thing to you.

Ava: No.


Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Kayla: Steve?

Steve: Over here. How was your nap, sweetness?

Kayla: A little intense. I think that cacio de pepe I had for lunch gave me spicy dreams.

Nicole: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We can’T.

Rafe: Sure we can.

Nicole: What about ava?

Rafe: I can’t stop thinking about you, and you can’t stop thinking about me. Why fight it?

Nicole: Let’s not.

Ava: You stay away from me. I’m warning you.

Duke: Nowhere to run, ava. Wonder how you’ll look stuffed.

Ava: Keep your filthy paws off me, you overstuffed beanie baby.

Duke: What’re you gonna do with that?

Ava: I will cut off something much worse than your head.

Duke: I’d like to see you try. Gotcha.

Ava: No.


Duke: Ahh! You’re gonna pay for that, goldilocks.

Rafe: Ava, are you okay?

Brady: Kristen, what are you doing here?

Kristen: I’m here to do to you what I did to philip.

Brady: So it was you. Did you hurt him? Did you kill him? What’d you do?

Kristen: [Laughs] What do you think, brady?

Brady: I think we need to talk about this.

Kristen: Ooh. Guess what? No more talking. Hmm? Mm-mm. You see, you cut out my heart, brady. And now I’m gonna cut out yours.

Gwen: Sarah?

Sarah: Hello, gwen.

Gwen: What are you doing here?

Sarah: [Laughs] You know what I’m doing here, bitch. I came to take back my man.

Xander: Sarah? You’re here.

Gwen: Xander. Xander, no. You said that you were totally committed to me.


Xander: Gwen? What’s wrong? My asthma felt anything but normal.

Xander: Gwen, are you all right? What’s going on?

Gwen: Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine. I just…had another nasty nightmare is all.

Xander: Oh. Called out my name. I hope I wasn’t the source of the nastiness. Do I need to apologize?

Gwen: No. I called out your name because, well, you’re the only person in this whole cruel, bitter world who knows how to make me feel better.

Xander: Oh, so I was the hero of the piece, eh?

Gwen: You’re always my hero.

Xander: Well, the way you bolted upright, it must have been a really scary dream.

Gwen: It was.

Xander: You’re the toughest person I know. I can’t imagine what would scare you. What was it about?

Gwen: I don’t really remember all the details. Honestly, I don’t really feel like revisiting it anyway, so…

Xander: Fair enough. Probably better to stick with reality. So what can I do to help make the dream go away?

Gwen: Well, for starters, you can chuck that towel away and make love to me.

Xander: Yes, ma’am.

[Knock at door]

Gwen: Oh, don’t– don’t answer it.

Xander: Aren’t you curious about who it could be?

Gwen: No. Doesn’t matter. Everything that we need is right here, isn’t it?

[Knock at door]

Xander: I don’t think whoever it is is gonna go away.

Gwen: Okay, fine. I’ll answer it. I’ll answer it.

Brady: Nicole? Nic. Nic. There you are. Hi.

Nicole: Brady. How long have you been standing there?

Brady: Said your name about three times.

Nicole: Really?

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: I guess I didn’t hear you.

Brady: Well, you must have been laser focused on those marketing reports.

Nicole: No, actually, I was thinking about something else.

Brady: Must have been important.

Nicole: Not really. Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Brady: Doesn’t matter? You seem a little flushed. Let me take a stab at this. Were you by chance thinking about the time that you and rafe had sex on that conference table?

Ava: Sorry. I was–bad dream.

Rafe: Oh, must’ve been a rough one.

Ava: Why do you say that?

Rafe: Well, for starters, when I came in, you were growling.

Ava: Growling?

Rafe. Yeah. Yeah, like a lion. And you’re still clutching a nail file.

Ava: Oh. I…

[Chuckles] I don’t remember. Oh. Oh, I didn’t hear you leave this morning.

Rafe: Well, you were sound asleep, so I decided to make a sweet bits run.

Ava: [Sighs] Cappuccino?

Rafe: Mm-hmm. And your favorite. Hmm? Bear claw.

Ava: I think I’ll just stick with the coffee for now.

Rafe: Okay. Okay.

Ava: So why were you up so early this morning?

Rafe: Couldn’t sleep.

Ava: Guilty conscience?

Rafe: What?

Ava: I’m kidding. Come on, what could a good catholic boy like you possibly have to feel guilty about?

Kayla: Um, is there anything to report on kristen?

Steve: Well, as a matter of fact, while you were sleeping off our sinfully delicious lunch, the mother superior called.

Kayla: Oh. With good news?

Steve: Yeah. Turns out our prayers have been answered. There’s room at the convent for sister mary elizabeth.

Kayla: That’s great.

Steve: So why don’t you get out of those clothes and into your habit?

Kayla: Yeah. Um…

Steve: Something wrong, baby?

Kayla: I think I just– I just need a moment or two.

[Knock at door]

Kristen: You wanted to see me, mother superior?

Mother superior: Yes, my child. I wanted to share some news with you.

Kristen: Oh. Good news, I hope?

Mother superior: Definitely. You see, just as we did for you, we’ve decided to provide sanctuary for sister mary elizabeth.

Kristen: Oh, hallelujah and praise the lord.

Mother superior: Well, you’re pleased.

Kristen: I’m overjoyed. It is blessed news, mother superior.

Mother superior: I’m glad you agree. I’d like you to help me begin to prepare for her arrival.

Kristen: It’d be my pleasure.

To be a thriver with

metastatic breast cancer

Nicole: This conference table– I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Brady: Nicole, come on. I’m not being judgmental. Look, I’m just asking as a good friend.

Nicole: Well, it seems one of my other good friends has loose lips.

Brady: Don’t be mad at chloe, okay? She didn’t mean to let it slip out.

Nicole: Yeah, well, she did after I swore her to secrecy.

Brady: Well, she put up a good fight, but I kinda pried it out of her. I’m sorry, okay?

Nicole: It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s really marlena’s fault anyway.

Brady: Marlena’s?

Nicole: Well, the demon was inside of her, technically. When your stepmom was possessed by the devil, she brought deimos back from the dead to terrorize me.

Brady: That was not where I thought this story was going.

Nicole: You think I’m crazy.

Brady: No. Come on, marlena was possessed by the devil twice. At this point, there’s pretty much nothing that i won’t believe. You must have been terrified by that.

Nicole: Well, I-I thought I was losing my mind. So I called rafe, and he came over and he made me feel safe.

Brady: He comforted you.

Nicole: Well, it started out that way. And the next thing I knew, we were on the conference table tearing off each other’s clothes, and… well, you know the rest.

Rafe: You know, you’re not the only one who’s accused me of having something weighing on my conscience.

Ava: Really?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Ava: Who else?

Rafe: Well, the da and internal affairs have launched an investigation into my policing practices.

Ava: Okay, that’s crazy. What could they possibly suspect you of?

Rafe: Well, one perp has accused me of planting evidence.

Ava: Well, they’re obviously lying, right?

Rafe: Of course. Yeah. But there’s a second accusation. That perp is claiming that I framed him.

Ava: Okay. Why would all this be coming up right now at the same time? You think it’s a coincidence?

Rafe: Unlikely. No. So either these guys got together and decided that they wanna make me look like a bad cop, or…

Ava: Someone put them up to it.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: But who would hate you so much that they would go through all the trouble to ruin your life?

Gwen: What do you want?

Abigail: It’s nice to see you too, gwen.

Gwen: What do you want?

Abigail: I’m here to speak with xander.

Gwen: Well, he’s a bit busy at the moment, so if you’d like to come back tomorrow–

Xander: Did you find something?

Abigail: I did. I tracked down our missing person. My plaque psoriasis…

Gwen: You found sarah?

Abigail: No. No. Not yet. But I did find ned grainger.

Gwen: Who is ned grainger?

Xander: He’s the pilot that flew a private jet out of salem the day that sarah disappeared.

Gwen: Xander, sarah didn’t disappear. She left.

Abigail: What’s the difference?

Gwen: The difference is that that sounds like something very nefarious happened to her. So she wanted to be alone. I mean, what sort of crime is being committed?

Abigail: Well, we’ll see what ned says. I’m meeting him at the pub in 30 minutes. So I’m gonna show him sarah’s picture and–

Gwen: Don’t you think that’s a waste of time, darling? I mean, what’s this ned person going to say anyway?

Xander: I’ll put on some clothes. I wanna come with you.

Gwen: Xander.

Xander: Gwen, I-I wanna speak to this pilot myself and make sure he’s telling the truth, okay?

Gwen: [Sighs] You’re really enjoying yourself, aren’t you?

Abigail: Excuse me?

Gwen: Oh, come on. I know exactly what you are doing. You want xander to find sarah so that he will leave me and go be with her.

Rafe: I have some ideas about who might be setting me up.

Ava: Wait, you don’t think that I did this to you, do you?

Rafe: Wait, what? Why would you say that?

Ava: Well, because you already accused me of mutilating that teddy bear that you and nicole share custody of, which was very hurtful, quite frankly.

Rafe: Okay, I’m sorry. I am sorry. You told me that you didn’t do it; I believe you.

Ava: Okay. I appreciate that.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: But I don’t know why I would possibly have any reason to be upset with you or nicole. I mean, you two are the ones I trust most in this world.

Nicole: Rafe and ava are together, and I accept that. And what happened between us was just a one-time thing.

Brady: You don’t have to explain that to me.

Nicole: I just want you to understand that I never meant for this to happen, and it won’t ever happen again, and we agreed to keep our distance.

Brady: You agreed. Is that what you want?

Nicole: What are you asking me?

Brady: Nicole, I’m asking you, do you wanna be with rafe or not?

Nicole: No.

Brady: No?

Nicole: Yes. No. I don’t know. I don’t–

Brady: Well, at least you’re sure about it, so that’s good.

Nicole: It’s not funny, okay? I feel like I’m going crazy.

Brady: You’re not. You’re not. I’m sorry. I can see you’re struggling with this.

Nicole: Brady, what is wrong with me? I can’t stop thinking about it. I had a dream this morning about rafe.

Brady: What kinda dream?

Nicole: That kinda dream.

Brady: Oh, that–okay.

Nicole: We were here on the conference table, and it was more intense than the first time, and it’s just the way he kissed me–

Brady: Okay, okay. I got it. I got it.

Nicole: Sorry. I’m sorry. I just got carried away ’cause–

Brady: I mean, I get it. It’s hard to let go sometimes. This morning, I had a dream about kristen.

Kayla: Okay. No more impure thoughts. You have a job to do, sister mary elizabeth. Oh. Oh, dear god.

Steve: Sorry, baby. Didn’t mean to startle you. Are you okay?

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah, no, I’m fine.

Steve: Are you having doubts about doing this?

Kayla: No. No, I-I–

Steve: Well, I have to tell you, I am.

Kayla: What?

Steve: Kristen dimera may be hiding in the convent, but some habits, pun intended, are hard to break.

Kayla: You still think she’s dangerous.

Steve: Mm-hmm. To paraphrase matthew 7:15, the woman is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Kayla: Wow. That’s impressive, father nichols.

Steve: If I’m gonna play the part, I have to get prepared. Which brings me to my point. You.

Kayla: What about me?

Steve: Sweetness, this is what I do. Okay? I am trained for this kinda thing.

Kayla: And I’m not.

Steve: No, you’re not. Baby, listen, I’m not doubting your bravery or your talents. I know what you’re capable of. But I also know what kristen is capable of.

Kayla: May I remind you that I just locked horns and lips with the devil himself.

Steve: No, no, please don’T.

Kayla: Well, I’m just saying that after being that close to evil, I’m not afraid of anybody on this planet. Not even kristen dimera.

Steve: Okay. Okay, baby, listen. If we’re gonna do this you have to promise me that when you’re inside, you’ll look for evidence that kristen is there, but you won’t look for her.

Kayla: What if I run across her?

Steve: Do not approach. Do not confront her. You get the hell out of there as fast as you can, preferably without her seeing you.

Kayla: Okay. You have my word. As your wife and as a woman of god.

Mother superior: Now then, is everything prepared for the arrival of our guest?

Kristen: It is. It is. I was just looking at some scripture and saying a prayer for father nichols and sister mary elizabeth.

Mother superior: Aww, how very kind. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

Kristen: Well, I promise that I will move mountains to accommodate our new sister.

Mother superior: I know you will. Looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?

Ava: I can’t even imagine how upsetting this must be for you. I mean, after all, it’s your reputation at stake.

Rafe: I’m gonna clear my name.

Ava: Yeah. I know you will. I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always believe in you.

Rafe: Thanks for that.

Ava: Yeah. I mean, you believed in me when everyone else questioned my character. When the whole world saw me as a criminal and a thug, you moved me into your house and you made me feel loved. Nothing is more important to me than loyalty.

Rafe: Me neither. You haven’t touched your bear claw.

Ava: Well, I am in the mood for something sweet. But I don’t think that’s gonna satisfy me.

Rafe: Oh, no? What will?

Nicole: You had a sex dream about kristen?

Brady: Whoa, whoa. No, no. My dream was not as friendly as the one that you had about rafe.

Nicole: Oh, so you had a nightmare.

Brady: You could call it that, sure.

Nicole: Well, kristen’s a nightmare in real life. So there’s that.

Brady: Yeah, well, she’s always been my nightmare.

Nicole: Are you thinking about her again after everything she’s done?

Brady: She’s rachel’s mother, nicole, okay? I’m always going to– I’m always gonna love her.

Nicole: But you’re never going back to her again, right?

Brady: No, no. No, those days are over.

Nicole: Are you sure?

Brady: Yeah, I’m sure. I’m pretty certain she had me framed for philip’s murder. So that’s a deal breaker in my book.

Nicole: Well, I’m glad to hear it.

Brady: I even have steve looking for her. And hopefully, we can get to the truth as to what happened to philip.

Nicole: You know, in some way, I wish that she’d be gone forever. But I would like to see her brought to justice for what she did to me, for what she did to you and to philip and everyone else in this town.

Brady: We’ll see.

Nicole: Has steve had any luck tracking her down?

Brady: I talked to him last night, and he’s in italy.

Nicole: Italy?

Brady: Yeah. And he has a lead. So far, he has not found kristen.

Kayla: Thank you for taking me in on such short notice, mother superior.

Mother superior: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Steve: Psalm 46.

Kayla: Oh, one of my favorites.

Mother superior: Mine as well, sister.

Kayla: I was just telling father nichols that knowing our scripture prepares us for any and all of life’s challenges.

Mother superior: Amen, sister.

Kayla: Amen.

Steve: Amen indeed.

Abigail: Would you take it easy? Me helping xander find sarah has nothing to do with you. I already told you that.

Gwen: Yeah, you know, I didn’t believe you then, and I don’t believe you now.

Abigail: Believe what you want. I’m doing it for aunt maggie. She asked me to help her as a journalist. And yes, I do believe that there’s a story there.

Gwen: Really? So you’re, what, you’re doing this for your “journalistic integrity” to plant these seeds of this wild conspiracy into my boyfriend’s head?

Abigail: It’s not a conspiracy theory.

Gwen: Really? Are you saying that sarah was just taken from salem?

Abigail: What if she was?

Gwen: She wasn’t, abigail. She walked out on rex, just like she walked out on xander. She didn’t want anything to have to do with him, and now xander has moved on. But you are pulling him back in. You are dragging him all around bloody town talking to randos and getting him all worked up.

Abigail: Okay. Gwen, I’m sorry if this is inconvenient or upsetting for you. But it just so happens that the circumstances of sarah’s disappearance from salem have left people who care about her with a lot of questions.

Gwen: Questions?

Abigail: Yes, questions. And if you’re so sure she left of her own free will, then what does it matter to you if I find her anyway? She already told xander she doesn’t wanna be with him. Xander’s made it very clear that he does wanna be with you, right? So unless you have a reason to doubt that… it’s my 5:52 woke-up-like-this migraine medicine.

Gwen: Xander loves me. And there’s nothing you or anyone can do to stop that.

Abigail: Fine. I have no interest in changing that.

Gwen: Come on, abigail. Let’s just be honest with each other.

Abigail: Why the hell would i not be honest about this?

Gwen: Because you’re still not over me sleeping with chad.

Abigail: Chad and I are fine.

Gwen: But you and I aren’T. You claim that you accepted my apology, but you never did. You just stuffed it down and you waited for your time to get back at me.

Abigail: You sound paranoid, gwen.

Gwen: I’m just protective. Unlike you, I wasn’t handed everything in my life. I had to fight for all that I have.

Abigail: Well, let me assure you, there is no one trying to take anything from you. We are just trying to find sarah.

Gwen: Don’t you think that if sarah just wanted to be found by xander or anyone, she would have just turned up by now?

Abigail: Assuming that she’s able to.

Gwen: Now who sounds paranoid? Why can’t you just let the woman be, abigail? And why can’t you just let me have a tiny bit of happiness for the first time in my life?

Xander: Everything okay here?

Gwen: Peachy. Right. Why don’t you go dash off to find this ned grainger person, and then you and I can finish off what we started before we were rudely interrupted by my sister.

Xander: That sounds like a fantastic plan.

Gwen: It’s nice to see you, abigail.

Abigail: Lovely to see you too.

Mother superior: Father nichols, I appreciate your help in delivering sister mary elizabeth to us, but I’m afraid the time has come for you to leave.

Steve: Oh. Well, I thought–

Mother superior: Rules are rules, father.

Steve: All right. Well, thank you for all of your help, reverend mother. Okay, sweet– sweet child of god, please take care of yourself. Stay safe.

Kayla: I promise I will, father.

Mother superior: I’ll see you out.

Brady: Yeah, I pretty much accepted the fact that I’m gonna keep having these nightmares about kristen until steve finds her.

Nicole: Well, hopefully he’ll find philip too.

Brady: Hopefully.

Nicole: Yeah.

Brady: Unfortunately, I don’t see you not having these dreams about rafe anytime soon.

Nicole: Well, the good news is, I’m having trouble falling asleep anyway because of these memories. So no escaping.

[Both laugh] Oh, god.

Brady: You know you’re gonna have to come to terms with how you’re feeling about rafe sooner or later, right?

Nicole: I tried. I tried to move on with ej.

Brady: Yeah, that was a great idea.

Nicole: Okay. All right. It was a big mistake. One I will not make again.

Brady: Uh-huh. Are you sure you can’t just, you know, be with rafe?

Nicole: I care about rafe. And I care about ava. And I’m not gonna come between what they have. Just have to find a way to get him out of my head.

Rafe: You are making it really hard for me to get to work.

Ava: [Laughs] Then I’m doing my job.

Rafe: Yes. You know, it’s always great between us, but that was– I mean, you were–

Ava: Inspired.

Rafe: Yeah. Oh, and before I forget, there was a package came for you.

Ava: Yeah?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Ava: From who?

Rafe: I don’t know, okay? It’s on the kitchen table.

Ava: Well, thank you.

Rafe: Okay, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Ava: I’m gonna try to keep you from leaving.

Rafe: Okay. Oh, my god. No. I really have to go. I mean it. I gotta go.

Ava: No.

Both: Okay.

Ava: I understand.

Rafe: Okay.

Ava: You sure?

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: I know you’ll find out who’s trying to hurt you.

Rafe: I know I will.

Ava: The truth always has a way of coming out.

Rafe: Yeah. Woman: I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Ugh. I have got to get you out of this office.

[Grunting] Oh, my god. What is this thing made of, solid oak? Oh, my– damn it!

Rafe: Need a hand?

Kayla: You must have some kind of roster or softball team photo or something.

Steve: Yeah, brady. Okay, listen, kayla is on the inside. I really hope she’s okay in there. Yeah. Yeah, I’ll keep you posted.

Kristen: Kayla will be just fine, father nichols.

Steve: Kristen.

Kristen: You’re the one who needs to pray for absolution.

Steve: Whoa. Hold on.

Kristen: Uh-uh. It’s time. It’s time you’re given your last rights, patch.

Abigail: Are you sorry you couldn’t hire my uncle steve to help you find sarah?

Xander: Well, I’ll admit he was my first choice, but so far, I’m very impressed with my second choice.

Abigail: Well, I haven’t cost you a dime.

Xander: That’s the best bit.

Abigail: Gee, thanks, I think.

Xander: Do you really think this guy’s gonna show?

Ned: Abigail dimera?

Abigail: Mr. Grainger.

Ned: Ned.

Abigail: Ned. Thanks for coming down here, ned. This is xander cook.

Ned: Nice to meet you. So what’s this all about?

Abigail: Well, we just have a few questions about a flight that you took last march. Do you happen to remember flying this woman out of salem?

Xander: Her name is sarah horton.

Gwen: Ava, where the bloody hell are you? I need your help. Turns out that abigail is not going to rest until she finds sarah, and that means– well, that means that it’s only a matter of time until i lose xander. Please, please phone me back. Phone me back.

[Knock at door] Coming.

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